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Hotel Max in Seattle, WA


Located in the heart of downtown, just steps from Pike Place Market and hip Capitol Hill, Hotel Max is Seattle's home away from home for art lovers, musicians and the creatively inclined. Showcasing the work of iconic local photographers on each floor and original paintings all guest rooms, Hotel Max mixes urban adventure with art, music and style.

Within easy walking distance of the city's most iconic attractions, best restaurants and world-class shopping, the 163-room Hotel Max is the perfect place to stay while soaking up the hip Seattle scene. Just off the lobby, Hotel Max offers a boardroom with seating for 14 people.


Established in 2005.

Hotel Max was originally called the Vance Hotel. It opened in the beginning of the 20th century and quickly became a Seattle landmark with a large neon sign atop the roof that dominated the city's skyline.

In 2005, the Vance Hotel was transformed into the Hotel Max and the "Hotel Max" sign you see on the roof today began shining brightly.


Company Info:

Rating: 3.58

Address: 620 Stewart St, Seattle, WA, 98402
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Comments (399):

1. Thom H.
I love the Hotel Max.  I have stayed there three or four times a year for the past three and a half years, dating back to when it was still the Vance Hotel and was renovating to become what it now is.  The rooms (and especially bathrooms) are generally small and the walls could be thicker (or the couples next door could be quieter), but the atmosphere and furnishings are funky and fun and it is definitely a change from the milquetoast furnishings of most modern hotels, where you can wake up not knowing which one you're in, but knowing full well in the pitch black where every chair, table, and lamp is located.  One change for the worse is that the hotel staff seems to be becoming snottier as the hotel becomes more successful.  I'll still go, even so, since I don't have much contact with them, but I am annoyed by their condescension, while I know others will find it impressive and a sign of exclusivity.    Of the others I have referred to the hotel, only one was unhappy.  She was appalled at the "pornographic" art in the lobby.  If you are bothered by painted nudes or are travelling with kids and don't want to have to answer some questions or see some furtive glances, this may not be the place for you.  If you don't require a 2,000 square foot suite and are looking for some place different, a little whimsical, and above all FUN, this is the place for you.  Just don't fill the place up when I want reservations.

17/12/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
2. Adam W.
We stayed there for a night with the "free parking" deal.  If we had to pay an extra $30 for parking, I would not have been very happy.  The decor was great, but there were other aspects of the hotel that detracted from our experience.  The bathroom was way too small for anything other than the most basic functions, and not very clean.  There were spots on the toilet seat and the floor.  The mini-fridge in the room made loud chirping noises whenever it ran, making it almost impossible to fall asleep until I turned the temperature control down to "warm".  Before going to sleep, we noticed that there was no "Do Not Disturb" sign in the room.  I went to the front desk to ask for one, and was told that someone would hang one on our door for us later that night.  Well, that never happened, and we had to turn away housekeeping in the morning.  In addition to that, the walls are paper-thin, and we were treated to the rambunctious sounds of our neighbors enjoying themselves in the morning.  In short, a great concept for the decor that does not make up for the poor quality of the hotel service overall.

11/02/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
3. Glen C.
This is the coolest hotel I've ever stayed in.  Now, I'm not very cool--as evidenced by my frequent use of the word cool--but this place definitely made me feel cool for a night.  Everything about this place screams artsy and modern.  Each door to all the rooms have a unique photograph covering the entire door.  All the artwork throughout the hotel is original.  Not only can you order the type of pillows you want on the bed, but you can order what type of religious scripture you want (bible, Koran, a bunch of eastern religion-type books, etc).  Now, how cool is that!  The staff was excellent.  I only had one request, which was to find a place within walking distance to get Korean barbecue short ribs at 11:30 PM.  The guy at the front desk made a phone call and 45 seconds later, this place a few blocks away was going to stay open a little bit later for us.  That's good service--on both their parts.  Okay, so the rooms were a little bit small and there was no tub--I'm not sure about the king rooms.  However, I think this is expected from a boutique hotel.  My only real gripe is that you have to pay extra for internet access.  Isn't this Seattle?  That's pretty minor, however, and I'm sure to stay here next time I'm in Seattle.

16/08/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
4. Elizabeth P.
I don't know why I'm not giving this place five stars...maybe just because it's not a typical "five star" joint. I LOVED everything about this place. Yes, the rooms are small, but they are well done. How can I complain about the size of the room when the way comfy king size bed and sea of pillows and down comforter is a freakin oasis? The decor is simple and tasteful. Each room has original, local art. Each room is adorned with a blown up photo on the door, no two are alike. Mine had stupid feet on it (no offense to artist) but all the other ones were really cool. There is a great catalog/book available that features all of the art in the hotel. The bathroom was clean and inviting, complete with solid shower head and water pressure... and Aveda products. The closet was small, but so what? The staff was friendly and helpful...business center adequate...walking distance to shops and restaurants (the little vietnamese restaurant at the greyhound station is a diamond in the rough - if you can get past the rough). There was one weird thing...our rooms were located on the side directly above the restaurant, and there were a few times that the faint smell of sausage or bacon would be noticeable, but it wasn't horribly overpowering. I suppose if you're a vegetarian, you should be sure to request a room on the other side of the building. The breakfast at Red Fin was uber delicious. The waiter we had was new, and resembled Dwight Shrute from the American "Office." To a  TEE. I wonder if he overheard us commenting on this, because when he brought us our check he said, "Stank you very much." at which point we both doubled over laughing...not sure if that was the response he was going for or what but it was at that moment we decided he just earned a bigger tip. Except, he never came back to take our credit card (he was not a very good waiter to begin with,  so it's hard to say if this was intentional). We finally left cash and as we were walking out, "Shrute" as we lovingly nicknamed him, yelled out from behind the bar, "Stanks again!" ROFLMAO.... I look forward to staying here whenever I travel to Seattle.

09/11/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
5. Kevin K.
Horrible hotel, period. The service was horrible. I had a room for 3 nights and the minibar was never restocked, even though I called after 2 nights. The rooms are a joke, about the size of a large closet. The location was questionable since within 1 block there was a XXX theater. I would shop around since there are MUCH BETTER hotels within the same area.

05/02/08 | Link | Rating: 1.0
6. Joe V.
Great atmosphere, great location...needs lots of improvement in some of their internal systems.  In short, we were charged for a missing radio.  They actually swapped radios to the new ihomes during one of the housekeeping breaks.  We were never notified of the change and therefore never realized anything was gone.  We were also there for 2 and a half hours after our checkout and were never questioned about a missing radio (They wouldn't let us do late check out because someone was checking in already).  It was added to my credit card bill a couple days later.   I field a complaint with the better business bureau after several phone conversations (I had to follow up) with management.  I hope they fix it because I liked staying there.

10/03/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
7. Patrick M.
The most important element of a hotel stay is the bed, so at the risk of seeming forward I'll start there. My bed at the Max was less a place to rest your head than it was a king sized slice of heaven. Once you climb in, the bed wraps its fluffy downy goodness around you with some sort of feather bed underneath, a down comforter, and more pillows than you know what to do with. The other accommodations in the room were slick and sophisticated, including a plasma television, mod light fixtures, and original works of art. The overall dimensions of the room were small but it never felt cramped. The staff at the hotel was friendly and helpful rounding out a thoroughly enjoyable experience. So if you have friends coming to visit this summer who would appreciate something beyond the typical hum-drum of drab accommodations, the Hotel Max tops the list. Or do what I did and treat yourself to your very own micro-vacation without ever leaving your zip code!

09/04/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
8. maeve P.
Cool place. We got a descent price on the room and the location is great, good for walking around and exploring downtown. I was only in town for one night but I was able to walk around and see a lot of the city. The room was very small but we were only there for one night and didn't spend a lot of time in the room. The bathrooms remind me of a cruise ship bathroom, just enough space to walk in and barely turn around. The staff was really friendly too. I'd totally stay here again.

08/02/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
9. Betsy M.
My husband and I just returned from a trip to Seattle, WA, where we stayed at the Hotel Max on Stewart Street.  Everything was great, the beds were soooo comfortable, the staff very helpful, the gym was little but totally adequate, the location was fabulous - close to everything.  The only thing we didn't like was the airconditioner in the window.  It was noisy even at the lowest level.  It would be nice to have forced A/C.

24/09/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
10. Alicia O.
I have only stayed in this hotel once, and I enjoyed every minute of it. First of all, the hotel is in a great location and is within walking distance of everything downtown Seattle has to offer, and we hardly drove our rental car out of the lot. Second, the service is excellent, and I felt safe and secure just walking around the lobby or valet area. The staff are very helpful, and have great tips if you ask. Third, the decor is awesome and sets a romantic, nightclubish mood. I loved the color scheme, and modern art was everywhere you looked. Lastly, the rooms are perfectly equipped for a comfortable stay, and the prices are not bad if you ask for a discount. I have to advise there are different floor plans, and the smallest room is really small. The room I stayed in was smaller than I thought it would be, and the closet was converted into a cool, turquoise-tiled shower. Size doesn't matter though, and in the end it's about site-seeing and not spending time in the hotel room.

24/05/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
11. A. B. C.
totally excellent!!
this hotel is chic and cool and hip and awesome.
the staff? superb! they were so kind, and very helpful with directions and re-orienting me (seattle messes with my sense of direction! so weird), and telling us where to go/what to see. i mean, we'd been there before, but hadn't really done anything but pike place and the space needle/seattle center.
the rooms were on the small side, true. but common, do you REALLY need to be doing gymnastics in the room? that's what the fitness center is for!! i love the paint on the walls, a nice charcoal grey that's sleek and modern and soothing at the same time.  the bed's have  white linens with orange accents that really pop. speaking of the BED... one word:  HEAVENLY. seriously one of the most comfortable beds i've ever slept in, firm but not too firm, soft but not sinking...perfection. they have the same beds at their equally FABULOUS sister properties the Hotel Lucia and the Deluxe in Portland.
the max is super walkable, to the downtown area (SAM, pike place, etc) and we even walked to the SAM sculpture garden (25 minutes) and the next day up to capitol hill (30ish minutes).

i will definitely be staying here again!

27/04/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
12. Kelly C.
Hotel Max is beautiful! My bf and I stayed here for a long weekend, and everything was wonderful. We had a "Queen of Art" room, which was beautifully decorated and very comfortable.
I'm giving this hotel 4 stars instead of 5 because our room was right next to the elevator, which was a little noisy, and the fact that the elevator was right outside cut into the bathroom space and gave us the tiniest shower imaginable!
The bed was also a little soft for our tastes, but was still comfy. If you like modern spaces, then this is the hotel for you. The staff was extremely friendly, everything was very clean, etc.
I found this hotel to be very reasonably priced for a getaway weekend, it had much more personality than a big-box hotel, and was not at all a chintzy bed and breakfast type place.

15/10/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
13. beulah f.
this place changed the way i look for hotels. i had never really stayed in a boutique hotel prior to checking into hotel max, and now i'm all about them. i found hotel max on expedia. having never been to seattle, i wanted to make sure i stayed somewhere nice, but you can never really tell with expedia or those other sites. anyway, upon entering the lobby, i knew i liked the place. it is very art centric, it's stylish and modern, and everyone that worked there was really friendly and helpful.

although the rooms aren't enormous, they are stylish and comfortable. believe me when i say that EVERY OTHER HOTEL SHOULD HAVE A PILLOW MENU! there's a pillow menu with pillows of varying degrees of size and firmness placed by your bed. there's a spiritual menu for you to order up some easy reading...the bible, the bhagavad gita, the book of mormon...whatever your boring...i mean spiritual...heart desires! the restaurant had some nice japanese fare and yummy desserts, most of which can be delivered to your room as well. the location is pretty central too.

i loved the doors. they're basically huge black and white portraits of all things seattle. there's a floor with doors dedicated to seattle's music scene with the likes of courtney love and kurt cobain on them. each of the rooms has local artists' work displayed that is also for sale i believe. i think you'll love it here. you will provided you don't suck. if you suck, don't bother. don't even bother leaving your house if you suck like that.

anyway, the bottom line is that we liked this place so much that we cut our vancouver trip a little short and returned to it to finish up our northwestern jaunt. and i will surely stay there again next time i'm in town.

15/08/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
14. ninja p.
i luv this place! this hotel is SUPER DOG FRIENDLY!!!

I brought my two huge beasts with me and it was fine. no glaring looks or comments.  totally awesome. everything was clean and comfortable. the room was small but still plenty of space for 4 beings over 100 lbs - I mean how much time do you plan on spending in there anyway?  nice decor and everything. the food in the attached restaurant is decent too with good prices.  the room was even reasonably priced!  in and out valet parking at $25 a day is a bit steep but given that it is downtown seattle, it is fair compared to the alternate choices.  there was one time that we waited over 20 minutes for the car but i think there was some kind of staffing shortage. they even have a mini vibrator in the mini bar for $12!  :)

16/08/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
15. Gary C.
This place is located in a perfect area of Seattle. The staff are VERY friendly and helpful. The valet boys are adorable and polite. They even open the doors for you! Whenever you meet an employee in the hallway, the lobby or anywhere they always greet you with a smile and a "how are you sir?" The place has a very hip vibe. The decor is funky  yet classy and comfortable. The rooms are small, but what they lack in size they make up for it in charm. The bathrooms are NY style - compact yet efficient. Very clean. Great linens and pillows. The pillow menu is great! A nice touch. This is one of my favorite boutique hotels in the west. The only negatives I had is that they charge for internet access (boo!) and some of the showers are separate from the bathroom - like it's own closet.  All in all I love this place!

11/02/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
16. Kim C.
The staff were friendly and attentive - and a few were even cute.   The beds were comfortable with plenty of pillows available.  The hotel even offered a pillow menu in the event your pillow wasn't right or you wanted an additional one, including a body pillow.  The decor was pretty cool and provided a unique style - with plenty of nude pictures and paintings to go around.

The problem was the noise level coming in from both within the hotel and on the streets even though I was on the 8th floor.  You could hear EVERYTHING, including the drunken idiots that roamed around.  The only saving grace was that I wasn't near the elevator, but I could still hear everyone that came in as the sound of doors slamming reverberated throughout the floor.  The elevators were so tiny that three people filled the interior.  Heaven forbid you should have more than two large pieces of luggage.  The room service menu was horrible and lacked offering anything enticing.  There weren't many options that didn't have beef in the description.  Their fitness center was a joke.  It consisted of two ellipticals, two treadmills and a handful of weights.  The bathrooms were claustrophobic with the shower in one and the toilet in the other.  

For the price, it was okay, but I have definitely stayed at better locations.

30/10/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
17. Rachel B.
This was the most stimulating hotel I have ever been in.  We felt like we were sleeping in an art museum.  Every floor is unique.  The food was amazing.  There is major attention to detail.  It is convenient to walk just about anywhere in town, we didn't have a car.  If I am ever back in Seattle, I will only stay here.  And highly recommend it to any other visitors.

28/05/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
18. Poma Celeste T.
I loved staying at this modern and cute boutique hotel! The staff were helpful and nice. And yes, the rooms are smaller than your standard chain hotels (most boutique hotel's rooms are small) but the over-all experience was worth my time and money.

23/12/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
19. shain r.
hmmm what to say about the Hotel max?  


first star:
we showed up early and wanted to dump our things (round 9 am) and the concierge had no problem checking us in at that time, and the valet was prompt and courteous.

second star:
I want an experience, and the hotel max delivered.  everything from the teal pony poufs paired with the two crock cubusier chairs, the red glass front desk, the wenge walls, the orange/blk/pink striped carpet in the halls, the full door photos on every room (different for each room) and last but not least the room.  The bed was divine!... I mean if your in to high thread count and pillow top.  I have to also point out one of the best services I have ever had and was the PILLOW SERVICE.  Upon arrival you can call the front desk as select from a range of pillow densities and styles..... OMG!

third star:
I like a little tongue and cheek and when I opened the cupboard where the mini bar was....there it was.... a neatly sealed and packaged.... a vibrator (complete with battery) and next to it a tin full of condoms, lube and other little goodies.....yowzer!

fourth star:
LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION.  it right where you want to be.

fifth star:
The price.  It's was well worth what we paid and is definitely more than the Best western but let me tell you ...this ain't no Best western!

01/12/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
20. Celine D.
Very friendly and helpful staff.  The beds were very comfortable, and the location is great, far enough away for no loud bars and drunks around, and close enough to walk anywhere downtown. I saved a lot of money on cabs just by walking.
The bathroom is incredibly small, but we dealt with it, being small girls anyway.  However, if you are a larger person, you would have a lot of trouble taking a shower and using the bathroom.
Again, the staff was very knowledgeable and made great restaurant recommendations!  I would stay here again!
I stayed on marathon weekend so the price was a bit elevated from what other people paid it seems.

02/07/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
21. Michael D.
I stayed here with my mom, and we loved the place.  This little boutique hotel was a bit ultra modern for my mother, but she did enjoy all the art, and the luxury pillow service.  We arrived a little early and our room wasn't ready so we were told we could check in right away if we would take a room a lower level.  The elevator was tiny, we just about managed to squeeze in with our luggage.  The first thing we noticed when we got out into the hallway on our floor was that each door was designed with a different cool black and white photo.  We were a pineapple.  Once I saw how low we were I was worried about street noise, but there wasn't any.  The windows seemed thick enough to block any of that out.  The walls seemed pretty thick also, we never heard anyone in the other rooms or in the hallway.  The AC was also really quiet so we didn't have any trouble getting to sleep later that night.
The inside of the room was pretty spacious.  We had asked for 2 twins and there wasn't a lot of room between them or the wall/window or the clothes hanging closet.  I had a lot of difficulty squeezing the luggage into the closet and squeezing out the iron and ironing board to uncrease our clothes.  The beds were super comfortable, mom didn't like the pillows, but I found a pillow menu by the bed and we called down to the concierge and got her a softer one.  The pillow menu was very cool.
We didn't watch much tv in the room, except for weather reports in case it rained but the tv was easy to use and visible from the bed so we could relax while watching the flat screen tv.  We found the tv services channel to be too difficult to navigate.  
Mom found the mini bar and got a snapple.  I thought the mini bar prices were pretty reasonable and had a great selection.
The room, and apparently all the other rooms, had local artist artwork as decoration.  Mom as an art critic thought the modern art was awful.
The room had a comfortable chair and a table with computer hookups.
I visited the gym, while mom read in bed.  Small but adequate for a brief workout with workout towels provided.
Mom did not like the bathroom.  There was a big step up and the floor was all marble which was quite slippery.  There were no hand hold on the tub for her, and when she turned on the shower a huge stream of cold water hit her right in the face.  We eventually figured out how to work the shower for her and put down some towels on the floor for safety.  Mom did enjoy the comfortable robes however.
She got a big laugh from the spiritual menu of exotic religions.
We both enjoyed the tea and coffee maker in the room, though actually Seattle coffee house beverages were much better.
Mom really enjoyed the lobby, even though there was a huge black and white nude photo hanging up.  The couches and chairs were very comfortable and there was a fireplace.
The valet called us a taxi whenever we left for the day to explore and they had Hotel Max Umbrellas at the ready for us to take with us incase the weather changed.
Overall we found the staff to be very pleasant and helpful.
We didn't visit the attached restaurant Red Fin, Mom thought it was a little to avant garde for her taste.

14/03/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
22. Jen J.
My husband and I stayed here for 3 nights on our first visit to Seattle a few years ago.  We booked online and got a decent price--I always try to book boutique or non-chain hotels when possible.  The Max is very modernly decorated with bright pops of color.  On each floor there were photographs graphically printed on walls and doors of various musicians and celebrities.  We never ate at the sushi place in the lobby because it seemed overpriced to us--our friend took us to I Love Sushi which was much more casual and populated by locals.  I guess I would stay at the Hotel Max again, but I am torn.  Though the bed (like everyone else has said) was literally the BEST bed I have EVER slept in, the rooms were barely big enough for two people to have enough room to walk at the same time.  The bathrooms are equally tiny making showering and changing in them quite challenging even for normal sized people like us.  The location was good, but I'm just not sure that the good things about the hotel make up for the tiny rooms and the loooong waits to get on the also tiny elevators.  There are two elevators, but they must not have any service elevators because the cleaning staff would use them and their laundry service bins took up the entire elevator so that you'd have to wait for another one.  They did charge a 24 hour fee for wireless, but that is pretty standard though clearly free would be better.  I can't really complain about the hotel as we had a good experience overall, but if you're someone who needs breathing room to relax, you should definitely stay elsewhere.  If beds are your #1 priority then stay here for sure.

20/12/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
23. Kreag S.
You had me at the complementary vibrator....'nuff said.

05/12/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
24. Josh K.
What can I say, the hotel is very chic, and stylish. Tiny rooms and the bathrooms are just big enough to turn around in.  The worst part of the stay was leaving a camera lens in the room after checking out and not finding that we forgot it until we got back home in Portland. After many calls to the front desk, they keep transferring me to housekeeping which has "not found" my lens. I've still not heard back from anyone, very disappointed in the lack of communication. Well, I guess I should check craigslist seattle or a seattle pawn shop to find my lens... not staying here again.

22/04/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
25. ashton c.
The hotel was definitely nice enough.  The interior is well done.  The lobby features edgy ebonized wood walls with contrasting orange furniture . Interesting local artists' work adorns each room and the hallways.  The hotel has a business center and a fitness room, but tsk tsk for no ipod docking station.  The location is good:  easy to get over to Capitol Hill or down to Beltown.  The 'spiritual menu' is sort of gimmicky; we ordered the book on Scientology just for kicks & it never arrived.  The rooms are a little small but this is to be expected in botique hotels.

26/02/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
26. tina D.
we stayed here this weekend and loved the ambience, the room was very cool and perfect size for us, yes the bathroom in a bit on the small size but how much space does one need.  We loved the colors, the art work is stunning, staff was very helpful and location is perfect.
i would definitely stay again.

30/11/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
27. Josh W.
Nice boutique hotel with a rock and roll vibe.  Centrally located within walking distance to anything and everything you could want to do in the downtown area.  Also in close proximity to a few very good restaurants.  I stayed here on the companies dime - not sure if I would pay the elevated rates on my own dime but it is a very nice property.

29/01/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
28. jay c.
loved all the artwork around the hotel.
loved how you could call and have ur car ready at the curb.
good service and nice decor

now thumbs down on:
-30$ a DAY for parking!!!!! i thought it was 30$ for ur whole stay! booo that added up! 3 days you do the math!
-you had to pay for internet each day!!!  AND it was slow!
-heater was super loud
-the "comfortable bed" everyone is yelping about, did not live up to its expectations.

would not stay here again, the cons outweigh the pros

16/10/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
29. Kristal B.
I went to Seattle for my birthday with 2 of my friends! We stayed at Hotel Max and even though there was a few things that got a bit annoying, I would definitely go back! First, there was a misunderstanding with our reservation and instead of getting two beds, they gave us one! The Front desk tried to help as much as possible, but they were all booked for the first night. The next day they called us to let us know there was a room available for us, but since we were all settled in, we decided to stay in our room. That night, both of our keys failed to open our door when we arrived from dinner. The front desk staff was very prompt to fix the issue. The room was a acceptable size, but the bathroom was so small! I would recommend a room like this for a couple. More people just makes the place too crowded. The hotel had a very nice feel to it. Lights were dimmed, the doors all had different art. Very nice! The Staff was also very friendly and helpful. Oh, I must not forget their bed! The bed was like sleeping on a cloud! AMAZING! The hotel is pretty close to everything!  We walked about 10 mins to Pike Place. We even walked to Space Needle, although that took a lot longer. I would definately recommend Hotel Max and I plan on returning later this year!

17/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
30. Rhondalei G.
I give it an A-OK.  That being so because of the service that i received.  The room itself was a good size with the ammenities needed.  I stayed here after partying for my birthday and had 2 other friends in the room with me in the wee hours.  While we were talking at a decent level, there may have been someone who complained.  When someone from the staff was sent up, they didn't kindly tell us to keep it down, it felt like we were being reprimanded.  We did not in anyway argue with the person, but we acknowledged the request and left it at that.  I don't think me or my guests should have been treated in that way because we were not being extremely disruptive.  I don't think I would go back and stay at Hotel Max, but if you're visiting the city and want to stay near shopping, this may be a good choice for you.

23/07/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
31. Thom V.
hotel was just okay.

-extremely comfy beds.
-great price
-great location. walking distance to everything. pike place. shopping. great restaurants
-aveda products in the rooms

-everything about the room was tiny. 3 people on the elevators tops. maybe 1 with luggage.
-no concierge. not a deal breaker, but it would have been nice to have someone who knew common things like how much the monorail was. how to get from a to b. staff was friendly, but not very knowledgeable.
-not very modern electrical layout. the switch for the ceiling light was located near the bathroom. electrical outlet was hidden behind the bed. who ever did the electrical was on drugs. it was a mess.
-$30 a night to park!

overall it was okay. i've heard that the pan pacific down the street is very comparable in price with much bigger rooms.

22/07/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
32. Shad A.
First hotel that I would recommend visiting just for the restaurant.  Redfin serves a very good breakfast and some amazing sushi for dinner.  I'd say top sushi spot in Seattle. Sidewalk dining ups the cool factor.  Hotel staff very in tune with the ambiance.  Great stay.

25/07/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
33. J M.
tiny room.  loud AC/heater unit.  $30 per night parking.  good central location.  pillow menu.  mirrors on the walls so you can pose while fornicating a la the Christian Bale threesom scene in "American Psycho."  vibrator in mini bar.  

you probably wouldn't want to do a fluid search with a blacklight in this hotel if you stay here.

16/10/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
34. Vanessa D.
hotel max is way too cool for its own good. quirky, clean, and chock-full of art and pop--- i love it! aside from contemporary touches like modern art pieces, oversized photography, and rockstar-esque glam chic, i really do enjoy the coziness that they managed to pull off beautifully.

they have the most comfortable bed ever. and plus there's a linen menu, where you can tailor the way you prefer your pillows: plush, flat, hypo-allergenic, et al. they also have really cool complimentary bath products, which is also a great perk. no one wants to feel filmy the whole day from cheap soap and walk around with a peek-a-pube wig from watered down "shampoo".  

i stayed there for my birthday and they left me a balloon with a handwritten bday card attached to my favorite flavored vitamin water and excedrine-- the hangover package, perhaps? :)

though the room was small, the design and layout really maximized the space. classic high-volumed, smaller suites are a headnod to the original edwardian style, which i appreciate. surprisingly, i think the walls are thick, too, because i didn't hear ANYTHING: no elevators, no knockin boots, no TVs. i actually prefer smaller rooms, as it's easier not to lose/leave things behind and also minimizes the work to upkeep them. plus, it makes me feel safer in an unfamiliar atmosphere.

this is, by far, the best hotel for the money. it was so unbelievably affordable and the location was awesome! close to everything and easy for out-of-towners to navigate from. seriously, for the fools on a budget, you really don't have to settle for the charmingly-skanky moore hotel anymore.

however, i have to agree with the recommendation that you leave the kiddies at home or pick another hotel for families.

04/07/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
35. Bill D.
We enjoyed our recent 3-day stay at Hotel Max.  We booked one of the Artist King rooms.  The room was compact, but livable.  The bed was comfy and the deep tub a nice addition.

We liked the modern furnishings and look of the hotel a lot.  It's just our kind of style.

The hotel is walking-friendly to a lot of things to do in downtown Seattle -- tons of shopping, Pikes Market, the Seattle Art Museum.  We also took the Monorail down the block to visit the Space Needle and a bus when we wanted to visit Capitol Hill.  Overall a stress-free way to experience Seattle without a car.

I worried about noise based on some other reviews I read, but I didn't hear anything from my fellow hotel guests (and it looked like the floor was full).  There was a bit of street noise, but again that's pretty much expected in a downtown hotel.

16/04/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
36. amelia A.
Booked a room here for cheap online after our hot water heater blew up. On a tuesday night, they were far from full, but still gave us a totally crappy room- teeny bed, tiny bathroom,  right by the elevator. Service was disorganized, room service breakfast was sub-par, and the decor is looking a little 2005.

04/11/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
37. Tabitha G.
Stayed here for 3 weeks for business and really enjoyed this hotel. The beds are comfortable with an assortment of pillow choices and a fluffy duvet. The staff are incredibly friendly and helpful and the hotel is in a great spot to do business or explore Seattle (the market, downtown, shopping, capital hill, restaurants, entertainment, etc). The only downsides are the size of the rooms and that some rooms have showers only and limited sink/bathroom shelf space. I would definitely recommend this hotel for business or pleasure.

03/09/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
38. Carlo C.
We stayed here for the Seattle Pride Festival and we enjoyed our stay.  The room we got was very modern and chic.  It is definitely on the smaller side but considering we got a really good price, I cannot complain.  Their facade really sets the tone of the hotel.  It just exudes old time charm with modern amenities.  The lobby is breathtaking.  The reservation specialists were very accommodating to hold our luggage since we got there early.  They have only two, very small elevators and by chance one was broken during our stay.  Suffice to say that the wait time was crazy.  Once we got to our room, I felt like we were in NYC.  Small but functional.  With their turn down and other complimentary services, they go far and beyond a typical hotel.  Finding out they had an attached restaurant was great.  We ate there for breakfast twice and had dinner their also.  It's called the Red Fin.  They specialize in Japanese-American fusion.  Loved the decor and the food.  It definitely made our mornings easier to bear.  If you want to stay at a hip hotel on a reasonable budget, Hotel Max is great.

28/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
39. Randy M.
Hotel Max was a lovely two-night stay, in a great location proximate to Pikes Place Market and historic Pioneer Square (underground tours). The in-room coffee is pretty good, as is the art and decor. I never heard any noise from the ground-floor bar or outside cars zipping through the downtown. That said, I wouldn't pay more than $100 or so per night, as I went on a Travelzoo special.

24/08/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
40. Saveth R.
Every since I got a gift certificate to stay at this place....Its been my main stay ever since. I love the art on the door and even in the rooms. It has that 70s feel to it but better. Shops, restaurants, etc. are within a 5 minute walk. I am totally staying here again when I get the chance.

25/01/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
41. Leslie A.

This place is a super-cute, boutique hotel for a very reasonable price (under $200 got me a big room, flat screen tv, and a cutesy mini bar).  Not to mention, hotel guests receive free internet access and computer use in the lobby's business center.  Nobody does that these days!

The design is modern and bright.  Though it seems to be on the cutting-edge side of things, it still had a Christmas tree in the lobby.  Sweet.  

Front desk staff is very accomodating and friendly as are the folks in valet.

Each floor features a different photographer (I believe) and their images are displayed on the door to each room; the entire size of the door to each room.  Every step off the elevator is a pleasant one for those that enjoy the artsy side of things.  Additionally, each room features and array of local artists from Seattle's vicinity.  Way to support the local economy!  

The breakfast at the restaurant was completely peaceful (which I prefer) and I had the shiitake, asparagus, and goat cheese fritatta.  When complimenting the manager on my server and experience I come to find out the chef is from San Francisco.  Of course!

19/12/06 | Link | Rating: 5.0
42. jeff m.
Imagine a displacer beast from the secound monstrous compedium encountering a blast spore (NOT to be confused with an eye of the beholder, or evil eye) in the cthulu world of the terror on the orient express.

Now, if you're BOLD ENOUGH, imagine the ear shattering noise that would erupt once a cthulu master summons forth a legion of caecodemons to do battle amongst the churning steel wheels, the displaced space jaguar hides, and the throat closing aggressively airborne molds of the blast spore.

That, in a nutshell, was what my stay at Hotel Max was like. Except all good. The room rate was outstanding, and despite the fact that the hotel lacked a video game arcade and masseuse, I got along quite nicely, and the clean sheets and pure atmosphere soothed me.

You can come to the Hotel Max with the intention of bringing forth "the rock", but do not be alarmed if the Max responds, in kind, with equal portions of "roll".

04/06/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
43. Jeannie C.
Hubby and I took a short trip to Seattle recently and after the research my husband did on hotels, he booked us at Hotel Max. It is a great centralized location to Pike's Market, Space Needle, and shopping area. We literally were able to walk just almost every where without taking public transportation or taxis.
Hotel Max is very different from your typical chain hotels. For one thing, when you walk in, there is a portrait of a naked woman and a man laying on her lap. The art work/pictures are amazing if you like that sort of stuff.
I admit, after putting down our suitcase in our room, there were hardly any room to walk but after strategically placing our things here and there, it was much better. They have a full snack and drink bar, but beware, they will charge if you take it.
The bed and pillows is heavenly. I had such a good night sleep with the goose down blanket and pillows. Now, on our last night, I noticed a small blood stain (I think) on top of the blanket which kinda grossed me out but I didn't let that bother me, I just covered with the over sheet.
The bathroom was pretty spacious and I was surprised their shampoo and soap are by Aveda.
The only thing I do have to add is that the noises outside from the street is very loud. So loud, it might wake you up in the morning or you might not be able to sleep quickly unless you have alchy in your system.
The hotel staff were very welcoming and I definitely appreciate their services.
The next time we go to Seattle again, this is a place I will be staying at.

27/10/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
44. Jake F.
Location: great ( if downtown is your goal)
Service: very pleasant (with the exception of the one valet who took literally 30 minutes to find our car)
Room: small but adequate (I can now attest to other reviewers comments, watch your forehead when you sit on the toilet.)
Other guests: Picture drunken bellowing of Beatles tunes from next room alternating with very loud discussion of the movie "Underworld". Followed up by clearly audible porn screening....

Skip this one if you actually want to sleep.

05/04/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
45. Ian M.
My first Yelp review! I came upon my booking at the Hotel Max through Priceline's negotiator service. You plug in the city regions acceptable to stay in (I only chose Pike Places area), how many stars (three) and the price you'd be willing to pay for each night ($59 for three nights! it gave me a Queen of the Art style room). But be aware that you have to plug in your credit card info as well from the start, so you're locked in to the hotel of their choosing under your criteria. But, it worked out for me.

Located a short walk from the Market (though not nearly as close as the International Hostel, whose place I believe is now taken by the Green Tortoise Hostel, that I stayed at on my first visit to Seattle and you can see the Market right in front of your door). Pretty much everything I'd want or need in a hotel. It's strikingly stylish and the staff is very warm and helpful. And there's an internet room with computers and a printer you can use for free! Yes, the hotel rooms, bathrooms and elevators are tiny, but it's hardly anything to quibble over when you're visiting such a great city (you should be out and about, man!) They have a mini fridge filled with $10 Jones Sodas if you're into that sort of thing (we took all that stuff out and set it on the table and replaced them with our own drinks), very comforable beds with high thread counts, complimentary shampoos and towels and teas, 24 hour room service I didn't take advantage of and an excellent sushi restraunt attached to the building. Also, if you stay on the 5th floor in the Kurt Cobain door in front of the elevator, then we've slept in the same place. All in all, the Hotel Max has my blessing!

26/04/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
46. j m.
This place made me fall hard for boutique hotels! We got a corner room on the 5th or 6th floor? Can't remember? Had an awesome view of the Needle and two walls of windows. The bed was soooooooooo comfortable and full of pillows like any respectable bed should be! If the provided pillows aren't for you don't fret,  there is a pillow menu that allows you to choose something more to your liking! Service is impecable and the art all over the hotel is gorgeous. Make sure you visit all of the floors and check out the photos on the doors. Every floor features work from a different photographer. Did I mention Aveda ammenities, Tazo teas and local coffee stocked in the rooms? ~~~swoon~~~

05/03/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
47. Sheri D.
Very trendy and contemporary hotel. Staff was very friendly and didn't hesitate to switch hotel rooms since we had a noisy neighbor. Shopping and tourist attractions are just a walk away. Downside is that rooms and elevator are REALLY small. I don't recommend if you're on the bigger side.

01/04/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
48. Jane A.
My friend & I were vising Seattle last year, and I was in the mood to splurge on a nice hotel.  Unfortunately "splurge" for me is still less than what a lot of hotels cost, so I was looking around for a good deal that would still feel splurge-y... Hotel Max was it!   The decor of the room was great -- modern, but not cold.  The orange and red colors were cozy and luxurious.  I see a lot of people complaining about the small size of the rooms, but I really didn't find it uncomfortable at all.   In fact, maybe the room was a little TOO good... we ended up spending a couple of evenings watching Rock of Love in our hotel room rather than going out on the town.  :-)

23/03/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
49. Hester P.
boy, so yummy visually you wanna say 5 stars but... the staff was not hugely helpful, the elevator stopped working repeatedly (my mom visited me while i was staying and she had things to carry and they suggested the stairs.. to the fifth floor!), and the noise outside in the street could be heard like you were standing down there. all night. did i mention the walls were so thin we could hear the guy yawning in his bed next door? that's not all he was doing. really delicious, gorgeous arty setting, kinda disappointing otherwise. great, affordable stay if you fall into the visiting artist category, about the only break for artists left.

had a contact from the manager who was very sweet and helpful and explained some of the situation. i gave 4 out of 5 stars which is a pretty straightup recommendation. the room itself not to mention the artwork was worth it, not to mention location. definitely go.

Even later:
it's now over a year and a half since my stay and I was once again contacted by the staff of the hotel with regards to my stay, i think this goes above and beyond. changing my stars.

23/08/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
50. Avani W.
I've stayed in many "nice" expensive hotels, and never really understood where the value was.

This is about a mid-range hotel by price, but a top notch hotel in service! I have never been to another hotel with a "pillow menu" (This is more than just soft and firm: they have body pillows, reading pillows, etc.).  Also, instead of a staring Gideon's Bible, Hotel Max offers a Spirituality menu for some late night reading of the Bhagavad Gita, or whatever your chosen fun is.

The bathroom on a king room is large.  Though there is no tub, there is more than enough room for two in the shower.

Staying here next time I'm in Seattle.

30/10/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
51. Tiffany M.
Hotel Max is a modern design lover's dream: rich, colorful paintings hung in all the hotel rooms and lobby, playful black & white images donning all the doors & hotel keys and cool contemporary colored walls, carpets & furniture. What a fun place to stay! And there's more to it...


-Pillow Menu: This is a first! Choose from a Soft, Medium, Hard, U-Shaped, Body or Reading pillow.
-Red Fish (hotel restaurant): A sleek place to grab cocktails or enjoy a delicious breakfast. Major plus for the hotel.
-Down comforters: My friend and I agreed that it felt like we had been hibernating forever in those cozy, big ol' beds.
-Cool lobby: Interesting coffee table books to peruse through, fireplace to hang out by, and comfy couches to stretch out on.
-Aveda bath products. Score!
-Convenient location: Close to lots of shopping, choice restaurants, bars & Pike Place Market
-Reasonable Price: At $160 a night, it was a real steal.
-Free Valet Parking

Sadly, there were quite a few negativos that killed the excitement many a time:


-Everything was small! From the elevator, to the bedroom to the bathroom. I don't know if it was 'cuz we got a corner room, but it was cramped for a party of 3. When the roll away bed was brought in, the porter said "So how are you going to fit this in here?". Uhh, before coming we mentioned we'd be using a roll away bed, yet they still put us in a small room. The shower was cramped as well- if you moved 90 degrees, the shower curtain would leech onto you.
-The tv was nice & big, but when you'd stand in a certain area, the reception would go out. Janky.
-The outlet in the bathroom didn't work, lighting by the full length mirror was non-existent, the clock was a few hours ahead and our hotel keys didn't work on several occassions. Don't they check these things?
-Room Service was sloooow. We had to ask for our roll away bed 2 additional times since they failed to have it ready in our room. (Btw, it's only $10/day to use)

I didn't quite understand at first why this hotel wasn't rated any higher upon checking in, but after awhile, it seemed to become more and more apparent why. What a shame for such a cool place!

27/05/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
52. dee v.
Whoever stayed at this hotel and gave it a great review must be hard of hearing...and an exhibitionist. The fire trucks driving by at three o'clock in the morning and the bus service that comes by every half an hour starting at 4 AM could be heard very loudly on the 5th floor even with the windows closed. And speaking of windows, there were no sheer blinds therefore if you wanted any sunlight you had to pull the shade up letting the people in the adjacent business offices see you in your birthday suit. The bathrooms didn't have a heating system and were tortuous in the cold seattle weather. The hall ways were dark and dingy. And the fact that the hotel didn't notify customers that parking was not available and valet was an additional 30 dollars is worse than the service one gets in Moscow. The staff behind the desk were robotic and paid no attention to any concerns addressed to them. I've had better reception from the clerks at a super 8 than I did with these twits at hotel max.
The restaurant next door was the exception. Food was good and service was wonderful. The atmosphere was nice and the "hidden door" entrance was a neat touch.

08/02/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
53. Tony C.
Seriously, I've stayed at hotels and motels all over this great big country of ours and this place is one of my favorites. Sorry if this review sounds like I'm getting paid to write it, but I had nothing but wonderful things to say about this place. First, yes it IS tiny and I'm a large man. If you read these reviews are were still shocked by how small the rooms are, you're stupid. Get over it and find how fun and quaint it is to stay at a non chain style hotel. The place totally fits the whole vibe of downtown Seattle. Every aspect of our trip was well taken care of. I wish I could even have more details but everything was wonderful. Hands down staying here again when I come back, no questions!

26/11/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
54. Brynn M.
Just stayed in the Hotel Max while in Seattle to see Last Comic Standing. Honestly, everything was just fine. And for every high point, there was a very low point.

Example: High Point - The room was clean, comfy, and had some great art on the wall. Low Point - They just happened to put us in the room next to the 20-somethings who felt the need to party until 4:30am. I called the front desk, who sent someone up to talk to them. Unfortunately, the walls are so paper thin that it didn't matter.

The stay-castion package we got was well worth the price. Free parking, $20 toward breakfast, and the room. All for one low price. So, even with the small amount of sleep we got, it was worth the price. And breakfast in the RedFin was great. But more on that in another review...

So, if you don't mind a little noise but love a young, hip ambiance and great art, this would be a good place to stay.

Unfortunately, if you are a young married couple, in town for a show and some alone time together... Well, not so much.

13/12/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
55. Kevin D.
Exactly what we were looking for!

My wife and I went to Seattle for our anniversary and we happened to stumble across Hotel Max during an online search. Coincidentally, they were having a great special on rooms for that weekend and since the place looked legit from the website (not always the most accurate depiction), we thought we'd give it a try.

In my online reservation, I requested to have champagne and flowers delivered to the room prior to our arrival. A few days later, I received a call from the manager, Scott, letting me know he'd be happy to provide us with a bottle of champagne - free of charge. He also recommended  a local florist who could accommodate my floral request.

When we arrived, the place was better than we expected. The building has tons of  architectural character, not to mention the overall ambiance and decor was very contemporary and unique with all sorts of original artwork and bold, but tasteful, colors. Plus, the artwork throughout the hotel is from local Seattle artists which was a really nice touch.

Our room was exactly what we would expect from a trendy urban hotel. Not too big but certainly more than adequate with a king-sized bed and windows on 2 sides. When we arrived, the champagne and flowers were already there and they were perfect!

Throughout the course of our stay, the staff was incredibly friendly and helpful. We would definitely go back to this place and recommend it to anyone we know going to Seattle that's looking for something with a little more style and character than your typical chain hotel.

Thanks, Hotel Max (and Scott)!!

04/08/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
56. Holly B.
I am not easily scared/intimidated/made to feel claustrophobic, but the decor of this place freaked me out.  The hallways and room doors are all decorated with black & white images and the lighting is very dim.  Either the hallways are incredibly narrow or the lighting/photo combination made them feel this way.  The elevator was also tiny and claustrophobia inducing.

I had a corner room that was so small it would rival any NYC hotel and the room service was less than exciting.  I'd much rather stay at Hotel Andra around the corner.

17/02/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
57. michael j.
this place was really, really great.  great location, really friendly staff (except for one frumpy blond who gets easily frazzled and curt), beautiful, clean rooms and a lot of character.

the restaurant (red fin or something?) has a nice ambiance, too.

i freaking love seattle.

28/03/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
58. Tom R.
I would have to say that the reviews of the MAX are pretty much on target.  

LOCATION:  The hotel is a funky rehabbed older property in downtown Seattle. The convention center is also nearby but not nearby enough.  You'll get soggy going back and forth.  Parking is VERY pricey.  

IN GENERAL: The property itself and the website portrayals are accurate. This is a boutique hotel (meaning SMALL everything) which prides itself in its' very cool dcor and artwork.  The lobby is hip and cool and the 80's dance music brings a smile to everyone's face.  You can't help but boogie down with the friendly desk clerks while waiting for the elevator.  Services at this hotel are minimal, so don't expect the offerings that you would get at hotels at this rate.

ROOMS: The artwork and style extend to the rooms which are a painted a relaxing grey/green with soft grey carpet. The beds are dressed with white linens and red accent cushions.  The bed, overall, is good on an even level with the famous Westin or Marriott beds.  The mattress in my room was new and had a firm pillow top.  Don't take a lot of luggage.  Rooms are equipped for two but the rooms are best for single travelers.   There are small armoires.  There was one drawer per person for socks, underwear and the like.

CHECK IN: The check in process was easy as was making a reservation and the clerks didn't bat an eye when assigning a King room to two men.  Being respected like this is a plus.

PROBLEMS...PROBLEMS: The problems started with a lot of little things.  First of all, I was assigned a room that was usually reserved for handicapped guests.  That was no problem, except for the fact that there is no bath. The bathroom is one large shower that happened to have a toilet and a sink in it.  When you run the shower, the water goes under the curtain and all over the floor. It even leaked into the room.  After two days, I learned to roll up damp towels and create a dam around the shower.  Also, the towel bar was sagging and about to fall out.  In addition, housekeeping had a hard time remembering to restock soaps, robes and other small housekeeping items in the room.  Although the staff politely took care of things, it seemed that I had at address one or two similar issues almost daily.  Some issues took repeated requests.

The temperature control in the room is a simple window air unit.  This unit is very noisy.  When it rains, the rain and the roof runoff pounds down on the metal housing. As a result, you get the sound of water torture all night.  I wound up opening a window (on the 9th floor) and straddling the windowsill in order to throw a hand towel on the top of the air conditioner.  This got rid of the noise and almost got me killed.

The worst thing was that the wake up service was not working.  I did set the alarm as a back up but it is very complicated and it didn't go off. (It's a touch screen!!). As a result, I missed my meeting.  Advice --- bring your own clock.  I addressed with the manager on duty who promised to take care of it, but I don't recall an explanation or an apology or even notification if the problem was fixed or not.  I took my chances a couple of days later and it worked.

THE BUSNIESS CENTER: When I was there, the business center was usually used by children who needed extensive MYSPACE fixes and IM sessions.

THE FRONT DESK: The desk clerks were great.  They were quick with conversation and a smile.  The staff at the Max was very welcoming and approachable.

BREAKFAST: The attached restaurant is a popular place. The Asian restaurant offers breakfast as well, but the offerings are basic breakfast food at (eggs and hash browns) with Foo-Foo names at very high prices.  Breads and pastries were greasy were comparable to items from a filling station. The fruit promised on the menu was simply aged garnish left over from the night before. The coffee, however, was fantastic and kept me going there for breakfast several times.  If you are not a coffee lover, avoid this place at all costs for breakfast.

FINAL VERDICT:  After stripping away the pretty faade, and the friendly service, you have a minimum service hotel. This could compare to the motels down the block (*6th avenue inn, 8th avenue inn, Travelodge) at half the price.  This place is simply a place to sleep and very much worth the standard 89-99 dollars charged at properties of similar services or quality.  We paid over $150 a night and after considering the ups and downs of this place, we felt a bit violated by that high price. If you must stay here, try to find a better rate online or try to negotiate with the reservations agent.

09/04/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
59. Bon V.
This was a nice and promising hotel when I checked it out on-line, then slowly went downhill.  Be sure you budget $75/day for incidentals at the beginning of your stay.  You'll get the money back after you check out, but be sure to have that in your budget.  The rooms were nice, but small.  I had more room to move at the Days Inn.  Shower was small and hot water ran out quickly.  Window heating/cooling unit. Staff was okay to work with.  The valet was AWESOME!!

20/04/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
60. kate l.
though i have not stayed here - i was disappointed with the reservations assistance.  on yelp - they posted an AMAZING offer for $99/nite + free parking & wifi!  i was ready to book.  but when i called they said that the offer expired a month ago (hello!  it said it was just posted one week ago).  the person i spoke with said they'd take the offer down.  

Please don't Tease.  it isn't nice and it isn't professional.

28/04/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
61. Brad P.
We stayed at Hotel Max during a recent trip to Seattle based on suggestions from other yelpers on a Yelp discussion board.   Such a great recommendation, and super place to stay.

The place is modern and has a sense of style and flair that is cool but not trying too hard.  The people were absolutely friendly as can be, and the room rate is absolutely fair for an independent, boutique style hotel.

The location is outstanding.  The rooms are modern if a bit on the cramped size.  WiFi for $12 bucks per day.

28/01/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
62. Super M.
Stayed at the Max during an interview for a hoity toighty company, no less, which is why I was very impressed with the choice.

But frankly, this hotel is so me.

It's more of a boutique rock and roll hotel, front desk was VERY amiable and attentive (I arrived late, and I think given my obvious tiredness they upgraded to a suite), and the suites were very comfortable, albeit small.

There was, unfortunately, A LOT of street noise, something I found odd for a hotel (and I've been in hotels in NYC, Chicago, LA and Miami downtown, and I've never heard so much cars and horns and sirens... eh, didn't phase me, but found it strange).

Bathrooms were tiny, but it's to be expected in a big city.

All in all, I'd highly recommend it.

Also, I checked the price for a regular night, and at $150, I find it VERY reasonable, given the VERY desirable location.

12/05/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
63. Tasha S.
The Location is Great but the hotel rooms are not. I got an on line deal so I took my husband to stay the night and walk around downtown. The rooms are VERY small and cannot keep an even heat in the them. There is a heater/air condition in the window that is very loud when on. The size of the bathroom is the smallest I have ever seen, and the shower was so small that I kept hitting my elbow on the wall and on the curtain trying to wash my hair and I am only 5-2 120 Ibs. I cannot imagine a larger person trying to shower. The mattress was so soft and slanted that I slept against my husband on an angle all night long. I would not stay there again. The staff was nice and it was clean so that does count for something

06/03/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
64. Ann C.
Fun hotel.  There is sushi bar downstairs that provides room service and is open late.

Ask for a corner room and moon downtown Seattle. :)

18/11/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
65. Brad C.
From the reviews here on Yelp I was expecting the room to be even smaller then it was. It was small but, I didn't need anything bigger. Didn't need to do anything else in the room but sleeping. The only place were I felt like it was just a little cramped was in the bathroom. The location is great if you want to hang around downtown. Great staff and clean rooms. I would stay again for sure.

02/03/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
66. Courtney B.
Everything here is way too tiny, I'm surprised I fit my purse with me in the elevator. They threatened to call the cops on us for noise when all we were doing was talking. No music, no tv, no partying, just talking. Good reason to never go back there.

15/11/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
67. Tom F.
Overall, I thought this was a pretty solid hotel, especially considering the excellent rate I managed to obtain (less than $150/night).  From a design perspective, I was impressed with the colorful furnishings and the fantastic artwork which covered nearly every square inch of the lobby and hallways.  The staff was friendly and helpful.  The location was excellent, right on the fringe of downtown Seattle, and a short walk to Pike Place Market, Belltown, and tons of restaurants and bars.

The rooms were well-appointed, and the bed was exceedingly comfortable, almost reaching the level of the Westin Heavenly Bed, which to me is the gold standard of sleep comfortosity.  The hotel also has 24-hour room service (a rarity in boutique hotels), as well as a decent, if not somewhat small, complementary exercise room.

The only downside with the Max is the size of the rooms.  They are TINY.  Stuff a king sized bed in one of these babies and you have barely enough room to set down your luggage.  

That said, the pros far outweigh the one con, and for that reason I would recommend the Hotel Max if you find yourself in Seattle.

16/12/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
68. Lisa I.
Nice and clean, has a chic vibe in the lobby etc but our room was very small and our windows looked into other rooms in the hotel. The shower and toilet were separated and the space of the room was awkward. Fine for a crash pad but definitely not luxurious.
Concierge was very nice but not terribly helpful for tips for things to do in the area.
A great central location made it easy to get to and from the airport, to Bellport, and down to the waterfront.

19/09/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
69. Bruce H.
After reading some of the other reviews on Yelp I'm wondering if I stayed at the same Hotel Max they reviewed. The address is the same but my impression of the place was certainly not.

My wifey and I broke free for our annual "adult getaway," where we leave the teenagers to trash our house while we play tourist in our own beautiful city. It's a great tradition and I recommend it to every married couple on the planet...the getaway, that is, not the teenagers.

Now, finally, on to the review.

First of all...the name. Hotel Max? You have to be kidding me. I think Hotel Mini is more like it. I have slept on beds that were larger than the  square footage of our entire room.  We literally could not walk past each other in our cramped little room. I mean...the idea of our getaway is to be together, but this took it to a ridiculous level.

And then there was the bathroom. The first thing I said to my wife when I opened the door was, "Honey, there's no phone in this phone booth."

The toilet paper dispenser, which was hanging onto the wall for dear life by one remaining screw, was no doubt dislodged by someone who made the mistake of trying to turn around while actually standing IN the bathroom.

By the way, the bathroom has no tub or shower either. The shower is in another converted closet next to the bathroom. Literally. It's a closet with a drain and tile on the walls. And by the way part two, the shower in our room didn't dispense hot water...but what can one expect for a closet that's been transgendered into a shower?

I might expect to stay in a place like Hotel Max if I was trying to tour Europe on $50 dollars a day...and it was in a place like...Romania...let's say. But for what they're charging, and pretending to be...this is a seriously flawed hotel concept.

19/03/07 | Link | Rating: 1.0
70. Allen P.
3.5 stars.

I was given the opportunity to see beautiful Seattle from the window of the Hotel Max. Upon arriving, I was greeted at 2 in the morning with Christina Aguilera turned up to 11 in the lobby as well as outside. Needless to say the next song was Bob Marley, then followed by a Jock Jams song. How can you absolutely not care what your listening to?

Coupled with the bad taste in music, the overall design sense of the Max is way out of control. Of course its trendy but it was over the top and tasteless. There was not much attention to subtle design or anything very unique. I say this in comparison to the styling of the ACE hotel where my co-workers had previously just been moved from.

So the music was bad, the overall decor was tacky, but the beds, oh the beds were pretty outstanding. The location is perfect and its not the Courtyard Marriott or some other cheesy chain.

Overall its a fine hotel, with good service but it gets docked for its attempt at style. I'm staying at the ACE next time.

23/07/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
71. Omigodshoes S.
I feel sad for the people below who had a bad experience at Hotel Max... because I had a wonderful time there. The valet service was prompt, the front desk staff was friendly, and while I spent a little extra on one of their special packages it was very much worth it. The room was a gorgeous corner room on the "rock floor"... the decor was modern and unique... and everything was clean and presentable. And the bed... oh god... the bed... delightful. Best night of sleep ever. Also, it was close to tons of downtown places (Jazz Alley, Palace Kitchen, Pacific Place).

The only thing that might not appeal to everyone's palette is that there is a risque undertone to the building itself... but, if you're looking for a unique boutique hotel experience, you will get it here.

I had a fantastic time and only wish that I could have stayed longer!!!

06/11/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
72. sasa w.
I did my research and found Hotel Max. I read up on reviews and thought it'd be an excellent choice for my little vacation to Seattle with the boyfriend. Excellent location, personality, clean, and not over budget.

Well, Hotel Max was all that and more. Like I said, I read up on the reviews and expected the rooms to be small - but it's not like I was expecting to hang around my hotel room during my vacation. When I got there, I did ask for a room with a tub cuz I'm claustrophobic (note: someone on yelp posted a picture of the closet shower stall). I was told that queen rooms didn't have tubs but I could upgrade to King room. I asked how much it would cost and I heard $30 -- now I didn't hear if it was $30 a night or $30 total. It didn't matter to me or the bf as we didn't want to deal with me freaking out. lol. I booked my trip through Orbitz and I must have gotten the Orbitz rate because my recent CC bill shows that I was charged only six bucks and change for the upgrade. =D

Service there was phenomenal. The staff was courteous and helpful. The elevators face the front door and every morning when we stepped off the elevator the bellhop already had the front door open for us. They also offer luggage storage there - we stored our bags there for 8 hours before checking in our first day (we had an early flight) and stored our bags there for a few hours before we left for the airport. (BTW travellers, take the bus to and from the airport if you're staying downtown it costs only about $2 AND it's efficient!)

The art and decor really gives this hotel a personality. I didn't feel like it was trying too hard to be cool and trendy, rather more like it is in it's own niche. The blown up black and white photographs that were adorned on each room door, kept me very entertained while I was walking to and from my room. I only wished I went on each floor to check them all out. The furniture gave the place a very modern feel but it didn't feel cold. Maybe it's the photographs and paintings that give it a very cozy feeling.

I would very much want to stay here again if I'm ever in Seattle again...

01/07/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
73. Diana R.
Tiny room, paper thin walls, tiniest bathroom I have ever seen, overall not a good experience.  I will not return

14/02/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
74. Kali C.
Enjoyed our stay here for an overnight in the city. Cool decor, very nice staff, decent price. The rooms are pretty small, and nothing too lavish about the place. We were very comfortable, and thoroughly enjoyed our meal next door at Red Fin.

21/11/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
75. Karen H.
My husband and I booked two nights at Hotel Max for the beginning of our 4-night trip to Seattle. We booked the last two nights at a bigger, more expensive boutique hotel.  After reading the reviews of Hotel Max, we were sure we'd like the hotel, but needed an "insurance" policy b/c of the reviews of size of the rooms and the noisiness.  Hotel Max was great though. The staff was great and although the rooms were very, very small, we only needed a place to nap and sleep, so Max was perfect for that. We ended up canceling our fancier reservations and stayed at Max the whole time.
A couple situations particularly impressed me. First, when my husband and I were on the ferry, I couldn't find my wallet. I nearly had a heart attack! But a call to the front desk solved my problem. I asked if they could have someone check through the room for me, which they did, and found my wallet.  This simple effort meant we could enjoy our daylong excursion. Second, we checked in early and they let us get into our room 8 hours early. This was so great, as we were exhausted from traveling.
Overall, not a luxury hotel but a solid, friendly place in the heart of downtown. I'd like to give it 3.5 stars.

14/10/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
76. Laurel B.
So one time ago, big room.  This time, not.   Big difference.   No good.

26/09/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
77. Kevin N.
Is there an echo in here?  It's hard to rave about the Hotel Max in a way that hasn't been previously expressed, but rave I will.  Tucked away in downtown, I stayed here on my first stop in Seattle and had a terrific time, mostly 'cause these guys take pains to do the boutique hotel thing right:  customized rooms, tons of amenities, personalized service.  

For a fab hotel I found the rates pretty reasonable (in the $200 range when I was in), and the place is within walking distance of a number of local downtown spots worth perusing.  Thanks for the hospitality, Max, and thanks for reminding me that comfort and a keen sense of art direction aren't mutually exclusive.

09/08/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
78. Mia S.
Hotel Max is a super cool, super trendy boutique hotel in a generally good location near downtown Seattle. The aesthetics are amazing, has a very grunge-chic vibe much like the city itself. The customer service was great and the front desk staff was very helpful. You will notice these things right away when you first enter the hotel, however when you get to your room there are also a few things you will notice. The rooms are tiny, not New York City small, but small. The heat didn't work in our room (mind you, my visit was in January so I needed that heat), so they graciously moved us into another room without complaint. Once we got settled into our new room, the heat barely worked in that room as well. We really had to keep it on full blast for a couple of hours to even begin to defrost, a problem for this chronically-cold girl! My last comment will be a word of suggestion to Hotel Max: please fix your LIGHTING! Although, your very modern, shadowy rooms create quite the ambiance, I need to be able to see darn it! The combination of a dreary city, a center room and low lighting really made it hard for two girls with limited time to get ready (only one person can curl their hair in the bathroom, where the good light is, at one time). Overall it was not a bad experience, the place could just use some fine tuning to improve functionality.

18/04/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
79. Purple P.
Decent hotel located downtown Seattle and close to everything. The art work in the hotel and on the floor where our room was is definitely interesting. The lobby could easily be transformed into a club; it has this eclectic/trendy vibe going.
The rooms are extremely small and the air conditioning is outdated (they updated the rooms but not the a/c for sure). We were freezing in there. The shower is super small (they claim they have steam showers); well it's kind of normal when you see the tiny shower, the heat stays in.

15/11/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
80. Linda M.
I have to agree with Dave F. - reminded me of a low end W Hotel in NYC.  I'm so disappointed in the size of the rooms.  Sleeping was a pain in the @ss - the temperature control on the AC/heat drove me nuts! There was no termostat to have it click off!!! It was loud and I had to get up every hour to turn it on and off to feel comfortable.  The bed was so close to the window, that I kept on feeling a draft.  We stayed on the 5th floor and a generator outside the window drove me nuts while I slept as well.  The "Artist King" (corrected) is the same size as the, "Queen of Art Room" and the only difference is the size of the bed so don't waste your money on the ARTIST KING.  I know guest are not suppose to stay in their rooms when they are on vacation, but this was rediculous.  The whole rock-star vibes and decor distracted me from the true accomodations this place has to offer.  The bathrooms were a joke - only 1 person can fit in there comfortably to even get ready.  If you opened the bathroom door, you can't access the hallway closet - BAD architecture. The 2 elevators literally fits 3 people, comfortably.  If you're trying to get out in time, good luck squeezing in the elevator to get out.

The only good thing I have to say is that the concierge was very helpful and their service was spectacular.  It's was pleasant to talk to them.

This hotel might amaze others, but  I would say, save your money for the Sheraton!!!

To summarize:

-Small, SMALL rooms
-Horrible temperature control AC/heat unit - get ready to adjust every hour.
-Loud generator outside of building
-SMALL elevator
-SMALL shower/bathroom, good lord.
-Great conceirge service (2 Stars goes to them!!!)

07/04/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
81. Angie C.
Great modern hotel.  My only complaint is that the rooms are quite small.  Exceptional service.  Good rates.  Great location.  Walking distance to the shopping and also to capitol hill.

12/08/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
82. Timothy R.
I found this hotel on expedia, and the reviews were good, so I made a reservation.  I had a great stay for four weeknights.  Very cool and chic, and the staff were unfailingly friendly and helpful.  The room (on the corner of the 2nd floor) was a little small, and there was some street noise, but I had already read that in other reviews, so I was prepared.  The room was beautifully decorated and very efficiently laid out.  The hotel corridors are "art galleries" with different art works on each room door.  In fact, I saw a few people walking down the corridors just to look at the art (which is captioned.)

The hotel is convenient to walk to most of the downtown tourist venues.  I didn't eat in the hotel restaurant (I'm not a sushi fan), but the menu did look interesting.

I wouldn't hesitate to stay at Hotel Max again, and I have already recommended it to several friends.  I wish them great success!

09/06/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
83. J S.
4 stars. Lots of great art work that adorns the building and the rooms. Very clean and modern and the staff was very friendly. I loved this hotel and would definitely recommend to my friends/family.

12/12/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
84. Mike O.
My complimentary "Intimacy Kit" was very unsatisfactory. I'm a size XL, not medium or small.

16/12/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
85. Dina B.
I normally only review businesses that I really like.
I generally prefer boutique hotels.  

But... my stay at Hotel Max is so completely unsatisfactory, I feel compelled to toss in my vote and comments.  Why?

Noise - we can hear everything going on in the room next door.  
Cramped space - tiny room.  unbelievably tiny bathroom.  
No freebies - lots of extra expenses.  $11/day wireless, $6 water, $30/day parking...  
Space in the room taken up by stuff I don't want to buy.
Bad plumbing - after multiple attempts, the toilet still starts running randomly.

Bottom line, the big negative of not getting any sleep outweighs the positives of a cool environment and comfy bedding.

25/10/08 | Link | Rating: 1.0
86. Jean K.
If you have your car and are going on a cruise, inquire if they are offering their cruise parking special. It's a terrific deal, only $79 for a full week's secured parking. Just stay one night minimum and the deal is yours.

Location is convenient. It's a trendy, Kimpton-style hotel, very tiny bathrooms although rooms are decently sized and beds are very comfortable. Staying downtown means traffic noise, so be aware of this upfront and realize this is the price you pay in any major city for convenient location. The garbage trucks don't care if you're trying to sleep, and neither do the buses.

For anyone with disabilities, be aware that at least some of their rooms require a full step up into the bathroom.

03/11/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
87. Heather J.
Swanky hotel centrally located in downtown seattle attached to the asian restuarant/bar Red Fin is a great place to stay if you need a place to crash after a night out in seattle or possibly to recommend to out of town guests. The hotel is fabulously decorated with pictures of the seattle grunge scene and old seattle signs. The rooms are nice with windows overlooking seattle. One of the best things about this hotel is rather than just getting a regular old bible you get your choice of religous literature and the list is quite impressive. You also get your choice of pillow preferance and can chose from a varity of options in this area as well. Definetely a lot more fun than you regular boring seattle chain hotel.

30/08/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
88. Kevin S.
Looking for 'W' type interior and decor, but don't want to pay 'W' prices? This is your place, it's located downtown near all the good eateries and bars also a short walk from the water and Pikes Market. Friendly staff, relaxed feeling all round. Good sized rooms that are well appointed, even had an iron and ironing board (big plus point in my book). Seems you get a 15% discount if you book through Yelp! as well, bargain!

27/05/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
89. Katie W.
This is my FAVORITE hotel ever.  It is extremely artsy-fartsy (as my boyfriend likes to describe it), it has a very hip and cool vibe, and is very clean.  The rooms are small, yes.  But what more do you want from a hotel room?  The bed is extremely comfortable and you can watch TV on a sweet flat screen.  Red Fin is downstairs, which has a-maz-ing sushi.  Absolutely the best.  We came up here on a deal they were having, $100/night, free valet parking... within walking distance to Pike Place.

19/04/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
90. Lisa H.
This is a trendy, boutique hotel in a great area that's convienent to everything.  Its in a renovated turn of the century building, so you can't expect  that the rooms will be giant like a modern hotel.  That's certainly not what this hotel is about.  We had a king room on one of the corners at a the AAA rate, which was super affordable.  

The bed was large and comfortable.  We had a nice flat screen tv with lots of good channels to chose from.  The bathroom was more than adequate and the tub was large.  The amenties of soap and things they normally put in hotel rooms were very nice too.  The fridge was well stocked with sodas and such and there were snacks in the room.  I thought this was great!  I wish more hotels did this.  Yes, I had to pay for them, but it wasnt that much.  It was a small room as I expected for the age of the building.  There was basically just a walkway around the bed.  It had a great view of the city and it wasn't too noisy, just your typically city noise as would be expected being in downtown.  

The staff was super friendly and very helpful.  They called the places we wanted to go to make sure of their hours and menu, recommended places to see and to eat, and gave us a map and detailed directions to get to them.  

We toured the other floors to look at the art on the doors, which was a pretty cool part of this hotel.  And we ate breakfast in the restaurant which was quite tasty and nice.  The car was always waiting for us when we called for it and they even let it stay an extra 10 hours or so after we checked out.  We wallked and took a tram to go sight seeing and then came back for the car.  

Overall, I would definitely recommend this hotel, but I would say check it out and make sure its "you" before you go.  It was so us and I loved it, but I can see from the other reviews if your expected something different you'll surely be disappointed.

28/11/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
91. Betti M.
My husband booked us at Hotel Max for three nights through Hotels.com . Really enjoyed our stay there. The people who work there are very friendly and professional. The room was quite small but very nicely decorated. Plus we really liked the location.  It worked out great for us because we decided not to drive in Seattle and walked or used the bus.

We would definitely stay there again.

29/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
92. Clinton H.
The hotel appeared to need an extra person working the front desk, as the one person who was working was swamped.  The rooms are quite small, but the amenities weren't bad.  Nice selection of coffee and teas, as well as a large flatscreen TV and a computer desk.  The wifi worked fine.  There were not enough plug ins, which was quite irritating.  The bathroom, while iddy biddy, was actually kinda cute.  Most importantly, the bed was VERY comfortable and I slept soundly.  I also ate in the restaurant, and I thought it was quite good.

12/11/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
93. Andrew C.
Great hotel, good location and very friendly/helpful staff.

08/05/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
94. Anna d.
We had just returned from a weekend trip in Seattle and our stay at Hotel Max was very pleasant.
First and foremost, the hotel staff from the door man to the housekeeping attendants were extremely nice and helpful.  I specified during online booking that we will need a crib for our 7 month old but when we were checking in it became apparent that my special request did not go through.  Despite the last minute request a crib was delivered and set up just shortly after we entered our room.
Another quality that stood out was cleanliness.  The hotel was really tidy and kept very well.  It did not have the stuffiness that most hotels have.  I noticed that they even keep a huge window wide open at the end of the suite hallway during the day to keep the place well ventilated and fresh.
One  more plus is that their rates are more affordable compared to other boutique hotels in the same area.  
Oh and I can't forget to mention- their king beds are heavenly!!!!
I've never ever been so curious as to the type of mattress a hotel suite has before staying at Hotel Max.  As it turns out their mattresses are from Sealy Posturepedic-  I actually checked w/ the front desk.
If I have to pinpoint a negative then I would have to say that it's that everything in the hotel is in small scale.  The bathrooms are definitely a one person at a time deal and the rooms are not spacious.  It's not such a big deal if all you'll be really doing in your room is the basics and if you'll be out and about exploring for most of your stay anyhow.  It did not bother us so much - and our baby boy seemed to enjoy that we were all so cozy.

24/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
95. Tracy S.
Stayed here for a week on a business trip and it was pretty cool.

Fortunately, I arrived early enough that I was given a really nice corner room overlooking Pamela's Fine Foods. Mmmmm!

The bathroom was teeny and there wasn't any place there to safely store my toothbrush and toiletries. Fortunately, I was staying alone so I could just leave the bathroom door open and just reach over to the nearby table...but it wasn't very convenient.

My co-worker brought his wife to combine a vacation with our work schedule. They arrived later in the day than I did and had a room the size of a postage stamp :( I was almost embarrassed by how spacious my room was compared to theirs.

Interesting perk: an "intimacy kit" ($15) that includes condoms and lubricant. Just in case, I suppose! They also had, oddly enough, a vibrator. That just made me go !?!? It was taped shut, but you could see the tape lifting at the corner. Did someone use this thang and put it back?!?! Yucko!

Not sure I'd stay here if my company wasn't footing the bill. It was okay, but I wished the rooms were cool enough to live up to the expectations set by the lobby.

04/01/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
96. Casey J.
I stayed here on my very first trip to Seattle! Because I work at a sister hotel, I payed the employee price ($40 a night). I loved my experience. The hotel is lovely. Every door has a different piece of artwork, stylish & comfortable rooms, and ours had a great view of the space needle. I'll be back.

11/09/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
97. Beth F.
I'm torn about how to rate Hotel Max.  There are a few things that stand out as being great like the vibe, the cool lobby, some of the service and the artwork that is scattered throughout the lobby - and even the room.  As I write this from Rm 601, I'm looking at a painting that I'd love to take home with me.   Chris at the front desk was awesome.  He booked my car rental, got me a very late check out and seemed to care about making my stay easy.  I also really like the restaurant downstairs, Red Fin.  I had dinner there last night (see my yelp review!) and even stopped in today around 5:30 for a snack before going shopping.  They have an amazing happy hour menu.  For $6, I had four beautifully prepared pieces of sushi:  salmon, shrimp, albacore and tuna.  This place pays attention to how the food looks in a big way.  

I digress (can't help veering towards food!).....so back to the hotel....... On the negative side, the room was impossible to keep at a comfortable temperature.  It was either too hot or too cold, even after the nice girl at the front desk told me how to use the wierd heater that doubles as the air conditioner in the window.  The bathroom is horrible - not dirty or anything.  Just very small, no tub and the shower is a nightmare if you're afraid of the dark, claustrophobic and enjoy some semblance of water pressure.  The bed is okay.  Not the kind you that puts you into your happy place when away from home.   The hallways are extremely dark and in my opinion not at all welcoming.   The location is convenient to everything, but it is also on the finge of what seems to be an area that's a little bit sketchy.  

So would I stay here again?  I'm not 100% sure.  I noticed that another yelper got a rate of $105/night.  That would be worth it.  But I paid $169.  If I can get a good rate at the W, the Monaco (it happens!), The Westin or even the Ace Hotel (which is actually a very cool urban B&B type of place that is very affordable in the heart of Belltown) I might do that instead.  

BTW, if you decide to stay at the Hotel Max and happen to get room 601, be prepared to be kept awake by the elevator which is located on the other side of a pretty thin wall - the wall where your bed is - the wall that the headboard of your bed rests against.

10/04/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
98. Stephanie S.
The restaurant was the only good part of my experience with this hotel. The rooms are uncomfortably small- the shower feels like a dorm room shower. My room heater broke and it took a 4 day turn around for the hotel to fix. Which I also had to remind the front desk daily that it was still broken. With how much I paid I would expect way better customer service. I will not be returning to this hotel again!

29/05/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
99. Dan L.
Besides for Las Vegas, this is definitely the coolest hotel I have ever stayed in! I'm not really one for the modern look, I like the look of traditional New England, so a bed and breakfast style is more to my liking. With that being said this place was pretty frickin sweet. They had a modern artsy decor unlike anything I have ever seen before. My gf at the time showed up a bit early and although we weren't able to check in early they were very accommodating to let us leave our luggage in their back room and said they would call us as soon as the room was ready so we could go out and explore. About 45 they did just that, called to let us know our room was ready, so we decided to head back and check out our room.
We got our luggage and proceeded up stairs. Now this isn't a complaint just an observation. The elevators were extremely tiny. I mean 2 people and two suitcases got into the elevator with just a tiny bit of room to spare, so if you're claustrophobic keep that in mind.
We get off the elevator and damn, that hallways were insane!! The carpet was striped with vibrant colors, lots of artwork on the walls and each hotel door had a different picture on it. Which I thought was completely cool and something I have never seen before, nor would've thought of seeing!
As far as our room goes. I thought it was a very good size actually. One queen bed, with a desk, and two night stands, typical hotel furniture. It did have a lot of walking room though in the room. The bed was so, so cozy, no complaints there whatsoever. The bathroom was a little bit small though, with a stand up shower. Only enough room for one person to get ready to head out for the night. You can get over that, not a problem for me personally but it could be for other people.
Overall the room was great. Cozy bed, modern and up kept fixtures and an all around cool vibe to the place. The one down side was the view. You had a sweet view of the the back side of the surrounding buildings, and a roof top view of another, ha ha. I didn't mind though, heh. I would definitely stay here, I had great room, it was a great location, and just a good time. I just wish I liked Seattle a little bit more. But go there and check it out for yourself!!

23/12/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
100. Marion P.
My sister and a co-worker had recommened Hotel Max. Can't beat the price for the location. Wish I knew about the Yelp special before booking. Our corner room was on the 6th floor, facing the courthouse and back building. You can still hear the hum of traffic, and other guest doors opening and closing. Room was cold, and the heating system was noisy. Marble floor in the bathroom was especially cold, but excellent water pressure made up for it. Biggest highlight for me: comfy beds, Aveda products, and free WiFi. After all, isn't that all we really want in a hotel?

17/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
101. Kevin B.
This was on the company dime and I didn't make the reservation so it was a room. Trying very hard to be a hipster hangout but I'm far from being a hipster so their efforts were lost on me. Had one of the King rooms and yes, it was big in size but lacking in amenities. King bed was comfortable but the hum of the A/C next to the bed was distracting. No real closet, just a large wardrobe near the door. Bathroom was tiny and the towels old and cheap. Locations is pretty decent if you're going to hit the tourist places and the rail link is pretty close. Overall, I prefer the Grand Hyatt but like I said, it wasn't my choice and I wasn't paying.

15/08/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
102. leslie m.
I live in San Francisco and I'm used to small spaces - small closets, small bathrooms, small bedrooms. It's probably a good thing that I'm already used to small living quarters or else I probably would've been a little ticked. The rooms at Hotel Max were really small. I liked the modern fixtures, artwork and furniture. It's not exactly my style but it was definitely fun and funky. The staff was so-so in terms of friendliness and being service oriented. The hotel is in a great location. It's clean and that's always nice but I don't see myself staying at the Hotel Max for my next stay in Seattle. Check out the Alexis Hotel first which is adorable and has really great sized rooms.

14/09/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
103. Heather B.
Clean, funky-artsy, yes.  Not a grandma-floral print beadspread in sight!  However, for two tall adults & two little kids, it was a little small-- end of bed to desk was about 2 feet.  Also, we had a corner room which was very loud - rain dripping all night on the air conditioner in the window, street noise, etc.  Completely convenient to all things Seattle, though-- easy walk from airport light rail, to monorail, to Pikes Market.  It is great, but for two to stay.

20/08/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
104. Dyna S.
I give it  5 stars for customer service. The room, bathroom and the elevator(which can only hold two people) were PAINFULLY SMALL ...that I laughed because I couldn't believe my eyes. Yes, it is all retro and great location BUT to deal with the room that you can't move around in is just ridiculous, Its not cheap to stay there either. So to say would I stay there again..NO! Seattle has so much more to offer...

04/07/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
105. Jenny H.
I mean, we knew what we were getting into when we decided to stay here, what with the pillow and spirituality menus and "punches of tangerine orange and tomato red accents." The fact is Hotel Max seems to run cheaper than comparable hotels, and sometimes you could do with a punch of tangerine-orange and tomato-red accents. I'm happy to report the room was a nice size (9th floor, corner pocket) and the beds were totally heavenly in the fluffy-cloud kind of way, and there was Aveda in the bathroom, and the place totally delivered on the (super-contrived) black-and-hot-pink provocative vibe they're trying so hard to put out ("we put picture of naked bodies on our key cards!! I dare you not to blush!").


I'm not going to take stars off for it simply not being my cup of tea, but I am going to take stars off for less than warm and friendly service at the counter and $30 valet service (we originally pulled dude's jalopy into the valet area all Beverly-Hillbilly style (our truck kind of jumps and sputters while idle? Sometimes a chicken flies out from where Grandma's sitting in a rocking chair in the back?) until I had the good sense to inquire about the cost--am I horribly naive? Are they really going to charge us that much to have that guy drive our car around the corner to park it?). And DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED on the $6.00 bottles of water. Dear hotels in general, I feel I pay you enough money to be able to partake in a free glass of water. C'mon, Max. Don't play me like that.

25/02/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
106. Dan B.
i have stayed in several hotels in Seattle, and thought I would give Hotel Max a try.  We had a room that had two full beds.   The staff was nice and it has a nice artistic vibe.  The beds were very comfortable and had nice linens. The room was very small and had the smallest bathroom I have ever seen.  The toilet was just a few inches from the tub/wall (and the lid was broken).  The amoire was so close to the bed you couldn't fully open the door and the air conditioner/fan was stuck in the window.  So far, my favorite place to stay is the Pan Pacific, but is certainly pricey, I think Hotel Andra is the best value.

30/06/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
107. Brenna v.
Just stayed the night at the Hotel Max.  It was great!!! The service was friendly, the room small but fine for a night.  I felt very much like a rock star in their lobby. The bathroom of the King room was actually quite large for what I was expecting from other reviews.   Great products (Aveda) in the bathroom. In room coffee was not too shabby.  Got a Seattle newspaper in front of my door Sunday morning. The bed was super soft and squishy but firm, the sheets were a bit scratchy and could have been of better quality. The art concept of the hotel is fun and impressive.   There was a very nice television, internet access, ect.  

There were unpriced food stashed and I am not sure if it was included in the room but I assumed that it wasn't free.  There were also two bottles of water each worth a dollar in the grocery store for sale for 6 bucks!!! Frankly, I find this kind of stuff a little tacky in a high priced hotel.  I can understand a bar with booze that you have to pay money for but honestly, bottled water that should be included.  Food should be priced--not left to the imagination about what the charges will be.

I got the sleep-in stay until 2p.m. late check out package embarrassingly titled the Hubba-Hubba.  You get a bottle of AWFUL, AWFUL wine, some pretty good chocolates and some other fun little take-home souvenir items and "free" valet parking for the evening from check-in on up.  

I think that room 907 might have a little spirit activity inside as around 4 am I was wakened by a strong smell of cologne and the blankets on the edge felt cold and damp until around 6 am and I finally went back to sleep.  In the morning the smell had vanished and the blankets were warm and dry again.  Just a little weird if you ask me!

Overall I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this hotel!!!

03/08/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
108. I O.
I would recommend this place to friends. The rooms are small, so not a great place to stay if you want to hang out in the hotel room all day. But if you're in Seattle to be out and about and don't want to be too far from downtown, this is the place to be! Very cool, artsy decor. Most staff were helpful and friendly.

07/06/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
109. Maggie C.
Old hotel with a facelift...for what it is, boyfriend & I were fine with it, since we arrived in Seattle in time for a late dinner, and left early the following morning to get in as much sight-seeing as possible before our evening flight home.  The facelift was done pretty well, though didn't change the fact that the building is old, and the rooms & baths are tiny.  It was cheap, so we can't complain about that, but I'm not sure we'd stay here again, as it wasn't extremely convenient to get to the places we wanted to get to...

21/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
110. Alissa R.
I had one of the worst and most embarrassing experiences when I stayed at Hotel Max with a co-worker while in town for a trade show.  I chose the place because I found a great deal online, it was close to the convention center, and it seemed like the nicest place I could find for the $.  Now I will apologize ahead of time for the length of this review but I just can't leave any disgusting detail out.

So my co-worker is my age (20-something) and female and to save $ I reserved and double bed room.  Upon arriving to the hotel, we walk into the hotel lobby and smack dab in front of us is this ENORMOUS life-like portrait of a naked lady with a naked man lying in her lap.  To preface this, I am an art junky and can appreciate a nude portrait just like the next person but this one just seemed a little out of place and slightly inappropriate considering the circumstances.  To top it off, this wasn't the only nude portrait in the lobby.  My co-worker and I couldn't help but uncomfortably giggle when we first walked in.

Once we received our key and headed to our room we noticed that all the hotel doors have these eerie back and white photos of broken statues or mangled manikins that made me reminiscent of the Shining or the Twilight zone... just bizarre.  So we settle in our room and then head out for a bite to eat (the Pink Door which was a recommendation to us by the concierge... and will be another yelp review).

After dinner and a very long day we were ready to call it a night.  I immediately crawled in my bed while my co-worker went through her nightly beauty rituals.  When she finally started to pull back the covers to get her bed, she found a very long dark hair on her pillow... EEWWW!

**Disclaimer: If this alone makes you queezy, please don't read farther!!**

She then continued to pull back the sheets trying to convince herself that maybe A hair was not that bad and something that she could get over.  We then both screamed in horror to not find another hair but several other PUBIC looking hairs.  DISGUSTING!!!  To make matters worse there appeared to be an old stain on one of the sheets for God only know what!  We were both embarrassed and horrified beyond belief.  After calming down enough to call the front desk to notify them of the situation, they moved us to a large room and gave us a cheap bottle of merlot as some sort of consolation gift.  I had fully expected them to comp the room after such a horrific experience but that was not the case.  

I will NEVER stay at Hotel Max and I highley discourage anyone else from doing the same!!! EWWWWWW

20/04/08 | Link | Rating: 1.0
111. Stephy S.
Well slap me on the ass and call me a happy traveler. This place was awesome and while it was a bit more modern than i usually feel comfy in, I definitely enjoyed my time here this past weekend.

For starters, it's an uber and hip kinda space that doesn't leave a whole lot out as far as needs go. Need a body pillow? Check. Need someone to bring you a hair dryer in less than 3 minutes? Check. Need 1 of 10 different forms of spiritual reading before you go nighty night? Check. Need some funnel dusted sea scallops delivered to your room? Check. Need not one, but two bathroom areas in your room? Check. Yep, they pretty much thought of everything!

I actually stayed in one of their hotels in Portland and loved everything about it, minus the yellow pastel Easter egg choice of room color, but where that got the colors wrong, this location got it right with cool greys and punches of bright orange. Very cool. The only thing that was a little off was the size of the closet. Clearly a woman did not design this thing because it is maybe a foot deep and there is hardly any room for shoes. I mean, hello!!! ;)

Oh and the late night menu is not of the drunken late night junk food variety, which may be a pro to some and a con to others. If you love miso soup and baby green salads then you will be golden. I personally like chicken strips late at night, but that might explain the size of my ass as well, hehe. Sorry, I'm rambling. I would totally stay here again and had a blast! The staff is great, beds comfy and location grand.

20/02/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
112. Matt B.
Though they were a bit frazzled when we checked in (due to unfortunate multiple sick calls from customer service staff, and a server crash) we found the hotel to be similar to the other reviews on Yelp. A decent boutique hotel with some nice touches.

Trendy? Yes, but in a good way.

Small? Yes, but not so much that it mattered, I mean, you basically just sleep there right?

Well located? Ohhhh yes! An easy walk to a number of key scenic locations. Pikes  Market, the Space Needle, The Monorail, shops, etc.

The room was well cleaned daily, and the Hotel itself was decorated in a style that we enjoyed.

Only one negative thing really. If you're going to pay what they're charging for small-ish rooms in a boutique-esq hotel...don't cheap out on me and try to make money off me on the WiFi. Worse still if you're going to be cheap bastards and make money off me...you best be sure that you have FAST WiFi since you're charging me for it, you should be able to afford a decent internet connection.

The staff were polite and friendly.

06/09/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
113. Lolia S.
They took an older, small hotel (The Vance) and made it current, modern, and quirky, thanks to the infusion of the work of local and national artists.  The artwork can be found inside the rooms and outside too.  On our floor, the exit door was painted red and it had an eye chart on it.  It was cool to look down the hall and see that.

The location was also very convenient as we could walk to Pike Place Market or to the downtown shopping area in less than 15 minutes.  Of course there was a Starbucks across the street.  I applaud them for having a Gaycation and a tattoo package.  Before the renovation it was a budget hotel and the place had clearly seen better days.  Post-renovation, it's hip!

26/03/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
114. Chris N Ashley S.
I will first admit that I have fallen truly madly deeply in love with Seattle so my opinion is biased.  What's not to love about coffee, great music, and some of the nicest people you will ever meet?  Well, sleet and heroin I guess.  I digress.  The hotel is everything you see in the pictures and more because still images can't capture the friendliness of the staff and everyone's willingness to treat the tourist as if it's the first time each of them has heard, "Which way to Pike Place?"  Little things I loved:  not crowding the hell out of the mini-fridge with useless items so that I could put leftovers in it; offering Aveda products in the rooms; an on-site restaurant open early and late that offered vegan options; restaurant staff that paid attention to whether they were frying your beans in bacon grease, unbeknownst to you; the other patrons are quiet; the bed is soft; the location is great (I first tried to stay at Inn on the Market and am happy it was booked.  I'd not thought through staying near all that fish and the panhandling homeless).  Things to watch out for:  the bathroom is small -- shaving your legs might get difficult; the room creamer is milk (for God's sake, Starbucks is composting; you guys can't get soy milk up here?); you're downtown and it's noisy - get earplugs; the "You Got It" button that they tout on the phone doesn't really get you anything that isn't directly related to hotel services, Tylenol, for example; the bed is soft; not enough convenient outlets; if your room faces Stewart St., you'll be at eye level with Zum, the gym, and you'll peer out of your window endlessly second guessing that Jamaican jerk burger from Plum and hating yourself.  Happy travels!

18/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
115. E N.
Strike One: bath towel had large stains of two distinct origins noticeable as originally folded on the towel rack.

Strike Two: disfunctional bathroom sink - no counter space near bowl sink, sink stopper slightly raised even when closed so that contact lenses fall in the crack, narrow glass horizontal space perfect for accidentally knocking items into toilet.

Strike Three: when we arrived back at 2 a.m., the lobby crew informed us that they were waxing the entire floor and that it would only be 20 minutes. We looked incredulous so they 'allowed' us to play hop scotch and leap from an area of a rug onto another into the elevator. They informed us that after all, this was the only time of night they could wax the floor. Instead, a better time would be either before bars let out, or much later after bars let out, but not right as bars let out. Such a hip, withit joint should know better.

Tiny elevator, tiny room, although this may not be a problem if you are one of the many size-22-in-the-waist rocker dudes who populate this hotel (bowler hats with modest brims okay - probably shouldn't bring your lucky touring sombrero).

On the plus side, the bed was very, very comfortable. And the doorman offered us a cold bottle of water as we journeyed out each day, which is a nice gesture.  Plus it's located right next to two Starbucks - what other downtown Seattle hotel could say that?

11/08/08 | Link | Rating: 1.0
116. Linda J.
I wanted to stay at the Ace Hotel, but they were full.  This was a good alternative.

The price was right. The location was perfect. The staff was bend-over-backward helpful and friendly. The rooms were good-small, comfy and modern. Everything was so darkly colored in the room (lots of black and dark grey) that at one point I searched for ten minutes for a black item of clothing.  But I liked the color scheme.  

Yes, it's true about the thin walls, but thin walls and street noise don't bother me much.  The restaurant was eh for breakfast--they seemed overwhelmed that is was 1/3 full. Some of the art was really cool, and some was cheesy.

Overall, a good experience.

25/06/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
117. stephanie r.
Overall my stay at Hotel Max was just OK. I shared one room with 2 others and it was definately a tight sqeeze, with even less room in the small bathroom.

The local art and funky decor was definately unique, however it was a bit too dark for me, and in my opinion, was not worth the somewhat pricey room charge.

Also, the Concierge, while polite, were not very helpful, failing to tell me about the bus tunnel while providing directions to the airport.

09/09/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
118. Shane C.
Great hotel. Good location - I hate the elevator.

15/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
119. Gabby S.
I've stayed at the Westin and Sheraton and decided for my sister's visit to try a boutique hotel.

Yes, it's very trendy with all the original art and dark halls but since it's a reno of an old building, the space is limited. I could just turn around in the bathroom and there was no space to put my toiletries anywhere. The vent was pretty bad and the whole place steamed up quickly and the shower curtain and I got to know each other very well. I also checked 3 other rooms and was surprised to find that there were even SMALLER bathrooms. (The Westin hotel bathroom was 4 times bigger!)

If you're into FENG SHUI, please check the room before you check in. Some of the furniture placement is questionable. Yes, they are designers but I'm really aware of corners and doors opening and cutting into certain areas. I'm not a Feng Shui expert but I need to feel comfortable.

Our room was on the 2nd or 3rd floor but we could hear the late bar go-ers downstairs!  I think I recall that we had no curtains to cover the lofty windows but only tree branches from the outside. It is nice to wake up to swaying trees in the morning but at night, the bare branches do little to shed our eyes from the street lights.

So if you're not creeped out by spirits and the such, you don't need a pool and room service, by all means, this is a good bet. Just keep in mind that you're likely to pay a bit more for this boutique hotel minus the amenities than the larger chain hotels. I really don't like things hiding in dark corners when I'm sleeping.

01/03/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
120. Angela H.
Hotel Max is as all the other Yelpers described- on the one hand, it is a chic, trendy boutique hotel with an interesting art collection that certainly is an upgrade from the boring old pastel seacapes you generally see in other hotels.  The hotel is certainly geared towards adults- the first thing you see when you walk into the lobby is a painting of a nude woman.  On the other, the hotel has miniscule rooms where you feel shoe-horned in- the restroom is teensy tiny, the closet is a joke, and there is very little floor space.

4 stars for a hotel that is convenient to all downtown sights.  Pike Place Market is about a 5-10 minute walk away while the convention center is 4 blocks over.  Everything in the room is pretty clean- you just have to be creative about the space.  Love the eye charts on each floor!

25/06/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
121. Andrej A.
Place is a'ight.  I got a great deal on my room.  Tiny room.  Walls are kinda thin, as I was kept up hours past my bedtime due to the 'cardio' activities going on next door.  

Friendly staff, though.  They have a sushi bar next to the lobby as part of the hotel - I didn't get a chance to try it (thanks to Tom Douglas' restaurants), but hear around town that they're known to be one of the better sushi bars in town.

12/04/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
122. Minnie K.
Max Hotel is unique, has charm, a nice bar, very comfortable beds and the standard set of Aveda products. We stayed 1 night over NYE and there was a lively buzz throughout.

I've never had to call a hotel to ask for the square footage of a room so I assumed that the reviews around "small rooms" would be reasonable. Not so much, ours was the smallest I've stayed in within the U.S.  I'm guessing 220 square feet? The dark gray walls, ancient in-window AC/heater, and cereal box sized bathroom were not what I had in mind when I booked.  Compared to previous visits to Hotel Lucia in PDX or my stay at The Ambrose in LA I was bummed.

Sorry Max, I tried.

02/01/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
123. Ron G.
I was with a group that occupied 3 rooms for 3 nights. Each of us had something broken in our room - hair dryer, coffee machine, etc. - despite notifying hotel staff, none of our broken items got fixed over our 3-night stay. Hotel staff - one gentleman in particular - was generally unhelpful and rude. In one instance, staff failed to make a wake-up call that someone in my party had scheduled. When we told the desk staff about the incident, they did not apologize or follow up to see what had happened (or seem to even care, for that matter). Stay someplace else.

18/11/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
124. Colleen W.
I still have to give this hotel four stars for the incredibly affordable rates (the special I got was $99/night including parking!!) in a great location. The hotel is modern with all the amenities you need for a pleasant stay in the city. The rooms are small but it's no big deal if you don't plan on hanging out in your room all day.

My little complaints:
The valet service is pretty slow and there's not always someone there to get your car for you. Prepare for plenty of wait time.  

Both times I've stayed at this hotel with the "Nope" do-not-disturb sign on the door, I've been walked in on by housekeeping. Neat.

The bathroom felt like an airplane bathroom. The little sink and tiny ledge below the mirror crack me up. (On the plus side, it's clean and the Aveda products are a nice touch.)

25/03/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
125. Anna and Matt G.
We had the opportunity to say here again in July, and had a great stay.  The staff was extremely friendly and accommodating.  We got a nice corner room with great views of the city streets below.  Although there was road noise (which is to be expected in the city), we didn't have the noise of the A/C units this time which was good.

29/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
126. William A.
Nice beds, small bathrooms, small elevators, walls are a little thin, can hear people talking most of the night. Rooms are a fair size. I'd have to say this place is above average average but not somewhere u woo someone at. Lol

08/08/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
127. Rachel C.
Hands down the best and most rad hotel to stay at. Yes the rooms are a little small but I loved every minute of my stay there. I was there December 2006 with my two bffs. We had a two double room. Best part very artsy, and pillow menu. The staff was to die for Jen ( the person that wrote the first review on here) is the best anyone could ask for. She went out of her way to tell us the best bars to go to. As well as directed us to some great vintage shops up Capital hill.

Red fin is the restaurant on site and also had a great atmosphere. So full after leaving there.

All was good, next time I go to Seattle I will stay here!

29/01/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
128. William A.
3.5 stars. Your mileage based on your likes/dislikes, may vary.

The decor of the entry of this place is well done.
The room decor is pretty decent, although its my classic dislike of very old hotels....throw in a King size bed and you have to go outside to change your mind. Worked out fine, we weren't in the room much,
it was quiet and comfy. I am a slightly bigger fan, both overall, and location wise, of Ace Hotel, but this is likely more reliable. and quiet.

Staff was very helpful and friendly. (I think mean people are banned in Seattle and Portland.)

A solid choice, if you get a reasonable rate.

09/03/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
129. Elinor S.
I'm actually writing this from my hotel room.  I bought my ticket on Priceline.com based on reviews on the various cheap tickets sites.  Right away the staff was super nice.  Now, this place is swank by my standards, and I was kind of expecting to be a little snubbed, based on my looks and my hello kitty carry on (don't ask...), but I wasn't!  They took my bags, the "bell boy" had ear plugs and looked all punk, which made me feel comfortable, so I asked him about movie theaters and he was super helpful.

I got a king size room, which was unexpected, but not unwelcome!  The room is small, but it's clean and ... soft.  I don't know why, it just is.  

Also, I've been here about two days and have found plenty to amuse me without taking anymore public transit after the bus from the airport -- which, by the way, you can't beat the $1.75 bus fare for a quick ride into DT Seattle.  Take the 194 and walk about two blocks to the Hotel Max for a wonderful trip!

21/03/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
130. Dru C.
There's nothing like a large nude photo to hit you smack-dab in your grill the first time you walk into a hotel lobby. It obviously tells you that this isn't your typical, run-of-the-mill travel accomodation with snot-nosed toddlers running around crying and screaming, and that's a good thing.

My wife and I booked a short getaway trip to Seattle, and I decided to book Hotel Max mainly because of it's great central location and competitive rates. It's only minutes away from Pike Place and only a bit longer walk to Seattle Center. The rates on the web were attractive compared to others in the area, especially for a very comfortable king sized bed. We even got a nice welcome card, accompanied with some Chukar cherries and a bottle of wine. And it couldn't get any better than the view from our room -- the Seattle skyline with the Space Needle in the background.

Sure, the rooms are small. The LCD TV is utterly outdated and the stainless steel bathroom sink looks like it belongs at a dentistry. But with the chic and contemporary decor, b&w photography on the doors, friendly service, and of course that photo with the exposed boobies in the lobby, it definitely made our stay more memorable. Instead of wondering which beige hotel chain we stayed at, we'll definitely remember the colorful Hotel Max in Seattle.

27/10/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
131. Simon S.
Stayed here May 2011. It is an eclectic mix of boutique and business. The rooms are a good size with no wasted space. The interior decor, with its rock star imagery is awesome. If you want bland, bed factory style accommodations look elsewhere. If you are seeking something that has ambience and style stay here. Well placed for exploring all the sights of Seattle.

09/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
132. Charlie B.
The staff were great, the room and decor everywhere were super cool and hip. But....we didn't have hot water for 24 hours!!!! There were building issues, and the hotel wasn't getting hot water. Yuck! This was sort of OK the first night when I wanted to shower before going out for dinner and to meet friends, but not OK the next morning when you are hung over and drank too much and feel really gross. So, they apologized, set me up with a shower at a fitness center, and refunded one nights stay. I know it isn't their fault, they handled it well, but still just a bummer when you are on vacation...

23/04/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
133. Christopher K.
My company put me up in this posh little boutique hotel for a recent conference.  Hotel Max is sublimely decorated with an incredible array of amenities, including an entire menu of pillows (ranging from soft, firm, body, reading, neck etc) and an entire menu of religious reading materials (ranging from the bible, the koran, and even the book of scientology).

After checking in, my coworkers and I grabbed some dinner.  I returned to my room after dinner and my phone rang.  Here is the conversation about some of the other amenities:

Coworker: Do you have a TV in your room?
Me: Yeah... why?
Coworker: There's a cabinet underneath, right?
Me: Uh... Let me check.  Yup.
Coworker: And you see some wine glasses and a small bottle of wine.
Me: Um... sure.
Coworker: Does your room have a vibrator?
Me: Does it... a WHAT?!!
(I spot a small, elongated red box next to the "intimacy kit".)
Me: Yes.  Yes it does.

That's Hotel Max.  Remember the name.

edit: And for those who say, pics or it didn't happen:

16/09/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
134. Ghazal S.
You won't find any smooth jazz played in the lobby of Hotel Max. Instead, great artists such as Sunny Day Real Estate, Bon Iver and Death Cab for Cutie are played. The music is just one of the many things that sets Hotel Max apart from the rest of the hotels out there; it's all about their attention to detail. Each room offers original art work by local artists, a spirituality menu (a rather impressive one), a pillow menu (easily the most comfortable bed I've ever slept in), and a mini bar including vegan toothpaste and a sensuality kit.

The hospitality, genuine kindness and resourcefulness of their staff further sets them apart.  Even after we were checked out, the staff showed how thorough and professional they were by contacting us when our packages were picked up and shipped back home.  Everything about Hotel Max sets them above and beyond. They have a perfect location in downtown Seattle with great restaurants and shopping just two blocks away. Highly recommended but take note, wi-fi is not included!

06/04/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
135. megan s.
Stayed at Hotel Max again for my boyfriend's birthday, this time on a Saturday night. We were able to get early check in and stay the same room we stayed in the last time upon request. The hotel was again very quiet which I was pleastly surprised by as it was a Monday night the last time I stayed. The valet was very helpful when we lost his wallet among the black hole between the seats of the car! We were able to walk to the Moore Theatre, Buenos Aires Grill, and Pike Place in less than 10 minutes time. Had a great time. I am looking forward to staying at Hotel Max's sister hotel in Tacoma very soon!

11/12/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
136. Suzanne M.
This hotel was so much more than I expected it would be.

Like many others, we got a deal (from hotels.com ) for $99 per night, free wi-fi and free parking. I knew I chose the right hotel for us when we saw how unique it was from the other hotels in that area. The modern design of the lobby, hallways, and rooms, really makes you appreciate the small touches they put into the building.

I second the comment that the bed was AMAZING. It was so comfortable, with really nice, soft linens.

I thought that the room was a nice size, and perfect for us as we just wanted a nice, comfortable place to sleep and relax. But maybe if you came to Seattle on a business trip or something and were only planning on staying in your room the whole time, it might not suit your needs.

As somebody who had never visited Seattle before, and didn't know anything about the area, I would say that the hotel is in the perfect location. It was within walking distance to everything that we wanted to see. 10 minutes to the needle/Seattle center. 5-10 minutes to Pike Place. 1 minute to downtown. Right near a ton of bus lines.

I'm deducting a point from this review because the staff seemed to be more attentive to the older people, and families that were staying there, and seemed to brush us off because we were 20-somethings.

12/07/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
137. London F.
Really wanted to give this place a 5 before I even checked-in.  I was so excited by looking at the photos and friendliness of the staff.  

Pros: Fabulous decor, NO kids, comfortable beds, nice view, fairly close to Pike Market.  Also...can't forget the helpful staff.  

Cons: SMALL bathroom.  The layout is quite odd.  Its long but narrow.  There is no counter space to put out bathroom toiletries and I had to "live out of my suitcase" instead of feeling a little more "at home."  The shower curtain is a solid dark gray as opposed to the ones with the clear top portion like at The Westin or Seattle Renaissance Hotel.  Consequently, I had awkwardly dark showers.  

Lack of closet space.  Very tiny closet with ironing board which is taking up the already little space in there.  Not enough space for our luggage in the room or the closet.  I was traveling with a girlfriend of mine so we had two large suit cases and one carry on.  I had no where to put my carry on and her bag just barely fit next to the closet.  We had two queen beds and I felt like we were in one king, that's how little space are between the beds.  There is a foot between the window and the other bed so it was just sad :(  Also, since we booked on priceline we weren't offered free wifi.  But no way would I pay the going rate to stay here.  Last but not least, the elevators are so tiny we felt like sardines going up with 3 people, 2 suitcases and 1 carry on.  

Also...hotel parking is $30 a day. :/

Ultimately I was disappointed.  But I really wanted to love this hotel so much more.  Id stay again if I was traveling solo but not to share such a small space and def not at the advertised rate.  I suggest the Seattle Renaissance which was extremely spacious, clean and modern.

05/04/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
138. Nora B.
Great customer service and a decent location make this a 3 for me. The decor is modern with lots of artwork which I thought would be cool. In person most the furniture seems ikea in the lobby and the elevators are soo tiny. The king room was very small as was the bathroom, providing very little counter space. Because of the modern appeal and good customer service I gave this a 3, but I wouldnt pay more then the $159. Priceline price I paid.

28/01/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
139. Julie H.
This place was awesome!  My sisters and I were in Seattle over the weekend for a little fun and had the privilege of staying in this hotel.  Ya, I said privilege!  The bed was the most comfortable hotel bed I have ever slept in and I have stayed in hotels that were easily four times what I paid for the room in this hotel.  We were able to get a package that included parking and a room for a steal!!!  The valet's were great, always prompt with the car...we never had to wait more than 5 minutes, tops.  The location of this hotel is really perfect.  Seattle is a very walkable city anyway, but the Max puts you right in the middle of the action.  

Two words, Pillow Menu.....YES!  Hard to get a good nights sleep without the correct pillow.  This is def. a nice bonus!  

The last thing that I want to say is how really friendly, knowledgeable and helpful the staff was at this hotel.  They were great about giving directions and recommendations.  

I think that I have found my hotel for all future stays in beautiful Seattle!

28/05/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
140. Jessica H.
I'm a HUGE fan of Hotel Max!  When I was managing and booking rock bands and had to put up some out-of-town bands, I loved to send them here!

04/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
141. JonandVal H.
Just checked in to Hotel Max!  Yelp reviews right on... Super modern sexy, but reeeeaaaaalllly small.  Loving it though!

30/08/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
142. Benjamin J.
Great place for a downtown efficiency. Smaller sized rooms and bathroom/shower, but clean and modern-ish. Service has been great and business center serves it's function. Attached to a decent sushi restaurant, RedFin. Great location and a short walk to the Pike Market. Free internet and valet parking when we booked through Orbitz. Room also has mini-fridge and closet.

Great place to relax and crash.

20/02/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
143. Christine T.
Glam Slam on the Seattle to-do list.

The cuteness quotient is high here, with service polished and professional. I can't wait to return and enjoy all the "other" stuff in the neighborhood. Walked everywhere and enjoyed a spectacularly sunny day-very lucky indeed.

19/07/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
144. Nish N.
Thanks to Yelp, I ended up staying at Hotel Max last week. While there is no bar (I'm a hotel bar connesiour!), the risque artwork and very friendly staff had me a believer from the get-go.

Rooms are boutique-sized, but for $159 a night I had a very comfortable king size bed, bathroom with full bath, and a nifty plasma tv. While wireless access was about $12 a night, it was still a good deal, and in a perfectly central location to the many places I wanted to be near.

I would definitely stay here on a return visit!

29/01/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
145. Jessica G.
I had a great experience in this hotel. I stayed for 4 nights and there was no problems at all. This hotel is a whole lot of style for not that much money. Like the W without the attitude. I loved that the hotel had personality, had character and that you knew you were in seattle when you woke up. the desk staff was friendly enough and offered plenty of suggestions for dining options. the business center conveniently had a printer that allowed me to print my boarding pass a day before my flight. pillow menu, mattress and fluffy towels felt luxurious.

the very best thing about hotel max in the location. close to EVERYTHING. seriously, it was so easy to get to and from the airport. to walk to all the places to see and to take the bus to wherever you want to go.

minus one star for having to pay for internet, for not having a cool roof area to hang at and for their heater system that will dry out your mucus membranes as you sleep.

regardless, i would stay here again and definitely recommend it to my friends.

26/03/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
146. Todd W.
Hip and with it, this hotel was an overall pleasure to stay at. It's close to the conference center, which was good for me, a great deli right across the street (can't remember the name), and good service, they even have a mix CD waiting for you in your room and the radio tuned to the uber wonderful KEXP.
  The restaurant downstairs, Red fin, was acceptable as well, the sushi was okay and their prices for room service were reasonable.
  The only downsides were the showers weren't super user-friendly, and the rooms were wicked cramped. I mean, these rooms were so small I felt like I was staying in a matchbox. Ugh.
  All-in-all, a great cheap place to stay when you're in town for a conference, or meetings. But be prepared to feel like your room is giving you a big-fat hug.

23/07/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
147. Diana P.
This is the best deal in downtown Seattle!

$99/night for a Queen-sized room with free wi-fi and free valet parking.

Who needs a HUGE bathroom and room when you're going to be spending the day exploring the beautiful city?  
Hotel Max is a great location and 2 blocks away from the flagship Nordstrom's (SOLD!).

15/05/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
148. Kat O.
Let's get the "bad" first: Bathrooms are terribly TINY. Like REALLY tiny, terrible terrible terrrrrrrible. You can't get two people in the bathroom comfortably.
Loved everything else, I wish the hallways were miles long so i could just look at all of the pictures on the doors.
Room's were perfect size, not too small, because I only use a hotel room for sleep.
Red Fin was *tasty*, but every single person on the staff gave off this clueless "what am I doing here" interaction. It was bizarre.
Thanks for the sweet $99 deal, genious, including valet parking. I was freaked out I would have to pay for parking. And the Valet guys were SUPER rad.

28/04/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
149. Michael R.
Hate to sound negative and critical but the stay I had and subsequent contact with the general manager regarding my stay is highly unsatisfactory.

1. No parking is offered, had to use a pay lot across the street which was half the price of their valet service.

2. Room was unclean, found crumpled papers on the floor around the bed. Makes me wonder if housekeeping even cleaned the room after the previous guest!

3. The best was extremely uncomfortable. Complained to front desk and was told that most people prefer an ultra soft mattress. Later learned from the GM that they had a number of defective mattresses including the one in my room.

4. Bathrooms are poorly designed, could not use the toilet without having to sit or stand at odd angles due to the sink being in the way.

5. Shower .... some new kind of ultra compact, space age body cleaning device that you wear? I am not a big person and had trouble turning and moving around inside the stall.

6. No stairway to the lobby so had to always wait for the painfully slow elevator (paint dries faster than these lifts move!!)

7. Follow up by the GM after filling out the customer survey and comment form. He responded very quickly to my complaints and made an offer but after 30 days with no further response or sign of anything being sent to me in the mail pertaining to his offer makes me doubtful of their commitment to providing quality customer service or the desire for repeat business.

Oh and just so that you know ... everything is an extra charge ... surprised they did not charge for the toilet paper or towels!!

Also as Denice R. noted room descriptions do not accurately match what they have on their web site so be warned that you are likely to get a much smaller (claustrophobic is more like it) room than what you see online.

Overall not impressed with the hotel especially for the prices they charged ... but then again I am sure they acquired and redeveloped the property at the height of local real estate market and (over)paid top price.


Thank you for the update Jim.

14/04/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
150. Vanessa M.
My friend and I stayed here for Labor day weekend, we had never been to Seattle before and we couldn't have been happier with this Hotel. It was swanky and hip and fun. We had reserved a 2 bed room and they had overbooked so to accommodate we took the one bed and they gave us a $20 voucher for RED Fin (see my not so good review on them). Well we realized since they must be overbooked for the weekend ..we said we would keep the 1 bed for the entire weekend if we got 2 T-shirts and they had no problem with that..so we got to stay at this super funky hotel, and received souvenirs to boot. Other than the staff  and the contemporary rooms the location couldn't have been better! We were able to walk EVERYWHERE! Best pick for first timers.. no doubt!

09/09/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
151. Greg H.
Great joint: small but tastefully decorated rooms, easy access to everything. Bigger people take note -- the showers are tiny. Otherwise, outstanding staff, great bartenders in the sushi joint in the hotel (tasty rolls, too). I'll stay here again.

14/10/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
152. Tony H.
4.5 stars!

Great experience, awesome service! We stayed here the last night of our trip in Seattle and it definitely made it even more special.

I wanted to make the trip special, so I called in and spoke with an employee on any romantic packages they have (ie flowers, wine, chocolate). They told me they have an exotic package with handcuffs and all that good stuff. Hmm interesting but not what I was looking for. Sooo the lady went the extra mile and called up flower places herself and got chocolate and wine ordered for us.

We checked in and although the room wasnt ready, it was worth waiting for! Rose petals scattered on the bed and  floor and wine and chocolate as promised. It wasnt anything extraordinary but the thought made my day.. and hopefully hers too.The chocolate was tasty btw. Talk about going the extra mile. Kudos to Hotel Max.

The only thing I can say bad about this place was that the rooms were really small and the bathroom was nothing special. Oh yeah and the pictures in the hallways were kinda creepy. But thats all good cuz they gave us a complementary $20 voucher for their sushi restaurant downstairs which was super delicious.

23/07/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
153. Jacob G.
I got this deal from the Hotel Max website: $99/night with free parking and WiFi. Awesome deal since the WiFi cost would have been huge thanks to looking for stuff on Yelp and my girlfriend and my Twitter obsessions.

The room wasn't very big but it didn't matter much. The bed was really comfortable but the bathroom was tiny. But, hey, it had a marble floor.

The valets were a bit slow in getting the car- I'd call the front desk up for our car, wait 10 minutes, then try to find the valet to get them the car. But, really, it wasn't too much of a problem.

I thought the "pillow menu" was a nice touch though I didn't take them up on their offer. The picture on the front door of our room was great for letting me know where my room was (it was a lawn flamingo on ours).

The location was great- right downtown, close to the mall that has the monorail. I had to laugh about seeing 4 Starbucks within three blocks, but that's expected. But that has noting to do with the hotel, so...

in all, Hotel Max, with the sweet deal they're offering, is totally worth the dough. YES.

29/05/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
154. Martin P.
I've stayed at the Hotel Max on a few different occasions and have always been pleased with the value for the money. I've never paid more than $130 a night and on more than one occasion have received complimentary Internet AND valet parking included in the rate. These are rates available through direct booking, not a special Priceline or Hotwire bargain. Pretty hard to beat for a downtown Seattle hotel!

The property itself straddles the line between 3.5 and 4 stars. It's well-appointed and tastefully decorated, including original art in all the rooms. It's housed in a historic building so the rooms aren't cookie cutter (a good thing), but tend to be on the small side. They typically give you an option of selecting a specific floor plan at check in, however, so if you're picky, you should ask. The other drawback of the old building is slow and very small elevators, which are shared with the hotel's staff. For me, not a big deal and worth the trade-off for the added charm of the building.

Service in young and hip without trying too hard. Very welcoming and friendly, not affected or snobby like you might find at the W. Overall, I think of it as a 4-star hotel minus the grand lobby and some of the more polished amenities of a more modern building. A great option if you don't mind stepping off the corporate hotel track.

13/05/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
155. Brad S.
We just got back from the Fourth of July weekend in Seattle and Hotel Max was a big part in making it the best weekend we've had in a LONG time!

The plusses --

1) Location, location, location.  It just doesn't get any better.  We could easily walk to everything we really wanted to do, and when we couldn't, public transportation (not to mention the Seattle Center monorail!) was just steps away.  

2) The beds.  So freaking comfortable.  The best beds I've ever experienced in a hotel.

3) The Max is the antithesis of the big cheesy, mausoleum-like national chain hotel.  It's really cozy and really cool.

4) The staff:  Extraordinarily friendly and helpful.  We were worried we were going to get the worst room since we booked a deal on Hotwire.  All we had to do was ask for a room on a high floor on the north side (best Space Needle views) and we got a top-floor corner room with a great view.

5)  The restaurant:  Red Fin has EXCELLENT sushi rolls and the bartender is incredibly easy on the eyes.  ;-)

So I can't say enough good things about Hotel Max.  The weekend couldn't have been any better.  Now, with all that said, the Max may not be for everyone (what is, really?).  We took the airporter in from Sea-Tac and noticed all of the tour groups of generously-sized Midwestern tourists getting off at the Sheraton and other similar hotels.  I don't think most of them would "get" the Max.  Most couldn't move around the rooms (the scale of the rooms reminded me of New York hotels, which I actually liked!), they wouldn't appreciate the art or the vibe, and most probably wouldn't know a sushi roll from a Tootsie roll.  My point is, if you like different, sophisticated, urbane, cozy, etc., you'll love the Max!

06/07/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
156. Valentina V.
I have a soft spot for alternative art spaces.  Galleries and museums are great, but a whole generation of emerging-artists have relied on these nontraditional spaces to build their careers.  So when I got to see that Hotel Max is, in substance, a huge alternative space that features Northwestern artists and photographers, I was in bliss!

We attended a very nicely put Happy Hour (courtesy for Hotel Max's Twitter followers) at their restaurant, The Red Fin.  We were warmly welcomed by their staff--Scott "The Top Dog-GM", Carolina "Hot Piece of Max - Sales" and Jen "Captain of making it happen" all what their very original, black and white business cards say.  They all invited us to enjoy a delicious selection of sushi and Japanese inspired hors d'oeuvres while sipping specialty drinks.

The Dude is not fond of raw fish, so I got to have his share of rolls.  These were very flavorful, and some had interesting combinations--one had a piece of chile, maybe jalapeño--that made them fun to eat.  They also offered us small finger food like the delightful Takoyaki (crispy octopus fritters with Wasabi mayo and tonkatsu sauce), and the Shiitake Dumplings (with San Bi Su), which were creamy and pulpy, delicate like a caress but to your tongue.

We were indulged with an extra hour of HH drink specials. I had a Cherry Limeade that was very refreshing, perfect for my mood that day.  The Dude settled for a Hercules Double IPA, which he enjoyed very much.  After this great experience, we decided are going back to the Red Fin.  It was definitely a topnotch Japanese dining experience.

Part of this gathering included a tour to the hotel rooms, conducted by Jen--iPhone in hand to tweet on real time--who festively twirled around explaining us every single detail, and answering questions.  I liked that she always showed how proud she is to be working for this fine establishment.  

It almost felt like a informal but swell museum guided tour.  The doors of each room feature a black and white photograph, and the room number sign next to it had the name of the featured photographer (one per floor) and the piece's title.  Every single image I got to see was fantastic.  

We went to several floors, being the 6th floor the center of most of our attention.  We found ourselves surrounded by rock stars and musicians there.  This is the floor where some of Charles Peterson's iconic photos are.  For those who'd like to know who Peterson is, he is a Seattle-based artist, notorious for his early 90s black and white photographs of Sub Pop bands.

The rooms are on the small size, but are comfortable and sleek. Original artwork rest on the deep-gray colored walls.  White and orange linens and accessories complete the interesting color palette.  The rooms are also equipped with recycle bins, and Aveda bath products.  

If you're ever a guest at the Hotel Max, you'll find out that there are pillow and spiritual menus on your nightstand. Want a full body pillow? You got it! Want to read the main book of your spiritual choice? They have it. And THE best part is that they have a book that compiles all the photographic work displayed in the hotel!

At the end, I found that I had a small list of favorites from Hotel Max. First of all, the room radios are preset on KEXP.  They are serious when it comes to showcase what makes Seattle a great city.  My second favorite were the views from the rooms.  It's Downtown Seattle and it looked spectacular from those windows.  My last--but never least--fave thing was their sensational service.  Everyone in the hotel and the restaurant were welcoming and always ready to take care of you.

I'd say, thought, that this is a hotel targeted to a late 20s to 40s' audience. We'll send out-of-town guests in their direction.  And who knows, we might make Hotel Max our special place for a weekend away without going out of Seattle.

¡Cinco estrellas!

25/03/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
157. Lynn M.
I stayed at Hotel Max once back before it was Hotel Max. I remember that the rooms were small, but it was quaint & cute.

Well now that it's Hotel Max, there is only one word to describe this hotel... Sexy.

From the dark color scheme with bright pops of color, to the black and white photos, to the comfy beds and intimacy kit, this hotel is about setting the right mood.

There are some downsides...

1. The size of the room

The room was small, there wasn't enough room for all of our clothes. We stayed there for 4 nights, so we didn't have that much with us.

The bathroom was tiny, but was really well designed so it was surprisingly functional.

I will say that I mentioned how small the room was to the staff and they offered to move us, but I really just wish they had given us a decent size room first.

2. The price of valet parking

They don't post the price anywhere and after looking online I was expecting it to be in the $22 range. It ended up being $30 per night. There is also no where to park around the hotel that is convenient, so valet was the easiest option, unfortunately. Their Foursquare special helped a little bit and made it easier to swallow.

3. Staff is mixed on customer service

I will say some of the staff was wonderful and really cared about making my stay awesome. Some couldn't care less and then some were 50/50 on it.

Though this hotel is "cool," I wish some of the staff didn't get caught up in that.

So, overall, the hotel is nice, but make sure you ask for one of the larger rooms up front. I probably wouldn't come back to Hotel Max unless I was only staying a night or two, an extended trip here is not advised.

26/12/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
158. Andy P.
A very nice alternative to the Ace Hotel. Central location for downtown activities. Excellent lobby space. Good staff. Rooms and bathrooms are pretty small... but not bad. My rate of $104/night was good value for the money. Appreciate the free wifi and reasonable valet parking fee. I'd come here again.

10/02/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
159. Samantha O.
My boyfriend and I, like many other people, decided to head to Seattle for Memorial Day weekend. We were also a pair of many who took advantage of the $99 a night special with free valet parking and wifi. And I'm glad for the free parking because otherwise, whoa! It's $30 a night.

The staff were friendly and helpful. However, we didn't ask for too much direction from then on attractions to see or restaurants to try after being directed to a national chain restaurant when we asked where could get some good late-night food nearby. We consulted Yelp and the free weeklies after that! But they were helpful in providing maps and giving walking directions to a few things.

The location was pretty stellar. While it's I guess technically located in Belltown, we were pretty close to the central Downtown area, as well as Queen Anne and Capitol Hill. The boyfriend and I tried to walk to as many places as we could to avoid the hassle of looking for street parking or a parking garage, but we did take the car out a few times and I personally found the valet to be a bit slow at times, but what you gonna do? Just be conscious of the fact that you need to call 10 minutes ahead of when you want to leave and prepare to wait for another 5-10 after that 10 is up!

As far as the room, I didn't feel like ours was too small, as other people seem to feel. I came expecting it to be a bit on the smaller side, knowing the Hotel Max is in an older building that's been remodeled to be modern and lovely. And well, it was modern and lovely. And bigger than I had expected, too. We had a corner room, so maybe that's why. I got a peek into another room that looked a wee bit smaller that was adjacent.

We had a giant bed with luxurious pillows (and the pillow menu, which I did not take advantage of, but might next time because the pillows were a bit on the soft side for me). There was a desk and an LCD TV, plus lots of windows and natural light. Though, upside/downside to the windows; hello world if you're changing/naked and forget to uh, lower the shades, as well as brightness from the city lights at night. We were only on the 2nd floor, so we also got a bit of noise from the restaurant below which also sucked, but turning the radio on helped to cancel out the street noise. Yes, the bathroom was on the small side, but living in small apartments for the last 3 years I'm used it it. In fact, I think the bathroom in the room was bigger than the one I have in my residence currently! We had a shelf above the sink in our room too, so no lack of space their either.

Also, those elevators! Definitely small. They were like clown car elevators. Except you couldn't fit like 12 clowns in there, you could fit maybe 4 people if you didn't have any bags with you. That kind of sucked.

But overall, I'm feeling pretty positive on Hotel Max. It was an affordable, plush, chic, boutique hotel with a rock and roll edge and an eclectic vibe. I'm not done with exploring Seattle just yet, and I would definitely stay here again.

27/05/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
160. Andrew P.
Five nights at Hotel Max so I got the full show. While valet is $30 per night, the lot across the street is $24 and you can't leave--you'd have to repay. So, I quickly got over my cheapness and gave into the $30 (or $150 in my case). The staff has been great all around. The man that checked me in gave me free Wi-Fi since I was staying five nights--A great gesture!

The elevator is tiny so I got friendly with other tourists--some of which I didn't mind!

The rooms aren't THAT tiny nor are the bathrooms. I'm 6'3" and never felt cramped--except that elevator packed with 2-3 people!

Good location: between the flagship REI and the flagship Starbucks. A LOT of walking to help avoid the annoying Seattle parking fees and stickers.

All in all, I'd love to stay there again.

13/03/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
161. Audrey L.
Hotel Max is conveniently located in downtown Seattle, close or walking distance to most attractions.  Space Needle is only about 15 minutes a walk away and Pikes Place is about 8 to 10 minutes.  The staff are very freindly and accommdates any requests that was made.  Since the building is old, I did find that the hotel rooms were on the small side.  The bathrooms were tiny and the showers do not give much elbow room.  However,  the decor was hip & trendy, staff was kind & friendly, the rooms were small yet chic, I really enjoyed my stay.

18/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
162. Heather W.
Hotel Max was my home for 4 nights during memorial weekend.  I really thank them for helping to make my trip enjoyable and pleasant.

Service - 5 stars.  The staff is incredibly friendly and hospitable.  Always greeted us coming in and out, always opened the door, and was there for any questions we had.  The girl at the desk remembered my last name every time I came over after the initial check in.  I found that really impressive.

Location - 5 stars.  You really can't do better.  Right in the heart of downtown where everything cool is in walking distance - Pike's Place, the Westlake mall (and monorail), main bus stop is right around the corner, starbucks around the corner (though in Seattle the saying there is one on every corner is literally true!!)...oh and you can see the space needle clearly from the street outside.  Thanks to the location and pretty efficient bus system in Seattle we were able to enjoy everything there was to offer without getting a rental car.

Room - 3 stars.  I gotta say, it would be difficult to put a spin on our room situation and call it "cozy."  HELLO small.  Our bags had no where to go without being tripped over.  I had to put the radio under the end table so I could put my toiletries on it (the bathroom only has a bowl sink and no where to put anything).  I didn't dig that the shower was external from the bathroom....I'm sure 1/2 of Seattle has now seen me naked. You exit the shower, and if your windows are open you better not be shy because you are instantly in full view.  You also better be comfortable with the person you are staying with for that reason because it's a bit of a pain to towel up and migrate into the tiny bathroom.  Though I'm guessing a room that includes an intimacy kit for purchase would assume that. We had the "Queen of Art" room btw.  I got a peek into a King room and it did look much more spacial so it might be worth it to pay the extra $20 or whatever if you are claustrophobic like me.  I'm not sure what the solution would be for the space issue but some sort of space saver bathroom shelves or something would be nice to allow you to store more than your toothbrush on the ity bity sink top.  I ended up having to put my makeup on next to the bed in order to have a mirror and a tabletop next to each other.

Comfort & atmosphere: 4 stars.  Once you get over the initial shock of how small the room is, you get used to it and find a way to feel at home. The bed was really comfortable and I slept like a bebe.  I was surprised that with our room facing the street it was actually really quiet.  We had peaceful nights the entire time.  Of course the hotel is known for it's artistic vibe and it definitely has that.  I loved the outside doors of all the rooms, the dark neutral paint inside, the naked mannequin door keys...I mean 'unique' really only scrapes the surface in describing the look & feel.

Price:  3.5 stars.  The regular price room is a tad ridiculous IMO...esp. for the queen room like we had which was the size of a cruise ship cabin.  You can't beat the location and I get that.  The staff is professional and everything is chic.  But do try to hit it up during a promotion.  We got the $99 a night special for all but one night and that included free wifi and valet parking.  Oh and chocolate truffles...that was the most important inclusion of course.

And drum roll please...my math skills tell me my score card ave comes out to 4.1 stars.  So that is what I will give.  See?  Don't you see the tiny sliver I added on the 5th star?  You don't?  Hmm you might want to see the optometrist about that.

So do I recommend Hotel Max?  Absolutely.  But get a promo because $160 for a shoe box is not ideal.

26/05/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
163. Margaret T.
I really cannot think of a single complaint for this hotel.  So first we arrive and there's mandatory valet but then when we check in, I guess the deal we booked came with complimentary valet parking.  Sweet!  The gentleman at the front desk was the friendliest guy ever and offered to suggest places to explore and eat in the area.  The room was tight and the bathroom was soo small but not enough to deduct a star.  As I've read, this hotel just oozes sex and with that mirror above the headboard, I can see why.  I actually woke up to our neighbors getting it on one morning.  Unpleasant for sure.  Anyway, there's a convenient mini-fridge with drinks (not free of course) and a drawer with snacks and an intimacy pack haha.  You even get menu options for the type of pillow you want and religious reading preferences.  

I found it pretty cool that the people at the front desk were also the valets who were also the bellboys, etc.  It was a fair rotation.  Valet guys were nice, quick and always racing to open the door for you.  Highly recommend this hotel because of the cleanliness, friendly staff, and excellent location.

06/06/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
164. Katie L.
Hotel Max is gorgeous. In a world of cookie-cutter chains it was a refreshing treat to spend a night at a place that incorporates art and design. Beautiful art throughout, pink cupcakes in the lobby, great views of downtown. The staff was extraordinarily friendly and helpful. A perfect place for someone from out of town to get a feel of Seattle!

17/12/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
165. Roll N.
1. great location
2. decor was pretty sweet
3. bed was super-soft

1. size of bathroom

It's hard to give Hotel Max a 4* considering the small bathroom and this is by far the smallest hotel bathroom I've seen. The rooms are cozy, but there's enough space for a short stay.

The location is great for tourists and the staff was very friendly. Its just a short walk from the Westlake station so save the cab $ and take the SoundTransit rail!

17/12/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
166. Erin May D.
I stayed at the Hotel Max last week on a whirlwind of a surprise weekend. Found out we were going to Seattle Thursday morning, and by Thursday night I was safe and sound and incredibly comfortable in my 12th floor queen bed.

The lobby is so cool, complete with artwork throughout the property and a definite change of pace from more "We'll leave the light on for you" type of hotels.

The staff was incredibly helpful in checking us in, helping us figure out parking, and even accommodating for some surprises to be placed in our room in advance. They heard from a little birdy that I like bluegrass- and sure enough, it was playing on the radio when made it upstairs.

Overall, I had a great stay and loved all the small touches- the pillow menu, the huge bed, the cool door artwork and the amazing food next door. I'd definitely recommend staying here- I know I will again!

21/02/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
167. Hannah E.
I read some bad reviews- especially about the size of the room and the bathrooms.
I cannot compare to many urban hotels. Most places I stay are at the Coast or Abroad. Totally different vibe.

This trip we stayed at the Hotel Vintage and this Hotel Max.
i really liked both. If I had to choose one over the other I would choose the hotel Max.
For these reasons it was better:
-the bed was more comfy and plush.
- the room was funky and fun, something different.
- the water pressure was good (hard to find)
- the heat/ac was easy to use and worked well
- good location.

The bed was super plush and comfy. We got the queen, it was large enough (but we are both small.) A king would be better (of course)
The pillow menu is kind of cool, I appreciated the "reading" pillow for neck support.

The vibe here is fun, different, and I really dug the doors/halls/ elevators, etc. The lobby was neat as well.
I like the hotel vintage, but it is just another hotel, with a bit of a vintage vibe. Hotel Max was Fresh.

The service was great!! Everyone was attentive, helpful, and down to earth at the same time. Didn't feel fake!

The location is great!
It was a bit noisy throughout the night below us, don't know what the hell they were doing. But I guess I expect that being in downtown.

Moderate for Seattle prices, 169 for a queen regular room.

Parking, of COURSE is a pain. and Valet is expensive (same as everywhere)....

25/03/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
168. James S.
I always stay at Max when I am in Seattle unless they are booked up.  My download on this joint:
- Location:  Perfect (for me) - close to public transportation, walking distance to tons of places to eat, shop and the water.  
- Rooms: Modern, clean, comfy beds.  I always book a room that includes WiFi or something 'cuz I don't remember paying for it.  The rooms aren't huge but I've stayed in plenty of smaller rooms in NYC, SF and Europe.
- Arrival/Departure:  Easy, always book online and checkout is a snap.  Front desk staff is helpful.  
- Fitness Room:  Nope, would be nice but if you want to work out bring your running shoes or buy a day pass at one of the nearby gyms.
- Dining:  Japanese/Sushi joint next to lobby is solid, good local beers on tap.  Many more places in walking distance.

Summary:  Sick of chain hotels?  This place has a lot of character and is in a great location for exploring downtown.  A great value.

11/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
169. emily r.
I heart this hotel. It's an historic building, so the space is uber tight, but man they've done good work with it.

It's visually stunning. Sexy, lots of red and black, and amazing black&white portraits blown-up to cover the room doors on every floor. It's a very gritty aesthetic - I personally find it f'en HOT. Rooms are sexy and efficient. You will find a vibrator called the "mini max" available for purchase in your room. Yay! And the front desk has a Hubba Hubba kit with all sorts of delights including pink fur-lined handcuffs. Zoiks!

There's also a pillow menu, a spiritual menu, a great restaurant downstairs, and occasional rock stars milling about the lobby. I saw Megadeth sitting on the couches and about peed my pants. Dave Mustaine? Are you kidding me? I was suddenly snapped back to my 8th grade Headbanger's Ball watching, stone-washed Levi wearing, Aqua Net supporting self. His hair is AWESOME in person, in case you're wondering.

I've referred many friends to this hotel and they've always been psyched. But, the rooms are rather tight, so if you require tons of space, look elsewhere.  

Location to downtown attractions A+.

24/09/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
170. Renee B.
Hotel Max was a very cute boutique hotel conveniently located in downtown Seattle. I'm rating this hotel probably higher than I should be because it was more like a 3 1/2. But I'm upping the rating because I can't accurately review this seeing as I stayed in that room for maybe less than 6 hours total.

It was a nice stay for what I paid for. I got a great deal from Jen, their "Captain of Makin' It Happen," through Twitter (thanks, Jen!) and was able to get a double bed room for at least $30 less than what it should've been. The room wasn't terribly small, but the bathroom...that was a hell of a lot smaller than I thought it'd be. Whoever made the plans for those bathrooms should've put some extra space between the toilet and the shower/tub. I felt like there was only a few inches of space between the toilet bowl and the shower and that made it awkward to get in and out of there. They should've just made a plain shower stall instead of a shower/tub if they wanted to maximize the space. That's my only gripe about the room.

The front desk was nice and very accommodating in letting me and my friend check in early. And I love that they reached out to me via Twitter- if more hotels could do that and offer me better deals than what I usually find on Kayak, I'd gladly book that way more often. I hope I can stay here again next time I find myself in Seattle.

09/03/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
171. Heather R.
Rooms are great...cross between Hard Rock and W hotel.  Nice rooms...love the unique and surprising mini bar.

Would definitely stay any time I am in Seatlle.

20/09/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
172. Tessa M.
There were some things I did not like about the hotel, but the good things outweigh the bad.


The rooms were quite small, BUT that didn't actually matter, since I was in SEATTLE and spending time in the room was NOT on the agenda. It was perfect for what I needed.

Anything extra was expensive. A candy bar was like $3, etc. But again, I never use those things, so it wasn't so bad.

The elevator was small. With luggage, only two people can squeeze in there, so that was a little annoying.

I didn't actually like the staff (other than the cleaning staff) at all. They directed us to some fancy expensive place when we asked where we could grab a small, quick burger. We shared with them that we got engaged on our trip, and they basically ignored it and told us our bill. They didn't give a very friendly vibe. I didn't care too much, because we were out and about every day.


LOCATION! We walked EVERYWHERE in the city. Smack in the middle, a few blocks from Pike Place, a few blocks from the monorail, steps from five Starbucks, a few blocks from awesome shopping and dining. Couldn't pick a better spot.

The look/feel. It's so sexy! Dark colors, reds, blacks and grays, I felt so chic! The bedspread, the bathroom paint, the art from local artists on the walls, I loved the entire feel. The track lighting in the hallway highlighting the REALLY unique feature of blown up photographs as the doors. I just really dug the feel that they had created so effectively.

The shower. It had it's own room, so I could shower without my fiance stepping in the use the bathroom or whatever.

The bed was SO comfortable, I passed out each night. The pillow menu is not something I used, but I thought it was a neat feature.

Overall, I had a good experience. Like I said, the cons weren't actually that bad for me and my stay, since I wouldn't have noticed much if they changed anyway. Check it out for yourself though, it seems like this place is hit or miss.

08/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
173. Amanda D.
I would give it 3.5 stars if I could - it was a nice clean hotel, but just a bit pricey for what you get.

-  Great central location in Seattle in walking distance of major tourist areas
-  Nice clean rooms with hip decor and unique art on the walls and doors
-  Friendly staff
-  Restaurant downstairs provides easy breakfast options if you are in a hurry

-  In a nutshell, its over priced for what you get.  Rooms are small, bathrooms are minuscule (I'm barely over 5 feet tall and I felt cramped in the shower), and honestly outside of the hipster vibe there's really nothing special about the hotel.  Its fairly standard across the board.

I'd stay there again, but I'd never pay full price.

12/10/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
174. robin b.
I thought I would love this place but I just liked it. It was comfy enough. The linens are super nice and I loved the pillows. The location was very convenient, the staff helpful. But I don't know- it just didn't wow me. It's really dark. The art schtick has resulted in a dark dark color scheme. It was hard to wake up in the morning. So if you're in town to do the whole nighttime party down thing or are a vampire this is the perfect place!

Still better than a big chain in my book but not my favorite boutique hotel.

01/06/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
175. Brice B.
Damn. I traveled here alone. That's too bad.

Every review I've seen on this place uses the word sexy. I'll go one further: this place is downright sexual. Deep reds, lovely views, naked stuff on the card keys? Yup... sexual.

Sadly, I arrived (and stayed, thank you) by myself. Even though I had no one to share the experience with, I still loved it. The staff was super helpful, the room was well apportioned, and the guests were all a helluva lot better looking than me.

The Yelp consensus on this place is right. Hotel Max is built for humans of small and mid-size. If you're of the larger persuasion, you should avoid this place at all costs. The space between the sink/tub/toilet is minimal. If you're sporting a little extra girth, this place would be a little slice of hell. Consider yourself warned.  

I will definitely be back.  Next time, I'll try to bring my wife.  I think she's the only part that was missing.

21/02/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
176. Sharon M.
I have read many reviews and I have to tell you how much I love the Max.  We have been staying here since it was the Vance.  First, the guys behind the counter were super friendly / joking. And, I was able to check in a little early / stayed in my favorite room / and everything was so clean.  The beds are very comfortable and the pillow menu is great!  On the way out I got some really good advice on a little place for breakfast nearby and found it with no problem.  It was one of the best meals I've had in the morning.  I will stay here again.

26/12/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
177. Grace T.
oh, hotel max...had you been a little less pricey i would've given you a 4-star, but a-okay is where your rating will have to be...

given the price on the rooms for the couple days that bf and i was there and the square footage and overall amentiies, it didn't quite seem balanced.  don't get me wrong, the room was overall adequately sufficient for our purposes and it was in a good location to get to and from all the stuff we wanted to see in seattle without requiring a cab fare (mostly) or rental car...but still, something was a little lacking about the room overall.

the bathrooms were very small and only had a shower, bathroom hardware was of the modern and minimal style so the toilet looked like the kind you find in a bus terminal...

the bedroom features were good though -- comfortable bed, good linens, and a standard flat screen TV...

all in all, i'd probably stay here again, but only if they lowered their rates/room a tad...

25/01/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
178. Mike G.
All the reviews of this place are saying it all! It is a Hip and sexy place to stay in Seattle. The staff is very friendly and helpful. This place is NOT for bigger people as some will not even fit in the tiny elevators! Most of the rooms are small but quite cool inside!

The location is great and they have specials all the time for some great rates! The restaurant and bar has great food and drinks with a really good happy hour...

18/04/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
179. CeeLo L.
I have to say that I really enjoyed my stay here.  Yeah, the rooms and bathrooms are small, but I'm used to cramped apartment living so it didn't bother me so much.  The hotel's style is so sexy--I loved the cool lit lobby area and all the nice photography on our room's floor.  And a major plus, our room had a beautiful view of the space needle.  

The location was pretty central, which made walking around and catching buses/metros super easy.  And the fitness room was spotless, as well as superbly stocked with clean towels.  Definitely booking this spot again when the A's play the Mariners ;)

10/03/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
180. Ally S.
This hotel has so many great and bad elements that I worry my review will be slightly bipolar.  Here goes:

The good:
- The pillow menu: SO cute! Pillows can really make or break a hotel experience, so I liked this little touch.
- The customer service: The front desk agents were so helpful and willing to go out of their way.
- The decor: I love a cool little boutique hotel, and the art in the rooms as well as in the hallways was really interesting.

The bad/ugly:
- As with any boutique hotels, there are good rooms, and less than good rooms.  There were a few of us staying in this hotel, so I feel that I got to see the best and the worst.  Some of the rooms had great views of the Space Needle, but mine unfortunately had a view of the back alley, and into other rooms.  Some of the rooms had full bathrooms with lots of counter space, but my bathroom was split between two closets.  One had the tub/shower, and the other had a toilet and a little bowl of a sink.  Zero counter space.  However, my room did have a elongated desk where I could get ready in the morning, but some rooms had little to no work space.
- The internet was a little touch and go.  Sometimes it would connect very easily to a very fast connection, and sometimes it wouldn't work at all.  
- The walls are thin.  If you have a loud neighbour, you will definitely hear them.
- The AC unit is sticking out the window and very ugly.  This is just a personal preference.

Would I stay here again? Sure, but I would probably request a room with a better bathroom and a better view.

15/05/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
181. Kurt K.
Cool looking modern boutique hotel.  That's about all the good I can describe. Very small rooms with he shower literally in a closet!  Queen bed was more like a full.  Tiny elevators that held maybe 4 people.  Very slow too.  Window shades didn't do a good job blocking out light.  Bed was soft and uncomfortable.  Pillows were actually good, but didn't matter if you were uncomfortable in bed.   For the Groupon deal, it turned out okay if you just need a place to crash after partying. But, I would not recommend for a comfortable place.

19/02/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
182. Jason C.
Hotel Max was the first boutique hotel I've ever stayed in. I never knew what a boutique hotel really was until I stayed here so here's my take on the whole concept while specifically using Hotel Max as my example.

My first impression can be summed up in one word: unique. The lobby and hallways were on the darker side, which made me feel like I was in a modern, trendy lounge. All I needed was a cosmo to seal the deal. The artwork was really cool and gave the hotel great character. Each door to every guest room had some piece of black and white artwork printed on it.  You can tell that the hotel was just a renovated old hotel just by the size of the elevator; it was tiny and could barely fit more than two people.

The rooms were small. I stayed in the "Queen of Art" room (ie. a room with a queen size bed) and it was much smaller than the average hotel room one would find at the Holiday Inn/Marriott, etc. When I first walked into my room it smelled very dingy and old. We had to air out the room for about an hour. One very negative aspect about my room was the bathroom! It was tiny! The shower stall BARELY fit two (in shape) people! Trust me...I speak from experience, hehe. You basically have to crawl over the toilet to get into the stall. The sink was awkward and there's hardly any counterspace to put a single toothbrush. Not to be mean or rude, but the hotel (in general)  would not do well for overweight people. I'm just being honest.

Moving away from the bathroom, the bed was decent and comfy enough for me. And yes, there is a dildo that you can buy for 10 bucks (batteries are extra). The gym was great. It had two ellipticals, two treadmills, a yoga ball, two mats, and free weights. The eillipticals and treadmills also had individual TVs. It was all very basic but all in working condition. Staying on the positive side, the location is perfect! It's a few blocks from all the cool shops and from Pike's Market. You can hop on the monorail, which is a couple blocks away, and take it directly to the space needle. No need for a car. Although there is a ZipCar directly across the street from the hotel if one has the urge to zip around the city.

Overall, my guy and I had a decent stay. I personally would not stay here again, but I wouldn't necesarily tell people not to check it out. Hotel Max is definitely unique and has a great concept. I just wish the room/bathroom was bigger.

19/11/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
183. Rich J.
Clean but small rooms, good location.

18/04/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
184. Karla F.
I would rate my experience at the Hotel Max 4.5 stars (where's my half??). I really enjoyed the vibe and the decor of the hotel. As many have said, it definitely screams "SEX!" at you, but in a good way.

My reasoning for giving 4.5 stars is 2.5 fold:

1) Had to circle the block to pull up to valet because there were too many cars stacked, waiting (apparently we came at a bad time. According to the very nice front desk attendant, the city of Seattle decided to take the far right lane and turn it into a bus lane during certain hours. That being said, makes valet parking hard for the hotel during the morning and at rush hour)

2) Lack of central heat/air con (window unit)

2.5) Thin walls (or just noisy neighbors who like to talk loudly on the phone at 6pm and then return drunk off of their asses at 3am)

Our room was one of the corner rooms on the top floor which was the 10th floor (thanks Jen!). Love love love LOVE the decor and the overall palette. I like how each door is a different black and white photo. Very cool. Of course the key cards were uber cool as well.

I was a little disappointed to see the in window heating unit mostly b/c it blocked my view and its a tad noisy. It is however, very efficient at getting your room warm! Luxurious king sized bed with great linens. Loved the pillow menu! For fun, I had ordered the reading pillow and an extra firm pillow. It did however, take about 30 minutes for the pillows to arrive. I slept very well that night until the 3am drunken beezy situation. Either they shut up or I passed out afterward, who knows. Didn't call the front desk to complain.

I stumbled upon the Hotel Max via Twitter and I have to say that they have an excellent social media presence and treat their social media guests quite well. Free wifi and free valet parking were thrown in to our killer room rate. The downtown location for that price is pretty hard to beat!

OH! And since we were checking in on a Friday, there was complementary chair massage going on in the lobby. I had a wonderful 10 minute chair massage by Carissa of Clear Awakening. So if you're there on a Friday, make sure you sit in her chair!

I would definitely stay here again!

04/03/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
185. Shane C.
I travel to Seattle a lot for business.  The rates everywhere else get pretty high in the summer so I usually stay at the Hotel Max in June-August because it's (1) in a great location, (2) kind of trendy, and (3) affordable.
The hotel vibe is Seattle chic with a slight grunge vibe in the hallways.  Grunge as in black and white photos of the local music scene, etc.  This place uses the Kimpton Hotels model (although this is not Kimpton) of taking an old building and revamping it with a cool lobby and good restaurant.

Service is ok... not great, but not awful.  Front desk attendants smile at you and perform their jobs, but they don't necessarily act like they are very happy to be at work.  Usually only one valet, so if more than one guest needs their car, you might be waiting for a while.  Great sushi in the restaurant downstairs, but the restaurant has pretty sporadic hours.  For example, they are open for breakfast (yes, the sushi place serves a regular breakfast)  and they have a sign in the lobby that says breakfast service starts at 7AM.  I walked up to the restaurant at 7:15AM one morning and the lights were out and the chairs were stacked on the tables.  Guess someone didn't come to work that morning.  

Altogether, the Hotel Max is a good value in downtown Seattle.  You can feel stylish without breaking the bank.

23/06/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
186. Diana F.
This place is a lot of fluff and hype. I stayed here labor day weekend with my boyfriend after 3 nights in bed and breakfasts in and around Vancouver. Not only was the room outrageously expensive (3x the cost of the bed and breakfasts we stayed in), but it was a teeny tiny room with some of the worst design choices I have ever seen and noisy thanks the the window mounted AC unit, the only source of air in the room.

While the staff was kind, and gave us a reduction on the room, it still just wasn't worth money.

01/05/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
187. Dean H.
Hotel Max Seattle wants to be Times Square W but at best it is a very, very ugly stepsister.  The service is extremely nice and attentive - HUGE shoutout to the manager that gave us a free upgrade - but I have a very hard time believing this place is 3.5 stars, which is the koolaid that priceline appears to have drunk.

Here are the good parts:
(1) good location
(2) super nice staff
(3) free gumballs in the lobby (oddly, I enjoyed this)
(4) free internet

These are eclipsed by the much longer list of bad parts, which is non-exhaustive by the way:
(1) tiny rooms - avoid this place if you have kids like we do
(2) undying need to be hip - I really hate this vibe
(3) odd room layout - admittedly sort of tied to point (1) but i still cannot fathom how the plumber was actually able to install the toilet in our room as it was crammed in what amounts to no more than an oversized knook.  was he the actual gumby or just some weird victim of the occult with double joints all over his body?!?!?
(4) expensive valet parking - i had seriously sticker shock when I forked out the $36 for one day of parking - i should have just paid the parking ticket(s) or gotten towed and paid for my car to get my car out of impoundment
(5) window unit heat and a/c unit - one word: tacky
(6) tiny elevators - my wife and I are thin and we have a 2 year old and we somehow had trouble all getting on the elevator with our luggage.

All in all, even though I got a killer deal on priceline I still feel like I got hosed on this deal, which says a lot about the supposedly three and a half star Hotel Max.

30/12/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
188. Sara G.
Hotel Max has what it takes to be a 4-star hotel in my book: great location, pleasant service, fun sense of style, affordable, and just "fancy" enough without being stuffy. That might not be everyone's cup of tea, but for a fun weekend in Seattle, it's done me right time and again.

I've always been able to find some sort of deal that included free wireless & parking for around $120, which is a hell of a bargain for a boutique hotel. You can tell the building is a little older but they've renovated it well, with plenty of pizzazz.

The location is best described as the downtown-edge of Belltown- I like it because you're within 10 minutes' walk from most of the downtown neighborhoods, including Pioneer Square, Pike Place, Belltown (of course) and not much further up to Capitol Hill. And the Space Needle, if you want to go there for some crazy reason.

The one downside is that some of the rooms are quite small, and the shower is even tinier. Even considering that, I'd still recommend Hotel Max to all but my chubbiest of friends.

22/04/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
189. Chris A.
Rooms are tiny as is the bathroom (no place to put anything).  The elevator was ridiculously small, barely fit 4 people without luggage.

The bed was comfortable and the pillows were great.

Anytime you stay in a downtown hotel remember the potential for noise from the street.  We were awakened at 3 in the morning by sirens.  

I wouldn't stay there again!

06/07/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
190. Kristen G.
I was going to Seattle for a quick weekend trip and did a bit of research on the available options in downtown Seattle. Hotel Max stood out as a chic boutique hotel. The price wasn't too bad for the upscale rating, and the accommodations turned out to be very nice. I had read from other reviews that the rooms were small, which they were. But unless you plan on spending a great deal of time in your hotel, then it's not a deal breaker. The concierge actually upgraded me to a large corner room with a king upon check-in which was a nice surprise. The art throughout the hotel is local and gives the hotel a great vibe. The front desk staff is very helpful and will quickly send up anything you call and request. One of my favorite things was the pillow menu. Lots of great options to rest your head on. Hotel Max is 3 blocks away from Pike's Market and about 6 blocks from the Space Needle. Great location. Only reason that I didn't give it 5 stars is the price compared to the size of the room. Seems a little steep for that. But otherwise a great place. Also keep in mind that there isn't central heat & air. My room had a window unit which kept my room nice & toasty in the frigid air of January. However that could be a deal breaker for some, so just a heads up. Enjoy Seattle!

23/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
191. Alaina W.
gorgeous decor.

love the artwork in the hallways.

teeeeeeeny bathrooms. (though nicely decorated, too.)

comfy bed and great location.

i'd return if i needed another mini vacation.

11/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
192. M H.
We're Seattle locals and enjoyed our stay at Hotel Max - an opportunity to stay downtown with close access to everything in the downtown area.  We appreciate the fact that Hotel Max supports local non-profits such as Canine Companions for Independence, an organization that trains and provides service dogs.  Hotel Max donated a night's stay to their  auction and we were the fortunate bidders.  The staff were friendly and attentive.  We were surprised and appreciative of the generous offering of champagne given we were celebrating our anniversary.  My husband enjoyed playing the records on the record player and the NW music photos on the 5th floor were brilliant.  The only unfortunate element of the stay was the noise from construction at the building next door prior to 8am in the morning, but that's not something the hotel would have control over.  We'll be sure to recommend Hotel Max to our family/friends who come to town next.

23/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
193. Stephanie W.
Keep moving folks...nothing to see here at Hotel Max. Just a lot of NOISE!!

Yes, we got a great deal through Priceline ($70 before taxes) but we were not happy with the experience.

- Chic, cool art
- Super comfortable bed
- Nice linens
- They gave us a bigger room after we asked for a king bed

- The NOISE!! Paper thin walls, could hear everything our neighbors were doing/saying, starting with their alarm at 6:30a.
- The queen size room is tiny
- Miniature elevator, not in a cute way
- Lame stair case with out lobby access
- Housekeeping did not put any shampoo in the bathroom (small things count!)
- Don't forget your toothpaste, they wanted to charge us $15 for a tube!

I complained to the front desk about the thin walls and noise and they could care less, very disappointing.

I wouldn't recommend this hotel.

18/01/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
194. Danielle C.
The price was a bit outlandish. $300 a night for a tiny room. The hotel was very nice and clean. It was very close to all tourist attractions in downtown Seattle which was perfect for our trip. There was not free wifi in the hotel. There is a very hipster feel to this hotel and some odd art on the room doors. Just not my type.

09/09/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
195. Laura H.
I had the pleasure of staying here one night last week.  We drove up from Portland and navigated our way through Seattle to find the hotel.  I loved driving up to the hotel and seeing the large bright sign.  

I loved the lobby! The front desk staff was extremely friendly and helpful.  We did not know the area well and they recommended a few great restaurants to us.  

I loved the decor in the hallways.  The walls were dark and highlighted beautiful art.  The rooms were great too! I almost did not want to leave the hotel because my bed was so comfortable! They had a great pillow menu to make sure you were comfortable.

If you're going to Seattle- stay here! The hotel is romantic and elegant.

22/02/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
196. Keri B.
Just stayed one night there for the cool atmosphere and a romantic get away. Ended up having paper thin walls and hearing neighbors laughing (of all things that should be happening in a room) until 4am.  Phones in the room were very confusing to use to notify staff of disturbance. On top of that our bed was very middle pounded and totally needed to be flipped. Rooms are very small and especially the bathroom.

Once morning came and time to check out the staff didn't even ask me how my stay was. I had to tell them how bad it was. They comped our over night parking fee but that was 50% off from the Travelocity deal anyway. LAME.

02/03/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
197. Jeff P.
Great value.  Yes, the rooms are NYC-size, but who wants to stay in your room?  The bed is very, very cozy and the pillows...awesome!  Aveda soap/shampoo.  Great sushi next door.  Attentive staff in the lobby.
$12 for internet.

14/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
198. Angela K.
I would give Hotel Max 3.5 stars, if I could. This hotel is a perfect choice for someone on a budget who wants to stay downtown in Seattle. But the tiny bathroom is no joke. I have never been in a bathroom so small. I literally had to laugh trying to shave my legs in the shower, because there was absolutely no room for that, and I am not a big person. I ended up shaving them over the sink, because that was easier. However, if that minor inconvenience doesn't bother you, it is otherwise a great place to stay.

25/09/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
199. Julie R.
Trendy and very artsy boutique hotel close to everything downtown and well worth the price.  Parking was a little pricey (but less than a similar hotel in San Francisco) in my opinion $30 for overnight w/ in-out privileges.

I love the creative flare that they put into it's design elements; everything from the lounge to the hotel doors to the uber sleek catalog reviewing all of the local designers/artists whose work is displayed throughout the space.  

The BEST part of my stay was the ultra premium and deluxe bedding.  The room was listed as a queen size bed but it was a super king and it was heaven!

Downfall: The shower/bath was made for petite women who are under 5-4" tall and seriously not claustrophobic.

Go! Go! Go! If you come to Seattle and be sure to eat next door at the Red Fin. You won't be disappointed.

15/07/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
200. Cyrielle W.
First of all, hotels in DT Seattle are way over priced... Who can spend $300 in a hotel room for 1 night? Right?
I was looking for an hotel room for my husband's B'day and I found it! I shopped for 10 days (online) before making a reservation comparing packages and offers. Hotel Max is what i was looking for. The staff was super nice and helpful. The room (Artist King) was clean, chic, modern and under $140. When doing the reservation I did ask for a corner room (apparently bigger). The receptionist also talked to me about their package : Eat, Sleep and Be Parked, which was the same price as our room but with an additional $20 voucher for a yummy American breakfast at Red fin (their Restaurant/Bar)! Birthday boy was very please by the surprise, he even got a complimentary B'day card  :-)

23/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
201. Carina S.
It was a really nice hotel with a very friendly staff.  The themed floors were pretty cool too.  Only thing is that the rooms are small.  Like "hey, here's your bed..."  and that's pretty much the room.  There's the typical dresser and TV but the room had very little wiggle room.  The elevator is small too.  So if you have a big group with lots of bags you probably couldn't all fit.  But having said that, the experience was great, the location was great, the staff was friendly and attentive and the rooms were clean.  Overall a good experience!!

15/09/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
202. K C.
I wanted to love this hotel. I loved the decor. The service is wonderful and friendly. The location can't be beat, walking distance to Pikes Place, Capitol Hill, and other Seattle sights. Free wi-fi with my package too. But the kicker?

On the second day of my stay, I opened the bathroom door to use the toilet and I was greeted by two small yellow drops on the toilet seat. EW!! Those drops were not there the first night, which meant that housekeeping had used my toilet (with the seat down) and didn't bother to clean it. YUCK.

Other things I did not love:
- Super thin walls. The room next door was watching Sex & the City 2 (which, for the record, is the worst movie EVER), and I could hear ever single line
- Tiny bathroom. Like, Hong Kong tiny. I dropped the soap while taking a shower and stood there for 5 minutes trying to figure out how I could manuever myself to pick it up without touching the shower curtain.

- Location
- Gym
- Wi-fi (albiet, quite slow)
- Friendly staff
- Sushi bar with happy hour right next door

This isn't a bad hotel, but stay at your own risk.

20/05/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
203. Lisa V.
Well, well, well...
if it isn't totally apparent why review sites like Yelp are important after reading the 40-some-odd inconsistent reviews for Hotel Max, then I don't know what is!

So let me start by saying that we stayed here for only one night as our flight out of SEA-TAC was early the next morning. I chose a place that might afford us some last minute sight-seeing, but actually we had been staying in North Bend, WA (see my review on the Roaring River B&B) for most of the trip.

Hotel Max is:
*A little small-ish (I'm pretty petite, but still had to "squeeze" into the bathroom around the oddly placed sink). The room was pretty tiny, although bed was comfy.
*A little fun (neat idea/concept with the local art & photography represented everywhere you go)
*A little pricey (about 100 bones more per/night than a good B&B...+ no other option than to valet your car for 30+bones!)

The location was good/central to all the goings-on of the city. Also, it is next door to the Red Fin restaurant.  Service seemed sufficiently pretentious.

Hotel Max is definitely not my first choice, but they're a'ight.

28/07/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
204. Cedric C.
Overall 3-5

If your staying in the downtown area and need a place to crash after a long day out and about or a long night out on the town then sure it's a better place than Motel 6.  It's location is great right in the middle of downtown but so are a lot of other hotels and with downtown being so walkable you can kind of stay anywhere and be close to things.  Don't expect to showoff to anyone this place is a like a motel 6 dressed in knock off Louis Vuittons .  For the price if your trying to chic it up you might as well spend a bit more and stay at the newer hotels.  Oh and the walls are thin yes.

Room 3-5
First off the room is small!  Don't get confused with marketing terms such as chic and stylish.  There is nothing chic or stylish about stuffing a king size bed in a tiny room.  Big plus the window installed ac / heater unit really cools or heats the room well and fast.

Bathroom 3-5
Again small specifically the stand up shower.  Take your hands place them in prayer position in front of you...oh wait you can't? what's that you feel bumping your elbows...oh right that's the narrow shower walls!

View 3-5

Had a view of the parking lot across the street so not much to look at

Room service 5-5

Friendly and attentive.  They have "green" options available as well so that's always a plus.  They have a pillow menu for hard or soft pillows but I think if they got rid of some of the pillows and put that money into a better tv that might help

TV 2-5

Flat screen yes, but it might possibly be the first flat screen ever made.  Quality was no were near dvd or hd when watching cable.  Don't even think about ordering a movie your better off watching youtube on your computer

Ambience 3-5

They definitely tried to "mtv crib" it out.  The lobby is small which speaks volumes of the place in general.  No real place to hang out in the lobby but some interesting art.  Step into the elevator (hopefully you didn't bring alot of luggage) again small.  Every hotel door has an interesting picture covering the door.  Color scheme is very black and red.

27/08/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
205. JL B.
If you want to be seen in a trendy well located hotel, stay up all night, be freezing cold and take a shower in a closet, by all means, stay here.  

Apparently, this hotel has NO CENTRAL HEATING, each room has huge, & very noisy "in the window" heaters.  I stayed in a solo room, knowing it would be small, but was not prepared to take a shower in a closet, or sit on the toilet and have the door hit my knees.  The bed was half collapsed and 2 inches from the window, I could feel the wind coming into the room, the heating system was SO LOUD I didn't sleep all night and when I turned it off I was shivering/freeeeeezing cold.  I have never experienced this kind of discomfort in a hotel.  And, they want $9.95 for wifi- really?  Premium rates and no free wifi, shame on you.  I was going to spend 2 nights here, I checked out the next morning at 8am and checked into the 6th Ave Motel only one block away, (nice warm large rooms, free wifi and a bathtub!!)  These are such basic needs when staying at a hotel, the art & trendy decor doesn't make up for.

I appreciated the Managers offer to assist me on my next stay in 2 weeks, but I can not risk a bad nights sleep again.   It's not worth it, so sorry to say, I will not stay here again.

28/02/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
206. Mike R.
Trendy hotel.  Great location--near the market and the convention center.  Friendly service and I will return next time I'm in Seattle.  

Two minor issues.  The 2 elevators are a bit small.  They fit about 4 people.  I only had to wait a a couple of times, but it was a bit challenging when we were all trying to get to our room with our luggage.  

The other issue is the in-room air conditioner.  I shared a bed near the window, and even with the unit off, a cold draft entered through the window frame.  I used multiple blankets and that took care of it, but it was still kind of annoying.  

All in all, a great hotel and in spite of my two complaints, I will return.

07/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
207. Gemini M.
The basics: Classy hipster feel, ultra friendly boutique hotel close to everything.

The decor is fantastic, dark and warm with bright reds and oranges to pop against the mostly black walls. Black and white photos are everywhere - including the lobby, bathrooms, and the door to your room - and represent a wide variety of themes: eclectic, abstract, romantic, bygone-era-class and glamour, and more.

We made our reservation using a group rate (read: no experience with the place, but it was recommended and we received a 50% discount off the normal rate). The website looked cool and it seemed to fit our needs and wants (trendy, centralized, affordable). "Thank you, Miss Musing... your confirmation number is..."

I landed before my friend so I decided to go straight to the hotel and check us in. I took the train from the airport (a wonderfully scenic ride; highly recommended) and arrived at a station only a few minutes walk to the hotel. Perfect.

The check-in process was fast, easy, and the staff are fabulous. They were engaging, had their own personalities (none of that monotone-hotel-desk-lack-of-sparkle found at so many places) and, I found, a bit of a quick wit. I probably spent half my time at the desk just laughing and talking. The bell staff were both efficient and gentle with my bags, just as engaging and personable as the desk staff, and delivered me and my trappings to the room with a smile.

The room was small but ultimately comfortable and cozy, having the same dark decor, color pop theme as the rest of the hotel. Two queen beds (someone else said full? They were fairly sizable; I think they were queen) with a large bedside table and plenty of space between them. In fact, there was quite a lot of open floor space. The beds were placed on the outside of the room as much as possible: one just under a window and one as close as possible without hindering the doors to a freestanding wardrobe.

A good size desk space with an Aeron-style office chair and all the appropriate accouterments, full size dresser (wherein the mini bar is tucked away) topped by a large, flat screen TV, and an ottoman/bench (additional seating, if necessary) filled out the space.

The bathroom was extremely tiny, but workable. I am tall, generally speaking, at about 5'9". My friend is 6'4" in his stocking feet. Imagine a bathroom that, including the small tub/shower, is maybe - maybe - 36 square feet? Very well appointed, but very, very small.

Whether we needed cabs, our rental car from the valet, directions, or a recommendation on food or drink, the staff was always on point and ready to be of assistance. The personality stayed throughout the weekend; it wasn't just a welcome wagon gesture but a true, ongoing, friendly exchange with people who didn't just work there, but who love their hotel and their city and want to share it.

The beds were comfortable and inviting, very plush and cozy. The general area was quiet and lent itself to relaxing without a lot of city and traffic noise. Close to Pike Market, among other things, it seemed people liked to walk in that area as opposed to drive (something we rather enjoyed as well). The hustle and bustle wasn't a problem because it was seemingly nonexistent. Other than a protest rally the last morning we were there (not the hotel's fault), we seemed to sleep well and enjoy the chill vibe of the area very much.

The restaurant off the lobby, an asian-fusion themed sushi/tapas bar (to get its own review) is a great complement to the Hotel Max and we patronized it happily.

FYI: Wi-fi and valet parking are up-sells. They were included and/or discounted in our rate, so be sure to check the details when you book so you are aware ahead of time.

I had a great weekend and the Hotel Max was definitely one of the reasons. I am looking forward to visiting again.

06/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
208. Christine F.
This place was decent. My mind wasn't blown, but it was an alright spot.

When we checked in late on a Wednesday night, the people at the front desk were really nice and welcoming. The lobby is really sharp looking and it made me feel extra fancy.

The rest of the hotel was kind of reminiscent of hotels in Europe. SMALL elevator, SMALL rooms. Our room had space for one small weekend suitcase on the side of each bed and the bathroom reminds me of something you'd find in prison.

Our room had an AC/Heat window unit and it got really noisy at night, which is the biggest downfall of Hotel Max. The walls were also paper thin, so I got awakened (more than once) by hearing our neighbor talking on the phone.

The service was great, though. The staff called my father in law a towncar to drive him to Tacoma and they held our bags a few hours after we checked out (so we didn't have to lug them around).

I would come back here, I would just push for a room that is not facing a busy street...

28/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
209. Derek D.
What a cool hotel! Yes, the room and bathroom were small, but I was going to sleep in the room, not play field hockey. Old, downtown hotels anywhere are usually small. The decor is simply incredible! Every part of the hotel had some unique modern art,  including the lobby, front desk, hallways, doorway, guestroom, bathroom, etc.

This is a great place to stay in Belltown Seattle, within walking distance of the monorail, Belltown bars/restaurants, Pike Place. A very unique upscale hotel, but not upscale in a pretentious way. I stayed there 2 nights, it was worth every penny!

12/07/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
210. Janet T.
Hotel Max...it's a small trendy boutique hotel located right smack in the middle of downtown. The location's unbeatable and is walking distance to everything: pacific place, nordstroms, coffee shop, restaurants, bars etc.

We were in Seattle this past weekend for a good friends wedding and he had booked up a whole block for out of town guests. We decided to stay in downtown while we were in town (even though I'm from Seattle and my family lives here still) to be close to all the action and mix and mingle with friends that we haven't seen for awhile. It was also really close to the bars that we partied at over the weekend.

Back to the hotel: The lobby was small yet very stylish and shabby chic. The furniture was pretty modern and cool looking. This past weekend, they seemed to be a little short staffed b/c the valet guy turned out to be our room service person - weird! In any case, the rooms were REALLY small (think of Japan, if you've ever been). The rooms are decorated in black and fire engine red (very sexy and modern). The beds are comfy but I couldn't get past how small the rooms were. For $109 a night it was a steal, especially centrally located in the heart of belltown it was a great spot. If you rented a car, try to park somewhere else because parking is $30/night which is a ripperoonie.

09/11/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
211. Brie S.
The staff is very friendly, very personable, very helpful.  I would give this place four stars except that they really screwed up on one thing.  When I spoke on the phone and when I initially checked in (2 hours before we were able to get to the room), I was assured that  a crib would be all set up in the room when we arrived.  When we finally got to our room (with a very tired 13 month old) the crib was not there.  It took 15 minutes for one to arrive.  When it did, they just left the crib and the sheets there and didn't set it up.  The sheets didn't seem to fit (we spent 10 minutes trying to make it work then finally just put the blanket over the mattress and called it good) and our child was so exhausted that she never took a good nap.

Otherwise, nice place.  Small rooms... but very cool vibe.

01/06/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
212. Ilona Y.
What a great inner city getaway. I live in Seattle, so this was just a pre-birthday great for me.  The hotel is very eclectic, but the photos of it look nicer than it does in real life. The furniture in the lobby is a bit 'used' and you can just tell that a bit more care needs to be applied. The room was nice - clean and had a nicely stocked fridge and snack bar. The bathroom's tiny and so is the shower. If you're planing on sharing your shower space it won't happen -- you end up walking into what look like closets. Not suer if the King suite offers a different layout, but I was in the queen suite.  The hallways were clean and were not smelly as was the room. All in all it was a nice quiet Tusday night stay. I'd probably come back just to make sure i'm giving business to the local guys.

02/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
213. Nique F.
It's easy to love your hotel when you get a ridiculously good deal on the room. I paid something like $129 (cheaper than the blah Hampton Inn), so I really couldn't complain about anything for that price. But lets say I did pay full price...here's the stuff that kind of bugged:

- elevator is EXTREMELY slow. I was on the second floor and sometimes it would take like 3 whole minutes to get up to me. Grrrr.
- rooms and bathrooms are more-than cozy. I guess it works if you're going to be out and about, and just come back to your room to crash, but if you like to stretch, space is a little tight.
- a bit noisy because of the downtown location, but if you're used to the city sounds you'll feel right at home.

So, besides those minor details...location is ideal for shopping and sightseeing, and a few blocks from I-5 if you're running around on business. According to my local friend, the hotel restaurant - Red Fin - is some of the best sushi in town. Yeah, sushi was good and fresh, but the so-called Happy Hour deals were nothing to write home about. The staff was very accommodating, and seem to like to get to know their guests (in a friendly, non-invasive way).

Oh, and of course, the decor is very artsy. Almost the entire hotel is done in black, with huge pieces of art on every wall and works by local artists in each room. Yeah, you'll feel pretty cool if you stay here...especially if you steal a deal on Orbitz.

22/03/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
214. Alison H.
Comfy beds, small room, aveda shampoo

24/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
215. Andrew M.
What can I say other than it's unfortunate that a minor billing error on the part of Hotel Max has gone unresolved for well over a month. Read my previous reviews to get up to speed if you like. Without going into the gory details, I'll just say that after several back and forth emails and one highly unprofessional email I am left without the credit for overages on my account that was promised to me in mid-June.  Not for lack of trying on the part of Hotel Max, they just haven't been able to come through with a satisfactory resolution. They seem to have the best intentions at heart, but in the end, it's still unresolved. I appreciate the effort, Hotel Max...but it simply hasn't been enough.

29/07/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
216. David K.
$200 for tiny room, animals being loud next door that management said they couldn't do anything about until the 9pm noise ordinance kicked in, shower literally "in" a closet, same with bath, non-working iron, non-working hotel safe = 1.5 hours of my time wasted and a horrible experience.

23/07/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
217. S. J.
I loved staying here! Right in the middle of Seattle and within walking distance to Pike Place Market and tons of shopping.  Artsy and unique.  Loved the original art in the comfy rooms.  Friendly staff. Would have given it 5 stars if the rooms were larger, but I didn't have a problem with the size like some of the other reviewers.

23/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
218. Minty O.
Hotel Max is located pretty centrally downtown Seattle. Great location.

Hotel Max has a hip feel to it that makes you curious to explore. Great vibe.

Hotel Max has clean rooms with pillow menu, flat screen tv, Aveda products and a complete (but very expensive) honor bar. Great comfort.

The Red Fin is attached to the Hotel and easily accessed through an awesome door. We frequented the bar a lot! Great convenience.

Minus one star because the bathroom was quite tiny and had little to no counter space.

I would recommend this hotel. It was a fun place to stay and reasonably priced.

24/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
219. Jen C.
If you are going for location and the friendliness of the valet parkers alone, then Hotel Max might be okay.

If you are looking for a room that has enough space to walk around without having to turn sideways when your partner/lover/friend for the night wants to walk by you then this is probably not the hotel for you.
I've stayed in small hotel rooms, but this is SERIOUSLY small. And the guy at check-in said it was an upgrade to a larger room because we had a dog with us. Really? There is barely enough floor space for a dog to lay down.

The bathroom is also very tiny (though functional). There is one small desk that one person can eat room-service at, the other will have to sit on the bed (romantic, no?) The wifi is NOT free (at least $20/24 hrs..maybe more). Parking is not cheap, but it never is at hotels in the city.

Finally, and maybe most annoyingly, the elevators smelled so acrid, so sulfurous, that I could barely breathe in them. That might be something that is not always present, but it was pretty awful.

It's totally not worth the money unless you plan to be out all the time and are traveling solo sans dog. Otherwise, you'd be just as well off spending less and staying a few blocks away at the Best Western.

02/11/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
220. Angie S.
The only thing I actually loved about this place was the unbelievable beds. I'm not joking when I say "paper thin walls"! I do not want or expect to be disturbed by my neighbors gettin' it at 7 A.M. Our room was indeed nice looking, but the size of a walk in closet. The staff was O.K. There was a truly pleasant woman checking us out, but the two guys who checked us in need to get rid of the attitudes.

26/04/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
221. Dave F.
This hotel reminded me of a low-end W, or even hotels I've stay in overseas, usually in Japan. Lots of color, but the rooms are tiny. Very, very, very tiny. In Japan, this would be 3 Taitami mats, or something like that!

Anyhow, it was the only place with availability on this particular trip (tells you something), and, it was inexpensive.

I probably would only stay here again, if everything else were sold out!

23/03/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
222. Cosmo W.
Nope. Rooms are TINY, and if you're on a low floor, it'll seem as if the city buses are driving through your room! Staff we uninterested and unhelpful. I'd rather stay at the Westin next door if I am going to get impersonal service. Not going back here...

24/10/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
223. Julie P.
So disappointed. I stayed at Hotel Max a couple of years ago with my man and we had a GREAT time, so when my mother in law was in town this past weekend and looking for a place to stay, I sent her there. I should've never recommended it to her. The walls were so thin, she heard every last thing that the neighbors were fighting about. Her room was crazy small. Barely enough room for the three of us. The size of the bathroom was a complete joke. There are only 2 elevators and no service elevator. It seemed like only one of them was working. They were super slow too. And when one would finally come, no one could get in it because the maid was in it with her cart of stuff. (Not the maid's fault of course!) When we took the dog out to go potty, it took us at least 30 minutes because of the elevator. We were on the 7th floor, so I was not really interested in hiking up 7 floors.

It's definitely a bummer, because I really did love Hotel Max a couple of years ago. I will absolutely not be staying there again or recommending it to anyone.

13/02/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
224. Denice R.
I understand the concept and remodel restrictions of this hotel and at the same time ditto the sentiments and description of Linda M.

The Queen of Art rooms are much smaller than described by reservations and this was a very significant disappointment. The bathroom is a 1-person-at-a-time space and knowing this ahead of time may be helpful to some travelers. The heater - a/c units are loud and lack sufficient temperature control and turn-off. There is the amenity of a pillow order service. If you need an extra blanket you'll need to call for one. The greeting and service is very good.

The Aveda bath products are nice.

The Hubba Hubba Hanky Panky Romance and Gaycation! packages are clever and support the sexy diversity of our city.

09/04/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
225. Steph W.
Methinks not, indeed. If you find yourself in Seattle for a few days, ready to explore the city, and not just loll at Starbucks in the business district, then do not stay here. If you are here for business, like the gentleman I met on the tiny elevator, who turns  out is married to a Canadian and has been to Seattle a few times for conferences, then even so, do not stay here. As the gentleman said to me, "If I was six foot, two and weighed a bit more, I'm sure I would not be able to get in and out of that room, or bathroom."
In short, the Max was expensive, in terms of parking ($40 a night, though they advertise $30 a night on their website, but add tax after the fact - fight this, we did, and we paid the advertised amount), and the rooms were just too small for the price per a night. One person at a time in the bathroom, really? Unable to open the closet door and the room door at the same time? An ac unit jutting out the window into the room that looked and sounded like it was from 1964?
Don't buy into the slick  foyer or the "conceptual" design of the bathroom and room, where more money was spent on the fixtures than on making the rooms comfortable enough to move around in, and for the love of money, do not open the bottles of $4 smart water that are quietly judging you by the ancient air conditioner. Look for a hotel by the EMP or in a different area, where the service is friendly, the rooms are big, parking is reasonable, and cheesy as it all may be, you get what you pay for.

07/08/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
226. Jessica K.
I dig boutique hotels sometimes when I don't want to be clobbered in the lobby by a convention, ran into by small children vacation at Disneyland and don't want to hire a sherpa to help me find my way to my room. This building itself is super gorgeous and the artwork on the doors, the walls and the tie ins with the room cards which is pretty cool.

When we first got here, the doormen immediately ran out to meet us at 12 noon and helped us inside where there was a short wait-no worries. The funny thing is, they lost the reservation for my friend's room and he had to pull it up through Orbitz's website. Apparently Orbitz doesn't communicate everything to their hotels and I've heard this from other hotels also. We stood there for almost 10 minutes while the concierge was apologetically scrambling to accommodate my poor, tired, inebriated friend and when my turn came up, I got my room right away. It looks like Priceline is better about relaying reservations than Orbitz.

This place is very small, but it does what it can with the space it had. There's not much room for moving around, there's only a shower and no bathtub so get accustomed to the lack of space or pick out a different hotel. What it lacks in space, it makes up in little funny perks like the um, fun adult toys and pillow menu. This is definitely a hotel for adults and not families.

This is a great little place for a quick weekend but definitely not a resort hotel of any sort. The fitness room is small, there is no pool, and the Wi-Fi is a little pricey for a hotel but like I said, it's good for a quick weekend stay.

09/12/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
227. Elaine L.
We went to a wedding in Seattle and opted to stay the night.  Hotel prices were a bit of sticker shock for us laid-back Hillsborians. Rooms at the wedding site were a hefty $400 a night. Ouch. For under a hundred bucks we could have grabbed a room near SEA TAC, but then would have had the inconvenience of a drive after the party, not to mention the staleness of a generic room. With a little searching (and the help of Yelp) we found a place in the middle: Hotel Max.

It is actually a delightful little place. Little being a key word; it's not for those of stout stature. Smallish rooms, little elevators, and even littler showers, but comfortable with plenty of amenities to compensate.

It's not far from the sites of Seattle, very friendly with a "we aim to please" atmosphere, hip, artsy, and attached to a restaurant that, although not five-star, is good.

But my absolute favorite thing: they have a pillow menu! How cool is that? You can order up the firmness you want or get a U-neck, body, or a reading pillow. Maybe the option isn't new, I don't stay out much, but it was a first for me. From one who always packs her own, this just tickled me.

If you make a reservation, ask for packages they offer. We got free valet parking and $20 towards breakfast included with our room.

22/09/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
228. Zeljka K.
I know it took me long time to write this review but here it goes.
I was there in January 2013. First we were booked in a room that was on the side where there was construction going on after hours, meaning they started working at night. After few calls and complaints from us they moved us in different room at 2 AM.
Whole staff was rude in the morning and there was no manager to be found. They were extremely rude and tried to make us fools and offered no discount or apology or anything how lame, but alas that would not be the worst thing that happen to me there. My bank card identity was stolen by the employees. After I came home my card started being charged for some online shopping etc. I spent 4 days in Seattle and was paying everything with a cash but that was the only place where I had to provide my credit card. I had to close few of my accounts which were linked etc. what a hassle and headache. So please be very aware. Rooms are actually very hip and cute and retro but that will mater less to you after you had to deal with thing I had to go through. Good luck

14/10/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
229. Eric P.
Wanted to provide a further update.  We were taken care of based on our earlier experience this past Saturday returning to Hotel Max.  The room was great and Topher in particular took excellent care of us.
To be clear our issue was never with the hotel itself or even the staff prior.  Read through our earlier review to understand, but they certainly went out of their way to make our last experience excellent.  
Thanks for all the attention - it is greatly appreciated!

21/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
230. Jay L.
We stayed at Hotel Max for two nights in a "two double beds" room.  The hotel staff were very friendly and  helpful.  The bellman, Ali, especially so.  Everything is great in this hotel with one small exception.... the number of places to sit in the hotel room.  Our choices were (a) the bed or (b) the one chair by the desk.  The room could have used some more chairs or perhaps a small couch.

28/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
231. ArEonE K.
Its a cool decor and the bar next door is good great sushi and good happy hour slide through if your in the area

30/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
232. Dusty B.
Really cool hotel.  Great vibe.  My room could use a little updating on some things.  The toilet paper metal dispenser is going to fall out of the wall.  And, no where to hook up my ipod?!  What if I want to rock out?

I've stayed here a couple of times while in town for work.  Great location, cool employees and modern, slick rooms.

14/07/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
233. Roger H.
I must say the staff at this hotel is one of best I have every experienced and I have stayed in 5 star hotel and Aubegue De Soliel (1 of finest in the world). Yes the rooms are small but easy to work in and they will upgrade you if needed very easily. Very cool vibe and across the street from Nordstrom's buying offices that I frequent almost every other month. I will not stay anywhere else in Seattle due to service, convenience and PQ ratio. Kevin the manager is quick to help in any way he can.
As for a comment from someone who was dropped on curb and wanted to just hang out in lobby and was not a customer it is strange that they would chose to comment when they are not staying and paying. Also this neighborhood (I am sure desk clerk was telling her so) is some of safest in a US city as major malls and department stores are in blocks of each other and I walked at night often there window shopping late for exercise. Feel very secure.

15/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
234. Kevin P.
Hotel Max is well located in the middle of downtown Seattle, with an easy walk to shops, restaurants, etc. Max has as genuinely friendly and helpful staff as I've seen. When checking in and checking out, their quick to help with bags, grabbing a cab, or whatever else if needed. Good place to get a comfortable rest.

Max is in an older building which has been completely remodeled. However, when an old building is remodeled, it can lead to odd configurations, including very small bathrooms, elevators, and accomodations in general.

What sticks out the most is the progressive styling, which can be too much for some people people. If you think the Days Inn provides a blue print for what a hotel should be, you may not like it here. Black and red decoration is used without abandon, and walking through the dimly lite hallways is like walking through a night club. Lastly, art is everywhere. From the card-keys to large images printed on the front of each room's door, the hotel is an excercise in creativity.

Overall, I do like this place, but it's because I'm a pretty progressive, 30 something year old, art apprecitaing person. Also, after staying in a few hotels, I know what clean, fresh linens, good pillows, and a comfortable matress are. This place has them. I just wish I could turn around in the shower.  

Unique styling
Friendly, helpful staff
Clearn, higher end accomodations
Excercise facility with treadmills, elipticals, yoga balls, medicine balls, and dumbells
Good sushi restaurant downstairs

Unique styling (depending on your outlook)
Old building with small rooms
Thin walls, sound will travel
Teeny-tiny bathrooms
Excercise facilities are missing a back machine and/or pull up bar (yeah, maybe just I notice this, but I have high standards for workout facilities)

08/08/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
235. Joshua N.
Hotel Max is very conveniently located and is moderately priced in comparison to other hotels in the area.  Rooms are usually about $120 a night but can cost more on certain days of the year.  The hotel is also connected to a great sushi restaurant called "Red Fin" which is well worth eating at.  Hotel Max is also very artsy, you can find interesting paintings and photographs throughout the entire hotel from the hallways to the inside of your room.

Hotel Max is within walking distance of Pike Place Market and the Pacific Place mall, as well as other shopping in the area.  Once the sun goes down if you do not feel comfortable walking in an unfamiliar city, most nightlife is a cheap cab ride away.  Enjoy your stay!

13/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
236. Jules B.
Our two night stay at Hotel Max was great. The bed was very comfortable and the location could not have been more convenient. We took the Link Light Rail both to and from the airport and it was very easy and close to the hotel. The hotel decor was very hip and the staff was extremely accommodating. I love that they have free wifi and will print your boarding pass for free as well. I got a great rate for booking our room two weeks in advance and they gave us a room with a tub because I asked for one. I would happily stay here again. The rooms are small, but they are very cozy and since the bed is big, we had no complaints.  Loved the Aveda products in the bathroom and the gumball dispenser at reception!

30/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
237. Kristin B.
I've stayed at Hotel Max 3 times now and have to say....this place is amazing. From the perfect service to the comfortable rooms and awesome location, I love this hotel.

06/08/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
238. Meghan O.
We spent three nights here and were overall pretty pleased; we were upgraded to a King-sized bed for free (and it's true; the beds are SUPER comfy) and enjoyed the decor and the iPod dock. The walls were a bit too thin for my liking, though; the first night it seemed like the people next door were in our room, talking and coughing and laughing for hours (I had to keep the TV on to drown them out). The next night it was much quieter, save for a dog that occasionally whimpered. The third night was completely quiet, which was nice.

My only other complaint was that the sink drained very slowly, and you had to reach in to pull up the drain to make it drain faster (which is kind of gross when the sink is full of soapy or toothpaste-y water). The other weird thing is that they put a hold on your credit card for about $250 more than what you owe (sort of like a security deposit); if you use a debit card they'll automatically take out those funds, (you'll be reimbursed when you check out, minus whatever "incidentals" are applicable such as parking and mini bar usage), so beware. If you use a credit card it's fine because the extra charge never goes through.

Overall a good stay; great central location and fun, modern look. I also appreciated that they were playing Death Cab for Cutie's first album when we checked in.

17/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
239. Maggie H.
The room was nice, slightly on the cramped side. For the price I was hoping something bigger than my living room. It was clean, pretty and the staff was very attentive.

18/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
240. Kim P.
aveda bath products?? really?? if you dont know what i mean, lower end hotels (holiday inn express or best western for example) have the same stuff.

the rooms are tiny studios, the shower is practically on top of the toilet which is practically on top of the sink. its prolly 10 or 12 stories with very low ceilings. theres not a lot of tv channels and theres not much going on in the area

heres the kicker: the restaurant/bar has been closed down due to management conflicts.

but dang is it artsy and dang is the bed comfy!! :)

i shoulda stayed with starwood. i thought id try something new but i did that with Hotel Murano in Tacoma and the same thing happened. shoulda booked starwood... i guess we're doomed to repeat the past.

all in all, its okay if youre on a budget. the price/value ratio is decent

24/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
241. Vivian I.
Solo travellers beware!  The hotel was hip, the staff was friendly and knowledge, and the location is great.  However, my Solo Art room smelled a little and the bed was the worst I've had for the room price (bill came out to be approximately $400 including tax for 2 night stay - a Thursday and Friday).  The online reservation system isn't the best,  and the room is so small that your two little closets are actually your toilet and your shower, and the loud heater/A/C unit is practically in your face but I can be very forgiving for a lot of things as long as I sleep well.  I didn't. The bed is slanted, saggy, and unbalanced.  I assume that every past guest has sleep on the right side of the bed, since the left side is comfortable and perfect.  Too bad you can't sleep on the left side if you tried, because it's so uneven, you automatically roll "downhill" to the right side!  

My back hurt from my two nights stay, and I am shocked that for such a nice hotel, they didn't have the common sense to rotate the mattress more often in the solo rooms.  I mentioned it to the front desk and the gentlemen said he would look into it, but that seemed like a blow off response.  I would have been happier if I had a different room, or stayed elsewhere.

22/06/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
242. Nicki W.
From the moment we arrived and pulled up to the curb to the moment we walked out to our car to leave, our time at Hotel Max was impeccable.  The staff were friendly, welcoming, courteous and accomodating at all times.  Jen warmly welcomed us with a lovely little personal card and package in our room and Jonathan kept us company while we said goodbye and waited for our car from valet. All warmly welcomed and enjoyed our dog Branimir as well.

The hotel itself is a gorgeous boutique style with incredible art and modern furnshings throughout.  Each floor had it's own theme to include each door being wrapped with an art piece that emulated this theme.  That and it helped you to find your room easier!  The elevators are secure in that you must have a room key card to access the floors.  The rooms are beautifully decorated complete with more art and the bathroom, although cozy was clean and tidy complete with lovely Aveda products.  Their attention to detail was incredible!

We stayed on the 10th floor in an artist King.  The room was large and had the perfect amount of space for my dog to run around and play.  Each pet package included a wonderful large bed, water/food bowl for them to use during the stay and treats.  There was a nice sized flat screen television and we had complimentary Wifi.  Our New Years package included noise makers, a top hat and headband as well as a bottle of wine all of which were displayed out for a festive NYE greeting when we entered our room.

I must divulge that I used to travel alot in my previous occupation and have stayed at some of the top Starwood Hotels and Essex House in NYC on a regular basis for almost a decade.  I have to say that this was the best hotel experience I have ever had between the service, attention to detail and the decor!  That and the beds were far more comfortable than even the Heavenly Beds offered with the Westin chain.  

In addition, my room was very well insulated and quiet, very surprising in fact especially on NYE!  Thus our dog was not stressed and no bouts of barking occurred.  That and we were able to have a wonderful night sleep enhanced of course by the previously mentioned incredible bed!  

You can be certain that we will return to Hotel Max.  I can't say enough good things about this lovely Hotel.  The rooms are more than reasonably priced, in fact they even offer a Twitter discount.  I know there has been mention of small room sizes, ask for 1010 and I'm sure you won't be disappointed.  This is for me THE place to stay in Seattle!

03/01/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
243. Michael N.
Much like Portland's Hotel Lucia (part of the same family of hotels), this is a trendy, modern hotel with a great location and teeny rooms. Well, it wasn't just the rooms that were teeny - even the elevators were a squeeze!

Hotel staff was very friendly and accommodating. Room was modern and nicely decorated, but also fairly small for $150/night. As long as we're talking about price - I find it odd that there was no sort of breakfast included with the hotel, though that seems to be the norm with expensive hotels. Can somebody please explain why cheap hotels are more generous than expensive ones?

I wasn't a fan of having the shower be in a different room than the bathroom, and the shower was absurdly cramped. I'm a fairly skinny guy and I just barely squeezed in. The shower was my biggest complaint.

The bed was very comfortable and well pillowed. Walls did not provide much sound isolation. How do I know this? You know how much of this hotel is red, and red tends to inspire passion? Well, let's just say that the couple in room 711 were very inspired the first night, and the couple in 707 were similarly inspired the following morning.

Location is close to public transportation and lots of good places to eat.

Overall, a nice place to stay. The biggest fault I have with it is the teeny shower, and it sounds like there are a number of different room layouts so that's probably not a problem for most rooms. The price is a bit high, but not offensively so. I'd come back, but I'd call ahead and try to get a room with a bigger shower!

11/11/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
244. Matthew N.
Stayed one night in a double room. The hotel is am old building that has been refurbished so it has some quirky charm. Bathroom was tiny in a room on the small side. However the bed was very very comfortable which made up for it. Great central location close to Pike Place market etc.

15/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
245. Angela B.
Wow, is this hotel hip and trendy! The lobby has super hip couches that are way comfy and ultra modern. Each floor has a different name, and on every single door you have a different piece of art done in black & white photography. So your door may have the famous Elephant car wash on it, it might have some people rockin out on it, or maybe even naked manequins. So this means when you are coming home late, you will not mix up room 503 with room 504 because you will recognize your art piece on the door.

The inside of the room is just as hip as the outside. Fabulous decor with more art work. The bathrooms are super cute. The rooms do seem quite small & squishy, but other than that, nice. You can choose what kind of bible you want (Mormon, Scientology, etc) and you can choose your pillow (hard, soft, etc). I wonder if you could order one pillow of each? Now that would be cool. To be able to try out all the pillows & see which is the best.

26/03/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
246. Erin B.
This is where I stayed on my wedding night, courtesy of a very generous mutti & daddio. Far above my usual price point, I was literally swept away by the mod decor, elite downtown location, and unusual room. Of course I would have been happy with anywhere, arriving in a vintage chauffeured car in my wedding dress and against my feminist outcry being carried across the threshold of our room, but my mum did a good job picking somewhere chic and funky to fit our taste. And waking up to skyscrapers was a new situation for me within Seattle. Brought "living in the city" to a whole new level.

This is an older building that has been remolded, so there is some clumsiness about the design (ie two foot step up into a tiny, efficient bathroom). And wireless not coming with the  room is straight up annoying.

BUT, like I said, I am beyond biased and will always have a soft spot for this place among the skyscrapers downtown.

10/08/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
247. Douglas K.
Small room but the staff were attentive and so pleasant.  I'd definitely go back.
Also, the location was great for my needs.

23/04/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
248. Jon B.
Small rooms.  Excellent service.  Artsy design.

Hotel Max is a fancy looking hotel.  There is modern art everywhere, even on each and every room door.  The staff is friendly and extremely accommodating.  Every request we had was addressed literally within five minutes.  We got to the hotel around 11am, and were able to check in early.  The room they had available for us that early we were told was a bit bigger, and next to the elevator, but the sound was negligible.  

I was skeptical about the elevator noise, but it really was negligible!  We were given a room immediately adjacent to the elevator, and I pretty much never heard anything!  

The room itself was pretty small, with a queen bed, big flatscreen tv, and a small bathroom with a standup shower.  There was a mini bar packed with goodies, and a combo AC/Heater unit attached to a window.  We had a not so great view of the back of the building next door.  Things were tight, and the closet was small enough that the hangers could only hang at an angle.  It was still enough room for a weekend getaway though.

One of the coolest things there is two menus in the room-- one for a variety of pillows, and one for your choice of spiritual literature, which ranged from the standard Bible and Koran to the Bhagavad Gita and a Scientology book.  

I'm not exactly sure how much it cost per night because I got an Orbitz package deal, but i'd guess around $80/night.  Not so bad, especially with the great location.  Hotel Max is within walking distance of everything!  We were also told our room came with complimentary wifi access.  Score!

Hotel Max is also a promo participant on Foursquare-- if you check in and show the front desk, you get entered to win a free stay, as well as get a coupon for $20 off your next stay.  

I would definitely consider returning to Hotel Max the next time I make a trip to Seattle.

21/11/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
249. Robert C.
Spent one night there recently, staff was great, the room was nicely appointed. My only complaint would be the lack of anything of substance nearby.

09/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
250. Melissa F.
*UPDATE*: After many months, the Manager was gracious enough to issue me a refund for the room.  I'm extremely pleased that the management has followed up with his customers concerns and addressed them even half a year later : ) *

Held a bachelorette party here and it was a good experience.  The hotel itself is a little pricey but it's an art hotel and my friend has a thing for art.
I booked it for about $200 per night.

I arrived early and got an early checkin for 9am!  Kudos to the hotel for the early checkin.

what I don't understand are the size of the rooms.  I booked 2 rooms with two beds and the one in the corner that I got was TINY.  I assumed all rooms were like that until I saw the other girls' room and it was HUGE in comparison (really regular sized for any city).

So if you end up with one of the smaller rooms it seriously is a bad deal for 200$.  

The hotel staff were nice, but nobody went out of their way to congratulate the bride or the party etc.  

- hotel parking is 35$ in and out.  park at the lot RIGHT beside the hotel- much cheaper
- local calls are NOT free
- I got a mysterious 7$ charge on my credit card even AFTER the front desk told me there would be no charges.  Because it's a long distance call for me to complain about it I decided to just do nothing.  Wasn't happy about that.  I suggest you double check your credit card etc.

the location is pretty excellent- close to everything you would want to see downtown and very close to bus lines to go to capitol hill, fremont, and ballard.  

Overall? Not worth the price.  But all was good.

15/07/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
251. Vickie Alisa E.
Hotel Max will always be my first choice of hotel to stay while in Seattle!! I personally felt the rooms were perfect and cozy and the staff amazing! Can not wait till my next stay!! The rooms and bathrooms were super squeeky clean and staff recieves you with a warm welcome  The location is amazing right near the light rail for easy transport to and from the airport! Super Like!

15/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
252. Tom I.
Stayed here during my visit to Seattle last month. I would definitely come here again since the prices are very affordable considering its location to downtown/Belltown. The staff was friendly as well and gave us many recommendations for places to try in the area. It's a little small, but it's a trendy, boutique type of hotel.

09/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
253. Shaun C.
Good location
Friendly people
Red Fin has good food
Rooms not properly cleaned
No consistent service
Broken items in rooms
No follow thru
No parking other than valet
Trashed not emptied
Price does not equal the level of service

What can I say about my 4 day stay at the Hotel Max? At first I was very excited about my stay here before I arrived. When I made it to the hotel there is no parking other than valet which is $33 a night. Now having valet parking in a city is not usual.  The décor is very modern an appealing. I was able to get checked in without much hassle.  Once I got to the room it was small but once again not usual for a downtown city hotel. Now at the time I was extremely tired borderline exhausted.  I was looking forward to a quick nap before going in search of a bit to eat. This is where everything started to go downhill. I turned on the TV and it was static. I attempted in vain to get the TV to work. I then phoned the front desk the guy tried to make me think I was crazy when I told him there was no instruction card as he said there should be. He said he would send help up. 45 minutes or so later help never came. Now I wanted the TV since I could hear all of the noise from other rooms and the hallway. I needed the TV to drown out the noise.
I then decided to go back down stairs to get something to eat and speak to them about the TV at the desk.  I told the people at the desk and they said they would have someone check out the TV.  I decided to eat at the restaurant attached to the hotel called Red Fin. The food was tasty and the people were very friendly.  I had a chicken teriyaki bowl and a rocking Miso soup. I was hoping by the time I finished my food the TV would be fixed and I would be able to rest. Unfortunately by the time I made it back upstairs after eating almost an hour later the service man was just leaving as he was waiting on the elevator. He then asked if I was the one who called about the TV. I said yes he then followed me to my room and he spent a moment or two looking at the TV and pressing the power button and then announced it was broken.
I asked to be moved to a different room. They moved me but the person forgot to give me a key to the room. I was told to get a key next time I went down stairs. I opted to sleep and worry about it later. They gave me an IPOD that was said to be complimentary; however the IPOD dock/clock did not work.  The next day the problems seems to continue when I went to the front desk to get my key for the room the guy gave them to me but then made me stand there for 15-20 minutes while he called for the maid. Not sure why I had to stand there not like I had nothing to do. Eventually I was freed to go.  I left the hotel and went on with my day.
While out I found that the hotel charged my card 4 times what they should. This limited my spending on my trip.  Mind you, my company paid for the trip. I found myself avoiding the hotel during my stay it just wasn't relaxing.  Every time I turned there was something wrong.  The sink did not drain just brushing my teeth would fill the bowl and take a while to drain out. My trash was not emptied. I know the shower wasn't properly clean as the soap box stayed in the shower the whole time I was there.  One day I didn't get towels.
There is more but I will end here. I have tried to reach out to the hotel but to no avail. I would say if you looking for a place to stay there are so many other options I would suggest going with another option. Their prices suggest something slightly upscale but their follow through on the details are lacking.

08/06/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
254. Andrew W.
Having stayed at Westin and Inn at the WAC in Seattle, this hotel is quiet trendy, artsy, and hip. Since this isn't my style and I didn't choose this hotel, minus one star because the room and the shower stall are tiny. Otherwise, I think they accomplished the style they are trying to present.

30/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
255. Ruggy J.
I hate to say it... but I was pretty unimpressed with my recent stay at Hotel Max. While I'm usually pretty excited to stay at boutique hotels that stray away from the boring-ness of the corporate juggernauts, sometimes the modern luxuries of the Hiltons and Westins of the world make you wonder why you'd have a sub-par stay at some place "cooler" down the street.

Once hitting the lobby, I was really excited for my 2 night stay. They have a swanky lounge with hip furniture, funky carpets and a restaurant attached next door - score! But sadly, the hotel room and experience itself was a bit deflating. It'd be akin to getting naked with Jake Gyllenhaal, only to find out he was rockin' a hoo-haa the size of a Tootsie Roll. Extremely disappointing.

While there was a dope theme going on downstairs, the rooms themselves were unimaginative and incongruous. I found it odd that the shower and bathroom were located in completely separate rooms... and when I rinsed off in the schvitz on the second night only to have the light burn out while I was mid-wash, needless to say, I wasn't overly thrilled. I also have a thing about window-mounted air conditioning units. I've lived in places that use them for heating and air conditioning needs, but they're pretty janky. This particular unit would pump out hot air for approximately 7-10 minutes, then run out of juice and spit cold air for the rest of the time it was operating. The only way to ensure you get a steady stream of warm air is to restart the unit and give it another go. Pretty annoying, and obviously, something you'd rather not deal with when shucking almost $200/night to stay there.

There were other nuances that rubbed me the wrong was as well... like the elevator being so small that Nicole Richie would have a hard time squeezing in with another hotel guest, and having the back windows facing a business complex that'd cause any peeping tom to jump for joy. I don't know about you, but often times, I roll to bed partially nude, so it's not a very welcome surprise to open the blinds for some natural light to shine, only to be center stage giving a free show to the folks peering straight into your hotel window from the conference room just a stone's throw away. After having a room full of suits staring at my naughty bits, I felt as though I at least deserved a high five or a few dollar bills folded lengthwise... but hey, you can't win 'em all.

These are just my gripes. You wouldn't guess it by this review, but I'm not very high maintenance at all. I could just as easily sleep on a bail of hay with a burlap sack to keep me warm and I wouldn't have too much to complain about... but I just feel like this place has so much potential, but misses the mark quite a bit.

05/05/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
256. Timothy K.
Location, Location, Location. Service, Service, Service. This place is less than a mile to Pike's Place, the Seattle Center (Space Needle), Ferry Rides, famous library, and downtown Seattle. The area is safe and not too burdened by visitor traffic and it's also perfectly located near public transportation lines. This is a vacationers perfect location. The staff is friendly and extremely helpful. Their text messaging service is prompt and detailed. They are informative and apparently have an amazing pillow variety (just ask them). The cleaning crew does a tremendous job. They also offer free beer from 5:30-6:30 pm and pass it out liberally. The restaurant connected to the hotel is also has amazing food. You pay for the service and location. The rooms are small/compact and the bathrooms are really small with small, standup showers. The air conditioners are window units that are loud (drown out any traffic noise) and work extremely well. Get over the room size and this is the best place to stay in Seattle. It is a little pricey but the location and service make this a great stay.

13/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
257. Keely B.
I feel like B-list celebrities--maybe the cast of the Jersey Shore--would think this place is THE MOST.  It is super-ultra-trendy.  We ended up here by accident in the middle of the night.  We laughed hysterically when we approached our room and saw that our door was covered with a life-sized poster of that guy who wears the Darth Vader mask and plays the violin (if you don't know what I'm talking about, google it).  The room was tiny but well-furnished and very clean.  We called housekeeping at an absolutely ridiculous hour to order different pillows from the pillow menu (hypo-allergenic, y'all).  They brought them with a minimum of sass.  The bathroom was possibly the tiniest place I have ever peed.  I could have sat on the toilet with my feet in the shower and washed my hands in the sink at the same time without any effort.  

This place is ridiculously expensive--over $300 a night--so I probably wouldn't choose it again.  But if I were to find myself stranded again, it'd do.  At least for a laugh.

04/01/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
258. Natalie W.
I used a Living Social deal for Hotel Max, which was a really great deal considering the cost of parking & such a great location. After reading other reviews, I was afraid of the following: 1) That the staff would be really horrible to me. Like beatings in the lobby horrible. 2) That the bathroom would close in around me as I showered and actually crush me to death.

I am happy to report that the staff on all shifts was very friendly and helpful! We had no problems checking in or out, and they were really quite friendly & wanting to give us information or recommendations.

The showers, while they did not crush me, are very small. The shower curtain actually started to attack me, so I just started leaving it open. Someone with claustrophobia might have a hard time. The only other con was the wifi- it came and went, and was molasses slow.

Our room was smaller, but in all of the hotels I have ever stayed in Seattle, this was the first time I have ever slept completely through the night.  The beds are very comfortable! I also enjoyed the Aveda products and artwork around the hotel.

Definitely worth staying here if you can get in on a special, although $120 really isn't bad considering the location & quality of Hotel Max!

03/04/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
259. Melinda D.
Most important thing: location! Fantastic place right in the heart of downtown with easy walking to Pike's Place and retail shopping, as well as public transit. Valet parking only...is $30/night. There were 2 of us in a room with 2 beds and space wasn't an issue, and as you would expect in a small hotel in the city. I think I could have parked a block or 2 away in one of the pay lots for far less, but it was unlimited in and out service.

Got my Thurs/Fri night stay for just $75 via Priceline name your price and it was a steal.  Comfortable beds, tons of pillow variety, Aveda bath products (don't know why one person thought these were low end-also the sushi restaurant was open and we were there a few days later). We had two beds and plenty of space. Very "hip" artsy with fantastic books in the lobby. Business center where you can print boarding passes and use for a short period for free. Staff ok, but not like you expect as far as friendliness in a boutique hotel-basically just giving us our keys and bill upon departure, nothing more, nothing less. Free wifi was a nice surprise and not promised on web.

Negative: NOT ENOUGH TOWELS. What is it with these places in the Pacific Northwest that only give 2 towels for 2 people? Housekeeping didn't have our room ready on our 2nd day until almost 4 pm, and we were our of the room before 8 am. Really?  Bathroom is tiny, but clean.  My key card kept malfunctioning and had to be reprogrammed 2x to operate the elevator.

I'm not sure if it's worth the regular rate. $149 is what was on price line and groupon plus the parking. I'd definitely stay again for the downtown location. Free wi fi was a nice bonus.

31/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
260. Dave L.
This should not be your first choice, but if it is your only choice, it'll do. I stay in Seattle pretty regularly and need to stay close to here. There are plenty of hotels nearby, though admittedly, most of the others will be a little more expensive. (Westin Seattle, Mayflower, Paramount, are examples)

1. Affordable
2. Convenient location to downtown and South Lake Union
3. Taxi stand a block away
4. Good Sushi restaraunt (Red Fin) in lobby

1. Cramped space. I've stayed in a numerous hotels in Seattle, and this place is cramped.
2. Wireless access is garbage. At least, it was on each of the 4 nights I stayed. (Garbage = long time to get on network, dropped several times a night, slow)
3. (CON to me but maybe PRO to others) Hotel intended to have an artsy edgy feel (i.e. every room door has some B&W photo art). Dark Halls and rugs. Just didn't do it for me.
4. In window AC units. (CON for me.)

18/10/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
261. Amber S.
We had an excellent stay at Hotel Max.  The staff was incredibly friendly and attentive.  The room was very clean and tidy.  

There were only 2 of us staying 2 nights.  We had minimal luggage.  Yes, these rooms are small so if you plan on staying somewhere for an extended time, with more than 2 people or lots of luggage this is probably not the place for you.  I would not even consider staying here if I had kids.  But if you are looking for a place to crash in Seattle for a few days and you don't need lots of space I can't recommend this place more.  We had a great experience.

The good:
*Fantastic Service
*Great location
*Incredibly comfortable bed.  Better than my own!
*Great view of the Space Needle from our room
*Free wi-fi
*Funky, Uber-hipster vibe.  I wouldn't want to live here, but it's fun to check out the quirky decor.

The bad:
*Yep, small rooms and small bathrooms.  Who cares?
*Limited TV stations. But you're on vacation, turn off the TV.
*Small elevators that don't seem to function properly.  We would get in at the lobby level and push our floor number (10), we'd get to level 2 and someone in the lobby would push the button causing our ride to stop and return to the lobby.  Since no more than 2 people fit in the elevator at any given time, the person in the lobby would say, "I'll take the next one" so we would again hit the '10' button, get to the 2nd floor, only to be recalled to the lobby because the same idiot hit the button again.  This would continue for up to 10 minutes sometimes.  Fix this very irritating problem please.
*Expensive daily valet charge, but I think this is pretty standard.

We had a wonderful experience, the only real annoyance was the bizarre elevator.  Everything else was fantastic.

This will be our go-to hotel in Seattle from here on.

02/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
262. John H.
I've been by the Max a million times when I lived in Seattle, but finally got to try it out last week.  Let's start with the Cons:

- Small room.  Basically, the bed took up the entire space
- Small bathroom with no counter.  Let's just say I'm glad I'm not a girl and wasn't traveling with one
- Wifi $12 for 24 hours.  Speed is OK but not great.
- No central heating / AC.  My room was friggin' freezing when I entered it and had to adjust a very loud in-window machine to get it warm

And now the Pros:

- Nice, modern decor.  Reminded me of Hard Rock in Vegas
- Great location, easy walk to Westlake Center (Light rail to SEA), Space Needle, Capital Hill, and Pike Place Market
- Comfy King bed, fairly quiet despite being downtown
- Above average fitness center open 24/7 with TVs
- Room on 10th floor, nice corner room with a view of the space needle
- Good price.  Paid about $100 on Orbitz, non-refundable

So there you have it, Pros outweigh the cons.  I was slightly let down by the room, however getting a modern room for a good price and being able to use the fitness center any time I wanted for free was a nice touch.  Great happy hour at Red Fin sushi next door too.

28/12/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
263. Jamie K.
Cool fancy ambiance with a contemporary design.

Their hotel has a black and red sleek design with black an white photos on all the doors. Even the lobby restroom sports a b&w photo of a girl for the ladies room and boy for the men's room. I think there floors have different themes for photos on the doors.

The room is kind of tiny but it's cosy for 2. They have good channels along with cable.

The gym is amazing on the 2nd floor- small quiet and everything u need including headphones, towels, and water.

So why the 4 star and not a 5?  
- Internet is 12 a day
- parking is 30 a day but u can go for street parking free from 6pm to 8am on certain streets

But either way hotel max did make a good home away from home

25/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
264. Tiffany N.
When I woke up at Hotel Max I thought I was in heaven. That's because the beds are so comfortable I felt like I was sleeping in a cloud and that's where angels sleep according to my mom.

Besides the bed the staff here were amazingly nice. I arrived way too early for any sort of decent check in time, but the front desk ordered a rush on the cleaning of my room and I was all checked in within an hour or so, which was amazing.

The rooms are on the small side so I'm not sure they'd be great for long trips, but with free Wi-Fi, and all the pleasantries mentioned above Hotel Max more than meets my needs for any traveling I do in the Seattle area.

05/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
265. Jenny A.
This hotel is very New York-esque. This means the rooms are TINYYYY.

It's not a terrible thing though. If you just need a place to sleep and shower, this is the perfect hotel for you. The bathrooms however, are tiny, tiny, tiny. You can only spin yourself in a small circle in there. VERY small.

The hotel decor is very modern. All the hallways are pretty dark with cool doors. The lobby is small, but It's a nice hotel.

The bad things about this hotel...

The elevator is SO ridiculous tiny, there were many times where we had to skip the elevator because we couldn't fit with ONE other person who had one luggage. It was RIDICULOUSS.

Also, for some reason, our room key kept not working on us. We would leave and go have dinner, come back the room key didn't work, we had to wait for the elevator and go back down the lobby to get it fixed. This happened at least 3 times during our stay.

The plus side is that it is walking distance from everything. But beware it gets really dead around this area at night. Many times we wanted to do stuff at night without having to hail a cab (there were barely any), but everything seemed so dead.

02/02/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
266. Theresa T.
Trendy, hip, and cool are just a couple of words to describe Hotel Max.

I really enjoyed staying at this little hotel during my visit to Seattle. Right off the bat, it evokes a modern and trendy feel when you drive by. When you're walking to your hotel room, you will notice how the hall and doors are plastered with pictures of life in Seattle. The rooms are on the small size, but they are definitely clean and cozy! I thought the bathroom was moderately sized (anything would have been bigger than the bathroom at my Portland hotel!), but I thought the little shelf above the sink to be annoying. The beds are SOOO comfortable! Best of all, Hotel Max gives you the option to choose the comfort level of your pillows with just a phone call. I couldn't pass this opportunity up and immediately requested for my desired pillow, and I don't regret it one bit!

I loved the service at Hotel Max. Right before you enter, the doormen warmly greet and open the doors for you. I also like how Hotel Max provides umbrellas for their guests. I brought my own umbrella, but I kind of wished I used theirs because it seemed to stand up better against the Seattle rain.

It's a great hotel that's in walking distance to many Seattle spots. Loved the service and I loved the room I stayed in. Wouldn't mind coming back to Hotel Max on my next Seattle trip!

PS: Free WiFi, yay!

22/04/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
267. Karen B.
My husband, two year old son and I stayed for two nights.  

We really enjoyed our stay - the location is excellent and the staff was very friendly.  The hotel is a short walk to the train station and bus/monorail stops.  We walked to Pike's Place Market and the Seattle Center (we went to the King Tut exhibit and took the monorail back), and took the bus to the Museum of Flight - and our weekend didn't even feel crowded.  My only complaint about this hotel would be the tiny elevators.  We had a lovely room and gorgeous (Space Needle!) view on the 9th floor, but had to wait a long time for an elevator to take us down to the lobby, and when one arrived, it was often full already.

Oh, we did overhear our, uhm, extremely energetic neighbors through the wall from about 2 to 4:30 am one night, but that was the only time we noticed thin walls, and in the hotel's defense - I think we just had very enthusiastic neighbors.

02/07/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
268. Ellen P.
Hotel Max has a policy wherein they charge your credit card $75 per day for incidentals before you have consumed them. I had a two night stay covered in a package I purchased at a local auction. I handed over my 2 freebie 1-night cards upon check-in along with my CC# incase of any minibar, room service, movies, etc, which I did not intend to purchase. Next morning saw that a $150 charge from Hotel Max had hit my bank account. Called to inquire and was informed of this policy. I told the manager that I've never been charged for incidentals at a hotel until checkout, and certainly not before using them, and asked that the $150 be refunded to my card. Was told, "I can't process a refund today because banks are closed on Sundays." What a crock! He was not necessarily rude, but was not the least bit understanding or helpful. I don't have $150 extra in my bank account that I can just let a hotel borrow for a few days. Checked out this morning and was told the $150 should appear in my account again "after 2-3 business days." Whatever!

06/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
269. Mickey M.
The pictures are a little misleading.   The room was really tiny - barely room to walk around the bed.  Bathroom was really small with no counter space to put anything.  The restaurant / lounge was closed for remodel - something they neglected to share when we made our reservation.  The last critique was the mini bar was not stocked - just an empty fridge...  Now for the positive the beds were REALLY comfortable and they were quiet.  The hotel was clean and the staff super friendly...  The lovely lady from housekeeping was above and beyond friendly - her hospitality should be bottled up.  Now knowing what to expect I would stay again :)

11/10/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
270. Nick W.
If I didn't have to sit at an angle to use the toilet, Hotel Max would deserve 5 stars. More on that after I tell you why it's awesome.

Hotel Max is a Provenance Hotel, the makers of Tacoma's famous and awesome Hotel Murano. They've both got the same fantastic style. Lots of black and white art, bold red in lots of places, fantastic modern fixtures, and a certain level of inexplicable awesomeness.

As a serial priceliner, Hotel Max made it happen in a big way. $55 for a Saturday night (it's a 3 star). It may not account for much, but I enjoy the fact that the manager seems to send feedback to everyone who posts a yelp review (responded to mine in about 12 hours).  

The room is certainly small, but it manages to feel cozy as opposed to cramped. The bed is comfortable and sports some fantastic sheets. A huge mirror on one of the walls is a great touch, especially given the lack of bathroom space.  

About that... the size of the bathroom is a little absurd. When I sat on the toilet I was given 2 options. Either have the sink in between my legs and my head very nearly in said sink or angle myself a little bit and make everything just feel a little... off. This is obviously no tragedy, just a slight bummer.

Should you be in my position and see Hotel Max pop up from Priceline, rest assured, you got the best possible spot.

01/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
271. Diana W.
Great location!  Near so many restaurants, Pike Market place, shops, etc!  

The rooms are lacking in space but everything was so clean and modern!

The service is excellent.  You walk in the lobby and you are immediately asked if you need help.  

Warning...the rooms are a bit pricey and NOTHING is included.  Wifi and parking are extra...and I think parking you have to find on your own or you have to valet it for $30 bucks a night.

The guy in the lobby was nice enough to give me the wifi code for free...for all 3 nights of our stay!

Although the location was nice...I don't know if I'd stay here again due to the price and the lack of amenities.

12/10/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
272. Kim S.
This review is about the Customer Service over the phone at Hotel Max: I had some trouble booking with the website so I called to confirm my room had actually been booked. The gentleman I spoke with was very helpful, he saw that my reservation indeed had come through on their end, noticed that I would be traveling up from Portland and recommended a better deal for me than the one I had booked! Hotels can be so expensive it was refreshing to find one that wanted to save me a few dollars.

I have yet to stay at the hotel itself, but based on other yelp reviews I am hopeful that the stay will live up to the service I received over the phone.

15/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
273. Chris G.
Fantastic service!  We arrived on 12-11-12 for our wedding on 12-12-12 and although there was a misunderstanding at check-in, they more than made up for it and every employee was extremely accommodating and so unbelievably friendly.

Room were cozy and beds were so comfortable we over slept every day and loved it!!!

Location is so PERFECT we walked everywhereand truly had a magical time here.

We highly recommend staying here:-)

13/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
274. Angela A.
Very cool looking boutique hotel, located at the very edge of Belltown so that everything was very centrally located. We were in town for 4 days and did not find the need to rent a car. We walked everywhere! Took the monorail to the Seattle Center, and only used a taxi to and from the airport.

The hotel rooms are small - our room was no more than 250 sq ft - but if most of your time is to be spent outside, then that should not matter. The rooms are clean, eco-friendly, and the beds are SUPER comfy! I wanted to take the entire bed, blankets, and pillows home.

i would definitely stay here again and recommend everyone to stay here. The nightly rate prices are better than most I saw online and for what we got was worth it. Also there is a really good fusion Japanese restaurant located in the hotel called Red fin Sushi that is great for meeting with friends and happy hour. Even the hotel lobby is a cool spot to hang out in.

10/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
275. Olga F.
Quaint is perfect word to describe Max. I booked this hotel together with my plane ticket and the overall price seemed to be lower than any other hotel in the center of Seattle.

I'd like to give Kudos to the hotel staff who were probably the nicest people I've ever met (I should probably note here that I'm from New York). Upon my arrival, the person at the front desk, quickly deducing that I'm a tourist, provided me with a detailed map of Seattle and circled all major sites to visit and where they make the best chowder. He also noted that I was traveling with a friend and upgraded us for free to a room with 2 queen size beds - something that cost about $100 more when I was booking the trip.

The hotel decor is gorgeous! And not only in the lobby - the 'lavishness' continues to all floors, which have rocking posters on all its doors and dim lighting to set the mood. Yes, the rooms are tiny and the shower is claustrophobic but the plush beds and the exquisite decor of the room more than makes up for all the deficiencies.

Things to note: a Greyhound station is block away, about 15 minute walk to the Space Needle and the Pike Place Market.

All in all, a perfect lodging for a Seattle vacation!

31/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
276. Elvimarie M.
Location was cool. Not impressed with the rooms. SUPER tiny! The bathroom was also small & the shower was dirty. Sorry I don't want to see someone else's pubic hair when I first use the shower. I only came upon Hotel Max after staying at their sister hotel in Portland (Hotel Lucia). I was so pleased and impressed with that hotel so I figured that hotel max would compare. Not at all! Checking in the girls at desk was rude, not a pleasant welcome at all. Day staff was more friendlier though. Anyhow, I couldn't stay much longer and for the same price I found Hotel 1000 at their sale price and was much happier there.

17/10/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
277. Julie D.
Love Love Love this hotel.  My fiancé and I stayed for the night and had a wonderful time.  Its a quaint, hip boutique style hotel that is perfectly located for a lot of fun and wandering.  

I would love to know the brand of the bedding (the comforter mostly) since it was very comfy... not too hot, not too cold.  I could use a set at home ;)

06/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
278. Amy M.
We stayed here while apartment searching and found the location to be great. Cool decor and very comfortable rooms. Extra kudos for having Aveda shampoo/conditioner.

Fantastic and friendly customer service. When we mentioned we were searching for apartments the woman at the front desk said she was familiar with the area and would get info for a few specific places. I was so impressed with that!

Parking was pricey but overall I would definitely stay here again.

08/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
279. Heidi M.
I've stayed here a few times and have mixed feelings about the hotel.  The staff has always been incredibly helpful and friendly for me, the location is great, and who doesn't like late-night sushi room service?!

But the rooms are incredibly tiny, and the layout is rather odd.  It can be difficult to move about the room with two occupants.  They've not been as clean as I'd like (hairs on the sheets & in the shower), and the price is a fairly poor value compared to other options in the area.

10/01/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
280. Greg A.
Staff was very friendly and helpful.
Location is great.
However, room was very small and bathroom was even smaller.
Bathroom the size on an airplane with shower the size uf small phone booth.
After $250+ room they nickel and dime you, Wifi is $9/night and parking is $33

13/06/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
281. Kelley C.
We loved it! The staff was helpful, responsive, and they SMILED! (very rare in the service industry these days unfortunately) There was a small problem with our room smelling like the fire-grilled food cooking below (brand-spanking new restaurant still ironing out problems with the exhaust fan) but we were swiftly moved (& upgraded!) to a new room and everything else went along swimmingly! I thought it was located in the BEST spot in town for the price and quality. We would MOST CERTAINLY stay with Hotel Max again!

16/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
282. Kayley N.
I'm a petite girl so Hotel Max was perfect for little ol' me. The shower especially.

Upon first walking in, the first word that comes to mind is "red." The lobby is all red and it's fabulous. So not like a Hilton or Hampton Inn.  My husband and I stepped into the elevator after checking in and were instantly reminded of hotels we've stayed at in Europe. Rather quaint.

Our room was lovely! I am a huge fan of the orange bedspread (reminds me of my beloved Cowboys from Oklahoma State) and the Aveda products. Because of my military rate, I also got a voucher for a free breakfast every morning. Can I get a Hooah?

What I loved most about the place was its location. It's such an easy walk to Pikes Place Market and all the lovely eateries.  If you forgot something and need an excuse to shop (like I always do), Pacific Center is right around the corner. Love it!

Hotel Max is a wonderful place to stay while visiting Seattle. It's artsy, quirky charm is addictive. Uber-soft pillows help too.

12/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
283. Andrew J.
Hotel Max was my first stop on a recent trip to Seattle, my first time in the Pacific Northwest.

The hotel has a super convenient downtown location, just two blocks from the Westlake light rail station that takes you directly to the airport or Amtrak station for just $2.

The property is pretty hip, arty and quirky too as most boutique hotels tend to be (very small bathrooms), but newly renovated, clean and comfortable.

All the sights of Seattle are within walking distance and there is a good Japanese restaurant (Red Fin) in the lobby with great happy hours.

Hotel Max is a stylish alternative to the other  big chain hotels and the service was just fine.  I would stay there again any time.

03/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
284. Mike D.
What you get: a clean room, great location and a reasonable rate.  The staff is also very well trained.  This hotel is cool, hipster cool.  The hallways and doors are papered with portraits of famous people.  The in room amenities are a bit unique, quite clever actually.  The rooms have everything you need for a productive stay, including free wifi but you may have to go out into the hall to turn around.  I would be comfortable booking again.

31/08/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
285. Brett J.
I've stayed here maybe 10 times over the past 6+ years.  

The positives.  Price, comfortable bed, variety of....  snacks, pillows, religious books, magazines...It's also clean and right in the heart of midtown which means there are a lot of options with in walking distance plus cabs are plentiful and being in the middle of everything means you're not going to break the bank if you hire one.

The negatives.  

- SCRATCHY TOWELS.  Seriously?  WTF!  You stock aveda products which I think suggests you want the bathing experience to be a pleasurable one and then you over launder your towels to a point just shy of sandpaper?   SAD.  So Sad.  

- A seriously lacking late night / room service menu.

- cramped chaotic elevators at check in / check out as the cattle try to get to their location... tripping over staff trying to clean the rooms before and after guests arrive with carts blocking hallways and also clogging up the elevators with linen bins/etc.  

- pay to use wifi (i guess that's fairly standard now.)  unless you find one of their super secret links.  lesson learned, follow them on twitter.  exorbitant parking. also pretty standard with hotels these days.    Gave the money to orange cab instead.  suckers.  haha. I totally showed them.

I'd still selectively recommend this hotel to others... but it would depend on the person / their level of expectations/etc.

19/02/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
286. Cynthia C.
Not the most luxurious hotel, but well situated and kind of hip:

-Modern design in lobby
-RED walls, slightly creepy
-SUPER narrow shower stalls
-Linens are done w/fabric softener, they didn't smell like BLEACH!
-HUGE LG flatscreen
-NO full length mirror, but there is one by the elevators
-Appreciated the high security elevators, need to swipe card for ANY floor
-Wanted to use the stairwell to burn some extra cals, but stops at the 2nd flr.
-Aveda products, blah.
-Pretty comfty bed

Good enough, I would stay here again.

30/08/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
287. Melissa P.
Hotel Max is a beautiful building with very chic interiors. The photography on the room doors is visually stunning, and the lobby is inviting. The faux vision chart on the window at the end of the hall was a nice touch, too. I enjoyed my night there, and would stay there again if ever in the downtown Seattle area. The bathroom had a tub, which is always a plus, and you are a quick drive/walk (if you can handle the weather) from lots of shops and restaurants. Free wi-fi for guests and valet parking, too.

16/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
288. Tracey L.
Hotel Max is an excellent downtown Seattle hotel for business travelers who want a hip, centrally-located boutique hotel with a price that will please the CFO. Rooms are clean and well-decorated, bathrooms stocked with high-end shampoo, conditioner etc and staff is very professional and attentive. The b&w photography on every room door is a welcome surprise and something you certainly won't find at the Hilton!

18/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
289. Anna V.
I initially chose this hotel because it was affordable and close to the convention center (and everywhere else I was going).  When I got there, I was pleased to find a friendly staff, and that the hotel was in a historic building (I'm a geek that way).

I was increasingly disappointed, however, the longer I stayed there.  The rooms are small and loud (a feature of the traffic in the area). There are no hairdryers in the bathrooms(?!).  And they blew my wake up call twice.  The second time I had wised up and set a backup, but still -- there is no excuse for a hotel to miss a wake up call once, much less twice in a row.  Needless to say, I won't be staying here again.

24/07/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
290. Joshua R.
The Front desk lacks customer service, I'm Daria's biggest fan...I just don't want her checking me into my hotel room.

The Decor is cool...I stayed in a King room, quite fantastic.

Improve your customer service skills and you'd be perfect.

12/06/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
291. Jessica N.
Hotel is nice and updated.  Location is great to pikes place and other fun restaurants.  Close taxi ride to Safeco field and the train station.  Only negative is the rooms are very very small.  I'm a small person and could barley fit into it.

13/06/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
292. Deston N.
I like the concept, as I love its sister hotels Lucia and DeLuxe in Portland. This one was just too dark, cramped and pricey for the room size, which can feel almost closet like. The dresser is covered in sundries that cost an arm and a leg to purchase, instead of providing more space for your stuff. Thankfully there was free wifi, but that's all your going to get.

Noisy neighbors (out of the hotel's control) didn't make for a fun night either, but the bed was very comfortable. The Red Fin restaurant in the lobby serves an outstanding breakfast. Five stars there. Because the hotel prices its rooms the same as other hotels in the area, I'd probably stay somewhere else next time.

23/06/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
293. Diana I.
Definitely not your average hotel. Hotel Max is definitely one of the most modern hotels I've ever stayed in. Their bright red front desk in the lobby to the strange black and white pictures on the doors of each room, to the modern furniture in each room... it was actually borderline eerie at times. But they do have some cool things! They have a pillow menu where you can request what kind of pillow you want! Like a really soft fluffy one or a really hard one. They also have a spiritual reading menu with different books according to your religion. Very unique!

It's also in a very optimal location because it's in the middle of downtown, within walking distance to many of the department stores, Starbucks, Pike Place market, drugstores, as well as a lot of the delicious Tom Douglas restaurants nearby! There's also Red Fin, a sushi restaurant right next door with a good happy hour. We rarely had to drive out!

My only complaint was that there's no free wifi. You have to pay for it nightly. And the walls are SUPER thin... :T

24/08/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
294. Cassandra D.
Yes, the rooms are small. Yes, under the coolness lies an old rocker whose partying days show a bit in the sagging caulk and slight warped turntable in our room. But, we loved it!!! We stayed on the 5th floor which is Sub Pop floor. As a former flannel wearing grunge girl I was heaven. Every night and every morning, I stared down a hallway of the rock gods of my twenties on the doors of every room.  The staff was fantastic and helped us with everything from airport transportation, catching the sound to the mariners game, places to eat etc... Ordered room service and it was very good, stopped at the bar and had wine sent up to the room which was nice. Beds were very comfortable and there was plenty of hot water and good pressure no matter what time of day it was. Location was great and if you stay during the week eat at the US courthouse cafe across the street. Great food and very reasonable.

26/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
295. Daniel J.
I stayed here for the AWP conference, and will absolutely be staying here again, should I return to Seattle. This place is just cool as heck. Maybe the style goes over-the-top for some people, but I greatly prefer this style to the super-posh, hyper-prestige type of scene at the brand name hotels. I mean, Max gives you a free pint of beer every day! What beats that?

The rooms are small (especially the single) but this did not bother me at all. It had all the space I needed to be comfortable, and anyway, the prime location makes it silly to stay in your room for too long. Get out and see the city--pretty much everything in the downtown is within easy walking distance.

Add in a super-friendly, very helpful staff (they give you a phone # that you can text, 24/7, if you ever need directions, a cab, or a food recommendation) and a hip bar on the ground floor, and you can't ask for much more. The price is right, too--it was $40/night cheaper than most of the nearby competition.

14/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
296. Claudia R.
Oh Hotel Max, I love you!

Your beds are SO comfy
You are SO conveniently located to everything
Your staff is SUPER helpful
You have free gumballs in the lobby
You have free Wifi

And I don't care if your bathrooms are tiny.  I didn't come to Seattle to lounge in the whiz palace.

20/02/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
297. Sharon K.
First of all, Yelp offers a 15% discount if reviews are made through the site, which we did, happily. This hotel is very visual, urban, and modern in decor. Checking in was a breeze- we were early, so they kindly checked our bags in for us and off we went. Everyone was super friendly and nice in the check in area.

I'm kind of picky about the hotels I stay in, and Hotel Max was absolutely fine, visually appealing and clean. The corner room we had on the 7th floor faced the Space Needle, which was fun-- the room itself is on the small side, but not tiny, just small (I'm used to NYC tiny).

Great pillows, and they offer a pillow menu. Ice machine on floor above and floor below.  Bathroom decent, with a bathtub, hair dryer, etc.

Moderate prices and good location. I'd recommend!

04/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
298. Elle S.
This review will concentrate on my use of Hotel Max as a conference attendee. We used the Sidebar room for a small conference. For this purpose the hotel was just right. The lobby was super small but comfortable enough. My chief reason for not ever using them again is the extremely LOUD music that they blare throughout the lobby and general use areas. Even with a very heavy conference room door, I could hardly hear the educator at the other end of the conference table. WHY is this so loud? Pure entertainment for the staff. There is no other reason. They get bored you know?

11/03/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
299. Thomas K.
This hotel has a fantastic location right in the heart of Downtown Seattle. The hotel staff was super friendly including everyone from the valet to the housekeeping staff. The hotel was also very clean.

The downfall was the TINY room sizes. It was very difficult to function for almost a week with two people in this small of a room. We were constantly tripping over suitcases and there was just nowhere to go. We also had a noise problem with the room next door. They were up all night but even just talking at a normal tone of voice you could hear every word they were saying so I guess the walls were just really thin. Not really the hotel's fault but still affected our stay. There is also nowhere to just get a snack or drink. No vending machines or anything besides the minibar which is always overpriced.

Overall a nice stay in seattle. Clean and friendly. More space would have been nice though.

15/04/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
300. Edmond L.
Hotel Max was great, an awesome downtown location and the perfect place to crash for younger crowds looking for a contemporary place.  Literally walking distance from everything downtown.  The only thing holding me back from giving 5 stars is the price.

What we booked;
Solo artist suite, 4 nights ~$190/night

The first impression that you get is that the room is tiny, but cozy.  Between the bed, desk, and walls, there is very little walking room.  All the furniture and  amenities are new and comfortable.  The queen bed was super soft and the flat screen  Tv was great.  The bathroom, however, was a little lacking, a tiny half bathroom (toilet and sink) that made it difficult to move around with the door closed.  Not recommended for those who are easily claustrophobic.  The shower was unlike anything I have ever seen before: a door that directly leads a small standing shower.  I would have been more comfortable if the shower was a little cleaner, but that could just be me being OCD when I see the tiniest bit of mold and mildew between the grout.

The great thing about our stay was the service from the concierge.  When I asked a lady for a knife which they did not have, she sprinted out the door to the nearest market and grabbed me a plastic knife.   Very appreciative.

Overall, the location and service could not have been better.  I could see those who are more conservative being a little uncomfortable by the contemporary and borderline scandalous decorations, but we enjoyed it.  For the price we payed, we expected a little more space and a larger bathroom.  Stay here for short stays in downtown if you can find a discounted rate.

21/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
301. Dana M.
The stay in this hotel was great!  I found them through Hotels.com and got a decent rate on a one night stay in the city.  Location of hotel is right downtown, near shopping, bars, restaurants, and within walking distance to both the Space Needle and Pike Place.  Service was excellent and room was modern and clean.  Overall a very nice, unique stay with Hotel Max!

31/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
302. D M.
Took a spur of the moment drive to Seattle and decided to stay overnight. Found a great deal to stay here and couldn't have been happier.

The staff was great from.p front desk, to valet, even to the GENERAL MANAGER KEVIN (total hottie by the way) who was serving free beer to guests in the lobby.

Sure the room was small but how much room do you really need in a hotel when you travel? Don't you pretty much have a room to sleep in and visit during the rest of the day? And bathroom was small but we were okay with it. If you're expecting to take a bath, this place isn't for you.

Again I don't get why people want all that huge space when they travel. All we cared for was a bed that was comfortable.

And my favorite part was the text conceriege. I've stayed at many hotels and it was always a hassle waiting for someone to pick up for a simple answer.
I highly recommend.

06/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
303. Miako R.
Great place~ Retro feeling with modern touch~! Room is too small bath room is too small as well. Air sound too loud~!

13/05/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
304. Carisa N.
I stayed here in April when I came to visit my brother and wanted to be close to downtown and semi-close to Capitol Hill since I was vacationing without a car! I got a great rate, my room was excellent and wasn't small compared to other horror stories I had seen on here! I booked a queen room- well, I guess I lucked out, I got a queen sized bed in a king sized room with a huge bathroom, bathtub included! Hotel wasn't noisy at all, except for the few drunks who couldn't figure out the elevator key~ hey, I think it happens to everyone there. I had a corner room, I would definitely recommend the hotel to my friends, just not sure about the parents! Oh, and who can resist TopPot Donuts in walking distance?

07/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
305. Sarah L.
STOLEN IPAD! DO NOT STAY HERE! Stayed here this summer and left my ipad in the room. I quickly called the hotel once I realized my mistake and after 4 un-returned calls to various housekeeping and management personell over the course of a week, my ipad was alerted me that it was in a parking lot nearby the hotel attempting to use the internet. A total loss for which I received no apologies or compensation. I would never, ever stay here again. Earlier in my trip I stayed at Hotel Five and received prompt and thoughtful service at every turn.

24/02/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
306. Dawn R.
We had a great stay at Hotel Max. It is in a great location and the beds are comfortable.  They also have Wallter/Fold bedding (which is a great company made in the USA). BONUS!  The staff was super friendly. The room was kind of small and the shower was in a closet-- which was a bit strange.  Each floor has a  theme- we were on the music floor which had great graphics of concerts on the doors.
Overall- a good place to stay when in Seattle.  The wifi is paid- but they gave it to us for free.

09/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
307. Shaun H.
My story hotel Max begins like this, we were headed up to Seattle on a last-minute trip for Pearl Jam and we are welcomed with the utmost warm experience walking into the hotel than ever experienced in my long life of travel. We are welcome to the front desk with an old historical story of Pearl Jam how amazing to start off the night.

My wife is called earlier in the day and said were huge Pearl Jam fans were excited to stay in the hotel last-minute booking what can you do for us they went all the way upstairs to go look for the right Pearl Jam door on their themed floors which is awesome and we are welcome to the hotel like we are rock stars

We were greeted with a six pack of beer from Sub Pop and a patch a nice handwritten letter and we were given an extreme warm welcome to the Pearl Jam night we're about to experience and is one of the best hotels in Seattle we could experience it in.

My favorite part is that we can listen to records in the room will having a nice view of the city and being in a comfortable environment where we were welcome to the lobby with free beers good crowds and amazing people that were just chilling and I was just having a good time workers and regular folks.

I highly recommend if you're visiting Seattle check out the spot,  it's historical it's cool it's very boutique and it was a good time for my wife and I to have such an amazing experience for when we are experiencing Pearl Jam in town on a last-minute reservation and/or just a trip in the city this is one of the best hotels that exists the Northwest.

I love this hotel everything about it - what an amazing night come to Seattle. I am sometimes a hotel snob but this place is one of my favorite hotels of all time - thanks for the music thanks for the memories - thanks for the great experience.

13/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
308. Heather O.
Gosh, I had a great experience. I was OVER the moon with my visit. My Seattle Divas referred me to this gem, and I'm so glad they did. Great room ... I loved the older room feel, with a modern twist. My room was extremely clean. One catch, be mindful if you have a step in your room to the bathroom - at night, we can't read signs, so good thing to note. The bar downstairs, fun. The happy hour - a hoot. Loved, the manager out talking to guests. Great and cool atmosphere, loved my room, and loved the staff even more (bell hop, front desk, manager = all were personable, hilarious, fun, and brought their awesome game). This is how it is done with great customer service.

04/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
309. Jeannine S.
I booked on hotels.com , so I am not sure if that's why we got the worst room ever, but it was gold medal awful. For the price I expected much more, the pictures online are very deceiving. The hotel is old, and was obviously extensively remodeled to be hip and modern, but they put style way before comfort and it shows. The room was so small we could barely maneuver the luggage in it. There were no outlets near the nightstands, so electronics had to be charged completely out of reach. The bed was hard, and the fitted sheet wasn't fitted and wouldn't stay on the bed. The windows faced a brick wall with a ladder on it and some huge vents. I felt like I was in a sad cave. We could hear other rooms conversations echoing off the wall into our room, even with the window closed and the fan on. The bathroom was so awkwardly set up, the toilet was under shelf that ran the length of the mirror so you had to sit at an angle on the toilet. There was no bathtub, just an extremely tiny shower that I could barely move around in without the shower curtain sticking to me. The sink was tiny and water splashed back at you if you didn't turn it on very carefully. The light switches for the bathroom are located on the outside wall on the side that the door opens to, so it's a huge pain to find them, and the closet door opens into the bathroom door.

When I was leaving one morning, I ran into one of the housekeeping staff in the hallway and said good morning to her, asked her how she was doing, and she started telling me all about how her back hurt and they didn't care if her back hurt or not, she had to get these rooms clean, and that they stole her tips too. I had no idea how to react to that one...I felt bad for her, but what was I supposed to do or say? So awkward.

On the pro side, the front desk staff and the valet was very nice. I didn't use room service or housekeeping so I can't speak to that. I didn't visit the bar, but it looked nice. Maybe that's the main draw? The location is good, a couple of blocks to the convention center and Pike St.

01/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
310. mad m.
The staff is terrific.   The decor is fun. The hotel loses a couple stars from me because (considering the price per night) the bathroom is so small it's uncomfortable. It's barely standing room only - you could use the toilet, sink, and shower all at the same time.  The shower about the size you would expect in an RV.

20/06/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
311. Nicole T.
Visited Seattle for spring break! ( of all places right? )

I booked with Expedia and got a really good discounted rate.
This hotel was about 5-10 minutes walking distance from Pike's Place Market.
Starbucks was right around the corner too (Well it was literally in every corner anyway)
I love the interior and the bed was really cozy. The only downside is that the room was really cramped. The shower is also separated from the toilet/sink, and I find that a little odd. They also have a pillow menu and free gym access :) I would recommend this for couples or for those who are used to dorm-like spaces.

p.s. Try the Sushi Restaurant next to them! BOMB food :P

04/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
312. Robin W.
Horrible. Tv' channels not working hotel-wide so they made movies complimentary. I had a free half hour and wanted to watch news. The antique window a/c unit was the heat supply; no thermostat so my choice was too hot with it on, or too cold. Broken door latch (had one working one), dead outlet in bathroom so I used hairdryer in bedroom. Good front desk service. But I'll never return.

20/11/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
313. Robin B.
I really don't get some of the complaints about small rooms at Hotel Max. I recently stayed there and went into the experience expecting the worse, but ended up with a room that was larger than some of the reviews had me believing. There was plenty of space for things like luggage and clothes (yes, the room does have a closet) and moving around the room was not an issue. It was perfectly comfortable. The only correct thing I read about, though, was the small shower. However, if you've ever visited Europe, you've probably seen this before. It's typical in older buildings. This, though, was also a non-issue with me.

What really makes Hotel Max special, though, is the level of service given to its visitors. Although I booked the hotel through Hotwire and not through the hotel's own special rate for free wi-fi, I still received free wi-fi during my stay. The wi-fi was also good, unlike many hotels. I successfully streamed several television shows from Hulu while there.

I was on the 3rd floor, and yes, there was street noise. Hello! You're in the city! However, I used the a/c unit, which wasn't as noisy as previously claimed, but adequately drowned out traffic. I tend to be a light sleeper and I slept very well during my stay.

The elevators - Again, I'm confused as to why some reviewers complain about waiting for the elevators. I never had to wait more than a few minutes.

The location is also superb. You're only about 5-10 minutes away from Pike Place Market and a few blocks away from the Westlake area, which connects you to the rest of the area via Light Link or to Seattle Center (and the Space Needle) via Monorail. There are also plenty of great dining options around (if you don't fill up at the market, like I did) and there is also a coffee shop on every corner.

29/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
314. Brittany G.
I just finished a week at Hotel Max, and this review is super complicated. First, the staff is actually really great. Super nice. And the location was really good.

Okay those are the two nice things about this hotel.

1. There is currently no restaurant or beverage machines, so what this means is, unless you enjoy paying $6 for a can of pop or water from the desktop minibar, you are on a Gandhi like fast until you locate a store to stock up, and even then, no in-room fridge. So enjoy that store bought room temperature soda, y'all!

2. The rooms are really small. Like, really. They are cute and everything, nice decor, but tiny. The closet door couldn't even open all the way it was so tight. And the bathroom? To put it in perspective, there is no counter, unless you count the toilet lid, and they couldn't even fit the light switches in there. The light switches are in the hallway. The shower was actually the best part. Like an upright coffin that is so small, the wet curtain clings to your body. I've never felt cleaner.

3. If you forget your razor or toothbrush, no worries, the hotel totally has those. They are $15-20 each.

27/09/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
315. Samantha S.
I stayed at Hotel Max July 2014 for my 25th wedding anniversary. My husband and I love the place. The staff is warm and friendly all the way from management to housekeeping. I had told them that it was our anniversary and they sent up complimentary champagne to our room! The bed was heavenly-great mattress and luxurious bed linens! You are steps away from the sights and incredible public transportation (train, trolley and monorail).  So what if the elevator is small! This is a beautifully appointed and charming vintage building. If you need help with directions or where to buy something, just ask the staff. We asked them stuff everyday and they always came through with great info and then some!!  I wouldn't stay anywhere else. A trip to Seattle just wouldn't be the same without staying at Hotel Max!!

24/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
316. Fabrizio G.
Great hotel in the perfect location. I took the lite rail from the airport to the hotel. Only took 30 minutes by rail and ends at the Westlake stop which is where we needed to get off at. The hotel was only two blocks from the train station so easy walking distance . No need to rent a car in Seattle as   Everything is practically walking distance. If you can walk there is plenty of transportation but try to avoid renting a car since parking everywhere is so expensive. So we arrived to the hotel around 9 and we asked if we could check in early. I was expecting to have to wait till normal heck in time but to my surprise our room was available. Melissa was very informative as were to eat and what to see in the city. The hotel offered free beer from 5:30-6:40 which was really cool. The rooms were small which I expected because most hotels have small rooms in the city. But the rooms were clean and the beds were support comfortable. They have a restaurant next door called Millers Guild and that they serve pretty told food. Have nothing but positive things to day about this hotel and I would stay here again.

16/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
317. Raelene P.
Love the style of the hotel. Great location downtown to all the shopping and touristy things to do. The room itself is for sure small if you get the standard queen bedroom but the room had a great modern feel it was CLEAN!!! The towels were great! The bed nice soft and firm. The customer service was amazing! When I'm back on Seattle I will be staying at the Max!

30/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
318. Donna P.
Hotel Max has the best atmosphere. We spent 3 nights here and staff made us feel comfortable and welcomed. The happy hour beer keg was a nice touch. Our room was small but it reminded us of living on a boat. Everything was compact but well planed. We stayed on the rock and roll floor. I love the artwork that is featured everywhere. Most definitely will stay here anytime we come to Seattle.

04/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
319. Brandy C.

but the environment is mehhhh.....
My mom and I are petite size, but we barely can fit in the shower.  Seriously, super tiny room with pretty design.  If you go for design, then yes Hotel Max.  If you look for comfortable resting area, then NOPE!  

Also, you can hear the noise from other room.  (Booooo!!!!  I don't like that.)

05/04/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
320. Jolene R.
There was alot of good AND bad.
Ill start with the bad ...

Window wouldnt shut, had to use towels to line the edge to keep the breeze out.
Because the window wouldnt shut, we had to keep the heater on all night.  Wouldnt be such a big deal if it wasnt a ancient, stuck in the window, louder than a helicopter model.  Couldnt hear the tv.  Not that hearing the tv really mattered, because we couldnt see it anyway.  Static.  When it did come in, thought we would purchase a movie and watch it on volume 80.  After much considersation on our 17.99 in room movie experience, SOLD OUT.  Yes, a movie that is stored somewhere is space, not even really an actual, tangible piece of anything, was sold out.  So was our 2nd and 3rd choice.  
No movie.  Thought we would watch a movie on our iPad, no such luck.  Have to pay for WIFI.  
Still we had eachother, in our small, cold, yet tastefully decorated room.  

Here are the pros.

Red Fin Sushi.  
Cool decor
Comfy beds
Red Fin Sushi (LOVE)

A few things that would be nice to change:

Somehow, add some counter space in the bathroom, there is nothing.
Also, the shower curtain is grotesquely too long and much too close to the toilet.  (Boys splash)

They are doing the best they can with the space they have, I understand.  Its an old building.  
Its clean and it has a really great sushi place in the lobby.

18/02/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
321. J S.
I stayed here for five nights in June '13 and my experience was a mixed bag. But that bag was filled with mostly loud, smelly, things. On the plus side, the staff members were friendly and helpful. It's also a fantastic location, very close to the water and convention center, and is cheaper than other hotels in the area. I stayed there because it wasn't on the bed bugs registry.

Now for the complaints.

There are no quiet rooms at this hotel. It's surrounded by busy, loud streets with and heavy-use bus lanes. The windows are single-paned and don't close tightly, so it sounded like I was at street-level. I also heard my neighbor coughing, not to mention hearing bass music/TV throughout the night. The old window air conditioner helped mask the noise.

During my stay I began to think of the hotel as the "surprise smells hotel." The lobby has an odd musky funk to it. With my window cracked I could smell cigarette smoke (I doubt it was from the street, since I was on the 6th floor). That vintage window air conditioner (with no thermostat) that was go good at masking bus noise pumped out a sour, mushroom-ey odor. This led to a nightly sophie's choice: nasty smell or noisy room?

The room itself was small but manageable. However, thank goodness I am a petite person, because otherwise I'm not sure how I'd fit in that tiny shower. The bed was comfortable, but the chair was horribly uncomfortable. There were some deferred maintenance issues going on, but overall the room was fairly well kept and clean.

In sum: It wasn't bad enough to run screaming into the arms of the more-expensive hotels nearby. But I won't go back.

26/06/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
322. cg c.
There is so much right about this hotel that the wrongs (which are pretty big) are still overcome.

Wrongs first...  Not sure what any previous hotel here was like but what the heck did HM do with the closets?  We were put in one room first and I was shocked by the closet.  Truly it is not even that. All the hangers are hung on a diagonal as the depth of the closet is about 12 inches. Honestly. I am not kidding. It was really more a display case for the robes and ironing board. We hung a couple of light jackets, and that maxed out the space.

The first room was king room, and the bed pretty much took up all the space in the room. There was not enough room to put our second suitcase ANYWHERE!  So we asked to be moved. No problem. But we would have to wait until the next night. Ugh. We were on the sixth floor and our window faced the side of a large hotel on the next street. Well that hotel's hallway had a very bright light that was quite disturbing to our sleep.

Our second room was on 10th floor. It was quite nice. Still quite small but that was ok. And though we were not on the side of hotel that had a view of the Space Needle we were happy enough. The shower was in a separate room from the toilet/wash basin. That was strange but whatever. And there was still a strange "closet". I have traveled in Europe so I have been in small rooms before but I honestly have never seen anything like these closets.

What was right?  The people!!!!!  From the terrific young men manning the valet area (who remembered us and asked if we needed any help with directions etc every time we left the hotel) to the front desk, the staff was superlative. I have to mention that the hotel is totally artsy and has a clientele that struck me as either cool hipsters or cool corporate travelers. We were neither. Just some traveling retirees. But that made no difference in our treatment. And that is not something you find everywhere. Honestly. Ageism does exist. But the staff at HM minded their manners and respected their elders. Props!

Also, can't beat the location. We were close to all the sites in town or we were close to the public transportation that could take us to them. Next, the bed was comfy comfy comfy. I still miss it. Plus the decor was high end. With lots of intriguing artwork. Lastly, the price can't be beat.

So stay at Hotel Max next time you travel to Seattle. Just remember to pack lightly!

PS:  We had no problems with noise whether from outside or other rooms. And no odor issues. So I can't address those issues that others seem to have.

14/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
323. Mei F.
Enjoyed my week-long stay here.  Didn't bother with the restaurant (there's plenty nearby), but the bed was comfy, the room's about what I would expect for the price, you can't beat the location and the whole place is awesomely, impossibly hip.

Unfortunately, I left one Target dress and one Kohl's blouse in the closet, which is of adequate size, except apparently it opens into Narnia, because I emailed the same day we checked out and the items had "disappeared".  They were not expensive things, but they were my favorites; management was responsive, but I'm really not sure what to make of the situation.  I'm sad.

So... stay here, but watch out for the favorite-dress-eating closet!  :P

04/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
324. Bert P.
Yes, yes I get it, it's cool. But this was obviously a flophouse at some point that they dressed up nicely. The miniature sized rooms aren't particularly sexy with window AC units. Also, never trust a room that comes with earplugs. I can't imagine being two people staying in a standard room here. It's cool, yes, but not my favorite hipstery hotel I've ever been to. Can't beat the location tho.

07/08/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
325. Jenn B.
We really enjoyed our stay here. The room was clean, tidy, and trendy. But small. Really small. The room was big enough for the king-sized bed that was in it, but there was also tons of other furniture taking up all the extra space, so there was not enough room for all our luggage to be out all at once. One entire wall was taken up by this credenza/desk combo and two extra chairs (an office chair and cushioned ottoman thing) that we never used. The TV could have been mounted on the wall to save space, but instead they chose to put it on this bulky credenza thing. If our stay had been any longer than the two nights it was, the space would have definitely become an issue.

But other than the space issue, the hotel was very nice. It had everything we needed and then some - plus it was super stylish. The color scheme of grays, blacks, hot pinks, and oranges was very chic. The location was absolutely ideal - walking distance from Seattle Center and the waterfront. We barely had to pay for transportation the whole time we were in Seattle.

We feel like we got an excellent hotel and a great deal for the amount of money that we paid. It was a truly great experience!

22/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
326. John B.
Great location, I walked all over the city and loved it. Nice staff. Clean but small rooms (at least the 1 BR). Gym is decent, new cardio equipment with TV's and enough free weights for most gym rats. There was a ball and two mats as well. There is a water machine with cold water so I filled my bottle up all the time.

The biggest gripe I had with the room was the setup of the bathroom. The sink was directly under a small glass shelf that prevented me from leaning over the sink for various bathroom activities: washing face, shaving, etc.

The rooms are not centrally cooled, so if you want heat or A/C, it runs continuously and isn't the quietest either. I used it to drown out any city noise as I enjoyed one of the four different pillows.

The elevator does seem a little slow but that's not too big a deal. I really would have liked to use the stairs but this is the first hotel I have used where the stairs to the lobby are for emergency use only. Not sure if this is some kind of homeless prevention measure (like all the bathrooms with keycodes at public restaurants and businesses), but I felt really lazy taking the elevator for 3 floors. You also need your roomcard to use the elevator. I'm fine with that.

I loved all the art and especially the full length images on every door. Why don't more hotels try to use actual art to decorate instead of abysmal Thomas Kincadesque  "art" or other boring vanilla prints? Heck, I am sure that local artists would kill to have that kind of exposure. Sounds like a business in the making.... You heard it here first.

I know that my colleague brought their dog and enjoyed having this option. I heard no animals barking or making noise throughout my week long stay. Thank God.

Red Fin, the attached restaurant, was nice and worth eating a meal at or meeting someone for drinks.

WiFi worked well, about average for a hotel. I did have to often reenter the username and password at least on my phone. My computer did not lose the authentication maybe but once or twice.

The place is definitely more swanky of a hotel than I am used to, but for the length of time I spent there (1 week) it was a treat to myself. Glad that work payed for it, ha ha.

30/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
327. t s.
Very inconvenient. Luggage carts don't fit in elevators, traffic from other guests makes it impossible to even get an elevator for upwards of twenty minutes.. Lobby has drug fried home less people in it who are confrontational. Staff refused to kick out a crazy homeless woman who was harassing me. The valet boy was scared of her. Also, the price you pay for the size of the rooms is laughable. I live in New York and have seen many small apts/hotels, and this was insanely cramped. The bathroom can not accommodate two people in there at once. Sinks hold less than a gallon of water. My tub wouldn't drain at all so at the end of every shower I was knee deep in water. Terrible stressful experience. Not relaxing comfortable or accommodating.

09/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
328. Krista E.
Really great customer service, professional staff and perfect location near the Paramount. Yes, the bathroom was small but that didn't bother us... I figured with a boutique hotel in an old building it was to be expected.

The lobby smells really nice. Don't know what it is (hidden air freshener? cleaning supplies?) but it was a pleasant touch.

17/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
329. Ed D.
I loved this hotel. If we ever come back, we'll stay here. I want to say the room we got was good, but a bit small. It was next to the elevator so I think because  I got the room on Priceline.com we were given that room. We had no place to put our luggage and it was missing furniture. Overall we are 99.9% happy with the experience. Everyone was great. We had free beer everyday from 5:30 to 6:30 pm. Melissa was our server and she was AMAZING!!!! She was great! She is a great asset to the hotel! Sean was also friendly. We would highly recommend this hotel to anyone who likes modern art. We'll come back one day.

06/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
330. Joyce V.
This our first trip to Seattle & the drive from Portland with a detour to Mount St. Helens was longer than it should have been.  Traffic was bad & we're from L.A. where traffic is bad.  When we finally arrived in Seattle, The Hotel Max was easy enough to find but parking?  My husband pulled into a passenger loading zone while I ran in.  The hotel clerk said that the hotel had valet parking for $40.00.  Yikes!  The other option was a self park across the street.  We were returning the car in the morning.  The last option suggested was street parking if we could find it & since it was Sunday, it would be free.  The one catch was we'd have to move it by 7:00 am Monday.  A small price to pay for free parking.  Found one right across from the hotel.

The hotel was an old charming building that was remodeled in a cool modern style.  Their Rock 'N Roll claim to fame is that Eddie Vedder slept here in the '90's.  Now to the elevators, enough room for two with two bags.  Once we got to our floor, all of the doors had screen printed images on them.  Very cool.  This is where it goes downhill.  The room is tiny, a bed with just enough room for one person at a time to get around.  The shower felt like a 2' X 2' space & the toilet was in another closet.  Oh well, we figure we're not spending much time in there so deal with it.  The coolest thing was that the T.V. had a Sub Pop music video station which we watched every morning while getting ready for the day.  Sub Pop is the local Seattle record label that signed Nirvana.  For those from L.A., you might hear some of their current artist on KXLU or KCRW.  The location of the hotel was great because of its Downtown location & close proximity to Pikes Place Public Market.  
Price, location, cool factor
Comfort, space, restaurant under construction

07/08/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
331. Jeff G.
Stayed here this past weekend. The location is fantastic!!! The hotel is super cool!!! The staff is AWESOME!!! The beds and pillows were heavenly!!! The free beer is just a plus!!! If life brings me back to Seattle, I will be staying at Hotel Max!!!

16/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
332. Barry W.
*** My third stay at Hotel Max, me likey. ***

Boutique, comfortable and affordable too.

*** A trifecta ... but SEA weather, ugh! ***

24/05/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
333. John P.
OK, stuff here is pretty small, esp the bathroom and the elevator.

Do I care?  Not really.

Central location, affordable and kind enough to provide me with free craft beer around 5:30.

The decoration is pretty nice overall.  Think more hip/minimalist than standard luxury.  I especially liked the paintings on the outside of each door.

While the room is, again, not huge, the rather nice color scheme also meant that it wasn't too depressing to hang out in it, unlike some other budget hotels.

The only real nag I had was that the parking valet was too stretched and it took forever to get my car @ checkout.  And the heater/air cond unit does sound a bit like a jet engine @ take off - I solved that by running it for a while before going to bed and then turning it off.

Overall:  Seattle is an expensive city for hotels, so I am pretty happy to have found this place.

02/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
334. Lauren C.
I thought I had booked a corner room with a view, and boy did I get a view- straight into an office conference room. The other window view was frosted glass (thankfully) because it's view was a roof with a ladder... As in someone could stand on the roof literally next to my window. I enjoy decor and boutique hotels, so the concept of this hotel was executed well in the lobby, but my room was unacceptably small and the bathroom even smaller. I was traveling alone for business and felt cramped for 2 nights- I could not imagine having my significant other stay with me. Perhaps other rooms are larger and have less scary and invasive views. I will say the staff was extremely friendly and helpful, at all times of day and night. Sadly I did not sleep well and will be trying to catch up tonight. They provided earplugs on the nightstand, probably to counteract the garbage trucks that woke me up at 3 in the morning Tuesday night. Not a bad choice for a hotel, just check with the front desk to ensure you get a room appropriate for your needs.

09/10/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
335. Jason H.
I'm in Seattle at a minimum twice a year for Emerald City ComiCon (ECCC) and the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX PRIME).  This was my first time in a few years staying downtown and we chose to stay at Hotel Max because of their excellent proximity to the convention center and the really good Amazon Local Deal.  

The hotel itself is wonderfully modern.  Their customer service and valets were very professional and fast to respond to any questions or concerns.  I knocked off a star because of the cramped bathroom and sleeping area.  The ratio of bed to furniture is a bit off for two people.  The bed itself though was just fine.  Would certainly stay again!

16/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
336. Garrett J.
The hotel is max is nice for a small faux swanky hotel. I stayed there for a few nights prior to moving to the city. The bed is comfy, but fills the ENTIRE room. The reasons I gave it 3 stars was the incredibly slow elevators, which were always filled with hotel employees, and the poor valet service. I would call down 30 min early, tell them when I needed my car, and would have to wait another 20-30 min once I got down and hunted someone down.

17/10/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
337. Elijah F.
The hotel gets three for style and location. Good on both counts. Lost one for staff: only one valet so the car took far too long to retrieve (so really, a management issue) and maids who walk into rooms without knocking at 5pm? Not okay. Lost the other two for...Room size: ultra small. Price: good unless you count the over inflated valet (40 a night after taxes). Overall, it was fine but we won't be back.

06/10/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
338. Holly A.
Great location and staff was helpful. Rooms were very clean. The rooms and bathrooms are very small, the showers are super small. Make sure to shave your legs before you go.

15/11/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
339. Jessica W.
My husband and I decided to pop up to Seattle for just one night, and our usual hotel (The Ace) was fully booked. We decided to give Hotel Max a try and I'm so glad we did.

When we arrived they upgraded us to a Studio King on the 9th floor and it was a fantastic room -- I don't mind the view of the office buildings across the way, it's a city! The room was spacious and full of light and while the bathroom was tiny (think Paris-sized) it didn't matter to us. It was very clean and the bed and linens were very comfortable.

Our room was right across from the ice machine, super close to the elevators, and when we stepped off the elevator we heard a baby crying in the room next to us, so we were a little nervous about noise ... but once the door was shut we could barely hear a thing. They have earplugs on the bed stand just in case and we ran the "fan only" setting on the heater which drowned out the city noise as well. Loved the record player and Sub Pop records in the room and the beer happy hour. It was a nice touch, and it was fun to have a drink in the cozy lobby before venturing out.

I booked through the "cars stay free" package, which added a little to my room cost but saved money overall on the valet parking. We just parked and walked anywhere we needed to go, their location is great. The staff were all very gracious and friendly, in a way that didn't feel forced at all. I feel bad because my husband didn't tip the valet enough. I promise I'll make it up to you next time. We definitely plan to return!

29/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
340. John S.
Scary? Creepy? Uncomfortable? Not words you would normally associate with a hotel that, on the outside, appears to be quite normal.

I checked in at 8. "I am sorry, we have some bad news for you. The rooms were shuffled and your Queen is no longer available. We are putting you in a double. No credit. No "real" apology. Nothing.

I travel to Seattle three times a month on business. I move around to different hotels, typically based on price. I have learned not to go for the low end. This hotel room was BY FAR the creepiest room I have stayed in. BY FAR. The room was tiny ... pretty much room for a double bed, a small beat up nightstand and a desk. The Shower was in one closet (really, in a closet, behind a door). The toilet and sink were in another closet (really, another closet, like behind a door and up a stair).

The window alongside the bed had strips of vinyl over it so you couldn't see out, except through two slits. The air conditioning unit in the window stuck out to the bed. You could actually kick it in the night ... and needless to say, it was loud. Much louder than the snoring guy on the airplane on my trip up. The one I could still hear through my construction-grade earplugs.

The shower was the weirdest part. A solid vinyl curtain let no light in ... and you felt like you were in a closet. Not in a shower. Because you WERE in a closet. Very strange. The toilet had a soft-close lid and the sink was fine. But they were somewhere else, up a wonky step.

Super uncomfortable experience. It's a good thing I was really tired. Went right to bed, got up and got out as quickly as possible.

05/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
341. kevin k.
I already was going to review this hotel but after what just happened I feel compelled to write this now :). First of all, service here is IMPECCABLE. Just got back to the hotel from visiting the space needle and happened to see an employee at the hotel inspecting you room next to ours. I asked her if there was a microwave anywhere and she said yes and that she would take my food to be heated up. I told her it was okay since that seemed like a lot of work for her, but she insisted. Five minutes later she came back with perfectly heated food, two plates, forks and napkins for us. I didn't get her name but I was very impressed. The entire hotel staff is incredibly accommodating. Check in guys will go out of their way to ask you what you're visiting for and give you a map. Bell boy will open the door for you. Hostess will always say hi to you. We are staying in a room right next to the elevator and it seems a bit larger than some of the other rooms. Yes showers and elevators might be small but it's an older hotel which they've done a great job remodeling. Location is PERFECT and within walking distance everywhere and close to the station. Haven't tried the restaurant that is connected to this place yet but it was packed for dinner last night. Craft beer hour with free beer tastings every night! They really pay attention to details here. They have a gumball machine that gives you free gum for your visit to the gum wall. They leave out umbrellas (nice ones too) for you to borrow on a rainy day. The toiletries all have unique smells (lemongrass, yuzu etc). And they give you conditioner and shampoo that actually suds! Anyways, hope this doesn't jinx our stay here but this place rocks. And is much cheaper than a Westin or renaissance or anything of that sort!

19/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
342. leanne s.
Stayed here for a short weekend trip to seattle.

I enjoyed my stay here. The reviews are true about the small space. The room I had no problem with, my main gripe was the bathroom.

I am 5'2" and have short arms, i could touch the bathroom wall to wall from the shower head to the vanity mirror! It is truly cramped, only one person can be in here at a time.

This hotel is perfect for a single person maybe even a couple. I imagine it would be very difficult for a very large person to stay here.

The location is perfect! Close
To everything! And walking distance too.

The service is awesome, so friendly. If you get hungry late at night there is a pizza place that delivers until 4am. Ask the front desk for more info.

I took two stars off for the cramped bathroom.

The amenities were nice too not those cheap kinds.

I think if they removed the bully furniture or rearranged the room it wouldn't feel so cramped

Got my deal thru expedia, excellent deal.

04/04/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
343. dan c.
The Max Hotel has a great location, a great bar with a fantastic bartender, is in a great location, and has a trendy artsy look to it. The hotel appears to be a renovated old hotel and they have done a nice job in the renovation.

Why the 2 stars with all that good you ask? First, it would be difficult for the rooms to be any smaller. They are TINY. The room appeared to be haphazardly cleaned at best with half finished water bottles and left over possessions from the previous guest. The elevator is definitely the smallest elevator I have ever been in and could not be slower if it were operated by hand crank. The shower curtain was thin to the point that it was permeable and each shower resulted in a completely drenched floor. The valet was great for the first day, but upon time for checkout I waited a full half hour for the car to be brought around before I gave up and retrieved it myself. The TV had a remote that was barely functional and the speakers didn't work at all.

All in all, the bad outweigh the good and I don't think I will be staying here again when I return to Seattle.

26/02/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
344. Maria M.
This hotel is great. Dumb people are going to complain and write stupid reviews about small bathrooms and over exaggerate things, but they are stuck up idiots who don't know what they are talking about.  The staff are super friendly. The attractions are in walking distance. The bar is great and the hotel is wonderful!  Very clean, comfortable bed,excellent views, very modern.  If you love music and art this is home for you. Love it here, highly recommend it!

21/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
345. Kaitlyn J.
This review is long overdue.  My husband and I stayed here when we got engaged back in February 2012 (on valentines day!). When we got back to our room after my husband popped the question, there was a card signed by the hotel staff & management as well as a complimentary bottle of champagne to congratulate us! The management and staff here are topnotch! They really took the time to go out of their way to make our engagement night perfect!  

So when we were planning our wedding, we knew we wanted to stay at the same hotel we stayed at when we got engaged for the night before and night of our wedding!  The manager (Travis) was so helpful and so accommodating while my husband and I were trying to figure out how many rooms we needed, how many nights, etc.  My maid of honor and I stayed here the night before the wedding, and got ready in the room on the morning of the big day.  The room was plenty big to accommodate 2 bridesmaids, a bride, 2 hair/makeup artists, and 2 photographers on the morning of our wedding.

The bathroom was small, but it's an old building; it's how buildings were designed back in the 1920's.  On that note, if you're like me and can appreciate the modern elements added to a vintage, historical building in downtown Seattle, I highly recommend checking this place out.  :)

(I'll post pictures that our photographers took inside the hotel lobby & in our room asap!)

25/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
346. Abby W.
My friend and I stayed at this hotel while visiting Seattle for just one night. We loved it. It is unique and has character, I liked it much better than the other more expensive hotels we stayed in on our trip. The staff was great too. They had complimentary beer around 6 PM, and Melissa helped gave us great tips on where to go for dinner and drinks. I had a great experience here and will definitely be back!

12/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
347. Daniel T.
My first night in the Hotel Max was kind of a mess, but this is really a story of great customer service salvaging what might have otherwise been a really lousy experience with this hotel.

My first night was a little rough starting with finding out that the restaurant and 24 hour room service I'd read about during my booking process was not available, as the restaurant was now under a major renovation, followed by the discovery that one of the windows in our room wouldn't close all the way and our bathroom light was shorting out. Unfortunately we weren't able to resolve the issue that first night so we cranked up the heat and went to bed.

The following day, having voiced our complaints to the hotel management, the staff found us an alternate room and offered to move our stuff for us while we were out exploring Seattle. Upon returning to our new room we were also treated to a handwritten apology note and bottle of wine in our new, corner room.

Despite a rough first night in the hotel, I'd consider staying here again based on the great service we received during our stay, especially once the new restaurant opens up next month.

26/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
348. Jerry R.
Literally the worst hotel room I have ever been in on a business trip.  Tiny with windows overlooking utilities and. Sewage smell.  Corner room but the extra windows make it worse.   Will never stay here again.  Close to the courthouse for lawyers but not worth it.

11/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
349. Claire M.
Hotel Max did it's purpose for my girlfriends and I. Super convenient location and walking distance to tourist attractions in Seattle (Pike Place Market and Space Needle). We walked to Pike everyday of our four day stay. Staff was really friendly and helpful especially with suggestions for local restaurants/bars. Room was a bit cramped, but it had nice decor. Minus one star for the noise level. You can hear the hustle and bustle of the street noise. The hotel provides ear plugs, so that should tell you something. All and all, I'd stay there again.

26/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
350. Margaret H.
I booked our Seattle hotel through Hotwire.  They unfortunately booked us at the Homewood Suites, 3 people in only 2 person rooms.  Hotwire immediately took care of everything and relocated us to Hotel Max and covered the rather sizable difference in price.

The hotel is very trendy and "rock and roll-esque."  A very modern atmosphere and a boutique hotel, if there ever was one.  The elevators and rooms are very small, but they serve their purpose.  We were only tripping over each other a little bit.  The beds are comfortable and you can request your own particular pillows, depending on your preference.  The shower is good and the bathroom is stocked with quality products.

The staff is very nice and provide you anything you need quickly.

The location is great! Within walking distance to Pike's Place Market in one direction and Capitol Hill in the other direction.  We were big on walking, so having a central location was important.

The wifi is weak, but I just used my phone as a hot spot or went to starbucks.

Overall, a great stay. I would recommend it.

12/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
351. Madame M.
Seattle can be a tough place to find a stylish hotel room that won't break the bank. I have stayed in many hotels in Seattle. So far, Hotel Max is my favorite mid-priced (if you are flexible with dates) hotel choice.

1. Great location, just a few blocks from the underground transit stop (at Nordstroms). Also very close to the Seattle Streetcar and monorail.

2. Stylish lobby with plenty of seating if you want to lounge and read the paper. The lobby also contains a lovely water station and free gumballs.

3. Very friendly Valets/Bell Men

4. VERY VERY comfortable beds and pillows (they even have a pillow menu if you need something specific)

5. They take a small room and jazz it up with artwork and functional furnishings.

6. Nearby entertainment. Hotel Max is in walking distance to 3 different movie theaters, Jazz Alley nearby, many restaurants, shopping center, and drugstore within a 5 min walk.

7. Great for solo travelers

8. If you can, get a room on the 9th floor, you may get a view of the Space Needle if you are lucky.

Not so good
1. If you aren't into "cozy" spaces, the rooms may be too small for you.
2. They have the world's slowest and smallest elevators.
3. Expensive parking situation.

I have stayed at Hotel Max many times now and can say with confidence it is a great hotel with a good amount of quirk and character to set itself apart from other more costly hotels that frankly lack the character and personality that Max has.

Do yourself a favor and follow them on Twitter to receive 15% off your room.

Hotel Max, it's a-ok in my book.

21/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
352. Liss T.
This place.
I booked this place when I was trying out the Hotel Tonight app for the first time. While it has been my experience that when booking through 3rd party sites that occasionally room quality slips a peg or two, service usually does not.  
I'm not one for unenthusiastic reviews on yelp but, my experience here was seriously lacking all because of one food related incident that happened way past the hours where I should have to brain for someone else. But, before I let one experience bias me against the whole stay let me break this down into "ok" and "not okay".  
Check In: Totally OK. I booked through HT and they have a feature where the check-in is handled for you. Since I was arriving late night I figured I'd take full advantage of this feature, so, all I had to do upon arrival was present my ID (HT had handled all the details) and head up to my room. Perfect. No problems.  
Lobby and General Atmosphere:  The lobby is swank. As a New Yorker who has recently moved across the country any time I run into a good urban design sense I'm all over. I also just love red.  

Room Service: Here is where the problem happened. I arrived late in the day. I had been in transit for hours. If I felt capable of going out into the wild and gathering food at 10:00 at night, trust me, I would of. But, I didn't. I was hard core jet lagged. Chilled to the bone, without gloves. And desperately in need of sleep on something that wasn't a shitty United plane seat. But, between me AND sleep, was this tiny seething persistent matter of food. So, I called room service. Food ordered. Wonderful. Great. Sure this meant I couldn't get naked and shower for another 30-60 minutes while I waited for the food to magically appear but, at least it meant I could relax and lay on the bed. Or so I thought.  

40 minutes went by until the same front desk attendant who checked me in arrived holding two brown paper bags and a water. I felt perplexed but being close to midnight I wasn't going to ask questions. Why paper bags? Room service in brown paper bags? Really? Am I supposed to consider this trendy? I'm really not sure. But, food is in it right? So, onward. The staff member presented me with a check for around 20 dollars with no gratuity included, which I signed and handed back to him. Grateful for my food and generally being in a good mood, I tipped the staff generously, about half of the check in cash. After he took the cash tip, he said "Gratuity is included". *Awkward pause of silence* "Okay" I said, thinking back to not seeing it on the check. "Well, then you can always give the cash tip back...." I said, hoping he would do the right thing and not tip himself twice - given that the check he handed me included no gratuity. The staff member just cocked his head to the side and smiled coyly. No, that isn't really the appropriate response when you've just double tipped yourself to the tune of 15-18 dollars. Really just wanting to eat food, shower and sleep, I said "Just keep it" and waived him off. Done, right? No. Not done.  
When the put the bags of food on the desk to eat. I realized I had the wrong order or rather my order plus the order of the complete stranger. I probably should have stopped there and just taken the double order as a bonus for the staff member who just ran away with a double tip. But, thinking about the other person sitting somewhere in the hotel without any order at all, I called the front desk and said "A member of staff just gave me someone else order" After another 20 minutes the same staff member that had made the original mixup came back up and took the wrong order of food and water back but, not first without asking me "Where's the other check? This means you signed for the other persons order!" in an accusatory tone as if it was *my* mistake and not his via giving me the wrong check and the wrong order. He then asked me to look around the room for the other room's check. In this time, not only has my order of food gotten cold, it's been another good hour and a half where I've been delayed from relaxing because of this staff's mixup. In the wee hours of the night dealing with staff incompetence is just about the last thing anyone ever wants to do when they should have been sleeping hours ago.  

The bed was nice. The shower coffin-like and left me feeling like I've had more room in pod hotels around Asia. The staff -- the staff might be the nicest people the world over -- but, christ, get your room service together OR don't offer that service if you have staff who can't make heads or tails of A) Who ordered what B) What order is going where C) When it's appropriate to apologize and take responsibility for your mistake and D) Realize when you should think of the guest and not what works best for you (e.x. delaying me further to ask me to search the room for the lost food bill).
In short: I wouldn't stay here again. The lobby was nice. But, I wouldn't stay here again.

19/12/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
353. Prince W.
I've never stayed at a botique hotel before, and I was glad Hotel Max was my first.  Friendly staff and very attentive. I love their text the front desk option and their free happy hour and coffee hour.  I highly recommend staying at Hotel Max.

08/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
354. Mike G.
This hip hotel proved to be an excellent value, with friendly and efficient service to boot.  Yes, the rooms are compact, and the baths small, but comfy nevertheless, especially the beds and for 1 or 2.  My 10th floor room was pretty quiet, and the free WiFi was fast and dependable.  Flatscreen went on the fritz second day I was there; engineer arrived within THIRTY SECONDS of my call reporting it!  Similarly prompt service for aspirin.  Mint-infused water in lobby was a revelation, and I've brought that idea home w/ me.  My 3-night stay totaled $450, and it was a value both in itself and especially when compared to neighboring downtown hotels.  If you waive housekeeping service, you get a $5 daily credit on your honor bar bill.  Seattle's a pretty walkable town, and this hotel was in the middle of it, and close to transit.  Location opposite the US District Courthouse makes it great for lawyers taking - or making - federal cases.  And yes, I'd stay here again.

02/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
355. Rebecca C.
We thought this trendy little hotel was great. We had a little bump the first day, we left our hotel room at 9am and left the "please make" sign on our room door. We saw the housekeeping cart at the room next to us as we left and headed out. 6 hours later we return to our room after walking all day ready for a nap and a hot shower only to find our room had been completely skipped by housekeeping. We went downstairs to let the front desk know and were told " oh yeah weird we'll send someone up." I asked if that was normal and was given "well I don't know housekeeping's schedule." There was no apology given and no seeming concern or sense of urgency. We left the desk confused and irritated. But I believe a manger, Juan Miguel, noticed we were irritated and completely saved the situation. He apologized and sympathized and honestly, made a grumpy customer happy. Thanks!!

06/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
356. Michael W.
Stayed here for our one year anniversary. The decor is cute and the rooms are the perfect size. Bryce took great care of us, and sent a bottle of prosecco and some chocolate to our room. We stayed on the 9th floor corner room with a gorgeous south eastern view of downtown. It was a perfect location to easily get everywhere to explore the city. We will definitely be staying here next time we come back.

17/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
357. Jennifer K.
The staff at Hotel Max are truly exceptional. They really try to make your stay enjoyable and that was so appreciated.

I was a little nervous about the reviews complaining of super small rooms. I called and was assured they'd give us one of the larger rooms and if that wasn't to our liking they'd upgrade us. We ended up with their biggest queen room on the top floor. Nice! It's right behind the elevator so you do hear a bit of noise as it goes up and down. It wasn't enough that it kept us awake, and there were ear plugs on the nightstand in case it was a problem. Nice touch.

The bed. Ohmygosh the bed. So comfortable.

20/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
358. Joe O.
Hotel Max is great!

I stay there when I am in town, and love every second.  They are accommodating, cool, fun, and the vibes are good.

Free Beer Happy Hour doesn't hurt either!

06/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
359. Kieren S.
We stayed here for 3 nights with some overseas guests. Im in the travel industry and typically I stay in larger, chain hotels. After this stay I definitely see the appeal of staying in a boutique hotel. The front desk staff were really friendly and would talk to us when we stopped for the free craft beer happy hour or when we were breezing through. The location is great and the rooms, although small, did the trick. We travel to Seattle a fair bit and will probably make this our go to property from now on.

Ps there are free gum balls in the lobby!

04/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
360. Steven N.
Where to begin?! This place rules in every way. They hooked up so much for my wife's birthday..free beer and champagne in our room,room upgrade altogether,and just amazing service on all levels. Very friendly front desk people who text you personally,remember your name and are knowledgeable about the local areas. The style of the room,lobby and even halls is cool,with rock/pop/Seattle music scene photography and local art. Worth the money and would stay again!

13/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
361. Matt R.
Had a great stay here. Everything from the vibe in the front lobby to the obviously awesome free beer every day, this place is spot on if you're looking for something a little bit different and a whole lot better than something like the Westin.

Also wanted to take a second to give props to Melissa at the front desk. Whoever is in charge of reading these things that works for the hotel, should definitely make sure she gets a gold star or something. Super friendly, and knowledgeable. She rocked.

09/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
362. Yen E.
Came out to Seattle to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary and decided to find a hotel to stay in for the night.  Truthfully, the hotel was bit of a let down.  I understand that it's an older building with it's tiny elevator (hello claustrophobia) which you need to input your room key to access the floors.

We're not familiar with Seattle and the minute I stepped out of my car, I got ambushed by this homeless man.  Thank God the Valet guy came quickly and I wish I could remember his name because he was AMAZING!  Lobby decor is very minimalistic, clean and when you sit on their sofa, you're practically just sitting on the ground.  The girl who checked us in was very friendly and helpful.  She also came up and congratulated us on our anniversary and gifted us some Prosecco, Seattle chocolates and a sweet handwritten note.  We also got an upgrade from a queen room to a king!  WOOT!  Too bad when we walked in, there was a note for SOMEONE ELSE.

The room was small with this massive king size bed in the middle.  They had a window thermostat which was okay with me.  The bathroom was dinky!!  And the glass shelf they have above the sink is slanted so trying to put anything on it was a bit of a risk.  

Overall, our stay was good.  Loved the bed.  The one valet guy we got Tuesday night was seriously AMAZING.

25/02/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
363. Michelle W.
My girlfriend and went on vacation to Seattle , it was my first time.  It also happen to be my 30th birthday . So my gf mentioned to the staff before we got there that it was my first time and it was my birthday--when we got there we were a bit early but they gladly checked our bags and said they would shoot is a text when our room was ready. After walking around we walked backed to our hotel and checked in got our keys proceeded to the elevator (kinda small) went to the very top floor walked down the themed hallway:) arrived at or door opened it and to our surprise it was such a gorgeous view and they gave complementary wine and chocolate ! :) it was really awesome it made me feel super special ! The room was very trendy I loved it! The bathroom even had a gorgeous view !!! And!..they had like happy hour but it was free , they served a beer of their choice from the local brewery's for an hour you can have as many as you can drink!! Our over all experience was great! We will be back!

21/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
364. Rob N.
Worst customer service I have ever experienced from a hotel! We were gifted this hotel for one night by a friend, and then when we decided to extend our stay. That decision turned into a nightmare! They lost our reservations both times (original booking and extended stay), they wanted to charge us for two deposits versus just moving our deposit from the first stay to the second, and then they charged us $45 for parking and never told us! We have no way to dispute because they don't have you sign anything. Its honestly the worst hotel experience I have ever had and I travel all over the world!

10/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
365. Trecey C.
I stayed at the Hotel Max when I was traveling for work along the west coast and had the fortune ( or misfortune, in some cases) of staying at a lot of different hotels. I think that Hotel Max was my absolute favorite and I really did have a blast.

The location is very central and was close to everything I needed to access. The hotel itself is very quirky but not at the expense of comfort - which I feel some places tend to do ( crazy/distracting art, installments etc. ). The staff was extremely nice at check in, and not the talk your head off and ask a million questions nice - which when you have a late arrival can be annoying.

The room was not "big" by any means, but there was definitely enough space to do what I had to do and more important there was a bed that allowed me to sleep very comfortably. The food was exceptional especially considering the menu is pretty standard, and I felt satisfied and ready to go for the day.

Check out was easy and they let me keep my bags there all day while I went to other appointments, which I guess is standard.

The only thing that I remember being annoying to me about the room was the fact that I felt like there wasn't enough counter space for all my products in the bathroom - but comparative to other things that usually go wrong this is very insignificant.

I would definitely stay again and will tell my friends to stay here as well :-)

30/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
366. Kristina B.
A good low price option that is in central downtown.  No frills but it gets the job done and provides you with a feel of the pulse of Seattle.

Pros - location is great.  Room service from the restaurant next door is exceptional.  I highly recommend the breakfast granola with yogurt.

Cons - get ready to know your neighbor because the walls are pretty thin.  The hotel provides earplugs which helps with this.

28/02/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
367. Amy V.
Love the vibe of this hotel. Great friendly staff, free drink for happy hour 5.30-6.30 and a great late night bar. Nice rooms too. With ear plugs provided for light sleepers who are not used to cities, like me. Free wifi in rooms is cool too.

23/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
368. Amy K.
Yes, this hotel has great service.
Yes, this hotel is decorated beautifully.
Yes, there is a strong shower head.
Yes, the bed is comfy and there's a pillow menu.
Yes, the bathroom is stocked with luxurious bath soaps.

There are ALSO...
- insane construction sounds throughout the day (banging and yelling)
- the smallest shower ever constructed in man kind. I'm small and I could barely wash my hair comfortably
- a relatively small exercise room
- an oddly laid out room (TV to your 10 o'clock as you lay in bed)

For the price, amenities start coming into play. I might try somewhere else next time. There are many other hotels to choose from within a block or 3.

08/10/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
369. Jeff C.
You get what you pay for. It is what it is. My opinion is that anyone giving this property less than 3 stars probably didn't read many reviews and just looked at the price and the hotel-class rating.  Come on people, most all major hotels in Downtown Seattle in the Summer are mid $200 up.  This place is in the middle of downtown only a  couple blocks from dozens of restaurants, two shopping malls, movie theater complex and 6 blocks (10 min or less) to Pike Place Market.  YET, it costs about $100 less per night than most of the other chain hotels nearby. The "catch" is that a) the rooms and bathrooms a very small - think Europe style, and there are no amenities like pool, jacuzzi, etc. You can ride the trolley to South Lake Union, the station is only a block away.

If you are looking for a Westin/Hyatt/Sheraton/Hilton-esque lodging experience, this hotel is NOT for you.  This hotel is a boutique hotel that has a grunge music theme.  The doors have photos of famous grunge music figures and the hallways are dark to match the black and white photo motif.  

Instead of a wine hour in the lobby they have a free micro-brew hour.  A nice change.  Staff is friendly.  If you are a rather large person, the rooms are probably too small for you.  I'm normal size male and there is not enough room in the bathroom to towel your body dry without doing it in the bedroom. It didn't bother me though.  I'm a local and just needed a place to stay the night after going to a concert at the Paramount theater and for $133/night it served it's purpose well.  The mattress was VERY comfortable, firm, but not too firm borderline as good as Westin Heavenly bed.

My only complaint is that they only have two old elevators (this hotel is a renovated old building) and only 4 people max can fit in the elevators at a time. Service staff shares the same elevators.  So when busy, there can be a significant wait to get an elevator.  

Bottom line, you get what you pay for.  You can't beat the location but the trade off is you get very small rooms/bathrooms and not much as far as hotel amenities.  If you're not a fat and just need a place to sleep and shower, this hotel will serve you well and at an excellent price compared to what else is in the area. Manage your expectations and know what you are getting yourself into.

07/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
370. Katy H.
Exemplary customer service right in the heart of downtown Seattle. What I love most about this cute, affordable boutique hotel is it's location. Not only are you getting a great deal on an adorable and unique room while you're in town, you're steps from the nightlife and restaurant scenes in Belltown, Capitol Hill, South Lake Union, and Downtown. It doesn't get much better than this location if you're wanting to depend on doing some walking while you visit our fair city.

Having always recommended that friends and coworkers stay here, I've never heard a single thing about this hotel other than, "It's great!" The rooms are small, sure - but it's an older building. Plus, you're in Seattle - get out and see the sights! There's a gym, there's parking onsite, there's a FANTASTIC restaurant at the base of the hotel serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late night snacks, and better yet, that same restaurant does room service.

I love how cute and funky the lobby is and I love how friendly the staff is. I know it's crazy to write a review for a hotel in my hometown, but I've stayed here in the past for work events and have also booked a night as a staycation before. It's truly a fun little escape right downtown.

09/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
371. Chad H.
Great value and location in downtown Seattle.  Came up for a day trip and ended up spending the night.  Within a couple of phone calls, booked a room at Max as room was reasonably priced, due to a projected budget of around $150.  Decor is fun and upbeat, lots of bright colors and a vibrant lobby.  Rooms are a little tight but easily overlooked when my intentions were just to sleep and go.

02/05/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
372. Tom D.
What a nice place. Service with a smile! As I walk up to the door, BAM a smiling person opens the door for me. Everyone is more than willing to help! Some of the rooms are small, so make sure to state what you want!
Close to shopping, great restaurants, convention center, monorail to the Seattle Center and easy to get on the freeway.

This is a very clean, upscale, hip place to stay!

28/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
373. Matvei L.
Great location, great building, and Sub Pop stuff inside?  Melissa at the front desk rocks.

20/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
374. Kristen S.
So far it has been a horrible experience.  My room wasn't ready so I came back after4p.  Got a room.  The smallest room I have ever seen around the world.  The shower is smaller than my camper trailer.  

The room was not clean when I was ready.  There were no covers on on the pillows and I couldn't see if the bed was freshly made or just pulled up.

I started to iron my clothes and the iron ruined a shirt and then stopped working.  

The air conditioning is a window unit and it is still hot in my room.  

Did I mention my camper is larger than this room that I am paying a lot for every night.  

Great location but I would rather have to take a cab.

12/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
375. Kate S.
See Dubs and I stayed here the night of our wedding. We wanted to have a nice locale for a mini "staycation" before getting back to real life and cleaning our apartment after all the post wedding madness and visitors and errands to run. We really couldn't have been happier with our stay.

The staff were exemplary, the room comfortable and well appointed, and the complimentary brunch at the Miller's Guild was beyond fantastic. I loved the pillow menu, the beyond comfortable bed, the cozy bathrobes, the rock and roll themes of the rooms, the shower was fantastic, and the free bottle of prosecco (that came with the "romance package" we booked) was lovely. My only complaint about our stay is the friendly little note they leave for their guests upon arrival to their room was for someone else! I'm sure whoever happened to get our note had a great visit as well.

24/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
376. Karen S.
Having never been to Seattle, I wasn't sure which hotel I should stay at, especially when they were all so expensive. After asking around, I learned that my company has a deal with this hotel where staff can get a room at federal government rate. Huge bonus, the hotel is only down the block from the office.

The staff here are super nice & helpful. The room is a little small but it is clean & very well-decorated. And the bathroom - oh the bathroom - it was the cleanest one of all the hotels that I've stayed at. One note, some of the rooms face into the very nearby office buildings so be careful to close your blinds.

On my way back to San Francisco, the front desk called me a car to take me to the airport but it never came because the driver got the wrong information. After waiting for 45 minutes and checking with the valet on the status multiple times, he nicely called me a taxi...which never came either. Eventually, I walked down the block to the Westin and got a taxi there. Throughout this whole ordeal the staff was helpful, cordial, and even apologetic; even though it's not their fault. Thank you!

01/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
377. Robin C.
I really really enjoyed staying at this hotel. The location was great. We were able to walk everywhere and there were plenty of shops, restaurants, and coffee spots close by. The decor is really modern and there was a lot of art including the doors of each room which had an individual painting on each. The rooms were a tad small especially when trying to get clothes from our suitcase but it was manageable.  When we checked in the staff was very friendly and they let us check in an hour before check in time since we arrived earlier than expected.

My only real negative was the noise. It seemed like trash trucks were picking up dumpsters all night right outside our window. They are obviously aware of this since there were earplugs in the room. I would definitely stay here again if I'm in Seattle.

03/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
378. Bernie B.
The hotel is clean. Front desk, cleaning staff, staff from the restaurant Millers Guild are all polite.

But do not let them valet your car! It is $45 per night, and they cannot guarantee it to be stored safely. On the last day of our stay, when the valet returned our car we noticed multiple huge scratches on the car.

Instead of just simply taking care of the paperwork to file a claim, we were accused of causing the damage ourselves. We were rudely spoken down to, as if we didn't know what we were talking about. Their excuse was because of how long they have been a valet they couldn't have caused the damage.

For $45 a night I expect a car that I valet to not return to me damaged, then be accused of causing the damage myself.

For the treatment of the very last person we encountered at this hotel, I do not recommend this hotel.

17/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
379. Sabrina Eileen M.
Last minute sight seeing in Seattle  and  found this little gem on Hotel Tonight. As soon as we walk in we were pleasantly greeted and asked if we wanted to upgrade our room(for free). Room had great views and a record player with some cool tunes.  BUT the customer service aspect ( you text them anytime for anything) was pretty amazing. Room service was so-so which was a bummer however, I talked to them about how disappointed I was with our room service  and they offered me a free burger when I came back (which I definitely will). Complimentary pints at night and free coffee sealed the deal. The rooms are a bit small but very comfy and the decor very cool

25/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
380. Danny W.
They Maxed out the budget when building this hotel. Rooms are small, they have window thermostat units, and they outsource the room service which is only available till about 8pm.

It's almost as if they bought a bunch of cool furniture for the lobby and music themed decor for the halls and then said "Oh shit! We forgot about the obvious stuff!." They covered it up with free gumballs at check in and in room record players, but still it's easy to notice there's some sub-par amenities.

I will say the staff is super sweet and the price point isn't bad, but if you're looking for the luxuries of hotel living the likes of Kevin McCallister in Home Alone 2 you won't find it here.

23/01/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
381. Alice T.
Loved this overall hotel experience!

Highlights: 1. Great TEXT service - very helpful for getting extra toiletries and directions/ extra info (and they are very timely in response)!!! 2. Yummy food downstairs in Miller's Guild. 3. Awesome toiletries - that "Lather" series smells soooo good - keep this brand forever, Hotel Max!

Only Con: Wifi though free, it wasn't good, so I ended up using my data plan instead... This was really my only con.

19/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
382. Sheila M.
We had so much fun on our first trip to Seattle, I had to take out the time time to write a review on Hotel MAX.

First, the location of the hotel was convinent and safe. Literally, 1-2 blocks away from the Nordstroms. We took the light link from the airport and were able find our hotel with ease from the Nordstroms. We used the monorail and walked everywhere. Only UBBER'd it once to Capitol Hill. If you are also interested in getting a good work out on vacation. The OXBOX by Zum fitness is just in front of the hotel. We woke up early to drop by for a crossfit class.

Second, the craft beer on tap happy hour? We were mind blown. My fiance definitely enjoyed that. What greater way to arrive then to arrive welcomed with a craft beer. Tastey craft beer to be exact!

Third, the staff was so very friendly and accomodating. When we checked-in we were welcomed by BRYCE. Will never forget him; cause his birthday was the day after mine. He was very sweet and asked why were in town. I replied it was for my Birthday and he pulled some strings together and handed us a bottle of champagne.  I will definitely always remember that. One of the sweetest guestures. My fiance and I truly appreciated that. " Thank you Bryce" :)
 We were also welcomed with some rain during our trip but the hotel provided us with complimentary umbrellas which was very convinent.

The only down side is the bathrooms and the room space is small. Literally you can sit on the toilet and use the sink. The shower was also a tad bit confining. We would leave the door open when we would shower.

But with all honestly we didnt really mind. Everything else compensated for that small space. The happy hour, the free wifi, the friendly staff. Plus we hardly stayed in the room.

Definitely we would recommend this hotel to our friends. We will definitely be back.

02/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
383. Jen E.
I am completely head over heels in love with this hotel!

I am SO lucky my friend recommended to me.

I surprised the BF with a weekend getaway to Seattle for his birthday, and ultimately decided to stay here.

The decor of this hotel is awesome very cool pop culture art everywhere.

Our room was on the subpop floor. This floor highlights an amazing music scene and even has record players in the rooms!

Check in was a breeze, our flight landed before our room was ready. So they said they would text us when it was (which is so cool) in the meantime the door guy recommended a spot for us to grab some lunch at.

The elevators are small, the bathroom was small, and the room wasn't the biggest I've ever stayed in, But you know what?! Its an OLD hotel that was redone! Enjoy the history and cool factor here people! And I'll tell ya, my BF and I are by NO means small people, and we were fine. I never once felt crowded. Even when we were both in the bathroom!

Great value for the cool factor here! And the Staff is TOP NOTCH! Said door guy made SO many great suggestions to us. I wish I could remember his name! And we had a small incident while we were staying, that some glasses we purchased from Pike Place brewing were taken from our room; turns out they use the same glasses in their happy hour and the Maid thought they were the hotel's glasses. The Manager of the hotel called us right away and sorted the whole thing out! Even said he would send us some new glasses!

I LOVE this place! And I will definitely stay here when I am in Seattle again!

06/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
384. Bianca A.
We loved our stay here!  The staff was consistently very friendly and helpful, even greeting us at check-in with a local beer!  The hotel was quiet we never had any problems with noise and the only complaint would be that the rooms are pretty small.  I enjoy boutique hotels but the bf prefers spacious rooms, either way we didn't spend too much time in the room anyway, we would definitely come back.

12/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
385. Abby S.
The 3.5 star average rating for Hotel Max is just about right. There were definitely some pros and cons to staying here, so I'll just lay it out for everyone without any fuss:

+ Funky, fun motif. Seattle loves Kurt Cobain and it's so funny that my room was on the grunge rock floor. Kurt and Courtney greeted me right by the elevator twice a day.

+ Free beer in the lobby from 5:30-6:30. Sadly, I was never there to indulge, but it seems like other patrons took full advantage. Cheers!

+ Centrally located, within walking distance of great bars/restaurants.

+ In-house restaurant, Miller's Guild, offers brunch!

+ I was somehow blessed with a larger room, complete with record player. And I loved the Sub Pop TV channel.

+ The elevators! Staff and patrons share two small elevators. Anytime you try to get up and down inside the hotel, there was someone already in there with a cart or appliance.

+ Experienced some issues with both my credit card and debit card at the front desk during check-in. When my traveling co-worker tried using his, they said all three cards were no good. We have money, we swear! It eventually got worked out.

+ Even with the "do not disturb" sign prominently displayed, housekeeping knocked on my door every morning. I appreciate them trying, but I promise that I don't need the bed made or any fresh towels. It's all good!

Overall, it was a very pleasant 4-night stay. And with a great rate of $125/night (plus tax), it was a fantastic deal. Consider Hotel Max when visiting Downtown Seattle.

16/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
386. Phil S.
Too small, too expensive, and too loud.

The hotel gym is a joke. The rooms are a claustrophile's dream. I've seen larger closets. Sure, it's a great location, but if you get out of bed wrong, you'll hit the wall.

Never again.

20/03/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
387. Mike L.
Old hotel with a cool, modern facelift and friendly staff but it can't get around the problems of the dated infrastructure.

Arriving to the lobby it looks modern and nice. The front desk staff were excellent, very courteous, professional, and friendly. The elevators are small and slow, only big enough for two people and their luggage. I wouldn't mind taking the stairs but there are none accessible from the lobby. My room smelled like a humid basement or mildew.
The "Max" in Hotel Max is definitely not describing the size of the bathrooms. The shower is the size of a coffin and the shower curtain likes to billow and stick to you. So basically my shower was me elbowing the walls and fighting the shower curtain.
After leaving I noticed they charge my credit card for a beer from the mini fridge that I didn't drink. They resolved it without much of a problem but be sure to check your charges.

04/12/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
388. Nick K.
I had a great stay at Hotel Max. Front desk staff was very friendly and I thought the text-based room service feature was cool.

One great thing about Hotel Max is their free craft beer tastings from 530-630pm in the lobby. They don't skimp out on beer either - I had a local brew called space needle ipa that was delicious. The guy serving the beer was pretty cool also and recommended  some good restaurants nearby. It was also cool that that you could take your beer in the pint glass they serve you, up to your room.

I also ran out of coffee in my room and asked the front desk if it could be replaced and within a minute of me getting back to my room someone was there with coffee.

The rooms are on the smaller side so this place is great for single occupancy or a couple. I was in a room with a king bed that was decently sized but definitely on the smaller side. I'm sure they have bigger rooms to accommodate larger parties though I wouldn't say this hotel is for families. The other interesting part is that the bathroom was split into two separate rooms; one with the toilet/sink and one with the shower. I thought it was interesting and it didn't really make my experience worse, it was just something new. The elevator is kind of small too, apparently it's the smallest elevator in Seattle or something. But I never had to wait extra for an elevator.

I'd stay here again it's location is phenomenal and close to PPM and walking distance from good restaurants and bars. The experience was 4.5 stars but the smaller size room makes it a 4 overall. The modern looking decor makes it cool spot for young adults.

16/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
389. Shila B.
I stayed here 'cause it had a hipster music vibe and was more chill. It was built in 2006.

* Nice lobby that is modern cool and somewhat alternative.
* Gum Ball Machine
* Really nice staff
* Very affordable
* Doors have cool photography
* Most touring bands stay here, therefore, you will more likely bump into someone.
* Reasonable wifi
* Free Craft Beer in the lobby (when we went)'
* Expensive but secure valet parking.
* Very central location.

* Extremely small washroom and shower, almost the size of an airplane. I was scared to take a shit in here 'cause it was so small, therefore, went a lot to public toilets.
* Channels were slim.
* Very bare minimums in terms of complimentary toiletries.

24/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
390. Kim K.
The staff are extremely friendly and helpful - everyone has been great. There's one guy in particular who seems to be running around like a crazy person, valeting cars, delivering room service, etc. and I've seen nothing less than a giant smile on his face with the kindest personality. He's the kind of person I hope ends up on Undercover Boss so that the owners of Hotel Max can see how awesome he is and give him a giant raise! (I think he name was Lenz...??)

Yes, the rooms are small, but that's been made pretty clear in the reviews, so I knew what I was getting into and the room is perfectly fine. Free WiFi that works well. From the reviews, I read the daily parking rate is $30/day but it's actually now $45/day. Expensive, but it's also downtown Seattle, so that's how the cookie crumbles.

Nice hotel - hipster vibe, looks like an old building that's been recently updated. I'd certainly come back again.

28/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
391. Bob B.
Visiting Seattle for several days on business and wanted a nice, relatively inexpensive place to stay. Unlike many smaller hotels in old buildings that Max was clean and fresh with none of the mustiness. The fixtures are all modern and in good working order. In many ways it is the hipster urban hotel one expects.

I would caution potential guests that the room and bathroom are small and better suited to those traveling alone.  Also there was a lot of noise from the street, hallways, and the air conditioner.  The management must know this since they leave complimentary earplugs on the nightstand.  

If you bring your car parking is 45 a night.

29/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
392. Michael M.
Excellent hotel. Inexpensive, relaxed feel, very nice and accommodating staff. I went to Seattle for a few days by myself but they made sure to make me feel welcome and comfortable. Definitely would recommend to friends as well as family and would stay there again myself.

Modern feel but still professional
Great hotel staff
Access to tourist destinations/downtown
Low cost
Music/arts theme

02/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
393. Trina V.
1) Great location- don't bring a car! Walk, take the bus, light rail or monorail! The closest stop is a short walk away. We tried all and they were all very efficient. You can even take the train to/from the airport.

2) Excellent service- They obviously handpicked every art, furniture and little details in their lobby. They also did a great job with their staff. Everyone shines, and we were very pleased with the overall wonderful service.

3) Cool knick-knacks- Free coffee 7-9, free craft beer 5:30-6:30, gum to go, umbrellas to borrow, water at the lobby if you're parched, Cool art everywhere... Check in and get free wifi.

4) Tiny cons- nothing's perfect and in this case the small bathroom and elevator are the tiny tolerable cons. If you're petite or average size, it's not a big deal. If you're tall and a little large, you should call and ask about your options.

Verdict: I'd stay here again and totally recommend this to my couple friends.

18/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
394. Doris W.
Stayed her for a night on Friday March 13, 2015. Booked a room for $110.00 with one full sized bed. Cute old hotel, trendy looking inside.

Lobby: is very cute, looks like it is pet friendly, they have a bowl of water and dog biscuits set out next to the elevator. Next to the front door they have fruit infused water for the guest. They have an old school free gum ball machine next to the couches, with a lil info about the Gum Wall. Comfy couches to sit around while you wait.

Elevator: TINY. It can fit maybe 4 ppl comfortably....

Room: TINY. It can't fit a bed bigger than the full sized in there. I opened a door in the room thinking it was a closet, nope, it was the shower. Shower was separated from the toilet. It was a lil odd. Interesting to say the least. We were in room 406. Definitely not sound proof. Heard the neighbors doing it, heard the street noise, heard the air conditioning units going on and off.

Location: Great location! about 1/2 mile from everything, Pike Place, restaurants and bars.

Parking: valet only. Best bet is street parking which is free from 8 pm to 8 am and free on Sundays. Or the lot across the street is $17-24 for overnight parking. Valet is $40+ a night.

17/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
395. Gaelen X.
4.5 stars.

If you travel a lot, you know that hotels in major cities are VERY expensive. I generally try to pay about $150/night or less, so this review is coming from the perspective of wanting a nice, well-located hotel that doesn't cost $300/night. PLEASE read my list of priorities below* so you know what sort of hotels this review is comparing with. We paid $152/night for a weekend booked well in advance.

Hotel Max is in a GREAT location downtown. It's about 2 blocks from the Westlake light rail station, which we took from the airport. We were here to see the Sleater-Kinney performances at the Showbox, which was about a 10-minute walk. The Space Needle, Pike Place and other tourist attractions are all within a 10-20 minute walk.

The hotel style is very "hip" -- each room has a turntable with records from Seattle legend Sub-Pop, and the whole hotel decor is music-themed, down to the front desk staff wearing band t-shirts. The room was clean and decorated in a pleasant, modern style.

The rooms are small, just big enough to walk around the bed, but plenty big enough to set your bag up and sleep. There's a nice, long table-desk to put stuff on, but only 3 small drawers (and one large section of the dresser/cabinet was locked -- WTF?).

The bigger issue was how tiny the bathroom is, though: The sink is a stand-alone basin, so there is only a tiny little glass shelf on which to place ALL your makeup and other stuff. The hotel could address this by adding more shelves in the bathroom. There's no way for two people to get ready in there at the same time, which the hotel could address by putting a mirror outside the bathroom (there isn't one), so one person could do hair/makeup while the other is using the sink. The shower stall was SO tiny that it was impossible for me to shave my legs -- I couldn't bend down! And the shower curtain is opaque rather than clear, blocking all light, so I wouldn't be able to see anyway. Like the sink, the shower only has one very tiny shelf for all your shampoos and other stuff, even though there is space for the hotel to add more. There isn't even a hook on which to hang a dripping washcloth.

As for quiet, the rooms are reasonably well soundproofed and the windows are double-paned, but you do get noise from adjacent rooms if people are inconsiderate. We were awakened at about 7 one morning by a neighbor making a speaker-phone call (SERIOUSLY!!!), but normal talking was very faint. The shades kept the room relatively dark in the morning, which is also important for me.

Other stuff: The bed was comfortable (firm with a pillow-top, down pillows), and the coffeemaker coffee was decent. Front-desk service was very friendly and helpful. Hotel Max is dog-friendly, and there was an ADORABLE 6-month-old puppy hanging out behind the front desk when we checked in. They provide a "free beer" hour in the afternoon and free coffee service if you get downstairs before 9. The bathrobe is nice but they only provided 1 (??).  The outlet next to the bed contain USB plugs (but only one side of the bed had an outlet).

Overall, I was very happy with this hotel for the price, and would definitely stay here again.

*My priorities are: 1) Central, downtown location that's not in a sketchy neighborhood (we never rent a car, so walkability is key), and 2) QUIET. For travels outside the U.S., I will not in any circumstances share a bathroom, which narrows choices in certain areas. Things I don't care about: 1) How big the room is, 2) How fancy it is (I don't care if furnishings are worn/outdated, so long as they are clean). I don't care about views or hotel amenities, because I don't intend to spend much time in the room.

11/05/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
396. Ryan C.
A much better stay the second time around. I think having a normal sized bathroom really helped the situation, especially since I didn't have to contort myself to get in to the shower.

I arrived early and Vivian at the front desk let me know that my room wasn't ready. She stored my baggage and offered to text me when it was available. As promised, I got my alert letting me know I could check-in a few hours later and the process was a breeze. She's pretty awesome if the hotel management is reading this!

While I was waiting for a friend outside, two different valets and people working there asked if I needed anything or directions to my next point of travel. I didn't, but appreciated being asked.

This is still my choice hotel while staying in the city. It's central to pretty much everything, they offer free beer in the afternoon and their wifi makes streaming and downloading flicks to your iPad before heading to the airport a cinch. Best of all, that perk is free to use as a guest. I also love that standard check-out time is at noon. If you're looking to do some early morning activities before you leave, it's nice to know you have that extra time to come back and freshen up before heading to your next destination.

I'll for sure be back the next time I'm in the Emerald City!

07/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
397. Jess C.
Hotel Max is a cute boutique hotel, renovated recently, in between Belltown and Downtown.

The rooms are small but it's cute and I like their free beer happy hour for guests. It's comparable to Hotel Five, but smaller. I enjoyed the food at Millers Guild, though it was pricey.

Tiny, minimal gym.

12/05/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
398. Stephenie L.
I honestly don't think we could've picked a better hotel if we tried. Everything was amazing! We got in late Thursday evening and by the time we checked in at 10:30 we were both exhausted and starving. The girl at the front desk not only suggested places to get delivery from but she even printed off directions to a few different places that might be open for a late night dinner. The next night when we swung down to the lobby for the complementary happy hour (YES FREE BEER) the gentleman pouring the beer started telling us about all the local breweries and even emailed us a copy of a little pub crawl we could do in the Ballard neighborhood. Those 2 encounters were just a preview of the friendly staff employed at Hotel Max.

We had read reviews of this hotel online prior to booking and read that many of the complaints were about the size of the rooms. Let me begin by saying, yes the rooms are a little small. Yes the bathrooms are a little strange, with the toilet and sink being in one room and the shower in another. Both rooms are about the size of a closet. But honestly, the rooms and bathroom(s) aren't as small as everyone made them out to be. We still had plenty of room to move around comfortably and for the most part we weren't in our rooms that much. You're there to explore the city and to have fun. If you're here simply to hole up in your room, then yeah maybe this isn't for you. But for what you might think Hotel Max lacks, they have SO much more to offer!

We've already decided that when we come back to visit Sesttle this is where we'll stay. There's absolutely nothing to complain about and everything to fall in love with.

15/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
399. Jenny C.
Very nice hotel. Very fun hip decor. Our room was clean and the bathroom was a good size. The sheets and mattress were clean and comfortable. Very good service.

Very good restaurant too.

16/05/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0