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Company Info:

Rating: 1.00

Address: 7070 E Marginal Way S, Seattle, WA, 98108

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    Comments (1):

    1. Ross C.
    This place is a dump at best. I'd compare it more with a halfway house for convicts than a motel. It's in the ghetto as well.  I went as cheap as possible since I was staying for a week and just moved to Seattle for a job. First impressions upon getting dropped off here at night was I just made a huge mistake. It was late and the other hotels I Googled in the area didn't seem much better, so I checked in.

    Upon walking in you get to see the other people staying there (ghetto, hookers, drug addicts, etc) followed by all the signs saying no drugs, hookers, working with local PD, etc. The lady behind the bullet proof glass barley spoke English and said they had WiFi and I could get a refund if I checked out sooner. I was also told it was $55 a night, so I went ahead and got a weekly rate since I figured I wouldn't be in the hotel much.

    I was taken to my room, which turned out to be in a sub level dungeon next the boiler room and right by the rear security door that rang when opened. Needless to say, the upstanding clientele didn't really care and it constantly went off. The windows had wire grates on them and my location meant people went right outside my window to do whatever sketchy stuff they were doing all hours of the night. The room was actually better than expected considering the outside and entrance, but still bad. Half the light bulbs were burnt out and I had to take bulbs from other lights just to get light in another room. The bed had some classy plastic wrap over the box spring for the potential murders or hookers that sounded awesome! I'm pretty sure the Salvation Army provides more comfortable beds.

     Turns out this place's WiFi is basically non existent. Neither my phone, tablet, or laptop would connect. I asked the front desk and she'd just write the password down every time. Now I wouldn't usually care if it was for a day or two, but I just moved cross country and looking for apartments, etc. Oh, I just remembered the room doors. A five year old with a credit card could jimmy one of these doors. All of them have scratch and screwdriver marks on them, with a fair amount of play when closed. i had to hide my valuables whenever I left. The shower also felt like it had no head on it and just sprayed in every direction.

     After 3 days here I couldn't stand it anymore. The cleaning lady would follow or watch me every time I came in. The weirdos that were there were unbelievable, plus the homeless sleeping around the outside of the place. I told the front desk I was checking out and wanted a refund. She said no, and that if I switched to 3 days instead of the 7, then it'd be $75 a night. Mind you when I called I was told $55 without the weekly rate. It was like she made up a number to equal out so i couldn't get a refund anyways. I was so fed up and sick of the situation that I said forget it.

    I wasn't planning on writing such a long review, but steer clear of this place. I've been to some sketchy hotels all over the country when I used to ride BMX and this place takes the cake. Every hotel on this road looked as bad or worse. Vagrants everywhere and homeless people sleeping in random places. I'd recommend sticking with a familiar hotel chain and paying a couple extra bucks. This place lied about rates, WiFi, refund policy, etc.

    I'm usually the one preaching don't cheap out and you get what you paid for. Boy, should I of listened to myself. The rates in the area are high for what you get and location too. A similar rate near the Chicago would get you a way nicer/cleaner place, better location, and probably a pool.

    21/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0