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Homewood Suites by Hilton Seattle Downtown in Seattle, WA

Homewood Suites by Hilton Seattle Downtown in Seattle, WA

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Company Info:

Rating: 3.89

Address: 206 Western Ave W, Seattle, WA, 98119

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    Comments (72):

    1. Jill k.
    spacious, comfy, and with a very good complimentary breakfast buffet (you could make your own mcmuffins!)  the location was on the outskirts of lower queen anne, but walking distance to the many attractions, including the experience music project, and the space needle.

    23/09/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    2. SJ C.
    Great setting for families. We had a corner/end suite which with lots of windows for views of the bay/city. Very comfortable for our family of 5. Great value which includes a good breakfast, wine/beer and a meal every night too from 5-7. Walking distance to everywhere, great local restaurants and only 5-6 easy blocks to the Space Needle, Museums and Monorail which you can ride to downtown. Would stay here again!

    08/07/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    3. Charles L.
    I lived some number of blocks from this "hotel" for a considerable amount of time and never even realized it existed. So, when visiting, I couldn't quite place its exact location. I wouldn't say that if price and location were not factors, that I would intentionally choose to stay at this hotel again. We won this hotel through bidding on priceline.com and paid an incredibly low rate, which would really be the only reason to stay here. The staff is consistently rude. Normally I wouldn't really care but I don't think it's appropriate to stop helping me in order to make fun of another guest standing on the other side of the wall just feet away. Awkward. Also - the fitness room is extremely tricky to find.. which is probably intentional. On the 3rd day, we actually found it on our own. What a waste of an elevator ride. It contains like 3 bikes and a desk. There's also a pile of used moulding against the wall. Good luck.

    04/03/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    4. Gerad F.
    I have never written a negative review for a hotel before, but the treatment we got here was way over the top! We arrived early and were told that our room wasn't ready, ok, it happens. 3 hours later, we had sat and watched guest after guest come into the lobby, be given keys, and sent up top their room. We did not reserve anything special, just a bay side view. We still didn't have the room at 3:00 which is what the clerk said would be the outer most time. The assistant manager was walking around the whole time we sat there and NEVER asked if she could help, offered us a coffee or anything. We were completely ignored for more than 2 hours while all other guests checked in. Finally we got our room and I contacted Hilton as I was so angry. We wound up on the second floor and their idea of a bay view is a water peep between trees, across two parking lots, 8 lanes of traffic, a railroad and a city park! The manager called and apologized though he could not tell me why we were treated so badly. He promised to send one night's stay as a refund when we got home. Guess what??? No refund and the manager refuses to communicate about the incident. The Hilton rep I dealt with can't get any response. Lousy customer service from start to finish. We will NEVER go anywhere near this place again. Homewood Suites Pike Street is much more central and the service is awesome!

    20/08/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    5. John D.
    Excellent! Downsides are the neighborhood parking (tight) and the breakfast buffet (lackluster). But the rooms were excellent, and the staff very friendly and helpful.

    06/08/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    6. Lawrence W.
    OK, OK. It's just a frakkin' corporate [SOOTHINGNAME] Suites incarnation of some form or another - this one run by the Hiltons. I'm assuming Paris has rubbed her coochie all over the place. However....!

    This last summer when my whole family drove out to visit (from frakkin' Indiana, mind you) we ended up bunking them at this place; mostly as it's three blocks away from my apartment.

    The surprising thing was - we had a great time. Not surprising that I had a great time with them here, but that the hotel actually contributed to our nice time together. We quickly fell into a routine where I got up, mosey'd down to the hotel to meet them, and we all partook of the free breakfast they had *every morning*.

    We'd run go do touristy things, then take the kids back to the hotel for a nap. We'd reconnoiter over the *free happy hour*, and then make dinner or evening plans. All told, a flawless familial visit.

    The rooms are standard "suite"-type things, with little kitchenettes and a sitting room separate from the bedroom. The place was clean, and the staff was nice and helpful.

    Overall, while I'd never usually rate a hotel of this caliber in the 4 range, it was such a good experience that I feel compelled to rate 'em up. Thanks, Homewood Suites! Brawk brawk!

    05/12/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    7. Patricia F.
    Really great value for the price.  Book ahead, even in the low season, to avoid disappointment.

    The nice features include:
    -Separate living room and bedroom
    -Kitchenette (fridge, microwave, electric range, coffee maker, sink, dishes / glasses / cutlery)
    -Small gym
    -Laundry room (and laundry service if you prefer)
    -Free breakfast buffet
    -Free all-day coffee
    -Monday-Thursday free happy hour with hot snacks (you can make a dinner out of it if you're really short on time/money ... but I wouldn't necessarily recommend it)

    They also have some really pleasant services
    - Grocery shopping.  You can give them a list and keep a credit card on file, and they'll actually go get things for you.  (Though now that Queen Ann Specialty Market is open, this is less important)
    - Luggage room.  If you're traveling back and forth regularly, you can leave a bag with them (a huge perk with the liquid-on-flights restrictions)

    The only down-side is that it's a little far from downtown Seattle.  And you don't get Starwood points.

    19/12/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    8. Alex G.
    I've been staying at this shit box for almost two weeks and can't wait to get home!  Suites is the biggest overstatement ever.  The rooms are large, but decorated with what appears to be leftovers from a J.C. Penny's firesale.  It's bad news.  The hotel does offer a complimentary breakfast and dinner bufffet, which is generic but palatable.  

    I would have given the place 3 stars, but last Saturday night a huge fight broke out on my floor and the cops had to be called in.  They didn't arrive for over an hour.  Classy.

    05/04/07 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    9. David A.
    Excellent stay. Got an incredible deal on Priceline for 3 nights on the Presidents day weekend. Was great very nice and wad given a 3rd floor room facing 2nd St. This was a 2 double bed suite with a real living room and kitchen. Everything very clean and updated. I did not see any worn or outdated furnishings. Breakfast was great with fruit and hot food. About 4 blocks to Seattle Center and about 3 blocks to a Safeway. I would stay here again in a heartbeat. Did not park. Took the train to Seattle for the weekend. Did quite a bit of walking and did not use the bus that much. Monorail from Seattle center can take you downtown to the shopping districts and Pike Market.

    20/06/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    10. Tom A.
    Height of summer at the Homewood Suites by Seattle Center and it's breakfast buffet time.  Now it's a little late and I've got my goin-to-the-client pants on and I'm not going to be happy at all if that 2nd grader running with the pancakes splatters syrup on me.  I'm sure he's fine.   Totally in control.  I'm just turning into a bundle of nerves, trying to get my head ready for a crazy work day while surrounded by the Extended Family Circus.  Clearly the trick would be to get down here early before the Rugrat raids begin.

    Homewood Suites is an extended stay place so the suites are spacious and decently if not lavishly appointed.  All the business perks are there: good iron, a workable desk, high speed internet, a business center.  Aside from Disneyland in the breakfast lounge, it's a perfectly adequate business hotel and probably ideal for the long stay.  But because it was the aforementioned height of Summer, I was paying well over $200 a night and I wouldn't really get to 'move in' and make use of that kitchenette.  

    Around the neighborhood are some good places, including a decent Safeway if indeed you do need to stock up the fridge.  But it is a residential neighborhood and not really Belltown, where every corner is another bistro.  If you really wanted to go out on the town a cab ride might be in your future.

    15/12/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    11. Jeff F.
    Great Value, excellent location - they have a gym across the street they sell day passes to for $7. The day staff is generally better than the evening staff, but I think the free happy hour M-Thurs outweighs most negatives. Huge rooms if you're into that sort of thing

    22/03/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    12. Jenna C.
    I stayed here for two nights in December with a friend on a weekend getaway to Seattle.  Our room was clean, comfortable, and HUGE.  If we were better planners, we could have cooked in the room.  The staff at the front desk was incredibly friendly and helpful, at all hours of the day and night.  The location was perfect for us - walking distance to the Space Needle, Kerry Park, and downtown / Pike's Place.  We did not have a car, so I can't speak for the parking situation.  

    The free breakfast was AWESOME.  Eggs, cereal, bacon / sausage, coffee, juice, fruit, oatmeal, yogurt, granola...you name it, it was there, and it was FREE.  We filled up on breakfast every day so that we could get away with only eating 2 meals a day - vacationing on a budget, woo!  I think this hotel is great value for the cost.  True, it's not right downtown.  But if you are an able-bodied person, you can definitely handle the short walk.  Plus, it gives you an excuse to get out and do some site-seeing on foot - can you remember the last time you actually did site-seeing from a car or the backseat of a cab?  That's right, it's probably never happened, and if it did, it wasn't memorable.  That being said, cabs ARE readily available for your longer distance adventures.  Neighborhood felt very safe.  Free Wi-Fi.  On top of all the pros - Hilton Hotels baby, racking up those rewards points!  When I return to the Seattle area, I will definitely stay here again.

    24/05/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    13. Matthew W.
    Amazing customer service, incredible value, they completely accommodated our group and all our needs. I highly recommend for non-profits and other groups.

    01/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    14. Dave H.
    Stayed here only one night. Room was bigger than I imagined and internet was free. Decent breakfast and staff super nice. Only 2 cons, shower water pressure is low and parking charge.

    16/12/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    15. Jeff G.
    A fire chased me my wife,my mother in-law and my dog out of the house. Our insurance company is paying for us to live somewhere in the meantime and I picked Homewood because they take pets. The place is comfortable, with a big living room, two bedrooms and a decent kitchenette. Most of the staff are very friendly, especially to our large dog, Cosmo.

    I can't even describe how terrifying and upsetting it is to suddenly not be able to live in your house, but having a comfortable friendly place like this to re-group in is being very helpful.

    12/04/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    16. Dan M.
    Staying in one now.

    The room is great. It's huge, has a nice view and very clean.

    Service has been nice. Breakfast was a bit boring, but plenty of choices.

    Overall, I'm just very impressed with how comfortable and convenient the whole place is. We might not leave the hotel today.

    23/01/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    17. samuel a.
    Honestly when I travel for business or with family now I like the spaciousness of staying in a suite type situation. And no, I don't want to regularly cut off limbs to stay in luxury suites.

    Luxury this isn't, but I've stayed at enough Homewood Suites that I am comfortable with them and seek them out as one of my preferred hotel brands to stay in. While I've stayed in nicer (aka newer) Homewood Suites (Salt Lake comes to mind) with brand new furniture and a big LCD TV, this one on Western is one that I've stayed at many (ok a few ... about 5 times).

    The reason is because they're spacious suite units (I've never used the kichenettes - although it's great to have a fridge and freezer), it's clean, the bed is OK (nothing beats a Westin Heavenly), and the breakfast area is spacious and comfy to be in - although it can be a kid zoo in the mornings during the summer (big deal).

    I wish they'd replace the old school TVs with LCDs as the buzzing sound of the TVs drive me crazy.

    And a useful tip. They'll ask if you want to park in the hotel. Unless you like flushing $15 a night down the toilet, say NO, and just park on the street for free. There will always be a spot open or one will open up (and until then just park your ride at the edge of the loading zone until one opens up). I've ALWAYS parked on the street.

    And cost, I have no idea as the last couple times I've stayed here I've stayed on points. Oh and breakfast, I love places with free breakfast. And I know it's really not "free" and it's not great, but I love it.

    25/07/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    18. Joanna Y.
    Great surprise via a travel website. (Ya know the kind where they hide the name and specific location of the hotel.)  I guess I should have been tipped off by the name (which includes the descriptive word "suites".  The room was quite large with a sitting area and eating area, full kitchen, bath, and separate bedroom.  

    Only interaction with the staff was upon arrival where we were checked in quickly by a very friendly dude.  Other than that the hotel did it's hotel-duties.  The complimentary breakfast was way more than I am used to (hot omelettes, english muffins, yogurt, apple sauce, fresh fruit (w/ melon that was actually ripe).

    The location isn't the best, its not right downtown, but certainly not bad.  It's just off Denny, so its a straight shot to the Capitol Hill area.  I went to Seattle for the PIcasso exhibit at the art museum, and that was about a 5 minute drive away.  I think it's certainly doable on foot too.

    I'd keep this place in mind, though with those travel sites its quite possibly to get into a slightly more hip hotel closer to downtown.

    06/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    19. Robert S.
    Nice clean hotel.  Room are great and free breakfast is good.  Staff very helpful.   Only downside is parking when checkin gin is a pain in the butt and WIFI is weak

    16/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    20. Ben S.
    Should have been a 4.5 stars if they provide more utenils and the sofabed is not that lumpy.  :-)

    The location is superb.  It is in a upscale residential neighborhood, yet only 4-5 blocks away from most attractions (Waterfront / Seattle Center).  Plenty of off street parking.  It is actually better than the $15-a-day garage self-parking since the inside parking is rather cramped.  People tend to ignore COMPACT CAR ONLY and park their big SUVs!

    The daily breakfast is decent.  The "welcome home" dinner from 5-7pm every Mon-Thur is superb.  We got a spacious water view room.  Very very clean indeed.  The sound-proofing is excellent as well.  Staff is friendly and helpful.

    This place is just great for family travel!

    29/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    21. Rachael M.
    I've stayed here twice now, & I've been pleased with this place.  Both trips were for several days, so I've had the chance to test out of the facilities & try all the breakfast food they offer, yum!  The beds are comfy, the accomdations are clean & in decent conditions.  Sure, the TVs are a little old, but eh, I'm not there to watch TV anyway.  We also usually grab a suite with a kitchenette, which comes in handy for longer stays.  The lobby & eating area are both nice as well with the cushy couches & tons of sitting & table space.  

    I like this location because it's either a quick walk or cab ride to various parts of town.  There are several bars / restaurants nearby, so we didn't have to stumble far for entertainment.  Don't bother with the garage parking.  There's almost always a spot on the street right in front of the hotel or just up the street within short walking distance.  All of my visits have been met with friendly & helpful staff who always provide great restaurant & activity recommendations.  Those serving breakfast are great, too, because they keep everything filled up & the area clean.  The front desk will also call you a cab to get wherever you need to go, including the airport at 4 a.m.  

    Definitely will stay here again on my return visits.

    12/08/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    22. Greg C.
    Our stay here was great. Friendly staff and the rooms were great too. Not to mention the breakfast and dinner that was provided. Can't wait to stay there again.

    15/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    23. Sean H.
    Excellent hotel, the staff was friendly, free breakfast every day, free dinner Monday through Thursday, and you're within walking distance of the space needle. My wife and I also walked to pikes place market, but it was a little farther away.

    23/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    24. Kalani F.
    Yeah, okay... for $240 a night, I would want my toilet to work. My air conditioner too. Oh yeah, and my sink not to leak.  They had to move me once, after the toilet started leaking. I kid you not.  This place looks and feels like a Motel 6.  Plus, there isn't a place to pull in and park to check in... you are stuck trying to find something on the road. Good luck.  Oh, wait, they would have some curbside parking if their own airport vans weren't parked there.  This place is hideous. And in the middle in the nowhere for Seattle. It isn't close to anything. The handyman was nice. I just wish I didn't have to see him so much for an overnight stay.  Oh, one more thing- there are no signs as you pull up to this place. It's actually ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE BUILDING where you can't see, tacked above the sixth floor.  Another gem: $15 to park in their garage!  Stay away from here, there are much, and I mean, much better Hilton's out there, and much better places to stay in Seattle. This one isn't it.

    04/08/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    25. Pete S.
    these guys really care. the staff were super attentive and we really enjoyed our stay. the rooms are enormous.

    the only downside - the location. there's nothing around the Homewood Suites. No restaurants, bars, attractions. nothing a quick cab ride can't fix, but the only reason not to give it 5 stars.

    16/04/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    26. Deb R.
    We stayed over one night when we were going to be in Seattle late and needed to be there also the next morning. Super great service. Nice to have a full dinner and breakfast included.  Very comfortable room. I would --- and probably will - stay here again.

    17/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    27. Anthony R.
    Missing a pool however, great solid hotel with great staff.

    06/10/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    28. Steve S.
    This was my first visit to this location, but definitely not my first visit to a Homewood Suites or any other Hilton hotel. Although I find most Hilton brand hotels to be modern and comfortable, this location was not.

    There is no doubt in my mind this location would receive five stars from me if they was a major interior update. This would include replacing the TV's from 1990 with flat screens, furniture, etc. If I'm paying $150 to $200 a night, it better be pretty damn nice.

    I would have given this location two stars if it wasn't for the amazing customer service, awesome location and great views of the sound. I'll be back at some point, but only after a remodel or a reduction in price.

    20/09/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    29. Joyce D.
    I keep forgetting to review this place, but I loved it here.

    About a year ago I went to Seattle for a mini vacation and I needed a place to stay for 5 nights. Hotels are a bit pricey if you'e staying that long but I found a great deal for Homewood Suites. It's part of the Hilton chain and I got all the comforts of home.

    I was by myself but I had a living room with the morning paper delivered every day. I had a kitchen with a stove, pots and pans, a fridge and my own private room.

    The BEST thing about this place? You can write a grocery list and give it to the front desk and they'll go get it all for you and bring it to your room and just charge your card for the items! How amazing is that?? I made myself breakfast everyday.

    I would stay here again. It's about a mile walk to the Space Needle, a mile uphill to Kerry View Park and about a 10 min walk to the waterfront. Or if you're lazy like me, a $5 cab ride almost everywhere.

    30/06/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    30. beck l.
    An amazing VALUE for our 6 day family vacation!  Breakfast and an afternoon reception provided- almost like a dinner on some nights.  At 1st, we were skeptical free food could be decent, but it was surprisingly good on many (not all) nights.  This is just m- th.  Beer and wine at 4pm is standard at all Homewood Suites.  Tip: bring some dollars to tip your daily pour.  
    The rooms were standard comfy with a little living room which helped our family out with luxerious space. Also, plenty of parking in this condo thick area.  

    Best of all, it is 6 small city blocks to Seattle's needle, EMP museum, and a 1 mile walk to Pike's market.  Great way to work off that 4th meal you squeezed in today.

    Service has been great!  Friendly and helpful staff  The workers here are friendly and it seems perfectly staffed with the right number .

    17/01/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    31. Harold F.
    We recently stayed at the hotel for several days while visiting colleges in the area with our son.  The location is good - not too far from downtown by car, in walking distance of restaurants, but just off the beaten path enough to be a little quieter.  The rooms were well furnished and comfortable, and the overall feel of the hotel is clean and fairly modern.  The free breakfasts and dinners were a nice feature, though don't expect a lot out of the food.   Still, even just having the fresh fruit and cereal available is nice in the morning.  Having the full sized fridge and stove top was a real plus.

    The front desk staff was very helpful and friendly, and seemed genuinely interested in helping.  Our shower was not working properly on our first morning.  We let the front desk know on our way out, and by the time we were back that evening, they had it fixed.  

    There were really only a few negatives.  First, if you park indoors, the lots are a little challenging - it was a bit of a struggle to get the garage door to go up with our key card, and spaces were tight.  There is open lot parking outside the hotel, though we didn't use it..  Second, the business center had a non-functioning printer, so the front desk had to take care of pulling things up and printing them for me, which was time consuming.

    The major negative was that the cleaning staff seemed really surly and unpleasant;.  This is the reason the hotel only gets 3 stars.  They stood gossiping in the hallways, never made eye contact or said hello if you passed them, and all seemed to want to be somewhere else.  On our first night, they missed emptying a very full garbage can under the sink that had food items in it - kind of gross to find festering under there the next day. On the third morning, they made a bed so haphazardly that it seemed they just crookedly tossed the covers back up over the rumpled sheets - no effort to straighten it up or actually make the bed.    Without the cleaning staff, this would have been a 4 or 5 star stay.

    12/04/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    32. Joceyln Y.
    I got a room for one night.  Was celebrating a birthday (almost drowned 2 years ago)...and celebrating a friends winning battle with cancer.  So we were a little excited about life and living.  We went downtown and celebrated.  Came back to the room to "chill out" before going to bed.  I get a knock on my door and a person from the front desk had his finger out and in a VERY threatening tone in thru gritted teeth telling us we are being too loud. (my one neighbor next door was apparently watching and i heard "i live here and they woke me up"  I paid to live there too...hello?!?).  Also I was burning incense in the room because THEIR WAS A FOUL ODOR coming from the bathroom.  The THREATENING front desk man also said he had my credit card and "was going to charge my card on file $250 in a NY minute for smoking in the room".  I denied the smoking.  If they looked at their cameras they would see a group of people coming in and out of the hotel to smoke their cigarettes several times that evening.  I was so shocked I didn't have anything to say to him but "ok".  My friend in the room immediately called the front desk and questioned the smoking charge.  WE WERE NOT SMOKING IN THE ROOM!  The person on the phone let us know that they were going to advise their housekeeping staff to be on the lookout for smoking evidence. We were all so shocked at the RUDE and THREATENING behavior we almost left right there and then.  The next morning, we saw the other neighbor on the other side of my room and asked about noise.  They (a man and his young son) didn't hear a single thing because WE WERE NOT BEING LOUD...hello?  AND IF we were being loud...wouldn't it be policy to just ask us to quiet down...and if we were loud again, THEN to threaten us?  I've been to cheaper hotels/motels throughout my life and teen years ALL OVER THE US and WORLD and have dealt with noise complaints....and NOONE, not even a motel 6/8 or any hotel/motel has treated a paying customer as POORLY as Homewood Suites in DT Seattle off Western Ave.  The front desk man, short older Caucasian wearing glasses needs to learn customer service.  I took video of the room in the morning as evidence that there was NO SMOKING in the room just in case they did charge me...which they didn't.  I WILL NOT be coming back to this place.  NOT WORTH IT and will be spreading the word.  If you want to be threatened for things you didn't do, come here.  Shocked that I was treated BETTER at cheaper establishments such like a motel 6/8.  Shaking my head.  Never again. The experience was NOT fun...I WOULD NOT recommend to others...it was NOT worth the time/money. Figured the Hilton would have pristine customer service.  I was wrong on this one. (I took a break from reviewing places but I was so disgusted this weekend I had to review it here)

    30/09/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    33. Scott W.
    Was extremely surprised by how awesome this hotel was!!  OK fine so it is not right downtown, but it is merely 2-3 blocks from a whole bunch of restaurants, starbucks, etc.. so people who i have noticed that are complaining that it is so far from everything - try going outside and walking - there are lots of options around!  INCLUDING a safeway right down the street so for people who want to bring back food to cook!

    Firstly check in was quick, parking was easy (although for future, i would recommend just parking on the street, i think it is cheaper than the $15/nt the hotel charges) - we parked in the parkade because it was rainy outside, and didnt know how safe the area was.. but now we know, likelynext time we will do the street.  

    Once we got to the room - we thought we were at home!  OK we are used to metropolitan Vancouver urban lifestyle with 700-900sq. ft. living being the norm.. and this room must have been 600-700 sq. ft.!   TV room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom - what else do you need!  Plus with free wifi, and an AMAZING breakfast (different each morning!) - next time i am back in town i will for sure stay here.  

    We booked from Hotwire, $85ish/nt.

    30/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    34. Michael C.
    Just got back from a trip to Seattle and decided to stay at the Homewood Suites. This is a nice hotel downtown. It's about a 15 minute walk to Pike's Place Market, a 5 minute walk to the waterfront, and another 5 minute walk to the Seattle Center.

    The hotel staff was always nice and courteous. They have a free hot breakfast every morning (it was different all 5 days). Nothing too spectacular, but at least it beats bread and cereal. If you are staying during the week, they do have a welcome home happy hour. Here they will have some appetizers and complimentary wine or beer. I've never stayed at a hotel that has complimentary alcohol for their guests.

    10/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    35. Dave D.
    This is a decent homewood suites that is sort of downtown, but kind of on the north end of most of the business district (although, closer to the space needle).

    Of the two homewood suites downtown, this is the older one, and frankly isn't quite as great.  I would have gone 4 stars because it is nice, but the one on Pike streeet is much better so I'd reccomend it above this property.  If this is near where you need to go, I wouldn't hesitate to reccomend it.  The staff is good, the rooms are nice, and the location is kind of cool even if you have to walk across Denny to get to the business district.

    23/10/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    36. Donna W.
    Great service, free breakfast, and free M-TH dinner with beer and wine! We stayed for 3 weeks with our 2dogs. Great for extended stays and best of all was the money we saved from the free meals. Great location in a safe neighborhood in Queen Anne, and super close to the Seattle center, space needle. It was  great for our dogs bc it was just across the bridge with the Elliot Bay Trail/Park with Puget Sound and close to restaurants and Safeway. The staff was super friendly and professional. I'd stay in their suites again!!! .

    09/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    37. Laura O.
    Beautiful hotel, nice rooms-living room space, kitchen, good sized bedroom.  bathroom was kind of dark.  We were also fortunate enough to have a room facing away from Elliott Ave, otherwise I'd think would be rather loud.  Close by to the Space Needle, Children's Museum, etc.  Walking distance from downtown.  

    They offer breakfast and dinner free.  We didn't have time to do dinner but it was a nice option.  The only think we managed to eat for breakfast was oatmeal and coffee but they had a huge variety of pancakes, eggs, bacon, bagels, yogurt, etc.

    13/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    38. Kristine C.
    Stayed at the Homewood Suites on my recent visit to Seattle. It's in the Queen Anne district. Which is not too far from Downtown, Pike's Place Market, The Space Needle and is surrounded by many bars and restaurants.

    We booked two rooms, a bedroom suite and one bedroom suite. They both had the same layout, just one was bigger and had an extra room. The rooms were pretty spacious. They had kitchenette's with a fridge with ice maker, stove top with 4 burners, microwave and sink. The living area had a 2 person dining table, TV with all the good channels (lol), a sitting chair and a sofa bed.

    The bathroom was big for a hotel room, but my only complaint is why do they only have 1 sink in hotel rooms?! But there was a lot of space for me and my friend's makeup, accessories and hair stuff.

    One bedroom had a full size bedroom, mirrored closet, tv and tall standing drawer. One thing about that room was the heating/cooling system was on the wall and that's the side I ended up sleeping on, so it got cold/hot real fast for me. And what was weird, was the temperature controls for the whole suite was in that room. The bigger room of the two had all the same amenities, but with a king size bed and desk with chair.

    Unfortunately, since it isn't in the center of all the hype, there wasn't a good window view from our suite. But in the morning, since there's a continental breakfast, the dining room actually faces the waterfront and that is a nice view. If you're wondering about the continental breakfast, it's the usual eggs, potatoes, bacon, sausage, bagel breakfast. They do have fresh juices, fruits and cereal. It was one of the better continental breakfasts I've had a hotel.

    The staff at the front desk was very nice and helpful. I don't know if it was because they were women, but I needed band aids and one of the concierges came up to the room to give us Neosporin and 5band aids. Later on that night when I needed more band aids, the concierge was a man and he said he couldn't give me more than 1 band aid. Boo!! But the best service I had was when we realized that we needed a rental. That morning I came to the front desk and the lady helped me with finding a rental and it took no more than 5mins to do. She was very helpful with letting us know where we visit and do the tourist thing.

    If you do end up getting a rental and have to park, you have two options. Parking on the street around the hotel or parking is $15/day.

    27/02/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    39. Matthew B.
    This place is awesome.  I made an unfortunate mistake with my reservations through hotels.com and the staff here were super accommodating and helpful.  The room is awesome and the customer service is the best.

    29/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    40. Andrew S.
    Stayed here over New Years Eve using the ol HHonors points.  

    Really enjoyed proximity to food and the Seattle Center.  Just a quick walk up the hill to the Center and the Space Needle for fireworks.  

    Room was nice and clean, staff was very friendly and helpful in both the evening and morning.  

    Might be a little busy for business travelers - I could see this being quite the family spot.

    01/01/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    41. Ronnie B.
    I read these reviews on here up until I checked in at the airport.  I can tell you this was a great experience.  I'll tell you the things I didn't like first since that seems to be what everyone here likes to do. These things are VERY minor. The only reason I will mention them is because I hope it is read & noted for future upgrades.

    --Needs more electrical outlets.  I was expecting there to be some by the night stands on both sides of the bed, but from what I can tell the only electrical outlet was behind the headboard (who wants to stick their hands back there??) well I had to unless I wanted to miss my flight back to the east coast.  I simply washed my hands after, and I'm still alive. I guess this can't really be helped since this building is old. There are outlets in the living room, kitchen & bathroom but I was lazy.

    --Some texture/grippers in the bathtubs!  it is very slippery!  There was a bar but that's mainly for getting in or the disabled.  The actual floor to the tub is very slippery & IMO the biggest concern especially if you have kids.  On the plus side it was clean & so were the shower curtains. Never ran out of hot or cold water, then again I didn't leave it on just to time it.. like some reviews apparently did.

    Speaking of other reviews, the floors were clean to me. I read the comment about the "hot rag test" LOL are you serious? If you want something to be THAT pristine stay at home and bleach your own bathroom. There was nothing wrong here it's as clean as a hotel can get. No bed bugs, nothing left behind, there was some dust but I only noticed it because I read all these stupid reviews before i got there.

    --Breakfast.  Well, it's free.. it smells good.. it IS food.. but I would not plan my day on it.  The eggs are obviously fake, remind me of the kind at McDonalds but more dry. I also had french toast that wasn't exactly enjoyable either. It was free though & the OJ and sausages were good. They had loads more to eat too like cereals, bagels, muffins, fruits and some other stuff.  They have water, OJ, milk, fruit & coffee to drink, even more I maybe.  There were other options so you might find something you like ..eventually.

    --Wake up calls.  I placed one & was never called.  Luckily, I have common sense and set nearly everything with an alarm to go off anyway.  The room also has an alarm clock but I didn't use it. The lady at the desk called me a cab (I also asked for one of these to go along with the call so I would be up in time to go) and it got there within 5-10 minutes. I'm sure there were others already closer but I didn't know the area.  Like I said this was the only real disappointment.

    -My room's heater didn't really work.  MAYBE my fault or something because I'm not used to Seattle weather but the two nights I was there the heater was useless and it was cold.  I had it at 83 degrees and would do it 2-3 hours before going to bed and it would still be cold in the morning. I did it during the day and left, the room was an oven when I got back. Found out the windows don't open -_-

    I did smell the cigarette smoke someone else wrote about but it was very little of it and it was coming from the shower head. I didn't smell it until my last night so I can't say much on it.  I have Asthma but didn't bother me.


    Everything else here is great. There is a store, it's  tons of sugar snacks.. not the kind you can 'kinda' fill up on by eating chips though because I think it was all candy bars, gum and sodas. They are priced fairly. HUGE HDTVs in bed & livingroom

    For real food they gave me a map of local areas (which was awesome of them to have!) and I was able to walk to the new Taco Bell/KFC hybrid. A Subway is also within walking distance. Tons more including a bar. This hotel is 8 minutes walking distance from the Space Needle (recorded myself walking to & from and it's 8 minutes both ways) but EXTREMELY hard to find unless you really know your way around.  The trick I learned was to look for the spinning and glowing Seattle Pi logo that is across the street but still tall enough to spot as you get closer.

    The hotel is at the bottom of a hill and unless you're used to walking up and down hills it can be quite the workout at first. By the second night I was used to it though. Between the hills & local Subway I can see definitely losing weight on a long term visit. I can't imagine getting a bike up those things though!  There is a bus line right behind the hotel but it seems to me like traffic might be an issue trying to cross the busy street.  The bust stop is like an island in the middle of traffic going both ways.  I didn't drive. Plenty of cabs near by. Staff can usually tell you about how much a cab is and they call them for you to get the price.

    Very clean, quiet, neat & welcoming. Totally safe neighborhood, at night too. You can see mountains & the Puget Sound! I highly doubt the Needle. I was on 3rd floor facing it and could not. Great time I'd stay again!

    07/02/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    42. Lindsay B.
    We really loved our stay here- our room was great and the staff was wonderful as well. Some of the perks here include breakfast and dinner free on weekdays, free wi-fi, and the ability to store bags before or after check in for no extra charge. We really only have two small complaints- the first is that the wi-fi is quite slow, and you have to log in  over and over again. The second is that there are very few outlets in the room, which seemed a bit strange. Our room was a suite with a full kitchen, which was great as we could make breakfast in the room on the weekends if we wanted. This hotel also has a great location about 1.3 miles from Pike Place Market, and just under a mile from the Space Needle. We would definitely stay here again if we came to Seattle! We did not need a car, which is how we prefer to stay when we travel in cities- and the staff was certainly friendlier than most. Great spot!

    06/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    43. Kimberly P.
    Nice, spacious suites, free breakfast and about a 7 minute walk to Pike Place Market. There are a lot of restaurants within walking distance as well. The downside? The rooms facing the highway come with the steady hum of traffic. Ask for a room facing the other side of the building.

    28/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    44. Alaina W.
    We stayed here on a "staycation" while our friends were here from Texas.

    I think, after looking at the pictures that other Yelpers posted, that they must have gone through a remodel recently. The furniture and linens look outdated on the photos. I loved the room. It was significantly larger than any "suites" that I've stayed in. (It had a kitchen with dishwasher, living room with fireplace, and a fair-sized bathtub with jets.)

    + free buffet-style breakfast
    + umbrellas to borrow
    + herman miller task chair
    + cable
    + views
    + herman miller task chair
    + close walking distance to downtown sites
    + super comfy bed
    + herman miller task chair

    - you can't bring the breakfast up to your room
    - the umbrellas provided didn't stand up to the wind
    - views are not exactly "touristy-scenic" views
    - the parking situation sucks

    Did I mention the Herman Miller task chairs?? So comfortable!!

    Anyway... I really like this place. If you like to stay in a hotel room that feels more like an apartment and you don't mind walking an extra block or two, I'd stay here.

    Oh! And there are bathrobes!

    02/12/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    45. George G.
    Stayed here for a little over a week while on a work trip. Will review this Homewood Suites with a pro/con analysis:

    - Friendly and accommodating staff. They stored a company bike for me in their offices before my arrival and after my departure.
    - Their rooms have some good space with a comfortable couches. Fell asleep on mine a few nights while on the laptop.
    - Free pool table for patrons open late into the night!
    - They provide free local beer on tap for 2 hours during dinner from Monday to Thursday.
    - 24/7 coffee and 24/7 workout room with some weights and bicycling machines.
    - Free wifi for guests.

    - Breakfast is atrocious. Pretty much Sysco food w/ liquified eggs and american cheese. Pretty much no vegetarian options. When I asked for a vegetarian option, I was told they were unable to make me eggs. Stick to the apples and bananas I suppose?
    - The dinner was hit or miss. They have a made your own salad and one night they had formed chicken patties and another night they had real chicken breasts. The vegetables are placed in an odd location on the central serving area - missed it on 2 different occasions and could not be bothered for a round 2 because it really wasnt that good.
    - The peanuts with the free beer are a nice addition, but they are flavoured. So if you want to stick away from MSG, they are not for you.

    In summary, my only complaints are really on the extra perks. But of course, you do pay extra for these perks. Hotel room was around 150$ a night, checking the bill charged to the company I was visiting. Nevertheless, for the convenience of being close to the Space Needle, think 0.5 mile walk, the location cant be beat. There is an awesome bike path about 500 feet from the hotel which is excellent for biking or a morning jog. Would definitely recommend this hotel.

    25/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    46. Lisa M.
    Excellent choice before getting on our cruise.  They have a $7 shuttle to the ship and breakfast is included.  It's within 4 blocks of many food choices and another few blocks to Pikes and the needle. The rooms have kitchens and living rooms with TVs in LR and bedroom. Great location to everything we needed.

    23/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    47. Amber E.
    Stayed here for a quick business trip in the spring, and it was a very comfortable and enjoyable stay. Great value for the $ and would absolutely recommend, especially for families or business travelers who want a little extra space.

    Location: I usually stay near Pike Place, so wasn't sure I would like the location, but it was a nice change of pace. I enjoyed walking around and seeing some new sites/ones I hadn't seen in awhile - the Space Needle, the monorail, Seattle Center, Belltown, Queen Anne, waterfront, etc. It's walking distance to all of this - and I'm sure Pike Place, too, although it would be a longer walk.

    Getting here: I usually travel by car, but decided to give public transit a try, so took light rail from SeaTac to Westlake Center ($2.75 - about 40 mins); took Monorail from Westlake to  Seattle Center ($2.25, about 20 mins w/ wait time, just 10 mins if you time it right), and then walked about 8 blocks from there to Homewood Suites (about 15 mins) - so about $5 and 1-1/4 hour total, and very enjoyable, although if you have a lot of luggage or kids, or it's raining, might just want to take a cab from Westlake.

    Staff: very friendly and helpful; check-in and check out were very easy.

    Room: Had the 2 bdrm-suite on the top (6th floor) and it was perfect - spacious, comfy beds and pillows, nice to have the living room and kitchenette (w/ coffee, tea and popcorn).

    Amenities: Used the workout room, which was nice, and checked out the little convenience store (open 24-7; nice touch); also really appreciated the business center, open 24 hrs w/ free printing.

    Free dinner/breakfast: Didn't get to take advantage of the light dinner (just Mon-Thur.), but did get the free breakfast - eggs, sausage, toast, oatmeal, fruit, pastries, coffee, tea and juices. Very convenient.  Also, lots of fun restaurants just a few blocks up the street, around 1st and Mercer.

    29/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    48. Jim P.
    Great location. It's a close walk to Pike's market. They include a decent hot breakfast and happy  hour. The happy hour includes appetizers, wine and beer from 5-7pm Mon-Thurs. The lounge, pool and hot tub is also a plus. If you have to park a vehicle, It's $38 in addition to the room.

    12/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    49. Lane M.
    On the plus side, this is a great location for access to great food and activities in Seattle, with ample parking included.  Breakfast is above average, and the complimentary dinner including beer and wine Monday - Thursday is surprisingly good if you aren't motivated to go out. Housekeeping is quick and friendly.

    For the negative, at a time when wireless Internet access has become fundamental to both business and personal travelers, the access here is unacceptable. On both smartphone and computer, I was repeatedly required to authenticate and re-authenticate to get online within spans of an hour.  I was actually disconnected while writing this in the dining area adjacent to the lobby. When data is finally flowing, speed was not enough to reach HD quality on Netflix.

    Rooms were average, with a good amount of space and a decent bed, but a dated feel and an annoying lack of access to beside electrical outlets (at least in my room).  In the end, it is a decent choice for an extended stay if you need to be in this area.

    14/06/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    50. Hanna Y.
    Street parking is free around the hotel.  Our hotel room literally was like a Suite with a kitchen sink and full fridge, couches to lounge, large bathroom, and extra blankets in the closet.  Complimentary breakfasts for hotel guests, free use of business center, and a mile away from Pike's Place.  Brewed Starbucks coffee ready with flavored creamers (loooooved this), and friendly staff.  

    Some minor downsides.  King sized bed with a bit too many pillows.  But then again, with the couch, I think those extra pillows would come in handy.  A very loud heater.  Every 30 to 40 mins or so, the heater would turn on and make a start up sound similar to that of the start of an aircraft - or so it felt like because I was trying to sleep.  

    Overall had a pleasant and happy stay here.  Highly recommended. Price was reasonable and we didn't know what to expect but this was one of the best hotels we've stayed at while traveling.

    28/01/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    51. Paul V.
    We had a pleasant experience staying here at Homewood Suites for 3 nights. We checked in on a Thursday evening and was able to check out the Manager's evening dinner reception. Sure pasta's mediocre, and the chicken was alright, but the overall value of staying at Homewood Suites is undeniable. There is free breakfast at the lobby every morning and the spread was very decent. Free Wi-Fi during our entire stay and the signal reception was pretty good. What is really great about this hotel is that it is a walking distance to the Seattle Center. Couple it with the Monorail and you don't even need a car to see both tourist spots.

    Like most Homewood Suites we have stayed, the furniture is modern with big flat screens. The bathroom is well kept. Kitchen appliance all work properly with extra plates and utensils inside drawers. Just a small ding to our stay is that the carpet looks a little worn down and there was an old gum near our bed. I know because I walk barefoot in our room.
    Overall, a great place to stay while visiting Seattle. Great value, awesome location, and courteous staff. We will definitely come back here.

    11/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    52. Jamey W.
    What a disappointment...I've had great experiences at so many other Hilton's, I'm blown away at the lack of customer service at this location. Our room wasn't ready as promised so we had to wait in the lobby hours for them to "clean" it only to find out we we're waiting for them to change a light bulb. We expressed our frustration about the wait and miscommunication and no one seemed to care. The girls at the front desk acted like we we're putting them out with any request we had. Hilton in Nashville, Dallas and San Francisco, amazing...Seattle, never again.

    25/05/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    53. Christina G.
    This hotel was a great first stop hotel for us. Nice large suites and full kitchens. What I expected for a Homewood suite. The staff is super friendly and helpful. Mary at the front seat was friendly, nice, helpful, and gave great advice. If you are like my husband and I coming on a vacation to check out all of Seattle this is a nice first stop.

    Pros: great location. Right next to the space needle, Seattle center, EMP, etc. Just a short five min walk. Cute Queen Anne neighborhood. Waterfront is a short walk across a bridge. Breakfast is typical, but if you don't have a car why not eat as much as you can- ITS PART OF YOUR STAY. Dinner (Monday -Thursday)  is good as well, but there are tons of unique places to eat in the area. If you need late night delivery prontos is a great pizza place ( calzones are amazing). Family friendly. Cute pool table room.

    Cons: all the cons has nothing to do with the actual hotel or it's staff. One thing I didn't enjoy was the location of the gym. The gym was in the basement in a corner.

    Tips: ask for a hotel high floor and not facing waterfront. Unless street noise doesn't bother you. Sometimes there are trains that go by that can be loud. Also if you need a late checkout ask the front desk. We got one till 130pm. If you need later than that it would be $25 /hr. Also if you are staying in the downtown area you don't need a car. It's expensive to park. Take the light rail from the airport to west lake and then a taxi it cost less than $6/person. Take a orange or yellow cab. They were the most reliable.

    Hope you all enjoy your trip to Seattle.

    14/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    54. Dan N.
    Our family visited Seattle for the weekend and we stayed here at the Homewood.

    When we first made our reservation, we were just staying one night, and we picked an Executive Suite.  Three weeks later (a week shy of our arrival) we decided to add a second night.  Our room wasn't likely available, so we opted to switch rooms for the second night to just a standard room.

    On arrival we asked what it would cost to upgrade to the Exec sute for the second night, and they told us it would be about $100.  We figured, that's okay--we'll just keep the cheaper room, no big deal--it was the original plan anyway.

    About 10 minutes after checking into our room, we got a call from the front desk.  They said our room was available for the second night, and why don't we just stay where we are, they'll give it to us without the $100 upcharge!


    The front desk staff has been absolutely top notch!  As I'm writing this, we've only been here for a half hour, and already they've wowed us on several occasions, just way beyond.  They're treating us like royalty, even though we're "just some family from out of town".

    The room is very nice, really all the comforts of home--just away from home.  Decent little kitchen with a full size fridge, sink with disposal, two-burner stove, huge bedroom, nice living room with comfortable seating for four large flat-panel TV in the main room, and a great view of the sound.

    Got a good night's rest on the lovely bed.  After all, this is a hotel--a good night's rest is expected.

    Took the family down to the provided breakfast.  Saturday morning, 8:30.  The place was pretty jammed, and we had difficulty finding a spot to sit and eat.  We didn't have to wait long, though---found a suitable table after about five minutes.  The food: meh.  First batch of scrambled eggs was way overcooked--like lots and lots of brown over-cooked yuck strewn through.  Second batch of eggs was a lot closer--this time they were slightly underdone and runny.  Can't win there, but at least they finished cooking themselves in a few minutes and were great from that point.  Oatmeal was decent.  Coffee was drinkable, though it would have been nice to have actual half and half versus fakey-frenchy-cream packets.

    Second morning's breakfast was better.  Instead of the scrambled egg-vat they had a rather decent spinach quiche.  Free daily papers in the halls and very helpful and friendly staff.

    Overall, the stay was excellent and we'd absolutely do it again in a heartbeat.  Location was great for anything downtown or near Pike Place.  Beautiful view from the Executive Suites.  Staff was consistently top-notch--I mean everyone down to the lovely lady who cleaned our room mid-day--she was just a delight.  Great place to stay.

    26/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    55. Scott M.
    Great, I mean great pillows. Nice room. As with most places, the towels could be a bit larger, the water pressure a bit more and additional easy to get to electrical outlets would make it so much better. Water was hot. A/C and room were quiet. Breakfast had a good selection. I liked the cranberry scones. Close the bedroom door so you don't hear the refrigerator or hallway noise. Everyone was polite and professional. After checkout, we were able to leave our bags, do more site-seeing and get them just before going to the airport. Also, this was the last and only hotel available for the days we needed. I would have chosen this hotel anyway.

    01/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    56. Vivian A.
    I cannot stress how incredibly amazing this place was. My friends and I visited Seattle for the very first time this summer and we were looking for an affordable suite near downtown. The other couple took the room and my boyfriend and I took the couch bed. I slept like a baby on that thing! We had a good view of the water from our window. As we awoke, we were greeted by the fresh scent of coffee and breakfast. The breakfast was so so good. The oatmeal was my favorite! I would perhaps recommend labels for the food so we know what is on it ( that'd be nice for vegetarians or vegans). Anyway, the walk to downtown was bearable. Any one in decent shape can handle it. Such a great price for the quality. I fell in love with this chain. It was good to us :)

    19/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    57. Veronica B.
    Great location, friendly staff and clean hotel. Asked to be switched to a two standard bed room instead of a single, they did it quickly without a hassle. Yummy breakfast and chocolate chip cookies I'm the afternoon!

    27/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    58. Anne C.
    Arrived late but we're greeted by friendly receptionist who checked us in promptly and gave us some suggestions for the next day. Upgraded to a king suite which was well appointed spacious and clean. The rooms are designed for long term guests and our suite had a full size fridge, stove and dishwasher along with plates and utensils. There were also two separate sleeping and living ares, each with a television.

    I was unsure how we were gng to get to the hotel as we arrived late and we're unsure if the light rail would still be running. The staff was able to make reservations for a car service that was waiting for us after we grabbed out bags. After being on a flight for 6 hours  it was a welcome sight to see.

    Bed were pretty comfortable but wish the pillows were a bit firmer.

    Breakfast varied each morning.  There was always some variety of egg dish and a meat option but guests could also choose from several types of fruit, yogurt,bread cereal and hot oatmeal.

    Coffee and tea was always available and I was treated with three cookie options upon my return to the hotel in the evening.

    A great place to stay and not to fat from some of the city's more popular attractions.

    15/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    59. Bob H.
    Love their complimentary drinks in the evenings. Five Stars for serving two very nice local micro brews. Very good kitchen staff. Super efficient and super friendly service. My fav for Seattle stays.

    Big plus for being pet friendly. Jasper approved.

    25/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    60. Ryan M.
    Pros: Daily breakfast and coffee. Free dinner, wine, and beer Monday-Thursday. Solid location, walking distance from Space Needle and many Queen Anne restaurants. Short taxi to Capitol Hill / downtown area.

    Cons: They have a rather annoying employee who always seems to be singing whenever I'm downstairs. Gym / fitness center is average for a hotel - wish they had a pull-up bar and more than one bench. Coffee is trash.

    22/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    61. Laura G.
    Nicest hotel staff ever! The folks here are so friendly that it makes the stay.

    The rooms are your average HS. The breakfast had good options. The hospitality hour featured local beer on tap which was cool. The gym was serviceable, and you can take the stairs which was not readily apparent since all signs pointed to a special elevator.

    Off of the dining area, they have a room with a pool table which made our family gathering that much better. We could gather, drink beer and play pool like we were at home.

    It's a convenient location where you can walk to most tourist spots: the needle, the fish market, etc.

    25/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    62. James R.
    The front desk was nice enough. Overall the hotel was dated and needed some work. However there was dust on the furniture and an overall feeling of unclean. Dated kitchenette and the fridge made noises turning on and off all night. The Wi Fi never worked even though we had a code. Not cheap either.

    15/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    63. Rachel L.
    The headboards are queen sized however the mattress is a full. That was disappointing. Also the light switch is actually  the garbage disposal. There is no fan in the bathroom  so beware of sharing with a smelly friend. The parking was inadequate, we parked in the back and did not get towed. The staff was super  friendly and helpful. The room was big and clean. The pillows were magnificent  and the bed was very comfortable. In a great location  walking distance  to a great place called triumph bar. Close  to the space needle as well.

    01/01/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    64. Geoff T.
    Two things made the difference between 3 and 4 stars for us. 1) The fact that the room was like a mini apartment at the same price for other 3-star hotels in the area; 2) the staff.  We only stayed one night, but this hotel would be great for a week stay. Parking is a challenge. It's possible on a normal weekend (this was a big Seahawks game weekend), you could find free street parking. But we paid the extra 20 bucks for parking in the basement. It's pretty tight with lots of spaces for compact cars. We don't have a compact car so it was tough. We ended up double parking in 2 compact spaces. I felt o.k. about that since many compact cars felt o.k. to use up the regular spaces.

    You're not going to get great views at this place, but it's fairly convenient to attractions if you enjoy a little walk. The phone in the room didn't work. Not an issue unless you need to call the front desk or room service.

    The free breakfast was what you might expect for a free hotel breakfast. Just meh. But they kept it well stocked and clean.

    The one thing I did not like about this hotel, they charged an additional $25 to our credit card "for any potential damages to the room". This was not mentioned at booking, at check in or at check out. I get emails from AMEX for charges when my card's not present. That's the only way I would have known about the charge. 25 bucks won't pay for anything that might be damaged so this can only be a numbers game for the hotel to make a few extra pennies of interest on my dime. I don't like that one bit. So if you'e using a card that charges interest or a debit card, beware.

    There are 2 wifi's available. Use the one they tell you and it should be plenty of bandwidth.

    18/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    65. Anna K.
    This was a nice hotel in a great location.  We were able to walk to all the major things in Seattle (downtown, Pike Place Market, Pioneer Square).  The free breakfast & dinner (dinner is free weekdays only) were ok...typical hotel fare.  The room was clean and spacious and we had a great view.  I would stay here again.

    They also had an arrangement with a shuttle company to take people to the cruise ships, and it was only $6 per person.  Saved us a lot of time and money!

    20/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    66. David L.
    Amazing corner room! Free breakfast and dinner, ocean view and downtown Seattle! Online check in available and Hilton Honors friendly!

    21/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    67. Rich R.
    Downtown hotels = a little bit gritty.

    That rule applies here, but not to an alarming degree. Let me first state this is a really great hotel location in Seattle (getting around here is not nearly as bad as some travel guides may suggest). Parking is available and compared to alll other major cities is a real bargain. Still, what a hassle moving a car around all day and burning all those dead dinosaurs.

    From this location you can easily walk to the Space Needle and other attractions at the Seattle Center (which include the monorail that can post century modern wisk you downtown to the other biggie attractions). An easy stroll downtown from here as well.

    There are no room safes despite the descriptions on their site. No biggie as I am so weird I bring security cables on trips to lock my technology to the AC unit. No problems here.

    I love Seattle and this is a great base for your NW adventure.

    29/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    68. Michael O.
    Stayed here for business the last couple of days.  Room (suite) was huge and more than I needed but still welcome.  Larger living room with couch, chair, TV, and small table.

    Kitchen has a full fridge, microwave, dishwasher and stove top with dishes and silverware.  Nice over the coffee pot in most regular hotels.

    Bedroom had a king bed with plenty of pillows and another flat panel TV.

    Bath was roomy and clean.

    They have a breakfast / dining area downstairs...ate breakfast both days....it was okay...typical of this type of hotel.

    Staff was all friendly, close to the Queen Anne district and walking distance to plenty of places.

    31/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    69. Jen W.
    What a great place to stay at if you're ever in Seattle.  They had friendly service at the registers, breakfast every morning, and complimentary dinner in the evenings.  You'd be saving a ton of money on food just by staying here.  Too bad we decided to explore Seattle's restaurants and didn't really take too much advantage of the dinners.  

    The rooms were large and came with a living room and kitchen.  It was definitely clean and the bathroom was stocked with your usual products.  We had requested to change rooms at one point due to an unforeseen issue that I don't care to mention because it wasn't the hotel's fault.  They had no problem moving us to a different room.  FANTASTIC.  

    We typically don't utilize housekeeping unless we really needed it.  We usually just ask them for more towels when we see their cart roll by.  They had slipped a note under our door saying that they came by but couldn't enter because our do not disturb sign was on the door.  That extra step just made it that much more amazing.  

    The breakfast wasn't 5 star, of course, but it was definitely above many other hotels that offer a continental meal.  They offered eggs, some sort of meat, potatoes, cereal, yogurt, fruit, toast, and pastries.  My only complaint was the toaster.  It took 5+ mins just to lightly toast something!

    On dinner nights, they offer complimentary wine and beer.  Super awesome.

    They offer parking at a cost...but we had no problems finding street parking all 4 nights that we were there.  Just make sure you read the signs.  

    The beds were comfortable...the pillows were fluffy.  When and if I ever come back to Seattle, this will be my hotel of choice.

    06/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    70. Denny T.
    This hotel is located a few miles away from the downtown area and a few blocks from the famous Space Needle. Parking (small, narrow, and fills up quickly) is in the garage behind the hotel.

    Staff was a little slow but friendly. Greeted casually. Check in and lobby staff were helpful.

    Room was a suite with a separate bedroom and living room. Spacious up to date room and bathroom. Stove was a little dated. Well stocked and clean was the room. Temperature was appropriate, comfortable, and working order requiring minor changes for later night and morning.

    Water pressure, shower head and temperature were comfortable. Kitchen was available for use and in working shape.

    Breakfast was offered with a decent variety of classic items (eggs, sausage, waffles, toast, and fruit). Nothing spectacular. A complementary dinner reception was available which included wine or beer. Wine selection was a white or red and two local beers (Pike Brew). Beverage selection were ok but nothing extraordinary. Variable dinner choices (pasta, barbecue chicken, garlicky bread are some examples) were offered. Also nothing spectacular.

    Wifi was free and okay. Hotel check out staff was accurate and efficient.

    Overall a decent experience. A great value for bargain tourist. Four stars as I wouldn't mind coming back again. Service was good for the breakfast and dinner.

    05/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    71. Andrew L.
    I can't give this place more than 2 stars due to the multiple problems I experienced during my three night stay. I checked into my room and it had a bad odor. Had to call housekeeping lady to come and deodorize and spray the room. Well that only lasted a short time. The room continued to smell. I then went to take a shower and the rod to shift the water from the bath to the shower head did not work well. The pressure and temperature setting also did not work well. I informed the front desk who sent someone to fix it while I left the room. When I came back to the room, it still was not fixed and I also noticed a weird oily substance on the paper towel rack. The maintenance person who came although not fixing the problem left a note and chocolate.

    Finally the worst problem I had was when I was ready for bed. As I pulled the covers down to get into bed, I immediately noticed that someone had slept in the bed, just like Goldilocks. The sheets and bedding were all messed up and wrinkled.

    When I called the front desk they told me to come downstairs. I said I just took a shower, can you please send someone to change the linen. After waiting a while, the housekeeping lady came. I showed her the bed and she said this is the way the sheets come out of the laundry and that people complain all the time. I said that does not sound right. First I have stayed here on several occasions and never received a bed with messed up linen like this. Second if this is a problem why didn't management doing something.  She asked do you still want me to change the linen and I said yes of course. Once she changed the linen it looked fine like it should have.

    The restroom in the lobby also had no paper towels from morning to evening.

    The only thing that saved me from checking out was the breakfast and dinner.

    I plan to stay here in the future and give it a second chance, but if I ever experience such problems as these again I will find another hotel. I hate to do this since I am a hilton honors member.

    08/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    72. Jeremy P.
    Nice rooms with lots of space. The heater is a bit loud and only the bedrooms have the windows unless you get the exec suite.
    Breakfast and dinners are good.
    Parking is height restricted, tall vehicles won't fit, a standard truck or suburban will be fine, nothing taller.

    04/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0