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Company Info:

Rating: 1.33

Address: 2451 Aurora Ave N, Seattle, WA, 98109

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    Comments (3):

    1. Joe C.
    OK...I've spent a night in county jail, and I've spent a night at the Hillside Motel. I'm trying to debate which was worse...at least its reasonably clean and warm in jail!

    1) Not the cheapest place in Seattle. I paid $65/night here for a 1 double bed room. I would pay $60 for the same room in a cleaner environment if I drove 2 miles north.

    2) it is RIGHT ON AURORA AVE! Good luck trying to sleep during any period of traffic outside. You will hear every car, from a Hybrid to a Hummer zipping down Aurora.

    3) It is right on Aurora Ave. That, in and of itself, is enough to turn most locals away from it as it is known for drugs and prostitution. The particular neighborhood the hotel sits at is very posh, but the 20-30 minute walk downtown is sketchy and very dark at night.

    4) No wifi I could pick up, leaky shower (not a little leak, like a big puddle on our floor), non-working microwave, and no furniture beyond a mattress and a dresser/TV.

    5) If there are two men staying in the same room, be prepared to get dirty looks and hassled by the elderly woman working the desk. She claimed my signature on the registration card didn't match that on my credit card nor the one on my WA Drivers license. Eventually I had to say "look, there is no drugs or prostitution going on here. We just want some damn sleep!" When she noticed my seriousness, she let up some and issued a key

    6) The door had been busted down several times and rehung. It did not close, lock,  or open properly.

    Only redeeming item is the cable. A little digital box on the top of the 20 year-old TV gets you a pretty good selection of channels. I've stayed at 4 star hotels in town with fewer channels!

    Given your options nearby, this should be a last-resort. Even then, I'd strongly consider sleeping in your car, in jail, or the local library before you pony up the $$ to stay a night here!

    23/11/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    2. Biciok K.
    As I first walked into this atrocious Aurora abode, I realized this motel was a complete loss. Four friends and I stayed here last night, after a night of recklessness, for the simple fact that the buses stopped running, and the walks/cab fares to our homes would've been bad. I wasn't the one paying, so I was at least lucky enough to have a place to sleep. Had it been my money, or my decision, I would've chosen something a lot nicer.

    If your wife kicked you out in the middle of the night, friends ditched you, or whatever the poor situation may be, in the event you might need a place to sleep, I would suggest you call up a friend, ex, parent, Holiday Inn, etc., BEFORE you decide to stay here.

    The carpet wasn't secured to the floor, so it was basically just there, the bathroom floor was always wet for some reason, the beds were super uncomfortable, it was cold as fuck and they only gave us one small box heater for our room, there was a small splatter on the ceiling and it resembled the color of blood... it was right on Aurora, what else could possibly be fucked up about this place.

    The Lady at the office was quite nice, being she allowed 5 teenagers stay a night. Of course you have to be 21+ to rent a room, but she knew we needed a place to stay.

    Complete and utter loss, to be honest. I suggest you stay away unless you have no other choice.

    29/12/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    3. Shane H.
    I made the unfortunate choice of staying here one night.  I wanted to save a little cash and thought it would be close to work and reasonable for a night or two until my apartment was ready.  

    Well it was a poor choice.  Even for a cheap motel it was GROSS!!  I was there three nights and on the first night I noticed that my "shower" which was a glorified tin can, was leaking water all over the place.  By day two the room was about an inch deep in water and smelled like mildew.  Well I had already paid and they didn't have any other rooms so I was forced to stay there.  

    The hotel is very shady and right on Aurora so there is a lot of prostitution, drug dealing and otherwise less than desirable stuff going on in front of the place.  The staff is nice enough, even if they aren't very responsive or understanding.  The rates are very cheap and the rooms are a decent size.

    Furnishings on the other hand are Goodwill hand me downs and not worth calling "beds".  If this is the last resort in your world, then do it.  Otherwise go somewhere safer and cleaner like La Hacienda on First in SODO.

    17/02/06 | Link | Rating: 2.0