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Motif Seattle is a departure from your typical hotel experience; we offer an ambiance that reflects the culture of the Emerald City. Our modern and inviting atmosphere will surprise and delight you - from the 5th floor outdoor deck at the newly opened Frolik Kitchen + Cocktails to our unique and thoughtfully crafted service throughout the hotel. Motif Seattle weaves the fabric of the city's exciting shopping, theaters, museums and attractions, into a culture that is a Seattle original.


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Rating: 3.15

Address: 1415 Fifth Avenue, Seattle, WA, 98101
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Comments (72):

1. Jennifer M.
Just stayed here with my  4 kids and husband in the family suite.  On upon arrival we were told the room would be ready at 3 and it was not.  We had to wait another hour after traveling from the east coast.  The staff tried to accommodate us by putting us in an empty room temporarily but it was a bandaid.  The wifi was spotty at best and we did not have hot water for showers in the morning,  When we asked about the problems we were told the engineer was working on it.  No one followed up with us.  The front desk staff did not know anything .  The rooms were half cleaned each day. Trash was not discarded and beds were half made.  Not impressive at all!  The frolics restaurant was fine but a bit pricey.  The staff at Froliclks were friendly and eager to please.  The smell from the garage was repulsive!  You can smell it  in the street and in the elevator to the garage.  We held out breath and we were not the only customers doing this!  If I were to fix one thing this week that would be it!  So gross!  The lighting in the rooms and the wallpaper are yucky .  The hotel should think about replacing it.  The staff tried to help the best they could but they seemed under managed . There is not a valet or anyone to assist in parking.  This leaves the customer wondering how to check in and where to leave the car when doing so ( no one wants to get towed on vacation).   Nothing really clicked for this " luxury " hotel.  I would not stay here again or recommend this hotel to anyone .

30/07/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
2. Jim L.
I was double charged for my room service meal.  I can eat the cost but the principle of it just sucks.  I ordered pasta, salad, and dessert and it was $51, I left a $10 tip, and a week later I see an extra charge of $134.  Luckily I got a receipt before I left and sure enough, on the breakdown of it I was charged $124 for food.  On top of that they have two rooms right next to a main staff door, and the fitness center.  On my first night stay I was continually woken up from 5:30 am on by doors opening and slamming shut, and cleaning staff conversations and laughing in the hallway.  They did do a nice job of accommodating this and moving me to a new room.  I question why there are rooms on the 4th floor with all of this traffic.  I think overall the hotel has a lot of potential, is in a nice location, and the rooms were pretty good.  It just really bothers me when they steal money with the double charge.

21/08/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
3. Mironda M.
This hotel which was originally The Red Lion transformed in Motif is one of the nicest, and affordable hotel I've experienced. The ambiance, location, and staff are what makes this hotel so successful and I highly recommend to anyone visiting the beautiful city of Seattle, to make a reservation to this hotel and check out their roof top bar and lounge. The rooms are so nice and clean and the beds are extremely comfortable. We arrived to Seattle at 9:00 and they even accomodated us in a room on a Friday! Thats almost unheard of and I was very pleased. I will definitely be returning!

29/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
4. Steve J.
Great location, modern rooms, friendly staff. My only negative experience was the wifi, it is unsecured and sloooooow. When you are staying at the hotel on a business trip and trying to get work done in the room, having dial-up level speeds is not ideal.

22/08/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
5. Rebecca S.
Stayed here for Seattle Pride and had a blast. The hotel is conveniently located and reasonably priced. Frolik was a lot of fun and we will definitely go back.

02/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
6. Alex A.
I stayed at the Motif for one night during a business trip. I had no idea what to expect as the reservation had been made for me and I didn't bother to check it out beforehand. As soon as I entered the lobby I assumed I was in a boutique hotel. The cooler-than-thou, modern seating and sparse decor is interestingly pleasing and the young staff was pleasant. The tiny elevators imply an older building. The whole place has a hip, urban feel - especially on the room floors where the muted lighting, dark wood, and oversized art lend a cool atmosphere. My room was very clean and nicely decorated. The free internet was acceptable for the 45 minutes I needed to work while there (I hardwired in - a nice option as wifi is often spotty). The television was fine - not the most channels but I'm not there to watch TV. The bed was very comfortable and provided an excellent night's sleep.

Now the bad...

As other reviewers have mentioned, the walls are thin. If I'd had to put up with people partying, I would have been really upset.

The room was hot and stuffy and no amount of fiddling with the thermostat fixed it. I cranked it down to 64 degrees and the temperature barely budged.

The bathroom was really terrible. As others have noted, the tub drained very slowly but what no one else mentioned is that the tub is narrow and curves up in such a way that I nearly twisted my ankle getting in it. I had to be really careful not to slip. The grout around the shower tile was mildew-stained and chipping in places. There was something wrong with the sink and I could only get scalding-hot water from the tap. I had to rinse the toothpaste out of my mouth and wash my face in the tub. The toilet is odd in that I had to flush twice to get the water to carry the tissue out of the bowl. And, finally, the one issue that will keep me from staying at the Motif in the future: the bathroom walls (with washable, vinyl wallpaper) were filthy. I mean, toothpaste, blue something that looked like mouthwash, something that looked like dried blood, dark scuffs at eye level, and other odd dirt marks. There is no way that housekeeping doesn't see this. The apparent blood spots are right next to the toilet paper holder. That's how I noticed it. Add to this the filthy ledge on the tile baseboard and I was done in by the bathroom.

I'll forgive a lot of things in a small, older hotel but this kind of neglect is unforgivable in a hotel that is trying to position itself as luxe and hip. Plus, you know, it's the bathroom!. The one place I get grossed out by seeing evidence of other people.

It seems that the Motif still has a lot of infrastructure issues to work out - plumbing, HVAC, housekeeping, etc. They might have spent their time and money on that before worrying about their cool quotient.

21/10/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
7. Joanne F.
Amazing location in the heart of the city and Pike Market. Walking distance to monorail and light rail. You won't need a car to get around the city as public transportation is the way to go. Frolik is their night lounge and it was definitely happening every night we were there (Thurs-Sun). Staff was very helpful and gave us pizza place to deliver at 2am. Rooms were clean and spacious. Bathroom can use updating and TLC. Would stay here again though.

29/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
8. Rachel K.
Unfortunately, I wasn't all that impressed. I had very high hopes given the pictures and great location when I booked online. Don't get me wrong, the hotel is nicely decorated in the lobby area and has a great parking set-up (minus the $40/day cost!), cute rooms, and has two dining/bar choices which is always nice, not to mention the location was great. But, I felt that they were trying too hard and missed the details that matter, at least to me, when staying in a hotel.

The hotel is very trendy, I'll give it that. But once we got past the main floor and into our room, the disappointment set in.  First, we thought the elevator from the parking garage to the lobby was broken, but apparently they just have the one and it's very slow.  Once we got to our room we thought it was cute, but missing a few things. There were no mirrors in the room. To some that's great, to someone who is not traveling alone and needs to get ready, only having the one small mirror above the bathroom sink made things a tad bit difficult.  The room was also very warm when we checked in, as if the heat was all non-stop though we never heard a heater.  All the lights in the room except for one lamp by the bed and the bathroom light was burnt out. We had no entry lights as they flashed off and on and then never came back on, and of the two lamps on the two night stands, only one actually worked for more than a second before turning off for good.  

The bathroom was small w/hardly any counter space and it appeared as though housekeeping forgot to clean the floor. When we arrived there were yellowish stains and spots on the floor and long dark hair ( I am blonde and my boyfriend has short hair) on the floor near the sink and toilet.  I was able to clean this with a west wash cloth so housekeeping must have been rushed the day they cleaned our room?

Aside from the lack of overall cleanliness and lack of working lights in the room, there was a constant unpleasant smell that kept us up most of the night. When we left our room in the morning at 5 a.m. to catch a flight, the smell of breakfast food and just greasy food in general was over whelming as if the kitchen was next to our room.

I think if things were cleaner, parking was less expensive, and maybe we had a better room I'd recommend the hotel, but I wouldn't pay what I paid to stay here again.

30/12/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
9. Christopher C.
I have stayed here several times as the Red Lion and very recently as the Motif. As the RL, it seemed to know its place. As Motif, it seems to overestimate its value. Paid an insanely high rate for a very basic room not in the new motif. At least we had a good view of the Sound. The entryway, basement pub, and parking garage absolutely reeked of spoiled beer and rotting trash throughout our five-day visit. It was nauseating! In-room refrigerator didn't get cool -- was told by engineering that this was how it works. They use regular flat sheets on the extra thick mattress so they don't stay tucked and end up getting twisted while you sleep. It's always refreshing to wake up face down on the soiled mattress cover, which was also too small!  It looks like all of the renovation money went into the lobby and Frol!k (rooftop bar behind hotel). I certainly didn't see it in the room or lobby staff training.

On the plus side, our housekeeper was excellent. I appreciated the Keurig coffeemaker in the room. We really enjoyed the sunset hours at Frol!k. We had great service both times we lounged on the rooftop patio. The cherry cider was especially refreshing. The basement pub was also a plus: good service and food (Boddington's on tap!).

21/07/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
10. Lettie C.
Apparently, Motif is just recently under new ownership and had massive redesign - and it's clean, lovely, modern, happy colors everywhere. The rooms are good size, have mini fridges, linens are sumptuous (including the robes!). The "Frolik" restaurant is very cute, good views, popular with the hip crowd. All staff have been super friendly, although some uneven service, not all are competent. Took several phone calls to order room service - including getting a menu in my room! - then the order wasn't quite right. The manager personally came and addressed my concerns, which was nice - they're clearly trying.

11/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
11. Samantha M.
This was my second stay in the hotel. The location is perfect for conveniences in the area and entertainment such as Gameworks and ACT ot Fifth Avenue theaters. Staff was kind, helpful and informed. We found the room to be pleasant and comfy. I got what I expected both times, however the drains in sink and tub were slow and it was a little noisy so I gave 4 stars.

09/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
12. Chirnese L.
The rooms here are nice. The staff (especially the bell men) are awesome.  One bellman, Jake, assisted my friend and I with bringing our bags to the room. He asked why we were in town and my friend told him we were here because her husband was in the hospital.  About 15 minutes later, he came back with a nice care package, extremely thoughtful during this trying period.

28/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
13. J L.
Called at 10am asking for early check in. Was told they would mark it as urgent and they would give me a call. 4pm and still wasn't ready.

parking garage is super low. a regular height ford econoline was too tall for it so I had to park at the Hilton.

we had two 2 double bed rooms. they were clean, modern, but a tad small.

Scott, the bellguy was super helpful there.

08/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
14. Tim R.
I happen to disagree with a lot of the yelpers on here.  I was treated very well..  We were here on vacation and stayed here for the weekend.  The bar/lounge was very very nice and is one of the gems of this hotel.  The rooms are exactly what you would expect from an uptown urban looking hotel. All in all it's a great spot and I have no complaints

20/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
15. Zeynep G.
Dear Motif GM, please hire staff that actually is proud to work here and want to make your business grow. You have a great location but people who stay here want to feel at home. I have seen better service at  2 star hotel. Sad!

13/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
16. Jacqueline R.
I had a great time staying at this hotel! I stayed here 12/30 and 12/31 to celebrate my birthday and NYE. It was a little pricey, but compared to rates at neighboring hotels it was a good deal. It's an amazing location too - right by Pike's Place, good restaurants, shopping, nail salon & hair salon I visited. I rented a car but hardly drove it cause I walked most places I needed to go. The extra fee for parking was kind of annoying - but again, that's standard for the area. But the whole hotel stay from start to finish was great - the person who checked us in was super nice, the room was clean and everything looked new, plenty of space, Starbucks keurig coffee (best hotel coffee I've ever had), and we got a room on the 18th floor which was awesome! The beds did have oddly sparse bedding, but we called to request extra blankets and they came right up. The air conditioning didn't seem to be working very well so it did get hot at night and took too long to cool down. Interesting problem for the middle of Seattle! The elevators are also tiny so it got backed up on NYE, but we managed. Overall it was a great stay and would definitely stay there again.

07/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
17. Christine T.
Arrived in the wee hours of the a.m. from a very delayed train.  No worries, our reservations were sound with beautiful views to the front of the hotel and street life below!  Walking distance in minutes to Pike's Market, the MonoRail, etc.  Location, location, location.   Loved it.  The rooms were clean, the bed was a dream to sleep on and the room decorating was a delight!  Did I mention the lovely shower????  The staff are like personal friends with information and greetings.  My first stay in Seattle, and I would book this hotel in a hot minute should I return.

03/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
18. David R.
not bad enough to check out after seeing the room, but I considered it.

place was listed as "luxe" on hoteltonight and it certainly is not that.  so expectations were poorly set by a third party.

still, in a city with lots of great hotels, this place just isn't up to snuff.

sad, outdated furniture seems to be a holdover pre-"$70 million renovation" and staff is well-meaning and sweet but poorly trained and overloaded.

not worth a return trip.

07/07/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
19. Katy M.
This hotel is ok but I have nothing really great to say about it. The lobby is nice and gives a off a good impression but I was not impressed with the room. However, we did have a great view overlooking the water and market area. The walls in the room are thin and I could hear the people next door and their screaming children. The air conditioning did not work correctly and the ice machine on the 18th floor did not work. I had to go to the 16th floor to get ice. I had a drink at the bar on the 5th floor and it was terrible. Overall, I would probably not stay in this hotel again. The location is great, perfect actually, for the market and downtown life but for the money I spent, I don't feel like it was up to the standards.

02/10/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
20. Mike C.
I have stayed here (as the Red Lion) many times before and have enjoyed every stay. The most recent stay had me in a state of surprise and presented some issues that made me want to stay away from this hotel in the future. The once welcoming lobby looks like Jonathan Ive went nuts and tore down RL to its barebones and tried to redesign it but failed, and considering how I do not like the Mac OS and iOS redesign. I have had issues with the running water which would come out like if it was clogged. Also, I had my car valeted, and although the valet knew his way around the car and how the doors closed on their own, it somehow came back with a scratch on the rear bumper and the BMW badge stolen off the front. Also, Frolik had existed before the change of ownership, but the food there has become subpar for the premium. The 2 stars were for nice staff and lack of elevator and drain issues.

23/11/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
21. Barry W.
I've stayed at this hotel four times over the last two years.  I had no problems with it until my most recent stay. ( After the name change. )

First, they messed up our reservations. We had to pack up our room in the middle of our stay, move our belongings to the bellhop's station, and move them back up to a new room five hours later. ( Half the size, but the same price, of course )

When asking about the logistics of  switching rooms, I specifically asked about, and was repeatedly assured that my bill would be transferred to the new room, so I could split the cost with my friend. Nope. They just charged the card on file. Leaving me overdrawn on the final day of my trip.

I've learned a valuable lesson. Never stay in a hotel named after a Pokemon.

02/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
22. John B.
I came to Seattle for a 6 day business trip.  Told the cab driver I was going to Red Lion.  He said recently changed names.  I told him I usually stay at the  Fairmont, and he said Motif was not nearly as nice.  I was wondering what I was getting myself into.
Got to the hotel and was greeted by a friendly young man that took my bags inside.  His attire was a bit different. Looked like out of the 1930s with bow tie and a wool Ivy Cap, like you would see on a College Campus. That style was not carried thru to the front desk personnel or the hotel itself.  hotel is update and modern.  Just a strange look.  Oh well.
Checked  in quickly.  A bellman named Allan brought up my bags.  Asked if I needed ice, I said yes and he quickly brought back.  I later found out that the ice machines are located on every other floor, so he had to run down, get the ice and come back to my room.  He was QUICK!  Nice touch and super friendly.
The room was quite warm when I got in due to the drapes being open and the afternoon sun shining in.  Tried to turn the AC on higher, but was barely blowing anything out. Asked for and obtained a fan for the room,, then the  engineering staff came in to check the air.  He made adjustment, but could not get it to put a faster stream of air out.  Not a problem since I had the fan.        Actually, very glad I had the fan.  Otherwise you can hear the elevators go up and down all night long.
After 1st night, left a tip for housekeeping and left a note asking for drapes to remain closed due to afternoon sun. Came back after workplace, and wide open.  Also, they have a green initiative whereby if you hand up your towels, it will save water.  Guess what... Took the towels. Why have an initiative if you are not going to follow it?  
Yes, they had an $18m renovation, but as they say, you can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig.  Seems like they are trying to be a boutique hoteI, but just not cutting it.  Not much of a professional staff.
Someone noted about the strange shower height, so true.  I actually thought the shower head was to douche with when I first saw it! (Hate to think that someone actually might have!)  The water pressure at the sink is non-existent (Room 1506)
I would still stay here again (actually had to since it was on corporate approved list), but if they change back to Fairmont, I would happily stay there.
On the plus side, GREAT location.  Absolutely near everything!  Not the best nor the worst.  Just in the middle.

10/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
23. Nate H.
Hotel room is okay.  The staffs need to be more organized or have a better tracking system.  My luggage was not deliver to my room until about 30 minutes. I had to called front desk since the initial rep forgot my luggage.  I stayed on the fourth floor facing the street and it was a bit noisy.  I requested a late check out and was denied. This was the first time I got denied a late checkout at any hotels establishment in years! Over price parking fee and it's not even valet. Total parking fee was $39.04 after taxes. They don't have valet. I would expect valet with that kind of fee. Ridiculous!!!!  Stay away. ..

09/09/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
24. Zach W.
Absolute nightmare. I was placed here on a long-term stay. One night, I came back late and couldn't get in my room. I had accidentally deactivated my room key, and had nothing but my phone and key. The girl at the front desk grills me about my identity--for 20 minutes. Total fucking bullshit. How many people have their credit card details memorized? Not me.

The restaurant staff (at Frolik) are rude and achingly slow. Waiting to be served? The hotel wifi is intermittent at best. Better have company, because browsing the internet is nigh impossible. The portions are TINY for their corporate "guests." I had a salmon filet one night that was as big as two fingers. What food they give you is bland and greasy.

I had bought a spoon so I didn't have to endure the restaurant and one day I came back and my spoon was gone. The cleaners take personal stuff from rooms! I went down to the front desk and asked what my options were. The girl at the front desk looks at me like I'm crazy and then assures me that I'd lost it. Stay away!

02/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
25. Megan B.
I stayed at this hotel for a business trip and it was one of the worst customer experiences I have ever had. I work in the customer service industry and understand that with new ownership comes a lot of change and processes need time to evolve. That being said, this hotel failed at every turn.

- Pre-paid through Hotels.com
- Arrived and they did not have my reservation
- Waited 2 hours for a room with 1 bed when I had reserved 2
- Left the next day for meeting and called to ask that my room be cleaned (I had forgotten to remove the do not disturb sign)
- Arrived back after dinner to a dirty room
- Waited an additional hour for them to clean the room (even though they told me 30 minutes)
- At this point I spoke to a manager who apologized but offered nothing
- Rooftop bar was closed for a private party that I was assured would be complete and open by 10pm so I invited guests to have a drink...after 2 calls to the front desk for confirmation of the 10pm opening, my guests were told upon arrival that Frolick would be closed for the rest of the evening
- 3 days after leaving the hotel I noticed that I had been charged on my Amex an additional ~$1000 for the 2 night stay (room rate plus a deposit)
- After 3 phone calls, 2 promises for a return call and 6 days later I am having Amex dispute this on my behalf

I will never stay at the Motif again and actively alert the rest of my colleagues to avoid it when in Seattle for business trips.

27/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
26. Thomas W.
This has to be one of the worst hotels I have stayed at in the continental united states. period.

Not only were both the room and the beds uncomfortable, but the elevator service was atrocious, the restaurant overpriced, and the customer service from the staff was some of the worst I have ever received in any industry. Not only did the price of my room change three times just while standing at the front desk trying to check in, but I was charged the total twice, once on the card the reservation was made under and once under the card I checked in with. This wouldn't be that big of a problem, but it has now been multiple weeks and several phone calls trying to get the charge reversed, and nothing has changed. Not only do I not recommend staying here, I would advise anyone considering a trip to Seattle to not even go near the lobby for fear of getting mugged by the doorman. I wouldn't put it past the belligerently incompetent staff.

08/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
27. Kyler L.
Other then the atmosphere being pretty nice and the rooms appearing nice, the place basically sucked. The walls are inc readable thin....for example as I right the review I can hear the lady next door showering and last night I can hear all of the conversations in the party that was next door. Also you can hear all the noises that come from your bathroom. Back to the party next door... I personally asked them to keep it down, then I called the front desk, THEN I went down to the front desk where some goofy looking hipster with a mustache told me that there didn't have a quite policy..... Oh and on another note there bar/restaurant is more of a fancy cafeteria looking place with ping pong.   I advise that Seattle has a lot of better places... Oh and I just heard the people next door open there blinds.... Yup screw this place ha

28/09/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
28. Leah R.
While here on a business trip, me and my husband ended up staying here for two weeks.

Don't stay here. The lobby might give off appearances of being modern and luxurious, but don't be fooled. The rooms are dank and musty with horrible lighting and depressing grey wallpaper. The bathtubs are designed in such a way where stepping into them feels dangerous. You will slip and whack you shins. The TV's have only 30 channels.

Oh, and the beds are hard with small over-starched sheets that are ill fitting on the mattresses. This will ensure that you will have to wrestle with the bedcovers to avoid sleeping on the mattress directly as the mattress cover is non- existent.

This hotel is LOUD. You will hear everything around you- doors closing, people taking showers, people flushing toilettes. Its gross and unsettling and you will not have a proper nights rest. Housekeeping starts early in the morning and will slam doors all day long.

Also, the restaurant is overpriced and the bar has watered down, uninteresting cocktails that are not worth the price. Everything about this hotel is a disaster, honestly.

Literally nothing is good about this hotel. Wifi is also unsecured (be careful with your private documents!)  and slow. Elevators were rickety and slow as well. I have yet to encounter a friendly staff member.

24/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
29. J K.
Hotel restaurants are always better than expected and relatively empty.  Why is that?

23/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
30. Jim G.
Stayed at this hotel (formerly Red Lion) every year since 2009.  My most recent visit was full of issues.  I'll list them in order of severity:

1) No running water at all on our last day (between 6am and 9am).  This meant no showers or flushing toilets.  Not awesome.

2) One day, there was only one running elevator and the line went outside.  It literally took 41 minutes (timed with my iPhone) to get up to my room on the 19th floor.  They finally opened the freight elevator to get the line moving.

3) The once warm and welcoming lobby is now somewhat sterile and overly designed.  Looks like a designer went crazy and completely forgot about providing a place to rest or converse in the lobby.   It's mostly empty and the chairs outside by the fire seem cool until you sit in them and realize they are the epitome of form over function.

4) Drain in tub didn't drain as fast as the shower head filled the tub.  Not the end of the world, but annoying to stand in 8 inches of water at the end of your shower.  For the record, we turned the drain plug until it removed completely just to be sure.

The good:
Otherwise, the beds were comfortable and the house keeper did a great job.  Wi-Fi was free and worked pretty well.  

The manager did discount our bill after complaining about the above issues, but it's really hard to recommend staying here when the basics like flushing toilets and ability to get to your room weren't provided.

07/09/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
31. Jay A.
I thought Motif was great! All staff I encountered was extremely polite and quick to assist. The room was clean and comfortable. Frolik's burger was outstanding. I highly recommend!

08/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
32. Hae Y. H.
I don't know why this place has low reviews.
Rooms are clean and modern, service is prompt and friendly and best of all, its right in the middle of all the shops! There is monorail near by and metro station! Plus there is free wifi without any passwords! Parking is $37 per night but considering other hotels in DT Seattle, this is a good deal!

02/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
33. Katie H.
Great hotel...especially for the price and location

Pros (pretty much everything is great, but here's a few highlights)
SUPER friendly staff
Clean room (and they were one of the few that offers 2 queens vs. doubles)
Great location
Bar/restaurant is trendy and fun
Parking is self park and a reasonable price
Beds are comfy

Cons (they are minor)
Beds come with 3 small pillows (about the size of throw pillows)
Beds don't have fitted sheets...it's another flat sheet tucked in. I got tangled a couple of times during the night.

31/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
34. Maggie M.
We had a very good stay here. The rooms were nice and we were on the 11th floor on the sound side so we had a great view. The front desk staff was helpful and pleasant. Be warned though--the free wifi is painfully slow and the parking is outrageous (luckily we didn't rent a car). All and all a great place to stay in Seattle just minutes from shopping and less than a half mile from the Pike Place Market.

25/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
35. Leslie D.
The 2stars are for the nice staff. Mostly. Let's see. Got stuck at the kiosk in the parking garage twice when my room card didn't work to exit. Both times I pushed the help button. Both times nobody answered.  Both times I was trying to get somewhere by a certain time. First time I had to back out thru the garage all the way to the elevator , go to the lobby, stand in line, get a new key. 2nd time we called the front desk on cell and someone came down. Both times the staff tried to tell us that all we had to do was push the help button - even though we kept telling them nobody answered!  Got my parking fee reimbursed. But I'd rather pay and not deal with that.

Then, my room keys kept working at first but then not working anymore. Trips to the front desk for new keys?  At least 6. Maybe 8.  I got 4 bottles of free water and eventually 50% of the room rate for one night. Id rather have paid and not dealt with that.

The scent in the lobby is intolerable. It's a "deodorizer". They don't have it in the hallways or rooms but you can't breathe in the lobby. Told the clerk making me new keys about this and she was quite surprised.  REALLY ?  

Frolic is over priced and the service abominable.

I'm not sure why there are so many young people at the hotel , crowding elevators and parting late into the night in the room next door, but it's not a positive feature for me.

Rooms are nice, most of the staff nice and the hotel well located. I hope they pull it together but I'll not be staying there again.

06/10/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
36. Ashtyn M.
Hands down one of the worst hotel experiences I have dealt with.

I stayed at the Motif before when it was still the Red Lion, and have to say the Red Lion was better than this. I made my reservations for September way back in March, so my reservations went through the ownership change. When I called the Motif to confirm my reservations on three separate rooms, everything was fine. The prices they gave me matched what I had from the Red Lion. Fantastic, right? Not so much. At check in there was a hige hassle - apparently they had changed the number of people from 6 to 4, and my reservation went from $1200 for 3 nights up to nearly $1800 for 3 nights... How does that even happen? I spent nearly an hour checking in and discussing with the manager about the complications. Finally a confirmation receipt from the Red Lion was able to get me the rate I signed up for.

The stay itself was alright. The rooms were standard, not worth the nearly $390 a night though. Additionally, the elevators were a nightmare. I understand it was a busy event, but waiting 15 minutes on average for an elevator is ridiculous. We werent allowed to use the stairs because it was a fire hazard.

Frolic is over priced for subpar food. It gets the job done, but isnt worth $12 for some Oatmeal and fruit.

And here is where my experience really went down hill... My boyfriends card ended up with a mysterious $1080 charge on it. I had paid for one of the three rooms, a friend paid for his, and the third reservation had been cancelled. I thought maybe there was an error and we had been charged for a reservation cancellation, but I had cancelled within their required time frame. So I called them to try to figure out what was wrong. I learned that after 3 days they automatically charge the card on file, which would have been nice to know. However, when my friend checked into his room (he stayed there for 6 nights) he supplied them with his own card for them to charge. They goofed up and put it on the wrong card. Whoops!

So then there was the "I have to talk to my manager I will get back to you." A week goes by, no word, no refund. I call back, new person, another explanation, another "Let me talk to my manager". Thankfully, I actually got a response that evening from the gentleman I had talked to earlier. At least one person in this company can follow through. I needed to fax some paperwork over to them so they could refund one card and charge the other. Done.

More time goes by. Still no refund. My boyfriend put up one of the 1 star reviews, the manager tries to say she would really like to talk to him about it and see if they can fix it. So, being the one that deals with the money, I call her back. Answering machine. We play phone tag, she says she is eager to get this fixed, but I only ever talk to her once. Instead, a few days later I  get a call from someone new. Again, repeat the problem with the cards. I get told I should have known about the charge after 3 days and he tries to recant that the front desk made the error in charging the wrong card. He tells me it will take 7 - 10 days for the money to return to the card.

So 4 weeks later,  the money is on the correct cards, I only talked to the manager who "really wanted to make this right" once, and I still incurred interest charges on that nearly $1100 while it sat on a credit card for a month. Thanks for doing the absolute bare minimum and dragging your feet, Motif. Won't be staying there again, and will be reccomending Motif as the one place NOT to stay in Seattle.

25/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
37. Liz M.
I spent one night at the Motif Seattle in late March.  The room was great, beautiful view, very clean, comfortable bed.  The price is hard to beat in that central location, and I have no complaints about the facilities or the service.  

The best part about this perfectly nice hotel is the staff.  I had a bit of a traumatic incident while I was staying there (nothing life threatening, just scary), not at the hotel but walking around downtown.  I went back to the Motif, grabbed my bags, and made it down to the checkout at noon.  The nice man at the front desk was confronted by a woman in business casual crying copiously while pitifully asking to check out.  The front desk guy, whose name I unfortunately don't remember, and the manager, Schuyler, were incredibly kind to me at a time when I was completely alone in a strange city and totally freaked out.  Schuyler even offered, and then when I refused, insisted on walking me to my next destination, even though it was only a block away.  I really cannot thank them enough for being the kind of people (I know this sounds totally cheeseball) to show that much kindness to a total stranger.  

I would absolutely stay here again!

22/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
38. Cvetiliana B.
Donnie  (a woman) at the front desk,  would not allow us to see a room. I have never heard of  a hotel not allowing a potential customer to see a room. She said it was company policy and to look at the online photos. Well, the reviews on this hotel on Trip Advisor weren't great so we wanted to at least get a feel for it ourselves. *WE WANTED TO GIVE THE HOTEL A CHANCE.* Photos can be deceiving. I remember one hotel had great photos but stunk, you can't smell that in an online photo. Another didn't look like the photos at all. Anyway, we already had a hotel, this was for family members. We didn't have a lot of options since the 2 family members were coming last minute and on a weekend, but we still wanted them in a nice place. We asked her again but she once again referred us to the online photos and gave us this sort of haha smile, not a genuine "I'm sorry" smile but a "I like to power trip" smile which matched her unapologetic tone and words. I told her I was unhappy with this response and would post this interaction online (didn't say where), not in any kind of intimidating way, but a matter of fact. She just sort of shrugged her shoulders.

When we left we were told by manager Carmen that there was no such policy that does not allow for room viewing. She was nice, don't get me wrong, but it didn't feel like she was particularly concerned at the thought of losing a customer.  She said we are welcome to come back to see a room "later" because the rooms were pretty full now or being cleaned. Apparently not even one room was available, though we did want to see one with a view, we never had a chance to ask that much. She did not make an appointment with us, did not give us a specific time to come, nor with a particular person who would be able to assist us and not turn us away. Needless to say, we did not come back. We did, however, check out the restaurant, Frolik Kitchen + Cocktails, It was trendy and had outdoor seating, but of course overpriced precisely because of that atmosphere. We didn't end up eating there mostly because of the treatment we just experienced as well as the rather average reviews on the restaurant portion (which matches the average reviews on the hotel)

P. S. This one along with Roosevelt is a common one on hotwire hidden deals, just an fyi in case you want/don't want it.

17/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
39. Key A.
Not the worst in Seattle, but very far from the best. So so rooms a bit outdated, relatively modern lobby, but overcrowded due to insufficient elevator capacity and a line of people waiting 5-10 min to go up. Plus an unapologetic staff regarding that issue. Though it's in a good location, not recommended

26/09/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
40. David M.
I booked a room for $140/night based on the price and only after reserving the room did I look it up on Yelp. I was...pretty disappointed. I was going to change to another hotel but I got busy and kind of forgot, and then the fateful day came where we arrived and I had to check in. I was half-expecting cockroaches and dead bodies in the hallways by the reviews here so we were...shocked....to see how it was just a hotel. I've noticed some reviews were written after we stayed here so the only explanation I have is that we stayed at another Motif Seattle that happens to occupy the same dimensions in an alternate universe. We were greeted promptly, given keys, went to the room, it was somewhat basic but decent for the price, and couldn't figure out what was going to go wrong. We kept waiting for the elevator to fall into the depths of hell or someone to break into our room and stab us in the middle of the night, but nothing bad ever happened. So again, I am at a loss as to why the reviews here are so vitriolic. On checkout, I looked at the bill carefully, and we were charged the appropriate amount. I double-checked my credit card statement a few days later, and the charge matched. So literally not one thing people were complaining about in these reviews actually happened to us. And I'm not sure why. Guess I'll go buy a lottery ticket next.

Oh, the wifi was a bit slow, so there's that.

13/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
41. Christian B.
Based on Yelp's rating descriptions, two stars is only fair for 'Motif' because, well...Meh. I've experienced better. Like airlines, having a truly exceptional experience at hotels seems to be an endangered species, what with increasing rates + endless tacked-on expenses. With that said, I do want this to be a fair & balanced review, so here goes:

Pros: excellent experience with the on-site manager during my first night [a Sunday] when I had an issue with having been assigned a room in a noisy location [see below]; Good Wi-Fi connection (was able to stream Netflix without problem); clean rooms; nice toiletries; good location; overall the female staff were very friendly (can't remember all of their names), and the male staff, during my stay, offered pretty lackluster responses to my inquiries/concerns...So, onto the 'cons'!

Cons: From an initial encounter with a hipster boy at one of the check-in desks who, upon my arrival, acted like he was too cool for school at deigning to check me in, to an incredulous male front desk staff person who acted like I was speaking Ancient Greek when one night my WiFi wouldn't work (he responded: "Well, I'm logged in, and not having any problems..."- by the way, the hotel had changed the password that day, which apparently all guests are supposed to automatically know). Again, the boys at Motif could take a lesson in standard hospitality from the women on staff, at least judging by my stay and with whom I encountered (I'm sure there may be exceptions to both rules)!

Other cons: Lackluster lobby (sparse décor; looks like the hotel raided someone's Urban Outfitters Yard Sale); outrageous parking fees (though I guess that's just 'how it is' in Seattle...); creaky elevators that at least once weren't working correctly.

Also: Many booking sites will probably mislead you with "Views of Puget Sound"... But remember that unless you're inexplicably laying down lots of cash for this hotel, likely you'll be assigned a fantastic view of...A shopping mall. So, check with hotel staff upon making reservations/check-in re. location of room, and also and especially if you're a light sleeper, as the walls here seem to be pretty thin.

Final recommendation: Only stay at the Motif if you're getting a really good rate (like, at/around $150/night or less- anything more I assure you, you may be disappointed); I would go back for the 'Pro' reasons, but *only* if it were at reasonable rates and with guaranteed free Wi-Fi and if given a choice of rooms upon check-in. Otherwise, there are many better deals in downtown Seattle.

02/12/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
42. E B.
Seriously!  Seriously!  On the drive into town my husband read the yelp reviews on this hotel and we were alternately horrified and hysterical. I can't imagine what all of the negative reviews are all about.  I Have stayed at the Motif for three nights and have one more to go.  We arrived on Halloween and they had pumpkins in the lobby carved by employees, check in was a piece of cake, and we were told that the Frolic was having a Halloween party.  The room is just as nice as most of the Kimpton Hotels we have stayed in. We ordered room service one night and the prices were very reasonable and the food was great.  The location is great. No complaints at all.  

To the gal who wrote about the sheets untucking during the night my question to you is: so what?  Are you making the bed in the morning?

03/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
43. Jessica M.
My husband and I loved our stay at Motif Seattle this past weekend. Frolik has some incredible appetizers and their happy hour deals are unbeatable.

The staff was incredibly warm and welcoming. Special shout out to Ty at reception - he was the best!

20/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
44. Serena T.
My boyfriend and I stayed at the Motif for 4 days while visiting the Seattle area.  The hotel is in a great location, walkable to many attractions that Seattle has to offer with plenty of access to public transportation or taxis if you are looking to go a bit further out.  We went to the Pike Place market nearly every day since it was so close!

Our room was on the 7th floor and it was very quiet - we didn't hear other guests, outside/traffic or hallway noises.  Staff was friendly and check-in was prompt.  Our room was clean and spacious.  I will echo what another reviewer said about the ill-fitting bed sheets as ever morning they were off the bed as it didn't appear that there were any fitted sheets that properly fit the bed so it was a mess in the morning.  But we had house-keeping tidy up and make the beds every day so it didn't bother us too much.

The shower drain was not working on the first day we were there so you were talking a shower with water over your ankles.  We told the front desk about the issue and they were prompt in having maintenance come up and look at the problem.  Honestly, a bottle of Draino would have likely done the trick but maybe they don't believe in that because whatever the maintenance man did, didn't work so well.  It was better, water over the feet but the water still didn't drain very quickly.  

I think the prime location is the big selling point for this hotel.  I would recommend this place to visitors!

31/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
45. Ashley C.
We stayed at Motif for 5 nights over the July 4th weekend.   Note:  It was recently called Red Lion and changed names a few weeks ago.  The hotel is in a great location and we could walk to many tourist attractions.  We found good deal online that made the hotel the obvious choice in the area.  That said, I wouldn't pay a high price because then it is not worth it.  It gets 4 stars because of the value.

The staff were friendly but there were a few service kinks.  Concierge wasn't really staffed during the weekend.  Our room was fairly spacious and the beds were comfortable.  They also were quick to take care of some of the issues we had on our bill.  

The negatives.  We were on the third floor which also had the conference rooms.  Aside from the outside noise (which is somewhat expected given that we were on the third floor), the hallway was incredibly noisy.  The doors would bang whether it was from guests or housekeeping.   Also, even though we were on the 3rd floor we had to take the elevators.  The elevators take forever and were small.  There were at least a few times that we waited 10 minutes or longer to get down to the lobby.

11/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
46. Erin F.
This hotel gets an automatic extra star for an amazing location at a price that is far below that of surrounding hotels. AND it is pet-friendly with a very reasonable $20 fee. The decor in the lobby is lovely and they have an adorably furnished outdoor patio that begs for cocktails and people watching. The service at the front desk was fast and stellar. Wonderful people working here.

The guest room was nicely decorated and if soft pillows and mattresses are your jam, you will sleep like a baby. As a person who prefers the firm side on both of those items, I wasn't as comfortable. The most disappointing feature is definitely the bathroom. We couldn't make the toilet stop running and there is no water pressure whatsoever in the shower. Additionally, the shower head was located at about breast height. If you really enjoyed rinsing off with your parents backyard hose as a child, this will bring back happy memories for you.

The front desk agreed to a free late checkout at 1 pm which I definitely appreciated since we were staying for the Seattle Rock n' Roll marathon. We made it back just in time to pack and take a quick shower. I think I'll be staying here again when I don't feel like ferry-hopping back to the Kitsap Penninsula.

21/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
47. Bernard g.
Great hotel in the downtown just minutes from the pike farmers market. The check in staff was very helpful with area dining and points of interest. Giving your email address for their reward program gets you free wifi. Parking is convenient with unlimited access with your room key. Would definitely stay here again.

05/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
48. Jen T.
For some reason the weekend I chose to visit Seattle the hotels were extremely expensive. I ended up booking here for the first night because it was doable for under $200 on a Thursday night. The parking is self park underground and will cost you $39/night after taxes.

When we checked in we asked about the wifi and they said it was not included. However, if you sign up for their "rewards program" (basically just give them your email address) they will give you free wifi and free late check out. I saw online that they charge $50 for late check out in which you can stay in the room until 5pm, but the free late check out was only until 2:30pm. Works for me!

The room was much smaller than I expected. The sheets were nice but there was no comforter on the bed. It was like a thick top sheet... hmmm k. Not what you want to be sleeping with when its the dead of winter in the pacific north west! The restroom was also rather small but the upside was the shower pressure was great.

All in all if you are looking for something somewhat affordable downtown and you don't have high expectations this will work. I would have loved to stay at the Alexis but maybe next time!

18/12/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
49. MJ A.
Motif Seattle! Really no complaints here! I received a room with a water view and the room is modern and clean. The rates are a little high but I can pay the price for the location. A nice walk to like place and the Seattle library.
Good size room, small closet/bathroom but all the amenities I needed were met. The gym is clean and the have a few treadmills and free weights as well as a few weight machines.
Received great service from all aspects of the hotel (check-in, guest services,restaurant)
It was recently renovated and from what I hear it was well needed and well done. I would stay again.

20/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
50. Shelby M.
I stayed here with my boyfriend on a Saturday night after New Years to celebrate our birthdays. The room itself was okay. The only positives I can mention was great view over Seattle, and the room decor.

The bad:

-I found many pieces of broken GLASS scattered all over the bathroom floor. OUCH.
-During a shower the tub draining was ridiculously slow. Like it had a heavy clog or something.
-They placed us in a room next to the storage closet and elevator, so the next morning we could hear all of the hustle and bustle of the cleaning people (a bunch of scuffling, noise of large items dropping and someone repeatedly coughing through the wall throughout the entire morning.)

For what we paid and only staying 1 night it was okay but I have defiantly experienced much better and most likely will not return here.

UPDATE 1/29/15: after manager left below comment. I called her personal number she left, as well as emailed her to contact me as she referenced below. She NEVER returned my call/email. Even more disappointed in this place.

11/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
51. Michele V.
Amazing staff. Great rooms. Perfect location. My new favorite place to stay!!  They even have robes for us. Short waking distance to Yard House. Love love love this hotel!

21/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
52. Vicky L.
Eh the hotel is OK. I stayed in room 1210.. Only real complaint is the a/c did not work right for most of my stay. Had to call maintenance twice.

-from the pictures and website it looks like a modern hotel but the actual room is half modernized. The bathtub is pretty curvy looks dangerous. The bathtub tiles and wallpaper are extremely outdated and tacky.. Doesn't match the theme you think you'll get from walking into the hotel lobby which looks swanky.

-I read that this is a pet friendly hotel but I wouldn't bring my pups in here cuz  the room's a/c sucks or doesn't work. Every time I walk into the room, from the cool hallway a/c, it's like a furnace. Last time I had my dog stay in another hotel and came back to a broken a/c and a poor dog panting and drooling. I haven't forgiven the kimpton branch for that. So now a/c is a big thing for me when hotel shopping. And the motif sent maintenance to our room the first night to fix it. Second day in this hotel and it's the afternoon so it's even hotter. Called them again and they said they are sending maintenance again but no one is showing up.

-location is great though. Close to everything urban. Walkable to a lot. City target is just a few blocks away. Nice view of some water body.

-parking is $32 a night with two taxes. I just think it's weird that they charge taxes on parking. California leads a lot of weird things like plastic bag fee, electronic recycling fee, 10% taxes, etc.. But a parking tax?

-free wifi (unsecured) is spotty.

-check in is at 4pm.. And checkout is at 12pm.

-the maintenance guy finally came in.. An hour later.. and said there's a trick to their old a/c thermostats. Turn it all the way up and then turn it all the way down. Apparently that does the trick.

-there's a fridge to use without scale. Free Keurig machine to use with kcups. Old iHome radio. Not lightning cable.

18/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
53. Cassidy G.
We came to Frolik, the rooftop top inside the hotel,  during happy hour on a sunny day to enjoy the rooftop. Pretty disappointed. The rooftop is pretty. But we came for the beer and the ping pong... They were out of both beers we wanted, and they only have one ball to play ping pong (they have two tables) and the ball was cracked.. So we weren't able to play with it. We didn't stay.

18/04/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
54. Mike W.
Super Friendly Staff
Nice Rooms

Room service is kinda lacking and a tad steep for what you get. Though, downstairs is a awesome pub style restaurant which is amazing!!
Stayed for an anniversary, received a "upgraded" room!

11/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
55. Timothy R.
First off, let me state that we did NOT stay here so this review is based solely on our interaction with the staff. My friend and I stopped in to check out the rooms for a possible future visit. We were told by Donnie (a woman), that it was against hotel policy to show rooms to non-guests. She prompted us to look at the online photos instead. How absurd. Who's gonna look up photos of a hotel in their lobby when they can just go up an elevator? Does this hotel not want business?

On the way out the door, we asked for a manager. Carmen explained to us that in fact, Donnie was mistaken. The hotel does allow people to see rooms ahead of time. Except, since they were cleaning at that time, none were available at that moment. While I appreciate her clarification, I sincerely doubt there were no rooms available to look at. She invited us to return later that day if we were so inclined. Needless to say, we did not. And why should we?

There are plenty of hotels downtown. Choose another one.

02/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
56. Heather G.
We stayed here a few months ago for our second time.  Our first stay was when it was under the Red Lion on 5th.  We were happy that under Motif we were still provided excellent service.

Both stays were wonderful!  The location is excellent, very close to Pikes Place.  The staff is very good.  You will not walk past a member of their staff without being greeted or asked if you need anything.  They are very attentive and always willing to help.

Parking costs were reasonable for the area.

Rooms were large with comfortable beds.

Nice little bar restaurant attached to the hotel.

28/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
57. Casey R.
The hotel is located in the perfect spot, close to Pike Place and so many restaurants. The hotel is nice, but the room is a little small. We were upgraded to a water view room which had views of the great wheel, pike place, and the water with the ferries going back and forth. One issue that could be fixed is the beds don't have fitted sheets so the sheets are constantly needing to be fixed.
The bar at the hotel, Frolik, is nice. We got drinks there but only a side of fries for food. The wait staff was very nice though.

15/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
58. Tammy J.
Loved this location for a getaway to Seattle. Easy to walk everywhere to see most anything you want to see. Lovely room and wonderful patio for happy hour. We have a new Seattle favorite.

07/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
59. Jen S.
In comparison to the other places I've stayed at in DT Seattle over the last 10 years (Sheraton, Silver Cloud, W, Crown Plaza, Hotel Seattle (WTF! that place is freaky), Air BnB, VRBO) I give this place 3-4 stars.  Why?

1) It's clean. That's my number one thang with a hotel/motel. OK I kind of take that first part back...  Don't take the stairs because they have some unsavory grime (unless that's your thing) ...  I stayed on the 12th floor and like to get in exercise when I can (thank you FitBit) and the stairs smell like piss and as I walked down the flights from 12-1 I saw lots of litter and half eaten sandwiches and cig butts and a razorblade and...hey wait a minute, why did I give them 4 stars?  If I reviewed the stairway, I'd give it a negative star. That sucks.  Hey Motif! Clean your stairway please all it would take is a good sweep and scrub and make it a little more welcoming with a splash of paint.... BUT! Room = no weird stuff in my room or bathroom and very nice carpet and bedding and decor in the rooms...Very nice staff interactions too! And I mean that from check in, phone operator (asking for a comb b/c I forgot mine) and the door people all were very personable and friendly.

2) I'm here for work so it needs to be easy and average-ish which this place is. Easy to access the Amtrak, the buses, to walk, to dine etc.  

3) I have a pretty-darn nice view of the sound (would you Seattle-ites call it the Bay?  I think of it as the Puget Sound please let me know if I need to correct my Geography cuz I freakin' love geography and want to get it right.

A bummer for me was that it was hot....and I mean temperature wise I would rather cold arctic air blowing while I'm sleeping than have absolutely no covers cuz I'm sweating my ninnies off....I had the thermostat all the way down and it was still pretty stuffy (colleagues staying in other rooms on other floors agreed so I don't think it was just my opin)

I still would like to give it 4 stars, cuz like I said, it was clean and spacious and a nice TV and a fun view and an interesting rooftop bar and nice staff.

As usual - probably depends on the time of year and happenstance.  It's December in Seattle so it's gets light out at 8am and dark ant 4.  The room would probably be 3x more $ in the summer and then I'd probably have a different review.

10/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
60. Claire S.
Motif is a nice, new hotel in Seattle, but quite pricey, and loves to nickel and dime you.

$20+ dollars a day for parking. You do get 'in and out' privileges, and it's probably because Motif is located in the heart of downtown, but I am not a fan of hotels that charge you both to sleep and park there.

Convenient for all the visitors who forget that it basically rains 24/7 in Seattle (or at least it felt that way!). They kept switching between making you check them out at the front desk, to having you 'sign them out' on a clipboard at the door, but still, convenient.

The room itself is a little small (enough room for a large bed, desk, closet, and bathroom), but not cramped. We had a pretty great view of the part of the city, which was nice. It was a nice room, just nothing to write home about.

If anything, if you don't plan on getting a car for your visit, Motif is conveniently located within walking distance of tons of great things to do in Seattle (restaurants, shopping, markets).

I wouldn't stay here again, personally, but it was a nice treat to try out once.

08/12/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
61. Edrienne G.
My boyfriend & I just stayed here this past weekend, from Thursday-Sunday. The location of this hotel is what will bring me back to stay again. It is literally within walking distance from Pike Public Market, the shopping center (Macy's, Nordstrom & Nordstrom Rack,) the monorail, & tons of restaurants (Palomino, right across the street, Yardhouse & Cheesecake Factory within a couple of blocks).  The hotel itself has a modern feel to it, with modern furniture. The rooms however, are a little outdated, regardless of how modern the furniture is in it. The room we stayed in had the old AC/heating system (which wasn't working during our stay. Our room was a sauna & we had to ask for a fan). The bathroom also doesn't have any time of ventilation in there, keeping smells for a bit. The tub and tiles on the wall of the tub, were older looking as well.
Although we didn't eat at the restaurant, Frolic, it had a very good vibe to it. The rooftop bar/restaurant seemed to attract a lot of people. We had a few drinks there and say by the outdoor firepits.
The staff at the hotel was very friendly and helpful. We were always greeted as we walked through the door.
The hotel can be a bit pricey once all the fees add up, but what you're really paying for here is the location of the hotel. Unless you plan To drive out of seattle, a car isn't really necessary, not to mention the hotel charges $39 a night for parking.
Overall, I'd give the hotel a 3.5. I would stay here again.

09/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
62. Janny S.
You're really just paying for the location because it's smack in the middle of downtown and within walking distance to Pike Place. For $375/night (I paid $325/night thru American Express Travel) the  queen bedroom was claustrophobically small. It reminds me of an SRO in San Francisco where low-income homeless people are housed. Though the room was extremely small, it was very modern and clean. There was cable television and a strong and powerful shower head that probably wastes 1 ton of water per shower! No joke, the water came down so strong and hard that the bathtub couldn't even drain fast enough. I felt extra clean from a power wash every night. I wish the room was bigger for a room over $300/night! Oh, and they charged me $30 bucks a day to park in their garage which I was aware of so it wasn't a surprise. So with the added parking fee, be prepared to spend close to $400/night on a tiny room!

Within walking distance to Pike Place, Monorail, downtown, and if you like to walk to Belltown as well.

25/10/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
63. May N.
The location of the Motif is awesome. We stayed here briefly on a super short weekend food run. It is a comfortable walking distance from Pike Place. The room was pricier than I would have liked but was okay since the room cost was split between several friends.  We all were coming and going at slightly different times, so sharing the room worked out really well. Since our trip was so short, we did not have a chance to explore much of Seattle, so it was really nice to have a hotel room right in the downtown area.

I saw the bad reviews mentioning the horrible elevator waits, but we luckily did not encounter that problem.

One interesting part of the room is the shower. It feels like the shower head pours a ton of water on you. I imagine if it could talk, the shower head would have a drill sergeant tone of voice or the Terry Crews voice from Waze and would be shouting, "You will be washed!" It was fine but just a little surprising at first.

26/10/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
64. Valerian L.
When I arrived at the Airport in Seattle, the cab driver didn't know what Motif was. This is because it was recently known as the "Red Lion Hotel" when I finally arrived, the place is incredibly artful and furnished and all the rooms are decently sized. However, the place lacked a lot of functions, for example, the place doesn't have a laundry room. Overall, the rooms were functional and included hot coffee and tea. The place included a parking garage and the pub downstairs was good.
If you're using a taxi and the driver doesn't know what the Motif is then you should refer to it as The Red Lion.

27/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
65. Paul W.
My gf and I were very excited when we booked a night here for her birthday a few weeks ago. We had been on a few dates to their bar Frolik and thought it would be a nice way to avoid the hassle of driving the night before and the morning after the Seahawks game.

Customer Service: Everyone working here that we came in contact with was great. The check-in staff was courteous, thorough, and competent. I mentioned it was a special weekend for us and our check-in guy gave us a higher floor so we could enjoy a better view. Awesome!

Room service, housekeeping, and check-out was all great. They even let us keep our car in the parking garage a few hours longer at no extra charge so we wouldn't have to brave the dangerous drunken Post-Seahawks Mario Kart race home (I want to survive at least past the Super Bowl).

Rooms: If you are sensitive to fragrance, this is not the hotel for you! The hallways, rooms, and lounges all smell like a more mature fruity version of Abercrombie and Fitch. I just want things to smell clean, not like I'm inside of a wash machine cycle.

My other gripes were the water pressure from the sink and shower (they were intermittently strong and weak, very annoying), and our sheet, which was ripped! We ended up sleeping mostly on a mattress without a cover sheet the entire night, we didn't think to check until the morning. This was not something caused by extra curricular activity as I was heavily medicated on NyQuil and promptly went to be as soon as we got back from dinner.

Verdict: The surface appearance of Motif is very chic and elegant, but if you look closer there is much room for improvement. The housekeeping work areas look like they haven't been cleaned or renovated since the 80's, you'll see these on different floors and they look old laundry mat rooms, but without any machines (they are used more for storage). I had a chance to look inside one when we needed extra soap for the shower.

The inconsistent water pressure was a pain, the pillows are tiny and lumpy, and the sheet issue was the worst. Neither one of us had a very restful night because of that problem.

With so many other options in downtown seattle, I don't see a reason why we would spend our money staying here another night. Maybe if they upgraded the bed linens and pillows, fixed their water pressure, and installed over sized tubs we might consider.

28/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
66. Sarah J.
I want to say up front that the one-star rating is a bit deceptive.  The hotel is beautiful, for the most part the staff were courteous and friendly, and I enjoyed my stay.  

HOWEVER: That was all marred by an incident yesterday the likes of which I have never seen.  I was staying at the motif for business and was in the hotel restaurant, Frolik, from about 10-11 eating breakfast and doing work at my laptop at the table.

Partway through, I get a call from a colleague saying that she can't get into the hotel because it's been locked down for a fire alarm - which was news to me.  Elevators and stairwells were all locked, so I was stuck on the 5th floor.  Shortly thereafter, a crazy-looking guy starts marching aggressively around the restaurant with a fire extinguisher and yelling that he needs to get out of the building.  A few members of staff are following him around and trying to get him to stop, and some of the staff end up getting sprayed with the extinguisher.  

Meanwhile, I am trapped on this floor - the only customer - and the staff clearly aren't sure how to handle this until the police arrive (not that I can blame them).  The guy is trying to climb out of windows, etc. when firemen and police arrive and take this guy away.  I was then escorted by a fireman to my room on the third floor where I was stuck for another 20 minutes or so while more fire trucks arrived and the whole "false fire alarm" incident was cleared up.

To be clear: I think the staff did their best, and obviously the hotel can't control a crazy man who decides for whatever reason to go rogue with a fire extinguisher.  To that point, everything had been great (and my server at breakfast was awesome throughout).  BUT I have to say I was quite upset when my colleague told me that an announcement had been made in the hotel and the guests had been evacuated after the initial alarm.  NONE of this was communicated to me, working away in the restaurant, and as a result I literally could not escape this crazy guy - via stairs or elevator.  And I STILL paid $25 for breakfast - which, at the very least, I think could have been comped.

Quality of hotel and staff was overall great, but as far as feeling personally safe or looked after in that very odd situation: a big fat zero.  Thankfully there was no fire, but even as things were, that was a ridiculous situation for me to have been in with no warning whatsoever.

14/05/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
67. Sandi E.
Location - The location is right in the middle of downtown so you're walking distance from Pike's Place and only a short one mile car ride to Seattle Center/Space Needle.
Rooms are clean. Hotel has a trendy/modern feel.
Excellent service - bag check service was great!

Complementary Keurig was dirty. Looks like the water had been sitting in there for awhile so we didn't use it.
Pillows were small and they only give you 3 which is kinda odd. The blanket is more like a sheet.. Really thin considering this is Seattle weather.

Tip: I found from a previous yelp review here that if you sign up for their rewards program (give an email address) you get free wifi and free late check out at 2pm (usually costs $50). Regular checkout is at 12pm.

Overall great hotel and we wouldn't mind staying her again!

14/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
68. Johnny Z.
Love this hotel! It's really convenient being in the heart of downtown. The room we stayed in was spacious and had all the necessary amenities. What stood out to me the most was the small details that added the overall feel of the room, e.g., the modern backboard behind the beds, the unique chair and desk lamp, and the several unique paintings on the walls.  Also the bathrobe was super comfy and the shower head gave quite a hose down. The bed was really comfortable and I was knocked out immediately. Perhaps it was too comfortable because I almost slept through check out lol. Room service was quick! We made requests for certain toiletry items and placed orders for breakfast- both showed up way earlier than expected!

We had dinner at the hotel restaurant called Frolik. The service and food were amazing! You have to try the rib eye and triple chocolate brownie. Gosh, I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. I really liked the feel of the place... there's an area for dining in, a section for general lounging w/plenty of TVs (Go Hawks!), and, of course, you can grab a drink at the bar. There's even an outdoor patio where you can get a rooftop view, and stay warm while getting a bit of fresh air by the fireplace. The restaurant turns into a bar/small club in the evenings which is interesting to see.

A couple things to be aware of: our room was near the elevator so you can hear a small noise from that, and the glass desk did not make a good platform for the wireless mouse.

Overall great hotel! Definitely recommending this place for guests visiting the city!

19/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
69. Matthew T.
Pros:  The location of the hotel is excellent, as it is only 6 blocks away from Pike's Place Market and the Waterfront, which houses almost over half of Seattle's main attractions.  It's also only 1.0 miles from the Seattle Center area with the museums and space needle.  It was very convenient to have the hotel room close by so we didn't have to carry things all day.  Staff is great and attentive.  Frolik Kitchen is a nice spot for city views and quick food.  A small extra plus is the elevator is really fast and there was hardly any wait.  Getting to, inside and up, and about the hotel was flawless.  Decor is modern and eclectic.

Cons:  Some small cons are the lame blankets and pillows.  Blankets were thin and fails the Seattle climate.  The pillows were tiny and flat and didn't provide the necessary neck support.  Temperature control was nonexistent, and while it wasn't 'hot' or 'cold' in our room, the lack of control is unnerving.

Overall, if I come back to Seattle, Motif would probably be where I am staying.

12/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
70. Heather T.
We found a great deal using Orbitz and could not pass up the chance to stay at this fun hotel in downtown Seattle. The rooms were cute and modern and the staff was friendly and very helpful. You're only about 5 blocks or so away from Pike Place Market, and there are many restaurants within a block from the hotel (check out the Tap House Grill, great happy hour specials). The monorail to the Space Needle is also just a few short blocks away. Parking was a bit on the steep side ($39 per night) but it was nice to not have to worry about finding parking on the street.

The shower head might just change your life. Seriously.

One note - if you are planning to use a prepaid credit card, I recommend not using it at hotels for incidentals. Despite the hotel only authorizing it for the standard $50 per day, my card was authorized for all available balance and my funds were not released until a few days after we checked out. There was nothing they could do to fix the issue.

03/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
71. Kathleen T.
update: My skin was starting to hurt, so off to urgent care.  Seems like I had an allergic reaction due to a chemical used in the laundry detergent used by the hotel, most likely bleach. Very horrible experience, I get to be uncomfortable for awhile until it heals.

The staff was really nice, everything was clean. The bedding did look a bit old, but not a big deal. The fan it the bathroom did not work. At first I though it was just one hella quiet fan but I was wrong, there was no fan. The no fan part not a problem either.  The thing that I could not handle was how dry it was in the room. My skin was burning and irritated, it was so horrible.  On the plus side of this experience, I will alway bring a mini humidifier with me forever.

05/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
72. Carol M.
I've been told this use to be a Red Lion, but you would never know it. Very modern space smack dab in the heart of Seattle shopping! If you like to walk, you can get anywhere....so close to the 5th Ave Theater...around the corner from Westlake...not far from Pike Place...hell, we took a $7 cab to the Mariner game and walked back after...its all do-able!

Parking is tight and Ford trucks do not pass the height restriction. With tax it was close to $37 a day, which seems steep, but it is Seattle.  Free wi-fi if you give them your email address.

There's a rooftop bar which makes excellent cocktails...but even better, they are renovating the Elephant + Castle downstairs...can't wait! Until summer!

The missing star is for the neck-breaking pillows and crazy water pressure. They need a warning on the sink or you may sever a finger with the heat and piercing water stream, while the shower is more like a drizzly Seattle day. As for the pillows, bring your own. We had friends looking for massage therapists and chiropractic adjustments when they got home.

We will be back :)

06/05/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0