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Greunke’s First Street Inn in Bayfield, WI

Greunke’s First Street Inn in Bayfield, WI

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Company Info:

Rating: 3.00

Address: 17 Rittenhouse Avenue, Bayfield, WI, 54814

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    Comments (6):

    1. mary b.
    Charming from the outside and the inside is loaded with memorabilia, some antique, some not. Very friendly when we entered and the waitress was friendly....but...I inquired about the turkey which was in about 3 spots on the menu. I asked "Do you  roast your own turkeys?" The waitress said yes. So I ordered. When it came time to choose potatoes I asked if the mashed were powered or real, she said real.  Wellll.....when my plate came I quickly recognized the 3 identical long oval slices of turkey breast and knew it was a processed turkey breast.  VERY SALTY. The potatoes were so smooth I wonder could they be real (versus powdered). Generally if you are taking the time to peel and make you leave them a bit rustic.. I complained to the waitress who owned it and said, oh you're right, I was thinking of the breast in the pan....
    She suggested I mention when paying and maybe there would be an adjustment. I told the (owner?) about the very salty turkey and mentioned that I inquired before I ordered and was misinformed. Here is where they might have saved the day with maybe a 50% adjustment on my bill, but she really acted surprised and then implied they used to the breast because they ran out of the other...are you kidding?? Will not be back. Don't ask those checking out how their food was if you don't want to know......
    Traveling on past glories, a key location and a lack of competition.

    15/06/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    2. Greg G.
    I haven't tried this hotel yet but when I found out there was a hotel with my last name I just knew I had to go there. How cool would it be to check in and throw down my Greunke card to pay for the room.

    15/09/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    3. Michelle N.
    Had dinner at Greunke's our first night in Bayfield.  It's a cute little inn right in the heart of downtown, and we couldn't resist trying fresh Lake Superior fish for our first meal in the little town.  We are both young so we were slightly hesitant because the crowd looked a little older, but we ventured in anyhow.

    The hostess was somewhat friendly when she greeted us, but not overly so.  We waited for bit while she organized her checks/receipts, took a check to another table, and completed a few other tasks...seems a little rude to me, but all right.  They were about 60% full, and indeed most of the folks were significantly older than me and my sister.  We could feel some of the patrons looking at us strangely...I think out of towners are VERY easy to spot in this little joint.

    We attempted to order a bottle of Pinot Noir to share, but they were out.  So we went with Pinot Grigio, and it was fine - slightly overpriced for the brand, but that's sort of typical.  We started with cheese curds for an appetizer, and our meals came with soup or salad.  I had the Caesar salad and my sis had the beef noodle soup - all good.  Each of us ordered the Whitefish dinner, with broccoli and potatoes - mine with mashed and my sister's with a baked potato.  The mashed potatoes are the powdered kind, I'm almost certain of it.  They had no flavor at all whatsoever, and a strange consistency.  The fish and broccoli, however, were amazing.  We ordered our fish cajun style and it was perfect.  The broccoli was fresh and not overcooked, and I was grateful it wasn't drenched in butter like most restaurants.

    We couldn't have squeezed in dessert if we tried, but it sure sounded good.  They have a decent selection of fresh pies, including rhubarb, strawberry, blueberry, apple...

    Overall Greunke's is decent.

    21/09/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    4. MR Z.
    Restaurant review.  Cold comfort food NOT Fine Dining in Bayfield like on their website.  I had the meatloaf platter and everything was room temp and very bland.  Wait staff was friendly, but seemed to be overwhelmed.

    15/10/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    5. Jeff V.
    My wife and I had breakfast here twice during a 3 day visit and could not have been happier.  We had biscuits and gravy and the eggs benedict both times.  My wife loved the biscuits and gravy and declared it one of the best she has had and the eggs benedict were certainly some of the best I have ever had.  We had breakfast in between our two visits here at the Egg Toss Bakery Café, and while it was close, we chose to come back here.  If in town for only two days, do them both as you cannot go wrong.  We felt the food was half of a star better here while we liked the ambiance better at Egg Toss.

    09/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    6. Justen J.
    As I am on the road, I was looking for a good place to stay/eat.  I walked in and I asked if there was any rooms available and how much.  Judith, the owner, said wryly "Let's get you a good deal", and that she did!  As it was slow, she gave me a great discount on a comfortable room with a King Bed.  The room was clean, I had my own bathroom, and the bed was one of the most comfortable ones I have ever slept in.  I went down for dinner, and the restaurant has amazing memorabilia from the 1950's thru 1970's.  I was pleased to see Greta Garbo on the wall.  :-)  I had the Whitefish with Cajun seasonings with baked potato and broccoli.  The food was simply wonderful.  The fish was well cooked and the seasonings were delicious.  I had the rhubarb pie, which was fresh and succulent.

    Judith is a wonderful character to talk to and clearly loves the place.  If you want to get a good deal on a place and be treated like a King (or Queen) this is the place to be!  Will definitely be back!

    04/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0