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The Yarrow Hotel & Conference Center in Park City, UT

The Yarrow Hotel & Conference Center in Park City, UT


The Yarrow Hotel & Conference Center Park City provides lodging and meeting facilities centrally located in the heart of Park City, Utah.

The Yarrow Hotel offers comfortable accommodations and all the amenities to make your ski vacation, getaway, special occasion, or business retreat a relaxing and memorable experience. The Yarrow is specially designed to meet your wedding planning needs with our Sales and Catering professionals on staff. With over 12,000 square feet of meeting and ballroom space, let our meeting professionals take care of the details and have your wedding and reception all under the same roof.


Established in 1980.

The Yarrow Resort Hotel & Conference Center is nestled in the middle of the action in Park City, Utah. Close to several ski resorts, this area is a popular tourist destination, business meeting venue, conferences and weddings. The Yarrow Hotel & Conference Center is one of the centrally located hotels in Park City, Utah, that provides visitors a wide range of amenities and options. Like many of the other Park City hotels, we offer conference rooms, various accommodations, food and lodging that will meet the needs of any guest.


Company Info:

Rating: 2.57

Address: 1800 Park Ave, Park City, UT, 84060
  • Mon: 6:00 am - 5:30 am
  • Tue: 6:00 am - 5:30 am
  • Wed: 6:00 am - 5:30 am
  • Thu: 6:00 am - 5:30 am
  • Fri: 6:00 am - 5:30 am
  • Sat: 6:00 am - 5:30 am
  • Sun: 6:00 am - 5:30 am

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Comments (42):

1. Mee-stique K.
I can't give all of 5 stars as I didn't really stay there but from what some of my friends who did stay there...they said this was a wonderful place to stay and very centrally located!! We even asked some of the locals where is the one place to stay and they all recommended the YARROW...You are right by the Albertson's and close to Main Street where everything is going on!!  I will need 2 come back to adjust my rating once I have personally visited.

23/01/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
2. Ravi S.
I stayed at the Yarrow during the Sundance Film Festival.  I researched a number of similar hotels in the area and discovered while most prices to be inflated over Sundance, the Yarrow's to be very competitive.  The location was absolutely amazing! The staff was incredibly friendly and very helpful.  The rooms were neat and tidy.  I really couldn't ask for anything more.  I look forward to staying at the Yarrow next year.

07/06/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
3. Katina M.
I stayed at the Yarrow Hotel for Sundance this year and I don't think I will ever stay at another Park City hotel again. The Yarrow was centrally located, convenient, clean and comfortable. Some of the film festival films also play at a theater in the actual hotel so we were able to see multiple films without ever having to enter the cold outdoors. I highly recommend this hotel during the film festival or any other time of year.

28/06/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
4. John O.
Great location, comfortable rooms and reasonable nightly rates.  What more can you want out of a hotel in an expensive city?  The property is full service with a bar, restaurant, pool and jacuzzi on site.  The high speed Internet in the rooms is great and works with no problems.  The staff is helpful as can be with restaurant recommendations, ice scrappers in the morning or opening bottles of wine that I brought with me.  The Yarrow has exceeded my expectations.

16/02/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
5. Josh B.
Overall the place is decent.  However, the management and staff were rude, unprofessional, and unbendable when it came to correcting a billing error THEY were responsible for.  

We had a large group meeting there and I can promise that it was our last at the Yarrow.  I hope my $95.00 was worth losing the tens of thousands they are out next year as a result.

02/12/08 | Link | Rating: 1.0
6. Ed M.
The Yarrow will stand out as the WORST PLACE I'VE EVER STAYED. I booked it for a ski trip to Park City. I got double charged for the room and had to fight to get the problem resolved. Then I got charged again after I got back home and had to go the Utah Secretary of State to get it straightened out. My skis were tampered with while they were in the hotel's supposedly locked ski room. It's lucky I didn't break something skiing on one ski that had an iron cross crazy glued to it. Used room service trays would sit in the hallways for over a day. The staff is about the rudest bunch I'd ever encountered. They treated me like I was trying to screw them out of lift tickets when they were the ones screwing me. This place is a total disaster. TARFU!
Go elsewhere! The Yarrow was where I stayed for my one trip to Utah and honestly I doubt I'll be back to the state the Yarrow turned me off so badly.

19/01/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
7. Elaine O.
The price they were charging for a room during the Sundance festival was very high and poor value. The rooms are poorly maintained and more like a cheap motel than a high end ski lodge. If the drawer under the wash basin was even slightly ajar it blocked access from the bathroom. If you had children in the room that could be an accident waiting to happen. The staff however were very professional and friendly. The location is fantastic, the free shuttle stops just outside and there is a good supermarket just across the parking lot. For the festival it is a great place to stay as they show movies in the hotel itself and a few yards away there is a four screen cinema also.

02/02/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
8. Elisabeth O.
This is not a review of the hotel, per se, but of their concierge James. Despite the chaos of Sundance week, I was met with a cheerful attitude on the other end of the phone when I called to make a special request for a guest.

James agreed to leave the hotel, pickup a box of cupcakes (of all things) and hand deliver them to a guest staying at the Yarrow. He called me to confirm once the deed was done, and never seemed put out. Nor did he require any sort of special delivery or room charge.

Many times, an establishment's reputation falls on one individual. Thank goodness for the Yarrow that person was James. Thank you!

25/01/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
9. Steve M.
DO NOT STAY HERE!!!! I wouldn't even give this place a 1 star rating. Worse customer service and the managers SUCK!!! I booked a King bed for 2 nights during the Arts Festival. I got a queen instead because they gave my room up. Ok, no biggy. I get to my room and it's a sauna in there, I turn on the AC then leave to for a couple of hours expecting to come back to a cold room....NOT!!! The AC was broken. I called the front desk and there and the maintenance guy came up. Said it needed freeon. I get a call from the front desk saying they don't have any freeon so my AC can't be fixed. I asked them to move me to another room, they couldn't since they were booked full. So, Saturday rolls around, still hotter than hell in my room. Still no freeon. I told them I want it fixed ASAP or I'm checking out and want a refund. They told me there will be a room open later that day. So, I move into the new room, the AC is working. YAY!! Wait.....not so fast....after about 15 minutes of running, it starts to make this horrible loud noise. I call the front desk again...maintenance comes up, he can't figure it out. So I call the front desk again and the guy could barely hear me the AC was so freaking loud!!! I told him I want to check out and want a refund. He told me they would comp my room for all the troubles. So I stayed there. 3 weeks later and I still can't get them to hold true to their word. I have received no compensation what-so-ever!!!!!
If my review keeps even one person from booking a room there, I will feel I got my compensation back. :)
Safe Travels!!!

28/08/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
10. Just_Dason L.
I have stayed in this hotel several times.  I would agree with most of the other reviews that there isn't anything special about the Yarrow but it is centrally located.  The rooms have always been clean.  There is a grocery store next to the hotel and there is a bar inside the hotel.  The last time staying there the bartender was practicing his shot making skills.  I would stay again, the price is good, the location is good.

18/10/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
11. Yarrow Hotel S.
DO NOT STAY HERE!!!!  Even if its the only place available in Park City. It's by far the worst place to stay at. There is absolutely no secure place to put your valuables. They offer a safe in your room. But it doesn't work. Beware of your belongings. Each day that I was at The Yarrow Hotel... something was missing. My gloves, were the first to go missing, my scarf was the next day. My IPod was taken from my room on my final day. When we called the front desk, they kept indicating nothing was missing and that they would check back with housekeeping. They never checked back or followed up. We decided to speak to the manager or perhaps file a missing item report.  But apparently, The Yarrow Hotel has no policy against missing items at all.  I mean zero.... zilch!!!  

Ironically enough, as we were waiting in line for the front desk to help follow up on our missing items, another guest was complaining that their sliding door was left open by the hotel staff. We over heard the staff entered this other guests room when he wasn't there leaving the adjoining room door unlocked along with leaving the sliding door completely open without locking it. That other guest was livid explaining to the front desk staff that his  expensive valuables went missing also???  

The Yarrow Hotel takes absolutely no responsibility for the actions of their in house employees. Worst off, they offer no solution. It's your word against theirs, and they absolutely do not care. The worst service ever. It's like hot potato when trying to speak to someone at the front desk or the manager. The front desk connects you to the GM and the line is a disconnected recording. The GM Andreo Girardi is honestly MIA. Come to mention, there isn't a single real working manager in the entire hotel. The russian/ukranian house keeping Manager Lubwick?? Is a real P.O.S.  He lies, is not truthful and most of all a thief. When we called to follow up on the missing IPOD again, now the 5th call that day. His story had changed several times. He indicated he would start an investigation, but that he personally went to the room himself to check it and nothing.  The housekeeping manager forgot he had already told us no one else had entered the room that day, not even himself after it was cleaned. He also said, that he personally logs in all the missing items every day???   I advised him I tracked the IPOD stolen from me through my iPad and it showed it was in the hotel as I am standing in front of the front desk. I assured him I was going to the local authorities to report them on principle alone. When i went next door to the local authorities to report them, the house keeping manager had left the building conveniently along with the front desk helper Ivan. However another front desk employee was at the front desk named Kyle Eggett. I explained what had happened and he stated that their have been several complaints about missing items throughout the hotel from people's rooms. Especially women items and valuables. He stated that the hotel flew him specifically from Atlanta recently, as a result of this type of behavior from the staff and the numerous amounts of complaints of missing items. He provided the GM 's information written on note pad paper rather than a business card and seemed somewhat sympathetic. He indicated that the house keeping manager did lie to me as we explained multiple times of communication with the house keeping manager and that he could potentially lose his job over his actions.  I cannot stress to you enough to be aware when and if staying at this hotel. The House keeping Manager and the staff are all in on it. Do not be fooled by your receptionist Crystal or Ivan at the front desk.  Consequently, it has taken us 3days just to try and reach a manager or the owner of the Hotel.

If you are trying to stay at a hotel for Sundance Festival.... DO NOT STAY HERE... EVER!!!  Unless however, you're looking to be stolen from and messed with.

My best recommendation for you, is to keep in mind its only a 20 min to a 25 min drive into Salt Lake City, where you can stay at a quality hotel and a chain one at that, for half the price than Park City. Offering really good services and exceptional experiences feeling secure away from hm.   Should you cab it in, its a $ 30 cab ride. Staying at the Yarrow Hotel in Park City isn't just a monetary risk you are taking its a real rip off kind of place.... literally. After all, it's only your security your risking with a guarantee to destroy your image of hotel vacationing forever..... Beware.

31/12/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
12. Krista N.
This is an interesting hotel.  You walk in and it looks like you're staying at some beautiful mountain lodge.  However, once you're out of the lobby, it looks like your staying in some enormous college dorm.  The hallways looked EXACTLY like my university dorm with painted brick hallways and room numbers stenciled on the walls.  I was worried.

The rooms, however, are decent enough and not so dorm-y.  Large, comfortable bed, free wi-fi and refrigerator were nice touches.  I also enjoyed the separation between the bathroom vanity/sink and shower.  Unfortunately, the heating/cooling unit was really outdated and it was almost impossible to set the temperature for the room (it was soooo cold in my room).  

Overall, okay, but not nearly as fancy as the other hotels in Park City.

16/11/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
13. Vanessa S.
The rooms are average to low. The breakfast at the grill in the hotel is pretty good with decent food, service, and affordable prices. They have tasty omelets and fresh squeezed OJ. My main qualm is with the lack of professionalism and rudeness from the front desk. Upon checking in, the front desk attendant didn't seem to know much and gave one speech about the hotel information to the people on line behind us as if a public service announcement for everyone in line to listen up, even people who were waiting to check in rather than talking to each guest in an individual, personalized manner. The front desk attendants did not know the information on how to catch the shuttle to the airport and had to ask another front desk attendant for details. Furthermore, I went to the front desk on another occasion to ask if they had a fax machine in the business center, because my boyfriend had a very important business fax to send. The hotel attendant responded with, "Well did you check the business center?!" And I responded with, "no not yet since I figured the hotel front desk would know what amenities they offer". The attendant preceded to question me asking if I was even a guest of the hotel and what my room number is as if I was some random person from off the street trying to use their fax machine. He then went to walk to the business center to check for himself. I'm sorry, but I just feel like that is basic information that any front desk attendant at any hotel should know. The customer service here is awful. Being from Las Vegas, I would expect much more from a city that boasts of being one of the top ski resorts of the world.

02/01/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
14. Deb D.
Nothing special - just a good ol' breakfast.  I substitute the bread for fruit.

17/10/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
15. Alicia A.
Worst hotel. air conditioning in our room broke leaked water everywhere! People fighting in every room until 3 am-cops being called for domestic violence disputes, room keys not working twice! Hot tub broken and pool disgusting. Would never recommend. So disappointed at the service and overall hotel

05/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
16. Dre A.
The hotel and accommodations were typical of a $70 hotel.  If you are looking for a nice hotel go to hotel park city.  I want to warn everyone about the lack of insulation; you can hear conversations in the adjacent rooms.  Yes that includes intimate interactions which woke me up at 1:00 an and 3:00 am.

17/08/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
17. Jon F.
Yikes, the volume here during Sundance screenings is dangerously loud. Luckily there's an easy fix so hopefully there will be an opportunity for a positive update soon.

25/01/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
18. Sharon W.
Very disappointed with the Yarrow.
1. The front desk (boy) was not rude by any means but had NO personality. He should have explained to us that the restaurant was closed and the hot tub was not working. (These were two reasons we picked this place)
2. We chose a non smoking room but when we got in the room, it smelled like someone had just smoked in it!!
3. Other than the smell... The room was ok!! Just ok
4. We stayed for 4 days and had a choices to have clean linens daily and we did choose to have clean linens!!!! Not only did they not clean our linens but they just threw the bed spreads over the unmade bed. One of the beds they left the bed spread on the floor kind of under the bed?? REALLY?
5. We brought our own shampoo ect. But they did stock up on there shampoo, conditioner ect. daily by throwing it on the bathroom counter even knowing we were not using it?
6. We do drink coffee with cream and sugar. They did give us coffee but nothing else with it.
7. Had wash clothes the first day but none after that
8. Did not give us toilet paper???  It is really sad that you have to call the front desk for ALL THE ABOVE!!  
9. Power went out for 5 hours just in the hotel!!! No explanation
10. The pool closes at 10.  Kids partying very loud and playing in the pool until after 2 am.
The Yarrow used to be one of our favorite Hotels many years ago but is not close to even being fair!!!
People are writing these reviews to help the management/owners see what needs to be improved. Also to help other patrons decide if they want to have a great vacation!!
If the management does not listen and take to heart these issues then your business won't be around much longer!!

27/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
19. Lexi S.
I am a fan.
The hotel is old...but I really don't care about the small detail in this particular case. My needs for the Yarrow are a quick 1-2 night stay to get out of the city or for a concert and the price is always right. For about $60 we get a nice enough room, pool and fitness facility. Is this the Waldorf, absolutely not, but it serves it's purpose. Thanks to the Yarrow for offering an affordable getaway when ones just needs to re-charge and not break the bank.

26/07/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
20. Michael W.
Nightmare Billing Experience

Cons: Run down hotel. We requested a mountain view upon reserving the room and were told at check-in that our room-type had no mountain view. We were in Room 127 overlooking a tarp-covered pool. The painted brick interior was reminiscent of a freshman dorm. The carpet was stained as well as the furniture. The toilet drained slowly. There was no outlet under the desk; we had to unplug the desk lamp from the coiled, nailed-up extension cord in order to power our laptop. The outdoor hot tub was cleaned by us to remove the leaves and bugs so we could use it. The Wi-Fi was spotty, especially in the afternoon. The workout room needs maintenance and updating: one of the two treadmills didn't work, archaic stepper machine, no bike, no elliptical, part of the Universal Gym didn't work.

Pros: Accessible to bus station and next to Fresh Market. The room included a small refrigerator and microwave.

We discovered several hours after check in (on Sunday) that we'd been charged twice for the room. The following is a timeline of our experience:

* When I went to the front desk on Monday, they were confused, apologized and promised the money would be back within 3-5 days. They also called my bank to 'straighten it out.'

* Tuesday the problem still existed, and the temporary funds placed by my bank had disappeared. The issue was supposed to be rectified by the night auditor; it was not. Again they put a call in to our bank and promised the money would be replaced.

* Wednesday morning I was informed that the night auditor still had not replaced the money. I walked to the bank myself, had a cashier's check made out to the Yarrow, paid my bill, and requested they take my credit card out of their system entirely. At this point the Yarrow blamed their processing company for the error and again promised the money would be replaced in 3-5 days (this being the third day). Also at this point Sales Coordinator, Allan Spriggs, and Director of Sales and Marketing, Jennifer Swaffer, offered me breakfast vouchers and a mild discount on the last 3 days of my stay.

* On Thursday, the money was still missing, though they had allegedly put a refund in their system. They again offered an apology as well as dinner at the hotel restaurant.

* On Friday, (day #5) still no refund. Again I was offered an apology, and this time a much deeper discount on my room. Not once did I get to speak with a General Manager or owner. The most senior person I did speak with was a VP of Sales, Caesar Lanceta. The staff present was sympathetic, did offer some tangible rectifications, but was unable to solve the problem. I learned from the bank that Mr. Spriggs was diligent and checked with the bank each day to see if the funds had been replaced.

* One should not wait "3-5 days" for the hotel (or its processing company) to correct its mistake. It should be corrected immediately, or better yet, never happen.

* I attempted to call the hotel again on day #9 (we had been home for two days at this point) as only half of the money had been refunded. I left messages for Mr. Spriggs, Mr. Lanceta, and Ms. Swaffer. I heard back from Mr. Spriggs who detailed that there was an issue with the processing company and had submitted the second half of my refund for a third time on Friday. I also received follow up calls from Alan Spriggs and Ceasar Lanceta to confirm. Eventually, the money was replaced, though it took 10 days, and significantly tarnished my vacation.

* I was also promised by Mr. Lanceta the hotel would replace the fees from my bank due to the double billing. As of the submission of this review (greater than one year l after Mr. Lanceta's promise), I have not received it. I'm not holding my breath.

This was a warm ski season at Park City, and I spent a good part of every morning, before the snow became slushy, dealing with this mess instead of skiing. The stress, time, and energy spent dealing with the hotel's mistake put a serious damper on our vacation. Bottom line: stay elsewhere...even if you pay a little more, at least you'll have a relaxing time on your hard-earned vacation.

My wife and I are Senior Contributors on TripAdvisor and have left many positive, glowing reviews for well-deserving businesses. We are happy to give kudos when deserved, but it is also important to inform our fellow travelers of serious issues so you can make the best decision.

UPDATE:  Approximately one year after I left this review on TripAdvisor, I received an unsigned, callow, and unprofessional email from "NVN" hotels.  Additionally I noted another Yelp review which had a similar issue in billing and obtaining a refund.  

Do not stay here

28/04/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
21. Lori H.
Our church just had our women's retreat here. We also held it here in 2010. Both experiences are good.

My room was clean, bigger then the one I had in 2010 and the bathroom had been upgraded. My bed was very comfortable and I got a very good night's sleep. My room was on the backside of the hotel, so not a lot of street noise either, which is a plus.

We had our retreat in Summit Room's A&B. It was well lit, large, we had lots of room and it worked good for our group. A couple of the ceiling tiles had holes in them which I think can be easily replaced.

I had dinner with friends at the Mountain Grill restaurant there. I had the Filet with mashed potatoes and veggies. The Filet was melt in your mouth tender and flavorful. I ordered it medium and the center was a bit red for me, but it was still very good. The garlic mashed potatoes were also good, didn't taste like they came out of a box. The veggies however was very very overly salted and inedible. I love broccoli but I could not stomach these.

In all a solid 3-star hotel in Park City.

20/08/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
22. Darcy R.
Looks nice from the outside and the front desk. The rooms are another story. Not bad, but definitely not what I expected from a Park City hotel.

The room was clean and the bed was comfortable. The cooler broke in the middle of the night creating a ton of noise. No air during a heat wave is kind of rough. When checking out I told the front desk person about the situation. She didn't seem to care it was like I was wasting her time.

The highlight was that the staff was nice enough to let us check in one hour early the day we arrived. The location is convenient, but I would definitely try another hotel next time I visit Park City.

12/07/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
23. Faith D.
If you are looking for a good location, comfortable room, and something affordable, the Yarrow meets the criteria. This is in the center of NewPark (Olympic area) and Main Street (historic downtown) of Park City. We had a car and we drove around the entire area and got a good feel for the city. However, they offer a city trolley, but we didn't use it. The hotel has free parking in an open parking lot surrounding the hotel.

It's an old hotel, but in good shape. There is an outdoor pool in the middle of all the rooms (like an open courtyard), a little fitness room (with equipment circa 1980), and an on-site restaurant.

The rooms were adequate for what we needed. We wanted an affordable place to relax and we got that here. Mind you, it's nothing fancy, so if you want a posh and glamorous stay, look elsewhere and pay much more. However, there was a mini-coffee maker and a good sized mini-fridge in the room. The downfalls were not enough outlets (or at least conveniently located ones) and poor Wifi.

I felt the location was ideal. There were two main grocery stores on either side (one shared a parking lot), a Starbucks, bagel place, a Greek restaurant, Mexican food, and Chinese all within a very short walk. I especially liked the area because when I wanted to go touristy and more pricey, I could drive to Main, but if I wanted local feel and more budget friendly prices at food joints they were right there.

Great stay for the summer season! I will look to stay here again if I return to the area.

05/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
24. Alyssa K.
If you want a 5-star hotel experience, then this isn't the hotel for you.  But if you want a good, clean place to sleep after a long day on the slopes, this is a great place.
A 24-hour grocery store is located right next to the hotel and the rooms come with a fridge to keep all your purchases chilled.  The bus stop is only a very short walk down the street making it easy to get anywhere you want to go.  There's a lot of great eating options only a short walk from the hotel.  
The staff was great and let us store our bags when we arrived before check-in (and let us check in early) and when we checked out but had an evening flight.  Glenn was kind enough to offer great suggestions on places to visit on Main Street and gave us some freebies.
For the price, I would definitely stay in this hotel again.

27/02/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
25. Michael B.
Where do I begin?

The room was sub par - A motel 6 would have been an upgrade to this place.

In the hallway, there were wet tea bags on the floor when I was going to ask the front desk why our room was not made up, and why there were no towels in our room. Our room was not made up the entire three days we were there.

My wife and I were staying here for a wedding, and they told us a time when the shuttle was picking us up; they were wrong. When it came closer to the time to the wedding, over 50 guests were in the lobby wondering what was going on and the Yarrow didn't know, and did not care.

When we left, my wife left a necklace in the room. We called and they located it. The front desk asked for a credit card number to charge to send the necklace back. That was weird in itself, but a few days later, we received a letter in the mail from the Yarrow with nothing in the envelope. When we called to inquire about it, the front desk said they put it in the envelope and wouldn't lie about doing so.

The front desk was less than accommodating, and even seemed as if they did not care about any of the customers at all. They were highly disorganized and disrespectful.

When talking about our unhappiness with the hotel, an individual from the area informed us that many celebrities stay here during Sundance. Well, for the celebrities who have not stayed here yet, don't, definitely not worth it.

05/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
26. Sean W.
Was not impressed...The bed was horrible.   The rooms look like it was last redone in the 70's.  The frig was loud and I had to unplug it to get some sleep.   The shower was small. If you are 6'0 or taller you might be uncomfortable.   The front desk was helpful and the location to main street and ski areas is great though.

15/05/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
27. Rachel M.
I can't believe anyone would rate this hotel anything less than 5 stars. My fiance and I stayed here this past weekend for 1 night to ski The Canyons (we live in Colorado). We were greeted immediately at the front desk by Ivan, who was extremely kind, courteous, and funny. He also upgraded our 1 bed kind-size room to a SUITE which was extremely nice! We felt like we were on our honeymoon (seriously, 2 TVs, couch, chairs, robes!). It was wonderful. The hotel was extremely quiet, good wifi, easy parking with access to rooms. Pool and hot tub on site. And hello...this place is about 5 minutes from the slopes! Couldn't have asked for a better experience here.

13/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
28. Owner O.
The inside looks more like a motel than a hotel. They are under renovations to a point where they shouldn't be open, or they should be charging half price. I received a notice via email about the renovations after I arrived in Utah. The only thing this place has going for it, is location. Its 5 minutes from Canyons and Park City Resort. There are plenty of other places in the same area that looked a whole lot nicer.

05/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
29. Ryan F.
Amongst my group of friends, I'm always the one who somehow causes a ruckus, or gets caught in weird "Curb Your Enthusiasm"-esque moments.  Well, this hotel stay was no different!

After enjoying my stay here once before, I booked a room for my friends and I during the 2013 Sundance Film Festival.  This hotel's theatre is one of the Sundance locations, so we managed to catch a screening without even having to go outdoors :)

SERVICE:  At different times throughout our stay, we discovered we were missing the following items: A bottle opener, microwave oven, some half & halfs (so we didn't have to use that powdered creamer crap), extra coffee pods, soaps and towels, and a paring knife (I mean, what were we gonna do with the LIMES we had?!)  Repeated calls to the front desk were always answered with a friendly tone, even though we called these poor people literally 12+ times, each time asking them to bring up ONE of those item to our room.  Ideally, we should have just compiled a list and called once, but I guess we were living in the moment.

Although they're no full-service resort, The Yarrow has an on-site restaurant, bar, and coffee shop, as well as a year-round outdoor pool and hot tub, so there's plenty to do before/during/after your activity-packed days in Park City!

LOCATION:  The Yarrow is located steps from an entire shopping center, but I'll save you the fluff and tell you there's a full-on grocery and liquor store there, all less than a football field away from the front entrance.  Coupled with the mini-fridge (included in all rooms) and the microwave oven we requested, and we had some quick breakfasts and tasty mid-afternoon snacks on the cheap.

If you're skiing, there are two free bus stops right outside the entrance on Park Avenue that'll either take you north to Canyons Resort, or south to Park City and Deer Valley (cross Park Ave. and board at that stop for the latter two mountains).  For aprés ski or a night on the town without moving your car, board the southbound bus outside the Yarrow.

PRICE:  Given the aforementioned good location and service (not to mention our stay during the celebrity-laden jam packed Sundance Film Festival), prices were not only affordable, but the cheapest we could find.  It's almost as if they didn't even care about the festival.  No minimum night requirements or any other gimmicks that the other hotels pull.  I will continue to recommend this hotel to others and stay here myself next  time I'm in Park City.

03/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
30. Goldie G.
Be forewarned the hotel is beyond being done with construction! It was supposed to be done in oct. but you cannot walk through the hotel as there is no lobby.  You have to walk around and outside to get anywhere. The check in / reception area is a make shift room. We still paid almost $200 a night and had to walk outside in -11* weather. You can only sometimes walk through the construction of guided - they worked nye and New Year's Day but luckily even in the 140s we didn't hear much. One day a crane blocked us even from walking so we had to go allllll the way around and cut through - looks like the pool is open. Maid didn't even come one day at all, also our room was in the very brand new section and the towel rack just fell right out of the wall, also a surprise treat (breakfast) left in the hall for us was stolen. This place really made the brides life a lot harder and stressful- it should just be closed until renos are done. Positive note we were comped a night but not the 25% check in special :( the restaurant was delish!! Super yummy breakfast and nice server for us every morning- great waffles and pancakes ! We were told they could not accommodate us with room service yet others on the 2nd floor actually were able to order not cool.

04/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
31. Troy K.
Two Reviews-

Skyline Bar - 4 stars. Jimmy the bartender was attentive and on top of things. Food was decent. Nice little fireplace. Cozy setting.

Hotel - 2 stars. Pretty sure the entire hotel staff is high as a kite.  No matter who I spoke with, i felt like I was in a bad stoner movie. Obnoxiously slow and unfocused. Hotel is a bit dingy, but for $100 I wasn't expecting much. Bus system out front will get you anywhere. Only reason I'd return would be to stop in the cool bar again.

28/12/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
32. Cindy C.
This hotel was a disappointment. Our room was very dark with a view of the electrical closet.  It was incredibly noisy and we could hear everything from the hall as if it was in our room. Housekeeping started vacuuming at 7:00am waking us up. The pool and hot tub didn't work and the ice machine has no ice.  The outlets in the bathroom were coming out of the wall and only one of the sockets worked. We couldn't wait to checkout and move to a nice hotel. Don't stay here for any reason.

26/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
33. Aaien T.
This hotel said it was newly renovated. Wrong. It was completely under construction. Loud, ugly and just a hot mess. I will say the staff was kind and sometimes defeated from the masses of people complaining.  The hotel was a disaster aesthetically, no lobby, no walkways cleared to get to my hotel rooms. I had to walk in the parking lot of the grocery store (unsalted) to get around to my hotel room. I had a view of parking lot/dumpsters. Our toilet flooded a tiny bit on the floor, dark hallways, constant complaining guests, there was no way to get ice for the rooms besides to call in for it, the tv remote was dirty...I could go on and on.
I fell/slipped twice from slipping on their stairs, lucky I didnt break anything because it would of been a lawsuit. I saw an engaged couple in the mock-reception area hysterically crying because this hotel website marketing also deceived them into being newly renovated and her guests were flying in to stay there for their wedding. This hotel really should be closed until renovations are complete.

02/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
34. Meghan W.
Outstanding customer service. We left a bag in the hotel room and more often that not when this happen you never see it again. THANK GOD (as the contents were EXTREMELY important). Housekeeping was so amazing and stashed it away for safe keeping and we called the next day. They had it for us and we jetted it right over. They retrieved the bag immediately and my sisters wedding was saved. Thank you Yarrow.

19/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
35. Lynn K.
This hotel could be nice, but we had a terrible experience. We purchased the stay on Groupon and got a great deal, but we will not return. We found a bottle of LUBE underneath the bed! Apparently no one cleaned under there! Who knows where else they missed!!!

When we complained, the manager said there was nothing they could do, since we had purchased the stay on Groupon.

We will be back to Park City, we will definitely NOT be back to the Yarrow!

17/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
36. Adam S.
Sort of glorified Motel 6 set up.  They do have adequate conference facilities.  But service is not high quality.  Also my phone would randomly ring, like a short wake up call, and the front desk claimed that there was no reason for it.  It rang at 0330 in the morning.  I was so furious it took 2.5 hrs to get back to sleep.  After I had unplugged the phone so it couldn't magically ring randomly again.  Food is not high quality.  Lobby is spartan, restaurant even more so.  It is a stretch to call it a "resort".

12/03/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
37. Sonia M.
It was my husband and mine first time visiting Utah, though we fell in love with the state the second we landed, our stay at Yarrow however was terrible. There was a lot of construction going on when we arrived, it didn't even look like a hotel. There was no one at the front desk to greet us and check us in, we had to wait a couple of minutes before someone finally came out. Everything was a total mess as we walked up to our room. Our room was SOMEWHAT decent (however the sink was still cracked, wood was old, and smelled kinda bad) - the worst part was the morning when the construction workers started there drilling and banging at 8am. My husband called the front desk to ask if they can do another side of the hotel or stop until we fully wake up since we arrived at 2am from our late flight. The front desk lady rudely said no theres nothing we can do.

My husband and I had booked the room for 4 nights. We immediately cancelled our stay and went somewhere else. Hopefully after they are fully done with the construction the experience might be different, but till then I do not recommend staying there at all. Waste of money.

11/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
38. Vida A.
This place is going under major construction. To the point that it should not be booking rooms to anybody.  The make shift registration is a room.  At midnight construction was going on.  When checking out I mentioned all my concerns and they gave me a gift card to the Egyptian.  Wouldnt a comp room help more because as of now, I will never stay here again.  Oh and when calling to book, nobody mentioned construction.  Poor all the way around.

29/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
39. Anastasia H.
I rarely, if ever, choose to post a review...but I cannot help myself this time.  Before booking I read reviews that seemed unimpressive, but the price was right and they had the amenities I was looking for (laundry, outdoor pool, outdoor hot tub and AMC in order to watch the season finale of the Walking Dead).  
Everything exceeded my expectations.  The staff was friendly and accommodating.  The rooms were clean and amazingly quiet (never heard the renovations thaT were underway).  The pool was relaxing and not over chlorinated.  There was a grocery store next door and great pizza near by.
If I find myself in park city again I would stay here.

30/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
40. Rona L.
I only had to stay here for one night.

The price is fine for what you get.  A bed, a TV, and even a couch.  It's nothing glorious and nothing special, but it worked for what we needed.  

The service was lacking and one lady (not sure if she was just in a rush or not) was curt and I didn't even want to deal with her.

Luckily, Main Street is just a few minutes away, so I didn't have to stay in the hotel for long.  Just a place to sleep.

19/05/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
41. Victoria G.
The low rating on here doesn't do justice to this hotel.
Considering the fact that it's one of the cheaper hotels in the area, it offers great value!
Very convenient location, spacious rooms that seem to be recently renovated. Short distance from ski resorts. Its seems like a pretty good deal to me!

08/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
42. ross m.
i just stayed at the Yarrow during 02/19/15-02/22/15.  it was our host hotel for Elevation, which is utah's gay ski/snowboard weekend.  

this hotel was perfectly fine.  i guess with all the complaints re: renovation, they really improved everything, and sped up the construction.  

when you walk in, the lobby is splashed with colors of darn brown, and green...kind of like a pine tree.  they have a nice gas fireplace towards the back, where i often like to sit at.  the have lounging areas by the fireplace, and directly in the center.  the check in desk is directly to your right.  the staff was super nice, very friendly.  the housekeeping was the same as well.  

rooms were nice and clean.  heater worked great.  SUPER close to stores like the grocery, sports authority, domnio's pizza, restaurants...actually, everything is in the same parking lot.  you could crawl out your window, and walk there in 30 seconds.  

the pool and jacuzzi were big, although i did not go in.  there was also a gym, of which 2 of my friends tried out, and said it did its job.

there is a restaurant to the left of entrance.  the only thing is that i wished they included free breakfast, even if continental...which would have been a nice touch, when you're busy in the morning with snowboarding.

best thing is location.  it's less than a mile away from downtown park city.  you can take a shuttle, taxi, uber, etc.  it's super close.  also close to park city mountain resort.  all i had to do to get there is cross the street and take the FREE shuttle.  i was there in under 5 minutes.  

overall, i was very happy with my stay.  =)

25/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0