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Days Inn Seattle North of Downtown in Seattle, WA

Days Inn Seattle North of Downtown in Seattle, WA

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Company Info:

Rating: 2.29

Address: 9100 Aurora Ave. North, Seattle, WA, 98103

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    Comments (24):

    1. Courtney F.
    Not bad.  The area was a bit sketchy nut not scary or anything.  Was fine for crashing for the night, and not too far of a drive to downtown. There was a sign posted on Aurora blvd. that read something like:  "Prostitution and drug watch area", althoguh we only spotted one hooker.  

    The room was *mostly* clean although needed alot of cosmetic work.  Paint smears on old banged up furniture and fixtures.  Holes in the wall, general disrepair etc...

    Two problems with the amenities:  No lamp for your bed, which is a pain in the ass for people who read in bed because you have to get up to flick the switch.  And no alarm clock, which I prefer to wake up calls.

    Standard crappy morning fare:  coffee with powder cream and celophane wrapped spunkmeyer style muffins.

    22/07/07 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    2. Steve O.
    If you dont have room at your place..and you dont like your in-laws...send them here....

    If your feeling trashy with that someone special in your life....this is your place....

    19/05/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    3. Ram J.
    An acceptable motel ruined by one miserable staff member: Angela

    I booked 3 rooms here, and the night before checking in, I called and confirmed that one of my associates was arriving before me and could check into my room. Sure enough, the following morning, after long flight with no sleep, my associate calls me saying that the woman working the front desk would not let him check in or even wait in the lobby. I call her, and she's absolutely rude about the whole situation. After 10 minutes of begging she tells me that she'll make a "one time exception" if I fax a permission slip with my signature, ID, and credit card in it. Somehow, someway, I find a Denny's on the side of the road and talk them into faxing this information. Finally, after more begging and arguing, she lets my guest into the room I booked for him (and that was in his name to begin with!). I had booked the room as a double, but she made me pay $10 more per day for it....even though I prepaid.

    When I finally arrive to the hotel, she puts me in a completely different side of the building in a smelly room that has bad plumbing (literally yellow water in the sink), leaking water, a broken TV, etc. I wait until she is off shift to change rooms, and the guy working at night says to himself "Oh, I didn't even think that room was back open yet" and puts me in a new one.

    The next morning I wake up at 9:50, walk down to enjoy my free continental breakfast, and she tells me "We only serve it until 10". I tell her it is only 9:50-something and she replies "It doesn't work that way, you can't just come down right before 10 and bring food up to your room".

    Ok Angela, then how the f$&k does it work?

    Fast forward a couple days of house cleaning ignoring my request to leave me alone and stop waking me up at 8:30 via phone and door pounding, and it is time to check out.

    I call and ask for an extended check-out, and she tells me that I have to be "off of the property" by noon. What? She said the same thing to 3 of us. Another friend of mine had mistakenly booked an extra night, and was checking out early (giving the hotel a prepaid room for free, basically).

    He went into the lobby and asked to check out a day early. She checked him out. He asked if he could use the internet in the lobby to get directions to our next destination. She replied (I kid you not!):

    "You just checked out, and now you have to leave the premises."

    He basically stared at her in disbelief, and she threatened to call the police.

    I have no idea why anyone in the service industry would treat their guests so poorly, especially at an establishment that supposedly prides itself on customer service. I also have no idea how Days Inn would turn a blind eye to this location considering some similar reviews I've read online. I played it safe and booked the rest of my tour with Marriot, and will steer clear from the Days Inn chain in the future.

    Angela should get a job where she's not allowed to talk to people. Or at the very least a psychiatric evaluation.

    05/02/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    4. Cortney L.
    I completely agree with Steve o.
    Only have to add on one more thing.

    The clean up lady tried to come in uninvited when we were still in the room. And it was a "what the fuck" moment.

    & she kept trying to come in, when we told her " don't come in"! "we are still in here! " No it was actually two ladies, I don't think that they spoke english very well, because when I went down to go get some ice, they were still standing in front of our door...... I thought this place was alright since it was Days Inn & not another crazy ass hotel on aurora. But no I was wrong. Very wrong. We were both very upset, not pissed off, not mad or angry, we were enraged. Shut em down.

    02/02/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    5. Hal C.
    I feel inclined to write a review about this place since the rating, in my opinion, is lower than it should be.

    I stay here pretty often. I'm from Chicago and I come to Seattle a fair amount. I hope I'm not jinxing anything, but it's always been clean (they clean every day, without fail), it's always been under $50 a night, and it's always been decently close to the downtown area(it's not on wheels, so I suppose that makes sense). It's also a short walk away from some pretty cool places.. we walk to Greenwood often, I walked to Ballard a couple times, you have a really nice bar (Uber) down Aurora.. nice places.

    Never had a run-in with any of the people that work there. Mostly been nothing but helpful, but I gotta tell ya.. I really don't expect much for the price. My only expectation is not to get bed bugs, and they've done an awesome job of that thus far. Keep it up, guys.

    19/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    6. joshua B.
    For the price, why complain? You don't have to worry about finding parking like you would if you stayed downtown. It's a ten or fifteen minute drive to where you want to be, but that's not a bad thing. It made for a quieter night's sleep.

    They upgraded our room for free and gave us the "honeymoon suite."

    Everything was pretty standard. We stayed here for five days and only the first day's continental breakfast had chocolate donuts.

    24 hour coffee and tea in the lobby.

    There are some pretty great restaurants within walking distance.

    I'll stay here again to save some money, but not to impress anybody.

    03/05/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    7. Craig M.
    I stayed here while attending a workshop at UW. I had a $300 travel allowance, so staying downtown for four nights was out of the question.
    I booked a room for four nights on Priceline.com for $60 a night, using "Name Your Own Price" at the 2 Star level. My total bill for four nights was slightly under $300. But in Seattle, in the summer...that's a deal.
    The front desk staff was friendly, the free breakfast was OK, but the maid service was awesome! My room was always done when I returned around 4:45 PM. On checkout I left a small tip...something I don't usually do. In this case, I thought it was well deserved.
    Depending on how far you like to walk there are a few pubs and restaurants within walking distance. Twice I walked the 15+ blocks south to the pubs around the NW part of Green Lake and rode the bus back to the hotel. :) In case you are not into walking, really close to the hotel are a Chinese restaurant (across the street) and a Taco Bell a block away (on 90th). Burgermaster is 7 blocks north.
    My "commute" to the UW from here via N. 85th Street and I-5 was about 10 minutes...very stress-free.
    The one thing that amazes me about Aurora Avenue North between 85th and 98th streets is how many auto repair, auto electric, auto transmission, and used car dealers there are...it is a bit incredible! So that says something about the neighborhood...it is not scenic, but really it's not that bad.
    If you don't mind staying outside of downtown and you have a car or don't mind public transport, this is a good place to stay.

    29/07/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    8. Mandie F.
    It's not the Four Seasons for Christ's sake but it gets the job done. You're right off the freeway, the breakfast is small but fine, the rooms are quiet, and there is plenty of stuff right nearby. There is a fridge and a microwave in the room which can help a lot if you have leftovers from somewhere.

    If you already know Seattle and you don't really want to spend a lot on a hotel, come here.

    Don't come here if you care more about your hotel than exploring the city.

    +10000 points for Mr. Gyros being 5 blocks away.

    20/01/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    9. Tawny P.
    All though I was not here for the room just to sleep and shower I like the fact that the maid came every single day and made our beds and cleaned the room and always gave us fresh towels and theirs a contental breakfast which was awesome! Less money to spend and met other visitors that ate at the lobby.

    So we met Kelly a younger girl who worked there she didn't have much of a personality lol!! but she grew on me and my friends hahaha awww.....Kelly we"ll miss you ;-) we payed $78 each for four nights between the 4 of us. All they serve for breakfast was cereal, oatmeal packages, bananas & apples, toast, english muffins, milk, orange juice, and coffee of course. OH! and if your hungry and don't want to drive anywhere theirs a Taco Bell right next door its a couple steps away, and a few little eats around that area, and a 24/7 coffee shop up the street called Beth's Cafe. See my review!

    28/10/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    10. Ken A.
    We chose this hotel because it is located close to the Ballard Lock and the Woodland Zoo that we will be visiting  prior to attending a wedding. The first impression is good. The building is bright, clean and fairly big with 3 different blocks of rooms. It is the best along a 10 block of Aurora IMO. The staffs were friendly. The breakfast is good and the room is clean. The noise from Aurora didn't bother us when all the drapes are closed. The parking is plentiful and close to the elevator. However, we found a pile of bed sheets rolled up in a ball stuffed in the corner of the elevator for the whole day waiting to be taken to the laundry room I guess.  I don't think that helps to impress guests. One star to be taken away at least.
    We paid $127 a night (w/ 2 queens)  compare to another guest who paid $50 back in February when it is off season.

    23/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    11. Tonya G.
    The room was clean and small. The area of town was iffy. I pricelined a room for the U district... not sure this is actually the U district. The floor creaked like crazy, we were SO glad we were on the second level.
    The "free wi-fi" was non existant. There was a note with our room key giving the SSID, the network key and password... but neither my husband nor I could get on. Not set up for the average person to use. Frustrating.

    27/09/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    12. Naomi E.
    Where do I start with this Days Inn?
    I have been to my fair shares of Days Inns, but this one...no words.

    At first I thought this Days Inn was nice looking.  Check In was okay, not excellent.  We get into our room.  It's your normal queen sized bed, refrigerator, microwave, and your restroom.  Some of the rooms have tube televisions, others have 32 inch flat screens with Comcast and a great amount of channels.  

    Now I know you're wondering why I decided to give this motel one star?
    We stayed here for 8 days.  And up until February 7th, we had no complaints and this motel would have gotten almost 5 stars.  But as with most motels for the price, there were problems.  Around 11 pm 2/7/13, I had gone to shower before I headed off to bed and saw a black speck of something on the shower curtain, so I investigate the speck and it's moving.  So I kill it, now mind you this black speck was no bigger than a dot of the letter i.
    I get into the shower and then notice more black specks along the tub.  I know bed bugs, and that's what they were.  I get out of the shower and get dressed and go to the front desk and explain to  the host on duty at the time where I found the bugs and that I had also noticed bites on my forearm.  He quickly gets us a new room and continues to say the exterminator will be in to see what kind of bugs they are.  So we get all of our stuff and go to the new room.  And I examine that room as well.  All was good, until I go to turn the refrigerator on high to keep my perishable foods cold.  Doesn't work!  But I am so exhausted by that time and don't really care.  Take a shower and get to bed.  

    Brings us to February 8, 2013.
    Room was good so far.  9th day staying there and was most definitely be our LAST day here EVER!!
    I went to go take a look at the room and the blinds were open and room was cleaned by housekeeping.  No one is in that room...YET!
    Bed bugs are always a huge thing for people, so I say no to this motel.  

    By the way our room number with the bugs was 105.
    And broken refrigerator was 101.

    26/02/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    13. Kenneth N.
    Well, it's prob not a bad place to stay if you're with the boys & no one else to impress, but it's decent, just not much action around here, & a mix of 80s decor (washroom) but modern bedding.

    Still using a tube tv but hey, i know it's the Westin.

    For $66 all in booked online, it's good enough, convenient to DT, about 10min. no traffic.

    Space-wise as expected, free surface lot parking.

    Complimentary continental breakfast, 4 small round tables for 2 ppl each.

    Free wifi.

    Friendly staff.

    snack/pop vending machines plus ice on ground floor.

    03/02/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    14. Stephanie D.
    The absolute worst front desk man. No customer service. And clearly the management does not care to improve standards. I encourage anyone who is thinking of staying at this location to FIND ANOTHER hotel or a different Days Inn. Not worth the frustration or to worry about leaving your room unattended!

    08/08/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    15. Suzanne C.
    Yuck. No one seems to be happy about working here, and I don't blame them. I wasn't happy to stay here...and pay more than I paid for a Courtyard by Marriott room!

    I mean, yeah, Days Inn, hurr hurr, you get what you pay for. But when a staff member turns to you and says, "We don't accept debit cards or cash from locals anymore. We just aren't *that kind of hotel* these days." it leaves a certain impression. I'm glad they aren't "that kind of hotel" anymore, but did I need to know about it halfway through my stay? Not really. Did I want to know about it? Heck no!

    Accessibility notes: Office is behind a narrow door with large bump. No braille signage. No elevators in half the hotel, although accessible rooms are available. All the rooms had a discernible mold scent.

    02/08/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    16. Christian H.
    I have to disagree with most of the review on this Days Inn.  I found my experience to be a good experience and I would stay there again.  It was comfortable, clean, & friendly. I enjoyed the soft beds and the hot tub in the bathtub. Only paid $50 a night in February for a queen size bed on the ground floor. The breakfast was okay and the staff were friendly.  It isn't very far of a drive to downtown Seattle to the South or grocery stores to the North.  The reason I gave this hotel a 4 star is due to the value.  For $50 I thought the breakfast, room, and especially the bathtub. Only reason I didn't give it five stars is due to the slow unreliable internet speed.  Get out there and see the world....

    And as always, Have Fun!

    21/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    17. Jason S.
    Look, you get what you pay for. If you want something luxurious, stay in downtown. This place was inexpensive, convenient to where we needed to be, and met our needs perfectly. What was surprising was the awesome customer service we received a check-in. My grandfather-in-law was supposed to book at the same hotel as us but got confused and booked somewhere else. The guy at the front desk called the other hotel for us and convinced them to cancel the reservation, and then booked grandpa into this hotel at the same rate we had. He even put him in the room right next to ours, which was perfect. This guy really went above and beyond what I expected from a budget rate hotel; because of that, I'll certainly stay here again the next time we're in town seeing family.

    The room itself wasn't anything specactular, but it was clean. The TV was an old tube TV, but it did just fine. And the bathtub had jacuzzi jets that worked great, which was a great little bonus after driving 12 hours. Plus free wi-fi? Solid.

    You get what you pay for. If you want luxury, don't expect to get it at $60 a night. But if you want a clean place to sleep, this is just fine.

    23/05/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    18. John B.
    An absolute atrocious experience with the unfriendly day and night staff and well as the booking through priceline.com .

    If you were to book a room here which I would not recommend at all, do so directly with the hotel. The staff charges a $30 upgrade fee for additional beds even if you have booked a multiple bed room. They conveniently do not have any access to the Priceline booking also.

    Disdainful is how I would describe of every hotel employee. Never have I felt so unwelcome to stay in a hotel that I essentially had to pay twice.

    Please look elsewhere for a better budget hotel!

    15/02/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    19. Reese C.
    These people are a bunch of crooks. DO NOT STAY HERE and stay away from Randy at the front desk, who told my boyfriend and I that he was a seasoned agent. We booked 6 night's on Priceline and the Day's Inn 1-800 number said it was fine to check in with a debit card. Then when we got there they would not let us check in. Even though we had paid for 6 nights. I have a credit card but since I wasn't on the official reservation they would not accept mine for incidentals. After talking to Kathy we were advised to talk to Randy and he was absolutely useless. Then my boyfriend asked if he could talk to the general manager and he wouldn't give him their name. Then he stood up and started doing a Wizard of Oz impression to demonstrate how hard it is to get in touch with the general manager. The level of unprofessionalism was astounding. I am so disappointed. They charged me for the whole amount and wouldn't let me stay there.

    03/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    20. Ariel D.
    Totally pissed. Items stolen right out of our room, and the only possibility is an employee with a key card. They were unwilling to do anything to help. Don't stay here unless you don't mind people stealing your personal items when you're not there.

    01/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    21. Richard V.
    Never been treated any worse by a hotel. Was treated beyond rude by Randy at the front desk. He went into a rant when I asked why I was being charged more than my reserved price. Screaming and ranting. Couldn't believe my ears. I called corporate to complain and pretty much got the brush off. Then I saw Randy, the employee at the front desk, go outside of the office and push a young man down to the ground for doing nothing more than waiting at the bus stop in front of the hotel. He called the police on Randy and I went to testify to police what I had observed. After the young man decided not to press charges, I went back to my room. My phone rings in my room and it was corporate manager asking me to check out. After I agree to leave the corporate management then tells me I have 10 minutes to evacuate my room. Never been treated more rudely from front desk all the way up to corporate.

    20/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    22. Grace W.
    For what it is, I think it is a pretty decent hotel.  Of course staying here will not give you a five star hotel experience like the Hyatt or Hilton.  However, I'd say our stay was pretty good.  My husband and I were looking to stay at a cheap hotel and it did the job.  The room and appliances was relatively clean.  I didn't feel like it was below my cleanliness standards.  During the day time, it is pretty quiet but at night sometimes neighbors can be kind of loud.  We felt that it was safe enough to park our U-Haul and thankfully, we didn't get robbed during our stay here.

    Every morning, we got our complimentary breakfast.  It wasn't good food but it was sufficient to fill us up (ie. bananas/cereal/coffee).  The housekeeper was pretty nice.

    I disliked one aspect though: this place says that they have internet but they really don't.  I don't know if our unit was too far away but I could NEVER get internet.  If you have low expectations, you'd think this place is great :)

    30/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    23. Peter H.
    My Horror Story!  So, I'm an over the road truck driver.  This morning I booked a room at Days Inn using Expedia.  All is well paid for, and I get a hot shower and decent bed, right ?!?!?!  WRONG! Got to hotel, went in to retrieve key and check in.  Provided the lady behind the counter with my drivers license, and the card I used to book my room with!  Her snide reply, I'm sorry Sir! This card has the word "debit" on it! We can not accept it!  Nowhere on the Expedia Site did it even mention bringing my card, let alone a "CREDIT" Card ... My room was paid for, payment prossesed.  Cleared my account, hell there is enough there to rent 2 more rooms!  But, because I do not posses, a CREDIT CARD I am turned away!  Tonight I will be sleeping in my rental car somewhere in Seattle.  Thanks Days Inn!  I can promise this much, at a million miles a year and COUNTLESS Hotel Stays, I will NEVER stay at a Wyndam family establishment again ... And every chance I get will write a negative review!

    22/05/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    24. Michelle H.
    Checked in for 7 nights , got a. Good deal for the holidays on bookit.com averages about 60 a night staying through New Years . Stephanie at the front desk was very nice and went out of her way to show us the bus stops and local spots to get where we needed to go . The continental breakfast is just enough cold cereals, coffee , bread/jams and teas. The bathtub is nice and the rooms are clean. It does suck that the wifi doesn't work and no on demand but otherwise 100 good channels and we'll be sight seeing and out and about anyways. Here is the view from our room !

    27/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0