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Established in 1928.

Built in 1928, the Executive Hotel Pacific pays homage to downtown Seattle's European heritage.  Relax in the quiet of our redesigned 2nd floor Reading Lounge, a sanctuary from the throb and surge of our wonderful city.  Our historic hotel underwent a $4 million renovation in 2006.  The charm has been retained while updating systems and decor.  Our new additions included AC/Heat, 26" HD/LCD TV's, meeting rooms, a business center featuring free WI-FI, and Jasmine Restaurant.


Company Info:

Rating: 2.41

Address: 400 Spring St, Seattle, WA, 98104
  • Mon: 6:00 am - 5:30 am
  • Tue: 6:00 am - 5:30 am
  • Wed: 6:00 am - 5:30 am
  • Thu: 6:00 am - 5:30 am
  • Fri: 6:00 am - 5:30 am
  • Sat: 6:00 am - 5:30 am
  • Sun: 6:00 am - 5:30 am

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Comments (185):

1. Brynn M.
I booked this hotel because of its location and the website advertised it as "newly renovated." However, when we got there it was anything but. The staff was very rude! The woman who checked us in didn't say a word to us. Then we got up to our room, and it just got worst. I requested a room away from the elevator, and we were right next to the elevator. The "newly renovated" rooms had dirty, dingy floors, the wall paper on the walls was pealing and scatched up, and there was a hole in the wall that had been covered up by a piece of wall paper... they didn't even bother to fill it! The room looked nothing like the picture on the website. Id hate to see what a room that isn't renovated looks like...

10/08/08 | Link | Rating: 1.0
2. Brian E.
good value and in a good location - walking distance to all the shops and restaurants

11/01/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
3. A B.
Teeny tiny rooms. Teeny tiny bathroom. Not even a teeny tiny fridge? Teeny tiny lobby but attached to a Seattle's Best. But a pretty teeny tiny price, $100ish bucks per night for centrally located hotel.

18/02/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
4. larry h.
Location is Excellent.  Close to all downtown attractions and the Link Light Rail so you can avoid using a car.  I can get rooms here as low as in the 70's.  Rooms are VERY small, European-like.  Bathrooms you need to exit to get dressed.  If you aren't going to spend a lot of time in your room, this is a good deal.  Rooms are clean.  Counter staff has been friendly and efficient.  I have stayed multiple times and sent other people here as well.  If you are looking for convenience and location that is soft on the wallet you have found it.

08/03/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
5. Daniel S.
A dump.
The hotel room was very small, the floor uneven (bumps under the rug), the headboard worn out. The worst of all was a strong chemical smell of "air freshner". More like bad bathroom spray. 3 days at the hotel with teh window open didn't help much. The front desk couldn't get the maids to not spray so I had to have a "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door for the entrie 3 days. The bathroom is so small, you can touch all 4 walls while sitting on the toilet. An "Executive" hotel without a table to work on in the rooms?
There is absolutely no relationship between the nice photos on the website and the actual queen size rooms.

24/07/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
6. John A.
Decent location - middle of the avenues so you can go down the hill or up the hill without breaking a sweat getting to/from anywhere downtown.

The room was okay - I'm not too particular and I had an expectation of what I was getting. The bed was moderately comfortable and the room was well cleaned on arrival. The rooms were small, a bit crammed, but not a problem if your just sleeping here and not planning on doing aerobics, and what not.

it's an old hotel, and the walls are THIN. Whenever the people in the next room went into their closet I thought they were coming through the wall. The elevators are probably my biggest complaint - not when your riding in them, but I could hear them running in my room all day and night. It was easy enough to drone out eventually but it's very noticeable. The radiator/heater unit also was constantly making a blowing noise (although not on) I didn't mind this as it covered up the clunking and whining of the elevator that ran nonstop.

The staff was extremely friendly and there is easy access to your morning/afternoon coffee downstairs at the Seattle's Best.

I would possibly stay here again - for the location and the price it's a good find - but if i weren't here alone I know the elevator noise and the thin walls would have been a huge problem.

15/12/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
7. Holly C.
The location of this hotel is right downtown so you can walk everywhere which is what I was looking for.  When we checked in, the staff were attentive and very friendly and since I arrived to Seattle by train, I was very early to check-in, but I was able to check in early, no problem.  The lobby is clean and nice, but then comes the elevator...which was SO slow.  When I got to my room, it was so tiny for the price that you pay, however, the room was spotless.  It was very clean.  The bathroom was extremely tiny, but again clean and I love their bath products.  The room view was a disaster as it looked over a nasty alley AND the room was sooooo hot.  I'm not sure why that was and I even turned off the air/fan with cool air coming out.  I wasn't able to sleep despite the comfy bed because it was so hot and I opened the windows.  I wouldn't stay there again because I felt it was too expensive, but the staff were very helpful and the location was great and the room was clean...that was the main positives.

14/10/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
8. Bryn K.
Pretty basic accommodations. The building is old and the elevator looks like something from the set of Mad Men, so be prepared for that.  However, the rooms are clean and we booked a room for a mere $79 a night on the company's website!  The location can't be beat--you are within walking distance of great shopping, the famous Public Market, and Qwest Field. The staff is very friendly and our room was actually ready for us when we arrived at 11am on a Friday (amazing!).  Overall, a decent place to stay for a cheap price!

11/10/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
9. Alexandria H.
this place is not good at all!!! the front desk lady when i checked in was less than friendly and not informativ  at all, the rooms are tiny; and i would call this an old hotel before classic. the elevators where broken, they tried to over charge me. the only good thing about this place is there location. when i went down to get everything fixed thankfully there was a helpful lady there that spoke English. that is hard to come by at this hotel. every guest i crossed paths with had more negative things to say about this place. Save yourself some money this place is not worth it!

23/08/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
10. June N.
I haven't ever stayed here, but I know people who have.  Usually through a travelocity deal.  The place is practically free.  It's old and doesn't have all the amenities as you would find in a newer or nicer place, but honestly, how much time do you typically spend inside your hotel room?  It kills me when I spend over $200 a night at a hotel where I only go to sleep for around 6 hours.  So as far as luxury goes it's a 3.  No bugs and clean.  I can't say it's 5 star by any means but it's a cost effective way to stay in the city.

The best part about it is that it's located right near a lot of the nicer hotels.  The W has a very nice bar and a great restaurant.  So save yourself some cash and stay here and spend the money you save on a nicer bottle of wine or a better restaurant.

03/11/06 | Link | Rating: 3.0
11. Simon C.
Got a good deal on , however,given  past reviews I wasn't sure what to expect. The hotel is old has has undergone an upgrade. Very comfortable bed. Great location. We worth a 4 star rating.

06/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
12. Kati D.
The good:
- Price: less than $120 or so/night during late June!
- Location: good for business meetings and downtown sight-seeing.
- Transportation: easy bus and cab transportation.

- Restaurants: Seattle's Best Coffee and Jasmine restaurant attached.

The bad:
- Room: small room and bathroom (small enough that it was awkward for me as a single-occupant to use).
- Internet access: it's only available in the "business center" (which is just a different level of the lobby...which isn't conductive to doing business. Also, they advertise Wi-Fi, but it was so slow on my new Mac, that I ended-up plugging into an ethernet cord...which I'm not sure even connected to anything, because the internet didn't work any faster after. (*It's possible that you can pay for internet access in your room, but I can't remember.)
- Elevators: SOOOOO SLOOOOOW! I understand that they are "historic" or whatnot, but they were ridiculously slow...and small. I bet every other patron there would recommend upgrading the elevators, because each time you got on them with other people, there was some exchange about how slow and/or cramped they were.
- Staff: there were a few nice employees, but I felt than on a whole, they were pretty rude/short.

I would either recommend spending a few more bucks for a nicer hotel downtown, or check-out the Mediterranean Inn in Lower Queen Anne for a great deal for a nicer hotel with an almost-as-great location.

28/12/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
13. Robby T.
Dear June, you stole my "First'.

Dear Executive Pacific, thank you for 50+ nights of a solid roof over my head, wireless internet equipped mezzanine, corporate meeting space for rent, & relatively familar ambiance that most snooty hotels don't have.  Thanks also for being a cheap date & beginning to upgrade the small things (they now have bathrobes, designer soap/shampoo, and better sheets & pillows)

17/11/06 | Link | Rating: 3.0
14. Kate H.
Meh is right.  Not too clean and I could hear the very loud (and slightly scary to be inside) elevator going up and down all night.  Rooms are tiny and  dingy with few amenities.  While priced lower than other downtown hotels, way too expensive in my book for what you get.  Even the soda machine is over priced ($2 for a can of coke).  The only perks are the downtown location and fresh  basket of apples on the mezzanine level.

14/07/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
15. Jeff C.
Every time I come to Seattle for work, I stay here.  It has GREAT access to I-5 North and South.  Has an SBC in the lobby.  The rooms are small, but clean.  Walking distance to a couple of good restaurants (Tulio's has really good steaks).  For the price, this hotel is wonderful!

19/04/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
16. Kat N.
Great central location in downtown - you're minutes away from great shopping, restaurants, the water, and Pike Place.  It's right across from the gigantic Seattle Library.

It's a decent hotel for the price ($119/nt) in this area.  Our party of four stayed in a room with two double beds.  The room was small and the four of us (all girls) did fit but it was very snug.  The bathroom was small too and the toilet flushes ridiculously loud.  The bathtub had a crack in it but otherwise the bathroom was okay.

Parking is $19/nt and valet is $25/nt.  

Front desk was helpful and friendly.  The hotel also offers free internet service and you can print your boarding passes for free on their printer.

We were also on the 2nd FL so the street noise can be loud for light sleepers.  I was the only light sleeper in our party so I was the only one who had a hard time falling asleep.

15/01/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
17. Chris D.
A great hotel for those who like historic buildings. The staff are prompt and knowledgeable about the city. The rooms are clean and the rates are far better than the surrounding hotels. Location is perfect for anyone want to see the city proper. There are a few downsides. The wireless is extremely slow and the A/C is kinda wonky. Overall...I would recommend the hotel and would stay there again.

01/05/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
18. Darin P.
My new hotel of choice in Seattle:

If you'd rather spend $150 a night for a decent hotel than $250 for a nice hotel this is your spot.  The rooms aren't big, so it would be difficult to host a party, but they are clean and comfortable and quiet.  The amenities are... well, I don't really care.  I had free wireless in the room, the location is fabulous, and there is a coffee house on the main floor.  There was soap and a quality shampoo, clean linens, a desk with a comfortable chair. and a robe that was... well, let's just say too short to be funtional.  All in all, just about what I look for in a hotel when I'm in Seattle (OK, a robe built for a heterosexual male would be a nice addition).

Once a loyal Hilton guest, the cost savings this location offers is difficult to pass up.  On a recent Seattle trip I stopped at Escada down the street and spent the $100 I saved on a bottle of perfume for my wife.  I'd call that money better spent!

24/04/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
19. Jessica M.
Don't stay on 2nd floor as wifi doesn't work on it. Good location. Heat/air is difficult to work. Staff is great.

20/04/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
20. Andee D.
I'm pretty easy going so take that into consideration. Hotel was clean, newly remodel, nice TV, no view (doesn't bother me though we were only there to sleep.) Bed was super comfy. The only problem was the toilet clogged. Ugh, feel sorry for whoever had to clean that mess up. Parking kinda sucked. I was super hung over (But that was my fault not the hotels.) the next day and had to walk up a hill and 3 flights of stairs to get to our car. :P They do have valet parking for a fee.

25/01/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
21. Bonnie L.
There is really something to be said about the city of Seattle: public transportation is the BEST!!!!!!  And this hotel is literally SMACK DAB in the center of all the bus lines.  That was a HUGE plus as a native coming back as a visitor.  The concierge/front desk lady was also extremely knowledgeable about which buses to take, when they arrived, etc.  As a local I hate the monorail (really, I shouldn't get into it here and now) so being in the middle of the ride-free zone was AWESOME.

Location: Superb.  Literally walking distance to Pike Place market, Pioneer Square (come on, I did come as a tourist in some respects b/c it was my boyfriend's first trip to Seattle), across from the crazy new library, and a short (FREE) bus ride to Seattle Center.  One of the main facets of the trip was to check out Bumbershoot, so we made the trek back and forth from Seattle Center and downtown quite frequently.  

Service: I only interacted with the staff a few times, and each time was pleasant.  The doorman was VERY nice and professional and didn't crack any jokes at us when we came stumbling into the hotel at 3 a.m. totally wasted.  

Room: The room was in fact pretty teeny.  It wasn't too loud, but I could hear the neighbor's TV once.  They were blasting some sort of music video and I think it was a one-time occurrence.  We didn't have a view of anything since the hotel is kinda short so you don't get views of the water.  The bed was very comfortable though.

Price: I booked a flight+hotel package but if you break it down we spent about $100 per night, which is a great deal.

Little perks:
-Free wireless Internet
-SBC attached to the hotel (awesome for breakfast-and-go)
-Across the street there is a gift shop + ATM, clutch
-Pick up and drop off curbside area

Little cons:
-On a big old hill!  I guess, in Seattle, this is what you get.  ;-)

Oh, one weird unique thing about this hotel is that it hasn't decided on its identity.  The front desk/lobby area is super modern and clearly has been remodeled compared to the elevator and actual room levels.  They have this oldschool elevator with the popped out buttons that don't light up and don't make a sound but then all of a sudden the elevator JOLTS to a stop and you're on the 4th floor.  The walls are all old green and Victorian-looking but it's sorta cool.  

Overall: It wasn't UNBELIEVABLE but it was really a great deal for what you get in location and convenience.  If you will be a first-timer in Seattle I would highly recommend this hotel.

02/04/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
22. Jennifer L.
To start with, there is a parking garage next to the building (Ace Parking, Olympic Garage) where you do get reduced rates. The problem was that when we called beforehand to ask if it was Ace they said no, that it was Olympic. Ace are all the huge signs all over the building and signs, but inside there is a smaller sign that says Olympic. How could they not know that? Staff was pleasant enough. I was with someone in a wheelchair (broken pelvis), but although painful can hobble along somewhat. Good thing because there is no way to get to the elevator without using them (several). No employees even offered to help us either and they did not know she wasn't just a paraplegic. The room itself was small and we happen to stay on a warm weekend so it was stiflingly hot, which is uncomfortable to sleep in. The bathroom is very tiny with a smaller than average sink and no counter. The bathroom door is not a door but a glass shower style door with a magnetic strip to close, not lock. The shower head was extremely low, so if you're tall it will not do and you could have trouble rinsing hair. On top of that I paid for to have wine and chocolates in the room. Typically at check-in they will tell you if they're already in the room or if they need to get them. I had to ask, which just shows a little unprofessionalism on their part. It was supposed to be See's Candies and they ended up being Whitman Sampler. There's a big difference between specialty candy and candy I can get from Wal-Mart. Yes, the location is pretty good, but so are all the other hotels around. They have reduced parking rates, but same with many hotels there. There are absolutely no hotel amenities here either. This is not a cheap hotel by any means, so I'd suggest taking your money elsewhere.

24/04/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
23. Michelle S.
where do i start lol

i got the military rate on my hotel so it was around 70 somthing a night im glad i didnt pay anymore then that.

-great location, its right by pioneer square, pike st market and all the shopping areas, you can get any where by the transit system which saved us even more money.

-right by bars, restaurants, pubs, and tourist attractions

-didnt have a fridge or microwave

-the ac sucked our room was humid the whole time which was weird cause it was cold and raining in seattle, we even left the window open

-the bathroom was quite small and  the toilette  reminded me of the ones in my barracks which is not a good thing.

-it was a cute little room though

i got what i paid for

16/10/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
24. Piper E.
The rooms are small, but not too small.  The cable is limited, but still has ESPN and CNN, but no MSNBC or TNT.  The chair in my room is somewhat comfortable, but has a weird strip of leather on it, that is a little chilly on a shirtless back (yeah I like to watch tv in my underwear). My room does not have a fridge, which necessitated chilling my beer in the ice tub.  The closet was a joke.  Like literally a foot deep by 2-3 feet wide. And the "table" that houses the coffee maker is wedged into a corner and has less than a square foot of room, so one has to be cautious when pouring.  

Eh, the bathroom has cool old tile in it, but the toilet has a weak flush, and the sink is the size of a cereal bowl.

However, it is perfectly located downtown, right across the street to the magnificent-horrible library.  And they have a Seattle's Best connected to the lobby area, which is very convenient in the morning.

The elevators are old and frozen in time, which i found to be charming.

Overall, I would recommend it to budget travellers, or business people who need a decent rate and downtown location (i.e., me).

21/05/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
25. Christina B.
I have very mixed feelings about this place. I stayed here because it was the cheapest on hotels.com in the downtown area.

It was a TINY room. I couldn't believe how small it was!

The bad:
The toilet looked like a public restroom toilet.
The walls are paper thin (and I'll tell what happened in a sec)
I knew when the room above us was using the bathroom because I could hear the toilet flushing a little more loud than I wanted to.
The heater was extremely loud.

The good:
The TV was a flat screen, but I think only because it couldn't take up any room in this small room.
The bed was the best! It was so comfortable and great comforter and pillows!

Well let me tell you about these paper thin walls. So every time I was having sex, the skank in the next room would open up the door for adjoining rooms to listen. This skank also came back pissy drunk on Saturday singing the blues about being depressed that woke me up because I though she was literally singing right next to me in bed! I wanted to scream go kill yourself if you're so f'in sad, but couldn't muster up the energy. Then she tries to break in my damn room through the door she was eaves dropping through! PHYSCHO!

For $110 a night I expected a bigger room with thicker walls, but it still is the cheapest downtown. The Seattle's coffee downstairs does open really early which was nice. The staff was super friendly. So I might stay here again only because of the bed and price for a downtown Seattle hotel.

11/02/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
26. Greg A.
I spent two nights here a few weeks ago. I was not impressed. The rooms were small and the bathrooms were dirty. There was hair on the walls and in the shower when I got into the room.

I would have moved rooms, but I already had to move rooms once because I was right next to the elevator and it sounded like the elevator was in the room. In order to change rooms, I had to answer 50 questions from the night desk clerk about whether I had touched the bed, bathroom, etc. It was ridiculous.

The only thing this place has going for it is its location. That's it.

19/08/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
27. Jeanne L.
After reading the reviews on Yelp I was expecting a tiny room.  It wasn't THAT small, but we got the "Superior Queen".  Hard to imagine that they have a room smaller than the one we got.  Still, it's cozy.  Bathroom is small. The towel rack was mounted inside the shower.  Odd.  The wall paper was cracked and peeling in certain areas. It's an old building and it shows signs of that, but it was the minor imperfections that made this hotel charming to me.  

Walls are thin.  We were woken up at 4:30 am by someone watching tv.

I'd rather stay at a boutique hotel where it's aesthetically pleasing and a bit hip than pay the same or higher rate to stay at a cheesy convention hotel/motel.  

There was a Seattle's Best Coffee downstairs, it was only a few blocks from Pike place market, a few blocks from the Seattle Art Museum, across the street from the library, and a short walk from main arteries of bus lines that take you to major attractions.  

Another plus is the complimentary communal computer in the mezzanine.  Made planning our time in Seattle that much easier than just looking at the guidebook we had bought.  If you want, you can bring your own laptop and use the free wireless.

As for the concierge, they were helpful.  We asked for a breakfast place to eat and a late-night place to grab a drink and they pointed out some good choices.

17/08/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
28. J P.
Once my husband and I arrived, we received room keys for a room that did not open. We thought we had to put some muscle into opening the door, but after trying a couple times, it did not budge. We went back downstairs, asked if the room was occupied, and the woman that gave us the keys at the front desk didn't look surprised, just upset...as if it had happened before.
The next room keys given to us opened the door to a dirty, cramped, cheaply carpeted room with no working A/C. We asked why the A/C was not cooling the room (was blowing lukewarm air), and they informed us that the season for A/C use was over. Meanwhile, they brought up a dirty small fan that appeared to be broken. We did not try using the fan. Instead, we opened the window as far as it would go. I'm sure it opened only a crack for safety purposes, but that was our only ventilation in the room.
We left the privacy door tag on the door, and when we got back, we had noticed that someone had dropped off the complimetary wine and chocolates inside our room.  The fact that someone came into our room without permission and then provided cheap Trader Joes's wine and seemingly cheap chocolates along with it was offensive.
The pillows were disgusting, the bathroom was cramped, and everything feels old. I am not sure what "upgrades" they have done to the place. Also, the carpeting on the ground was stained in spots, and I could feel concrete flooring by the front door. The carpeting did not feel secure, as if I could pull it up easily.
The only reason I gave it a 1 star was for location.
This place sure makes you want to stay out of the room all day.

07/10/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
29. Justin M.
Cheapest hotel I could find for business necessities which sometimes comes with it's share of problems. The first time I stayed here the elevator was broken so I couldn't get to my room for over 20 min and despite asking, no one would help me locate the stairs. Outside of the elevator being crappy, everything else is ok. Clean room even if small. The staff is friendly this time so perhaps the first time was just a bad encounter. This did not earn three stars because for the price there are nicer hotels downtown in my opinion.

16/06/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
30. Sean V.
giving this hotel 2 stars is a joke ..unprofessional staff and outdated furniture and wornout .and bad location you think hey its right next to the space need whata deal no way for 120 .00 with taxes and fees it would be .haveto remember they groupon every few months if its a great hotel at a greal deal why ad at go.sari but ill pass been there awful and everyone i know has had the same bad experience.plus this neighborhood around the space needle is skidrow ....try the hyatt downtown or the hotel manaco stay away from this dump...

18/09/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
31. S K.
The reviews that speak to the size of the rooms are on target.  They are small.  My wife and I stayed a few days in Seattle at the end of a 3 week trip including Alaska and Vancouver and it was pushing it for 2 people with alot of luggage in a small room.  But, we are the type to spend very little time in the room when traveling so it was less of a negative for us.  The room also had a weary look about it but everything worked.  

On the positive side, there are several very good reasons for staying there. The staff is excellent.  All of those we dealt with, particularly Andrea and Jennifer, were first rate, efficient, accommodating and very friendly.  The hotel manager is around and seems to want feedback.  The hotel is centrally located where you'd want to stay in Seattle and the price is right.  It's not the Monaco but the staff that we dealt with went out of their way especially those named above (but not just them) to make our visit pleasant.  And. I've stayed at fancier hotels where the staff did not measure up to this hotel.

24/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
32. Dan L.
Rooms are tiny grimey and smell bad. Walls are paper thin. Staff is very helpful though.

30/08/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
33. Keenan S.
We arrived in Thursday for a 3 night stay. I had my family with me, my pregnant wife and our 3 year old daughter. I was told I would be able to valet my car, so I would have in and out privileges. When we arrived  I was told that valet was full and I would have to park in the overnight lot at a discounted rate ($23) and would be put on a waiting list for valet the next day. Then on Friday I was again told there was no valet still, them Saturday, same thing. All the while I am paying to enter and exit the garage, which I have to do, because I was there on work and my family would go walk to Pikes place and around there while I drove around to meet clients. Finally on Saturday they retracted what they had said about there being no valet available and that actually they had been holding a spot for me the entire time. ??? I expressed frustration and they offered to refund part of my parking expenses, I ask them to refund all of the parking expenses, and they refused. I decided to take a loss and check out early, losing one paid day that i pre purchased on Hotwire. Then, after my family and I had packed up or bags and were ready to head out, the elevator broke, leaving us stranded on the 7th floor with tons of luggage a pregnant woman and a child. I began hauling luggage down seven flights of stairs. Eventually they offered to have the bellman help out. And that was it. No apologies, no refunds, no good! Also, rooms are small and dirty. Bad place.

06/10/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
34. Lacey F.
My husband and I stayed here a couple weekends ago.  I was really unimpressed with the rooms.  The doors were hard to open and the bathrooms had damage from the years of use.  It felt like the walls were paper thin and we could hear a lot of what was going on in the hallway.  I'd recommend spending the extra money for one of the other hotels in downtown Seattle instead of taking the 'cheap road' and staying here.  One positive note was that the font desk was very nice and helpful.

15/10/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
35. Donna F.
The rooms are even smaller than you can imagine based on the other reviews.  But they're still ok.

The AC was broken and we were on the top floor, so we were sweating all night.   The tiny bathroom is actually pretty nice, except the shower head  was so low that even a short person like me had to scrunch down to get under it; it literally only reached my husband's chest.

The location was pretty prime and the main saving grace.  We went into downtown for our anniversary weekend trip this year and the timing was right in line with the EarShot Jaz Fest and this hotel was a perfect walking distance to several performances.

My actual complaint is actually about what they call 'breakfast included'.  No it's not.  They charge $15 per person and the "breakfast" is actually a small black coffee from the Seattle's Best that's in their lobby and a selection of 4 high-sugar pasteries.

I would say that it might as well have been a Best Western.  But they feed you better.  I'm marking them as Pricey only because it's pricey for what you get here, not for a nice hotel downtown.  

Go to the Sorrento instead.

17/10/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
36. Catherine D.
Decent priced, good location for walking to nearby sights. No fridge, hooks for hanging jackets/hats/scarves, and my friends card was charged twice for the room. Be sure to check your bank account before leaving!!! The doorman/security guy called a buddy of his for his town car services to the airport- the guy was a rude prick who drove like a complete maniac!

15/03/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
37. Carol K.
Came for:
- reasonable price for a great location (~$110(all-in)/night last week of June)

Will come back for:
- friendly staff
- Seattle's Best Coffee connected to the lobby that offers free wi-fi

Ughh, will not come back for:
- old elevator
- tight/crammed room
- unventilated/smelly bathroom
(pictures show a charming place, but does not reflect the oldness of the hotel)

19/11/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
38. Truthful S.
After reading all the reviews, I decided to stay here anyway because the price was so good.

I got the room for $84 a night for a "Comfy Queen" directly on the Executive Hotel Pacific's website. I must say that this place was not bad at all!

Please note that this is called a "Boutique Hotel" and boutique is slang term for "SMALL ROOMS". But, we weren't planning on spending much time in the room anyway, since this was a sightseeing trip, so it did not matter about the size. If you are a superficial person and need a large room - then this place is not for you.

This is a historic hotel, built in 1928 - so don't expect something new, luxurious and modern - this hotel is typical of the original time period and is very cool if you are into historic ambiance.

It has been renovated, so it is not gross or anything. It's nice. Small, but nice.

The lobby is more modern in decoration - as you will see from the photos - but everything else is very small and vintage.

The elevators are super old and a little scary in my opinion (decorated with fabric like grandma wallpaper).

The hotel was very clean, the receptionists were friendly and the bed was very comfortable. Nice down comforter and all white linens. You can tell that they clean them often, even the comforter - this was a PLUS for me.

The rooms have flat screen TVs (although small) and very small bathrooms (tiny).

Also, the rooms have free wireless Internet, in room coffee maker with Seattle's Best Coffee, Hotel Robe, and all the standards like Soaps/Shampoo/Iron, hair dryer, etc.

There is a Seattle's Best Cafe connected to the lobby! Great for a quick morning coffee run.

For the price, you can't beat it. But book it directly on their website for the best deal. They always feature a "HOT ESCAPE RATE" on their website and its cheaper than any other of the travel websites like hotwire, expedia, travelocity, etc. So book directly thru the hotel.

It's location is great - right in the heart of downtown and in walking distance to everything like Pike's Place, etc.

There is a parking garage connected to the hotel and there is a salon right next door.

I recommend this to anyone who is looking for a decent place on a budget in the downtown area.

Again, remember - this is HISTORIC, so if you don't like historic, vintage places, you won't like it here. I loved it!

07/10/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
39. Thigh C.
My friends and I stayed here for the Holidays.

The hotel lobby is so small... good thing it's connected to Seattle's Best - good place to hang-out.

My friends forced me to stay here for 1 night and here are my observations:

1. Our room is so small.
2. Bathroom is clean.
3. No fridge in the room.
4. The room temperature is so hot so we opened our window.
5. We had a good deal - price wise. Very cheap for downtown hotel.
6. Location is just great. Walking distance from Fairmont Hotel where I invited my friends to "The Terrace" (see my other review).

Compared to other downtown hotels, this place is just ok. Since we had a good deal, we don't have any complaints at all.

01/01/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
40. Greg D.
My wife selected this location for a 4 night stay due to it's downtown location and price.   First night down, everything is fine.   While the location is not particularly "clean" it's acceptable.   It's fairly small and narrow but it appears to be older.   I would expect to pay something in this price range in NYC for like quarters and I think the price should be slightly lower here, but like I said it will pass and we might stay again later this year.  

Tonight when getting home there were no lights on and no way to turn them on.   Had to go to the front desk and they had to reset the circuit breaker.   Will try to upload some photos later...

02/06/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
41. Marc C.
A solid three star conveniently located in Seattle's downtown.  Easy to find as it is across the street from the Library.  The Seattle's Best Coffee House on the 1st floor is a bonus (we like it better than *bucks).  Very clean, but old, so expect cranky elevators and ice on another floor than yours.  If your on a budget, but want a clean, safe hotel with great staff in downtown Seattle, this is a good choice.

08/08/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
42. TJ B.
Renovations ( didnt tell me when booked) loud, hot and dirty... If the location wasn't so good this place would be torn down. Glad their fixing it up, but should've been done 10 years ago. Weak.

24/07/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
43. Jon R.
Thumbs up:

1. Price.
2. Location.
3. Cleanliness.
3. The bed rules.
4. Seattle's Best Coffee shares the same space.
5. Front desk scheduled a car to pick us up at the crack of dawn to bring us to the airport (and it ended up being cheaper than the cab we took from the airport to the hotel). Nice!

Thumbs down:

1. The person who checked us in didn't seem to know anything about Seattle - couldn't answer basic questions about the city or recommend a place to eat.

2. There is no little fridge in the room.


4. The room is tiny. Nice, but TINY. It's basically the width of the double hung window. But - I don't really care about this as I'm just there to sleep. I'm not hanging out there.

Overall it's a good spot in a good location for the price. I'd stay there again.

14/06/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
44. Christina N.
Right in the heart of everything! We were walking distance to downtown, Pike Market, amazing restaurants, nightclubs and after hours! The front desk staff was friendly and very, very accommodating. They took the time to answer all of our questions about Seattle and give directions and good reviews on all of the places we planned on exploring on our trip. There is a parking garage right next to the hotel so we didn't have to worry about our truck getting messed with while we enjoyed our mini vacation. Parking in the garage is a little pricey but worth it in our opinion. If you are going out at night, I would definitely advise against walking. Be sure to take a taxi. The $5 or $6 cab ride will save you from experiencing the worst of Seattle.

Walking into the lobby, the hotel is clean, nicely decorated and the smell of coffee drifts up from the coffee shop right below. Our room was small but definitely fulfilled our needs since we were only there to sleep, shower and get ready. The bed was comfortable and firm and I was actually pleasantly surprised with the pillows. They weren't the giant, over stuffed pillows I am used to when staying in a hotel. They were actually smaller and way more comfortable on my neck. I woke up well rested and refreshed. The ONLY negative critique I would give the hotel would be that the bathroom door is made of privacy glass and does not provide very much..... privacy. It does not contain sounds or smells and there is no ventilation fan. Definitely made for some awkward moments! All in all, we had a great stay and I would definitely recommend this hotel. I think that given the cost comparison of the surrounding hotels it definitely exceeded our expectations!

09/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
45. Pamela D.
When my work informed me that they were hosting me at a hotel in Seattle, I automatically assumed that the cheap bitches were going to stow me away somewhere near the airport. It was a nice surprise when I discovered that I would be right in the heart of downtown, near to bus lines, lame tourist attractions, and insane homeless people standing in the middle of the street, screaming,

I arrived 4 hours before the scheduled check-in time of 4:00 PM (which is lame), fully expecting to leave my luggage at the desk and aimlessly wander until check-in time. Luckily for me, however, they had a room available and I was able to check in early. The man at the front desk was extremely nice.

My room met my expectations, because I read up on this place beforehand. When a hotel is touted as a "boutique hotel" you pretty much need to expect small rooms and tiny bathrooms. The room itself was a decent size. The bed was a king and amazingly comfortable, and the television stole my heart with it's flat screen and good reception. The heater was efficient and the window actually OPENED, unlike most hotel windows that make you feel like a prisoner. It was nice knowing that, if I decided to commit suicide at any time, I would have been able to easily jump from my 7th story window.

The bathroom was incredibly tiny but in good condition, though my major gripe was that there was no fan in there, so right after taking a shower, the whole room was foggy as hell and I was unable to put on makeup because a) I couldn't see and b) it would have melted off.

AND, the worst possible part about the room: NO. LITTLE. FRIDGE. Why the hell not? My guess is because they wanted us guests to spend all of our money in the restaurant they had in the lobby. It was a real letdown. I love ordering pizza at 3:00 AM at hotels, stowing the leftovers in my fridge, and then waking up the next morning and eating a feast of cold pizza.

While being stoked about being immediately put in a room, I was a little dismayed to ultimately find out that my room was located in between the very old and very loud elevators and the housekeeping headquarters. So at 5:00 AM, I was treated to loud crashes and bangs as the ladies prepared to start their days. Kind of annoying.

If I had to choose, I don't think I would stay here on my own. But for an all-expenses paid work trip, it wasn't terrible.

09/02/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
46. Kay W.
I stayed at this hotel because of its price. It was the cheapest hotel I could find near the convention center for PAX.

Very very VERY comfortable bed.
Friendly staff.
Seattle's Best downstairs in the lobby.
Free WiFi.
A window that actually opens!

Tiny tiny tiny room.
A little dusty, but it seemed from lack of use not because of grossness.
Bathroom without a fan.

The staff was so friendly and accommodating, they took care of our bags after we checked out while we explored the city, and didn't ask too many questions as to why we needed another blanket and pillow. And the location is prime, right next to the Seattle Library and only blocks from the pike.

09/09/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
47. Travis D.
Stayed here on a weekend trip to Seattle with the girlfriend and January. Loved that the location was close to most of the stuff we wanted to see and that we could take the monorail from the airport to within a few blocks of the hotel, meaning we didn't have to rent a car. Thought the room rated (around $80) were reasonable given the neighborhood and the staff was nice. Yeah, the place was a little old, but i thought that gave it some character.

The room was a little bit on the small side, but in doing a 48 hour blitz of Seattle, we didn't really plan to spend much time in the room.

I'd certainly come back.

10/05/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
48. grace g.
Stayed here for four days from Hawaii.  The hotel is small, parking is in a different building and sucks.  The toilet looks like a public toilet and a/c is small and old.

There is no refrigerator or microwave.  I called the front desk so, I could bring some seafood back home with me and was told that a small box would be fine.  I went to pikes, got a box and went back to the hotel,  and was advised that they had no refrigerator!!!!!!  I was pissed.  So, thank god for hotel Monaco, which is across the street for taking my food and sticking it in their walk in.

21/05/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
49. J L.
Affordable and in a decent location. Overall the hotel lacks hospitality and amenities. The carpets were stained throughout the building, more than general use. Staff lacked training and formality, housekeeping entered our bathroom while one of our travel companions was in the shower! The front desk offered no assistance when concerns were expressed about a lost/stolen(?) piece of jewelry. I would stay elsewhere.

09/10/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
50. michael h.
This is my first review of any kind on Yelp.  I signed up specifically to post this after my dreadful experience at this hotel.  I will give you the blow by blow of the gory details.

1.  I checked in after a long flight from Chicago.  I was given a room key and went to my room, hoping for a nap.

The room I went to was obviously not ready.  There was some kind of an orangeish-red stain on the bed, there were no towels and what looked to be a dirty towel hanging near the sink.  When I spoke to the front desk, they apologized and asked me to return to the desk for a different room key.  I returned and they gave me a different room.

Later that day, someone slipped an apology note under my room's door with a voucher for a "free breakfast" at the Seattle's Best near the lobby.  This seemed like a great gesture until I tried to redeem it the next day.  I submitted the voucher to Seattle's Best and only wanted a canned energy-type drink.  They pointed out that the voucher only allowed for "a free pastry and a small coffee".  I could not get the drink I wanted, so I just left in disgust.

2.  The shower would not drain properly.  Taking a shower meant my feet being covered to my ankles in water at the same time.  It was pretty gross.  Being able to shower seems like one of the most basic functions of a hotel...unless you stay at a place this awful.

3.  I had no real problem with the hotel being older.  I did have a problem with how generally loud it was.  You can hear everything in the rooms around yours.  You hear every car go by as if your window was open.  It meant for some real trouble sleeping.  I was woken up multiple times during the night.

4.  My room had no clock.  I needed a wake-up call at 6am in order to make a business appointment that day.  I scheduled for a wake-up with the front desk and they said "no problem".  I set my phone to wake me up as a back-up.  My phone went off at 6:05 as scheduled.  I did not receive a wake-up call from the front desk.  At 6:25 I called the front desk to ask them what happened and they simply said: "sorry".

I made this reservation through American Express as they had a good discount on the room.  I sincerely wish I would've spent a little more money rather than deal with the headaches of this place.  If you cannot sleep and you cannot take a proper shower, why on Earth do you need a hotel?  Avoid it at all cost.

02/06/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
51. Nicole E.
The hotel hard to find the front door, drove around the block several times until I found the valet. We drove in separate cars and I arrived first with all the luggage. We had a decent amount of bags so carrying by myself was no easy task. Once I pulled up, got out of my car, unloaded my things, look around for the valet attendant and he was nowhere to be found. I removed the keys from the car and walked in. A man wearing a valet uniform was standing inside talking to another employee when I asked if I could have my car parked because I had paid for it. Meanwhile I was falling over trying to hold all my bags. The man very rudely said no, there is no more parking. I said so what should I do, and he told me to get back into my car and find a parking garage and park my own car. Whoa! I was shocked. Still holding my bags I went to the concierge to get my room keys so I could put my things down and he was soooo incredibly rude as well! Then the valet said you have 10 min to go to your room, set your items down, then get back down here to move my car. He also made a comment on how I parked the car, I said I thought it would be moved by him! It goes on and on from there but I think you get the idea.

Then when I got settled in my room it was so small, I mean the size of a decent walk in closet. The bathroom was tiny, it was stinky like dirt and mildew, and all around old and uncomfortable. The staff was rude, and the place was just terrible.


08/04/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
52. Michelle F.
aughhhhhhh.....!!!!!!!!!!!! omg......truly the worst hotel in downtown seattle. no ventilation in the musky rooms and horrible service. the air conditioning broke one night, and i laid and sweated. the second night the ice machine was grinding like a fricken meat grinder. i was transered to 2 rooms in 2 day......yukk and for breakfast they had an old basket of unwashed  apples. what a crap hole!!! it was booked through expedia and they would not give the refund back.

01/08/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
53. Jaemi A.
Starting with the positive.

The hotel's location is prime. Nestled on the corner of 4th & Spring, this property is conveniently located to almost everything. This is what I wanted, & this is what I got. The price was right for the location & peak season; I paid about $170.00 including self parking.

This is for sure an old building & there is character. Too bad things aren't kept up a little better. The bed was very comfortable, but I'm not giving too much credit here because most hotels have comfy beds these days. The connecting restaurant, Jasmin was nice. Although I didn't eat here, I did enjoy the bar.

Now for the not-so-great.

When I arrived, the parking was terrible. I was pleased to have prepaid for parking. I pulled up in front of the hotel, as I usually do when valet parking is offered, & there were no curb-side spots. I double parked & turned on my flashers, waiting for the attendant. The sign says to ask the attendant for parking instructions, but there was no attendant to be found. I waited for nearly 15 minutes before I called the front desk, only to be put on hold for another 5 minutes before I hung up. I called back & asked if they could send out a parking attendant. I was advised he was parking cars. It should be noted that not a single car was moved during the 20+ minutes I sat out front, double parked.

When the parking attendant came out, he got my name & took my car away; that's all that was said; he didn't even offer to help with my bags. I'm not a fan of tipping parking attendants when the price of parking in the city is so high anyway, but he for sure wasn't getting a tip.

When I went in to the desk, there was one young man & he was incredible busy. There didn't seem to be anyone else in the lobby, but the phones were crazy. It took another 15 minutes for me to get checked in because he had to keep putting me on hold to answer the phone. And while he was nice, he was in a lose-lose situation. Not to mention, he had a visible arm tattoo. I love tattoos, but I felt it was inappropriate for a front desk clerk to have one visible.

On an up note, I wasn't aware my rate included SELF-park & not valet. If there had been a parking attendant out front when I arrived, maybe I could have realized this. But the attendant just came to my car, asked my name, & drove away. I was used to this & he didn't ask me if I had valet or self park. When I was checking in, it was discovered that I had used valet services but only paid for self park. The desk clerk was nice enough to upgrade me at no additional charge for the misunderstanding.

When I got in to the elevator, the walls were fabric that was worn & looked very dirty. I'm sure it was clean, but it didn't look like it. On my way to my room, there was a painter in the hall painting the baseboards. He didn't make any effort to move aside, & the hallways are pretty narrow.

When I arrived in my room, the first thing I noticed was how small the bathroom was. I have a thing for bathrooms, & this was small, cute, & charming. And again, while I'm sure it was clean, there were areas I questioned. The grout in between the little tiles on the floor was dingy & appeared to be dirty. I think this is from lack of maintenance. Also, there was a vertical pipe along the wall; at the base of the pipe there appeared to be something that looked like insulation or something, only it was tattered and painted over; it looked really gross.

The wood baseboards were sort of torn up (again, lack of maintenance), but they had been painted over. Newsflash... painting over tattered wood doesn't clean up the look of the wood; it only becomes painted tattered wood. Like the fabric in the elevator, the carpet looked dingy & dirty. The room was small, but sufficient for one person, sorta crowded for two.

What really upset me were the window shears. One window was above the air conditioner (which was loud) & when I went over to turn the air on, I noticed black spots at the bottom of the shears. I can only assume this was mold, given the look & the location. Also, the headboard was a padded faux leather-type material that was all worn & scratched up. Not attractive at all.

I don't frequent honor bars, but I had forgotten my tooth brush & craved some saltiness. Things were expensive, as they go with honor bars, but the products still weren't great quality. It seemed like the entire honor bar was stocked from bulk items from Costco.

And when I checked out, it took the valet another 15 minutes to bring my car around. When he arrived with my car, I loaded my luggage, again, he didn't offer to help, & he had the nerve to "linger" as if he was expecting a tip. Sorry, buddy, but I just paid nearly 30 bucks for parking one night; if you wanna tip, you're gonna have to take care of my bags.

This was one night; I had a 2nd night scheduled here a few days later. Needless to say, I canceled.

The moral of the story... when you pay budget, expect a budget product.

09/06/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
54. Stephanie K.
Good location, right in the heart of downtown.  But I guess with the overpopulation of hotels in the area, that can't really be a standout thing.  

The rooms were alright, not the biggest rooms and not the comfiest bed, but it was free so I can't complain.

The hotel staff is incredibly friendly, they have a coffee shop right there, and much needed scalding hot water.

05/12/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
55. Dean W.
I stayed here for one night and it's not a bad hotel for business which was the reason why I visited Seattle.  The hotel is in a good location; downtown area, close to Pike Place, decent restaurants, W Hotel, and the Chinatown/International area.  The hotel is old, you can tell by the doors on the room and the moldings around it with wood chipped left and right.  The bathroom is the most disappointing part because it's small and the tiles and the bathtub are old and have a dirty feel to it.  The bed was decent and tv was not bad as well and they also have free wifi.  One of the elevators wasn't working properly as it closed and stopped closing and then moved extremely slowly and when it opened I jumped out as soon as possible.  I've stayed at some pretty bad SeaTac hotels/motels before so this is definitely welcomed especially for just one night.

19/11/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
56. Michael V.
I spent the night in Seattle two weeks ago at the Executive. The service in the front lobby made me really impatient! There was one asian guy at the front desk and two parties in front of us. It should not take 20 minutes of waiting just to check in is all I'm saying.. We didn't know where to park so we payed $8.50 at another structure and walked two blocks to the hotel. The hotel's parking fee was $23 including tax. I think it was discounted though, so I guess that's a plus.

The room we had was really small and the bathroom was even tinier! The view was also horrible (the back of the building looked like a sanitation plant) but for $103 for one night, I guess I can't really complain. I walked by a room with an open door that had a better view and a nicer room but it probably costed a lot more. I guess the bottom line is that you get what you pay for! Will I ever return? Sure! It was decent for the price and close to Pike Place Market (:

01/07/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
57. Frank R.
Spent the night at the Executive hotel and it was not so great for the price. The room was small, the bed was hard, and the pillows were dreadful!! My wife and I woke up with headaches and stiff backs. The doors typically slam and the toilets are those industrial flushing units so these two factors can wake you up at night if you have late returning neighbors. The wi-fi was painfully (2400 baud-like) slow.

One other thing that was annoying - but not the hotel's fault is that almost all of the restaurants and cafes close around 6 or 7 pm. So this part of downtown becomes a ghost town.

On the flip side, the staff was very nice and courteous. Next time we're up in Seattle we're going to stay in the Belltown area which is closer to the Pike's place market and a better night life.

02/05/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
58. E L.
I'm surprised by the negative reviews and I'm frankly glad that I didn't check Yelp before I booked because I got an awesome deal and really enjoyed my stay.  

There was only one drawback: a colicky baby in the room next door.  I'm not sure that the walls are unusually thin, but they're not thick enough to make that work.  

The room itself was quite nice, with a comfy bed, nice decor, and spotless.  The bath products were nice.  Wifi was fast.  The location is amazing: close to the Market, public transportation, shopping, etc.  The service was superb in each and every interaction.  

I was there for work, so it was really nice to be able to run downstairs for a cup of coffee, though I imagine many people would want to venture out into Seattle coffee territory.  They had a wine hour, which I was unable to take advantage of, but it seemed nice.  Their business center was also really helpful and not the usual ooooollllllddddd equipment.  

For the price, I simply can't imagine improving on this.

20/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
59. jen p.
Just dont do it.
Spend the extra money and stay across the street at the Monaco.

If you really wanna know... the hotel is VERY old. Only one elevator works at once most of the time. I should know, I was STUCK in one of them.
The bathroom is SMALL. I'm surprised I didnt have to shower over the toilet. Oh and the air conditioner is set VERY high with NO controls. This is Seattle people, not Mexico.
The only good thing about this hotel was the Seattle's Best coffee shop connected to it. I think they might have been the friendliest people EVER.

07/07/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
60. Cynthia C.
We stayed here during the New Years Day weekend. At first glance it is a cute boutique hotel with a small cute lobby and friendly staff. Conveniently located in the lobby is a Seattle Best Coffee shop.

Pros: Cute hotel, comfy bed with lots of fluffy pillows. Located within walking distance to everything downtown. It was a short 5-10 minute walk to the Pike Place Market and located near a lot of food places. Also located about 3 blocks from the Link Light Rail that we took from the airport.  We asked for a late check-out and were given a 12pm checkout,  versus the 11am checkout. The hotel also has a complimentary wine reception every day from 5-6pm. That was nice to head down and have a couple glasses of wine in the evening.

Cons: Very, very thin walls. You can hear just about everything, for example, the conversations our neighbors were having. We were located on the 8th floor and all night you could hear a slight humming of the elevator, and we were not located right next to the elevator. We were also awaken by loud sirens outside. The sirens were loud enough that it seemed like we had left the windows open. The room had a limited amount of electrical outlets. One of them had an extension cord that reached to several lamps across the room. The coffee pot was located on top of the dresser and we had to move it in order to get to an outlet. No refrigerator in the room. The bathroom was TINY and difficult to maneuver around. The towel rack was located within the bathtub, where towels can get wet during your shower.

Overall, I think I would look for other hotels in the area to stay at on my future stay in Seattle. I'm not sure how the price compares to the other hotels since we traveled during the holiday weekend everything was pricey. The location was ideal for our stay and was near lots of restaurants, Pike Place Market and the waterfront. We walked to the Space Needle which was a good 30 minute walk but could have taken the tram.

02/01/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
61. Anne S.
I stayed here for two nights of my honeymoon.  It is perfectly located in downtown Seattle, just blocks from Pikes Market.  It was difficult to get to, I'm not a fan of steep streets, but it did have a close parking garage.  The rooms are very small if you don't get a suite, which a family member did get for us.  But I can see that if you only have the bedroom it would be very small, but we also had a seating area and another bathroom.  Very clean though and nicely decorated with great coffee in the room. We could hear street noise which we aren't used to, but it was downtown.  If you like the hustle and bustle of city living, this is a cute place and rightly priced.

01/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
62. Adam M.
When we arrived they had screwed up our reservation and put us in a crappy room. The guy at the front desk acted like he was doing me a big favor when he gave me one night of free parking ($21 value), I told him that wasn't good enough since the room I paid for was $30 more than the room they were giving me. After a ridiculous amount of arguing with this rude, arrogant little dick he gave me 2 night of free parking.
The rest of the staff was extremely friendly for the rest of our stay and the rooms were clean.

My biggest complaint was the size of the bathrooms. They were ridiculously small. You could touch both sides of the bathroom at the same time just putting your arms out. Overall the place was okay but extremely tiny. For the price I would much rather stay somewhere else.

25/09/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
63. Sean M.
The staff was amazing.  Super friendly, and very helpful.  
Easy to get around downtown Seattle from their location

Very small rooms
No restaurant or bar directly on premises.

Overall, a nice place, especially for the price.

13/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
64. Donny S.
*Small rooms & bathroom
*No AC during our stay
*No fridge

*Good location to most of the downtown attractions

The check in process went well and the staff was very friendly and somewhat helpful, but that was about the only thing acceptable about this place.

We were assigned a room, however, when we tried to go in it was locked from the inside.  Apparently one of the employees was taking a nap.  We were quickly assigned a new room.  Once we finally accessed our room the one thing that struck us was how hot and humid it felt.  The AC did not seem to work so we called to get it fixed.  We were told that the central AC has been turned off and heat was only available.  Apparently the hotel can only have one turned on at a time.  This would be fine except it was still warm in Seattle and the AC was still needed.  The little time spent our room we spent sweating until the temperature dropped late at night.  

The room itself is incredibly small, barely enough room for a couple.  The carpet is dirty and looked like it had not been cleaned in years.   We found blood spots on the sheets and pillow cases but were able to get replacements.  The toilet has an automatic sensor that triggered with every movement while sitting.  

We were also promised a bottle of wine upon check in.  They gave us, literally, the cheapest bottle of wine you can buy, Charles Shaw.

I would not stay at this hotel again nor would I recommend it.  There are plenty of hotels in this area that offer a much better experience than here.  This place is not worth your money.

07/10/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
65. Sarah M.
The staff was friendly and helpful and the hotel was in a good location.  The room was terribly small and the air conditioner was off for the season although it was not near cold enough outside to warrant that.  The window did open about 3 inches and they did provide a fan at our request, but with the temperature outside was not cool enough to do anything.  It was definitely not where I wanted to relax after a day of sightseeing.

01/11/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
66. Tara C.
Small rooms, and bathrooms, and few creaky noises during the night. However, the staff were amazingly friendly and helpful, the beds were comfy and clean, and the wine happy hour made up for any shortcomings!

04/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
67. M. N.
This hotel is in a great location, the bellhop did his job well, and they have a driver who can drive you directly to your airline at the airport, but that's all that I can say that's positive.  The hotel room was tiny and had a musty smell, the iron left a white residue on my black skirt that I could not remove with a lint brush, and the drain was slow so the water covered my ankles and almost rose to my calves as I showered.  I called the front desk about the drain and they sent the bellhop up immediately, but he was unable to fix it and maintenance did not fix it in the morning even though I was told they would.

16/08/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
68. Mary R.
Thankfully my husband and I stayed here for our honeymoon, not planning on it being a "luxury" stay.  Rooms are TINY, bathrooms are super small.  But... for the location and price, it was worth it.  Bed was comfy, wine hour was nice.  We would stay again. But it wasn't anything lavish.

12/11/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
69. Kevin L.
I've stayed in a lot of hotels ranging in price from $40 to $400 a night, in doing so you tend to get a rough idea of what a room is worth. The Executive does not fit the exaggerated price for the quality you receive.

There were hairs on the comforter and some others of dubious nature in the sheets. The bathroom had hair on the floor and the counter. Everything was dusty and there was a quarter under the chair in the room. No cleaning staff would ever leave money lying on the floor if they were present regardless of the denomination. The heater only works in the winter and the a.c. only works in the summer. It was overcast, in the high 50's at night and we couldn't use the heater. Finally the parking situation is terrible. It was $21 dollars for the night valet was available for a few dollars more from what I was told.

We ended up cancelling our reservation and walking out 45 minutes after arriving. The pictures you see online make it look cute and trendy, when in reality its just old and run down. A previous reviewer used the term hostel, I'd agree with that assessment as spot on. We ended up switching hotels, paying the same price and had a far far better experience.

To their credit the staff was prompt in bringing us more blankets, and the gentleman that came in to remake the bed was very pleasant despite being put in a very awkward and uncomfortable situation.

I would strongly recommend looking elsewhere for a hotel room. This place was a dump.

03/09/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
70. Michael W.
Decided to give this place one more shot after a year hiatus. Something great was that I was offered a great rate from the manager through yelp. Pretty cool in my opinion.

This time I stayed in the deluxe king. Super spacious room for one. However, the bathroom looks like it could use some remodling. The staff is very helpful and I was actually recommended a gym to go to due to my previous review. Good location but maybe a remodling of the rooms is in order.

04/02/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
71. Gary B.
The employees were very pleasant, but that was the only thing pleasant.  The rooms was extremely small and smelled strongly of mildew.  the alternate room was just as bad and the air conditioner did not work.  Only when we asked to cancel our reservation did they offer an upgrade but we had lost confidence in the hotel.  While this hotel was inexpensive, its value was even less.

22/07/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
72. Aaron H.
This place was weird. Kind of reminded me of an old YMCA, with a staff. The staff was friendly, enjoyed the complementary wine at 5pm. The bottle next day that was promised was supposed to be a $30 value though it was the 2 buck chuck from Trader Joe's and the free wifi was from the computers located on the mezzanine floor. That being said the staff was friendly and accommodating even nice enough to let us park in the 3 minute zone for about an hour while we were on our way out. The other reviews on here are pretty spot on.

25/12/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
73. Vishal K.
Hmm, I am the 100th reviewer of this place. We stayed in this hotel for 3 nights, mainly for it's location.
-Absolutely one of the best locations to stay in Seattle. Close to Pike's Market, Seattle public library, Seattle Art Museum and other downtown attractions. I also enjoyed the view from my window (watching and listening to the hustle and bustle of downtown from my 8th floor room)
-A Coffee shop in the lobby at the corner of Spring St. and 4th.
-Great staff.
-Rooms are reasonably priced.
-Free WiiFi
-Smaller older rooms (we had a "2 bed" room)
-Gets stuffy if you don't open the windows.
-Expensive Parking
Note: My parking problem was alleviated a little since I visited around the holidays and parking on the street was free for 2 of the 3 days I stayed. The third day I parked with the hotel. It's $23 for self parking but the staff let me do valet for $23.

27/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
74. Paige H.
Clean, comfortable, impeccable service.  Given the location, couldn't beat the price.  The only downside, parking is a long haul away with heavy luggage, but would be happy to stay here again.
The rooms were on the small side, but I think it's pretty typical for the location too, as probably are the parking struggles.

25/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
75. Paul D.
You gotta take the good with the bad on this place.   You can't beat the location for the price, the rooms are nice, nice wine reception every night, umbrella check out.  The bad, the rooms are small, and there is no desk so it's difficult to get work done, they advertise free internet, but it is only free in the mezzanine, if you want it in your room you have to pay for it & parking costs a fortune.

04/11/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
76. Neil Ryan G.
HATE Lack of free parking for guests.

DISLIKE The inattentive bellman (stood right there talking to the front desk as I struggled to open the door with all my luggage).  The scratches on my headboard. Parts of the hotel sign are broken.

LIKE The towel setup in the bathroom. Late checkout at 1pm. Cozy bed. Convenient corner location. Reasonable price.

LOVE Nothing.

04/05/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
77. Tina A.
I stayed here for a single night while visiting Seattle recently.

The location is prime, just a few short blocks from Pike Place Market, however the rooms are outdated, tiny, and poorly lit.

Fortunately, I was able to use my AAA card to book the room for $131 including tax. I'd look around before returning to this hotel again.

08/06/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
78. Tiffany V.
Stayed here for three nights with my loverman. It was $290 through Hotwire.com

Pros: COMFIEST. HOTEL. BED. EVER. No crazy tucked in sheets. No dirty plastic-y cover. No random itchy blanket between the comforter and the sheets. Plenty of big fluffy pillows!

Cons: I don't know if it was just our room location but we could hear the sounds of the elevator all day/night. The faucet would not settle on a temperature and it would go from cold to scorching hot. The elevators were really old and grungy. The concierge failed to inform us about the airport shuttle but instead told us the only way to get to the airport was through their drivers. Thanks a lot bitch.

10/08/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
79. Karene C.
This has to be the worst place I've stayed in since that time Yolanda and I got suck in Korea not knowing any Korean and ended up staying a night in a condemned barracks at Osan AB. I love Seether, just know I'm staying in the gutter for you.

15/11/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
80. Jano K.
I wouldn't stay here unless (1) I had to find a place to stay on a government rate or (2) I was a poor young adult that wanted a good launching point for the rest of Seattle.

As I fall into both of those categories, I wouldn't turn up my nose at a second stay at this hotel. It's a place to sleep, where the bed is comfortable and clean (mine was at least) and the service is neither a selling point nor a deal-breaker. If you want bells, whistles, and floor space to boot, you'll be disappointed in this bare bones hotel.

And now a little something for those of you who like to giggle at interior design oddities: There's no desk or floor space, but the chest of drawers is big enough to accommodate all of your clothes and your carry on luggage. The bathroom is 1940s efficiency, complete with the shower head  positioned lower than is modernly considered normal--because least you forget back in the 40s people didn't wash their hair every day. Yet, the lobby is funky and modern.

Executive Hotel Pacific is definitely a funny little place!

12/09/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
81. Wendy R.
UPDATE:  08/21/2012 wrote the Corp office about our stay & experience.  I expressed that I definitely wasn't looking to have anyone terminated, but rather provide them feedback to assist in providing their employees with additional training.  I also made sure they were aware of the amazing customer service by Michael.  8/22/2012 Received an email from the CEO confirming they were reviewing the issue & the Senior Director of Hotel Operations would follow up.  08/23/2012 exchanged emails with the Director who was very apologetic and offered to comp our Hotel stay to rectify the issue.  I expressed our gratitude.
I was 100% impressed by the Corporate offices response time & outline of action which includes additional training for the Front Desk.  Because of this I am giving them two stars, but in the current condition of the Hotel still can't recommend it. :(
My girlfriends & I spent one night here.  If it hadn't been for the Valet/Concierge/BellHop/Superman Michael we would have left within the first 45 min.  The front desk host was extremely rude, & condescending.  When we initially checked in we were told to go to room 616.  The key worked, but the room had a single bed.  

Michael kindly called down to the front desk to obtain a double bed room.  At the same time another lovely couple tried using their key (which would not work) on the door.  We talked to them in the hallway & after getting a clear picture of what was going on I asked Michael if I could talk to the host on the phone.  The man at the front desk blamed us & said "You were assigned room 606 NOT 616." I tried to explain the key & card said 616 but he kept talking over me.  He told me we all needed to return to the front desk & exchange keys.  I finally got a word in & explained it would be easier to give this couple the key we had that worked for room 616.  He said "No, for consistency you need to return & it can be corrected".  He kept talking & making it out to be our fault.  I finally said "Roberto, stop...and listen for a second" he dismissed me & I repeated the same phrase.  I explained to him he had 5 upset guests standing in a hallway, for simplistic resolution & defusing of the situation, it would be in his best interest to have us give this couple the key for room 616, have Michael provide us entry into room 606 & then have Michael exchange the wrong key for the correct key.  He again blamed us, I said "You keyed the card, you wrote 616 on the card holder, the key worked for 616, this is not our issue, it's your error".  Michael led us to room 606, we tipped him graciously.  

My girlfriend M went shopping while my girlfriend J & I stayed behind to rest.  We sat in the upstairs part of the lobby watching.  Within 45 minutes 4 other guests were given wrong keys, a room that was smoked in, a room that stunk like sewage (this eventually happened to us in room 606 and we were moved to 607), Michael running like crazy (one example another group of guests came in, he gave them a restaurant recommendation & literally ran up the street to the restaurant to ensure they would be open).  

The man at the front desk was rude, condescending & degrading to every single customer that came in the door.  As customers came back with wrong key cards, he was rude & acted as if it was their fault.  In the interim he spoke loudly about a personal disagreement he was having with a friend, with guests in the lobby.  Um, "Front Desk training 101" wth? You don't talk about personal issues.  

I spoke to another guest, who also acknowledged that Michael stood out & was one of the reasons they stayed.  The rooms?  Don't even get me started.  Disgusting, not clean, and a lot of damage.  It was a nightmare.  

I expressed my concern when we went out to dinner to the front desk that we had a lot of money worth of electronics, & after hearing someones key worked on another door where the persons items were if anything happened I would hold him personally liable.  He blamed the key card machine, I told him I watched him key in the numbers, this wasn't a system failure.  He again dismissed us, talked over me & refused to take responsibility.

The ONLY savior of this entire experience.  Michael.  Seriously, he belongs in a better Hotel than this.  He was absolutely incredible & I can't speak highly enough of him, his exemplary customer service & his work ethic.  As for the Executive Hotel Pacific....NEVER AGAIN... and as for the Front Desk, he is in desperate need of training & guidance.

I am a Service Manager for a large corporation, my biggest pet peeves?  An employees inability to take responsibility for their errors & or poor actions, refusal to listen & acknowledge a customers concerns.  Don't argue, get it right, if you don't get it right take responsibility, acknowledge the mistake & fix it.  Is the customer always right? No, but in the case where the error is as obvious as a piece of lettuce stuck in your teeth, own it.

20/08/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
82. Johanna J.
I must admit, I was a bit weary of this hotel after reading some of the reviews, but my experience was great! I traveled by myself, and I am a petite female, so space was less of an issue for me. This was my first time traveling to Seattle and the hotel is right in the middle of everything. I was surprised to see that Pike Place Market was so close (10 minute walk, at most). Everything in my room was clean and well-kept. I loved the glass shower. I showed up 2 hours before I was supposed to be able to check in and they had a room ready to go for me and were completely friendly in our exchanges. It is true that you have to walk up or down a set of stairs to get to the elevator, but unless you have a health condition and are someone who is planning to walk around the city, this shouldn't be a huge issue. If you are planning on spending a bunch of time hanging around the hotel, utilizing amenities and entertaining guests, this may not be for you. If you are someone like me who wants to spend most of their time exploring and need somewhere to crash, this hotel was perfect!

19/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
83. Jennifer W.
I stayed here over the weekend and had a pretty good experience with the hotel. I didn't have much expectation since reviews have been pretty so-so. The room is small but enough for two people. It's clean. Location is definitely the winner. close to international district and downtown attraction. the hotel is right beside the seattle public library. Easy access to public transportation. The staff are friendly and helpful. The Seattle best coffee is attached to the hotel and you will receive complimentary breakfast coupon to spend at SBC: pasty of your choice, small coffee/tea, and Naked juice.

my three complaints: thin walls :) let's just stop at that and you can use your imagination, street parking, and spotty hot water.

Price is pretty decent, good location, and good service.

31/10/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
84. Tim C.
I'm going to be "nice" and give this place 3 stars. It's more like a 2.7. Whatever.

Got a "decent" deal on a Travelocity package, tried to get other hotels but booked too late and this was one of the few hotels available.

Location is awesome. Walking distance to the water and Pike Place/convention center.

Here's where this place is funny:

As per usual, I always end up with a crap view. Usually it's a Vegas rooftop. This time it was a block wall 40 ft. in front of the place. The window opens up 6 inches so minimal air flow, and a stuffy room. The bed was comfy, it seemed clean, I didn't go over it in detail because what I don't know won't hurt me. Room is pretty small. Now here's the funniest part...the bathroom is like a closet. I read other reviews as to the bathroom, I think I must have received the smallest one. The toilet is literally 6 inches from the wall. If you sit down on the crapper you have to put one leg on either side of the wall. Hilarious! I'm 6 ft., so this was pretty funny. Luckily I'm a guy so I'm standing most of the time,  sorry for the obvious clarification. The sink is also tiny and the shower has a nice 3 inch hole above the shower head, probably from a plumbing update years ago.

Basically, this place needs a renovation. I'm not going to give it "complete dump", but  it does need work.

Like I said, the location is great and there's a coffee/breakfast shop in the hotel, so that's also good.

Check-in was 4 pm, a little late if you ask me, but I could at least keep my bags here.

I really wanted  to upload a picture of the can/wall but I think Yelp has already enough pictures so I wasn't able to add.   :(

14/04/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
85. AB A.
I did not like it at all. the room did not match my expectation. in the bathroom there were hair every where. i found hair on the towels.

17/01/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
86. Tim T.
What works for this hotel is the location. Only short walks away from Pike St and other popular destinations downtown.

Some things I did not like whilst staying here:

- no fridge in the room
- small TV that did not work properly
- no table or chair in the room, makes using a laptop etc very uncomfortable
- entrance area is a bit awkward, you have to drag your luggage down some stairs to get to the elevators
- no free parking. self park is $21, valet is $30

25/07/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
87. Op M.
Don't stay here!!! A/C didn't work, had to keep the window open bc it was so hot and the road noise and elevator whine kept us awake.   Room was dark and tiny. Bathroom was the size of a telephone booth. Wifi was a joke. Staff were nice enough, however.

03/03/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
88. Donnie L.
My wife and I found this hotel through Groupon. We figured it was a pretty good deal so we got it. Then we started reading the reviews on Yelp and thought maybe it wasn't the best choice. However, once we checked in and got into our room we thought it was a great deal. While the rooms were small there was still plenty of room for a king size bed, armoire, desk, and a bar area. The bathrooms had some tight quarters. The toilet was wedged between a wall and the tub. The shower head was about chin level for me. Besides the bathroom being a little bit on the small side we didn't have any complaints. The room was nice and the location was great. We ended up walking all over Seattle and the hotel was pretty central to everything.

18/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
89. Brandon B.
I always hate writing a negative review when staff are so nice, but here goes:

- Loud!
- Wireless so painfully slow
- No smoking rule not enforced
- Poor value

Let me say a little more about the last one. Sure, the room rates are cheap, but you're going to pay for breakfast, pay for parking, and pay for calls. If you don't catch the fine print special dialing instructions, calls within the hotel are charged as local calls at .75/call.

Other hotels may charge a bit more, but you get free breakfast, parking, and calls.

The positive? Nice staff, comfy bed. But so what? There are too many decent hotels at good prices to ever consider staying here again.

12/04/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
90. Bobby M.
*friendly staff
*good location

*tiny room
*unbearably hot in room
*no A/C
*bathroom door is a glass door w/no latch
*bathroom counter so low that toilet could barely be opened

Room was not the relaxing place I wanted to be at end of a full day exploring Seattle.

29/10/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
91. Jade M.
A bed is a bed - this statement definitely applies here. After reading the reviews on here I pretty much expected an average room and that's exactly what I got. I chose this hotel because of the downtown location and the proximity to the Seattle Public Library (right across the street from such an architectural wonder!) - it was also the cheapest hotel in the downtown area that I could find that didn't seem completely horrible. This hotel is very vintage - old school elevator, and the room I had was kind of dark and the bed and pillows were lumpy. The bathroom was tiny and it wasn't that clean (visible dust/dirt) but the shower and toilet worked fine. Besides the location, I really didn't find anything "executive" about this hotel. However, we spent the majority of our time out and about in Seattle and only stayed in the room to sleep - so the room did it's job. This hotel is about a 10-15 minute walk to Pike's Place and the Pier, and literally across the street from the Downtown public library. For the price I wish this hotel was better, but I guess it was good deal at $191 a night.

21/05/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
92. Amy T.
The only reason to stay here is the location. I was attending a conference at the Washington State Convention Center, and it was only about a ten minute walk from the hotel. Also an easy 10-15 minute walk to Pike Place Market.

But, honestly, I would pay a little more money to stay at a different downtown hotel.

My main problem with this hotel was how stuffy it was. I stayed here in January, and it was hot and stuffy inside. I tried turning on the air on the window unit, but it only blew warm air and made a terrible screeching noise. Luckily the second day housekeeping got the window open, but it only helped somewhat. (Again, this was JANUARY. It was 40 degrees outside.)

About twenty minutes after I got to my room a guy knocked on the door, seemed super surprised to see me, then asked if he could paint the wall. (?!?!?!?) I actually let him, and it only took him a couple minutes to cover up this spot on the ceiling, but still. Weird.

The hotel smells like mildew. REALLY strongly like mildew.

A strange noise kept me up every night. I think it might have been the elevator? I probably should have asked to switch rooms, since I was only a couple doors down from the elevator. But I was afraid to get an even stuffier, worse smelling room.

No room service, the restaurant downstairs is completely closed on Sundays, but they do have pizza delivery menus available. So that's something, I guess.

Staff was nice (the guy who painted my room was friendly, at least), the bed was comfortable. Power went out in my room one day and I called the front desk and they had it back on in about two minutes, which was nice. I had free wifi, although I don't know if that was a conference perk. Still, stay somewhere else.

29/01/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
93. Steph L.
This place could probably be a four star if you paid the $120 I did but I wanted to err on the side of caution.  

As previously noted, the rooms are teeny-tiny small, bathrooms are not suitable for larger or tall people (although the exposed plumbing in mine was a work of art with how they fit it in there), and it's not the newest hotel on the block.  

But, compared to the prices of the other downtown hotels, this one was exactly like I'd expect. I felt safe and the location is superb.  The hotel was really clean and although it could use a little freshening up, you can tell they at least try to put on a facade that it's a nicer place.  A bit like your grandma's treasured and well-worn furniture.  Out of date but you know at one time, it might have been hip.  

Seattle's Best downstairs, restaurant across the street Sazerac has happy hour until 8pm, and it's not far to any of the downtown destinations or the light rail.  

The windows don't block any sound.  Elevators are out of Mad Men era; a bit jolting, loud, and take forever but it does the job.  

Oh, and they allow dogs!  Not sure the restrictions (if any) but the dog was about 20 lbs.  

If you want to feel spoiled, may want to go elsewhere.  Not a luxury place in the least.

19/06/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
94. Harrison W.
I genuinely had no complaints for the price. Yeah, there were some things that the hotel could have used, like a mini-fridge or newer furniture or whatever, but this is not that hotel, and they're not advertising those amenities.
It was a great location, only 2 or 3 blocks away from the light rail stop, and a short walk from Pike Street and a bunch of other fun stuff downtown. Free wi-fi worked great. It was quiet in my room for the four days. I never had any problems with the comfort of the bed or sheets. The bathrooms were super clean and nice. I was never anything but comfortable here.

14/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
95. Jason C.
Having traveled to Seattle on many occasions in the past year, I was thoroughly disappointed with my decisions on downtown hotels on this last visit. Though the location is perfect, the hotel is in need of a complete remodel inside. The elevators are small and cramped, the walls are thin and the bathroom doors are unacceptable.

I give it two stars for the location and service.

06/02/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
96. Kevin R.
This is the worst hotel I've ever stayed at! A motel 6 would have been better! Filthy, terrible service, badly in need of overhaul both in service and in the building and furniture! My room key did not work for a whole day! Finally got fixed just before I checked out. Had to call the front desk to come and let me in my room every time. The room was filthy, the upgrades/renovations were a complete fail! They've tried to add modern styles in a almost 100 year old building! Shaved wood above bathroom door not painted, badly scratched and work out furnishings. Sheets stink! Carpet filthy and stained, rude employees with no decent customer service skills, front desk did not have change for vending and closest store was a mile away at night. Yellow spots above shower, hair from previous occupants still in bathrooms. Sink faucet loose and wobbly, cracks above closet ceiling, could not obtain a receipt for my stay. Manager was informed and unsympathetic with my horrible experience at this hotel. I will never rerun or record this hotel! Online they advertise a robe in the room which I never received. The pictures they show are not accurate! This hotel is a sham and false advertisement!

27/05/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
97. Jim R.
Older hotel or shall I say "classic"

This "classic" property was likely once a happening spot located right in the center of Seattle. Alas, it's small European hotel-sized rooms are showing their age. Despite a few modern conveniences like rain shower heads and older model flat screen TVs the rooms feel tired and worn. The bathroom in my room, 804, was tiny with a sink the same size as an airplane bathroom and the toilet was so close to the wall it was almost unusable.

We paid $200 which is a bit much given the age of the place and size of the room. Around $130 would be in keeping with the quality.

On the positive side the girl at the front desk was happy and helpful as was the doorman.

They are also in the midst of a bunch of renovation.

21/08/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
98. Garrett K.
I had the smallest hotel room I have ever seen. It was a queen room mind you, so they probably get even smaller. I realize this is a restored period hotel but damn. They could have expanded the rooms but stayed faithful to the original design in other aspects because at their current size with their current rate it is ridiculous.

A weird issue I had was with my rooms door handel. I had to jerk UPWARDS on it swiftly to be able to open my door after swiping my room key. Pushing it downwards as it was designed to be wouldnt move the locking mechinism at all. But from the inside you could use it normally. Considering they have cleaning service enter this room (709) everyday as other staff periodically it's not possible that the management doesn't know about it.

I assumed this was just a problem with my room but when I went down to the second floor to use the cardio room (which contains a treadmill, an eliptical, and an exercise bike if you were wondering) for the night of my stay the door handel was hanging downwards instead of being parallel to the ground. The only way I could get through it was to again jerk swiftly upwards on it and force the door open. And also again management has to know about this.

The safe in my room was locked when I got there so I had to call the front desk for them to have somone come up and unlock it so I could program and utilize it. The hotel handyman arrived promptly and even volunteered to hang around to make sure I didn't screw up programing it with a pin pad key (and no he didn't attempt to see what pin I used).

On the plus side the bathroom, while being tiny like everything else, was appointed with more towels then I have ever been given in a hotel room and I checked in alone so this is apparently their standard. Maybe it seems like a small thing to you but I hate having to call down to ask for more towels and here I certainly didn't have to.

Also on the positive ALL the staff I had dealings with were friendly, polite, and helpful. That includes valet, concierge, handyman, and cleaning service. The cleaning lady however didn't speak any english beyond "wash cloth." But once I was able to find the garbage bags on her cart that I wanted to put my extra shoes in for packing she quickly produced a larger bag for me from under her cart. So it's not like she didn't want to assist me, my Spanish and charades skills were just lacking.

The coffee shop and asian restaurant connected to the hotel was a huge convenience. Both were excellent and staffed by talented, friendly people.

Ultimately, I'm rating this hotel 2 stars because I felt that with what I paid for the room it was unreasonable for me to feel cramped in a queen sized unit. The price was no where near the highest for downtown seattle hotels however their were others that were cheaper that I would of had a reguler sized queen room in. I would suspect the staff would be decent enough so all I would of lost was the connected coffee shop and restaurant which would of ment that I would of had to walk a half block or so to find one of each...

29/10/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
99. Jody P.
Although it's old, it's still charming. The valet and other staff were helpful while directing us to places nearby. It's close to both Pike's place market and Pioneer Square. The gelato place on the main level is so tasty... The only issue we had was that the sink didn't drain very fast. The rooms are small but cozy.

11/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
100. Jen E.
If I could give less than one star..... I would.
I now know that yelp allows 5001 characters only for a review... so this is the condensed version of our .....hotel of hell experience.
The front staff is rude and one man in particular loves to over talk guests and be rude. The vallet/concierge Michael was the only, ONLY thing here that was good.

The front staff confirmed our room with two beds and sent us to a room with one, after acting like it was our fault that we had entered the wrong room... they got it figured out at the same time someone was also given keys to the same room.
We got into our new room(there were 3 of us) and started to get settled we realized how grimy the room was,  ring around the tub, dust caked on to all the ledges, hair on the beds, just general grime. we went down to the lobby to relax a bit and noticed we were far from the only people in the hotel the front desk was rude to. Also couldnt help but notice that there were at least 6 other room key accidents of wrong keys given out, wrong room numbers and people entering into other peoples rooms with the stuff laid out.
I went back upstairs and found that our room now smelt as a sewer and someone had opened our door and sprayed cheap floral air freshener.
We got our room changed..... again. After explaining to the front desk we had thousands of dollars in electronics in our room and we would appreciate it if no one ....NO ONE.... entered our room without us being there since well we had observed the key situations from earlier.
We were assured in a dismissive manor of the security of this hotel.
We get to our new room and my gods.... it was dirtier than the first. There was even what looked like blood splatter on the tiles by the outlet in the bathroom. All the outlets were broken, cracked, not set. The floors and walls had mystery stains....STAINS... the furniture looked as though some hungry toddler had gnawed on them and scratch marks on all the wood furniture. The lamp looked like it was used to hit someone and all they did was put the shade to the wall and hope we didnt notice.... is that how the blood got on the walls? The Hallways had grime on the walls, gouges out of the door frames that were not touched up with paint, or in some parts peeling paint, the carpets looked like someone threw up and it stained large parts of the carpet.
I have now come to understand why my grandma keeps lysol with her when she travels.
We went out for dinner and came back, the bill was shoved under the door... then when we got to one of the beds... my gods someone had ENTERED THE ROOM TO GIVE US VOUCHERS FOR FREE COFFEE AND A MUFFIN.... SOMEONE HAD ENTERED THE ROOM WE REQUESTED NO ONE ENTER! Are you kidding me???
The hall walls get scuffs..... I know this people bump into them, these though looked like they had never been cleaned, the carpets in the hall way at least on floor 6 looked like someone had been slaughtered on them. The vacuums used are from the 50's so I think that would be why the floor felt grim. We observed much of the staff being rude and condescending to people who had general concerns, questions and complaints.
I went to take a shower and the tub did not drain it got 1/2 way up my calf and I got out. It did eventually drain, and my friend pulled out 2 very large clumps of hair and it did not even help. (I am not talking a few hairs here people.... she pulled out a damned tribble from the drain)
I really wish I was joking or at least embellishing when I say the moldings had not been wiped to the corners and the grime was caked on, the air conditioner had grime on the metal parts, the ceiling in the bathroom was cracked, patched and cracked again, there was built up grime on the tv remote, the tv wouldnt turn down past volume 21, the outlets were broken, the stairs leading up to the elevators had a railing that if used would actually snap, the vase in the lobby cracked, a huge chunk of marble was missing from the front counter, the staff was rude beyond reproach and the elevator sounded like at any moment would plummet to the ground hence ending our captivity.
Due to the Seahawks game that was going on, we were unable to find another room anywhere and actually considered sleeping in the car. If you are over 5'5" good luck taking a shower. I am 5'2" so the shower was perfect for me.... my friend on the other hand had to slouch in the shower to wash her hair.
The only ray of light in the otherwise hellish experience was the employee Michael who was seriously the best worker I have ever met and needs to be at a 4 star hotel with his work ethic and energy.
We will never stay here again and I would recommend no one else does either. Please find anywhere else to go....
I have sent an email with some photos I took and a more detailed description to corporate. Lets see if they care enough to respond. I only sent them a few photos but did offer up to send more photos in case they want to see how this hotel is being kept.

14/08/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
101. J H.
I was put in a room that was very tiny and I'm a woman who doesn't require a lot of space but this room was smaller than any hotel room I've stayed in NYC.  The room I was given did not have a bathtub and shared a wall with the elevator. I heard it go up, stop and go back down all night long. IT WAS VERY LOUD. Finally  at 3am I couldn't take it any longer and asked to be moved to another room. The second room was much better but could STILL hear the elevators. I understand it is an old building but I will not be staying here the next time I am in Seattle.

14/01/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
102. Gricelda P.
I really enjoyed my stay at this hotel.

I read some of the other reviews and I had low expectations, people said it was small but personally I feel like if you are staying downtown Seattle that is pretty obvious.

The hotel was clean, and yes it is small but perfect for the price. The place is nice and the staff was super friendly.

The location is key, it's walking distance from the Piers where the Acuarium is at and also walking distance from Pike  Place Market.

I would definetly stay there again.

09/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
103. Madame M.
I was in town for the weekend on business and found the hotel to be a marginally average place to stay if you will not be spending a lot of time in the room.  I reserved their "deluxe suite" which was quite small (I'd hate to see what the standard room looks like, probably a closet). It was only manageable for a single traveler.  The bed was comfortable and the TV had a nice array of channels.  

The bathroom was quite small as well and not built for someone over 5ft6. You cannot close the door without lifting up your knees if you are on the commode. The tub appeared to be stained which wasn't very nice to look at but the shower was nice.  I found the heat/ac unit to be rather old and clunky.  You cannot do much to control either.  There is just a fan option.  When I arrived the room was super hot and stuffy.  The window only opens 6 inches (to prevent people from jumping since the room is so hot I assume) so it took a while for the room to air out and cool down.  

The front desk staff seemed rather aloof and disinterested in their customers as well.  Do not use the vending machines in the hotel, they charge $2.00 for a can of soda!! Instead, take a walk to the Bartels drugstore just a few blocks south of the hotel and purchase beverages and snacks.

On the bright side, the fabulous Seattle Public Library is right next door and there is decent WiFi in the room.

This hotel is best for those who do not plan on driving since parking is expensive and minimal. One guest was given the incorrect parking instructions and was told he had to pay $87 for parking since the staff told him the wrong complex so beware if you are parking there, make sure you are given directions to the absolute correct complex. Also, Spring Street is a pretty vertical hill so if you are walking there from a Light Rail terminal, stay on 4th or 5th Ave to avoid having to walk up that crazy hill with your luggage. Other than that, it was an okay stay. I would only recommend this hotel if you do not plan on spending much time in the room, aren't brining a car, aren't too picky about temperature, are a single traveler on a budget, or enjoy walking up hills.

26/10/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
104. Margaret B.
I stayed here over the weekend with family for a wedding reception held down the street at Hotel 1000.

I did read all the Yelp reviews to see what I was getting into.  The on-site parking is $21 per day but you get a ticket to come in and out as you please.  The parking lot has tight corners and is hard to navigate but we managed.

The hotel room is small and gets VERY HUMID very fast but the location is perfect.  You are pretty much paying for the location only.  It's two blocks from Pike's Place, you walk to everything downtown, even the Space Needle.  The staff was very helpful and friendly.  My sister needed help with the room's safe/vault and made a call early Saturday morning.  Someone was up within 10 mins, even apologizing she was late.  Told us the General Manager and part-owner of the hotel covered her spot at the front desk so she could run up to our room.

I would definitely come here again. You just cannot beat the location for the price they offer but be aware of the room size and the parking situation.

05/10/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
105. Cynthia G.
This was an all-right hotel.  It was clean, the people were friendly, it was very convenient to anything you'd want to see on a brief trip to Seattle, and also to the convention center and the light rail.  It did get a little warm in the room at night but I'm used to Southern hotels with blast-force A/C, so YMMV.

21/10/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
106. Greg M.
Cheap hotel in the heart of Seattle's business district. Rooms are decent sized. However, bathrooms are a tiny and look like a contractor designed the remodel. Wifi is spotty at best and they seem to either change the password daily or break it daily - I'm not sure which. Water pressure was almost non existent. 3 minutes into my shower the pipes started making a squealing sound. The air conditioner was locked in heat mode all night and damn near roasted me out - the thermostat didn't look capable of controlling the AC, so maybe it was heat only. Hard to tell.

Let's just say you get what you pay for.

On the plus side, the doorman is super friendly and very helpful. The bed was comfortable enough.

13/02/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
107. May N.
My friend got a groupon deal for this place, so a few of us went out downtown for the night and crashed in the room.  

When I went to meet my friend, my initial reaction walking into the hotel room was that it was kind of outdated and not kept up very well.  As we made our way up, the elevator looked even more outdated and smelled kind of weird.

The room lacked a chair and mini fridge, which I thought should be pretty standard.  Hotel looked old and came with some shampoo and hand soap, but no mini toothpaste or cheap toothbrush.  

I was pretty cold at night, despite the comforter.  However, I admit I didn't do much to try and mess with the heat settings if there were any.  

Overall, it was livable but not really somewhere I'd choose for a 'comfortable stay'.

(Keep in mind that I only used it to literally SLEEP a few hours, and not as a place to get ready, shower, stay for a trip...)

18/02/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
108. Michael C.
This is a very basic outdated hotel with tiny rooms - which is just fine if you get a room online for around $100. Do not pay EHP's normal asking price of $220+. Try Hotel Tonight on your smartphone to find a downtown Seattle hotel under $150. Also try Deli-no-more for breakfast next door in the YWCA (an amazing value).

30/09/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
109. Kate M.
*Staff are friendly

*Small rooms and bathrooms
*Poor air quality...very stuffy.
*Air conditioning barely worked
*Old...and not in the charming vintage way
*Scratchy robes
*No mini fridge
*Small TV
*Noisy hallways and elevator

05/10/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
110. Aaron B.
The hotel doesn't have room service, was told that the valet was full. Pulled in the valet was full and it just keeps going. Take your money somewhere else.

04/11/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
111. Miaunow R.
This hotel totally screwed me. BIG TIME.  I paid for a room with them online.  When I got there to check in they said they screwed up and "oversold."  They sent me to a hotel called the Baroness (read my review on the sh*t hole).  

I had a very bad feeling when he told me they were sending me there.  I looked it up before we headed over and it had TWO ONE STARS and ONE THREE STAR (he must have been on heroin).  

We headed over there and this place wasn't what I call disgusting BUT it was NOT in ANYWAY SHAPE OR FORM A SUBSTITUTE. I paid a total of $190 for my room and I got put in a place that goes for $100.  They have people living there monthly and I don't mean business executives.  

The place was kept up in the lobby but the rooms were OLD.  There was a 40 year old lazy boy in my room.  There was a kitchenette that had FOIL in the burners and looked like it belonged in a rundown motorhome.  I didn't even sleep in the bed.  I was not taking chances on it.  I read a review about flea bites, etc.  

BTW this was supposed to be a surprise for my GIRLFRIEND'S BIRTHDAY.  YEA SURPRISE!!!! Here's a craphole.

The only reason I didn't demand my money back in the first place and not stay there is because it took me 6 hours from LA to get to that room after the problems with United Airlines.  It was like 2 am.  I wasn't running around looking for a room at that time.  I was tired and over it.

We ended up going to the afterhours NOC NOC and came back and checked out.  If I knew we were gonna do that I coulda just checked my bags in.  What a joke.  

The manager JENNIFER said she would refund my credit card back 25%.  Total joke.  I send pics of the craphole they sent me too and fought with them but they REFUSED to work with me and felt that crediting back 25% was enough.  Sorry but that's terrible.  MAYBE they should go and check out a room they have the NERVE to send someone to after they have paid for.  UNACCEPTABLE.  This hotel is the WORST.  

The worst part of that story is for $25 more I could have stayed at the PAN PACIFIC!!! The only reason I booked at this poor excuse for a hotel, etc. is because they sold out of the rooms there when I went back to get the room at Pan Pacific.  What a joke by comparison.  Great birthday surprise Executive. SHAME ON YOU AND YOUR EXCUSE FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE.

10/08/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
112. Mikhail H.
This is the story of my plight....

3pm - Me and my two friends arrived at the exterior of the building...where the F is the entrance? I drive around the block four times and there is some sort of white zone which, perhaps, is for valet parking since I already paid for that right...but where is an attendant? There are people sitting in cars but they are just hanging out talking. My friend J walks over and asks what we do now to which she gets yelled at that we need to pull up to the white zone where there are attendants...ummm, what attendants? Fine, we circle around....again for round FIVE. I then park in the TAXI ONLY zone since, again, there is no where to park and no one standing out there to direct. I can barely tell this is the hotel entrance.
330pm - I walk to the front desk and am greeted by a fake overly friendly man who confirms I wanted a room with two beds correct? I said yes and he hands me key cards. The bellhop Michael is amazingly sweet and makes us think that finely we might actually get good service. The lobby is something out of an Escher painting with far too many staircases and such which is unfortunate as a member of my party is in a leg brace. We travel up the TINY elevator (four people is CROWDED) which squeaks the whole way up. We get to the room and I walk in to discover....ONE BED which I say is incorrect. The bellhop calls down to the front desk who is telling him that all of us need to come all the way downstairs and do it over...umm no. My friend W takes over the phone and after arguing with Mr Punchy Asshole at the front desk who tells her WE were at fault...NO JOKE....finally he stops arguing with her and says he will give the bellhop keys to the correct room. The bellhop sweetly offers to unlock the room with his master key for us so we can get settled while he runs to get us the keys. As we leave the room there is a couple trying to get into our room...they were also given wrong keys... We exchange laughter with them as we go to our correct room. While the bellhop is running to get our new set of keys we notice how unclean our room is...do not get me started on how nasty these rooms are.
430pm - After an hour of drama I decide to dodge my captors and see what shopping the city has to offer. My guests are a bit tired from the drive in and opt for nap time. While I was out they start smelling horrific chemicals and when they open the door to see where it is coming from as they are both about to vomit they see hotel staff spraying chemicals in the rooms and halls??!!! WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS??? They basically gased out a whole floor and when my guests complained they were moved one room over. They were already super ill.
5pm - While I am running around one of my guests approaches the desk person with concerns for the rooms because she encountered two other sets of guests who received incorrect room keys - one set tried the room next to their out of curiousity - think she heard the room number wrong. She walked into the room which WAS held by another guest who was out but all their luggage was sitting there. This worried my guest as we both had our work laptops with us and thousands of dollars in electronics between us that might now be exposed since apparently room keys were all wrong. The front desk person argued again with her and kept insisting it was isolated to which she said that she now knew of four people given wrong keys total - how is that isolated but then he kept changing his tune saying that the computer was messing up - all the keys, btw were issued by HIM...
7pm - I arrive back at the hotel and I ask why our room has changed and why does the new room stink like burning plastic. I am told what happened. The smell hit me like a wall and I am grateful my guests calmly dealt with the situation since, honestly, I would have been screaming at this point.
730pm - We leave for dinner trying to forget the early issues and hoping our room is secure.
1130pm - We enter our hotel room and I get the bill slid under the door but we then notice someone came into the room to place a card on one of the beds saying that they were sorry for all the room changes and to have a pastry, coffee and juice on them...ummm seriously. So we express a concern about security and having random people in our room and you now decide to VIOLATE US FURTHER BY COMING IN WHEN WE ARE NOT THERE...WOW, JUST WOW....Thanks for the juice but REALLY?

I literally had to get drunk to get the balls to take a shower...no joke. The bathtub was covered in dirt and looked like something from a college dormroom - the bathrom was tiny, no water pressure whatsoever and the lake was fun...so the drain would no drain and I was taking a bath/shower so I decided to try to unclog the damned thing. Yeah, I pulled out two GIANT clumps of other people's freaking hair and it still would not drain!
I could go on for days. Do yourself a favor and sleep under a bridge before paying these people a dime to stay here!

13/08/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
113. Saira C.
This place was all kinds of not worth the price.
1.)  I did the super secret room at the "LOWEST" price through Travelocity. Which was still over $100/night. That room was only able to fit a bed. Nothing else.
2.) The rooms look okay, and the bed was comfortable, but I was BIT by spiders in the bed! The halls look like something from the Shinning that had a fresh coat of paint and nothing else in the last 30 years.
3.) The room was a sauna at night. You cannot open the window and there is no air conditioning outside of peak summer months in the building. We cracked the window the inch it allowed and slept on the floor once it got so hot. There was a parked car in the alley with the alarm going off ALL night so we literally slept 5 minutes that night.
4.) Half of the channels on the cable don't work, are frozen on a screen, or don't exist.
5.) The hotel bar below, which is some sushi restaurant or something. What a giant joke! I asked for a drink menu, the girl says, "No. We don't do drink menus." She starts digging around the bar..."I guess I could make a mojito, I might have the stuff for that." What? No. We left. I'll never stay there again or recommend it to anyone. My spider bite still hurts!

24/10/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
114. Shanley R.
Comfortable bed. Room was small but that wasn't a problem as we spent most of our time out of the room. Front desk and concierge service was good. They were very helpful especially since we had to store our bags before we could check in and after we checked out.

The location was great! We walked a lot around the city and it was nice to have the hotel so close. It is really close to the light rail so coming from and going to the airport with our luggage was a breeze!

I'd stay here again!

17/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
115. Gary A.
Keeping in mind that this is an "executive" type hotel, it's really pretty decent and priced right. Located in the older part of downtown Seattle, the staff while not friendly was efficient and not really rude either. It's an older hotel but kept clean and the rooms while small are very comfy. The bathroom is extremely small, but there was good water pressure and lots of hot water.

The star of the room is the queen size bed, VERY comfortable. There are a number of decent restaurants within walking distance. To the right is Shuckers and left is Smith & McCormick's, both were very good. Overall, I'm a fan and would stay here again when in town for business.

30/01/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
116. Gayle C.
Spent two nights here. Clean room, comfortable beds, free wifi and very hot showers. Couldn't ask for more!! However, some issues occurred, when we asked for room with two beds there was an additional charge of $30 for a room "upgrade". Self park was $25 plus tax per day with no in/ out privileges. Valet was full and not available,  but if you can get it $27 with in/out privileges. Older hotel that has character!! Location is great.

12/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
117. Vivi R.
We paid over $100 for the night at this hotel, what a waste of $100. There's no pros from my review. It's all cons. Let me give you the list.

1. Their wifi sucks so bad. It's so slow and disappears sometimes. I'm currently using 4G to write this review.
2. They need to lower the price from their hotel. I feel like I'm at some cheap "motel"
3. Our room's television is on the right side and not the front side which is weird? My neck hurts and back hurts if I try to face front to the tv.
4. The walls are weak, you can hear somebody snoring and you can hear their radio music.
5. Their toilet flush is ridiculously loud plus when you want to flush it, it looks like those public restroom where you have to use your foot to flush just to avoid germs.
6. They gave us 2 key cards, one doesn't even work like wow what's the point of giving us 2 key cards when one doesn't work?!
7. Their window, you can't open it for long. You have to use your hand to hold it open. Maybe it's just our room. We're on the 3rd floor.
8. Heating system doesn't even work. It's fall, not summer, so I read that heater starts working at fall/winter? We turned it onto 85 degrees for almost half an hour, it was still cold.
9. They have a shitty ass tv cable. Oh and it's small too. I'm trying to watch "Revolution" tv show and there was a cliff hanger moment until the tv channel just froze on me for few minutes and I missed it. Like really?! Other channels work but not that channel, so I go to food channel, enjoying the show until the channel froze, but other channels worked like wow...
10. Their bathroom sink is utterly small, it's like kid-size sink. I was trying to wash my face and I couldn't help but to think I shrank like Alice or Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones.
11. The bathroom has no fan, so if you're sharing the room with someone. You have to suffer their poop shit smell unless you can wait for 30 minutes to an hour until the bad odor goes away. How embarrassing!
12. Our room is unbelievably small. I'm somewhat claustrophobic, so if you're too, I suggest you to check out a better hotel.
13. We chose this hotel because it was cheaper, and wow definitely fits the category of "cheap"
14. Lots of cracks on the corner of the wall. Even cracks on my toilet seat. At first I thought it was some bug, so I slammed it before it escapes, but realized it was just a crack.
15. Their elevator is incredibly slow. There's 8 floors. Just waiting for 3rd floor was hectic!!!! I think the longest wait was few minutes. I do have a lot of patience if it was my old ghetto apartment, our elevator sucked so bad, it acted like a 100 year old grumpy cranky nagging woman. We had heavy luggages, so walking upstairs would had been a pain in the ass.
16. When you want to have a romantic naughty XXX with your lover, just a friendly reminder, the bed shakes and it's VERY LOUD and 99.9% chance anyone can hear it. How do I know this..experienced with this issue. We got some pretty awkward stare from the people who was next door to us.

Okay maybe there's pro,

1. the bathroom mirrors were nice. The mirrors were basically covering the walls around the sink. I do love mirrors because I get so insecure with how I look, I think most girls do?
2. The lobby is upstairs and it was sort of comfy, it was alright.
3. There's an Espresso bar, you must try their Coconut FrapMocha, it was delicious!!

26/09/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
118. Rachel S.
This was the cheapest hotel available downtown, so my dad booked for us when we all went up for my brother's graduation. Dear lord, how I wish he'd checked on here first.

On first notice...
The woman at the desk was on the phone when we came in, but didn't even look up or acknowledge us in any way when we approached the desk. I noticed that a giant chunk of marble was missing from the desktop, and wondered what happened. Then, when finally helped, the woman couldn't get the room key machine to work and was basically hitting it to get it going. Not super professional.

The room...
was EXTREMELY cramped. And I'm sorry, but those were not queen beds!! No WAY! My boyfriend and I sleep comfortably in a full in our apartment, but these beds felt SMALLER, and were horribly uncomfortable. There was a rigid wooden headboard and tiny pillow that did nothing. What I did like were the plush red blankets, which gave the room a semi-homey touch and made sleeping there bearable. I also really liked the shower head, which provided a small touch of luxury in the room (and somewhat offset the small and scratchy towels). Also, the Pharmacopia bath products were surprisingly nice, and they were generous with refills.

The real draw of this place is location and price, but in terms of comfort it was a complete failure. I wouldn't share a bed here, since they're just too small and uncomfortable for two people, but at $150+ a night, it's just not worth it. Pay more for a better hotel in the same location: your vacation won't be worth it if you don't get a good night's sleep!

16/06/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
119. Crystal C.
I would never stay here again.  

Let me tell you why.  First, even though we stayed here in the middle of the winter, our room was scorching hot at all times.  Like you were staying in a sauna or something.  The hotel's reason?  Since the hotel was older the temperature regulation was done by boilers, and it only blew hot air in the winter and cold air in the summer.  That wouldn't be so bad if the air wasn't being blown into the room constantly.  There was no way to cool the room down besides opening the window a crack. We were literally sweating all night long.  Horrible.

Secondly, the beds were terrible.  Lumpy and uncomfortable.  

Third, when we booked the hotel on Expedia we booked with the special promotional offer of getting a wine reception.  There was no such thing!  Not a big deal, but don't offer it if you don't deliver on it.  

Fourth, my friend visited some friends who were staying next door in the W.  Hotel.  She said their hotel was a million times nicer and the rooms bigger (and not a million degrees inside) and they paid the same price as we did for our room!

Moral of the story? Stay at the W.

16/02/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
120. Gage R.
We stayed here during a busy weekend so it was more expensive than usual. But even taking that into account I was fantastically disappointed... I selected this hotel using the hotel tonight app on my phone.

First this hotel is in desperate need of remodeling! I am not a snob or do not expect glitz or glamour but I have stayed in Hostels with better conditions..

I could list all the reasons other reviewers have stated with uncomfortable beds, small rooms, compact bathrooms but ill just say this.

If you are going to spend the money for this hotel - walk across the street and stay at the Hotel Monaco, which is an amazing chain and will treat you more than expected for the money you pay.

04/09/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
121. Grace A.
Wow... people are really harsh about this hotel... I actually love this hotel. It's walking distance to a lot of places in downtown. It smelled clean and it actually was clean! The rooms were on the smaller side, but it was more than adequate. Compared to other similar hotels in that area, the price was GREAT! I really recommend staying here if you want a comfortable, clean bed to sleep in, a modern bathroom, and a great location at a great price.

I would write more, but I only took advantage of the bed and bathroom here. I was out and about most of the time and didn't go to the restaurant that was attached to the lobby.

09/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
122. Joee R.
Location, location, location.  This hotel is centrally located in downtown Seattle which made is extremely easy for me to walk everywhere I went.  I was able to get to the Pike Place Market with ease, visit the Seattle aquarium with no problem, find tons of Starbucks, and even the short mile walk to the Space Needle was amazing.  Overall the cost of the hotel was reasonable, especially for the amazing location.

There is a cute little gellato shop downstairs with the most amazing gellato.  If you end up staying at this hotel, I definitely recommend taking advantage of the cafe downstairs and getting the mango gellato it is delish! Now, on to the rest....

The rooms in this place are teeny tiny.  The man at the front desk made sure to let my husband and I know that he was putting us on the 8th floor in a newly remodeled room.  We walk to the elevators to find one is out of order due to the elevators being remodeled as well.  This caused some issues with wait time for the elevators.  We got up to the 8th floor and the hallway was HOT, I chalked this up to it being a nice day and figured we would have AC in our room so this wouldn't be a problem.  We walked into our room and it was teeny tiny.  Between myself, my husband, and our baggage we kept trying to find ways not to trip over each other or our stuff.  Our room was hot so we immediately turned on the AC which did not blow out any cold or even cool air so we got stuck opening a window which did not have a screen on it.  Considering the fact that the man at the front desk made a point of telling us how our room was just remodeled, I was a bit surprised to see how beat up and scuffed some of the furniture was.  Looked like a pretty low budget remodel to me.

My husband and I rented a car for our trip since we planned on visiting a few places outside of downtown.  Boy was this ever a mistake.  The hotel does not have parking.  They will valet your car for a $4 fee, but you also have to pay the garage fee which comes out to $38.  Basically that comes out to $42 a night which does not include tipping the valet.  My husband and I opted against this, and decided to park in a different garage ourselves.

Overall, probably not the worst place to stay in downtown Seattle, but far from the best.

06/05/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
123. Marie B.
Got a room off booking.com for $84... This place is super nice and an amazing deal for that price. Superior queen rooms are small but have everything you need. Very soft mattress with a duvet cover so you dont have to throw it off like at gross motels, cute  charming bathroom with large tub, great  water temp!
Cons- it was a bit hot all night and the heat was off... AC was broken I guess. Pillows are way too fluffy.. we both woke up with neck cramps! Housekeeping woke us up at 9am and I had to go out and put the do not disturb sign up. You can hear EVERYTHING they clean while they clean the 10 surrounding rooms... They bang around and talk and ate quite noisy!! I would come back again because nothing would compare to the quality of this place for the price!!

22/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
124. Justin R.
This hotel is great value for the location. The front desk staff is friendly and offer Washington apples and a complimentary wine hour every day. The rooms are small, bathrooms are smaller, water pressure is minimal, but at least there is a gelato place in the lobby!

22/04/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
125. Ali L.
Please don't expect anything amazing at this hotel. It is a room to sleep in and that's pretty much it. People say it is cheap but not my experience! At over 200$ a night I am sure there are better and cheaper ones out there. Whilst my room was clean my colleague had so many issues ranging from a disgustingly dirty bathroom to his bed not being made. They hotel scheduled in elevator repairs at 6 in the morning! Honestly who does that? Whilst suffering from jet lag I have to contend with all that banging! Staff were good but I feel very disillusioned and frustrated with the GM over there, who ignored multiple requests of contact!

I would not revisit that hotel again!

16/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
126. R C.
Nice staff, lobby and food. Rooms are tiny and need repair. Rooms have no A/C. Will no stay here again due to the rooms.

12/05/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
127. Wendy P.
The room itself is nice and I get that the bathrooms are small. That's the case with all the hotels downtown. But the arrangement of the bathroom made it almost impossible to use the toilet. Kind of annoying.

About 9pm I discovered how thin the walls are. Good grief.

And how is it possible that there is no way to get to the elevator without going up or down steps?  

The location is super handy if you plan to spend time downtown, the room is nice, but I won't be staying here again.

27/12/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
128. Graham B.
Came up to stay for Seahawk game. Very disappointed in hotel. Only 1elevator working/ understand need for repairs but the wait was ridiculous. After checking in a family told us they were there first for elevator so we waited about 5 mins- which seemed long- then they went up. We waited about 10 mins for another elevator with an increasing crowd of guests, most complained including using scary outdoor stairs. Eventually my wife got on an elevator and I again waited for the next. Finally got on one with a laundry cart, 2 staff members and 4 others. Upstairs a guest in the hall was complaining that she should have stayed in a (cheaper) Comfort Inn.  Got to room and toilet seat is literally broken off the toilet; how do you overlook that!? Called desk and 10 mins later housekeeping stops by and is like "yep that's broken and maintenance isn't here." Eventually they moved us to a new room. This place is the epitome of looking decent but failing to live up to it's own standards. Lastly the bathrooms are coffin-sized.

20/09/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
129. Max B.
Very poor hotel.... Smells, dirty. Gym is under construction, elevator does not work. Staff is untrained and not professional. I was given a room number that did not exist. Bathroom had a cardboard box on the entrance way that I tripped over. No toilet paper . Had to take stairs because if broken elevator , but there was no sign in the doors to say 'stairs' quite a dangerous fire hazard.

22/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
130. Val M.
Beware of the bathroom. It's really small and the toilet is so close to the wall that it's impossible to sit on it straight, you have to lean on the right. The carpets are really dirty and the AC/heater does not work right. Other than that, the staff is doing their best to make you feel good.

02/10/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
131. Donna F.
We have stayed here a couple times. Great location. Extremely friendly and helpful staff. They comped my valet parking because they had a hard time finding my reservation. YES the rooms are small and so is the bathroom. If you read up on the history of the building you will understand why. The rooms are nicely appointed, sheets are clean, beds are comfy. If you're a stuffy, uptight, persnickety person, don't stay here. If you're looking for a clean hotel to crash for the night and can deal with tight spaces for a night or two, this is a great place. You cannot beat the location. Centrally located. The doorman-- cool dude!

19/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
132. Franck W.
This is the worst experience I ever had coming to lovely Seattle! Do not stay there ...
Staff is unfriendly as if they don't want to be here. Rooms are tiny dingy dirty old and anything you can think of that would make you regret booking a room. The room  was hot even though we are in April apparently they only have central heat! Don't let the site pictures fool you.horrible

04/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
133. annie P.
The hotel leaves a lot to be desired.

When I was staying there in July 2014, there was one elevator for the entire hotel...guests, bell and room service staff.  The wait could be 10 minutes.  The second elevator was being slowly replaced.  

The hotel looks and feels old and in dire need of a total make over.  The rooms and hallways smell of old carpets. The pillows are hard from over use.

On the bright side, the hotel is centrally located and is walking distance to major sites. Wi-FI is free and works well inside the room.

16/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
134. Anne N.
Good location and, yes, very small rooms-I can deal with that. Bigger problems:you can hear your neighbor talking through the wall and your spouse doing business in the bathroom, the front desk staff won't look at you when you check in, chipped paint, dirty carpet, and CLEARLY this hotel used to allow smoking--musty!  Yuck! Yes, they are renovating but too many issues need to be addressed and why was there drilling at 7:45 AM??? From reading past yelp reviews (which I wish I'd done before booking) why has one elevator been out for 3+ months!?! Wish I'd gone back to previous hotels I've stayed in in Seattle. Don't stay here!

21/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
135. Cindy A.
We encountered several issues at this hotel.  

First of all, when I called to make reservations, I was 12 hours late for a discount.  My job offered a nice discount with them and by the time I came home, discussed it with my husband and called the hotel, they said that they can't honor the discount and give me the deal.

Secondly, the hotel room was so small...it was not what we saw online.  My husband and I were very uncomfortable in that small room.  It was ridiculous.  

Third, the room was not clean.  Dust was everywhere...in the bathroom, on the floors, on the table, etc.

Fourth, we were on the third floor, and when we booked the room, they failed to notify us that there will be construction on the fourth floor.  It was very loud and we were unable to relax with all the work they were doing.  If they told us when we booked the hotel about the construction, we wouldn't have booked it with them.

I don't recommend this hotel.

25/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
136. C B.
This hotel is old and the room was SMALL. It's good we are short or we would hit our knees on the wall in front of the toilet. They've done what they can to modernize it so even my pics don't capture the old factor. Also the closet smelled old so we didn't shut the door or our close would smell. I got a deal on this room but next time I would pay a bit more and stay somewhere more luxe and modern. Pluses: staff were helpful and nice bath products, location was good for walking. Minuses: smell in closet - bring febreeze, and we could really hear noises in the hall so I'd bring earplugs to ensure a good daytime nap and even nighttime sleep. It was a pain having stairs to get to elevator so pack light.

21/12/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
137. April T.
We knew it was a budget hotel, but I expected a little more. Only ONE elevator working. We were on the 6th floor. Wait took forever. Everything is old and small.  The Bathroom doors are made of frosted glass. I don't know about you, but I don't want anyone being able to see my silhouette while I poop.

17/05/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
138. Theresa G.
This hotel is old and the rooms aren't cleaned to spotlessness (some dust, some dinginess, etc.). That said, it's close to Pike Place Market, the staff are friendly, and the beds were comfortable. The staff were very helpful with suggestions on where to watch the Sunday football games, where to eat, and also called cabs for us on several occasions.

It's not the nicest hotel, but what do you expect at that price and location? It's a city, the rooms are going to be small and old unless you want to pay a premium (and significantly more than you'd pay in a suburb). The price irked me too, but I didn't see anything cheaper that wasn't either sketchier or outside of downtown, so I was satisfied with Executive Hotel Pacific.

10/09/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
139. Vrinda M.
So I would recommend NEVER EVER staying at this hotel mainly because they have no security system. Your information is not safe with them and can be accessed by strangers. I received a call from the front desk while staying at this place. The person claiming to be a front desk receptionist who knew my name and other details wanting to reconfirm my card details. What do I know, in an hour all my money is gone from my bank account. The hotel took absolutely no responsibility for it and gave me no explanation as to how the impersonator had my name, room number and other details which was trusted information. I would give this place ZERO stars and as negative a raining as yelp would allow me. Hope it helps.

19/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
140. Seth L.
I will say the staff was very pleasant, and they deserve credit for that. The location is also quite convenient.

That said the management/ownership of this hotel needs a wakeup call. Should room rates have been priced appropriately, I'd be gentler, but at market rate it's an embarrassment in terms of poor value.

The elevator barely works (and I do mean single elevator in a reasonably large eight story building). Plan on waiting an extra ten minutes during peak times. Once inside you'll find an authentic pre-WWII Otis; buttons don't even illuminate and forget about the ventilation fan.

Moving on to the room, retiling the tub and installing (crookedly) an LED light bar do not create a boutique hotel. The frosted glass bathroom door screwed into the original (lightly rotting) wood frame was also funny. Especially when the bathroom is about 20 square feet (room itself is also very small). Did I mention I could blow harder than the minuscule hair dryer?

The window air conditioning barely works (would have been ok but it was an unseasonably hot weekend). I can't imagine the amount of energy wasted by having these units run 100% of the time.

The rest of the room was tired, but most problematic smelled like smoke. I mean everything; in 2014 unless you specifically request one who gives you a smoking room?

...so unless the management is willing to basically give these rooms away during renovations (which are supposedly underway), it really should not be open.

14/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
141. Carlos S.
This hotel is badly in need of new management or investors for a major makeover. The local is great. Right smack in downtown. The people are super nice, but the accommodations are not. The drainage in my tub was super slow to go down, the toilets are very loud, the walls are super thin. My room was in a weird "cul-de-sac" where I had 2 doors to my immediate left and on to my immediate right. You could hear ever sound your neighbors made and I was woken by some type of bug sucking on my neck. Needless to say  I would never stay hear again and I do not recommend anyone else either. The size of the room I could care less.

07/11/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
142. Nic T.
So the location of the hotel is awesome! Right down town and easy walking distance to everything. The rooms are very small but well appointed. The bathrooms have been updated and are nice. I has a little issue in our room having the sink back up but they tried to fix it and when they couldn't they promptly moved us.
The beds are comfy and the room was clean!
All in all it's a great hotel that's reasonably priced in the heart of the city! I've been using the hotel for years and it suits me just fine!

10/03/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
143. Jess K.
Room $210 and hall carpets very dirty and room very small with few amenities and wine glass had lip stick on rim.

11/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
144. Renee C.
I "won" a bid on Priceline for a weeknight business travel stay here. When I read the YELP reviews, I was pretty concerned and have to admit, my expectations were very low. Thus I was pleasantly surprised by the really excellent location, friendly welcome, and early evening wine reception. True, the room was small and the overall feel a bit dingy, but hey, I had a bit of a view of the water out of my corner room window, was upgraded to a king size bed that was perfectly comfortable, had decent shower amenities, and the room rate was less than half of anything else available in the area for the night. Under the same circumstances, I would probably choose to stay again.

11/08/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
145. Heather C.
My husband and I decided to have a night of fun in Seattle and we wanted something in the middle of the Space Needle and Pioneer Square cause we were not sure what we wanted to do yet. This hotel was the perfect location for that. About ten blocks each direction to get where we wanted.

The staff was really nice. They even had a wine hour in the lobby.

The room was really small. About the size of our walk-in closet at home. The bathroom was also very small and when you lift the lid of the toilet it flushes. Kinda freaky when you are sitting on the toilet. I did like the shampoo/conditioner and soap that was provided. So much I am going see if I can order some from the company.

The building is 95 years old. We were told that when the elevator wouldn't work and we had to call the front desk and tell them that we were stuck. I guess you just have to hold the button for a minute sometimes to get it going. I was very relieved that it got us up to our room. After partying in Seattle getting stuck in a tiny elevator was not my idea of fun.

Next time we are going to stay in a new hotel. :o)

03/02/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
146. Sara E.
Paid for by the meeting conference I was attending I had no option but to stay here. Meeting was across the street at the Public Library so location was great. Valet parking was easy. The good: coffee pot in room, bathroom was clean and half way remodeled but small. Could not shut the door to the bathroom without shimming around it. At least there was hot water. Towels could have been updated.
The bad: carpet was gross, didn't want to take my shoes off, TV channels never came in clear, AC was already shut off for the winter and it was HOT so my room was stuffy and too warm both nights. The red blanket on the bed looked gross. My view was of the HVAC and it was noisy. One elevator only and was slow. I was on 3rd floor so I took stairs every time. My keycard stopped working several times and I needed to get remade at front desk several times. Thin walls-could hear people in the hallway having "adult" fun thru the doors while I was trying to get into my room.
They charged my card at first instead of the master account that was organized by the conference. Half the staff were friendly, the others didnt even make eye contact.
If I had the choice I would not stay here again. And all the meeting attendees said the same. Next year we will be using a different hotel. However it was nice I was able to check out in the morning and keep my car and luggage with the valet until 2pm...

15/10/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
147. Alanna L.
I love this hotel!  It was a little on the pricey side, but everything in the area is.  It was very close to a light rail stop, and therefore easy to get to from the airport.  It was close to Pike Place Market.  The shampoo, conditioner, and lotion were some of the best I have ever tried (hotel or not).  The shower heads light up according to the temperature of the water in the shower.  I am buying one for my home.

01/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
148. Patience S.

The location is not bad, the staff is nice, the wifi works and that is all one can say about this place. It is filthy in a way I have not seen since the highway-side motels of my youth. Vacuuming is a vague concept here. The sheets are cleaned with a harsh, smelly detergent that burned my nose and eyes all night...when they are cleaned. The first room we were given had bloodstains on the sheets. Each room after that was almost laughably awful. One had a door that was broken, another had no lightbulbs. The room we settled on (until we could get a room in the Hilton) has someone else's coffee in the coffee pot.

The "free breakfast" was a coupon for the coffee shop next door, which gave you a free yogurt, and a cup of undrinkably bad drip coffee.

If I could give this place negative stars, I would. I have never been so relieved to stay in a Hilton in my entire life. Horrible, this hotel is horrible.

23/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
149. Gerry M.
This is a horrible place. Shame on them. Amazing location. Broken elevator. Under construction (which they don't tell you until after you pay and have no choice). Dirty hallway carpets and in room. Absurd late checkin policy (4 pm?) and then they want you out at 11 a.m. They just don't care.

28/09/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
150. Kim L.
More like 3.5 stars

When deciding on a hotel to stay at, I am generally not very picky as long they offer basic amenities and room rates that works for me ---a clean room with a bed, working toilet, shower, coffee pot brewer, etc. without the fancy perks.

That being said, I'll start with the positives from my experience:

-The Basics: Got a clean bed, a functioning toilet to do my business, hot water from the shower, coffee pot with Seattle's Best Coffee. Works fine with me.
-Location of the hotel to the proximity of local attractions was excellent. Felt like the hotel was centrally located ---just walking distance to Pike Place Market or to International District/Pioneer Square. Accessible to major transit lines. University Station is just a couple blocks away to take the Central Link Rail to the airport.
-Hotel staff was generally nice. They all said hi to me as I walked by them.
-Free Wifi. I did not have any issues with the wifi as some of the other reviews had mentioned. They give you the password at the time of check-in to issue your key to your room.
-They have air conditioning in the room. However, I had no idea how to adjust the temperature since I did not need to do so. The temperature 'adjusted' for me was perfect since the weather was very nice and warm during my trip and I needed to cool down.
-Being a lone female traveler/tourist, I felt pretty safe during my stay. The doors are accessible only by the card key, but there was an additional knob to lock the door and a door chain for extra security and assurance.

Some things that may bother some folks (and myself):
-Yes, the room is on the smaller side. But because I was the only occupant in the room, this was not an issue for me.
-The hotel exterior and interior does look dated and could do some upgrading. -Speaking of upgrading, this hotel has two elevators. Only one was in working order since the other one was being renovated/upgraded, etc. Because of the one lone elevator servicing both hotel occupants and staff, patience in advised. If not, the stairs are always available (which I did up to the 7th floor -not bad!)
-For everything I have experienced, room rates to me were a bit steep. Then again, it was one of the affordable hotels in the downtown area (other hotels were going at least $250/night)

Overall, I think the place is fine to stay if you are not expecting anything fancy, plan to stay out most of your day (which I did), and proximity to local attractions and public transportation (Link Rail to the airport). The room rates could be better, but like I said, it was one of the more affordable hotels in the downtown area.

P.S. Oh yea, Seattle's Best Coffee regular and decaf pods were provided in the guest room. I got to say, I guess no one drinks decaf coffee (it's Seattle after all) since I had a pack of the decaf pod that had expired back in August 2013.

And no, I don't do decaf.

05/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
151. Matthew M.
This hotel was being renovated when I stayed there (April 2014), so my comments may be out of date by the time you read them.

At least when I stayed there, the hotel was old--not classic, not retro, but old. That didn't bother me, but I can imagine others being disappointed. My room was very small and sparse (no desk, very small dresser and closet, tiny bathroom). I knew what I was getting into and chose this place for the very reasonable price, so I was content with what I got, but don't come here expecting standard contemporary rooms. I think a large person would have had difficulty using the very, very small bathroom. In keeping with the overall theme, they have a small 24-hour fitness room (3 cardio machines, 2 exercise balls, and 4 dumbbells).

On the upside, the room was cheap, they have free wifi, and it's centrally located. The staff I interacted with were friendly and professional. For the price, I'd stay there again (if I were traveling alone; the room I had would have been very cramped for 2, and would have been impossible with kids).

16/04/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
152. Doreese N.
The good stuff:
Good location. We were in walking distance from some great sites. We were also close to the metro station.
The little coffee shop in the lobby was pretty cool.

Now the not so good stuff:
The rooms are tiny.
The carpet in the halls is badly stained in some places.
The elevator was under construction and we were waiting for WAY too long for the one functioning elevator to arrive. We ended up taking the stairs.
Inside the room, one of the lamp shades in the room had burns from old light bulbs and the lamp shade had not been replaced.
The air conditioner only blew mildly cool air. When we opened the window, the air from outside was cooler than the air conditioner.
The faucet in the bathroom sink leaked constantly. We had to jiggle it to turn the water off completely.
The bathroom was tiny and there was barely any counter space. It was as small as some of the bathrooms in the old hotels I encountered in Europe.
The drain in the bathtub was super slow.
The walls were very thin.

08/07/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
153. Melody A.
HORRIBLE hotel.  Carpets in hallways are stained and dirty and that carries into the rooms. Also,  the towels are really rough and unpleasant.  Considering the room cost $200/night I would expect there would be ac/heat in the room. ....NOPE. It was 65 degrees outside, and muggy but they switched over the cool so no cool air was available.  They said "open the window". The window opens 2 inches and we were facing a car garage so all you heard was cars starting and driving in a garage.  Well never never consider this place EVER.

25/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
154. Tyler H.
Pros: great location, very friendly/helpful desk staff, nice coffee/gelato shop in the lobby, bed is great and slept like a rock.

Cons: elevators are pretty slow, the bathrooms are tiny and oddly configured (If you're taller than maybe 5'10, you might not be able to sit down on the toilet or use the shower (the head doesn't adjust), relatively loud and the annoying housekeeper walked in right at 8 am when I was yelling at her to stay out.

Overall, OK. 3 stars because it's the best value and don't want to pay an extra $100/night to stay across the street but be aware of the little quirks.

25/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
155. Teresa S.
This hotel is an older one located in downtown Seattle. The plus points are that its location is within easy walking distance to main attractions, like Pikes Market and the Seattle Museum.  The downside is that it's a very old hotel (circa 1928)  and as with any old hotel needs updating. The rooms are very small and stuffy and the bathroom has little to no room to hold any toiletries. The bedding was clean but the overall ambiance was dated decor, wall coverings, paint and furniture.  The staff seemed friendly. There's no elevator from the hotel check in so you'll need to take stairs either up or down to the elevator. Wheelchair access would be difficult as well.  Parking is done via valet only as there's no street parking. They charge $30 a day for parking. Overall, the location is the best thing going for this hotel.

02/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
156. Mariangeles C.
I was between a 3 and 4 here and I decided a 4 is adequate...

It is really close and walking distance to everything which is super convenient. The staff is super helpful and very nice. There is an ATM in the lobby and a coffee shop attached to ! There are a few small stairs you need to walk through to get to the elevator but everyone on the reviews made it seem so bad and its not bad at all!!!

The only reason I cant give them a 5 is a few small issues in the room. The shower got flooded twice. The window would not open for the life of me ... the room gets really stuffy really fast.. we were able to prop it open and put a coffee cup in there to maintain some sort of air flowing through....

I guess basically its the shower flooding fiasco ..and the Wifi was really spotty and horrible.. my bf switched from WIfi to 4G and it worked much quicker.

all that being said, i would stay here again :) those things are all things that can be corrected...

20/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
157. Aaron B.
This feels like a two star hotel that thinks it's a four star hotel.  Our room had some upgrades: new tile in the bathroom, rainfall shower head, but the rest of the room was dated and musty.  Stains on the carpet, stains on the comforter (gross), heating vent was dusty and ready to fall out, old wallpaper and molding, etc.

As everyone notes, the room was terribly small.  There is a mini fridge, but it doesn't fit in the room so it sits awkwardly halfway in the corner.  Only one person could walk around the bed at a time.  No room to put our luggage.  The worst was the bed.  We booked a "spacious" Superior Queen Room which was neither spacious nor did it have a queen sized bed.

The elevator is slow.  Being on the top floor, we were always waiting for it.  In the elevator, we frequently opened to empty halls - somebody called the elevator and gave up after waiting.

The location was great and the staff was friendly, but everything else was way below our expectations.  Especially for the price.

04/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
158. Food T.
As many have mentioned, the room is very small. Carpet in the room and hallways are filthy, and only one elevator works. You can definitely hear your neighbors and their barking dog.

The only positives are the friendly staff and central location.

But at $200 plus a night, this hotel is definitely not worth it.

06/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
159. Tonya J.
I decided to take a quick spring break trip to Seattle. I was on a budget, so this hotel was my only option (why are Seattle hotels so ridiculous overpriced?) Also, since my boo wasn't able to get out of work, I was traveling by myself. I wanted to be somewhere centrally located...feel somewhat safe. The hotel is kind of pricey, considering it's an older building. The bathrooms have been remolded, though. However, I can't deny it's in a great location. I was within walking distance of the waterfront, Pike Place Market, Westlake Center, Starbucks and more!

The room was small, but clean. The bed was comfortable. I think it was a queen size bed. There was a television and cable. The TV was small and was far away from the bed. I had to strain to watch it or wear my glasses.  

As mentioned by other folks, the room was ridiculously warm. The window only opened so far (probably to prevent children and drunk folks from falling out of it :O/ The walls are very thin. I woke up multiple times, convinced someone walked into  my room, but it was just folks talking in their room. I liked the bathroom. It was small, but cute to me. I loved how the lights on the shower head lit up to indicate how warm/cold the water was. Housekeeping was good. Everything was tidy, after I got back from a walk around downtown.  

The staff was friendly. One of the staff mentioned a wine hour between 5pm-6pm. I missed it both days I was there. Dang! Sounds cool, though.

I would stay at this hotel again. I think it's a decent place to stay for short visits to Seattle. I just wish it was a bit cheaper.

28/03/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
160. Michael V.
This dump was booked for me and I have to tell you it was pretty bad. The room was small and noisy, the carpets dirty, the bathroom was dirty, the towels had holes in them and the lights didn't work. On the upside it was dry in the room but that is about all. I would not recommend staying here unless you have no other choice.

20/05/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
161. Julieanna P.
Comfy beds, fast wifi, excellent location. The staff was great and we were allowed to check in early and were upgraded to a bigger room for free. No complaints here!!

18/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
162. Justin M.
So much to say about how much I disliked staying here. I'm just going to try and make this short and sweet though. Try...

First issue was when I needed to get in the elevator. You have to take stairs up or down to access the elevator.... Is this even legal? After I lugged my two suitcases down a dozen steps I enter the elevator that has a cheap phone stuck to the wall... Sure helped me feel comfortable in case there was an emergency. Then I walked out of the elevator to see that the lattice work covered ice machine was out of order. Final step to get into my room was kicking the door after putting my key in since it was stuck in the jam. I got to do this every day too. Final component of suckage was that I had no control of the heat. I don't think it got below 80 in my room all week. Location was great and the front desk staff were quite helpful, but not good enough to counteract all of the negatives. This Yelper will refrain from going back.

13/12/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
163. Pamela S.
The positives: amazing location, free wifi, and no early check-in fee, bumping this to 1.5 stars. Now to get into specifics...

I am not picky when it comes to lodging and I do not have a problem with older hotels. I flew into Seattle last Monday morning and went straight to the hotel, hoping to do an early check-in before heading to a conference. There was a short line at 10:15 and honestly service was kind of slow, but the lady helping me was very friendly and helpful. I was informed that a room was available and that they do not charge an early check-in fee, which is definitely nice.

Only one of the two elevators was working. Got up to my room on the 4th floor, and that's where my shitty experience began.... literally. I put down my stuff and changed, then went to the bathroom, and other reviewers were not exaggerating, the bathroom was tiny! But that wasn't even the bad part, I lifted up the toilet seat lid and there was an abundance of someone else's waste still in the toilet, ugh. So gross... I thought there was a slight smell when I entered the room. Of course I immediately proceeded to flush the toilet, BUT it would not flush. To add to the somewhat hilarity of the moment, this particular toilet was built so that the lid wasn't able to stand upright on its own because the part with the flush button was in the way, forcing the lid to tilt forward when up. So that means that the lid would be leaning on anyone who uses this toilet, wtf. Anyway I had to head out but first called the front desk to inform them of the situation and I was told that it would get fixed by the time I returned to my room.

Got back to the room about seven hours later and fortunately the toilet was cleared. Right before leaving the room again for dinner, I used the toilet and noticed that it was flushing for longer than a normal flush but figured it would stop soon. I returned from dinner and when I was opening my door I heard a loud water sound. I went in and saw that the toilet was still flushing! So it was flushing for three hours straight while I was gone, oops. It went from not being able to flush to wanting to flush for too long, hah. I then called front desk again and the gentleman said he will send someone up right away. A couple minutes later, a staff member knocked and I let him in. He had a big smile on and asked me where I am from. Los Angeles, but of course the answer he was looking for is that I am Chinese. He then told me that I am very beautiful, all while with a big grin on his face. Thanks, but that remark and his almost creepy mannerism were wildly inappropriate when he was in my room due to a professional matter. Anyway, he took a look at the perpetually flushing toilet then informed me that the maintenance crew was not there, so he switched me to a double room. I started packing up my loose items and he asked if I needed any help. No thanks! He left after that.

My new room was on the 6th floor, I typically enjoy having a room on a higher level for a chance at a better window view, but with that elevator, the two floors up felt like a huge difference. That elevator is literally the slowest hotel elevator I have ever taken in my life. Anyway, I did have a pretty nice view from my new room, and the bathroom was also very small but the toilet was of a different design. This one had a flush handle and thankfully the lid stays up by itself. And yes, this one did flush, and no, not forever. The sink looked the same, with no room at all to place toiletries, but there are small shelves on the wall. I was just glad to be done with the #toiletproblems

Next morning I was looking for the blow dryer and looked in all the usual places in the bathroom and around the room, but resorted to calling front desk to ask about its location. She told me it's in a bag in the closet, but I had looked there. I looked again - and the closet smelled very musty, by the way - but it was just not there. Strange luck I was having at this hotel. I was lazy to call again to get a blow dryer dropped off, plus I didn't want to risk another weirdo coming to my room.

One of the things I tend to appreciate in a room is a good coffee machine (even better if it's modern!), or at least a clean one. The one in my room was sadly neither of those attributes, but I used it anyway. While stirring my coffee I noticed that the decaf packet had a "best by" date of June 2013 on it. I never drink decaf and by the looks of it, I guess no one in that room before me does either, but that date was on the front facing forward and it just looked so glaring to me, I would think that it should have been replaced by now.

The majority of the rest of the items and furniture in the room also looked pretty old, but that doesn't really matter to me. Overall the room definitely could have been in much better shape and cleaned up a bit more.

I just had bad luck. Might stay again if I don't have other choices. Stay here for the location, but don't expect too much!

01/06/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
164. john g.
Nice location

Tiny bathroom. Room seemed liked it was smoked in years ago as there was a smokey smell lingering around.

Front desk staff were nice and friendly.

We were woken up by construction in building at 8am....a tad too early.

Great shower head. Bathrooms were updated but tiny

2.5 rounded down because of the smell

11/09/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
165. Clay C.
If I could give 1.5 stars for this hotel I would.  Overall, I have to admit it could have been much worse, but for the price paid, it was really pretty disappointing.

Pros: Complimentary Wine tasting in the afternoon, location close to train and lots of downtown attractions, nice coffee and gelato shop adjacent to the lobby.

Cons: The room was very small and dated.  There was a lamp shade with what seemed to be burns all over it.  The towels were thin and worn. The bathroom faucet would not quite shut off.  The toilet seat was not attached to the bowl on one side. Ice machines were located only on the 5th and 7th floors.  Of the two elevators, one was out of service for the entire weekend and the other was very slow.  I honestly cannot say if the fan unit in our room was an air conditioner that just didn't work or if it wasn't meant to  blow cold air in the first place.  Combined that with the window that we couldn't raise up (no screen, safety concerns) more than a few inches, it stayed relatively warm and uncomfortable in our room most of the time.  

At one point, I went down to the front desk to request two drinking glasses.  For some reason, we only had one left in our room and we wanted to have glasses to drink out of...they brought up two wine glasses, which was fine, but both were covered in dust...one had a "BevMo" logo on it as well as a barcode sticker...pretty sure they hadn't been used or washed in a long time, if ever.  

The first morning we were there, room service came at 8:00 am.  Our room didn't have a "Do not Disturb" door hangar...the maid was quite persistent and kept knocking, knocking, knocking, knocking until I finally convinced her to go away and come back later.  I asked for a door hangar...never got one.

Again, I've stayed in worse places, but for the price paid, I feel like I could have gotten a better hotel for a similar price.  Even if I had to pay a little more, I think I could have gotten a lot better accommodation.

09/07/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
166. Geoffrey C.
Two generous stars. A total disaster checking in during peak-summer season -- ill-timed renovation (including replacement of an elevator); bus-loads of pushy old women wrapping up their Alaskan cruise, no available rooms for check-in (even at 4 pm) -- and for value, the small cubby of a 'room' we finally had the pleasure of checking into -- well, I guess I wish I had thrown down an extra $100 and booked a better hotel ($200 a night should not get you this). Normally, I do my Yelp research, but this hotel had been blocked off for a wedding event. End of the day -- check reviews first -- the nasty reviews for this hotel (of recent) appear all too accurate.

19/07/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
167. Toyo K.
Stayed here for 2 nights of business.  They are trying, so I will give them that.  Check in was awkward as there was a wait, and when it was my turn the manager said they accidentally gave my reservation up to another person.  First time that's ever happened.  He ended up getting me another room for the same rate.  Room and bathroom is small and old.  Shower was nice and looked upgraded.  Yes, the one working elevator is annoying.  Many times I ended up just taking the stairs.  The location is excellent, so if you're looking for a relatively affordable place to stay in downtown this is it.  The valet service had 2 guys.  One of them was exceptional, the other looked like he was stoned all the time.

29/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
168. Carolyn I.
My biggest complaint was that their web site explicitly states that they have a restaurant (called the lodge), but when we arrived late one evening, we discovered that this was not true and had to scramble to find somewhere else to eat before things closed.  That's just false advertising. We were told that it would be opening soon, but not while we were there.

The rooms are small, but you'll have that with a boutique hotel.  We had a "Deluxe Queen" on the 4th floor.  I added pictures.  

I still think that there should be a second seat other than the bed, even if it's a folding seat of some sort. We had to ask for the bathrobes that were advertised, and the hosted wine reception is one specific hour in the evening, so if you come in after that, you don't get this.

There was no refrigeration, meaning that you cannot bring back any leftovers or keep chilled beverages.  The headboard slammed against the wall if you even sat on the bed, and it took about a half hour to rig a paper wedge in the right location to stop this.

The bathroom had all new fixtures, so I'm not sure how it still managed to be so terrible.  There was no shower curtain liner, which proved to be a messy situation.  When I had to clean up the water on the floor with a bath towel, it turned out the floor was quite dirty.  There was a dead light bulb that housekeeping did not bother to replace (we were there 4 nights), and there was no ventilation (no bathroom fan, also no screen in the window to keep bugs out - or the pigeon who really looked like he wanted to visit us).  Housekeeping did not empty the bathroom garbage unless it was set out for them, and took our dirty glasses but did not replace them.  We called the front desk and they brought us new glasses 45 minutes later. The bathroom door is Transparent and doesn't close right let alone lock, so take that into consideration if not traveling alone.

They sent me a survey after we checked out and I informed them of all of the information in this review.  I thought I should give them a chance to explain some of this (like no screens, etc.), but I received no response.

All of that said, the staff was very nice, the bed was cozy, the price was right, and the location was pretty good.  We took the light rail from the airport and the walk up the hill to the hotel was very steep, but it was only 3-4 blocks so not quite enough to make it worth it to call an uber.  If you aren't in shape to walk up steep hills, though, plan on using a lot of uber to get anywhere from this location.

26/09/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
169. Alex F.
I urge you to stay anywhere but here. Yes it's in a good location but it is honestly not worth it. It has been a disaster from moment one.

We were part of a big group and a bunch of stuff went missing, key cards frequently didn't work and only one elevator was a disaster. I understand that you're doing construction, but having only one elevator during a peak vacation time is incredibly inconvenient. The WiFi also frequently kicked us out and there was barely room for two people and one piece of luggage each.

What bothered me the most was that they charged me for my room and someone else's and then acted like I wanted them to do that. I don't know who said the staff was friendly but I couldn't deal with the condescending attitude any longer. They refuse to take the extra charge off my account because, "they can't find it" and it screws up my further travel.

Don't do it, it's not worth it.

02/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
170. R C.
I was forced to stay at this hotel last week while on a business trip, and I know for a fact that many of my colleagues had poor experiences here, as well.

To start, the lobby is TINY.  While checking in I had to prompt the front desk employee for breakfast and internet information.  He provided me with internet information, but was unaware of the restaurant which is attached to the hotel.  Really?  You don't know what time it opens and you could throw a paper airplane into it's door?  

So then I go to the elevator bank (there are only two elevators!), only to find that one of the elevators is not in operation due to "renovations".  I know for a fact that elevator replacement/renovation can be done in a day, so the fact that they had crews working elsewhere in the property and not on the elevators is sad.  So, after a line of about 20 people had formed and we waited for 15-20 minutes for the elevator to come to the ground floor, only 4-5 of us fit inside with all of our luggage.  I go up to the room to find that my key card didn't work.  I go back downstairs and learn that about five of my colleagues' key cards didn't work either.  First day at the front desk, I guess.  

When I finally got into my room I was THOROUGHLY disappointed.  Besides the fact that my window looked out into a dumpster, the bathroom was about the size of an airplane's handicapped restroom.  The shampoo and soaps were nice, but the placement of the toilet paper roll made it impossible to sit straight forward while using the facilities.  The rest of the room can be summed up with "meh".  Pain chipped throughout, bedding average at best, cracks and the like on corners of walls/doors, etc.  

The only two positives to this hotel are the location and the free wine happy hour.  I can say as a frequent visitor to Seattle both for business and pleasure I will not ever be returning to this establishment, and I am confident many from my work group will not either.  

Unless you are forced to stay here, or management cleans up the facility (they told us they were renovating, but it was obvious that they used the lowest bidder, and my restroom had been renovated but the rest of the room was tired and old) I would look elsewhere.

02/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
171. Gregory C.
Spent six nights here to watch the Yankees sweep the Mariners and to do some site seeing.


Two blocks from the University Station of the Light Rail Line (a 37 minute ride from Sea-Tac Airport)

Pretty much located in an equidistant walking distance from The Pike Place Market, Chinatown, The Seattle Waterfront, The Space Needle and The EMP Museum.

Free one hour wine tasting at 5:00pm daily.

New bed and linens.

Renovated bathroom

Free newspapers and apples at the front desk in the morning.


Only one elevator working.

Fitness center only had three machines and two of them were broken.

Business center only had two computers and they were super slow.

Free wifi was spotty at times.

In desperate need of new and/or clean rugs In hallways and rooms.

The tub in the renovated bathroom was done with Bathfitter. Unfortunately, there was an airpocket under the plastic shell of the bathfitted tub, so taking a shower was like standing on a waterbed. If you have bad balance or are intox, this could be very dangerous to your health. My buddy said he had the same problem in his room.


Seattle is an expensive hotel city. This place, even at $139 a night, was at the cheaper end of all our online research. It is what it is, and what it is, is a joke.

30/06/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
172. Earl S.
I was awoken at 5am by the sound of the fire alarm occasionally chirping at full volume.

I called the front desk and they said "oh yah, we're working on the elevator. It does that sometimes."

I don't know if there's any advice I can give here to management that will fix this. By the time you're asking guests up to the fire alarms knowingly, it seems like your hotel is beyond help.

24/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
173. Ashley L.
Old hotel built in 1928.  This means rooms are tiny. We had a ton of rust chunks in our shower.  I will post a pic.  Staff is very friendly but sort of feels like they maybe understaffed.  Maid didn't clean our room till 6:30 pm on second night.  Beds are comfy. The room was really stuffy and there was no way to cool them off besides opening the window.  This means you get to hear the homeless population yelling on the street during the night.  Window is really hard to open too. It is in a great walking location to many areas downtown, pikes place, many restaurants, and the waterfront / great wheel.

02/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
174. Alex L.
You can't beat the location-price combination, it is small and old, and the rooms are small, and half of power outlets don't work so they throw electrical extension cords around the corners, but who cares since you spend most of the time outside anyhow! The only complain: hang by the balls whomever remodeled those bathrooms: the showers are ridiculously  close to the wall, crappers are so tiny and small and sink is most uncomfortable.

10/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
175. Matthew C.
A lot of other reviews have said much the same as what I am going to.

I booked by phone a few months prior to my visit and asked for a room with two beds.  I was told that they could do a room with one bed and a roll away to accommodate myself and my friend staying.

When we arrived to check in I made sure to ask about the roll away bed only to be told the hotel didn't have any roll away beds at all.  Given that every hotel in town was booked up (blue jays in town) we stayed only to find out the room wasn't even big enough to have one person on the floor.  Also, the "superior queen" bed was actually a double.

When I challenged the front deal guy on these points I was told is have to wait for a manager to talk to us and that manager would be arriving at 9am the next day, about 30 minutes after we had to leave.

We were given vouchers for breakfast which were good for a breakfast sandwich was like a knockoff Egg McMuffin and a tea so small it may as well have been in a shot glass.

Other highlights include the worlds tiniest bathroom outside of an airplane, featuring a toilet lid which when opened hit the flush lever, a room that reeked of old cigarettes, and an elevator that took so long every time we needed to get to or from our sixth floor room that we ended up taking the stairs every time but one (and beat the elevator every time).

None of the staff would look me in the eye (except the guy serving food in the cafe) or take responsibility for anything, no apologies for the mix up, and generally slow to do anything including process my cash payment at check out even though I said I wanted to pay cash twice when I got to the desk. I even had to ask for a receipt which they were hesitant to supply.

All in all this was a pretty unpleasant experience. If there were a lower rating available that is the rating I would use.

12/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
176. Julieanna P.
I was very hesitant about staying at this hotel but it was already booked so I had no choice. When we got there we were pleasantly surprised. I did not get any names but the girls at the check in desk were very helpful. They allowed us to check in early and even upgraded us to a 2 queen bed, for free, since she saw we had only booked a room with one bed. The doorman was also very nice.
The wifi was good and speedy, not like in many hotels I have experienced. The cable TV was also good including most common cable channels.  
The location is also great! Right across the street from the famous library and just blocks from Pike Market and the big shopping center.
The beds were incredibly comfortable! We contemplated stealing the pillows because they were so nice.  
The only thing we did have a slight issue was was the temperature of the room, but that being said, we were warned that the heater had been on and that the rooms might be toasty and we were advised to open the windows.

Overall this was a great hotel to stay at. The lounge downstairs was good and the gelato and coffee shop was also very good. I recommend this hotel!

We stayed here 3?13/15-3/16/15

17/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
177. Nick S.
Front desk jennifer was really nice but room was the tiniest room I've ever stayed in, couldn't even lift the toilet seat without the toilet flushing

02/02/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
178. C L.
This hotel is ok.  The lobby is spectacular, but not a good representation of the rest of the hotel.

During the winter months, only the heater works, so a tiny crack in the window is the only remedy.

The room is extremely small, but that not a big issue for me.

The room was clean, so no issues there either.

The neighborhood seems a little scetch, but what downtown isn't?

Close to many restaurants and attractions.  

$29 a night for valet (in's and out's).

Would recommend if on budget, otherwise, find another hotel.

10/02/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
179. Arleen C.
My parents used to own a travel agency so I've stayed in my fair share of amazing hotels, crap hotels, motels, etc. Then as college hit, I experienced hostels. I can honestly say that this is one of the top 3 worst places I've ever stayed in. I guess I might as well list why everything sucked.

1. The check-in staff looked half asleep and they were dressed really casually. They both just had button up shirts but they weren't completely buttoned up and they were wrinkly. It looked like they crawled out of bed. Also, they looked like they didn't want to be there. When we showed up, there was no greeting. We actually stood there and waited until they eventually made eye contact and I had to initiate by saying I'd like to check in (gee whiz, why else would I be there holding luggage?).

2. One of the guys (not sure what his position or title was) was just completely rude and unhelpful. He literally just stood there and didn't ask what we needed etc. We had to tell him both times what we wanted, and he always responded with no smile and a really apathetic attitude. Does he know he works in the hospitality industry? Does he know he has a failing grade?

3. Our room was TINY. I've stayed in private-room hostels and this room was almost as small as that. In fact, the room was smaller than my dorm room back in the day (not being sarcastic at all!).

4. For a hotel in this price range competing with the others nearby, you don't get what you pay for. They're trying to be upscale but you can see them cheap out everywhere.
- spotty internet
- old carpet they didn't bother replacing while doing a tiny, tiny facelift renovation
- there's a shelf right above the sink so you can't wash your face without getting water all over your chest/neck. Good luck trying not to bang your head.
- the toilet is so tight against the wall that you have to slightly angle away from the wall to be comfortable on the toilet
- the shower head was so weak.
- the sheets were dirty and had stains on it
- there was a huge stain on the carpet
- the wallpaper/ceiling was peeling
- they clearly moved the light fixture or had a ceiling leak and they patched it but didn't even try to texture it to match the old ceiling
- couldn't bother refacing the door frame to match the new paint...so you can see where the old paint was
- old "flat screen" TV that they surely must have gotten from a liquidation sale that sold old TVs from 10 years ago when "flat screen" came out.
- dust on many surfaces including the table, wall shelf, etc

5. The valet was atrocious. They don't have a lot so you have to valet which means you *should* tip them. At $35/night, then tip is a bit ridiculous. I'd rather park my own car than having to pay that and tip someone each time I wanted my car.

6. The manager must not know what the evening staff wear to work. The daytime staff all had suits on (including a blazer/suit jacket). The evening staff looked dishevelled. Perhaps the daytime staff should disguise themselves as guests to see what really goes on in the evenings? Or do they know and just let it happen? Who knows.

THE ONLY good thing I have to say about this place is the two valets I dealt with were completely friendly and pleasant. If they were the front desk staff, I'd be happy with my welcome. Instead, the friendliest and most welcoming person was the valet. Maybe they should switch jobs?

I was so embarrassed to have stayed here. I kept apologizing to my partner for choosing this place. If I had known what we were about to experience during this stay, I would have chosen somewhere else. I had a choice to stay in the Hyatt Bellevue but we thought we wanted to be close to Pike Place etc so we chose this hotel. Immediately after seeing our room, I knew I made a grave mistake. I'm sure I'll never live this down with my partner...and I don't blame her because it was not how either of us envisioned spending the weekend.

To lighten the mood, I kept whispering in a creepy voice "RED RUM" to my girlfriend because I felt like it fit the setting. If you know what I'm referring to, good on ya. If you don't, please watch The Shining and you'll get a good idea of what to expect for a room and hallway (warning: rooms in movie are larger than those in the Executive Hotel, but the hallway is just as ghetto fabulous and creepy).

02/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
180. D.j. S.
Stay in a tent on the street, it'll be cheaper for a similar ambience.
I have noise coming from all four walls, thin as graham cracker. I'm six feet tall and feel like a giant.
No ac.
No fitted sheet in my bed.
No door on my shower.
No way to even lift the toilet seat.
Who gives a damn about being adjacent to freaking bars when you can't get a good night sleep because you hear you neighbor snoring through the wall?

03/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
181. Victoria A.
Nice old place, love old buildings. Room wasn't spectacular but it was nice and clean. Staff were great, ready to give directions. Sent us to a great little sandwich place a good cheap breakfast

04/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
182. Sasha C.
So, this is not the fanciest hotel of them all, but in my opinion it deserves five stars for the price and location... but mostly because of John who was working the front desk when we got there - he is AMAZING! When we told him we were celebrating our 2 year anniversary he upgraded our room which was the perfect size and just provided absolutely outstanding customer service. This was my first time in Seattle and when I come again I will be staying here! :)

13/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
183. Mellani L.
I'd give this hotel a solid 2.5. I read the reviews and I was a little hesitant about staying here after reading so many negative reviews. However,  I got a great deal on this hotel ($70/nights) that I didn't want to pass up. Yes, I've experienced better but I went into this knowing exactly what I was getting myself into.

The room was clean but it is most definitely small with the bathroom even smaller than small. The TV was tiny too, but it had all the necessary channels. It was just two of us, so we didn't need much space just a place to sleep at night and shower in the morning. This place provided just that.  

The location was conveniently located downtown. Although it's downtown it's still about 10 minute (7 block walk) to Public Market. So don't let the downtown location fool you, it's still a walk!

The only complain I really have with the hotel is their walls are extremely thin and the room was super stuffy! The is no AC so the room ventilation is non-existent. There is a window, that doesn't open all the way (for safety reasons) so that could only provide so much. I visited Seattle in March and even though the nights dropped down to 45 degrees, it was still warm in the room. Most nights we slept with the blanket off. Also, even though the hotel is remodeled there are still remnants of the older hotel still behind. There was a huge stain tear of the ceiling paper/paint on the ceiling, the closet door looked like it was made in the 30's and it never closed. I also wish they had a full length mirror! I also found it really weird and gross that their toilet flusher is exactly what you'd find in a public restroom.

I know it seems like a lot of complaints. But I really can't complain because I knew exactly what I was getting. The price and location were great. The workers in the lobby were nice and helpful. There weren't any bums hanging around outside the hotel, although it was a little sketchy walking around at night.

The hotel served its purpose. If all you're looking for is a decent room and you're on a budget, I'd definitely recommend this place.

28/03/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
184. Karen W.
Quite  a disappointment. Although there were some not so great  reviews we figured the good ones balanced it out and finding a decent deal downtown was a challenge.  I definitely  didn't  get the kind of deal other previous people did, we paid $144/night on Travelocity.  We arrived around 7 p.m. our first night  and it was in the low 70s that day. Upon entering our room it was so stuffy! The window was left cracked open with the trash can since it wouldn't stay up without it. We could hear the wall unit hvac running, but no air was blowing out of it. We dropped the temperature  on the unit anyways to see if it may help. Unfortunately I was traveling with cats and in the middle of a move, so we were unable to leave the window wide open. The next day we asked the front desk if they had fans to which the women said they did and since we were leaving for the day she indicated that she personally would go up and set it up and turn it on for us. However after returning that evening there was no fan in the room. Luckily the temperature  had dropped to 62 that day so it wasn't as bad, but still a little warm and stuffy. We literally  were only able to Crack the window about the width of a few magazines.

Also I had some valuable items I wished to store in the safe in our room, however upon  attempting to set it and turn it on we discovered the batteries  were dead and the case was all corroded. When we asked the front desk they indicated  they bad safety deposit boxes we could use at the front desk for no cost. So I tried that out, but felt my things were safer in my room. When we went down to the front desk it seemed as tho he just pulled a box out from a shelf under him. ..I never saw him unlock  anything and then the box was all beat up. I put my stuff in the box and he took it and gave me a tag with my name. After that I did see him reach down as tho he was locking  the safe but  it just seemed odd. I decided  I felt safer with the items in the room.

The room was small, but that isn't something that necessarily  bothers me. It is an older, remodeled hotel. ..to a point. We never watched tv, but the TV was small. The bathroom was new and nice, but really small and had an industrial  type toilet. The shower head was actually amazing. ..the rain type shower head. However, no fan in the bathroom.

All and all we never felt that the hotel staff exuded a professional demeanor, it was very odd. That made us uneasy. There was a valet that was very helpful, an older  gentleman that ordered a sedan for pick up for us to the airport.  

I would not stay here again. Even with 50 degree nights the room was difficult  to sleep in because it was so uncomfortable.

Not a fan at all!

13/05/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
185. Ardie M.
Really not the best hotel I've ever stayed in, but for the location, I guess you can say it was worth it? Ehh not really. If I only knew how small the room was and how their AC don't work I would of reconsidered. Sleeping  the first night here was a nightmare. It got to the point where it got so hot, we couldn't even sleep! We open up the window, but that didn't really help and on top of that, the noises from outside was super annoying.

I'll give this 3 stars because of the staff and the valet parking dudes. They were nice, friendly, and courteous. And also the convenience of the location.

Just remember, small room if you do think of staying here. And PLEASE call them and ask them if they've gotten their AC fixed!

30/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0