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Hotel Nexus in Seattle, WA


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Established in 1968.

This 169 room "affordable chic" boutique hotel is a neighborhood hotel in the heart of North Seattle. Formerly known as the Ramada Inn, the hotel recently completed a multi-million dollar renovation, resulting in the rebranded, colorful and appealing Hotel Nexus. The hotel features a daily complimentary hot buffet breakfast in the Connections Café, complimentary wired and wireless Internet access and regularly scheduled shuttles to the University District, downtown Seattle attractions, area hospitals and Mariners and Seahawks games. The hotel's new freestanding onsite restaurant, the Saffron Bar & Grill, serves a fusion of Mediterranean, Indian and American cuisines and is a swiftly becoming a popular Seattle destination. The Saffron also offers room service to hotel guests.


Company Info:

Rating: 2.27

Address: 2140 N Northgate Way, Seattle, WA, 98133
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Comments (55):

1. Sheryl S.
It used to be a Ramada Inn and suddenly one day it turned into Hotel Nexus. Yep, like Nexxus shampoo minus an x. The name changed but the staff didn't, and I seriously doubt the quality of the place has changed at  all. If you were coming to vacation in Seattle and all you saw in advance was their website, and you chose to stay at this place, I think you'd be pretty dang disappointed with your experience--non-functioning air conditioning, surly staff, teeny tiny pool, nothing all that interesting within walking distance for tourists--all that for the pleasure of throwing away $180 or more per night! And, despite their efforts over the past year to improve the look of the place, sorry, one just can't hide a prison-like atmosphere with a coat of paint.

29/07/06 | Link | Rating: 1.0
2. Stan S.
So it's been year since we've been in Seattle. We heard about the modern Hotel Nexus and thought we'd try it. When we got here we discovered it's the old (very old) Ramada Inn with new and odd paint and some Ikea furniture. The refrigerator in the room rattles, the toilet won't stop running. The shower makes a very aversive screaming noise trying to save water. But the real treat, they forgot to do housekeeping for 2 days in a row and then lied and said we'd left the Do not disturb sign up. The manager says they'll take $50 off the bill when we leave. I'm not holding my breath till that happens.

06/03/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
3. Annie B.
I didnt stay in any of the rooms here but was here for a training that they held in their "conference" room. You can tell this hotel has tried to go thru a nice renovation. But I still think it's dingy looking. The lobby is OK. The elevator is very small and you'll feel claustrophobic in it. The hallway/doorways in the hotel are very narrow and can barely get two people walking by if they're going in opposite directions. I think the hotel is at a bad location also. Although it's off the freeway and that may be easy access but getting out of the hotel is hard if you want to exit out front and you want to make a left turn to get to the freeways. Traffic any time during the day in this area is horrific.

30/06/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
4. sindu m.
Very Nice Hotel! worth the cost! good location!

07/09/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
5. Kathleen M.
Ew, ew, ew! The front desk staff at Hotel Nexus need to work on their manners immediately b/c they were rude and surly to me when I checked in last week. Ouch! I had the unfortunate pleasure of staying there when my shuttle to Seatac was rerouted and could only pick me up at Hotel Nexus in the Artic Snow Blast we recently received. When I arrived, I was cold, tired, and it was late. I was looking forward to some friendly human contact, but I received the complete opposite instead. I stood in the lobby in front of the woman at the front desk for 30 seconds while two other front desk people typed away on their computers. NO ONE said a word to me...akkkkwaaarrrrdddddd. So I broke the ice with, "I am checking in." The woman I was standing in front of never acknowledged me; no eye contact and not a hello. She asked the guy at the end of the counter to check me in. Did she politely say, "He can help you at the end of the counter"? Nope. Instead the guy at the end of the counter ordered me to come down to his computer.

Prior to booking my reservation, I called Hotel Nexus to find out if I could keep my car in their parking lot until I returned from my trip. They informed me over the phone that my car is safe in their lot for 7 days as long as I stay a night with them. Well, I wanted to double check this information with Mr. Personality at check in and he barked at me, "That is not allowed!" Whoa, friend. One, no need to raise your voice to answer my question. Two, everyone at Hotel Nexus need to get their facts straight before they start yelling at their guests. He suddenly recalled their new parking policy and let me park my car in his nasty lot.

My room had hair in the sink and on the nightstand...4 million yucks and the refrigerator in my room kept me up all night. This place is a motel, not a hotel. I've seen enough slasher movies to know the difference. Hotels have hallways and the rooms are interior, motels have exterior doors that open to the outside elements...easy access for psychos. I was only at Hotel Nexus for 4 hours to get out of the cold before my flight and I spent $100 on my hair-filled room and the barking orders at the front desk. What a disappointment.

30/12/08 | Link | Rating: 1.0
6. Ted M.
We were visiting famIly in Seattle and they suggested this place because it was nearby.  It was ok, sort of.  We stayed there 2 days, left for Olympic National Park, then came back for 2days.  The first stay the room was moderately clean but the common areas should have been cleaner.  The second stay the beds were clean but the bathroom floor was dirty.  The free wifi never worked with my iPad. Some staff were friendly, some were not.  You get free breakfast but it was just adequate.  The swimming pool deck was very nice but the exercise room was sparse    (it had a stand for free weights...but no weights: go figure.

14/08/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
7. Eric A.
Friendly staff, yet the website photos make it look much nicer than it really is.  The free breakfast is marginal at best.

31/05/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
8. Steven M.
Our group had a reunion there and had a very good experience. The accommodations were a bit dated but clean and tidy. It had a motel as opposed to hotel feel with access from the outside street and balcony to all the rooms. The staff was pleasant, polite and friendly,( the night desk was the only exception), Get a room in the back, there's a very busy street out front. Nice pool.
Nexus is affiliated with Saffron, an Indian and Mediterranean restaurant located directly in the front parking lot of the hotel. The Saffron's Mr. Mohammad catered our event and did a very good job. Serving staff was efficient and friendly. After some misunderstanding over bar charges was pleasantly resolved we enjoyed a very good assortment of Middle Eastern dishes, all done in a traditional fashion, very nice.
Our event ran long but the staff was very accommodating and patient. The WiFi  was a bit intermittent at times, my room was 4th floor middle of the building, and the old tube TV was on it's last legs, games and movies available..
This hotel is a bit far from Seattle City Center and the Airport for me but I would recommend Hotel Nexus for visitors to the North Seattle area

02/08/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
9. Tami S.
The staff were friendly and accommodating--even the maintenance/housekeeping staff. The room was spacious and clean and comfortable beds! Close to anything you could need and the amenities were wonderful--fitness, pool, hot tub, lobby. Delicious breakfast was provided every morning as well. Wouldn't hesitate to stay again or recommend to family/friends! Have stayed before and they've even made more improvements over the last year!

29/09/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
10. erin b.
ehmmmm... its ok.

- updates have been done so there is nice surfaces in the rooms.
- It is not a "hotel" the room access is along an exterior strip of the building, like a motel.
- bad satellite reception in our room for TV (hbo didn't work).
- wifi was spotty at best in our room (all things we were looking to use).
- the night clerk was not helpful at all... he gave US a number to call to get our wifi connection fixed.... uuuuummm am I the only one who thinks that is weird??
- the day time front desk guest services was really helpful and nice and discounted our room and allowed us to cancel our second night (we opted to go stay with a friend and pass on another spendy night here)

ALL IN ALL: It is WAY overpriced for the "suite" room we reserved. Cont. breakfast was typical stuff (served till 9 am) ... I will not be staying here again.

22/06/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
11. Chris Q.
We recently visited Seattle and decided to stay at this hotel because of its location. My friend lived in the area and the hotel was walking distance to Northgate Mall and public transportation.

The hotel was decent, but this was a classic case of how looks can be deceiving.  The hotel website shows nicely appointed hotel rooms, however, when you get up close and personal, you can see that it's all just cheap furniture and low-quality paint jobs.

Our hotel room had a king-size bed, a small table with only enough room to fit two people at it, and two "office-chairs" for the table seating. There was also a HUGE. hydrotherapy spa tub in the room. Not in the bathroom, but in the room. There's a "wall" that partitions off the sink/counter area & shower/toilet "room".  I use quotations around wall and room because the bathroom isn't actually a separate room. There's a door that you can close when using the bathroom or taking a shower, but the "wall" doesn't go all the way up to the ceiling. Which means, if you're not staying in the room by yourself, you best be REALLY comfortable with whoever you're with because they'll be able to hear all your business while you're in the bathroom. And in our first room (more about that later), the "wall" was actually frosted glass, so you can actually see whoever is taking a shower. Needless to say, the bathroom situation is not good if you are someone who likes their privacy.

We had to switch rooms because our first room had a leaky toilet, but the room switch wasn't a problem. The service was decent. The hotel provides shuttles to locations within the area and downtown. The bed was actually comfortable. I would classify this as a motel, not a hotel.  Some of the hotel guests are a bit sketchy looking, but we didn't encounter any problems.

As I said, the hotel is decent. Nothing fancy. I don't think it's worth the price, though. I've paid equivalent prices at other hotels for a much better room/experience.

Here's a tip:  If you go on to their website and put in your email address to receive email notifications from the hotel, there's a link in their first email to receive a discounted room rate.

26/05/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
12. Robert N.
On Valentine's day weekend I would myself in need of hotel room due to the fact that I still live with my evil X . I walked to the front desk to get room , the gentleman behind the desk told about the room rates and said yes to it . Then he asked for my credit card and swiped it , it declined he said . Sadly I walked back to my new friend of Sands to give her the bad news , more dances tonight . Then my credit card bill come with a 120 charge for Hotel Nexus and another one for 5 bucks . I contact the hotel three times only to get hung up or to be put on hold for over one hour . So I had to call up my credit card company to despite the charges . Then my next bill show up and there is a 13 dollar charge , so I had to get a new card credit card made with a new number for my account  . So Hotel Nexus bad , very bad .

19/05/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
13. Pam R.
Sorry to say that my 2 night stay at the Hotel Nexus was woefully poor. Rooms are poorly insulated so we could hear everything from the adjoining room, including a not too loud TV. Despite staying in a non-smoking room everything smelled like smoke, including the sheets and bedspread. The breakfast was abundant, but not very good. Fitness center is poorly ventilated and dirty. The shuttle service was late picking us up at the airport (40 minutes). They also forgot to pick us up on Saturday night (although after a number of calls to the hotel, they did spring for a cab ride back to the hotel). The people were nice, but the overall impression I get is that they don't really care. I would never stay here again.

24/07/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
14. Maria Y.
My partner and I work at Northgate Mall. We were both working the evening shift, and got stranded in a snowstorm when our bus stopped running. We stayed here. Although it's adequate, it was over $100 for the room and I don't think it was worth it. It's actually a motel (rooms open to balcony outside), which was not so nice when it was blizzarding (especially since the interior halls that do exist didn't seem to be heated.) Our room had a couple issues... the deadbolt didn't actually fit into the door, and the sink had no hot water (the shower/tub did, so it didn't seem to be a consequence of the snowstorm.) The towels were thin and rough. The bed was big, though (king size) and breakfast was included, which was nice. Don't let the website photos fool you though, it's really nothing special inside.

I'd probably give it 2.5/5, but "Meh" describes my feelings better than "A-OK", so I'm giving it two on the Yelp scale.

23/11/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
15. Laurie S.
My parents stayed here when they visited.  It has a great location next to the 5 and is within minutes to everything.  Free shuttles will take you to popular Seattle sites.  The shuttle's schedule isn't the greatest but at least it is free.  There was free wifi but it was so slow I didn't use it.  There are computers in the lobby to print tickets and such.  Every morning there is a complimentary breakfast with waffles, biscuits & gray, bacon, sausage, pastries, etc.  Very good actually!  

The hotel looks like a remodeled Motel 6.  Very clean and decorated with a retro, modern twist.  The towels and sheets were comfortable and of descent quality.  The room had a desk and chair.  Overall very comfortable here.

This hotel offers various discounts.  I believe the AAA rate was around $175.  My dad used his government ID and got the room for $99 a night.

31/07/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
16. Courtney G.
I am absolutely furious with Hotel Nexus and have been dealing with them for 6 months! I made a reservation for 10 days. After I got to my room, I realized  that their website was quite misleading. The hotel is a GLAMORIZED MOTEL! The rooms are on the outside! That is not something I am comfortable with at all. I called to the manager and asked to cancel my reservation. His name is Jonathon. At the time he was very accommodating and professional, saying that he would not charge me for the night along with cancelling my reservation. My co-worker was on the phone with him as well and confirmed that is what he said.
Well...low and behold, not only WAS I charged for that night, I WAS CHARGED TWICE! Well, not only did Jonathon DENY telling me he would not charge me for a night I didn't stay, he also denied charging me twice! I HAVE THE CREDIT CARD STATEMENT! When my credit card disputed the charge with hotel nexus, they LIED to them and had the dispute reversed. Don't worry, hotel nexus, they are coming back after you again because the PROOF IS IN BLACK AND WHITE!

06/01/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
17. Chris F.
Like the other reviews state this is a remodeled hotel but for the price we paid I was more than happy with our stay. The breakfast was the typical continental style I expected, the room was clean and stocked with the usual items. The best part - the staff are very friendly and helpful. I received a telephone call today, over a week after our visit, trying to track down the owner of a smart phone that was left at the time of our visit. I am impressed with their service and the fact that they are still taking the time to reunite the phone to its owner. We were in Seattle for a Seahawks game, they have a free shuttle to the game, just remember to book a seat in advance. We did not get a seat but drove across the highway and caught a bus to the stadium with out a problem. I would stay here again.

19/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
18. Dan R.
This place is great!! Every single front desk staff member is awesome.  Management really cares about its guests. Every detail in this hotel is excellent. Do not hesitate... Just book a room..

22/01/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
19. East Side Guitar Repair R.
DO NOT STAY HERE. The sheets on my bed had dried or washed in blood stains on them. I got into my room late and decided to sleep on the non-stained side of the bed. The next morning I complained and asked for a change of bedding. They told me that they would take care of it right away. After a long day, I did not get back to my room until 12:30 am. The sheets were not changed! I called the front desk. After waiting 20 minutes, I called the front desk again. Another 20 minutes passes by and still no one shows up. I call again. Finally 5 minutes later, a hotel staffer shows up with sheets. He goes to hand the sheets to me and says, "Here you go." He expected me to change the bedding myself. I told him to do his job and change the bedding for me. Others in my group had a poor experience as well- wakeup calls not made, dirty rooms, poor service, etc. Awful place. Awful service.

05/09/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
20. Tina J.
Stayed here while attending an event at Bastyr University, since it was listed as one of the recommended accommodations on their site.

I won't stay here again.  The hotel is fine for a cheap hotel, but I would rather find a nicer place. It's a pretty old hotel with a new coat of paint, the rooms are fine but nothing spectacular.  All I want from a hotel is a nice room, comfortable bed and some quiet when I'm there.

Pros- nice shower!

Cons- old elevators and not very many, so don't bring a lot of luggage with you. Very slow Internet- was unable to do any work as my iPad was always timing out on any search. Noisy- the hallways vibrate every time anyone walks by. Location is good, but getting out of the parking lot onto busy Northgate Way is a bit tricky.  The heater in the room was noisy and blew out cold air directly onto my head while I was trying to sleep. I just finally had to turn it off as it was so annoying.

But the kicker for me was when I questioned why they charge a fine if people smoke and the front desk person said, "once people realize its's not a nice hotel, they think they can smoke."  Wow-  too bad I didn't realize it wasn't a nice hotel before I checked in.  

Next time I'll spend more money and stay at a nicer place.

26/01/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
21. Eric F.
An old Motel being remodeled with fresh paint and hope. Worn carpet and day spreads are clean, but what stood out the most in our stay was being stuck in the elevator. The staff did a good job, but the hotel had old bones.

15/08/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
22. Robyn A.
Modern Decor in lobby, friendly staff.  Was not happy with the Continental Breakfast, there wasn't anything for Vegans.  The fruit wasn't Organic, just all junk food.  I did appreciate the 24 hour hot water in the lobby so I could make my Tea.  Place is very nicely located, close to shopping, and my classes were right there.  There was a mini fridge in the room, a real plus, as I like to bring my own food.

Maid staff wasn't very observant, as we completely ran out of toilet paper after she didn't leave us any 2 days in a row.  She also didn't replace the bath mat.  

Carpets in meeting room had an awful smell.  Was nice we had hot water for tea and some cold drinking water available.  

Would  like to have had glass glasses and real coffee mugs in the room though.  I had to buy a  cup for my tea.  I would stay here again as it is close to where I want to eat everyday, just a couple miles south.

05/10/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
23. Heather H.
Aside from everyone else's reviews, this hotel has greatly improved over the last year.
My family frequently stays here when visiting yours truly, and I always come to join them over at the hotel.
-Free breakfast, this is more than fruit and muffins. Its a full on waffle and cereal bar. Toasted bagels with cream cheese and juice.

-Most recently my mother got a room with a full on tub with sauna and jets! Comes with a mini basket of towels and bath stuff.

-Close to the mall, target, Nordstroms and amazing fusion restaurant: Saffron Grill which happens to be right in front of the hotel itself.

-The rooms have always been clean, same goes for the hallways and general areas. Wifi and use of the hotel computer and printer are a big plus too!

Seattle hotels are spendy, but if your okay with staying a bit farther north, you won't regret your stay here.

12/09/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
24. Spencer K.
I did not stay at hotel nexus, however I did happen to make it to their lobby without my shoes or cell phone (it was a rough morning after watching a sounders playoff game the previous night) only to find the greatest service from Steve at the front desk. He invited me to have breakfast, offered a newspaper and even gave me change for the bus after he helped me find the right route. Hotel nexus you are blessed to have such an outstanding employee, STEVE YOU ROCK!

07/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
25. T C.
This is a WAY OVERPRICED MOTEL!!!  This is not a hotel despite the name. The outward facing doors (that face I-5) are the first clue.  The cheap IKEA furniture is dirty, and their ploy of modern really means flimsy.
I arrived here for a weekend stay for a conference expecting a comfortable, safe hotel.  What I arrived to was a dirty hotel with questionable loiterers making me feel uncomfortable.
I haven't even mentioned the price - my goodness - nearly $200/night for this.
It is also, as other reviews stated, very loud from traffic, foot traffic, doors opening and closing.
Terrible, just terrible.
The one plus - the staff are very nice.

20/06/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
26. Karen Anne B.
As others have said, this is an overpriced motel.

I stayed here because I was in town for the Seattle to Portland bicycle ride, and the Nexus had advertised on the ride's website. They advertised a special rate, shuttle your bags to the start line, etc., etc. Fabulous!  After making the initial reservation, any time we called to ask a question about the shuttle or whatever, nobody knew anything about it and told us to call back later.

Finally we arrived. The lobby was nice and the staff was ok, but often was so difficult to get an answer to anything. Three of them standing there doing nothing, pretty annoying.

The rooms are small and while some things seemed clean, the bedspreads looked old and shabby. The halls and elevators were small and hard to maneuver large luggage through.

We got up the morning of the ride. Now, the hotel was full of cyclists and they couldn't bother to put the hot breakfast out a little earlier. They knew all the riders would be gone by the time they usually put it out. We were left with cereal, dry overboiled eggs and bagels. Half my bagel was dry, the other half was soggy. So gross.

My friend wanted a photo of us so she asked someone who we think was another guest to take a photo. The man at the desk was apparently offended that she didn't ask him and made some comment. Fine, she handed him her camera.  Then he didn't get off his lazy ass to take the photo. Seriously, he just turned his chair and took a crappy shot. WTF?

Finally it came time for them to shuttle our bags to the start line. We dropped our bags in the lobby, and when we came back down with our bikes... the bags and shuttle were gone (they weren't supposed to drive us, just our bags). But now we had no idea where to meet the shuttle. We rode on to the start line and hoped for the best. We couldn't find the shuttle. My friend called the hotel. The man who answered was extremely rude (the same one who "wanted" to take our photo) and just kept telling her the driver was at the start line.

"He's at the start line."  

"He's at the Start. Line."

"He. is. at. the. start. line."

No shit. It was his only answer. Snottier each time. We tried to explain that there were 10,000 people there and we could not find him.

Could he patch us through to the driver?
Could he call the driver?
Could he give us the number?
What is your name?

He f&*^king hung up on us. Several minutes later I called and asked for the manager. I was told she wasn't there. Again I politely tried to get him to help us. He spoke to me like I was the biggest moron in the world for wanting to find my bags. Again, I asked for his name and again he hung up. If you won't give someone your name, and your solution is to hang up on them, you know what you're doing is wrong.

Finally, we located the driver. The driver, Dan?, (the only person with a clue at this whole hotel) informed us that he had just spoken to the man at the front desk and that they could have called him.

This place is awful and the service sucks. The location isn't all that hot either if you're wanting to see Seattle. If you are going to advertise a special rate for a special event, don't act like assholes to the guests you attract.

12/07/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
27. Christian J.
We loved our three-day stay at the Hotel Nexus. We won the stay at an auction as part of a Seattle package. The rooms were modern, nicely appointed, and with a "European feel".
We appreciated the microwave and refrigerator in the room.  The Wifi worked great.  The (free) breakfast gave many options. The breakfast room is relatively small.  Go early before it gets too crowded!
The staff was friendly and courteous.  Also, the Hotel Nexus is wonderfully pet friendly.  The pooch equally enjoyed his welcome as did his human companions!  We will stay again if we were to return to Seattle's Northgate neighborhood.

25/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
28. Chelsea M.
Save yourself the headache.. The shuttle is unreliable at best and then a cab is 25 dollars... Do yourself a favor and spend the money on a place closer to downtown if that's what you are visiting for. The hotel staff all told us different information each time we asked a question, cigarette butts and trash filled the stairways. Don't do it... Even if you are trying to save some money.

14/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
29. Rachelle W.
We chose Hotel Nexus as our stopover in Seattle after our wedding and before our honeymoon cruise. The two big factors were the free shuttle to the pier, and the ability to park the car for the 7 days at a very reasonable rate.

Despite reading some reviews that mentioned it was rather noisy and "paper thin" walls I have to say I didn't notice that at all. The room was large, amazing shower and tub, and very clean with a "new" feeling all over that you don't get many places. Breakfast was varied and delicious as well.

There was a snaffu with our shuttle, despite registering for the noon ride, and confirming both the evening before and the morning (didn't want to miss the cruise!) it was full when we came down to board. Without even batting an eye the staff called us a town car (at their expense) which arrived quickly and brought us to the cruise before the shuttle had even left!

Was VERY impressed with the staff. Would hands down suggest it for anyone looking to park n fly/cruise/etc in the Seattle area. Only reason I'm knocking a star off is that they really shouldn't have lost our shuttle reservation in the first place.

20/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
30. Catfish S.
I went through a major emergency involving a fire in my apartment.  As a result, I was essentially homeless and the Red Cross (a great organization) found this place as a temporary home for myself and my (also injured) cats.

One of my cats had an accident on some linens.  Having paid a pet fee and a deposit through the Red Cross, and having stayed at plenty of pet friendly hotels traveling throughout our nation with said cats with no incidents, I figured I'd owe the linens minus the deposit.

No.  This hotel and the manager would not only want over double the clearly inflated $145 cost of the 'linens' but they actively kicked me out and therefore terminated me any further benefits from the Red Cross.  This is a despicable, inhumane move considering I offered to pay the alleged cost of the damage ($145) out of my own pocket and leave on my own will.  I will say this again:  This hotel manager specifically made claims that would deny me any further assistance as a client of the Red Cross.

Now, after explaining to the Red Cross and them agreeing to keep me as a client (there was absolutely no other damage to the room beyond a beverage spill), I see a $250 charge in an addition to a combined amount of $124.26 on my card without any communication to me as to why.  

I recommend you avoid this hotel  My friends, their friends, and anyone else I speak to will be made known of this..  It seems to be run by downright hateful folks that will actually take advantage people facing a personal disaster.

05/12/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
31. Reviewer O.
Great location. Free shuttle service. Free breakfast. Good customer service. Hotel rooms not so good. POWER OUTAGE WENT OUT 2x for 3 hrs each time

27/06/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
32. Tyffany D.
I cannot understate how awful this hotel is. Due to the hotel staff's negligence or their own theft, my room was robbed during the day and very valuable Apple electronics were stolen. The hotel manager didn't even bother to offer a "sorry" after I made a formal complaint and reported the incident to the Seattle Police. After filing a claim with their insurance company, the hotel resolved to not offer any compensation for the lost property and or even COMP THE ROOM. Service like this is egregious and this business should not be supported.

21/11/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
33. Brian H.
Apparently the hotel is located in a less than average neighborhood. Wasn't keen to the idea of sharing parking with the Indian restaurant. The free breakfast okay and quite crowded. Its nice they let a homeless guy pack up his backpack full of food. I mean really?? Wtf?? Doesn't feel too secure.The elevator had a foul stench to it.  Anyway, Gina let us keep our luggage at the hotel and checked in later. Nice job Gina. The room was well decorated nice and clean. I think a security service would be better for business. Especially for their rates.

06/08/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
34. JJ D.
Pricey.  I stayed here because it's close to medical establishments, it's a mile from my dentist.  I paid $125 base rate before taxes, AAA Motor Club rate.  They charge $15 for pets, I had a cat with me.  I could definitely tell I was in the "pet room" as it smelled like a combination of Febreeze and dog.  Oh well, I did ask for the pet room so I could have my cat.  

The hotel has a shuttle bus to take you to medical establishments.  When I stayed here five years ago, the bus was hourly.  Not now.  The bus schedule was very inconvenient. I walked to my dentist, 1 mile away.  I was having a procedure done where I do not dare drive afterward.  My dental procedure was done at 4:00, but the hotel couldn't pick me up until 6:30.  VERY INCONVENIENT!  I was prepared to call a taxi, but I walked back, even though I was still a bit groggy.  

Cable TV was limited, only 20 channels.  But it had USA, which is my favorite.  

There was a Rugby team in when I stayed, it was a bit noisy with them in the hotel.

The hotel was a wonderful breakfast.  Belgian waffles you make yourself, boiled eggs, toast, biscuits, cold cereals, coffee, juice.  

Within a short walk of Northgate mall, if you don't mind trying to dodge the traffic.  

Hotel does have an iron, ironing board, frig, hair dryer, and microwave in room.

I was here in my car.  No way would I recommend an RV in this area.  The streets around Northgate Mall are too narrow and too busy.

09/10/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
35. Ganlin J.
This motel is very noisy, and dealing with the shuttle is outrageously inconvenient. Being promised a shuttle and having it arrive very late is much worse than not being promised a shuttle at all.

08/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
36. Dan N.
Up in Shoreline on business, I and my work partner wound up needing to stay the night.  It was recommended we check out Hotel Nexus just a mile south.  

We checked in, got to our individual rooms, and frankly, while this was no Embassy Suites, the room was "comfortable".

Now, when looking for a quick one-night stay, I'm passionately disinterested in what style of cheap art is hanging on the walls, what color of wallpaper they used (okay, maybe if it was shocking pink I'd have a problem, but these weren't) and how many drawers are in the dresser.  It just doesn't matter that much to me when I need to stay one night.

What does matter to me is "Did I get a good night's sleep?"

Unfortunately, at Hotel Nexus I didn't really get a very restful sleep.  The Heater/Fan/AC under-window unit was noisy and constantly went through a cacophony of different phases of vibration as it cycled on and off through the night, attempting to keep my room a balmy 72 degrees versus the 28-degree frosty weather outside.  So about every hour, as the unit cycled, I was awakened.  It was that, or freeze.  I opted for "comfortable but noisy".

The second thing that kept me awake was the clock radio.  Now, most hotel rooms have small clock radios with glowing red digits that can be dimmed.  Others have LCD screens with conventional "warm" backlighting that can also be dimmed.

Hotel Nexus has these "really-cool-dock-your-iPod-17-feature-with-hip-­blue/white-LED-backlit displays".  The display was busy with status readouts of all features, leaving only about a half-inch of height for the time readout itself.  So, tiny numbers.  And brilliant whitish/blue-ish backlit screen.  

So--when all the lights are out and the room's totally dark, and your eyes adjust to that dark, you're presented with the harsh glow of a non-dimmable brilliant "daytime" display that lights up the entire room.  Thanks for the nightlight.  Yes, I could turn the clock radio away so that it illuminated the opposing wall versus my face.  But then I wouldn't know what time it was.

So I didn't sleep all that well.  Between the fan unit cycling, and NOT knowing what time it was (do I have 1/2 hour more sleep because it's 6:00, or is it 2:00am?) and having to check the time on my smartphone because the clock was facing away, I awoke more tired than I went to bed.

Emerged from my room, and my buddy said, "Man, I didn't sleep well.  The fan unit was noisy and that clock radio was so bright it kept me awake."  I just shook my head.

Breakfast was "okay" for hotel breakfasts.  They had a pour-it-yourself Belgian Waffle machine that cranked out some pretty yummy waffles, but their scrambled eggs were so overcooked (think "egg pellets") they were chewy (blech!).  Kind of a mixed opinion on the noms.

Staff was pleasant.  But I think if I had to come up here again, I'd probably pay a bit more to stay somewhere else.

18/01/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
37. Cathie D.
Hotel Staff RUDE and FALSE ADVERTISING ON FREE SHUTTLE.  Site or affiliates state Free Shuttles for Guests leave every 2 hours like a bus.  Turns out there are only 3 or so a day with only 10 seats to service 450 rooms!  We had reserved shuttle to return.  After 15 minutes had passes I called, they gave us the wrong pick up time and we were left STRANDED and they did not care.  In 4 days at least that many irate people were yelling at reservation staff who did not care and were rude.  They told me to complain to their manager, Michelle.  It was obvious they feared no reprimand for their behavior.  GARBAGE was left on a daily basis in front of a side elevator, bags upon bags and it stank up to the fourth floor!  They advertise as a Hotel but the doors face outside like a Motel and it is difficult to get baggage from interior elevator thru outside door to your room.  Overall horrible experience.

29/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
38. Caitlyn W.
Really wish we didn't spend our money here.
$210/night I could of got something way better

I went from July 23rd - July 26th 2013

First when you walk Into the lobby to check in the smell is horrid
It smelled like some cheap disgusting cleaner. It wasn't a faint smell it was a really strong smell that gives you a headache
Rooms are clean which is good.

Wanna watch tv? Good luck $10 for a movie (1 watch)

Planning to go online/ do business work here?
You aren't gonna get internet. Yes the site says free internet but it doesn't connect. If it does it'll cut out literally 20seconds later  

Breakfast is good. There was Waffles,hard boiled eggs, bagels,fruit,cereal, juice/milk,toast,sausages
The kitchen area you go to to get you breakfast is tiny. Tons of people hungry and not many places to sit. You'll probably have to take ur food to your room

The pool is clean. The only weird thing is the staff hangs out around the side ( where the pool is but not inside the gate) and stand there and talk/ creepily watch you swim. There's no lifeguard/pool watch so there's no reason for them to watch

Bathrooms are tiny, showers are kinda gross & it doesn't really feel like hotel. More of a motel. The doors to your room are outside (which isn't fun when your cold/wet from the pool) and morning cleaning staff ( cleaning rooms beside/ down farther )  are super loud
It isn't super early but if you plan to sleep past 10 good luck

05/07/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
39. Cory T.
The advertised "two room" is just a room with a kitchen and couch, with a separate "sleeping quarters" where both of the queen beds are located. Don't be fooled by the false advertising!

17/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
40. Analise G.
Honestly the worst hotel I've ever stayed at. Way overpriced for what you get, the walls are extremely thin and if you have someone above you, expect to hear every move they make. Our room was dirty, we found crumbs, hair, and a dirty towel from the people before us, the service was rude and unhelpful, and I'm not picky, but this was just ridiculous. Never again.

21/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
41. Lisa W.
I stayed here before and it was great, so when I planned a trip to Seattle again I made a reservation here through the hotel's website. The website said nothing about charging my credit card in full before my stay and this wasn't the case when I had stayed here before, so I was upset when the hotel charged more than the full amount of my stay before I even checked in. I called and asked why they charged an additional amount and was told that it was to cover 'incidentals'. When I arrived there were no amenities in the room like water or a mini bar that could have qualified as incidentals, so I still don't know why they did that. The hotel stay was okay, but I didn't appreciate the unforeseen charge being placed on my credit card in advance of my stay, so I will find another hotel when I travel to Seattle again.

22/06/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
42. Nicole C.
15 or so minutes from the heart of Seattle. Great room two beds flat screen tv warm shower microwave and fridge it was the perfect room for the 5 of is traveling. Three adults two toddlers. Had a shuttle to Seattle. The staff was nice. I would definitely recommend this hotel to family and friends.

17/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
43. KaeRae Art C.
Reasonable accommodations/price and about 18 miles north of SeaTac airport.  The front desk staff (Brian and Steve) were friendly and helpful.

At first I was not planning on staying a second night. Steve helped me so I decided to stay longer.  Total stay of six nights.

Breakfast menu changes - scrambled eggs to hard boiled, sausage to bacon to biscuits/gravy, yogurt some days. I like having some variety in my breakfast meal. Breakfast hours are convenient 6 - 10 am.

Drives to Seattle Center, Waterfront, and Ballard Locks were fairly short. Drive to museum of flight was longer, but worth the drive. Hotel was a lot more convenient than my first impression

24/02/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
44. Winnie F.
We got our deal thru Hotwire.com , which led us to Hotel Nexus. It's pretty clean, comfortable beds, working hot water and A/C. Friendly staff and good location. Will consider staying again if the regular rate is not too crazy.

Not to mention the pool, 24 hrs gym, hot tub and hot breakfast!

16/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
45. Ron H.
I just had what can only be described as the worst hotel experience I have ever had. I reserved a wheelchair accessible room with a roll in shower a month in advance. Upon arrival we noticed no shower bench and called the front desk.  We were informed all of the shower benches were already spoken for, even though EVERY room with a roll in shower is supposed to have a bench by law. The guy at the front desk tells us the best he can do is for US to go shopping, put it together, then leave it then when we leave since it won't fit in our car assembled. ....he can reimburse us for the cost.  WTF? I didn't drive a couple of hundred miles to deal with this.  So this morning we leave and I skip a shower.  My better half called the desk to check out and and speaks to the manager  (Shane). This guy was a condescending individual who proceeded to tell us they do not have ANY benches for "sanitary" reasons in a manner that made me feel unwelcome. In the future I will be staying elsewhere in Seattle, I highly recommend you consider staying elsewhere since management has no interest in accommodating and making their guests feel welcome.

15/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
46. stuart j.
We strongly suspect insects breeding in the carpet. My partner had bites on the ankle.
Some fittings do not work.
An H1B hotel, poor value, trash décor, 3rd world atmosphere.

02/12/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
47. Janie M.
I had just come from a lovely hotel in downtown Seattle when they moved a family member from Harborview to UW.  I chose this hotel because they advertised a free shuttle to the hospital.  What a mistake that was!

First impression was that the hotel was fairly nice.  Not up to the standards of the downtown hotel I stayed at, but it was also about $40 cheaper a night.  It was passable.  The lobby is very nice.  The room was comfortable.  

The first thing I did after dropping my bags was to hop on the shuttle to the hospital.  No problem there, although the shuttle is a little worn and rattly.  And the low tire pressure light was on.  I was dropped off at the hospital with instructions to get picked up at the same location.  The shuttle schedule, as others have mentioned, isn't very convenient.  I wasted a lot of time waiting for a chance to take the shuttle to the hospital, and my only chance to return was 6:30-6:40pm.  

After visiting with my relative, I headed down to catch the shuttle.  I was outside at 6:20 to make sure not to miss the shuttle.  It was less than 40 degrees outside but I figured I'd be okay for the 10-20 minutes it would take for the shuttle to arrive.  Thirty minutes later, the shuttle still wasn't there so I called the hotel to see what happened.  They said it was coming, not to worry.  FIFTY minutes later, it arrived (30 minutes late.)  I was an ice cube by then.  The shuttle driver asked me how I was doing.  I told him I was freezing.  His response was, "you should have waited inside."  Nice apology.  I shivered for the whole ride back to the hotel while the driver gave me the silent treatment.

Once I arrived at the hotel, there was more trouble.  The neighbors had arrived.  I had asked for a quiet room, so I can only assume this is the quiet part of the hotel.  God forbid you get a room in the not-so-quiet part!  Neighbors on one side were having a loud conversation late into the evening.  I could hear every word they said.  Every laugh.  Every bang on the wall(?)  On the other side of me was a family with children.  I could also hear all of their conversations.  You can hear every door slam in the parking lot.  Every car drive by.  You can't drown it out with the a/c.  Or the TV.  Or an MP3 player.  

My reservations were for 4 days but I left first thing in the morning.  This hotel is worth about $40 a night.  If you can get it for that, go for it, anything more and you're over paying.

20/01/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
48. Brigitte G.
the hotel staff was very uneducated.

We called the hotel a month ago asked to make a reservation because we are going to the mariners game tonight. They said they had a free shuttle that could take us and pick us up from the game. So we reserved the mariner package room so we could receive the free shuttle ride.

Today at 10am they unauthorized a charge on the debit card. A "hold" was supposed to be placed. This is not what they did AND we  were not even at the hotel yet! We were still in Portland! Which was more money than what the room even cost.

When arrived to the hotel the lady couldn't even explain why the charge happend! Another staff said it was because we booked online, I said no we called and made the reservation that way.

Then we asked when the shuttle arrived and the mrs said that she didn't know. We asked when it would leave, she said 10 min. We said 10 min from when? She said when it got here. We said how do we know when it gets here? She says it pulls up and you will see it. We then asked if there was a specific time it had to leave no matter on the time it arrived, she then said 10min again. IT WAS NO HELP! We then asked if the game runs later than 10 or we can't make it through the crowd of thousands of people than will there be a shuttle to pick us up like stated on the website? She said she didn't know. We then asked how the hell it was ok to drop people off at the game but not guarantee a ride back? She said she didn't know but we would have to figure out another way back if we didn't have the shuttle.

Then she didn't give us a parking pass so 5 min after we got done with the discussion about the shuttle and telling them they are idiots and horrible, we go back to the front desk and said we noticed people had a parking pass and we never received one. Do we need one? The lady goes well I don't know. My finacee then says, "how the hell don't you know?" Another receptionist says that we needed one. So she says what is it name is the reservation under and my finacee tells them our last name. Then she asks what room number and he says the one you just put us in. She still had trouble looking up the name and then proceeded to inform us that our name was not in the system.

The front staff is a joke! The pic up and drop off for sporting events is completely misleading and no where to be true!

23/05/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
49. Rebecca S.
Unfortunately, the WIFI was very poor... slow or impossible to log into. And the heating/cooling system was very noisy. Otherwise, the room and bed were reasonably comfortable, the parking ample, the water always hot.

08/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
50. Brian M.
This is essentially a motel (doors outside facing the street) with fairly decent rooms, above average decor, but noisy air conditioning, and HORRIBLE service.

We reserved their shuttle for downtown pickup to Hotel Nexus, and we were told to meet at a street corner. After the shuttle was 20 minutes late, we called again and they said they were on their way. After the shuttle was 2 hours late, they claimed they arrived on time, but we never saw them. We were told that our only option was to take a $20-30 cab to the hotel and that there were no public transportation options. We were able to get a later shuttle, but found out they actually meet at the Bank of America parking lot, which was never communicated to us.

So basically we sat and waited 2 hours for a shuttle which never picked us up. Because they told us that it was still arriving 20 minutes after they abandoned us. And they abandoned us because they gave us the wrong information on where to get picked up. No apology or anything, just a "not our problem, who cares" vibe.

Another example of their customer service: I tried to buy potato chips from the vending machine in their fitness room, but the item got stuck and there was no phone number listed on the machine. I called the front desk, they said that it was owned by someone else, they didn't want to "bother" the maintenance man, and that there was no way to get a 75 cent credit because they weren't responsible for their own amenities. Again, "not our problem, who cares" feeling. Fortunately, after shaking the machine a few times, the chip bag dropped.

Also, the swimming pool (visited during the summer) looks like it hasn't been cleaned in months--no filter was operating and the water was extremely cloudy like milk, with a bunch of leaves in it.

Avoid at all costs. They have a nice logo and a cool paint job, but god help you if you actually need assistance from them.

30/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
51. Katherine O.
Hotel Nexus is found in the Northgate.  I was drawn here because of their free shuttle service that takes you to places around UW, downtown, and around Northgate.

The room itself was very spacious.  I booked a 2 queen bed room for $109.  There was also a desk and computer chair to get some work done, a large flat screen tv on top of a six drawer dresser, microwave, and mini fridge.  The bathrooms also have shampoo, conditioner, and body wash dispensers which were pretty nifty.  You don't have to worry about asking for extra shampoo bottles here!  

I read the mixed reviews on their shuttle service and was a little scared that I'd have to find transportation of my own, but I actually had a great experience with it!  The front desk gives you a shuttle schedule and you let them know what time you want to leave and where you want to go.  I scheduled for the shuttle to take us to the Space Needle at 10AM and for them to pick us up near Pioneer Square at 8.  My friend and I actually got lost walking around and by the time it was 7, we were half an hour away from where we were suppose to be picked up.  We called the hotel and asked if they could pick us up at a closer destination and they had no problem with it.  The shuttle is a little squeaky, but it beats calling a cab!

There isn't much around the hotel, there are 2 convenience stores (the Chevron is open 24 hours btw), a taqueria and Starbucks across the street, and an Indian restaurant (it is practically steps away from the hotel.)  But with the small choice of options, I was able to eat an exceptional dinner (butter chicken-medium ftw!) and stock up on water and snacks without walking across the street.

10/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
52. Jonathan S.
Where do I start...we usually rent hotels with inexpensive or free wifi and parking, when possible. This place had good ratings on Hotels.com so we booked it. When we checked in we noticed that the neighborhood was a bit on the sketchy side, even though it's walking distance from a major mall. I'm using the word sketchy to be nice...it's pretty bad. I would definitely not be walking to the mall. The free wifi...well let's just say you get what u pay for here. Free parking...don't leave ur valuables in the car at night and don't leave them in the room while ur out. The room came with breakfast every morning...let's just say we still went out to eat every morning. I will say that the staff is very nice, but that is about it. I would not stay here again

04/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
53. Josh A.
It's clean, no bugs, roomy, and comfortable.  It ain't the Ritz Carlton, but it doesn't try to be.  Being a college coach, I've stayed in some shady places.  This isn't one.  Good price, close to a lot, especially Family Donut and the taco truck.

31/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
54. Heather C.
"Honeymoon suite" (room with a nice hydrotherapy tub) is clean and comfortable. But, the BEST part about this place is the tweaks and weirdos making noise all night so you don't have to worry about getting any sleep.  Additionally,  the array of entertainment right outside your room is amazing: drug deals, prostitutes, wharf rats, and condoms in the parking lot.  Simply fascinating.  Yes, I'm being sarcastic. If you don't mind, then this is the place for you - but I would never bring a child here.

Just a note - the hydrotherapy rooms are NOT wheelchair accessible. I can get everywhere in my 29" wide wheelchair, BUT the bathroom.  I'm camping for $139/night...all to let y'all know!

Staff are friendly and professional. Better security could make this a pretty cool place to stay.

04/04/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
55. Susan S.
Hotel Nexus treated me well. I needed a place to stay on the weekends while my husband was in rehab after heart surgery in Northgate, Seattle for over a month. We live three hours away from the rehab facility. They offer discounts if your stay is for a medical reason. The hotel is clean, updated, comfy bed & linens, pet-friendly, and very adequate breakfast. The desk clerks were courteous and helpful. It has the Saffron Grill Indian restaurant on the property. Their food is delicious! Hotel Nexus is nicer than many Best Western hotels I've stayed in. I will continue to stay there on the weekend as long as my husband is needing rehab in Seattle.

26/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0