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Company Info:

Rating: 1.00

Address: 7240 E Marginal Way S, Seattle, WA, 98108

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    Comments (2):

    1. Hodi P.
    This is where they just picked up the would-be Craigslist killer.  Probably best to steer clear of here.

    29/04/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    2. Larry A.
    OH MY GOD!



    OK, I'll tell you why the Aero is MOTEL HELL.  My band was playing the Jules May Saloon, a fine establishment I must say.  I was looking for a place to stay through Hotels.com and the closest place to stay was the Travelodge in Tukwila, a ghetto suburb of Seattle.  Since it was close by and cheap, I decided to make reservations for myself at the Travelodge.  

    After a long haul from Eugene, Oregon, we drove by Tukwila.  Yeah, it was ghetto, but not really that bad IMHO.  It kinda reminded me of Hayward, a little nicer even.  Anyway, the rest my band mates must have been intimidated because they said they didn't care for the surroundings.  Whatever.  There were other places to stay across the street, but those guys decided to find a place closer to Jules May Saloon instead.  So we drove off to the venue in search of better facilities.  

    After a useless drive getting lost courtesy of Mapquest.com , my buddy decides to pull out his I-Phone to find the elusive Jules May Saloon.  Luckily the I-Phone was a lot more helpful.   We find the venue and then immediately start searching for a place to spend the night near by.  After another quick search on the I-Phone we discovered the insanely cheap Aero Motel.  We stopped by and it was only $45 a night..  Wow..Super Cheap!  Naturally, the guys decide to take advantage and you couldn't blame them.  It was closer, cheaper, and conveniently located in case we wanted to do some heavy drinking.   I was a little jealous and was tempted to ditch my room in Tukwila.  

    Before forking over the cash to rent the rooms, the land lady shows the rooms so the guys can take a look.  These caves were seedy and trashy.  They were old, run down and very dark inside.  They smelled like a mixture of old grease and ashtrays.  Since the guys are smokers that really wasn't a problem, so they decide to rent the rest of the rooms and unpack.   This is where the horror begins.  

    Upon walking in their rooms they realize the little things that make this place an absolute fucking nightmare.  The furniture is super filthy and smells like they've been pissed on.  The walls were super dingy and we're tan brown from years of neglect.  It actually looked like someone was using the place to cook bacon and meth together.  The beds were barely usable.  They were flat, bumpy and full of cigarette burns.  Underneath the pillows were nasty little bugs, roaches I think, possibly bedbugs.  The bathrooms were covered with scum and rusted over.  It was reminiscent of a Tijuana jail.  I was thinking maybe this place was a one time whorehouse?  I dunno, but it has been through tremendous hell.  And then there we're the tenants.  Jesus H Christ these folk were the absolute UNDEAD.  They all looked like that tow truck driver in that Harold & Kumar movie.  These drunk zombies kept on trying to talk to us with their gigantic forced smiles telling us how safe the place was.  

    It was at that point I knew I made the right choice to stay in the ghetto.  

    BTW... this is a great place to shoot a horror flick!

    11/09/08 | Link | Rating: 1.0