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Courtyard Seattle Downtown/Lake Union in Seattle, WA

Courtyard Seattle Downtown/Lake Union in Seattle, WA


With most of our Downtown Seattle hotel rooms facing picturesque Lake Union or the stunning city skyline, you could not ask for a more beautifully located hotel. The Courtyard Seattle Lake Union hotel by Marriott is on the western shore of Lake Union and just blocks from the Space Needle, Pacific Science Center, monorail and many boat excursion companies. You can even rent a sea plane right across the street from our Lake Union hotel to tour Seattle and the Pacific Northwest from the air! Or hop on the Seattle Streetcar, which stops right down the street from our hotel to get to the Downtown Retail Core, Denny Triangle and South Lake Union areas. At the end of your busy day, sample Northwest Cuisine at our own Courtyard Seattle Lamontagne Restaurant. Or enjoy the indoor pool, whirlpool and fitness center. If you are visiting our Lake Union hotel for work, our complimentary high-speed Internet will allow you to be productive and connected.


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Rating: 3.30

Address: 925 Westlake Avenue North, Seattle, WA, 98109

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    Comments (64):

    1. Sarah S.
    We used this hotel for the out of town guests coming for our wedding.  I had a chance to see several different rooms.  Overall, I would say that the lake-view rooms are very nice, but that any rooms without a lake view leave something to be desired.  Our guests really appreciated the nice, large lobby and the indoor pool and hot tub. The front desk staff was very responsive and helpful for coordinating our wedding block.  OUr wedding was over the fourth of July, so people in the lake view rooms could see the fireworks from their rooms.  Even though we had agreed on a block rate with the hotel, I heard rumors that they were charging people more on the fourth of July.  I never was able to confirm whether this rumor was true.  On the fourth of July, the hotel set up a BBQ for their guest s in the front turn around.  They also set out maps of how to use the bus system to get over to Gas Works Park.  Overall, I was pleased with this hotel.

    17/07/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    2. Melissa L.
    The other day, a girlfriend and I decided to surprise a group of our friends who went down to Seattle for the week. I knew they were staying at one of the "Marriott/Renaissance" properties. I didn't know that there were two hotels so close together.

    At first, we went to this location. Funny enough, they had stayed at this location first but then had changed over to The Renaissance because of the service. And I see why.

    I walked up to the front desk. Most of the employee's were busy assisting other guests, so I just waited. There was one guy who had a phone to his ear... and he gave me a nod and a look like "yeah? what? Can I help you?" I don't know about you, but I think it is VERY RUDE to talk to someone when you're clearly on the phone. Especially in a professional setting. I asked him whether it was possible to see if our friends were staying here and he asked for the last name. I wasn't sure who it was under and had two names to give. I gave my friend friends name who's last name is only 6 letters long. I slowly spelled it out for him, but for some reason he just couldn't catch on. And instead of being like "I'm sorry, can you repeat that?". He got EXTREMELY frustrated and huffy and puffy. Hey, it's not my fault you can't listen and connect 6 letters together. Finally, a nice girl saw that he was getting "overwhelmed" by a simple question and stepped in. She let me know that there was another Marriott/Renaissance property across the way.

    The kicker is that, if our friends were staying there we would've booked another room right on the spot. And yet, the guy didn't understand that he was turning business away.

    Eventually we found our friends and the surprise was awesome! They were so shocked and it was good to have the group together in Seattle. I told them about the experience at The Marriott and they said they also experienced the same thing with the same guy. The worst part of it was that one of the rooms (there were two rooms booked) was booked under a corporate account because a friend of mine works at The Marriott.

    The guy need an attitude adjustment. Simple questions shouldn't be so difficult and overwhelming where you need to get mad. And a tip, when you deal with customers... don't expect them to talk to you when you're on the phone. The customer ON the phone and the customer in front of you, deserves some sort of pleasant service. If this is how they treat you when they don't have your money yet, imagine what they'd treat you when they do... probably more like "owell, they've booked, so I'm not going to worry about them anymore".

    I hope The Marriott see's how some of their "first impressions" are and make better adjustments.

    04/09/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    3. Steven T.
    The main thing this hotel has going for it is its location and the views (should you be lucky enough to get a room with view of Lake Union).
    We recently used this hotel to accommodate guests for our wedding at the adjacent Virginia V (which was incredible). While they didn't drop the ball entirely, they definitely left some things to be desired.

    First off, coordinating our wedding block proved to be more difficult than we would have imagined, though for this we blame Marriott more than this specific location. The planners for wedding blocks seem to be located at corporate headquarters and as a result it was often difficult to get consistent information regarding our local block. When we tried to get info from this location we were always told that they couldn't do anything and we needed to contact the above mentioned planners.

    We arranged for our guests to receive gift bags we had put together as they checked into the hotel. However, as we spoke to our guests we came to find out that a number of them had not received their bags upon arrival.

    The first room they put us in (again the bride and groom, which they were aware of) had views of the building's ventilation systems and stains on the walls. While they were quick to give us another room, it was kind of disheartening to be given that room in the first place. In addition, a large number of our guests were placed in rooms with equally bad views, which isn't so bad except for the fact that they sell you on the views when you're checking the place out as a possible venue.

    Finally, on our last night  we were hanging out with some friends in our room (about 5 total) around 3AM. We were keeping it fairly quiet, but management came up and knocked on the door. Fair enough, it wasn't early and I can appreciate the situation. However, instead of asking us to keep it down we were told, "If we have to come up here again we will kick you all out of the hotel." It was not the warning but the manner in which it was given that we found offensive. While we understand the issue of noise complaints, we did bring them thousands of dollars of business and a little tact might have been appreciated. Threats don't typically make you feel like a valued customer.

    Anyway, the purpose of this review was to relay our experience to anyone who might be thinking of using this hotel to accommodate a large number of guests. While the location and views are nice, this hotel is very disorganized and we found it added quite a bit of stress to any already complex situation.

    07/08/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    4. Michelle W.
    So, I ended up in this hotel on a business trip to my company's user conference because the main hotel was full and some employees needed to be at the overflow/government hotel with customers.  I was enlisted.

    There was nothing wrong with the hotel on the surface -- the staff was nice, it was easy to find, parking (even with my HUGE Crown Vic rental) was fairly easy, and the rooms were clean.  Unfortunately, it was located in a virtual no-man's land relative to the Seattle Marriott, where the rest of the action was and, most importantly, the bed was wretched!  It literally ate me alive, sucking me in every night and I woke up with a progressively more sore back every night.  This was absolutely the last thing I needed, considering that I was spending the days on my feet in heels on concrete floors.

    By the time we reached the end of the week, I could barely walk.

    07/04/07 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    5. Cathy L.
    Unlike the last yelper, this Marriott is in a perfect location for my business travel to Seattle.  With good access to the freeway, and lots of restaurants within walking distance (a drive-thru starbucks a block away) make it a great place to hold up for a few days while visiting clients.

    My beds have always been confortable.  But then again I have always gotten my preference of a King bed,with views of either the space needle or lake union.

    I can see how it would be not the greatest location to downtown, if you want to be "where the rest of the action" is.  For me - I rarely want to go out on the town, after spending all day on my feet.

    My negatives for this hotel are that the rates are really expensive for it being a coutyard.  Parking is also pricy, but then again your don't have many options in Seattle for parking.  The plus, I guess, is that you can actually order room service, which is not standard for a Marriott Courtyard.

    13/07/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    6. Stephanie E.
    There is absolutely nothing negative I can say about my stay at the Marriott. First of all, I got a ridiculously low rate since my sister is a Marriott associate. I was a bit disappointed to find that they don't offer airport pick-up service, but that's just the way it is. Syrus at the front desk was SO helpful and friendly and fun to talk to. The pool was nothing fancy, but pleasant and clean, and the hotel has a direct view of Lake Union and all the boats. Walking distance from the bus stop (17), and if you're in the mood for a steak, an Outback Steakhouse is steps away. I won't go as far as to say that the location is quite ideal for going into the city, but definitely worth it considering the discount I got, the level of service, and the quality of the accommodations!

    11/09/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    7. George W.
    Good location, rooms are a little run down.  They messed up my reservation but luckily able to fix it. Had a great view of Lake Union and luckily missed most of the road construction noise due to the holiday. Irritating you have to pay $20 just to park in their garage a day! on top of paying $220 a day.  Breakfast buffet was ok $4 discount for my Elite membership card still expensive for what you get. Would not stay here again.

    07/07/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    8. Blair E.
    Well I'm a Marriott Man - and this is one of my least fav.

    The good
    Std Courtyard setup, parking (at $18), staff always great

    The Bad
    Bed - like a marsh mellow
    No insulation between suites
    cost during High season ~$275 all in (@state taxes ~$35)

    Overall its OK, needs some updating. location is OK - don't be fooled by the DOWNTOWN!!! - its not

    31/07/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    9. Alex C.
    I didn't expect much from a Courtyard, and while i'm on a business trip so didn't pay for the room, it is a bit expensive for a courtyard marriott.

    however, the complaining really stops there.  the service is amazing.  the concierge and front desk are super helpful, attentive and professional.  I forgot toothpaste so I was going to buy some at the little market they have next to their front desk. as i was about to pay the front desk, he said, here, i have samples for free, put that back. awesome

    the breakfast food is pretty good. amazing potatoes.  the bar food was AMAZING.  some of the best fries i've had in a long long time.  

    the bests like everyone say are soft, but i loved them and they were very comfortable for me.  personal preference.  the gym is small, the pool is small, the jacuzzi is not as hot as it should be, but I used all of them with no problem.

    i'd definitely stay here again.

    26/03/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    10. Laura J.
    We needed hotel rooms for the guests at our wedding and contacted the Courtyard . I have YET to hear back, even after a second call.

    All our guests ended up at the Residence Inn about 8 blocks away, where they had a marvelous stay

    27/10/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    11. Crystal A.
    Service was great.  Beds were comfortable.  The view was beautiful.  The pool and sauna would have been fun, if not for the people occupying them.  The bathroom was a little dirty.  The floor and tub definitely needed a good scrubbing.  The breakfast buffet was not that great, and definitely overpriced.  I like that they had a mini market in the lobby.  Overall, I would stay again.

    18/02/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    12. Courtney B.
    I've stayed at the Courtyard Marriott several times for work in the past few months. The rooms are clean but nothing extraordinary. The service has been friendly and warm. The breakfast buffet is very standard. Scrambled eggs, cereal, waffles, fruit, juice and coffee. The lounge bar and grill has a descent menu. The hotel has many amenities like free wifi, pool, gym and cable tv. The quality is adequate for the price and the location provides a great convenience.

    11/08/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    13. andy m.
    Moderate price for a courtyard by marriott. Everyone at the front desk is more then helpful. The exact service you should expect from any Marriott property. If your lucky, or have Marriott Status,or both, you may be sleeping in a room with a view of awesome view of Lake union. This courtyard has a full bar, a fitness center and a small market inside.

    This location is perfect, there are restaurants within walking distance, you are right in downtown, and if you are in the mood for being a tourist, The Space Needle, EMP(Experience Music Project) and SFM(Science Fiction Museum) and hall of fame is about a mile away.

    30/09/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    14. Sean F.
    They have recently renovated the rooms and they are very clean and nice!  Nice location overlooking the lake.  But why do hotels feel the need to charge 20 dollars for parking??  The breakfast buffet is decent but a little pricey for standard hotel brunch style.  We rode the "slut" downtown and it pisses me off that I honestly paid my 2.50 to ride it and sat there and watched people hop on and off without paying!  Come on people! If you want the convienience of public transportation don't abuse it!

    19/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    15. Lisa C.
    I'm conflicted about what to say in this review because like my wedding, the stay at the hotel ended up being ok - but not good.  They clearly don't do a lot of wedding parties....

    I don't want to go into too much detail here - otherwise I'd be writing a novel, but the communication with the people who work here isn't great.  Make sure you clarify all the details EXPLICITLY, and make sure your family isn't getting bad customer service.

    Our manager, Zara, really pulled through in the end and helped us out tremendously and we owe her a lot, but on the same token, for the amount of money that place made we deserved great service.  

    We had booked over 80 room nights and still had to argue to get our hosted brunch cost down to the price people would pay if they went to the restauarant.  The food was good, but $18 (with tax and tip) for a low end brunch buffett with only 1 guy working it for over 60 people isn't fabulous.

    The place is really dirty in some places.  I was in one of the ice/vending machine rooms and found many, many dead bugs, spider webs, etc.  I then told the front desk that the vending room on the 2nd floor was nasty and the next day it was still the same.

    Honestly, I ever want to go back to this hotel again, but if you don't have high expectations your stay there should be fine.

    23/11/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    16. Sharon L.
    This is one of the less desirable Courtyard I've stayed at. The location is nice for the price, and there's a pretty lake view. However, the room is not as comfortable as I would like. The bathroom feels a little dark and the door does not close well.
    Front desk staff is nice enough but they seem a little ... cold.
    There's 10 hour parking zone right nearby and after 6pm is free, we parked at the meter instead of paying the parking fee at the hotel. free coffee in the lobby area in the morning, always a plus~

    20/05/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    17. Tina C.
    Had a room on the 7th floor ovelooking a picturesque (and unusually sunny) Lake Union. What sets this Courtyard apart is the local touches: colorful pictures of Seattle and environs on the wall, local scones and Seattle chocolate in the (extremely well-stocked) marketplace.  I stay at Courtyards so I can stumble into the bathroom in the middle of the night without stubbing my toes since they're all so alike, but those little differences do count.  Very friendly check-in service and a cheesy but fun little "game" for extra reward points.  Didn't have a car, so no gripes about parking fees. As far as I'm concerned, one of the better Courtyards out there

    14/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    18. K B.
    The room is very minimal with basic amenities. I found myself looking for stuff like a bathrobe, a pen, and some tissues. Lighting in the bathroom was like being in a hospital and there is no fan. I had a "back" room so the view was the next building; so make sure request a lake view.

    There is essentially no room service.

    I was very happy with the location. There was a nice park across the street (no crosswalk) and good restaurants. Parking at the hotel is $20 per day (*sigh* welcome to Seattle).

    I didn't get to use the pool and hot tub but it looks decent.

    There are some nice things about the hotel but for me it was all overshadowed by the absolute worst thing about the hotel: the noise. It feels like there's no soundproofing in the doors or the walls.

    11/06/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    19. Danielle M.
    At first I was a little leary about this hotel because there was a mix up with my room, but they were very sincere and sent me a little gift to make up for the trouble. Great view of lake union, and convenient underground parking!

    19/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    20. Catalina L.
    Great location but:

    We (husband and I) made reservation for two nights, as a place to prepare for our wedding. We also arranged with Marriott to set aside a certain number of rooms for our guests, for which they gave everyone (we think) a $20 discount per night booked.
    I was overall happy with the service while there, but very disappointed they did not place our guests on the same floor (or near) our room as requested and confirmed by the front desk. This was an inconvenience because it made getting ready the morning of the wedding more challenging.
    The other issue was that they confirmed we would have enough shuttle vans to take us to the wedding location, and that each guest would be able to pay individually. The vans were there, but Marriott did not arrange the payment method with the shuttle service as we had discussed prior to arrival and again at arrival to the hotel, so we ended up paying a huge tab to shuttle about 40 people. To top it all off, the shuttle service did not have enough vans (probably because Marriott did not ask for enough) and my wedding gown ended up on the concrete floor multiple times as they arranged and rearranged luggage.

    The room was clean but had the bare essentials, and only one mirror, which is unusual for any hotel. It was very small and made it difficult to get ready for the wedding... we wondered why Marriott couldn't at least put us in a decent room given we had all our guests book in their hotel?!

    05/07/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    21. Vicky T.
    The bathroom was small, the sink was lacking space, but I did have a good night's rest.

    07/09/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    22. T V.
    Nice location in a good family hotel. Nothing fancy or fabulous, but clean and near many attractions like the space needle, monorail, and Lake Union. Fun to watch the sea planes land and take off throughout the day. Pricey, a bit, but it is Seattle.

    13/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    23. Erin O.
    For a 3-star hotel, this Courtyard by Marriott fell a little flat for a couple of reasons. It started out good: Friendly check-in, clean, basic rooms, free wi-fi. Nice indoor pool and whirlpool area that my daughter took advantage of. Lots of nearby restaurants. Since I always have a rental car in Seattle, not a big deal to drive a few  blocks to all the main attractions.

    The reason they only get 2 stars? You could hear your neighbors talking all night as if they were in bed with you. PAPER THIN walls. And the worst offense: When my bill was slipped under my door, I realized they had charged me 75 cents for each local call I made when looking for a restaurant that could take our last-minute reservations. When I looked at the phone after I got the bill, it says that in small print at the bottom of the phone. There is no asterisk (*) near the Local Calls directions at the top to indicate there is an important footnote you should read. I would have used my cell phone! That was utterly annoying.

    We usually stay at the Comfort Suites on Roy Street but with the Seahawks game this weekend, no such luck. For about $30 less per night, Comfort Suites does not charge for local calls, has a mini refrigerator, FREE parking, and FREE breakfast.

    It was the noise level in the rooms and the sneaky local calls charge that will keep me from ever coming back.

    26/09/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    24. Brandon S.
    The hotel is in a good location with easy access to the highway.  It is a short trip to downtown from the hotel, and you get to avoid the downtown prices.

    The rooms are your standard issue for a Courtyard.  The view of the lake is nice though.

    The breakfast is ok, but overpriced.  So few buffetts offer good food.

    My only issue with this hotel is the access.  This is not the hotel's fault, but it is a pain to get in and out of the hotel now because of construction.  Westlake is backed up blocking the entrance to the hotel at almost every red light.

    11/01/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    25. Sara M.
    The location is a little far, but it's not the hotels fault. The view is beautiful and its actually nice listening to the seaplanes take off.

    The rooms are pretty run down for even a Courtyard and the beds aren't too comfy...rock hard, actually. Which is why I'm surprised everybody said the beds were too soft. There was a rude lady at the front desk but it was just her.

    Breakfast buffet is only 13.95 so not bad at all...pretty decent selection. Wouldn't stay here again because of the location but like I said, not anybody's fault.

    Wouldn't stay here again because of the location.

    31/08/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    26. Robert C.
    Michael in the dining was very friendly and had great customer service. He goes above and beyond in customer service!!

    06/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    27. J H.
    Plus side.....Staff excellent, friendly, hardworking.  Appearance clean and tidy.  Pool/exercise.  Lounge/diner.

    Down side.....No tv listings or guide for tv.  No list of local necessity shopping.  Local calls, snacks, and parking expensive!!!  Food has lots of room for improvement. Told to sit in lounge while waiting for table at breakfast but different person letting others in ahead of us.

    Looks like a case of great staff but not being managed too well.

    15/02/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    28. Carol Y.
    Very nice rooms!

    clean, spacious and love the tv.

    too bad not much cable channels.

    i love their gym too.

    you can see the space needle

    paying for parking sucks but you gotta do what you gotta do especially since its in dtown.

    i would definitely stay here again!

    25/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    29. Jason B.
    the one HUGE benefit: free parking across the street if you can find an NON-numbered parking spot

    lobby needs to be updated but still very spacious. doesn't have the huge drink/food center that a lot of the new courtyards have.

    good service and great view if you can get a lake view.

    07/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    30. Lori L.
    Arrived after midnight to this hotel. We were a party of five and had rented a 2 bedroom suite. They gave my room away even though they had my credit card so the reservation was guaranteed. .  And did the same to another who came in the same time as us. We were exhausted as we had just arrived from the East coast and it was already 4 am our time and had not slept in almost 24 hours.   We spent 2 hours in tne lobby trying to find another hotel which were all booked.  They finally found a small room at another marriott across the way.. One small room for 5 of us.  Some of is slept on the floor.
    This hotel did pay for our room that night and our breakfast at the other hotel. We came back to the original hotel and were given a very nice discount for the rest of our stay.  
    We got a beautiful 2 bedroom suite which is what we needed.  All was fine until I noticed that the carpet next to the bathroom was very wet.  We told management. Each day the wetness got worse and the carpet was soaked.  There  was obviously a bad leak somewhere. We had to wear shoes at all times otherwise we were stepping on soaked squishy carpet.  Each day I'd tell management about the leak getting worse and they never did anything.  And never offered to change our room.   By 3 rd day we did not even care because we knew we were leaving  the next day.    The breakfast buffet was just ok..... It was free.  My big pet peeve was that they use powdered eggs.
    I've been to other Marriott courtyards where they have an omelette chef. There was nothing there to eat for a person who does not eat carbohydrates or processed food.
    Kids were fine with all the processed food and high carb breakfast but I could only eat an apple. I always look forward to eggs on vacation because I don't eat them much at hone.  But these were inedible. Tasteless.

    The hotel itself was on a great location with beautiful views. We had a car but I suppose someone who really loves to walk could walk to the main attractions which were a few miles away.  This was a great set up for a family. It was clean and the price was fair especially after the huge discount they gave us for the screw up of giving away our room.  Employees were very nice and seemed eager to serve us after their screw up of giving away our reserved suite.
    I can't understand why they let the leak in our room, that seemed to be coming from the room above, just get worse.

    If they could spruce up their breakfast a bit and have real eggs and keep reservations when they make them and fix room leaks or change rooms for you..,,
    I would stay there again.

    25/08/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    31. Deana S.
    Beds, like Goldylocks and the 3 bears, one was too hard and one was too soft and linens are definitely not up to par ... maybe a self-exfoliating experience is what you are looking for.  Prices are pretty high for a Courtyard but at least they have some nice amenities like pool, jacuzzi and workout room.  There was a nice breakfast Buffet with made to order items.  There is a bar with select hours.

    Location is pretty good.  You can see the water, but there is construction right in front and what you see is a harbor.

    All-in-all the friendly staff makes it a nice place to stay.

    20/06/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    32. John H.
    Loved it! We had a great view of the lake, and the room was VERY quiet and comfortable. The front desk may have been the nicest I've ever dealt with, and they deserve more gratitude than they probably get. The hotel was conveniently located within walking distance to several restaurants and you can even access downtown and the waterfront (about an hour walk, I think).

    12/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    33. Brian P.
    We recently stayed here on our trip up to Seattle (I know surprise surprise!).

    - Newly remodeled.
    - Friendly staff
    - Prompt maid service
    - Had a great view of the water.


    - Parking. I get that we are in downtown and everything costs money to park, but charging me $22 a day is a bit extreme. I've found nearby lots afterwards charging only 16 dollars a day for covered parking. To make it worst all your signs (minus the one at the front desk) state $22.00. Not $22.00 + taxes which come out to about 27 dollars. If it's $27.00 just tell us that so we can make a more informed judgement. Every other parking meter in Seattle seems to incorporate this fee in their pricing so not sure how you can't considering you own the building structure. I would also really question if you have to pay the parking taxes levied by the city of Seattle that the other lots do considering how your lot is zoned.

    - Wifi: It was good while working, but it was very flaky. It's 2013 and having unreliable internet is unacceptable for any hotel in my eyes. This can easily be fixed for pretty cheap.

    -Breakfast. I have no issues with your breakfast as I stayed at many Courtyard Marriots. What I have an issue is that you are charging for the buffet when typically this has been included in every other city (New York, Austin, Dallas, Houston, Denver) that I stayed at with you.

    TLDR; If it wasn't your price gouging on the parking/breakfast I would of given you a 4 - 5 stars as I can overlook the internet. Your greed itself makes me reconsidering being a loyal patron of your hotel chain.

    18/11/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    34. Paul S.
    Construction is finished!!!!!

    30/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    35. Paul R.
    This is a great property even though the construction in area sux lemons. I did appreciate the e-mail informing me how to drive around the closed streets to the hotel. Check in is smooth and the front desk is friendly and efficient. As others have noted park across the street for free.

    Rooms are updated, clean and have a great TV. Bar has some nice locale brews and Josh their mixologist is very knowledge in regards to dinner and drink options. There are plenty of dining option nearby so don't bother eating at the hotel. Although the steaks that came by us looked and smelled great!!

    The fitness center is updated, large, and all the Equip and TVs are in great working order. There were plenty of towels, and disinfectant wipes were present as well. Somehow they were missing a 35lb dumb bell... How does that happen??
    This is a great option if you are visiting or working in the area.

    16/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    36. D W.
    Ate at Regatta restaurant last Wednesday night. The lemon rosemary chicken was awesome!. Very nice dining experience.  Would definitely go back. Kudos to cooks in kitchen!

    23/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    37. David O.
    This Marriott Courtyard is a lot nicer than your average courtyard. Located right on the lake, it is a relaxing beautiful view from your room. The service is outstanding and the staff is extremely helpful. They have a pool and jacuzzi which is nice, however across the street is a beautiful lake where you can jump in and swim. Downtown and pikes place is less than 2 miles away and you can even walk easily. Overall excellent hotel experience!

    14/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    38. Georgie M.
    This Courtyard Marriott is in a great location at the foot of Lake Union.

    As I've mention in my review of the Mediterranean Inn in Lower Queen Anne,
    yelp.com/biz/mediterrane…  I had the chance to sample two very different hotels at either end of the Roy/ Mercer corridor.

    This hotel is near the 5 Freeway on/off ramp and is within walking distance of most attractions at the Seattle Center. It also has the benefit of being across the street from the marina and all the restaurants at Lake Union. You have Daniel's Broiler, Harborside, McCormick & Schmicks, Buca di Beppo, and Duke's.  Sadly, the one Seattle Hooter's closed last year without warning. LOL

    Daniel's Broiler and Duke's are two great local eateries.  I've enjoyed both many times and never had a bad experience.  Duke's does great seafood.  Up the block, you have Pasta Freska. Further up and just a short cab ride away (1 mile), you have Canlis. Considered by many to be one of the best restaurants in the northwest. Maybe even Three Star Michelin.

    This Courtyard Marriott is very modern, has flat screen HDTVs and is very spacious.  I've never had any issues with the hotel. hence the Four Star rating.  If you are here in December, ask for a room with a view of Lake Union.  

    Each year the local boaters put on night time Christmas Lights regatta which is great.  It's even better if you can score a seat on one of the boats.  If not, you can always check with Argosy, which offers a cruise package.  We've done it many times and is a lot of fun and kid friendly.


    08/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    39. Alex A.
    We really enjoyed our stay at this property.  This was a quick little get away trip we did on the spur of the moment and the reservation went very smooth and when we checked in the front desk staff was extremely helpful and knowledgeable.  The entire experience at this site was a good one.  The room was great and clean.  The parking structure was a bit on the small side, but our car was safe and secure, so no worries there.  
    Yes, we will stay here again and I will recommend to all my friends and family.

    30/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    40. Carmen M.
    1. This is NOT downtown Seattle! In a sketchy neighborhood! They charge $25 parking a day but have free parking in front but don't recommended it (of course not because then they wouldn't be making money) I reserved this online when I went in they said there was a problem with my debit card and I would have to drive to downtown Seattle to get to the bank to fix it before checking in! It's 2pm on Saturday! Spent an hour on the phone with my bank just to find out that they had already charged my card and were trying to convince me that, that transaction never happened! Finally spoke with a manager who said he had to call my bank and confirm! Now it is 5:00pm check in time was at 3;00pm on Valentine's day! Finally figured out it was an error per Hotel NOT mine like they claimed it was. Didn't apologize didn't offer anything for our trouble! I rather pay extra than deal with them again! Plus hotel room shower was plugged and that great view?? Forget it we were stuck looking at a parking lot and at 6am car alarms were going off!!!

    16/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    41. C S.
    Standard courtyard I guess. Kind reception, speedy checkin. Just wonder why they have highly paid parking where parking across the street is free from 4pm- 9am....

    21/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    42. Cathy C.
    Centrally located to everywhere you need to be. Friendly and attentive staff. We had a great room with a view over the water. Additional props for the staff : when packing to leave, I realized I'd lost a ring. I filed the report at checkout on Saturday, and received it in the mail by the following Monday. They must have turned that room upside down to find it. Thank you Marriott Courtyard! I deeply appreciate this!

    22/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    43. Patrick B.
    My wife and I spent our 18th wedding anniversary at this hotel. We live in Tacoma and wanted to get away for the weekend but didn't have a lot of money. We booked the room and got a great deal. It sits right on the shore of Lake Union and was close to a hand full of restaurants but most of them have closed down. We made use of the indoor pool and spa and the room and bed were very comfortable. A friend of ours dropped off a bottle of champagne before we ever arrived and the hotel had put it on ice in our room along with two champagne flutes filled with decadent Seattle chocolates. A nice touch! Right across the street is the World Sports Bar and Grill where we watched the Seahawks playoff game. We had a blast over 4 days and I've been a Marriott rewards card holder for some time now so we always get the benefits of the points. Marriott hotels have been wonderful wherever we've stayed in them all over the country and we will keep on being repeat customers.

    22/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    44. Anila Y.
    Having a good hotel can really make or break your vacation, and the Courtyard Marriot on Westlake is a great hotel. From the moment we checked in to the moment we checked out, we were surrounded by comfort, hospitality and great service.
    The front desk staff were always friendly, even at midnight, or even 4 in the morning.
    The beds are really comfortable, and you can tell that the sheets are clean. after a long day of sightseeing, the beds provided a comfortable place to unwind.

    The room was very clean and overall quiet, and guests get free wifi.

    The hotel is located just outside of the hustle and bustle in a quiet pocket of the Metropolitan area. We were about a 15-30 minute walk from major attractions such as Space Needle, Pikes Place, etc.

    Make sure you find out about discounts for Courtyard Marriot guests. We were pleasantly surprised to find that we got a discount at a nearby Enterprise Car Rental for being guests of CM.

    I knocked off a star because there were few convenience amenities--no complimentary breakfast, airport shuttle service, and hotel-guest parking is roundabouts $20/night--which I have seen available at similarly priced hotels.

    30/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    45. Adam S.
    We stayed here during our week-long trip to Seattle partly because many other hotels were unavailable and partly because of the seemingly great location (which it is). Check in took a little time, but the nice gentleman at the counter explained the parking situation (across the street is free but not guaranteed safety, hotel underground parking was $25 a night, but he halved it because we had 2 rooms and my dad is Platinum which was really nice). We ended up with one lake view room and one non-lake view room.

    The rooms were very standard for Courtyards. Two beds, desk, Paul Mitchell products, etc. The windows opened a little bit (out, not up) which was nice, especially for the 4th of July fireworks. Those were perfect from our room. Wifi was free but very spotty. In our room, it was decently fast and strong. In the other room, it was really slow and dropped a lot. Unimpressive.

    The lobby of the Courtyard was not updated, and it had an old style restaurant that I wasn't about to eat at. Staff was okay. Myself and my dad called about laundry and got different answers. They were almost always smiling though and were pretty efficient. Overall, you're staying here for a) the location/Amazon b) the lake view. I wouldn't have an issue staying again.

    14/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    46. Spenser O.
    Decent, clean hotel in a nice location.

    That being said, once you check in get ready to get nickle and dimed for everything. Parking, bottled water, even breakfast. Seriously, if your charging over $200 a night you could at least throw in the continental breakfast. It's not like breakfast they serve is any more fancy than the typical hotel fare either.

    Speaking of the restaurant, don't bother. Short story short, we decided to eat at the hotel because the other people who I was travelling with were pretty hungry and most restaurants were either very busy or needed reservations. We went to the hotel restaurant, which was literally completely empty, and waited over an hour for our food to arrive. Their excuse? They were "backed up." Serving who? The spooky Seattle ghosts?

    Other than that, the beds were comfy, shower/bath was good, and the views would be good if there wasn't construction in the way. Not a bad hotel overall, but considering the price it has areas where it can improve.

    11/08/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    47. Elizabeth B.
    Great hotel!
    Hubby was in town for work and I tagged along.
    He stayed a total of a week and I stayed Thurs-Sun.
    Quiet and very clean this place has very nice views.
    Housekeeping always kept the place clean everyday and the front desk people were very nice each time I spoke to them.

    There is A LOT of construction around the area so if you are looking to walk to restaurants and other places. THIS IS NOT THE HOTEL for you!

    Take UBER every time you need to go somewhere. Download the app and just use it!!!!! Waaaaaaay cheaper than a taxi, they use mostly Prius and you can also request an SUV to take you to the airport!

    16/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    48. Steve H.
    This hotel is very well located with quick access to the freeway and other attractions in South Lake Union.  If you decide to stay here make sure you request an east facing room.  On the west side is where all of the construction noise is located and the garbage is hauled away at 6:00 am (it took over 20 minutes for the trash hauler to empty all eight bins of trash).  The noise on the west side of the hotel is brutal, and just think I paid full price for this terrible experience.  I would recommend you spent a couple of extra bucks and stay right downtown.

    01/12/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    49. Pat P.
    The upside is the room was clean.  And the staff was very pleasant and helpful. The downside is our room was on the backside of the building and was across from another building.  Every time a car drove by or honked or a big truck went by the noise reverberated up the building and went directly into the room.  Made it very hard to sleep.

    10/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    50. K M.
    We got a great rate on our room, the park across the street was a bonus, watched the planes take off and land. People swimming and jumping off the bridge.
    Our room was just another hotel room, nothing special.
    Why 3 stars? Parking was $25. plus another $5. for parking tax! And no breakfast.
    I most likely wont stay here again.

    27/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    51. Allison R.
    No complaints here as this was a company paid trip. =)

    The parking garage was a little scary because of the low ceilings but that's about it.

    Comfortable beds/bedding, nice big flat screen in the room. All the employees were courteous. Pretty good little location.  I'd stay here again.

    10/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    52. Leela S.
    I was put up here by Amazon since the hotel is walking distance from their South Lake Union campus. Check-in was smooth, and my room was ready even though I was a tad early. The room itself was very spacious: it had a large king bed, a TV, a mini fridge, two side tables, a desk, a couch, and a coffee table. The bathroom was smaller, and the shower/bathtub was unusually cramped, but nothing unbearable. The bed was very comfortable, and sheets were cleaned every day.

    If you luck out, you may get a room with a view of the lake. Unfortunately, I had an unimpressive view of Westlake Avenue out my window. I was also on street level, so I had my blinds shut essentially all the time. Whew.

    Wifi is free, but I do wish they had complimentary breakfast. The staff is quite accommodating in general: they called a couple of cabs for me, and they even let me keep my room an hour after checkout time since my flight wasn't till later in the day. Good job, team!

    21/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    53. Denni P.
    Good, not great, no breakky but good value because we had a free night.  The room was your typical Courtyard room.  Marriott branding is always consistent.  Parking is a bit challenging if you choose to opt for street parking.  There is a lot across the street that I believe is free on weekends.

    06/05/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    54. Les B.
    Was promised a room with a city view and would beable to see the Space Needle but all I see is the street. When talking to the staff they said sorry you have a neighbor hood view. Not happy at all..

    13/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    55. Danny L.
    Room Type: 2 Queen Bedroom with Lake Union View. #356

    The Room & Service:
    - Our room was very clean and well prepared as we arrived. Service was very friendly and customer service rep was very helpful with any questions asked.

    - Couple few restaurants and Pub within 10 minutes of walking.
    - FREE WIFI!!!!!

    - Lake Union is across the street and it's an amazing lake! You must walk around there. I was lucky enough to drink couple of cold beers and enjoyed the nice ocean view of Lake Union.

    06/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    56. Molly E.
    Half of the building has a fantastic view, while the other half is a view of the side of a large condo- the "city view" is quite literal. Half the staff was amazing, Jake Johnson was incredibly accommodating and polite, we give him 5+ stars. While his coworker was condescending and incredibly unprofessional. The room we ended up in was nice, we used the gym which was clean and overall a good workout area, and we used the hot tub which was full of people and luke warm.
    The location is convenient, easy walking or public transportation. Although there is a ton of construction surrounding it for blocks.

    18/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    57. Jim R.
    Comfortable and is a good location for business people making calls on Amazon.

    I've stayed here several times and appreciate their prompt attentive check in routine and the updated rooms and decor.  All in all a decent hotel at a reasonable price.

    22/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    58. Noah U.
    This Courtyard on Seattle's Westlake Avenue isn't exceptional. However, it provides for above average lodging that happens to be rivaled. It is a large building with a little bar that's open on Thanksgiving, even when all else is closed. They have a business center and lots of fitness.

    I came on Thanksgiving. With just a few details, I was quickly checked in. I was also quickly checked out when I left.

    The rooms are very comfortable. The bed is neat, the shower and toilet are stable and a large HD-TV is in the rooms. The view is only of a small parking lot, but that's okay.

    It's about $223 for two nights, including Seattle's $33 tax on my purchase. They don't have an income tax, so you're not going to get any sympathy about providing the funds that allow Seattle and Washington not to have one.

    Transit around here isn't really that good. There's some buses, but it's still a little bit from the hardcore downtown, so expect to learn more about the transit. Board and pay $2.25, with different amounts depending on intracounty or intercounty travel, so King vs. Pierce or Shohomish County.

    This can be fun but expect to walk a lot if you don't rent a car. The location is beatable and the price is okay.

    Staying at this Courtyard can be a good compromise between affordable and luxorious.

    28/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    59. Ashlee T.
    Lackluster to say the least. The staff is very uninviting and the food is mediocre at best. This is not located downtown, in fact it is located on what seems to be a rather shady area. Sadly, we will not return.

    14/05/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    60. Gatangalie S.
    We stayed here two nights and had a very good time. Our rooms were very clean, smelled fresh, and the staffs were friendly/helpful.

    My bed was incredibly comfy! That made me happy!

    Lake Union is right across the street from the hotel, where you can take in some fresh air and enjoy the view. Also, you can snap some pictures with the space needle in the background.

    Very convenient to either take a cab/trolly/ or walk to places like the space needle, downtown Seattle, shopping mall, or hang at the local bar across the street.

    I literally love the fire place in the lobby. Have that cozy/welcoming feeling.

    We had breakfast twice at the restaurant downstairs and took advantage of their buffet.

    Excellent choices and everything is fresh!!
    Not on the expensive side.

    Too bad we didn't venture out to their indoor pool/hot tub/bar since we had a lot on our plate.

    Please consider staying if in the Seattle area.

    15/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    61. Ram K.
    Bryan bad boy from frontdesk
    Want cash to his packed says don't likes credit card not sure why need feedback

    11/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    62. Kolondra H.
    We stayed for a weekend getaway and found this hotel to be very convenient. The accommodations were great and clean. The staff were very friendly and helpful during our visit. We found the area to be close to transportation to go downtown, to Pike's Place, Space Needle and many other attractions.

    If you are in the mood to get your exercise, you can also walk to these destinations as well. Walking distance to several great sports bars and a grocery store. Many nice restaurants around the lake and there is a Starbucks one block from the hotel.

    We are excited to come back in the summer and bring our kids here!

    09/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    63. Chris J.
    Downtown Price - but this is not downtown. Front desk staff is friendly but don't care that their product is over priced, doesn't include breakfast, $25 addition to not valet your car, but allow you access to the parking garage (if u fit).  Don't fit? Park across the street in by the park...

    Pros:  the rooms are clean, housekeeping staff is efficient & friendly.

    Cons:  the front desk staff (or any white person on the staff) has been convinced that they are selling a superior product at a bargain.  I believe that they are all high school graduates from north of Marysville.  This is probably the nicest motel they have ever seen.  Good luck to all of you on getting your Associates Degree.

    The Sheraton is the same price if you call them direct. We will never be back.

    01/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    64. Ben H.
    Good location, remodeled rooms, pool area was nice.  

    I enjoyed the stay here after an unfortunate trip to the nearby UW Medical Center.  Very clean, relaxing, and close to downtown and the water.

    Rooms were also very reasonable purcased either with points or $.

    25/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0