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W Seattle in Seattle, WA


The 26-story W is a beacon welcoming the urban, urbane and contemporary to their refuge in Seattle's cultural core. In the heart of downtown, W Seattle is close to Seattle's best attractions.


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Rating: 3.44

Address: 1112 4th Avenue, Seattle, WA, 98101
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Comments (382):

1. megan d.
ive vistited friend staying here. and rooms are hott and art deco. the rooms are kinda on small side.  but for any modern art lover this hotel is must.  and the views are killer.

03/04/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
2. Lindsay G.
Could there be anything better about this hotel? The rooms are like small palaces and the staff is like royalty. Right in the middle of downtown, you can take a cab anywhere. And Oceans, the bar, is fabulous!

14/11/05 | Link | Rating: 5.0
3. Seerath H.
The W hotel in Seattle is what you would expect from W's.. trendy, hip, fun, buzzing. We stayed here for a weekend a while a go and had a great time. The vibe is pretty cool from the main lobby entrance. The service from the attendants were great as well. The rooms had a hip vibe to them and were filed with great amenities ipod docks, great movie selection, voss water, bliss spa products.. etc. We also ordered in some food which was pretty good. One of the best parts of the W is the W bar. The one here is pretty happening.. not really a crazy party scene.. but a great after hours bar scene, great DJ as well. Close to everything amnd all you could want in your stay, i would highly reccomend the W.

04/07/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
4. christy w.
Well I have to say that the W Seattle is not as bad as some people say. Its trendy, yes, but I do love the Bliss products. The rooms are small but you are suppose to be out enjoying the city not in your room. I had no complaints about the staff actually when I was there the Acura people where there and gave us complimentary rides to different places in the city (yes we had to fill out a info card but hey that's okay). The party going on in the lobby on Saturday night and all the people outside like if it was a club was a little odd and not what you would expect on your way back to your hotel.

23/07/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
5. CS Y.
this W is beyond underwhelming. the W is outdated. sure, it makes the pot-bellied corporate business man pushing 60 feel hip and cool but it has failed to recognize that it is 2010. decor is sadly west elm circa 2000 and the service at this particular W was sadly lacking. examples... i laid down to take a nap and was terrified to miss an important meeting so i called down to let the "whenever/whatever" folks wake me up in 2 hours. i confirmed the time and laid in my bed. luckily, i never fell asleep because the wake up call never came...." second story is when i called the "whenever/whatever" line and asked for a small favor and was told that they would be happy to transfer me to the front desk to put in that request....." why would i make TWO calls to get something done if you are supposed to help me make things happen "whenever/whatever"... my faucet sink handle fell off, two people walked in on me my first day checked in... i could go on and on. amateur hour. i'm over this chain.

14/08/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
6. Brandon L.
I have waited a few weeks to see if the sour taste that this hotel left in my mouth would expire, but it has not and so I decided to write you. I stayed a few days from Sept 10-13 at the W Hotel. Now this is my first hotel stay as a new SPG member and had high expectations since my friends are SPG members. So this was a test to see if I should switch from Hilton to Starwood. I thought the W Hotel was swanky and modern. My room was 621. I attribute my lower floor room as biproduct of me booking a low rate through Priceline as others have reported. My room was ok. Not spectacular. There was mildew in the shower, the shower head was wobbly due to the fact that the trim had fallen off and our bed was lousy. I took off the topper and it was still super soft. I guess that makes my decision not to buy a W Bed an easy one. Our floor was also a victim of moisture. Although it didn't smell like mildew but more like pot. Alot of pot. I am not sure what is going with that hotel, but I would definitely not stay there again nor would I recommend it to anyone else.

05/10/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
7. Susan K.
W Seattle is located in a great location in downtown Seattle, just blocks away from great restaurants and 5 streets from Pike's Place. It has the quintessential chic W décor, but the lobby was rather small and although you can order drinks from the bar, the whole scene seems rather disconnected. I was rather disappointed with both my last recent stays at one of the guys at the check-in desk. He seemed absolutely sterile (and it was the "hip" pretentious W attitude), it was a total lack of customer service. He wasn't able to answer ANY of the questions I asked him (and these were typical questions that receptionists should know) and he didn't make the slightest effort to ask anyone else to find out. He couldn't crack a smile if his life depended on it, but overall having a guy like that at the front desk is just a bad welcoming experience. I highly urge that if W management was reading this, that you guys review your front desk staff carefully, because this is the first person that greets your guest and they need to smile when saying hello (at the very least). Everything else was good. Rooms were fairly decent size for a W and they have a fairly decent Happy Hour menu, but they don't promote it at all, so you have to ask them on your own. Like I said, overall this W is not very proactive at its customer service. That's just my take....but I keep coming back because it's predictable and dependable.

01/12/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
8. Rosella S.
we love w hotels! the hotel was within walking distance to pike's market and the downtown shopping areas. the bar was a great place to people watch and the drinks were excellent. the staff was wonderful. we arrived early yet they were able to accommodate us and get us into a room. i was sick at the time so they were very understanding about getting us settled in. they first gave us a room that was in the lower level with no view but when we requested something a little more scenic, they allowed us to stay in the current room until they were able to fix up a better room with a view. we will definitely stay here again when we return.

01/04/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
9. Andrew B.
Very great staff. I work as a personal assistant and I book lots of rooms here. The people have a lot of demands but the staff makes evrything happen. The free apples are a great delight also!

17/07/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
10. Christin A.
Perfect experience for me - every time.  Thank you, W Seattle, for making my frequent business trips to the Emerald City so outstanding!

24/09/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
11. Brian M.
Nice luxury hotel in great location in downtown Seattle. If you can get a corner suite go for it, as it is so nice to have most of the corner and surrounding walls made up of windows. My room had a perfect view of downtown and Mt. Rainier in the background. The bed was nice and comfy, lots of space in the bathroom, and a nice long hallway coming in from the front door (which helps to separate the inside world from the outside world). There was a widescreen high-def tv, CD and DVD player, desk and divan in the corner next to the large windows which filled up the corner.  They also have a CD and DVD library from which you can borrow entertainment (for free, I think). The bar and lobby downstairs is dark and hip and has a soundtrack to match.

07/07/06 | Link | Rating: 5.0
12. Desiree J.
Just got back last night from my first Seattle trip- stayed at the W. I had a great trip and loved Seattle and really enjoyed the W. It's a very cool hotel and I would definitely stay here again. It's in a great location sandwiched between the Fairmont and the library. The rooms are nice- I loved the banquette sofa against the window and of course the Bliss products. The concierge was helpful with questions we asked, and the front desk employees were also great. On our last day we chatted up a bartender for awhile and he had some great ideas for our next Seattle trip and was really friendly. I love the look of the W. Great waters/drinks in the lobby- grab a cup and taste! Only minus one star because we are allergic to down and were able to get synthetic pillows, but not a non-down comforter...I would have liked a comforter. Oh also, I like the energy efficient air condition that clicks on when you walk in the room.

01/06/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
13. Brian H.
I've stayed here on 2 seperate occasions, and it's one of my favorite hotels in Seattle. Modern and stylish hotel rooms, close to Pikes Market and downtown shopping. Only downside is the rooms are a bit on the small end.

15/12/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
14. kelly c.
If you come to the W Seattle you have to arrive on a Wednesday night!  Great atmosphere with a DJ, scented candles, fireplace going, very hip and cool.  My only complaint is that I requested a non-smoking room and it smelled like an ashtray.

20/01/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
15. Kate E.
The W in Seattle made me want to get naked, and I'm not trying to be funny (okay, maybe).  The lighting, the music, the decor, it just made me want to strip down and run around.  I was not the only person there who had this reaction.  But, somehow, it was dark and sexy while being fun and accessible.  The lobby bar was decent, the help was very knowledgeable, and the rooms were a decent size.  The beds were amazing and the Bliss products in the bathroom were an extra-super bonus.

24/07/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
16. DJ D.
I enjoy going here when I traveled for work. Its close to everything and the service is great. I've enjoyed my stay here many times in the past that at a few times I ended up locking myself in my hotel room and living off room service during the most stressful times at work. They take care of you here, food is great especially for room service type food. The gym is a typical hotel style small gym. I'm a city girl so this location is just perfect for me. I love the modern decor and for me its sexy and simple, very soothing to the eyes.

05/04/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
17. Jeni S.
this is where i stay when im in seattle, i wouldnt stay anywhere else. close to everything. i dont know what that other reviewer is talking about --i personally loved the $8 voss water.

10/03/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
18. Pamela L.
This is a very nice place to stay, lux rooms with great views in a good location. However, I didn't realize there were so many Euro-trash wanna-bees in Seattle until I visited this bar!   It is a nice looking and cozy bar, but not enough seating.  And a DJ at 6pm? Huh? Attitude from plump secretaries, ha ha ha.  The drinks were the topper 8.75 for a single Stoli w/soda, and 5.75 for a 10 oz beer....did I unknowingly walk into a transporter that took me to Las Vegas?

14/12/06 | Link | Rating: 3.0
19. rachel m.
I love the W, it is so modern and snazzy! I stayed here around Christmas time a few years ago and it was a weekend filled with fun.  Beautiful decorations, wonderful rooms and service.

25/03/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
20. Jennifer L.
This hotel is a winner - from the welcome mats that change with the time of day (Good Afternoon segues into Good Evening as the sun goes down), to the location and decor.
My room is beautiful.  I want to steal the little pillow off my bed even though it matches nothing I own.  The view (even though it's just of neighboring buildings) is great.  I love the Bliss toiletries (I smell like lemon + sage!).  The staff are friendly and accommodating.  The lounge is gorgeous and perfectly moody.  My suggestion if you don't have a room here?  Snuggle up on the chaise lounge in front of the fire with someone whose company you enjoy and ignore everyone else around you.
The only odd thing - no turn down service?!  Weak.
** Back again 10.07 **
Another lovely stay, although the welcome mats that change with the time of day are gone, replaced by boring "W Hotel Seattle" mats.  Whatevs.  If you order room service breakfast and opt for an omelette, be aware that your omelette will happily swim over to you in its little lake of butter.  Yum?
I spent at least half of my stay cozied up in the window seat area gazing out the window (er, I mean working) and longing for a cozy throw.  Seriously guys, would it kill you to have a blanket in this here nook?

01/03/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
21. Vivian L.
Well, I've stayed at enough W Hotels to know that they're all about the same, which is most of the reason why people stay in them. You know what to expect, and you know what you're paying for -- which is: groovy electronica music playing in the lobby, candles lit at the check-in desk, west elm-y decor often in various shades of jewel tones, decent sheets and comfortable bed, and Bliss products in the bathroom. And this W was no different. We did get a nice view of Mt Rainer through the windows though. :)

12/07/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
22. Chuck H.
The Seattle W is mostly everything you'd expect from the name: dark, moody, trendy...  unfortunately it's starting to show it's age.  For example: there's an LCD TV, just not mounted on a wall.  It's like five-years-ago modern - which is still cool - but a newer place like Hotel 1000 trumps it.  The staff was friendly, but the overnight parking and room service felt overpriced.  The bar and lounge are where you'd find folks that seem a little out-of-place in Seattle: think silicone and those silly fake fauxhawks.  (Not that there's anything wrong with the former, but the latter... c'mon dude.)  No turn-down service at night, but overall it was a nice stay.  Three-and-a-half stars if Yelp would allow it.  Just disappointed that they hadn't modernized the Dubya more since my last visit in 2002.

10/04/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
23. Manny F.
Great hotel, great view- great for status holders to live up in style for the evening. A DJ spins on Wed nights in the lobby, and the crowds are great.  Please stay if you can :)

14/07/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
24. Hey La P.
I was a little disappointed with our visit.  First of all they screwed up our room and put us on the 5th floor rather than the 19th.  And the techno music blasting in the lobby was a little much, especially at 8am.  As for having drinks in the lobby, when we were there it was filled with kids and dogs.  Fun times.  Also, the people that we had the pleasure of serving us kind of had their heads up their asses.  The room was great and the Bliss bath products were almost greater.  When I return to Seattle I can't say it will be to this hotel.  In my opinion it just wasn't worth it.

29/08/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
25. Jennifer P.
I spend almost half of my nights in hotels (no, I'm not a hooker - well not exactly).  Anywho, this is my favorite US hotel, hands down.  It's nice without being too over the top, centrally located and has a great restaurant.  They'll even bring drinks up to your room.  Great place to get away in Seattle.

29/08/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
26. Leaf W.
this is the best hotel i have ever SEEN not to mention stayed the night in.
So, why don't i give it 5 stars?? Because of $12 water and popcorn coming up to your room with an apple, salt and pepper, and a $9 price tag attached. I have stayed in lots of hotels, and been to alot of parties IN hotel rooms...so i've seen a few. This one tops them all. comfey, roomy beds, lots of natural light, pretty furniture and i liked how dim the lighting was..it sure beats bright lighting! i live in Seattle, and have yet gone to the bar, so i'll have to try that, but i wouldn't eat in the "Cafe" again....$23 dollar porridge! who do they think they are??? I only stayed there because a friend from out of town had a room through work. for a week. it was a good week. it's true about the internet, though. Also, if you don't know, the only way to get a good room is "upgrade" look it up on wiki. you just have to gripe and order things that you shouldent have to, like "fresh sheets! Make sure!" and your room will be great almost anyware you go. they sell the beds and sheets, among other things, and just to give you an idea how great this place is, EVERYONE from SIFF stayed there this year. YOU know, all the directors, actors, etc.? W hotel, baby. if it's good enough for Mathew Lillard, it's good enough for me!

03/11/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
27. Z M.
Really nice service, Romantic setting with the candles! Andy at front desk was very helpful and welcoming! Generally the concierge and front desk are fantastic. One of the robes in my room had questionable stains and so did my bedsheets! The floors werent vaccines properly either. The gym is really nice with bran new equipment but again it looks like it's been a while since someone mopped the floors so u don't really want to do a whole lot of stretching....looks like housekeeping has some house cleaning to do...

09/03/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
28. Vy N.
This is the review for the lounge at the W. Sleek, dark and sexy. You can have fun in a big group or just go on a prowl on your own. Hey everybody needs a little lovin' right? Martini was about 15 but pretty stiff. I wasn't feeling the music but thank god they did not blast it. Perfect for having conversation with friends and just chill. Plus the place is dark enough so everyone looks sexy, comfy couches are perfect for make out sessions... but that's just not classy. LOL

14/07/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
29. John C.
One of the best W's around, save for the W Tuscany in NYC. It's location is great, the indoor pool is great, the rooms are great, the front desk staff is great, the valet parking attendants are great. And I usually get some pretty decent rates to top it off. Definitely a must-stay if you're going to the 206.

21/11/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
30. Steven O.
I love the W.  If you're looking for the kind of establishment that plays classical music in the lobby with a bunch of old stuffy farts lounging around, then forget about this place.  If, on the other hand, you're looking for a place with a cool vibe, sexy lighting, sexy house music playing in the lobby and attractive people lounging around sipping their martinis, then this is the place for you.

18/11/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
31. San N.
Decent price and GREAT location.   Within walking distance of everything, including Pike's Market.  I'd definitely come back.

Service-  Excellent.

Bar/Restaurant-  Great food although I can't remember what I ate now. At night the bar is pretty crowded.  After a night of exploring, we got drinks at the bar and sat in the adjacent lobby area mingling with the locals.

Rooms-  Pretty spacious.  Good amenities,  Bliss toiletries, robes, comfy beds.  Modern furniture.

16/12/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
32. Kim S.
As a star wood preferred guest, I've stayed at many W properties and this one feels like a totally different experience. Maybe they converted from another brand but it's lacking the w style. Also,  my reservation requested a corner room but they said they could not do that. Ok but then our first day we return to the room at 3:30 pm and there hadn't been any maid service. Also, the guests who stay here are not the typical clientele. I felt like I got ripped off on this one. I love the W but this was not the W style. You pay the W rates but you get a cheap experience. .

10/07/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
33. Nina N.
want to feel like a celebrity?
want to sleep in a place without breaking that bank?
want to stay in downtown seattle, and be in walking distance to
restaurants,shopping, and theatre?
want to take an elevator down to the bar and get an awesome swanky drink?
want to eat the best orgasmic "sexy fries" money can buy?

stay here :)

18/12/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
34. Arissa C.
Great Bar for before going out venues...Meet a date or a coworker...Fabulous design :-)

24/11/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
35. Denice M.
Some girlfriends and I decided to steal away from our hectic lives and spend a girls' night at the W.  The rooms were wonderful and the service was impeccable!  From the soft robes to the wonderful Bliss bath products, the hotel provided all of the creature comforts you would want, without giving too pretentious of an air.  The next morning, when I left for coffee, I accidentally took the wrong room key and was locked out.  The front desk staff were very courteous, but wanted to contact someone in the room to ensure I was who I said I was before they would make a new key for me "just on my word."  It took extra time, but I appreciated that the staff kept their guests' safety first in mind.  Great for out of town guests and for the local who wants a night out!

16/12/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
36. Gregor M.
Hip, trendy, pricey,... everything you would expect from a W Hotel. My room was nicely furnished, clean, and thankfully had a good view. Definitely consistent with other W Hotels, and in a good central location if you want to walk around.

24/07/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
37. Flip C.
I've always been a pretty cheap traveler preferring to skimp on my hotels in favor of using the money for other diversions.  But when my brother clued me into a deal to get discounted rooms at The W for a trip to Seattle, I took the bait.  I've been living in a cramped studio shoebox in San Francisco for the last 2 years and figured I owed it to myself to splurge.  And boy, did I love splurging at The W!!  My room was actually bigger-- BIGGER-- than my studio apartment (which probably says more about San Francisco than The W, but I'll give The W the credit).  Furniture was classic and modern.  They had a sofa built into the wall under the window which was so comfortable to just sit in and chill.  The bed was luxurious with the softest pillows EVAR.  I swear, I came back to the hotel just because I wanted to lie in the bed.  Bliss products for toiletries.  I hid the soaps and face wash so they'd have to restock them at the beginning of each day.  (I'm cheap, sue me.)  Close to downtown, even walkable to Capitol Hill if you're inclined to do so (or, as was the case with me, because I couldn't get a cab).

The bad:  They had Voss water and red wine strategically placed around the room to tempt you and thus run up a killer "incidentals" bill.  Internet service was $15 a day.  The gym was a little sucky.  The bartender didn't know how to make a negroni.  My room overlooked the hotel next door and since my windows were pretty big, I'm sure there was some voyeur action going on.

29/05/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
38. Becky C.
I stayed here last week for three nights for a work event and I'm really happy they booked this location (versus the last company offsite). I arrived at 11 p.m. and was greeted warmly and professionally at the front desk. I was a bit overwhelmed when I walked in because the vibe is a whole lot hipper than I'm used to. The first thing I tweeted was that I'm just not cool enough to stay there. Showing my Starwood Preferred Guest card to the gentleman checking me in I was given a better room, which I always appreciate. I have a king size bed at home; I do not want to sleep in a double regardless of where I am. Getting off the elevators I had a bit of a hard time finding my room because the lighting situation is quite ... intimate. Getting to the room, I was very pleased. Beautiful crisp white linens, great window seat, lots of task lighting if I needed it. One of the ways I rate hotels is if the room is better than what I have at home. On that level, I was really pleased with the bathtub. A lot of hotels - yes, even those four star properties - put really shower, standard issue tubs in their bathrooms. I have no idea why. Not so with the W. After a long day of work and travel I was able to take a nice, hot relaxing bath in a deep tub that wasn't overly aggressive about draining for my safety. I also really enjoyed the Bliss bath products as I had forgotten my Lush face wash at home. The one thing I would have appreciated about the room was if the iPod docking stations had been updated to charge iPhones. Unfortunately they didn't so I had to crawl behind a side table to plug my charger in. That said, overall, I really enjoyed the hotel. I also enjoyed the space used for our work event and that the WiFi there was free (unfortunately it was $40 for my stay in my room). If I was going to Seattle for pleasure, I'd probably go back to the Alexis Hotel or Inn at the Market, but if someone told me they'd booked the W I'd tell them they were in for a good stay.

12/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
39. Bernadette E.
well well well...

*a super comfy robe that really tries to hinder you from going out
*soft fluffy beds with your choice of pillow (?!?!?)
*built in couches next to the window with down-filled cushions
*your very own complete set of bliss products
*apples at the check-in desk
*nice, friendly staff that genuinely look like they enjoy being at work
*a starbucks across the street

seriously... my little heaven ; )

18/12/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
40. bonne b.
We love spending the night at the W Hotel! -- a getaway only miles from home.
It's not as cold and stark as most W's around the US, and the desk staff, while beautiful, are friendly rather than stand-off-ish.  Lovely linens and VERY comfortable beds.

23/09/05 | Link | Rating: 5.0
41. Wendy O.
Our stay at the W was alright, not sure what I was hoping for but I think I've realized my taste isn't posh hotels afterall. I loved the lighting in the lobby, and the fireplace with couches surrounding it. It was very cozy and welcoming. The room, though, was average. The bedding is very comfortable, I did sleep like an angel. This hotel feels more corporate than romantic. It feels a bit cold, a bit staunch. Perhaps I'm just more of a cabin-in-the-woods girl, but I felt like the W was almost there, but slightly missed the mark.

27/10/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
42. RowerRob C.
I live here on Wednesday nights for SIP...  =)
The W Hotel bar is a great, trendy place to enjoy your gin & tonic.  The resident DJ is MB (Mitch). They occasionally bring in other local talents like Bryce, Eva, Deckard.  Good times there always.

31/12/06 | Link | Rating: 5.0
43. Angela T.
When you make the most of out of your Seattle vacation--and when I say 'most' I mean shopping, dinning, drinking, biking, kayaking, urban hiking--you want a great place to rest your weary head (if you make it back that night). Staying at the W Hotel will give you the tranquility you require. The hotel is spotless, relaxing, trendy and will meet your amenity needs--including iPod dock, Bliss products, gym equipment, flat screen tv and dvd player (if you're boring or hung over).

The staff is also very warm--from the doormen and desk clerks who always welcome you and smile, to the concierge (Heidi) who gives excellent recommendations, to the handyman that has a great story about someone putting an iron through a wall.

Can't go wrong when staying here--unless you open the bottle of $10 water by your bed. You'll regret that.

02/06/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
44. D P.
Wonderful stay, wonderful staff.  Not much to say about this W.  Typical W type of stay and service. Right in the heart of downtown.

06/09/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
45. Mike M.
I am very very happy with this W.  Cool location, rooms have great views.  Nice crowd, cocktails are legit, and lounge area is a 10.  Nothign better than a rainy day cocktail there.  DEF get the conrner rooms.  INSIDER ADAM is great.  The only other place I would stay in seattle is my yacht.

13/03/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
46. Ryan L.
Have you ever been somewhere where things go so ridiculously bad that you wonder if you're on a hidden camera show?  Welcome to the W Seattle.

Ha.  It's true.  For example, after checking in we got on the elevator to head to our room.  Only the 20th floor button refused to light or move the elevator.  The front desk guy with a smile insisted it should work.  Nope.  Four of us now trying to get to the top floors.  Finally he came over and casually said, "oh yeah it's not working to those floors this afternoon due to refurbishment... just get off a few floors below and carry your suitcases up a few flights of stairs."  Now that's service.

All over the hotel there's literature touting the W's Whatever Whenever service -- you can have whatever you want, whenever you want... but just not now, we found out.  

Hotel staff: "How's your stay so far?  If there's anything we can do to make your stay better, just let me know."
Me: "Well actually your gym is really tiny.  Could I get a day pass at a nearby gym?"
Hotel guy, with a smile: "Yeah, I hear that about our fitness center from guests all the time.  Hmmm, yeah I don't know about a nearby gym day pass (insert long silence)."

Uhhh, ok.

Oh, one more example.  I arrived a few hours before my friend who had the reservation on his card.  Even though my name was on the reservation, the W staff couldn't deal.  The front desk manager: "we'll need a fax from the person who made the reservation [who's currently on a flight] or charge your card, otherwise... would you like a map of downtown Seattle?"  Uhhh. You'd expect a, "I'm sorry for the inconvenience, would you like to have a seat in our lobby until your party arrives?" or "could I recommend a nearby cafe... or how about a drink from our bar?"  Nah.  Whatever, Whenever... but just not now.  

At least the hotel does look pretty.  The room are totally comfy and nice.  And the W does have the whole modern, cool atmosphere thing down for sure.  Just cross your fingers for the elevators and hope you don't need whatever whenever.

06/06/06 | Link | Rating: 2.0
47. Jerry M.
Beautiful rooms, no coffee pot in the room, forced to lobby for a cup, plenty or booze tho....and, $7 snickers bars in the mini bar.  At a room rate during my stay of $350.00 for a pretty basic room I found it virtually too much for me to get passed the .20 cent charge for a sheet of paper to print a boarding pass...never staying again.  Get a clue Starwood...and, this from a Starwood Platinum!

28/10/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
48. Noor A.
I stayed here a few weeks ago when I was in Seattle for work.  Wow, what  a swanky hotel!  The hotel has a very sleek modern New York thing going on (dark lighting, dark wood, modern furniture, upbeat techno playing in the background).  The staff is extremely friendly and helpful and they totally make you feel like you're way more important than you really are.  The atmosphere really works: for a few moments, you totally forget who you are and start thinking that you're really as important as the staff makes you feel.  The rooms are comfortable, large, and carry the same swanky modern feel.  They also carry Bliss products in the bathroom, which is a really nice touch.  I ordered room service breakfast every morning and everything I tried was pretty good (and came at the exact time that I requested it).  The gym is actually a decent size and has plenty of machines (far more than you'd see in other similar hotels).  It was crowded every morning I went, though.

A few minor annoyances: the garage is tucked away and hard to find (so hard to find that on my first night, I accidentally parked in the wrong garage).  Also, I had to request a breakfast menu EVERY night I stayed there (why housekeeping doesn't actually just leave one every day beats me).  Oh and they don't do turn-down service for some reason, which I found pretty odd for such a nice hotel.

25/02/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
49. Adam W.
I stayed here when I was down in Seattle for a job interview (and yes, I took the job so I'm here for good).  The vaulted lobby is complete with dark drapes, dim lighting, and a dj, making me more inclined to step up to the bar and order a grey goose martini than I was to check into my room.

The front desk staff that I dealt with was excellent.  The rooms themselves were nice, with a wall-mounted flat panel TV, dark contemporary furnishings, and great views if you're on a high floor.

14/02/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
50. Heather Y.
We stayed at the W Seattle for our one year wedding anniversary.

When we showed up at the hotel at check in time we were told our room wasn't ready yet.  We would upgrade to a better room (more $$$) or we could wait.  So we decided to walk down and grab dinner and then come back.

The hallways are dark, which I thought was kind of cool, although they did smell kind of funny.  Our room had a lovely view of the Fairmount Olympic swimming pool and their overly tan sunbathing patrons.

Honestly, while the furniture was nice in the room...something about the room seemed dirty.  I'm not really sure why, maybe it was the opened bottle of water on the bedside table.

At one point in the night my husband went down to go outside and smoke a ciggarette.  While outside the hotel he got to witness a full on brawl between a group of people in a bachelor/bachleorette party.

Later I was awoken by our lovely next door neighbors who seemed to be having some sort of rave at 3am.  Granted, I know we're in the city and this is a trendy hotel catering to the young and drunk...but I wish the walls were a little bit thicker.

It didn't quite live up to my expectations and I'm not sure we'll be back but overall it was a pretty okay stay.

14/03/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
51. Kelly S.
When you go anywhere, there are expectations on prices, and certainly for the price you pay, the interior and bed are unbelievable!  The service is something to work on though.  For example; I did not know the distance between the hotel and the Space Needle, to which the concierge said, "Dude, you could totally walk there."

Now sure, I'm not so tightly wound that I cannot be called "dude", but when you're a concierge at a pretty nice hotel, might want to clean up the language.

The other things involved realizing that I purchased something that I should have mailed, and although the service is supposed to be "anything, anytime", they were less than accomodating, "Why don't you just take it with you on the plane?"

Anyhow, I would recommend going simply for the location and the plus beds.  Otherwise, save your money and go somewhere else.

04/05/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
52. Warren E.
Debate amongst yourselves what you think of the ambiance, I don't care. I'll settle in with a Rose Drop and Adam Stevenson's delectable charcuterie (try the coppa and the fennel pollen) and be perfectly content, if not exactly sober.

02/02/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
53. Janell D.
This is a funny story...
I was staying at the W the nights before and after my wedding.
Our wedding was obviously in Seattle so I had to fly in from SFO- to avoid renting a car, my Dad let me borrow his, his Geo Metro- or as I have dubbed it, "The Roller Skate".
I drove 2 hours from Toledo to Seattle in that thing, practically in tears by the time I finally found the W and pulled in to the valet parking. Not only was that tin can of a car the scariest thing I've ever driven; but I had to get out with all of my wedding gear and have the W-Valet my car! Ha! To make matters worse, its a stick shift!
The valet gave me a funny look but I'm sure he made fun of the whole thing after I walked away.
When I got to the front desk and gave them my name, they resolved that they had no reservation for me. I was frustrated from the whole car thing, and knowing that my fiance had already checked in, I knew the room was here.
They did find the name but it was under my fiances name- therefore I could not get in to the room since my name didn't match.
Trust me, I understand the security concept- I also work in hotels- shame on my fiance for not adding me to the room.
As I sat in the lobby, almost in tears, with my wedding dress; no one offered to assist me in any way, shape or form. I was a little put out by that.
Once I got to the room I was pleasantly surprised- very nice and modern!
I felt very chipper once we got settled and realized that the staff was actually doing all that they could- so keep it up!
Overall, I really like Starwood hotels- the W brand is really nice and hip!

26/02/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
54. Cara C.
Great rooms that set the mood for a romantic evening - dim lighting, Bliss spa products, nice linens, comfy pillows, etc. - not to mention that the full length mirror (in my room anyway) was a "skinny mirror."  

Good location!

I had forgotten toothpaste and was given a nice toothbrush/toothpaste set at the front desk.

My hubby and I asked for late check out - request granted, no problem - though we ended up checking out on time after all b/c who can resist rushing out the door for a delicious espresso in Seattle?

04/01/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
55. art s.
Good sized rooms for a W, nicely laid out for my purposes.   Flat screen TV right above the desk.  Work and watch a little ESPN at the same time - convenient.

If you can, ask about the view your room will have.  Room 1818 has a nice view of the mountains.  I've been here in the past and had a room facing a parking garage - big difference.  

Room service was generally prompt.  I ordered 2 breakfasts and a dinner [unfortunately had a lot of work to do so couldn't enjoy much of a great spring evening outside].  But for one of my breakfasts they did a cereal swap and didn't mention it.  Not the end of the world, but kind of annoying.  I realize that if they don't have the original order, what are you going to do?  But maybe give me a call and ask what my second choice is rather than auto swap something for me?

10/05/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
56. Beth M.
Have you ever bit into one of those super cool spa chocolates, with infusions of green tea or ginger or hints of habenero? They look so pretty, with the airbrushed gold leaf exterior, and you anticipate a beautiful experience. But then the sour fruit and spice hit your tongue so hard, and the chocolate seems too waxy to hold any flavor, and you wish you'd just been given a Reece's Peanutbutter Cup instead. Do you know that feeling? That is how the W Hotel strikes me.....trying so hard to be trendy and hip that it misses the big picture.

I will never forget my first time at the W Hotel in New York. I was in my 20's, and it became the gold standard of hotels for me at the time. I loved everything about it, and looked forward to staying there more often.

Fast forward 10 years, and I have to tell you, I think the W has lost their edge. Dark doesn't mean hip anymore....and you are not fooling anyone: I could tell it had been awhile since anyone had vacummed. It was actually grossing me out to look on the floor in the elevator.

Starwood hotels always have nice touches, like complimentary fresh fruit in the lobby, and are generally known for their service oriented staff. Not here, though. You couldn've knocked the bellhop over with a feather when she asked if we wanted help with out bags and we said "yes" (count 1,2,3,4....) "Oh......oh, Okay...." she looked bewildered.....surely others have asked for the same service?

The artwork at the front lobby is impressive.....a various array of modern oils....but the one on the top right looked like John McCain, and it just didn't seem to fit with the W Hotel ambiance.

Then there was Andy. Andy with the ridiculous nerdy shades from the 40's only done WHITE melamine instead of black...and he must've left his official dark blue W suit jacket at home, and had to borrow a woman's small..good news is it went well with his super tight pants and skinny tie...I'm sure he's just way more fashionable than I am...and he exuded the attitude to go with it. He was completely snooty, and seemed put off when I told him we already had reservations at Wild Ginger...what could be wrong with Wild Ginger? It just floored me when he finished the transaction by telling us that he is the hotels concierge, and don't hesitate to contact him if we need anything.....seriously? I didn't have the heart to tell him that his tight pants are probably redering him sterile, but I couldn't nelp but think that his mother should've hugged a little more often in his childhood....this guy had issues.

Now, the rooms at the W are very quiet....I have to give them kudos on quiet. But the fixtures in the bathroom are on the verge of tired, as are the grout lines. And why in the world did they decide to raise the bathtub up 4 inches from the floor? I know it gives a cool modern asian effect, but if you are over six foot four, it renders you unable to stand in the shower!! My husband had to tilt his head to the side.....real relaxing......We must've been given a room built with handicap access in mind....the door to the bathroom was huge, and there was plenty of room in there, but there was NO way I could put on makeup in that dark bathroom, and the lighted make-up mirror was not woking. I called down to the front desk, and a replacement never came......oh, Andy, why hast thou forsaken me? Plus, I had to be double jointed to reach the 3 feet behind me to reach the toilet paper......why is it they don't want me to access the toilet paper? And I've never been a fan of the stainless steel flap over the toiletpaper roll.....not sure what THAT accomplishes....but you don't want to hear about the W's bathrooms.....

We came home from a night of drinking and found the bed to be comfy enough, and the pillows were great, but the comforter was rediculously heavy.....then around 3am the slamming of the doors all over the floor began.

But the biggest disappointment came the next day, when hubby and I went downstairs to work out at their gym, which they call simply "sweat".....that was describing the smell of the way too small gym.....it looks like they just converted one guest room into a gym and stuffed it as full of gym equipment as possible. The last time I smelled a gym so bad was at a boxing facility in an inner city police activities league program. I honestly couldn't breathe, and chose to walk to the Pike Place Market and back as an alternate exercise option.

By the way, even the photo of the hallway that is posted here is not true to form....every room is rediculously dark and dank, until morning, when the first break of day streams into your room because they don't have blackout shades.

I have stayed at the W 4 times now, and each time I hope to recapture that feeling I felt in the 90's when I first checked into that W Hotel in New York.....but, if anything I continue to be disappointed that they've tried to be so hip that they forget the basics.

26/10/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
57. Holly S.
Escaping from a second story remodel project to the W Hotel over Christmas was the best choice ever.

The staff were open to our lugging in all of our presents and decorations and setting up our room like it was our own home.  We enjoyed the modern furnishings and moody lighting.  Loved the Bliss products and the strong water pressure.  The room service was very professionally done, and the food tasted great.  Especially important since nothing seemed to be open on Christmas Day.  The bed, pillows, and linen were so comfy we were sorry to return to our bed at home!

We had the most fun hanging out in the lobby - we had no idea that we could sit on the lounge chairs and order our cocktails from servers that wandered by.  The decorations were fantastic and the music was very ambient. (We almost felt like we were cool Europeans..:))

A few hints - get a room on the higher floors so that you have a chance at a view.  Put in a request for an early check-in time.  Always call zero when you want anything.  The staff are very accommodating.  When it is raining, ask them to lend you one of their HUGE umbrellas.  You can take your drinks up from the lobby to your room (at least we did!!).  Walk around town and enjoy yourself!  Store your bags at the front desk when you check out if you're not ready to leave town yet.  Be nice to the staff and they return the favor.

And now the gripes - I had to practically beg for information about the hotel amenities, even after I dropped the hint that I had never stayed at a W Hotel before.  When we checked in, we were told that we were lucky because we got a room with a view of Puget Sound and the Space Needle (great at Christmastime, right?).  When we got up there, we could only see the backside of the Fairmont Olympic Hotel.

02/01/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
58. Andy A.
Very niiiiiiice!

Rooms were spectacular, with close proximity to some of the busy Belltown spots + Pike Place. The clientelle seemed low key for a Starwood hotel, and I liked how everyone was very approachable. Only drawback was the room service breakfast, which was mildly disappointing (forgotten toast? comon). Still, I'd come back.

05/05/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
59. Serena S.
All the lovely things about The W have already been said here -- Nice rooms, good food and central location. I agree and think it's overall a good place to stay.

However, if you are traveling for business or your are a person that wants simple access to the Internet think twice before booking. There is WifFi in only area of the hotel, the 1st floor. Great if you want be social or surf over breakfast, not so great if you have work to do late at  night. There are Ethernet cables in your room but the cost is ridiculous! It came out to be something like $15 for 3 hours, and you could only pay for a 3 hour chunk at a time. I was seriously unimpressed. I have stayed at very nice hotels in other major cities and they had free WiFi in all the rooms (Jurys in Boston come to mind). The W needs to remedy this, I won't be back until they do.

18/08/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
60. Audrey I.
Really liked this hotel! We only stayed for a night after a fancy event downtown and it was beyond lovely. I loved the bliss products, sophisticated atmosphere, and room service. We didn't have the best view, but the whole experience was too nice for that to take away from it. The bed was super comfy and I appreciated the little details like the iPod player on one of the bedside tables. We were impressed!

10/05/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
61. eewei c.
Not bad for a Boutique hotel. But I have stayed in quite a few and well it is all becoming a little over bearing. Why do we need to hear dance music (old tunes at that) 24 hours a day in the elevators??

I think this hotel is definately old style over real substance.

Staff we adequete but completely souless.

There just isn't anything cool about the W. And this is my first stay there! Isn't that supposed to happen after thye second or third stay?

However, it is well located and the rooms themselves are well equiped. I was told though, that the newish flat screen plasma tvs cost so much that they have had to charge for the, whst used to be free, water!

Will try and stay elsewhere next time but I dread to think that this really is going to remain one of the better hotels in down town Seattle.

16/09/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
62. Kristin Y.
I love this hotel.  it's walking distance to everything. The beds have pillow top mattress. It's got a great bar for at night.  The only thing is the parking is $44 a night.  i think it should be free parking if your a guest of the hotel.

27/04/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
63. D C.
I travel to Seattle frequently, and the W has become my hotel of choice, even though all of my business is out on the Eastside.  It's worth dealing with crossing the bridge to stay here.  

Why do I drive across the bridge just to stay here?  The service is impeccable.  It probably helps that many staff members recognise me, but I had great service on my very first stay here.  Their check-in staff are friendly and efficient, and the concierges all provide useful information.  The valet even cleans my rental car window each time I drive away.  

Many of the rooms have great views.  The rooms are spacious and excessively comfortable.  The bed is possibly the most perfect hotel bed -- fabulously comfortable, and they still do turn-down service at 5pm every day.  Love it.  

The window seat is a down-filled wonder that makes me want to curl up with a good book.  I can't tell you how many times I came back to my W room intending to get some work done, and instead find myself walking down to a bookshop to pick up something trashy to read while curled up there.  I've even dozed off on that window bench.  I wish I could find something that comfy for my own home!  

And the bathroom.  It's not the best hotel bathroom that I've experienced (in the area, the Westin Bellevue takes that honor), but it's a cut above the rest.  The bath products are all Bliss lemon-sage scented, and immensely lovely.  The W is the only hotel that provides stuff that I actually want to use!  

The bar is a great place to unwind, grab a drink, and meet a few people.  The restaurant is surprisingly good, with lovely seafood.  The bar and restaurant, plus the room service, are rather spendy.  The room service menu is pretty hotel-bland, but they'll send up anything from the restaurant menu if you ask.

16/07/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
64. Aaron H.
Very comfortable bed, nice LCD tv on the wall, very spacious bathroom and a friendly and helpful front desk!

18/07/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
65. CK Dexter H.
Beware. No one is happy to work here. Confidential (more or less) employee surveys show an abnormal amount of total dissatisfaction. In particular, several upper management folks are singled out repeatedly as being "petty" "tyrannical" and "stoopid" (okay, stoopid wasn't repeatedly, just my favorite).
As a guest I'm guessing this doesn't work out in your favor.

Be that as it may, I actually enjoy staying here (never mind why). But I live in Seattle and only do so as a one day get-a-way.

Practical advice for the W (all locations) traveler:

1. Imagine the front desk staff as contest winners.
        Wanted: only the most self-absorbed and witless.
        Hilarity ensues.  
2. On business? Book elsewhere.
3. Getting to your room, bring mining helmet.
4. Corner room.
5. Steal extra Bliss stuff from maid's cart.

12/12/06 | Link | Rating: 3.0
66. Liz L.
I hate to admit this, but I just don't think I'm cool enough to stay here. Lucky me, I stayed at this W on business once about 3 years ago for 3 nights (way before I actually moved here to Seattle) and my first thought was - it's like checking in to a night club but it's a hotel ...

My major gripe was the lighting in the hall -- I have NO night vision (see kids? You gotta eat your carrots when you're young), and their hallways are SO dark. I literally had my hands out, taking very careful inspector gadget like steps, just to feel for the elevator and any hidden steps. If you have good night vision and like feeling for your room every night, then this is the place for you.

A positive way of looking at it is, you know how in CSI the lab guys are looking at DNA in a sexy-ass lab with dance club-lighting, and you're thinking (1) what government office looks like this? and (2) what a crock of bs, but it still looks cool and you totally want to buy their cd?  Yup, that's the W.

Here's why I slept like a queen though ... Their bed (which apparently, you can buy for a gazillion dollars) was AMAZING. If you are getting the wet bar comped, then its great. Otherwise, just buy your water at the corner store people ... Unless you are so cool that you just need that $12 Voss water ...

The bar - W bars are always a place to be seen. I came down in my pajamas and had a drink with a co-worker just to see if they would say anything on day 2. (hey, good idea right? they can't kick me out - i'm a guest!) ... I didn't go during happy hour or anything, but they didn't say ANYTHING ... I was impressed ...

All in all, I'd stay here again if my company was paying for it. Otherwise, I'd opt for something that felt less dance-clubby (um, cause I can get into one of those for less than what a water costs here =P)

02/08/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
67. Travis G.
I'm not traditionally a picky hotel guest, but when I start paying premium rates for what amounts to a bed, a shower and a toilet, with upcharges for everything else, I start getting a little more critical. The saying goes that you can shear a sheep many times and skin him only once - overall, I felt skinned and won't make the same mistake again.  The W was less interested in the hospitality business than it was in the 'separating me from my money while making no attempt to justify it' business.

I paid 169ish/night for the room because I was in a wedding party; I was made to understand this was a dramatic discount from the typical nightly rate. I stayed there rather than elsewhere in the area because I was made to understand that the W was a great hotel. I could've gotten a lower *non-discounted* nightly rate at a boutique hotel in the area that I feel woul've been likely to do much more to show me that they valued my business.  It seems that the W has stripped away most of the items that make it a luxury hotel, and the only remaining vestige of the adjective 'luxury' is in the price of the room and seemingly anything else they could think of to monetize during my stay.

Comfortable bed - I slept well when it was dark.


Loud ventilation - I am 30 and have good hearing, as does my wife.  Neither one of us could hear each other in normal conversational tones from across the room if the ventilation system was on.

Parking and internet costs - Given the cost of the hotel room, it seems inappropriate to continue asking for more money for every other service.  I'm aware that the status quo is that higher-end hotels make amenities available for a charge rather than just providing them, but does that make it right?  When someone is already feeling like they are paying a lot for what amounts to a place to sleep in most cases, tacking on extra charges for baseline services seems a bit gratuitous: 44/day for parking (2x my rental car costs), plus 15 dollars a day for internet access for one computer at a time (my wife and I both work for tech companies), which I can walk out the door and get for free at a coffee shop; local phone calls at 1.50 each?!  It seems like they could distribute that cost across all room prices, because it doesn't seem that they are trying too hard to keep them down.  The 'availability of amenities' argument for up-charges would be a little easier to swallow if not for my next item...

Lack of amenities - Not at least providing access to a pool seems like a real deathblow here.  This was the missing item that really made me start wondering where all my money was going.  The W neither provides a pool in its facilities or access to a pool in another facility.  The best the concierge could do was to recommend I go to the Ace swimming club (which is also a better, cheaper hotel!).

Phone didn't work - when we got into the room, the phone didn't work, the shortcut buttons in particular.  We couldn't call anyone to fix it, so we would've had to go downstairs to address it.  We never got around to doing that - we would just hold any questions we had until we hit the front desk.  This is an easy problem for us to handle, but added generally to the overall dysfunctional feeling we had about the hotel

Loud employees in hallways - Even with the loud ventilation going, I could still hear your employees in the hall way, waking me up talking in middle-of-the-day voices at 8am. This happened on both Friday and Saturday morning.  I then had trouble going back to sleep, because...

Not possible to make the room dark - One of the basic responsibilities of a hotel in most peoples' minds is to facilitate sleep, or at least not hinder it.  A simple way to help with this is to provide the ability to darken the room with some thick curtains that can be moved when darkness is no longer needed.  Most mid-level hotels have this, and I thought it was a prerequisite for higher-end hotels to reach that level.  The blinds in the room did a very bad job of blocking out light, even at night.

I would not recommend the W to others, and see no motivation to return there.

20/07/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
68. Elizabeth S.
As others have said - the staff tries wayyy too hard to be cool instead of just being friendly and helpful.  Funniest/saddest story of the stay was a woman who was staying down the hall from where we were and riding down in the elevator with us one morning complaining how she absolutely hated the hotel.  When I asked why she said it was so dark that when making coffee she missed the table and the pot shattered on the floor!  

Rooms are tiny but beds are nice as are the Do Not Disturb signs.  However; for the price there are many other MUCH nicer hotels in the Seattle area (I stay there because three times a year I like to "play tourist" in my hometown).  I will be trying the Fairmont next.

06/07/07 | Link | Rating: 2.0
69. J.Nichole S.
W Seattle is not for everyone, that's for sure. At happy hour the music in the lounge is loud, the lobby smells of sweet lit candles and the hallways are dim with spots on framed photographs that are actually interesting. Fair enough, not everyone digs the aesthetics of this place... But I am not everyone, and I absolutely adore it.

The W is doing something no other giants in the hotel industry have dared to do... Be bold. Be different. Be edgy. From the cucumber/mint chilled water, to the staff in wardrobe, not uniforms... the tasty mix-CD in my room to the fruit at the front desk... W is where it's at.

The best part of my stay (besides the wonderful Bliss toiletries, exceptionally helpful staff, deliciously comfortable bed, and hotel stationary I actually like...) was my dinner at Earth and Ocean.

There are not enough words to accurately describe the exquisite spread that we devoured, but sticking with the their theme of W words, I will go with WOW. Executive Chef Adam Stevenson has indeed earned everyone of the accolades, awards and honors that he has received.  Every tiny detail from the citrus vinaigrette to the kiwi-champagne sorbet  was impeccable. Perfectly balanced, amazingly delectable, and all the while, of course, fantastically beautiful. I have never been so annoyed at myself for leaving my camera at home! I left entirely satisfied in every possible way.

Bravo to the W for having a creative space for me to slip out early to work in. Bravo to the W for having one of the top 10 restaurants in Seattle. Bravo to the W for paying attention to the details and knowing that everything... even the pens and the throw pillows, the door mats and the morning paper... can add a little something aesthetically pleasing to a hotel experience.

I am now a forever fan.

16/06/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
70. Laurence H.
When the W concept was first rolled out, it was nearly the only game in town.  The cool and hip and the wannabe cool and hip flocked there.

The Seattle W is for sure one of the better hotels in town and when you go midweek and are a club member and you are "nice" you sometimes get there special room which is an extra large corner room.

There are better independents out there but the W as a franchise still is the best McD cool and hip hotel out there.

25/04/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
71. David G.
My recent trip to Seattle was spent in the comfort of the W Hotel. It's centrally located to a lot of fun things to do, the staff is friendly and helpful, and the atmosphere is like being at a party!

My only gripes are the too strongly scented candles burning in the lobby and several black scratch marks on the walls in my room and bathroom (which were there when I arrived).

On the plus side, the king-sized bed was really comfortable, and I loved the plasma tv along with the sofa with big, oversized pillows under the window. I'd definitely stay there again!

18/10/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
72. Sangorama s.
Date: July 2007
Who: 2 adults, 2 kids

I'm torn - I could give this place 5 stars or 3, depending who I just interacted with.

First off, this is your typical W, which means it's got a hip, young vibe to it. They spend a lot of energy setting the mood in these hotels. The rooms are also usually very well dressed with quality, modern accents.

The thing that bothered me is that most of the staff at this hotel seem to take the 'cool' thing way too far. It's 'I'm cool' first and then, 'I'm here to serve you' somewhere after they've firmly established how cool they are to you. That kind of annoys me a lot.

I chose this hotel over the Seattle Westin because they had a Cool Corner room which boasts 450sq, about 25% more room than a standard hotel room in the states. Only thing is, most of that extra room is in the entry way which isn't really usable space. The closet was stuck there but I would have rather had it closer. Our room also a couple of large cracks which surprised me.

The saving grace was the valet and bell staff. These guys were great...well, except the young kid who first took our car - he was trying to be part of the cool crowd.

If you're single and want to stay in a hip place, this is a good choice for you. If you've got a family or need to do any sort of work in the room, I would try something different.

04/07/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
73. Jason M.
I have always loved staying at W's. This was my first time staying at the W Seattle. The bar scene was great and the rooms were lovely as usual, but the maid service really soured my experience. Twice when we came home from our adventures in the city did we find either our rooms not kept or the maid was in the process if cleaning. One time we came home at 5pm the other we were back at 9pm!!!! This was pretty bothersome.

22/11/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
74. Tony G.
This is not a review on the rooms, but the on the bar downstairs. Very nice and trendy decor but small and kind of cramped. When I ordered shots of Hennessy I believe they gave me a double shot because it felt like I was shooting it forever. Two shots, or four(?), and a beer messed me up very nicely to the point where I am not going to drink again for awhile. Though there were a lot of "bros" there, the few women I saw there looked very nice.

Zipzap Zubidy Bop

18/06/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
75. Michael T.
Stayed there last week for 1 night. I arrived late (11:00 pm) and was tired and hungry. The lady at check-in was very nice and super fast... I had my room key after only 2 minutes. The room itself was nice but on the small side (as with all W hotels). Mine didn't have much of a view, just a few adjacent buildings. I called room service and ordered the ultimate "W burger" (what else at 11 pm at night ;-). The burger was in my room after only 30 minutes and it was really good (esp. the shoestring fries). Next morning I had breakfast in the restaurant - nothing special. During checkout the front desk manager was again very attentive and fast. Definitely will be back next time I'm in town.

30/10/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
76. Suepattra M.
This W property does not disappoint and thus I continue my love affair with the hotel chain.  Courteous and efficient service (morning coffee arrived in less than 10 minutes ) with fantastic ambiance awaits. It's like a little slice of big city cool in chilled out Seattle.

Our room was nicely appointed with the most comfortable beds ever, a great window seat bench and a fantastic view of the downtown corridor.  I also loved the plasma TV.  And I am now a convert to Bliss Bath products. (Their conditioner successfully detangled my hair, as promised).

As for the restaurant, Earth and Ocean was quite good, with great "Sexy Fries" and the most amazing crispy pork belly appetizer. W Seattle, I will definitely return.

22/12/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
77. Jasmine R.
I'm all about the drinks and truffle fries here. HELL YEAH!

Get dressed up with one of my girlfriends and it's a hell of a time hanging out at the W bar. You see all kinds of characters, and well, it's nice to feel fancy every now and again (even if you're not).

18/10/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
78. David G.
What can I say - I love the W brand. This wasn't as nice as the one I stayed at in Chicago, but still, very nice. Parking is ridiculously expensive, but then again, what do you expect when you stay at a high-end hotel like this. Highly recommend if you're going to stay in Downtown.

05/02/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
79. Doug M.
I've stayed at most of the W Hotels in the country (and outside) - at  this property a number of times and have always enjoyed it.  Good service, unpretentious, Bliss products, good sized rooms that are in very good condition.

The only downers: the gym is good but not great, bar is functional but should be bigger.  Prices for food/drinks are typical W-wacky high.

One of the more mellow W Hotels in the chain and consistent, in a good way.  I'll only stay here when in Seattle if possible.

Seems to be booked full frequently during the week, so book in advance.

05/05/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
80. Mollie O.
Great location and my room was amazing. I thought the bed was comfy and the workspace designed by someone who actually does work in hotel rooms!! The lobby bar is spread out throughout the first level like all W's I've been in. The workout facilities were new and there was plenty of machines available both times I went. I actually preferred the W to the Fairmont across the street, highly recommend!

07/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
81. Chris S.
Two stars because this property is no where near as nice as the other W's I've stayed at. The rooms just don't have it. I was expecting the dark room with an awesome shower (I even upgraded to a fabulous room) and was left disappointed. The room could have just as easily been from a holiday inn. So I was left with the annoying dark hallways, the cheeky branding and dull room. I'd prefer they reverse it... Well lit hallways, good service without all the punny crap and awesome rooms. Now that would be a good hotel.

31/07/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
82. Jill C.
This is a truly beautiful hotel. It has a soothing, modern decor, and if I remember correctly, it just smells nice. How pleasant. They also have Bliss spa amenities in the bathroom, which is indeed fabulous for frequent business travelers who are alarmingly familiar with the delicate subtleties between all tiny bars of soap out there.

The rates are comparable for downtown Seattle, and you can find good deals online if you book early enough and are willing to commit to the non-refundable rate.

The lobby is comfortable and offers free wi-fi. It's a great place to camp out if you're in between check-out and your trip to the airport.

Service is very helpful. The big test - the front desk had a cab waiting for me at 4:30 am as promised for my drive to the airport. Obviously, when you have a 6:00 am flight, you really need those promises to come through.

Previous Yelpers' warnings bear repeating - neighboring offices can see directly into the rooms. Thanks, guys, for the heads-up. Yikes.

Another fair warning - Internet service is available in the rooms, but no cable is provided, so bring your own. Hey, you get free Bliss products. You can't have it all.

04/03/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
83. Ian S.
Cute place.  Kind of a modern look for the new money set.

The designer decor is nice, but oddly matched for the building.  I kept looking around and was wondering what this place was before being a W.  I was thinking Best Western or Holiday Inn.  The floorplan just seems slightly strange.

The views are glorious on the top floors.  The sheets are top quality and the beds are plush, large, and well anchored.  The amenities are as listed on the website, but I couldn't help but notice the sound system. It uses the LCD tvs in the non-bose-surround rooms and it really blows.  The bathrooms are super clean, larger than some places I've been, and decked out with current fixtures.  They skimped on the room hollow-core doors, so everything to do louder than what you might speak to someone at a funeral is plainly audible in the hallway.  If you care, there it is.

The staff here is exceedingly bitchy and causes complications for no good reason I could determine.  As the other reviewers have mentioned, it seems to take the wind out of the sails of the staff so to speak.

At a place in this level of cash outlay, I was expecting someone to carry bags, the person to come to the rooms to have a bit of decorum, and things to get done in a fairly quick manner.

Not quite the case.

No bellhop.  Dudes pounding on doors at 3am in the morning to deliver a little things.  Waiting for 10 minutes for the valet to collect the car even though I called down to give them a head start.  Assorted other details that I noticed weren't happening.

The nickel dime aspects of these type of hotels are what really annoys me.  $20 room service sandwiches, $15 a day for internet, forgiving the minibar prices (which I guess should be expected), $35 for parking.  Every transaction in the hotel has a $3 service fee and 22% gratuity already appended.

It's just excessive given the level of service.

Unless you're one of those people who doesn't know the value of a dollar (and if you are you likely don't read yelp anyway), or a wannabe baller with 24" rims on your escalade, there is better bang for buck elsewhere.

I expected more from this place by reputation, and it didn't deliver.  Perhaps this is the bush leagues for the W, and the other top flight locations are more consistent with the throughly marketed brand standard.

05/06/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
84. N S.
Swanky, sexy, comfortable. Great service, great views (at least from the top floor). It's in downtown Seattle, which is quiet during the weekends, but it's a short walk to Pike Place.

02/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
85. Becky N.
I've stayed at W hotels a few times and each time I leave happy.  This particular W is not the nicest or the biggest, but the W never disappoints regardless of which one you stay at.   I don't know why I'm so drawn to the W.  It must be the great service, fine accommodations and the convenient downtown location.  All the W hotels I've stayed at are decorated and designed beautifully.  The entire place is very upscale and contemporary.  It seems to be geared toward the young, professional adult ages 20-40 and has a nice lounge/bar.  Best of all you can walk to all the major spots in downtown Seattle from here.  I highly recommend this hotel if you're and staying downtown.

27/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
86. Elsie O.
$200 a night for a room and they make me feel uncomfortable asking for more shampoo? I realize people probably take advantage asking for extra because the Bliss products are awesome but they really made me feel like I was trying to put one over on them. The beds were awful! My back was killing me, they were way too soft. I stayed at the Westin Seattle last year and the bed was amazing!!! I was looking forward to the same type of beds but these definitely weren't, or maybe they were just older? The hallways leading to your room are really dark, wasn't a fan of that and not sure why they keep it that way. The three stars is for the yummy food in the W Bar and the Acura car service. I ate almost everything on the menu in the bar throughout my stay and all were excellent!!! The Acura service was always available when needed. In general wasn't too impressed with the place.

28/06/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
87. Jonathan D.
Perfectly fine Westin

28/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
88. Stacy F.
Here is a copy of the letter sent to the W after our stay. Horrible stay fro start to finish...

To Whom It May Concern:

My husband and I stayed at your hotel on February 7 - 9 of this year.  I am writing to you to express my disappointment of our overall stay and the lack of customer support related to a simple question asked of your concierge on duty the morning of the 9th.

Let me start by saying that we stayed in Seattle for a full week.  I was very excited to kick off our stay at the W. I have wanted to stay at a W Hotel since walking by the Chicago W last spring.   I was expecting a modern style with an urban flare.  When we checked in, we were placed on the 5th floor which was a bit of a disappointment but I didn't say anything mainly because I felt I did get a great deal by booking through Travelocity.  I figured it would be okay.  

Right off the bat, I was a tad irritated as soon as we entered the elevator... The registration clerk made no mention of the elevator, that we would need our key to get to our floor and that detail would have been nice to have.  We get to the 5th floor and the floor was so poorly lit, I could barely see.  I felt like I was in a morgue.  Our room was nice, or at least that was my 1st impression...  

My husband and I were abruptly awoken at 6:00 AM Monday morning to massive road work right out on Fourth, the side our room faced.  The noise and hammering felt like it was right on top of us.  My assumption is that the road work was going on for awhile and the fact we were placed on what appeared to be a pretty vacant floor on the same side as the roadwork was a bit upsetting.  But I again pushed it aside to the fact we paid a discounted rate on the room.  

On our second night, my husband and I were exhausted and were in bed by 7 PM watching TV.  A staff member knocked on our door to turn down the bed we later found out, and didn't even give us a chance to respond before she abruptly came in the room. Once she saw us laying there, she closed the door and said something we couldn't make out and she was gone.  My husband was very upset by this and called down to the front desk to ask was this person supposed to just barge in the room without any time for us to respond to her knocking? And what was she in our room for?  He was informed by the front desk she was going to turn down the bed and that we should have had the "do not disturb" sign hanging from our door...  To be honest, I didn't know about the nightly turning down the beds. In fact, come to think of it, I just assumed the complementary turning down the beds didn't apply to us since we also never received our "complementary" daily paper the two mornings we were there.

I am sure you can gather by now my husband and I felt 2nd rate even though our total bill was close to $500 for our two night stay.  It was not a pleasant feeling, it wasn't like we stayed free of charge.  Another thing we noticed is that a posted sign for valet stated $37 a night, but for us, it was over $44 a night.  So were we treated differently for some reason due to what we were paying a night or do all of your guests experience what we experienced?  

The final topper was when we asked the concierge on Tuesday morning what the best way to travel to the Quinault Rainforest... I thought it looked faster to head south through Aberdeen.  But the concierge told us to take a ferry to Bainbridge Island and go around through Port Angeles.  Our road trip took SEVEN HOURS!  It is obvious the concierge didn't know where we were traveling even though we had a map set on his desk for reference. It was the last straw and convinced me I had to write this letter to your management team.

In this day and age with Yelp, Facebook and the like, I feel your hotel staff is walking a very dangerous line.  Also the fact I work in Silicon Valley, the word will definitely get out how horrible the Seattle W is.

Furthermore, we also stayed two nights at the Olympic Fairmont hotel. We also booked through Travelocity and got a wonderful nightly rate.  From the moment we checked in until the moment we left, our stay was five star all the way. The staff was extremely courteous and friendly.  Our room was on the TOP floor away from the road noise.  My husband and I rested very well to make up from the lack of sleep at your establishment.  The Fairmont doorman even fixed a slow leak he discovered on our rental car's rear tire.  W Hotel, you have nothing on the Fairmont's staff.  I am going to write another letter to the management team at the Fairmont praising the staff and our stay.  I will then put my input on Yelp about the W and the Fairmont.

I can say with conviction, I will never stay at a W Hotel in the future.  In fact, the 2 nights we had at the Fairmont made me realize any discounted rate shouldn't change the hotel experience.  

Maybe your staff can improve based on the issues I have brought up in this letter.  Thank you for your time.

15/02/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
89. Mark B.
Update!  We recently stayed at the W Seattle and enjoyed the very cool renovation of the Living Room, Trace Bar and Sushi Bar.  We've always loved this W but now have a few new reasons to return.  The much more inviting and comfortable Living Room has killer curves and a better set-up for the DJ at night when it turns into one of the best low key lounge environments in the city.  We had dinner in Trace Sushi bar which was excellent, in preparation, presentation and succulent-ness (new word). The new Happy Hour was great for a pre-dinner snack and a late night indulgence. As always the entire staff was excellent, starting with Mike in Valet, who remembers our names every visit, to Mary at the front desk with her bright and vibrant personality.  The only problem with the renovation is that the W is now bound to be much busier and might be more difficult to secure reservations!  Thank you W Seattle!

17/01/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
90. Mike O.
Although we live in Seattle, my wife and I stayed here once.  We simply wanted a casual relaxing and romantic evening in our own city. Why? It was our wedding night and we were moving to Europe in a few weeks. W was exactly what we needed - just a cozy night out. First, a short ceremony w/witnessess and the judge, then drinks at the W bar, a big dinner at El Gaucho with friends, and then an evening winding down at the W deluxe suite. I think our wedding day was the most stress free day of that whole year. Now our 10 year anniversary is coming up in May and I think I'll give the W and El Gaucho as another surprise for the Mrs... :)

16/12/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
91. Winona R.
So I've never been in a room at the W. I've only been drunk in their lobby occasionally, and that I can say is fabulous.
Whatever people might say about the hotel itself, it is a cool place to go hang out if you don't mind spending quite a bit of cash on drinks. My favorite red wine there is the Martino Malbec from Argentina, at $13 a glass (worth it, just not always in the budget) and Tom, the bartender who recommended it to me, is a peach.
Other noteworthy things... W hotel "sexy fries" are tasty and garlic-y, although garlic isn't exactly sexy, it does taste good. Also, the Kobe beef sliders... yum!
Seriously, try the Malbec. I just polished off several glasses of it and I feel great about it.

22/09/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
92. Tony S.
Ok so update time, I really did try and break the W cycle and spent a large chunk of last year staying at the Westin.  I came back to the W because I got fed up of being treated like conference cattle at the Westin and my first experience was not so hot.  They gave away my selected room type and tried to put me in a room that backed onto the Fairmont's parking lot that had the drone of several AC exhaust fans permeating into my room.  Mmmmm white noise, a recipe for a great night's sleep.

However I believe you judge true customer service on how they handle bad experiences and turn them into good.  I politely emailed the hotel manager my experience and she came back with an assurance that I would be well looked after if I chose to return.  I was asked to take a gamble and I am so glad I did.  On my return they upgraded me, gave me a cheese & pate plate to consume on my arrival and made sure at every turn that my expectations were consistently exceeded.

Obviously it was not great to have to go through bad to get to good but they really do understand customer service and now I can't think of anywhere i'd rather stay than the W in Seattle and that is why this review has gone from a three to a five star.

My original review remains somewhat appropriate though:

When I first stayed here 7 years ago it was cool, no doubt about it but surely to remain the epitomy of cool you have to keep reinventing yourself or you end up being that rather sad middle aged version of cool that listens to the Spice Girls in private whilst going on about how cool it is that Radiohead just released their new album as shareware.  Oh hang on, that's me!

Everything here has a price, and that price is high but the rooms are seriously comfortable and the bar has a decent range of high end gins that keep an old drunk like me very happy when on business trips.  Room service is bordering on the offensive but that isn't a trick solely employed by the W, every 4 star chain hotel i've ever stayed at thinks it is amusing to charge $24 for a club sandwich, and people must pay it for the practice to continue.

The internet is finally wireless and reliable but a little pricey at $15 a day.  The valet is excellent, my car is always waiting for me if I call down in advance and even if I don't, they always speedily respond to my requests.  The Whatever/Whenever has gone beyond the call of duty at least once in my experience and upheld the theory put forward by the anonymous author of Hotel Babylon that the hotel concierge is the best connected person in town.

08/10/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
93. Nancie T.
Ooohh, cool furniture. Oooohh, good looking people in their lounge area. Ooohh, hip music in the hallways. Ooohh, Bliss Spa amenities!! I can imagine why the W is such a hot spot. Its also a great place to host a conference because we were treated to yummies like fruit smoothies, fresh fruit kebobs and VOSS water during our breaks.

Minus 1-star for the dark entrance and hallways. I had to type up a document using their concierge desk since it was after hours and their business center was closed. I was sitting there at 11pm squinting my poor eyes to see the document. I'm suprised many of the employees there don't wear glasses. But its true.. the dark atmosphere does add to the overall ambiance... plus people look better in the dark.

05/02/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
94. J B.
We had a conference here this past week.  The W hotel never disappoints.   Swanky bar, plush pillows, comfy beds, Bliss Spa amenities and delicious catered food.  They really go above and beyond with the type of food they offer during a conference.  

For lunch everything was delcious especially the seafood soup.  They didn't use any canned clams or mussels.  It was the real stuff!  Also, it was quite refreshing for the coffee break to be more than just coffee and cookies.  Instead they also brought out brownies, smoothies, and fruit kabobs.  

The rooms are really spacious.  I had 2 queen beds and they even put a nice coach along the window.  The coach was so comfy that I could of slept on it!  

Minus one star on the gym.  The machines were usuable but outdated.

01/02/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
95. Teri C.
The husband threw me a birthday party at the W and it was amazing. I wanted everyone to have a fun, swanky time and DANCE! Staff was fantastic and unbelievably accommodating. They recommended a great DJ who rocked the house!  Food was great, room was swanky.  It was a blast and I was shocked at how reasonable the tab was.  Outside of some end of the night trouble with the front desk comping someone else's parking and arguing with us about comping our's (it was included in our contract) - we really had a spectacular time and highly recommend the W as a great venue!

16/03/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
96. Chris A.
Our first experience with the W hotels and it definately lived up to the hype.  The rooms are very nicely designed and has really nice ammenities.  There was a nice couch and a huge flat screen also.  The room lighting was a little dark, but I think thats the look they were going for.

Also you gotta love the bliss body products.

The location is also reallly great.  Its about a 10 minute walk to Pikes Market and the water front.

25/03/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
97. Miguel A.
Solid hotel with a helpful staff - the room was always clean and services were rapid - will repeat!

22/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
98. Craig R.
I love the hotels in this and other chains (W, Westin, Aloft etc).  They are hip and fun places.  The staff here were awesome, the rooms were nice and beds were so comfortable.  All in all a good hotel and it is in a great location.  If you are coming to Seattle think about staying here.  It i snot a huge hotel by any means but they do an excellent job.

13/03/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
99. Bunneh L.
I do love the W.  It's always a reliable and swanky place to stay.  It's not my FAVORITE hotel, but I really can't complain too much.  Our room was nice and spacious, with one king bed, amazingly soft down pillows, a huge desk, plasma, and a comfy, cushioned bench along the window that you could totally sleep on.  I love the Bliss bath products too!

Minus one star for room service taking over an hour on Sunday morning.  (That's ok though, we just went across the street to Sazerac!)  And the super dark hallway was slightly annoying.  Wasn't sure if I was in a nightclub or a hotel.  And overnight parking is fucking expensive:  $36.

18/12/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
100. Richard J.
This is a pretty cool hotel. I havent stayed at another W but I have been in their foyer and club/restaurant and know what you should expect. They create a hip atmosphere and a unique hotel experience. They create the feel of a small boutique hotel experience. Make sure you tell them that you dont want the Daily News delivered to your door every day or they will charge you $.75 or something every day (insignificant in the scheme of things but unnecessary-unless you want the paper). Their lighting in the halls is interesting. They are dimly lit. It almost makes you think the lights are messed up but its just the atmosphere that they are trying to create.

ONLY NEGATIVE: If you are allergic to down this hotel can kind of suck. Online their beds look amazing. Only thing is that those pictures are of their all down bed comforters. If you ask for no down, the bed has no comforter, which SUCKS! It makes the bed so much less comfy. Im not sure why they cant buy some non-down comforters.

POSITIVE: Pretty central to all downtown locations. Easy to walk to Pioneer Square and to Pikes. I liked the daily refreshments in the lobby.

15/06/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
101. Catherine S.
*Ring, Ring* Concierge: "Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening, what is your wish today?" My first W Hotel experience was in San Francisco and then Seattle and it NEVER disappoints.  The W is a sexy, swanky boutique hotel that will make you feel like a rockstar.

- Decent sized rooms with flatscreen TVs (but really, why are you gonna come all the way to Seattle to watch TV for?)
- Ridiculous customer service.  Our shower didn't drain AT ALL so we called the front desk who immediately sent someone to fix it for us (we probably could've had the option to move rooms but we were with a bunch of people and had booked 3 rooms next to each other so opted to stay) and then comped us room service (for inconveniencing us) the next AM which was out of this world delicious and piping hot.
- Bliss toiletries - need I say more? (the set they provide you will run you $25 at sephora)
- Swanky, cool lounge on the first floor gives you an option at night if you don't want to step outside the hotel (I've had drinks there on several occasions and have never experienced an issue getting drinks like some of the other reviewers have mentioned)

- Wouldn't really bring children around, maybe this is more of a personal request.  Trix are for kids and the W is for grown-ups so let's keep it that way.  

Bottom Line: If you want great service, do yourself a favor and stay at the W and not some crazy monstrosity like the Sheraton that has like 1200 rooms meaning you'll wait forever and a day for anything like getting your car out of the garage.

16/06/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
102. A T.
We are not a trendy W type family but stayed at for 1 night on discounted rate. Room was large and very comfy. Had reduced cost movie offerings in room. Staff could not have  been nicer or more accommodating.

06/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
103. Gruber G.
Seattle is incredible. The "W", not so much. I just stayed there last week.

I'm siding with John A. on this one. Way over-priced. On everything. He's spot on about the burger- $70. That included a room-service charge fee and a 22% tip. One burger and two beers. And the $20 a day internet fee is ridiculous. perhaps I would have liked it more under different circumstances, like if I was coked up or some shit, but I wasn't and those days are long gone. Don't get me wrong, it's a decent enough hotel, but there was nothing that impressed me about it. And their "Whatever/Whenever" service is a complete farce. I asked for some pretty basic stuff (a charger for my i-phone which I was willing to pay for) and was pretty much told to beat it. Whatever.

My girlfriend and I ended up having dinner at the Edge Water Hotel which has spectacular views and for the same price we could have stayed there. That's the spot.

29/09/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
104. J K.
There are many things to say about the W.  It's a great place to get an appetizer and a drink on Wednesday night the DJMB behind the wheel.  The rooms are pretty cool too.  I've had a lot of memorable times here, mostly good memories, and all the bad ones were my doing.

02/09/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
105. Lisa G.
I love the W hotel. Each location has its own way of pin pointing the "W" experience. Coming from California, I've stayed in both the San Fran and Silicon Valley location, all three are different, yet again retain the atmosphere.

Contemporary and modern, great personal service.  I will say it is catered towards non-family crowd. Perfect if you want the city experience. The service so far has been great for me. I typically stay for business trips and they accommodate all my needs weather its internet, or late-night dinners.

Speaking of which, I just tried their wild prawn mac and cheese. Savory, creamy, topped with truffle salt. It is on the more richer side of flavor, but definitely satisfying.

15/09/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
106. Jenny L.
Location - 5 stars
Room - 4 stars
Amenities - 4 stars
Service - 2 stars
Bar/Lounge - 3 stars
Cost - 2 stars
Overall Experience - 3 stars

The W Seattle is a very small hotel compared to the W in Westwood (Los Angeles) and New York. It also doesn't come with the same exclusive bar/lounge and glamorous clientele either. My biggest complaint, however, was the service. I had gone downstairs to get some coffee and saw that they had run out. When I mentioned this to the concierge, he acted annoyed that I was bothering him about the coffee. Long story short, I never got my coffee.

But the rooms themselves were modern, clean, and stocked with all the amenities (including travel size Bliss products) you'd expect in a high end hotel. I don't know if I would pay full price for the rooms here but if you can get a good deal or have hotel points, its great location (10 min walk from Pike's Place or the Piers) makes it a good option when visiting Seattle.

18/07/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
107. Mos D.
Maybe its because I'm from Richmond, VA where we still have old hotels that aren't really remodeled, but I LOVED this hotel.  I stayed here the first 2 nights I lived in Seattle while I was waiting for my apartment to become available.  The front desk staff could not have been friendlier.  What made my stay even better was orbitz.com messed up the reservation (not the hotel) but the hotel bumped me to a suite regardless of the mistake.  I ended up getting moved from a normal double bed room with no view to a King Sized Suite higher up with a huge space needle view.

Location is good too, its only a couple of blocks walk to the entertainment district.

02/07/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
108. Tiffany M.
I'd highly suggest this hotel to anyone staying in Seattle. The W's lobby design is cool & modern w/ a towering wall smattered w/ a collage of cool paintings and a fireplace to hang out by on the lower level. The Strawberry-Basil Iced water by the checkout desk was a refreshing & thoughtful touch (although I'm not gonna lie- they needed to keep tabs on refilling that sucker more often!).

Our room was exactly what we were looking for- spacious, clean & classy. Really liked the window seating area and their oh-so-comfortable bed. Loved the Bliss products and the fact that they rented out dvds ($5 to rent, but they waived the fee for us. Not many new dvds though, mind you). I should also mention that upon delivering the dvd, the W employee (Greg) offered to pop us popcorn! He eagerly scurried away and brought us pipin' hot popcorn to enjoy w/ our flick. There were many-a-joke about Greg the rest of the wknd (in a good way!) about how he'd do anything (for ex: drive down to Cali just to make sure we got home safely). He was the definition of the W's "Whatever. Whenever." wish-granting focused mission statement. Oo and I liked their attention to detail for their elevator floormat changeouts of "Good Morning" to "Good Afternoon" to "Good Evening". Random, I know, but I noticed!

Minus a star for their so-so room service. We ordered late night food and weren't super impressed w/ the variety & the quality.

The location is unbeatable. Only a stone's throw away from Pike Place, and a walkable distance to Belltown. Bus lines are very accessible and the University tram stop from the airport is only a block or 2 away. If you're looking to rent a car, hit up the nearby Hilton only 2 blocks away, where they have a Hertz rental desk there. I was also surprised to find out that the popular Purple Wine Bar is only a block away. All so very convenient!

All in all, we had a relaxing, enjoyable time during our stay here and would go back in a heartbeat!

15/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
109. Tony L.
I had a pretty good stay at the W Hotel.  The decor is clean, modern and hip.  The Bliss Spa toiletries are fantastic, and service at the front desk was cake.

A couple of tips: find street parking, don't waste $30 bucks a night when you can be parking nearby for free.  Sure, you'll have to move your car by 9AM, but there are a lot of nearby parking lots that have $15 a day early bird parking.  Another tip: if you're only going online to look up directions, reviews, etc., take your laptop downstairs.  You can get free wifi in the lobby, you only need to get a password from the front desk.

The location of this hotel couldn't be any better.  It's a short walk to most tourist destinations (Pike Place, etc.) and if you want to go further out, the highway is right around the corner.  If you got the money, book your stay here.  For everyone else, I'd shop around a bit before you fork over your credit card.

03/06/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
110. Rebecca C.
I stayed at the W Seattle about two weeks ago, and this is my first W experience.

It's smaller than what I expected (the hotel itself), but that doesn't matter.  We stayed on one of the higher floors and had a great view of the city.  

For people who complained that it is a dark hotel with no service, it's not true.  It does have a "dark" dim look to it, but I think that's the ambiance they are trying to create.  Why do people pay more to eat in dimly lit restaurants?  That's just human subjectiveness, I guess.  

My one complaint is that I wish the front door was automatic.  We checked in pretty late at night, and I had a hard time dragging my luggage in through the door when it wasn't automatic.  I'm a weakling.  LoL

The room was great; we had two nice beds and a nice couch.  The bathroom was clean, and that's all that I ask for!  

There are apples for you to eat at the front desk; just come grab one if you need a snack.  They are EXTREMELY waxy though, so wash them.  

There was even a car service to take you around... we used it one way to a tourist destination and loved it.  Hey, it saved me cab money!  

Bliss products were great.

All in all, I give this place five stars.  Would I stay here again?  DEFINITELY.

03/07/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
111. Bruce L.
Rude staff - which is unusual for a W Hotel.  There are tons of better places to stay in Seattle.  Take it from a local.  Grab a room at the Four Seasons or Hotel 1000.  They both have nice bars as well.

31/12/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
112. Gi A.
I'm tempted to give this place two stars, but I'm feeling generous at the moment.

Loved. . .  The Bliss bath products (although I would have expected mouth wash at a quality hotel).  The Tivoli radio and iPod dock: NPR was never so mellifluous.  The gym: small, but excellent equipment (sorry, can't remember the brand) and equipped very well for a complete workout.  The location: a bit touristy, but who are we kidding -- we ourselves were tourists.

Indifferent about. . .  The service: I would have preferred less friendly and more responsive.  The scene: brought back fond memories of our time at the W Union Square, but that was a lifetime ago.

Hated. . .  The lack of light in the hallways -- a personal injury lawsuit just waiting to happn.  The $15 they charge single-account wireless.  Ridiculous, when it costs them no more than a few cents a day to provide it for free.  And they charge you for each computer!  Thank jah for my iPhone.

13/07/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
113. Angela P.
We stayed here while visiting town for my sister-in-law's college graduation from UW Seattle.  It is a lot like the W Chicago...in that it is very sleek, swanky and modern.  I really loved the atmosphere here...it was almost like a night club at night and just relaxed during the day.  Whenever we called "whenever wherever" we got exactly what we needed in a very timely manner!  And I LOVE the Bliss bath products...awesome!  And I also loved that it was across from the Fairmont where we happened to eat a few times...YUM!  

Overall...good location (close to Pike Place, shopping, etc.) and great atmosphere!

15/07/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
114. Willis S.
I wish I used my Starwood Points elsewhere...but can't really cry over spilt milk but I can YELP! I have stayed at a few other W Hotels and while this one is more Spacious than the 5th Avenue W in Manhattan It still leaves a lot to be desired. The hotel comes across as what once was a office building converted into hotel. Its like they "fluffed" the place up to make it feel luxurious with dimmed lighting, lots of mires & modern lighting. But the hotel kinda lacks in Amenities. First off the lobby is super small and cramped while most W hotels boast a very nice open lobby with an open lounge area to unwind and socialize. Second of all these is no pool...wtf? BUT what I really hate is finding TWO extra charges to my credit card...one for $60 and one for $90...had I never called them they would have just cashed in? Check your credit card statements if you use your card here!
Seattle has plenty of nice hotels and this one probably isn't gonna be worth its high price tag.

02/08/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
115. Benjon P.
another wedding venue we went to. super great, because it's a modern venue, and has great food and service. parking again is my only qualm, since it's in downtown and a bit hard to find street parking, or if you want to do a garage like we did (it's a bit pricey). the rooms are nice though if you plan on staying here, just like all W hotels.

20/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
116. Mike F.
Very hip.  Oh so hip.  Did I mention that this place is hip?  Aside from how hip it is, good location and very helpful (and of course, hip) staff.

21/07/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
117. Amiee L.
Just came from a 5 day stay there for a long weekend.

Everyone at the hotel was very nice and the stay at the hotel was just as I thought it would be.

Yes, this is a $$$ hotel and I was ready for it - so it didn't bother me as much since deciding to stay here it's a part of it.

I did figure out 1/2 way through the stay I realized that you can get free Internet in the W Living Room area so that really helped out so I didn't have to pay $15 for Internet in the room.

Oh! The Acura Experience that gives you free rides all over downtown and worked out well for us since we didn't have a car in the city....and saved on taxis.

01/10/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
118. Kim-van T.
3.5 stars if I could!

The bf and I planned a short weekend vacay to Seattle to check out the sights and eat, of course.  We actually booked our hotel through Hotwire and ended up with the W for our stay - it was my first time using Hotwire too - I'd recommend it!

I called two weeks before our reservation to request a king bed instead of two beds and also to inquire about parking (which is a whopping $42 a day with in and out privileges, what the hell!?). I called a second time to request an early check in. Both times I spoke to someone in customer service who talked HELLUV fast. The second time the person actually hung up on me before I could ask a second question and I had to call back.... wow.  Definately not a good first impression.

The hotel is in a great location on 4th street in the Financial District about a block down from the Seattle Public Library. It's easily within walking distance to the shopping areas, Pike's Place, Pier 52 and the ferry terminals. Our check-in experience was quick and easy and everything I had requested in advance was granted - YESS!

There are a lot of complaints about the hallways being really dark and they are dark but I didn't mind them. The rooms are a little on the squished side but all the furniture is comfortable and the bathrooms are pretty spacious.  

Overall the W is pretty swanky on the inside.  The W Bar is located downstairs and there are cute comfortable seating areas - checkout the corner couch with the old school typewriter!  The bartenders are friendly and will offer up lots of travel advice and suggestions if you ask. On the weekends there is a DJ but the music isn't too loud. I couldn't hear anything upstairs but my room was on the tenth floor so that might have been why.  They also play house music in the elevator - no classical sorry.  I guess it kinda gets you pumped up when you start your day in the morning..?

I would stay here again. I just wish the valet parking wasn't so damn expensive! We ended up parking up the street on 5th for $26/night. If you can do without a car rental I would recommend it - parking in Seattle can be a nightmare!

18/09/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
119. Pinky And The B.
This review is only based on a one night stay. We were passing through Seattle and choose to stay here on our way to Hawaii because my great  aunt lives here. We landed, checked in ,went to see her, ate dinner out on the town and slept then checked out. So it may not be the most accurate review.
My husband choose the W because we are Starwood members and needed points or something. He is very choosy about the beds in hotels. He loved the beds! I can't really speak about the service since all we did was check in and out and sleep. But nothing was wrong with it.
The only thing that is kind of off putting is though the W is trying to convey a clubby feel with dark lighting through out  the hotel and doormen dressed like bouncers , it could be lit better in the hallways. You kind of have to be a Ninja to see in the hallways or have night vision goggles. I don't know if the darkness is all about mood or about hiding dirt and whatever else. I don't know I didn't have a problem with it but seeing was a challenge. All I did was sleep there but if staying for a longer period I would like the hall ways to be lit a little better. Other than that it was great for a one nights stay.
It was a great location centrally located and close enough to my aunts house to see her and all of the sights.

15/01/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
120. Christy L.
Spent a couple of days in Seattle for our New Year celebration, and decided we would bunk at the W downtown.

I'm a fan of the W - the big comfy rooms with their large and plush beds and Bliss goodies stocked up in the bathroom. The Seattle W was great, but still not as fabulous as San Francisco.

I didn't experience any of the bumps that other Yelpers talked about in their reviews. In fact, I think I received the best customer service at this particular W! They even let us check in a few hours early!

My only small complaints - it's time for them to change the towels out in the rooms, they're not as plush and soft as the other W hotels I've stayed at. AND, their room service late night menu is boring and waaaayyyy overpriced. We ordered room service one night and a grilled cheese wound up costing close to $25!

13/01/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
121. Brandon B.
Very sub par hotel. It can certainly in no way be considered a business hotel. The "business center" closes at 5pm and the restaurant doesn't start serving breakfast until 630am so I guess that means if you have an 8am flight you go hungry. On the bright side the beds are the standard Starwood bed so at least they figured one thing out.

06/12/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
122. Saunders C.
You know what's kind of hard to do when you're on vacation? Eating enough fruit. It's not like when you're at home and you can stock up on your bananas, apples, oranges, nectarines, pluots, cantaloupe, watermelon, cherries, dragonfruit, strawberries, etc. When you're on the road, there's usually no place to store your fruit, and you're usually not there long enough to bother buying any. Thus, with the exception of the apple pie you order as dessert after dinner, you're lacking your recommended daily dose of vitamins and nutrients.

Luckily, the W hotel in Seattle's got you covered. I noticed a big bowl of green apples sitting next to the front desk. I thought it was just for decoration, but when I went into the workout room later, there was another basket! Upon close inspection, I concluded that yes, the W hotel is trying to keep the doctor away. I snagged a few apples and happily bit into one as a light morning snack. Better than the donut I probably would have gotten down the street at Pike Place.

But wait, the W is not just an incognito apple stand. It's also a hotel, and a pretty nice one, at that. The room we got was spacious and comfortable. It had all the typical accoutrements of a W, complete with a pseudo-artsy coffee table book. The desk in the room had an unusually large number of pigeonholes. Perhaps to file away all the telegrams your receive from the local Western Union. The bed, like most other Starwood-brand hotels, was extremely comfortable. I love those heavenly beds. The view of the parking lot and adjacent building's roof left something to be desired, but the room overall was outstanding. And you can't really beat the location much. Just a few blocks from Pike Place and all the downtown shopping, but not in the middle of it all. It's very convenient. I was somewhat surprised that they don't really have anyone outside to help out with bags or cabs? Maybe we just missed them.

The workout room is sufficient. Nothing fancy, a few treadmills and other cardio machines, a few strength machines, a few benches with some freeweights.

And I kind of like how they change the floormats in the elevators to say 'Good morning', 'Good Afternoon', and 'Good Evening'. Kind of unnecessary, but I guess that's part of the experience. The hallways in the hotel are super dark. So trendy.

W Seattle, you kind of act like you should have a velvet rope at your door, but thankfully you don't.

15/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
123. Audrey L.
Great location! Right next to the Fairmont Hotel/Georgian/Shuckers restaurant, Wells Fargo, Starbucks, Seattle's best. Walkable to almost all tourist destinations.

Got a sweet $130 deal for two free cocktails and free parking. Unfortunately wasn't allowed to give out our free parking as we were without car. Fortunately checked in a couple hours early and got upgraded to two smaller beds but with a view on the very top floor. See my photo. Ipod dock does not charge new iPhones. One robe. Very comfortable double bench by the double windows. I could have slept on it! Loved the toiletries although I could only fit the face wash. All in the name of national security...

There's a gym but no pool. Very dark hallway. Apparently all Ws are dark? Happenin' lounge by Seattle standards. Free wasabi peas! Fireplace. They surprisingly had Domaine Carneros by the glass. No breakfast. Stingy on the welcome water and sparkling cider as they took it away in the evening and morning. Pet friendly =)

This is probably the most boring looking W I've come across. Isn't Seattle supposed to be the LA of the Pacific Northwest?

16/02/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
124. Richard S.
The worst W Hotel I have stayed at in the chain.  I believe it is at least 10-15 years out of date,  their is no dual shower head, the shower curtin is not bowed out, the hotel bar and lobby is under renovation and they didn't tell me ahead of time nor offer a concession or upgrade.   Very disappointing.  I let the management know and they didn't do a thing to compensate.  I asked for restaurant recommendations and they couldn't even write it down or show me a map on how to get there.   So not meeting the SPG standard or it has dropped over the years.

19/12/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
125. Amanda M.
This is a great hotel just bring your night vision glasses!
The room was larger than I thought it would be. We stayed in 608. we had a view of the Fairmont pool and I guess that is fine sine the blinds stayed shut the entire stay.

I love the bar at the W. The drinks are good and the service is too! I would stay here again.

Down sides: Had trouble connecting to the "free wireless" in the lobby.
The paintings that are on the wall behind the reception desk are super crooked and hung poorly. Drove me nuts.

22/10/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
126. Megan B.
Don't get me wrong, this is a great hotel just not quite up to par with other W Hotels.  

The lobby is a little confusing if you enter from 4th, the front desk is to the left through the "living room" (which is really beautiful) and up the stairs.  The whole hotel has the dim lighting like you would expect at a posh hotel yet feels homey with northwest touches.  Our stay was comfortable and quiet ...

We stayed on the 19th floor with a great view of the city.  There was a nice window seat but the TV hung on the wall did not rotate so it was not a good place to watch from.  The beds were AMAZING!!  Maybe it was the soft sheets mixed with the cloudy cold weather but I LOVED ours.  

Drinks at the bar were good and the concierges were helpful and really friendly.  The hotel is a short walk from Pike's Market which was really nice!

14/09/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
127. Kym P.
Had an awesome time staying here. We got awesome views of the city, and we booked a 2for3 special, so the price wasn't too bad. My only complaint is the bathroom. I think Vegas bathrooms have ruined me for life, everything else just seems too small :(

Concierge were fantastic, car services were readily available, and the location is perfect for random touristy rambling around the city. I'll definitely be staying here again.

06/04/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
128. Robert H.
The staff are fine, the hotel is okay.  This actually was one of the first W Hotels opened and it's the same as it was a long time ago.  The hotel is very dated and tired and needs a renovation.  I'd look elsewhere until Starwood puts some money into the property.

24/08/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
129. Roy L.
If you're looking for a scuzzy overpriced and inconveniently located hotel to spend a cramped and stuffy night in, at the greatest possible expense, then this is the place! Why go anywhere else when you could choose these creepy accommodations where the only thing they don't charge for is the air!

Don't get me wrong, I've stayed in expensive places, places with attitude,  and trendy party hotels -- but this place is just an overpriced dump for people who get too drink at the bar downstairs to remember how to get home.


27/11/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
130. Brian G.
I was pretty satisfied with my recent stay here on a business trip.

Checked in pretty late on a monday night. When you walk in in the evening, the lights are low, and conditions are perfect. The check in was smooth with a nice face to greet me at the front desk. Not a lot going on in the lobby, but it was a Monday night - probably not the typical event type of night.

Cruise up to my floor, and soft blue lights filter out along the hallways. Frankly, it was challenging to find my way around or read the directional signs. But my room was located at the end of the hall.

The rooms are nice and spacious. Nice lounge section with a built-in couch by the window. The space was relaxing as soon as I stepped in. The appointments in the room are not as flashy as I would expect from a W property, but it was still quite contemporary and comfortable. Looked like an upgraded hotel, based on the crown molding and other components.

Ordered room service; it was delivered promptly. And the food was quite good. It seems actually prepared by a chef and not out of an incebox. The fries were sooooo good, totally recommended!! Well stocked refreshment bar with good top shelf booze and plenty of snacks.

Stayed just one night, seemless check-out process. Cabs waiting at the door. Really a nice stay and experience overall.

18/06/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
131. Neil N.
This was my 3rd time staying at the W. Yes, I admit I'm loyal when it comes to either Hyatt or Starwood hotels, which is why I picked the W. Then again, check their website for specials and offers. We got a great rate for Memorial Day weekend at roughly $160/nite. Considering the weekend featured Folklife, SIFF, and the Giants/Mariners games, we could've easily paid more, which is why I'm marking this as pricey.

*If you fly to SeaTac and wanna save some dough getting to downtown, take the Grayline and stop at the Fairmont; the W is just across the street. $18 bucks roundtrip is a steal.

What I liked:
-friendly concierge to assist with check-in, printing boarding passes, and providing maps.
-free one-time ride in the Acura downtown. FYI, it only starts at 10am and goes as far as Cap Hill. Also, availability is limited, but courteous service.
-rooms are very comfortable. Loved the couch by the alcove and the Heavenly beds are, well, heavenly. Flat screen TV and I'm set, wooo!!!
-W lobby has comfy chairs and couches, and you gotta love the mood lighting throughout the hotel
-W hotel bar is small but intimate; has variety of tables and a DJ spinning tunes during the week.

What could've used improvement
-fitness center is a bit small for my liking; also, it might help to have a restroom/changing room nearby.
-bathroom was very nice, although a lil small for my tastes; then again, I didn't upgrade, so I assume the corner rooms and suites have larger bathrooms.
-took a lil longer to get our backs that we left at concierge, but maybe cuz it was Monday when most folks were checking out.

All in all, W Seattle is probably one of the top 3 hotels in the city. Great location in downtown, close walk to ballpark, downtown, or PPMarket. Here or Grand Hyatt is where you'll spot celebs, so keep your cell phone camera nearby. Will definitely come back here again in there's availability and at a special rate.

02/06/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
132. Isla E.
I like the W hotels okay, but I think they should offer more water options in the room that that $8 bottle of Voss (in 2005). Especially in Seattle, for goodness sake. Just get some local water with recyclable bottle...we don't need water imported from Norway. Keep the Bliss products or change to Origins or Better Botanicals.

There is a special place in my heart for this hotel, I stayed here for my best friend's wedding, and have positive memories. I know they let someone switch rooms because they felt it would be noisy since too close to elevator, and the switch didn't appear to be a problem. The decor is kind of dark! Especially the elevator. Its weird because Seattle is kind of dark and one would think they would attempt to make it bright but they just went with it. Elevator light like a movie theater during the trailer for a bad cop movie. I prefer the decor of The W in Chicago.

15/02/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
133. Matt S.
We got a last minute room here rather than deal with driving home after a concert downtown and it was a nice hotel with reasonable room rates... but $34 (after a bunch of tacked on fees) for 1 hot tea and 1 grilled cheese sandwich?!?! For that alone, I won't be going back...

13/02/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
134. Joe J.
I usually stay at the Westin simply because I'm a Starwood Points member and I love the Heavenly Bed.  Surprisingly, when I went to book my trip this time, the rooms at the W were less money.  I chose a corner room with a King bed.  Can you say HUGE room!

Efficient check-in, pleasing decor, quiet and extremely comfortable room and all at a  price that didn't shock my wallet or my AMEX.  

HIGHLY RECOMMEND this hotel and, by the way, I'm in the hotel business.

12/06/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
135. F' the Polic E.
Same old same old, minus a few things.

Where the hell is my mini-fridge?  For the price I paid per night, I went a place I can put my water into so in the middle of the night, I have cold water.


The Acura Experience was laughable.  there is a such a small circle of area you would be allowed to use it.  To add to that, the service ends at 5:30pm.  Meh.  they're just MDX's.

It was my birthday, the desk we very helpful and the person checking us in, evne provided 2 comp. drink passes.  We requested some extra Bliss lotion and shower gel with very prompt service.  The rooms were smaller than I would have liked.  granted we are in the ehart of Downtown Seattle, but it wqas just a standard hotel room.. i thought the W would have larger acomidations like their other Hotels.  We\lll, their AC controls are freakin' cold as hell, awesome.

23/08/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
136. Rod W.
The rooms were great, Parking is terrible.  If you have a truck or SUV, dont plan on getting Valet parking.  Also not all of the valets new the option for parking if your truck is taller than 6'4".

The food and service was real good.

Make sure to look online for internet only specials, we saved $160. by going online.

06/12/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
137. Angela P.
Pretty cool looking hotel! I stayed here the night of my wedding three weeks ago and was very pleased with the whole "W" experience!

We had a very nice room with awesome views of the city. I think we were on the 22nd floor. The people at the front desk were very nice as was the bell man who took our loot up to the room for us. He even reminded my husband to carry me over the threshold! =)

I really liked this place and would probably stay here again. My husband is in the military and the room was given to us at a discount. Not too shabby!!!

08/09/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
138. Jennifer K.
W's have a reputation of being trendy and hip.  While the hotel itself was nice, I didn't think it was anything special.

The valet parking staff and the maids were particularly friendly.  It's too bad that the people at the reception desk can't learn from them.

I asked the concierge for a restaurant recommendation in the area, and she recommended Earth and Ocean, the restaurant in the W.  When I asked for another one, she made it seem like I was being a demanding customer, and didn't give me any other recommendations!  I also asked if she had a map of the surrounding area, and she said no.   Funny, the next day I walked by and saw the concierge circling things on a map for other people.

Anyway, the facilities of the W are decent.  Not as swanky as expected, but still good. They could improve on their customer service though.

29/04/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
139. Nicki W.
Five paws up for sure!  I know it doesn't equate but it's the yelp rating system even if a dog only has 4 paws!  Just think of it as one dog and a buddy's paw or 5 dogs with one paw up!  Either way, my dog and I love this place.

I have a long history with this hotel chain.  Being that in my previous profession I traveled to NY every other month, they became my home away from home!  

This particular location, although located in my home city, I have used as a little get away on a few occasions.  In fact I spent my wedding night here before we flew out to Italy for the honeymoon.  

The rooms are large and modern, the beds are as heavenly as they advertise, the bathrooms are clean and spacious and I love the complimentary Bliss bath products!  Not to mention, the staff are more than accomodating and make you feel completely welcome.  

The best part of all and one of which I wasn't able to take advantage of until recently is that they are DOG friendly!  Not only that, they go out of their way to spoil your pooch not only via room accomodations but also by partnering up with City Dog Magazine and having Mutt Mixer cocktail parties.  

Last night's Valentine escapades included a dog wedding complete with an altar and an ordained pastor!  So quirky and totally fun!  There was a great mix of people and pooches and everyone got along.  The W staff brings out house made gourmet dog treats as well as human treats.  They had decadent cup cakes however mistakenly brought out the doggy version first so when the people cakes came out, it caused some confusion and my poor little guy gave me such a beggars stare that I had to walk away to enjoy my strawberry goodness!  

They accomodate the dogs and their owners in every way possible to include little turf potty stations out front, complimentary poop bag pods and water bowl stations complete with W bottled water.  

Definately stay tuned for the next Paw-ty via City Dog Magazine because I  can think of nothing more fun than partying with my Pooch!

12/02/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
140. Jim H.
So, you roll in 11pm.  No one is outside to greet you, but it is obviously the W.  No worries, their bellmen must be on break, or go home at 10.  I turn the car off, pop the trunk, get our bags out and wheel them thru the revolving door (which is too small for luggage).  No one greets us.  So, I walk up to what appears to be an employee to ask for directions to reception.  He points up, past a staircase.  We have obviously entered on the side, and not on the main reception.  My wife is ready for the room, so she just grabs her bag and starts to ascend the staircase.  The employee WATCHES, with the look of "hey dude, I am not a bellman - not my job".  I return to the car and drive around the corner.  

The "main" entrance is really not main.  it is just next to the parking garage entrance.  Anyway, by the time I have valet'd the car, my wife has already checked in.  We make our way to the elevators and room.  As we walk in, I am thinking, aren't these aluminum blinds on the windows the same ones that were in our old lake house?  You know, the ones that got bent when your brother and you were playing ball in the house?  The ball hit the aluminum, bent it, you tried to bend it back, but for the next 20 years it was a constant reminder that "you shouldn't play ball in the house!".  Yep, those are the ones.  Count the windows.  3 long windows, 1 short.  All with those aluminum blinds, with the little twist rods to turn them open, closed.  I try to close them, but the city lights are still shining thru. OK, now it gets interesting.

I call downstairs and ask "Any chance you have a room with drapes?  Preferably black out drapes?"  The night manager says that they do have drapes they can install in 5 minutes, and will be right up.  15 minutes later, 2 men arrive with a few rods, some bendable wire, and black cloth.  20 minutes later they have "engineered" black cloth to hang over the blinds, with wire bent around the blinds to anchor the cloth.  SERIOUSLY!  I am sitting here looking at the result, and thinking "I did the same damn thing when decorating my daughter's kindergarten room for halloween!"  I so wish I could take a picture and show you the result.  Flimsy black cloth, in artfully hung around the room aka trailer house "spook" room.  Trick or Treat anyone?

It is now 1 AM - we turn the lights out and sleep.  

Love that 6am sunshine in the room, don't you???

Am now looking to unpack the clothes for the weekend.  Oh wait, no dresser?  I call down.  Any chance you have a room with a dresser?  Answer - No.  Question:  Any chance any of your guests might want to unpack their suitcase when they stay?  Answer:  Well, there are two drawers in the closet (measure 8"x2").  Never mind, I will just lay my clothes out on the chairs.

It is not all bad.  The coffee this morning, along with the donuts are pretty darn good.  And the lobby bar looks appealing...

Where in Seattle is a good hotel (e.g., Mandarin, Ritz, Four Seasons)?

15/05/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
141. Raider J.
I normally stay here when in Seattle....I luv the trendy bar-like lobby and restaurant.  I generally get a corner room with an incredible view of the ocean....

Rooms are very comfortable, trendy and service is outstanding..even got free valet parking....

29/03/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
142. Marian B.
I am a loyal SPG member and love staying in Westins and W hotels. I stayed at the W Seattle for one night for a company event. I was greeted by pleasant attendants and everything was ready very quickly. I went up to my room in a breeze. I loved the posh decor with metalics and lots of purple. The bejeweled and colorful pillow was a nice touch on the white bedsheets. Bed was comfy, bathroom a good size and small sofa was nice. Didn't have anything to complain about. The lobby bar had plenty of people having a good time. It was very lively and fun.

Also ordered room service around 1:30am. I was starving and couldn't find a place open outside so decided to order food. Very expensive! However, the grilled cheese panini I had was mouth watering. I doubt it was because I was super hungry, my taste buds still work well during those times. It was just a beautiful blend of 4 types of cheeses and melted together. MMMMM!

They also have a car service in an Acura SUV that takes you anywhere within 2 miles. Nice touch and saves you the cab money. =)

22/05/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
143. lorin y.
As far as W's go, I'm pretty well-versed, thanks to my jet-setting ways.  ( Not really.  I just have to travel for work a lot. It's not as great as it sounds)

But take my word for it, this W is a sad excuse for a W.  At check in (after a flight from Seoul),  we were advised the room wasn't ready (at 5pm) because the Shower Curtain Had To Be Replaced.  My friends, I don't want to know what happened in my room to require the shower curtain be replaced.  Or even consider the possibilities.  Counterperson, you are not being informative, just making me uncomfortable.

The room had a tiny bathroom--this is in one of the corner suites that they advertise heavily-- with a motel-level tub.  And, of course, the new shower curtain.  Compared to the W in Hong Kong, where you can steep in a jacuzzi tub while singing along to Dreamgirls on the wall-mounted TV (not that any one would actually do that), this was a total let down.

The piece de resistance was when they didn't express launder our trip-weary clothes as requested.  This ended up causing insane stress while we rushed around trying to buy proper clothes to attend a graduation or risk showing up in t-shirt and jeans, which was all we had left that was clean.  

We're now back home.  The laundry is still MIA.  We are totally bummed.

09/06/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
144. Jennie K.
3.5 stars.  I was pretty pleased with my visit, but for the price tag, you'd expect to be.

The biggest pro for this hotel is the prime location.  It's within walking distance of Pike's market, the convention center, the waterfront, Pioneer Square, the ferry terminals, and tons of shopping.  

The hotel is nicely decorated in dark colors with blue and purple mood lighting.  It has an upscale, modern feeling - definitely unlike any hotel I've stayed at before, and perfect for a couples getaway.

Staff was pleasant.  Free Starbucks in the mornings.  The elevators have "good morning" and "good evening" floor mats, which made the +1 and I chuckle.  (Why do they discriminate against afternoons?!)

Also, it's less than two blocks from the University St. light rail station, which makes it really convenient for traveling to and from the airport.

Cons: not many, really.  It's expensive, and the basic room isn't THAT swanky - just clean and upscale.  The hotel attracts 20/30-somethings for bachelor/ette parties, which is fine, until they're staying on your floor and killing your romantic weekend buzz with their hootin' and hollerin'.

Stayed on the 4th floor and had a lovely view of the dentist's office across the street.  

A nice touch: the complimentary Bliss products.

A laughable touch: $5 bottle of Fiji water.

14/09/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
145. Nancy M.
It was a positive experience in every way.

02/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
146. Geebi B.
I would like to give 3.5 rate for this hotel. I know it's supposed to be very upscale and chic, but i stayed in W Korea and it was bit disappointing compare to my previous experience. It was more plain than up to date modern decor. The staffs were very nice and friendly, they opened the Business Center on weekend just for my boyfriend to do some work.
The weekend discounted rates were also good! under $200 per night! It's also located in downtown and you can walk to Pike Farmer's market and the public library of Seattle!

15/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
147. Kendra D.
Let me break it down for ya:

+ great location (near Pike Market/Pioneer Sqr./SAM/LINK)
+ stylish lobby
+ unbelievable soft & luxurious sheets!! so bomb, i even looked it up to see if i could buy it!
+ modern room
+ Bliss products in the bathroom!!

Overall, we had a nice stay at the W and will stay again!

P.S. you can take the Acura experience and have a driver drive you around the city! talk to the concierge.

08/08/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
148. Ian L.
This W has gone seriously downhill since the last time I visited 5 years ago.  Seems like they spent a ton of money redecorating the lobby, but the rooms are shabby, the linens and towels worn out, the pillows flat and the wifi overpriced and unusably slow.  The staff isn't particularly friendly and seems to let details slip constantly.  An example - my wife called the front desk to try to find out why the wifi was so painfully slow.  The phone itself was faulty and she could barely hear over all the static on the line.  They sent up someone to fix the phone, and ended up taking it away.  They never brought one back!  When we requested a new one at the front desk they apologized and offered to bring us a 'complimentary fruit bowl" as an apology.  We accepted.  No fruit bowl or replacement phone ever appeared.  When I stopped by the front desk again several hours later, they apologized.  I suggested they forget the fruit bowl and just fix the wifi, and stop charging us for it.  Though I was assured we would not be charged, there it was on my bill at check out and I had to ask to have it removed.  The desk person initially refused and only backed down when I asked for a manager.  Seriously W, what is going on?

17/10/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
149. Marilyn T.
Caveat - my stay was free, thanks to a friend, who exchanged points for the room.

This was my first time staying at the W Hotel.  The location in Seattle is perfect - Seattle Center, Pike Place, the waterfront, the shopping area, everything is walkable.  

The hotel itself is very modern and clean.  Everything is dark wood, very upscale but modern looking.  The lobby is small, and it has lounge type seating - it's a nice low key place to hang out.

The gym is well equipped, and each cardio machine has a TV and ipod hookup.  There are also lots of nice little touches, such as turn down service, free apples in the lobby, free scented water (and juice spritzer on weekends) in the lobby, hand cleansing towels in the gym.

It's a very nice hotel without being pretentious.. perfect for the 20s-30s age range.

24/09/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
150. Alex S.
As a forewarning-this did happen a while ago, so I would really hope some things have changed.
Well, my husband had gotten me a stay at the W as part of a birthday present, and what girl doesn't like a stay at a hotel, let alone the W with all those lovely Bliss amenities and room service.
Check-in was a breeze-the lobby, dark and stylish-perfect place for a rendezvous. I got up to my room-a corner one-with amazing views. I even got in some spy time looking in on some office workers across the street.
The room itself was wonderful.
My complaint, and it's a pretty big one, is the room service menu; the service was just fine, but I had decided to treat myself (I was catching up on Dexter and being thouroughly indulgent), to a chocolate dessert. It was described as chocolate cake-the emphasis on chocolate-I went over the description thouroughly and it seemed innocuous and tasty enough.
WOW...guess what they forgot to put in the ingredients list???PEANUT BUTTER.One bite. One little bite. MY tongue started to swell, my lip puffed out, and I immediately called down to the kitchen to ask  if there was peanut butter in the wretched "chocolate" dessert. I told them immediately that I was highly allergic-like if I had taken another bite an ambulance wouldv'e been called. I carry benadryl and my epi pen, but WTH??There are enough people out there with peanut allergies that they should list the frickin ingredient. (the kitchen people said the "didn't know")
But this gets better...so, there I am,puffing out, swollen tougue, and now partial throat...I get a knock at the door. Security was there, and they just wanted to know if I was OK. No apology-just wanted to make sure I wasn't on the floor not breathing.
And that's what just kills me-if someone had said or offered and aplogy regarding this (my husband even wrote directly to the W and recieved no response); cover your as* the corporate way-do not apologize. OK, W-you had on your menu a dessert with a very deadly (to some) ingredient. Not cool. No overhaul on their menu afterward.

Oh, and I was charged for my near anaphylactic shock inducing desert. What a slap in the face.

So that unfortunately sums up my stay at the W.

I like the W-just don't like what happened here.

08/11/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
151. Lissie C.
Ok first the good. It's a good location and the lobby is nice. The bad, the rooms are tiny, the shower was dirty with hairs in it, YUCK! I was so grossed out. The service is awful. My boyfriend and I wanted to get some help about site seeing we waited and waited and they were so under staffed no one could help and no one felt bad about making us wait. when you are in the hotel business customer service is #1 and they didn't do a very good job. I probably won't stay at this W again. 3 stars is a generous rating.

26/08/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
152. Christina C.
I'm from the bay area and SF's W is a pretty big hotel.

I like the decor of this hotel, but it definitely didn't feel like one of the big major hotels of the city.  This W had the smallest lobby of any W I've stayed at.

AND, when it comes to the W, I will not hesitate to admit that I will look for the cart to raid.  I am shocked the I was unsuccessful in locating a cart, even after during check out time.  Do they even have carts at this small W hotel?

I broke down and called housekeeping to bring me more toiletries because I LOVE the bliss products.  It is the deciding factor to choose the W.

I thought the housekeeping staff could be friendlier.  The staff at the bar, the desk, and concierge was all very friendly.

I like the sophisticated modern decor in the rooms more than the whimsical decor at the SF's W.

As for pricing, I thought it was a steal for a W hotel room!  That further confirms my idea that this branch of W was smaller than the others I've been to.

18/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
153. Midnight B.
My husband and I got a great deal here $135 a night and since we're spg members we got upgraded to a view along with free wi-fi. I know hotels in Seattle are not that expensive at this time of year but still I thought it was a great stay. The location is a central too, although Westin is a little more central. But then again, the whole point is to walk around and see the city.

14/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
154. Michelle M.
LOVE this hotel! It is clean, nice, and the beds are way comfortable.

I stayed here for 2 weeks when I was in Seattle for business, and loved every minute of it. The location was great and had nice views. It was within 2 blocks of my companies headquarters... Could not have been more convenient! And to top off my great stay, I was upgraded to one of the top floors by the guy who checked me in... For FREE!!

The room service menu & hotel bar were expensive. I might have cared about this otherwise, but I had my company credit card so everything was free!

Try the warm cookies and milk... You wont be dissapointed!

Oh, and the shampoo/soap/lotion are all Bliss products... Love it!

17/03/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
155. Yons H.
We got our night at the W Hotel thru Priceline's Name Your Price program. We got a room on the 5th floor. No view but not bad, since I was able to capture the wireless internet coming from the W meeting rooms (W living room wireless was down, hence we were given meeting rooms access instead).

The king room was spacious and modern. Everyone else seems to love the beds. Personally, the beds were too soft, as were the pillows, we got restless sleep both nights. I know, who complains about too soft beds, right? My neck hurt in the morning from the pillows. As a twenty-something, I don't usually complain about that..

Of course, loved the Bliss products and took them home with me. The Sweat gym was also the best hotel gym I have ever been in. Everything pretty new. 4 treadmills, 2-3 ellipticals, bikes, full sets of free weights with a bench, lots of weight machines and new stretching machines.. we had a great workout.

Also appreciated the free fruit-infused water offered in the lobby. The lounge was very hip on the weekend nights we were there though we didn't stay.

Good walking distance to the shops and buzz. On Friday night, we parked on the street then moved it by 8am Saturday morning. On Saturday night, you can park on the street since all day Sunday is free.

12/07/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
156. Jeremy M.
Nice but not one of my favorite W's.

- Larger rooms than most W's, not the normal shoe-boxed sized rooms they have in some cities
- Good location but not the best compared to some other options downtown
- The bliss face wash.  And I say this with complete confidence in my straightness!!  I travel A LOT, and am always happy to stop by a W to pick up a new bottle of this stuff to throw in my travel pack for my next set of trips.

- Check in process was painfully slow
- Parking was almost $40 a day which is absurd!
- Not much of a lobby restaurant / lounge scene

26/02/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
157. Cw J.
I live on an island - so just getting to Seattle is a big deal for me. My husband and I had an overnight mini-vacation at the W about a week ago. We had a suite on the top floor. And it did not disappoint. Incredible views of the water (two side were completely windowed), the Seattle Needle, grand old buildings and lots more.

Room decor: Contemporary and upbeat and even just a wee quirky - in a good way. I LOVED the deep purple sofa. The room was like an apartment. In fact I had an apartment once the size of the bathroom.

We attended the TUT exhibit (walking distance) then returned to the hotel for dinner. The Sushi Bar! I havent had sushi that good in a long, long time. Fresh. I had the Trace. About 8 pieces of spicy sushi. Delicious. My husband had 2 different sushi's and wanted hot saki which the menu says cold. But being the W, the waiter said, oh let me see if we can heat that for you. It is not what we usually do. And out came HOT saki.

When one uses the elevator you room key is required to go up. A nice security touch.

We sleep so well. The window treatments could be closed to make the room dark. We slept past our normal wake up time.

There is a little French bakery across the street in the Fairmont. We had breakfast there. It is so . . . European. Fresh baked goods literally out of the oven. A bit naughty.

Check in an check out was easy and pleasant. All the staff was warm and friendly.

IF you wanted to give your sweetie a special treat order the Chocolate Covered Strawberries and the Cheese Plate with a bottle of wine delivered to the room. Heaven.

15/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
158. Curtis R.
I debated whether to give the W a 3/5 or a 4/5 but decided to give it a 4.  I have stayed here many times now and I always get great service which is why the 4.  Location is also quite good.  

The property is why I was leaning away from the 4 a bit.  It hasn't had any updates that I feel should be done with a W branded hotel.  The washroom floor looked dirty and was really not up to W standards.  The TV was a small LCD likely around 32 inches.  Should have been at least a 40 inch.

Overall it was fine but I may not stay there again.  Will check out some of the newer hotels that are fresher and have funkier bathrooms.  However, the price was certainly right which is consistent with my impression of what it is worth.

15/11/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
159. Susan L.
I'm in love with all things W, so I'm biased.
Honestly, here are both sides of the story.
My room is gorgeous.
Two comfy double beds.
Great shower/bathtub.
Excellent closet.
Nice mirrors.
Pretty good tv.
Amazing, delicious Bliss products in the bathroom.
The staff is charming and incredibly helpful.
It's a block away from the Light Rail Station.  I got here on the train for $2.50 with zero traffic.
It's also nextdoor to: the post office, the library, Wells Fargo, Bartlett's Drug Store, Starbucks, and Seattle's Best Coffee.  Fantastic.

On the other hand, it irritates me that I've paid for this room and I've paid for this conference, and yet - I'm forced to pay more for wifi.
Also, I'm annoyed that they won't bring me a teapot or a coffee set up.  Apparently, they are switching them out.  
Oh, and everyone's keys are acting up.

But I'm still pretty happy here.  I would definitely stay here again.

30/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
160. Jessica S.
Stayed here a couple years ago and loved it. Love the blue lights and popsicles on ice in the lobby. Room service was really good. Gotta love cookies and milk at midnight. Nice tv's and bliss spa products. Concierge quickly got back a bag of mine that was left in the cab when they were giving us the run around about it. Can't wait to come back here

16/05/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
161. Solbiato S.
The more I travel the more I realize that the W hotels have become very tired.  In all fairness there wasn't anything wrong with this hotel.

Staff was friendly and the rooms were clean.  However, I use to view the W hotels as a step above the Westin within the Starwood Family and generally speaking a higher caliber hotel.

Yet of late the rooms are average (furniture and decor needs some help from the crew on Dr. 90210) and a tad abused.  Furthermore, the vibe is the same today as it was was 10 years ago...it's definitely time for a little nip tuck.

16/04/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
162. Jet L.
My first time staying at the W Hotel and I completely fell in love with everything. From the service to checking in to the warm welcome coming in and out of the hotel is very inviting.

Our room was always clean. I especially love how accommodating they were with providing a crib for my 1 year old.

It's in a great location, with 2 coffee shops on the corner and in front of the hotel. Also, taxi's were always in front of the hotel for your pleasure.

Their concierge suggested the best places to eat, not too pricy, and gave you every option possible. The W Hotel's shuttle car was wonderful and the drivers were very friendly.

18/10/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
163. Kelsey H.
I stayed here for a little birthday getaway with my boyfriend. At first I thought the theme was kind of strange. My style leans towards a more classic look, and the W is very modern with the way it names things, and the colors and such. But when we checked in the front desk staff was very helpful and cheerful. They even switched our rooms because we had originally been placed in one facing a parking garage, and when I walked through the door I really didn't want the only thing out my window to be a dark parking garage. But they quickly switched us to a new room facing 4th Avenue.

When we got to our room and looked around I was very pleased with the place. It had a nice, sleek design with grey accents and colors, very relaxing. We went down for dinner at the restaurant, but it was currently under renovations, so we asked the front desk for some suggestions, and they directed us the the Purple Cafe and Wine Bar, which was lovely. We came back and enjoyed the clean sheets and comfy bed, and in the morning we ordered room service. I will admit that I've never ordered room service before at a hotel, but I was very impressed anyway by the attention to detail. It was actually the manager who came and served us, and brought everything on it's own table.

All in all it was a very enjoyable time, I would certainly stay here again, especially if your a couple, or someone with a pet (they are very pet friendly there). Also, the new restaurant is now open and is very good.

*Note* when you make a reservation, request a room not facing the parking garage, that's really the only complaint I have with the place. They should at least commission some art or something to distract from parked cars.

03/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
164. Tres B.
My sweetheart was headed for NY, so I splurged and got her a room as a bon voyage/birthday treat so she'd be closer to the airport. The room itself was lovely, modern and chic. Furniture that looked a bit West Elm, a nifty cosmopolitan corner view, nice soft lighting, really perfect for her. The front desk and most of the staff attentive and friendly.

And then began an unforgivable sequence of events. She ordered room service that included a chocolate dessert. HOWEVER, the treat had a peanut center and this was not indicated on the menu! One bite, she didn't even swallow, and her throat and lips began to swell. She can die from exposure to peanuts. When she told the staff, they were indifferent and still charged her for the mis-described item (though offered her a replacement dessert which she could not eat!)

A few days later, I received a form email with a link to the GM at the Seattle hotel ASKING for feedback!. I explained this all to him and guess what ? No reply. I filled out a survey expressing my dissatisfaction and guess what? No reply. I closed my Starwood frequent visitor card, and guess what? No reply.

The Westin chain is the worst of mega corporate indifference. Never again will we patronize any of their properties. I can forgive mistakes (albeit this was a HUGE mistake). I cannot forgive callous disregard for the customer.

05/12/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
165. Jeff H.
I love the W, and I know even before I check in that I can expect to be taken care of like a celebrity. Staff always seems to be willing to accommodate my requests, and I'll keep coming back for that reason. Oh, and because the beds are like little pillows from heaven!

15/03/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
166. Novato A.
We were the lucky recipients of a 2 night stay at the W via some friends who bid on a Seattle Symphony package but couldn't go. Thank you both, Ron and Colleen. We appreciated standing in your stead which is not to say that we could ever fill your shoes or take your places.

The W has 26 floors and we were nestled in a corner room on the 20th. The room was very nice--what you might expect from a W hotel except for a few downsides:

1)  I know grey is the favored color of Seattle but that does not excuse all y'all from not providing blackout curtains. We vampires from the sunnier states need our morning sleep in spite of the one-on-every-other-block presence of coffee shops.  I used to think the Starbucks/coffee thing in Seattle was an exaggeration but---NOOOOOOO. They are every-freakin'-where. It's beyond sick. It's cafydellic. It's theobromic. It's pharmaceutic and amphetoxic. We non-natives need the morning darkness to recover our decaffeinated selves.

2) On the heels of comment 1 there is--GASP--NO in-room coffee service. Whaaaaaaa? Really? So we gotta put clothes on and get down to the lobby or across the street for an a.m. fix? You know what you are? SADISTS!  Making your clientelle hoof it for their morning fix in the grey dank that defines the most highly stimulated city in th US  is not even a little bit nice.

3) The bathroom tub/shower seems not in keeping with the rest of the hotel's high standards. It's a very simple shower over tub--no bells, no whistles, no jets, no fancy showerhead and definitely, no room for two. I strive to live down my nickname--The Heiress--and generally think  I do more than a good job at keeping my expectations in accordance with the concordance. So maybe I was expecting too much. But for a hotel of this ilk, the bathing fixtures seemed minimalist at best. It's effing cold outside, don't you think your guests may need a dual bathing experience to thaw?

On the plus side:
1) The Sexy Fries in the bar should definitely not be missed. Share an order by all means. There're plenty to go around and these are not like fries you've had anywhere else. Slather them on, swallow them down--one by one, licking your fingers and anyone else's who happens to be partaking. Take a deep breath, no need to rinse but I advise you repeat. Dive in for more. Are you feeling me?

2) A special, most appreciative, shout-out to Greg, the bartender. When Mr. Grumpy showed up at the bar, stag, and explained that his wife (the self-same, moi) wasn't feeling well upstairs, Greg very kindly and thoughtfully had soup and tea sent up to the room. However, his good intentions were thwarted by a" Do Not Disturb" sign left on our door. Alas and alack,  your room service ministrations were not received but the thought and intention were very much appreciated. You're a hero, Greg,--a knight, confirmed gentlelman, and a very dear soul. Please inform your boss that The Heiress said you deserve a promotion.

Would we stay here again on our own dime? Yeah, we would.

But thank you to Ron and Colleen for passing on the good will. We really enjoyed it.

Seattle and the W,as the former governator never said,  we'll be back..

14/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
167. Anthony M.
Great hotel for business meetings. I just had a recent convention there and I was very impressed.

27/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
168. E E.
-Fantastic location
-Beautiful rooms
-Super luxurious bed/bedding
-Professional staff

02/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
169. Sarah C.
If I could, I would happily move into the W Hotel.  :)  I have such warm feelings for this place.  I dunno what it is about it but it just makes me feel so happy.  

So I LOVE that the W is pet-friendly but this worked against us the first time we stayed here.  There was a dog next door that I guess was left alone cus it barked and yelped and whined for hours on end.  It was sooo frustrating.  And of course we discoverd this after our first night so we were pretty much settled in our room and didn't feel motivated to pack up and move.  When we checked out at the end of our stay, I told the front desk about our experience (in a totally benign tone of voice) and my response?  "Well, the W is a pet-friendly hotel." (In a totally snooty tone of voice.)  Hmmm...not nice.

The second time we stayed there was much better.  Service was ok, there were no barking dogs, and it was my birthday weekend.  :)  We had a great time and we were able to walk to dinner at Union, then drinks at Boka.  

I LOVE the decor, the location, and the Bliss products at the W.  But I subtracted one star for the service.  I think they can definitely stand to warm up their service a bit.

11/03/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
170. Chris M.
Highly disappointed in what transpired.  While the hotel is nice enough, our experience here was the worst hotel experience I've had.  As stated, the room was OK, nice enough, but the first thing we noticed was no Do Not Disturb placard.  No worries, I thought, we'll just use the interior locks while in the room and we'll be fine.  Woke up Sunday morning, my wife was prepping for a shower, I went to the lobby for coffee(no coffee in room).  Approximately one minute after I left, a man using a keycard walked into our room, stunning my partially clad wife.  No announcement, no knock, just used a card and walked in.  She was so shocked, she couldn't speak, and the man closed the door and left.  At first, I thought it could have been housekeeping or some employee who made a mistake, so i gave them the benefit of the doubt.  Security wanted to interview us, so we scheduled that.  They gave us 3 diet cokes!!!   Wheee!!  I decided to ask for more, my wife was very shaken, so I asked them to waive the $47 one night parking fee(yes, $47!!!!, including tax)  They did, which was the least they could do.  Security interviewed us, the guy was nice enough, but the interview left us with more questions than answers.  Was it an employee, was it someone working with an employee in housekeeping, what could they have needed in our room while we were still there without knocking?  We were told the Head of Security would get back to us by Tuesday.  As of Thursday, no word, my wife called the hotel.  Security responded on Friday, sounding bothered by our call, and said a card was used to enter our "secure" room, but they did not know who used it.
All of this leads me to believe that someone, whether an employee, a friend of an employee, or someone with computer savvy to make key cards, is operating in that hotel, looking for people leaving their room so they can go in and see what they can find.  i do not feel safe there and am highly disappointed with their failure to respond without reminder, and the weak response we got when we followed up.   I'll stay at the Fairmont from now on!!!

22/11/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
171. Tony L.
Only place to stay in Seattle, everything else is old and typical seattle boring...

02/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
172. Mihir P.
Not as fancy shmancy as the other W's I've visted. BTW, if you are checking in, the front desk is on the second floor in which you have to take the stairs.

I was there for a "Drinks Around the World" event. I expected it to be fun and interactive but it was a bore. About 50 of us sat lecture-style and watched they bartender mix the drinks. He was very nice but the presentation method blew big time. We lost our buzz by the time each drink arrived. Not well planned.

01/09/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
173. Akvile H.
This review is just on the bar/lounge/lobby:

The W has a fantastic bar/lounge area! I have been here a handful of times to the bar for events and it's really great. Cool atmosphere, friendly staff, delicious drinks and appetizers! Their garlic fries and skewers are fantastic! Appropriately priced and a nice spot, I would be interested in staying in one of their rooms sometime, but I live walking distance, so I am not sure if I will need to. I've heard great things about the hotel itself and I would recommend it to others.

12/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
174. Eliza B.
A+ ~ Location (A for actual location and the plus for accessibility to bus lines, cabs, and I-5)

A ~ Staff

C+ ~ Room Condition (windows very dirty ... face grease all over, carpets had huge stains, furniture scuffed)

B- ~ Room size

A+ ~ Beds were AMAZING

A ~ Bliss products in the bathroom

A ~ Accessible bars, restaurants in and near hotel

In short:
Cute little hotel, kinda crappy room, but plenty of other things to make up for it. Pretty happy I wasn't paying for it honestly (there for work).

Skip the happy hour here and head across the street to Sazerac's.

Make the 5 (or so) block hike to Le Panier in the mornings for bakery items, located across from Pike Place and next to THE Starbucks.

24/02/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
175. Robert L.
Nice room, great service and good lobby area. Fitness center could be better but pretty good hotel wise. Very accomodating staff who helped me out when I lost something. Will stay again.

13/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
176. Emily M.
Dissapointed is the word for the day. No pool or hottub, but I convienently got a nice view of the hotel's next door. Freaking small room, small tv, just over all not very impressive. Find out it doesn't even give free wifi which has been standard everywhere else I've stayed. 15$ a day!  compared to the other hotels I have stayed at in seattle for the same price (like the westin or hotel monaco) this is severely over rated.

30/08/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
177. Andrew W.
A recent trip to the W Seattle was a good experience but not great.  The hotel is nice and extremely modern.  The lobby literally looks like a spaceship.  A few surprises I must share though. 1. The Acura car service is simply for marketing and if they are busy they will not pick you up from where they dropped you off.  That was rather annoying as we counted on this service for our travel around the city.  2. The hotel does not have its own pool. You either can go to a Starwood hotel in the area or to a gym around the corner.  Lastly,  the upgraded spectacular room is not worth it. Our room did not have any better view than the wonderful room. Overall I do love both the W Hotel and the Westin because of their excellent customer service.  I will definitely try out another W Hotel elsewhere.

19/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
178. Ali F.
I have been a staying at Starwood locations for years and this trip reaffirmed why. The staff was polite, friendly, and diligent, the room was visually enjoyable and well decorated (Albeit I think understated for a hotel of this caliber), and the overall attentiveness of the staff was above what I experience during most of stay elsewhere. I think a couple of points are worth mentioning, first, W Hotels are never cheap and this one is no exception. Expect to pay $300 and up a night and that doesn't even include the taxes and other standard hotel charges. Second, the W I think contrary to its reputation is actually pretty subdued and sophisticated. I bring that point up because I often have conversation with friends who think it is an ultra hip and over the top type of place and it is actually not. A great deal of the decor is clearly modern in its influence and I would surmise that the lobby is often times why people who have never stayed their assume that. The inside of the rooms always reminds me of a New York apartment overlooking the city and I think that is the best way to describe it. It is comfortable, classic, and just feels warms if that makes any sense. Aside from that my stay here was very enjoyable and all of my interactions with the staff were very pleasant. They even went as far as to stop me to suggest and umbrella when I was about to go out for the evening with my wife and then even had one to give me to safe a trip back up to my room to fetch my own. I always say its the little things that matter to me and that type of action is great example. Aside from the cost I would stay two thumbs up and just enjoy your stay.

06/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
179. Steve L.
I am not a 20s/30s guy (I have already celebrated my 39th birthday). BUT I admit I act/feel/live a life of a 20/30 yr old more often than not. That said,  I have often enjoyed the W Seattle: for business, pleasure, happy hour. Enough said? OK. Now you know the real-me.

Onsite parking is steep - but it's right there for you. If you are sans-car, then you won't be preoccupied with the lofty overnight in/out situation.

The valets, bell staff and front desk staff are efficient and attentive. If anything, it will please you more, if you arrive without the distraction of other check-in guests ahead of you. I have been lucky in that regard.

And, in your opening remarks with the front desk, ALWAYS (and politely) ask for a view room (a higher floor). By doing so, you can mitigate/minimize the dinn of the street traffic and activity no matter what hour of the day.  Guess I have been lucky; hopefully you will be, also.

Most rooms are truly 'spacious' and the various yelper photos for W Seattle may help in your decision to book and stay here. Yes, bathrooms are not the centerpiece of W Seattle (relatively small, but efficient.) Plenty of the usual, expected amenities, towels and evening turn down service (if you wish or elect not to be interrupted).

Note: this hotel does not have a great in-house gym; also, does not have an indoor pool or sauna (as The Fairmont Olympic Hotel has these amenities). Choose The W based upon all of the above; I have often.

As your day ends, consider the Lobby Bar area for HH.....then venture onward to any of the great dining spots (within walking distance): Shuckers @ The Fairmont; The Brooklyn, The Metropolitan, Purple.....you pick.

The W is walking distance to all of many fine retail, signature Seattle spots: Nordstroms and Mario's. IF a visit to the REI flagship store - consider public transportation, cab or your car. You won't be disappointed, I trust.

09/05/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
180. Mister X.
The front desk staff was apologetic that our room was not ready on time, even though we were the ones trying to get in early. [Nothing shows good service like someone else apologizing to you for your mistake without making you feel stupid]. We graciously accepted their apology (ha!)

They checked our bags and then promised (and did) send us text messages when the rooms were ready.

Expensive parking $37, expensive wifi ($14) but adequate speed.

The age of the property is beginning to show if you look closely. Dents in furniture, stains on the carpet,  missing chrome on the handle in the bathroom, that type of thing. It can be hidden in the hallways where the lights are very dim, but once you are in your room you get to see it all.

We paid about $120 a night, so it still seemed OK to us.

06/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
181. Shradha A.
So the check-in took 2 hours! They had absolutely no rooms ready!! That's the only reason they lost a star for an otherwise perfect place!

But we absolutely totally loved the rooms, bathrooms, every little thing such as the shower and tub and tap and water pressure - all done to perfection! The little bay couches in the room made them so nice.

The concierge, restaurant and lobby are all amazingly good as well! So was the service everywhere except for check-in!

One of my favorite W hotels by far and I wish every hotel I ever stay at is benchmarked to this one.

16/08/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
182. Lauren Y.
Love the W signature stuff... the bed, the bliss toiletries, the bathrobe, the service. Whatever/Whenever - we got reservations at the nearby restaurant and we were offered the Acura service for a ride anywhere to downtown, but our friends were already on their way.

We got upgraded from Wonderful Room to a corner cozy so we had two walls of windows.

Location is excellent if you are visiting Seattle. It's basically walking distance or a short car ride anywhere.

no complaints but not 5 stars. the pillows are really flat.. I had to use 3.

17/11/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
183. Martin A.
Well, you're already Yelp!ing so you're one step ahead of me.
Valet parking. I waited 15 minutes to give them my car, essentially blocking the street traffic. Bad layout.
Check-in. How are you this afternoon? Oh, the same as when you asked me 30 seconds ago.
Lobby. Very impressive... Which just serves to make the
Room. That much worse. Seriously shabby for $200 per night. Clean, nice products, but seriously...$200?!!!
Bathroom was low ceilinged and a bit dingy. Shower pressure weak.
Room Service. Laughably priced. Not everyone is charging to an expense account. Pretty sad selection after 11pm as well.
I had always heard great things about W Hotels, so this was a huge disappointment. There are much better options downtown.

05/11/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
184. Joshua B.
I'll fully admit that I'm partial to this hotel because we got married here, but we chose it for reasons that are still applicable - The modern decor, swank lounge/bar, excellent staff and fun interior. I think it's hard for any hotel to constantly stay both fresh, innovative and financially viable, so I'm sure the W will "age" like any other place, but so far I still think they're pretty cool.

We also chose to have our wedding here because the pastry chef at the time (Sue McKown) was incredible. She's moved on (to Fork and then Starbucks, I think), but the desserts are still pretty special, so don't skip out on the desserts in the bar/restaurant or your room if you're staying at the hotel.

Not the cheapest place, and definitely not the most modern anymore (Hotel 1000 is that in Seattle now), but we still enjoy coming here for the occasional weekend getaway, or for drinks in the swank lounge.  

I only give it 4 stars because I've stayed at some really incredible places (mostly outside Seattle) and it's note quite up to that standard.

18/08/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
185. Jeff M.
A Haiku Review of W Hotel Seattle:

Maybe I'm stingy...
But it wasn't worth the dough.
Seen better for less.

18/10/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
186. Richard K.
Take it down to 2.75 stars, definitely better than the holiday inn, but only in the lobby area. Sure the common areas are hip and trendy, but my room was non distinguishable from any other place in the city. Dusty blinds with no black out curtains, 1990's Zack Moris cordless phone that a Nintendo programmer would have too explain to me how to use, and no art work or color in the room at all. I have a feeling this does not live up to the standards of W hotels worldwide. Stay somewhere else and save cash people.

22/09/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
187. Poppa t.
Unfriendly staff, not what I expected, wished we read these reviews before booking with Priceline so we were locked in.

Room was nice, and overall hotel was nice but wish they had friendlier staff and didn't seem like they were doing me a massive favor in the check in desk!

08/08/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
188. Jenny W.
The pros: We got a spacious corner room high up that faced the water. The front desk was extremely helpful and friendly about great places to dine at and how to get there. The W is located in a central location to shopping and dinning downtown.

The cons: The parking was not connected to the building and the bathroom had dark spots in some of the grouting. It may not have bothered most people but I'm just really particular with cleanliness.

16/10/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
189. Denise P.
Stayed one night with some girlfriends while in town for Madonna. Had a great stay with fantastic service! We arrived early and were able to get into our room with no problem. Staff was super friendly and accommodating. My only complaint is they don't provide free Wi-Fi.

03/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
190. Susan A.
Great location. Mediocre rooms. Not. Worth. It.

26/05/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
191. Jacque P.
If you like hip and cool don't be a fool and stay somewhereZ else.

This place rocks and is only a 10 min walk to Pike St Market.  And in between is Kukuruza!!!  How can you lose??!!!

Actually the one thing that sucks which just made me switch this from a 5 to a 4 star is they make you charge for in-room WIFI


10/12/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
192. Molly T.
Really disappointed with service and staff (except the housekeeping staff). This W really puts the name to shame.
No smile with our first greeting. Concierge was lazy & provided no help whatsoever. My google map & yelp bookmarks of restaurants & attractions were a hundred times more useful!! Walls were paper thin & we can hear rowdy neighbors at 2 am!! I know the W tries to bring homelike feeling to your stay but this wasn't.
The only pluses were the location & the location. Easy walking distance to Pike Place & Belltown. Public transportation was also easily accessible.
There is no pool or jacuzzi. However, there is a small gym with treadmills, a couple of stationary bikes and a elliptical machine. Weight machines are modern.
I probably will not be coming back.

27/07/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
193. Melissa A.
We ended up on the 19th floor with a great view. The service was the bomb. Never ate any food here, room service or otherwise so I can't comment about that.

What struck me as strange right away is that there is no place to put your clothes??? There is a small closet with no hangers. There was no dresser or any other place that you could unpack. I ended up spending 5 days living out of my suitcase. We called down to request hangers and they asked how many I said 10 or 15, she sounded taken aback and said that she would try. They showed up shortly after that though.

Another thing was there was no mini fridge or any way to keep anything cold. There was no vending machine or store on premesis. Obviously, they want you to eat out of the snack bar so they can charge you triple the money. I want something cold to drink when I wake up in the middle of the night. This was a problem for me.

The TV was nice with lots of channels which we enjoyed when we would take a mid day break. The room itself was very nice. They provided turn down service which is always a plus.

All in all, I will stay at another W Hotel but probably not this one. It was nice, but i need vending and cold water in the middle of the night.

09/09/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
194. Kim P.
okokok. the bar scene actually IS a scene... you just have to be there on a lucky night. theres a cool DJ that spins. i guess the nights when they have a DJ spinning are the good nights to chill at the bar.

one more note on parking. you dont have to pay for overnight parking if you park on the street!!! the parallel or diagonal slots on the street are free between 6:30pm and 9am. its usually easy to find a super close spot on weeknights!

15/04/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
195. Vince O.
...Great property.... Front Desk staff was hospitable...  Room was in top-shelf condition, and the location was not bad.

One of my 'late-nights' the Front desk warmed up my leftover Lobster Mac&Cheese from Purple Cafe and Wine Bar (from across the street ---- A MUST GO)

My only gripe is with the check-in process.  The property GM gives an email address to send him any requests or wishes prior to your arrival.  A wish was sent, but a response was never made... (Note to GM:  If you talk the talk... Walk the walk sir...)  kinda tacky.

On to the next, the 'living room' space in the lobby is comfortable and inviting... they offer free wifi in the living room for hotel guests.  This is also where late night drinking with Socio-Elite takes place... I did not participate this time =).

There is a STARBUCKS directly across the street, as well as my favorite  local restaurant 'Purple Cafe and Wine Bar.. read about it.

I would definitely come back to this location... answer my email GM...

21/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
196. Yelpin T.
As expected, this was an excellent place to stay.  We liked how it was strategically in the middle of downtown with coffee shops and stores nearby.  It was worth upgrading to a higher level.  What a great view!  The hotel lounge was full the Saturday evening that we checked in but very laid back.  Good feeling to know that your room is only an elevator ride away!

If I could make one suggestion, it'd be to install better lighting in the hallways.  It was beyond "romantically dark".

19/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
197. David S.
Great location and perfectly nice place, but not so nice I'd have any loyalty on future visits. Overall the hotel is just not as nice as other W hotels I've visited. The bathroom in my room was more like a Holiday Inn bathroom, and the halls were so dark I was suspicious that the lack of light was hiding dirty or aged floors and walls.

I did enjoy the Acura Experience tho - two chauffeured Acura SUVs ready to deliver guests to locations around downtown for free.

14/05/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
198. tim m.
nice hotel and trendy but...slightly up its own bum with an air of pretension that isn't really needed. the bar downstairs is cool but not enough people and it just feels too empty.

rooms are nice though, service snobby but good and the beds are lovely. so all in all - I stay here when I get a good rate.

ps, the purple cafe is just up the street

03/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
199. Tim B.
Lacks that W vibe. Kinda like a W's dorky little brother. The kind that is too afraid to talk to girls and showers a little less than he should.

That being said it's decent value for Seattle (sans the parking) and is in a great location.

13/03/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
200. Diana C.
Good location, nice bar downstairs (gets a bit loud though), new and modern decor with good service you would expect from the starwood group.  Rooms are decent sized with a nice bathroom.  

Parking is expensive in Seattle (about $50 overnight in any downtown hotel) so there was no surprise there.  Got too drunk at the bar downstairs so I booked a room and stayed instead of cabbing it home and then freaking out at not finding my car the next morning.  hahaha

Good place to stay, a bit pricey, but normal for the area.  I live close enough now that I probably won't stay there again but if I do need a place to stay in Seattle, I'd definitely consider booking another room here.

03/11/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
201. christina l.
Came here for a conference and stayed at the hotel. For the price you pay, this place is OK. It strives to be excellent and they constantly try to "wow" you, but I truly wasn't wowed. Though it wasn't bad either. It was a lil less than I was expecting from a hotel at this price range.

When I checked in, the front desk girl couldn't find me on their system even though I made reservation. When she found me, she asked me three times if I was with them for the next three nights. I thought once was enough if she was listening (which wasn't as big of a deal if I didn't find out she goof up something else later -- covered in the later part of this review). The room--The bathtub drained VERY slowly so we ended up standing in inches of water as we showered...  when I mentioned it during check out, the people at the front desk took off $20 off the total bill... I guess that's kinda ok.

They are part of the Starwood Hotels, and I happend to have Starwood membership. But the girl who checked me in linked me to the wrong Starwood member. So when I got the bill in the end, I had the wrong address. I brought it to the front desk and they fixed it.  

The location of this place is great though because it's right in downtown.  And because the room has a terrible view (parking garage), they offer a free movie or free internet for a day--so that's kinda cute. But like I said, for the price it charges, it SHOULD be the standard.

Also they were able to hold my luggage after my check out (my flight was scheduled for later so  we wanted to be able to have lunch without draggin out luggage with us) so that was good service. Of course you would also expect that from a hotel at this price point.

In summary, the location is what made the hotel good. Otherwise, I think it's a bit overpriced.

31/07/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
202. Warren C.
I've never been too much of a fan when it comes to staying at hotels. I think it really comes down to me being just cheap about it and in my youth staying at motel 6's to keep my costs down. In my opinion staying in a hotel room that costs more then a hundred bucks a night seems a bit excessive unless your in Vegas. As a birthday gift from my girlfriend decided to make a weekend trip up to Seattle to do some shopping and for some relaxation.

Upon entering the hotel's main entrance you will find yourself in a palatial setting. I really enjoy the modern architecture and how well and open the space has been put to use. Once checked in we were escorted to our room and once again surprised by the architecture and the way the room's space was put to use.  The furniture was very welcoming and not pretentious and overly done. I really felt like I was at home.

During our stay we had a chance to swing by the bar downstairs and enjoy a few cocktails and some happy hour food while enjoying eachothers company. Again, beautiful setting and spacious seating arrangements that allowed us to truly relax even at the lounge. We utilize a couple other services here as well. Their shuttle service here is top notch. They have a couple brand new Acura MDX's that will take you literally anywhere in the downtown area of Seattle. We had the opportunity of getting to know one of the drivers which was a retired individual that was very friendly and went out of his way to make sure our transportations arrangements were taken care of during our stay even after we checked out the following day. We also took advantage of our room service and found they are rather expedient and again very friendly as well. A little bit on the spendy side but definitely worth the price of this caliber of service.

Ask me if I'll stay here again? Hell yeah! I've completely changed my way of thinking when it comes to hotels now and I think it also comes with age that its worth every penny to enjoy the creature comforts of a high end hotel. Thank you W, you made our stay an amazing one and I look forward to staying again there soon.

29/08/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
203. Natalie S.
Pricey but hey, it's W. It definitely carries through the W theme. Dark lighting, music at the check in and living room. Dark wood paneling. Orchids. Very sleek.

I think you either like it or hate it here. I like it. Flat screen LG tv. A large desk to do work with the wish kaleidoscope. The sitting area by the window. The plush bed (pillows lost a bit of their feathers).  A clean and well lit bathroom with tons of Bliss products! Centrally located in downtown with a Starbucks across the street, Wells Fargo diagonally and the Purple Cafe a few more steps away.

14/04/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
204. Gary S.
I'm accustomed to the "W" representing opulence. Unfortunately that has not been my experience here.

When looking at transportation options from the airport I called the hotel for recommendations. They gave me several and we chose to take he light rail. The rail was comfortable and clean. They told me the rail was only a block from the hotel. The one thing they failed to tell me was that 1 block was an ascent up a 6% grade hill. My wife is pregnant and we are traveling with our 18 month old daughter. My wife is a personal trainer and we are both in great shape, but it was a struggle. Her pushing the baby in the stroller and me lugging a car seat, an international sized suitcase and a regular suitcase was quite the sight.

During out ascent I was thinking, all I need to do is make it to the doors of the hotel and the doorman will take it from there. No such luck. The door closest to the ascent doesn't have a doorman. We make it inside an it puts us 1/2 a floor below the front desk. We couldn't immediately find the elevator because it was a hidden little closet just big enough for the stroller. I didn't have the patience so ended up carrying most of it up the stairs myself.

Once we had checked in I had to ask them for assistance with the luggage. This was not the "W" experience that I have become accustomed to. I returned to the front desk to get  change for a 20. There were 3 unoccupied staff milling about and not a single one of them were eager to serve me. I had to ask for assistance when it was obvious i had a request. We had also asked that a crib be already set up in the room and it was not.

After coming in from dinner we turned on the tv and there was no signal.  We had to call the front desk twice and wait for more than an hour before getting service.

We stayed on the 8th floor and the traffic noise was horrible all night.

30/06/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
205. Emily H.
This hotel is badly in need of a renovation. I'd have given it 2 stars but the staff were all very nice, and I appreciate that.

The first morning we were there a cleaning person came into our room at 7:30 am, which I found odd. I mentioned to the front desk person that someone had come by early and entered without knocking, and he expressed surprise and apologized. Next morning, eight am, same story. This time I didn't bother mentioning it to the front desk, because there were so many other reasons not to go back to this particular location.

For the money ($350/night before taxes), I'd recommend the Four Seasons.

01/09/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
206. Flor D.
"Welcome to the W Seattle, what is your wish."
Ahhh....this was the greeting I received upon entering my hotel.
Whatever/Whenever is the motto for this recognizable brand, and I should have really embraced it.  
My wish was to have a clean, comfortable room, with minimal noise, and a decent view.  They got most of it right.   My room was standard, full of bliss products-perfect for a bath.  My view=parking lot.  Luckily and unlike the W in NY, It was quiet, and I was able to close my blinds and REEELLLAX.

Swank, swank, and more swank, but what's with climbing the stairs to get to the lobby.   Not very functional...but it was a nice stay.

06/11/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
207. V J.
Love, Love, Love The W Hotel Seattle Washington!  We stayed this past weekend in a fantastic corner room (#2220).  It has a great view and had everything we needed for an absolutely fantastic weekend getaway.  The bed is big and comfortable so after a full day of sightseeing in such a beautiful city, it was great coming back to the room.  The bathrooms are generous in size, stylish, and very clean.  (Kudos to the cleaning staff!)  The only thing that would have been nice is a small refrigerator (or enough room in the keyed minibar for our own bottle of wine or water).

When we arrived, we were immediately greeted and were able to check-in early which was a gift itself!  We planned ahead so there was no need for a concierge.  (However, we did require a ride due to the rain and were quite pleased when the Acura person who had a table in the lobby showing the latest in Acura cars offered a ride in one of the cars to Elliott's (a must go-to restaurant with amazing oysters!).  Not only was the car smooth and roomy but it was a free ride AND who knows they might have a new Acura owner soon.)

You won't be disappointed in this hotel unless you are looking for a personal staff at your disposal.  Remember, it is up to you to plan an unforgettable weekend and the things you want to experience.  This hotel is located in the best spot in the city and is easily walkable to most areas.  Even in the rain we were able to enjoy a lot of what the city offered (great restaurants, first rate shopping, and a variety of entertainment including a boat ride to Bainbridge Island for shopping and nice lunch, an underground Seattle tour, and Pikes Place for people watching).

The only thing the W Hotel owes you is a great room for the price.  I believe The W Hotel excels in value!

15/11/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
208. Malinda S.
Don't waste your money. Poor service all around, they really show how they don't care about their customers.

My husband and I were taking a trip to Seattle to find an apartment since we are moving there this summer. We wanted to stay somewhere that we could get a good nights sleep and have a nice view/location in the city. Thus we landed on the W Hotel Seattle. However, once we arrived we were assigned to room 810 which looks directly into the neighboring parking garage. We called to see if we could have a different room, but were told that the hotel was 100% booked. We asked them to keep us in mind should another room open up, but we never heard anything. Throughout our stay the garage lights kept waking us up each night and one morning a car alarm work us up bright and early (6am). When we checked out, we were asked how our stay was and we complained about the lights keeping us up and the poor view. We were told that you all never use those rooms unless you have to and that someone should have told us that we could have blackout curtains to help with the lights, but we weren't told anything.

All in all, we did not enjoy our stay at the W Hotel Seattle, and we would not stay there again or recommend it to friends. We paid over $350 per night for that room and honestly, feel jipped. That room was not worth that amount of money. We splurged to have a nice view of our new hometown and to have a good nights sleep. We got neither of those things.

On a sidenote, the service at the hotel was lacking, especially for being considered a "luxury" hotel. We have stayed at many luxury hotels and know what we should expect. We did not receive that at the W Hotel Seattle. Not only that, but when we replied to the general managers email asking how our stay was, we got no response whatsoever. Great customer service W Hotel!

08/07/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
209. Fuego T.

Special shout out to Jake and all the staff who made my stay ridiculously awesome.

Travelling on business, and the W was great.  Top Floor Spectacular Room with a great view of the space needle.  Can't really complain about that.  Then the customer service was beyond excellent.

I will definitely stay here for all my future travel to Seattle.

10/02/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
210. ClosetDork ..
I've decided during my recent stay that, having passed the 30 mark, I am too old for W.

Sure, the lobby lounge is hip with live DJ on Saturdays, special-priced drinks and apps in the afternoon, ultra-sensuous lighting and what have you.  But just like other W hotels around the world, it is catered for partying twentysomethings.

And for you haters out there, don't get me wrong.  I have nothing against partying twentysomethings.  I was once one of them too, in not too distant past.  I just did not appreciate a couple of blind-drunk twentysomething girls in the wee hours of the morning banging on my door and attempting to enter what was obviously an incorrect room.

Having a rather short fuse by nature (I fully blame my dad for it), I stumbled toward the door, opened it a crack and yelled "You got the wrong room so get the hell out!"

Seconds later, I heard them scurrying away.  Peace and quiet at last.

That episode aside, W Seattle is a pretty nice hotel.  The Bliss toiletries are no Molton Brown but it's decent.  The staff are always helpful and friendly.  The location is great.  The hotel room is spacious, albeit basic, and the beds comfortable.  And at $118 a night for the weekend, it's a great value!

28/02/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
211. Melvin P.
The low, sexy mood lighting has led me to suffer, in two separate incidents within the last few minutes a potential concussion and a potentially broken toe. The gym was surprisingly meh. But it is readilly accessible from the airport.

As expected, things are super pricey. My special lady used the laundry service and ended up paying to have her socks dry cleaned instead of laundered.  All in all, tho, the staff was excellent (no pretension as I have experienced at comparable brands like The Standard)

Most importantly, I get to tell my friends that "I'm staying at the W."

Protip: Accura has a marketing deal with the w wherein the hotel is providing free car service within a two mile radius. Try to get Stanley as your driver. Dude makes your day better while still repping Accura like a boss.

09/01/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
212. Sarah H.
As part of SPG, I booked a room here over the weekend for a work assignment I had in town so that I could get my points.  I arrived with my rental car and the only parking option was valet ($40/day).  The check-in was very convenient and they were very helpful with giving me info about the city with a friendly map.  I chose the corner room because it has the largest square footage, but when I stepped in the room, it seemed like the only extra room was the additional hallway that they added for your bags. I don't know what benefit that could provide me.. I would expect a hotel to give me more living room space.  

The room was very clean but there was no view.  The corner room also has floor to ceiling windows so I'm sure someone across the building got a free show at sometime (unless the windows are tinted).  It was very quiet throughout the day and night without any distractions.  However, they missed some toiletries and I had to ask for them to bring it up.  They were also missing a room service menu which was really their loss because I could have ordered some food if I had it readily available in front of me.

The only amenities they include are a restaurant downstairs and gym.. no spa/massage, swimming pool, patio lounge.. ..so it makes the hotel sort of dull and just a quiet place to stay overnight.

I was really annoyed when I did ask for a spare toothbrush because I forgot mine.  I ended up waiting over an hour for it and had to call the front desk 3 times.  In the end, they finally gave me a call back and told me that I didn't answer the door so they left it in front of my door.  They should have been smart and taken one step ahead and call me to let me know that they did that.  

Other people say that the Westin is a much better location, but I still found everything within walking distance.  I walked to the shopping area and pike place.. and actually found it a way for me to at least exercise and explore the city.  That part was quite enjoyable.

10/11/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
213. Nique F.
Rooms were gorgeous, modern, sleek and sexy. But I hope to God that the construction downtown ends soon, because it is no good for downtown business. Driving 3 blocks was a nightmare! All the more reason to stay cooped up in your swank room at the W.

The location is perfect, walkable to all the sights, yet parking downtown ain't cheap and you will certainly pay for it at the W. The hotel has a great little lounge area with fireplace and couches where the post-buzz crowd tends to gather to become the renewed-buzz crowd. We had a great view of downtown from our room, and loved all the modern touches like the iPod docking station and flatscreen TV, even if we never used them.

When the weather outside is frightful (ie: typical Seattle) this is a great spot to cozy up inside with someone you like...a lot.

Not the best for business travel, because getting in and out of the downtown area is a challenge, but for a weekend splurge it definitely delivers.

15/03/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
214. Gina C.
This is my 100th review, so I hesitated to write a review until I found a special place - and I just discovered it in Seattle this weekend.

Let me just say - this hotel is so swanky and modern, without being overstated. The lobby and hallways are dark and there's electronic beats always playing (similar to Virgin America). The rooms themselves are spacious - we had a room on the 25th floor with amazing views of the Public Library. There are 2 big beds, a built-in couch by the huge window, a small refrigerator, flat screen TV, and big bathroom with BLISS toiletries.

This hotel is centrally located and easily accessed by a shuttle to the airport, or buses. My friends and I had a blast here - it may sound ghetto, but about 7 of us squeezed in here and passed out here after a night of pounding shots, w/ plenty of room to spare.

My one gripe is that, for 2 nights, the sheets smelled like FUNK. Like, gym smell. You know, that moldy smell when you don't dry your towel all the way? Or that gross smell on some dudes who haven't showered in a while but try to mask the stink with cologne? Something was definitely off. But the third day, the sheets smelled perfectly fine. Must've been the dryer?

Anyway, service here is great, and they have 2 brand new Acura MDXs that can take you to places. It's called the Acura Experience. Not quite as baller as a limo or a pimped-out-escalade, but whatevs. It was a free ride!

08/06/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
215. Michelle F.
I stayed here for vacation and it was such a disappointment. The lobby decor was on par with the other W's, but the rooms were gross. They were OLD and dingy and it felt like a regular hotel. And with the price you're paying (or the points you're using), you should get something a lot more modern, new, and upscale. Here were the issues I experienced:

- hotel cards don't work well
- the doors didn't close properly, you had to slam them
- we were so close to the next room's door so we were hearing their door slam each time it opened and closed....and when you're trying to sleep, it gets pretty annoying
- the bath tub didn't drain well
- the floors were a gross tile
- showtime didn't work
- the cleaners were sub par
- I got an extra free night (from starwood) and the hotel didn't know that so on the 4th night, my key stopped working
- I had to ask for more soap bars TWICE (why didn't they automatically refill it when you cleaned the room? it was obvious they were being used)

The other W's are a LOT better. I would not stay here again. I'll take my chances with Westin.

19/10/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
216. Markus M.
I love the W Hotel chain.

From their trendy lobbies, to their ever-changing elevator matts (they say good morning, evening, etc depending on the time) to their use of BLISS spa products. The W Seattle was in an amazing location just minutes walk to the famous Pike's Place indoor market. The hotel staff were courteous, honestly whether you're at the W Hollywood or the W Downtown New York, the staff are always amazing.

All in all, the W Hotel seems to never disappoint.

18/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
217. Kelly C.
2.5 stars = eh, I've had better.  Stayed here for 4 nights over Memorial weekend and had a great time in Seattle.  We got engaged, so it was a very special trip. Loved the city, but the hotel was just okay.

-- Location
-- Friendly Service = one of the bellhops/valets seemed to be working more than 12 hour days!  We saw him all the time and he was always smiling.
-- Spacious Rooms
-- Comfy Beds & Linens
-- Living Room below the lobby had a great ambiance and the fireplace was gorgeous.
-- Shower had excellent water pressure & heat
-- Bliss products!
-- Gym had the nicest treadmills I've ever used with touch screens and individual TVs, so bring your headphones.

-- Boring! Everything is black & white: photo prints in the room, grey tile in bathroom. Not much art throughout the hotel. It was quiet and bland.
-- our 23rd floor room didn't have much of a view.
-- Furniture has seen better days.  Another review mentions that it's a bit banged up.
-- dark hallways are too dark = I need to know when it's daylight out
-- internet for $14.95 = too much
-- Valet: expensive! $45 for a 24-hour period. Although we did receive great service & welcome upon arrival.  
-- Standard shower/tub combo in the corner of the bathroom wasn't very inviting to take a bath.  Hotels now often have more light and glass in the bathrooms.  
-- Knobs on the bathroom faucet turn opposite ways. Stupid & confusing.
-- Robes were scratchy & not soft at all. One even had a visible hole in the lapel.  The "one-size" was a bit small for me (5'6" & a size 10). I can't imagine a normal size man wearing it.

We had a great time in Seattle, but probably won't stay at the W again... even though my man proposed to me in room 2317! I love when hotels have nice art and a warmer more personal feeling.  This W doesn't have as much personality as the other W hotels I've been in.

06/06/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
218. Cameron M.
it's a W hotel, so it's going to be legit.

only stayed for one night, cannot give a FULL review but for the one night we were there it was pretty neat.

25/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
219. Jeff F.
The W is a great property for a number reasons:
-Great location walking distance to most of where you want to go in DT Seattle - if you're lazy, the Acura shuttles can help with that
-The rooms are modern and well done
-Beds are incredibly comfortable
-Bathrooms have plenty of room, big tub, great shower water pressure and Bliss products
-The staff including housekeeping, front desk and the concierge were all great
-Gym was solid for a hotel gym
-The W bar is right downstairs - convenient if you're into that sort of thing
-Carey in the business center rocks
-Acuras shuttle you around
-3.75Mb/s down- awesome speedtest.net/result/842…

Negatives - the phones in the rooms are an embarrassment.

18/06/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
220. Shel B.
My stay in this hotel was okay... How can I forget?

I was traveling alone for business and I specifically booked a room for one person only, showed up alone, but they gave me a double bed room.
The room was clean, big bathroom and my room was facing  the busy street and I just can hear every passing car or bus most especially at night!

I went for a breakfast the next morning though, in the restaurant, and somehow the restaurant made up for everything that I  complain about the hotel. The service is very friendly, they talk to you and they tell you everything that you need to know. Would I stay again? Maybe no, but I definitely would come back to the restaurant downstairs.

30/01/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
221. Joe D.
Great to be back at another W...however I have to rate it lower than the Sheratons I have been at in the last few weeks. The in room Wi Fi is soooo slow.....incredibly slow. As a business traveler I want to kick back, check email, and stream a movie or a show. Shame...would have given 4 or 5 stars..

19/02/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
222. Kenny Y.
I recently stayed at the W hotel for a week, and had a pretty good time. I'm not exactly into the hotel modern/chic feel of the hotel but I'm sure that there are lot of people out there who do so I didn't dock any points for that. When I was driving from the hotel, I actually passed the hotel 3 times before realizing that I was driving by it because the lobby is extremely dim and there isn't a large, well-lit sign on the outside of the hotel.

Some of the things that shocked me about the hotel was just how pricy the internet was and how much parking was. I thought the beds were really nice and the location of the hotel itself is very convenient since it is only a few blocks from the heart of the city. I also really enjoyed the complimentary newspaper they had for us every morning.
Overall, I would say that if they made internet free, charged less for parking and left some space in the mini-fridge for personal stuff I would give this place a 5 star rating.

10/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
223. Gabby B.
Our night at the W was a birthday present from my husbands parents.

*The location was fantastic smack in the middle of everything.
*The staff was nice and check in was a breeze.
*The bed is extremely comfortable

*The room was nice but underwhelming, why isn't there a fan in the bathroom? Just strange.
*The rooms are very close together so unfortunately we could hear the children next door screaming.
*No free Wifi...not classy guys.
*$40 a night for parking...ridiculous.

Overall it wasn't a bad experience but we will be trying a different hotel next time we are in town.

10/04/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
224. Richard T.
We enjoyed staying here last week! Unless you are sleeping at the Hostel, finding quality inexpensive lodging in Downtown Seattle is not easy since there's a superfluity of Five Star hotels all within a  1/2 mile radius of each other. Just as with any other large metropolitan city, expect to splurge if you want to lodge close to the epicenter of things!

In the ongoing W Hotel tradition, their Seattle location is sleek, stylin, and superb! And just like the W's in other cities, many of the guests are:

Hipsters who can afford to stay here
Hipsters who can't afford to stay here but stay here any way
Over-the-hill Hipsters who want to be Hip again

The hotel has two entrances and, if you are driving, you have to use the entrance traveling downhill on Seneca Avenue to access the valet parking. Remember to stay in the far left lane!

Since it's built on a steep hill, the entire hotel really, really does have a "vertical" feel to it. The rooms are super quiet and filled with all of the amenities to satisfy the needs of both business and leisure travelers. When you're paying top dollar for a room, everything had better be awesome and it really is here:

Valets- 5 Stars: Gracious, efficient, and totally adroit with providing directions. I mentioned to the manager that we were going to Green Leaf and he whipped out his iphone and within seconds told us the fastest way to get there!

Front Desk and Concierge Staff- 5 Stars: Super Helpful, knowledgeable, friendly and patient!

Rooms- 5 Stars: Pristine, comfy, and blissfully peaceful!

Housekeeping- 5 Stars: Totally willing to accommodate special needs and requests (I sleep with lots of pillows and prefer a really cool room temperature).

Dining- 5 Stars: If you don't want to overdo in the restaurant for dinner, the "Bar Bites" during Happy Hour are super yummy, affordable, and they also come from the SAME kitchen!!!

Value for the Dollar: 2-3 Stars: Here's where it gets a little tricky-Hotels will raise or lower their prices according to occupancy demand. Even though there was a conference in town, some of my associates were staying across the street at the Fairmont for $30 less per night!

Would we stay here again? Surely! But I would also check and double-check the rates of at least three similar hotels in the area first!

02/06/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
225. Joanna P.
Just a fabulous hotel all around.  The evening manager Anthony Ward definitely makes sure my stays are fabulous.  The W's are well known for their lounge and bar areas, but, I have to say Seattle is my fav.  The staff is always friendly and ready to meet your needs whenever and whatever.  I highly recommend the Sexy Fries......my BFF's favorite.  Whether you dine in the bar or the restaurant, the food is fabulous.   This hotel caters to the business traveler.   It's nice to stay at a place where staff remembers you name.

The Hollywood, CA  W is also a must see!!

01/01/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
226. Cossette P.
W Seattle isn't one of those big hotels, with humongous lobbies and over the top decorations.  As you walk in it exudes coziness.  The check-in counter with their tea lights lit, the fireplace burning, and the overhead music playing softly.  

We were fortunate to get a corner room on the 14th floor.  Long hallway as you walk in the room, to the left is the bed and a nice chaise lounge.  The view is awesome!  Top to bottom blinds adjustable to your liking.  Flat panel TV, DVD player, and a small fridge stocked with overpriced liquors.  The gym is nicely done with more than enough equipments.  I had my fix of some yummy Honey Crisp apples while I was there.  

Overall great experience and will definitely stay there again.

23/09/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
227. John-Michael C.
Hahhaha damn its cold out here. But i'm sure the locals find 30-40 degree weather is but a breeze in the park. le sigh

Either which way I was here in the fall and found Tito G getting me a room at the W. SWEET!

Mind you, its not as fancy as some W's I've seen but it's modern and the rooms are well appointed. And there's nothing like checking in right behind a group of drunk bachlorettes but hey, why not. More importantly they have wonderful donut things in the morning.
I really like their donut things.

03/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
228. Clark W.
Pretty much what you'd expect from a W.
Not as much of a party scene as some W Hotels, which is fine with me.
Window bench gives you a cozy spot to camp out at the window on a rainy morning.
Convenient location for downtown.

04/05/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
229. Jay B.
The W always delivers, accordingly,  the W is Seattle lived up to expectations. Set in the heart of Downtown Seattle, the location is unbeatable.The entire staff from from the desk receptionists to the valets was  most courteous, professional and accommodating. My room was spotless, the couch by the window offers  a nice touch. Amenities included, free wi-fi, complimentary coffee in the morning, fruit all day in the lobby;  the gym  had the basics to ensure a decent workout. During my stay the bar was under construction, but the ongoing work looked amazing, cannot wait to try in out the next time I am in Seattle. The most glaring deficit would be the brunch, $20  extra for a sub-par experience.
Most annoying  is the unresponsive card reader in the elevator, often i had to surrender to involuntary rides.

18/04/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
230. Alana F.
Very positive experience. My boyfriend and I went for a one night stay on my birthday. We were able to check in early at 1pm, with no hassle.

We did have some trouble with the valet. When we pulled up no one was there. We circled the block while we called the desk. They told us that the lot was full, but that there was a 3rd party lot on the block, and that it was actually cheaper for the night (it cost $35 dollars for around 24 hours). I would have been frustrated about the lack of valet, but the lot was literally ON the same block as the valet drop off, and it cost about two dollars less.

The lounge and entry area was very hip and chill. There's a desk for their "Whatever/Whenever" service, and also a desk for the complimentary Acura service. The lounge and bra area seemed a little too cool for my taste. Unapproachable. But, I'm sure if I had gone in and actually ordered, it would have been lovely.

Since I had told them it was my birthday when I made my reservation, soon after our arrival, room service delivered two complimentary cookie dough chocolate brownies. They were stupid good.

Also, the room was just beautiful. Really, really beautiful. Pink accents. Comfy bed and pillows. Nice bath products. Cool shower. Amazing window seat couch. I loved sitting in the window seat and looking out over the city (we were on the 19th floor). The sheets were so soft (350 thread count).

We took the Acura service to Seattle Science Center in the afternoon. We called the service from our room and were able to get a reservation within 20 minutes. When we went down to the lobby, it was a little awkward. There was no one at the Acura desk, but we finally figured out that you just go outside and walk of to a Acura. The service was very nice - kind of like a test drive. Took only a few minutes to get to the center. They, unfortunately, don't give rides back, but the monorail is only $2.25 each way, and the Westlake Center is only a few blocks from The W. Also, the service ends at 6:30.

Overall, this was a very positive experience. I would book again. Not only was the room and hotel really beautiful and comfortable, but the service was great. Those little touches really make the difference. It was a little pricey ($169 + taxes for one night); It came out to be just under $200. Still, I will book again.

01/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
231. Dani S.
Not impressed.

$45/day for overnight parking - what do you mean I have to rob the bank to pay for parking? room and bathroom is good size, but you can see the age of the property.

Location is very good, walking distance to Pike Place and many restaurants. Halloween night, hotel had a private party which attracted a large crowd of very unattractive ppl with very unattractive attitudes. I was in the elevator with this group of obese drunk girls, and they thought they were the hottest thing on the planet. Go get some lipo and rehab!

The only thing I liked was the Bliss shampoos, conditioners, facial wash and body wash that I jacked and they are now in the large drawer in my bathroom filled w/ my free variety "souvenir" from hotels around the world. :)

04/11/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
232. Pauline Y.
I am going to give it a 2 star purely because when wifi is not provided free of charge in a hotel it is just unacceptable and inconvenient, even more annoying when it is provided free in the hotel bar for non guests. When on business after long flights and travel the last thing one needs is to struggle with connection of technology and call IT to get connected.
Otherwise the hotel is OK, feels like it has seen better days and a little drab.

17/02/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
233. MJ H.
Service was friendly and decent.  Too bad the room felt used and tattered. No free wifi or HD channels?  My shower sounded like a loud helicopter and the towels were from 2004.  Do yourself a favor, check out the other hotels before spending your money here.  For a hotel that brands itself as hip and modern, it sure is dated. Isn't that ironic.

07/06/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
234. Brenna R.
Having been on  business trip bender during Nov. 2011 I was pretty sick of hotels at this point. This one however, was by far the best. Gorgeous and large rooms with great views of the city and a great location by the water for morning runs. Room service even set out tasty snacks + they have Bliss products!

We had to book a conference room to work in at  the last minute and they were willing to negotiate on price (considering it was 8pm on Sunday obviously it wasn't getting filled). The food delivered  to the room was pretty good - tasty truffle fries but it was prettttty pricey. To be expected though.  

A great place to stay, especially for business but not in the best going out location if you're there for  good time.

09/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
235. John D.
We had a great room, the 26th floor.  Enjoyed the lounge and bar.  Overall a very nice hotel.

23/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
236. Charley Y.
Unlike other W hotels in Hong Kong and Seoul, W hotel Seattle is not impressive ,  hotel envrironment is so disappointed.   Compared to other W service, this hotel charge you for water and other services.  People who expect W hotel environment, you would be dissapointed.

16/01/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
237. Jerry G.
Place is nice, found a good deal on Hotels.com . Service is pretty good. I like the fact that the gym is 24 hours. Although, the gym is small it has all you need. Free weights, few machines, some treadmills and elliptical machines all you need to burn off all those calories from all the good food that Seattle has to offer. The only thing that was bad, was the fact we got a fridge but no microwave? That's like getting pillows with no blankets? Or Ebony without Ivory, no?

28/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
238. Jessica P.
This W fits the mold. It's fresh, sleek, and pricey.  However the location is smack in the middle of downtown and all it's wonderful offerings.  The parking here is pricey but it's a downtown core location, what do you expect?  The social scene in the lobby was very busy!  Service at the W was friendly and the amenities were nice.

Unfortunately I didn't explore much of the local area since I was here on a business trip. Luckily Seattle didn't change much in the few years since I moved away.  Pike's Place is nearby - Grab some of the monster scallops and tender salmon jerky and get an airplane pack to go!

15/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
239. Mark E.
If you enjoy a contemporary hotel with the ultra lounge lobby flair, then the W Hotel is your hotel.  The hotel has a great location to all downtown Seattle attractions.  The staff at the front desk stands by the "W" in whenever and whatever motto...assuming its a legal request ;)    

1.  The W. Hotel is located approximately 2 blocks from the Seattle Central Link Light Rail University station.  We took the Central Link from Seatac.  I would recommend the Central Link to anybody who is on a budget (about 2.75 per person from Seatac to University station)  

2.  The room was a bit smaller, but the W beds are super comfy...we are talking pillow top mattresses and down comforters! The views remind me of any other major metropolitan city, which is not a bad thing.  

3.  The W offers Acura MDX car service free of charge...which is good!..but the bad is that the hours are limited and other guests utilize the service, so I recommend making a reservation.  Once you are in the Acura...its almost like a test drive.. The driver gives a 30 second speech on how great the MDX is and asks you to fill out a brief survey on a iPad.  I'll take a survey for a free ride!  Hell Yes....Oh..and NO the Acura service has a limit and will not take you to Vancouver or Seatac, but they will transport within a few miles of the hotel (Space Needle, Pier 69, Pike Market, etc)

4.  They offer 500 Starwood points if you choose to give up a day or two of housekeeping service.  

Overall, W Hotels rank up at the top of my list of places to stay.  The hotel feels young and modern and doesn't have the stuffy, business IT conference, free waffle atmosphere.  

"Chuck Norris killed two stones with one bird"

....Just checking if you read the whole review ;)

15/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
240. Brynne H.
I had the pleasure of checking the W Seattle during a bachelorette party, and I think we were all fairly satisfied with the place. They let us check in early (10am) on Saturday morning (of ECCC weekend), and put up with our many tipsy ins and outs throughout the day.  The rooms were clean and comfortable, and surprisingly large. Perfect for cramming in a ton of drunk partiers celebrating a special occassion.

09/06/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
241. Joe A.
We have a corner view on the 18th floor and its wonderful. The staff is friend, Tom the concierge booked all our dinners before we got here. We only wish that the wifi was free but otherwise it's a good deal for your money.

20/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
242. Ti B.
Ok folks!  80 bucks for this hotel on Priceline!!  Yep yep!!  For a four star hotel, this one rules.  The staff is so accommodating and the lobby is gorgeous.  The rooms were so roomy with huge picture windows lined with a long modern couch.  The bathrooms were spacious and full of lemon and sage bath products.  I feel in love with the body butter.  It just felt expensive going on.  I really enjoyed rubbing my skin with it.  :)

The best were huge and plush...perfect pillows and warmth.  It was just awesome!!  I totally recommend this hotel.  The only downside, which should be expected is parking is 44 bucks a day including taxes....!!  

Great location with tons to do with in walking distance.  If I were to stay in downtown Seattle again, I would be thrilled if Priceline got me this hotel again!!

Bid away for deals! :)

11/08/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
243. T S.
As a Starwood brand loyalist, I try to stick with their hotels when travelling. The Seattle W falls in line with other W brands. Trendy looking bar, darkly lit and lots of neon colors. Great if you are on a romantic trip with the significant other, a little overkill if you are in town for business.

Big fan of their Bliss product lines, staff was overall friendly, and no issues with the room. Currently running a promotion with Acura and was able to get a free ride to my office in the 2012 MDX so that was nice.

13/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
244. Tom B.
Okay, I've stayed at at lot of W Hotels, they are my favorite chain.

The new lobby/bar is fabulous.  It's a very good upgrade.

However they forgot something, the rooms.

The rooms were shabby at best.

Queen size beds are small, hotel linens not fresh or bright.

Bathroom, old and used.

There was nothing good about the room, which is the reason you stay at a W Hotel.

It's time to invest some $$$ Starwood.

28/05/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
245. Maria P.
Prior to our last stay, I would have been a regular client of W Hotels for many years in many cities, including Seattle. Always, I would look forward to staying here and recommend W to friends and family.  

On our recent stay, we had a fixable situation turned disaster thanks to the W front desk man receptionist who was bald, wore glasses, medium height, late 30s-early 40s. (I wish I knew his name, as this was the worst experience that I have EVER had with a front lobby staff of any hotel.)  

The issue was that we were charged an additional 23% tip past the over 20% tip that we gave the room service server in cash.  When we asked the server if gratuity was included or he preferred cash or additional noted, he said it was not inc and preferred cash.  We tipped him generously.  I told the front desk help that this was a discrepancy in our bill since we tipped him cash, without intention of being in addition to the 23%.  Our bill was around $80.  We tipped the server $20.  Then, our bill noted another $20.  

This could have easily been rectified by taking off the additional tip.  However, the front desk help SHOUTED for about 10 minutes in the lobby asking me if I knew how to read because the 23% charge was noted at the back of the menu.  He had an attitude that W should be humiliated to have such service in the hotel. I approached him professionally, told him that we felt the server was dishonest by requesting additional tip. (Side note, the server failed to bring us plates and utensils when we asked for them... not a big deal, but not deserving of an "extra tip".)  When asking the front desk help to please work with us in removing the 23% additional charge to reconcile the situation, he said, "How does it make you feel now that I have to go to that server and ask for the additional cash tip back from him?  The hotel refuses to take off the 23% charge, so I am going to have to take that cash out of the pocket of the server."  I asked to not do that and just not charge additional gratuity.  Then, the desk help said, "You don't know how to listen.  What is wrong with you?  I just said the hotel refuses to work with you but I can get cash from the server."  

I finally told him to keep the money and don't worry about the charge, and that I would take my feedback online.  Then he said,"Oh, are you threatening me??"  At this point the front desk guy is shouting (I am not), making a scene, and embarrassing himself (and the W) in front of a line. I said yes and requested to proceed with my checkout.  If somebody contacts me to reconcile this situation, I will go back to being a confident W regular, and continue to suggest friends, family and clients stay at the W.

11/12/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
246. Jen M.
I am writing this review immediately as I settle in my room after check in. We arrived in Seattle around 8am and got dropped off at the hotel hoping to leave our bags we were greeted and assisted by Tom, and he tried to get us in a room immediately unfortunately it wasn't able to happen but we didn't expect to able to check in that early. So we got our bags checked and Tom assure us he'd call as soon as our room was ready. We grabbed some breakfast and coffee at Starbucks (across the street...bonus!) and then walked around. I was surprised when checking the phone that Tom had called and our room was ready early! We got our keys and checked in with another guy named Kevin who was just as professional and courteous as Tom. When we got upstairs, there was a few questions we had and called the front desk. Tom answered and personally came upstairs to accommodate us. All the while never skipping a professional beat. So far this place is awesome and I'm looking forward to what the next few days brings! I will update upon checkout to see if they hold up to 5 stars :)

07/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
247. Adam P.
Here's the deal: The W is a known quantity, and is expected to cater to the higher end of hotel stays.  I keep that in mind when I wrote the review.

1 star for Location.  It's in the heart of the downtown area, and near area bars/restaurants/attractions.  You can do a lot worse.

1 star for Courtesy.  I arrived late in the evening (after midnight) and the woman who checked me in still gave me her full attention and courtesy.  I know how hard that is so late. While checking out I asked for toothbrush and toothpaste , and no one blinked.  They served up a lovely travel kit, which kept my breath fresh all day at the conference I was attending (via trips to the men's room).  Much appreciated.

1 star for decor.  If they had done a better job, I might have even gone with 2 stars to offset some of the minuses.  While the room was very tasteful, the bed wasn't particularly amazing, and the shower was very basic.  The sink/vanity was lovely though, and the couch by the window was a nice touch.

-1 star for Paid Wifi.  Premium Hotel.  I can get free wifi at a 2* Hampton Inn.  Get a grip W

-1 star for 43 dollar/night parking.  It's Seattle, not San Francisco.  In SF,  parking can be had for $8-15  LESS.

My advice?  Stay in the Westin, up the street.  Cheaper, Views of the Sound.  Heavenly Bed.  FTW.

03/04/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
248. Laura J.
I just had my wedding at the W Seattle. Everything was beautiful and well organized. Food was great ! All my guest had a great time and seemed pleased with their rooms. The complimentary honeymoon suite was beautiful ! Hotel was very clean. Only negatives are that some of staff could definitely use some customer service training. Some staff members were very unhelpful and rude. Also , i feel the overnight parking for wedding guest should be lowered or even waived.

02/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
249. Sandra S.
I have been traveling to Seattle for the last 5 years and within the last 4  months, I was trying to find a hotel where I could feel comfortable with my dogs.  I stayed at a few local hotels, but since I started traveling with my dogs, I decided to stay at the W.  

The entire staff at the W has been the most courteous, professional and accommodating that I have ever experienced and I have stayed hotels all over the world!!  Everyone from the desk receptionists to the valets to the cleaning staff and of course the managers are all amazing!!

I can stay at any hotel in the Seattle area, but the W is my home away from home!!

Thank you W for being the hotel that got it right!! You set the bar!!

Sandra S.

18/02/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
250. Norm G.
Thank you, William Shatner! It's so nice that a famous actor like you must have personally negotiated our stay at the W Seattle using Priceline. I'm always nervous when I go onto Priceline and do the bidding thing but using the star rating system, I figured it should be safe. I really didn't expect that my $100 bid would be accepted, but it was. So again, thanks Captain Kirk, I mean Mr. Shatner.

First, when we arrived, all tired out after a red eye flight from Honolulu (not doing that again!), we were greeted by a very nice man named Michael. He got us some bottled water, and gave the two kids some treats. He was so nice to the kids, and anyone in a fancy hotel who is that warm and friendly to kids (as well as us adults) gets my admiration. The man checking us in was also very friendly and offered us two double beds instead of the King that we got through Priceline. One thing about Priceline, when you bid they just assume it's only two people; they don't even have a way for you to click anything saying how many people are in your party.

What I noticed and surprisingly really liked right off the bat, was the muted lighting in the lobby (and throughout the hotel, for that matter). In addition, there was a nice, subtlety scented candle at the front desk that immediately had a calming effect on me. Our guest room was on the 17th floor (I think) and it was really nice. Of course we ignored the honor bar and expensive Fiji water in there. I don't usually get excited about bath products, but the "Bliss" brand body wash, shampoo and conditioner really had a nice lemon fragrance.

Some of the nice touches: 1. They change the rugs in the elevators every day. They read "Good Morning" in the morning and "Good Afternoon" in the (you guessed it) afternoon.   2. They have coffee available in the lobby in the morning. 3. In the afternoon, there is a nice dispenser of cool, flavored water in the lobby, perfect after a day of walking all around downtown. 4. The muted lighting throughout the hotel seems to make people calmer and thus results in people speaking in hushed tones, rather than loud talking, even people talking on their cell phones. Heck, my kids were even quiet in the place and that's nothing short of a miracle! The only thing I wished for was a newspaper outside of my room in the morning, but who would really expect that at the bargain rate we got this room for?

The bottom line? I would definitely stay here again, with my family and I would think it would be a delightful hotel to stay in if one were alone on business, or with a loved one for a romantic getaway too!

27/10/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
251. Angela S.
I stay here once a month for work, and have stayed a few other places before I decided to make this my hotel of choice. The only thing that I would like different would be the toiletries they provide, I am not a fan, so I just bring my own, but overall great service and great location!

17/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
252. Matt M.
You're staying downtown Seattle, you're going to pay some bucks for a hotel that doesn't have a vibrating bed.  At $219 a night, it's fair to have some expectations.

The hotel itself has a great location near I-5 and within walking distance to the Market and other shopping around Westlake.  It looks all chic-cool on the inside.  I felt my trendiness IQ raise significantly when we walked in.  I became almost instantly cool, I just know I did.  People were congregating in the lobby, just chatting like it was some sort of indoor park made of mood lighting and glass/metal sculpture.

Extremely professional and friendly service at the front desk.  

Our room was big, but again with the damn mood lighting.  I felt like I was wearing sunglasses with all the lights on.  We were exhausted.  We weren't making sexytime.  The mood lighting wasn't necessary.

The bathroom was the size of a New York City apartment.  Big by bathroom standards.  I had to sit down in there at one point though, if you know what I'm sayin', and the TP was IMPOSSIBLY difficult to reach.  I had to somehow rotate my body nearly 180 degrees to even grasp it (which I did), but the angle (and strange metal lid) hindered me so much that I was breaking off one square at a time.  After swearing like I was suffering a Tourette's attack, I removed the TP from the wall and proceeded to use it like some sort of heathen squatting in the woods.  Alas, mission accomplished.

I took a shower (not because of the toilet situation) and was a little surprised that such a prestigious hotel would have a shower liner that was missing almost all of its eyelets.  Wasn't a big deal, but like I said - for two hundy a night, you get to have some expectations.

I think I'm obligated to mention, for all of those reading this who possess a vagina, that there are some fancy soaps and lotions and shampoos and stuff.

I slept well.  Probably won't be back to a W anytime soon, but overall it wasn't a bad experience.

25/05/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
253. Tina F.
Helpful concierge service and chauffeur service are the only reasons why this place gets a star. But still, the supposed chauffeur service that they have is a joke! its no longer available after 5 or 7pm? Can't remember the exact time but it was way too early.  I hate that around 10ish an attendant was knocking on our door to bring water and fruits!!! It should have been in the room in the first place and not to be brought there at 10pm. The next day, there was a bad smell on our bed. Not sure if one of the service people with bad body odor decided to lay down there but I could smell it. Tacky decor and really weird AC system.

14/05/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
254. Christine F.
We stayed here while a friend was out here for work in the area. We went skiing and spent the day in seattle. By the time we got back he had started coming down with a bad cold. The concierge was so nice. I didnt want to leave him so sick so the concierge went down to a restaurant and picked up an order i had placed. Then he sent up a pot of hot tea from the sushi restaurant in the building. I had to fly home and leave him there and the concierge kept an eye on him and helped when necessary. Very welcoming and accomodating. Made our stay there after a long week of work very comfortable. I would stay there again any time.

15/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
255. Eugene P.
The service, decor, bed, and cleanliness is good but the thing that really is a huge plus is the location. It's really next to everything you want to walk around to. I would have to say, the price is on the high end of the spectrum of comparable hotels. I probably would look elsewhere first before staying at the W. Still I thought overall it was ok.

16/08/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
256. Andrew S.
Not one of my favorites.  Dusty room, lost shirt, crappy late night dining menu, confusing parking and entrance area, shitty view of the street across the way... and I am a SPG Awesome tiered member.  I was just disappointed mostly in areas that really matter to me.  The waiter downstairs was very nice.

18/09/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
257. Jessica M.
This place is just alright. I stayed in the cool corner king room and enjoyed it for the most part. The room was pretty plain with the exception of some pink and purple pillows. Paying for wifi is silly and the connection wasn't even that good. The bath products are bliss which are nice. Room service was good but ridiculously overpriced (like most places) for what you really get. It's close to a lot of attractions which makes it an ideal location. It was a good stay, nothing super spectacular in my book.

19/08/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
258. Yvonne D.
+ great location (take the light rail from the airport to University and walk 1-2 blocks)
+ friendly staff
+ was able to check in a few hours early
+/- room size was standard; had 2 doubles instead of queens
+ nice layout with spacious working desk and couch along the window to enjoy the view
+/- able to forgo the daily newspaper for $0.75 (but was not credited)
- turndown service (I don't understand the point of this)
+ easy check out; able to leave bags with bellhop
+/- wifi at a charge
- be prepared for taxes and occupancy/tourism fees in addition to your base rate

31/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
259. LB D.
Was sorely disappointed with the communication and knowledge of the staff.  was suppose to attend an event there and called to get directions.  when i told them what event i was attending they said there was no one from that business doing anything there.  Confused, I hung up and called my contacts to confirm, as far as they knew, it was the correct location.  I spent and hour driving around, calling trying to confirm, calling back 3 more times to figure out what was going on and on the 4th call was told it was in fact going on there.  when i became upset because of the lack of knowledge they made an lame excuse that there was no way that the people at the front desk could be aware of every event going on there.....REALLY???  your not that big!  Hope someone reads this and re-educates the staff on knowing their job, what is going on and how NOT to make lame excuses for bad service

01/10/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
260. Joe M.
the bar is great, but relative to other hotels in the area, the rooms in this hotel fall short given the price.  First, it is a really dark hotel.  The halls are dark.  the lobby is dark and is hard to distinguish from the bar.  the room is dark.  The light switches in my room were hard to find.  things just looked antiquated...i.e. the buttons in the elevator, the phone was a huge brick that wife couldn't figure out how to work, the clock was never reset for the time change 3 months ago.  the room didn't have blackout curtains behind the plantation shutters.  There was no coffee maker in the room.  The shower/bathtub is about 6 inches higher than the bathroom floor creating a weird sensation with entering/egressing from the tub.  Even the toilet paper is in a awkward place.  I found it easier to just stand up an walk over to the roll of TP, than try to unroll from the usual place.  For sleeping, the air/heat is quite loud.  I did not use the room service.  the $4 per order fee + 23% service charge + tax scared me away.   I can't say I've ever seen a 23% service charge on a room service order.  I guess prices are going up.   I opted to leave the hotel and go across the street to have dinner.  

Relative to all the other hotels I've stayed at, this place ranks towards the bottom of the list, while being one of the more expensive hotels I've stayed at.  

Anyway, I won't be staying at the W again.

12/01/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
261. Alex F.
It's alright... a step up from Best Western, but... yeah that's pretty much it.

It doesn't compare to the other W hotels.

07/08/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
262. Carla R.
Super modern decor, green apples, and "Bliss" toiletries - what's not to like?  

As difficult as it was to find the entrance to the hotel to drop off the luggage and the car, it wasn't fun being told that the valet parking lot was full(!) and that we had to quickly drop off our bags and circle around to the garage next door.  This is after an almost three hour drive to get there.  Thankfully it wasn't a big deal, but it would of nice if the bellhops wasn't so laissez faire about it.

Other than that, everything else was perfect. Comfortable accommodations, soft bed and pillows, ample seating areas and great views.  There was a party next door and thankfully you couldn't hear a sound.

12/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
263. David H.
We were excited to stay at the W in Seattle as I have always had good experiences at W hotels.  However, this one - not so much.  Pricey and not up to W standards is how I would describe this location.  However, that's not what got my low-star rating.

We had just gone to a concert (which is why we made the trip to Seattle in the first place), and got back to our room at 12:30AM-ish.  At 3:40 AM, we were awoken to fire alarms, (and by "alarms" I mean "really loud, obnoxious screeching) and a voice telling us to evacuate the building.  So, down 14 flights of stairs we went, and out on to the street.  There we sat for 30 minutes until the firemen gave us an "all clear" to go back inside.  

Turns out some a##hole thought it would be a good idea to have a cigarette in the stairwell, and set off the fire alarm.  That was not the W's fault, but the rest of the story is.

So, I get my bill in the morning, and it's for the full amount.  No deduction, no apology, not even a free night's parking.  I had a crappy night sleep at a full rate, and a trip down 14 flights of stairs in a barely conscious haze (3:40 AM, mind you), and they don't even throw in a night of parking.  

So I complain, and I get the "sorry about that" response.  Thanks W.  I had scheduled a stay at your San Francisco hotel (which I have had great experiences at), but I cancelled it and switched to another hotel.  I have also taken them off of my preferred list of hotels for business trips.  I have had better service at hotels that cost less then half.  I won't be going back to any W hotel's for quite a while.

15/08/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
264. Lorrie M.
I almost want to say you can never go wrong with W hotels, they are always, consistently great so this one is not any exception to the case. I would love to be loyal to W everywhere, but there is still the awesome niche market of luxury sample traveling sites and boutique hotels all over.

The W is truly in a fantastic location for Seattle, especially if you want to go downtown a lot. You don't have to walk very far since everything is within about 3-4 blocks of the W including Pike Place and all the tourism and food you would probably want to eat.

This also means Queen Anne is a bit far and University District is almost impossible without cab or car, but generally for a weekend stay, this place is absolutely perfect. The beds, amenities, linens, towels and showers are exactly how you would expect a W to be, heavenly, so on a great deal this is a MUST stay in Seattle especially if you're visiting for the first time.

19/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
265. Rob T.
My wife and I planned a romantic evening down in Seattle and chose the W for our stay, which was fine, but not great.

The W has beautiful rooms, generally good service and unique decor - the bar area has an amazingly unique look, was a big fan of that.

The walls of our room were paper-thin as we were woken up at 3AM to some drunk guys screaming in the hallways and in the room next to us. It didn't last very long, but sort of cheapened our experience.

We'll probably try another hotel next time

12/09/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
266. Stephen Y.
hmm.. OK...

Service was great and fairly OK  attentive... WiFi in room  costs $ unless one is a platinum SPG member which really really lame... but there is a Starbucks across the street with free WiFi !

Typical W hotel decor...

Room was Ok even though supposed to be "spectacular"... great view of the building exhausts

Location was centralized and within walking distance from all the important places

29/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
267. Tenna R.
More like a  3.5

I recently stayed with a friend for a 3 day girls trip to Seattle. We showed up early for check-in, just wanting to drop off our bags so we could get out to the city. The girl who checked us in wasn't overly nice and made she made it VERY clear that we were very early for check-in...which of course made me laugh. I KNEW we were early (our flight out of LA was at 7am) and was not expecting to have a room ready for us! She then told me she would call us when our room was ready and would have our bags put in our room for us. Total fail on that one...she neither called nor had our bags put in our room. When we showed back up at the hotel in the afternoon, a different girl (Clare) finished our check-in and was lovely. She had our bags sent up right away and was nice enough to place us in a room with a fabulous view of the Space Needle.

The room was nice and roomy, with comfy beds and lovely Bliss bathroom products. We did eat food in the bar which was very tasty and complete with good service. The one weird thing was that even though we were 24 floors up, you could still hear the buses beeping as they were loading passengers at the stop.

For what we paid, I'm not sure that we received the best service (Clare being the exception). Next time I'm in Seattle I will probably give another hotel a shot.

24/09/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
268. Emily C.
I expected more than a chic lobby and fancy hallway for charging $400.00 per night. I booked the "Spectacular Room", I don't considered looking at other building's rooftops to be anything spectacular. I did enjoyed the cushioned banquette and all the Bliss products, but not enough to justify for the $400 per night room rate. If you are in the mood to splurge, you mind as well book your stay at Four Seasons where you will be even closer to all the tourist attractions.

16/09/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
269. Katidia H.
Very expensive and just ok.  I luckily did not pay for the room since I was there for a work trip but if I had to pay I think I would have been disappointed. The room was a little crusty is all.  I mean the charging station was about 5 years old and the phone looked like it was from the 90's.  Plus no free wifi and the blinds hardly blocked out the sun in the morning which for Seattle pops up at around 4 am.  

The hotel lobby is kind of boring and the food is sooo expensive.  I ordered a burger because my flight got in late and I didn't want to venture out into the city alone and it was 35 dollars.  Granted it was an amazing burger but I thought it was excessive.  Plus the lady who took my order sounded like she was in thee worst mood.

3 stars for the woman who checked me in who was super nice as well as the special accommodations.  I requested a fridge in my room in advance of my visit because I am nursing and needed the cold storage and they granted me my request free of extra charge.  Nice touch.

05/07/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
270. Clover A.
Meh is right.

The lobby and common areas are quite nice but we booked a special on a room here and it was... well... kind of lame.

I expected every room to be pretty swanky but nope, there are some who are just a smidge above a Motel 6.

15/04/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
271. Kimberly M.
Great location in downtown Seattle! Easy to walk to many restaurants, bars and shopping! Lobby is a fun place to grab a drink and hang out! One of my favorte places to stay when I am traveling to Seattle for work!

16/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
272. Dominique F.
My friend was part of a conference and had a room here for a couple of nights, so I used the chance to spend two free nights in downtown with her. The hotel is well kept, the service is friendly, and on Saturday night people hang out in the lobby and a live DJ is playing.
Pretty cool, and close to a lot of the touristy things. Worth checking out if it's in your price range.

02/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
273. Jurija M.
The first W Hotel I have ever stayed at.

The bar and lobby are in the middle of being redesigned and decorated so it was a little small but the front desk and doormen are all kind, helpful people.

The place is modern, upgraded, and hip. The halls are dark and the lights are pink and blue in the elevators and hallways. Very trendy.

The beds are comfortable, the Bliss products were a plus, and the view from the 24th floor looked right down to Macy's and in the middle of the busy downtown. I loved the room and the comfy couch along the large window.

Walking distance to anything and everything (Pike's Place, Rainer Square, Westlake Mall).

Valet=$50 for each day/night and NO free WiFi. For the price you pay to be here, I would think they would offer free WiFi and better fares on valet.

21/12/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
274. Norris B.
Wow! The penthouse suite they assigned me was luxurious to say the least. The staff is professional and very accommodating to your hospitality and business needs. The hotel rooms are small. There's a great lobby bar and restaurant too.

You are a stone throw away from incredible shopping like Nordstrom and Barney's of New York.  If you want an incredible dungeness crab Caesar salad, go across the street to the Lobby Bar in the Olympic Hotel.  You won't be disappointed!  Bon Appetit!

17/09/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
275. Chris C.
Fantastic location, exceptional service, and cool style.  I'd be more than happy to stay at the W again on my next visit.

-- Location: Walking distance to Pike Place Market, Pioneer Square, the ferry terminals, etc.  It's also just a block or so away from the University Street transit tunnel station where you can take the Link light rail to/from the airport, the stadia, or other sites, or you can take one of the many buses.

-- Service: From friendly greetings at check in to helping us with checking into our flight, everyone was super pleasant and helpful.

-- Room:  We were upgraded from a "Wonderful room" to a "Spectacular room" on the 26th (top) floor.  The room was comfortable, spacious, and had a nice view of downtown.  As with all Starwood properties, the king bed was extremely comfortable.  After a couple rough days of traveling, we were happy to see that our room had a bath tub/shower combo.  Nothing fancy, but it was nice to get a hot soak after doing loads of walking during the day.

-- Atmosphere: Similar vibe to other Ws - dark, muted lighting and tones, and a modern feel without feeling at all bleak or stark.  The Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening mats in the elevators were cute, and the morning coffee and afternoon water in the lobby were a nice touch.

27/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
276. Barry N.
It's a nice hotel in a great central location. Pretty much equidistant from Pioneer Square and from the Seattle Center. The rooms are nice. I had a corner room. Very nice size. I was a little disappointed in the view. I was on the 8th floor and barely had a view of the water through a couple of office buildings. Furniture was in great shape and the bathroom was clean and huge. Two pet peeves kept me from rating this hotel higher.

1. They have secure elevators where you have to put your card in to access your floor. Great if it works. Not so great if it doesn't. One of the times I had to use the elevator, there were 4 of us each trying our card to try and get the thing to work. Took about 3 minutes. Two of the four elevators had this problem.

2. $30 for two days of Internet access. If I didn't have to get some work done I wouldn't have paid. It's really ridiculous what these hotels charge for Internet.

Those two pet peeves kept me from rating this place higher. Give me an elevator that works, I might not have been too irked by the Internet charge.

14/06/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
277. Shannon H.
We stayed at the W for our honeymoon suite the night of our wedding.  It was the perfect landing pad for the post-wedding chaos.  Our driver dropped us off with our overnight bag, we checked in easily, still wearing our wedding clothes, and were delighted with a beautiful Cool Corner suite for the night.  The W beds are famously comfortable, and the amenities are top notch.  

One of my greatest memories was that a guest at our wedding had arranged ahead of time to have a gift delivered to our room before we even checked in, a tasty box of specialty chocolates.  I was so excited to find the little surprise in our room, completely above and beyond for customer service!  

The bathroom was gorgeous and the linens are incredibly luxurious.

02/03/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
278. Kirsten V.
Loved staying here while on a business/personal trip to Seattle.  First off, the rates were great when we went and second, when we checked in and saw it was me and my sis she asked if we wanted one bed (which I initially booked before I knew she would join me) or a double bed.  When i asked which room was better she did some research and put us in a double room with an amazing view AND because we were the guests of the day or week (can't recall) we had some nice treats in our room.  The service at this hotel was just awesome!  I would definitely book here again if I found myself in Seattle again.

10/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
279. Louis S.
I was unclear about an online ad and I called hoping to get details. The girl at the desk was incredibly rude. She gave me a snappy remark and as I tried to reword the question she hung up. I had planned to stay here in November, but after her out bust on the phone I am going a different direction. Maybe I should thank her...? Now that I think about it,  I read alot of reviews for this hotel from poor hopefuls who paid tons of money to receive bad service and subpar rooms. So, thanks incredibly rude girl at the front desk!

30/09/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
280. Toni D.
My Ex-bf and I stayed here in Feb '09.  We stayed just one evening on Valentine's Day after visiting Vancouver for a few days.  I used my starwood points to book the room.  

Upon arrival the front desk staff was very nice.  We went upstairs to our room and our key didn't work.  I kept trying it over and over.. Then this big wrestler type guy open the door.  Oops! they wrote down the wrong room number on the key envelope.  So, we went back downstairs.  The girl gave us two free drink tickets to makeup for the mix up.  Then we headed back upstairs to another room.  Well, this time it was correct.  The room was nice but the view was terrible!!! This was my first visit at this hotel and they gave me such a crappy room.  I will probably never recommend this hotel to anyone.  

We did use our drink tickets and saved us $30 on drinks.  The bar area was very nice and swanky.  I'd say the bar is worth checking out.

02/10/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
281. Jessie D.
They charge $5/hour for Internet.
Who charges for Internet these days?
Don't touch any of their snack in the room.
They seems to be old and are pretty bad.
They should do better jobs on cleaning.
The desk was full of dust so I had to clean it myself.
watch out for your bill, they added $20 to my credit card for no reason.
I had to call to get it back.

01/06/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
282. Aubrie D.
Not my favorite place I've stayed.

No coffee maker in the room.

We asked for a blowdryer, were told one would be "sent right up" and ended up having to go get one ourselves. 45 minutes later, someone shows up at the door with one.

The phone rings FOREVER if you need to call downstairs. Had to call like 5 different lines to get a hold of someone.

Staff is nice but some of them are a little....absent?

The room is small but not bad.

ASK FOR THICKER PILLOWS OR BRING YOUR OWN. My god, I have never had such flat pillows in my life. Even the "foam" pillows are pretty mushy.

02/04/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
283. Gabe A.
This W is a nice hotel, but nothing spectacular.  Overall the room was nicely decorated, but as some others have mentioned, some parts of the room were showing their age (scratched desk).  The hotel bar is nicely decorated, but seriously overpriced and the atmosphere was pretty meh.  

If you're looking for an amazing hotel, you might want to look elsewhere.  If you're looking a decent hotel to stay in on a regular basis, this could be it.  The Fairmont and Pan Pacific can be in the same price range, so make an educated decision.

02/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
284. Vim I.
First off, the W is in a great location downtown. That's usually the first thing on my checklist when I look for hotels. It's within walking distance of great shopping and dining. You can also find a steady stream of cabs nearby. From what I heard, they just renovated parts of the W. The lobby is swanky and ultra-modern for sure--you can also hear house music playing constantly.

The service is fabulous--including the front desk people, room service, housekeeping, and the concierge. They have a "whatever, whenever" program--so i decided to test it out with something pretty simple. We checked in to the hotel around midnight and realized we didn't bring any toothpaste with us. We called the front desk and they had someone hand-deliver the toothpaste right away. The concierge helped us book a tour to Mt Rainier and took care of all the details and texted us where and when to meet the tour guide--so we didn't have to lift a finger. The business center was not open

The breakfast on the room service menu is PRICEY...but still good. I guess you're paying for the ambiance, right? the rooms are comfortably appointed--but the decor and amenities aren't out of this world by any means--they're pretty basic. I appreciated the Bliss products in the bathroom though instead of the standard hotel lotions and shampoos.

29/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
285. Jeffrey S.
We stayed here during our last day in Seattle.  Was upgraded to a suite (which was absolutely fantastic, great view, huge room).  Because of my platinum status, had a free breakfast for two.  It was a set menu of 3 choices, but very tasty.  Only knock is that the lounge/lobby area was a bit small, even by W standards.

Overall, very excellent stay!

24/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
286. Janet O.
I am a big loyal fan of the W. What is not to like? Cool decor. Awesome staff. Bliss bath supplies. I can't of anything negative to write about this particular location. Friends said that it's too dark everywhere. To each his own. I kinda like it that way here. It matches Seattle's mood.

Quick early check in. A top floor corner room was offered. Score!

This location allows me the luxury of being able to walk everywhere in downtown Seattle. Love it!  We walked a lot and was able to stop and really enjoy the stores that we wanted to.

Kudos to the staff that recommended taking the Light Rail from the airport to the hotel. It was really cheap at $2/person and it only took 30 minutes! The stop was a block away from the hotel. In this way you avoid paying the $45/day parking at the hotel. You won't need a car in Seattle if you enjoy walking.

Highly recommend this hotel.

25/10/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
287. Jennifer T.
I recently stayed here with my family on a trip. This is a great hotel, but it can be kind of hard to find for someone unfamiliar with Seattle. Once we did find it, we were immediately met by valets. My mom was annoyed that you have to pay to park there and the only option is the valet, but we agreed that it's a big city and parking is never free. The elevators are quick, the staff is friendly, and the hotel is immaculate. It's clean and really well decorated in a modern style that is never sterile. The modern furniture has that perfect mix of being pleasing to the eye and comfortable to use. All three of us easily fit in a room with two small queen beds thanks to the addition of a very comfortable couch set under the very big window (with a view of the Space Needle). When we needed extra blankets in the middle of the night, they brought them up quickly. My mother accidentally left her expensive (and very irreplaceable) sapphire ring in our car, in plain sight. When the valet got the car for us the next day, the ring was still right where she left it., which is pretty impressive to me.
We ate at the restaurant downstairs.  As a non-drinker, I was disappointed to find that their only non-alcoholic option is barely passable ginger ale. The service was oddly slow. The waitress was friendly and helpful, but we almost never saw her. The manager had to finally bring us the drinks we asked for. Considering that the restaurant had maybe ten other people in it, that's not easily forgiven. The cheese board appetizer is nothing to write home about. It's pretty flavorless in every category. The cheese is some kind of cream cheese that has no flavor and the bread is nothing special. We both had a spicy chicken dish and it was delicious, if a bit overly plated. It was easily the best dish I had on that trip. The restaurant was nice, not loud at all, and boasted chairs far more comfortable than they looked. I would stay there again, but I'll have to get a way better job first. It's expensive all around, but completely worth it if you want a hassle-free experience right in the heart of the city.

(Note to people who like soft beds and have sensitive backs, this hotel has pretty good beds. I know that nothing will ever compare to the mattress you specifically pick out for yourself, but the beds were great and the couch is actually softer, though smaller.)

08/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
288. David N.
Pretty sure we discovered dried barf on the velvet covered side of our bed after we put our kid to sleep.

They comped us parking but I'd say days old vomit is a difficult housekeeping detail to overlook.

Besides that, it's about 10 years out of vogue. I'm pretty sure this is where CB furniture comes to die.

01/04/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
289. Mandy S.
Hotel is nice inside, however front desk doesn't reflect the same nice aspect. Continental breakfast is not free. Also charges $5 an hour for WiFi. I wasn't told about any of the features of the hotel and wandered around to discover the gym, restaurant, etc for myself. I feel since there is a restaurant here, and a bus stop right outside the hotel, there's a lot of non-hotel guests in the lobby and more in the way of getting to your room.

19/11/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
290. Joel I.
Not a bad hotel. My room was dark and a little musty, but the hotel bar downstairs was a pretty happening place. Breakfast in the hotel restaurant was also pretty good. I didn't get to avail myself of the 24-hour fitness center, unfortunately. What was also a little weird was that the room phone didn't work. Would I go back? Maybe. I'm hoping the room itself was a fluke.

06/02/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
291. Tim L.
- The location is convenient.  It's close to downtown businesses and tourist attractions, as well as the bus & train lines.
- It's clean.
- The staff is friendly.  I read some other reviews about snobbish staff, but I didn't encounter that at all.  Everyone I encountered was friendly and helpful.

- The room decor is kind of blah.  It's not what I expect from a W.  The lobby feels like a W, but the rooms feel like a Sheraton.  Go to the W in downtown Atlanta and the rooms are much more swanky.
- Downtown is rather dead at night.  There are a few restaurants here and there, but not many choices.  This isn't a knock on the hotel other than the fact that the location may not be all that great if close nightlife is a priority for you.

Overall, it's a nice hotel and I'd stay there again.  But it didn't totally live up to my expectations for this brand.

21/08/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
292. Victoria C.
This is my first time at a W hotel and while I read other people's Yelp! reviews about the warnings, I still decided to give it a try anyway, especially cause this W is cheaper price wise than any other W.

- The parking garage is hard to find, it's kind of on the side of the building and it was never full so we were always able to valet (valet is required, there is no self park)
- We got checked in pretty fast. We have the SPG card so we automatically got upgraded to a bigger room and a higher floor. Once we got to our room, we decided that it was actually smaller than we expected so we opted to upgrade again this time for some extra $ and we were switched right away to a nice big corner room on the same floor
- The hallways and lobby are curiously dim...not sure why and I would have to say that i definitely was not a fan of that
- I like the coffee, fruits and strawberry/mint infused water they give you but I guess that's what they do at these fancy hotels

The Good:
- Service was excellent and because I am an SPG member we got upgraded 2 levels or so.
- Valet was fast as well.

So my main complaints:
- I opened the blinds on 4 of my windows and there was dust flying up everywhere and there was dust matted against the windowsill. Apparently they didn't bother to dust or clean it because they assume no one will open the blinds? That's disgusting
- The furniture: bed frame, desk and side tables were all scuffed up at some place or another. Seriously, this is the W? And I'm paying how much a night for this??

I'll have to agree with most of the other reviewers, save your money and stay somewhere else. The only thing cool is that I can say I stayed at a W, although I'm embarrassed to say which one!

13/05/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
293. Tom P.
The rooms are so-so for the price. And call me crazy, but I've come to expect in-room coffee making capabilities and free wifi. The lack of these two simple amenities takes the W off the future stay list.

18/12/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
294. Sara C.
once in a blue moon...

I don't review hotels...but that's because they're all the same to me. 4 or 5 star hotels in big city North America are the same across the board.

W Seattle is no different. Small rooms - after all square footage is a premium. Expensive hotel bar. Incidentals are all extra - parking, WiFi, etc.

BUT...and this is a big BUT. Service was STELLAR. Everyone I encountered made a lasting impression. Course that says something about North American culture - great customer service is a rarity not a norm. I suppose that's why my guests and I were even more taken aback at how wonderfully we were received. The staff at the W genuinely like their jobs. They like working with people and it shows. Everyone from valet parking to front desk to turndown to bartenders was fantastic.

And with all Ws - bonus points for the bliss products.

Keep in mind too that I Pricelined the hotel. That usually guarantees front desk staff are less helpful and rude (as was the case in my last trip to Seattle when I stayed at the Westin).  This was not the case at the W. They could have cared less and were as happy to see me as they were the sucker in front of me who probably paid double.

04/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
295. Bo L.
The broken room.

The room looks nice, the beds looks nice and comfortable. It is not a bad room...  but....

Safe in room is too small for my 15inch Mac book pro - seriously guys ?

The safe did also note work at all. They had to send a guy to fix the safe. 15 minutes if me standing there,

The minibar broken and warm, they brought me a new fridge to stand in the middle of the room.  I still do not have a cold soda,

The lights at the bed was not plugged in and the display on the phone is broken and the radio is rocking because it is missing a knob.  Oh and finally the iPhone charge don't actually charge my phone, it say its not compatible and can't charge.

Wifi is a extra charge $15,  good thing I have my personal hot spot.  But who charges for WiFi in a $400 a night room?

Mjah, I'm kinda totally under impressed.

Nuf said.

Update, I was informed that the staff at the hotel would fix the refridgerator the next days and remove the temporary refridgerator from the room.  But the did not, the big white temp fridge was still there when I came back the next day. And had not been restocked.  Seriously guys.?

Strangely the staff also did not see fit to remove the empty soap thingies in the bathroom. But at least they did give me a fresh shampoo for the morning,

On the good news side, they did manage to get my cry cleaning back to me in the time promissed.  But hey, doing something in the advertised time is not really shockingly positive..

I'm going to have to leave this saying,  sorry, I simply can't justify recommending this hotel.  Ironically, the staff here answer the phone saying "whatever" and that is exactly how I feel about my experience at the W-hatever.

24/06/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
296. Ryan R.
I love the W in hollywood and san francisco, but this one is a bust in so many ways..

First the good.. The lobby is very nicely decorated, as is the downstairs bar area and the staff is wonderfully cordial and helpful.

So what happened?

The property is odd... the bar area downstairs, which is really a trademark of a W hotel was VERY big, but the drinks were only average.. I can see paying $15 for a signature drink, but if it isn't better than what i can make (drinks always taste better when someone else makes them, and im not a bartender), ill order beer.

The lobby, is oddly shaped, and we found it very tough to enter because of the two faux concierge tables that occupy floorspace. While we were checking in, I told my kids to go downstairs to make room for others.

The in room dining is ala carte sushi.. Very pretentious and not really focused on the customer that wants to stay for more than a day.. If your residents don't want to eat your food, they go elsewhere..

The rooms, really REALLY need work.. The TV is small and outdated.. What was that 1024x768 on a 36" panel? The screen was never really crisp.

The beds... as Tom B. below stated, are horrible.. Yes they are clean (im hoping) but the mattress was either used as a trampoline by a visiting circus, or is just worn out... On both beds in the room, the middle was sunken in, and as a side sleeper I find myself struggling all night long to get in a position that didn't hurt my back.. I eventually took off the sheets and slept on the couch....

The elevators are a challenge.. Im not sure how they are rigged but if you are higher than the 20'th floor, be prepared to stop at every floor for a pickup. Additionally, on two occasions in 2 days, we saw the mortified look from other visitors that said "are we going to die" as the elevator descends and you hear the rattle of cable on cable from above.

We went here because my 13 year old daughter wanted to spend her birthday at a W, and LOVES the W from experience in Los Angeles, but in the end we left disappointed.

14/06/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
297. keith K.
Great hotel in a convenient location near the heart of Seattle.  Booked the hotel through Travelocity and was able to get a decent price.  I picked a corner room which was priced just like many of the other rooms.  The room was spacious with a nice view.  The staff was friendly and I had no problem with the wifi as many other reviews suggest.

21/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
298. Linda W.
This hotel is so subpar, the only reason it has any business is because of its location and the W name.  Management is running the hotel to the ground, while the guests suffer with bad service and subpar rooms.

Don't even THINK about ordering room service.  I ordered "gyoza" and a mixed green salad which actually turned out to be soggy dumplings and a dried celery + carrots on dirty looking mixed greens.  I promptly called the front desk to have the charges removed since I didn't touch the salad but ate the gyoza in a fit of hunger and desperation.  

Anyways, keep looking for a hotel unless this is the only hotel available or the prices are way below the market average.  This hotel is an embarrassment for Starwood.

17/05/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
299. Sierra K.
I stayed here for 5 days for the Moz convention. The W hotels in miami and fort lauderdale are awesome. Great locations and rooms, so I was super excited to stay here.

I got a corner king and they put me facing a garage. The garage also kept the lights on all night. They eventually changed my room after saying something a few times.

Everything was over priced. I ordered food a few times while I was there and it just wasnt worth the price. 40 dollars for a soggy cheeseburger? 15 dollars for french fries?? When I asked about the french fries they explained that they use "truffle oil". I was like wow give me a break.

On a good note, The beds were super comfortable.

Another thing I was really disappointed about was the emptiness of the hotel. Every time I went into the lobby/bar/restaurant area it was practically empty. For someone traveling alone, its always nice to be able to meet other fellow travelers in the hotel.

I think the most annoying thing of the whole stay was the internet access. You can pay 4 dollars an hour or 16 for the day. Since I was on a business trip I needed the internet for the entire five days. It ended up being close to 70 dollars, which is more than half of my internet bill. I was alright with it until I started using the internet. I could not get anything done! I ended up just working at the starbucks across the street half the time.

All in all, this W does not live up to the reputation the name has gained.

10/07/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
300. Jessica J.
My experience this past weekend was above and beyond what I would have ever anticipated. From the check-in process to collaborating with "Dominic" the Whatever/Whenever specialist on a special amenity for my guest, the entire experience was wonderful. In addition to the location (Starbucks is across the street, Pikes Market a few blocks away), we loved out Corner Suite room. The evening prior, I had called the hotel to find out if I could send an amenity up for my room. Not only did Dominic exceed my expectations with his selections, but the added Seahawks loot made the experience really special.

THANK YOU for making my first football game experience truly memorable. I will always stay at this hotel when I am in Seattle, if given the opportunity!

04/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
301. Celeste T.
Seems nice, if a bit small/awkwardly laid out rooms. I did like their shampoo - delightfully lemony. The bed works for what you need it for, the linens were clean, and the interior is nicely modern.

Coming out of the elevator and finding your room is a bit of a crapshoot, as the hallways twist and turn a number of times - it can be confusing.

The bar downstairs is nice enough, if a bit pricey, and so I suppose it deserves its own review.

18/11/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
302. Dan G.
W Seattle
Well, no I don't need help with the bags now that I've already unloaded them.
Why are the lobby restrooms in such disarray on a Saturday afternoon?  
We have a spectacular view of Mount Rainier from our room!
Was this room designed for a photo shoot?  There's no room to put anything away.
Walking distance to Pike Place Market.
Whatever/Whenever....I'm calling now, you can answer whenever you get around to it....or just don't.  
Where are those comped waters for SPGs that we're supposed to get daily?  I'll guess we'll call about those, again.  
Why does housekeeping keep trying to barge in to our room without knocking?!?  
Wouldn't a conference room be better suited for those folks bogarting the entire lounge for their company meeting?
What did they do to our car?!?!  Good thing it's a rental.
We could've stayed at the Four Seasons for less money?!?!
What were we thinking?

18/08/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
303. T F.
Probably one of the coolest looking lobby's of any hotel I've ever stayed at. Great service from the concierge desk. Elevator is a little ruthless. Doors close really quickly. Almost left my husband behind a couple times BC he wasn't keeping up. The bar Trace is also great!  Friendly bartenders quick to give out suggestions about the area. Speaking of area, this hotel was in the perfect location of walking distance to see different areas  of the city.

25/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
304. Roy S.
I really like the W Hotel in Seattle which quite surprised me. I've stayed at the W Hotels in NYC and did not like them. This hotel is central and in easy walking distance to anything in the down town. The rooms were large and well setup for the business traveller. The service was fantastic and the staff was very friendly and helpful!

I will definitely stay here again.

21/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
305. Miles B.
Pros: The soaps in the bathroom were Bliss, a high-end brand serving quality products.

Cons: Non-free wifi is obnoxious. Exacerbated by no available 4G signal for my phone or hotspot. For $230 a night, I'd like to be able to check my email.

I won't stay at a W Hotel again. The for-pay wifi really rubs me the wrong way. I'm sure many people disagree but, if Red Roof Inn can afford to offer free wifi, I'm sure W can as well.

16/08/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
306. Maggie N.
Arrived at 4:15pm on a Saturday with 3 family members. Had booked two rooms well in advance, one queen and one with 2 double beds. When we arrived the rooms were not available and there were no double bed rooms in the entire hotel leaving us to have to get a rollaway bed for the night. For our trouble we were given 1 drink voucher for our party of 4 and an offer to comp the roll away bed. Our rooms were not available for over an hour and we had a 5:45pm dinner reservation. Not having a room available well past check in with no explanation or accommodations made is simply unacceptable. We were not given updates on our room status throughout our wait and multiple times were forced to inquire ourselves about our rooms. I am extremely disappointed in a hotel that prides itself in customer service and running an effective hotel, not to mention the steep rates.

In the future I will be taking my business elsewhere.

13/07/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
307. Brandon S.
Where to begin? I arrived at 3:00 and had to wait 2 hours for my room to become available. Upon getting to the room it smelled like cigarettes and vomit (perhaps why it took so long to make my room ready?) Upon notifying the front desk they sent someone up with a spray can, all that did was make my room smell like strawberry vomit. Eventually we changed rooms and were on our way.

The staff is snobby, the decor is outdated, the rooms are dirty, and you overpay for everything. Room service for a kids grilled cheese and chips--$60 after tax.

I love Starwood hotels, but do yourself a favor and go stay at the Westin, hell I would stay at the 4 points before I would stay here again. At least there everyone is nice, things are clean, and Internet is free!

21/09/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
308. David O.
Our first night in Seattle was at the W.   While service was 5 stars across the board, I can only really give them 3 stars based on how expensive the room was for the value.   We ordered a corner junior suite, and what we really got was a corner room with a smallish bathroom with a view over the Seattle Public Library and the freeway.   Considering that the room cost $350 a night, there's nothing extraordinary about it.   Thanks to my sister-in-law's Starwood Platinum status, she hooked us up with a nice 2 bedroom suite at the Sheraton the following 3 nights, so we promptly decamped.

12/11/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
309. John P.
I'm a big fan of the W Hotel in Dallas so I was expecting same quality room, service, etc.  I was a little disappointed in the room I got "Wonderful Room"...that's what they call it, unfortunately it's not that great.  Room was rather small, smaller TV (37"?) As well as overall lighting very dark.  Worst of all, for a $300 night hotel, service was spotty.  They just don't go above and beyond here and it shows. Called front desk for info - on hold  I'm frequent traveler and stay at various hotels but u can honestly say that the overall value I received from this W was far below expectaions.

09/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
310. Jessica W.
Arriving at the hotel late, we were hoping to utilize the valet parking, but it was full. However there is a 24 hour garage right next door that we were able to pull into - Ace Parking. It runs around $35/night.
Hotel pros:
- great lobby with live music on the weekends
- the room was very comfortable with a fabulous king bed
- good assortment of bath products
- great location to walk everywhere
Hotel cons:
- our room was located on the 4th floor (we were told all upper floors were full). The window opened up to the side of a parking garage - see attached picture. Besides the terrible view, we could occasionally hear the noise of the cars in the garage as well.
- the tv had limited cable options and those it did have only included about 15 digital channels. The rest of the channels were analog which made for a fuzzy view on the large tv. When we asked front desk about this, they said that is the way it is - only a few channels come in digital.

All in all, nice hotel, but not 4-star and not worth the price.

11/12/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
311. R J F.
Very nice hotel and location is great but very expensive. The hotel tries to nickel and dime you for everything. Charging for wifi connection per hour I think is ridiculous.

22/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
312. Brandon N.
good location...and that is pretty much the only "good" of this post.

stayed for a long easter weekend. i needed a super fast internet connection on saturday morning, so i called ahead of time to ensure there was a faster connection other than wifi. the rep said "we have a business center you can use". arrived friday night, business center was already closed, so i ask front desk when they open on saturday and they said the business center does not open on weekends. so the rep blew smoke. ok lets go to the room and check the wifi. WTF $5 per hour? ok, lets go to the lobby and test the wifi to see if it is fast enough. nope. 4g LTE hotspot was faster.

the room, good size and clean. The shower drained as slow as molasses. the windows were super thin so we heard each and every car that cruised down the hill. the shades didnt close all the way. wetbar had a lock, which was fine. there is no coffee machine, good grief a bunch of grumpy zombies must be roaming around outside. went to the lobby and found coffee once out of 3 days, and it was horrible.

OK lets get back to the wifi for a second. I call from the room already pissed that the rep from earlier lied to me. I told them that i only needed wifi for a good 15 minutes and they werent willing to comp it. THEN they forward me to tech support. there wasn't any issue and if there was, I do tech support for a living. salt in the wound moment - i check my bill at the end and they charge me $ for the call....to the front desk....who forwarded me to tech support which i didnt need. LIVID.

I am not suggesting this place to anybody....in fact, i will go out of my way to tell ppl NOT to stay here. If the crew can;t even get their story straight or take notes of assurances connected to my account, it is not worthy of my $300+/night.

21/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
313. Amy B.
Where to begin?

Let me be upfront. I work at a hotel, and have for the last 20 years. I know what to expect at a hotel, and what not to expect. I booked my recent stay based on the W brand alone, and did not read any of the reviews online on this property. I then became, after booking, obsessed with the reviews. I considered cancelling because based on the reviews online, this place really seems to be a hit or miss. But I stuck with it, because I liked the location.

It was a HIT. I don't know what the deal is with the bad reviews. Obviously something is amiss, but I didn't see it, if it was there. The room was in great shape. I emailed before letting them know I was coming in for my birthday, and requested a room facing the water. They did it for me without a problem. I had a great view of the water, and Mt. Rainer! The bed was super comfy. Everything was super clean. I dropped a bottle of perfume and broke it. I called to ask for a broom and they had someone in my room in minutes to clean it up for me. Front desk staff was very friendly and always available with any information I needed.

The lobby/bar area was awesome. It looks like a nightclub, something my 40-year old soccer mom looking self was a bit wary about at first. When we first sat down, we were greeted cooly by a super hot, super skinny, barely out of her teens waitress. You could tell she really didn't want to be waiting on old people. However she warmed up quickly. Maybe she was having a bad day. But not enough to take off a star, as for the next 4 nights everyone was great. We went for their happy hour twice a day, once before dinner, and again after dinner. On Sundays they have happy hour from 4pm to midnight! Love me some happy hour!

I was not able to use the Acura car service. The young girl who works the Acura desk informed us it was fully booked every time we asked. In a pretty snobby fashion, actually. I don't think she is employed by the hotel though, so I won't fault them for this. But if you are going to use it, try to book it way in advance. We never had our schedule set enough to do that, so we walked or took cabs. Cabs are pretty cheap too.

So except for those minor two customer service bits, everything else was top notch. An exceptional hotel in just about every way.

One thing I would like to mention regarding those who are whining in these reviews about paying for wireless internet. SHUT UP. Good lord. It is very plainly stated all over the hotel's website that they charge for wireless. You can choose to book or not book. But to knock off several stars because you have to pay for it is ridiculous. The majority of 4 or 5 star hotels, especially in a downtown metropolitan area, charge for wireless. Most of you get reimbursed for it anyway, so give me a break.

Anyway, I digress. Thank you to the W, you made my birthday very special, and I hope to be able to come back very soon!

28/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
314. Leah V.
I was staying at the W for my birthday that I was celebrating in Seattle. We came down for the weekend. The hotel was great and all the staff were pleasant, helpful and very professional. The hotel sets off a great hip and modern vibe that was perfect for the occasion that we were in Seattle for. Checking in was quick and simple we got an amazing view and room on the 25th floor. Staff were very helpful when it came to needing something.  Valet parking was great and quick never waited more then 5 minutes for our car. I would defiantly return back to the W for another weekend get away in Seattle.

17/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
315. Nicole W.
Interesting, fun, different hotel

The front door is not completely obvious - it's on the side, the door that looks like the door is the door to the bar! And only stairs to get up to the lobby, so go around the side to the valet area and enter there!

Very trendy.

In the mornings there is coffee and decaf coffee - it is the only coffee, there is no coffee maker in your room. Plan accordingly. There is also a Starbucks directly across the street! And if you want to make oatmeal...  well, you have to ask for hot water and sometimes they will go get some, and sometimes they look at you funny!

The rooms are pretty cool - we had a corner room facing the needle. Woot!

Elevators are card based, as in you can't get anywhere without swiping your card, and half the time the readers were not working 100%.
The fun thing was the rugs were changed 3 times a day - good morning, good afternoon and good evening! Just a little something that made me smile

The gym - holy workout bat man! Excellent facility!! 4 tread mills, 4 ellipticals, some recumbent bikes and a while ton of weight machines, a stretching area, wipes for the machines, and tv's on all cardio machines!

I could have spent my whole visit in there!

The vallet - very super nice. Albeit not associated to the hotel, and they charge a fortune, but they were very nice!

Internet might or might not be included in your room rate - check when you book.

All in all, i really enjoyed the hotel, it was central to everything and the room was comfy.

22/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
316. Brian T.
Centrally located in downtown Seattle, places are located within walking distance (usually within 10 blocks or a 10 minute walk.) Daily, I walked to Pikes Place Market for breakfast. Pier 59, Miners Landing, retail shopping, and museums are a stone's throw away. A bit further but VERY walkable is Pioneer Square. Elsewhere you can get to via public transport. For those traveling from SEA via Local Link, the W is just a couple of blocks away from the station. Bonus points for its location.

Service by staff was on par. We were well received and appreciated the service. Staff was professional, attentive, and friendly without being overbearing.
At an establishment like the W, it is what you don't see that you will appreciate. I did not see house keeping staff the three nights that I stayed.  Bonus points for this.

As for the short falls:

There seems to be lack of attention to detail with housekeeping. The robe hook was loose and they did not replace it. The robe had a missing belt loop and the belt just dangled. Minus points for this.

Our room didn't necessarily wow us in terms of décor but we did appreciate the amount of space. The corner view was standard downtown sight--tall buildings all around. The bed was comfortable yet was noticeable. The TV was slow and the channels are not as diverse as they can be.

The room lacked curiosity curtains. They would have been convenient to have as the room had blinds; and it was somewhat cumbersome to have to twist 6-7 blinds closed.

Other notes: We didn't use the bar/lounge.
The mini fridge was well stocked. Our room had: iron, ironing board, hair dryer, make up mirror, safe, dvd player. The bath products were on par. I enjoyed the shampoo and conditioner. They were nice and thick and I felt clean after using them. The lemony scents were nice. Bonus points for having face wash.

12/11/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
317. Cucteen V.
The location was hard to locate. Either we were that tired, distracted, or blind, but we never located any signage indicating that it was the hotel except for the valet sign  that we eventually came across.

The valet guys made me feel a bit awkward as none of them were discrete about their staring. Though, they were helpful throughout our stay. They even retrieved my friend's charger that he had forgotten in the car and brought it to our room. Overnight valet was $38/night. There's a structure along fifth avenue on the same side as the hotel that offers cheaper parking, but my friends is a lazy ass. We paid for valet and was too hungover to move the car Sunday morning.

We got a double bed room. The room itself was nothing extraordinary, but was clean and open. The phone in our room was extremely outdated. I mean like Flintstone age. I wish I took a picture now. It was huge...and old. Very reminiscent if the early 90s which was odd for the hotel theme. The bed was so comfortable. We took a three hour nap after returning from lunch. The tv was a bit small -maybe 32" -  and poorly placed. It was placed directly above the desk so the cabinet and lamp somewhat obstructed the view of the left side bed. The couch was awesomely large and comfortable. You could easily fit a seriously tall person or several short people, take your pick. The bathroom was decent size and provides adequate counter space. They also provide a cute little conair blow dryer. I didn't get to frolic in the provided robe, but I did enjoy frolicking naked about the room. We were on the 15th floor.

The hotel is located  within walking distance to the shopping district. I'd stay here again the next time I visit.

15/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
318. Nat A.
No free wifi, 40$ per night parking, everything so overpriced and bougy! Our room had a hyper fancy iphone 4 charger and an even older dvd player, but no coffee maker. When I called to ask for one, staff seemed incredulous that I would want coffee (???). This is not a nice hotel. This is pretentious crap for people who love wasting money.

30/08/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
319. Rollergirl V.
Not my favorite in the chain but that said, still pretty cool vs alternatives and love the location. But heres the deal, i think this was one of the very first W hotels so its...old!  I mean some of it looks a little beat up-armoires with nicks, locks that are loose just a bit creaky underneath the glamor. And despite being a starwood gold member i somehow manage to get rooms overlooking the parking garage..and when i say overlooking what i really mean is adjacent like i could literally open a window and touch  a car five stories up!? Dont ever get a room in the low teens or under, ie 502, 602 etc...cause youll be smelling fumes hearing valet and having headlights surprise you thru the nite-so beware!

30/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
320. Fifty M.
Gf and I came here for vacation. Rooms are average at best for the price. Had a drink at the bar (two bud lights for me and a baileys on the rocks for her) and came to $45!!
If you want wifi it's only $15 a day! What year are we in!?!?
If you'd like room service they're conveniently open 24 hrs, awesome! But be prepared to spend $15 for French fries... Before the $4 service charge!! How about a burger? Only $28. Or if you're in the mood for splurging, you can get a steak for $44!
Ridiculous money for what you get. Never will stay at a W again.
Adding to this review...
There was a sound like an angry flock of birds every few minutes the entire weekend in the room. That didn't help with sleeping.

06/12/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
321. Grant B.
I am a huge fan of W hotels but this one is way below the normal W standards.  The bar is nice, food is not bad (at the restaurant) and they give you a full sized ice bucket for bottles of champagne.

The bathroom sink overflow drain was filled with black fuzzy mold.  I didn't notice it at first but asked my wife why she was brushing her teeth in the bedroom and said told me to look at the drain.  I wanted to puke.

The blinds don't fully close and are the cheap ones one might by at Home Depot resulting in a bright room as soon as the sun comes up (in June that is about 5:30 am.)

If you can sleep in a bright room the super loud sound from the street will keep you up.  I know we are in a city but there are bigger cities with more traffic and you don't hear the noise on the 14th floor.

The best sleep I had on my trip to Seattle was on my plane ride home to San Diego.

While the food at the restaurant is ok (I only had toast and coffee while working) the room service menu has very few options if you want a full cooked meal.  Plan to leave the room if you are hungry...

I called ahead and had the concierge set up car service for my wife and I from the airport to the hotel (one way.)  I got a call while at the airport after I checked out saying my car was waiting for me.  I told them I only reserved one way and they said it was too bad and I had to pay a no show fee.

Even if you have points for a free room here save it for another SPG property or another W in another city.  This hotel pus the "W" in Worst.

16/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
322. Jennifer R.
Love this hotel! From the room to the beautiful view of the city. They use BLISS products! How awesome is that?! The beds are comfortable and you can ask for extra pillows. The staff is always super friendly and helpful with recommendations around the city. The only reason why I gave it 4 stars is because of the valet parking...wayyyyyy too expensive but I guess its nice knowing your car is safe. Enjoy your stay!

21/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
323. Danielle V.
I was surprised when my husband and I stayed here for our anniversary. Our room was not clean and we asked to be moved rooms. They were quick to help us to do this, but I was surprised that they did not offer anything in return for the inconvenience.

28/09/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
324. Hoa Q.
Great hotel at a reasonable price. The only glitch is that we requested a late checkout but the employees apparently weren't notified because we were 1) locked out of our room and 2) housekeepers knocked on our door when we finally got in to clean our room. This happened after I took the initiative to confirm we were listed for a late checkout.

02/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
325. Kathryn M.
Location good.  At top of several steep hills from water. Room nice and clean. I could hear several noises from the next room including the hangers moving and knocking on wall (closet area is open to room and not closed with doors) this morning. Bliss products in bathroom nice. No outlets by bed to charge phone which I use as an alarm. Annoyed by management decision...told at check in they are converting to rfid keys so will have to exchange them when I get in the next day. A note slipped under the door overnight informed me of same. After a long day at my Seattle office and after walking up to hotel I had to stand and wait for quite sometime because no one was at the front desk to help exchange my keys.  I'm tired and in some pain and just wanted to go to my room. Well a clerk arrives and then gets on the phone.  After the phone call he informs me that they actually didn't get to my room so no need to exchange my key. Why would management not staff the front desk with extra personnel to avoid any inconvenience of their guests during this inconvenient process? I'm disappointed by this lack of planning.

26/01/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
326. winter b.
Over-rated, over priced and out dated.

27/09/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
327. Rachel A.
My only complaints really were the towels, and the elevator terrified me one fateful evening.
The towels only because they were exceptionally rough. With the wonderful bliss products it felt like I was at a spa but was shortly brought back to earth with the sandpaper towels. Come on guys your bathroom is gorgeous. Your products are amazing even your robes were cool.
The elevator I'm sure is out of the hotels hands but just an FYI. We were coming off of it one evening for dinner when it dropped suddenly a floor or so before the lobby. Scary. I wasn't trying to ride a make shift tower of terror.
The front desk was always impeccably nice and treated us very professionally and nice even though we are young. It's usually different at other hotels.
Oh parking isn't the greatest. $55 a night, we ended up parking at a garage next door for 30. I'd recommend skipping a car if you stay here. It's centrally located we only had a car to visit family outside of Seattle.
Other than that it's a great hotel beautiful views, great staff, near anything you could need.

17/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
328. Eve K.
Great downtown location.  Helpful staff.  Comfortable room.  The stylization of the lobby is unique and interesting.  Beware of the parking for $50/night.

05/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
329. Heidi B.
There are some pretty bad reviews on here....I'll add to the "okay" level of experience.

1. The rooms are nice - good views from the corner rooms, bed is cozy, all is clean and comfortable.
2. The service is good - they sent us complimentary cupcakes (pretty good chocolate ones) for our anniversary, which was unexpected and really nice
3. Wi-Fi....$5/hour! PER HOUR. That's crazy. If you're not going to include free Wi-Fi in the cost of the room, at least have a very reasonable daily rate. Hourly is just dumb!
4. We stayed here on our wedding night 5 years ago, so we didn't have a car to park. This time we did and what a shock!....if you bring a car prepare to pay $55/night to park. Or, if you'd like to pay $37/night, you can park in the nasty garage next door.

Overall, we liked our stay and it was central to everything we needed, but they are quite expensive for what you get. It's all the added expenses that really steal stars from the rating.

06/10/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
330. Nicole C.
I really do not like giving 2 or 1 star reviews for that matter AND I never feel compelled to review someplace that I am staying at on vacation unless I absolutely love it or absolutely dislike it.

First: Front desk staff is rude, we encountered one nice girl, the other two guys we spoke to were pretty pretentious. We arrived on a Thursday morning from a super early flight, we had to be up at 2 am to get to the airport and we did so with a 3 year old. So we get to The W and the guy who helps us, states that I have an expired SPG account, when I ask him about it. He also tells us that we booked a room with two double beds when I clearly did not, but seeing as it was early and we were looking to go rest for a while we took it, thinking that he would suggest that we switch the next day or something. Nope, no additional help. He didn't tell us about the Acura Chauffer service that they feature, pretty much no additional breath was wasted on us.

We frequent The Westin Moana Surfrider & the North Tower Westin Villas in Maui and we try to stay at Westin family hotels when we travel to other places. The water that they have in the lobby had whole strawberries in it and made the "infused water" dirty and tasteless. It was gross, nothing like the water infusions that we have had at other Westin properties.

Our room #1: Two double beds (comfortable), nice sized couch. Make up mirror that was broken. Just alright...

We went down to the front desk the morning after our first night and asked to move rooms more to our standards. I also asked if the guy the morning before had linked my SPG account with my stay, the guy this morning said no and linked it for me, which caused a slight upgrade to our room...we were upgraded to a King Corner Room which is fine. So far, I am just astounded with the lack of service at this hotel...MAINLY from the front desk.

We did order room service the first morning that we were there, not knowing where anything was and extremely tired, it was actually pretty good and made to order.

We have two more nights here, so lets see if I have a reason to either upgrade or downgrade this review.

I will say, we went to have dinner at Hotel 1000's Boka and the experience we had just from their restaurant staff, concierge and amenities...we have already decided that we will be giving that hotel a try next time we come to Seattle...

17/05/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
331. Justina S.
I am a local, and stayed here during the weekend because I had family over the weekend and we decided to stay in DT.
Lovely place. From the room, view, TRACE and the FD staff, wonderful. Except one of the valet guys. I was pulling in, and he had asked me in a VERY rude way, "Uh are you leaving or staying, if your leaving then you would need to park on the streets" EXCUSE ME?!  Are you F*ucking kidding me?! I've NEVER had anyone speak to me like that. I can see if valet was getting full from an event but NEVER had anyone speak to me like I was trash. Then on the day of check out, he noticed me, and just rolled his eyes and wouldn't help me get my 3 bags into my car. Very rude valet staff. I would never stay here because of the valet team.

31/10/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
332. Alois A.
Room not up to the W standards that I am use too. The parking is terrible and expensive.

The bar is loud and the design is 1990's.

Staff was great- as usual. But for a botique hotel the price and quality were not meant.
Each day I needed to call down to have the bedside water's replaced. Each night I had to call down for a refill of the bathroom shampoo and shower gel.

Bed was made- but stuff left on the floor- usually they at least move things to the side to make it appear as if they ironed.

Good brand- but this is a first and a last in Seattle for me.

09/04/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
333. Matt E.
I'm certainly a fan of W hotels, and this is no exception. The beds are incredibly comfortable, the lobbies are vibrant and sexy and the staff is always on point. I would stay at this hotel if ever given even half a chance.

HOWEVER, a couple of things seemed a little different from my other W experiences. This place just isn't as (for lack of a better term) sexy. The lobby is beautiful, to be sure, but the bar isn't as prominent, there aren't as many nooks and crannies in which to get to know your new best friend, and it seemed much brighter. The elevators didn't play music. And the rooms didn't have all the sexy, quirky touches that I've come to expect from a W. Where's my glowing Buddha?

I mean, those things don't really matter. Again, the bed was super comfortable, they have great products in the bathroom, and (at least in our room) the view was impeccable. The front desk clerks (the only staff with which I interacted save a bartender) were super friendly. This place is great, It's just not as "W" as I've come to expect from a W.

30/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
334. 509chick S.
The location is excellent. accessible to Pike place and other attractions. Parking is hefty at $54 a night.  Front desk was nice and friendly. They had live DJ in hotel lobby.  In the mornings they have free coffee and it was pretty good. Bed was comfy but the pillows were way too over stuffed. Good for propping up but not for sleeping.  Window view was nice. Tv could use an upgrade for such an upscale hotel.  Wifi is  $5/hr. Decor is nice.

30/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
335. John E.
W Review
Check-in: incredibly efficient, courteous, and prompt! We were in our room within 10 minutes if pulling in.
Room: very clean without smelling like chemicals, cool! Nice details including the "backup plan" (you'll have to stay here to understand!). We stayed in a "Wonderful" room...and it was! We brought our own DVDs to watch on the in-room player. The safe is a standard hotel safe and will hold the basics (not extra large items like a 15" laptop). The bed, probably one of the best hotel beds I've slept in. I'd stay here again.

06/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
336. Scott W.
Compared to most W hotels this one is a bit of a let down.  The service, bar, restaurant and lobby are all mostly worthy of the brand but the rooms are more Westin than W.

The Seattle location certainly makes a solid first impression.  All of the usual W trappings are there: fun modern design in the lobby interior, cool bar and restaurant, great service at the front desk - you'll feel right at home if you're using to staying at this chain.

In fact every is as expected until the moment you open the door to your room, look inside and compare what you see against other locations like Westwood, CA and San Francisco - the rooms are dead boring.  They're nice enough for any standard hotel but part of the appeal of the W is the eccentric touches of modern boutique and you'll find none of that style in any of the rooms at this location.  It's a shame because the location really can't be beat (unless you're unfortunate enough to get a room facing the nearby parking garage in which case you'll be closing your blinds the whole time because that garage is really, really close!)

I'd almost recommend staying at the Westin over this W because you're not getting anything special at this location and the Westin is more likely to give you a room with a good view of the city.

If they would give the rooms here a makeover and bring them in line with some of the better W properties this hotel would be a no-brainer!

14/07/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
337. Justin Y.
I went here today for an event hosted by the University of Washington. Based on the lobby, lounge, and interior alone, this is a pretty hip and vibrant place to hang out, especially if you are staying at the hotel. The bartenders were also very friendly and professional, and the hors d'oeuvre were actually pretty darn good (my favorite was the mini sliders with caramelized onions)! As for the hotel rooms and prices, I cannot comment on them since I did not stay overnight, but overall my impression of the W Hotel was positive.

18/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
338. Seamus O.
The W is nice to look at but falls well short on amenities and comfort. The room was nicely appointed, but small. I wanted a swim, but there's no pool. But here's the real kicker: I want/need to check email, and I don't want to come down to the lobby to do so. One would think that wireless internet would be complimentary in your $300-a-night room, but that's not the case. How is it that Best Western, Holiday Inn, etc. can give me free Wi-Fi, but the uber posh and expensive W cannot?

I'll pass. There are plenty of lodging alternatives that offer more for less. Not quite sure what I'm paying for at the W.

12/01/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
339. Jeremy J.
I cannot recommend this hotel if you're looking for a good night's sleep. Also, the service fails to meet expectations.

I asked for a quiet room upon check in and the woman at the front desk assured me the room I was getting was "very quite." Two sleepless night later and I can tell you that it was anything but quiet.

My wife and I heard nothing but street noise all night long. The bus stop was just below our room and it ran until sometime after midnight. The 4th and Seneca intersection was also close by so the sound of cars stopping and starting was a constant issue. Shortly after the bars closed (2am) the rowdy drunks made their way past the hotel yelling and screaming but worse than all of that was the emergency vehicle sirens. The W Hotel seems to be on a main corridor and we heard at least a siren an hour throughout the night.

We brought the noise issues up with the Front Desk but not much could be done. They said they couldn't do anything about the outside noise and frequency of sirens, it came with the territory. So the outside noise is there to stay, think about that before you book your next stay at the W.


Good size and nicely appointed. Beware that blinds instead of curtains are used so a lot of city light leaks in, the room will never be dark.

Issues with cigarette smoke:
Shortly after we checked in the hallway outside our room began to reek of smoke so we notified the front desk on our way out. When we returned ~6 hours later nothing had been done and the smell was even more intense. We notified the manager and an air purifier was deployed in our hallway but the smell lingered for the duration of our stay.

It was also common to walk out of the lobby and into a face full of smoke. The hotel itself has a no smoking policy so those looking for a cigarette break found it convenient to smoke near the entrance.

It was busy when we arrived and the valet was having a bad day or something. I pulled in feeling like I had done something wrong. Not a good way to start a stay.

We were told to call down ahead of time when we needed our car, that didn't work. I called 20 minutes ahead of time and when we came down our car hadn't been fetched. When I tried the following day I was told that call-a-heads weren't allowed.

As we were leaving I rolled our bags toward the back of our car, the valet stood watching me from the driver's side of the car but no attempt was made to open the trunk or help me out.

21/01/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
340. Natalie S.
We used this hotel for our wedding block this weekend. Our guests were very well taken care of and no one had anything but good reviews of their service.  They gave our guests a fantastic rate and attentive service. Leading up to the weekend Lauren Madriaga worked closely with us to plan whatever we needed.

On the day of we needed a pair of pliers to fix a bracelet and the Whatever, Whenever desk brought them right up to us!  We used the Gathering Place to get ready which was perfect for makeup, hair, and hanging out before the wedding.

For our wedding night we were upgraded (at no charge!) to a junior suite which was gorgeous and our room had chocolate covered strawberries and champagne waiting for us!

After the wedding we noticed we'd been charged for some extra valet nights. We went back to the front desk and they refunded the charges no questions asked.

We cannot recommend this hotel enough. Especially for wedding needs.

15/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
341. Needles K.
Awesome staff!  The rooms are clean, comfortable and quiet.  My company had a conference for 100 people, and the W Hotel staff were so flexible and customer-service oriented.  And the banquet food is really very good.  

And the toiletries are by Bliss Spa.  If you don't like lemony-scented soap or shower gel, you may want to BYOS (bring your own soap).

16/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
342. Allister D.
I do like this place, I really do. It has a young and hip vibe which I like BUT theres not much room or things to do here. I do like the bar and lounge setup! That was pretty cool! The fireplace and comfy seating around it is amazing, the purple flashing lights moving around the room, good r&b music playing, people talking and enjoying their drinks to the music, etc. It really is something nice but there was not enough craziness I guess lol. The cocktail menu is pretty good here so make sure to grab a drink! The bar gets packed so you mind as well have better seating around the fireplace. I'll def come back the next time I'm in Seattle!

22/04/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
343. Karlyn B.
Great location, everything was within walking distance and was very convenient. Rooms were pretty nice for the price as well. Only complaint was that valet parking was full the entire time we were staying and due to the holidays, we had a rough time finding an open parking garage. Room service was ridiculously priced as well.

15/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
344. Anne Marie B.
What a fabulous hotel!
The views are great, the hotel is in a great location & the staff is top-notch. The prices are high, but you get the great service that you pay for. William at the front desk is very welcoming and helped me send out postcards.

I recommend staying at the Seattle W if you have the money to spend.

28/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
345. Jack K.
Hotel is nice, clean, and has a nice bar downstairs. But if you ever need something as simple as a toothbrush, do not call the "anywhere anytime" service where they are supposed to bring it up for you. I waited an hour. Called again. Waited another 30 min because they said they'd send it right up. Then gave up and the front desk happily handed it to me right away. I blame this partly on me for thinking they actually cared about their service.

All in all, the staff and friend desk were very friendly and helpful. The rooms were clean and fairly spacious even with a couch that could fit a person to sleep on.

02/04/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
346. David K.
Dark, faux chic, and the ambient music is annoying.

Want to visit the '90s the next time you visit Seattle? This is the place for you.

The decor, the ambiance, the whole experience made me feel like I was traveling back in time.The only thing that said "new" to me was the music (which was so bad, it hurt) and the flat screen TVs.

Google some pictures. The architects of the place describe it as "A redesign... that melds together layers of the past, present and future that represent the Emerald City." The W should have gone with another architect. There is very little of the present and future on display there.

When we arrived, our rooms were not ready, so we had to hang out in the lobby for about 1.5 hours.

The wifi was free... in the lobby. They charged for access in the rooms.

The hallways were dimly lit, and the carpets were dark, giving off a back alley kind of feel.

If you haven't guessed, this is not what I prefer in a high-priced hotel.

There were positives.

The front desk staff was cheerful and helpful, as were the info desk ladies (I can't call them concierges).

The hotel is in a good location, just a few blocks from the Pike Place Market, which is a fun place, with a couple of nice restaurants.

And the view from the room was very nice. I could see the Sound and the land beyond it.

Bottom line: A hotel that has to call itself "hip," "contemporary," "edgy," "stylish," "trendsetting," and "flirty," usually isn't. The W describes itself this way. And it isn't.

06/08/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
347. Ryan E.
Pretty nice place. A few issues to consider. Parking is about $60 for overnight stays. $30-40 parking is nearby but obviously a hassle to do separately. The gym is very nice. I personally didn't like the cardio equipment because there are no programs available to do HIIT on. They charge for Internet but if you're a Starwood Preferred Member they'll give it to you for free if you ask nicely. Breakfast is very good here but portions are small for the price.

At the end of the day you get what you pay for. It's a nice place for sure but a bit spendy at the same time.

01/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
348. Court S.
I write this review with a heavy heart... I'm a huge fan of Starwood, but this particular property is an overpriced dump: everything looks worn and dated, the rooms are shabby, the furniture is chipped and the walls are stained. I suggest you stay at the Hilton or Hyatt if you have the choice.

Great location, excellent staff... horrible horrible building.

28/05/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
349. Hamid K.
In December I stayed at one of the fabulous corner rooms, and it was quite disappointing since I have always been impressed by the decor and cleanliness of Rooms at W hotels.  The furniture was very dinked, the carpets stained, the desk chair was missing a wheel, and the shower smelled moldy.

02/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
350. Benjamin C.
Like all W hotels.. It's funky... The hotel bar is worth a trip on your way out even if you're not staying here... Restaurant is pretty good too... Portions were a little large for me but some people may dug that.. The room was surprisingly cheap for a holiday.. Mid 300's for a spacious clean corner room with a view.. Room looked clean, bed was super comfy but the comforter smelled a little off... Housekeeping responded with a fresh one promptly. Watch out for over-the-top pricey parking!... $54.95/night... Yes you read that right!... Now the room doesn't seem so cheap... Part of the new corporate "bait and switch" schemes becoming more common... Wall ability is decent but not great... Overall a solid effort

28/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
351. Jeff T.
I'm hosting an event here for 100+ people and needed to get into a room by 3pm (the check-in time listed on their site) to get ready for it. After not being able to get a room earlier in the day, I tried again at 3pm to see if my room was ready yet. The front desk team told me that check-ins were at 4pm. I couldn't believe they were going to argue with me about their check-in time when I have their website showing check-ins in September are at 3pm, but they sure tried to. Argue with your website team instead next time, not your customers.

After another two hours, I finally got a notice that my room was ready at 5pm, which is just as my event was starting. Bottom line, if you're going to advertise a check-in time, deliver on that time.

I could care less about the rest of the hotel. If they can't get guests into rooms, they've got basic issues they need to address before they worry about how comfortable the beds are or how great it is that your dog can stay in your room.

We spent a lot of money on our event here tonight. Another hotel will get that business next time.

26/09/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
352. Bonnie C.
I was a little worried after reading the reviews so I wasn't expecting much. We arrived early at 11am in Seattle and they said we would have to wait until until 3pm for our room. My husband had a business meeting and wanting to change into business clothes. Another front desk person mentioned another room that was available and they gave us the room. They said it was an upgrade. We were very happy to get our room early and it made life great for us so we could take advantage of the fitness room while my husband attended his meeting. The staff is awesome here. The room was nice - the beds are the best! We had a view of the Space Needle. It was a nice basic clean room. We had a good nights sleep and the room was quiet.
The location is close to shopping and restaurants. It's a walk to the water but doable and if don't want to walk you can grab a cab. They have a 24 hr cab stand at the hotel. The fitness room was nice and the equipment was good. We had a few cocktails late night in the swanky bar area too. We loved our stay and would stay here again on our next trip to Seattle.

01/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
353. Shauna K.
Beautiful and modern lobby once you walk in, which you would expect with the nightly prices. The front desk was helpful and speedy when they checked us in. Our room wasn't available when we showed up at 2, so they took our luggage and told us they'd give us a call once our room was ready, which would be as soon as possible. My husband and I went across the street for coffee and while in line they called us to let us know our room was ready-- how's that for quick?!

We reserved a cool king corner room. It was more like a queen bed and our corner view was of Hotel Monaco-- you win some you lose some. The room is nice enough. Small bathtub which is always something I check out since I don't have a tub at home and take advantage of every sudsy opportunity I have.

Overall, I would stay here again, just maybe opt for a different room. The walls weren't thin enough for me to hear the people next to us, and I feel like with hotels that's something quite common. The front desk staff knew we were celebrating our anniversary, so when we came back for the day there was a tray with cupcakes and a card congratulating us. That was a nice gesture which I definitely appreciate.

03/08/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
354. Robert L.
The hotel room itself is decent. The location is also quite nice. However, they are understaffed, and not educated well.

Stayed here for a work trip, which was prepaid by my company.  When I checked in they showed the stay as being pre-paid. I gave a card for incidentals, but when I got my folio, they billed my card for the entire amount.  Had to spend 45 minutes on the phone with people to get it corrected. Apparently when they swiped my card, they overwrote the pre-paid information.

For a hotel asking $345/night, you'd expect certain amenities, such as a pool (none), a sauna (none), jacuzzi (none), in hotel shopping (none), free wifi ($15/day), etc.

Likely many other options to consider for that price point that will deliver a better experience.

25/07/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
355. Nicha K.
Love their bliss bathroom products!!!

The hotel was fine - your typical trendy W.

Hallways were a little dark but the room was spacious and clean. The bar was HOPPING. Granted, I was there the weekend after the Seattle Seahawks had just won the Super Bowl, but the lobby was consistently full all 3 days I was there. Bar food was okay - a bit pricey, but that is expected when you're at a hotel.

31/03/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
356. Andrew K.
Modern comfortable rooms, but in need of a redo/overhaul. We loved Aaron the concierge.

23/08/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
357. Winifred X.
Beautiful boutique hotel located right in downtown Seattle, convenient location to walk everywhere, but the valet overnight parking is $55/day!!  We resort to finding an alternative public solution.

W Hotel Bar transforms into "Trace" at night, with happy hours from 4-7pm and 10-midnight, serving very reasonably priced drinks and small entrees. The fireplace that first attracted my attention when I walked by it last summer was still warm and impressive as before, and the fabulous ultra modern sleek decor of the lobby is lovely for one to sit around and enjoy the ambiance. Same comment for the room interior, though not so much of a view (spoiled by my new apt now)

13/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
358. Stephanie T.
For being a "fancy" hotel, its one of those that looks great, but is just, meh. Its definitely not somewhere that I would stay again unless I got a really good deal on the price of a room. You get nickeled and dimed for everything when its already an expensive place to stay. Parking is EXTREMELY expensive, wifi is NOT free.

29/07/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
359. DJ W.
I'm a Starwood fan, but this hotel experience was poor from start to finish - save one example.

We requested early check in, but it wasn't ready.  No problem.  We returned at 4:30, but it still wasn't ready.  So, Will at the front desk - the only reason this cloud has a silver lining - gave us a credit of some amount for an appetizer, or something.  Great - it was a nice touch and appreciated.

Got back later, and checked in.  Ordered milk and cookies - had my two kids with me.  40 minutes later, in room dining shows up.  A little late, but it was within reason.  Then the fellow dumps the milk, cookies and plate of pasta on our floor.  Milk and broken glass everywhere.  The in room dining guy was nervous, which I understand.  So, I called the front desk to ask for some help from room service.

15 minutes later, when the problem still wasn't taken care of, I went downstairs to the front desk.  Will, again, was great.  Got me a new room.  Said he'd send a bell man to help us, after I said it wasn't needed.

I got us moved out of the room, and Will made it happen.  Got to our new room, and once we settled in, realized the room had wet carpets, recently shampooed.  So, rather than sleep in the smell - a smell which hit me when we walked in but which I tried to overlook - I asked to move us.

In room dining guy arrives again.  I tell him we're leaving - Will got us another room - and asked if he could bring the cookies down with us.  He says he's really busy and that he'd prefer to leave the tray in the current room.  I said fine, whatever, but we're leaving to the new room.  He then proceeds to dump the tray again.

Luckily, Will had arrived to see this go down.  He was taking us to our new room.

So, we walked to the new room, new floor, and now I'm hit with a pot smell in the hallways.  Pretty strong.  This time, rather than keep my mouth shut, I just let Will know, who nods and says he'll have security take care of it.

We get in, get settled, and half of our cookie order arrives.  Will brings it himself, and says he has asked for extra cookies and that he'll take care of the charges.  

It's now 100 minutes since we made our call, and we're still waiting on the first order of cookies.

Bottom line:  If you're not here party late in the hotel bar, it's not really worth it.  Smallish rooms, poorly decorated, with extraordinarily poor service - except Will, who is top of class.  Stay at the Fairmont next door.

06/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
360. R P.
Here's the deal  The W Seattle isn't a W, it's a Sheraton pretending to be a W.

We should of known something was up when the W, the Sheraton and the  Westin which are all a few blocks from each other were all the same price (Expensive).

It's called a W, the lobby is kinda W-ish, but the rooms are all Sheraton.  No funky W vibe which we thought we were gonna get.  Make sure you have a look at the rooms on the web site.  

Other things -
- You have to pay for wi-fi
- Parking is like 60 bucks a night.  This is actually more expensive than the cost of the car rental (NOTE - there is a parking garage RIGHT next door that is 47 bucks a day)
- no blackout curtains
- No pool or cool pool bar.  Then again there wasn't any sun either :-(
- Great downtown location
- Starbucks across the street (no brainer given there is a starbuck on damn near every corner)

With that being said - typical excellent Starwood service from the first minute we walked in until we checked out.

24/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
361. Duke C.
Always had a great stay at different W properties, so as a result, I have high expectations, especially in terms of the service.

The hotel itself is in a nice location, with the Link Rail really close by at the University St station.  The stay started great with William and he was extremely helpful when checking me into the room.  I got a complimentary upgrade to the higher floors, which was nice, since I can imagine the street noise being somewhat loud at the lower floors.  The Spectacular room at the higher floor is also a bit bigger, with all the usual amenities expected of a W.  Bed is great and I really liked the sofa right along the window.  Just provides another relaxing area.  Bathroom was clean and modern.  Bliss Spa products throughout.  Overall, it is a more "classier" feel, more Hyatt/Sheraton-ish, when you compare the rooms to other W Hotels.  The bar is downstairs with a small lobby/front desk. The lobby area is like most W, very modern.  Complimentary coffee/water throughout the day at different times.

Also really liked the Fit room.  It's small, but they have almost all the machines!  Pretty impressive considering the size of it.  Because of all the machines, it does feel a bit cramped, but there's never more than 2-3 people there at a time so not too bad.  Complimentary apples as well for a snack.

As for the fail, I was trying to get some more towels in the morning since the room only had 3 bath towels for the 4 of us.  Called the "Whatever Whenever" but no one was picking up the call after quite a few rings.  With the 2nd time, closer to 5 minutes before someone picked up.  Peter explained that it was quite busy, which is understandable for mornings.  I then asked for towels and got a simple "yup" as a confirmation, but housekeeping did not bring any after TWENTY minutes.  Went to the Fit room just to get some smaller towels because I really didn't want to wait again.  Never thought that a simple request for towels would take so long.

After our stay, W (Nadia) did contact me in regards to the issue, which was a nice touch.

It was a comfy and enjoyable stay, with the hotel being in a nice central location.  In the grand scheme of things, the little blip with the towels isn't really much but I really do expect great service, especially with W properties.

11/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
362. Nicole G.
I'm split on this one, straight down the middle. Loved the spa products in the room, detested the mood lighting.

The W is a cool place to stay never the less...although the view from our upgraded corner room was literally a parking garage. Like, into the garage. I waved to some guy getting in his car as I was pulling on my pants? Can he see me? Is this voyeuristic? And no free wi-fi...what is this the 1990's? Sometimes a girl doesn't want to sit in the lobby to check her emails cost free. But I digress.

The location is great and close to everything you'd ever want to see. But for the price, I'd rather stay somewhere that the amenities are on par with the cost...and doesn't look directly into an alley.

29/04/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
363. Jeff H.
Ate at the restaurant before, but this time just frequented the bar as the capstone to my weekend in Seattle.

The bartender was absolutely amazing.  I admit to being, mmmm....tipsy....at the time.  He approaches, I ask if he's "just a bartender, or a real mixologist."  Probably rude, but hey, I had a mission here.

He says he mixes.  I ask him to make me something special, damn the cost.  He asks what I want.  I say not whiskey based.  He asks more questions, I answer.  He thinks for a minute and asks if I like things "spicy."

Oooh la la.   Indeed I do.

He returns with a drink in a martini glass with a curlicue of orange in it.  I ask what it is, he refuses to tell me, demanding I drink it first.  I do it.  It reminded me of all the camping trips I'd ever taken out in the Mojave desert with my Dad.   It was like a delicious cactus slapping me upside the face.  With a burst of citrus.  Seriously amazingly good.

I say, with absolutely no exaggeration, that this was exactly the drink I had been looking for my whole life.

...I wish I could remember all that was in it.   The main ingredient though...was jalapeno extract.  Who the hell would think to put jalapeno in a cocktail!  

It was amazing.

The service was spectacular, the decor was top notch, the place was lively for a Wednesday night at midnight, and the drinks were beyond wonderful.

Definitely a bar worth visiting.

21/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
364. Colin B.
W Seattle is my go-to hotel when I'm in town on business (usually 6 - 8 times a year).. After my most recent stay I can be confident that I won't be staying there again. Day 3 of my stay, strong smell of marijuana wafts into the room via the venting system. Hotel staff are unable to locate the source to stop it. Upshot is that I have to move rooms, which is a total PITA. Since then, no follow up from management at the hotel or at SPG/W corporate. I feel very devalued as a customer. This is a smoke free hotel. Period. Allowing this and being unable to solve for this situation is flat out unacceptable.

(the cost of in-room wi-fi is at gouging levels).

17/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
365. Melisa P.
Looks like the W spent all their money renovating the lobby and forgot the rooms. Our room was only a bit nicer than a Comfort Inn. Really old furniture. I was very disappointed. I've traveled a lot and stayed at a ton of Ws and I've never stayed in one that looked this old. The hallway smelt like mold all weekend too. I'd recommend the Monaco or crown plaza or anything else downtown as this was not worth the money.

30/04/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
366. Nicole R.
I think this might be the most expensive hotel room I have ever stayed in! What I did not realize is that unlike the more budget conscience places I usually choose, the W charges extra for everything.  

When I am spending $300 a night for a hotel room, I expect there to be a pool and hot tub.  I expect free WiFi.  I expect a place to park my car.  I expect my room not to smell like an ashtray.

The positives are the Bliss products are fantastic.  The room service is good, and the coffee was delicious.  The bed is comfortable and the bedding clean and soft.  I got a fantastic night sleep and had a great meeting the next day.

Overall, the trip was a success, but I really could have used a place to stash the rental car, free WiFi and a soak in the hot tub, to make it 5 stars.  I just expect more when i am paying for it.

27/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
367. Robert R.
I travel for TurboTax business 2x a week and I am in Seattle quite a bit. Out of all the hotels, this W location is one of my favorites in Seattle!

Every time I'm here, just super friendly front desk staff. Valet is friendly and wait staff is super friendly. Even when I come in after 12am from late flights, just friendly staff. Sometimes my flights home are not until late afternoon and I'm always offered late PM checkout which is wonderful for me to do work in a quiet room, instead of at the airport!

Score 5/5


I have never once had a room that I felt was not cleaned properly or was properly stocked up! Very well managed hotel.

Score 5/5

I feel one of the best prices in Seattle given its location, quality and service!

Score 5/5


I only stay at Starwood hotels on my 2x weekly travel and I will always stay at this location when in Seattle on business or pleasure.

Score 5/5

A+ to the W Seattle!

13/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
368. T L.
- Central location
- Really nice front desk service (thanks for the upgrade!)
- Relatively clean
- Very secure (need a room key to work the elevators)

- Terrible, lumpy beds. I'm not sure if it was just my room but I had 2 doubles and both beds were very lumpy and uncomfortable. I didn't sleep too well.
- Dim lighting
- Bar/lobby downstairs attracted very odd crowds (much, much older, lots of leather, long hair on both men/female)

I was here for leisure + business and I just really wanted a comfortable room to sleep in and in a central location. The W wins on location, you can walk anywhere and its next to a fantastic library. But I just could not get comfortable.

After my stay here, I stayed at The Westin. Although it was in Bellevue, Westin beds felt much better!

Definitely prefer The Westin.

15/10/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
369. Luke T.
W hotels.. love em or hate em.

I like the swanky, modern, euro vibe but the dark interior and rooms are such an inconvienience. The location is great, its near to eveything, even the International District where you can find all kinds of awesome Japanese restaurant.  Therefore, high marks for awesome location.  Low marks for a very dimly lit hotel.

My room faces a parking structure, that is lit 24 x 7.  The room does not have black out curtain.. just some shades. I can't sleep unless the room is pitch black and therefore, I did not get much sleep since the darn shades have slits in the them and streams in bright florescent light....

So.. when you check in.. make sure you check the windows..

And valet parking is $45++

11/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
370. Artemus M.
Nice. Clean. Modern. Corner window views are beautiful. Hip downstairs bar. I'm taking off a star for NO FREE WIFI. Weak.
Cool art book in the room about Pearl Jam poster art. (The Art was cool. Not pearl jam. No Lobo)

The valet's were great. The service is 54 bucks a night though so add that to the hotel price if ya drove.
 Front desk was average. Nothing special. Nothing bad.

Next door is the historic Olympic Hotel. It's old as shit, awesome,the staff is top notch, and the valet service is free if you drive off before paying! Bring your typewriter!!!

16/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
371. Abby O.
I wonder if the W Hotel Marketing/Brand Ambassador reads yelp reviews? For what I'm reading almost everyone here is a W Hotel fan and it's obvious that this hotel is missing the w-experience.

I'm a big fan of W Hotels and Starwood brand hotels but this hotel in particular has a lot to catch up on. Most W hotels are on the expensive side but have great amenities to compliment. I was looking to get some spa time and had to walk across to the Fairmont to get a massage. I had some time to kill and figure to go to the pool, nope.. there's none. Maybe  restaurant with a view? Nope not here.  

When we checked in at the hotel, according to the front desk we got upgraded. When we got to the room both my boyfriend and I looked at each other and said.. "If this is an upgrade I wonder what our original room looked like. This looks like the Sheraton room." The rooms have nothing "w" about them, they are a Sheraton or if you're a Hilton person, the equivalent to a semi-fancy DoubleTree.

We decided to hit up the happy hour at the lobby/restaurant area and it was sooo confusing to order. There was no waiter, we went to the bar area and there was no staff but only customers. We stayed for 20 minutes and decided to go somewhere else.

Take your money to the Fairmont, Westin, Sherton...

No pool
No spa
Rooms are nothing to brag about
Had to pay wifi on top of the resort fees.. which Im not sure what they included.

Absolutely NOTHING.. go somewhere else.

31/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
372. Maggie G.
I usually don't stay in super expensive hotels because the only time I'm there is when my eyes are closed, so it's a waste of money.  Unfortunately, expensive hotels are the only option in Seattle in August, so I was looking forward to my stay at The W.  At $300+ a night it was a huge disappointment.  

First of all, the room smelled horrid--like old, dried sweat.  I felt like I was in a locker room.  Had a few hours to kill one day before the Seahawks game, so we kept the door open to try and air the place out.  It only helped a little.

It's very contemporary which I guess means very little drawer space.  Thank God there was a couch so we could lay our clothes out on that.  But, of course, that meant that when you were in the room, you had to sit on the bed since our clothes were on the couch.

Their elevators are operated by your room key card.  No one could make them work. We made a lot of friends in the elevator as everyone had trouble getting to their correct floors.  

If you are looking for a hotel with a nice relaxing bar after a day of sightseeing, this is not your place.  The bar is a disco. Seems to be a big local hangout and meet-up location. Although, Shuckers, the bar across the street, is awesome.

I know Washington state has legalized marijuana--and I'm all for that, although I don't personally partake of it.  But if this is your thing, stay at The W!  I think we were the only people not smoking--the hallways freakin' REEKED of pot.

I gave it 2 stars because the front desk people were very nice and welcoming, and it's convenient mid-city location so it's easy to walk to Pike Place, the Space Needle Monorail, and the football and baseball stadiums.

03/09/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
373. Rockne H.
We checked into the hotel for a fun fill weekend! The W is known for beauty and service, so I was excited to see what this hotel had to offer us.

The lobby, although small, was super cute. There was cucumber water to greet you as you checked in. The front desk staff was super efficient and you didn't have to wait very long for service. Down a couple of stairs was a bar, lounge and restaurant. The bar prices were reasonable compared to the rest of the city and the bar staff were cordial.

The rooms were nice. I liked the fact that our room had a window chase sofa. The beds were comfortable and big. I loved the bathrooms! Very modern fixtures and spacious. The one thing that impressed me about the amenities were the complimentary face washes we got. I thought that was a nice touch! The only thing I did not like about the bathroom was the shower. It was centered for a little person! I'm a pretty short guy, 5'7" and the shower head went up to my chest. Thank goodness it was a removable shower head.

At the end of the day, my stay was pretty good. Aside from the expensive parking prices, I would definitely return and stay at the W. Thanks for a great stay!

04/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
374. Ryan L.
A nice hotel in a great location in Downtown Seattle.  Depending on the rate, it could probably vary from a 3-star value to 4.5 stars; add-on services are always expensive, and the property is never really exceptional, so I wouldn't call it 5 star.

The W brand is a bit retro at this point, so they've steadily toned it down -- now it's just generic luxury and a bit modern/streamlined.  For Seattle, this is my go-to Starwood property; I sort of prefer the Bellevue Westin overall.  The bathroom amenities (from Bliss) are always great, but the actual bathrooms in this property aren't great.  The beds are great, and the views are good (I had a "Fabulous Room"; maybe with the WOW rooms or suites it is better?)

There's something weird about the ventilation system.  The couple (presumably) in the adjacent room having loud sex sounded like they were in our bathroom; not sure if it was paper thin walls, or if the vents are connected somehow.  Fortunately they finished quickly.

Parking is extortionate, as are other services.  I specifically skipped renting a car (just doing a full-day Zipcar, and some Uber rides) to avoid having to park here.

This place makes a lot of sense if you're a Starwood elite.  Otherwise, I'd seriously consider other 4 and 5 star properties in Seattle, unless the W Seattle is on sale.

15/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
375. Lou B.
Stayed 2 nights at W for meeting
Check in experience was traumatic. Verbally threatened by welcome desk manager. Hotel claims to be dog friendly -- no they sre not!  If you have pet, stay at 1 of 2 kimpton hotels within a block of W.

28/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
376. Megan B.
For the people who are surprised that this hotel is expensive and charges extra for everything - do your homework! It states clearly on their website that they charge for parking (as is true for most hotels in a downtown area) and Wi-Fi. You want all the freebies? Go stay at a Motel 6 ten minutes out of town.

The W Seattle is centrally located between the stadiums, shopping and dining. Our room was clean, spacious and exactly what we were expecting. The staff was friendly and speedy with the valet service. I loved the free coffee in the lobby in the morning.

There were no problems, no hidden fees and we will definitely consider staying here again.

14/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
377. Adam D.
For this Valentine's Day, I surprised my love with a mini vacation in Seattle.  We love visiting here and this was a perfect opportunity to revisit this amazing city and explore the foodie gems of Seattle.  Being a Starwood loyal Platinum member, I booked a room at the W Hotel.  It's situated in a perfect location downtown Seattle, with many tourist attractions within walking distance, including Pike Market, shopping, convention center, museums and theater.  It's surrounded by many great neighborhoods like the Pioneer Square with its preserved old architecture offering underground tours, the hip Capitol Hill with extensive dining options, the Lower Queen Anne (Uptown) with museums and the Space Needle and International District.  The W Hotel is probably the most contemporary and chic hotel of the Starwood collection.  The hotel inside is nothing short of flashy and usually has cosmopolitan guests that like to splurge.  It's not a place for families with young kids, or at least I would not recommend it.  If your loved one is a dog, they will be able to accompany you with the hotel being pet friendly.  

If you plan on staying here and have no desire to leave the downtown area, you won't need a rental car, take the Airport Light Rail for small fee of $3 each way.  This will save you some moola on parking fees.  The train stop on University is only 3 blocks away.  If you have stayed at other W Hotels, this one is a bit less flashy, as it was the fourth W Hotel built.  Its age is prominent, with our shower curtain pole falling off.  It was no big deal, they came by and fixed it while we were out to lunch and left us a box of chocolates as sweet apology.  The views from the top floor are amazing, we had Mt. Rainier and the bay peeking through the skyline.

The hotel's motto is "Whatever Whenever," which I would vouch as accurate.  The guest services and concierge were simply amazing.  This being a Valentine's weekend, finding a restaurant via Open Table was impossible unless it was mediocre.  The concierge made it happen, they used their clout and made reservations for us at two highly popular restaurants, Poppy and RN74.  The service here is always professional and polite.

Really can't go wrong with "Whatever, Whenever" service motto.  Count on me staying here again.

21/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
378. Steve S.
Yeah, I could get used to this.

I've stayed at a couple of W's in different areas, and let's just say that they fit a certain mold. Perhaps they feel more like a club than a relaxing hotel? So when I was awarded the W in a Priceline deal, I was a little scared.

Luckily, this was one of the normal W's that I didn't have to bring my glow sticks to. I was upgraded upon arrival, perhaps because it was a stormy weekend, but it was appreciated none the less. View from the room was great, with a little window bench available for relaxing. The room was clean and comfortable. Not much more you could ask for.

Only complaints? Expensive parking and expensive internet. Come on, W, it's the 21st century. Stop overcharging for both.

26/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
379. Earl G.
What I liked best about a recent stay was it's ideal downtown location. You're close to cool restaurants, shopping, and of course just steps away from the Seattle library and Public Market.

From SeaTac Airport it was a $5 semi-scenic light rail ride to the last downtown stop and maybe a 2-3 block walk. Versus a $55+ UberBlack flat rate ride.

Compared to the San Francisco W, the bar and lounge areas, room itself and everything else felt smaller all around. Kinda like Seattle to SF in general. Got a room rate of $160. ( yelp.com/biz_photos/w-se… (

Even though with the downtown location, there is a lack of late night nearby eating options. The room service burger is safe to eat, and pretty good!  ( yelp.com/biz_photos/w-se… )

The whole Seattle W experience met but didn't exceed expectations. Convenient for a short weekend getaway!

Lounge ( yelp.com/biz_photos/w-se… )

16/11/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
380. Mimi T.
I would give them 10 stars if I could.
We stayed here for one night over the weekend. The hotel is convenient situated near Pike Market and from the downtown shopping areas.

We had a corner room with nice views, and the staff there was super friendly.

Then this happened--I left my wedding rings on the night stand and checked out without realizing it. It wasn't until the next morning that I realized that my rings were missing.

I called the hotel, and they confirmed that the rings were turned in by the cleaning staff (phew!). The arranged to have them shipped overnight back to me.

I was so grateful and relieved to reunited with my rings the next day.

Huge thanks to the honest and helpful staff at the hotel!

10/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
381. Lauren H.
Love this hotel!

The staff is always super friendly and chatting with me and my dog (yes dogs can stay here!).

This is one of the nicest pet-friendly hotels I've stayed in.  Every time we checked in, there was a dog bed, treats, and sometimes toys waiting for us in the room.  The hotel would also walk him for me while I was at work.  

The W Seattle provides Bliss bath products for your use, which is a huge plus since their products are amazing, especially if you are staying in the hotel for long term.

Valet parking is rather expensive, but they are prompt at retrieving  your car.

The gym is pretty small, but rarely crowded.

Overall I loved this hotel and all the staff.  Highly recommend staying here!

10/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
382. Shirley W.
Great setting and layout
Friendly staff
Secured elevators
Very comfy beds with couches inside
Love their Bliss essentials!
Water and cute snack packs
It was a very comfortable stay for me, I forgot my tooth brush and the staff provide me tooth brush and paste in no time! Great service! Plus it's close to everything, buses, shopping center, pikes place, everything is in a walking distance. I'd definitely stay here again!

18/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0