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The Baker House in Lake Geneva, WI

The Baker House in Lake Geneva, WI


A historic restaurant and hotel with an exceptional lakefront view. Built in 1885, this unique Victorian venue carries its original woodwork and charm throughout. Built as a summer residence for Mrs. Robert Hall Baker, or Emily, as we refer to her on the grounds, the 17,000 square foot Queen Anne Mansion is now host to our lavish dinner theater experiences, an unrivaled Sunday brunch menu, private dining overlooking the lake, and lavish, yet ornate, hotel suites.  Contact us today to experience Gilded Age Living!


Established in 2010.

Built in 1885 as a private residence for Mrs. R. H. Baker the 17,000 sq. ft. Queen Anne mansion was originally named "Redwood Cottage".  Its statuesque turret stands as prominent today as it did a century ago in a post card dated 1904.

Shortly after Mrs Baker completed the home it was used as a dormitory for the Lake Geneva Seminary for Young Ladies and later in 1949 became the St. Moritz Hotel. It was then renovated by the Pappas family in the 1980's as was most recently "Gilberts" Restaurant.

The Baker House, a Nationally Registered Historic Property is one of the few remaining "summer cottages" that still embodies the true glory of Lake Geneva at the turn of the century.

We invite you to join us this summer as we make new history celebrating the Baker House and its 125th Birthday.


Company Info:

Rating: 3.85

Address: 327 Wrigley Dr, Lake Geneva, WI, 53147
  • Mon: Closed
  • Tue: Closed
  • Wed: Closed
  • Thu: 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm
  • Fri: 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm
  • Sat: 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm
  • Sun: 9:30 am - 2:00 pm

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Comments (131):

1. B R.
The Baker House is a beautiful old victorian and will be celebrating its 125th year in lovely Lake Geneva, WI.  The new owners have come to her with fresh eyes and seem eager to bring some much needed life back into the old St. Moritz!  I would recommend that you try it, just go in knowing that the owners seem a bit flakey and inexperienced at running this type of establishment.  They, admittedly, are bad at following through on things in daily life, which explains why I never get a return call when leaving a message on voicemail or that when they tell you the wait will be short you may sit, feeling forgotten in the dark bar.  The food is decent.  I've visited twice and had their cheese plate - small but tasty, crabcakes - so so, Tenderloin Sliders - decent,  Sausage & Peppers - decent...  I guess that it may help to know that one of the owners is a decor celeb with a decorating show on HGTV, I think that her creativity is boundless as you will notice from their website, menu design, interior design, sunset toast with hats and staff dressed in period uniforms, etc.  Fun and interesting for the eyes - most certainly, just leaves your taste buds and inner control freak, wishing for much more.

28/01/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
2. Katy L.
We had a great time at The Baker House! The service was awesome and the food was excellent! It really was relaxing and fun, it is a "must visit" in Lake Geneva!!

12/12/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
3. Russ W.
was ok. a little crowded. wanted the murder mystery, but was canceled. We'd go back for drinks. has potential once they work out some kinks.

28/11/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
4. Tom H.
We stumbled on this place while out for a walk over the 4th of July weekend and are we glad we did!  Just had a glass of wine in the fun bar area of this restored Victorian era house that night and liked it so much we went back the next night with our teenage kids and had a wonderful time sampling the food and listening to the live entertainment.  The owners and staff are very focused on making it a grand experience.  The surroundings are very grounding and the people authentic and fun.  We cannot wait to go back!

09/08/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
5. Bridget N.
If it were not for the location, ambiance, historical home, drinks and the fun hats, I would give this restaurant no stars. The food is horrible.  We went on a Saturday night and they were out of the 3 biggest entrees, we have to ASK for napkins and silverware, the crab cakes were good, but the Venetian Chicken was something I make at home for my children.  We were so disappointed.  I am shocked by the lack of sophistication of the food for such a grand home.  Unfortunately the owners are not doing justice to this historical site.  A new Chef and some etiquette classes for the servers is much need (not only did we not get place settings, a table close to us was never cleaned off the entire time we were eating).  It's not a place to go for dinning, I suggest you sit outside and have a cocktail. The owners obviously have no idea how to run a restaurant, create ambiance, yes, food no. I suggest just getting a cocktail and sitting outside, don't waste your money on the food.

16/07/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
6. Bridget B.
This place is really charming.  We went for after-dinner drinks, and we had a great time.  Just two of us after a dinner date, and we went to sit in the bar area.  We immediately felt welcome, and the bartenders made REALLY good stuff.  I didn't even have to order an actual drink.  I just told them I wanted a refreshing martini that wasn't sweet, and they made me a delicious cucumber-kiwi cocktail that I've been craving since.  They really know what they're doing, and I know one of them is actually a mixologist, so he's super-knowledgeable.  Four stars because I was a little uncomfortable with the extent to which they took the 20's theme, but obviously some people love that.  Would definitely go back to try the food and definitely to drink more!

19/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
7. Lisa M.
This place is fun!  It's definitely got a kitschy vibe to it with the whole staff in period clothing but not in a cheezy way.  The decor is gorgeous, definitely well done and the food was pretty great too.  It's the perfect place to go just hang out, drink wine and enjoy some small plates.  The view is great too!

09/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
8. Michelle M.
My party of six had a wonderful time. The unique atmosphere included  live parlor music, a real kick.  Food is reasonably priced, tasted great and the courses were well-paced allowing us a full, relaxing evening there. Every staff member we encountered made us feel extra special including the bartender Nick, a talented and inventive mixologist, and manager Lisa who makes us want to visit again soon.

08/08/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
9. Kevin L.
Being at Baker House is excellent.  The property is beautiful and brought to life by the owners in an amazing way.  There is fun to be had wandering through the house and garden, checking out classic board games, reading sweet old books while rocking a sombrero and so forth.  The inviting staff and character of the place make it perfect for all occasions.  If you are in Lake Geneva it would be ridiculous not to visit Baker House.

16/08/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
10. pamela c.
This place is what I wish that all of Lake Geneva were like.  It is a BEAUTIFUL old historic home that feels like it was taken right out of the Great Gatsby.  They also have a beautiful lawn in front with period white iron furniture from the 1930's.   We had dinner on the glassed in porch with a great view of the Lake.  There is also a bar room and several other rooms where you could sit for a cocktail.  They are going to be opening up hotel rooms in the late summer too. This place has sooo much charm and elegance, we were in heaven.  The good was very good - it's all small plates. It would be nice if the menu were a little more extensive as we'd have gone back a second night!   The tab was very reasonable as well - My husband and I had a great bottle of wine and about 6 small plates for $100! This is a do not miss when you are in Lake Geneva!

13/06/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
11. Michael D.
Absolutely awesome atmosphere and great tapas style dining.  The staff was excellent and the food even better.  You have to try this place.  Not cheap dining...expect about 80-100 for two, but well worth it for a nice dinner.

06/07/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
12. Cya Z.
Similar to a tapas menu where you can share with others at the table.  The bacon wrapped scallops are great.  The skewers with shrimp or beef were ok and the menu is somewhat limited which is why I gave it 4 stars.  However, the dessert menu item that has fruit, graham crackers and marshmallows that can be dipped in chocolate was outstanding.  Lastly, this place is a historical victorian 17,000 sq. foot home that is so fun to walk around and dine at.  A unique experience in Lake Geneva. No other place comes close to this type in the area.

21/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
13. Lizza B.
A must experience in Lake Geneva. Whether it's a meal in their elegant dining room or a trip to the cozy bar, you're sure to find an enjoyable time a Baker House.

07/02/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
14. Julia R.
ambiance was great, food was good and reasonable priced, service was lacking.

we arrived and were seated immediately, given water and menus immediately, and then left alone for over a half hour.  I wanted to speak up but my husband is extremely non-confrontational and asked me not to...so we waited...and waited...and waited.  finally, a neighboring couple pointed out to their waiter how long we had been sitting there for.  He said he didn't know what had happened and that he wasn't our waiter but apologized profusely and took us on himself.  He also gave us two free mini appetizers to make up for it...nice i guess.  the service from there on out was very good - but it was hard to overlook the beginning our time there.  i could have survived with a cocktail i guess...to make matters worse, the couple on our other side had pulled the manager over while we had been waiting forever to complaing about exactly what we were going through as well as some cold food or something like that.  the manager must have walked past us 4 times in those 30-40 minutes and never acknowledged the fact that we had been sitting there waiting for so long - obviously never been seen by a server.

anyway, our food was hot but it came right as the sundowner thing started, so by the time we came back - food was not nearly as good.  we should have stayed back...or maybe the owners should keep their speech shorter...or really, it would be nice if they could time food around that so ythat this doesnt happen.

there is room for improvement, but i'd be willing to give it another shot.

18/07/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
15. georgia r.
Wonderful place in Lake Geneva!

I had a great time here at this historical home turned lounge, restaurant, and hotel.  They have great atmosphere.  Just to be in the beautiful home and see the amazing craftsmanship and detail that went into it's construction is worth the visit.  It is across from the Lake and has a nice seating area in front of the house where nightly there is a sundown celebration complete with complimentary drinks and hats to wear.  It is as if you step into another time when you go into Baker house.  Baker house has great atmosphere.  You can have a bite to eat or enjoy time at the bar and if you're in the mood for fun, sing along with the piano player in one of the front rooms.  It would be a unique venue to host a celebration as well.  I will be sure to stop by here during my future visits to Lake Geneva.

17/09/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
16. Mike S.
My wife and I went to Baker House as a Christmas gift to me and we were not disappointed one bit!! The Host (John) was VERY informative about the menu as well as the history of the House itself! The next time we visit Lake Geneva, we will be making another stop at the Baker House.

Mike & Trish

31/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
17. Peter Z.
Fantastic food, fantastic service . . . what more needs to be said?

03/04/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
18. Lee T.
This is now my favorite restaurant in Lake Geneva and the surrounding area.  The food is great and the atmosphere is awesome.  Nice touch, they ring a bell and you go out and watch the sunset.  It is so good, I usually bring my out of town guests here, if I can get in.  In the summer, on weekends you need to make a reservation a week in advance.  Always surprised how inexpensive it is.  Don't understand the bad reviews.  I would ignore them.

26/05/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
19. Dan O.
Unique environment can only take you so far--at some point you need to pay attention to food and service...

We called on a Saturday morning and the earliest reservation they had that night was 8:30. We asked for seating outdoors if possible. Before we hung up we were told we could probably sit down earlier if we came in after 7pm. So far so good.

We arrived at 7:45 but were asked to sit in the piano room because they were very busy. When we told them we had a reservation at 8:30, they told us they didn't have seating in the patio area this early in the summer, so basically we had no reservation all. Why they weren't willing to correct their mistake is beyond me.

By 8:40 we were too hungry to wait for an actual table for 2, so we decided to eat at the knee height coffee table in the piano room--not ideal. We had drinks, fondue and 2 entrees, all were just OK. The place had interesting character and a unique ambience, but on this particular night they delivered a frustrating experience that I'd rather forget.

My recommendation:

DO: go for a drink and an appetizer to check the place out (the cheese plate at the next table looked OK, I don't recommend the cheese fondue--a bit boring)
DO: see their nightly Sundowner toast on the patio--very cute.
DO: bring a camera and take your picture with their fancy old school hats.

DON'T: Expect great service or fine dining.  
DON'T: go to Baker House sober or hungry.There's a good chance you'll be waiting for your server for food and drinks, so if you're impatient, don't bother with this place. Food was just OK, not what you'll remember.
DON'T: forget to confirm your reservation with a separate call.

04/06/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
20. Larry B.
Great place for a drink and a snack while viewing the lake. the servers dress in Victorian attire which is quaint but Im sure uncomfortable for them. Located in the former Gilbert's spot. a beautiful old Victorian mansion with a stunnign view of Lake Geneva. Nice selection of wine by glass or bottle and some tapas like small plates to go with it.  A lovely way to while away the afternoon.

19/09/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
21. Jim M.
well...I always like to contact the owner of a restaurant before I post a negative comment...but.. it's been a month and I have not gotten a reply to my e-mail.Therefore..I am under the assumption that they just don't care.I have been in the business my entire life in Chicago and I would prefer to deal with a problem directly rather then air dirty laundry on the internet.I was so excited when the Baker House opened...it is such a beautiful place and the idea of it is great.The problem is the food and the service.There are many employees walking around but it seems unclear to what they are suppose to be doing.My husband and I brought my niece and her husband in and asked to sit in the restaurant for cocktails and dessert.The hostess walked away and another one came over to tell us that the only table available was in the bar.That seemed a little odd considering it was late in the evening.After sitting in the bar  my niece  ordered the  dessert  tower .You are suppose to pick 2 desserts  which was easy because  she was then told that only 2 were available.The waiter recommended the creme brulee for my nieces' husband and when he received it,I am NOT kidding you..there was literally a spoonful in the bowl. We also ordered  one of the beers on tap ,and we were told they were out.By that time we just wanted to go.When we got up to leave about 1/2 hr after we arrived..we walked into the restaurant to find it was almost empty.It just seems odd that everyone would have gotten up at once in that 1/2 hr..p.s...I read in other reviews about their hats...we were never told about them ....until things change....I can't see me bringing other guests there...which is a shame because it is such a gorgeous place.

11/11/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
22. Bill C.
My wife and I went here for our anniversary and I have to say that this was one of my favorite dining experiences of all time. The staff was warm and friendly, the food was fantastic (crab cakes, beef tenderloin sliders, etc.). The chocolate fondue is a must have! The sunset toast is a blast. Everyone in the restaurant exits out to the front lawn and has a toast. Part of the tradition is that everyone must don an old fashioned hat (provided). Cannot wait to go back and try some more dishes!

02/10/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
23. Lisa C.
Great food, cool atmosphere, good service.  My only quibble was the $14 small pear martini that tasted nothing like any pear martini I have ever had anywhere else.  Go just once to see the place and try it!  You will probably go back...

09/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
24. Kristin G.
My boyfriend and I went to Lake Geneva for a nice little romantic weekend when we stumbled upon this place. The second we walked in I fell in love! The old Victorian house is so beautiful and I love how you can sit in whatever room you wish, we chose the heated porch, which was nice and warm with the radiant heated floors. And my favorite part was being able to put on any of the old Victorian Hats during dinner. The food was great as well, delicious cheeses and tower of tapas. I cannot wait to go back, this is definitely my new favorite destination.

27/06/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
25. Josh B.
Great spot and a lot of fun!  We went there on a Friday Night and enjoyed the live lounge music.  The menu could probably be a little bit more expansive, but I loved the small plate/cocktail party idea.  The service was great and we had a lot of fun.  We will be back.  Excited to try their brunch the next time we are in the area.

16/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
26. Scott F.
My wife and I just got back from a 4 day stay, and had the best experience we have ever had at an inn or hotel. We ended up making friends with all of the staff that we met, and they showed us one heluva good time! 5 star accommodations, WAY above and beyond service, amazing ambiance and food, the list just goes on. I know of no other experience quite like it. If you are going to Lake Geneva and want a luxurious time, this is THE place to go.

20/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
27. Ladan S.
This restaurant has the best ambiance but the food is really bad.  I was so excited to celebrate my 13 year anniversary here.  We couldn't even finish our food which took away from the beautiful ambiance and experience.  I wish they would invest in getting  a better chef.

16/08/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
28. Patti P.
After reading other reviews we had to stop a BakerHouse and we were not disappointed!  We decided to go for a drink and an some crab cakes and they were the best crab cakes we ever had!  It's a must stop when in Lake Geneva.  Don't forget to grab a hat it add's to the atmosphere!

22/11/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
29. Sasha K.
The setting is fun and luxurious, the food is absolutely delicious, and the service is outstanding.  I made a reservation through Yelp on a night when they were actually over-booked already, so they could not honor the reservation.  They kindly asked us to have drinks at the bar and still made a table available.

06/09/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
30. David H.
Four couples of friends found great food, friendly and prompt service and festive hats. We passed tapas sized portions of prosciutto and other delicious cold cuts, shrimp, pate, cheeses. A great place to share with friends.

23/11/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
31. Michelle B.
This place had the best crab cakes I've ever had! Also excellent service with a unique atmosphere. It's a steampunk's dream restaurant.

30/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
32. Jill H.
Interesting experience. The hats were a cool touch, food was good and service was fine as well.

05/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
33. Morgan T.
You are paying for the view and atmosphere. Definitely a fun place to go to dinner. The view of the lake is incredible if you are lucky enough to sit near a window in the house or out on the closed in veranda.

There are hats galore all around the house for guests to try on and wear for the evening.

The staff is incredible! They were so accommodating!! Our server Chaz was fantastic and really helped us enjoy our dinner. We couldn't decide on a bottle of wine since I prefer whites and my boyfriend prefers reds. The hostess was very knowledgeable about wines, so she came over to help suggest a wine. Her suggestion was spot on and we loved it! We had the De Loach Pinot Noir. It was $62 a bottle, which is WAY out of our price range, but on Wednesday nights all of their wines are 1/2 price for the bottle, so that made it much easier to bare.

The food was eh okay. They are all small plates and designed to share. I ordered the trio of spreads, which had a killer chicken salad spread, as well as a yummy vegetable spread. The other cheddar spread wasn't really to my liking. My boyfriend ordered the Cocktail Party for Two, which included 4 bacon wrapped scallops, 4 kabobs of your choice, and fried green beans.  The scallops were okay, a little gritty. He got 2 chicken, 1 beef, and 1 shrimp. All 4 really lacked taste and flavor and were really cold. Such a disappointment. The fried green beans and sauce were amazing! We definitely recommend!

After "dinner", Chaz gave us a tour of their second floor, which are rooms they rent out like an inn.  They are so beautiful and grande. I think they are priced from $300-$600 per night. It was nice to see each room, as they each have their own unique style.

So, overall, Baker House would be great for a fun evening sharing a bottle of wine and enjoying the atmosphere. Not really made for a hearty dinner.

16/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
34. Ben K.
great atmosphere. The outside area is awesome.

Food was delicious. She crab soup and the creme brûlée were the highlights. Thought about returninrgq the next night just for dessert!

Would have been five stars but our mixed drinks were not good. Stick with a classic mixed drink or whiskey.

13/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
35. J R.
This was our second trip to Baker house within one month. We were a little disappointed this time, because the hostess was rude to us on multiple occasions. We went on a Tuesday night  - and thought perhaps we didn't need a reservation. When I inquired about availability she was so rude about it - she pretended to look at the computer and said sorry, nothing until at least 9pm. After walking to the outdoor garden I noticed multiple empty tables. Curious, I checked opentable where I was able to immediately book a reservation  - surprise they had an opening about one hour later - at 8pm - when I returned to her with reservation in hand she was again rude but miraculously, a table was available.

15/09/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
36. A A.
This place is incredibly unique. Beautiful, historical decor with several small dining rooms spread throughout the restaurant. The weirdest thing is that they have hats all over the place that you can pick out and wear during your meal. The filet sliders sounded great and tasted even better. Filet was perfectly seasoned, cooked just right, and the texture was very soft. I was surprised how much meat was on each slider too. A great deal for $12. A must stop.

13/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
37. Rosemary T.
Today my husband and I went to The Baker House in Lake Geneva for the first time. We had a Groupon voucher for a guided historical tour of the house along with High Tea for two.  What a pleasurable experience!  All the while I kept thinking of friends and family members to whom I would give a gift of this wonderful experience.  We were greeted by staff in period costume from the 1900's.  The view was spectacular along with the decadent treats.  The cost even without the Groupon is well worth the experience.  We will be back.

01/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
38. vince v.
Went last night and Scot the bartender was awesome. It was cozy next to the fireplace on a cold rainy night. The drinks were perfect!  Will try for dinner next time.

18/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
39. Dan O.
Great meal! We arrived at sundown and they ushered us into the front yard of the restaurant for a champagne toast to the sunset. Very cool! Food was great, service was great. Great atmosphere. We will return for sure next time we are in Lake Geneva.

26/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
40. Bryon N.
Great food and wonderful service.  The crab cakes are wonderful.  The chocolate fondue was great.  The ambiance is great.  The prices are very reasonable as well.

Highly recommended.

06/04/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
41. Jacob G.
Cool place to check out when you visit Lake Geneva. This place is unique and the experience is unlike any other.

03/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
42. Garfer B.
If I could give them 10 stars, I would! WOW, wow, wow!!! The food was incredible...Crab Cakes were AMAZING!!!!! The theme of the restaurant was great. The service was fantastic. The view was beautiful and the food was just the best! Anyone in the area should visit at least once.

02/04/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
43. Susan Y.
Wow I dont even know what to say. Confusion, disorganized, very poor.  Dont waste your money, despite the wonderful setting it is not worth it.

22/01/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
44. scott o.
You have to go check this place out.

While on a short vacation this last weekend, my date and I happened across this old mansion/bed and breakfast with people inside.  We decided to walk up and check the place out.

We were fortunate enough to be there for a tasting event and were invited in.  The atmosphere, location, ambiance, staff, music, etc. were fantastic.  We stayed for appetizers, second, third and fourth courses, wine, cocktails, etc.  Each course or drink was better than the last.  The owners came by to see how things were, took us on a tour and showed us one of the best nights we've had.... this was remember just a tasting.

On Memorial Day, 2010 they opened up and we went back.  Sadly we weren't the first customers, but certainly among the first.

We had a variety of different dishes, cocktails (including a newly created Absinthe cocktail in honor of the day and my date - Call it the Prohibition Jenni if you go).  Each course was fantastic with great plating.  The portions were ideal sized and priced extremely well.  The uniforms were period based with a 1920's feel.  Each room has a warm feeling to it and welcomes you in to sit and dine.  Good luck finding a place that is more affordable than this with the decore, ambiance and staff.

At sundown they invited all the guests to the front lawn for a sunset toast and celebrated with champagne.

The owners clearly have put their heart and soul into this place and have great energy and willingness to do what is needed.  

Everyone in this restaurant was approachable and friendly easily making us feel more welcome here more so than anywhere else we went that weekend.  If you are in Lake Geneva, you must go there to try it.  It is even worth a drive from Chicago just to see what it is.

I wish them all the best.  We are going to make this a regularly stop from now own.

01/06/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
45. Nora R.
We wanted to go here based on the awesome reviews. I wish I could say it lived up to par. The concept is great! However, the service and food leave a lot to be desired.

The server knew little to nothing about the drinks/food on the menu. Seemed like he was brand new and kept asking another server questions when we asked him. No big deal I guess. However, service was ridiculously slow. Food was way overpriced and just ok. I get the smaller portions/sharing concept but why am I still paying for my smaller portion like they're full ones? However, they did execute a "happy birthday" song and fondue combo to my husband perfectly. The fondue was really good. However, for all the hype and an $80 bill, I expected a lot more from this place.

02/07/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
46. Sarah H.
This restaurant is phenomenal. The ambiance is magical and the food is fantastic. At 8:00 they evacuate the restaurant to the courtyard to do a toast to the sunset, where you get a complimentary champagne toast and also learn about the history of the building. During this time they also take a moment to honor any special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, bachelorette parties, etc. There are old time hats throughout the building that you can wear through out dinner which makes it very fun. The building used to be a home, so some dining rooms consist of tables with comfy arm chairs rather than your conventional dining tables. Our trip to baker house was the most memorable of our lake geneva vacation. I highly recommend this restaurant, everything was spectacular. It's also reasonably priced, as two of us had fantastic meals, an appetizer, and drinks for $75.

12/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
47. Luke B.
First of all, let me say I'm very sorry to award only two stars to the Baker House. I love the concept, the atmosphere, and will likely try it again. I don't discourage anyone from trying it as well if you are vacationing in Lake Geneva. Just be warned that they don't entirely have their act together yet, and there is a chance you will be disappointed. We definitely had a two star experience on our night.

My wife and I, our baby daughter, and two friends of ours were staying at Harbor Shores, right next to Baker House. I read all of the positive reviews here and elsewhere and decided this is where we would have our first dinner. I called ahead to insure that they could accommodate our daughter with a high chair, and that we wouldn't have to wait too long for a table. We were told that they would indeed have a highchair for us and that the wait would be 20 minutes. We walked over, got some drinks at the tiny but charming bar and made our way out into the spacious and beautifully manicured front yard. A lovely start to the evening. An absolutely beautiful evening in the perfect atmosphere.

After thirty minutes, I went back inside to make sure we hadn't missed being called to our table. About ten more minutes I was told. After forty-five minutes, I checked again and was told any moment now. After an hour, it was explained to me that they had several large parties that evening and the chef had failed to show up. Ouch. I might've liked this information when we first arrived. All through this time, everyone was very pleasant to us under obviously difficult circumstances. However, I think that they were not entirely upfront with us from the start. We would've left with a much better impression had they told us at the beginning that they were slammed and had some staffing issues and that there would probably be a significant wait. We would've gone elsewhere and probably have come back the following night.

75 minutes after arriving, we were finally seated. Contrary to our earlier discussion, they told us that they did not have a high chair for our daughter. Again, something about the chef who didn't show up. (He was supposed to be bringing the high chair??) Luckily, we were staying next door, so my wife ran back to our hotel room to get our portable highchair along with some applesauce for our daughter.

It took us about 45 minutes to receive our food- two hours after first arriving. As you can imagine, at this point no one is really excited about embarking on a culinary journey. We just needed to eat!

The artisan cheeseboard we got for an appetizer was quite good; not an especially good value, but nice.

Each couple ordered the cocktail party for two, with shrimp, chicken, and beef kabobs, scallops wrapped in bacon, and fried green beans. The kabobs were average- nothing spectacular. The scallops were tasty, and the green beans were the highlight of the dish.

The hot crab and artichoke dip we had also ordered never appeared, except for on the bill. When we pointed this out, we were informed that they had indeed run out of it- must've been a miscommunication somewhere. Had we been told this when we ordered, or even during dinner, we could've ordered something else. Alas....

All in all- absolutely delightful atmosphere, good, but not great food, and a service that was completely botched on this evening.

Two stars for us on this night, but the potential to be a real gem in the Lake Geneva dining scene. Just be on your toes and ask lots of questions if you go. We may try it again next year.

17/08/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
48. Flo J.
I have been to the Baker house twice now and after our experience last night, we will not return.

When my husband and I arrived 2 weeks ago, we got a reservation and were seated promptly. Our food and drinks were great and we decided to try it again with a couple of our friends.

Yesterday I called to see if they had a reservation for 4 around 630. The person on the phone said they did not take reservations. I explained to her that we had a reservation two weeks prior but she said there 'must have been a misunderstanding'. Hhhhmmm....She said she could put our name on a list however and show up early to get a table.

Well, we arrived around 615 and she said tables were to be opening up shortly- after their sunset toast (which is okay). After the toast we returned to the bar ordered and app (came out cold) and another round (good drinks and bartenders) and checked on our table. She told us there were '2-3' foursome ahead of us and that it should not be too long. After this we watched 2 different foursomes (who arrived AFTER us) be seated. Coming up on an hour, we again asked the hostess if she had an estimated time we could be seated. The woman (not the owner apparently but a woman with a black dress and long dark hair) was extremely rude to me and spoke in a condescending tone telling me she did not know when our table would be ready but hopefully soon.

The couple we were with were ready to leave at this point and after receiving rude behavior from the hostess, I didn't want to spend another dime there. This was unfortunate for me to give a 2 star rating seeing as our previous experience was so positive but a rude hostess is not acceptable in the service industry (in my opinion). The bar tenders were kind and told me to refer to the owner who was now standing at the hosting stand. She apologized for the rude behavior of their hostess stating that there had been several angry customers that night. I told her I understood but that is no reason to treat nice customers that way.

I'm not sure we will ever return to the Baker House but if we do, I hope they can iron out their scheduling and reservation issues!! I would like to leave a more positive rating!

03/10/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
49. Malorie F.
Love that they're on open table, at this time they're the only ones in Lake Geneva who are. Makes reservations so easy. Location in town and the building itself are great. Sitting on the glassed in porch is a little awkward, but the restaurant is mostly cozy and and beautiful. Service was friendly and the hats are fun. Drinks from the bar are creative and pretty tasty. Food wasn't bad, but it wasn't great.  Overall, it's worth going to, but maybe not with a big appetite. The outdoor front patio with the table top firepits and lounge furniture is gorgeous, but you can't eat out there. Definitely worth grabbing a drink though.

06/06/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
50. Falon G.
Food - great, but small menu
Atmosphere - amazing!
Service - great, just a little slow

The Baker House is always a fun time.  Set inside a Victorian mansion, the atmosphere is top notch with lots of character.  My favorite part is the place is filled with antique hats of every kind that you can wear while you dine!  Too fun!

The menu is small plates, so it's fun to order a variety.  I highly recommend the homemade chips with french onion dip, the Wisconsin cheese plate, the pretzel bites, and the filet.  All are fantastic.

Be sure to call ahead - they fill up.  Overall, the service is great, but on the slow side.  The wine list is pretty good, but low on California reds (my favorite!).  

I love coming here on every trip I make to Lake Geneva.   The food is great and the experience is as fun as you want it to be.  

P.S.  They have free wi-fi and offer a discount upon checking in!

12/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
51. Francene M.
Went for dinner on a Tuesday night. Got reservation for 7:30 p.m. through their website. Not long after we got there, some staff were ringing bells and people (voluntarily) went outside in the courtyard. A butler came out and gave a brief history of the house and toasted the sunset and any special occasions that people were celebrating. Very nice feature! They also encourage you to pick a hat to wear. They have many different hats all over the house. Very fun!
The inside of the house is gorgeous and we sat in the "dining room", complete with a beautiful crystal chandelier. There are many different rooms to dine in, which were all wonderful. There were many tables for two that looked really cozy. Perfect for a romantic dinner.
Now for the food.....had pretzel bits for an appetizer and they were delicious....crispy on the outside and soft and warm on the inside. Came with warm cheese and stone ground mustard that were also very good. Had the fresh catch of the day, which was pan fried walleye. It was one of the best fish fillets I've ever had! Was lightly coated with breading and had a light sauce drizzled over it. Was also a nice size fillet. Came with wild rice and string beans that were also excellent. My mother-in-law had the salmon and said it was delicious, too. For dessert, we had a milk chocolate fondue that came with marshmallows, graham crackers, pretzels, strawberries and granny smith apples. Also delicious! We got the small size and it was enough for three of us.
The staff was very nice and helpful, but service was a little slow. We didn't mind much since we loved the ambiance.
The food was a little pricey, but definitely worth it. This is a place to experience at least once while you're in Lake Geneva!

22/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
52. Crista L.
If you are craving love, romance, and good conversation while enjoying the sunset over Lake Geneva, the Baker House is the place for you.

Although the service lacked, and the food was decent at best, I recommend the Baker House soley for the experience and the atmosphere.

After dinner, move to a cozy couch in one of the rooms in this mansion, enjoy a glass of vino, at the same time being serenaded by an amazing pianist. Your server will come around with a platter of mini desserts. (!!!)

Be aware, The Baker House is closed on Wednesdays.

12/11/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
53. Steven T.
Wow!!! What a great experience!

We went for dinner and got a fabulous night of entertainment to boot.  The owners deserve a medal for what they have done to that beautiful old house.  If you are ever within an hour or so you have to go to the Baker House.  Oh yeah, the foor was great and the portion sizes were just right.

28/11/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
54. Jason Y.
Now this is a unique place to get a bite to eat.  Not your typical atmosphere or entree style restaurant.  Early 1900's decor, along with the staff dressed up as such.  Very cool and different.  Food is served as small plates that you can share so you can get a taste of a few different things.  Overall the food is pretty good.  Not the best you'll ever have, but tasty nonetheless.  The dips are a must try as they were our fave hands down.  We also got the fried green beans which were tasty, sausage and peppers which were OK, a little overcooked, and the chocolate fondue which was very good.

Priced very good overall.  Only spent about $50 for myself and wife for a well fed meal with beverages.  The only downside I would say is that the service is a bit sketchy.  8pm reservation and we weren't seated till 8:20 or so.  Our server was friendly, but often disappeared, and our desert took almost 30 minutes with no explanation.

Overall though a definite restaurant to add to the list if you are in the area.

28/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
55. Janene M.
I loved this place!!! We came for dinner.  Of course you have to pick out a hat!!  We were seated in what was probably the sun room when the original family owned the house.  We ordered filet mignon sliders.  They were very tender and really good.  Crab cakes, which were yummy.  Lastly the tuscan chicken.  I would not order this dish again, it was smothered in sauce.  I would definitely return next time.

28/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
56. Jimm B.
Visiting from out of town. Loved the decor. Amazing old Victorian mansion. The food and service unfortunately leave a lot to be desired.

01/01/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
57. Kristen S.
This adorable dinner spot is the perfect restaurant for a girls night out.  A group of us went on a Friday night and ordered a few plates to share.  The ambiance is the thing that really puts it above and beyond other eateries.  Each patron is to wear a hat - it's a requirement and a super cute idea.  The drinks were also delicious.  Nice change from a typical restaurant setting.
Two thumbs up!

27/08/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
58. Dbl P.
My family lives in Lake Geneva - a fabulous little tourist town in South Eastern Wisconsin, for those who don't know - and so I visit once or twice a year. Since being introduced to the Baker House, it is an absolute CAN'T MISS every single time that I venture home.

Yes, the food could be brought up to a higher standard. Certain things seem sub-par (e.g., the cheese dip for the pretzels tastes very processed to this [now] East Coast foodie) and I expect them to raise the bar ASAP, or lower the prices. But really, the charm cannot be matched in Lake Geneva. On a clear, summer night, with the sun setting over the lake, the sunset toast is completely magical. Picking out a hat  beforehand is so much fun - and by the way people, they're sterilized every night, so they're perfectly clean - and we always end up in stitches over the whole thing. It's a blast!

I feel melancholy every time I leave the Baker House, because I wish it were in my town. Actually, I wish that my job were in Lake Geneva, because with places like the Baker House, LG is becoming more and more special all the time (brain freeze: I forgot about the horrific number of box stores at the edge of town, but...).  It's hard to beat a town that is built on the shores of a beautiful, swimmable lake. I think that it's funny that my town of Great Barrington, MA got voted Best Small Town in America by Smithsonian Magazine last year when a place like Lake Geneva, Wisconsin exists.  The folks at Smithsonian definitely didn't check this place out; or maybe they saw the WalMart, Target, Home Depot, etc. and got outta dodge as fast as they could.  They missed out!

When having cocktails here, try the regular cocktails for two appetizer.  It comes on a three-level serving tray and the delights are many.

16/01/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
59. Tracy F.
We came here for my in-laws' anniversary.  What a great night!  The service and ambiance were fabulous.  It was like being stuck in the movie "Clue" (without the murder) or being dropped into a late 18th century / early 19th century dinner party.  We all wore the hats from that era that are hung on the walls for guests.  We were cracking up and it got the meal started on the right foot.  The drinks were great.  Their specialty cocktails were yummy!  The food was good, not  great. If it had been great, this would easily have been a 5 star review.  We sampled probably half the menu, so this is not based on a small number of dishes.  The risotto was great, though it tasted more like jumbalaya.  The cheese plate was also great (but the restaurant doesn't make the cheese, of course).  The other dishes were just "good."  The pork sliders were pretty good.  I was excited for the fried chicken cutlet sliders but they were so heavy on the garlic I could only eat half.
Overall, the meal was good, the experience was great.  I definitely recommend this restaurant and would love to go back.

26/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
60. Destinee J.
The filet mignon melted in my mouth. The asparagus was perfectly cooked. The mashed potatoes couldn't of been more perfect. My creme brulee was excellent. This is by far my favorite restaurant now. Right on lake Michigan, cute little town. Had live music the whole time,.made for a very romantic candle light dinner for me and my boy friend. :) also the staff was very friendly! I definitely recommend you go to Baker House.

23/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
61. Ariana S.
Only spending one night in Lake Geneva for a short getaway, we decided the Baker House would be our one dinner out.  Without knowing anything about the place before going, I had no idea what to expect.  Let's just say I fell instantly in love.

The place is located in an old house and the whole theme welcomes you into a 1920's house party (think Great Gatsby) and is complete with a library, game room, den, lounge with live music and piano bar and sitting out on the closed-in patio.  You also are encouraged to wear one of the old-time hats throughout the evening. A girl with a selection of over 100 hats! Are you kidding me?! LOVE.

The only downfall was the menu was a little slim-pickings but everything we ordered was delicious.  Mad props to the fondue, crab cakes and seafood parfait.

We continued the evening in the 'Living Room' where Dave Radford (American Idol) and Mike Potts rocked it out on the piano and microphone.  They sang anything we asked for, as long as it fell into the crooning type songs from the 1950's (Sinatra, Martin, Davis Jr).  There may or may not have been some dancing from my part...These guys rock and are worth it alone to go see.

The night ended in the bar where Kyle offered us up anything we asked for.  Kevin, the owner, spent time chatting with us for a few hours and explained how they specialize in mixology and flavoring.  Basically, tell em what flavors you are looking for and they will help concoct a tasty & personalized beverage.  They have flavors like Elderberry & Rose Water.  Awesome.  

Overall I had a fabulous time and can't wait to go back! I would recommend this to anyone who is in the area. What a find!

17/04/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
62. Brandy L.
Adorably cute with hats you  where while you drink & dine! Greeaaat concept.

15/08/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
63. Rachael B.
Really fun place to go to dinner. Its in an old Victorian house that they have converted to a restaurant. Each room still looked like a room in a house,, complete with all the little details. Very nice piano music to accompany our dinner. Came here with CB and his cousin and his family. We sat outside in a little gazebo area, so the girls could run around by the fountain and we could still keep an eye on them. We ended up ordering a bunch of dishes - fried asparagus/tower, beef stroganoff, sliders (SO GOOD) and maybe something else. had a cheese plate for dessert full of artisan WI cheeses. at sunset, they had a sunset toast with free champagne, and everyone wore hats and toasted to good fortune. we had a blast!

09/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
64. Susan R.
Perfect bar to warm up on a winter eve with some bourbon and fondue.

22/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
65. Rhonda S.
The Baker House puts in about 75% of the effort that they should.  It is pretty cool to walk into the house and see the decor.  However, the servers all seem like they are very unsure of themselves.  The staff were not knowledgeable about gluten free options, and there were not many gluten free options (we had to basically eat only uncooked food).  The portion sizes were so small for food that wasn't even something that I would consider gourmet.

The size of the plates are very small, and price is high for what you get.  I ordered the melon and salami/prosciutto platter and it was literally three small pieces of melon, with a few pieces of lunch meat thrown in, and a couple of crackers (not gluten free)...I believe it was $16...are you kidding me?    I could understand if they were putting a lot of effort into preparation, but there was no prep here at all.  We had a seafood cup too, again uncooked, again very small and pricey...it was also about $16.  At this point, we stopped ordering the "small plates" because you would literally go broke just trying to get full.  We had a chocolate fondu...the chocolate was not warmed (but eventually warmed up with the candle), and there were three places for chocolate on the fondu plate, but you have to pick only two...why not just fill the third section with the two tablespoons of chocolate and make it a variety?

Furthermore, there was no way I was putting on a hat that was worn by a bunch of different people and looked worn out anyway.  The front of the restaurant is  a mix of tables and screens and such and quite frankly looks tacky.  The inside of the house could use some updating as well...Christmas bulbs in September?, tablecloths on some, but not all of the tables.  And because the restaurant is across the street from the lake, you are really not getting the best view, even if you do get a window.

18/09/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
66. George K.
Great atmosphere and very fun if you are into history (Prohibition Era) and having an entertaining dinner. There was a piano player and an accordion player (no, not Weird Al, trust me, I asked) that went around playing 1920's style music. You have the option to wear some pretty sweet hats (did I wear a fedora...you'll never know) and all the furniture and decor has a really good vibe relative to the atmosphere.

We (me and my counterpart Dragon) sat in the music room near the piano. The beef tenderloin sliders and the crab cakes were amazing. It's like when you open the Cracker Jack box and get the double prize...LEGENDARY! The seafood parfait was pretty good but not as noteworthy as I would have hoped. The Chocolate Fondue was so good I capitalized the first letters of each word. Pineapple and chocolate...the Hawaiians finally got something right.  And the drinks are all strong and very creative.  The one negative, the service is pretty bad. Recommend for the food, don't enjoy the service.

16/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
67. Judy C.
The building, decor and staff where all wonderful.  The food however was disappointing and overpriced.

We were in LG to celebrate our anniversary and wanted to go someplace special for the occasion.  The building, inside and out is magnificent with a wonderful view of Lake Geneva.  We were greeted by very friendly staff and had a great cocktail.

I ordered a Ceasar salad with crispini and 2 mini crab cakes.  The crispini had no garlic, so it was basically toasted french bread.  The ceasar salad was basically some romane lettuce with a pretty tasteless dressing, and the 2 mini crab cakes turned out to be 1 normal sized crab cake.  The crab cake was ok, but not hot enough and pretty unremarkable.  Certainly not worthy of the price.

My husband ordered a chicken breast stuffed with 4 cheeses.  When the plate showed up, the chicken breast was about the size of a thigh and no cheese stuffing.   When we questioned the server, she went back to the chef who said the cheese absorbed into the chicken????  Could not have been much cheese if it disappeared during cooking.  The taste was fine, but again no cheese and very small portion.  Again, definitely not worth the asking price.

We ordered a chocolate fondue for desert.  Two cups of melted chocolate bits, 1 dark (looked like milk chocolate) and 1 white chocolate with assorted fruit for dipping.  A little flavoring, (brandy, vanilla, red pepper etc) would have made it special, but no such luck.  Also, the sliced apples must have been sliced on the same board as an onion, because the tasted very strongly of onion.  The server brought a replacement "apple flavored" apple.

All in all the place is very nice, and the people are very nice, but don't expect food that stands up to the ambiance.  It is average at very best, but prepare to pay dearly for it.  Definitely a disappointment for a special occasion.

18/10/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
68. Jeff W.
What a nice place, with friendly service and a great view.  We came early on a Friday for a quick glass of wine and an appetizer. We thought it would be non friendly for our 4 year old, so we were going to do a quick in and out. We found they were quite welcoming for all of us we stayed longer and made it an early dinner.  Only complaint was with the charcuterie and cheese plate.  The cheese was good, but quite pedestrian and the charcuterie was more like sliced deli meat.  Not up to par with the rest of our dining experience.  Everything else was great, and the wife and I are looking at coming back to stay in one of their suites on our anniversary in march.  We can't wait!

27/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
69. Donna B.
this was a cozy  restaurant with lots of ambiance.  The serving staff was congenial, informative on the place, and lots of fun (wore funny hats as they zoomed around the room with the food orders).  However, the ambiance was better than the food --- the food was just okay.  We had the popular Tuscan chicken but there wasn't anything special with the red sauce on the pasta, and the special of salmon, which was just okay.  So the bread isn't as good as the circus here, from what we had.  And speaking of bread, there wasn't any offered with the upper $20 meals they serve.  They do have a bunch of appetizer-like tapas, which look like an alternative, but we didn't try those so we can't speak on them.  The crab soup was the best part.  So if you are looking for a nice place in Geneva that isn't a pub, check this place out.

14/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
70. Mary lou K.
I consider myself as very easy to please with the basic requirements of restaurant food and service. However, moldy bread on a 14 dollar dinner plate....

BOOM. 1 star.

There is absolutely no excuse.

Service average.
Hats were cute.
Ambiance was nice.
Music set the mood.

06/01/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
71. Michael S.
My wife and I just came back from a wonderful weekend at the Baker house. I don't really write reviews, but these people deserve their kudos. From the moment we arrived, we were treated so well and they really made us feel special. If you stay at the Baker House, they really treat you like a VIP, giving you access to every part of the gardens, and always having a table available for you (they have porch seating just for guests, that they leave available at all times, even on the busiest nights). The butler service is really thoughtful, and Jonathan is just an amazing person (you too Brent and Nicolas!). We wound up going to both a murder mystery dinner and a cabaret night. Both are tons of fun, but if you have to chose one, I'd go with the murder mystery. Make sure to visit the speakeasy at Maxwell Mansion that just opened.....just a cool little bar. I really can't say enough about how cool this place is, or how nice the staff and proprietors are. Baker House is worth a splurge.

30/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
72. Jill S.
Ambience was wonderful with a beautiful view, the food on the other hand...not so much.  
We went for Christmas Eve dinner so it may not be typical.  We order out filets Med-Med Well and they came raw in the middle, we sent them back and they came back butterflied and well done and dry. The salads were pretty sad, just lettuce.
We also ordered the seafood tower which was wonderful and our desserts were very tasty (choclate peppermint mousse and lemon cake).  
There were a couple of families there with smaller children and they got to pick out different hats to wear which was fun to see.
All in all it was a fun experience but not culinary masterpiece.

27/12/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
73. David H.
Food was good and not overly price. We had filet, shrimp, bacon wrapped scallops, cheese fondue and chocolate fondue. Staff was great and the atmosphere was fun and different. I would recommend it if you are in Lake Geneva. Only drawback is the menu offering is a bit limited.

11/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
74. Elvin Y.
Here are the essentials when describing the Baker House:

- It's a B&B and a restaurant
- One word to describe the hotel experience: MAGICAL
- One word to describe the dining experience: ECLECTIC
- One word to describe the staff: Freaking awesome! (okay that's two words!)
- One word to describe the view: STUNNING
- One word to describe the Versailles room: Breathtaking
- One word to describe the steam shower: AHHHHHH

Okay, enough about the one word descriptions and on with my review....

A few months ago, my boyfriend suggested that we get away from Chicago for a bit and head to Lake Geneva. I am a loyal fan to Southwest Michigan, but I agreed to go.  Not being familiar with Lake Geneva, I wanted to have the best hotel  or B & B experience.  After looking on numerous hotel websites, I was disappointed by the options that Lake Geneva offered. As I looked on Trip Advisor, I stumbled upon Baker House. It seemed like it was a restaurant, but one review mentioned that it was also a B&B.

I called The Baker House right away, and spoke with the owner, Bethany.  Indeed, Baker House is a restaurant, but they recently opened up the upstairs as a B&B. They only have a few rooms, but the rooms are not like any rooms you may have stayed in before.  We stayed at the Versailles room...and it looked like it was from the 1600s Versailles. The room has the best view of the lake.  I want to transport the room into my apartment. It is luxurious, romantic, quaint, and decadent. And the best part...the incredible STEAM SHOWER.  

The Baker House experience is magical from start to finish. Every single person on the staff is amazing. I love the butler, Shannon. He is so incredibly nice and genuine. The man doesn't ever stop smiling. Bethany, the owner is awesome. Most of the time, you will get her when you call to make a reservation. You can tell she poured her heart and soul into the place. And if there is anything you may not be happy about, the staff will fix it immediately.

Anyway, the dining experience is very eclectic. The dining room is filled with costume hats that guests are allowed to wear during dinner. This is incredibly fun and different. My boyfriend and I tried on couple of hats. There is also a live piano player.

Baker House is definitely the best place to stay in Lake Geneva. There are specials for mid-week and for the winter months. We have been stayed there twice in two months and can't wait to go back!  It's for sure my favorite hotel I have ever stayed in...and worth every penny!

15/12/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
75. Heidi R.
Baker House in housed in an old house with different rooms (e.g. library, game room, etc.) They own a huge collection of old hats which diners can try on and wear while there. Baker House focuses on small plates or shared plates. We only go there for dessert, so I can't say what their dinners are like, but recently we had a nice chocolate fondue. We sat in the "game room," with a large group of women (they were fine) and another couple or two. The place seems to be a place women really like because of the small plates, the "theme" with hats, etc., though my husband likes the desserts there as well. I'm not sure we could do a full meal there--the kitschiness is a bit much...

27/04/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
76. Noel H.
My family took a last minute weekend trip to Lake Geneva and wanted to find a great place for dinner.  Baker House was amazing. The service was outstanding and the food tasted fantastic.  Our 6 year old twins loved the at atmosphere with the servers in costume and fun hats to borrow during the experience.  Can't wait to go back.

31/03/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
77. Emily S.
Do not go.  Bar area full with customers with empty drinks and no service to be found or actually that wanted to work.  All workers in back hang out.  Waited 20 minutes patiently and than left and enjoyed food and drinks at another place.

06/02/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
78. Diane K.
I love Baker House!

I went here with a group of girlfriends on a random Thursday night. We came just in time for the sundowner, where everyone goes out to the garden to watch the sunset, put on a few extravagant hats, and drink a free themed cocktail of the night. The garden is beautiful, and the Baker house is charming. It's a very welcoming spot, meant for mingling rather than stuffy dinning. I enjoyed all the food, especially the cheese board we ordered. I am planning my next trip already.

14/07/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
79. Rae L.
My Fiance and I stopped here this past weekend and were very impressed! We made a reservation a few weeks back using their online system. We arrived a little early and waited at the bar as they were very busy (it was a Friday night).

Décor: Loved the ambiance/atmosphere - they have hats hanging around the building and we were told we could wear them if we'd like. We were sat in a corner room with three other small tables that faced in. We found it romantic to be in our own little corner versus having people right next to you.

Food - delicious! The she-crab bisque was outstanding and the cheese fondue/crab cakes were very good as well.

Service - our waiter was nice and prompt and checked in on us several times.

We will be going back next time we're in town - I would highly recommend this place if you're looking to try something different, not your typically dining experience. If you're by the window, you get a nice view of the lake.

19/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
80. debby s.
Enjoyed Victorian tea with my daughters in the magnificent opulence of the Baker House dining room. The food was excellent and the staff was perfect: friendly, but not invasive. We loved everything about this experience. Worth the 90 minute drive from Chicago.

23/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
81. J C.
Definitely a "Must Go" in Lake Geneva! Beautiful location in an old Victorian mansion on the lake. Prohibition Era cocktails, hats to wear, and friendly staff... I highly recommend going just before sunset where everyone is welcome to the patio for a sunset cocktail and brief history of the mansion.

30/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
82. Marie T.
Just went there with a party of five for tea. Nice environment but poor execution. They had a shower going on, and paid little attention to the patrons that booked tea. We waited 20 minutes for two pots of tea and another 30 minutes for a small plate of snacks. Our table was given the same amount of food as a party of two. Don't waste your money. The experience was hardly worth $150.00!  I go to tea every year and never had such a disappointing experience. Will not return.

28/12/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
83. Pamela O.
My husband and I stayed here for 2 nights for our anniversary. The service was wonderful, the rooms were very comfortable, and our butler Johnathan was great! The whole staff was so nice and they made sure that we were happy and had everything we needed at all times. Fantastic adult getaway! We had such a wonderful time! Would go back in a heartbeat.

30/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
84. GG G.
It was the Sunday before Memorial Day weekend , we thought it was going to be great and that was not the case!! Horrible food, everything was cold, I ordered one of the towers and the shrimps were extremely chewy. The pasta dish... A  JOKE! A Lean Cuisine tastes better!!  Very slow service. The only  positive thing is that we visited the mansion.. Just a tourist place with poor food quality and selection.

26/05/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
85. David L.
My wife and I spent 3 days and 2 nights in Lake Geneva. Highlighted in the middle day on 8/21/2012  was supposed to be a great dinner at Baker House. The reviews seemed great.
However, what happened resulted in us leaving before the end of the meal.

We ordered the $25 "tower of temptation" which featured 3 different items that normally vary - on our day it was fried asparagus, crab cakes, and some meat that was on a shish ka bob.

The crab cake was crispy, but very greasy. The sauce on top, flavorless. But i said, well maybe the others are better. I reached for a fried asparagus. My first bite was inedible-- literally. The fried dough portion was covering the base of the asparagus (the stalk) - so I bit there, and I could not bite through it. They forgot to take off the base of the stalk. Anyone with basic cooking skills knows that you have to remove that very bottom portion where it snaps off.  So that made my wife and I wonder --do they know how to cook?

I then tried to eat the meat - and it was flat out rare. I actually took a picture of it and will post it  onto yelp. Not to mention, the parts that I did taste, had NO inkling of being seasoned!

At this point, I really questioned who was in the kitchen. Although we had already ordered an entree, my wife and I felt it was unwise and perhaps unsafe to have food served to us by someone who clearly did not know how to cook.

I then showed the food to our waiter, who was really nice, and he clearly saw that the food was not the way it should be. We told him that we just wanted to leave. We paid for our drinks and of course, they did not charge us for the inedible food. I asked him flat out, "Is the chef not here today?" He confirmed, that it was a "new guy on the grill" -- "the chef had to do something today and there's someone else on the grill."
WHAT?! Who allows that to happen?  Who says that this is okay? It's not just that the food tastes awful, it is clearly unsafe. Someone who is serving raw meat - raw beef is likely to also serve raw chicken and raw seafood.

I had nothing against this place. My wife and I were just visiting from chicago. But we did something we've never done, which is leave in the middle of the meal. We then walked over to Gino's east right across the parking lot and enjoyed a proper meal.

23/08/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
86. Amanda B.
Overall a great restaurant and fun experience!

The location can't be beat with a beautiful spot right on Lake Geneva, with a large front lawn to enjoy it.  By ushering everyone onto the front lawn for a champagne toast at sunset, they take full advantage of one of their best features.  The waitstaff is also very friendly and accommodating!

My husband and I were in the area for a long weekend get-a-way.  We'd been to a few restaurants in the area but none that were particularly memorable so we decided to try something new.  We started with the fondue.  It was tasty.  Sure, they could add a few veggies to dip into the cheese, rather than just bread and apple slices, but overall a solid cheese fondue.  We then shared the southern chicken sliders with some sweet potato fries on the side.  This was delicious!  The sauce on the sliders was fantastic and the pretzel rolls they were served on were perfect!  All-in-all, extremely tasty food.  We also shared the creme brulee as as an appetizer which was a nice, light ending to a very heavy meal!

05/07/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
87. Steve R.
Romantic, great service and food.

Time travel to the early 1900's: when you walk into this cozy home/hotel, you pick out your favorite hat. You walk through classically decorated corridors to your seat at the front of the hotel, with a view of their backyard, overlooking Lake Geneva. As you review the menu and sip on your martini or old fashioned, you're called to a sunset champagne toast out on the lawn to celebrate anniversaries and birthdays.

While you're enjoying a quiet meal, the piano player plays some old fashioned tunes.

For our birthday celebration, we enjoyed the signature cheese fondue, a tower for two, and chocolate fondue. Amazing!

01/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
88. Ljana M.
Not the best for large parties over 10 people, but very nice for small groups or couples. Great location. The servers are a little unusual...

10/09/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
89. Karen Anne B.
I had brunch at the Baker house just this cold and rainy morning.  I think it might be just a bit overpriced, but the food was good, as was the service.  My  main food complaint was that my omlette was pretty oily.  They had a few other breakfast items, some lunch items, and some desserts. They chefs at the pasta and omlette stations were friendly.  All in all it was good. They have all kinds of crazy hats for guests to wear, and the staff wears interesting period costumes. We didn't go into the bar, but we took a peek and it was pretty cute.

I see that many other people have had service issues with the hostess. We were greeted by a host, and just as he went to check on our table, a hostess arrived. She seemed annoyed when I told her we'd been helped. I would not have thought anything of it if I had not read these other reviews. So, while it didn't affect me, maybe someone needs to have a chat with her.

I'd try it again, hopefully on a day when the view is better.

18/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
90. Rachel D.
We chose the baker house because unlike most Lake Geneva restaurants it was not ridiculously overpriced.  It is a tapas style restaurant which neither my husband or I had ever experienced.  Tapas is appetizer portions meant to be shared.  It sounded fun and different so we booked a reservation.

The restaurant is an old summer home built in the late 1800s.  It is pretty much a mansion converted into a restaurant.  It was very cool!  We ate in the library but there are lots of rooms and also dining outside with a view of Geneva Lake.  The waitresses and waiters are all dressed in 1800s fashion and encourage the patrons to barrow and wear a hat for the evening which we did.

Our server was Lola and she was really sweet and nice.  She was very helpful about explaining the eating style of the restaurant and our meals was not rushed one bit.  We were there for 2 hours!  Which for a romantic restaurant I do not want to be rushed.

We started our meal with the cheese fondue which came with apples and bread and also the seafood parfait.  If you love seafood OMG you have to order it!  It is a blend of shrimp, crab and lobster with "green goddess" which I believe is cream cheese and chives and other spices.  Was amazing!!!  And very pretty.  The cheese fondue was swiss which is not a favorite of mine but my husband enjoyed it.

For our "dinner" we ordered the beef kabobs and beef tenderloin sliders.  The sliders were SO good the beef was tender and flavorful and had grilled onions.  The beef kabobs had grilled squash on them and were also tasty.  We also ordered the pretzel bites with 3 mustards, yummy also!

Dessert was chocolate fondue with pretzels, pineapple, strawberries, graham crackers and marshmallows.  We mad 'smores!  We got the dark and milk chocolates and it was divine!

The atmosphere of this place is so lovely and romantic it was unlike any restaurant we'd ever dined in!  You must go here for anniversary celebrations or just for sweet quiet night together!

29/08/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
91. Dave G.
Overall Comments:  Great place to good for desert and drinks.  Totally lively and fun.  The crowd has a great time.  Drinks are very good.  Desert is great.

19/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
92. Laura W.
Hats plus fondue = awesome. great service food ok but worth it for the atmosphere. Lots of fun.

28/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
93. Matthew O.
The whole fam went out for brunch on a rare, dreary and wet summer afternoon. We were very happy to be seated out on the porch/balcony right next to the window with a decent lake view.

Hostess was very friendly and gave us the grand tour of the ground floor and the buffet before showing us to our seats.

The buffet did not disappoint. Started with some delicious smoked salmon and cream cheese with some simple slices of bread. Very fresh and very tasty. Pasta salad with fresh mozz was a little bland, but nothing beats fresh mozzarella. Mmmmm.

Next up was my main course. Bacon, sausage, and a made-on-the-spot Egg Benedict (I only got one) at the Omelette station.

Next round was a little more bacon, a poached egg, and three crab cakes from the Lunch side of the brunch buffet (which included all the Thanksgiving fixings -- turkey, steamed veggies, stuffing). Crabcakes were good, especially the sauce. I don't know if the crab was fresh or from a can. Maybe a slight fishy taste (unlike the salmon), but still tasty. The Omelette guy even made my brother a Crab Cakes Benedict.

Sampled some french toast, a bit more salmon, and a few desserts. All in all, it was a terrific meal. We mostly enjoyed the atmosphere and company, but the food (especially for $25 a person) did not disappoint. There was something for everyone.

And our waiter, Chas, was on point and very friendly. I would definitely go back to the Baker House...can't believe I've never been before.

30/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
94. Monica D.
Great food, tasty drinks, knowledgeable staff and superb atmosphere.  

My husband and I stopped in for drinks and a snack on Friday night.  We ordered the chicken sliders and the crab bisque, both were awesome.  The craft cocktails were very tasty, I would recommend the Grapes of Wrath: fresh, crisp and not too sweet.

The staff was extremely polite and knowledgeable.  The bartender showed us around and gave us a history of the house then had the entire bar captivated with his stories of paranormal activity.

Such a cool space and a great atmosphere for dinner and drinks.  Will come back here every time we visit Lake Geneva.

12/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
95. Kirsten A.
ADORABLE.  If you're looking for a beautiful, fun, blast from the past place for cocktails or dinner, this is the place to go.  A group of us went on a Sunday evening and had cocktails outside in their pretty garden space.   They serve vintage style cocktails amid silver trays, drape-y tents, and fire pits.  The Butler even came out at 6pm to lead a sunset toast complete with free champagne.  I couldn't have asked for a better evening, I only wish I had been able to stay for dinner. This place is beautiful and definitely makes you feel like you're living in a Downton Abbey episode.

And yes, they have hats you can wear.

05/08/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
96. Christina F.
I can't tell you how wonderful this place is.  My fiance took me as a surprise getaway where he proposed in the garden.  From the moment you walk in, the staff is friendly, happy and chipper.  We were greeted with smiles, director of ops, Katrina who gave us a tour of the mansion and our butler Jonathan who was beyond helpful.  Yes, the price is sticker shock with our room starting at $350 a night HOWEVER, it's well worth it.  Why you ask?  Ever wonder how celebrities feel when the go out?  Yeah, you get treated like you're important.  

The food is delicious.  I could eat tubs of the Gruyere fondue appetizer all day long if it was socially acceptable.  The cocktails are so yummy.  Try the Blood Orange Bellini and the Ramblin' Rose.  They are sweet and refreshing!

We particularly enjoyed the garden of the mansion.  That's where I was proposed to so it will always hold a special place in my heart.  The view is astonishing and in the line with sun set.  Speaking of, from Memorial Day to Labor Day they hold a Sun Set Toast around 8:10PM and hand-out champagne and acknowledge all the fun stuff to celebrate.

Our suite was awesome.  It's a touch of history and elegant decor with a touch of modern things like a jacuzzi tub, flat screen TV and comfortable bed.  The bedding and towels were also the softest ever.  You could melt in that bed.  We stayed in the Bordeaux room but they all have their own unique things that make it awesome.  Butler service, breakfast when you wake up (best chocolate croissants) and non-invasive staff.

Have I mentioned convenience?  The lake is across the street, boat rentals are a few feet away and the downtown streets just 1-2 blocks away.

I highly recommend this place if you want to get away for a romantic weekend.

16/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
97. Bob A.
My wife and I had a GREAT time!  It was date night while on a marriage retreat in Lake Geneva, WI.  Perfect place to go.  The staff was great and the food was too.

28/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
98. Elina K.
I know I reviewed Baker House already but I am just so in love with it I had to do it again! I had the pleasure of visiting this lovely place again this past weekend and it was so endearing and memerable that I am now a fan for life.

The ambiance is really extraordinary. You walk into this 1800's mansion and are greeted by staff dressed like they are from that era. You can choose where you sit. Each room is different. There is a front lawn with charming private gazebos - if the weather is nice and you're early enough, try to nab one of these! As you walk through the house you see different, vintage hats everywhere that you can take and wear while you dine. There is also live music in the evening, which is a nice touch.

This time I was able to enjoy the sundowner ceremony. Every night at sundown the owners, staff and guests come out on the fron lawn and tell the history of the mansion, recognize guests celebrating a special occasion and toast to the setting sun - with yummy, complimentary cocktails for all. It makes you feel like you are part of history and connects you to this magical place.

The food is reasonably priced american tapas, and while it isn't the main draw here, I thought everything I've tried was excellent. I had the wisconsin cheese and fruit plate, chicken sliders, cheese fondue, spinach dip, crab cakes, filet mignon and their brownie dessert. Service is really sweet and friendly, though a little slow.

I am telling you: GO HERE. If you have something special to celebrate, or for no reason at all. Go here, go here, go here and have a really incredible time!

Oh - this is also a higher-end bed and breakfast now, so if you have the time and budget it is a perfect choice for a stay at Lake Geneva.

20/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
99. Lindsay B.
Amazing house and restaurant experience.  Only 4 stars because the service was just so-so.  Definitely worth a visit if you're in Lake Geneva.

21/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
100. Samantha C.
Obviously the truthful comments about  Bethany the owner's poor service and terrible and erratic behavior got to her, and so did the creme brûlée. The cheese fondue is packaged Cisco although we live in the cheese Capitol, and none of the meats or cheeses are local. 95% of the food is frozen Cisco products. I saw her make a woman cry on her anniversary when she was expressing her disappointment in her reservation being lost. I believe they are only open on the weekends and are shutting down fairly soon. What a shame.

31/01/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
101. Daniel H.
What a great place. Amazing view. Great bar. The servers are all dressed up. It's like walking back in time. Take a walk and look at the amazing floor inlays. One of my favorite places to go in LG. Do yourself a favor and go check it out.

13/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
102. Lauren L.
I would give zero stars if I could.

Let me start my story by saying I have NEVER walked out of restaurant because of bad service, food, etc.  I walked out on the Baker House.

It was our one year anniversary and we did a weekend getaway to LG, stayed at the Cove and I made a reservation at 8pm for the Baker House.

We arrived promptly at 8pm and waited 15 minutes for the host the check in the three parties waiting in front of us.  Each time leaving for a few minutes, returning, and then seating some people. When it was finally our turn, we were seated at a table near the fireplace.  We were not informed about the hats, the Baker House history, the toast (I'll get there) or given any menus.  When we asked of a menu we were told they ran out.  I find that surprising since they were printed on cheap paper copy paper- go print some more in the office if you truly ran out.

We then sit there for 15 minutes, no menus, no water, no table setting.  Then a bell rings. and all of sudden everyone starts pushing and shoving their way to the free champagne outside on the patio.  One man sent his 4 year old to weave in and out of the line and cut everyone to get him and his wife some free champagne.  Really?  Who does that?  Classless. And of course they run out of champagne before we get any.

They do the toast which was fine, except everyone said it was their birthday or anniversary (we chose not to even though it was) likely because they thought they would get something free out of it. The toast is over and the pushing and shoving to get back in begins.

We go back in and continue to sit with no water, no menus, no drinks, no acknowledgement that we are sitting there. I start flagging down every person I see and telling them we want menus, water, service.  Each one tells me they will be right there or they are not my server.

The server finally comes by with water and one menu, because "they only had one left". We order a bottle of wine, the server (I would use his name but he never told it to us) disappears and after sitting there or another 20 minutes, we decide to leave.  It was well after 9pm and we had no drinks, no one had taken our order, and I had no desire to see if they could break the world record for how long it took to get our food out.  

We told the hostess we were leaving and explained why, she apologized and offered to sit us somewhere else in the restaurant.  I explained to her that our placement in the restaurant was not the issue, the complete and total lack of organization was the problem. She didn't seem to care.  

Luckily my husband and I are adaptable people and we would be happy eating in a Pizza Hut for our anniversary if we were together, so it didn't ruin our night, but it certainly was a waste of a couple hours.

I understand the Baker House has the cutesy vibe of being an old school hotel from the good ole' days, but when the theme takes precedence over the service, you have a recipe for disaster.

Save yourself the time and frustration and skip the Baker House, and if you do go, consider yourself warned.

08/08/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
103. Cassie D.
Stopped in for some fancy brunch cocktails on a girls day in Lake Geneva. Everyone was so nice and welcoming. We were seated on the "veranda" and I sipped my bellini in the sun. I was skeptical at first, wasn't sure if the vibe would be stuffy or overly schmancy. It was actually very inviting and cozy.

I didn't try the food, but the lunch buffet looked like a lot of fun.

I will definitely give it another go when I'm in the area...Felt like a perfect date place!

03/05/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
104. Sben D.
The baker house is an excellent place to enjoy quality food in a fun atmosphere. The building and the staff harken back to the grand days of the roaring twenties.

They have a vast array of fun hats that you can borrow to enjoy your meal with a quality piece of headwear.

The food was high quality. Light and delicious, filling without being too much.

I plan to return to the baker house and I'd recommend it to anyone in the lake Geneva area.

22/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
105. Matt F.
The house and the staff are meticulously decorated 1920's-style. Grab a cocktail in the bar while you wait for your table, which will probably resemble a cozy spot in a classic home. Look for the hats stashed throughout the house and put one on to join the fun!

Food: A-
Atmosphere: A+

09/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
106. lee w.
Nice place.  Beautiful home that was converted to a restaurant and B&B.  Food was good.  Prices reasonable, maybe a little high.  Cocktails are very pricey.  Avoid if you can.  Friendly staff, nice location.  The menu is very limited - on one side of a piece of paper - not much to choose from.  A good place to go once every year or two.  Definitely not a 5-star review, and definitely not a 2 star review.  3-4 stars is accurate.

31/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
107. Leigha I.
If you want good food in a PERFECT setting, this is the place for you! I went here with a large group for a friend's birthday and had an amazing time. This house is SO beautiful and you truly feel like you've stepped back in time! We sat outside under a large gazebo in the evening as the sun was setting in the gorgeous lake. We were able to participate in the sunset toast as we donned our provided hats and drank great old fashion cocktails as we ate TONS of good food. I have to say, this is one of my favorite restaurants I have ever been to! The atmosphere is just so much fun that you can help but have a good time.

24/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
108. G K.
Beautiful building and view of the lake, even with traffic between the view and the water.  Friendly staff and waitress, and we enjoyed a very nice narrative of the history of the home that the restaurant is located in from the hotel butler as we were escorted to our table.  Much of the decor is either original or period--fireplaces and original tile impeccable.  But as much as you dine out for ambiance, you really are there for food and service, right...?  All this aforementioned is the tickle before the slap.  I am not that hard to please, but service was slow and the food was not good.  Long wait for drink orders.

We started with the cheese platter--good thing in light of the entree's that would follow.  Cheeses were the best part of the dinner but not enough crackers and bread to complement.  A $10-15 a la carte salad with a $24 entree did not appeal to me, so I skipped the salad or soup.  

My walleye filet looked and tasted like it had been prepared hours before--maybe the previous day--and was just above room temperature and soggy.  It had an orange/pink sauce drizzled on it which overpowered what should have been a delicate-tasting, flaking walleye.  The couple of carrots and couple of string beans were cooked (steamed) al dente' and to perfection (I'm trying to be fair).  Two others in my group had the tenderloin filet and were also unimpressed.  6oz filet is kinda small but it's listed on the menu as such so should be no surprise.  It was served with a ramekin of what looked and tasted like the gravy you make with water on the stove top.  The tenderloin filet was plated with the same steamed veggie ensemble as the walleye.  

Cherry cobbler for dessert was good.  The coffee that was served with it was sent back.  No cappuccino available.  I can't remember ever sending coffee back.  It kinda looked like coffee, but tasted like water or weak tea.  Our waitress cheerfully brought a freshly-brewed replacement cup that was hardly any better and was not consumed.  It too was awful.

Lake Geneva has room for more good restaurants and fine dining.  Baker House has plenty of room for improvement.

29/12/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
109. Robert C.
The service was phenomenal and food was delicious.  Gorgeous atmosphere can't really ask for much more for the pricem i recommend this place to everyone for brunch. Bottomless champagne was a perfect touch too !

16/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
110. Emily L.
I am giving this place two stars because the owner was absolutely awful. I came with my office for a holiday party, where we requested a PRIVATE room, because we were a group of 20. From the moment we arrived, the owner was rude and condescending. She got our reservation time wrong, and we waited for over an hour to be seated. After that, we had too many people for the NON-PRIVATE room they provided us, and they awkwardly rearranged the seating with not all of us together. When we asked to be seated together, she was very rude and told us it was "impossible." Then, we waited about an hour for the dinner that they had asked us to preorder, and had to get drinks at the bar. When we made a toast for our good year together, the owner came in and asked us to "please quiet down." We have come here every year for the past four years and spent a good chunk of money, but we will not be coming back because of her terrible attitude. We came here for the service, but she was unprofessional and rude.  As an office who works specially in customer service, her attitude was appalling. Our server Mike, however, was amazing and deserves a serious raise. He was attentive, funny, and met all of our needs. However, the owner should either sell her business or stay behind the scenes, because speaking as a customer service specialist, she has no freaking clue how to interact with customers. Our office will NOT be returning.

03/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
111. Martin P.
We really enjoyed our evening this weekend (November 2014).  Staff was really friendly and motivated.  Venue was wonderful.  Food was great.  They had started Christmas decorations and what was already in place just added to the festive atmosphere.  And there was an excellent pianist/singer, whom we could hear from the other room.

Regarding the menu, we opted to get a series of small plates, like tapas, and that worked out well.  Crab bisque, crab cakes, mushrooms, "sliders", all excellent.  Next time we may order large plates -- there were three on the menu that evening.  Win e list was good and prices, while not low, seemed in an appropriate range.

All in all a great experience and we will be back.  I will say that our waitress, while also very friendly, could use a bit of training on the little things that would add to the atmosphere Baker House is trying to create.  Like how to serve a bit of wine and have the orderer taste it prior to pouring.  Or how to wait until all the main dishes have been served, before asking for dessert orders.  She should know that the pianist plays until 10PM on Friday (not 9PM as she told us, which led us to leave earlier than we might have).  And -- this is really nitpicky I know -- asking a patron "may I take that dish" rather than "you still werkin on that?" which is what one expects at a diner.

01/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
112. Paul J.
I went to the Baker House for a New Year's celebration.

From the very beginning, there was a total lack of organization.  Drink orders, appetizers, and everything else were received tremendously slow or were completely forgotten.  The soup was scorched.  By the time we finished our meal 2.5 hours later, we were thankful to go elsewhere for drinks.  The food was amazing (though to be sure we were very hungry by then.)  

The Baker House is an charming old building and has so much potential, but it's ruined by a terrible front of house.  Definitely a good place for drinks (try the absinthe service for two), but steer clear for dinner.

26/02/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
113. Rose D.
A beautiful old home turned in to a boutique hotel & restaurant.  We enjoyed Sunday Brunch here.  The brunch no longer includes complimentary champagne but I believe the price went down as well.  I do think charging $9 for a tiny mimosa is a bit much, but the $25 per person price was in line and appropriate for their brunch buffet spread.

The service was good & we like how the seating is spread out throughout the different rooms (rather than converting it to one big dining room).  They had a big variety of breakfast & lunch items along with a custom omelet & eggs benedict station.  My only complaint is that not all the dishes had covers on them so some items were just luke warm rather than staying piping hot.  As we were leaving a few of the staff were finally bringing out more lids...I'm not sure why these weren't put on right away in the first place.  But the food we had was all very good (aside from the temperature issues).

05/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
114. Sina S.
Incredible food, serveres, restaurant and hostesses! ++++ strong recomended! The best place to go to get an experience without the normal!!!

25/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
115. Michelle M.
What can I say... This place makes you feel like you are so very special. The rooms are beautiful and they have always accommodated me even when they had a 2 night min. stay. I love having my personal butler and when I say that I mean they take the best care of you. Our first stay Brent took care of us and kept the champagne coming.  Michael was our last Butler, I think he wanted to have fun with us!!. The food is wonderful! My mission is to stay in every room!! Love you guys at the Baker House see you soon!!

02/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
116. Michele S.
We came here for Sunday brunch.  Upon entering, it smells old and musty.  I know the place is old, but we just came off some pleasant fall weather.  It would have been nice to air the place out before the winter comes.

The food on the brunch was not that great.  I tried a little of everything, and nothing really stood out.

I don't get the hat thing.  Why would anyone want to put old hats on that were one hundreds of other heads?

The service was pleasant, but it's just not enough to make me want to come back here.

02/11/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
117. Cara S.
Had an incredible time here this past weekend! The staff were all super friendly and the atmosphere is beautiful and very unique. The food was awesome as well. Definitely wear one of the hats they provide or do what I did and bring your own!:)

24/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
118. Ryan B.
The food was good, we rolled in on Saturday of the weekend and the restaurant was having a  champagne brunch. The eggs Benedict was made very fresh and front of you. The waiters were very nice, but the manager was not nice. Nor was the hostess. We waited for 30 min for our table and had to beg to wait. And there were empty tables in the restaurant. I over heard the manager speaking to another guest in such a rude tone, she even mentioned she was the manager and pushed around her title. If we had to do it all over again we would've found somewhere else to eat.

The building was so cool and is a hotel.

01/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
119. Gina S.
Our night was fantastic!  We arrived at 7 and got our table.  It was a very intimate and romantic corner table with a lot of privacy.  We were there on Saturday night and they do a champagne toast before sunset for all of the guests out on the lawn (Memorial Day to Labor Day).  It made it feel like we were at an event, not just dinner.  Their are antique hats all over the restaurant that they encourage you to wear and we took some fun pictures.  The food was also fantastic and I recommend the charcuterie plate.

Definitely make a reservation well in advance.  I have tried to have dinner there on past trips and not been able to get a table.  You can go to the bar and have drinks and they offer some interesting cocktails.

I would recommend the restaurant for couples or for larger groups on special occasions.  It seems to be popular for bachelorette parties (probably not bachelor parties).  

Although this is listed as being pricey, I thought it was pretty reasonable considering the level of service and the amount of time you spend there.

03/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
120. Paul E.
Have been here five or six times and the food is just OK, but the setting is very nice. Mostly we have small plates. We find the selection limited with a heaviness that screams Wisconsin but isn't typical for small plates. Drinks are very good and the small bar is a great place for a cocktail.

Had a reservation this evening at 5:45. We asked to sit on the porch, which is more casual than other rooms and has lake views. There was virtually no one in the restaurant but we were told "no" and offered a table with a window that looks out to the porch. It had an uncomfortable looking settee and I pressed the hostess since there was no one on the porch. I got a crazy string of explanations about "the flow of the restaurant" like we were idiots. We finally just left and went somewhere that doesn't treat customers like that.

Too bad. We are still looking for a nicer restaurant to replace the wonderful Chefs Corner Bistro which, sadly, has closed. We were there two or three times a month.... We will need to find a place that appreciates us.

31/08/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
121. Rustygirl M.
Sadly, I was underwhelmed.
We were early for our res so we sat in the bar. Over priced drinks but I'd expect that. Wine was priced better than cocktails.
Had 3 small plates to share w/ 1 other person. Took forever to get someone over to even take the order and then forever for the cheese plate to arrive. When we ordered we were asked if we wanted the other 2 plates after the cheese, we said yes. Instead they all came out together. We had a very sm 2 person table so there wasnt a ton of space for drinks and the plates.
Hats that are avbl to wear are a fun touch, as is the decor but the small plates we had were not special. Crab cakes were too fishy, cheese didnt include a soft spreadable cheese which you want on breads, and the trio of brushetta was just ok.
Wouldn't go back.

05/10/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
122. Garrett D.
My wife and I visited Lake Geneva for the first time and decided to go to The Baker House because it has excellent reviews and quite frankly we were not sure where else to go.

We are so happy we went here. The food was delicious. We sat at the bar and shared appetizers and small plates. The Wisconsin Artisan Cheeses plate was awesome. They recently added a Gruyere with Cumin that we both thought was very good...we do like Cumin and use it often at home.

The drinks were also fantastic. I can be picky about my Old Fashioned and this was top notch.

The atmosphere is amazing. A speakeasy where hats are suggested. At sunset we were asked to move into the front yard where there was a Champagne toast. The whole experience was fun and the food was great. We will definitely go back - and maybe try to stay there.

23/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
123. Julie D.
It was my birthday and Mother's Day and we decided to go to Lake Geneva for a quick 24 hour get away.  As we were staying at the Maxwell Mansion we thought it would be great to dine at their sister property, The Baker House.  It seemed like a unique, fun, intimate place to celebrate.
We arrived for our reservation at 8:30pm - the restaurant was about half full and there were only two patrons in the bar.  Immediately upon being seated my husband realized that his chair was unstable and rocking back and forth.  We requested to be sat elsewhere which caused confusion and annoyance.  I requested to sit in the library, which had wing back chairs and seemed more comfortable and intimate - and there was no one dining in this area.  We were told that this area was reserved for hotel guests and we mentioned we were staying at the Maxwell Mansion, of which we received a snooty response that they meant guests of The Baker House.  We were however, finally given a table in the library and immediately placed a drink order.  We waited nearly 15 minutes for our drink and for our waiter to return, during this time we started googling restaurants we could possibly go to at 9:00pm on a Saturday.  Our drinks came at 9:10pm and we placed our order.  We ordered the cheese fondue, baked French onion soup, Caesar salad and two small plates - BBQ pork sliders and tenderloin tips with polenta.  Our server asked if we wanted all our food at once - I don't know anyone who wants to receive all of their food at once like it's a buffet.  We politely indicated that we would like our fondue, then soup/salad and then small plates in the normal order that you would receive your dinner courses.  My soup came first, followed by the fondue and shortly thereafter the salad and the small plates.  We ordered another round of drinks and they took almost 10 minutes.  Throughout dinner we had to request water refill and removal of empty drink glasses and plates.  When we were done with dinner our waiter came to drop our check and then asked - you don't want dessert do you?  We said yes we would like to know what was for dessert and he mentioned that it was listed on the menu and reluctantly told us what the items were.  We ordered two coffees with baileys and dessert.  When the waiter then came to present the check and we paid, her just said "Thanks".  I would like to mention that there was a dirty table next to us, nearly the entire time we were there.  The saving grace for our evening was that the food was very good - not outstanding - but very good and of course spending the evening together.  This place has so much potential but the service was very poor and the other supporting staff either seemed very snooty or very unhelpful, lord help them during busy tourist season.

10/05/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
124. Lauren R.
Not happy how I was treated trying to make a reservation.  They discriminated a specific party assuming we are a rowdy bunch.  Wouldn't even allow the time we wanted.

12/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
125. Tony C.
We had a lot of fun trying on the hats. The brunch was very good for what we had, but very limited choices. Well worth the money though. I thought the service was very good. We will be back again.

27/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
126. J A.
Excellent service, Romantic ambiance, tasty cocktails and surprisingly delicious steak. We had a blast playing dress up with the hats too!  We will definitely return!!

18/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
127. Andy W.
I would give three ratings here...

Food - 3 stars
Environment - 5 stars
Service - No stars.

We walked in and the restaurant and it was pretty cute. The place is nice, and looks fun. We sat down and it took our waiter more than 15 minutes to even come over and greet us. It was more than 20 before he actually took our order. We ordered drinks, multiple appetizers, and a dinner each. Our first order of drinks came very slowly. Then the appetizers. The appetizers were decent, but nothing special. The service issues here came from the fact that subsequent rounds of drinks either took forever to come, or were forgotten by our waiter. Many of our meals came out incomplete as well (missing small plates, etc). We waited for a long time for most of our drinks throughout the night. The food was decent, nothing special, but I did enjoy the macaroni and cheese.

All in all, I would probably not come back. Dinner for six took over three hours and cost more than $400. Most of that time we spent waiting for drinks or food. Definitely not a place to go for a quick meal.

The saving grace... the drinks are awesome, even if you do have to wait 30 minutes for them and remind the waiter a few times.

28/01/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
128. Frank A.
Maitre D: 5 Stars
Bartenders: 5 Stars
Food: 2 1/2 Stars
Dining Room Service: 1 Star
Yelp Up to date: NEGATIVE 5 stars

We arrived early for cocktails and sat in the bar and tried a variety of cocktails and drinks from Old Fashions to lemonades and flavored mojitos.  The bar staff was wonderful and very professional.  We had also ordered the cheese board (little pricey at $18 but its Lake Geneva).  It was taking a while to come out and our table was ready for dinner, so we told them to just deliver our cheese board to our dinner table.

We were seated at 6:31pm and our waiter promptly said hello, delivered our cheese tray and asked if any of us needed drinks.  A very nice start, but that would be the end of any good service.   Now it seemed like 30 minutes before he came back to take our dinner order (I'm sure it wasnt that long, but it had to be at least 15 minutes.  The dinner took over 2 hours so it was a lengthy delay).

When he came back, he casually asked "was there anything else you wanted to start with?" No - we wanted dinner! We were hungry.

For Dinner I ordered the 6oz Filet ($36).  It was served with veggies and potatoes, but a soup or salad would have been ala carte.  My fiancée ordered the pork tenderloin.  The other couple with us ordered the same pairing, and our 5th person ordered the veggie dish.

Dinner took a very long time to come as well.
When it finally did come, our waiter served all the dishes and said "how does everything look?"  Well it looked good, but come back and check us after we had a bite.

Now, everytime I read a review and the person says the waiter never came back to check on them... I always think, sure sure, this is a total exaggeration.  The waiter always stops by at  least once to check on things.

But ours NEVER did.   Not til we had empty drinks and our plates stacked with our silverware did he come back and ask how dinner was.  I couldnt believe he didnt make one appearance after serving the food.  Granted it was a Saturday night and it appeared his section was full, but our table was right smack in the middle of his other tables.  He could have easily checked in on us after talking with his other tables.

Overall, the food was decent, a little expensive (but expected for a tourist place).  Dinner took a tad over 2 hours, which seemed lengthy considering we had our appetizer order placed in the bar room 20 minutes before we sat and we didnt have a soup or salad course.

Now - for the yelp up to dateness of this place.
Get this - thier check in offer.....
Wait for it..... its gonna entice you like you wouldn't believe!

Their check-in offer, on Jan 17, 2015.....was 25% off a 2013 Calendar!!!!
Wow - lets get on that Baker House and put a relevant offer up - thats embarrassing.

18/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
129. Brittney P.
My husband and I came here for dinner and it was AMAZING!!!

First off, the staff was fantastic!!! We had been originally seated by a loud, obnoxious group and the staff moved us to our own private room (the library) to enjoy our evening. Our waiter was incredibly knowledgable, not only about the menu, but about the history of the Baker House and Lake Geneva. Our service was prompt and efficient.

Our food and drinks were wonderful as well. My husband and I both enjoyed drinks off of their cocktail and wine menu, including their classic mojito and spiked strawberry lemonade, both were fantastic. Our appetizer (the Signature Cheese Fondue) was outstanding, as was our dinner (the hubby had a Caesar Salad w/crab cakes and I had the pulled pork sliders). For dessert, we had the Creme Brûlée, which again did not disappoint.

The environment of the Baker House is truly one of a kind, the beautiful decor, the live music and the fun hats available to wear, it is more than your average dining experience. My husband and I will definitely be back!!

28/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
130. DeeMarie W.
I loved everything about this place!  Picking out a hat for dinner was so much fun!!  The ice bar was incredibly cool!!  This mansion is so unique, cozy, and a beautiful place to visit for dinner. As the menu isn't extensive, everything we tasted was amazing!  I really would love the recipe for their she crab soup!  An ward winner indeed!!  

The service was a little awkward at times. We had a group of 7. The bartender on the porch could have been a little friendlier, but it was extremely busy. I was more distracted with having a good time with our party to let little annoyances ruin anything. Still can't wait to go back again!

01/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
131. Patrick D.
Food was ok to above average.

Service was good. Coffee went unfilled for extended periods of time but server was very friendly.

Ambience is excellent. We had a lot of fun trying on the many hats.

20/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0