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King’s Inn in Seattle, WA

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Company Info:

Rating: 2.29

Address: 2106 5th Avenue, Seattle, WA, 98121

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    Comments (24):

    1. Jason T.
    Holy christ this place blows.   This is the cheapest place to stay anywhere near downtown seattle, and it's also close to the Belltown bar scene.   That is the only positive thing I could ever say about this hotel as everything else sucks more than I could have imagined.   Where do I begin?        
         Being that this place is the cheapest in town, you can be assured that some of the fellow patrons of this place will be of the scrupulous variety.  Both nights I stayed people where yelling, fighting, cops where showing up multiple times.  Believe me you will pay attention as it feels like this hotel was built with paper walls.  It  finally died down enough around 3-4 am both nights finally enough to sleep.    
         The rooms are ridiculously tiny, with barely any lighting, which is probably a plus since it would look even worse well lit.   The bathroom has zero counter space,  the shower feels like a gattling gun.   The pillows must have been used for the last couple centuries as their souls have been sucked out of them.  The bed feels like a giant piece of plywood.    Oh yeah, the towels!!!  Holy crap they feel like sand paper.... seriously how do you do that?!     Door cards are way too sophisticated for this place, instead you have to carry around a key with a giant piece of crap attached to it.  TV is a 19" POS.      One of the guys that works there is younger and was pretty nice and cool, the other older gentlemen were incomprehensible and rude, though I doubt they knew so as they were definitely not from a western culture.
       Bring your own bed, ear plugs, pillows, towels, and a tazer and this place would be great!
       This place however does have it's purpose.   If you are a prostitute, pimp, or broke drug trafficker this is your place to be!

    I have learned my lesson, follow Yelp people, if it says the place is crap, pay the extra $10/20 to go someplace that doesn't ruin your trip.      Due to the lack of sleep and general hatred of the place I doubt I'll ever be returning to Seattle.   Kings Inn - I hope you get demolished as soon as possible.

    14/04/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    2. Michael K.
    Not a beauty, but NO visible cockroaches or bedbugs. This alone is huge positive for a "budget" room in any big, world-class city. The rooms are fairly quiet and a short walk to Seattle Center. No interesting restaurants nearby, but the donut shop next door is outstanding.

    29/05/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    3. Justine H.
    Well, some friends and I decided to go bar hopping one night downtown. We still hadn't gotten a hotel yet by the time the bars closed, so we decided to check out King's Inn. Everything went smoothly at check in, but as soon as we got to the room, we realized why the price was so cheap. There were 3 inches of coffee grounds in the sink, as if it had just been layered there. The beds were  hard as rocks, the heater didn't work (in the middle of January), and nor did most of the lights.All in all, not a bad choice if you're just looking for somewhere to pass out, but no matter how drunk I am the next time I'm in Seattle, I will never stay here again. Oh, it seems that I failed to mention the fact that the toilet didn't flush.

    13/05/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    4. Pete P.
    Why do all of the most squalid motels have the name "King's" or "Royal" in their name? I've stayed in some world-class hotels over the years, and I've also stayed in some dives. For some reason, the dives are always the ones with some allusion to royalty in their title. Must be some unspoken, unwritten hotel naming convention. Hmmm....

    I've actually stayed here 2 or 3 times now. Each time has been a surreal experience. Case in point: Have you ever awakened from slumber and begun the prowl for a nearby coffee shop, walked out to the curb from your hotel and been greeted by several Jedi dressed in full Jedi robes, then done a double take and glanced at the far corner to the end of the block to see several white-armor-clad Stormtroopers milling around? Until that very moment, neither had I.

    I'm as much of a Sci-fi fan as the next guy, or so I thought (remind me to tell you about the time I dressed up in full Klingon regalia complete with latex facial brow-ridges and makeup to attend a Trek convention in Denver) but the last thing I expected to see on a sunny spring morning in the shadows of the Seattle monorail was a full-on gathering of Star Wars characters. So I did what any frood with a few spare credits would do, I grabbed my towel, activated my personal S.E.P. field and went in search of the nearest drinking establishment. Fortunately it wasn't a Starbucks, it's much too early for a Battlestar reference in this narrative.

    After a positively sublime moment involving a donut and a few cups of coffee, I decided to go back out into the world and see if the stormtroopers were still out there. They were.

    As I ventured out into the street, I noticed that the scenery had changed. What had been an empty parking lot with a few Jedi and Stormtroopers milling around, was now a full-fledged outdoor flea market, with booths manned by strange looking aliens selling various pieces of sci-fi memorabilia, including action figures, comics, prop replicas, gaming cards, gaming dice, and everything else. The crowd had increased in size too, with even more Jedi as well as Corellians, a couple of Rodians (nice masks!) and more than a few flannel-clad guys with beards and glasses. I stuck with my original plan of approaching one of the friendly-looking Jedi and asking the most obvious question.

    It turns out this was a class reunion of sorts. In the late 1990's, the Star Wars franchise was revived by the release of The Phantom Menace, kicking off the new trilogy. Fans from all around congregated and camped out for months to wait in line for the new release. As with any group of people who camp out together for several months, these people got to be such good friends that they decided to reunite, once a year, on this very spot. I hung out, sampled some wares, ended up purchasing a replica lightsaber flashight from a shady-looking merchant, and went back to the motel's underground spaceport where my car was parked. Good that they've got underground parking at this motel.

    Now the room itself was nothing to shout at. Cigarette burns on the toilet seat, the funky low-budget motel smell, those elements were all there. But on the other hand, the motel had late-night check-in, important for a musician needing to check in after the gig at 2 a.m., no cockroaches or bedbugs to be seen, and a parking garage so my vehicle could stay off the street. All in all not quite as bad as sleeping in my car or crashing on someone's couch.

    Still, no amenities. An in-room coffeemaker is pretty much standard nowadays, and I like to be able to surf the internet on my laptop. This place clamed to have in-room wi-fi, but I was never able to get it to work.

    And, the last time I stayed there, another surreal experience by the way, only this time more or less resembled the motel from My Name Is Earl. I'll leave it at that except to say that I made the mistake of walking around barefoot in my room and felt a sharp thing poking into my foot. Lifting my foot up, I found a tiny piece of broken glass had lodged itself into my skin. I pulled it out, stopped the bleeding, and wondered what incident had caused there to be broken glass on the floor of my motel room. I hoped it didn't carry any diseases. That was a few years ago now and I'm still all right, so I guess not, but suffice to say that was enough to keep me from ever, ever choosing to stay at this place again.

    30/03/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    5. Richard U.
    Are you on a SERIOUS BUDGET?
    The very first place I stayed at before moving to Seattle!  I was in town back in 2007 for a work convention.  Not having yet broken into the concept of splurging for rooms at the time, I opted for this budget baby which is actually pretty well centrally located in the belltown/downtown area.  As the cab pulled into the lot, a pimp and ho fight was going down in the parking lot.  Hmm....a taste of the local characters? Its pretty run down but fairly clean and also much cheaper than the Ramada Inn down the street.  Rooms are what you would expect from a motel.   Not huge but not european tiny.  The beds had no visible stains and you do get a tiny coffee maker and instant joe.  The neighborhood does sport Top Pot a few doors down which is a score.  Not a lot of frills here but for the budget traveller who wants to stay in the downtown area and not in a hostel, this is a viable option.  Oh, the guy workin the front desk did recommend Maneki for sushi (see my multiple 5 star reviews of this place) so I will be forever in his debt!

    28/06/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    6. Robert T.
    I've stayed here several times over the years.  It is the cheapest place to stay in downtown Seattle (barring hostels...and avoiding at all costs The Commodore, if that pit is still in business).  

    It is no palace, but you're on a budget, princess.  The rooms are clean, and comfortable enough.  I don't recall any odors...not from previous guests, or from industrial-strength disinfectants (that stuff makes my head ache). And while the rooms aren't super-quiet, I can't recall anything ever keeping me up at night.  

    The other guests can be a little sketchy...I've definitely witnessed a few drug deals, and I'm pretty sure a pimp was running tail out of one of the downstairs rooms on my last visit.  But everyone keeps to themselves, and I've always felt perfectly safe, even with my girlfriend.  

    The staff is adequate, though I don't recall anyone ever actually being friendly.  Never rude, either.  

    Basically, if you're just looking to explore downtown, and only using the hotel room as a launch/crash pad, this place is fine.  Cheap, clean, bug-free, and comfortable enough.  Walking distance to everything.  And Cinerama is right across the street...I love that place. There's a 24-hour market right nearby, a ton of great restaurants, clubs, bars, shops...the public library, museums, aquarium, the waterfront, parks...(by nearby, I mean walking distance, and for me that encompasses all of downtown - Belltown, First Hill, Pioneer Square, etc. Your own standards may differ, if you're not a walker.)

    I'll be staying here on my next trip, almost certainly.

    23/09/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    7. William C.
    Everything you read is true. Gangs, drug dealers, hookers and the like. Personally I loved it. The TV didn't work but the show out the window was unbelievable!

    BUT, can't really recommend it unless you've got a massive sense of humour, nerves of steel, and a weapon.

    07/05/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    8. Judith B.
    This place was absolutely awful.  We ended up paying for the room and then leaving.  I'd rather sleep in my car than sleep in this place.  How anyone can give it any stars is beyond me.

    25/07/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    9. Morgan L.
    i dont know what everyone else witnessed/experienced, but there was actually a (somewhat disappointing) lack of sketchiness/grotesqueness/etc. i say this because my brother booked this hotel for our 3 night stay without consulting me, so i did research after the reservations were made and was anticipating, after the sensational reviews others left, the worst of the worst.

    the reality:
    a clean, efficient, budget friendly hotel in the heart of downtown. the room we stayed in (no. 314) was a suite w two full sized beds in their own little room connected by a bathroom and closet. ideal for traveling adult siblings wanting a little privacy from one another in the downtime. there was also a working tv, mini fridge, microwave, and coffeemaker. the bathroom was small and certainly outdated fixture-wise but extremely tidy.

    let's be real folks. it's not the ritz but our room was clean, comfy, and way way above our expectations. i wouldve been happy w the room even if my expectations hadn't been scraping rock bottom from my review-site research. 5 stars because this is indeed as good it gets for the price.

    ALSO. the top pot donut shop 2 doors down is INCREDIBLE. ahh so good!

    07/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    10. Steve R.
    ARG! How this overall ranked as 3 stars is completely beyond me. As I was checking in, rats were climbing all over the counter squeaking for a refund.

    Ok, no real rats. Nor bugs that I noticed, but for the love of Seattle, this place was a DUMP.

    Where to begin... the street level parking is awful. The underground was horrible as well. The room was the size of 3 closets put together. The one elevator with buttons from 1912 was scary. The staff was incredibly unhelpful. There was no breakfast. The bathroom...oh GOD...the bathroom was small, old, disgusting, dirty and full of hair and rust - no joke! There was no Kleenex in the place. The bed was hard and scary. Thank goodness there were three locks on the doors because the place didn't seem secure.

    Now, it's in a great neighborhood, and the views were very good of both downtown and the space needle. It's on the Monorail, but be prepared to walk  1/2 mile one way or another to board it. It has a "reasonable" price. But...what I had to experience there, was not worth $10.

    The ONE-WAY ramp into the underground parking was so narrow, I'm surprised a scooter could make it. And even then, you'll have to back up, move forward, back up a few times to get into a spot.

    Again, I liked the neighborhood and area, and the price was okay, but dear Lord, I worried about all the contents of my car the entire stay I had there - I was moving to Seattle and had all my belongings in my vehicle. And equally, I could NOT stand the disgusting bathroom or the "free Wi-Fi" that only worked one of my two nights there.

    The only reason I didn't move out after 1 night, was because the price only matched hotels 20 miles away from downtown and that's where I needed to stay.

    Please, PLEASE, do not stay here. If you care about your belongings, your sanity, your security, your cleanliness or your well being, you will avoid this place like the plague it is.

    14/10/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    11. Michael L.
    Can't beat this hotel for the price point in this location! I stayed here a few weekends ago and had a blast! There were a bunch of interesting foreigners I got to make conversation with, and lots of other weird and/or interesting people staying there as well!

    I particularly liked that they had PARKING and A GATE to prevent people from stealing the cars!

    Also I don't know if every bedroom is like this, but mine had 2 SEPARATE rooms in it! That meant my friend and I each had privacy (shared bathroom but who cares?!)

    The place wasn't that dirty either! Although the rooms in the W are nicer, I'd gladly rather pay less for two rooms here than one room at the W.

    04/07/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    12. Jana C.
    Yep; have stayed at this dive of a motel as well.... I recall paying about $75 for a last minute reservation here overnight...

    Best thing yet: PARKING!!!!! yay.... just a door or so down from Top Pot doughnuts....and close/convenient enough to pedestrian it over to  Waterfront Park, the outdoor Olympic Sculpture Park, Belltown, and Pike for me.

    Surprisingly, the rundown exterior belied itself, as the interior was clean and comfortable enough... nothing like a heroin den or a cheap hooker joint... though some might argue!

    Last minute, cost conscious? I feel this place might just be your best bet!

    03/07/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    13. Diane B.
    Absolutely Disgusting!
    I have never been so mad about a hotel room. Beyond disappointed, I feel the web site is a total misrepresentation of this establishment. The pictures of the room on their site look warm and inviting. That is not what we found when we got to our room. We found a horrible smell that made me want to vomit, filthy bathroom and the smallest yet dirtiest room I have even seen in a motel. It is smaller than my bedroom at home! I took pictures AFTER I wiped down the light switch in the bathroom and it was still disgusting. If I hadn't been so tired when we arrived, I would have left! We reserved 2 nights, but checked out at 7:30 the next morning, demanding our money back for the second night. I was itching all over and my head and nose all stuffed up. I felt absolutely gross! They RUINED my anniversary! While the second clerk was very nice about it and nice enough to tell us where to get some breakfast, the clerk who checked us in never gave me a copy of my receipt nor the paper I signed agreeing to no loud noise, etc. I was literally awake all night. Every time I would finally fall asleep, someone would slam a door or yell. I paid $125 through Booking.com and feel totally cheated. Where I come from, that gets you a deluxe room! I later found out I could have gotten the same price directly, so don't even know why these so called booking companies on line are even needed! You could not pay me to stay here again.

    20/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    14. Julie W.
    This place really isn't as bad as described sometimes. For the price we got for it compared to the other hotels, you can't complain. It's seriously "you get what you paid for". Want something nicer and classier? Go down the street for The Westin. My boyfriend and I just needed a place to put our stuff and to crash so we weren't picky about it. It is in an extremely convenient location, near the Westlake station and very close to Pike and the Space Needle.

    The room is clean and just extremely basic. A little bit small compared to other places but hey we just needed a place to crash at the end of the day so no complaints. In the end it was satisfying simply because how convenient it was. Would definitely recommend if you don't want to spend $200-$300/night for a hotel room in the Belltown area.

    27/05/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    15. Sterling H.
    Stayed here last night.  Yes location was great.  However about the only thing clean about this room was the bed (sheets).  The walls were dirty, stuff and god knows what stuff was on the lampshade.  We had to empty the garbage ourselves when we arrived because it was full the maids had not done their job.  The TV was tiny and I mean tiny, had to squint just to find it on the furniture.  And it did not work, You want to know why?  The power cord was not there.

    The whole room was just gross, there is no excuse for a dirty room

    08/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    16. Donald B.
    We were apprehensive about staying here after reading other reviews, but it was the only affordable lodging we could find downtown that still had a vacancy.  After staying there, I'd go back.  Our room was very small, but as my travel-mate pointed out, we're just sleeping there.  We had 2 twin beds, which were fine.  There is parking on site, including a garage underneath.  It appears after a certain time; they do close a gate across the parking lot, so it's nice to know there won't be a homeless guy sleeping outside your door.  It is in a great location, easy walking to the Space Needle and Pike Market both.  The free wi-fi was hard to connect to at times, which was a little frustrated at the end of the day.  Also the hot water wasn't really hot, but it was at least warm.  Those are really the only downsides I have.  Like I said before, overall I'd stay again for the price.

    28/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    17. TJ Y.

    Where to begin...So I made a reservation 2 months in advance and called to confirm the week before yet when I arrived they didn't have my reservation and tried to put me and my buddy in a single room. Then they gave us a double room with beds smaller than our bodies and the heater was busted! It's mid-November and was seriously like 50 degrees in our room.

    So we tried to complain to the clerk, but you could tell he must get complaints all the time and didn't care. There was no apology and he tried to give us 2 replacement rooms. Not sure why they didn't have a double room to begin with but then suddenly there were now 3 available. The 2nd room didn't have a working heater either and the 3rd had mold growing on the nightstand. When we went to complain again he said we could take the heater from his office which when I grabbed it I burned my hand.

    We were suppose to stay 2 nights and I refused to stay the 2nd and ended up getting a nice room at Hotel 5 for almost the same price. Seriously night and day between the two. I spoke to locals about the King's Inn and everyone cringed at the name alone. A bartender down the street told me that when he's off work he constantly sees cop cars and prostitutes here and was pretty sure that they rent rooms by the hour too.

    GROSS! Avoid at all costs!!

    20/11/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    18. Michael W.
    Luckily I am staying here for only one day but the acoustics have no vibe. It does not matter. Best idea is do not come here at night because who knows what happens here. If you are that traveler that is a short time hotel stayer enjoy it while it lasts. I have seen Japanese hotels which suck. This is so much better then those joints. Not a slummy Detroit joint of a hotel too (no offense if you from Detroit). As a local from Seattle, this hotel is in the low level ranks but worth it if you are a wise traveler. No dirt no bugs and no noise. I came here because service is fast if you ride Amtrak. Sure the double tree is better but I now know what low budget motels feel like

    27/12/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    19. Damaris B.
    Just got back from Seattle and I stayed in this hotel.
    The pros of this hotel:
    - early check in (can call ahead if you want)
    - the guy who works the night shift is a better person than the guy who works the morning shift
    - heater kept the room warm enough to kind of sleep
    - I was able to get an extra room key for my guest even though I wasn't there
    The cons:
    - over charged me and said I couldn't do anything about it. They didn't even tell me they didn't charge tax until I got to the hotel.
    - room was super small
    - noisy drunk neighbors screaming the entire night
    - outlets weren't working properly
    - no outlets in the bathroom
    - not enough Wi-Fi available in room, but it was available in the office
    At this moment, I can't remember anything else about it, but I will suggest one thing:

    If you ever go alone and need to stay in a hotel, NEVER EVER EVERE EVER stay at this one. I was scared to death being there alone, but I was glad it was for only one night. Either way, I was scared for my life of being alone. I wasn't able to sleep too well and I had to keep my boyfriend on the phone the whole night so I would feel a little safe.

    I'm giving it 2 stars because I only used the hotel to sleep. The entire two days I was there, I was out helping my best friend and the other bridesmaids with the wedding on Saturday.

    I'm just happy nothing happened and I'm happy to be back home in LA.

    02/11/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    20. Kaitlyn E.
    GUY bit pricey but it's King's Inn  in February. Other motels were charging almost twice as much. Comfortable bed, bathroom & shower. What more do you need in a motel? Staff was friendly & helpful when I couldn't connect to the WiFi.

    01/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    21. Kary B.
    Horrible customer service and horrible hotel. I realize it's cheap and near downtown but our stay was awful. Front desk guy was rude and not helpful. The parking is scary and small and frustrating. Don't let them hook you with free parking, you will have to park elsewhere and pay. The room is gross. Small. Crammed. The AC unit looks like it's falling between the room and window. The shower is just a hole at the bottom of the tub and a pipe sticking out of the wall. I'm afraid to use the toilet. There are no outlets. Seagulls in the morning attack this place and it's extremely loud! I'd ask the front desk guy to move us but upon my "some of your parking has monthly signs can we not park there?" Question to him o received this reply "just read the signs" and our room wasn't ready on time. He said we could check in at the allowable time of 2p if we take 2 twin size beds.... Mind you it was me and my husband on Valentine's Day.

    Don't stay here. Spend the extra $40-$60 a night and do it up in the city... Well worth it. You get what you pay for. Luckily we were only staying one night.

    15/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    22. Emily N.
    Nothing says "class" like walking into your non-smoking room to find a plastic bag tied around the smoke alarm.
    Parking lot was almost impossible to get around with a giant puddle coming from the washer and dryer in the corner. We went up to check into our room, were given two keys, and went to our room. Neither of them worked. We are talking old school metal keys, not magnetized card keys. So we went back down and were given another set of keys to a different room. Those keys worked, and we walked in. First thing I noticed as the tiny tube TV on the table, alongside a mini fridge with an old microwave on top. Above that was a smoke detector, which had a plastic bag tied around it to prevent air from getting in. How classy. Walked to the bathroom that was between the two "rooms" inside the room, where the door had a piece of wood drilled into it covering what I assume is a punched in hole. The bathroom itself was... interesting. Everything worked, which was nice, but the paint was kinda splitting from the wall, and the sink was a tiled platform held up by some painted 1x3 pieces of wood. The carpet looked like it had seen a whole lot, and the walls along the bottom of the "closet" area were covered in claw/scratch marks that scratched the paint off. The TV guide was all wrong, the remote wasn't paired to the TV, and the windows were very thin. You could hear everything outside very well, including the car alarm in the parking lot that kept going off and the metro that kept going by.
    It was a place to stay, and I assume okay for the price, but I would not stay here again. Had I been alone, I would have felt very unsafe.

    15/05/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    23. Doni L.
    Definitely a cheap motel. It's centrally located, affordable but GHETTO. Yikes.
    To expect even continental breakfast here is definitely funny.

    I saw someone post that there are no bugs running around, which I agree with but there are dead bugs smeared on the walls. Doh!

    I think this is one of the more affordable in the area. Maybe because there are ambulances rolling up every night. Literally, I've seen them twice and I've only been here two nights. Maybe it's a rough week?

    I am giving them 3 stars because there are four walls and a roof and that's what's most important right?

    11/04/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    24. Nicole A.
    Prior to mine and my boyfriend's trip to Seattle, we already knew we wanted to stay at the cheapest motel possible, for we didn't want to splurge on a place that we wouldn't even be in for more than half of the day. We stumbled across Kings Inn via Trip Advisor and it was listed as only $80/day. We decided to book it, for 4 days and 3 nights for the dates April 9-12, 2015. Of course, we arrived there without expecting a 5 star hotel, hence the too good to be true pricing. We made the reservation 2 months in advance and every time I would call to confirm it, the person(s) who answered was always helpful & nice.

    Our room was #306, and entered with fear of it to be disgusting, like the pictures posted on here. To our surprise, our room was pretty nice for it to have a 2 star rating! Our TV was a flat screen and not what was pictured on Yelp, our headboard & side table were totally different than what was pictured on here. It was actually very nice! Sure, there were a few cracks on the wall here and there, the telephone was definitely old school, and you get an actual key instead of a keycard, but hey, the bed was soft, there was actually hot water (I was expecting luke warm water as stated on one of the reviews), and it was clean. I didn't feel disgusted stepping on the floor barefoot, and our rooms were cleaned every day we were there, without having to ask. They offer free wifi, but it didn't really work in our room.

    The office offers free coffee, and soda, juices & water for sale... for a $1-$1.50 only! Why a four star though? When I made the reservation, I was told a set price that I were to pay, and I was assured that the amount that I was told was the only amount I had to pay. Wrong, they added $40 tax to the bill, which was weird because I had asked if tax was included before making the reservation. But whatever, still can't beat the price. Oh, and the Asian guy was my least favorite worker there. Not too nice, compared to the other guys we've encountered!

    The location was awesome! Again, I thought the area was going to be "ghetto," but I was wrong. We weren't scared to walk around at 10pm. It is a 10 minute-walk to the Seattle Center: Space Needle, etc. and a 13 minute-walk to Pike Place Market! It is located right next to Top Pot Doughnuts, so that's a plus!

    Again, to our surprise, Kings Inn was actually beyond our 2 star rating expectation. I would stay here again and would definitely recommend this place to anyone who is only looking for a place to sleep, shower, and charge their phone. After all, isn't the whole point of traveling about exploring, and not just laying in bed?

    14/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0