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Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort in Beaver, WA

Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort in Beaver, WA

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Company Info:

Rating: 3.40

Address: Sol Duc Hot Spgs, Beaver, WA, 98305

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    Comments (5):

    1. Reed A.
    Wow!  It's an honor to be able to be the first to review Sol Duc Hot Springs.  But first, a caviat: I haven't been to the springs for a couple of years and am therefore unable to report on its' present condition.  Growing up in Seattle, I went camping out on the Washington Coast every summer with my family.  Often, we got rained on (suprising for the Washington Coast, isn't it), and so it became a ritual to stop by Sol Duc on our way back.  The springs are developed, which put them in a different class from those rustic rock pools that provide a much different hot springs experience.  Sol Duc is a resort.  It has a big swimming pool, and smaller hot pools for soaking.  The springs exude a strong sulphur smell, which means you know they are real instead of just the work of some strong heating systems in the pool.  To me, soaking in a hot springs, whether it's rustic or developed, is one of the great pleasures of life.  At Sol Duc, one can relax while admiring the thickly wooded hillsides of the Sol Duc river valley, located in one of the most beautiful (but also wettest), corners of the world.  After one finishes bathing or swimming, one can eat a pretty good meal in the pool side cafe.  There's a nicer restaurant in the lodge, and a gift shop where long ago I used to buy baseball cards.  If you're out on the Olympic Peninsula, I highly recommend a visit to Sol Duc; it's especially rewarding to soak after a long day on the trail.

    30/09/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    2. Carlin B.
    My friend and I were only in the area for a day hike and spent just a couple of hours at the hot springs. The near by cabins looked really cute and quiet.  I've been to several hot springs, this one seemed small and was more developed than I had expected. There is the usual sulfur smell but not over powering.  They have an awesome deal where if you sign up for a massage, the entry fee is waived!  So for $75 I got a WONDERFUL one hour massage from Paula AND use of the hot tubs and facility.  There are 3 hot pools, one shallow at 100 degrees F, another at 102 and the third at 105.  The pools rotate closings through the day for about an hour at a time to test for cleanliness, which is nice.  There is a very large regular unheated pool for cooling off and swimming.  There seemed to be plenty of seating area.  The woman's shower area had private stall toilets, one communal changing room with lockers that you would need your own padlock to use, and one large communal shower room with several shower heads and soap dispensers.  Glad I had my own towel since I hear they charge $7.99 for towel rental!!!  So be prepared with your own towel.  Around the corner from the pool area is a deli area, convenient to grab a bite to eat.  We didn't eat there so I have no comment on it.  This was a great relaxing stop, I would do it all again too :-)

    06/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    3. Nicole F.
    Sol Duc website doesn't do the best job of saying when it opens and closes for the season...found it in tiny print after making the 3 hour drive here, just to be disappointed.  This year, they closed mid-October.  So, we decided to hike some of the nearby trails instead.  Although pets are allowed in National Forests, Sol Duc website also doesn't say that all trails surrounding the Hot Springs say "no pets" (including the campground adjacent to it).  Thus, disappointment #2.  I did a significant amount of web searching prior our arrival, looking to see whether or not it closed during certain times of year, and found two websites that claimed Sol Duc Hot Springs was "year round", which is why we came out here.  Wish we had known.  It's difficult to find any place to stay near here that's affordable, if you aren't camping...options are Forks, La Push, Beaver, or the hour drive to Port Angeles.  We found a place on HomeAway.com .  That was the best part of our trip.

    17/11/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    4. Allison W.
    First of all, everything's really expensive. $160 for a cabin with decent furniture and a very ugly outside. Our cabin fronted on the septic drainfield and vents. There was a piece of used dental floss on the floor in the room that appeared to have been sucked up and then spat out by a vacuum. No TV, wi-fi, or 3G up here.

    The main lodge holds a gift shop, a convenience store, and the restaurant. The restaurant is Aramark, and it's both horribly overpriced and awful. The mac and cheese was the worst I've ever had. I don't know what they used for "cheese", but it wasn't cheese. Only bottled beer, and it's $6.50/bottle.

    The pools are adequate. They could be cleaner, and the 8pm closing time was way too early for us. Soaking and towels are included if you are staying at the resort.

    You're also expected to pay park admission to come up to Sol Duc, but if the guardhouse isn't manned, I wouldn't worry about it.

    I'm sorry to say it's nothing special.

    14/05/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    5. Mele Y.
    i'm very biased because i've been going here every single year since i can remember.

    i started off in the kiddie pool and now whoo hoo, i can sit reasonably comfortably in the hottest pool for about 5 minutes. i think i deserve a freakin gold star for that.

    the campground itself has two loops, i personally am a huge fan of loop A because there is a creek running right next to a few of the campsites. the campsites themselves are pretty spacious, you can easily accommodate two moderately sized tents.

    the only downfall about camping here, and generally speaking, anywhere in washington is that unless you camp in july, there is a high probability that it will rain.

    i'd have to say out all the times i've camped at here, it has rained about 70% of the time. just some drizzle here and there, nothing too major.

    unfortunately, word got out about this place and now it is swarming with people. i'd recommend going early to secure a campsite and going early to the hot springs when the pools are fresh.

    forks is about a 40 min drive out from the resort if you ever need to pick up anything. my family and i always go to la push or mora beach to fish which is not too far from the resort as well.

    there is also lake crescent, which you will see along your right side while driving to the resort. i've never gone (from what i remember) but i hear that you can rent out canoes. there is also a picnic area along the lake.

    i absolutely adore sol-duc and wish that there weren't as many people who populate the place, but i guess something so good can't be kept a secret for very long.

    17/05/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0