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Eastlake Inn in Seattle, WA

Eastlake Inn in Seattle, WA

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Company Info:

Rating: 1.60

Address: 2215 Eastlake Ave E, Seattle, WA, 98102

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    Comments (5):

    1. Scott R.
    BEDBUGS! BEWARE! I knew we were staying at a low priced motel, but it could not have been worse if it had been in a 3rd world country! We showed up at 3pm, as stated on our confirmation documents, and had to wait more than 2 hours for someone to show up to check us in. None of the phone numbers on the door were answered and there was no way to find out when someone would show up. Once they showed up, with a chuckle about not being on time, we got checked in and hit the town. After returning late and going to bed we woke up with strange red bumps on our exposed skin... yep, BEDBUGS!! For the next week we swelled, itched, and suffered our way through the rest of our trip. The worse part is that we never saw anyone show up at the office again and nobody ever picked up the phone to hear our warnings. We were out $300 plus two weeks of suffering so far with no recourse. I have never written a bad review and believe in giving establishments a chance to correct any problems I have in person but this is totally ridiculous and irresponsible from this shabby flea-bag of a motel. Sleep in your car if you have to but do not risk this establishment because you get more than you pay for and it ain't good gettin'! I could go on about how run-down the rooms are and the holes and stains on the bed-linens but it would pale in comparison to the service and the pests.

    25/07/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    2. Sascha O.
    The day before our planned trip to Seattle, our friend that was supposed to accomodate us bailed on us.  Freaked out, we scrambled for other options. One of my friends suggested a motel/short term stay apartment near his pad.

    We checked out their website, and saw that they had vacancies.  Location was pretty good, and they wanted an average of $100 a night (less on weekday, more on weekends).  Not cheap, but we felt like this way we will at least have a sure "home base" where we can leave all our stuff and not have to worry and that, at that point, seemed like it was worth the $100/night.

    So we booked a room for 4 nights online.  We called and left a voicemail saying that our flight lands at 8am and that we were hoping to drop off our luggage earlier than check in time, which was 4pm.  I called again in the morning when we landed.  Still voicemail.  No calls were returned.  I found another number which was supposed to be a cell phone number of apt. manager "Jeanne".  Mailbox is full and we can't leave messages.

    We decided to take our chances and just go.  We cabbed our way to this location and discovered that their "office" is ONLY open from 3pm~8pm!  No one was there to manage the place during off hours, and no where we can drop off our stuff.  So we dragged all our luggage to a nearby cafe and killed time hoping that someone will return our calls before 3pm.  We waited hours.... no call.  At 3pm I sent my husband back to the Inn to try to talk to someone as I waited at the cafe with our suitcases.  He comes back saying no one was there.  I leave another voice message on their office number and leave a caller ID on the cell phone with full mail box.  30 minutes later, a guy calls.  I tell him that we've been trying to reach them for hours and he says sorry we are only around from 3pm... "Well it's 3:30 right now.  You were not there at 3pm." "Yeah~ we are here from around 3-3:30... We are here now."  So we finally haul our stuff back to the Inn to drop them off.

    We meet the guy that called.  He is young, and sounds a bit unconfident, but nice.  He gives us the key to room 105, which we go, but have a hard time opening the door due to a faulty/sensitive lock.  That made me a bit unsure/unsafe for the risk of being locked out.  The guy offers to switch rooms and tells me if we want to wait 30 minutes, #106 will be cleaned and be ready.  We poke our head in #106, and I, at that moment, thought that it may be a better room so we say we will wait.

    So we met up with my friend and waited for a bit.  We get a call from the manager guy that the room is ready, and eventually (and finally) we get to our room and get to drop off our things.  

    Now, once in the room, I notice that it smells like tobacco.  This Inn is supposed to be no smoking, but I smelled smoke in #105 too.  I didn't quite detect the smell when I first peeked in #106 so I thought this room was OK but I was wrong.  Looking around, there are cigarette burns on curtains, bedding, etc.  Either they only recently became non smoking or people ignore, but management fails to catch them because they are only around for 5 hrs a day.  There are scrape marks on walls, furniture are beat up, one of the bed looks like there used to be a really big guy sleeping there, sagging at the center of the mattress.  I see stains on the coverlettes, and I am highly suspicious that they have been laundered.  The sheets looked OK, although at that point I am already pretty irked about the beds in general.  I go to the bathroom and the towels look old and beat up.  They have been cleaned apparently but there are stains on the bath mat (isn't the whole point of these hotels having white towels that they get to easily bleach them???).  Again I am irked.

    It has been our 3rd day here and so far, on top of the above, I have noticed dust covered ceiling fan, grimy heater exhaust, dusty blinds, dirty curtains with cigarette burns and tears, a ring of soap scum/dead skin cells on the bathtub and someone's pubic hair on one of the towels.  No. Seriously.  Need I say more.... I bought a tub of disinfecting wipes and wiped down all the furniture and the laminate wood flooring... after several wipes, the wipes still get all black with dirt : (  

    I am pretty sure that this place has not been "cleaned" to industry standards.  The rooms are big, but dated and everything is crooked or beat up.  Sure they had a website that made booking easy, but management is unreliable and difficult to reach.  And at $100, we really felt that it was super overpriced.

    Would not come back unless absolutely necessary... and if we do, I am bringing my own bedding and towels.  

    1 star for convenient location
    0.5 star for ease of booking
    0.5 star for staff at least being friendly if they are around.

    Nothing more...except maybe free wi-fi. Except there is no instructions of how to connect & u gotta ask.  Family owned? Yea sure but they do a pretty shoddy job keeping up with this place

    24/07/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    3. Kyle P.
    There was long black hairs in the sheets and make-up on the pillowcases. There was trash on the floor! A plastic spoon was sitting with a napkin and a cough drop in the corner all of it covered in cob webs. The ceiling fan was covered in a quarter inch of greasy dust and spider webs. The bathroom? Let's just say if I HAD to go, I would, but there is no way I would EVER let my kids use that bathroom. There were chemicals under the sink, Turpentine, pine sol, and a few indescribably old bottles of god knows what. The oven had obviously been used to cook pizzas upside down. The base board heater was hanging off the wall, was rusty and just looked dangerous. The "TV" was pre 1990 and only the sound worked. When the fan was on, that thing spun and oscillated in a huge dangerous circle. I am leaving this detailed review because I don't want anyone to be fooled by the previous reviews. I have a hard time believing anyone would stay here on purpose. After checking this place out, I tried to find another hotel but everything was sold out and we decided to drive to a friends house that lives an hour and a half away rather than stay at this ish hole. This place is the kind of Motel that is rented hourly to take hookers to. BTW...I took Pics. I am sending them to the health board.

    11/08/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    4. Manisha P.
    The only accommodation this Inn provided for us was to keep our bags in the office while we went out to sight see Seattle on our first day. Keep in mind, this was our first time in Seattle and we just spent the last two days trying to find a place to stay.

    When we came back we noticed the following things:

    1. Our room wasn't cleaned.
    2. The cleaning crew were wearing unclean clothes and asked us to wait 30 minutes while they cleaned our room.
    3. We found that all keys were the same so our safety was at risk.
    4. There was no Air Condition.
    5. There were no personal care products in the bathroom.
    6. The office was not being operated at the hours given to us.
    7. We made the reservations speaking to a woman and then all of a sudden, she is no where to be found and this place is run by two men - Ramon
    8. Pictures on the website are deceiving.

    After that, we had no patience and my boyfriend and I decided to find somewhere else to stay. We were waiting for one of the supervisors to come back and there were no where to be found. I had to walk in my nice dress to the basement/garage where the cleaning crew were still in their dirty clothes. I told them we are not staying there and I wanted to make sure they didn't charge my card. They said ok - never asking the reason why we were leaving.

    Please do not stay here; you will be disappointed.

    14/08/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    5. Marley B.
    My mom stayed here on a recent visit to town.  Knowing that she was paying $55/night, there's not too much to complain about.

    Reserving online was easy and quick.  The office was open when she checked in and the guy at the counter was friendly.  

    Their room was large- but as a previous reviewer commented, the rooms do have a smell of tobacco.  Not overwhelming, but definitely noticable.  

    The rooms come equipped with a mini-stove and fridge, which is nice...but there's nothing to use the stove with.  

    Location of the motel is great- as is parking. A quick 10 minute bus ride to either downtown Seattle or the University District.  Lots of food and coffee within walking distance as well.  

    I would recommend this spot to somebody on a budget who wants the convenience of not being downtown and having to pay $30 for parking/night.

    I would recommend bringing your own towels and pillows though- I think they're clean but I wouldn't trust them.

    20/12/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0