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Harbor Shores on Lake Geneva in Lake Geneva, WI

Harbor Shores on Lake Geneva in Lake Geneva, WI


Here at Harbor Shores we specialize in ensuring that you have a great time in Lake Geneva while staying with us. Whether you are here for business or pleasure, we want you to be comfortable, and make the most of what Lake Geneva has to offer. We take great pride in our staff, and they will be sure to make your stay a great one!


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Rating: 3.67

Address: 300 Wrigley Dr, Lake Geneva, WI, 53147
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Comments (27):

1. Paulina S.
We had a small issue but when the general manager came to check it out, it was resolved right away with 100% refund. Great management & view for the price.

15/03/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
2. Jill N.
I will agree this hotel is a little dated.  The decor in the rooms was fine but the lobby and other common areas were so so.  This was one of the cheaper locations in Lake Geneva and they have GREAT VIEWS of the lake.  The hot tub and pool are nice.  They were clean but older.  We had 2 beds in our room, a king and a queen.  The king size bed was sooooo comfortable but the queen was hard and like the other reviewer said, a sheet over springs.  The continental breakfast was just old cereal and bagels.  They had a waffle maker but it was broken and difficult to use.  There are coffee makers in the rooms but they were a little old.  All and all I think this is a nice hotel but if you are looking for luxury on the lake you might want to go somewhere else.  This place gives you what you need with a good view and indoor/outdoor pool/

08/06/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
3. Bridget B.
My husband and I stayed here for our 1st wedding anniversary. The staff  are extremely nice, we received a complementary bottle of wine and chocolates as an anniversary gift. The location and view from our room was amazing, we paid extra for the lake side. The pool and hot tub are a little out of date, but the room was very clean and modern.

16/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
4. Occasional T.
So, I'll try to be thorough.
My wife and I are in our 40's and stayed here in late December, 2012 on a Living Social deal. We payed $89 a night.
Included in that deal were 2 goodie bags with some water, candy, popcorn, free DVD rentals and such. Also included in the deal was a free appetizer at Gino's East pizza, which is connected to the hotel.
The hotel itself is exactly what you would expect for $89 in a touristy area.
It is slightly aged, but not enough to be quaint. The room had 2 queen beds which were very comfortable.
The sheets didn't stay on though, and I find that annoying. The room had a mid-size flat screen TV with alot of channels, some of them HD. The room had a DVD player in it.
The remote was terrible though because you couldn't jump to a channel. You had to scroll through every one to change channels and scrolling was slow.
There was a mini-fridge and microwave in the room. The heat was controlled via a wall heater. It worked just fine.
The bathroom was OK. Aged but nothing wrong, other than the shower drain didn't drain quick enough and we both wound up with an inch of water pooling around our feet.
There was a hair dryer and the bathroom had a fan. The water was hot and the towels were OK.
The hotel was clean, the staff was friendly and all things considered, I'm not unhappy with the price given the amenities.
Housekeeping came early - 9:30ish and we were still lounging. We told them to come back later but they never did, so we never saw housekeeping.
I'm sure they would have come with new towels or whatever if we had called though.
There was a small indoor pool with a hot tub but we didn't use them, so I can't comment on them. They looked clean though.
The parking lot was big with plenty of spaces available, but the hotel wasn't crowded, so it's hard to say how it would be with a full hotel.
They really need to do a better job de-icing the parking lot. It was VERY slippery and had a sheet of ice over a lot of the surface.
If you are looking for a romantic place, this probably isn't it. However, it is in the heart of downtown Lake Geneva and you can walk wherever you want.
I'd probably look to stay at other hotels in the area before staying here again, but I wouldn't be overly upset to stay here at another time.

26/12/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
5. Joshua M.
Crapstablishment.  Is that a word?  I dunno... but here is the deal:

- 1 Horribly overpriced for what it is.
- 1 Upon check in the man at the counter spoke the minimum amount of words necessary to complete the transaction... it wasn't overtly rude, but certainly not very friendly.
- 1 The Dukes of Hazard were primetime TV the last time the decor on this place was updated.
- 1 The beds were felt like they had laid a sheet down over a bunch of metal springs.
- 1 We were given a room that didn't have the no-smoking sign on it.  It didn't obviously smell of smoke, but it did have an odd scent.  And there was no asking of our preferences by the clerk at the desk.

+ 1 Strong wifi signal with no additional charge.

If you can, book a room somewhere else.

16/08/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
6. Sid V.
Wow am I glad I didn't let the one other review of this establishment dissuade me from staying there.

Yes overall it was dated as can be in the common areas and a bit in the rooms as well. The bathroom's cheap fixtures were a bit beaten down and the bed was just OK. Check-in at 4 and checkout by 11 is not a generous policy. Did not try the continental breakfast as it ends at 9 and is a transparent ploy to get people checked out of the hotel instead of sleeping in.

Other than that no complaints. Nice big room, great view from the balcony which had comfortable chairs and you can't beat the location. Yeah the room isn't so nice for the money but in a ripoff town like Lake Geneva you can do worse.

They are losing their affiliation with Best Western in 2010 which does make you wonder if certain chain-wide standards are not being met, however.

09/11/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
7. Michael D.
We come here every time we're in the ol' LG. Sweet place, I have great memories of this location back when it was a Best Western, which wasn't that long ago, actually. We've been coming here for 15 or 20 years now.

They have a pool, a hot tub, sauna, a game-room (not sure if it's there anymore) and I think they have breakfast now, but from what I remember it wasn't anything to write home about.

The rooms are very nice and comfortable and have a great view of the lake if you so desire. (why would you want to look at the Cove's peeling old blue/green roof?)

When my younger brother and I were wee lads, we used to go to the arcade room and play Mortal Kombat early in the morning before swimming and whatnot. Ah, memories...

22/02/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
8. Ben K.
Great view of the lake. Minus the fact you can't open the doors because bugs are errrywhere.

Bed was comfy.

Rooms were old as hell. The thick glass "room divider" was not so private at a meer two feet long. Who you kiddin?

The dollar store Knicks knacks were a plus. You've never seen a better scene painted on a miniature plate.

Old man river, his harmonica, and his interesting musical stylings might grace you as they did us in the lobby. Go through real quick and try not to talk to the car attendant. He clearly has issues.

Pluses: location. And that is NOT because of ginos east. Why do people think that's an asset? The lake is a much better draw.

13/05/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
9. Candida D.
I haven't stayed at Harbor Shores in a while, but am looking forward to my stay this week. I wanted to commend Tina for her friendly & professional assistance with my reservation. I had a lot of variables & she helped sort it all out & come up with a workable solution given my family's schedule. Thanks!!!!

19/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
10. Chris C.
Harbor Shores is my pick hotel for Lake Geneva!  I always stay here when ever I get into town for a stay.  The location is a minute walk into town.  The hotel is right on the lake with the lakeview rooms offering a spectacular view.  While the hotel itself is a bit older, the rooms have been remodeled and are very comfortable with kitchenettes, and have lots of room.  What I really enjoy is the staff.  They are always attentive and helpful.  It also helps that GIno's East is the hotel restaurant.  To top it all off, if you compare prices... they always have the best... SO FOR THE PRICE, QUALITY, AND ATTENTIVE STAFF... I always stay here.

27/04/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
11. Robbie T.
Extremely overpriced. We paid $240 for basically an economy motel room. It was clean but very dated. Location was good but view of the parking lot was not.

01/06/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
12. Ted K.
My girlfriend and I decided to hit up Lake Geneva for the week from Chicago.  I did a little homework on B&Bs and hotels and saw some crazy prices!!  I saw Harbor Shores had some decent prices, so of course, figured "whats the catch?"

The location is MONEY....the lake side balconies are SWEET and the prices are CHEAP!  The catch you ask?!?!  The place isnt very modern and the rooms are defintely pretty standard.

I read some reviews on here about the 'hard' beds, so i immediately jumped on the bed when i got in the room and it felt fine.  i was relieved...until i woke up the next morning and realized i was STIFF.  not the best sleep for sure...

But everything else about the place was great.  When i called to get information, the awesome woman on the other line was SO cool and really hooked it up.  Originally, the prices were $105 for each weekday and $145 for friday/saturday.  She said she would 'inquire with her manager' and a minute later said that i could have all 5 days for $85/night!!  SWEETNESS!

All in all the place was cool.  The Lakeside rooms are an extra $20/night, but spend the money!!  The tranquility and calmness of the Lake is great.  

If you are on a budget and would rather spend the $ dining and shopping, stay @ Harbor Shores!  You wont be dissappointed...

16/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
13. J M.
I love this place.  To me, it's the perfect place to stay in Lake Geneva.  It's got killer views of the lake, is a block from the main drag, (including Starbucks if you're so inclined... I am...) and a block from the beach.  Really, why else would you come here?  There are many touristy things to do in Lake Geneva and this place is right at the heart of them.

Now, having said that, it's really not the most aesthetically pleasing place in town, it's not the most romantic nor is it filled with "old-world charm" but the folks that work here are pleasant and helpful, the rooms are clean and, it appears to me, they are working to upgrade (our king-size bed was very comfortable) some of the more dated decor.  In fact, the indoor pool was closed for repairs while we were there.  So I'd give points for the effort.  

You can certainly spend a bunch more for a room in this town, but I doubt you'd find anyplace that combines price, location and views of the lake better than the Harbor Shores.

btw, on checkout they gave us a half-price certificate good for the upcoming offseason.  TBGFE! jokingly said "Geez, only one coupon?  Where's mine?" and the guy behind the counter gave her another one.  So, yeah, kudos for customer service.

Oh yeah, one more btw...  They are no longer affiliated with Best Western.  Don't know what difference that'll make, but as I said, they are definitely fixing stuff...

31/07/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
14. Roberto M.
I don't understand why people would rather pay an extra $100 a night to stay anywhere else in Lake Geneva.  The Harbor Shores is a nice hotel.  It is on the lake, 2 blocks from the down town area and within 2 walking minutes from every main attraction in Lake Geneva.

The rooms are standard fare.  My only complaint was the beds are a tad dated and could be replaced.  Nonetheless, the rooms were large and had great views of the lake.

The indoor pool and outdoor pools are heated...but small.  The hotel is clean and service was friendly.

29/05/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
15. RJ D.
the husband and i needed a place to stay over the thanksgiving weekend, and lake geneva was not far from my in-laws.  we reserved a room on the lake side of the hotel a couple of weeks before the holiday, and looked forward to spending one more day at the lake before winter.  

we have never stayed at this particular hotel before, so we didn't know what to expect. the lobby was nice and inviting, and was already decked out for christmas.  there was a polka convention going on in the ballroom, so there was quite a commotion of over-60 polka enthusiasts.  the clerks at the front desk were super friendly and accommodating though, and noticed i was sick.  it sounded like a i had bird flu or something, as i was practically hacking up a lung between sentences, but she wished me well and sent us up to the room.  

the room was clean and modern.  it had a flat screen television, which was just a tad too small for the room, but sufficed.  there was a fridge in the room and a microwave.  the standard coffee maker was present.  there was a dvd player in the room as well, and there were movies for rent in the lobby.  that was a nice touch, especially since i felt kind of crappy.  it meant i didn't have to leave the room for entertainment.  

the bed was comfortable enough.  the comforter was perhaps my favorite touch.  it was down, and it felt really cozy.  it was nice to leave the curtains open on the sliding glass door and fall asleep watching the lake.  unfortunately for us, the weather took a turn over the holiday weekend and it went from unseasonably warm to arctic tundra on the day we arrived in lake geneva.  figures.  it was still beautiful.

there is continental breakfast in the morning from 6-9am, and check-out is fairly simple.  you are able to leave the keys in the room, and the room will auto charge to the card you guaranteed it to.  

the hotel also has a gino's east attached to it, so you don't have to actually leave the hotel to eat either.  if you like pizza, it's standard chain pizza fare.  the service was kinda "meh".

04/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
16. Billy K.
Note:  I was only here for a deposition, which means I sat in their large conference room.  It was freezing.

Their soda machines work really well though.

09/11/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
17. Laura M.
It's no longer owned by Best Western but the hotel is OK.
It's on the lake and walking distance to the beach and the downtown area shops and restaurants. It's relatively clean but not spotless. The hotel reminds me of the old beach hotels in Miami. For the price and location, this is your best deal.

15/08/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
18. Bill S.
Clean rooms and fantastic location - close to everything LG has to offer. Not the newest of facillities, but seemed very well maintained. Bathroom very small! Nice sized closet to hang clothes and keep suitcases out of sight. Climate control in room difficult to get just right. Continental breakfast is nothing special, but certainly a nice bonus. Staff was very polite. Great value for location will bring me back again and again.

13/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
19. Janet H.
Nice shallow indoor pool.  Hit tub jets broken for last 24 hours since we arrived .  Ok breakfast.  No free newspaper.  No plug in tub. so no way to give a bath to our 4 year old.  The room was right on the parking lot and we could never over drapes.

29/10/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
20. Heather F.
Stayed on a living social deal, TOTALLY WORTH IT!  The staff is very friendly, it's walking distance from the shopping, likely a beautiful scene in the summer.  Would stay again for a night if needed!

27/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
We were in town for Amerivespa 2012 and if we would've stayed in a cardboard box back by the dumpster, the price of that box would be higher because of the high season.  This is Lake Geneva, people... it's going to cost you a few buck$ if you want to be near the lake.  So my friend booked and paid for the rooms already and we were supposed to have parkview rooms but we lucked out and were given lakeview rooms (aka AWESOME rooms) for the same price only because the view of the lake was partially interrupted by the AC units... I can't complain about the hotel.  The beds and bathrooms were super clean.  The pool was dynamite.   I never stay at places with concierge service - I felt like some kind of fancy person.

The best part of the Harbor Shores is that when you're hanging out with a whole mess of drunk scooterists, someone is bound to stumble over their words and call your hotel the Sharbor Whores.  At first, you'll be all like :-o but then you'll be all like :D

25/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
22. John S.
Always have great stays here.  Nothing great or fancy but kept clean and nice.

15/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
23. Jennifer H.
Words cannot express just how much of a wonderful surprise Harbor Shores was for my boyfriend's and my quick weekend get away. We booked Harbor Shores off-season on Hotwire, SUPER cheap for the quality that we found there.  The front desk staff was amazingly kind.  We got a free upgrade and were granted a late check out just because they were awesome.  

We arrived into the room and found that we had a nice sink and fridge area as well as a DVD player, a nice size flat screen tv  (no need to watch DVDs on the laptop we brought) and a breath taking view of the lake.  There was also a wide selection of dvds that you could rent from the front desk, too. The bathroom in our room was actually clean (not just standard hotel room cleaned). My only complaint on that front is that the showerhead is not meant for those of us who are over 5'10... Just a bit too low for our personal preference.

The bed was amazing!!! The pillow top mattress was soft and welcoming.  The down comforter was beyond cozy...we honestly didn't want to get out of it!

We did eat at Gino's East for convenience, as we are both life-long Chicagoans. The waitstaff there was just meh, and the busboy bumped into my chair more than once without apologizing. Dude, if you can jar a chair with an adult sitting in it, ya know what you did. But, I don't consider that enough to give the hotel anything less on the score.

27/01/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
24. Sue T.
This place has a great location just a block off downtown Lake Geneva and with either a great view of the lake or a bad view of the parking lot.  The interior is maintained but dated. The kitchen facilities in the room were a plus, but when we sat on the bed we nearly hit the floor -- the box spring was broken.  The management has cleverly figured out ways to put price signs on more things than Minnie Pearl.  In the elevators -- signs taped to the walls with prices for movie rentals and popcorn. Single-serve coffees at check-in - available for a fee.  In the lobby - an ATM with a surcharge; a freezer with ice cream bars for sale, and vibrating massage chairs with prices posted for use per minute!

13/08/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
25. April G.
Stayed here for a bachelorette.  This hotel is in perfect location can't get any better. Walking distance to everything.

It's definitely nothing fancy.  It's a regular cheapy hotel.

The front desk was very accommodating as far as keeping things behind the front desk for us to put in the room once we checked in.

Overall it satisfied our needs and I would stay here again!

17/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
26. Bex F.
Here's where we stayed in Lake Geneva.  Last minute too, like as in we're 10 minutes away, do you guys have any rooms?

Hey, it's not fancy, ok?  It's about 20 years past in need of some updating and renovations and modernizing.  If you can move beyond that, you'll see all the pluses.

Right across the street?  The lake.  Walk a block or two?  You're in downtown Lake Geneva.  Winner winner banner location, folks.

The people who run the joint are nice and accommodating.  Stay another night?  Ok, yeah, no problem.  Want to switch to a lake view room with a balcony?  Yeah, we can do that.

Gino's East is attached for better or for worse, though like everything in Lake Geneva, it closes stupid early.

The rooms are large, larger than normal it seemed.  They have kitchenettes in them.  They're generally pretty quiet.  Level of cleanliness could use some help (moldy showers), but otherwise the rooms are not bad.  The beds, sheets, and pillows were more comfortable than I expected.  The rates are pretty reasonable considering they are literally spitting distance from darn near everything.  Large parking lot too.  

All in all, not super swanky lap of luxury, a few updates would be lovely, but we'd stay here again.

29/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
27. Lexi N.
After being treated with the utter most disrespect by their neighbors at The Cove this place was cheeper and the service was wonderful! I'd love to thank all the staff for being so polite to me and they even made me feel better about the fact that their neighbors were rude.
wonderful view and a great experience. I'd come back!

19/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0