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Hotel Seattle in Seattle, WA

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Company Info:

Rating: 2.02

Address: 315 Seneca St, Seattle, WA, 98101

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    Comments (47):

    1. Ed R.
    This place may have been a nice hotel a long time ago.

    Wobbly sink, rusted pipe in the bathroom going into bare cement hole, bathtub needs resurfacing, ceiling shows signs of water leakage. Basically clean, and the bed was better than the other el cheapo joints we stayed at.

    Overall, its a dump.

    30/05/06 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    2. Rachel L.
    the only reason that this hotel gets two stars instead of one is because of the incredibly understanding front desk staff. I was in Seattle for work and due to a hiccup in booking, the hotel had been booked, but not paid for. I didn't have a company credit card on me, and it was a Sunday. The woman at the desk was so understanding that she let me stay a night without paying so that i would not be stranded in Seattle without housing, and we took care of the billing on Monday when my office re-opened. So the front of the house is extremely sympathetic and nice.

    The rest of the deal, however, was functional but underwhelming. I am not a hotel snob. I would give most of the hotels i have ever stayed in a two star rating. But in the interest of being frank, the hotel was shabby. the ceiling of my room was peeling, and one of the curtain rods was pulling out of the wall. There was no clock in the room. The sheets were thin. My room didn't get cleaned (which I prefer, but I had not requested that they didn't clean it).

    If you are just looking for a bed, and maybe a television at less than $100 a night, then this is your place. if you are looking for something other than a place to sleep, look elsewhere.

    18/06/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    3. Jennifer B.
    Its just a place to put your head when going to Seattle area concerts. The rooms are clean and the staff I've always talked to are nice and helpful. Amenities are none but the price is definately right. 49.00 if you book online. If you want more than a clean place to put your head after a night out in seattle stay somewhere else.

    15/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    4. Ile F.
    If there were zero, it would be it!

    Friends got bug bites all over the body when staying at this hotel!

    Must avoid this place!

    23/09/08 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    5. Sarah J.
    Would highly recommend not staying here unless you absolutely have to.  If so, some words of advice:

    *stay on a lower floor.  The elevator likes to stop working- in between floors.  And if you are on the 8th floor, it gets pretty dizzy and tiring climbing up and down concrete curvy stairs.
    *Bring your own pillows.  And maybe even sheets.  The pillows have been washed, at least they are clean.  But the hard lumpy balls of cotton inside make for a headache when you wake up.  Sheets are scratchy and thin, which work well if it is summertime with no air conditioner, you will need thin sheets.
    *When showering, leave room to jump out of the spray of water for when it turns to scalding hot, to icy cold unexpectedly.
    *If you have children, do not let them go into the bathroom alone.  The chipped paint from the pipe that goes from floor to floor through the hole in the ceiling and floor has not been vacumed up and it looks so old it may be lead based.
    *Prepare to prop a chair against the door at night, since the deadbolt will probably not work.  And with no security at the elevator...or the stairway door, some scarey people could wander in with no one questioning them.
    *Bring your own iron, hair dryer, clock, and pepper spray.

    Plusses: well....if I had to think of one, the TV did work!

    Avoid if at all possible.

    30/08/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    6. Lynn M.
    Just Yuck.

    23/06/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    7. Natalie S.
    If Scary, dirty, and horrible customer Service is what you're looking for in a "hotel" than Hotel Seattle is the place for you!

    10/09/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    8. Timothy P.
    Definite old fashioned feel here.  Unfortunately no internet access in room (lobby only), and crt TVs with only 5 snowy channels.   However,  if you're looking for a reasonably priced hotel downtown this will work.

    12/09/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    9. Katherine H.
    When traveling inexpensively in Seattle, this is a good choice for a warm place to spend the night. Really convenient location and inexpensive are the two major draws to this place. No posh luxuries, only the bare minium. I have never had a truly gross experience in the five plus times I've stayed, but I am never impressed with cleanliness or customer service either. Stay here before you sleep on the street or in the car but if you can afford it, Seattle has much better accomodations.

    11/03/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    10. Ellie P.
    I don't mind rustic hotels, but I prefer my rustic hotels to at least have sheets and blankets that don't have mystery hair all over them and a shower curtain that is actually plastic.The shower pressure and location to everything is the only thing that this hotel had going for it.

    Everything in this hotel could use a renovation. Or at least be maintained a little!

    Can it hurt to get new sheets and a bed spread that actually fits the bed? Or a shower curtain that isn't cloth? Or fix wood trim that is falling off?  

    One thing I learned, make sure your hotel has a hairdryer because at least I know it might be better than this place.

    16/07/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    11. Erika W.
    DO NOT STAY AT THIS HOTEL. Yes, the location is great and the price is significantly lower than surrounding hotels. However, you truly get what you pay for. The entire hotel was crumbling. Vintage is charming; run-down is not. I walked into my room and was amazed that it was missing even the most basic things like electrical socket covers and a toilet paper holder (it had been ripped from the wall). On top of that, I got in to bed that night to find a hole in my comforter and a TV that had an error message reading "Call XXX-XXX-XXXX to avoid losing your service" on most of the 5 channels it offered. Obviously, that bill had not been paid. Also, despite saying it had wifi, it was only available in the small area of the lobby.

    The next day I left the hotel, leaving the Do Not Disturb sign on the door and checking the lock several times in my usual OCD manner. When I returned that night, I went to insert the key and the door swung right open. It wasn't even closed! The hole in the comforter was gone so I knew housekeeping had entered anyway, despite my wishes. And they left the door wide open! Thankfully, as far as I know, nothing was missing.

    Finally, the last night I came home to find my bathroom flooded from a leaky pipe. When I informed the desk downstairs and told them how unacceptable my entire stay had been, the man at the front desk laughed at me. When I asked to speak to a manager, he told me that the manager would not speak to me. WHAT!? Aren't you in the business of hospitality? I am an over-paying guest and you won't even hear my concerns? Absolutely ridiculous. They simply moved me to another room, which had a giant wall of mold behind peeling wall paper. Gross.

    What I am trying to say is fork out the extra $20-30 a night and STAY SOMEWHERE ELSE. Seriously, it would have been worth every penny to not have to deal with this disgusting place. My low standards for a hotel are that it's cheap, clean, and safe but this one severely disappointed every aspect.

    06/05/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    12. Sam H.
    I don't know what these other reviews expect paying less than $90 a block from pricey hotels such as the Monaco, Olympic, and W hotels.  Seriously, people, did you think you were getting a steal half price room?  You don't go to Denny's and expect caviar, do you?

    Sure, the place was run down and kind of a shi...  

    Hold on, I'm getting a call from Roget.  he's giving me a word... wait... RUSTIC.

    It may be run down but it is a beautiful view into old Seattle and the rooms are comfortable.

    Great place for a couple who would rather spend time out on the town than spend a ton of time in the hotel.

    The only REAL drawback is a lack of parking.  If you intend to drive, plane to add another $25 a night to park in one of the overnight lots a few blocks away.

    19/09/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    13. Carole B.
    Upon entering the (will this get me up and down?) elevator and 6th floor room I was less than thrilled by the filthiness of the place.

    I understand old and historic, but filthy and feeling icky in a hotel for $135/night isn't cool.

    - No wifi in the rooms - only in the small lobby and i didn't even try it out.
    - Carpet is filthy and matted (i wore my shoes always);
    - Bathroom ceiling is holey and falling down;
    - Stained and blistering popcorn ceilings elsewhere;
    - Weird noises (steam i think) when someone above you uses their shower.
    - Curtains don't totally close and are filthy;
    - TV - ha, a 17" old knob-thing with a non-working remote, after testing it I didn't even turn it on again the 4 days i was there.
    - The walls and carpet is so dirty you have to go somewhere in your head so you don't think about the possibility of bugs when you close your eyes - but i had left over pizza on a table overnight and there were no signs of a bug invasion during my sleep.
    - Elevator - cross your fingers that the noises you hear are the hamsters furiously and slowly pulling the cables up and down.

    - Bed was comfortable and semi-firm;
    - Shower had good pressure and hot water;
    - Close to everything! - I've never been to Seattle and was able to walk everywhere within a mile and a half radius after work each night and not feel worried about my safety (single girl in a new city).
    - Hair dryers given out at the front desk so you don't have to pack yours.
    - Great places to eat at.

    After my first night i just called it my "less-than-one-star-rated-historic-hotel". It was fine to stay in but not if you're looking for any amenities or luxuriousnesses of staying in a hotel away from home.

    24/10/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    14. Jane W.
    I hear there are cheaper nicer hostels. Didn't see any bugs and there was maid service.

    Lobby womens bathroom has holes in the wall. Don't lean on the divider. It will fall over.

    Centrally located but kinda shady.

    Next time I'll try the hostel with the jacuzzi on the roof.

    15/08/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    15. Megan B.
    For an inexpensive room in the sought after downtown Seattle area, Hotel Seattle can't be beat. If you want a luxury hotel or some place that is new and modern, you might want to stay somewhere else.

    It's just a few minutes walk to Pike Place Market, theaters and restaurants.

    My husband and I have stayed here twice over the past year and for the price, it can't be beat.

    I wouldn't stay anywhere that was dirty. This place is definitely not. The building and furnishings are old, but everything was clean.

    The beds were not super comfortable, but for half the price or less of other hotels in the area, they were tolerable.

    The elevator is a bit noisy, but always got us to the right floor.

    I would definitely stay here again and would recommend it as a reasonable place to stay in downtown Seattle.

    31/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    16. Juliane S.
    Hotel Seattle...provides a dry roof over your head (at least...)

    I stayed here overnight this past weekend and although it was less than stellar, I'm going to say that I've stayed in worse places. You can't beat the location (smack dab in the middle of downtown and a five minutes walk to Pike Place Market) for the price.

    Here are the good and the not so good things about this place:

    - It's a decently priced dry roof over your head in downtown Seattle.
    - The bed and pillows in our room weren't as uncomfortable as I expected.
    - There's clean running water!
    - There's a flushing toilet!
    - It's doable for one night.
    - You get a telephone.
    - There's a TV (at least, right?)
    - The front desk staff members were polite.

    - It's (literally) crumbling apart.
    - There are weird hotel noises at nighttime as well as noise pollution from outside.
    - No WiFi in the rooms, only in the lobby.
    - No clock radio, but three lamps in the room?
    - No air conditioning, so it gets really stuffy in the room.
    - The window sills are really low to the ground, I'd say, at an illegal height! If you have    kids, DO NOT stay at this hotel.
    - It was pretty dingy. I kept my shoes on even in my room.

    Overall, if I were in Seattle for another overnight trip, I'd consider this hotel. If over one night, I'd stay somewhere more comfortable.

    05/11/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    17. nancy R.
    It's a roof over your head in a town that is not your own. Plus, location, location, location.

    Other than that, it reminds me of the hotel the Bundy's stayed in while they were in Florida.  The front desk staff was remarkably unhelpful and the place is a bit yucky, as Lynn M. so aptly pointed out.

    What would bring me back to this place is price, location, and its roof.

    14/08/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    18. Jessica D.
    My boyfriend and I stayed here for one night and I am quite happy it wasn't two. After a semi- spontaneous decision to drive up to Seattle (from Portland) with only about a week of planning, this was one of the only hotels available. If you're in a pinch, you can stay here and probably be guaranteed a hot shower and a decent bed. Other than that, it's pretty bad. Here's why:

    1) The place was dirty and gross. Cracking laminate floors, peeling wallpaper, cracked ceiling, dirty windows with no screens. You get the idea.

    2) There was literally no counter space in the bathroom. When you have two people showering, and using at least a toothbrush, you need a place to put these things. I kept dropping items precariously balanced on the edge of the small sink.

    3)There was not a single towel hook or rack. Not exaggerating.

    4) Speaking of the towels, they were so rough we joked that it was a free exfoliation treatment. How hard is it to throw some fabric softener in there, people?

    3) No AC. I know, I know, it's Seattle and not a warm city, but when you're in a hotel on a busy street in August, you want to be able to close the windows to drown out the sound. Oh and there wasn't a single fan.

    4) 4 channels on the TV, all local. We don't have TV at home and were looking forward to it.

    5) No wifi. Correction: there is wifi in the lobby. Wtf? I suppose if you had an emergency this would do but it means no internet access from your room. When you also don't have TV (see #4), it just starts to feel cheap.

    The reasons I didn't give it one star? No live insects (that we saw), the bed was decent, and the sheets appeared (fingers crossed) clean. It felt secure, there was hot water, and basic toiletries like cheap shampoo and bar soap. The elevator didn't break which I'm actually quite surprised about. The best thing about this place is the location. We parked the car and didn't need it again until we went home. You can walk to the pier, walk to the market, walk to dinner, etc. I'm glad we were busy enjoying Seattle and spent very little time in the room.

    Don't make me say I told you so!

    24/08/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    19. Tony J.
    After reading all the reviews I still decided to stay here my first two nights in Seattle. I went straight there from the airport. The staff was nice and was very helpful with ideas for places to get drinks. The hotel was old but I new that going into it. They do have a bar down stairs (not in the hotel by right under it). In all I enjoyed the stay (girlfriend not so much). I would tell someone not to stay here its a great location with tons to do around it. I was satisfied with my stay but the other hotel I went to was great with free bike rentals.

    30/12/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    20. Trevor A.
    Yes this is an old Hotel. It does have it quirks, but for the price it can't be beat in this area of town. Sub $100 in 5 minute walking distant to Pike Place Market that is cray. Yes the elevator is kind of scary. The floors are stained. The smell of smoke in the hallways is prominent. This is just history. If your looking for just a crash pad for after a show or game this is the place.

    03/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    21. Tamila H.
    For the price,  it should be better,  $90 a night for no heat and dirtiest ugliest carpet.  I must say the nice receptionist,  both men are very understanding and accommodating!

    30/11/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    22. Ron I.
    As we drove by this hotel, I was mortified that my wife was hoodwinked to book a room in this squalid building that should have received multiple blows by a wrecking ball decades ago. We had to park three blocks away just to walk in and cancel our ill advised reservation. We gladly squandered our deposit and drove out of Seattle in utter disgust. There must not be a health department in this city to allow this pure garbage to operate under the false pretense of a hotel.

    22/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    23. Renee M.
    The only good thing about this place was the price.  Peeling wallpaper, no wifi in rooms, pitiful shower, musty smell.  Ugg.  Not worth it!!!

    01/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    24. Heather N.
    My boyfriend and I were visiting Seattle for the weekend and were pleased the rates for Hotel Seattle so affordable on Hotels.com .Sadly, this is where the good part of the story ends.We discovered that not only does the hotel not have any sort of parking arrangements, but the attendant behind the desk was not helpful in locating a suitable place to park our car for the evening.We addressed that dilemma and went to our room, we were once again disappointed by the comparatively poor shape of the room, with very outdated sheets, a TV that was probably manufactured in 1990 with access to all of five channels (when there wasn't a message on the screen from the cable company for them to pay their bill), a remote that didn't work, flickering lights in the hall, and non-functioning table lamps.The building uses radiator heating that, as the attendant explained, "works whenever it works." What am I paying for if the heat doesn't even work?Given that the room was cold, it was off for a hot shower, only to discover that the water temperature would surge quite drastically, almost to scalding levels, and the shower curtain turned out to be an old bedspread or curtain (You can't buy a shower curtain?!).Suffice to say this is not the old charming building for folks who want to experience a unique stay in Seattle; instead, this is a poorly maintained, managed, pitiful place to stay.We STRONGLY recommend that you pony up the extra $20 stay in a chain or at least somewhere more deserving of your patronage.

    08/12/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    25. Juan Carlos S.
    For the value, it's hard to find anything better than Hotel Seattle. It's in prime Downtown, walking distance to anywhere you want to go to. From CenturyLink Field to Westlake Center. The LINK and busses stop half a block from the door, which is nice if traveling from the airport.

    The hotel itself is not high class, once you get that through your head, you'll be fine. Yes, it's old and aged, but it's okay for one or two nights there. Even three if you're budgeting.

    The front desk staff is very nice and helpful. I got my check-in super early, but I'm sure that was more a fluke. The turndown service was pretty bad though. They didn't make up my room till mid-afternoon, and the bed looked like it was done by a bratty 6 year old forced to make his bed by his mother.

    Bathrooms are probably the worst part of the room. The wallpaper was pealing, and there was a plumbing pipe (?) running up and down the back of the door. Personally those two things didn't really bother me, but it was a bit annoying having to wait around for the water to get hot.

    There is also wi-fi only in the lobby. If this hotel gets one upgrade, I really hope it's wi-fi through the entire hotel. It's such an inconvenience to have to stop by the lobby every time. But again, you're paying significantly less than hotels nearby.

    If I found myself in Seattle again, and nearby hotels were as expensive as they were during my stay, I wouldn't mind coming back to this hotel.

    17/06/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    26. Janet I.
    This hotel was the worst I've even seen in my life.  The hotel was run down and dirty. I stepped into the lobby and knew immediately that it was not a place I would feel comfortable at and left. There is no parking available, so you have to park, pay a daily fee and roll your luggage to the hotel a block away.  This hotel should have been condemned 25 years ago. The fact that's its open for business tells a lot about the lack of regulations.  Furthermore, it was falsely advertised as a Hilton Hotel.

    21/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    27. Matthew H.
    You get what you pay for. It suited our needs fine, but it isn't a nice place by any means. If you want big, clean and comfortable this ain't your place. If you want a place to crash in downtown Seattle for $100, then this is the only place. The shower heats up and cools off on its own. Sink drains slow. Bed is rock hard. Service is unprofessional and not particularly friendly. Other reviewers have said that they didn't feel safe here or this is a bad area. It's not. Unless big cities in general scare you, there's nothing to fret over. As a former resident of Seattle I can tell you that cities don't get much cleaner and safer than Seattle's business core. 2 stars for this place is accurate. As a side note, the place downstairs called Bernard's is really good and really cheap for breakfast.

    29/03/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    28. Baiyue C.
    So on the first day I arrived, I took a shower, but after I came back from dinner, I tried to use the bathroom, the room locked itself. That's super weird! So the staff upgrade me to the suite, sounds good right! But there's something wrong the toilet, it couldn't flush, that's so annoying. I didn't bother to switch room again, cuz I'm only staying for 2 night. The hotel has a 70a vibe, #slightlyhauntedfeeling.

    20/05/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    29. Ginny G.

    It's dirty. Bring your own sheets (or at least pillowcase) and don't plan to use the comforter and pack warm PJs because the heat doesn't work at night.

    The staff is super nice (but I guess you'd have to be at a place like this).  

    The best part is the location (close to everything- EVERYTHING. And the price is probably the cheapest you can find in Seattle, but as you've probably gathered, there's a reason for that....

    11/10/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    30. Danice A.
    Worse than the Bates Motel. The place is a shabby dump. Kind of like a hostel experience...No hair dryer or coffee maker. The house keeper was nice, but the rest of the staff was a bit scary. Not worth more than $50 a night. We usually enjoy older boutique hotels, but we made a huge mistake with this one. On the plus side...we slept really well. The room was quiet and the bed was comfy. I was surprised.
    We came in to see the Angels play the Mariners, so the location was appealing, but don't book a room here unless you're cool with one step above camping.

    28/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    31. Jennifer H.
    I just got back from PAX and stayed at Hotel Seattle for 4 nights.  I  think we found our new hotel to stay at every time we come to Seattle.   Most of the reviews coming out about this hotel are negative. I can sorta see why, but I do not agree with these reviews. Yes this hotel is old, yes this hotel doesn't have the amenities of Hyatt or Sheraton but I DARE you to find a better price in this location.  Most of the hotel prices are $300 or more.  For people complaining that this place has no WI-FI (except in the lobby) or poor TV reception who gives  a crap. The mattress is soft, the sheets and the room was clean. Yes, the plumbing is old, but all it does is goes from warm to lukewarm to lukecold. Never hot to freezing cold like other reviews have claimed.  If WIFI and TV is that important to you and you enjoy paying almost $200 more a night, by all means do it. I'd rather spend my money on more enjoyable things on my vacation than my hotel.  We were never in the room anyway except for sleeping and showering.  We got up at 7 am and wouldn't come back to the hotel until sometimes midnight; I do not need TV or WIFI if I'm just going to bed.  I don't care that the hotel and carpet is old,; it was CLEAN and AFFORDABLE and an AWESOME location which is the best I could hope for in a hotel.  


    02/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    32. Nicole M.
    My boyfriend and I came to stay here and lasted about 15 minutes in the room.  The rug did not look clean, the bathroom was falling apart, and we were too afraid to put our bags on the floor due to fear of bed bugs.  I usually look up reviews before staying anywhere, and it appeared that the last reviews written about this place were positive so I didn't scroll down.  My fault.  Thankfully, I have a friend that lives in Seattle and was willing to let us stay on his couch.  I'd rather stay on a couch any day than stay one more minute at this place.  It has potential to be super cute, but the owners have given up on it.  The girl working at the front desk was the only person working that day,no question.  She was nice enough, but wasn't surprised when we wanted to leave right after arriving.  She took time away from watching Netflix or whatever on her iPad with headphones to tell us we probably wouldn't get a refund.  
    Please don't stay here if you can help it.  The location is great, yes, but not worth the fear of bugs and dirt.

    16/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    33. Ian M.
    Utter shit hole. Add that to the fact that house keeping stole $3,000 of my property outta the room and the manager wouldn't do a damn thing about it. First time I've called the cops on a hotel chain. A steaming pile of a hotel. Avoid at all costs!

    25/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    34. Jun H.
    Pros: excellent location, clean, comfortable room, and cheap for downtown Seattle.

    Cons: room was insanely hot even with radiator turned all the way down, and you get a healthy dose of downtown noise while staying here. Also you have to use a parking garage for your car that runs about $37 per night

    One of the cheaper hotels in downtown Seattle. Found a special online for $25 off the room, but when you add in taxes and etc, plus $38 for parking, the total comes to around $120. Pretty fair for the area.

    The front desk is quick and efficient. I was in my room within 3 minutes.
    The room was comfortable, clean, and actually kinda cute. It was however hot as hell. Slept with both windows wide open.

    Overall I give it four stars based on price, location, and cleanliness. Great value for downtown Seattle. Now if they can just fix the radiator . . . .

    02/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    35. Kathy R.
    The only good thing about this dive is the location.  Literally.  The pictures others have posted are accurate, however, if I had taken pictures as well, I certainly could have added more of the "mold" shots in the bathroom.  Our room, upon arrival, had no hot water, disco lights at best in the bathroom since the ballast was shot and the bathroom sink was plugged up.  We were relocated promptly.  That was very nice, and "upgraded" from twin beds (by the way, two people could not get out of bed at the same time or they would knock each other down) to a larger room with double beds.  Old boob tube with the picture tube nearing death, windows that open nice and wide, so if you want to jump....this is the place to go.  No safety issues right?  Don't bring your kids.  The list goes on.  Just know, it is a dive but the price is low and the location is good for sight seeing.

    05/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    36. Scott G.
    If you like dive bars then you'll surely love The Hotel Seattle because I would have to call it a dive hotel supreme. That being said it is an awesome piece of history with its hissing water pipe heating and one single rickety elevator that ditched me one night in the basement in front of a locked iron gate where I thought a dungeon might lay on the other side. Fortunately, no dungeon. Turns out that on the other side of that gate is Bernard's which is possibly the most dive of dives that I've ever been to and is totally subterranean. No windows. Bernard's was also a lot of fun esp w the live electric guitar duo mixing it up with folk and rock songs. Yes their last set culminated with the lead guitarist soloing from on top of the bar. Hotel Seattle put me up on the top floor w a corner room overlooking the waterfront and the views were amazing. I loved the room and it surely enhanced my stay. This is NOT a hotel for everyone. If you want anything posh in your hotel this is not the place for you. Yes it's a bit dilapidated and the walls in the basement stairway are peeling and in obvious  disrepair. Your first impression will likely be that the place is haunted. I'm not saying it isn't but I am saying that I paid $108/nite for my room in the heart of downtown, stayed two nights and could not have asked for a better location. I would stay there again.

    15/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    37. V T.
    This review has been a long time coming.

    This may have been one of the worst hotels i have ever been in.  This is a complete S*** hole!  I've seen better hostels in 3rd world countries.  

    It was so bad we checked out the same day we checked in.  As a matter of fact within a few hours and we spent maybe 5 mins in the room.  I even had to store our bags in the car trunk because we did not feel safe in that place.


    17/01/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    38. Justin C.
    Yes, its cheap. Yes, its in a great location. But I wont stay here again.


    1. Dirty floors, ceilings, drapery, windows, TV. etc. Pretty much everything.
    2. Black Mold in the bathroom. So much that the wallpaper on the ceiling was peeled away about a foot and dripped water onto the floor.
    3. I requested a new room due to the black mold and was told, absolutely. Everything would be ready when I returned from the baseball game. After arriving around 11:00 expecting a new room, I was denied being told "we gave it to someone else."
    4.Uncomfortable bed.

    Based on these reasons I wont return. I knew that things were going to be old, maybe a little dingy, but nothing to the extent that I experienced.

    It's so close to everything. If you're using it simply for a place to ONLY sleep (like out all day and night) then it might suit you.

    Two stars for price and proximity to things.

    09/08/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    39. Rachel H.
    We only paid about $95 dollars with a military discount and I think it's a fair price. Small, basic room with not much space for activities and outdated furniture and decoration. It smells and looks very clean. Right in the middle of the city, a really great location. Not much of a view outside, but we aren't spending a lot of time in the room.

    26/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    40. Pinc P.
    I wish I could give this place no stars at all. Giving it one star is giving this place too much credit.

    The greatest thing about his place is the spot in the city. It is litterely in downtown seattle. No need to drive anywhere if you have fun in downtown.

    I was really wanting to look past off of the negative reviews I've read, but the customer service was very poor. Granted, a couple of the service men at the front desk were okay-- as long as they didn't say more than a few words-- but for the most part, their customer service skills one step above rude.

    I had inquired about having a second key to our room, in case me and my significant other went our separate ways in town, or needed to run back for any reason. This short, old, rude guy at the counter gave me the run around, as to not admit that they do not have a second key for whatever poor reason. It was a simple yes or no question, and could have kindly explained that they are in the process of obtaining extra keys for the room, rather than give me the rude runaround that he did. Its like he went above and beyond, and went out of his way to not answer my question as to protect something. I don't know.

    Later I asked  about getting a second pillow for myself, and the same rude guy said, yes, but that I would have to go down in order to get it. I didn't mind this a whole lot, but understand that more upstanding hotels would have brought it up to our room to us. I also understand that the reason why he possibly couldn't have done it is because he was the only one working. That tells you something about a this hotel. It means they aren't getting enough customers coming in to keep two or more people around, and with good reason--No one wants to stay here!

    As I was waiting for the elevator to arrive, with pillow in hand, I thought I would dare and ask the rude guy when they had their elevator worked on last, as I DID NOT SEE AN UNDATED NOTICE THAT ITS BEEN WORKED ON AT ALL inside the elevator, like there is one in EVERY elevator (which scared me). He first acted like he couldn't hear me, then when I repeated myself, he made his eye wide and obnoxiously shook his head and said, "I DON'T KNOW."

    The elevator is beyond creepy (think the shinning), isn't up to date, and probably doesn't pass any of the cities codes. I don't, nor would I ever feel safe riding an elevator that isn't regularly checked on by professionals. RIDE AT YOUR OWN RISK!  But if you want to pass the elevator and use the stairs, I wish you the best of luck as they are short, narrow, winding, and just as creepy and unsafe as the elevator. I suggest you hold on to the railings, and hug the walls for dear life if you want to trek them.

    20/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    41. Laura W.
    I would have to agree with the other reviews about the hotel as far as cost goes. Friendly staff , super nice  housekeeper , close to EVERYTHING and inexpensive for downtown Seattle, but you definitely get what you pay for:
    The only actual nice thing about this room is the tub. Other than that I probably wouldn't stay here again
    It smells like urine and ciggeretts
    Bring amenities for the trip because they are few- shampoo, conditioner ,Lysol or febreeze . matches and def. earplugs- pretty noisy outside and thin walls- a lot of riff raff,
    Might as well bring your own pillow because theirs suck.slippers too- keep in mind that it is pretty dirty - they vacuum the floors but they are as dirty as the sidewalks on Senica street.
    Also- you get about four channels on the t.v.
    And I feel like they could have cockroaches...

    30/07/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    42. CM R.
    One star for location and for price (sort of).

    Dirty old excuse for a hotel. Upon arrival, the first thing we saw was a broken mirror in the hallway, peeling lines of wallpaper frequently throughout the hotel and inside the room, the sink was literally detached from the wall, leaning ever so slightly. There was also a little hole cut out of our bathroom ceiling, and a stained moldy old decorative pillow on the bed for "charm". I would not walk around barefoot at all, and everything was dusty. The armchairs had actual slashes in the fabric like someone took a knife to them.  Only a step above the Shining,
    Oh, and they have a vending machine and ice machine in the lobby-- both indefinitely out of order. Beware.

    13/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    43. Sebastian P.
    Do not stay here. Easily the worst hotel experience of my life.

    1. Pillow had fleas
    2. Heating was on and could not be turned off (70 outside)
    3. No AC
    4. Small bed
    5. Dirty and gross

    Small and gross hotel room. Building is old and the heating pipes could not be completely shut off so we had to leave the window open. Still too hot and could now hear the noisy city and garbage pick up at dawn. The pipes are also loud and make the sound of being hit by a hammer every so often. Concluded a few days later that the bug bites on my face and shoulders came from the pillow which must have had fleas.

    A really bad way to experience the city of Seattle. It's worth staying farther from downtown or paying extra for a better hotel.

    26/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    44. Martin M.
    Hotel Seattle costs about half as much as any other downtown accomodation with the exception of the nearby hostel. And, it's about half as nice. If you have a car, understand you're going to pay a nearby garage $25 - $35 a night, so factor that into your budget. Peeling wallpaper and mysterious holes in the wall just add to the general ambiance. Throw in a 4AM wakeup call by garbage trucks in the street below and you have a picture of thr accomodation.

    The upside is that it's in the heart of downtown and if that's where you need to be and you have a tight budget then you're right where you need to be. Otherwise, seek out accomodations further out.

    25/03/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    45. Brenda G.
    Disclaimer- I consider staying at the Holiday Inn roughing it, so this place had its challenges for me.  We were just passing through and needed a place to stay for the night.  

    Room for Improvement:

    * I was afraid to walk on the carpet barefoot.  
    * I was afraid to sleep on the pillow and had to go without one and we DEFINITELY did not touch the comforter.
    * I couldn't bring myself to step into the shower.
    * TV only gets like 6 channels (all similar types)

    Silver Lining:

    * This hotel is near EVERYTHING and we were able to walk most places.  Anywhere that we couldn't walk to was just a short Uber rider away.  
    * You're not going to find a better priced hotel in this location (believe me I looked).
    * The staff is really nice and helpful.
    * They have a great restaurant downstairs in the basement (Bernards's on Seneca) with an amazing breakfast at a really cheap price.

    Recap:  Great Location! Great Price! Great Friendly Staff!  Hotel itself is Meh.

    24/07/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    46. Lauren D.
    So I read the reviews before we stayed here, and I thought to myself, "people complain a lot, and I'm not picky so it will be fine." It was not fine.

    The pro to this place is it's in a good location, but I could have slept in a free cardboard box on the sidewalk and it would have been the same.

    The place pretty much could be used for a horror movie back in the 70's. There is one elevator and it's the creepiest, and slowest thing. Now for the bedroom... The gross bedspread was too small for the bed so the end hung out. There was a small box tv with about 4 channels. A lovely suicide widow, open, with no screen it. You could tell they were really into recycling though because the shower curtain was made out of an old bedspread, and there were holes ripped out for the shower hooks (no liner). The sink wasn't attached and it wobbled around. I think the best part was at about 4am when it sounded like someone was in our bathroom smacking our pipes with a bat for 30 mins straight. Our nonsmoking room smelled like sewer and smoke.. Good combo.

    17/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    47. Dominique R.
    Great location. Only a half block away from the rail and a few blocks from the water front and Pikes Market. The hotel and rooms are older. There is no AC, which is not needed in the cooler climate, however to have the windows open subjects you to downtown noise. The hotel offers free wi-fi, but we were not able to log on from our room. For girls: the pillows are flat, towels rough, and shower curtain is cloth (gross, unless they wash after every visit). Overall: For the price you get a great location but a mediocre hotel.

    05/04/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0