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WorldMark Seattle - The Camlin in Seattle, WA

WorldMark Seattle - The Camlin in Seattle, WA


WorldMark Seattle is just steps away from Seattle's vibrant 6th and Pine shopping district.


As the world's largest developer and marketer of flexible, points-based vacation ownership products, Wyndham Vacation Ownership develops, markets and sells vacation ownership interests and provides consumer financing to owners through its four primary consumer brands,Club Wyndham, WorldMark by Wyndham, Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific and Shell Vacations Club.


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Rating: 3.58

Address: 1619 9th Ave, Seattle, WA, 98101

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    Comments (26):

    1. Amanda A.
    This place was very nice. Loved the murphy bed!!! I would definitely stay here again if I had the chance. All the touristy stuff is relatively close and all the people working there were very friendly, helpful and knowlegeable (sp?). The only bad thing was all the constuction outside..but it wasn't really noisy. I think that the windows pretty much blocked it out. I recommend it for sure.

    02/08/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    2. nate j.
    This grand hotel is preserved in wonderful fashion and repurposed for members' only usage.

    We stayed at the Camlin recently as guests of a friend who is a Worldmark member (formerly "Trendwest" timeshares).  The staff was friendly and informative (we successfully ducked the orientation/sales pitch that was offered).  The room was clean, well-appointed with a mini fridge, microwave, sink, dishes, iron, and more (like an executive stay hotel).  The only downers were the lack of a more modern A/C system (everything else seemed newer or updated) and lack of a fan in the bathroom... for the shower steam, of course.

    The best part of the place was the location: blocks from Pacific Place, Eastlake, the monorail, the bus/light rail tunnel, the Paramount, etc.  Also, the features of the establishmet included a media room, workout room with an array of clean, functional equipment, and an outdoor small pool and spa.

    Valet parking is available for $27/day with in/out privileges.

    09/06/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    3. Agustin B.
    I have to say the Camlin has to be one of the best places I've ever stayed at out of all the timeshares I've been to. It's a beautiful restored historic building in down town Seattle. The staff is very friendly and helpful.
       The only flaw, is the parking. Way to expensive. But the lots around are all affordable and street parking is free after 6pm till about 8am. That was a good thing for me. It motivated me to get up and going in the morning to enjoy all that Seattle has to offer in the morning.

    05/08/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    4. Adrenaline A.
    i love this location.

    i stayed in one of the studio-courtyards which i highly recommend. I loved walking out of my room, through the back gate. I really felt like I was in my own studio apartment. I wouldn't say the location was centrally located but it's what i liked about it. Everything was at a walkable distance, but yet far away from all the "noise". Also the staff was incredibly helpful. They helped direct me to where I wanted to go and had umbrellas for those travelers like me who didn't bother to bring one to a city that's known for its rain.... so anywho, the only reason why I marked down a star is because it is smaller than most worldmark units, but I was fully aware of that going so it wasn't bad at all.
    "Yay! I'm a fan."

    02/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    5. Chris W.
    We were planning to visit Seattle we had options to places to stay and as Worldmark owners why not use what we have and visit our old town as tourists?

    Nice old build with solid renovation a few years back, nice views and great location. Our bed (mattress) was (to be honest) awful, but we loved our stay with the very friendly staff!  Parking thou, is a bit pricey but you are right downtown and you pay for the valet service.  Can't wait to go back.

    27/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    6. Sam B.
    We love the Camlin and stay there every chance we get.  While in Seattle, we have stayed at both the Westin and the W and both are nice...but staying at the Camlin just feels better.  It's smaller and less pretentious, but every bit as accessible as the others.  
    Our last stay was in February 2013, for the Soundgarden concert at The Paramount across the street from the Camlin.  
    The onsite staff is great; but the telephone reservation staff was not that friendly.
    The pool is nice; but adults still need an escort after 9 pm to open the gate.  WTF?
    The building's history is oh so cool; but alas no ghost experiences after 2 stays! Again WTF?
    Valet Parking is uber expensive; but not as expensive as a parking ticket!  Just pay for the man to park your car already!  And tip those guys well! They are working for a 'livin!  
    The beds are ok; but not up to the standards of the  W or the Westin.

    18/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    7. Johnny B.
    Dress nicer than me at this hotel. Ha ha

    26/03/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    8. Aaron C.
    Great historic hotel with condo amenities in the heart of Seattle.

    01/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    9. Carolyn G.
    Nice location, but the sales people called us multiple times EVERY DAY to schedule a sales breakfast, even waking up our kids at night. We informed them upon check in that we would not have time for a sales breakfast, yet they called, and called,  and called.

    Unlike other locations, there wasn't even a cook-top. We could happily live with that, if the sales staff wasn't so disturbing. If you stay there, unplug your phone!

    30/06/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    10. Yvonne B.
    Breakfast On them and get two free tickets for two on the Victoria Clipper!  They served half sandwiches, chips and coffee and tea. I've had better. Their presentation was good, but investing in a Timeshare wasn't for me.

    15/04/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    11. Alan L.
    My wife recently wanted to take her family to Ride the Ducks and was looking for where to buy tickets. Being new to the country, she was unfamiliar with these time share "promotional incentives" and wasn't even aware what they looked like. She happen to come across a booth in Seattle Center which she thought was just an information booth. She asked the person there how and where she can buy Ride the Duck tickets. The salesman pulled a fast one on my wife saying "oh, you can purchase the tickets here and Ride the Duck today!".. For $40, we can give you 5 tickets. Not explaining to her the specifics of how she had to sit through a 90 min sales pitch. Then, he sent her all the way to downtown Seattle to their main branch to fill out some forms. Eventually, my wife caught on to their shady business, and was extremely pissed off that the initial scumbag salesman had wasted her time and duped her into signing up for a timeshare presentation when all she wanted to know was where to buy Ride the Duck Tickets. After complaining about how the onsite salesperson had scammed her, she was directed to a person on the phone who agreed to refund her the intial $40 she had to pay and give her free tickets to Ride the Duck. However, when she got off the phone, the salesman onsite just denied her of any agreement and said he couldn't do anything about it.

    I find it ridiculous that a big prominent company such as WorldMark would pull scams like this to sucker clients to join. In my opinion, this just makes customers alienate themselves from the whole timeshare idea. Maybe WorldMark should rethink their business strategy and replace low deceitful sales employees with a more qualified work force. Paint the picture of what time share can offer and not sucker whomever they can to sit in on their sales pitch.

    20/09/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    12. Richard B.
    This is a great place to stay!  Love The Camlin.

    25/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    13. Anna M.
    Extemely nice and decorated suites!!! Staff is so friendly!!!!!!! although kind of a little nosey.. lol.

    20/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    14. Mikhail H.
    We just got back from Seattle where we had the privilege of spending the weekend in the hotel.

    When we arrived following our 3 1/2 hour drive we were a bit worn but the lobby itself embraced us with it's beauty. And then we were greeted with a warm smile and friendly tone by three different staff members who spoiled us with amazing service.

    I signed up for valet service since it only cost us $14 more for the whole weekend with 24 hour in and out service. This was a great treat for the entire weekend since we were rolling all over the city. Each time they were super fast bringing our car around.

    The rooms are very nice and well kept with modern electronics and though they converted to the standard modern key cards they have each old door knob framed by it's original room which is a pretty awesome touch.

    We also got to stay in one of the cabanas which are more private and away from the main hotel yet still close to everything - it was really nice.

    We were able on our last night to spend the evening with our friends in the pool and hot tub which were both set to the perfect temperature and made for an amazing evening of relaxation and fun.

    I must say this was by far my favorite trip to Seattle yet thanks mostly to this great hotel!

    14/11/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    15. Lisa J.
    Camlin ~ revisited!  

    Headed North to see Van Halen at The Tacoma Dome and stayed a few nights at my beloved Camlin.

    We had a studio on the courtyard and it was small but quaint.  I, being the dork that I am, kind of like sleeping on a Murphy bed. It makes me think of Lucy and Ethel. I digress.

    As always, the service was outstanding and the folks that work there are wonderful. We actually set through the timeshare presentation to earn a $100 gift card. They promised 45 minutes and, other than being late to start, they were low pressure. We already own and our rep was totally cool.

    I love this place. It has charm and history. It's not the fanciest place but I'm glad that they were able to retain the "heart" of the property.

    Can't wait for my next trip!

    08/05/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    16. Maria C.
    Haunted ?! Perhaps I should have done some research before staying here.

    This timeshare is the 2nd most nicest, cleanest and most modern I have stayed in thru WorldMark (the first being NOLA). Ended up with a corner studio on the 3rd floor. It was well stocked (fridge, sink, hairdryer, pull out bed, sitting area, etc.) - very quaint, cozy and very clean.

    You can ride the new monorail system from Sea-Tac to the end in downtown and it's just a few blocks in walking distance. Ridiculously cheap transportation!!!

    It's on the cusp of the good part/bad part of downtown. Evidently, we were warned not to walk in the area where the bridge is in the evening. However, if you're walking towards downtown, it's safe. Downtown is within blocks, but downtown is pretty much dead by 9pm.

    Stayed here since I was in town for the Seattle Rock N Roll race and the start and finish was at the Seattle Center. It was only a mile away; 15-20min walk. It was great! This hotel is centrally located between downtown, Pikes and Seattle Center. Very easy to get to the monorail system.

    I was given a little welcome package and was asked if I wanted to attend a presentation. I respectfully declined and I wasn't pressured. Staff is awesome and customer service was on par. You also get a free movie ticket for a DVD, coffee/water and cookies in the lobby. There's umbrellas available for use if you forget yours!

    There's a pool, game room and supposedly an outlook on one of the top floors (which I wasn't able to get to). There's a tour you can take, which is only available at certain times.

    What was freaky was on the first night. We turned in early since I had my race in the morning. All of a sudden I awoke to the sound of someone trying to get into the room. The attempts were loud and abrupt. When we went to check the peep hole, no one was there. We had a corner room next to the laundry facility, so therefore no one could have mistaken our room for theirs. From that point on, we heard some weird noises and the next night we had difficulty sleeping.

    Upon check out, I asked the staff if the hotel was haunted. The dude laughs in my face and mentioned that there was couple suicides that have occurred in the past. One of which Ozzy Osbourne was staying at the hotel and discovered the body.


    Note:  There is no elevator or ramp to get into the hotel, so if you're on crutches, a wheelchair, have a stroller or a large ass suitcase - Good luck!

    09/08/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    17. Ms. P.
    Good locations, but parking is 28 dollars a day. The guys in the front for the luggage are not much help. The worst part of the stay was this horrible 1.5 hour long spiel they put me through ( after they said it was an hour) . I stayed as a guest and they were trying to use their high pressure tacky tactics to get you to be a owner this. All I can  say is it seemed a step above a sleazy car sales man. Other than that the building itself was ok, nothing too impressive but now  I see first hand  why my elderly mother keeps getting scammed into more points..

    07/11/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    18. Michelle P.
    I don't know why this has so many great reviews ? Have timeshare owners forgotten what a hotel is suppose to be like. ? Yes it suppose to be clean but what about service? What about food? What about the extras. I would never stay here again considering there are 100 other hotels with so much more to offer timeshare people look around ! Demand more. I am a holder too but no never again with this resort!

    26/03/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    19. melinda a.
    The doorman will greet you with a smile and maybe even a song.The-front desk staff is friendly and accommodating. Once you step into the lobby you are taken back to a time when elegance and warmth were the expectation not the exception. I told the the front desk we were celebrating two special birthdays and they went above and beyond special treatment.We checked in early to a great room. The extra time allowed us the time to enjoy the city. When we returned to our room there was a decedent chocolate cake and a card for the birthday girls signed by the entire front staff. Extra nice touch that we won't forget. This nostalgic hotel is a real gem and can only be rivaled by the staff from the first hello until they bid us farewell and asked us back again. I am hesitant to continue raving about this place because it may not be as available to me but I can't help myself.

    20/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    20. Robert G.
    We have been World mark owners for about 10 years and have attended several sales presentations over the years at various resorts.  The staff says the are "updates of information" but they are really sales attempts.  We attended an "information update" at the Camlin and came away so mad because of the high pressure and demeanor of the sales representative that we vowed we will never attend another one at any resort and will tell our guests not to attend.  If we ever buy more points it will be through EBay.  We like World mark reservation staff and resort front desk staff but will never talk to sales people again.

    09/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    21. Michelangelo S.
    Lack of Flexibility in Refinancing Arrangements Makes it Too Burdensome


    I've a lot of friends (including Yelpers) who are happy with Wyndham Vacation Ownership Timeshares and the business plan it is based upon.  However, there are others - including myself - who have found in the last years of this devolving economy, that this organization's immovable stance for now allowing refinancing is totally unrealistic.  And while I hate to air my dirty laundry, it has become financially prudent for me to allow this debt to die.


    I got married. Then I got separted 2 years later.  Then divorced 2 years after that.  But in that first 2 years, it's amazing how quickly a newlywed couple without impulse control can rack up common debts.  [No shit.]  

    Our first married summer while my then-spouse & I were kickin it in Lake Tahoe, she became enamored of the "Vacation Opportunity Plan" Kiosk in the casino of Harrah's (being in a casino should have been my FIRST CLUE about "choppy waters ahead!").  With an incentive to receive a free weekend stay at one of the timeshares, my spouse was enthused about going to the marketing meeting and then to my surprise (because I honestly thought we were gonna game the system like we do all "opportunities") she wanted to sign up for a vacation plan with Wyndham (which at this time was TrendWest Worldmark, before TrendWest was bought out by Wyndham).


    Quite simply, a timeshare with Wyndham has different options based on your budget and your interests in enjoying a network of resorts all over the West Coast (at that time) and now Nationally and Internationally with Wyndham.  

    Upon my lovely ex-wife's urging, we opted for the basic 7000 credit plan, which depending on the location of the resort and the time of year, could get us a 4 day tiny studio stay in SF, OR almost 2 weeks at 3-bedroom facilities in Klamath Falls, Oregon or Arrow Point, ID on Coeur d'Alene Lake (and actually these latter two were nice).  


    I actually deferred the decision making to my then-spouse since she was a contract negotiator for Hewlitt-Packard and used to dealing with contracts every day.  BAD DECISION.  Never rely on just your spouse's skillsets, especially if they are pushing for the deal and may be motivated by factors that cloud their judgement.  I should have listened to my gut-instinct.  But we did it.  We got into the timeshare plan & used it fully as a couple.  


    AND we actually double our credits a year later, but renewing meant an increasing monthly payment, increasing maintenance dues once a quarter, and worse, an increase of the contract's interest rate to 22% from 15%.  It's my own fault - I didn't catch that.  But my ex-wife DID and she didn't tell me, which is a problem when you trust someone to look out for your best interests, and this episode actually portends to an entire ARRAY of marriage-communication-issues eventually leading to our divorce (another story).


    I'll save a lot of minute boring details by saying when we got divorced, it wasn't easy to divide up the DEBT.  As a means to not have her stall the divorce, I took on the Wyndham debt, and a couple others, by myself.  But now as a single-income earner (as opposed to two), it became a hardship, especially after several years of ongonig budget cuts with the job which kept meaning my pay check kept shrinking as costs kept going up.  Now at this point I just can't afford this millstone around my neck anymore.


    The funky thing about timeshares is that they see themselves as being allowed to take the benefits of property ownership (such as being able to write-off the "mortgage-interest" associated with paying the contract), but not being held accountable to the same standard of property law such as lowering their interest rates like a true mortgage company would for a refi.  

    So while I was able to lower my mortgage interest rate on my condo from 8% to 4.5%, I could not lower the dam timeshare contract interest rate from 22% to anything lower, though I've made this plea for each of the last 5 years.


    At this point, all I can do really is let the contract default, and lose all the investment of money I have at this point in the timeshare credits I have accrued over the years since Wyndham is incredibly inflexible at any renogotiation of interest rate on the contact which would dramatically lower the monthly payment to something much much more manageable.

    I'm a grown up and I have have to "own" my mistake / my situation and deal with it as best as I can.  But the lesson learned here for me is to watch out for quasi-"property" contract scenarios of any nature (timeshares, vacation co-ops, community asset-arrangements, etc.) where it is a bit squishy on what happens - and what collateral you have (if any) to mitigate what can become a financially ugly situation for you, especially if you do NOT want to go bankrupt.

    07/06/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    22. Kyle B.
    This is the worst timeshare company EVER!!!

    I am both and owner of this timeshare and a former employee of 5 years.  The way they hike up their dues for owners and they "housekeeping" fees makes this a complete joke.  Nothing is ever available when you want it to be and they have completely oversold their product - unless you want to go to Branson, MI.  They sell their "travelshare" credits for 2,000 times the amount then you can find regular credits on ebay.  Then they force you to sell secondary market so you lose $20,000 in the process.  It was ok back when it was Trendwest, but Wyndham has caused this company to be too corporate for their own good.

    13/02/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    23. Jaci R.
    The staff was superb here!! Thanks everyone for being so accommodating, much appreciated!! I am totally recommending this resort to others I know who are owners.
    The resort is centrally located to everything. Across the street is the metro which takes you to Pikes place or can also be a nice walk if you're inclined. We had a 1 bedroom which was plenty for the four of us. Can't wait for my next worldmark stay!!
    Be sure to Ck out the 11th floor view from the "cloud room" and also the basement which has some old items from the original hotel before Worldmark purchased the property.

    22/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    24. Seth K.
    So to start off the WorldMark Seattle - The Camlin is a TIMESHARE. The building is old and holds a lot of history in Seattle. Set kind of in the middle of town. Close the shopping and food but not very close to the water.

    When you drive up there really isn't anywhere to unload your bags, they do have bell staff but you have to park in the Valet area just to check in. You might even have to park down the road if they are busy. There is almost no street parking and Valet is $20 a day and or you can park in a parking structure two blocks away for $18 dollars a day. The entrance isn't wheel chair friend and is narrow.

    The building is old but the rooms are more modern. There is Wifi but they charge you for it. The rooms are nice but the bathrooms are small, and there isn't AC, you might think. It's Seattle and you don't need AC but the building gets warm and AC would be nice.
    There isn't a restaurant or room service. They have a pool which I enjoyed but they asked my daughter to get out because it was adult swim for the last hour of the night. No one was out there so I let her go back in.

    Overall it wasn't a bad hotel but they harassed me every day I was there. They want me to come to a timeshare meeting. I am not an owner my parents are. I know the truth about time share and wont buy. So they keep calling and offering me more stuff to come.

    1st call : $50 AMX Card
    2st call:$100 AMX card
    3rd call: $100 AMX card and $100 food card.
    4th call: Seattle Mariners Tickets.
    5th Call: Came down and will give you anything off our prize page.

    I finally went to the front desk and told them I wasn't going to come leave me alone. I might stay here again but it isn't my first or second pick. Also the views suck.

    25/09/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    25. Anne C.
    OK place to stay.

    Small, dated but close to the convention center. Had decent channels and Internet access and the people were nice.

    Horrible bathrooms. Slow elevator. Small, small gym and you can only get ice in the basement.

    03/02/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    26. James M.
    WorldMark Camlin is the yardstick by which we measure other timeshare resorts. We recommend it without reservation.  However, there are some changes coming, inside and out.

    Inside, the building will undergo the ten-year refurbishment in 2015 (April 19th to September 30th).  The plan is to do one floor (five units) every two weeks.

    Outside, construction continues on the 815 Pine Apartments, directly south (and nearly touching) Camlin. Noisy!  The building should be finished in spring 2015.

    BTW, if you are in the resort on Tuesday at 10:30 a.m., be sure to attend the historical tour of the Camlin, given by the Resort Manager, Pedro Lama.  He gives a great presentation, integrating clever storytelling and photographs to bring the history of the Camlin alive.  Scalawags and schemers, bootleggers and celebrities, sunken yachts and long hidden treasure, this tour of the Camlin is a great introduction to the colorful and controversial history of the flagship resort of the WorldMark system.

    26/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0