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Hilton Seattle in Seattle, WA

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Company Info:

Rating: 3.04

Address: 1301 6th Ave, Seattle, WA, 98101
  • Mon: 6:30 am - 12:00 am
  • Tue: 6:30 am - 12:00 am
  • Wed: 6:30 am - 12:00 am
  • Thu: 6:30 am - 12:00 am
  • Fri: 6:30 am - 12:00 am
  • Sat: 6:30 am - 12:00 am
  • Sun: 6:30 am - 12:00 am

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Comments (97):

1. Benjamin D.
This place is kinda weird...and not very nice either.  It's not quite a dump but it's not what I've come to expect from Hilton.  At $250.00 per night I'd say it's definitely not worth it.  

- you couldn't take the elevator to the breakfast floor without going to one floor BELOW the breakfast floor and then walking up stairs on the outside of the building
- wired internet connection didn't work in my room (no wireless either).  They did change my room but it was kind of a hassle.
- In both rooms I was in, the heat was either on full or off entirely.  This meant that the room was either 100 degrees or 50 degrees.  (Yes, I had the electronic thermostat set to 65 degrees with the fan on Auto.)
- this is not a high-rise hotel but in order to get to the parking garage, you had to take two different elevators.  Not really a full-on bad thing but it was weird and kind of a hassle.
- my second room didn't have any soap dish in the shower or a place to hang a towel in the bathroom

On both mornings when I was waiting at the second elevator for the garage, one of my fellow guests would spontaneously say to me "weird hotel, huh?"  Both times I replied, "yah.  I don't think I'm going to stay here anymore."  Both times, the other guest replied "yah.  me, too."

There's gotta be a better place to stay.  It's almost like the building wasn't meant to be a hotel -- it's like it became a hotel by accident and the staff is just as surprised as you are.

30/03/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
2. Beth B.
We stayed for a week.  Our room was nice, but it was frustrating to have to use the wireless in the lobby or pay per day for connectivity.

Overall: nice hotel, clean rooms, great fitness center, centrally located in downtown Seattle.

16/03/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
3. Mike C.
As mentioned earlier, good centrally located hotel, especially if you are here for a function at the Washington State Convention Center which is two blocks away.  There are a variety of restaurants, shops, and.. of course.. coffee shops in the area.  Because of the outside choices, we did not dine at the hotel, so this review only covers the room and service.  The room is about what you'd expect with a nice flat screen and modern amenities; we got a great rate on the room because of our tradeshow (under $150.00 per night).  I agree with Beth T's comment about the towel rack, as I scrambled to find the bath towels which were tucked underneath the sink outside the bathroom.  The service people were very nice as they greeted me whenever I bumped into them in the hallway or lobby area.  If I were here for "fun", I wouldn't mind staying in this downtown hotel.  It's about a six or seven block walk to Pike's Market.  The cab ride is a little pricey at over $40.00 from the airport unless there are more than two people riding it.

06/11/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
4. Tom B.
The Hilton Seattle is probably really a 4 star but I felt generous because there were some weak reviews dragging it down. If you're a hhonors gold the executive level breakfast and evening snack are great and their staff is great. Only downside is it costs for beer and wine. Room seems recently redone and the location is not bad.

04/11/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
5. Dianne C.
Maybe they have an excuse because they were trying to cater to 2 or 3 conventions that weekend. But, I'm thinking, probably not. It's their business to organize availabilities and coordinate the lodgings for all their guests.

I reserved a double room, and asked specifically that our room be next to a friend's reservation (which, btw, was also a double). They said they would note it in the comments. I called a few more times over the next months to make sure that our names were linked to each other - and they were.

I also called to ask about what they had in their room - specifically, do they allow external hookups to their TVs, or is it all pretty much exclusive for the hotel. I was transferred several times (from front desk to management to electrical systems and all back), and nobody could give me an answer. In the end, Electrical Systems told me, "We probably do." Probably? We found out when we got there, that the actual answer was No. Oh, well, it was as expected.

It was what happened when we actually arrived that makes me give a negative review.

My friend went first to claim their room - only to find out that they'd somehow messed up. They gave him a single room - although there was 4 of them staying. They made up for it, by giving him two singles for the price of one double on the 12th floor. They were about 4 doors apart.

On my turn, they also gave me a single room. On the 6th floor. Let me repeat that I had reserved a double room. This should be on my reservation somewhere. I don't really know what they had in their records anymore, but, thankfully, they did only charge me for a single. I didn't really mind the change much, since it ended up that my bf and I would be the only ones sharing the room, but I was a little put off that they had my reservation wrong.

When I found out that they placed my friend and I six floors apart, I went back to the main desk, and asked them to confirm that we had asked for rooms next to each other. This time, she scrolled down to confirm. Then she said, "Oh. I'm sorry about that. Um, let's see. We only have one room left. And it's right by the stairs and the elevators, so it might be a little noisy." We took it. I was annoyed enough for the moment; I didn't want to punish myself later by inconveniencing myself with a six floor separation. Seriously, I wouldn't have been so disappointed if not for the fact that they assured me they could do it. The Hilton at SeaTac was able to make this happen (with 4 separate reservations), why couldn't the Seattle one?

I sent them a complaint afterwards, but didn't get so much of an acknowledgement. (My friend did, however, get an apology) Also, considering that I made sure to spell my name on the phone, that I handed them my credit card, and I've emailed them, couldn't they spell my name right in their database.. for the countless promo mail they've sent me afterwards?

I think the staff probably needs more training. They should know what they have in the rooms. The system should be more organized. Though I did swear to myself I wouldn't be back. There are other hotels in the area, anyway.

What saves them is that the accommodations really were quite comfortable, and the location was spot-on with a great view.

17/11/07 | Link | Rating: 2.0
6. Jenny z.
If I could give this place 2.5 stars I would.  I want to love this hotel, I really, really do, but I can't.  I'm done.  I actually avoid all travel to Seattle now to avoid staying at this place - it makes me sad that it isn't as great as it should be.

It is a really beautiful property with a great restaurant/bar off the lobby.  Well lit, clean and comfortable.  The problem, however, is getting there.  You start on the ground level in a very unappealing public lobby where there are just two elevators to take you up to hotel lobby.  The elevators are slooooooowwwww.  Once you get to the lobby, you have to take another set of elevators (again, only 2 available) up to your room.  This building has 28 floors - figure out the wait times.

With the exception of an exceptionally useless concierge, the staff is incredibly nice and helpful, they always try to help you out in a jam.  Room service - eh.  I'm not that picky, but it is so blah. Boring. I'm not looking for exciting - I'm looking for consistency. Food is much better in the restaurant/lobby. Hilton Honors reception is held in a tiny room and while congenial, is really sub par for a property like this.  I will say this - I always meet interesting people at this reception.

Rooms are recently rehabbed, but are rather noisy and very small.  Otherwise, quite nice.

Smoking has been banned EVERYWHERE in Seattle, so if you need to smoke, you must go down to the lobby, then down to the street level lobby, then something like 50 feet away from the door.  It is a major inconvenience. I know this is city policy, not Hilton's, but if it takes me a 30 minute round trip in my jammies at 1:00 am to have a bedtime cigarette, I'm going to be a *bit* put out.  I wish they would add a smoking porch or something.

Anywhooo....this hotel is trying, it really is, it just keeps falling short.  If you stay here though, know that the staff is really accommodating and will do their best to make your stay pleasant.

22/08/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
7. Beth T.
Great hotel in a great location. I am a Hilton Hhonors member so I try to stay in Hiltons or Hampton Inns whenever I can and rack up honors points. I was pretty impressed with this Hilton. The room was spacious and clean; the bed was supremely comfy and cushy; and I loved the double sinks in the bathroom. The fitness room was also fabulous, as all of the equipment seemed brand new. Only three minor complaints: we could not connect tot he internet in our room, even after numerous calls to their tech support line; the staff knew very little about public transit options (maybe the average guest doesn't travel by bus, haha); and for some reason, there wasn't a single towel rack to be found. I know this is a weird complaint but when a hotel asks for your help in conserving energy (i.e. reducing the amount of laundry) they should help you out by offering a place to hang your towel to dry.

Other than this, I would totally stay here again and recommend this hotel to others.

28/08/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
8. Brad B.
This Hilton is the most marginal property in a major market that I've ever stayed at. I'd love to give it 2 stars but, its got the updates (at least on the executive floor) that keep me from doing so: the new bedding setup, the new desk setup and the LCD HD TV....saving graces.

Without those few things, its 2 stars, best.

The rooms are miniscule. The parking is bizzare. The bar is over lit and prevents you from ordering a drink to take back to your room because the property GM or whomever didn't get the right sort of liquor license.

The lobby-on-a-high-floor thing never sits well with me in a downtown hotel either but, its not the worst thing in the world. The Westin for a major and the Andra for a boutique are far better choices for your $200+ per nite hotel options.

14/11/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
9. Lauren C.
Oh, Seattle Hilton.  My home away from home.  I travel to Seattle every fall and really love this property.  It's in a great location right off the highway and is close to museums, shopping and movie theaters.  The staff is friendly, the food is good and the rooms are nice (if on the small side, but that's a Hilton in a major urban area for you).  I love that I can self-park my car, be served a drink in the lobby and eat a free breakfast overlooking the entire city (full disclosure: I get that last thing because I'm a regular Hilton customer.  Whatever).  Do I wish the hotel were a little cheaper?  Sure.  Could I stand to have faster service when I'm trying to check out?  Absolutely.  But as a regular traveler and a Hilton expert, trust me when I say that this property is pretty great.  I make my triumphant return this weekend!

01/11/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
10. Gary L.
Yes, parking is a bit expensive, but very convenient. Staff very professional. Though they screwed up my reservation, they immediately took full responsibility, apologized, then without me even having time to express my discontent... comp'ed brkfst for the both of us & comp'ed the room for our 2-day stay. I rarely see the reaction to take full responsibility on even much lesser issues; it was a pleasant surprise. Kudos to them. Overall, seems to be a top-notch place. The hotel is within easy walking distance of everything that's downtown Seattle, plus the water, clubs, restaurants and much more. I'd go back for sure.

28/06/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
11. Ralph R.
Nice hotel.  Great staff.  No free Internet in your room.  Lesser Hilton properties I have stayed in always have free Internet in the room.  If you want free wifi, go to to the top floor or the lobby.  Otherwise, it's a nice hotel, within walking distance of nice restaurants, shopping, and attractions.

10/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
12. Jen T.
Not great, but handy to Pike Market and light rail as others have pointed out.  The fitness room is well-equipped, but if more than 4 people are there don't count on having room to do anything!  (two treadmills, one ellipticycle, one bicycle- if I remember correctly)  There are two weight benches, and one "fly-style " weight machine corner.  If you're not into the tv-while-you-run-or-ellipticycle thing, you are going to be unhappy because each of the aerobic machines has one that blocks your view of the window to the street below-- this really interfered with my pedestrian-watching!

All the staff were friendly and helpful and the rooms were clean.  Oddly, the lobby is on the 10th floor- a point of much confusion for new guests, but the ground- level concierge is very helpful.

The shower/bath area is definitely small, and I tripped over the chair ottoman twice in the dark hours of the morning since it was so close to the bed.

Probably not my first choice, but ok.

11/02/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
13. h l.
I just stayed here for a week and had an interesting experience. At first they tried to put is in room #17 which is one of those extra "we wedged in this odd room to make more money" but didn't make a note of it when sending us up in the elevator and when I opened the door it was instant claustrophobia. The edge of the bed was right up against the dresser and there was no walking room at all, not only this the closet was inside the tiny tiny bathroom. We asked to move and after some chat we moved to a normal room on another floor, why we just didn't get this one in the first place? Im not sure.

The bed was very comfortable, staff was nice and view was awesome but.... NO HOT WATER! It is not pleasant to feel as if you just jumped in the sound. After maintenance came and took the entire thing apart and assured it was fixed the next morning, same story! Needless to say I went through 3 rooms in my stay and the building could surely use a tune-up. The carpets are stained, wallpaper is pealing and the hallways had a musty stench. All in all I would rather spend the money at the Westin or Sheraton, but I do give the staff a plus for at least trying to fix each problem that arose.

11/11/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
14. Mike D.
OK I am a diamond member so Ive seen a few Hilton's.  First off the room wasn't ready as I was told it would be, the snotty (Arrogant, you pick) guy i think his name was Charles informed me i would just have to wait as he had late checkouts (his attitude never changed just the pits).  Rooms were very small when we finally got into it, no pool, and the AC didn't work very well.  I was told the higher floors have trouble with this.  I will find somewhere else to stay next time i am in Seattle.  Nothing special here for the price and service....

08/08/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
15. jamie c.
I didn't really like the lobby, but they gave me free apples, so it's okay.

The service is nice and the views are cute. Good location, too.

09/11/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
16. Jason S.
A good hotel.  I gave it 4 stars for having a great location, but docked it a star for internet that you have to pay for in the room.  Call me a jerk, but I simply believe they should provide this for free or work the cost into the room charge.  They do have free wireless in the lounge area on the first floor (which I used) and the Top of the Hilton restaurant (which I didn't try, so I can't attest to the claim).

The housekeeper was a really nice guy, and my room was always well cleaned without disturbing my items.  The TVs here are good quality LCDs.  The pillows were comfy and the bed was cozy.  Not too firm, not too springy.

There is also a very nice fitness center in the hotel.  Well maintained and plenty of equipment.

I didn't put much thought into it, but as I left I heard another guest complaining that the hotel didn't have vending machines or a way to get a late-night pop.  The lesson: stop drinking pop.

Anyway, all-in-all, a good hotel.

15/03/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
17. Victoria B.
The location is the best part - it's a short walk to the light rail (which connects to the airport) and to Pike Place.  Otherwise, it's a small room with an even more petite bathroom.  To make the bathroom (sink area) appear larger, the walls are covered in mirrors.

Okay, I do NOT need such a three dimensional view of my caboose that early in the morning.  Or at mid-day.  Or the evening.  It's like walking into Alice in Wonderland but instead it's you in all your glory under really harsh lighting about to hop into the shower.  Talk about an instant eating disorder.

The shower/toilet room is smaller yet.  Hoo, and do their pipes need replacing, boyoboy did that water start out yella this morning (and the room was occupied last night, it wasn't ready at 2pm when we got here).

Oh, yeh, don't forget the towel, since they're stored under the sink.  But then, if you do, it's not like it's a long walk to get it when you're dripping.  Just keep your eyes on the floor unless you're constructed like a supermodel.

It would have the most spectacular view of Mt. Ranier if only there wasn't a building (or two) in the way.  It's a delightful view of the foothills, with the remainder obscured.  (To their defense, they referred to it as "city view".)

There is an HHonors-specific floor (26th, we're on it).  Yes, I agree with other reviewers, the walls are THIN.  Really, really thin, but fortunately, we didn't have a problem with yappy, overly-amorous neighbors.

The location is the best part.

26/09/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
18. Julia W.
Having just recently attended Sakura-Con, my roommates picked this hotel as the one to stay at.

I hadn't stayed at a Hilton hotel in quite some time and was curious to see how the hotel looked and how easily accessible it is to the convention center.

The hotel is a little odd. It sits on top of the parking garage that goes up for a few levels. A pair of elevators are there to take you up to the Lobby level. After checking in, there's another pair of elevators to take you to your floor.

In order to get to your floor, you have to insert your room key and then press the floor number. In some ways, this security measure is good because it guarantees that the only occupants are the ones that are supposed to be on that floor.  Which is totally awesome if you are one of the coordinators and have special guests staying on a particular floor. It doesn't let the fangirls stalk. The bad thing is that you can't go visit other members of your party if they are on a different floor. Someone will have to come pick you up at the hotel lobby floor. Totally drove me nuts as just an attendee.

The really cool thing about the hotel is that there is a direct access to the Concourse level which you can use to go to the Washington Trade & Convention Center. Really cool because there are small shops and restaurants in that corridor and you don't have to go outside to the streets. The shops have limited hours and aren't open on the weekend. Only a few are open on Saturday and we couldn't return back to our hotel after a certain time and all day on Sunday. Had to walk around in the rain.

The hotel room is comfortable. I like their beds but having to pay for internet sort of sucks. I've been a lot of hotels like that so it's nice that the lobby is free wifi although a bit slow. The maid we had was very efficient at making our room look neat. Even though we all kept it neat in the room, it was obvious that four girls were sharing a bathroom.

The staff at the front desk were very helpful and one even pushed the elevator button for us. :D

Sadly the bar closes super early and last call is at 11:45pm. The Lobby Lounge also serves food, so if you're hungry, you can get a bite to eat while surfing the net on the laptop and maybe get a drink or three.  On Sunday, where all the restaurants we wanted to go to were closed (even MOD pizza! Sadness!!), we ended back at the hotel to eat something substantial. It took F O R E V E R to get our food out for a party of 6 girls. The bartender/attendant was nice but she kept missing my obvious gestures for an elderly gentleman who wanted more drinks. When our bill finally did come out, she was kind enough to give us separate checks.

Overall, it was an okay experience. But then again, the hotel room was mainly for me to sleep in as most of us were at the convention center having a blast. I would only come back if I was attending a convention there again.

16/04/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
19. Suzanne M.
We go to an annual banquet here, and this year I thought I'd Yelp it because the food was REALLY good. I've had my share of hotel banquet food, and know I've been poisoned a few times. Not only was I not poisoned by salad dressing left out for 8 hours, the salmon was really prepared nicely. Hubs went back for seconds on the prime rib. Thankfully, they were also smart enough to set up two buffet lines and have people use both sides.

They also always have really well-trained wait staff.

I would not hesitate to throw a function here.

06/07/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
20. Chris H.
This is an older hotel with a good location. At the ground level, there is doorman, car rental location and it is heavily perfumed. Above is parking garage and then lobby (with lounge). Guest floors are above and then at the top is the executive lounge.The staff was friendly and it was nice to not have to consistently pass the front desk (though you usually have to pass the doorman). Smoking is allowed only outside on the sidewalk. The executive lounge has stellar views from the top floor but the hot food is downright awful with only mediocre, bordering unfriendly service. The rooms were comfortable but had some tattered wallpaper and an old food scent. I'd stay here again but only if my company is paying. Otherwise, I'd try something else in the area.

20/12/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
21. Keith D.
arriving in seattle at midnight (after 2am houston time), i was unhappy to be stuck in a hotel room without room service.  room service stops at midnight.

i opened the heavy curtains of my 26th floor window to see an amazing display of seattle buildings.  feeling much better.  it helped that the room was freezing cold and the mini bar was fully stocked.

i took a shower, cracked open a small bottle of grey goose and paid 12.99 for the movie, sunshine cleaning.  amy adams is the bomb!  i love her.

turned off the tube around 2am and plugged in my bipap machine.  harnessed my mask and dozed off.....for a little bit.  a false fire alarm went off about 5:30am......for over half an hour.  finally, a young woman's voice said that the alarm was not a fire and to stay in our rooms.  she then said, "there is a problem in the basement", please stay in your rooms.  wow, that helped! ;)

the excitement of being in seattle with a view woke me up before 8am.  i texted my travel buddies and headed out to pike place for over stimulation.

the decor at the seattle hilton is A+.  the bed was the most comfortable bed i've ever (barely) slept in.  the sheets must have been over 500 count.

the only complaint, other than the false fire alarm and unsettling explanation, is that the public areas were kinda drab and not a place i'd like to meet people or hang out.  the room was great, but the public areas at the "w" or the marriott on the waterfront are far superior.

17/08/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
22. Johnny B.
Excellent establishment. Clean rooms.  Right in the heart of downtown.  My only complaint is that my heater was a little overactive - had to turn it off eventually.  There was a convention in town so there weren't any replacement rooms available.  Overall, I would return every time I'm in the area.

04/03/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
23. Beth B.
Friendly staff, like the exec level snack and breakfast. Great location. Easy walk to water and lots of shopping. Three block walk to train. Uphill to hotel but that also means downhill on the way back. Didn't have my laptop for the weekend trip but assume I would have free wifi as a Honors member.  Would easily stay again.

12/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
24. Dave D.
This is an aging Hilton in the business district.  It isn't terrible, but I'd reccomend either the Homewood Suites (there are two nearby) or, especially, the Doubletree Acrtic Club, for Hilton brand travellers to downtown Seattle.  They are all newer and comperable or less money.

23/10/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
25. Nick B.
Checked in for 3 days with the family in a 2 bedroom suite. The first thing you notice is the tight carpark which will cost you $29 per day ( a little steep IMHO ). The staff are very friendly and welcoming. The room itself was large but really somewhat dated. Plenty of space for us all the spread out and enjoy the fantastic city and water views but the furniture just feels circa 1970's and for this level of hotel and price I was expecting something a little more modern. Given all this I would stay here again as the central location and immediate access to the freeway plus the additional nights on my status make it all just too appealing.

03/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
26. Todd F.
Nice staff, hotel is clean and the bed was very nice. Hotel is located walking distance to much of downtown, you can go to Pikes market and many bars and coffee shops without a car.

02/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
27. Debbie E.
The rooms are comfortable - standard Hilton beds, chair, desk. The bathroom (sink separate from bath and toilet) was on the small side. Normal Hilton toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, lotion, shower cap, soap).

The room I stayed in overlooked other buildings, I guess to be expected with city hotels. It wasn't near the elevator but I felt that it was very noisy - you can hear the people in the next room talking, showers and toilets flushing on either side, etc.

I don't think that there is a Hilton HHonors specific floor.

The Top of the Hilton has a great view and a small bar and apps for HHonors members and I think it is also open to the public. No food.

There is no restaurant on premise. The bar at Lobby level has lounge chairs. Food can be ordered here from a limited menu (salads, sandwiches, entrees). It is pricey - 3 glasses of wine, an iced tea, and 3 sandwiches was $90 before gratuity.

Check-in is at the Lobby level, go up one level from Street level. There is an Alamo rental car desk at street level.

21/08/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
28. Leslie B.
Stayed here one night one night and we didn't feel welcome at all. The front desk was unfriendly, and the rooms were just meh. It kind of had a snob air to it. I've experienced better that's for sure. The one last kicker was there were three of us staying in our room, 2 adults and 1 child. When we woke up to go eat breakfast, I noticed they had only given me 2 breakfast coupons. Surely I thought this was a mistake so I went down to the front desk and told them there were three of us but they only gave us 2 coupons. The front desk then tells me that they only give the coupons to adults......WHAT....SERIOUSLY?? I've never ever stayed in a hotel where that was the case and I'll never go back here. I should've gone with my first instinct and stayed at the Homewood Suites....yes, we're Hilton fans, but this is one Hilton Hotel that we will not be returning to.

06/07/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
29. Brian B.
Good Hilton. Nice location downtown at the base of the hill that heads up away from the water. A few minutes walk from Pike Street or the Fish Market. The breakfast area on the top of the building is very nice with great views and a good breakfast spread. Nice bar also. I would stay here again.

13/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
30. Jeff F.
Stayed here over the past couple of days. The Hilton is in a pretty good location, especially if you'd like to get to the Nordstrom flagship store on your trip (only two blocks away). The property (common areas and parts of the rooms) is redone, but there are still hallways and parts of the rooms that seem like Connie Hilton designed them.

I can see why some people think the hotel/design may be odd because the lobby is not anywhere near street level. If you're able to get over that you'll like this property... if not, go ahead and pass on this one.

No formal executive lounge but Top of the Hilton doubles as the executive lounge in the evenings (open to the public for breakfast) and happens to have incredible views of the city - excellent way to start the day.

Internet was reasonable at 10.95 in the room and impressive given the connection was 3.21 Mb/s down and 1.14 Mb/s up

Fitness Center is small, but great (classic Hilton Precor gym with a good blend of equipment and free weights) - they can also give you discounted passes to a local gym.

Service was excellent - front desk, Top of the Hilton, when Maintenance was callled it took them 10 minutes to come up and room service after a late cross country flight took 15 minutes, it was all 5 star service at this location.

Room service compared to other room service I've had at other hotels ranged from Good (Crab Cakes) to Very Good (Salmon suffed with crab over rice w/ a Lobster Sauce).

Based on the overall experience as a business traveler and the $134/night rate, I recommend this property.

18/12/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
31. Flippitti N.
We stayed here for one night last week. The hotel is in a great location - 10 mins walk to Pike Place Mkt and lots of shops, close to Space Needle and other attractions. The close proximity to everything downtown is the ONLY reason I would ever stay here again.

Parking is $28 per night. If you rent a car, try to rent one from National or Alamo so you can return it here and avoid the horrendous parking fee.

Our room on the 25th floor looked updated. We did have a partial water view. We decided on two double beds instead of one king bed because our daughter was staying with us for a few hours until her red-eye later that night. We're used to sleeping in queen beds at home so a double was tiny and uncomfortable. The bed was also very firm and the pillows were very mushy. The A/C by the window was loud but turning it off made the room stuffy. We did not get a good night's sleep in this room.

Bathroom was clean but tiny, particularly the toilet/shower area. There were more than enough towels and everything felt fresh and clean. We noticed we were at the end of the hall next to the icemaker so we worried about the noise but surprisingly, we didn't hear anything.

The elevators seemed efficient. We never had to wait more than a couple minutes. In this hotel, if you want to go up from the lobby, you have to insert your room key into a slot in the elevator or it won't go! I understand why this is done but it got a little annoying at times.

Front desk was efficient and friendly and we were checked in very quickly. The concierge was also very helpful when I asked for suggestions and directions to a location. I also used the business center computers to print out a boarding pass.

The lobby area was also nice with big comfortable couches and chairs. The fireplace was going when I sat down there to use their free wi-fi. We also had a late dinner at the lobby bar lounge. The burgers are great and the atmosphere is relaxed and unrushed.

My husband feels this is the worst Hilton he's ever stayed in because the room was so uncomfortable for him to sleep in but he's spent a lot of nights in quite a few of them and had better sleep. I would still recommend this place only for the great location but I'm not sure I'd stay here again. With all the great hotels in downtown Seattle, I'm sure we could find one with more comfortable rooms.

22/05/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
32. C R.
Nice hotel.  Good location.  Clean.  Staff were nice.  It is was it is, which is to say, uh, Nice.

15/10/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
33. Valerie R.
The best part about this hotel is the location.  If you pay full price for the room, you're probably paying too much.  

It's a standard Hilton room, but showing signs of wear and tear. The beds are comfortable, and the staff is friendly.  There are always plenty of taxis cruising by for when you need to get to the airport ($32 flat fee), or when it's too far or rainy to walk.  The lobby is an elevator ride up a few floors, and they have free wifi there along with tea, coffee, a few fruits and newspapers.  No free wifi in rooms.  :(

Sometimes when I stay in regular Hiltons I really wished I'd reserved the Homewood Suites...free breakfast, wifi, and they usually have laundry facilities.  There's one close by if you don't mind walking a little more.

03/07/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
34. August L.
For the price, this Hilton is totally fine. It's not glamorous, but the staff is very nice, the beds are comfortable and the rooms are clean. My room had recently been re-done though the hallway was showing its age. My room service wasn't bad - again, it's not glamourous but it was far from a bad experience.

They were much cheaper than the other hotels in the area, and I'd stay here again if I needed to be downtown and was price sensitive.

20/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
35. Amy K.
Stayed for 5 nights for a conference in April 2012 which was at the Sheraton but I stayed at the Hilton. Nice location, located up by University which is different than down by Sheraton and Pike street. Stayed on the executive floors and have been here before for an interview. Nice sized rooms, just the bathrooms are oddly sized.  I love the new products and they smell excellent, enough towels and replaced coffee and creamers every day! Breakfast vouchers in their top floor restaurant, although I will say the executive access happy hour lounge in the evening didn't have hot hors d'oeuvres, only nuts and salty things (unless we perhaps came too early and they had them but we never saw them).  Room service was excellent and they remove the previous dishes when they deliver new entrees.

The Front desk was the best! So accommodating and helpful and I did NOT pay for internet (but I'm also a Diamond member).  Would love to come back to this hotel in the future and recommend it as a place to stay when in the city.  Enjoy!

06/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
36. Donna H.
Just spent a lovely weekend in this hotel.  Yes it's definitely an older hotel, but they are in in the middle of renovating/refurbishing the rooms.  The ladies at the check-in were great, very welcoming and helpful.  Breakfast buffet at the top restaurant was a great way to start the morning, including the amazing view over Seattle.  The General Manager who came to chat with us the day before came over to say good morning, very nice old-school touch, made us feel very welcome, as opposed to just being yet another paying guest.  Well done Hilton.

10/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
37. Michael y.
Parking is a pain in the arse!
28 per day. lobby and top lounge is 5 star for view and complimentary breky and happy hour for hhonors. Go points!!
Order the hypoallergenic room with foam pillows and hypo sheets. Great view from my room of downtown had a spacious comfortable bed and good shower pressure. Conveient gym. Hotel staff friendly accomidating
to our group.

10/06/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
38. Kristal B.
I booked a room at the Hilton very last minute. It was a deal breaker since it was a walking distance from everything! The front desk staff was very friendly! She joked around with my wild 7 year old and was very helpful when my mom forgot some belongings in the room after we checked out. The room we got had an amazing view and the price was just right! Being that we took a last minute road trip from California, I must say, staying at the Hilton really helped make this trip a success! The room was clean and big enough for my 2 daughters, mother and myself! I absolutely loved the beds, they were so comfortable! They also have a garage for overnight parking at an additional price! We arrived, parked the car and walked everywhere, we even walked to Space Needle! Next time I am in town, I will definitely make the Hilton my top choice to stay at!

25/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
39. Robert S.
Nice hotel in the middle of downtown.   Kind of hard to find the lobby, which is floors above ground floor.   Rooms are a bit dated, but good size.  Bed is OK, other Hiltons have better beds..  Housekeeping could be more detailed oriented...  I noticed that they did not vacuum the carpet for 3 days during my last stay.    The executive lounge offers free appetizers and free breakfast to Elite members.   Both are good.   The spread for both is generous and varied.

08/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
40. Aaron W.
I recently had a less than favorable experience with the Hilton Downtown while visiting for a conference. My flight from San Antonio was late (not the Hilton's fault), so I got in at about 11:45pm local time, boarded the last train of the night, took it all the way downtown, and arrived at the hotel around 12:40am. Upon arriving at the hotel I was informed that they gave away my "Guaranteed Room"...I paid extra $ to guarantee my room. Apparently the word "guarantee" doesn't mean what it used to.

They did happily offer to buy me a cab ride BACK to the airport so I could stay at the Airport Hilton (which I just traveled from).

Positives: The room was decent, not nearly worth $230 a night, but still very comfortable. Staff was good. They gave me cash to travel back to the airport and from the airport in the morning. After a harsh phone call from my travel agent they gave me a Fruit and Cheese platter for free. The best thing they offered was comping my first night at the Hilton Airport. It was very appreciated.

Negatives: I really only have one complaint, they gave away my room that I paid extra to guarantee. The only reason they took care of me was my travel agent called and asked them if they were going to charge my credit card if I wouldn't have shown up. The answer is yes, and they would have doubled their income because they gave my room away.

I really want to give the Hilton a 2 star, but they did help out a lot by offering the first night free. I think I'm just frustrated at the thought of giving away a guaranteed room in hopes doubling up charges. It doesn't seem like a very professional business model.

03/08/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
41. Jenn P.
My husband and I stayed here for 3 nights for a local convention. The room rates were great since they were a special for that convention, but unfortunately they only applied to the Friday and Saturday we were there and not the Thursday. We almost couldn't find a room there for Thursday but were able to nab one from a travel site after hunting around.

The hotel itself was nice. We didn't need luxury, just something that was clean and nearby. This Hilton met those standards for the most part.

However, I was really confused when I called the hotel a week before our stay and wanted to make sure the room would be suited to my specific allergies, and the person I spoke to said I could upgrade to a special "Pure" room when I arrived.

Unfortunately when we actually got there, the front desk people had no idea what I was talking about, and there had been no effort at all to make my room more allergy-friendly. They really need to get better about what's there and what's not because I had a rough time trying to deal with said allergies during my stay (and I couldn't tell if it was from hidden mold somewhere, the down pillows in the room, old filters in the AC, etc).

Another minor thing, but I was surprised that internet was not free unless you went down into the lobby. I've stayed at hotels that were way below this in quality and had free wifi... so why can't a place like the Hilton include that in their rates as well?

We're debating going back to the Hilton next year. The convention rates and location were great and everything else was okay, but I really don't know if it's worth it if I can't get the staff to cooperate with what should have been a somewhat minor request.

05/09/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
42. Skip W.
This hotel is old, needs updating and is way overpriced.  At $300 a night plus BS resort fees....Sure glad I didn't need to park a car....staff was nice and responsive.  TV didn't work.  Maint guy had to bring an extension cord and use an alternate plug.  A/C was lame.  I put ice on the unit to bring cold air into the room.

28/07/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
43. Mike P.
Epic fail on March 4-5 2013. Evacuated hotel late at night after piercing alarm and distraught hotel operator announced that they didn't know what it was.  Came back hours later to be let into my very high room by a hotel employee using a firefighters key override who didn't know either but thought it was a compressor. At 3am I awakened to a freakishly hot room and an AC unit as loud as a vacuum cleaner. No engineers onsite until 6am. Unforgivable staffing and management for a hotel that kicked out its guests out of a high rise for an engineering problem. I am a Hilton Gold member with about 50 nights in hotels per year and this was my worst.stay.ever.

05/03/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
44. Shauna P.
This hotel is within walking distance to the convention center and most Seattle attractions. Handy parking garage but pricey at $32 a day. Rooms are clean and updated but average. Comfortable bed with lots of pillows and quiet. You must have your room key to access the elevator past the lobby level.

02/09/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
45. Deena I.
First of all, the building is extremely old. Given the age of it, I understand and the upkeep of the inside is well done. However, the front desk being on an odd floor with extremely dark lighting and a couple elevators throughout the building, they should have better signage.

The front desk wasn't rude, but unfriendly. Didn't even look up to greet us when I approached him. There was no conversation had between the front desk agent and I. I couldn't believe the unfriendliness, especially coming from a Hilton.  He assigned us a couple rooms, gave me the keys and that was it. He didn't even tell us what floor we were on; yes, we could figure it out, but in comparison to other Hilton properties I've stayed at, this was unusual.

The floor we stayed on was specifically for Hilton Honors guests. Not entirely sure what was different about it, but the rooms were as expected. Just your normal, higher end hotel room. No complaints there.

The location was okay. We most certainly could have stayed closer to 'downtown' near all the tourist attractions; this Hilton is located a few more blocks away than most other leisure hotels there.

The one good part about this hotel was the Top of the Hilton restaurant. Their breakfast was delicious and we had a wonderful waitress.

Overall, I wasn't impressed. The whole hotel was very dim, full of unfriendly staff and an unhelpful concierge. There are so many hotels in downtown Seattle and because of that, I will not be returning to this one.

10/12/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
46. Shannon R.
Impolite front desk. I have not been addressed politely, but in fact, when I inquire downstairs if an appointment has arrived, get a dismissive, "No, I would have called ya if they had." Strange for a hotel that caters to business staff... Competent, clean rooms, but whomever is working the front desk does not reflect well on this establishment.
Not to mention, the staff were all making racist jokes about low income communities and were disparaging homeless people in the city I'm hailing from, which made me feel frustrated as a guest. I don't think I should have to hear that when walking through the lobby.

31/10/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
47. Lindsey H.
Not one complaint about our stay at Hilton Seattle. Great location at the top of the hill near Pike's Place Market, the downtown shopping, and a quick train ride away from the Space Needle.  The lobby is a few stories up from the entrance, and all the rooms are card access only by the elevator for added security, which didn't seem necessary in the neighborhood, but I can't complain about being secure. The rooms were, as most people have notices, a little small and cramped, but the space is well organized.

A great view of the city and sound from the Executive Lounge, with a great free happy hour and snacks for HHonors Gold and Diamond members. Gold and Diamond members also get a free breakfast buffet, which was sufficiently tasty, but a little on the fatty/unhealthy side.

Added bonus there is a Alamo/National rental car at the ground level floor of the hotel, so if you're in Seattle for vacation or business, and need to get to the suburbs, it is a super convenient option.

07/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
48. Dave N.
Wi-Fi Availability - Awesome
Design - Old
Parking Garage - Scary on entrance, even more so for those with Vans and SUVs
Staff - Not sure, overall ok

Noise Level - Squeaky bathroom door and a fridge that sounds like a power generator is running 24/7

Heating/Cooling System - Decent but thermostat temperature is not accurate off by 3-5 degrees above what it shows.

Price - High for a 3 Star Hotel Paid above $170 per night.

15/03/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
49. Adam S.
Perfectly satisfied with my recent stay here.The rooms were a little bit snug but the amenities were nice. I agree with the other Yelpers who criticize the lack of free wi-fi in the rooms. It's 2012 and most hotels still charge for this.

The breakfast buffet at the Top of the Hilton was cold and lacking, but when my friend and I ordered from the menu we were very satisfied. They give you a carafe of coffee which is nice for those who dislike waiting for their server to notice their empty cup.

The "convenience" store located behind the front desk  had only the bare necessities. However, the concierge was quick to provide me with a map to a nearby IGA grocery store.

Jimmy, the Bell Hop was very outgoing and exceedingly polite. He gladly hailed a cab for me and had answers for all my questions.

Overall I was happy with my stay and would happily stay here again.

06/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
50. Deano G.
I'm a huge Hilton fan & gold member, but this will be my last stay at this Hilton.... especially with the Marriott down the street on the waterfront for just a few more dollars a night...

The rooms are small and very dated, no valet car service & room service is over priced & the food is average at best...

Maybe it's me and I've turned into a hotel snob, but this pace isn't what should be considered Hilton Standards & it's way over priced.... Just my tow cents.

05/09/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
51. Jim K.
I only have one other downtown hotel to compare it too, but this one was just ok.  I have heard good things about some of the other hotels but have not stayed with them yet.

As for the Hilton Seattle, it was a nice clean room with a fair rate and a decent view of the city. Room was quant and the bathroom was a little cramped.  Bathroom would not be a good place for more than one to utilize at the same time.

+ 24 hour gym
+ Pool
+ Wifi in the Lobby/Lounge
+ Clean
+ View

Not so positives:
- Have to pay for internet in rooms
- $29 a night to park
- Pay for Water
- No free breakfast (normal with Hilton unless Diamond level)

All in all the accommodations were fine, I prefer the Sheraton down the block if I was to return.

15/03/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
52. Yvonne D.
+ Good location - right off the freeway, just a few blocks from Pike Place Market and Convention center
+/- Decently sized room
+ Nice few from room's window
- Protests going on downstairs (thanks guy banging on a drum at 7am; it's only DLS leap-forward day)
- No free wifi in the room
+ Free wifi in the lounge around by reception downstairs
+/- First floor entrance is the Alamo car rental
+/- You need a room key to get up to any guest floors (annoying for guests looking for you but great for the security aspect)

11/03/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
53. Lindsey M.
There are many reasons why I would not recommend The Hilton.

1. VERY expensive parking rate for over night. I have stayed at many hotels downtown and $45 was much too pricing considering there was no valet.  

2. The elevator/ entrance to the hotel is awkward. The hotel lobby is on the 14th floor, and no bellhop to help with luggage.

3. The restaurant/lounge in the hotel was HORRIBLE. Not only did it take us an hour and a half to have dinner, we had to ask the manager to get our bill for us. The food was overpriced and not tasty. $100 for 4 people with one person's meal taken off because he couldn't even choke it down.

4. I asked the concierge to call a cab for us and she told us to "just go down stairs" which is the parking garage & no cabs.

5. The hotel security called our room at 3am and demanded to know who they were speaking with. Then continued to tell us they have received numerous complaints about our room all night and a security guard was coming up. FUNNY because we had just gotten back to our room 2 minutes prior and actually rode the elevator up to our floor with him. We we're in no way loud or even had music playing. The security guard pounded on our door and I answered it while washing my face and everyone else was sleeping. He continued to complain that it was annoying he couldn't find the room where all the music was coming from.

6. The TV turned on full volume at 6am. 6AM. Not ok.

7. No outlets near the beds. The lamp and alarm clock were plugged in BEHIND the bed which ment we would have to pull the bed out to plug in our phones. Completely outdated.

8. The hotel staff had little tact or hospitality. It seemed they were annoyed by the guests every time I came in contact with a staff person. Either they need to start paying their employees more or get some better qualified people because I have had better experiences at a Days INN.

I gave this rating a one star because the check out time was 1pm, later than any hotel I've stayed at, which I'd prefer.

Overall, for $209 a night I expect much bette

02/01/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
54. Tiffany G.
Nothing special about this Hilton, but it is just fine. What I did love is that the windows still open so you can have fresh air. I ordered room service at 11:30pm because my flight was super late and it was very good. I asked for cookies which were not on the menu and they found some for me - great!

26/04/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
55. Patricia F.
Overall a good experience here. Stayed Monday through Thursday for work. The hotel connects to the building that my company is located in so that was handy. As far as the room itself everything looked clean. They had a safe which was super convenient. However the room service was lackluster and not worth the money at all so you can skip that - the cheesecake was nothing special and the calamari were bland. It was annoying that when you turn on the TV it instantly goes to the pay-per-view channel instead of the channel you left it on. I also thought the toilets were tacky, the had the industrial toilet flush handle that you find in public restrooms. If I came back for pleasure I would probably stay somewhere else because of these things, but all the basic necessities are met here.

04/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
56. Marcia F.
We spent two days here and were VERY disappointed...this hotel isn't up to Hilton standards--and I would not stay here again, nor recommend it to anyone.

We booked this stay 11 months ago. We are Hilton Honors members (gold level). This was going to be a special occasion, so we upgraded to a kingsize bed on the Executive Level--for an additional fee.

First, the good--sadly, there are few. The staff here are VERY friendly. The hotel seems clean. The bed and linens were VERY comfortable.

The lobby of the hotel is under renovation--something we now knew by seeing it--there were tarps everywhere and a makeshift bar/restaurant area. (At the time we booked, there was no mention made of an upcoming renovation--nor were we ever contacted to tell us this would be taking place during our stay.) It was hard to tell what had been completed and what was still to be done, but regardless, the colors are very muted and drab, giving the whole lobby and main floor area a very austere and cold feeling. There is not enough room for guests to sit for breakfast, nor is there enough seating in the lobby area in general. The "Business Center" is closed (due to renovation), so there is a lone computer sitting in a corner with a printer that is out of order. Guests are advised that if they need to print something, they can email it to the front desk staff who will print for them. The "Gift Shop" is two shelves of virtually nothing. The "Executive Lounge" is closed too.

The desk clerk was very friendly. Because we are Hilton Honors members, he gave us coupons for free breakfasts and for the chef's evening reception. He also told us that the Executive Lounge was unavailable. When we asked for some restaurant suggestions to celebrate a special occasion, he recommended all of the tourist traps down by the waterfront. We've been to Seattle before, so luckily we knew to avoid those.

Our room was on the 26th floor.  Having been in major hotels in large, busy cities, we knew that hotel rooms can be small...but this was among the smallest rooms we have ever had...! And it was so overstuffed with oversized, mismatched furniture, that there was very little room to move around! Of the 9 pieces of furniture in this tiny room, only 2 matched each other--the rest looked like a swap meet. There was one chair with an ottoman and a desk chair--that was all we could sit on. There were 2 nightstands, but only one had a lamp on it. They offer room service, but there would have been no place to put the food--other than on the desk! And there were only 2 usable electrical outlets for charging phones, laptops, tablets, etc. Our view was out to other office buildings/hotels...and the freeway. If you looked WAY into the distance--with binoculars--you could see mountains.

The room has air conditioning, but it sounded like a 747 coming in for a landing when it was on.

There were 2 bottles of water and 2 bathrobes, so they knew this room would be for 2 people...it's too small for 2 people.

The bathroom is appalling. Conrad Hilton would turn over in his grave if he saw what was being presented to his guests--especially on the Executive Level. The sink/counter area is TINY...not enough room for 2 people to place their toiletries. Directly below the sink is an open shelf for the towels.

But the WORST part is the bathroom...the toilet and bathtub/shower are in a separate little room right next to this sink area. And this little room is TINY. You have to step over the toilet and back up, so that you can close the door--which opens inward!  This is the smallest bathroom I've ever been in--even in Europe. There are no towels in this little room--you have to bring one in with you. And where to put it while bathing? Good question--there is one little towel ring that you need to maneuver the towel onto. And why not just place the towel on top of the toilet for each reach? Because there is NO TOILET SEAT LID on the toilet! It looked like a toilet in a men's gym!  No place to put your eyeglasses in there either!  And, don't have soapy/slippery hands, anything you drop will land right in the toilet!

The topper is a letter from the Hilton stating that the hotel is undergoing a major, multi-million dollar renovation...but the guest room renovation has been completed and they are just finishing up public areas. Well, if this room has been renovated, Hilton should ask for a refund--whoever did this room--and their public spaces--has done a terrible job!

We never received the standard "how is your room" call once we'd checked in.  Perhaps they didn't want to hear our answer--maybe they already knew what we'd say.

I'm really not sure what "extras" we received for paying extra to be on the Executive Floor. And we were given no reduced rate because of the renovation, nor any additional Hilton Honors points.

I would NOT stay here again--even after renovations are complete--there are A LOT of other options nearby...and I wish we'd selected one of those.

26/05/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
57. Jess F.
As Hiltons go, this is not one of their best boarding run-of-the-mill.  Super weird bathroom, see my pics.  Very few amenities, but I guess the prime location is the main attraction.

13/06/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
58. Vany F.
With a name brand hotel you think you would be impressed with the facility, guest services, etc. I couldn't believe how many things went wrong and we only stayed one night at the hotel. The location is perfect,but the hotel definitely needs some upgrades and customer service 101 for their employees.

We purchased our reservation through hotels.com for a city view , we checked in and the front desk staff was unable to locate our reservation after i had called around 1pm and spoke to a female front desk representative who found it without a problem. We waited 10 minutes and when we went to the room it def was not we paid for we had a view of another room where someone was getting dressed, the lamp was flickering. After calling to see if we can get a room that we paid for we heard someone trying to get into our room. Come to find out they booked the same room to someone else. I felt my safety was in limbo. When we went to speak to a mgr they did apologize and kept on offering us free breakfast , which we already received originally when they couldn't find our reservation. The mgr then offered to comp our parking and give us free appetizers for the day including moving us to another room with a view since they were "at full capacity."  After check in, when we were trying to head back to our car both elevators were broken with people inside. there  weren't signs for the stairs either. While waiting for the elevator after find out how to get to the parking garage without using the elevator, i overheard the front desk not apologizing to the people in the elevator who were frantic to get out. He kept on saying  "  We know your stuck, we know the elevators are broken" repetitively. No sympathy in his voice.

The next morning we get a bill for our parking that says they will charge the credit card on file when the manager should've relayed to the staff that we were not to be charged. After walking to the front desk the gentlemen did not acknowledge us and after informing him of the mistake he typed in a few things and then there was an awkward pause before saying " your all set." To make  the stay even more horrible we are trying to exit the parking garage and the lot attendant hassles us saying ' are you sure you only have one car, because we show that you've already left  and we just checked out. There error and all we want to do is leave.

I would definitely not recommend returning.  The lobby, elevators, and restaurant temperature was as cold as the 28 degree weather outside, the staff are not courteous or customer oriented, and the facility needs allot of improvement. its in the heart of Seattle you think the facility would impress you.

17/12/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
59. Tony K.
This is a standard Hilton in terms of room quality.  The entrance is on the ground floor but you have to take the elevator to the lobby.  Could be confusing if the bellman is not on the ground floor to help.  We had a few problems during our stay.  I booked two rooms, one for my family and another for my office manager as we were attending a conference.  A service technician entered abruptly in my office manager's room without any warning.  As she was here by herself, I could imagine the scare she received when she was surprised.

Another problem I had was when I asked the bellman if I could make shuttle arrangements to the airport.  I waited in the downstairs room as instructed and when my pickpup time passed, I called and was told another shuttle would be there in 15 minutes.  This shuttle did not stop either!  I found out from a different shuttle company parked outside that the Hilton bellman forgot to move the cones in front of the pickup area so no shuttles stopped since cones in front means no pickup.  I ended up missing my flight and had to pay $400 in changed flight fees and spent an extra 6 hours at the airport with 3 little kids, not fun!

I received 20K Hilton Honors points as a sorry but that is not worth the $400 I had to spend on the tickets, not the mention the stress of waiting and missing our flight and the additional wait time at the airport.  I just want to warn people that when waiting for a shuttle, make sure that the cones are not blocking the entrance.  If they are, move them yourself if you want to make sure your shuttle stops for you!

24/05/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
60. Sondra B.
We booked this hotel on hotels.com .  The description said king suite.  More like the closet.    We had a room in the corner of the floor, that felt like a broom closet with a bed.  Could hear the elevators going up and down all the time when we were in the room.  The thermostat was tricky, either you were cooked out or freezing.  Didn't feel like we were guests because we actually didn't book through there website.  We are hilton lovers, but not the seattle hilton.  Please only book at the hotel site unless you want to sleep in the closet.

15/02/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
61. Mike G.
room needed better cleaning.  found a dirty sock and an un-emptied trashcan in my room.  staff was professional and courteous. good central location.

26/02/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
62. Sumi A.
I completed a Hilton customer survey about my stay and they were kind enough to give me a credit of Hilton Honors points equivalent to one night's stay, recognizing that a refund wouldn't really work because my employer paid for it.  I thought that was classy.  But I still wouldn't stay there ever again.

24/02/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
63. Mathew N.
The rooms here are nothing special in terms of luxury (and we were upgraded to the executive level).  However, the rooms were extremely clean and we never had to ask for extra towels or toiletries.  The place was well stocked.  

The front desk was always friendly and helpful.

I've stayed at the Sheraton across the street and the Grand Hyatt a little further away.  I would put the Hilton solidly in the middle.  The Sheraton was similarly laid out but dirty and smoky smelling.  This place was perfectly comfortable if not fancy.  The Hyatt was clean and luxurious but also more expensive.  You take your pick.

02/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
64. Jingle A.
I like the location a lot (but not the uphill part - although it was a good workout after eating all day). It was 5 blocks from Pike Place, 3 blocks down to University light rail station. Close to Westlake Mall, City Center. Unfortunately, it was under renovation when we stayed so a lot of dust, noisy. Friendly staffs, from housekeeping, front desk and concierge. Very thankful we were able to check in early. Very nice view of our room 2707. Room is a bit small especially the bathroom but it was clean. Our overall stay was OK.

19/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
65. Arry S.
Loud, very loud, rooms. Executive upgrade give you nothing except an extra boring happy hour and a tasteless, potential unhealthy breakfast.

02/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
66. Victoria B.
This place is the only place I've stayed at in Seattle, but I really enjoyed it! The people that work here are all so kind and helpful to tourist like me. It's within walking distance to Pike Market, Space Needle, and all the other tourist attractions. I've enjoyed my stay and would recommend this place to all my friends!

31/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
67. rayna b.
Hotel is ok, pretty basic room, king bed was pretty comfy,  air conditioning was noisy, had a small fridge. You have access to gym and parking is $34 plus taxes each night. Staff were friendly and helpful

08/06/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
68. Wanugee N.
The Hilton Seattle sits upon a small hill in downtown Seattle, a couple of blocks away from the Washington's State Convention Center, Nordstrom's flagship store, and the Westlake station of the Sound Transit's Light Rail station to Sea-Tac.

So it is convenient in location. It is about 27 stories high, put has a small footprint, so everything is smallish in scale and vertical in layout. Your going to pay DownTown city prices for a room, too, most likely in the $250 - $350 range.

Service is friendly and warm, from the Front Desk to the Bell Captain. The rooms are smallish, well appointed with 5 pillowed beds with a white duvet comforter and longer and fluffier bath towels than your average middle of the road business hotel in the burbs. But you expect that. They do give you a breakfast voucher for every morning of your stay, so that could save you an Andrew Jackson and a Hamilton each day.

The Lobby bar is smallish, but they give you a small bowl of spiced peanuts and snacks. They do have a view lounge on the top floor. You need a room key to get to any guest room floor in the elevator.

I came into DTSEA in the morning off the Light Rail at Westlake from Sea-Tac airport, and wanted to leave a bag for the evening so I wouldn't be walking around with luggage to meetings. So I checked to see if they had a room for me at 9am, and they could, although it was near the elevator on the 19th floor and smaller in size. But I accepted it because I wasn't going to be there long. nor needed a lot of space, just a bed and a bathroom.

Room 1901 was small, but had a King size bed, but no desk. The view was decent, and their was a large flat screen and the bathroom was average for this type of hotel. But I was happy to have a staging area in the morning to leave my stuff and freshen up before running off to see clients, instead of just leaving my luggage at the bell desk for a 3 pm check in.

And of course I got a few Hilton Honors frequent guest points, which is a unique program that you can double dip, meaning you can get Hilton points, and your favorite Air Carrier's points, too.

If you work in this area of downtown, you can rent a parking space on a monthly basis here. But it will cost you $304 a month.

27/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
69. Clement S.
Very basic, no frills room with unpleasant, surprisingly small like 6'x6' bathroom with small sink area outside bathroom. THE PROBLEM: This Hilton charges fancy, high end, posh luxury room prices for the smallest Hilton room ever. Rooms during the week were around $300 & over $450 for the weekend. I've stayed at another Hilton in town that was quite nice, and a big step up from this one. Staff was nice & rooms were cleanish. After spending 2 nights there for a business convention - we switch to the nearby GRAND HYATT SEATTLE and got a high end room for well under $300. Truth be told it was one of the only hotels that still has rooms available on a weekend in July. Still it was much nicer and almost half the price of the small basic Hilton room. Con: THE BATHROOM WAS SO SMALL: It was like sitting in a RV stall with one leg against the tub, the other against the wall, and the door knob in your face. I'm thinking anyone who have this place 4 STARS+ is a plant. Also beside the usual water & coffee there were practically no bottled beverages available for purchase - just some 10oz Tropicana drinks at lobby desk to charge to room. The lobby attendant told me there should be convenance stores 5-7 blocks away. When staff cleaned they really just straightened the room not cleaning the sink, bath, ice bucket; basically they made the bed and reset the coffee- not the worst, but for a $400 room- not good. Grand Hyatt on the other hand at well under $300 on the weekend had a large nice room, bathroom 3 times the size, and free breakfast.

18/07/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
70. M W.
Totally not worth it! This is my third stay in this hotel for business and I'm not coming back.  For a Hilton, it's just bad.  Next time, I'm trying the Arctic Club.  My thoughts below:

Pros: Location.  Good location for me and easy to get to.  Near restaurants and shops etc.
Staff are friendly.

Cons: Hotel overall is dingy.  Rooms could use a major upgrade, although I've read this hotel has been renovated.  I did notice the Executive Lounge looks different and frankly, I think it looks worse.
Executive Lounge and food selection are average at best.
Wifi is absolutely horrible.  From what I've read in other reviews, this is a consistent problem.
Amenities are cheap and need a major upgrade.  For example, the hair dryer in my room was operable (barely) yet breaking and presented a potential fire hazard. The Peter Thomas Roth bathroom amenities were very basic-what I would expect from a $100/night hotel or from the Hampton Inn.  The coffee maker and coffee were tucked away, just resting on a mini fridge inside a large wardrobe unit in the room.  Mini fridge empty for use, which is great I guess but no snacks, etc.  Also inside was one of those tiny ironing boards fit for a small studio apartment.  Not convenient at all.
I was given a handicap room but not notified at check-in.  Usually, Hilton gives you the option to accept the room or not.
Room service menu is totally blah.

My impression is that this hotel was once a true 4-star hotel.  Now, it's clear that owners/mangement don't want to put the necessary money into renovating and improving conditions.

Like I said, next time I'm checking out the DoubleTree in Seattle.

01/11/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
71. Shaianne K.
Stayed here for a weekend, and that was enough to convince me I'm never staying here again. The lady at the front desk didn't specify the hold amount she put on my card or how much the parking pass costed, she just charged us. The showers had NO HOT WATER. Even with the handle turned all the way to hot the water temperature would change between freezing cold and barely warm every 5 seconds. HORRIBLE. I expected a lot more from a hotel that's part of the Hilton chain.

02/11/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
72. George Q.
I just spent four nights here.
The breakfast buffet was overpriced and the selections somewhat limited
As others have commented, the entrance on the ground floor was very small, as was lobby itself. Also, The lobby was inelegantly and spartanly furnished.
My room had one of the smallest bathrooms that I have ever used.
You cannot get programming information on the TV.   and the TV did not have the food network.
The so called business center consists of one desktop and a printer in an open area in the middle of the lobby.
Having paid a $350 daily rate this hotel fell very short in meeting my expectation oh what a Hilton should be.

01/09/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
73. Alanna M.
I'm not quite sure why the price for their hotel rooms are so expensive aside from the fact it's a great location (center of business district).  The rooms are clean and up to Hilton standards, but I don't believe there is anything to really rave about.  I think the hotel industry is a competitive market and there are nearby hotels that have recently upgraded/remodeled their rooms and the rooms are even potentially cheaper depending on the time of year you are traveling.  

Positive note: The top floor is nice for happy hour.  They serve meats and cheese, fruits, some raw veggies, etc.  There's even a wine/booze bar with a spectacular view.  I think you have to be a Hilton Honor member or something special to go.

Highlight - seeing professional basketball players in the elevator once.

Parking garage is tight and narrow.

23/06/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
74. Janna P.
The Hilton is moving up with the stars!  Returned to the downtown Seattle Hilton because of easy access to the 5th Avenue Theatre.  The rooms are CLEAN and the beds comfortable.  The staff at the front desk is GREAT!  Introduce yourself to Devin - what a nice helpful young man.  Remodeling is finishing - the top of the hotel is a welcoming place to enjoy the view and a glass of wine.  I will return.

28/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
75. David J.
The rooms are well-appointed, clean, great views of the city and most importantly, every member of the staff we encountered from front desk to concierge/bell downstairs was extremely helpful and pleasant. Hats off to the team for running such a terrific operation!

05/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
76. Julio C.
I came here on a Friday night two weeks ago after reserving it early in the day that same day. The man at the front desk checking us in literally took two hours to give me and my friends our rooms and cards. He said I never made a reservation, we argued, he called his supervisor, turns out I did reserve, and he took an hour on the computer just pressing keys and clicking the mouse it seems -.-

To make it worse, I reserved two rooms next to each other, with 2 queen beds and even got an email to confirm it, but none were kept available for us and instead, we had to settle for two rooms on different levels and each with one king size bed. Thankfully it was the same price.

Also, the parking costs $35 which is a bit pricey in my opinion.

On this specific night, there was an offer of just $99 per night and the rooms were pretty spacious, the bathroom was real nice. Had a good sized modern tv. Just for this, I'd give it 1.5 stars l, but because of all the other inconveniences, it gets just 1.
Maybe some day I'll go to a different Hilton Hotel in a different city, but definitely never this one again.

20/11/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
77. Daniel S.
I think Paris Hilton is a fabulous asset for the Hilton chain. When people think of Hilton they think of Paris Hilton instead of a hotel marketed as luxurious with some properties that are ordinary. After three visits to Hilton properties I am so unimpressed.

 The Seattle Hilton has no pizzazz. No colorful decorations or grand lobby. You enter from the corner of 6th at University. Straight ahead is a car rental agency. On the right is the elevator. It is necessary to ride it up one floor to the hotel registration level. This is the same level as a hotel bar. The registration process is relatively smooth. However, with constant keys demagnetizing issues, hotel registration will be a part of your Seattle Hilton stay.

 Up on the 17th floor, the room was small. First off there were insufficient drawers. In a hotel chain that is marketed as the top of luxury, the bathroom was inferior to Best Westerns that I have reviewed. It was extraordinary small. What made it worse was that the tub and toilet were in a separate room than the sink. The room was so small that it seemed that I could touch the door from the tub. Forget about a jacuzzi. On a positive note, the water pressure was acceptable. The best things about the room was the downtown views and the cleanliness.

There was a constant issue where the key kept demagnetizing. This is the access card to the room and the elevator. It got old having to go to hotel registration and wait for the key to be magnetized. Magnetizing the key should be a flash. However it was a process for the man that helped us at hotel registration in the afternoon. His solution to having to wait to have the key magnetized was to buy a beer at the bar. At 2 o' clock in the afternoon,  I am so not up to sitting in a hotel bar drinking a beer. By the way, other guests had the exact issue with the key demagnetizing.

 Another issue is the lack of vending machines on the hotel levels. Late at night when I wanted to wind down with a soft drink while writing a Yelp review, I'd have to ride the elevator down to hotel registration to buy a can of Coke from the so-called gift shop. Fortunately there was no key magnetizing issues on those trips downstairs and back up.

  In my opinion,  the Seattle Hilton is more about convenience than luxury. It is a tower at the northwest corner of 6th at Union in the heart of downtown Seattle right off Interstate 5 Exit 164. It is approximately 10 minutes to awesome points of interest that include Pikes Place Market, the Seattle Monorail, shopping, theaters, bars, and good restaurants. It is a relatively easy walk to the Seattle Waterfront, Pioneer Square, and the stadiums.

 My check-ins for the Seattle Hilton stop here. I have far better memories of staying in the Seattle Westin. It is more realistic that I will be sharing a dinner with Paris Hilton than staying at the Seattle Hilton the next time I stay in Seattle. This is a nice way of saying that I am unimpressed with the Seattle Hilton and I will stay at another  hotel next time.

25/09/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
78. HomeIsWhere T.
Bartender Jesse is the best! This place is awesome. Food is amazing and the bar is beautiful.

10/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
79. Alice T.
Great location in downtown Seattle. It's about a 10-15 minute walk from the hotel to Pike Place. Warning: it's an uphill climb on the way back.

Hotel: inside looks older, dark and cramped, narrow hallways on the guest floors, looks like it needs a renovation, small and run-down lobby with sagging sofas

Rooms: comfortable beds, bright and clean room. Completely unexpected from what you'd think after seeing the lobby.

Price: expensive at $200+/night, but I guess it's the location. At that rate, wi-fi should be free... why are all the major hotel brands still charging for internet?

Bonus: anyone can go up to the top floor to check out the views. The restaurant up there looks like it's from the 80s though, so I wouldn't suggest eating there. Also, there's a convenient Alamo car rental facility right on the first floor of the hotel.

22/10/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
80. Nick S.
This hotel was really bad. On a positive note, it was clean. No complaints at all about the cleanliness of the room/overall hotel. The staff were very professional and attentive.

My main issue stems around the fact that this is not the Hilton I have come to appreciate and seek out and is even more simply not a $350 a night hotel. The lobby is pitiful, take the elevator up a few floors to an enclosed lobby with two check in desks. Very shabbily decorated. The hotel bar/lounge/restaurant are terrible. I got in on a Sunday night for an early Monday at our client site. Was all setup in my room by 10pm, figured I would head down to the bar and grab a drink.....took the elevator down, walked over to the bar, took one look at it and decided I would be better off going to bed. Went back upstairs and went to sleep. The room essentially looks like a very large banquet hall room that has been walled off halfway, with no character whatsoever, and no windows, and just a bar along the wall. The beer selection was decent, there was a TV or two, but that was it.

Again, cleanliness and staff, just fine. If in a pinch and can somehow find a deal on this hotel, take it up. But wow, my work was paying for me to stay here, and I am upset to have spent their money on such garbage. It's nice to be comfortable when out of town on business, and this hotel simply did not provide that

30/09/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
81. Shelbi D.
I'll get right down to it.

Pros: the hotel was clean. The staff was friendly. The room was overall nice. It was within walking distance to downtown.

Cons: we had to take 2 separate elevators - one for the parking garage, then you walk through the garage and out, in the lobby front door, then use a separate elevator to get to our room. What a pain! The bathroom was quite small. I felt bad for the front desk agents because the reception area was small and cramped. The parking per night was spendy, especially with the cramped garage and parking attendants who grilled you ("are you staying here? What's your room number? Last name? Did you pay for parking?"). The bed was super uncomfortable.

07/06/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
82. Laura C T.
A little disappointed with this Hilton hotel.  It seems like they were trying to modernize but didn't do a good job. In addition, at the extravagant price tag of $350 a night you'd think you could get something decent.

Location is in the middle of the business district. Lots of restaurants and shops around.  When you enter from the parking (which costs $41 overnight), you walk through this pathetic looking lounge area and bar.  I think there is a restaurant here too.

My room was on the 15th floor.  It was small, nothing special.  I got room service, Caesar salad was decent, the soup was not amazing. Better off finding something else. 30 bucks.

Internet is not free.  It's $10.95 per 24 hrs.  I was willing to pay it but I could not login with my room number and last name. All my credentials were correct.
When I called the front desk, instead of simplifying this and giving me maybe a code or something, her immediate answer was to send up an engineer. What is he going to do for my wifi in my phone?
As suspected, he couldn't help me at all but called a help desk phone number, where the guy put me in hold for 5 mins while trying to reach the front desk who wasn't answering. He couldn't get it working either and manually added my MAC address of my phone to their wifi.  

I was so tired at this point I couldn't believe i had to deal with this crap.  I got the Internet free but I think it could have been handled better.

Fixtures in the room were old.  The shower head was falling off but everything was functional. The thermostat was terrible and the ducts were old. I was either too warm or top cold.  Making it warm made the room so dry.

At the price my company paid for this room, all this seemed really unacceptable.

22/08/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
83. Pam S.
I could see how people may be put off by the decor of this place at first, but it IS a Hilton and it IS under renovations.

Came here with my friend/love on our last night together.  He used points to book us, and because he's fancy (or we're as an attractive couple as the homeless guy told us we were), we were upgraded to the 26th floor.  Although our room didn't have the best view, it certainly was beautiful.  

The staff was unfailingly nice during our brief stay, and I don't think we had any glaring problems.

Some things which took away that star:
-No toilet seat cover (HUH?) so with the super-powered toilet, water gets everywhere. -The tiny, tiny shower/toilet space.  
-The light switch situation.  The light switch that's the first upon entry lights up next to the window.  Was rather confusing.

Other than that- comfortable bed, not a bad buffet in the am (great view up there), fantastic location...I'd stay here again, although I'd probably ask about the toilet seat situation.  Just for kicks.

29/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
84. Alex D.
Just called to book a suite and the guy says "you gotta book that through a lady named Nora and she will be here on monday" whaaaaaaat?????

07/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
85. Sheila E.
I recently stayed at this Hilton for two nights for business, and to be honest with you, I probably wouldn't stay here again.  I'm not a huge fan of Hilton's, but my colleague I worked with is, so that's why I chose this Hilton.

Two weird things I didn't like about this Hilton: the entrance to the hotel and the toilets. Most larger hotels have a drive through area where you can drop off your car to be parked or easily pick someone up, but this one has neither.  They don't have valet parking, so if you have a car, know that it's self parking.  This could be inconvenient if you have a lot of luggage, but I guess the bellman could follow you out to the parking garage and help you, if needed.  I don't know, I just found that weird and I prefer a hotel where you can pull up and either get valet parking or get help with your luggage at the entrance area.

The toilet didn't have a toilet lid, and I didn't like that.  It seemed industrial and I also always leave the lid closed so nothing could fall in.  Just a quirk of mine, so it may not bother other people.  I don't actually think I've stayed at a hotel that doesn't have a lid.

The room décor was fine, but the lobby is dated, so hopefully they will be renovating that soon (they are in the process of renovations, so I'm assuming the lobby is on their list).  Service was okay - the desk clerk on my second day was much friendlier than the one I dealt with when I checked in.

I also didn't like the fact that I had to pay for Wi-Fi ($10.95 a night), when I've gotten free Wi-Fi at other hotels in downtown Seattle.  It's complimentary if you are Gold or above, but I think you shouldn't be charged it you are at least a Silver level (and it takes FOREVER to hit Gold with Hilton).

I travel to Seattle a lot for work, and there are too many other places I would rather stay.  Look, if you want your Hilton points and the two above things wouldn't bother you, stay here, because the location is good, I just don't think it's for me.

26/01/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
86. Vincent L.
Although others have noted the awkward elevator and lobby situation, I didn't find these two issues to be major drawbacks in my stay here. These issues aside, this is a pretty standard Hilton, with front desk service being fairly helpful and the high-rise downtown location allowing for some nice views. Nothing went wrong at all during my stay, although nothing was really spectacular - all in all, uneventful and conventional.

26/10/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
87. Russell S.
Beware of this hotel. They tried to charge me a $225 fee for "deep cleaning" because they claimed the room smelled like cigarette smoke. I NEVER smoked in the room, so something fishy is going on. Either they are robbing people or staff is entering the room to smoke, if that is the case. BEWARE! Very disappointed.

31/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
88. Michael N.
Recently stayed for a night before flying out to Mexico from Seatac Airport. Was clean, staff was friendly and helpful, and very conveniently located for flying out of Seatac.

I would not recomend calling to make your reservation/booking unless you have to. We are from Vancouver BC and I tried calling to book our room over the phone but they use a 3rd party and they were not helpful- I actually ended up hangin up and just going into the hotel and speaking to the front desk.

We got a better rate and a great price on a parking package for a week- better than what they quoted me on the phone, so beware. The front desk was friendly and helpful.

The hotel was pretty nice, clean rooms, no complaints. I workout alot and their gym was decent- atleast for hotel standards. Large with dumbells up to 50/60 lbs and enough machines to have a decent workout.

Would stay again if we were flying out of Seatac.

12/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
89. Jeff M.
The entrance is the strangest part of this hotel...it is a small off the street lobby with a bell hop (poor guy) relegated to hanging out in the space. There aren't any "welcome" signs or anything that would make it clear you are in a unusual lobby. There are two elevators, so we took one up to the lobby.

The front desk agent was very kind and helpful, in spite of 8 shrieking women that made all but the most intent concentration impossible. The lobby, bar, and restaurant are all being remodeled. There were no windows, we didn't know, were we on the second floor. No, turned out it was the 12th....weird.

Our floor was newly remodeled and our room was fresh as well. Everything was done nicely, clean, and comfortable. Our room was filled with white noise from Interstate outside our window (it was quieter in the middle of the night). The vanity was separate from the toilet/bath. The toilet/bath was almost uncomfortably small, a bit of a jig was required to close the door. Everything seemed refreshed but the bed didn't seem to be. It was not terribly comfortable (I usually find hotel beds fine and comfortable) and the only pillows were quite high, these two things make getting a nights rest difficult.

12/05/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
90. Sanath M.
We had the pleasure of staying at the Hilton Seattle and it was a good experience . When we checked in we were served by Long and he made us feel very special and very much at home.
Location is fantastic  very central
Room size: .good size fot downtown hotel.

What can be improved  
I think the rest of the front office staff can learn a lot from his friendliness. They  need to greet customers when they are not with a client and people passing through the front desk.
We were on the 14th floor  so much dirt such as cigarette Butts and socks etc that has fallen from upper floors right outside of our window and that should be cleaned and maintained  

Thanks again for having great people who understand the service industry  

06/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
91. Jenifer H.
The new redtrees grill has two of the best bartenders I've ever encountered in a hotel bar (Jesse and Lucas). They were knowledgable, friendly, and made excellent cocktails. The rooms were clean and well maintained.

18/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
92. Jade M.
My boyfriend and I stayed here for six nights last month to celebrate my birthday/new years eve and we had a very pleasant stay. The hotel is conveniently located to most of Seattle's "sights"; Pike Place Market, Westlake Center (to take the monorail to Seattle Center), Pioneer Square and the waterfront are all walking distance.

We arrived on a Sunday evening after 9pm and found out that most restaurants in the surrounding area are closed by that time so we ordered room service. The staff were very cordial and brought our food to the room promptly. We both had hamburgers and they were delicious and HUGE - we easily could have ordered one and shared. We had a room on the 22nd floor with a nice view of the city and one of the most comfortable beds that I have ever slept in. I really liked that there was a mini refrigerator for us to keep snacks/drinks in and the TV had HBO in addition to the standard channels. The hotel room was very clean and the housekeeping service was wonderful. My only two complaints are that when you turn the heater on dust circulates throughout the room (this is easily remedied by not using the heat/opening one of the windows but it definitely stirred up my allergies) and that there wasn't free wifi (I feel like this should have been included in the price).

Overall I enjoyed my stay at this hotel much better than when we stayed at the Executive Pacific during our last stay. If you are looking for a hotel with a good location and a nice room, then I would definitely recommend this hotel.

07/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
93. Ron P.
Very nice hotel in a great location downtown. Strange lobby since it is on an upper floor but being in the city I can understand why. Not much room down below! View from my room was excellent.

11/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
94. Richard H.
Smaller, older Hilton property, recently renovated rooms lobby and dining area.  Better overall than the Seattle Westin or Hyatt.  Walking distance to everything in downtown Seattle.  Lobby is above street level and overnight parking is expensive.  

There is a rental car service and small workout facility on the ground floor.

Excellent food served in their bar/restaurant.  

Best feature:  access to the Executive Lounge for complementary breakfast!

02/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
95. Jen J.
4 stars only because the rooms are a little outdated. They are spacious, clean and the beds are comfortable. I was in room 2805, top floor, Hilton Honors room. Nothing was wrong, no complaints, I will be returning to Seattle and will definitely stay here again.

Location - perfect! Right in the middle of downtown. Walking distance to everything.

Service - 5 stars for service! The front desk lady, Ty, was absolutely lovely. I adore her. She set the tone for my little get away. I hope everyone is as welcoming as her.

Room Service - we ordered dinner & breakfast. Food was great. The pancake breakfast (not on the menu) was amazing. I was craving pancakes! It came with fresh blueberries, strawberries and bacon.

Concierge - very friendly & helpful.

I was very happy with my stay and would recommend to my family & friends.

17/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
96. Hamid K.
They room they initially gave me had a moldy bathroom so I had to walk down to reception at 1130pm to get a new room. Why it is so difficult for some hotels to have mold-free bathrooms if they are supposedly being cleaned every day. That is incredibly annoying and unsanitary. The new room was on a lower floor but cleaner.

Their "newly renovated" claim is a bit misleading since the rooms only got new carpeting and fresh paint. The furniture is still 80s style and the rooms have popcorn ceilings.
The very small bathrooms sport public restroom toilets.

19/02/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
97. Natalia G.
Clean. Very nice staff. Great location.

Stayed here on my first trip to Seattle.  Arrived here  on light rail from airport just 3 blocks walking distance. This place is central to everywhere you want to be in Seattle .

Double room was perfect. Nice view of the city. Fitness room is amazing ! 6 stars on its own.
I didn't get to exercise like I intended but got some steps in while walking around Seattle!

06/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0