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Lochaerie Resort in Amanda Park, WA

Lochaerie Resort in Amanda Park, WA

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Company Info:

Rating: 4.75

Address: 638 N Shore Rd, Amanda Park, WA, 98526

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    Comments (4):

    1. Brian H.
    The owners Chris and Tom and incredibly friendly and helpful.  We stayed in Col Bob cabin with a great view of the lake.  The cabin was very clean and comfortable.  We spent alot of time down at the beach.  Great spot for families.  We spotted elk wading through the water across the lake.  Only downside was not being able to take the canoes out on the water.  Quinault tribe closed access to the lake.  Overall, a great place to stay and relax.

    13/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    2. Gretchen H.
    Living in Los Angeles can make you want to run away from civilization, so we went to Locharie Resort. There's several different cabins you can rent all with their own character which is completely charming. We went with the honeymoon cabin Christie. It's water front and the furthest from all the others so it's very wonderfully private.

    It has a really small old school refrigerator which we stocked full of goodies from Pike's Place. The kitchen is well equipped for all your basic cooking needs and the waterfront dining table view is very beautiful. There's a fireplace which will have you sweating up a storm come evening and the living room area has another bed that looks out onto the water (perfect for afternoon snuggle naps). There is also a small porch with a couple of chairs for enjoying the lake and reading or knitting.

    There are canoes which people rarely used and were available anytime we wanted one. The lake can get pretty choppy out there, but it's amazing being on the water. There's a family of otters that will show up in the evenings out front of Onion Rock and we saw a couple of bald eagles. Wow.

    The couple that run the place are very adorable and good natured. If your a fan for restored cars Tom has a beautiful GMC that is worth drooling over.

    The only reason I cannot give this place 5 stars is because they were having construction on a new main house. We wanted to go for peace and quiet but the sounds of hammering were grating. There's a great little yard up with the other cabins that we relaxed in on Sunday, but never went back because of the noise and activity. We even tried canoeing over to a small spot across the lake and could hear the hammering over there. Oh well.

    No matter what it was the best vacation we've had in a long time. I highly recommend this place to everyone.

    17/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    3. Amy B.
    We stayed in Colonel Bob and had a wonderful time.

    We certainly come back - the Hiking was amazing!
    ~  if the lake is open to boats~

    28/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    4. Jason M.
    Like Gretchen, I came to Lochaerie Resort from the urban jungle of Los Angeles, where it gets about 300 days of sunshine a year. I am not a fan of sunny weather, so what better place to visit than one of the rainiest spots in the lower 48 during the rainiest month of the year (November). Yes, I purposely did this. I got the rain I so desired...in droves. If this is what you are seeking, look no further. Lochaerie is a truly beautiful place to experience quiet and solitude (especially in the winter), and Cabin Christie is the perfect balance of rustic and having the right amenities to be comfortable. It's situated just above the lake shoreline on Onion Rock (be aware the steps leading down to the cabin are steep and require a slower, steady pace to get there). The views are absolutely impeccable and the cabin itself is very cozy and comfortable. You have both a heater and a fireplace, and a single bundle of firewood is provided by the resort on a daily basis (which was more than enough for my needs). The bed is super comfortable and kept me warm during the cold nights. The kitchen also has a microwave (which may be a newer addition since Gretchen visited). In addition, the roof of the cabin was recently replaced, which proved to be very reassuring during a couple of heavier wind episodes.

    Even though I was there to go "off the grid" for a few days, my cell phone signal (Sprint) was fine. I was able to make calls as needed.

    Tom and Chris (who run the resort) were extremely friendly and helpful. Chris was very accommodating and flexible with me having to reschedule my stay, and they were both wonderful to finally meet. I was especially grateful for their help after I had a bit of an accident where I cut open my finger pretty bad. They helped me temporarily minimize the bleeding so that I could drive to the nearest hospital (about an hour away in Aberdeen) to get it stitched up. They really took care of me in every possible way during my stay.

    Lochaerie is as perfect as it gets if you need to reconnect with nature. You are centrally located to countless incomparable places (beaches, rainforest, etc.). You will never run out of beautiful places to see. I will definitely be returning in the hopefully not-too-distant future.

    11/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0