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Crowne Plaza Hotel - Seattle in Seattle, WA

Crowne Plaza Hotel - Seattle in Seattle, WA


The Standout among Downtown Seattle Hotels Rising high in the skyline, the award-winning Crowne Plaza Downtown Seattle hotel provides outstanding city views, impeccable service and a convenient location near such attractions as the Space Needle and the Fifth Avenue Theatre. If you are visiting on business, we are the perfect choice for you! We boast the best event space Seattle has to offer and can easily host parties from 10 to 400. We also have a charming, covered patio during the warmer months thats optimal for weddings and other upscale functions. To ensure success, our extremely talented Crowne Meetings Director will assist you from start to finish. A 24-hour Business Center with print and Internet capabilities will allow you to finish up any last-minute business details as well. The Crowne Plaza Seattle hotel is also the ideal option for leisure travelers. Were just a short walk from Pike Place Market, the Seattle Art Museum and the Paramount Theatre. As the top option of hotels near Safeco Field and CenturyLink field, we afford sports fans easy access to Seahawks and Mariners games. While staying at our downtown Seattle hotel, guests enjoy prime amenities, the Regatta Bar and Grille and a 24-hour Fitness Center. The Crowne Plaza Sleep Advantage Program ensures a restful nights sleep, and our staff promises to help make your trip both memorable and stress-free.


Established in 1983.


Company Info:

Rating: 3.38

Address: 1113 6th Ave, Seattle, WA, 98101
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Comments (115):

1. Modestly I.
Room was worthy of four stars.  I was on the 'club level,' which meant that I was entitled to a free continental breakfast every day as well as an afternoon appetizer (which I didn't try) in the lounge on the 32nd floor.  My room was nice enough and seemed to have been renovated recently, it came with a safe and I had a terrific view of the Space Needle, but I had to PAY for wi-fi?  Given that I can get wi-fi for free at cafes everywhere and even on some trains or buses, being asked to pay for internet access in addition to the room rate is something of a slap in the face.  Figuring out the air conditioning was kind of tricky too, since you can apparently control the AC from the unit itself or the thermostat on the wall -- not the most intuitive system for staying cool.  I don't know where all the cable channels went, but the package the hotel offers is pretty poor: one news channel (and no, I am not counting "Faux News" as a news channel), one premium cable channel (HBO) and around a dozen crappy network channels.  You can, however, order a second rate, second run movie -- think "Cheaper by the Dozen" or some similar movie -- for more than the price you would have paid to see it at a first run movie theater.

My biggest complaint is the ELEVATORS.  Fifteen minutes or more to get an elevator.  This hotel has thirty four floors and ONE elevator that worked that weekend -- it just sucked!  My call for the elevator even got cancelled (WTF???) without an elevator ever arriving at my floor.  I don't mind taking the stairs, but walking thirty three floors (where I stayed) up or down would give me vertigo.  Looking through the comments here, the elevator complaint is not a new one but some of the complaints are over a YEAR OLD, which tells me that the Crowne Plaza has been screwing around with their elevators for an unacceptably long time.

The concierge was knowledgeable and friendly, porters and valet were very nice but the good service was almost totally undermined by the elevator issue.  I had to deal with the crappy elevators at least three round trips a day, which totaled over an hour of wait time...time that could have been spent shopping, walking or just doing something.  I won't stay here again until I am assured that ALL the elevators are working.  One elevator for thirty four floors?  Are you kidding me?  Is that even LEGAL?

08/08/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
2. Steven H.
The excellent location, great city views, modern fireplace in the lobby and good service all add up to four stars.  Beyond that, I must say, the rooms do need refreshing a bit (though they have premium sheeting / bedding).

01/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
3. Jill H.
You are basically paying for the location.  My sister was going to a conference in Seattle so my family and I decided to meet her a few days before for a vacation.  We ended up at the Crowne Plaza as this was the hotel she was staying for her conference.  It was a good location and only two blocks from one of the light rail stops to the airport, it is about a 36 minute ride to the airport on the train and only $2.75/person.  The rooms were nice and clean, beds were comfy.  They do start cleaning early (about 8am) so don't forget to hang the do not disturb sign before you sleep.  They really need to update their hotel binder info in the rooms. In our binder it said you had to pay to use the business center and so weren't planning on using it but by chance found out it was free to use.  It is on the same floor as the gym.  I went into the gym twice and never saw anyone. They have a little gift/conenience shop that has a good mix of stuff you might need.  Our room had a fridge, no microwave. There didn't seem to be anything that set this hotel apart from others in the area and wasn't that good of a deal.  I won't go out of my way to book this hotel again but it was a nice enough place just nothing special about it.  Their happy hour prices are decent and they set out a free snack from I believe 5:30-6:30.  I think it would be nice if they had more information about public transport especially bus schedules/prices since there are so many routes servicing downtown and it would be great if they had the bus route brochures available.

26/05/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
4. Jennyfer B.
I came to Seattle to celebrate my birthday for the weekend with my husband and sister. We had a nice view of our hotel overlooking downtown. The room was clean and spacious. The beds were not very comfortable.  Valet parking was convenient but pricey it was $70 more for parking there. The staff was friendly and polite. Internet is not free. Pike place market was walking distance and many shops and restaurants  to choose from.

04/01/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
5. sarah b.
I give it a very strong 4 stars. My bed was super comfy, although the sheets strangely sorta smelled like smoke. The room was new/clean and spacious. I had a corner room with decent views. The shower pressure was strong, and the bathroom very nice. Complaints: a 12 minute wait for the elevator (I was on the 14th floor) because of repairs. We were in a hurry for the airport and complained our breakfast was taking a long time - our server comped us and got the food right out. The eggs benedict was one of the best I've ever had, in the Regatta bar/grill. I enjoyed the sleep aid package - the lavender spray was nice.

06/08/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
6. Nick J.
We just stayed there for $75/night on the 29th floor. King Size bed, over looking the highway and other building. It is a business hotel, nothing special or unique. Not my typical speed but next time I will stay in Fremont or near the University.

If you want the suite at $75/night just say you were talking to Clipper Vacations and wanted to extend or shorten your stay.

12/03/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
7. matt c.
It's an older building with minimal amenities.  The check in and out is very hassle free, they do need $100 per night for incidental charges so keep that in mind.

The bed is very comfortable, again minimal in approach.  A lot of effort seems to have been put into business traveler. As a result they seem to have overlooked luxury touches such as bathroom accessories,  quality of sheet and curtain materials etc.  

I'd stay here again and it is decent for the price.  Good location, good view.  Not extraordinary in anyway.

23/03/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
8. Shahram L.
We got a really great deal through priceline.com . The room had a huge flat panel tv, very comfortable beds, and decently located in the city. This hotel is located about 5 big blocks to the Pier were all the action is, and the original starbucks. The room did not come with free internet, but holding your laptop by the window in a very awkward angel, you can pick up the neighbors. I gave $$ because we got a great deal. I think normally it is a bit pricey. Lastly, I think it's about a 20 minute cab ride to the airport, approximately 35 dollars.

22/02/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
9. Ken E.
I have have stayed a couple times at the Crowne Plaza Seattle and have been pleased both times. The staff has always been friendly and willing to accommodate my special requests. All three rooms I've stayed in have been clean, large, and have had great views of the city. I have been pleased by the club-level snack provided in mornings and evenings with a wide selection and fresh fruit and vegetables, along with a selection of hot food in the evening.  The hotel is conveniently located near hundreds of restaurants and is within walking distance of many tourist attractions and shopping. I will definitely stay here again.

28/02/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
10. Cheshire I.
I stayed here for a conference recently and was somewhat underwhelmed. If I had the option I'd give it 3.5 stars, but since I can't do that, I can't justify giving it 4 stars -- next time I'd look for somewhere else to stay first, though I'd be fine going back if that was the only good option.

On the plus side:

-- The hotel is mostly nonsmoking, and the rooms smelled clean and free of smoke.

-- The rooms are good-sized. If I had to stay here again, I'd try to get one of the suites.

-- My bed was comfortable enough, and I slept well.

-- The bar has great food for reasonable prices and is open until 1.

-- The hotel isn't too far from downtown destinations, so it's a pretty good home base, though so are plenty of other downtown hotels.

There are, however, some notable lacks in keeping guests comfortable:

-- Non-suite rooms don't have refrigerators, which is a ridiculous oversight when you're competing against other upscale hotels, especially in a food haven like Seattle where you're likely to end up with leftovers.

-- The housekeeping staff doesn't seem to be well-informed about the status of the rooms. My first room was given to me without having been cleaned out beforehand, and the morning I was to check out, the housekeeper pounded on the door at 8:45 to come in and clean (my bad for assuming I could sleep until 9 on a Sunday without hanging the privacy sign out).

-- The elevators can be deadly slow during peak times -- several times I gave up and took the stairs, but only because I was on the eighth floor, not the 24th. Perhaps the problem is that the hotel is really tall for how few rooms per floor there are, and there are only three main elevators. But some other system should be put in place to manage the elevators.

All in all, it's a fine if unremarkable hotel. I wouldn't choose it as a romantic getaway to Seattle by any stretch, but it will do for a business traveler.

07/08/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
11. Bo S.
I have stayed in a fair share of hotels, but this is by far the best experience I've had.

The customer service was superb, from pre-arranging my anniversary gifts in the room prior to our arrival, to the check-out, I was thrilled.

The room had an amazing view of the Space Needle and city. It's close to Pike Place and a variety of shops and restaurants. Everything was clean and well-presented. They offer every service I could think of needing, the bed was comfortable, bathrooms sparkling.

I live here in Seattle, and will be staying there again soon. I also will recommend this to any of my friends and/or family who come to visit.

14/05/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
12. KW L.
I was rather surprised by the hotel given that it is a regular business hotel and they are normally unimpressive. The room was clean and the front desk was cordial and helpful. They even included a sleep aid package (eyemask, ear plugs, spray and a meditation CD) with the room - very unexpected. I had a north-facing room on the 20th floor facing the mountains - saw the mountains briefing in the morning before the rain started. Also, the wireless internet works great from the room.

The negatives are (i) slow elevators (one was offline for repairs)  even though they opened up the service elevators to guests; and (ii) thin walls - I could hear the TV (at least I hope the noise came from the TV) from the next room.

Overall, it's very decent for the price. And it is convenient to all location. Would've given at least 3.5 but Yelp doesn't allow that and so I rounded up.

05/06/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
13. Robby C.
At first I thouht the room rate was great at $118.00 per night.  My room was on the 24th floor with a spectacular view!!  The bed was very comfortable and there was a flat screen TV.  The down side:  parking is over $40.00 including tip and wifi is $8.95 extra!!  So the room is almost $170.00 per night!!  It's a good deal though if you don't have a car and use a 3G network.  Excellent location too, pretty much everything you want to see is in easy walking distance.

07/06/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
14. Mookie M.
I wouldn't say this place sucked, exactly.  There are some nice things about it.  Mostly the furniture which is very pretty (although the corny 70s style of the architecture nearly cancels that out).  Other than that, I guess it did kind of suck.

Our room was advertised at $209 a night.  I was staying on business so the room was arranged for me. I don't know if they paid the rack rate or got some sort of deal.

On the upside, the staff was nice and polite.  The bed was very comfortable. I'm trying to think of another upside.  Oh, yeah, there was a good, swinging jazz band in the bar on Fri & Sat night.  We sat and had an overpriced cocktail and enjoyed listening to them.

There was plenty to complain about though.

Luke-warm water in the shower.  Big ding here.  Nothing gets your day off to a lousy start like a crappy shower.  The shower nozzle was coming off and the tub faucet was loose, too.  Weird in an upscale hotel.

I'm suffocating!  No way to get oxygen into the room through the hermetically sealed window.  It's either heater or air conditioner or very, very noisy fan.  

Rip-off internet charge of $10 a day.  In this day and age I find it offensive to pay for internet service.  Really tacky when even the lowly Travel Lodge has free wifi.

The elevator situation is unbelievably bad.  ONE elevator out of five was working on Sunday morning at check out time.  I can't articulate the insanity this caused.  The packed elevator was stopping at every floor where angry people would shout obscenities because they couldn't fit in and they were going to miss their planes.  

No frig in room.  

The freeway below (even 22 floors below in my case) is pretty noisy.  Happily they include a sleep mask and earplugs with the room.  But only one.  I guess my husband and I could each use one earplug?

26/08/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
15. Brandon S.
Besides for being in downtown Seattle, having a comfy bed, and a flat screen in the room this hotel did little for me. I continue to be amazed in my travels that when I stay at an "upscale" hotel that the extra things that are important to travelers who are away from their work, family, and homes (Wi-Fi, laundry service, business center, etc) come with such an insane upcharge to use. For example in order to access the wi-fi network in the hotel its $9.99 for 24hours worth of access. For my 3 day stay I would be paying as much to use their slow network as I would at home to use my own for a month. Call me cheap but these things are important to me when I travel to an unfamiliar city. Poor move on my part for not researching this better.

03/01/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
16. Brad W.
I was not impressed by the Crowne Plaza hotel.

I stay 30-40 nights a year in Seattle and normally stay at one of the Best Westerns.  At the Loyal Inn, practically under the Space Needle, here is what you get compared to the Crowne Plaza:

Loyal Inn ($72/night)                                 Crowne Plaza ($249.00/night)
Refrigerator                                                                       no
Microwave                                                                          no
Kitchen Area with Sink                                                    no
FREE Wireless Internet                                           $9.99 per day
FREE Breakfast                                                                 no
$10 Parking                                                                  $30.00
        no                                                                    Awesome HD TV
Standard Hotel decor                                       Very Nice Hotel Decor
Good View                                               Unbelievable view on one side

That about says it.  No way the sweet TV and expensive fixtures are worth the $150 difference.

I also cannot stand hotels charging for internet anymore.  It costs me $1 day at home, but they want to nickel and dime me for $10 a day?  Why don't they charge $11.99 a day for TV?  Or $3 a day for electricity?

Ridiculous, especially for $250 a night.

I'd say this might be a good quick vacation stay if you want the Seattle downtown experience, but for business travel or many stays a year, this hotel is missing some amenities.

25/07/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
17. Ali P.
I would give this hotel 2 stars if it weren't for some very, very redeeming qualities.

First off, we paid extra for a view room and got one on the 26th floor. The entire floor smelled of rotting garbage. When we complained, they sprayed some air fresheners that made the air toxic and nauseating. For the first two nights, nothing changed, and the odors remained. We left for a night to visit another part of the state, and returned for one more night. They upgraded us for free to a "club level" room on the 32nd floor, which was nice. Also, both rooms had flat-screen TVs and were very spacious. Finally, their location in Downtown is perfect.

All in all, I would not return here unless I couldn't find availability elsewhere.

15/09/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
18. Andy D.
So far, pretty good.

I'm actually staying here right now, using the 9.95 internet.  Yeah, it sucks that they charge for it, considering the rates are already pretty high already.  

The room itself is pretty nice.  The bed is decently sized and pretty comfy.  The view I have is very nice, as I can see the space needle from my room.  I have a handicap accessible room, so my bathroom is big and has only a shower - no tub.  And that results in the bathroom floor getting soaked.  The tv is still stuck in the 90's no flat screens in here yet.

The staff has been helpful, though no one has been particularly friendly.  We got in late, so it was nice to have the bar to get food from, and that was pretty good.  The staff there almost killed someone as they were trying to lift a keg up using a handtruck up some stairs, and it rolled off and stopped foot short of the glass railing that looked over the lobby.

26/09/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
19. monica s.
this is one of my favorite hotels to stay at.  their rooms are very quiet and comfortable, very clean.  

the concierge is very friendly and helpful.  in the winter time, they have the place nicely decorated with a huge christmas tree.

the area is a few blocks from downtown seattle, near shops and good restaurants.  

i have left my camera in the room on one of my lay-overs with cash in the zipper, they were honest and mailed me back everything, not a penny missing.

01/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
20. Stephanie V.
I'm writing this review from my room on the 33rd floor of the Crowne Plaza right now. This is a very nice hotel in a great location.  The view from up here is amazing -- I look out at the Space Needle and other stunning downtown features. I am paying a fair room rate (nonrefundable advance booking).

My room is large and contains a comfortable king sized bed and large flat screen TV. There is a cube refrigerator that is NOT a minibar -- it's for me to use! I love this. The bathroom is nicely appointed but not remarkable. The staff are pleasant, competent, and helpful.

I have a couple of relatively minor issues. The ice machines are on only even numbered floors but the soda machines are on even numbered floors, which is annoying. The closet is nice enough but cabinet that holds the TV has very little drawer space for non hanging clothes. Also, a weird but frustrating gripe about the bath: the tub has no drain stopper built in, but a flat rubber disk drain stopper is provided. However, the housekeeping staff stores this rubber disk by doubling it over and stuffing it behind the grab bar! Therefore it ISN'T FLAT and CANNOT EFFECTIVELY BLOCK THE TUB DRAIN. This is insane. I drew a hot bath last night and by the time I went back in there to get in, it was empty. However, the first hot bath seemed to soften up the rubber disk to the point that when I drew a second hot bath the water stayed in the tub long enough for me to use it. But then today when they cleaned my room the housekeepers doubled it again and stuffed it back behind the grab bar, and I think I am going to have to soak it in a sinkful of hot water for a long time before I try to draw another bath tonight.

This sounds like a relatively minor concern, I know, but I love taking a hot bath at the end of the day when I'm traveling, especially if I do a lot of walking during the day, so I find this extremely annoying.

If you don't care about taking a bath, you won't care about that. The shower head, while not a handheld, is a good one and the water pressure is good. The hairdryer is a real one, not one of those annoying wall mounted jobs, and the thermostat seems to actually be functional, which is huge.

On balance I give this hotel four stars. I would certainly stay here again and recommend it to others. My concerns are not so earth-shaking that they would keep me away. If they'd do something about the bath stoppers, I'd be delirious.

01/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
21. Lauri P.
I absolutely ADORE Seattle; the market with the fresh flowers, the abundance of culinary delights and the shopping all greatly endear this city to me. I booked this hotel last minute on Hotwire and got a pretty wicked deal at $98/night. The hotel itself is quite nice albeit the lobby being small and uninviting. We didn't have much time to spend there anyways. The room given to us had a king sized bed on the 28th floor and the panoramic view of the downtown core was breathtaking and the front desk's willingness to accept this request was very gracious. The room was comfortable, clean and spacious; absolutely no complaints here. The hotel does seem to nickel and dime a bit - at $41/night for parking, I think this may be the priciest place in town, keeping in mind how high rates are downtown Seattle. Also, wifi runs $10/day and is only free in the bar.....weird. The only other downside was that this was slightly further away from Pike Place and the shopping area than I would've liked. Also, as others have mentioned, it IS an uphill walk on the way home.

08/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
22. Lady G.
Good location.  Uncomfortable beds.

12/07/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
23. Ange G.
Bad stuff:
-Walls are super thin.  I was next to 4 chicks who thought that calling their entire phone book to play April Fools jokes would be fun.  After the 8th time they screamed "APRIL FOOLS!" I called the front desk and asked for a new room.  New room?  I could hear the people next door and they weren't that loud.  Oh well... I could hear the elevators and all that stuff too.  Walls are thin.
-The hot water in the shower wasn't consistent.
-No mini fridge in the basic rooms.  Boo.
-$9.95 for internet?  Give me a break.

Good Stuff:
-Hotel staff were extremely accommodating in providing me with a new room.  The bellhop helped carry all of my things to the new room... including the mini-fridge that I requested (paid extra for it).
-It wasn't too loud considering the proximity to the freeway.  I told myself it was the ocean.  But really, I was surprised with how quiet it was.
-The elevators are crazy-fast.  
-Slammin' flat screen TV.
-The room was ridiculously cheap through priceline.  I can't really complain for the price I got.
-The Grey Line/Downtown Airporter has a stop at this hotel.
-The room (thankfully) didn't smell like garbage.
-There's a grocery a couple blocks away (M Street).  I bought a gallon of milk and some other goods to store in the mini fridge to save some $$ on food.

Would I stay here again?  Not while pregnant.  I was too tired and grumpy to deal with hearing extra noises.  The bed was comfortable, but I could do with some firmer pillows.  But for the price, can I really complain?

03/04/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
24. a t.
If I were to have done it again - I wouldn't have stayed here. The overnight parking was $30+ a night! Jeeze! There was a parking structure a block away...if you go in after midnight it's $15. Since we stayed there for 3 nights, it saved us some money.

Now onto the rooms - NOISY! I'm a light sleeper and the walls and windows are hardly sound-proof!  The a/c vent was loud and I found myself choking in the middle of the night because the air was so dry! The towels were super crunchy and the bed was so-so.

I did get a "sleep kit" and I definitely made use of the ear plugs. Mine didn't come with a CD, though. Overall, I wouldn't be staying here again if I visited Seattle...

10/07/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
25. Diego S.
I stayed here, and well the price was great!
Rooms were clean and neat
Bad thing was I asked for wake up call and never got them?  The front desk mgr checked me in so I would think this would get done right, boooo...  I woke up to my phones alarm and the alarm clock in the room, but no phone call at the same time that the other 2 alarms going off?
So that is the bummer of the Hotel...

22/02/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
26. William G.
This hotel is a great option when you are in downtown Seattle.   The prices are reasonable and the Concierge floors are highly recommended.    The room was nice with some great little perks.   The staff always said HELLO when I was on the elevator, they were friendly and polite.   Room was large with spectacular view.

This hotel has all the amenities of a big hotel without the anonymity.   It's not a super trendy hotel, so if you want trends and a W atmosphere look elsewhere.   But for a nice location near everything in downtown Seattle it' s highly recommended.

04/09/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
27. Monica L.
Got an awesome deal through Hotwire for two nights here; at $65/night, the whole experience could have been a lot worse. But it wasn't.

I didn't spring for a room with a view, but the 7th floor was nice enough (ridiculously fast elevators, by the way). Clean, well-lit room, with a roomy bathroom. The complimentary "sleep kit" was interesting, consisting of ear plugs, eye mask, linen spritzer, and soothing CD. What soothing sounds were on the CD I cannot say, a whale in the rainforest is my best guess.

The hotel bar is so-so, but the bartender is knowledgeable, there are good beers on tap and nice wines by the bottle, and the kitchen stays open late (at least on Friday).

A word to the weary traveler: If you're returning to the hotel from the waterfront, save yourself a backbreaking hike up the steep hill and walk up Pike or Pine Street, then head back towards the left on 5th or 6th.

30/03/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
28. Clinton H.
My partner and I were impressed.  The bed was quite comfortable, and we certainly enjoyed the view (that IS the most important thing, followed closely by cleanliness).  Unfortunately, there was so much condensation on the windows in the morning, though, that you could only see the view in the evening.  We were also unimpressed that they charged for the internet/wireless.  I mean, come on!  

The room was quite clean, and there was a little ditty bag w/ a face mask and fragrance and ear plugs.  A nice touch, but one we didn't use.  The room was spacious, and had a nice desk and a chair.  Additional lighting would have been nice, as it was a bit dim in the room.  

Now, I don't know where in the world they got the kids sized toilet, but it was about 6" too low.  When ya sat, you kept going and going and going until ya thought you were going to land on the floor.  That was more of a cause for amusement for us, than a real mark against it.  

I forgot my contact case at home, and the service was incredibly fast.  They brought up sauce containers, and had a smile on their face.  The check in staff were also very good.  I was there for a business function in the ballroom, and the staff bent over backwards, and the meal was excellent.  Very impressive.

Insider tip:  make sure you're a rewards club member before going, and you get almost half off your breakfast buffet.  It ends up only being $10, instead of $17.  The buffet was good (someone there to cook you an omelet while you wait), and there's also eggs, yogurt, yoplait smoothies, potatoes, and sausage.  OJ (not very good, though) and coffee come with the buffet.

Overall, I'll give it 4-stars.  The price, cleanliness, and friendliness added up to a great value right downtown.

16/11/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
29. Adrienne B.
Due to the numerous inadequacies with this hotel, I'm not quite sure where to begin with this review.  The hotel markets itself as some kind of wonderful place to stay, filled with amenities galore and personnel everywhere the eye can see. What they don't tell you is that regardless of the scurrying about taking place everywhere you look, you'd be hard pressed to find someone who could actual help you with a problem.  

We checked into the hotel late on Sunday, July 12 after calling a couple of times in the weeks prior to ensure that we would get a quiet room.  What we got instead was a so called "city view" room that so perfectly overlooked the I-5 freeway where even 26 floors up on a Sunday evening at 11:30 p.m. you could hear the shifting of the car's gears below.  We immediately called down to the front desk and asked for another room.  After being told with attitude that it was a quiet room, we were given only one option for a room change.  While this room ended up being smaller and on the 7th floor above a city street, it was immensely quieter.  What we weren't told is that for an extra $25 per night we could have upgraded to a room on the upper floors (I believe about floor 30) where they had their own lounge area where snacks were served.

Now back to our new room.  Saying it was better only means that it was quieter.  I had requested a fan and was told three different stories.  The first - the hotel just didn't have any fans at all.  Then after seeing one in the "media center" (which I will get to later), I was told that the only fan they had was allocated to that room.  The next and most offensive line we were given is that the city of Seattle just doesn't allow fans in guest's rooms due to it being a fire hazard.  I don't appreciate being lied to nor being taken for an idiot.  I have stayed at the Kimpton hotels in the past where a fan is given without hesitation.

Now, let me get to what other yelpers have also complained about - rooms lacking what is considered to be a standard commodity - a refrigerator.  While we weren't in our first room long enough to notice whether there was a refrigerator or not, the second room did not have one.  We called to complain and the following day a beat up dorm sized one was toted up to our room.  For $270 a night, all I can say is "are you kidding me?"    

Before I get to the only good part about this hotel, let me mention that a hotel of this size should have a "media center" larger than a walk-in closet.  This "center" consisted of two slow computers and one printer which was in need of a new toner during the four days we were there.  Due to its small size, they had the coveted fan blowing at all times.  Enough said.

The only positive thing about this hotel was the vouchers we received as part of our hotel package for the breakfast buffet and the restaurant's very pleasant wait staff.  It is good enough to garner two stars for that alone.

I cannot recommend this hotel nor will I be staying here again.  Seattle just has too many other options.

18/07/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
30. Athena O.
They charged me twice for a room.  No one called me back when I left message to credit the charge card.  Had to take considerable time to correct their mistake.  Also, wi-fi is expensive.

12/03/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
31. Meg P.
I arrived at this hotel really late on the night of July 23, 2009, and the only good thing I can say is that when I called them to let them know that I would be checking in at almost midnight, they graciously assured me that it was not a problem and that they had a room waiting for me.  What I did not like was that although I requested a high floor room away from the elevators, they gave me one on the 8th floor 2 doors down from the elevator.  

Then, when my family and I went down to the lounge to grab a bite to eat, hungry travelers that we were, there was no one at the door to seat us, and the only staff we could see was the bartender who could not leave her station to seat us.  Given that we had minor children with us, we couldn't have sat at the bar at any rate, so we ended up going back up to the room to order room service.  When we called down to room service, the lady who answered was none other than the bartender, who said that she didn't know where the room service folk were, but that she would take our order.  Another star for room service, though, because our food arrived half an hour later, which was faster than any other room service I've experienced.

Lastly, when I called down to request a shower cap, the night manager informed me that he had none.  What?  What hotel (a big chain one, no less) does not have a supply of shower caps on hand for their guests?  Needless to say, I was very disappointed with this hotel and will not stay here again.

31/07/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
32. Bob B.
Lovely hotel with helpful, friendly staff.  Wonderful king sized bed, clean, warm, comfortable and the complementary breakfast was delightful.  This is our second stay at the concierge level of this hotel.  We liked the location.  Dinner last night at their Regatta restaurant was superb.  Can't say enough.

18/12/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
33. Dennis A.
This hotel had a great location with horrible front desk staff and deteriorated room. When we arrived for a weekend stay for our Seattle trip we arrived  early afternoon and checked in.  They said our room was not ready and would call us when ready. The service clerk said it was guaranteed by four but would be sooner than than and they would call us. We checked our bags and went into town for lunch and walking around. At 3 we headed back and asked if it was ready. They said no but it would be any very soon, so we waited on the lobby. We sat there almost a hour and at four we asked again after never being call up or even phone called. The finally gave us our room after promised time and were rude. We got to our room and noticed a huge 3 ft stain on the ceiling and hole in wall in the bathroom 16" x 16" with dirt and pipes inside.  Soon the housekeep knocked and ask i our room was ok. I said no they is a dirty hole in the bathroom were the access panel fell out and is laying on the floor.  She said the service staff would be right up to install it and cover the hole. For 3 days the panel laid on floor in out way and was never fixed. Also the dial on shower was Brocken an free spinning so adjusting the temp was a guess at best.  For a nice hotel my room felt like a run down dump.

Then at 6:00pm after we checked in I finally got a call our room was ready. I asked why he was calling now, we check in 2 hours ago. He said forget I called then.  I guess if I did not sit in the lobby for a hour I would not have got my 4 pm guaranteed room till 6 pm.

After paying over $200 per night they make you put a dollar in the box to get a small cup of coffee in morning.  How cheep can you get.  Even a basic motel gives free coffee in the lobby.  

Won't be back here again.

23/06/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
34. Brenda L.
Stayed here for Emerald City Comicon.  The room was nice, I travel 30+ days a year for business, the room here was comparable to any of the biz traveler versions of Marriott or Hilton. Spacious room, comfy bed and bedding, free wifi (that actually worked darn good on the 30th floor!), great view of the city from my room, HDTV. And the rate was amazing for downtown "luxury" hotel.  I'd recommend it any time, and will probably stay here again if I need to.

31/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
35. Matt V.
large spacey rooms
GREAT location, walkable to everything downtown
great staff

I stay here on average 2 times a month and always have a great experience.

01/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
36. Kari L.
This hotel was OK.

Pro: location!  Con: location! (noise from traffic).

My biggest complaint was that I was here for a conference and for the 4 days of the conference, internet was $40.  It is 2010 people.  Get on the interwebs, for free.

08/05/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
37. Chris W.
Needed a place to stay downtown near my office when we had a snow storm hit the city, and this place served its purpose perfectly!  I was able to check in well before check-in time and got a nice room on the 21st floor.  The room was nice and clean and very well appointed.  The location is great too.  You can easily walk to anywhere you need to get to in downtown in minutes.  I'll definitely stay here again!

02/02/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
38. Ash B.
This was my first visit to the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Seattle. It featured very nice rooms, nice views, great amenities, quick taxi service, late gift shop hours (for late night drinks, ice cream, Excedrin, etc.).

I recommend this hotel to anyone traveling to Seattle.

27/07/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
39. Lena H.
3.5 stars but im going to round up because of the location.

i like getting double bed rooms because you get more space to walk around. its not like i need to travel very far in my room but i like having the option..lol

the TV is LG (yay) and is large and quite flat. lol. i like it! no HD channels but in the middle of the night i'm not picky since i'm half asleep anyway. the bathrooms are roomy.. i love my counter space. the shower pressure is so-so. the beds are super bouncy and ceilings are high which makes for a perfect place to jump! :)

the staff is extremely welcoming here. and the lobby is pretty and relaxing. i just wish they had a fridge in the room.

03/06/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
40. A C.

+ Excellent location.  Walk to Pike Place, International District, Shopping, Monorail to Space Needle, the public library, everything.  I was in Seattle on business so the convenience of the hotel location right next to the freeway worked well for me.  No concerns for safety either.

+ Excellent service.  Valet was prompt and very helpful with directions cause the navi I had with me sucked.  Front desk was very friendly and attentive.  Called me immediately after I walked into my room to make sure I was cool.  I dig that.  Service at the continental breakfast always started with a smile.  Good stuff.

+ Facilities.  Everything you need.  Gym was good although no pool, but oh well.

+ Excellent rooms.  Wonderful views from top floors.  Very spacious, comfortable and functional.  

Some other thoughts:  

It's the same story, valet parking is expensive.  Can't say it's a con until you can show me a major metropolitan city that has cheap parking.  

Property location is on Sixth Avenue which is kind of on the top of the hill.  Not a big deal for me, but for someone a little older, like my mom, it was a little tough for her to walk up to the hotel after a day of sightseeing.  She made it though, nobody died, all good.

This was my second stay at Crowne in Seattle.  I've thought about trying other hotels in the city, but the combination of pros listed above and the price just cannot be beat.  Great value and quality.

02/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
41. Nic C.
I've stayed at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Seattle twice now. The rooms are great and being military I get a very good price compared to anywhere else downtown. The only reason I will not be giving the Crowne Plaza 5-stars is because the last time I stayed at the hotel I got a suite for the weekend for my 21st bday. It turns out the hotel is mainly used by business' and I was almost kicked out for being loud after coming back from the clubs. Also, the breakfast will turn out to be ridiculously expensive if you don't be careful about what you are getting. It's a great place to stay but be warned about being "loud"

12/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
42. Lisa M.
Circus Animals?

This hotel felt old and small.

Here is what I didn't like -

*The broken vending machine on my floor and the surrounding floors. Once I did find a vending machine, the DC was expired. Nice, real nice.
*The slooooooow draining shower.
*Lack of a fridge in the room
*The faucet that sprayed EVERYWHERE when turned on.
*They never cleaned the room the second day of our stay, but came at 4:30 for the turn-down service. What am I - 90 and just running to the early bird special?
*The 'kitchen that just closed' in the bar.
*Small room
*Concierge was not very helpful
*The warm temp in the room.

Here is what I did like -
*The price
*The front desk staff was nice.
*Location was decent.
*The 'Sleep Advantage' floor we were placed on. Now, I am NOT kidding when I say this - they didn't allow slamming doors (doors were constructed not to slam), marching bands, kids or athletic groups, or CIRCUS ANIMALS on our floor. Not kidding. My only question - do circus animals really stay in hotels???

Nothing special, small room, not great.

04/01/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
43. Mario B.
Great place! Clean. But you have to pay for Internet! That bothers me. Bed was comfy. Our 18th floor room had a great view.

03/11/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
44. Brooke M.
Excellent location if you're in town for business in the downtown core, just off the Seneca exit of I-5.  Everyone from the valet to the front desk to housekeeping was extremely friendly and gave excellent service.  The room was clean, decor a little dated, but very clean and nice amenities.

I usually stay at Marriott properties, but had a last minute meeting and wanted to be walking distance from my client, and this fit the bill nicely.  It was a great value too!

20/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
45. Justin M.
Even with two free nights and free parking... That couldn't salvage such a stressful stay at this godawful hotel.

Here's some backstory. Every year I go to the local anime convention here in Seattle I stay in a hotel for the convenience and so I can get the most out of this 24hr con. My usual is the Sheraton in Seattle or the Red Lion. Both great choices, both better than this place.

My friend checks us in and immediately they tell us only one of our rooms is ready and the other one won't be ready till 4pm. A bit late but I let it slide since it was Sakura con weekend.

Here is where it starts to go downhill. The minute I pull up and talk to the valet I ask him if there will be a bellhop to assist me. The valet gent tells me that the bell staff is all off that weekend (odd story), which baffles me since the convention center is less than half a mile away, why would they have the entire bell staff off? Whatever... I loaded up all my stuff onto the cart and power it in. As I was walking inside I clearly see members of the bell staff ready and able to help others who pull up, thanks lazy ass valet guy for your exceptionally quarter-assed service. I was forced to load my bags onto a cart and even was forced to take my bags up to the room myself. The worst service ever.

The rest of the stay got worse. One room was ready but the other wasn't, by the time our second room was ready we were told that the guests staying decided they wanted to stay another night, they forced us to move, how fair is that? Personally I think they should have had the existing guests move since we were waiting for that specific room (it was adjoining with the other room). So more waiting. But at leas they had bell staff available to take my bags to the new room... one would think this was a good thing but this just solidifies the blatant lie that valet said when I pulled up... only making me more pissed at this hotel.

Another crappy incident was getting locked out of our second room. I know that a deposit or a credit card has to be put down on a hotel room when you check in, we reserved two rooms under one name you'd think the brilliant staff would have the foresight to process it for both rooms when we checked in. Obviously I expected too much maybe? I wasn't present when my friend had to deal with it but when we were informed by the manager that we were locked out of the room she left to the back office to leave my friend hanging at the front desk... Is she trying to hide from us? My friend had to ask the employee to coax the manager out.

Throw in our keycards constantly failing, the slowest elevators I've ever dealt with, and a condescending clerk who talked down to me like a bloody child (she tried to tell me I couldn't take my own bags up, and when she finally said I could take the cart she rolled her eyes and proceeded to remind me to bring it right back, what the bloody hell am I going to do with a bell hop cart? And if you want it back so fast send a bellhop!).

Two big middle fingers to this joke of a hotel equal one fat ass star. I'd give it less but Yelp is too kind.

Never again Crowne Plaza...

26/04/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
46. Peggy G.
Very friendly staff. Very slow elevators! No objection to the valet price as there really are no other options. Clean room, however housekeeping didn't appear until 5:00 the next night. By that time I just asked for clean glasses and towels.  Weak coffee in the club lounge. Overall good stay.

29/12/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
47. K M.
Great place to stay if you're in town on business.  The room was clean and spacious, the view was awesome, and the location cannot be beat!  I was very happy overall with my stay here.  I'm actually a bit surprised that this is considered a 3.5 star hotel on Priceline and The Westin is considered a 4 - I couldn't really tell a difference and this was $25 less per night.

My only complaint is that they charge for Wifi.

29/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
48. Rick E.
I stay at this hotel often for business.  The location is great .. within walking distance of everything in downtown Seattle.  The staff is very friendly.  The rooms, especially corner rooms, are very large for a downtown hotel.  There is one huge drawback for a business traveler. . the wireless internet in the rooms.  Every room that I have stayed in here on different floors, the internet speed is horrible. . .terrible. . .They seriously need to upgrade their service.  The answers that I have received in the past:  'We have a lot of people staying here using the service.'  This is 2013, that is a 2003 answer.  It would be 4 stars if the internet was up to par with this level of hotel and especially in a tech city such as Seattle.

02/06/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
49. Sandy S.
Fabulous one bedroom suite and service. Even though they were renovating, we got a lovely suite with a view of the space needle. Only thing better would have been adjoining room with my neice and daughter! Convenient location. Definitely gives westin a run for the money.

03/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
50. Erica S.
I stayed here during my recent Seattle visit.  Got a great deal on Travelzoo.  We arrived here at 3PM (an hour before actual check-in time) and was told that the room I had requested (king size bed) was not available yet and that it would be ready at 4.  WTF?!  I've never had a problem at any other hotel  where my room wasn't available until actual check-in time.  The queen size bedroom was available, but I wanted what I paid for so I had to kill time in the lobby for an hour.  Irritating.  10 minutes before 4 PM, I went back to the front desk assuming it'd be ready.  Again, they said it wasn't ready and to come back at 4.  I was PISSED!

At 4:03 PM, I was back at the front desk.  FINALLY, it was ready and since I was a Priority Club member, they put me on the 34th floor.  Not sure why they couldn't have the room ready earlier especially when I'm a member!  

Room was pretty big.  Had great views of the city and the water.  They had complimentary bottled water in the room, which was useful when walking into town.  During our stay, our floor was surprisingly pretty rowdy.  I guess there was a school dance or something going on so people were running around the floor and someone kept constantly requesting for room service that I always heard "Room Service" outside.  Ugh!

Being a member, we had free continental breakfast which was nice.  Had fruits, cereal, coffee, baked goods, juices, etc.  I thought the location of the hotel was nice.  It was a few blocks away from Pike's Place Market so it was away from all the crowd.  Right next to a beautifully built library.  Most convenient was the airport shuttle that picks you up right from the hotel.  I wouldn't mind staying here again for location, airport shuttle convenience, and decent rooms.  I hope they improve their customer service though.

05/06/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
51. Diane F.
Free wi-FI doesn't connect. No instructions in room. Clerk said she had connected several iPhones - must be my problem.

09/06/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
52. Nancy T.
Would stay here again! Clean hotel with great customer service!

20/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
53. Timothy T.
Convenient, comfortable, clean and affordable.

Walking distance to most places or transportation.

Didn't bring a razor, so I called the front desk. What do they send up for free? Schick hydro 5, baby. It's no Mach 3 but I'll take it.

So why -1, praytell? NO FREE INTERNET. Come on, now. I thought this was standard? Anyways it is $9.95 for 24 hours.

I will recommend this hotel. Seemed like most hotels in Seattle charged for wifi, but that is no excuse, y'heard?

09/11/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
54. J P.
Location is convenient to Pike Place Market, Space Needle, Pioneer Square and other tourist locations in downtown Seattle. Parking and car pick up/drop off was expensive and difficult. Taxi from the airport cost around $40 after midnight.

25/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
55. Wesley C.
I've stayed at more impressive Crowne Plazas, and I expected more, but overall it was okay.

We were in town for a conference and got a complementary room upgrade - thanks priority club! Overall, the view was nice, but I was slightly shocked and disappointed to find no complementary internet. I had my phone for tethering to my laptop, so that wasn't really that big a deal, but it would have been nicer if they had complimentary internet as many of the other crowne plazas that I have stayed at have had.

The room itself was nice, but unfortunately, there was not a good wall socket by the second bed - just made things a little inconvenient for cell-phone chargers and laptop A/C adapters.

Bathroom was standard - although we had to fidget around with the shower to get more water out of the shower head than the faucet, as to not cause any flooding from our slowly draining tub.

Also, there was a little issue with noise during the day, but for the most part, the night time was silent and it was easy to sleep.

Staff were all very professional and courteous, and always smiling.

Overall, standard for hotel room - not as nice as I would have expected, but enough to get some good rest at night.

30/11/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
56. Maggie J.
Really nice hotel. Great location close to area attractions and fine dining. They gave us our Platinum Priority Club upgrade. Also , priority club members have access to the club floor which offers a complimentary light breakfast and appetizers in the evening. Highly recommend this hotel.

03/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
57. Bill N.
Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza - Seattle:
This hotel met our needs - a centrally located downtown property that was an economical overnight prior to our Alaskan cruise.  It is within easy walking distance to Pike Place Market (not so easy walking home as it's uphill!).  Our room was clean and comfortable, although the property itself is a little dated.  The staff was accommodating and friendly.  The shuttle to the ship is a mere $10/p.p.  Probably the best deal in town.

The fitness center (two adjoining hotel rooms on the fifth floor) have club quality treadmills and ellipticals.  Unlike some other downtown hotel properties, these appear to be well maintained and almost new.

Despite the convenience and price, we are interested in checking out the Olympic/Fairmont and the W on our next visit.  These properties are in the same vicinity as the CP and thus equally convenient to attractions.

26/08/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
58. Trevor H.
Overall, 3.5 star, gets the downward bump because there's no :::Darrell from auction wars::: "wow factor" here.

Lpcation: 4 stars; Almost as close as W, hotel Monaco, and Olympic Park to Pike Place Market.  **BTW:  the only hotel i observed that will defeat the hills returning to the east from sightseeing at harbor/ MKT was the friggin Four Seasons.*** Since we booked on hotwire for ~ $129 + tax, we'll accept our walk/ cab ride uphill!   As cabbie told us, "3 mins down; 20 mins back up--might as well pay us to take you (~ $5) " !

Furnishings: 2.5 stars--comfortable; dated, clean rooms; no odor; older style bathrooms (but marble); great shower head; flat panel tvs with some analog channels-LOL!

Parking:  4 stars--decent speed on valet, courteous, easy to check in. Comparably priced.  A dollar or two less than other area hotels.  About the same as public garage's daily rate a block down 6th ave.  We did the circle-the-block thing before relenting to paying $39/nt.  Guess what--no parking in the area is less than $35/ nt!  May as well have in & out, and entrust the hotel with your car (in case anything happens, you'll have better luck).  People- please stop the attacks on any specific property for exactly market pricing on parking.  I love saving $20 when I can (St. Louis and Dallas come to mind). But you're going to get hosed in Seattle, San Fran, and NYC on parking.  Just accept.

29/06/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
59. Angel L.
Booked on Priceline, said this was a 3 1/2 stars rating but i think overall it should be about 2 and 1/2 stars. Decent room, comfy beds, great view.. and that's about it.
Con: no free internet ($10 a day). carpet look old, not vacuum, and not pleasant smell in room, bathroom has no vent for air. Furniture look very old and scratch up.
Now the restaurant is a big NO. don't bother to try. Very expensive, rate from $12 and up for american breakfast. Though the worst is how extremely dirty it was. Our water taste soapy (probably from the glass), silverware are not shiny but in fact dirty marks, some food stuck on forks. Above our head is a lamp with full of spider web and dust that just one move all that would drop down into our food. All and all, horrible experience with the restaurant. see attached pictures, that would do the justice.

10/04/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
60. Walid S.
The hotel is good, very center from downtown Seattle, but this review is more about the restaurant on the second floor. I decided to try the buffet but the breakfast is not good, I ordered an omelet and they put too much oil, the pancakes where hard on the edge and it costs $17.95

06/09/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
61. Al G.
This is fantastic property for Holiday Inn.  Definitely one of the better Crowne Plaza's I've stayed at.  The room was brand new.  The bed was fantastic.  Gone are the days of hard beds.  Lot's of space in my room.  Great views of downtown Seattle.  Free WiFi which actually works and is fast.

Great location easy to walk most every where and it never rains in Seattle so walking is a joy...whether is rains or not walking in downtown Seattle is awesome.  This really is a great city!!!!

17/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
62. Christina T.
Have stayed here twice now, both booked through Priceline - one name your own price and the other through an express deal. It's a great place to stay if you're looking for something central. It was under 30 minutes to walk to Safeco Field or Century Link Field. It was about 10-15 minutes to Pikes Place and close to shopping and restaurants.

I understand all the complaints about valet parking or parking in general downtown! Really, $40 per day?! I just don't understand it but I also don't know of any hotels downtown where parking is free. If you do, please let me in on the secret. It was nice to just park our car though, leave it, and walk all over downtown.

It appears as though they are slowly renovating rooms throughout the hotel. You can tell it's an old property (some of the carpet and floors smell in certain areas) but they are trying to up date. I LOVED our bed. We literally melted into our mattress and did not move. I believe it may be a foam mattress? But regardless, it's one of the most comfortable beds at a hotel that I've slept in awhile. My other complaint as far as the property was the noise. The first time we stayed was New Years Eve and I don't recall hearing my neighbors but this time we could hear the people next to us talking. They weren't talking loudly so I guess the walls are just thin?! Like I said, this wasn't a problem last time on another floor.

We avoided the expensive all you can eat buffet for breakfast and opted to walk down the block to other more appealing and reasonably priced options.

I'd stay again, as I feel it's in a good location, staff were warm and friendly and for the price the hotel is not bad at all.

10/09/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
63. Kathy G.
Recently, I was up in Seattle on leisure, and stayed at Crowne Plaza of Seattle. My room was very clean and had many lush pillows and blankets to make my stay as enjoyable as possible. The front desk staff was very accommodating with my late night arrival, which was great!

On the downside, the free breakfast left much to be desired (I'm not sure if it's free for everyone or just certain rates, so check before you expect!). None of the fruit was fresh and nothing tasted "great". Another negative was the price; just a little too high for the overall quality. I guess you are paying for the location.

Furthermore, I tackled the city's sights and sounds so I didn't have much of an opportunity to check out the hotel's amenities.

27/10/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
64. Danielle M.
I never knew this place was here until hotwire sent me. Really nice lobby area...it had a fireplace, was well lit, and high ceilings that I could have hung out all night in! The rooms were clean, and the staff was friendly.

11/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
65. Kyle B.
Too pricy for what you get. Parking was crazy for $50! Coffee maker - no, fridge - no, Wi Fi - $10/day. Bed was comfortable, and the location was good. Elevators were excruciatingly slow and busy with all the housekeeping staff. There were many times that we had to let the elevator go because their carts took up the whole elevator and was no room for us. Don't they have their own service elevator? Won't choose to stay here anytime soon. We will go back to our regulars in Bellevue from now on. Better options, and much better rates.

10/11/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
66. Shawnee N.
They should rename this hotel, Crowne Hassle, because the staff really could use some customer training or possibly look for a new job.

My company booked this hotel for me and prepaid the booking. When I checked in, they said it wasn't paid for. I provided the confirmation receipt but they did not have it on computer file. The hotel clerk was snippy and I was forced to pay my first night upfront. Next morning, same hassle, no my room wasn't paid for the second night, etc. They wanted more money.

Long story short, the hotel made my company send a credit auth form, photo ID, and all kinds of nonsense to pay for the hotel again. After it was all said and done, I was informed that their reservation agent made a mistake and it was prepaid all along. Oops, this was after I jumped through multiple hula hoops for this place over a 24 hour period.

Overall, the hotel reminds me of a Holiday Inn Express, average rooms, with below average service. It's okay for a couple of nights on biz but there are other multiple choices that are cheaper.

I will never stay here again. I hate this place.

29/10/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
67. d s.
I was not a guest at the hotel--just attending a medical conference in a meeting room there. I arrived early, left my briefcase in the room to step out for coffee that was set up for the meeting attendees. No other attendees (all doctors) were in the room at the time. I returned five minutes later to discover my i-phone missing from the briefcase. While the hotel staff were polite and professional, I feel that they could have done much more in determining which employees entered the room based on video surveillance. They had me fill out insurance paperwork but later informed me that since they could not determine if an employee stole the phone that they would not reimburse me. $700 iphone. I am filing a police report to see if they can get the video surveillance.

01/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
68. Brian S.
Hotel Staff were very helpful. My Check-in was easy. The Hotel provided me a room on 28th Floor that had a view of Downtown and seemed to lack the street noise of past visits. I have joined IHG club which provides me a healthy breakfast to get my day started. The Hotel has an updated fitness room with good equipment but no view to speak of. Location is about 10 Min's walk to the Seattle Art Museum and Movie Theatres and major Public Transport Stations. If you like a room in Downtown Seattle this location and Property is a Good Choice.

21/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
69. Woo K.
The hotel is in a nice location, cheap cab fare to most downtown establishments. + 1 star for convenience

Rooms are very spacious and I've been fortunate to stay on a higher floor with city views. + 1 star for style

Cheaper than most hotels in the area, specially if you get lucky with William Shatner on priceline which I hear he isn't representing anymore. I'm probably happy about that. + 1 star for price

Now, onto the negatives. . .

I've stayed at Crowne Plaza on two occasions. I'm not a very light sleeper, but I noticed that their 1970's heater blows off into the random moments of the nights and wakes me in my sleepy slumber. I even proceeded to turn it off in the cold wintry nights of Seattle, but awoke immediately to a freezing room. Loud blowing heater or a freezing cold room, I just couldn't find a happy medium. - 1 star

The second time I stayed here I decided to give it another try. I didn't wake up to the crazy loud heater this time, but I might have been drunk. I woke up to a very stuffy room. I thought I was exaggerating but when I got outside it was as if I was released from sleeping in a bag. Horrible air ventilation. - 1 star

Overall, the hotel isn't bad. It's got a few good things like convenience and up to date furniture minus the heater. I probably won't be staying here again though.

24/02/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
70. Kevin V.
I have stayed at your hotel numerous times, and usually have a decent stay.  Although I didn't encounter an "problems" at your hotel, I have to say I am quite disappointed in the service I received. I only stay at ihg properties, travel quite often and have certain expectations being a platinum member, as well as an ex-manager of ihg.  My keys were not ready upon arrival, in fact, I had to remind the girl checking me in that I was even a member.  Her reply " oh, I didn't look in the right area".  Then I get to my room, and I am in a room with two queen beds with a view over looking the freeway.  Really?  I didn't get any kind of upgrade?  I was given the lowest grade room in your hotel. Not the way to treat a loyal, platinum member.  I was scheduled to stay at another ihg property last night since you were sold out, but because of how I was treated, I switched to a Marriott property.  

Your breakfast buffet.  Very limited options for paying almost $20.  And, the service is very slow and not very friendly.

19/05/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
71. Gina H.
Let me start by saying that the room was more than adequately sized. I had a single King on the 21st floor, the views of the city were great, especially at night.
The charge for valet (no self park here) was insane 120 dollars for 3 days! I think if you are a guest in the hotel you should not have to pay insane parking prices.
The room service was late in the day but was amazing, always so clean and tidy. The really hot water was a major plus for me.
The room service was great and the grill was mediocre.
Overall I had a great visit and would happily book here again.

28/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
72. Joel S.
Excellent location, yet mediocre breakfast

13/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
73. May N.
I enjoyed my stay here for a conference a few blocks down at the Sheraton.  Somehow my friend booked the room and we ended up one of the top floors with great views of Southern Seattle, free WiFi, and complementary breakfast buffet tickets.  Our double room was spacious and clean.  The shower pressure was strong.  The beds were firm with varying firmness of pillows.  There was plenty of storage space and many amenities were tucked away for a clean look.  

The health club is on the 5th floor.  There are plenty of hand towels and a water cooler at the entrance.  The room on the right contains weights.  The room on the left contains a stationary bike, 2 treadmills, and 2 ellipticals.  The breakfast buffet is on the 2nd floor.  All of the staff there were so nice, friendly, and attentive.  Multiple people asked if we needed anything and helped us promptly.  There was granola, fresh fruit, scones, and cereal.  Another area served hot foods - scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage links, and French toast.  You can special order omelets and Belgian waffles.  

The location is easy walking distance to the Seattle Art Museum, Pike Place Market, and the Pacific Place shopping area.  Pretty easy to get to by public transit from the airport and hop on the rail to other points of interests.

01/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
74. jenn w.
The Good:
-Super close to Pike Place (5-10min walk)
-Walking distance to the monorail for the Space Needle
-Decent walking distance to the aquarium
-Short walk to the light rail for transportation to the airport
-Friendly front desk
-24 hour gym
-Regatta Bar and Grill with good food & drinks (Mac&Jacks beer, split pea soup with ham)
-Super comfy bed and large flat screen tv with HBO

The Not-So-Good:
-Close to the highway so you can hear the traffic at night, but ear plugs are provided
-Expensive daily parking (but you really do not need a car since you can walk everywhere)
-No MTV, E! or VH1 channels

18/08/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
75. B M.
Stayed here 05/29-05/31 and from my arrival to my departure it was more than I could have asked for.

The location is perfect. It's walking distance to just about everything. Walking distance to Pike's Place. Walking distance to the Piers.

Upon arrival we were upgrades complimentary. As an IHG member and a frequent visitor of IHG properties this is by far my favorite. We booked for a king size room and was upgraded to a suite on the 23rd floor. Did I mention we were given a direct view to the Space Needle? Well! We were given a direct view to the Space Needle. Aside from that we were given complimentary breakfast and tapa-dinners. Yummy!!!

Russ (the Hotel Manager) was awesome. He was personable, professional, and accommodating. We arrived at the hotel at 11am and check-in isn't until 3pm but by 1115am we were unpacking and settling into our room. SCORE!

Thanks to Russ and his great staff we will be visiting very soon and this will be our hotel of choice.

05/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
76. Dina V.
3 1/2 star average and that's about what I give it.

Location, great!  If you are in decent shape it's and easy 10-15 min walk downhill to the waterfront or Pikes market. It's uphill coming back, a little tougher but do-able.

Staff is excellent and professional.

Room are totally average. Nothing spectacular but certainly fine. We had room 2860, two double beds but they were comfy. Nice view of the needle, water and city scape.

Got this for 149/ night on Priceline (which sounds horrible compared to others) but we were here for one night pre-cruise and they certainly capitalize on that season.

26/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
77. Matthew T.
Did the prepay thing months before coming to get a decent rate, on a room with a view.  What is with Seattle hotel prices in July btw?  What was surprising was we get there around 5:00 and get the "We have a problem with the really nice room we had reserved for you, it is not ready" speech.  It won't be ready for an hour or two they say.  Would you like us to hold your bags while you wait?  

No, I want a room as I have to meet people in an hour and need to clean up! I don't want to wander around while you get things sorted!  I remark.  

Then begins the search for a "nice room" , which would have been funny if I wasn't fed up with the situation.  Shouldn't all the rooms be nice?  

They find us a "quite" room, which I find out later is actually a classification they have, which is ready now.  Not as Nice as the one we reserved but still ok. (so said the guy checking us in).  I'm done, I take it, we go up.  It was so in need of an update.  The bathroom looks like it has wood paneling that used to have wall paper on it.  Very odd.  Handprints on the windows, kind of rough around the edges furniture.  The quiet thing?  well this flour they promise not to try to put kids, bands, or circus animals, so said the sign by the elevator.  The only thing updated in this place was the lobby.  After seeing the room we ened up with, I kept kicking self to ask if there was a rate difference between the beat up quiet room we got and the "nice" room I originally paid for.  But then I kept saying, I'm only here for a couple of days and it still a better price than most places in the area.  But in no hurry to stay here again.  OH, yeah, Wifi is kind of expensive.  

I think the deal with this place is all the cruise ship people stay here for one night at the start or the end of their cruise and so the turn over is high and things are feeling beet up.

03/08/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
78. Chris S.
My wife and I stayed here on our recent trip to Seattle, we got a good deal on Priceline and this was the hotel that was picked.

First this is a very convenient downtown hotel, it is about 10-20 minute from Pikes Place, a few minute walk from the light rail, and being that we did not have a car this was definitely a plus for us.

Some of the bad things is the elevators could be a bit slow at times, one time it seemed to stop at every other floor even though no one was waiting, and no one requested that floor. Internet costs 10 dollars a day, and from what I saw of the parking is very expensive.

Overall the rooms are ok, not great, not bad either. The beds were pretty comfortable and they had a decent desk for doing work.

If I came to Seattle again I would consider staying here again if the price was cheaper then other hotels.

30/04/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
79. John J.
Friendly staff. Over priced parking.

31/12/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
80. Stephanie M.
2 night stay -$77/night name your own price on Priceline- tourist activities in Seattle

The Crowne Plaza had one major positive going for it: location, location, location. It's walking distance from all major tourist attractions including Pikes Place, the Space Needle, EMP, Olympic Statue Garden, Waterfront, and Chinatown. As our goal was to walk and do all of the touristy activities the city has to offer, this factor makes me give them 3 instead of 2 stars. If you're staying at published prices for business or something other, I would recommend somewhere else as the negatives are substantial.

Other pros:
-great views including either the space needle or "mountain" (also cool as it overlooks the freeway, Seattle public library, etc)
-prompt and pleasant guest services
-comfortable bed and pillows
-spa quality amenities including relaxation kit

-$44/day parking (for real??? Out of Chicago, NYC, LA, Dallas, Philly, this definitely wins in exorbitance) -- if looking to save - shuttles are $18/person/way, cabs are $40 flat rate each way
-$10/day Internet
-the worst showers ever - old, crappy shower head that piddles water everywhere, shower curtain that doesn't fully reach the whole bar... At least the water was warm?
-a stranger's long hair in a new "clean" towel
-the most blah rooms
-no spa, pool/hot tub
-while the lobby is modern and renovated, it's evident that's where the renovations ended... The rooms are in need of a facelift

30/05/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
81. Fay L.
This hotel is nice. The room I stayed in was roomy.. Great staff and services.. The view from my room was actually not bad. I wanted a better view but it was ok. Great downtown location.

01/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
82. Melisa P.
Nice modern rooms and great bathroom. Quiet though it's in the heart of downtown and next to I5. I was pleasantly surprised at how clean it was and room service was great.

14/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
83. Amy D.
I have completed the first of the four-night stay that my family has planned to stay here.  First the good, that would warrant 3-4 stars:  the hotel staff is friendly, and welcome us every time we enter the lobby.  A special shout out to Awaat, the valet, for being a thorough professional.

The bad:

Breakfast - I paid for the breakfast buffet this morning.  Service was very reluctant (I had to beg for cream for my coffee) and no one offered me anything cooked to order.  My daughter and I were seated around the corner and I felt like we were forgotten.  A couple of older ladies sat at the booth across the glass divider from us and were promptly offered a Belgian waffle and a custom-made omelet.  The difference in service was so so ridiculous.  Since my 3 year old would not touch anything at the buffet, I was very annoyed that the servers withheld the waffle from us.  I wish I had withheld a tip, but I tipped anyway.  For a buffet.  At the price, the buffet is a good deal *IF* you take part in cooked to order items.  

Room - I requested a high floor with a view of the space needle MONTHS in advance.  When we checked in, we were told that we had gotten a room with a space needle.  We have a view of the Red Lion.  We have been pointing out random structures and calling them the "Space Needle" as a running joke.  Plus one star for making us laugh.

Toiletries - the lotion and conditioner in our room were definitely used.  I appreciate the hotel "recycling," but perhaps donating used toiletries to charity would be more appropriate than leaving them for guests.  I threw it away and they were not replaced.  

Cracked glass in my room.  I hope it is not a battle to not be charged for that.

25/03/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
84. Derrick D.
Stayed for four nights during Emerald City Comic Con. Stayed on the 19th floor. Great room, great views of the city. Parking at the hotel can get pricey and the breakfast buffet runs $18.95, unless they have a special going (they did for ECCC).

Would definitely stay here again.

01/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
85. Gianna R.
If you like to walk and want a decent hotel that's close to the OG Starbucks and other local attractions like the Pike, this is a good place.  I'm in a suite on the 22nd floor (a step above a Embassy Suites room - if memory serves me correctly, as I haven't been at ES for a looong time.)  The breakfast is quite pricey...I opted to begin my day at the Starbucks (not the original one) on 4th...which is a easy walk just couple of blocks away.  
Here's a tip, for a decent fast breakfast, believe it or not, the YWCA is right next door.  The Y has  a cafe (to the right as soon as you enter) that serves made to order breakfast for about $6.00.
Tip...if you're a french fry fanatic --- try this place, even though frozen, they don't pre-cook them al a Mickey D's.
Another tip...stay away from the Nordstrom Rack...not typical Rack prices.  I'll go back to LA and get much better deals.
The elevator is painfully slooooooooow -- yet the staff is very accommodating .  
Will take pix and post in a few...heading to the Aqua Bar for delicious coconut prawns...some of their bars have really good food.
One other thing free wi-fi with suites...and free for 30 minutes at the Biz Ctr.
That's all for now!

25/08/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
86. Corina P.
A solid place to stay in downtown for the price and location.  It's clean, quiet, and comfortable.  Admittedly, the rooms are older (or at least the room that I was in). But older isn't bad, especially in Seattle, which is pricey hotel wise.

I checked in, changed, took a shower, and slept; all the while, my stuff was secure and the room was quiet (except for the occasional sounds of doors opening and closing, which is totally normal).

All in all, it was fine. It's not the Fairmont, but it's not a motel, either.  And I got a nice view of the public library, court of appeals, and a freeway (and no, I didn't hear the freeway at all).  Again, for the value and location, its a good option.

17/10/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
87. Rob F.
It may be unfair to write this review as they are currently renovating.

However, my experience at this location was disappointing.  The rooms are old, with ceiling damage due to water, wall/corner damage due to luggage most likely, and a noisy  heater.  The bathroom has formica countertops, really dated faucets, and a shower curtain that is about 8" short on both sides.  Also, the wifi is temperamental, sometimes losing connection and sometimes seriously lacking bandwidth (even late night).  Worst of all, the door is heavy, but it doesn't actually close all the way - you need to pull it that last bit to have it completely shut and lock.

I wasn't expecting the Ritz, but, outside of the modern lobby and friendly staff, I wasn't expecting accomodations on par with a decent motel.

11/12/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
88. Janella S.
My fiance and I stayed here while attending a convention. Check-in was nice and smooth. Our room was right next to the elevator but we didn't actually hear much hallway noise. The drapes and bedspread seemed a little dated and overall I wasn't entirely impressed with the room as a whole. It was "okay", but definitely not what I expected for the price of the room. (Regularly I think $280/night, we paid $140 as part of a convention special).

The bathroom needed work. There was no working exhaust fan and the lights had a "sickly" tone to them. I've seen nicer bathrooms in a Motel 6 to be totally honest.

We ordered some food from the restaurant downstairs for pick up. Everything went smoothly and the food was good.

The tv worked and the heater/air conditioner worked fine. I was comfortable the two nights we stayed. The walk to the convention center was a little far for me and kinda hilly so stay closer if you have issues with walking like I do.

Check out was very smooth. All in all, an okay stay but I expected more from a "nicer" hotel downtown.

03/02/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
89. Brianna L.
The room was fine and the room service was actually delicious. The valet parking was expensive, and upon picking up our car in the morning, the valet guy said "oh hey, you drive a Ford Edge, you guys were the people that took off to olympia at 2 AM last night!"....Umm...no we weren't, and it made me feel a little uneasy about the whereabouts of my car the night before. We didn't have the car all evening. We also somehow got double charged for valet parking, although the person I spoke with at the front desk was courteous, helpful, and quickly promised to reverse the charge.

04/01/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
90. Cris V.
Got a really good deal here from Hotwire.  It's listed as a 3 1/2 star property, but the location and quality were pretty close to that of the 4* Sheraton down the road that we stayed at last year (for more money).

Our room on the 27th floor was large, perfectly clean, with nice linens and decor.  Looked newly renovated.  Sound isolation was great.  We were right outside the elevator, and occasionally heard people in the hallway who were being too loud, but never heard the elevator ding, nor anyone in adjoining rooms beside or above us.

All the staff we dealt with were fantastic.  Friendly, efficient, and helpful.  At check-in we were offered to sign up for their loyalty program which was free, and more importantly, gave us free wireless for our stay.  Nice!

Only downside was the parking- valet is $36/night plus tax, which is reasonable compared to all the other hotels in the neighbourhood.  But there is no pull out area to unload, just an awkward curbside arrangement that left cars blocking traffic on Seneca.  That said, as we were waiting, valet staff immediately came out to help us, and directed us to a spot on the street where we could park just to unload and check in.  We ended up parking overnight in a parkade a couple of blocks away much more cheaply.

Overall, we thought it was great value, and would stay there again.

27/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
91. I R.
This was our last stop in Washington before flying home. I was pretty happy overall but the hotel could improve on a few things.

The good:

The revamp looks really nice. Everything is really clean and modern (fancy).
Staff is GREAT. I think everyone raves about Quinn because he's both helpful and dreamy (yes I said it)

The room was really spacious and super nicely decorated. I loved the dark wood and the marble tops.

The not so good:

One air conditioning vent was located by the door and took hours for the room to cool down

The restaurant was pretty good but choices were limited.

The bad:

OK really Crown Plaza, you put a BARN DOOR on a bathroom??? This is a bathroom door that goes into the room mind you and it doesnt close, it just rolls over to cover the doorway. Now if you're staying by yourself it's fine but when you're with another person it's absurd to have a huge gap in the door. Seriously whoever came up with that idea was crazy.

The sink was about 2 inches deep so water splashed everywhere,.

No fan in the bathroom.

For some odd reason the entry light kept randomly turning on in the middle of the night so it woke me up about 3 times.

15/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
92. Jay M.
Very accommodating hotel with modern decor and amenities. The staff (from the front desk to room service) was exceptional. The hotel humongous (vertically lol).

13/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
93. Tyler J.
Nice downtown Seattle hotel.

Great location, uphill from waterfront, walking distance to Pike's Market, aquarium, and lots of great places to eat.  Target and Walgreens nearby.

Rooms are nice, beds are comfy, an array of pillows from foam to down.  Recently redone with new decor.

Breakfast buffet is good, not sure why one reviewer didnt get a waffle... why not just ask for it?  Dinner is good too, but there are LOTS of great places walking distance away that are fantastic and diverse.

Staff is friendly and helpful, I stay here frequently and have never had a problem with my room or facilities.  The hotel has a kinda Business vibe, but there are tourists too.  I do not find it noisy, there is a low hum of traffic from the city, and occasional hall noise but not excessive.

No airport shuttle.  Parking is pricey, but there are alternate lots around the area.

16/08/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
94. Irving W.
It's a good quality hotel in a fantastic location. Just 5 or 6 blocks to Pike Market. I just stayed in one of the updated rooms and it is a nice improvement.

Good breakfast, nice bar and so so gym.

22/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
95. Joanna L.
I'm surprised it only got three and half stars...I thought this Crown Hotel was pretty nice and the service was great - despite the fact it was under some construction and a bit nosy at times - I still enjoyed my stay overall.

My boyfriend is a member of their rewards club or something so we got the Club Rooms - we got this amazing room with a great view of the Space Needle and the Harbor. The room was spacious and nice and the bathroom was tidy and they provided the usual shower cap, vanity kit, bar soap, shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion but also Scope mouthwash.

Our room was located a door away from the Club Room Lounge and they served free hor dourves from 5-7pm - we went back to our room to rest before dinner but we saw that they were serving this in the lounge - there were coffee, tea, soft drinks, cookies, fresh fruits, pizza, jalapeno corn poppers and tater poppers - also veggie plate with blue cheese dip. I actually got from eating it. They also serve free breakfast - with pancakes, bagels, muffins, fruits, cereal, and cold meat and cheese platter with a variety of beverages.

The location of the hotel was pretty good - we walked practically everywhere - we used the service Car2go a couple of times but mostly it was walk-able distance to Pike's and the harbor was about a 10 minute walk down hill - of course it was a little more difficult walking up hill but with the amount of food we ate - I didn't mind the exercise.

Overall, I enjoyed my stay at this Crown hotel and couldn't be more pleased.

25/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
96. Leang E.
This wasn't my first choice, but it was the only hotel left for the software conference I was attending that had availability for the nights that I needed to stay there. The staff was ok, and the rooms were ok. I think I struggle with the cost per night of the room compared to other places I have stayed at and it makes me feel like it's over-priced even at the conference rate. The elevators seemed really slow, and I didn't like that I got the room by the elevators and potentially hear people coming in and out from there.

21/10/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
97. Jennifer B.
Clean hotel that looks nicer inside than outside. Hotel is about 1.2 miles from down down- not a bad walk but it's definitely not downtown. It has a decent gym all the equipment worked 2 ellipticals, 2 treadmills and a bike for cardio and then some weights and some mats. The room is clean and pretty normal. Beds were decent but not spectacular.

15/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
98. Colby C.
This hotel was nice and clean but had a hint of smoke in all of the hallways. Hotel staff was easy to deal with and pleasant. Great pricing compared to the alternatives in the area. Would definately stay again if I was in the area.

26/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
99. Nat W.
I was greeted by a friendly staff at the front desk.  When I opened the door, the room turned out to be much more spacious than I thought.  Because the location is so great, I thought the room was going to be small.  Boy was I wrong!  The bathroom is updated, clean and bright.  I also had a nice view from my window looking over the downtown streets with lights.  It is a reasonable hotel for a comfortable stay in a good location.

30/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
100. Neil A.
Loved my stay at the Crowne Plaza in Seattle.  

Perfectly located hotel (close to the freeway and access to retail).  

The front desk staff where very professional and efficient.  The hotel was busy and seemed to have long check-in lines. Because they were so efficient I did not have to wait long.

The room was awesome and had an amazing view.

I will definitely be returning to the Crowne Plaza during my next stay in Ses-Town.

03/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
101. Kristine H.
This was the first time I've been to Seattle. My stay at the Crowne Plaza was wonderful! I came here for two nights and three days to celebrate my boyfriend's birthday! Though I was a little disappointed that what I paid for online didn't include a breakfast buffet for both mornings there, everything else in the hotel was fantastic!! There was one person in particular that made my stay well worth it. Benjamin, that works at the Regatta Bar & Grill & does room service in the morning is such a nice guy! He genuinely gives the best customer service! I was sniffling at the table when we went down to eat at the buffet, and I guess he noticed and he brought me tissues!! Without me asking! Give him a raise or something! I can't complain about anything! I'll definitely stay here again if I get the chance!

15/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
102. Toni Rose D.
Customer service was amazing. We were able to leave our luggage with them until it was time to check in. Ask the concierge about the city. The room was pleasant and plenty enough space. However, the lotion that was provided in the bathroom was halfway empty which led me to believe it had been used before. It was just odd.

01/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
103. Davin L.
I spent my first PAX Prime here back in 2007, and it made a great impression back then. Spent my recent PAX Prime here again, and it seems to have retained its charm.

The lobby has been renovated to be much more streamlined and minimalist, but it still gets the job done. Just don't be in a rush to check in or out, because you'll be waiting.

The fitness room on the 5th floor is small, but has a nice variety of machines and free weights, including a wet towel service for cooling off.

The rooms are spacious and provide an excellent view of the city. And the beds are incredibly comfy. Plenty of pillows, but you can always ask for more.

Free Wi-Fi is a nice touch.

A competitively priced hotel for what you get and only three blocks from the convention center. Can't ask for much more.

08/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
104. Sarah A.
This hotel is conveniently located and was a pretty good deal. It was newly renovated, but more work was needed to update the rooms and not just the lobby. The hallways were pretty shabby looking.

The room was clean, but the bathroom was small with very little counter space. The tub was ridiculously small with a ledge that sloped downward making it impossible to store your shower articles, such as shampoo and body wash. To top it off, the shower drain was plugged. We asked the front desk twice on consecutive mornings to get maintenance to clear the tub drain. Nothing was done. The morning we checked out, we left a full tub of water in the bathroom.

We complained to the front desk at check-out, but were told we should have said something. When we told them we did - twice - they just said they would get to it. At that point, it was too late as we were already checking out.

Also, the WiFi isn't free here, which I thought was pretty lame. It seemed like we paid for a whole bunch of ala carte necessities that were complimentary at the hotel we stayed at in Portland.

I think the next time I stay in Seattle, I'll be checking out another hotel. Perhaps the Paramount Seattle!

25/02/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
105. Kevin T.
I have stayed in downtown SEA many times & like the Crowne Plaza.  It stacks up well against some of the really high end places.

- The hotel itself is very attractive inside.  Great, airy lobby.
- Easy access to all the sights...business and tourist..
- Check in/out is prompt and very friendly.
- Rooms are really nice.  This visit, I was in a newly renovated room (see pics).
- Great views, very roomy and comfortable furnishings.

They do a good job on breakfast here, but I prefer to get out on the town for eating, but
if you can't, you won't be limiting yourself.

09/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
106. Monica P.
Ready for ComiCon! Crowne Plaza has some amazing deals if you book through Emerald City ComiCons website! There's cheaper parking, discounted breakfast, etc.

27/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
107. Rene C.
The Crowne Plaza has everything a weary traveler could want.

Very comfortable, clean and spacious rooms that offer a nice view.

Friendly front desk reception with an onsite Concierge.

A bartender who can mix a sidecar as good as any I have ever had.

This was my first time staying here, and I came away very impressed. Great downtown location with easy access to many of the cities attractions and excellent restaurants.

03/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
108. Shanda J.
I have really enjoyed my stay here!  The valet's were okay, the front desk was very polite and quick, the rooms are modern and clean, the food from the restaurant is good, and the room service was friendly and accommodating.  I was able to call in my breakfast order the night before because I needed to eat and leave early the next morning.  
The reason I didn't give it 5 stars was because the beds could have been more comfortable, the vending machines were not working, and waiting for the elevators at their busiest was annoying.  But I would absolutely stay here again.

20/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
109. Mike C.
My trade show sponsor chose this as the host hotel for an early October event.  Located right off I-5's Seneca St. exit, this hilltop hotel is a couple blocks from the convention center.  Upon entering the hotel, you'll see a decent sized lobby area with two check-in podiums, a concierge desk, and a set of four elevators.  My front desk person was efficient and quick in getting me registered and I was in my room in less than ten minutes.  Getting a corner room facing the freeway, my room was spacious despite being odd shaped.  Equipped with everything I needed, the room was a welcoming rest spot before and after our show.  It's conveniently located within walking distance of downtown, the theater (Kinky Boots was playing), and Pike's Market.  The housekeeping and random staff that I encountered were all friendly and smiled which makes a huge difference.
The only problem during our stay was the elevators.  On one occasion, one car was out of order which prompted us to use the stairs; fortunately, we were on the tenth and eleventh floors respectively.  Another time, after a long wait in the lobby, the elevator doors opened and we waited for its passengers to exit; before my friend could get in (1st person to approach) the doors inexplicably closed and the wait was on again.  Four solid stars, hoping they can remedy this issue.

25/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
110. Mark E.
Again a nice stay: nice room, nice view, very nice front desk ;)
they have refurbished now all rooms to a better standard.
The complimentary breakfeast and finger food at Executive Lever is still a great thing.

My favourite choice downtown !

15/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
111. David T.
Nice hotel. Relatively modern, large rooms, good room service choices and a pillow menu...

04/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
112. Melanie H.
$45.00 mandatory valet. Snarky valets that get upset when you park at the sign that says "park here for valet" instead of on the street where they think they want you to park (and there is no sign). Front desk that is friendly, but cannot find things like faxes that you know were sent and never get back to you like they promised they would. Toilets that only flush half way. Shower handles that come off when you try to turn them. Limited cable channels.

They had to work very hard to get the three stars I gave them.

There's cards throughout the room that talk about the little things, but they have some other little things they need to work on. This hotel is a couple of steps from being a luxury hotel, but several steps into charging for it.

Because they are so close to the freeway, and up on the hill, unless you are in the very high floors, you only have views of the other buildings. Even on the sixth floor and opposite side,  I heard traffic noise all night, which says to me that the windows aren't insulated. The hallways were quiet and I didn't hear from other rooms, but I don't think I had any neighbors on the 6th floor.

The room is quite large, well lit, modernized, and was exceptionally clean. No paintings of cowboys or sailboats, it's all kind of swirly squiggly Modern Art. Lots of mirrors.

I love the aromatherapy kits and all the little extra things that they give you - like the pillow menu, a nice desk, a window seat, really nice smelling soaps and shampoos - but I don't know what to think of the bedding. It is so crisp and unyielding that it feels like you are sleeping under a Saltine. The bed is extra firm, so even with all the amazing pillow options, you're still pretty much sleeping on a brick with crackers for covers.

Food is way overpriced. Nothing is complimentary, except for the bad in-room coffee (bring your own cream). I would like to say you get what you pay for but...nope. Welcome to Seattle.

05/11/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
113. Sonya G.
I came in from CA to visit my spouse at Ft Lewis and decided to spend New Year eve in Seattle. However, we have been mislead by this hotel. It's very upsetting when we were told over the phone that our room would be $147,00 per night, so we booked it and headed over from Ft Lewis. Well, while checking in they informed us that the cost for our room is $245.00 for the night and $147.00 tomorrow & Friday! We were blown away by that since we were told on the phone it would be $147.00

It was late & we are not familiar with the area to search for a room therefore we stayed and we weren't happy as check in was overly crowded and the elevator literally took 22 minutes to come down. The beds are very uncomfortable and the bedding has a lot of static be careful its constant electrifying lol! The toilet paper and tissue are probably from dollar or 99cents store because it feels like writing paper very rough and it hurt my flower!

This hotel is way over priced, do not be fooled by the lobby. The view is great that's all! Also book nights a time not days because they will charge you even if you decide to check out early a whole $75.00 $ ICK! so book one night and add your next night the following day. We wanted check out the following day because my spouse was due back on base at Ft Lewis but we would have had to loose $75.00 out of OUR $147.00 (a charge for canceling a room) SUCKS and a rip-off!!

I would not stay here ever again or recommend this hotel to anyone. I'd rather pay less and be comfortable with how the hotel is being ran then ripped off. I can honestly say the Marriot or Hilton which are much more comfortable and friendly.

Beware of the hidden fees you WILL incur on your bill. They apply State and City  taxes for your room, vale tax, and also charge you "Seattle Tourism Assessment" WTF and they slipped in an additional $40.45 charge for room service on my bill! Why because I complained about the noise upstairs that sounded as though someone was being killed.

I will never come to this hotel again! You would think my spouse and son are in the military they would at least take that into consideration. NO DICE AT CROWNE HOTEL

06/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
114. Diana B.
I actually decided to finally make a yelp account and write a review after our fabulous stay here. We opted for a room on the 32nd floor that came with complimentary breakfast and evening appetizers.

The food was great..In the morning: fresh fruit, hot oatmeal (my fave!), fresh selection of bagels, croissants, and muffins, pancakes (these were so, so but the kids enjoyed them) a deli platter and salmon spread and of course coffee and juices . In the evening: a different selection every night with either pizza and jalapeño poppers, taquitos, wine and cheese night  (we ate there 3 nights). Not to mention, a fridge stocked with a variety of beverages.  

But what really made the experience was the staff. It was a working business trip for my husband so the first night we just barely made it.  Actually we didn't make it, the gentleman clearing the room had the food on a cart in the hallway ready to go back to the kitchen. He saw us, asked if we were there to eat and brought it all back. Set it up and everything. He asked about our trip and said he'd wait for us the next night to make sure we got something. He made sure we had enough and encouraged us to get our fill before he cleared it all again. The woman taking care of breakfast in the morning was also very sweet and friendly. Letting me know what the selections were and making sure I took some coffee back with me!

The room was neat and comfortable. The bed super comfortable. And when I didn't leave the room one day because it rained and I didn't want to take the kids out, the housekeeper knocked and asked if she could get me anything before she left . She had ice ready and fresh towels.

At the end of the trip my husband said that when he's back in the area for business he's going to just stay there.  

I guess I should also mention that the hotel is walking distance to the famed Pike Place Market, the First Starbucks!, a City Target, and numerous shopping plazas. As well as access to numerous food trucks.

31/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
115. Garrett M.
I went the weekend of 5/15/15 and had an absolutely amazing time.  We booked through a discount website and expected "average".  We were happily surprised with what we got.

Great location in the "nice" area of the City.  
Great staff who was always helpful and nice. They made a mistake with our keys and gave us free drink coupons to compensate.
Great room on the 30'th floor.  It had a separate living room and bedroom.  The bathroom was small (expected in a city) but new faucet, shower, etc. Stainless steel accents everywhere.

Point is, I would stay again, and you should too!

20/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0