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Hyatt at Olive 8 in Seattle, WA

Hyatt at Olive 8 in Seattle, WA


The city's & Hyatt's first LEED certified green hotel (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design), features 346 sleek and sophisticated guestrooms with city views.  Eco conscious spa with 12 treatment suites & health club with 65 foot lap pool.


Established in 2009.

The hotel opened January 5, 2009 as the first LEED certified hotel in the city. This eco-friendly Seattle luxury hotel represents a new spirit for sustainability in the Pacific Northwest. The building has one of the largest green roofs in downtown Seattle and was developed by R.C. Hedreen and designed by Gluckman Mayner Architects - the architects for The Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and the Dia Center for the Arts in New York City.


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Rating: 4.04

Address: 1635 8th Ave, Seattle, WA, 98101
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Comments (191):

1. MM R.
I'm going to give it 3 and decidely admit that I am not a Hyatt lover.  It was better than the Grand Hyatt which was far too business-ish.  I know that this is their "green" concept BUT there was no literature to give lots of factoids about the building which I would have been curious about.  The bell guy did mention the dual-flush toilet.  That was about it.  The shower head was not fitted and leaky and didn't give a nice spray.  I don't love the plug-in-your key for power but....neat idea.  The spa priveleges for hotel guests is totally lame (no locker, flip flops or robe provided so travel through the hotel half-dressed?)  Only water dispenser to be found in workout/pool area is somewhat hidden and provided glasses are about 2 ounces.  So.....I don't know.  Didn't trip my trigger.  Part of the green idea is to educate the clientele so - more information might be better and compel me more.  PLUS I personally feel like using your room key all over the place for acess lets the hotel/corporation keep track of where you are!!!!  CREEPY.  Really?

28/02/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
2. mallory o.
Just got back from a girls weekend away. We stayed at the Olive 8. I absolutely loved this hotel. The staff was incredible. We moved rooms three times, with no attitude or flack from staff. I was under the impression that all double queens had tubs (I love bubble baths before slipping into bed). Surprise. No bathtub. Gorgeous corner room with floor to ceiling windows over half the room. But, no tub, so we moved. Well the view was better  from the only window in the room (ocean view), but, the room really lacked the charm and square footage of the first. So, again, we moved back. Crazy, I know. Staff was so kind about our neurosis. Another plus? The salt water pool with speakers under water adjacent to a full spa bathroom (steam room, sauna, private showers). I couldn't rave more about this hotel. The only real complaint I have is the lack of free wireless. It's odd in this day and age for such a modern hotel to lack such an important amenity but boast all others. I will definitely return in the future.

13/12/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
During our trip to Seattle, my guy made reservations at the Olive 8.  The place had just opened 2 weeks prior.  When we took a cab to the hotel, the driver did not know what hotel we were talking about.  Not too many people knew about the hotel, bad marketing, I assume.  
The hotel is very nice, urbany look.  Trendy and cool appeal to it.  The beds are extremely comfortable.  My guy agrees that the bed is possibly the best bed we have slept on at a hotel.  I had to make sure of this because I got an awful sinus infection that made the trip a little rough on me.  When we got in our room, I really wanted to sleep and rest.  I figured I was bias to the bed because I enjoyed trying to sleep my infection off.  
The room is very nice, makes you feel that you are spending your money well.  For the most part, the hotel rooms have a smart design.  The only thing I have to complain about hotel designers is with regards to the bathrooms.  The shower in our room have a very cool design in which the knobs are on the opposite end of the shower head.  This way you do not get water shocked when you are touching your shower water.  The complain comes in the sound proofing of the bathroom walls.  Vegas hotel rooms also have this problem.  If you are  in the bathroom and need to really use it, everybody in the room can hear you and see you as the doors are translucent.  The look is nice, but I do not want to hear, see or smell anybody walking out of the bathroom.  This is especially important for people traveling together or the first time or couples getting to know each other.  
The concierge service needs to be more knowledgeable of their city.  We were recommended the restaurant Von's.  The staff said it was excellent, it was gross.  We were recommended a city tour and it was a bland tour.  
Good hotel to rest and enjoy your partner with no kids.  Not a kid hotel.

14/02/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
4. Kelli W.
I am very disappointed with their customer service.  I am trying (was trying) to book a hotel block for our upcoming April wedding and had two people (a good friend and a wedding blog) recommend Hyatt at Olive 8.  

I was eager to call and get information.  I called two weeks ago and was told the Sales Manager (for weddings?) would call or email.  Nobody ever got back in touch so I called them again last week, a week later.  The same thing happened, they took my info and I was told I would get a return call/email but that never happend.

Third week later, third times a charm - I asked for the Director.  The Director routed me directly to the Sales Manager that was supposed to call me back the two times before.  She was not very helpful.  I asked for quotes on a wedding block, and how that works at their hotel.  I gave her our dates.  She fumbled around, stating she was looking for my previous call records, implying I had not called in before because she couldn't find them, instead of just taking down the info again.  I repeated the information to her and she quoted me at $169/night.  This might be a good rate for the hotel but when my friend and the blog I read referenced a rate of $125/night, I was pretty shocked.  I understand rates change but my friend got $125 in August (peak travel season) and in April, I was quoted at $169.  Really??  I asked why the large difference and she stated because of the economy - which is just weird.  She also told me there was no room to negotiate (unless I guaranteed twice the rooms).

I will not be staying there and will not recommend this hotel to any of our guests.  The Renaissance Hotel might not be as new but their customer service was outstanding (same day return call, excellent rate) and is where I hope our 200+ guests take their business.

05/10/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
5. Clyde P.
green footprint. you gotta love it.  friendly and gracious staff.  near the center of the world, i mean downtown :)

14/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
6. Tyler F.
Stayed here when I was interviewing for a job and it was great!  I was going to stay at the Four Seasons, which is also amazing, but ended up staying here and with the leftover money I saved stayed a couple of extra nights.  I love this hotel and now that I live here I recommend it for families and friends that come to visit.  It reminds me of the Park Hyatt chains, a bit more upscale than traditional hyatts or regency.  Near the convention center and shops and restaurants. Its also not a far walk to Pike place and that other touristy stuff in Seattle.  Stay here is you can.

28/03/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
7. Jim G.
I stayed here on a Friday and Saturday night recently when I visited friends in Seattle.  The location is very convenient for tourist sites and for pretty much anywhere in Seattle.  I purposely left my car behind though since I had read how much their parking rates are.  I had a king bed room on the 11th floor, overlooking the 'grass roof' and the paramount theatre, which was very nice.  The bed was very comfortable!  The bathroom and shower were nice as well.  Although, the bathroom door is one of these sliding doors without a latch, which was fine since I was alone, but would seem awkward if you were sharing the room.  It actually rolled open a few times on its own which could make for an awkward Liz Lemon moment if you're not careful.  Internet is through T-Mobile so its not free which is lame.  I was impressed the tv had Russian and Japanese stations for some reason.  The fitness center was very nice!  You can work out and get good views of the street.  Classy!  Also, the indoor lap pool/spa area was colorful and attractive. It reminded me of the gym in the Sims 3, if that makes any sense.  I like that there was Sims-like music pumped into the pool area too, haha.  The staff were also very courteous and helpful.  I'd stay here again!  Only complaint is the not-free internet and also you could hear people in the hallways pretty easily.

01/02/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
8. Jennifer R.
We live in Seattle and decided to book a room here for my dad for his Christmas visit.  My 2 young girls were very excited that they could use the pool. My husband and I enjoyed an amazing dinner at Urbane, the hotel restaurant.  We were SHOCKED to see how HUGE my dad's room was.  It was a corner room on the 11th floor with city views out 2 windows. Not a breathtaking view...but extremely cool and hip.  And so much space!   The room service menu for the kids was great --who knew they could get so excited about chicken nuggets & mac & cheese!  And my dad said he had to DRAG them out of the heated pool.  
I relaxed the minute I walked into the lobby.  And the fantastic bar menu helped me relax even more.  If you're there at the holidays I recommend the Pointsetta & the Woodsman Sour.  I hope they decide to make those drinks permanent additions.  The food at Urbane was outstanding.  I highly recommend the Pork.  HUGE.  And ask for a bib!  The gnocchi and salads were excellent.  Our oysters were fantastic.  And compared to other restaurants in Seattle, I consider the prices quite reasonable.  If you're not hungry order 2-3 of the $4 side dishes like I did, and it's quite filling.
I complemented the hostess on her dress and she told me it was her uniform!  WOW.  Even the uniforms are hip.  I would recommend this hotel for anyone, families, weary travellers, business travellers, couples looking to "escape."  Anyone and everyone.  It's also a great location.  People think 8th Ave is not in the "retail core" but it IS.

29/12/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
9. Nate L.
Stayed a couple nights here and found the place to be very well done.  The room was sharp looking and the bed one of the most comfortable I have had in a hotel.  The bathroom and shower were well done and the restaurant breakfast tasty.  Having come from the Hotel Monaco and W down the street, this hotel easily beats them out for class and style.  The fitness center here is also top notch, tons of new gear and cold towels in a fridge.

10/08/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
10. Luke R.
I can't say enough good things ! Great staff, super clean, fun pool, loved it. The gym is one of the best I have seen. Highly recommended.

27/01/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
11. Molly O.
I had a meeting here for 5 days and it was great. The staff was friendly and fun. The food was GREAT. Since it is a brand new hotel, as I expected, the rooms were beautiful and the meeting space was too. I also went to the spa for a massage one afternoon and that was great too. I think that the only problem with the hotel is that there wasn't a business center. Besides that, I would definitely love to stay here and bring another meeting here again.

23/07/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
12. David F.
The Hyatt at Olive 8 is a beutiful contemorary hotel. It is in a great location and is wonderfully decorated. The rooms are spaious and clean and they are confortable too. The views are just ok. We got a corner double queen room on the 17th floor but on one side we see the city to the south but on the other there is a business building blocking most of our view, there is a sliver of a view of the puget sound and some stuff to the west. The best are comfortable maybe a little firm for some. The pillows are very firm so I reccomend bringing one of your own. There is a nice desk and workstation, large LG HD tv with 30 free channels like ABC and FOX. A single serve coffee maker is complementary and the iHome is a great addition to the room. Nice blackout curtains, backlit bathroom mirror, large closet with safe, $10 wifi or cat-5 internet acess, thermostat, many plug-ins, sliding bathroom door, many tables/surfaces, large windows, and even a comfy desk hair was all included in our double queen room which we were upgraded to the high hotel floor and it is very quiet. The room was only about $380 including tax for two nights on the weekend. Valet parking is $33 a night. This hotel is LEED certified or "green and environmental friendly" and has wonderful amentities that are green friendly. The staff is also very friendly and helpful.

09/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
13. Eli G.
Good nice looking hotel.  The staff is very friendly and wanted to handle everything.  The room was clean and ready, and the bed was super comfortable.  There was a mini-fridge for us to use which is a big deal for me since I like to take leftovers and have them later.

I am a HUGE fan when a hotel steers clear of installing a bathtub.  Who takes a bath... in a hotel?  Its nice to see hotels that use the space to make a large, classy, glass and tiled shower.  Loved the bathroom overall.

I do have to say and agree with a previous comment; the walls ARE super thin.  I could hear what other guests were doing in their respective rooms, too.  

The Valet guys also never caught on to the fact that I was staying there for 10 days.... coming and going.  Everyday when I was coming back, they would come up to me and start writing a new ticket to get me "checked in"  and everyday, when I was leaving for work, they wanted to start the "check out" process.  I had to be like, "no no no, the ticket is on the keys, and I will see you later."  I feel like, if I am staying there for 10 days, they should know what I am driving and that I am a regular guest... at least for a hotel that has valet as the only parking option.

25/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
14. Tony H.
Beautiful hotel in downtown Seattle. Great room an great location.

03/12/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
15. Dave S.
Got in on priceline, but not a super good deal. It was a summer weekend so I was just pleased I got in under $200.
That said, it's just not a very nice place for the retail price. I love when the receptionist says "we have a gorgeous room for you on the 6th floor" and you walk in to a room with a view of a roof and an air conditioner, no tub and a pleasant location RIGHT NEXT to the elevator. If we had been there more than one night, I would have bitched, but it was just one night so we decided to deal with it. We had breakfast in the restaurant due to a time crunch. It was fine. Not surprisingly overpriced as well.
Anyway, I wouldn't stay here again...not at this price anyway and definitely not at retail price.

25/07/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
16. Jessica H.
I LoVED, LOVED, LOved this hotel. Although, I was staying here for work I still managed to have a pretty good time there. I booked it through Priceline for super cheap as well and stayed 8 nights. I had a corner room as well which WAS HUGE so when my friends came and stayed I felt like we had our own  mini apartment. The fact that you can use their spa locker room, pool, steam room, sauna, etc. for FREE is so nice. The only bummer is that parking was $50 a night so if your coming from out of town just take a taxi to the hotel. I didn't mind too much since I got a good deal and it was on the company card but i needed a car....The location is awesome. You are right next to the other Hyatt which has the Ruth Chris Steak house which has super cheap happy hour and was sooo good, and can walk to tons of shopping and Pike Place. I stay at lots of hotels and I really loved this place. I would stay here again in a heart beat. oh AND ITS GREEN to top it off:)
only 4 stars because of the parking. but otherwise in my book 5

13/01/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
17. Stephanie H.
I really liked this hotel. This was my first time to Seattle, and I never get to choose the hotels I stay at because I stay where my work tells me to stay. So when we booked this brand new hotel, I didn't know what to expect. It was a beautiful property, rather small, but still nice. It is a certified green hotel which is a nice touch. The green touches do not at all diminish the luxury of the hotel and kept the overall modern look and feel of the hotel. The only thing that was kind of annoying was that they did not have a business center at the hotel, so if you are planning to print anything, plan to find the nearest Kinko's. The staff was fantastic at this hotel and the wine bar and restaurant in the lobby were better than I had expected. Be sure to stop by the lobby bars for happy hour, cheap drinks, and even cheaper food!

26/07/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
18. Sandy V.
I love that this place is very modern and eco friendly. What was really cool is that the lights can be turned on and off when you place your room card on a place holder next  to the door

24/03/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
19. Barry H.
I'm gonna give it 3 stars which is still A-OK.  It's just not my bag.  I decided to stay here with my wife at a recent meeting.  There are lots of good hotels to stay in but I chose the Hyatt at Olive 8 because I was told it was brand new, which I believe, it is.  It is called the Hyatt at Olive 8 because it is on the corner  of 8th St. and Olive St.-go figure.  It is literally a block away from the older Hyatt hotel, which is still in impeccable shape.  It is a short, 2 block walk from the convention center, making it convenient if you are in town for a meeting.  Most of the walk is even covered, which is nice in Seattle where it frequently rains.

The ambiance in the hotel can best be described as euro-business which I find rather cold.  The lobby has euro-modified american hit rock music blaring which I found kind of irritation.  The furniture and decor has  that euro Swedish-Danish kind of feel to it-like they bought out of the IKEA catalog to decorate.  The rooms are very clean and very modern but very small.  Each room has a "business center" in it with a desk, what looks like a Hermann Miller chair (but isn't) and a hub for computers and video, etc.  The bed is comfortable, the closet is small and they have sliding doors on the small closet and bathroom.   The sliding door to the bathroom is slightly out of balance and opens up if the wind blows against it.  This is a bad thing as the shower has no door or curtain and is directly inline with the door to the room.  This is no bueno if one is showering and has little children running in and out the door.  It also gets sort of breezy in the shower.  There was no bathtub in our room.

The underlying theme of the hotel in green.  They are  a LEED hotel which means it was designed with resource conservation in mind.  This is sure to be a big hit in Seattle, a city overly-obsessed with recycling and conservation of resources.  The room even has a slot on the wall by the door into which you have to insert your room key if you want the electricity to work.  The roof is covered with a giant lawn designed to catch rainwater and prevent run off.  All this is great but I'm guessing the surface area of the roof comprises about .000000001% of the surface area of the city so I'm wondering how much run off they are preventing.

It's a nice, clean hotel with small, modern rooms and we enjoyed our stay there.  I think next time though, I'll probably choose one of the older places that cost about the same but offer more spacious rooms with more traditional amenities.

28/10/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
20. Kris G.
there's no place like home, there's no place like home, there's no place like home... unless you're staying at the hyatt at olive 8 in seattle. i just went on vacation and fell in love with the city of seattle. what makes this city so fantastic? well, there's the lush, green flora that gives it the nickname of "emerald city," the looming ice-capped mountains and the sun sparkling off the pacific, and of course, the chill, laid-back vibe of the pacific northwest. but the best thing about seattle is definitely, the people.

even people we met on the street were happy to assist us with directions or recommendations or whatever, but no one was more helpful than the H@O8 staff. when my girls and i drunkenly rolled into the lobby in search of eats after a late night, the girl at the counter hooked us up with a menu of one of her fave delivery spots and the tip that they sell ben and jerry's by the pint. when we requested a later than normal checkout, there were no excuses or explanation needed; only an assurance that it was no problem. but best of all was shoulyn, the associate at the front desk who gave us seattle hot spots to check out (including a couple of GREAT restaurants), directions on how to get wherever we were going, and even let us keep the car in valet after we checked out, but were still exploring the emerald city.

the rooms are sizable and stylish, the hotel has a great bar and great amenities, but the real reason that the H@O8 feels like home is the wonderfully accommodating staff who will go to any length to ensure that you enjoy your stay.

24/09/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
21. June P.
I stayed at the O8 for 4 days this past Memorial Day weekend.  My choice on staying here was based on hotels.com reviews (4.8 stars by 89 reviews).  For the price I paid ($141/night plus taxes&fees = $164/night), it was not worth it compared to other hotels that I've stayed at a similar price point.  I would not recommend the Olive 8 unless you get a great deal.  There are better hotels (ie. Sheraton, W Hotel).  Don't misunderstand my 3 stars as being poor.  The hotel was clean and modern, the customer service was great,  and the location was good.  For what I paid though, it was lacking.  Also, the bed (a major draw for me to go to Starwood Hotels) was not comfortable, the duvet was thin and clumpy (not soft), the amenities were lacking, shower water pressure was weak, and the room was not to par.  They do have a decent gym though...which I didn't use.

01/06/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
22. Tiffany E.
A friend and I stayed here for a week while getting our tourist on a couple of weeks ago. Quite the experience if you are not used to the whole "green" thing. I think my friend liked it a lot (she picked it), but it was not my cup of tea. I would probably not voluntarily stay here again.

1 - This place is pretty on the outside (lobby is boring and very business classy) and very conveniently located. Howell Bagel/Seattle's Best is sort of right across the street, and it is a short walking distance to the light rail, street car, and pretty much everything else.

2 - The restaurant (Urbane) and cafe are great. Breakfast was especially delicious (Belgian waffles, omelets, etc.) but of course the meals are a bit pricey.

3 - I did not take advantage of the pool, fitness area, or the upscale salon services, so I can not comment on that.

4 - Our room was a regular double queen room. The floor was mostly quiet, street view, kind of small in my opinion. I feel as though I've been more impressed with a Courtyard Marriott. Beds were comfy. The television has a few channels and HBO, hookups for whatever you want to hook up to it, and an information channel that plays all day with a nameless woman talking about how to be safe and enjoy your hotel stay (don't open the door unless you are expecting someone such as room service or, "engineering"...). Very entertaining if you get bored with the rest of the programming. I sort of expected for such a fancy place to have higher quality towels and furniture, but you will not get any organic cotton here. The bathroom was nice, but the door was actually a large sliding panel with frosted "glass" that really didn't slide far enough, so if you go with friend, make sure they are not naked when you answer the door. You have to put the key card into a slot on the wall to operate some of the lights in the place, which can get tricky after a late night out. It's cool, the first time...

5 - Overall, I was more impressed with the hotel's name and the blue on the outside of the building than I was with the stay there. Laundry and dry cleaning services are advertised, but when requested we were informed that the hotel only offers the dry cleaning service. Yippee. This is a very nice place to stay, depending on what you like. If you haven't tried the green hotel thing, I'd try it out for that reason. Clean? Very. Practical? Not really. Pretentious? Almost. Can you sleep there, be safe, and eat great without any real service issues? Yes. Keep your wallet open, and the key in the slot for the lights, and you're good to go.

08/06/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
23. Don B.
Good:  Extremely new, nicely appointed rooms.  40"+ flat screens, full A/V hook ups, very nice bathroom.  The hotel is also LEED certified (in otherwords Green, if you care about that kind of thing).  Late night happy hour here and at Dragonfly around the corner.

Bad:  Thin walls.  I was awoken by my neighbor's speaker call (or AM talk radio) at 6AM.   Sliding bathroom door that doesn't seal the opening.  2nd high end hotel I have stayed at with this odd configuration.  I guess people who normal stay here's sh*t don't stink?

Ugly: Pay for use wireless. ($10/day).  Really?  In Seattle?  In 2010?  For shame and lame.  If you are going to need internet for a few days either bring and ethernet cord or stay somewhere else.

I payed $180, but it was last minute and there is a conference in town.

18/05/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
24. Michael E.
Loved this hotel. I'm a Starwood devotee, but I have to say that this Hyatt is fantastic. Great service, friendly staff, and amazing room (corner King). Well done.

16/07/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
25. Deborah H.
We spent a night here for a weekend getaway. Easy walk to the monorail for an afternoon at The Folklife Festival (Seattle Center). Then back to the hotel for swimming in the lovely pool. Fantastic gym. Spa looked great but I ran out of time. Another easy walk over to the Cinerama for an evening movie. Breakfast at the hotel restaurant the next day was yummy. We'd definitely stay here again!

10/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
26. Richard K.
Super comfortable beds, great views, nice flatscreen TVs, and a great pool and gym for guests. Staff is great and very accommodating.

Minus one star because the walls seem really thin and you can hear more than you would like to sometimes. Also, water pressure in shower left something to be desired.

17/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
27. Brett M.
Came to scope out the place as a conference coordinator for a group coming in January.  LOVED every moment of our stay!
TOPS: Green LEED status, electronics in room controlled by your room key, modern and updated furnishings, high tech, great service, fun restaurant, tremendous spa.
NOT SO HOT: Room doors loud when closing
You cannot go wrong with this property....location is superb as is service and amenities.

06/08/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
28. Julia C.
Having read mostly positive reviews on tripadvisor and other sites, I decided to try this hotel on my short one-night stay in Seattle recently. First off, I did not drive and the location of this hotel is great! It was easy to walk to most places downtown and a short town car ride to the aiport. I was worried that the cheap rate would mean it would be a horrid hotel but it was actually nice.

Ok, so I am not the most environmentally conscious person on the planet but the whole LEED cert is still pretty cool. The shower pressure was fine considering the water saver they have installed and I liked the glass shower pseudo door. I guess I am just that lazy haha! They do have rooms with bathtubs but be sure to ask for one since most rooms have only the shower. Personally I hate baths (unless I can watch TV in the bathtub like a rare few hotels have in this world!), but I can see how some people would complain about that.

The spa is pretty cool and the restaurant has decent food. If you arrive late in the evening, try the happy hour - super cheap food/drinks. I tried the herb fries, rib sliders and the cheese plate - all quite good though maybe skip the cheese plate if you're not very hungry since it's more substantial than I expected. I also tried the crab eggs benedict in the morning and it was very good as well.

I had only one issue with my whole stay and that is the super cold room! I know that part of being a green hotel is capping heat but even though the thermostat was on heat, there was only cold air coming out of the unit. Being a freak of nature and always freezing, I almost died when it got stuck at 71. Luckily, the engineer came with a space heater and I was saved. But I hope they do fix the heater thing before winter comes.

11/08/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
29. Pelle A.
Stayed here for a conference. Rooms are nice, restaurant barely ok, but the pool is fantastic. Salt water, great open hours, and lap lane. Also a really nice gym to burn off some the dinners.

30/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
30. Tim B.
A little less nice and a little cheaper than it's buddy down the street. But still Hyatt quality at a great price.

27/11/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
31. Lu L.
The room is nice. The bed was comfy. Not too crazy about the shower without a door / curtain. I kept thinking that the water will get all over the bathroom floor. Didn't happen, but just uncomfortable feeling for me. I like my enclosed tub when I shower! The maid forgot to restock the bathroom once, but was quickly remedied after I called the front desk. Brand new fitness center. They are really proud of their LEED status! Not a big deal for me. Valet parking was pricy, but normal in downtown Seattle area. The attendants were really prompt with the car; it was always ready by the time we got to the car port. The restaurant downstairs was okay. The food was not too great and the service was so-so.

Overall, nice experience.

28/06/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
32. Rhett E.
I stayed at the Olive 8 because of the LEED certification and the hypoallergenic eighth floor that follows stricter protocols for cleanliness.  It definitely is a clean and Eco-friendly Hyatt.  The room was thoroughly cleaned every morning.  The location is excellent for downtown.  I was upgraded to free wi-fi, although I believe wi-fi should be complimentary anyway.  As mentioned in many of the other Yelp reviews, clear conversations are audible through the plumbing and air vents, but I stayed during a time of lower occupancy so this did not significantly affect my experience.  Beware the restaurant and overnight parking are ridiculously priced!

08/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
33. Jen B.
I've stayed at the Olive 8 twice, and i've had fun each time....

For my first stay, I had a Premiere Queen room (2 queen beds), which was AMAZING.  The door was so far away from the sleeping area, so you couldn't hear anything going on in the hallway.

For my second stay, I was in a regular King room that was right next to the elevators.  You could hear EVERYTHING, including housekeeping knocking on every door nearby.   I could also hear our neighbors door opening and closing....and I'm pretty sure I could hear the people in the bathroom next door.  If I hadn't been drinking that night, I'm sure I would have been woken up repeatedly.

Just make sure you're away from the elevators.  I definitely recommend a Premiere Queen if you're staying with friends for a night out.

10/08/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
34. Aaron B.
I love this hotel!!! Comforting, new, looks great, smells good, bed is perfect, bathroom is fantastic!!! I plan on staying here every time I need a hotel in Seattle!!! Great service. Very accomodating.

03/08/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
35. Sophia V.
The O8 is  done up in a modern style, but not so modern it feels cold and austere.  If you like this sort of decor then you'll enjoy the atmosphere of the O8.  It's also touted as a green hotel so if that's a big deal to you then consider staying here.

I really like the decor, clean and simple.  My husband and I stayed here for the Penny Arcade Expo (which was a couple of weekends ago) since it was a couple blocks or so away from the convention center.  I like the location--close to stores and restaurants.  I found the staff to be very helpful and courteous as well.

We ordered room service a couple of times, smoked salmon with eggs benedict for me and ham and eggs for my husband for breakfast...really good.  Later that day I ordered fish and chips for the both of us as a snack...really fresh.  Yes, the food is expensive when ordering room service compared to going to a local joint but we wanted to try it out.

There's a coffee shop type place when you enter the lobby, it's really reasonably priced and doesn't close until midnight.  Plus it's a great little place if you want to sip coffee and read.

Bottom line: I would stay here again.  Love the decor, love the location and love those chocolate sandwich cookie things available at the coffee shop.  Last but certainly not least the bed was super comfortable.

14/09/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
36. Caitlin C.
WOW! I'm so surprised that this Hyatt is so fancy! What I mean by fancy ... the rooms, furniture, view, just everything about this place is so NICE!  
On top of that, you are downtown! Close to all the cool things - walking distance!  The staff here is also very friendly.  I was at the bar one night with a co worker, and I spilled my half full wine..Yikes! I actually broke the wine glass and made a huge mess.  The bartender was nice enough to pour a new glass for me at no charge (~.^)v  -- I didn't even have to ask!
Nice hotel, nice amenities- they even have a spa, and you can get a 20% discount on services!

26/10/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
37. F S E.
See my tip below.  A platinum Hyatt member.  First and last time I stay here.  Very disappointing and they are ambivalent when a guest is unhappy.

04/03/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
38. Rosie R.

I didn't stay here, but I would have loved to! I attended my friends' wedding here last night, and it was one of the best hotel wedding receptions I have ever been to.

As a guest, you don't have too much interaction with hotel staff, but the banquet servers were very professional, and helpful--more like restaurant waitstaff. And I learned (my date chatted up the executive chef when he saw him before the reception) that each dish is prepared to order, not mass-plated and kept warm under dish covers.

The food was excellent. Tray-passed appetizers were yummy (though that was when the open bar opened, so I was distracted). We had the choice between beef, fish or vegetarian, and my date and I both had the beef, which was a braised shortrib, served with jasmine rice and asparagus. The beef was fork-tender and very tasty, while the rice was a PERFECT mound of rice (not that loose stuff!). By the way, the kid's plates were great! A bowl of fruit and chicken tenders and fries. It was a huge serving so at every table with a little one you would catch an adult snacking on their leftovers.

The bar servers were professional, quick, friendly, and increasingly patient as the guests grew decreasingly sober. The service captains were close at hand and very hands-on, helping their servers, and checking on the guests. I'll say it again, service was restaurant-quality, and we were each treated as if we were individual paying customers.

The facility itself was AMAZING: wood paneled walls, very modern touches everywhere...overall a gorgeous venue for a gorgeous event. I hope when I get married I can afford to do it here too!

23/08/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
39. Amy I.
My friend and I stayed for one night. The rooms we're modern and comfortable and we had a fantastic window view. The hotel has a very friendly, energetic, and welcoming staff. The room service was really cheerful and the food was delicious.

We went to the spa for massages and I was really impressed with my massage therapist, Scott Olsen. He was really skilled, knowledgeable and attentive. He made my back feel so relaxed. I really recommend him, especially if you have regular back aches.

We also ate lunch at the hotel's restaurant. The food was really tasty. My friend and I recommend the macaroni and cheese and fried chicken salad.

Overall, I highly recommend the hotel.

03/11/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
40. Alina R.
I loved this spot! I was there with my mom and girlfriend for some drinks and  got the best drinks from Sean! He is the man!!! Loved the Basil... lemon... lime martini!!! To die for!!!
See you soon :)

29/06/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
41. P B.
Great location, awesome saline pool with music underwater. Great workout facility. Rooms are nice but not as nice as grand Hyatt a block away; bathrooms too small. Green hotel throughout

17/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
42. Josh B.
Beautiful hyatt with great rooms.

11/12/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
43. Jody C.
ATTENTION WEDDING PARTIES, AND ANYONE THINKING OF GATHERING A GROUP AT THE HOTEL!  We recently chose to stay at Olive 8 after our friends wedding in Seattle.  We booked out a large amount of their rooms, including a presidential suite, so that the entire wedding party and many guests could stay at the hotel overnight.  Once the wedding came to an end, we went back to the hotel.  At the time we received our first noise compliant it was around 11:30pm and there were only 8 people in the suite carrying on a normal level of conversation.  There was no loud party, no music... just normal conversation between 8 people.  After that time, the wedding party was evicted from their rooms.  As guests arrived they were greeted by the bride and groom and most of the wedding party gathering in lobby with no where else to go.  The worse part of this whole ordeal is how they handled us, their customer service was terrible.  The man at the desk wouldn't even carry on a conversation with those of us who tried to reason with him and tell him that the noise complaint was out of line and that we were a wedding party who had brought a lot of business to the hotel.  Their rooms are obviously not built well.  You can find other accounts of ridiculous noise complaints here on yelp.  I would not recommend this hotel to anyone who would like to use their hotel room for anything other than sleeping.  Their staff was not friendly, and they treated us all poorly including the bride and groom.  I won't be bringing my personal or professional business back to the Hyatt and I will urge my friends and colleagues to do the same.  There are too many options out there to choose a place that doesn't treat their loyal customers with excellent customer service.

19/07/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
44. Susanne R.
I give it 5 stars just for the incredible bed!  Lie down, lights out till morning! I have never had such a great night's sleep!  And several of my colleagues commented on the same thing, so I feel comfortable remarking on that.  Great big shower, comfy robes...and I think the best part.....complimentary ice delivery!  Too fun!
It's within walking distance of Pike Place, the Monorail, some good restaurants, and of course, Nordstroms and the Westlake mall.  Enjoy yourself, indulge.  I just wish there had been a big bathtub to soak in.

08/03/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
45. Felix W.
This hotel is Seattle's first LEED certified hotel.  The hotel is across from its big sister, the Grand Hyatt Seattle, conveniently located to shopping, Pike Market, and public transportation.  It is within the "free zone" for public transportation, including the most interesting underground bus system.  Because the hotel is fairly new, the furnishings and style were comfortable and convenient.  Breakfast was excellent, and the staff was tremendously helpful and friendly.

We would usually give this hotel 4-stars, but this hotel holds a very special place in our hearts, which gives it an extra star.  We love this hotel!

25/09/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
46. Judey D.
We stayed at the Hyatt at Olive 8 for three nights. We got a great rate through AAA, which also included breakfast. Let me just start by saying that the beds were so wonderful. I don't think I sleep that well at my own home. Location was wonderful. It was within walking distance from most CBD locations, including the underground bus tunnel and most other transit (you can ride free from 6AM-7PM every day within the CBD).

We ate breakfast in the dining room each morning. There was kind of a ditzy girl working as hostess and one day we had really bad service, including being forgotten by our waitperson. But they did send up a nice fruit plate and cookies to apologize. The food, however, is just wonderful.

The only negatives I can think of are that they charge for internet service. I think this is really stupid. A lot of hotels are moving away from this and I think it goes a LONG way to offer free internet. The other negative was the doors on the bathroom. It's a sliding door, which seems weird to me for a hotel. I don't think the designers put much thought into the customer experience when recommending those doors.

Overall, it was a nice hotel in a good location and I would most likely stay there again.

06/09/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
47. Stephanie D.
The quick version:
Parking is overpriced.
Internet is overpriced. (should be free)
Rooms are ok not great - also overpriced.
Little to no cell reception in hotel.

The long version:
There is no excuse for a hotel in this price range not to offer complementary Internet. That coupled with the cost of parking and the rooms being "ok" make this stay a rip off.  I don't mind paying for parking but when there are cheaper options surrounding the hotel - paying over $30 for parking is absurd.

I hate staying at a "nicer" hotel only to feel nickeled and dimed on the basics. It's 2010. Paying for Internet is absurd... ESPECIALLY when you can't pick up a cell signal in the rooms.

Bottom line: this hotel is not worth the price you end up paying when you add in the basics that should be free. At $200+ a night not including the parking and Internet you could definitely do better for the cost.

08/10/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
48. Kimberly K.
My husband and I stayed at the Hyatt at Olive 8 as a special treat to celebrate our two-year wedding anniversary and I can't get over how great our stay was- in large part because of the exceptional customer service we received.  

I had called ahead to mention that it was our anniversary and without hesitation they offered us a free room upgrade to a corner king room (it was amazing... wall to wall windows and great city views all around!). They also offered to provide us with complimentary champagne during our stay. Nice!  

We arrived to check-in around 3:30, hoping to unwind in the afternoon and get in some pool/Jacuzzi time before heading out for dinner. Unfortunately our room wasn't ready yet so we had to wait for about an hour while they cleaned it. A little disappointing, but the staff offered us complimentary drinks at the bar, so how can you complain? (By the way, I really recommend the St. Germaine sage sangria!)

When we went up to our room, it turns out they had given us the wrong key/room number. Just as I was starting to feel frustrated, a staff member appeared out of nowhere and helped sort it for us right away.  As soon as we walked into our amazing room, we forgot all about it.

Within a half hour, a bottle of champagne was brought up to us. They even gave us some chocolate-covered cherries and a hand-written "happy anniversary" card signed by staff members. What a nice personal touch! Where else would you get that kind of service??

The pool/Jacuzzi area is really amazing- very sleek, modern, and comfortable. The only annoying thing was a kid's birthday party going on in at the pool during our stay. Not so relaxing to sit with your husband in the hot tub while lots of kids are running around and splashing in there. Also, not so nice to share a sauna with a bunch of girls who keep opening the door and running  in and out. Maybe I'm a mean old lady for getting it annoyed at this, but it definitely detracted from my relaxation a little bit- especially when I was hoping for a nice, romantic time with my husband.  I'm not sure the hotel could have done much to prevent this annoyance because kids are allowed in the pool area. Maybe it was just bad timing on my part.

Overall, we had a really great stay here. I am very impressed with the superb customer service and all the personal touches they added to make our anniversary extra-special.

12/06/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
49. Tessie B.
Excellent service! Great location - walking distance to Pike Market and plenty of bars & restaurants in the area. The room was impeccable, large, and extremely comfortable. The bellman Vitor was very nice and welcoming. Would definitely recommend and would stay here again in a heartbeat.

10/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
50. Meghan A.
We booked a room here over Memorial Day weekend. When we went to check in they had lost our reservation and told us that thehotel was full so we couldn't stay there. We left to find another hotel and when we woke up the next morning, I found a $178 hotel bill from the Hyatt on my credit card. Apparently they lost my reservation but didn't lose my credit card. I've been trying to get them to refund the money for two weeks now, and I still can't get a refund or a response from them.

10/06/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
51. Laura Y.
My boss booked this hotel for work, so I read all the Yelp reviews before arriving so I would know what to expect.  Although there were a few not-so-positive reviews, in my ever-so-humble opinion, this is THE best hotel I've EVER stayed at.  Being a germ-o-phobe, I couldn't find anything at all to criticize - not a single thing.

This hotel made a nightmare business trip not so bad after all.

Oh, my only complaint is that I didn't have time to check out the spa and gym.  Guess I'll have to go back for a non-business trip.

I love love love the Hyatt at Olive 8!

27/02/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
52. Richelle O.
First of all don't be fooled by the photo - our room had carpet not nice hardwood!

The hotel is the only LEED certified in Seattle, which is awesome! Nice hotel, great location, nice rooms. The rooms are modern and the desk is nice and big, flat screen TV, ample room, big beautiful bathroom.

The maid just came and she didn't even clean up my wine glass or take the used glasses from yesterday. She also didn't remake the bed fully (the colorful pillows weren't replaced and are laying on the shelf under the TV, messy). She didn't replace our used cups didn't even clean the washroom. Quite shocking.

Also, a man came to pick up the tray from room service which was delivered yesterday. He knocked and before I took two steps he pranced in - sooo violating and rude. We didn't have the tray anyway, as we gave it back to the delivery person at the time.

Check-in staff and the concierge were great. The restaurant downstairs had a yummy breakfast and the service staff there were also nice. Very cold restaurant. Not sure why they had the AC blasting in cold Seattle.

The bed is hard. The room is surprisingly quiet, also very dark at night which is nice.

If it wasn't for the poor housekeeping and the service man who came in unannounced (I could have been NAKED), I would have rated this hotel 5 star.

20/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
53. Jeremy M.
Great place!  Probably my favorite in Seattle

The rooms here were great!  On a separate trip, I booked rooms here for family before an Alaskan cruise and my grandma was thrilled.  Since she's yet to sign up on Yelp, I'll pass along her thoughts.  Seriously, what's better than 2 reviews for the price of 1?!  

And I quote... "Oh hunny, that was such a fancy place - I think that's the nicest room I've ever stayed in"

Gym - Nice! Definitely better than your average hotel workout room

Urbane (the restaurant downstairs) - The breakfast was delish!

Staff - Friendly!

Conference rooms - Held a series of workshops here for some clients on a different stay and the conference rooms were spacious, clean and had good A/V capabilities.

Location - Good but depends on what you want to be close to.  This place is close to the shops and restaurants but far from the water (especially if you're with a senior citizen crowd)

Overall, I'd definitely recommend it!

26/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
54. Matthew W.
What GREAT service.  I arrived before noon, and Stephen Bremish was at the front counter and said "I love taking care of Diamond Members"....best greeting I have EVER received!!!!  The Portland Hyatt Place - talesfromtheroad-mwalno.… - could learn a lot from the level of service provided here.

My room was not ready, but I did not really care, and when I returned that evening it was.  The room set-up is kind of strange, I am not much "into" the modern look and feel in properties....but they have a great bed and the room is QUIET.  It is not great to work in, and the Internet connection is just ok.  

The guys who park the car are very nice, efficient (car is there when you ask), and good with directions.

The restaurant, Urbane, is great for breakfast!

Service is exceptional, and I would stay here again for sure!

Package (room)     179.55
Valet Parking      33.00
Tax    33.52

Total - $491.82   (2 nights)

19/06/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
55. Jacob R.
Went to Seattle for a last minute night out with friends. Got the double queen room for $82 on Priceline. The hotel was very nice, new & clean from what I saw. The rooms were nice, modern and clean. Like others have said the sliding bathroom door is awkward if sharing the room with others. Bathroom had toothpaste! That is something you don't see to often but a nice touch. Bed, TV, water pressure was all good. Oh and to turn on the lights you have to put your key card in this slot by the door (energy saving feature)
The hotel is in a nice location in the shopping district. Easy access to the hill for going out.

One gripe is the lack of parking. They don't have a garage for general parking just valet which we learned after driving down little ramp then having to back out.. Anyways ended up doing valet which was $33 for the night. When checking out the valet bill came to $42 or $44. Tax. Parking Tax. Seattle Parking Tax. Then a tip on top of that. That was over 1/2 the price of our room! Would be nice if they just had the tax included in the posted price if it was going to be that much!

15/03/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
56. Zac G.
I'm all about service and I stay in hotels all over the country. This is the best service I have had in a long time. Hyatt will be my first choice hotel.

07/05/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
57. Jay B.
Great Hotel, within walking distance from the Train stop, shopping and dinning. The frontdesk staff was very cordial and professional , I think Sarah S.) checked me in. The Hotel is LEED-certified, if that is your cup of tea:  I guess Mitt "Mittster" Romney would approve;  "LEED-certified hotels are people my friend". I had a room on the 17th floor, with a breathtaking view into the office high-rise across the street. Beautifully designed rooms, spotless,  deluxe bath, flat-screen TV, free wi-fi. Most impresive, the spacious gym on the 3rd floor, the biggest and best-equipped hotel-gym I have yet to see. The biggest deficit is definitely the glaring absence of wi-fi in the conference rooms. I was there for a conference and the hotel provided breakfast and lunch ; very good food. A great place to stay in Seattle

18/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
58. Bev L.
This hotel is absolutely phenomenal, and well worth paying a bit more to stay here when you're in Seattle!

If you're even a bit geeky, like my husband and I, you'll appreciate the wi-fi, iPod docking, and the room's desk outfitted with all the electronic connections--- not to mention electrical outlets all over the place! They're absolutely in tune with the times.

Since I have fibromyalgia and hard beds are intolerable for sore muscles, this bed was heaven!-- soft, fluffy, and a real treat at the end of the day. I've never said this about any hotel bed before (and I've stayed in some pretty expensive digs over the years).

What I also notice and appreciate is the lighting in the ultra-clean & well-designed bathroom--- it's female-friendly. The soft, warm-tinted lighting is positioned so as to make putting on eye makeup, easy. (I hate harsh, bluish, downward can lights in hotel bathrooms!)

Many years ago, while in college, I worked for a maid service so I know all the tricks and what tends to get overlooked by maids in a hurry or those who just don't care. The staff at this place picked up all the details and did a great job cleaning the room while we were there! One of the best I've seen. And speaking of staff-- I can't say enough about how helpful and gracious was the bellman, Chris.

For those wanting to maintain sustainable, eco-friendly (or even hypo-allergenic) lifestyle, this is the place. An REI and a Whole Foods Market/Cafe is a short walk away. Chic, classy, well-maintained, and ultra-comfortable-- next time I'm in Seattle I'll be staying here for sure!

02/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
59. Trina A.
I really like this place! And its not just because my friend works here lol (heeeeey Rance!) My friend and I stayed here for a quick vacay and we were both impressed.

Olive 8 is downtown so its surrounded by many great eats and its just a "Seattle" walk away from Pike Place. Its very modern inside and out. The building is clear and blue, just like my amex blue card. Inside is filled with modern furniture, lighting and fixtures. And its a green hotel, so extra love for you Olive 8! All of the staff was very friendly and helpful...except when the concierge gave us wrong directions to our destination and caused us to be 2 hours late and having to walk and rent bikes in an unknown area. But its arrite, we made it safe and sound.

Our room are awesome. I love the modern designs, furniture and little touches, like having an ipod alarm clock dock! I also like how the utilize the space by having a slider mirror closet and small bar/seating area. The beds were nice and comfy minus the pillows...too fluffing stiff for me. No free wifi in room, but is available at the coffee shop downstairs. Check out the restaurant here too its farm to table! yay.

24/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
60. Kate C.
Beautiful hotel...but with paper thin walls, which is a dealbreaker for me. As I write this (at 1:00 am) I am serenaded by the snoring in the next room. Apparently the guy is tired after all the ahem - activity- earlier. Yeah, heard that too. Oh, and guess what else - there's a baby on the other side.

Comfy bed, nice amenities, but not quiet.

30/09/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
61. Chera L.
I stayed for two nights for a conference.  It was in a perfect location for those attending things at the Convention Center.  I was moved to a corner King room and it was huge, so much space for storage, moving around, etc.  I did not notice the noise of other rooms that others have mentioned.

I also had room service twice.  Both times it came up very quickly and was high quality.  Expensive, but not unexpectedly so for room service.

12/09/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
62. Laurence H.
This is a new property so everything looks pretty good.  Contemporary design and well located -- between downtown and South Lake Union.  I was upgraded to a corner room with beautiful city views.  It was cavernous.  You get tired just from walking back and forth.

Nice fitness center as well (better than what many people pay for on a monthly basis)

09/12/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
63. Chad Y.
The Hyatt at Olive 8 is the newest property to hit the Seattle market and it definitely lives up to its reputation. The hotel is the first to feature LEED certification and offers great amenities and features considering.

The hotel features all the bells and whistles one might expect of a hotel including quite impressive decor. The built in port station at the desk is an added plus and very nice to have. Plenty of outlets to charge all of your high tech gizmos! The rooms are well proportioned and make great use of the space. While on a sq.ft basis they probably are a bit smaller than comparable offerings, it certainly doesn't feel like it!

The meeting spaces are well appointed and convenient to one another. Great spaces and lots of natural light!

The staff are extremely personable and attentive. They know the area and know the property well, which in my book is an extreme plus!

09/03/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
64. kelli d.
This hotel has a great location as it is walking distance to Pike Place Market, Westlake LINK Light Rail station (only$2.75 one way from the airport) and many other places. Not spending much time in the room, I was hoping to have a better experience.

The noise from people in the neighboring room was a bit annoying. I called twice for new towels as the first time I called nothing happened and after half an hour I decided to call again to see what the delay was.  One night, I ordered rocky road ice cream from room service. The staff had to go back downstairs to give change. Once the lady arrived with our change, I notified her she gave us strawberry. The lady asked if I wanted strawberry and replied that I wanted the flavor that I ordered. In the end, the ice cream one to definitely skip. I never thought that I would find ice cream that I did not like and would not finish.

11/10/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
65. Trish T.
I had the chance to compare this Hyatt to the Grand Hyatt, because we checked in here the day we checked out of the Grand.  Just like the Grand, I have nothing but good things to say about this place.

As the name says, it is on Olive and 8 so it is about 1/2 a block away from the Grand.  It is very much centrally located, which made it easy to walk everywhere- Belltown, Pioneeer Square, Pike Place, etc.

I do have to say that while I prefer the rooms at the Grand Hyatt, the rooms here are also amazing. The room we got may have been smaller than the one we got at the Grand, but everything is still top-notch.  Everything - furniture, fixtures, fittings, electronics, etc - is very clean and modern; the bathroom is nice and spacious (although smaller than the one at the Grand and only had a shower/tub combo); and the bed is heavenly comfortable.  

I will say, though, that the staff here seemed a lot friendlier and accommodating than those at the Grand (I never thought the service could be surpassed there, but I guess I was wrong).  Despite the fact that we made our booking through Priceline, our riff-raff status did not seem to matter to the staff because we were treated so very well and were made to feel truly welcome and appreciated as guests.  The service provided by everyone - from front desk to housekeeping to the bar staff - was just impeccable.  

Just to niggle at a couple of things because that is what I do:  in-room wifi is not free, which bugs me in this day and age, and parking is expensive ($38, valet only, but on par with what is offered in the area, and one can always self-park at the 7th and Pike Garage for $30/24 hours).  

Still, Hyatt at Olive 8 gets a 4.5* rating from me, which I  will round up to a 5 because of the AMAZING staff.

08/07/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
66. Mikaela B.
I recently had the WORST experience I've ever had with a hotel while staying at the Hyatt Olive 8. I was staying at the Hyatt as a part of a wedding party, we booked several rooms for the guests as well as the wedding party and were even upgraded to the presidential suite. Unfortunately we weren't able to actually use the suite, after arriving back at the hotel the entire party was evicted from the hotel based on a "noise complaint". At the time of the complaint there were 8 individuals in the almost 2000 square foot presidential suite holding a normal conversation. The MOD specifically stated that this room is for "wedding parties" but clearly this is not the case as this regular level of conversation would clearly happen with any group and should not result in the eviction of the entire group. Overall the level of disrespect and abysmal customer service was appalling.

24/07/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
67. Hideki K.
A New Hyatt on 8th Ave, between Pine & Olive Streets.

I was surprised at how nice the Hyatt at Olive 8 was.  My friends & I stayed here this past weekend, for the Rock 'n' Roll Seattle Marathon.

A double cost $219/night (pre-tax).  The location is convenient too, within walking distance of:
- Pike Place Market
- Westlake LINK Light Rail station
- Capitol Hill and its good bars and restaurants

The hotel is only 2 years old, and is different from the nearby Grand Hyatt.  I would definitely stay here again when I'm in town.

The only con I can think of is that there's no business center, with only one public access computer.  However, Wi-Fi is free and open access.  The rooms do have land line Internet, which costs a fee, unless you're a Platinum Hyatt Gold Passport member, I believe.

30/06/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
68. E L.
Great location - walking distance to Pike place
Interior - new
Service - great

29/10/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
69. Lisa J.
I'm a little confused about the comments about renovations, seeing as how I thought this was a brand-spankin-new tower, but I could be crazy.

Anyway, I stayed here while doing some training at a nearby office; we got a negotiated rate, so it was very affordable, especially for the area.  I was pretty impressed with the hotel overall.  The rooms were very new and clean, and well decorated.  The rooms are run off of a system where you put your room key into a slot by the door to activate the lights - I first encountered this at a hotel in India, and I love it: the approach is both energy efficient, and makes sure I never lose my key.  The bathroom was gorgeous, and I loved the back-lit mirror.

The concierge staff were all extremely friendly and helpful, even though they guilted me a little for having Marriott and Hilton status, but no Hyatt status.  When I needed to have my receipt split up, there was no trouble at all.  I'd definitely stay here again; the proximity to West Lake and Pac Place is excellent.

28/10/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
70. Derek R.
Nice design, inside and out. The materials used on the place are modern and sexy. I was a huge fan of everything from the shower fixture being on the opposite side as the shower head (so you don't get wet turning it on, genius right?), to the Steelite water glasses on the counter tops. The furniture in the rooms was very nice and we had a decent view out our corner windows. We requested a bellboy to bring us up silverware so we could eat our take-out in our room and it was there in and instant.

The location of this hotel isn't the best (in my opinion), but Seattle is a small city so you can get where you need to be fairly quick. When checking into the hotel they weren't overly friendly and when leaving the hotel there was no door man around to help us hail a cab.

My wife and I got a good rate on this hotel, so I'm satisfied with what we got. But if I paid $300 a night I would be a lot more critical. I wasn't looking to use internet access, but it bothers me when hotels think they can charge for it these days. Internet is everywhere and hotels need to offer it as a courtesy amenity.

27/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
71. Corey M.
I had a great experience staying a night at this Hyatt property.  It is modern, well lit, and has great service, as would be expected from any Hyatt.  

I stayed in a luxury suite, and it exceeded my expectations.  I'm sure there are fancier rooms out there to be had, but I found the accommodations refreshing and relaxing, just what I was looking for.  The soaking tub and shower were great, as well as the tv built into the bathroom mirror.  I had a view into the city, and enjoyed being able to see the lights and cars roll by at night.  

I booked a standard room by chance via hotwire, and even though the price I won was much lower than the standard room fare, I had no problem requesting an upgrade to the suite when I checked in and only had to pay the difference between the suite and standard room rate.  When I checked out, it caused an error on my final billing receipt, but I took it to the front desk and they corrected it without hesitation or awkwardness. A+

The service was excellent, and using my lowest level membership that you can get for free I was able to get an extended checkout to 1pm without any fuss or justification needed.  I was also able to get an early check in without a hitch.  

I tried the restaurant in the lobby for breakfast and had the crab eggs benedict.  I was not particularly impressed.  The price was a bit high, and while the ingredients were fresh and well presented, the meal lacked flavor.

The location is a little off from the beaten path but the water and shops are within easy walking distance as long as you don't mind walking a few blocks.  A tip is to park in the shopping mall parking garage around the corner.  You can save a few bucks and overnight is no problem.

24/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
72. Rebekah G.
All I can say is "INCREDIBLE"....  I paid for two Premier Queen Suites, one for my Daughters sweet 16 and one for myself.  The room was spacious, high end, top notch!! My rooms were availble at 3pm instead of the standard 4pm.  
Can you say "Clean, green living, with view..view..views".  The pool and work-out facility is awesome!  I took advantage off all the amentities including the complimentary lotion (Kenet MD), toothpaste (Aquafresh whitening extreme clean), robe, room service, wifi (free in lobby, $10 in room for 24 hr), Ipod docking station, and streamed in movies.
I made an 8:30am reservation for breakfast at the Urbane Restaurant which was delish.  The beds are comfy (Egyptian Cotton Sheets), the color scene is calm and pleasing to the eye, and the bathroom is clean.  Plenty of sitting space and just spacious in general.  The consierge and front desk provided A+++ Customer Service and room service was super fast.  

Can't wait to come back!

13/01/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
73. Dave F.
For the price, this place was a steal. I booked on Hyatt's site and somehow got a $124/rate. (plus $33 for the car).

The hotel is nice, but has paper-thin walls. We were on a noisy floor and every conversation was easily heard, like it or not. The design was nice and the pool/workout areas are nice.

The bathroom was tiny. a single sink made is dysfunctional for 2. The initial room we were given had a shower, but no tub. The location is convenient to my favorite Dahlia Lounge which was wonderful.

Definitely a deal at this price. If price were no object, I'd rather stay a couple of blocks over at the Grand Hyatt with an incredible view and a larger, nicer room. But, I saved the $45 per night to enjoy Seattle fine dining at the Dahlia, Etta's and Palomino.

This was inexpensive and I got great value for what I paid! (plus, free toothpaste!) Wi Fi was additional, so I used my wireless modem.

23/03/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
74. Molly M.
A group of us stayed here recently instead of the Grand Hyatt around the corner and we liked it.  It's a "green" hotel which is pretty cool, plus its very modern and new smelling.  The staff here were very helpful & accommodating.  Also, there is a cafe and restaurant downstairs. Although, the restaurant is very expensive and you can tell its a new restaurant because they were a bit unorganized.

The room we stayed in was pretty standard, but we were on the 15th floor & had a nice view of the city which was nice.  The room had a flat screen and on demand.  Also, the bathrooms were very nice as well as spacious.

07/07/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
75. Olivia T.

* Convenient downtown location, we walked to Pike's Market and other downtown places from this hotel.
* Friendly concierge and front desk people.
* Very very very comfortable bed. We slept like giant babies.
* I love the shower and bathroom set up. I wish I can have bathroom like that.


Only one actually. Like what other Yeeps said in their reviews, walls are thin and you can hear other guests in other rooms. Especially if you are staying next to a family with crying kids. I almost buy NyQuil and set it in front of their room. Next time, maybe we should bring ear plugs.

03/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
76. Mercy B.
A great place to stay! My room was very clean and comfortable. I had a WHOLE king sized bed all to myself and a huge flat screen TV with no one to share the remote with!

I stayed here because of an educational conference I was attending.

The centralized location is great. Pike's Market is a mere 10 minutes of walking distance away. Great restaurants and shopping are also nearby.
The light rail station from the airport is also a couple of blocks walking distance.

The staff at the Olive 8 Hyatt were great - they were professional and responsive. During the conference, breakfast and lunch was provided (yeah) - and the quality of the food was very good as well as the service.

My only thing about this place is that the walls are rather thin. I could hear the family next door with their crying baby. I kept my fingers crossed that the baby would sleep through the night (and yes, thankfully, he/she did). It's also not pleasant being woken up by someone coughing heavily and clearing their throat.

Other than the above mentioned, I had a great experience!.

28/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
77. Brian T.
Seattle, how I heart thee! Hyatt at Olive 8, how I love thee!

I first learned about this new hotel back during springtime. It was a brand new hotel right in the heart of downtown Seattle. My friends and I were going to Seattle during Labor Day weekend and I suggested we book a room at this hotel for our trip...okay, more like I demanded we stay at this hotel! I'm a hotel aficionado and only try to book the "best" hotel to stay at. Hell, if I'm going to be away from the comfort of my own bed for an extended period of time, I want to stay somewhere clean, new, and chic! This place did not disappoint (for the most part)!

Thumbs up:
Our room was clean and spacious. We got a corner room on the 7th floor. Large windows lined through half our room giving us nice views of Olive Way and inside the rooms of the apartment building across the street. *grin* The bed was comfortable with plenty of pillows. The large flat-screen TV was nice, although it's not something that's all that special nowadays in modern hotels. We utilized the fitness center almost everyday (open 24 hours) and it was virtually empty every time we were there. I love empty fitness centers because it feels like it all belongs to me.

Thumbs down:
What's up with the half-pane glass window for the shower? It's so European! I don't like it...I don't like it at all. And I know the economy is struggling and all, but you have to have free Internet in the rooms. $9.95/night for Internet access is so 2005.

We didn't get to try their restaurant/bar...mainly because it was crowded with LSU Tiger fans all day every day! Yes, there was a college football game that weekend and I've never seen so many people wearing yellow and purple clothing in my life. I don't care if you're rooting for your team, but that color combination is a total fashion faux pas. But I digress.

Most definitely, I would come back and stay here again on my next trip to Seattle. The hotel is located nearby everything...the convention center, many restaurants and shops, and a nice stroll away from Pike Place Market. Nice and friendly staff, cleanliness all around you, a room that feels like home...what more can you ask for? Oh yea, a glass shower DOOR!

24/09/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
78. Krissy D.
Very hapy with our stay here! Stayed one night for a concert in seattle. We got upgraded to a 1,000 sq ft suite with a living room, desk/work area, large bathroom, wet bar, with views and lots of windows! Very sleek and modern decor and feel. Staff and valet were super friendly and helpful. free wifi, valet parking, nice cafe attached! Great location! I will return and recommend this place!

02/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
79. Charles L.
First time at a Hyatt.  If all Hyatts are like this Hyatt, I will be staying at Hyatt hotels wherever I travel from now on.  Stayed here for the weekend.  Room was excellent.  Bed felt so comfortable that I fell asleep early the first night.  There was a fridge to use, which was handy for the food and drinks I bought for late night snacks.  Service was five star.  I forgot my toothpaste, and they got me a traveling kit of toothpaste and toothbrush in a few minutes after I called the front desk.  Location was one block from the convention center, so very convenient.  Hotel restaurant was also very good in service and food.  Will definitely stay here again next time I visit Seattle.

25/03/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
80. Brian P.
This Hyatt is pretty nice on the inside. Big props for the salt water pool and up-to-date fitness facility. My experience would have been a LOT better had I been moved out of the ADA room, which featured a shower big enough to drive in a wheelchair. Of course, the size wasn't the problem. Bigger is always better, right? No, it was the fact that shower was higher than the floor of the bathroom and the drain, puzzlingly, was positioned at the highest point in the shower. Now, I'm no physicist, but last I checked water generally runs to the lowest point on a slope, which was the room in this case. So, each morning like an insane beaver I would construct a dam of towels to keep the water from flooding my room and hope that room service staff would leave me with enough towels the next day for a fresh dam.

Oh, and Hyatt, when will you realize that the internets need to be free?

09/10/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
81. Andrew T.
I'm just not thrilled with what's on offer here - We pricelined these rooms for a single night in Seattle. When you priceline, rooms are always double occupancy, always two double/queen beds. And that's what I've gotten in every case. You can request kings or other special items, but you're priceline, and you're way down on the hotel's list of people to please, so they don't need to accommodate you. That said, we ended up with two rooms, each of which had a single king. Not a problem for the people who were staying in the room, but it wasn't what we had booked, and it might have been a semi issue if a different crowd had been checking in. Kind of a strike.

The room is clean - it at least doesn't smell bad. Furniture is...ultra modern...and more than a little weird. Everything is well lit, which is nice, but the furniture appears to be rejects from the Ikea design failure yard. Very linear, two inch thick, injection molded or veneered with fake wood grain, and painted a sort of charcoal/gray/brown color...not attractive in the slightest. This is paired with a lime green chair for an...unusual look. There is a really nice breakout box with A/V in, network, phone, even HDMI if you wanted to use the television as a computer display. Who carries an HDMI cable around, I dunno - maybe I should start. The bed is comfortable, reasonably firm, with overstuffed feather pillows that don't crush down to nothing as soon as you lay down on them. But yet another instance of no fitted sheet. Argh.

The bathroom - a nice walk in shower, with a head that's a bit on the low side, but not super low. No vent fan (yesssssss another addition to my list) but the mirror does appear to be semi heated to keep the steam at bay. That's nice, but it still doesn't help with keeping the room from being irreversibly humid or dealing with any...smells. Plus, the doors, in an attempt to be modern, are large sliding models...which don't latch or seal at all. And these aren't pocket sliding doors, they're in a track mounted in parallel with the bathroom wall, with maybe a 1 inch gap between wall and door. So any noise made in the bathroom, from showering to shaving to...you know...is loud as day to anyone else in the hotel room. Just not a good idea. Apparently the person who selected the doors has never tried to sleep through someone's shower in one of those bathrooms.

There are reports of a very nice spa and pool, which I did not use, but that is nice for anyone staying and using the exercise equipment. Me, I'm lazy, so that's not going to happen.

I think this is a weak 3 star. I'm annoyed by the bed thing, but it didn't bite us this time, so I'll forgive it. The bathrooms are a bit annoying...and the room was just ugly. I suppose none of those are real substantive gripes...so I'l stay 3 star. My standard, "I pricelined this so didn't pay full price" disclaimer applies - If I had paid full price, I think I would be even less impressed, but probably wouldn't have dealt with the bed issue.

29/08/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
82. Ashley G.
I was looking for a green hotel when coming seattle and this was perfect. It was a modern hotel and it was design just right. The beds was so comfy that I didn't want to come home. The hotel had a restaurant down stairs and breakfast was included in the price. It was not buffet but it was really with a lot of options to choose from. The hotel was in middle of everything so easy to get to everything. It was walking distance to Pike Place and the mall which me and my mom loved. The hotel was not expensive but we didn't have a view of anything but so what I was in Seattle.

15/03/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
83. CM H.
Olive 8 is the best hotel ive ever been in!

There service is superior along with quality, design, services, amenities, and everything else. I came here Thanksgiving too see family and found this hotel just as awsome as my family. It has a great spa called elaia with a naturally chlorinated pool and steamroom. There is also a resturant called Urbane that almost all the food is in season and always fresh. The rooms are clean, practical, and big. The room comes with a marble bath withbrainfall shower, a mini bar with coffee tea and botteld water, and a great view of the city.

The lobby is great and loungy + it smell good. The gym faciltites along with locker room and pool are fancy is clean. The location is in the center of downtown  and close to pikes place, pacific place and the convention center.

IF YOUR LOOKING FOR A HOTEL IN SEATTLE THIS IS THE ONE. Its great in service, cleanliness, location, service, and quality!

25/11/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
84. Devin G.
I stayed here while attending a conference within the same hotel.  Nice, clean, modern...probably because it's new.  :)

My only three complaints were as follows.  

The television service in the room SUCKED.  Maybe it was just my bad luck but only 2 of the channels actually worked during my stay.  All the other channels were a bunch of digital blocks or "no signal."  I didn't find this to be too much of an inconvenience since I wasn't in the room that much.

Also, no Wifi in the conference rooms!  Are you serious?  I was here for a conference that was demonstrating this new online technology...but nobody was able to test with their devices during the presentations.  MAJOR FLAW HERE.  This hotel is practically brand new.  How do you not put wireless in the conference rooms?

Housekeeping.  I returned from my conference twice and my room was not cleaned.  I'm talking 4pm in the afternoon/evening.  I had to call down and ask for someone to come up.  I shouldn't have to do that when spending $200 per night.

Other than that, this hotel is very nice.  The food was good and you have everything you need right outside of the hotel.  It's placed perfectly downtown with all the Seattle accouterments at your fingertips.  Walking distance to the Pike market...just watch out for the 400 homeless people that will be asking for money during your walk.  Sad.

Tip:  If you are looking for an excellent Seattle Dog (hot dog with cream cheese), walk over to Dog in the Park (5th and Pine - about 3 blocks from the hotel).  Sounds gross, but it's probably the best hot dog I've ever had.

26/04/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
85. Douglas K.
I was here for a conference and didn't stay in the rooms.  I did find the people working there very nice and helpful but was disappointing that there was no WIFI where we had our meetings.  I also would have liked to have had more outlets for our electronics.
The food we had for the event was excellent.

23/04/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
86. Tom A.
I spent a few nights here while working nearby and I was pretty pleased with the place and the value.  I particularly like the location, which is excellent for a few things beside my work site, including the convention center, the shopping district, and the Paramount Theater.

Check-in was a breeze and they made sure to offer me a fresh apple, which was great eco-marketing because now those bright green apples are what I associate with this hotel.  The room was very clean and well appointed, with an okay 9th floor view.  The desk area and bed were very comfortable, which worked well for my long work days and short sleep hours.  They charge for the wi-fi but I had no problem picking up a 4G signal in that area.

The one time I did manage to get to the gym I was very impressed with the scale and the quality of the facilities and equipment.  I wished I had the time to go to yoga, check out the Elaia spa and get a massage.  A guy can dream.

I did have the strange sensation one night that my room was haunted because every time I went in the bathroom I heard little kids voices.  But I soon realized it was actual little kids, apparently in the bathroom upstairs from mine.  The sound carried right through like they were staying with me.  But it didn't really carry beyond the bathroom so I just slid the door shut.

The only other negative was that the coffee maker only has disposable cups.  Maybe they're compostable but that's still not ideal for a LEED certified facility.  And, bottom line, I really enjoy my morning coffee in a real mug.  Who doesn't?

27/04/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
87. David M.
Brand-new hotel, very clean, staff was extremely nice.  However, the only two things I care about in a hotel (quiet; good [hot] water pressure), I found sorely lacking here.  The walls/doors seemed paper-thin and the low-flow shower heads totally sucked.

11/07/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
88. Joanne C.
Our first time here at Hyatt at Olive 8. First star rooms were nice and cozy. Modern decor and very clean. Why only 2 stars?? We booked our package through Expedia and for the price we paid we were hoping for a more extravagant room. Instead we stayed in their standard room and there was no chance for us getting bumped to a suite per Matt. Fine whatever..... He gave us free wifi so that made up for it. Now for the breakfast deal that was included in our package. We went down to Urbane Sunday morning and was greeted right away by Rachel who happens to be the manager. She said it would be a couple minutes for them to clean a table and we would be seated. We walked to the table where they had newspaper for people to grab and read. I happen to turn around and two girls just happen to walk in after us and tell me why they get seated right away WTF really?! We get seated right after but god damn great way to start my morning!  That pretty much put in a bad mood the rest of the day and we were only going to be there for 4 days.  I will update the Urbane experience on Urbane's link right after this review.

Sound level....you can hear every footstep, when someone opens/closes the door as well as others can hear us.  Lame....really? Upscale hotel but you can hear your neighbor flushing the toilet.  We will prob NEVER stay here again if we get another chance to visit Seattle.  Left my ipad charger in the room when we checked out......called the front desk when I got to the airport and Vanessa says she has to transfer me to lost and found and what do you know?? I get a recording that says they will return my call within 24hrs.  That was Tuesday.  I had to call back Saturday afternoon cuz no one called me and what do you know.  My ipad charger cant be found anywhere, I just hung up.  Another lame ass excuse.  Although, this hotel is close to EVERYTHING.  Right in the heart of downtown.  We walked everywhere that's where the second star comes in....although we did rent a car which was a waste of money but oh well.

22/03/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
89. Julie W.
Enjoyed our 3-night stay.  Slept very well in their comfortable beds. There isn't much of a view except of surrounding buildings. They had an in-room safe and are very green. I would consider staying here again if the view was better.

09/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
90. DeDe K.
Very nice hotel, in a good downtown location. It's about a 15 min. walk to the Pike area and the Piers. 5 mins walk to the monorail (which will take you to the Space Needle, EMP Museum, and the Ride the Ducks). The staff was very good at the hotel. Rooms were spacious and clean. I only wish they had the vanity area of the bathroom detached from the bathroom/shower area so that when you're traveling with others it makes it easier to get ready. They have a bar and restaurant inside the hotel, however we did not go to it since Seattle has so many dining options in the area. Downside was no free wi-fi. I don't know why hotels don't just have that as a free feature!

21/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
91. Justin L.
We've really enjoyed the last few days staying at the Hyatt at Olive 8.  Location is perfect if you are attending a conference at the Convention Center.  Just 1.5 blocks away & about a 5 min walk.  Even if you're not in town for a meeting, the location is ideal for shopping, dining & sightseeing in downtown Seattle.

The hotel itself is one of the newest ones in downtown.  Rooms are modern, spacious and comfortable.  Only gripe is the lack of free WiFi.  Fortunately I brought my mini Verizon modem.

The pool/hot tub and exercise facility are really impressive.  They definitely did not skimp here.  Really great equipment and the free access to the steam room & sauna are a nice bonus that most other hotels either charge extra for or simply do not even have.

Overall, I highly recommend this hotel.  We're going to thoroughly enjoy the rest of the week here and we definitely will plan to stay at Hyatt at Olive 8 again.

05/11/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
92. Sniper D.
Stayed here in 2011. I've stayed at several hotels in Seattle every time I visit such as the "W", Sheraton, etc., but have concluded this is the best place to stay at. Rooms are fresh and modern. The gym was also on the plus side since it had smith Machines, free weights, and most other equipment. Great location!

27/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
93. Jen H.
Every time I come to Seattle, I try for this hotel first.

Great location, awesome fitness center (seriously, the best amongst Seattle hotels a MILLION times over), great spa w/ sauna and steam rooms, heated swimming pool, modern & hip styling and nice staff. Beds are very comfy and bathrooms have great lighting (ladies, you know it when lighting sucks.

I do find it really annoying that there are no electrical outlets on or near the nightstands, so if you use your cell phone as your alarm clock and want to charge it while you sleep; or if you work on your laptop in bed and want it plugged in at the same time, then you're extremely s.o.l. I hate that more hotels don't take notice of such a detail... and yes, for that, it's a big -1 star.

24/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
94. Danielle M.
I love this place because the staff is helpful and friendly, and decore is very seattle, the rooms are spacious, and it has great views of both lake union and elliot bay! Its a green hotel but you would never know because the showers were awesome with a good water pressure. I didnt eat at the restaurant but it had a great vibe and the bartend was friendly:-)

21/05/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
95. Chris M.
My absolute favorite hotel. Pool is awesome. Very clean and orderly. I hope to stay here again for Sakura Con 2014.

21/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
96. Remy-Anne V.
Awesome stay in Seattle!

My friend and I were in Seatte for the weekend and decided to stay here thanks to our friend who was the Asst. Mgr. So we got a pretty good deal! (Thanks Rance! =)

Fabulous stay! No complaints here. The hotel itself..sorta looked like a AMEX card. No joke! With large clear windows and walls and blue accent lighting. Hahaha. When we arrived at our hotel it was very nice, clean and fancy!

Staff: Warm and welcoming. Miriam, checked us in and was such a sweetheart.   Everyone we met courtesy of our friend Rance, were friendly and nice.

Venue and Rooms:
Oh they Fancy! Uh huh. lol...the rooms were so nice and fancy. Great furniture and comfy beds. I space saver sliding closet was awesome. They had a mini bar area. Nice flat screen tv. And the bathroom was pretty. The room included an iPod dock and their desk had every single type of outlet imaginable. Awesomness.

Overall venue-  very clean, modern and classic looking hotel. One thing that I was drawn to for some crazy reason were the elevators and buttons Hahahha.. Wierdo right?! There were tvs in the elevator, mirrors all around BUT for some reason I really like the buttons on the floors, not in (the elevator itself) the emergency buttons were made in the Flames. Haha I don't know how to describe it but they made it really pretty! Wish I took a pic lol

Sauna/ Steam Room- Divine! Our last day we checked out and had time to kill. We were way too stuffed to eat. It was too cold to walk. Unfortunately, the spa is close on Mondays but the steam room and sauna were open! And we had it all to ourselves..Score! Steam room was a good size, great temp and felt great. We probably spent a whole hour total in there. Sauna, was cool, pretty small tho. Showers and everything else in there was great.

Downside: only 2! They don't offer free wifi in the rooms. But they do offer it downstairs in ther coffee shop. An amenity that I needed for work purposes Monday morning.. Thankfully I was able to feed off another hotspot! Hahah shh! Second, the concierge gave us wrong directions on the way to our event.. Resulting us to walk a long way and eventually rent bikes to our destination... But it's ok! If u need a bike rental I know a good place now! And makes for a great bar story...

Overall, a wonderful stay at the Hyatt Olive 8. Their restaurant Urbane was also good too, keep an eye out for my review for that! Thanks for a pleasant stay Hyatt, look forward to the next stay and Seattle life!

22/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
97. Austin M.
The regular king rooms were very nice. The beds were super comfortable and the room was immaculately clean. The room had a huge walk in shower which was a plus. A bit pricy but typical of a downtown hotel.

12/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
98. Claire B.
I heart Seattle! Especially enjoying my stays the Hyatt at Olive 8 every couple months. This hotel is my home away from home. An ECO-friendly hotel. Their rooftop is only used for solar panels and has grown grass. The hotel consist of highend residences and guest suites. The entire hotel is ultra modern. You walk into a 3 story reception area, modern glass fixtures, bamboo wood, modern furniture, marble floors, sexy lounge and barista, mirrored walls, friendly waitstaff and hosts to welcome you. This hotel is close to everything in downtown Seattle. The pier and market is  4 blocks, the huge 4 story mall is right next door, Ruth Chris is next door, the convention center is next door, the sports arena is 8 blocks. The marina is 4 blocks. The freeway is easily accessible. Shopping is everywhere, can't complain. The ambiance of the hotel is inviting, relaxing, clean and sexy.

Your curiosity takes you to their indoor olympic sized pool and fairly moderate/private jacuzzi. The pool is heated to 80 degrees, so inviting. Good for wading and laps. Not deep at all. The ballrooms are gigantic, including the pre-reception areas.

The suites are decorated as expected in modern hotels, dark straight lined contemporary furniture. Two toned walls. Dark brown/white/blue-green colors. Automatic thick curtains. Plush bed/bedding. Feathered bed/pillows. Flat screen tv. Sleek bathroom. Work area. Lounge area. Over abundance of towels/toiletries. Super small closets but armoire/drawer space.

Overall, one of the best hotels, for high end, sleek, sexy hotel in downtown Seattle. I would've given 5 stars, but 4 stars because of pricing (highs and lows).

04/04/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
99. Jennifer F.
My husband and I went here for our anniversary and they truly made it very special!  They sent up a bottle of wine (choice of champagne, red or white) and a box of chocolate covered cherries (I think you could pick from that or chocolate covered strawberries).  They also gave us a free upgrade from a deluxe king to a luxury suite and free wifi.  We stayed 6 nights, so the added room and the hot tub definitely made our stay more comfortable.  I think it helps that it's getting to be off-season in Seattle now and the hotel wasn't really busy.

The rooms were very clean and the appliances and amenities were all pretty much new.  I have only a couple of issues:  network tv wasn't really working well when we got there, which was a hotel-wide issue that was resolved the next day (they comped us an on-demand movie for the inconvenience). They also let us watch whatever we wanted in the lounge area (which doubles as the coffee bar area in the morning). Also, the  temperature control in the shower was spazzy - would go from scalding hot to lukewarm pretty easily most days.  

We didn't get room service and we didn't eat any full meals at Urbane, the restaurant downstairs, so I can't comment on that.  However I did get drinks and snacks that I brought up to the room from Urbane, and the bartenders were all very nice.  You can also bring happy hour food/drinks up, which was pretty cool.  We were also fat @$$es and didn't go to the gym, but the facilities looked really good as well.

All in all -  a great stay!  Great location, very close to the light rail/monorail, dining, shopping and the pier.  If you're going for a special occasion, definitely let them know ahead of time!

If we ever return to Seattle, we will definitely stay again!!!

13/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
100. D K.
Stayed here on Feb. 16-18 for a Valentine's weekend getaway. For my first time staying in Seattle overnight, I don't have much to compare to. However, I find that it was an "okay" stay and my trip there wasn't to spend a lot of time in the hotel as I was exploring the city for majority of the trip.

For being a newer hotel, the lobby and rooms were on par with the pictures shown on the website and I found the decor was modern and clean.

I booked my King room on Expedia, so just a tip for anyone doing so - Cheaper the price means you luck out on a nice view. I stayed on the 5th floor in a corner room and opened up the curtains to a huge water tank outside. Not the biggest deal for me since I don't spend much time in hotels during trips.

This hotel is very kid friendly, as my boyfriend and I wanted to soak in the hot tub and relax after a full day of sight seeing and walked in the pool amenities and found it filled with loud children everywhere.

If you have extra money to throw around, than $85 valet service for two nights and $10/day WiFi service ($15/day for premium) will be no issue to you.

I have to add that the front of desk staff were completely amazing! Hyatt definitely shows it takes pride in great customer service.

20/02/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
101. Lee L.
First off, the staff at the hotel were wonderful, especially Chris the bellman. He anticipated our needs like a pro. He is the model that all hotel service people should follow. We stayed in the luxury suite with the late checkout breakfast. This worked out great as I had a spa appointment in the afternoon and I was able to take full advantage of the spa's facilities before my treatment. I also recommend the late checkout special for late sleepers!

Everything about our stay was perfect except for the suite. I found that it didn't meet its "luxury" title. The table tops were stained with water marks and chipped. The wall had some scuff marks. There are 3 televisions each with a different remote device which was confusing and difficult to find local channels. There was only 1 robe provided. Toiletries were standard. No shower cap for my hair.

The bathtub is large,deep and heavenly. The bathroom lights have a dimming feature which set the mood for a soothing, calming,  soak. Towels were plentiful.

The king sized bed was sumptuous and the pillows were perfect. The rest of the furnishings; couches and chairs were just okay.

Overall, I thought luxury suite 1434 was pleasant but overpriced and overrated.

We love the Hyatt and would stay again if they had any promotions or specials.

10/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
102. Bennie M.
nicely decorated clean rooms,  great helpful friendly staff. very good location within walking distance of most of downtown Seattle, including pikes place market and the monorail.. Will absolutely stay here again when we return to Seattle

02/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
103. Scott D.
Phenomenal a service and amenities. The rooms are modern chic and all the beds are very comfortable. The saline pool and whirlpool are located on the mezzanine, which provided for great privacy while offering a view of the surrounding neighborhood.

Urbane Restaurant in the lobby has great drink specials, which include house craft beers (14oz pours for $4).

Location is 15 minute walk to Lake Union, 15 minute walk to Pike Place Market, and a 5 minute walk to the Link (railway to Sea/Tac airport).

27/08/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
104. JJ W.
Be careful when you book this hotel thru other vacation package! My friend paid for the whole package before we checked in, but I just found out the hotel charged me again for another $500 for my stay. I literally confirmed with the frontdesk when we checked in, and he said YES, EVERYTHING IS PAID. So now, I will have to call my friend and my bank to clear up this mess. Way to go, Hyatte! We will never be back!

24/10/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
105. Andi B.
Just got home from a weekend stay and had a great time. The pool was very relaxing and the room was clean. It was a bit of a hike to Pike Market but the was great shopping on the way.

21/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
106. Katrina H.
An overall good and clean hotel. I'm all about comfort and cleanliness and this hotel hits all the right spots. The room was big and spacious and had a nice view of the city. It's right in downtown Seattle which makes walking to many places easy. The staff at the front were nice and friendly when we checked in. However, if you're bringing a car with you, keep in mind that there is only a valet service. There are other places around that you can park in overnight but I'm not sure if they offer unlimited in and out services.

The only thing I didn't like, and why I'm taking off a star is all the hidden fees. It was $15 for an extra bed but what they didn't say was that it was per day. The valet guy told us it was $40 for overnight valet for our trip but in the end they told us it was per night. This is probably our fault though for not asking them in depth what the prices were. So keep this in mind if you are planning to use any of their extra services. They also charged us for a "seattle tour" per day even though there was no tour provided by the hotel? We assumed it was probably an extra fee just because we were staying in downtown Seattle. They also charged us a tax for staying in the city (but that's probably the city if Seattle doing that and not the hotel). Overall, we ended up spending over $100 the initial cost we thought we would be spending on our room. Be careful as all their extra little fees can add up quickly!

23/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
107. Stephanie E.
I really enjoyed my trip. It was first time in Seattle, staying at this hotel was really convenient. Everything was pretty much walking distance.

27/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
108. James S.
Overall a solid hotel and in a great location downtown, with easy walking access to Pike Place, Belltown etc. It is pricy and I'm not sure if its worth it to pay retail. I stayed here as part of a conference and we got a huge discount and free Wifi.

One disappointing 'feature' was the thin walls... I could hear the guest in the next room , and when they used the hair dryer it sounded as if they were in my bathroom, not theirs. So this 'green' building must be made of thin walls and thin insulation materials so that it can conform to these bullsh!@# 'green' standards.

09/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
109. Jen B.
Just stayed here for one night with a small group for an event we had in Seattle. I chose this hotel because we wanted to try someplace new instead of the other places we have been.


It is a nice modern hotel. We were given a large corner room which I got for a reduced rate which was nice. The valet parking was full when we pulled in but we managed to get our car in and unloaded without issue. We did have to wait for the valet to get off of his cell phone to get his attention. Not sure if he was checking his Facebook or texting but we did wait so long my husband wondered if we should self-park. When we went to check in, our room wasn't ready but they did check out bags for us so we could go to our event. And in the morning they held our bags when we went to brunch which was nice. The lady at the desk when we checked out was pleasant and kind.

The bed was horrible. It had a large divot in the middle so it became a taco when two people laid down. The walls are also paper thin. Our next door neighbors had small children who shrieked and screamed in the afternoon and very early in the morning. We could hear everything going on in their room starting at 7 am. To top off our unpleasant morning, we received an 8:15 wake-up call. No one in our room called or asked for a wake-up call. I can overlook this as an error or maybe the wrong room was dialed on accident. But we got called again two minutes later for the same wake-up call. But this time I had given up any hope of sleep.

So while this was a nice place, I do not think I will be returning. I cannot blame the hotel for the screaming kids but some other issues with service just makes me reluctant to return. The room was very clean and the bathtub looked nice for a soak but I did not get to use it. I did think our room had a great view but I like to sleep when I go out. I guess if you want to try this property, bring ear plugs and a white noise machine.

02/04/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
110. Tracy M.
Very nice hotel in a very good location in downtown Seattle.  Was here for a convention and it was only a block and a half walk to the convention center. The rooms are very nice and the staff is helpful and courteous.  There is a coffee bar downstairs which was great for the mornings and early evening caffeine fixes.  

The room service and on-site restaurant were very pricey, but there are many other food places nearby.  Just one block down is a very large mall with a huge food court and restaurant area as well as all the regular chain places.  Only a few blocks away is the Pike Place Market with more places to eat and shop as well.

Overall this place was very nice. I like that it is an eco-friendly hotel.  The rooms are comfortable and spacious enough to be content for a work week or weekend getaway. Would definitely stay here again.

21/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
111. JSV V.
2 stars only and I'm being generous!

Yearly, my sisters and I pick a hotel to stay in for the weekend to just have our sisterly bonding weekend.

This time we picked Olive 8.  This place is Eco friendly which I thought was pretty cool. We were greeted with wonderful staff. Our room wasn't ready by the time we checked in. Few hours later we got a text stating our room is ready.

When we came back I called the front desk to have our luggages deliver in our room. The operator told me "it'll be right up".

5 minutes passed, I called the front desk asking if our luggages were on it's way? The person I was talking to apologized and told me they are really busy. I wish she would told me that from the beginning. The thing is we needed our luggages because my sister's baby were with us and she needed her milk. (we ran out of milk while waiting for our room. Yes, it took that long to get our room). Finally we got our luggages.

The room size was okay. Beds were cmfortable. Clean.

The next day, as I tried to check out via TV, it kept giving me the error message. Finally we decided to just check out downstairs. Prior to leaving our room, we called the valet to have our car ready.

While I was checking out I couldn't believe how much the valet parking Was It's $48 for one night!!!! I could've parked somewhere else; like the parking lot across.

Remember, we had a our sister's baby with us. When we got out  we were told to wait even if our car were in front of us. They didn't even give a chance to talk to them or tell them "that's our car n front of us". We waited for about 10mins until they started to see how they could help us. When we told them that was our car at the front they just smiled and said "ohhh"...

Very professional the staffs that works here.... Just in case you didn't notice, I'm being sarcastic.

Never again with this hotel.

P.s. you have to pay to get Internet access. Lol!!!!

12/09/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
112. Erwin W.
Our stay at the Hyatt at Olive 8 was fair.  I would have given this place more stars, but the cost and hidden fees were the down fall.

Although we got a good deal from Travelocity, the package did not include the cost of parking for our rental car.  Valet was the only option and they charged us $34/day, plus $3.23/day for "Parking Tax" and $4.25/day for "City Parking Tax".  I spent a total of $125 for 3 days of parking alone!  Not worth it!  We do not know why there are two similar "Parking Taxes"?  So a small piece of advice, do not drive a car in Seattle!  

Also, you do not have free Internet.  You would think it should be a free perk for staying at their hotel.  But no... you have to pay $20/day to use their WiFi or in-room Ethernet cable.  Again, not worth it.  If the local restaurants can provide free internet, why can't Hyatt?

The good things about our stay at the Hyatt were their staff, location, amenities and clean rooms.  Their staff was very helpful and knowledgeable.  The location is in close proximity to a lot of great restaurants and Pike Place.  The rooms are very chic.

06/12/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
113. Eamon K.
Great service. We brought our baby and they set up a crib for her and even included baby soaps/lotions. Best of all, Max gave her a green Hyatt at Olive 8 ball to play with. Great service again. I stay here every time I come to Seattle.

27/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
114. D H.
The Grand Hyatt is much prettier but this is still a nice hotel. Great gym, terrible mattress. The kind where you lay down and think you're going to roll off. No bathtub only a shower with a partial glass door, which leads to a wet marble floor, and a cold heinie neither of which I appreciate.    Truthfully, all the Green crap made me eager to leave Seattle.

08/05/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
115. Leana L.
I loved this hotel! We stayed here only one night while in Seattle (our other two nights were spent at a Marriott further south because we used hotel points for all of our stays), but I wish we could have stayed here longer.

Location: A couple blocks from the City Center (ie Space Needle) and a short walk to the nightlife in Belltown.

Staff: Check-in, check-out, and bag check were a breeze even with the one computer at the front desk. They were great with giving recommendations for dinner and making sure we got where we needed to go.

Amenities: Free wi-fi and complimentary shuttle within a one mile radius of the hotel that can be requested at the front desk or by merely calling the hotel for a pick-up! Additionally, there's a free breakfast spread in the morning (hot breakfast sandwiches, toast, english muffins, bagels, fresh fruit, pastries, cold cereal, yogurt, cottage cheese, tea, coffee, juice, and milk).

Hotel Room: We had two comfy queen beds, a great couch for relaxing on, a desk area if you brought your laptop, a flat screen TV (with audio hookup), and a separate sink area.

23/05/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
116. Sruts A.
One of the best hotels in town, in the heart of downtown Seattle. Prices may be on the higher side when compared to some other hotels within a five-block radius, but it's well worth it! The deluxe king room was large comfortable (loved the pillows :)), complete with an iHome dock, an arm chair, a large writing desk, temperature controls.
You're about 5/6 blocks away from almost everything you'd want to see - Pike Place Market, Pioneer Square, SAM - or at least 1/2 blocks away from a bus stop! The staff and concierge are nice and helpful - get you tickets, schedules by confirming with the place of interest directly.
The Elaia Spa is definitely worth checking out - a small, but non-chlorinated pool and jacuzzi, large and well equipped locker rooms, and a good selection of spa treatments.

17/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
117. Jen M.
We stayed at the Hyatt only for a few nights before a cruise. The hotel is very nice and in a good location. It is walking distance to the Pike Place Market and City Center. The rooms were clean. However the bathroom door is a sliding door that doesn't close securely, just rolls in front. It was not a broken door, just the design. You could hear everything making it pretty uncomfortable to use when staying with other people. Also they have pre-made sandwiches and snacks that did not appear to rotate at all during our stay so I was certainly skeptical on how fresh any of that food was. Wifi is not free. It is $10/day and at the rate of this room, I feel that should have been included. Other than those few issues, we had no problems and the hotel was quite nice. They have a great fitness center, and spa. They also have a 3 lane lap pool and a nice restaurant.

24/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
118. Calah Y.
Swanky, comfortable stay. Likely the best sleep I've had in awhile. Modern, fresh decor and great location close to shopping and restaurants. The blue glass makes the building easy to spot.

A few oddities included our coffee bar in our room that didn't have an outlet for the coffee maker  (that I could find) and the alarm clock that was set to go off at 6:30am (we didn't set it).

Bathroom was large. Fitness room was nice with plenty of machines and dumb bells. Pool was very nice with a few lanes and I could be wrong, but it seemed to be saltwater? Towel service. Locker rooms at the pool were very nice with a cozy steam room.

10/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
119. Miyako L.
Hyatt at the Olive 8 was the perfect hotel for our stay in Seattle.  I really wished we could have stayed longer, and our hotel definitely had a lot to do with that sentiment!

We were lucky to have a great view of downtown from the 12th floor of Olive 8.  We were also very lucky that we got to enjoy that view each day that we were there... it was sunny and bright for 95% of our trip (highly unusual for Seattle I take it?)!

The location is set about a block away from the convention center, 3 blocks from the heart of downtown, and about 7 blocks from the wharf!  The hotel and rooms are very new and modern, and they have an UNBELIEVABLE pool and spa on the 2nd floor!! Overall, a very lovely Seattle hotel that I would definitely stay at again!

01/12/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
120. Cindy L.
Very convenient location to shopping and Pike Place.  Very nice and clean rooms.  They meet my expectations from Hyatt. Will definitely recommend this place to friends.

16/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
121. CO C.
I travel a lot for work and have to say, I greatly enjoy this hotel.  The atmosphere is clean and serene. The service is so polite and kind. The access to the spa's hot tub, sauna, steam room, and pool is such a treat. And my favorite part: the gym.  Hands down my favorite gym in any hotel I've ever stayed in - which mean a lot to me as it inspires me to keep up with my workout regime when I travel.

The rooms are just so nice with big windows, beautiful bathrooms, terrific closet space and my personal enjoyment: my favorite tea supplied.

03/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
122. Chris G.
We stayed here last month during our re-location move. A beautiful modern hotel with good friendly service. I wish I would have dined at their restaurant.

Our view was so so, nothing special.

21/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
123. Shannon M.
My husband and I chose the Hyatt on our first trip to Seattle. I am so glad we did and will probably return here again.

The room was clean and spacious. We got a corner king suite. The bed was comfy and clean. The bathroom was great and the water pressure perfect.
The hotel is eco friendly so I had expected water pressure problems.

The pool and gym area are super clean and well stocked with all the amenities! No worries about towels here!

The staff are all very nice and accommodating. They could use a few more people on staff as they are often very busy. Halfway through our stay I got food poisoning from a local restaurant.
The staff was wonderful in making sure I was comfortable, removing things from the room and even gave us a late check out so I could rest.

Major props to the baristas at the coffee shop! Super nice dudes who make awesome coffee and made us feel like we've known them our whole lives!

All in all it was a wonderful experience.
Highly recommended!

01/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
124. Mike M.
Below is the review I attempted to post to Hyatt's site, but was told there is a 1,500 character limit.  So I just told them to review my review on Yelp!  That'll teach'm!!!

Overall we enjoyed our stay at Hyatt Olive 8.  There were some notably good things and some not so good things in our opinion about your hotel.  They are listed below:


Front desk service - People were friendly and professional (especially Sarah S.) upon check in and the couple of times I called down with questions.  Valet personnel were also very professional.

The room was modern and clean - We liked the layout of the room and the attempts by Hyatt to be eco-responsible.

Good location in town - There are many restaurants, bars, shopping, and the like very near the hotel.  The Paramount theatre is a block away.  We even walked down to Pike Place Market from the hotel, though this might be a bit much for some guests.


The cost of parking is improperly advertised/conveyed.  Was expecting $30/day and upon check in was told it's $40/day in the hotel and the lower price was for a lot across the street.  That's a bait and switch technique and very un-classy for a Hyatt property.

$40/day to park is extremely rapey on Hyatt's part.  Yes, I understand the lack of supply/demand of parking in that area, but the parking rapeyness kept us from spending any time/money in your Urbane restaurant/bar.  We decided you were getting too much from us already.

While I appreciated the Wall St. Journal each day at the room, I would rather have had the Seattle Times. Local news and events would be more relevant to our visit and a sports page is a necessity.

How does a property like the Hyatt offer several cable channels on TV, including Speed Network, but doesn't have the channel that carries the Seattle Mariners baseball games?  We told this to the front desk and they agreed that it has been a complaint of MANY customers.  Also, your bedside radio doesn't have AM, so the Mariners were not accessible in your hotel at all. I think you'll find that people willing to pay your room rates would also prefer the Golf Channel.  

Again, overall it was a good experience in the Hyatt Olive 8.  Please note, this review will also appear on Yelp.com .  I would implore you to review your Yelp reviews often.

08/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
125. Lina K.
We really enjoyed our stay here! Hyatt's staff is always so kind. I must admit my favorite thing about this hotel is the free green apples at the check-in desk. The facility itself is lovely. In an ideal location in downtown. It was close and in walking distance to everything. It was close to the lightrail stop so coming and going from the airport was super cheap! They provided us with umbrellas for our stay so it was nice that we didn't have to worry about it. My only complaint is the walls are a little thin and you can hear everything in the hallways. Room was very clean and modern. I'm sure if we visit Seattle again, we would love to stay here.

28/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
126. Veronica H.
Stayed here for a few nights on a work trip...

- Excellent location: Probably the best part. Amidst a ton of shops, restaurants, etc. - anything you need. Can take the Light Rail to/from Sea-Tac airport - so easy!!
- Staff is nice and accommodating.
- Good sized rooms: I was in a regular room and later a corner room which was HUGE.
- Fairly clean & well designed: Contemporary decor which I like.
- Free coffee/tea: Not intentional but their system was down in the morning so I got my coffee and tea for free from the lobby cafe. Nice!
- MLS team was staying here. Nice!

- Bathroom: Shower floor tiles hurt my feet. Dingy towels. Boo hoo.
- Restaurant/Bar: Lobby restaurant food was mediocre.
- Valet area can get disorganized. Their turnaround is not well-designed and cars get stuck coming in, trying to leave, etc. Kind of a clusterf**k at times.

02/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
127. Mona A.
We stayed there for 4 nights late April and we loved our room and hotel. Janet B. made our stay even more agreeable by arranging for in-room free drinks and chocolates on my birthday. We upgraded to a corner king for $30 a night and the room was big, bright and quiet. The only missing part was a bathtub. There aren't many in-room dining choices if you like to eat in but breakfast in their main restaurant Urbane was good and portions were generous. The only thing I was not happy about was the outrageous price for their valet parking (only option available). We decided  to park elsewhere. Otherwise all in all our stay was very pleasant.

11/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
128. Amy L.
If you are planning out a top secret mission, planning to murder someone or just have secrets to hide, don't expect to keep it a secret here!  

The hotel itself is modern, clean and enviornmentally friendly.  First  LEED certified hotel in Seattle.  Hubby and I checked in and was greeted by friendly, robotic staff.  Everything felt entirely scripted so as nice as they were, the words coming out of their mouths didn't seem as sincere as it should've been.  

Our room was clean, spacious and the bed was comfortable.  Honestly, I liked staying here.  However, here's the "but"....talk about thin walls!  

I heard people singing in the shower...no American Idols here.  I heard people doing the dirty deed.  I heard people yelling at each other.  I heard people using the toilets.  If you are looking for peace and quiet or planning out some secret mission, this is not the place to be!

02/07/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
129. Vanessa P.
Stayed here for a business trip to attend a conference which was held within about 2 blocks at the convention center. The hotel had everything I needed and great staff. Would definitely recommend staying here if you're in the area on business (or for leisure). The energy saving mode key options may be a little tricky since you may forget about them after a while, but a pleasant stay all-around.

05/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
130. Lindsey B.
Hyatt Olive 8 is located on the corner in the financial district.  Very easy to get to restaurants, shopping and office buildings.

I was able to do my reservations online and also check-in online without any issues.  I thought I would be checking in around 12:30pm, but I did not get there until 9:00pm.  No problem, my room was ready very early in the day and all I had to do was get a key and I was going up to my room- 1624.

The room was quiet, cool and had all kinds of charging stations.  The bathroom had great lighting and the amenities were good.

A little disappointed that internet costs $9.95/day and the only way to get a menu for the restaurant downstairs is to go online, after you have purchased the internet.  (Very clever!)

Their late night menu is not much to rave about, but their breakfast menu looks delicious.

I wish there was a mini bar in the room with snacks and drinks, but there is a refrigerator and coffee machine.

I would definitely head back to this hotel and hopefully try the restaurant or wine hour and their spa!

08/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
131. Todd R.
Came to Seattle during restaurant week. My spouse and I were celebrating our 6th year wedding anniversary. I called in advance to ask for a high floor a room with an view and an early check-in. I arrived about 12 noon and all my requests were granted. I also was given a 2 pm check out. Excellent service by the entire staff. Location is with-in a 15 minute walk of most of the major downtown attractions of Seattle. I can't wait to return next year to celebrate my 7 year wedding anniversary. Thank you Hyatt!

31/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
132. Steven D.
The Olive 8 on 8th and olive, One of my favorite Places / Locations to stay at in seattle. everyone is great and i love how everything you can possibly want is walking distance. from the front desk to the bell mens, they provide excellent service and make you feel like you're at home. The Valets are the first and last people you see entering and exiting the hotel, they are an excellent team and very friendly as well. whatever information you may want to know they are the people to help and talk to. Thanks Hyatt!
P.S. Blue is my favorite color :)

11/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
133. April P.
Absolutely loved this hotel. Right next door are the apts where Top Chef 10 was filmed! Very friendly staff.

Location is great! About 15 min. walk to Pike Place Market. In the heart of downtown and the shopping area. Highly recommend taking the Light Rail from the SeaTac Airport to the hotel... very easy and cheap! Drops you off 5 min. from the hotel.

Rooms are very clean. Bathrooms were stocked with essentials. They provided my favorite toothpaste- Aquafresh Extreme Clean. Highly recommended!

08/01/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
134. Doctor Z.
Great hotel. Not the best for views, but amazingly new and sleek rooms. The staff was nice to me even though I'm the poor bum who got the room on Priceline for 60% off and came in wearing jeans and a hoodie. Oh, and the swimming pool had underwater music. You can't change it... at least I didn't ask, but I still thought it was pretty damn cool.

03/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
135. Mel M.
If I could, I'd give the Hyatt Olive 8 in Seattle 4.5 stars.  The service you receive, the hotel and amenities, are four star -- solid, but not perfect.  (Our service in the cafe for breakfast was spotty, one day they just forgot to make up our room, bed was sunken on one side.)  However, if you have status with Hyatt, you will likely receive such perks that it will feel like a five star experience.  We have status and were upgraded to a beautiful suite with a gorgeous view of Seattle.  Because this hotel doesn't have a club lounge, you get a generous daily credit in the cafe for breakfast.  And regardless of status, the location can't be beat.  With status, it is a place I will return to in a heartbeat, but the slight snafus we ran into service-side make this hotel just shy of five stars for me.

08/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
136. David M.
We prepaid for our room months in advance to get a good rate which helped as this place ain't cheap! Still, it'd be nice if we didn't have to pay for wifi. The room was smallish but comfortable, but the gym was HUGE and had everything I needed! I forgot my swimtrunks and they didn't have any my size so I didn't get a chance to try their heated saltwater pool. I'd definitely stay here again when I need to go to the convention center down the street.

16/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
137. J. Y.
Gorgeous hotel!! It looks beautiful outside with its glowing blue lights and just as beautiful inside. The staff are so nice, too.

When I read online that the walls are super thin here, I was a little nervous as a young person on a romantic getaway hahaha! I was pleasantly surprised that the walls were fine. I didn't hear people flushing the toilet or blowing their nose or whatever like I thought I would. It was actually pretty quiet and comfortable. I loved it, what a nice stay.

I do wish the view outside were prettier since all I saw were other buildings facing me. I also wish the bathroom didn't have a sliding door and that the shower had some kind of cover (the glass only covered half) to keep the floor from getting wet. The bathrooms were still really nice though with free mini essentials like soap. You can watch some TV for free, too but they'll charge you for their wi-fi. Funny thing is you need their wi-fi to order their stuff.

Getting here from the airport was super easy and it's in downtown, you can walk to many places such as the pike place, the waterfront, the mall, etc.

19/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
138. Mikhail H.
I actually would have liked to give 5 stars...

We decided to stay here this time and go swanky since my last visit was horrific as far as hotel stays go (different hotel). First impressions were beyond good - tasteful decor, calming environment, clean room, friendly staff. We signed up for the Tut package. We got VIP passes to Tut which was very nice being led ahead of the insane lines for Tut, Monorail tickets to and from Seattle center, and breakfast at their restaurant for both days. The location of the hotel alone was wonderful since we did shopping, saw a show at the Paramount and visited everything we wanted to right near our hotel. I was also impressed at all the salon services being super reasonable and all the little things...like their soaps which are amazing.

Now for my disappointments earning the four star and not five star review. One of the desk people was a bit snotty which was disappointing but everyone else was so friendly ... I am amazed such a nice hotel does not provide free internet for it's guests - just seems like a nickle and dime thing cheaper hotels engage in.

Now for my largest frustration - communication... I made my reservation over the phone and I was never sent a confirmation. Then I was never sent a receipt and after contacting guest services to see my bill I finally received it over a week later which seems ridiculous.If everything else had not been so wonderful this would have caused a much lower review and it killed me that this was such an issue.

For the record though, we probably will stay here again. I still have to swim in the saline pool I hear such good things about.

03/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
139. Mari G.
Decided to splurge a little and stay here for one night. The hotel is clean, swanky, lots of free extras like toothpaste, wine openers and the like (so if you forget something you will survive!). The location is fantastic and near all the shopping you would ever want. It's very pricey and parking is $40 extra so add that to your price when you book. Complaints : bed was uncomfortable (for a $300 per night room I want a tempurpedic, the fridge didn't work, and the bar closed earlier than 2:00am on a Saturday night. Pros are location, nice sheets, great room design and very modern, saving electricity by turning it on via your room key -although it would have been nice for them to tell me that when I checked in.

19/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
140. Ityng H.
Friendly and helpful staff.  The concierge gave me a great tip to visit the Folk Art Festival happening that weekend and ways to get there and back.  The hotel is LEEDs certified and eco friendly =-)  The location of the hotel is within walking distance to all of the touristy things so that was a definite plus.  Also, it's in a safe neighborhood and close to the monorail that takes you to the space needle.  

The gym's clean and has chilled eucalyptus scented moist towels.  Ahhh refreshing after a nice run!

One negative - no free wifi.

28/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
141. Sabah m.
Nice rooms, good service, excellent location.  I knocked it down a star because the parking is 45.00 a day which is outrageous.  I can't recall paying that much in any other big city except New York.  And folks this is Seattle, not NYC, not SF (which is cheaper) and not Chicago.  It really was annoying that it cost that much to park a car in Seattle.  They should let you know ahead of time that they have a combo package.

30/12/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
142. Jessee L.
This place was amazing. Got it at a great price off of Priceline and it didn't disappoint. The room was amazing, bathroom was the best I've seen. WALKING distance to Pike's Market and 2 blocks from the mono-rail to the Seattle center and space needle. The valet parking was the only downside at $41 a night. Other than that, it couldn't have been better.

03/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
143. Paul T.
For the price we paid, it was well worth it. Staff are professional and nice. The gym is nice, pool, and hot tub. The room was clean , neat , and bed was so comfy....  Good size room....  Close to a lot of restaurants.... Definitely would come back.

18/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
144. Bill N.
We needed a night out on the town before Xmas without any kids.  This was a great deal.  Excellent huge room for a great price.   They even gave us an olive plate and chocolate and bottle of champaigne because it was a birthday.   We got a free breakfast at the restaurant which was really good.   Smoked Salmon omelette is a lot different than the cold cereal and donut buffets that I am used to...  
There is 4 hour on street parking a block away near the greyhound station that I was able to leave my car all night.   In the morning, I fed the meter before 8 so we could finish our xmas shopping before heading home...

03/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
145. Jim V.
Clean room professional staff. Immediately upgraded my room at no extra charge. Location very good. TV gave me some trouble and maid service could be a bit more attentive. I wish in room coffee included better brand and real coffee cups vs paper. Thought the going green thing a bit over the top. I pulled door card from slot which killed every light in room. Not good with wive still in shower. Minor annoyance. Overall good experience though.

24/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
146. Michelle T.
A HUGE fan of this hotel! There is so much selection when it comes to hotels in downtown Seattle, but Hyatt at Olive 8 really made an impression on me.

Modern, clean, great service, good products, excellent location and great facilities (beautiful 20 yard lap pool, sauna and steam room, well-equipped gym with TV's on cardio machines).... I couldn't ask for more! It's also walkable (5 minutes) to the light rail station, which brings you straight to the airport for $2.75.

For about $200/night including tax (free wi fi, though slow) I think this place is more affordable than Sheraton or the Grand Hyatt. You won't compromise on location / service / cleanliness of the rooms. Would definitely come back again!!

10/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
147. Marla B.
Beautiful room, nice hotel, fancy lobby, best coffee in the lobby by urban. Housecleaning services did a nice job pre arrival, but you would think they would check to see if we were checked out by 9:30 when they knocked on the door. Check out is at 11. Annoying.

19/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
148. Jeffrey S.
Oh, you swanky. That's right, you sleek little fox. You, sitting there on 8th Ave. So close to Seattle's greatest downtown treasures, but so staunch on the corner. You surprised me, just a lil' bit. I hadn't done much investigating of your amenities, your eco-friendly nature, your oh-so-handsome rooms and decor and lobby. And so when I walked in, I was a lil' bit taken. You're not over the top, but you're just right.

My room was comfy. The bathroom was well-lit and satisfactory, although the whole 3/4 door with no sliding cover or curtain was a little off-putting. Not for me, per se, but housekeeping has got to get tired of always having a wet floor there. Splashes and the whatnot. Oh, and comfy beds.

Concierge was solid. I didn't ask much, but the front desk was cheery and willing to throw a few postcards in the mail for me. A happy crew that made the stay even happier.

16/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
149. Nique F.
Oh, YES! This is my kind of bed-away-from-home experience! The Hyatt at Olive 8 was love at first sight: a gorgeous display of green architecture in the heart of downtown, with all the amenities a traveler needs for ultimate convenience & comfort: indoor pool, gym, café, restaurant, biz center and most importantly - modern, spacious rooms that make you feel like a queen the second you walk in.

My room was on the 7th floor and had a king bed with at least 6 types of pillows with varying degrees of fluff (love!), flatscreen TV, mini bar, work desk, lounging chairs, and a gleaming marble bathroom with a huge shower (no tub - minor sadface). There was never a moment that I felt cramped or crabby. Not once did I need to call the front desk for missing items or broken amenities (as I usually do). The Hyatt has it covered.

Going car-less is, of course, the most economical and sensible way to experience Seattle, but the Hyatt does have valet parking and a fleet of taxis always at the ready. For the crazy good Orbitz deal of $140/nt + tax, I would most definitely call Hyatt home on my next Seattle trip.

04/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
150. Sharon V.
4.5 Stars -

We stayed here on our recent trip to Seattle and I'm so lucky that we found this little gem in Seattle. A friend and business associate of my husbands actually owns one of the units in the residential side of the property so logistically, it worked out well for their meetings.

The hotel room was very modern, clean, eco-friendly and super comfortable. I especially loved all the closet space provided. A rich, dark stained closet door just slid effortless each time you opened it and had tons of shelving for shoes and accessories. Dresses and suits were able to hang with plenty of room for luggage and other misc items.

My husband is a Diamond member so a lot of amenities were free to us. Free Wi-fi and we even got free breakfast (room service) and 1 bottled water a day.  I especially loved the gym and the indoor pool and put them to use daily. We were both there on business and later leisure so it fit all of our needs during our stay.  

The room service that we ordered for breakfast was amazing. Each time they delivered the meals, they were prompt and not a minute later than promised. The food was really good too.

Accessing a cab was very easy to do since it's downtown and if one wasn't immediately available, the staff members would make a quick phone call and they were out front within minutes. The location is central to a lot of shopping and tourist areas. It's a bit of a walk but you can walk down to the Pike's Market, REI and other clothing stores like Nordstrom and Macy's.

I'd definitely stay at this Hyatt when visiting the area for business or pleasure.

24/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
151. Lindsey J.
Complete waste if money and huge disappointment.. When you spend 250$ on a hotel room you would expect a soft bed and a nice relaxing bathtub. We were give the handicap room with a lovely YMCA shower stall and a horrible shower head that didn't  work and let me tell you how absolutely disgusting the stained shower curtain was(which I Informed the front desk and a 'I'm sorry' is all we got) if only I could post the pictures I snapped of it as a forewarning.  Did I mention the lotion was used...yuck(which the front desk was out of as well) There is nothing better than trying to relax and get some sleep with the neighbors you can hear.  They say it's a 'green' hotel but I didn't know paper thin walls were part of that package.  We did however get massages and I would say the spa was amazing and the staff was amazing! . Save your money and stay at the W!!!  We will definitely not be back.  I apologize to the valet, after the 45$ valet charge to top off the overpriced night at the bates motel, my husband an I were not in any sort of mood to tip anyone even tho it wasn't his fault:(

12/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
152. Dave Q.
Nice place. Modern. Good bar area. Clean. Taxis are available right in front with no wait time. Rooms are clean. I recommend this place

24/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
153. Brandon T.
Beautiful hotel right down town.  Couldn't be in a better location for whatever you're looking to do while in the city.  

The rooms aren't over the top amazing, but they are nice enough which is the only thing holding this place back. The hotel itself is abound with amenities.  There is a spa, a nice gym, and a salt water pool.  If you forget your bathing suit they have some to purchase on-site as well.

An added bonus is the great little bar/restaurant within the hotel itself!  I had a great dinner and breakfast here during my stay.  All in all I was extremely pleased with this hotel.   I can imagine the Grand Hyatt right across the street may be nicer, but for the price this place can't be beat.

28/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
154. Lori S.
Beautiful hotel with a chic vibe. It's eco-friendly (a room key is required to turn on the electricity) and centrally-located and has a great salt water pool and spa. Absolutely love this hotel and will stay there again.

Just about everything is within easy walking distance, and the monorail is just a few minutes' walk away. There's also a cute sushi bar right next door that has Happy Hour small plates and drinks every night.

08/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
155. Allen J.
Great hotel. Worst staff

Bad to the point where we packed up and left.

Let me explain:
It was our first time staying here at this Hyatt. I have stayed at multiple Hyatts and have always had a great time. To kick start the unpleasant evening there is no parking. Valet only. If you want to park you will have to pay by the hour in neighboring lots. When we got to the hotel they mixed up our room. They placed us in a regular room when we booked a suite. Not a problem that can't be fixed. What upset me was the fact that when we told them there was a mistake they automatically assumed that we booked our room on expedia. When in fact, we booked it directly from the hotel. To compensate us for the mistake they offered a free breakfast. The suite was great. Clean. Big. 
It all went downhill from there. Please be sure you ask about their hotel policy beforehand. We had the suite on New Year's Eve. A place where our friends could meet up, put things down and head out for a great new year celebration in downtown Seattle. Not too far from the space needle. They decided to inform us at the time of check in that only four people were allowed in a room. Chalking it up to the fire code. What didn't make sense is that we ordered a suite knowing that we would have a large party rendezvous before heading out. If it was based on the fire code it should have depended on the square footage, which we definately had enough of. 

We tried to explain our situation to the guards at the elevators (Yes, 6 Seattle police) and the staff at the front desk. Mr. Whelan was the one who we spoke to who worked at the Hyatt. I did not feel like he even tried to help. We were so upset that we decided to cancel our reservation and asked for our money back. Mr. Whelan agreed to refund the money, but gave us 30 mins to clean up our stuff and get out of the room. We asked for 1 hr since there was a lot of packing to do (getting ready to go into the new year a dresses up and fancy). Mr. Whelan's response was, " I could just charge you for the room. 30 mins is all I can allow for" this was at 11pm. 

Not only did they ruin our New Year's Eve by the lack of communicating the changes in their policy before checkin, they staff was rude and were not there to help. It seemed like they wanted us to leave. 

I am very disappointed that a highly regarded hotel would treat their customers so poorly. I know I will never stay here again. 

Please be careful and really think twice before booking this hotel.

01/01/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
156. Chante R.
Located in the heart of the downtown area with plenty of shops and restaurants plus the convention center and monorail nearby. The hotel is very modern and the staff are quite friendly making your stay simply the best. The staff were amazing with helping us find some scenic sites (and sounds) to explore during our stay. I'm pleased with this hotel and glad that our travel agent selected this perfect oasis in the middle of everything!!

22/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
157. Holly O.
First things first is that the location of this hotel is pretty awesome, right in the middle of downtown with the theater, shops, and plenty of restaurants near by. The hotel  let us check in right away and gave us our room keys swiftly. The room looked pretty clean   and had a pretty cool view of downtown. The bathroom just had this sliding door that didn't lock but otherwise it was nice. The restaurant down in the lobby has SUPER SLOW service and the food is just ok, so i would just go into town and seek a cheeper and faster option, and the little cafe across is fine.

25/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
158. Greg C.
Our family vacation the parent's house took a 3-day detour to downtown Seattle for a short stay at the new Hyatt at Olive 8 property (it's on Olive Street).  A relatively short walk to the world-famous Pike's Farmer's Market, the Olive 8 is sleek and contemporary in design with friendly customer service at check-in and check-out.  

We rented the two queen beds iteration of a room with a view straight down Olive Street towards the water.  This vantage point gave us great views of the evening sun, and allowed us to pretend we were at a high-end property in New York City.  There was the standard fridge, coffee maker, iron and ironing board, etc, plus the modern amenities of internet and HD tv.  There were plenty of drawers, closet space, and a unique set of cubbies adjacent to the closet that gave us plenty of room to put our stuff away (well, me and the wife...the kids never put their stuff away).

Our evenings took us to nearby fine dining restaurants and the waterfront, and when we needed to get to the Space Needle area to see The Nutcracker at McCaw Hall, the rail line at the mall was just a few short blocks away.  All-in-all, the Olive 8 is super conveniently located to everything a family with kids would need access to in downtown Seattle.

In terms of pricing, we made out pretty good with the room, but unless you valet park the rental, you're going to have to park the car a few blocks away.  They got this lazy not-wanting-to-walk daddy for about $30 a day for parking at the hotel!  Ugh.

No matter, we knew what we were getting ourselves into in terms of price, but we didn't expect the property to be so stylish and convenient!  We loved it!  Oh, and this is where they 'Top Chef Seattle' contestants stayed in 2012!!  Me likey!

18/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
159. Nisi G.
Upscale hotel in the heart of downtown. Not to mention centrally located to every shopping center Department store you can possible imagine. Pike farmers market is within walking distance lovely quant area. The staff front the front desk all the way to the Bar & Restaurant. Were very friendly kind & did an excellent job. Thx for making my stay memorable!!

05/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
160. Steve S.
This is one of my favorite hotels to stay at in downtown Seattle, right along with the Westin, W and Hotel Monaco. But there is something that sets this hotel apart of the rest, it's location. 8th Ave is on the outskirts of downtown, close to I-5, so you can feel like you are getting away without actually getting away. While this would not be the hotel for amazing views of the city (unless you count the inside of someone's office as just that), it would be the location for a modern, clean room, great staff and a location sans noise.

Also take into account the bar/restaurant in the lobby of the hotel. While it's not special, a quick drink or dessert would be worthwhile on your way to The Palace Kitchen or Matt's at the Market.

17/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
161. Virginia V.
I got the best deal on priceline.com that was amazing!  The room and all its amenities were awesome.  Room was huge and had a wonderful view!  The staff was great and helpful to me bf and I.  You do have to valet your car for 45 bucks though because there is no self park but all worth it.  The lobby area is very nice. There's a cafe in the lobby area as well as a small business area which we used to print out tickets we bought online.  First 15 minutes free and then they start the charging process.  We did all our computer stuff on our phones then printed the items on their computers and I didn't have to pay anything because I didn't pass their 15 mins. Oh and this place is so close to everything. And a few minutes walking distance to the monorail and link rail.

23/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
162. Kary J.
This is my favorite place to stay when in Seattle.  The rooms provide a Zen like environment.  A "green" hotel, great bed and relaxing room.  It's my home away from home.  The BEST spa in town on site and accessible to guests.

09/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
163. Adam G.
This is a really nice hotel, but wow is it expensive!  (That's the reason I'm docking a star)

We stayed here for two nights at the tail end of our Vancouver BC-Seattle vacation.  We chose it primarily for the location -- it's within walking distance of Pike Place Market, the main shopping district, and it's also close to many public transportation options that will get you to the stadiums and Seattle Center (which is where the Space Needle, EMP Museum, etc. are).  For the record, I wouldn't recommend walking to the stadiums or Seattle Center from this hotel...during the day, both destinations are pretty far (meaning 20 minute plus walk) and at night, um...well, let's just say that Seattle is a popular destination for transients and the homeless.  But, again, like I said, the Olive 8 is close to public transportation options.

Anyhow, the hotel is very nice and pretty modern.  The bathroom door doesn't actually lock shut.  It just slides shut.  And the shower is open.  So, hopefully you're staying alone or are comfortable with whoever you're sharing a room with.

Don't expect much of a view unless you're in one of the top floors, even if you book a corner view room.

Didn't try the in-hotel restaurant, didn't use the pool or spa -- but my wife commented that the price for an hour massage was outrageous.

Oh, and no free Wi-Fi.  Ugh.  These days, that's almost enough to dock another star.

We'd stay here again, but as I mentioned in my opening sentence, it was really expensive.

18/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
164. Kathleen T.
Stayed here because Jess W. is some sort of super Hyatt rewards member and got a free night. I am always impressed by Hyatt hotels; their staff is generally really friendly and their rooms are always clean and updated. We always get free wifi because of Jess W.'s super Hyatt status, which is always a plus.

The stay here was nice. The rooms were spacious and everything was really clean. They had a weird sliding door that separated the bathroom and the rest of the room, which kept getting stuck. It was a little difficult to deal with at times, but still worked out well enough for us. Not a fan of the weird sliding door thing, though.

Also not a fan of the offensive $40+/night valet parking. (And this is comparing it to DTLA.) OFFENSIVE.

08/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
165. John S.
I stayed for the first time at the Olive 8 this past weekend and I'm glad I decided on this location over the Grand Hyatt up the street.  Located in downtown Seattle, the Olive 8 was the right mix of upscale and comfy.  All of the food that we tried at Urbane, their in-house restaurant was top notch.  Crabs benedict, egg scrambles, potato pancakes, even their cocktails were fantastic.  Was also extremely impressed by the very value-centric happy hour that offered $5 well drinks (at a hotel bar!), $7 glasses of wine and a variety of reasonably priced food items.

There were a few niggling complaints I had (no volume on the TV, ironically very loud volume of housekeeping staff rumbling around outside) but I addressed those directly with Hyatt Gold Passport, and they were very generous in taking care of the situation.  For my stay here, I used the annual free night I get from being a Hyatt credit card holder and used points the rest of my stay.  As a diamond member, they were generous in upgrading me to a high floor, free Wi-Fi and of course the delicious breakfasts.

I have an inkling that I'll be spending more time in Seattle in the near future, and I'll definitely look to Hyatt Olive 8 again for my future stays.

17/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
166. Justin R.
I stayed here recently for Sakura Con at the Convention Center over four nights with friends as well as a night on my own to do some extra sightseeing in Seattle.  First off, this hotel is simply beautiful; from the entrance lobby to the coffee bar and Urbane Restaurant, you feel like you're in a relaxing atmosphere and that extends to to the guest rooms as well.  Let's make no mistake, they're the basic guest room but for what they are they're comfortable and tastefully decorated with surprisingly comfortable beds which is important since I usually have a hard enough time sleeping in hotels. The staff that I interacted with during my stay was both very courteous and friendly as well as helpful, not that I really needed any assistance while there...but it's nice to know the staff isn't just going through the motions.  The only thing I didn't like and that kept this from being a 5 star review was that the walls are paper thin; a couple nights we could hear people in the room next door having some kind of party or otherwise just being really loud when we were trying to sleep after a long day at a convention.  Overall though, while it's not the cheapest hotel by a long shot it's comfortable and close to the convention center as well as central to downtown Seattle and walking distance to attractions like Pike Place and the Seattle Center Monorail station.  I would definitely consider staying here next time I'm in Seattle

11/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
167. Maggie P.


It doesn't matter how the rest of my stay was because my fiance and I both went home with bed bugs traveling with us.  My fiance went to the hospital twice in the last two weeks to the reaction of the bites, which is awful enough.  But the whole ordeal will end up costing us well above $1000 when we are done heat treating our entire condo and getting all of our clothes dry cleaned that were in our suitcases.

As of right now, they have only confirmed that the bed bugs did in fact come from the room (852) that we were staying in.  Until they resolve the matter and handle the costs of damage, I will keep this review posted.

Go here if you're interested in being miserable when you get back home for the weeks to follow your visit to Seattle.

30/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
168. Ryan C.
I absolutely LOVED this hotel! It's not only eco-friendly, it's pretty much adjacent to pretty much everything. We're big on walking in the city as much as possible and we were right where all the shopping was, a short walk to Pike Place Market and small jaunt towards Capitol Hill. You couldn't ask for a better location. If you're traveling via the lightrail to and from the airport, it's less than a five minute walk to and from.

The lobby is nice and spacious and the hotel staff is uber friendly and were quick to get us checked in. In the lobby they have a coffee bar and a lounge in case you want to grab a quick snack or some cocktails before you leave or when you return. On the weekend it seemed like it was a pretty popular place to hang out - unfortunately, we never stayed to try their fare.

The rooms are super clean and energy efficient. You need your room key to activate the lights to ensure you're not wasting any power by not being in the room. Wi-fi is included if you can pick it up from the lobby and the staff were cool about sharing the code with us. Definitely saved us a daily internet charge.

Bathrooms are big and water efficient. They have different amounts of water for the toilet depending on what type of business you need to do, but the stand up showers have enough water pressure to leave you clean and happy.

Their fitness center is gorgeous and they offer yoga and other group classes for it's guests. There is a charge, so make sure you inquire about it before taking a class. If you're looking for cardio and or just strength, they have a great array of machines and choices that are included with your stay 24-hours a day. The best part? It looks outside so you can people watch or just enjoy whatever weather the city may be sending your way. If you have the urge to swim, they have a heated indoor pool at your disposal as well.

Rates were decent when we went and they offered a great array of amenities that made our stay comfortable. We didn't want to leave after our long weekend, but vowed to come back and take in this awesome hotel on our next visit!

02/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
169. Linds L.
Love this hotel!  Location is perfect - close to everything downtown, but also easy to hop on the freeway for the work I unfortunately have to conduct while I'm there.  Had a great, high floor room while i was there with lovely views, the coffee shop downstairs was perfect for the early mornings (it's a bit of a wait, so give yourself some time), and overall the ambiance was great.  Will definitely be back.  

Oh, and the gym!!! Perfect.  Best hotel gym I've worked out in in a long time!

19/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
170. Sasha L.
Beautiful place, friendly staff, comfy beds, GREAT LOCATION!

16/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
171. Aaron C.
My wife and I absolutely loved everything about this spot, but it is a bit pricey and on top of that, you will be PAYING for parking every night. Other than the addl $200 or so parking fee for 4 nights, it's honestly great! Just be prepared to be upset about parking options :), or not! Have fun out here, it's an exceptional town with great people!!!

06/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
172. L M.
What a great place to stay in Seattle.

I highly recommend this hotel for any type of traveler! We booked this hotel at an exceptionally great rate, and would have still been happy had I paid double the price! Great location, super friendly staff, delicious restaurant with locally sourced foods and friendly prices. Rooms were clean, cozy, comfortable and the robes they provide were delicious!

Loved the indoor pool and jacuzzi, perfect for a little rainy day relaxation. Wish I visited the spa, I am sure it would have been lovely as well!

Business, family, romantic, girls get away, this is recommended for all of the above.

19/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
173. Leela S.
I stayed here during a conference being held at the adjacent Grand Hyatt. This wasn't my first trip to Seattle, and I was thrilled that I was being put up somewhere so central. It's barely a five minute walk to the Westlake light rail stop, and that is how I got to and from the airport: a $5 light rail ticket blows the $60 cab fare out of the water!

Location apart, the hotel is not only eco-friendly but also very swish and swanky! My room had two queen beds (which were very comfortable), ample power outlets, a desk, and a little couch area. The bathroom had only a sliding door, and I wish the portions of shampoo and conditioner they supplied were a bit larger. But I guess it's a part of their environmental stewardship, and I appreciate that.

I didn't get a chance to try any food here, but I did spend some time at the bar. It had been booked for a private event, so I can't speak to how crowded it generally is, but the little area was packed with ~40 guests enjoying beer and wine. The bartenders were also cordial and helpful with recommendations.

I would definitely recommend this hotel to anyone visiting Seattle whose budget complies--it's not cheap, but you definitely get what you pay for.

21/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
174. Michael N.
They Hyatt at Olive 8 was such a good Priceline find!  A 4 star hotel for $109 in downtown Seattle on a Thursday and Friday night???  How can you beat that?

Aside from the price, this is a really nice hotel.  Huge clean rooms with nice flat screen tvs.  Complementary fruit water in the lobby.  Very nice staff.  Even the hotel bar was not as expensive as I would have expected for the quality of the hotel ($5 for a nice 16oz IPA).

Location wise, it's about 3 blocks from the bus terminal / airport train terminal/monorail station.  From there you are only minutes from the Market, the downtown mall and all the other downtown attractions.

The only drawback is that I don't love the new modern bathroom style.  The slider door doesn't lock and the open shower is a bit weird if you are rooming with someone you don't know that well or kids.

23/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
175. Whitney G.
We had an excellent stay at the Hyatt olive 8. It was a great location. We were able to walk almost anywhere. The hotel staff was incredible. They really went above and beyond to make sure we had everything we needed. This hotel also had the best workout facility I've ever seen at a hotel. Highly recommend the Olive 8.

10/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
176. Devina G.
We've stayed at the Hyatt Olive 8 a couple of times and I absolutely loved it. Such a convenient location in the shopping district.  This environmentally conscious posh hotel is a short walk away from Pike Place and the waterfront yet away from all the craziness and kookiness of downtown crowd.
Aside from hotel parking, there are public parkings across the street that's cheaper and a Hertz parking garage down the block.
Our second stay, we were upgraded to the Presidential Suite. at 1600 square feet the room was spacious and sleek featuring a dining room, a living room area, a kitchen, dual vanity mirror with TV, separate tub and shower, an enclosed toilet, private office, and an excellent view of downtown. Very luxurious.

Urbane is a great restaurant down by the lobby for breakfast/ brunch and happy hou . Elaia Spa (amazing) is a destination itself so don't forget to take advantage of while staying at the hotel.
I much prefer the Hyatt at Olive 8 than the Grand Hyatt across the street. Highly recommend for anyone visiting Seattle.

09/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
177. Sonia D.
My husband and I stayed a week at the the Hyatt at Olive 8 hotel with a large group for a conference.  I initially rated the Hyatt at Olive 8 hotel with 1-STAR because the room we stayed in the first night had bedbugs and I got bit and was left with huge welts (7-days and still counting)...UGH!  Fortunately, I found the bedbug so I was able to show it to the night supervisor, Pio T. I never would have expected it because the room was beautiful and immaculate. I was horrified and cried the first night.

I changed my rating to 4-STARS because of the SUPERIOR customer service we received that followed.  We had to undergo a process to ensure we didnt carry bedbugs to the next room and, moreover, to our home.  Not all went smooth but while my husband carried on with his work, I was able to work everything out with the supervisor Pio.  The Hyatt at Olive 8 Hotel reacted as I would expect, with excellent, excellent, customer service and because of that I am a fan.

It's important to note that, thankfully, no one else in our group had the same experience.

19/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
178. Ricardo D.
Was there for a convention.  Public areas were elegant.  Staff was friendly and accommodating. The rooms were nice, with the added surprise of a refrigerator and coffee maker.  Bed was comfortable.  One of the light bulbs at the bedside lamps had burnt out, but since I was in and out of the room all day, I pressed the Do Not Disturb button and lived with it.  Had I been thinking, I would have taken a bulb from another lamp.  

Close to some good places to eat.

There were May Day protests going on when I arrived, and after coming back in from eating, I noticed that the police were guarding the side entrance in full riot gear, but there was nobody at the front entrance.  I guess the protesters knew to only use the side entrance?

09/05/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
179. Winifred X.
This is a newly constructed, very sleek and modern looking, beautiful hotel. DH liked the interior immediately when he got into the room, especially liked those glass sliding doors for the bathroom and closet divider.

The hotel rooms are spacious, a surprise in modern day new construction. (Fairmont downtown has AMAZINGLY GENEROUS spacious rooms!) And like one of the other reviewer said, we booked it via an online service and the rate is surprisingly low for such a quality stay, though I do understand hotel room rates go up and down according to season/events/weekday/weekend etc. Our deal was less than $200/night and our valet parking was already $45/day so the hotel room rate is a steal indeed, and free Wifi came with it.

Convenient location about a 10 minute walk from Pike St Market, yet in a safe neighborhood and not too far away from the happenings in town.

I loved it and would go back again!  GORGEOUS swimming pool and gym too!

01/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
180. Dam G.
The people that do reservations are incredibly hard to deal with. It's not worth it when you have to go through so much hassle to get the room you want. I got very poor customer service and had to contact the manager who wasn't any better. I'd recommend any other hotel downtown over the Hyatt.

27/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
181. Michael B.
Great hotel, great location to anything you need downtown, short walk to the monorail that will take you to the Space Needle if you don't want to walk.

Friendly staff, smiling room attendants, clean all around.  We had a corner room (Premier or something like that) with a little more square footage and it was a really big room.  Good view (a view of anything other than another buildings wall is a good view) and pretty decent restaurant in the hotel as well.

Overall - a little pricey, but for it being a new, clean, and great location it's definitely worth the price!

07/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
182. Andyman S.
Overall nice hotel, and I was very pleased with my room.  On further visits I would request a corner room, which is practically all windows.  That said, if you are at all weirded out by people at their desks staring in at you from 20 feet away in the offices across the alley, you will need to lose the ambient light by closing all the drapes.  They are right on top of you.  I didn't mind.  Clean room, nice furniture, soft bed, big bathroom with walk in shower (needs a shelf in there, otherwise has a small metal soap caddy).  They offer a host of free travel toiletries if you forgot anything.  Small toothpaste provided in the bathroom, and nice shampoo and lotion, which I kept.  

I found no TV channel guide in the room, which made finding Travel and Food Network tedious.

I experienced none of the noise issues other reviewers have mentioned, and the staff was professional and courteous.  I did not use the pool or spa, but bonus:  they have a steam room, and I love me some steam.  

Restaurant:  better for lunch than dinner.  Dinner menu is rather overpriced.  Portion of the black cod with pappardelle and squash was small, about 5 ounce portion of cod, and the dish was under seasoned.  A soup of sausage and broccoli, a rough purée, was nice, vaguely Cajun, but a small cup will run you $7. Did not have wine or look at the list.  Lunch, on the other hand, was reasonably priced. I had the Cobb salad with grilled "smoky" salmon which the kitchen cooked nicely rare per my request.  Interestingly, this dish was heavily salted (and already had blue cheese in it).  I love salt, so was fine with it, but someone with a more sensitivity to salt would have found this inedible.  There are excellent restaurants nearby, including Blueacre Seafood and Milker's Guild.  

Parking is steep at $45 per night, valet, although I gather you can self park for $35. Still pricey.  Great central location, and access to I-5 couldn't be easier. About 6 blocks to Pike Place, which is a national treasure.

10/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
183. Vincent V.
Celebrated our arrival in Seattle with a visit to the Hyatt at Olive 8. What we liked: very good restaurant (Urbane) on site for both dinner and breakfast. Nicely executed amenities, style and decor, professional and friendly check in, cleanliness, location, excellent valet parking, helpful and friendly staff, no-smoking hotel throughout.

What we didn't like: poor quality mattress, seemingly sloppy service at breakfast, front desk ignored the package I had reserved (no welcome gift in the room, confusing breakfast and valet parking charge).

I would love to come back here but both my wife and I woke up feeling pain in our backs. I tend to think that a good mattress should be a number one priority in a hotel. Until they fix it, I'll probably look elsewhere for non-smoking accommodations in downtown.

11/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
184. Karen L.
If you're coming from the airport, I would recommend taking the light rail to Westlake Station which is the last stop. It's a few blocks from the hotel and it costs under $3. I used my free Lyft credit instead but if I paid for it, it would have been $29.

I used a free night I got from the Endless Possibilities promotion on July 4th weekend and loved my stay here! It's the best Hyatt I've stayed at so far and that's saying a lot because all the Hyatt hotels I've stayed at have been really nice.

I have Diamond status at the Hyatt and the perks were late check out at 4 PM, free wifi and breakfast with a limit of $26.50 per person for the number of people on the reservation. I confirmed with three different people because it seemed too good to be true! I booked the room for four people so this meant we could spend over $100 on breakfast! There was a sit down restaurant and a snack bar. We decided to have brunch at Lola so we stocked up on bottled waters, lattes, bags of chips, cookies, and muffins from the snack bar.

We also went swimming in the indoor pool in the morning and I highly recommend it! I think it might be the nicest indoor pool I've ever been to and definitely the best hotel pool. We swam some laps and sat in the hot tub before exploring Seattle.

I highly recommend staying here! The Grand Hyatt was fully booked when I went so I chose the Hyatt at Olive 8 across the street. I'm glad I did. We took a peek into the Grand Hyatt and it's looked more formal and upscale. The Hyatt at Olive 8 is more modern which I prefer. Pike's Place Market and plenty of highly reviewed restaurants are located within walking distance.

08/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
185. Nathan P.
If I could rate this hotel 10 stars I would!

My fiancée and I recently stayed at Hyatt at Olive 8 and were extremely impressed with the gracious service and kind attitude of the employees. Brittany, the desk clerk that checked us in, was superb! This was our first trip to Seattle and she made us feel right at home. The room we had was spacious and modern and our bed was very comfortable. In regards to getting around town, Hyatt at Olive 8 is in the heart of Seattle. During our stay, we walked everywhere - Pike Place, Safeco Field, the Space Needle, Key Arena, and the Seattle Public Library.

All of this made our stay one of the best we have ever experienced. We definitely will be staying there next time we visit!

20/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
186. Lambert P.
I received the booking of the Hyatt at Olive 8 through a Hotwire bid that was listed as a 4.5* hotel in downtown Seattle for the weekend of Nov 15 checking out (today) November 17 (2 nights).  What I paid through Hotwire seemed like an absolute steal for the area and the type of room we received.

As for the area Olive Way is pretty much a main road that leads down towards the water and meets with Stewart street and has an entrance to Interstate 5 going east towards Capitol Hill.

While there are a lot of one way streets in downtown Seattle getting to the hotel is not an issue.  If you're going down you'll have to take Pine however and make a right on 8th Ave and the Hyatt will be on the left side of the one way street.

While they have valet I didn't use it since it was 45 a day with in and out privileges.  If this was NYC that would be a deal but considering I could park literally right around the block for a fraction of that at Pacific Place I opted to do that instead.

7th Ave and 6th Ave have entrances to Pacific Place and their parking if you're planning on staying overnight over a weekend is reasonable.  Over a Saturday and Sunday for under 24 hours I paid 10 dollars.  For the Sunday night leading into the Monday morning under 24 hours I paid 15 dollars (Sunday rate plus part of Monday morning).  

So basically to park overnight twice downtown over a weekend I paid 25 dollars as opposed to 90 dollars for valet at the Hyatt.

Going through Hotwire I received an amazing rate as well, basically after all taxes I paid just under 140 Canadian dollars a night which is about 120 US dollars after exchange rate.  This is about 100 dollars less than list price a night so I saved about 200 dollars USD or about 230 CAD.  That's another great deal through Hotwire.

So the building itself is a is a hybrid of residences and hotel.  You can see this as the lower floors of the hotel don't have balconies.  What I like about Seattle is it is nice to see condos/residences in the city itself.  Other cities with a few exceptions like Chicago, New York or Miami are residences part of the central business districts.  It's nice to see people living IN the city itself.

The building also has received awards for being a green building.  This information was in the binder/directory in the room.  The room itself was comfortable although I found myself having to fiddle with the environmental controls a bit as it seemed it was either hot or cold.  I run into that a lot in some places where it seems it always needs to be running either AC or heat otherwise it will become too hot or too cold without.

While the room had a safe, drawers, an iron and hangers in the armoire type stand, there was a side stand that had the icebucket and what we thought was a minifridge.  This "minifridge" was NOT a minifridge I was told upon checking out rather it was a "cooler" with a humidifier switch.  Honestly it looked like a fridge.

i had put my chilled bottled water in there and it never got cold but it did stay chilled, not room temperature but between room temperature and chilled.  It would have been good to know if this was in fact a fridge or not.  It didn't make any noise and it was stuck in there so I couldn't actually see if it was plugged in or not.  Either way if we bought say milk or something that actually needed refrigeration it could have spoiled.

There is a key card slot near the entrance of the room on the inside that you must put one of your keys in in order to keep the lights on.  The concept is if you're leaving you take the key with you and the lights auto shutdown.  This is another green initiative.  Honestly it wasn't a hassle at all.  I just had to remember to always take it with me.

The shower didn't have a sliding door or curtain but rather just half a glass wall.  The faucet also didn't have a plunger to force the water up as it was only a shower and no tub.  I prefer showers over tubs anyway so we had to just turn on the faucet to get the shower warm enough before getting in.  

The toilet had 2 different flush settings as well, this was yet another green initiative in the room.  

Over all I liked the hotel.  We only spent two nights and I didn't use really any of the facilities within the hotel itself like the pool or gym because we spent time with a friend sightseeing and eating out mostly.  The location of the hotel for us was great.  It was walking distance to the shopping area, Pike Place, and basically many of the restaurants we went to in the downtown area.  

Again, being downtown on a weekend in Seattle is not like being in other cities that basically have a feeling like they are shut down completely.  There is a lot of things going on in the city and it has life even early in the morning, especially Pike Place.

17/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
187. Greg S.
I've stayed at most of the high end properties in Seattle and this is by far the best.  The pool/gym, amazing room service food, comfortable rooms and excellant service is top notch.  Highly recommend.

22/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
188. Sarah M.
Great location , super clean ,environment friendly and polite staff . Definitely will stay there again !

18/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
189. Desiree D.
This hotel stay was a disaster from the very beginning. They charged a $100 non refundable pet deposit, despite our assurances that our small (15 lb) dog was well behaved.  On the way to our room we noticed leftover room service dishes sitting outside a neighboring room, which continued to sit there for the entire three days of our stay, and despite our mentioning it and seeing staff in the hallway who had to have noticed it as well. The walls in the room itself were paper thin. In the room, we could hear louder noises like drawers and doors shutting, and in the bathroom you could hear absolutely everything through the vent in the shower, including a wailing baby. The furniture was incredibly cheap, and the bed had to have been used as there was a huge dent in one side. There were no toiletries in the bathroom other than one small tube of toothpaste. Housekeeping didn't come and replace the towels the first two days, or stop by to freshen up the room while we were out. They stopped by the last night we were there for turn down service, but since the beds had never been made, we politely declined.

The hotel bar closed early, and room service stopped at midnight. The hotel restaurant had good food, but a limited menu. Service was slow and the hostess almost rude as she  offered no pleasantries upon our arrival or departure.

It was the worst hotel experience I have had to date. Outside of the lobby, it was unacceptable on every level. My advice, don't leave the lobby.

15/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
190. Aaron M.
So it's almost 3 yrs later and we've had the opportunity to go to Seattle again...and yes, we decided to give the Olive 8 another try.

The service was top notch. Starting with our check in...and extending through to the point the front desk clerk hailed us a taxi and put our bags int he trunk...we never wanted for anything service-wise...Need a sewing kit? up in 5 minutes, a bandaid, no problem... Thirsty from a day walking around a comic-book convention? how about a glass of fruit infused water from the lobby...bam!

The room was nice and this time we were even able to try the pool/hot tub on the second floor...

I didn't try the chowder again...maybe next time if I"m feeling brave.

Anyway, felt it was important to raise my review from 3 to 4 stars.

Thanks Olive 8 for the great service...

04/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
191. dana d.
Love it!

We booked a room for Valentine's Day and it was the perfect experience. Although parking is a bit steep its nice to know your vehicle is safe overnight. We were graciously greeted and handed glasses of champagne at our checkout. The rooms were nice and the shower was big and perfect!  
We popped in at Urbane to finish the night off and had a great experience.
Thinking we will stay again next Valentines Day!

04/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0