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The Vermont Inn in Seattle, WA

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Company Info:

Rating: 2.17

Address: 2721 Fourth Avenue, Seattle, WA, 98121

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    Comments (12):

    1. Danielle T.
    Its ok if you are in a situation where you HAVE to stay here. This and its sister hotels are literally the only half-way affordable extended stay places in the city.
    That said, the area is like any place in Belltown, tons of cracked-out homeless people around and they are allowed to just 'hang out' outside the building.  There is often yelling outside near the front in the middle of the night.
    The door is supposedly locked but it is usually kept open or broken so anyone can just waltz in. The front desk is vacant about 20% of the time I enter the building.
    Walls/floors are extremely thin. The place is pet friendly so Ive been listening to either a distressed kitten or a cat in heat about midnight every other night.  After about two weeks Ive been attacked by fleas in my bed several nights in a row.
    The prices are NEVER the posted rates so call first.. and even when you call about something you will still get an incorrect answer most of the time.
    The staff has been generally friendly.  
    It is what it is... but if there were any other options I really wouldn't stay here.

    14/06/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    2. Jesus C.
    So me and my girl needed a place to land in Seattle and we went with these guys since the location was decent and wouldn't need cars. I have seen some other reviews and I can say it wasn't so bad from a dirty or shady element. The front desk staff for the most part was fairly cool and helpful. Other then that though this place sucked. The room was barely 200 sq feet. It had a window facing a brick wall. It was total rape at $1200 a month! Really for a small sized fridge and a closet of a room. What is this manhattan? Ok so one night coking home me and my girl get offered to buy Xanax in the elevator by some junky kid talking about he just robbed his friend in the building. We are both city kids from NYC so really nothing scary here just some junky. Still for $1300 a month should I be dealing with some lowlife junky at like 2am in a building that is staffed 24hours a day??? Over all the place sucked. The cleaning staff use the elevator all day jamming you up from getting where you have to go. The staff obviously let low life's in. The price is retarded I mean $1300 for that prison cell haha ok! The TV would shut off a minute after you turned it on then you would have to keep trying to start it again. The icing on the cake for me was the day we moved out I asked for a luggage cart and they said oh it's In maintenance. One luggage struck for the whole operation?! I asked oh is it broken and they where like not sure he just has it. No further looking into it that was it. I forgot to mention they want $45 bucks a month for Internet! This place sucks really don't waist your time! I have stayed in Seattle before at the extended stay in northgate and I would strongly recommend them again. Full size fridge very cool staff clean place and close to supermarkets, dollar store and 99. The Vermont inn sucked and was a rip off yeah ok so Belltown was an ok spot but really that place is worth $600 a month If they are lucky. Another cute fact is the $200 dollar deposit you leave isn't ready when you move out. So you pay right away and they pay you back when it's good for them. Place sucks! Try the extended stay in northgate or maybe air b and b for a sublet but don't waist your money here!

    19/03/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    3. Sara J.
    Not long after I first moved to Seattle the person I was living with and I went our separate ways and I needed an affordable, furnished place to live. At the time I was working at a sister hotel of the Vermont, and was recommended to stay there. I was told I would get a discount and was quoted a price for a room, which I took.
    When I went in to sign the lease, the rent was over $100 more than what I was told, but I was desperate for a place so I took it. They told me I was not eligible for maid service and put me on the first floor, in the very first apartment  next to the exercise room. I was working a night shift at the hotel and so I would go to bed late and sleep in, however, the walls are extremely thin and I could hear everything that was going on in the exercise room, sometimes from 5AM to around 10 or 11.
    After about a month I finally complained to one of the front desk employees who told me I should have been asked to create a schedule for when tenants could use the exercise room. No one ever mentioned that to me.
    Also, the maintenance midget was very rude.
    After about two months of living there my hours got cut at work because of a personal issue my manager had with me. This made it very hard to pay rent on time. I finally got laid off and was evicted from my apartment. Even though the Vermont Inn is owned by the same hotel I was working for, they were completely unwilling to work with me.

    10/02/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    4. Al S.
    The staff is great and it's a cheap place to stay.  But because its so cheap and in the middle of the ghetto, that's who your neighbors will be.  If your personal safety, is worth more than money,  I'd suggest paying an extra 100.00 a month and stay at their sister facility, The Belltown Inn 200 yards down the street.
    Prior to moving to Seattle from SD my girlfriend and I researched the internet looking for affordable short term housing.  The pictures we saw of this place online were nice.  But when we showed up, it looked and smelled like a run down halfway house, and there was even someone going through heroin withdrawals in the hallway during the middle of the night.  We slept there one night, with one eye open and immediately checked out.

    27/06/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    5. Jim S.
    Upon moving to Seattle, my husband and I were in need of a short-term rental to bridge the period between the start of his job and the date we could move into our new apartment. We booked the Vermont Inn based largely on what was listed on the website, but after checking in we realized that it was going to be unsuitable for a number of reasons and we only ended up staying two days of our one-week rental.

    Given the price, I should have been more skeptical than the website led me to believe. I know lots of places photograph their rooms to make them look more spacious than they are. But no photo can convey the effect of a room that reeks of stale cigarette smoke (which no amount a Fabreeze could correct.)

    We were also led to believe by the management that we would easily be able to find weeklong parking rates nearby. But all we could find was lots offering daily or monthly rates.

    There was no wi-fi in the building, but we could get DSL for an additional $15. But I could never get it to work with my Mac.

    Also, the kitchen was not well equipped enough to be of much use, and there was no where to eat even if it had been.

    Finally, we arrived on a Friday evening and sometime on Saturday evening, someone vomited on the sidewalk right outside the entrance. But no one had cleaned it up by the time we left (for good!) late Sunday afternoon. Disgusting.

    24/05/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    6. George R.
    Overall I enjoyed staying at the Vermont Inn. It's always clean and the staff was very helpful and friendly. The downside is the full size beds are definitely not for two people and they weren't comfortable at all. And the price is a little steep for the but you are in a great area. Stayed a month and enjoyed it for the most part.

    23/05/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    7. Lyndon B.
    Got bitten by a bed bugs here twice in one week. My first experience from this. I still have the mark on my face from a bite, thanks. Blood on the sheet from the bed bug. Never experienced this before. Complained about it and apparently all they did was change the sheets with no response. I have been talking with other tenants and they have complained about it as well. Couldn't sleep for 3 weeks of the month I was there, paid up front. They hold your deposit for 2 weeks after you move out. A few of the staff are nice, The vast majority look down on ppl staying here though many stay here themselves. Large subsidized population of interesting ppl. They will charge 1400 and allow you to get bit by bed bugs all day. Covered mattresses do not stop bed bugs when they are behind the headboards and in the closets and clothes drawers. Also 40 for internet that is slow due to out of date 10 Mps routers.

    13/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    8. Ellie V.
    I wanted to be sure to add my review of the Vermont Inn, especially since there are some older posts that really do not do the place justice. It is currently under new owner and he's working hard to make it a place guests come back to. I am a single female and had never been to Seattle. I moved here and stayed at the Vermont Inn for the first month until I found a place. After reading the reviews I actually took the time to call and ask a few questions and Ashley was very patient in answering all of them. So let me outline some of the key things that most travelers, or people moving to the area would be looking for:

    1) Folks there are NO bed bugs. I addressed this issue before reserving. They were forthcoming that it had been a previous problem under a different owner. Not only are there no bed bugs, the mattresses are enclosed in those special covers designed to keep bugs out. In addition I did not see any critters of any kind. I was expecting some at the garbage chute, but there was nothing.

    2) It was a fully furnished studio with dresser, night stand, floor lamp, night stand lamp, closet, iron, ironing board, sitting chair, flat screen TV, cable, microwave, dishes, pots/pans, utensils, small fridge, dish sponge, towels, soap. THEY EVEN SUPPLIED THE DISH SOAP and TOILET PAPER! And not just once. The Vermont Inn also has weekly housekeeping service and they refill the dish soap bottle, provide soap and more T.P. If you run out of T.P. in between, you can ask either someone at the front desk or one of the housekeeping staff if you run into them. There is a laundry room in the building as well. OOH and if you stay there here's a tip that I learned by accident: 2nd floor has soda machines and 3rd floor as a food  (milk, sandwiches, hamburgers, burritos, apple juice, etc...)vending machine and the food actually sells! It's not stale stuff!

    3) The only thing I didn't like about the room was the bed in terms of comfort (which is why I knocked down a star). I ended up buying a 1 1/2 inch memory foam to put on top of the mattress. Oh and definitely if you're 5'10 and taller-you're not going to fit unless you lay in the fetal position. I'm 5'6 and just fit.

    4) The location cannot be beat. It is walk-able to pretty much anything touristy. They were the closest to the Seattle Center (about a 5 minute walk-if that) with the Space Needle, The EMP (aka Pop Culture museum), The Glass Museum, The Duck tours (land/water tour of Seattle area). Near the Seattle Center is the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (which has an interactive visitors center) and across the street from them is fabulous supermarket with great prices and their deli section is fantastic as well. From the Vermont Inn you can also walk to the well-known Pike Market (it was about a 15 minute walk but there's stuff to see along the way-my favorite route was down 4th Avenue). A block before Pike Market is a Target with a supermarket inside, and across the street is the Hard Rock Cafe.  In between Vermont Inn and Pike is a shopping center, restaurants, cute shops, a human-sized chess game, etc..

    5) Safety/Noise Factor-if you're someone that needs absolute 100% quiet then you might want to request a room facing the courtyard. My room faced the back of the building but even on the 5th floor I could hear traffic. It's a few blocks from a fire house so at least once a day you can hear the sirens quite loudly.  In terms of safety, it was safe. They have cameras everywhere! The guests in the building were mostly professionals, others tourists from Europe.  The neighborhood was safe. I mean like anyplace be responsible, don't draw attention to yourself. The building is locked so no one can get in without a key or being buzzed in by a staff member. The front desk is occupied 24/7. Now like any city there are homeless and people who (it appears) have substance abuse concerns. But again, it's harmless. If you're from or have visited New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles-it's not that different. Just like in those cities you go about your business.  I did have one case at the 7 Eleven across the street (which is a nice 7 Eleven with good coffee) one morning and a young man approached me. He did NOT invade my space or approach me in an aggressive manner that scared me. He was very polite, said good morning and he asked for spare change. But again his manner and his intentionally keeping a distance made the situation non-threatening.

    6) The overall cost for a month's stay-you can't beat that. I spent months trying to secure a temporary, long-stay furnished apartment. And the prices I was quoted for a month was absolutely insane and they didn't even come with half the amenities that were included at the Vermont Inn.

    So I know this is a LONG review but I felt it was important. I used Yelp a lot when I was first getting my move together and the reviews helped a lot.

    17/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    9. Henry G.
    Several years ago I had decided to move to Seattle from Los Angeles so I did some research about areas that I would be interested in and that would also offer easy access to the life of the city and the area. What I settled on was The Vermont Inn which had all the elements I needed for an easy entry to Seattle - reasonably priced, safe, clean, ready access to shopping areas, and easy access to public transit. It is also within a few hundred yards of Seattle Center where a multitude of cultural events (music festivals, food fairs, theatrical productions, etc.) place not to mention the museums, theaters, arena, and public spaces as well. I have been here now for more than 2 years. Though the units are small they are reasonably priced for what they have to offer.

    I did note some of the complaints of earlier reviewers but since the new management headed by Mr. Chuck Francoeur took over a couple of years ago things have improved noticeably. Believe me, since I am a senior citizen, if I felt at all unsafe or uncomfortable here I would not have stayed as long as I have.

    25/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    10. Sarah C.
    My husband and I needed a place to stay while we job and apartment hunt. The rooms are small, only studios, but clean and well maintained. Staff is super friendly and helpful, no complaints here.

    02/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    11. Matthew W.
    I have stayed here for a month and a half now on their month to month plan ($1695 a month) being as though I don't qualify for a six month lease (which is $695 approximately) which isn't my complaint. Everyone I have experienced here has been awesome except "Robert", to whom won't even share his last name; if it's even his name at all-the night shift guy. I was working down in the lobby (via guest Internet) and it just wasn't working. I asked "Robert" if they had been having issues, he replied "No, I haven't had any complaints". I asked "are you sure, because it doesn't  seem to work at all?"
    At this point he suggested I pay an additional $40 for Internet in my room. Not possible for me. The whole time his demeanor was of concern to me-very angry and short. Never what you would expect from customer service professional. I asked why he was being so aggressive in his tone toward me, that I just had a lot to do in a very short time. Again he stated that I was the first person to ever complain and no one else has ever had issues. I had just hoped he could just restart the modem (being as though it's usually the problem). Instead he suggested I pay an additional $40 a month and use the "in room feature" because the flashing lights were fine on the modem (again with the sales).
    At this point I was very angry but polite and said there is no reason to act like an ass to customers and tried to explain what I wanted/expected on my $1695 a month-free guest Internet being one. He stated he can't fix it and I should try tomorrow. How can you not even try to just hit a restart button?
    This point I realized I was speaking to a wall and left. As soon as I was in the elevator I overheard him call me a "fucking asshole!", not even quiet about it. Even repeated it when I exclaimed "excuse me!?" He called me a "fucking asshole" two more times;
    but of course was a coward as soon as I started recording him on camera.

    I suggest the Belltown Inn, no one wants to be called a "fucking asshole" at 2:00am because you expect someone to just do there basic duties!

    Never again will I stay here until this is corrected!

    09/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    12. Sarah B.
    When we first moved to Seattle we weren't sure where to live and didn't want to feel rushed into anything.  We decided to stay here and test out the area first.  

    The Vermont Inn has very small furnished studios for reasonable rates.  They also provide maid services and laundry facilities.  The place was relatively secure and clean.  

    Nothing much to complain about but nothing to be too excited about either.  It's definitely not a place that everyone could handle.  A little cramped and noisy.  But at least not too seedy.  

    I would recommend it to people who are a little adventurous and looking for a cheap place to stay while they are in Seattle or looking to move.  Not ideal for kids.  But right near the Space Needle.

    03/07/06 | Link | Rating: 3.0