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Hotel Metro in Milwaukee, WI

Hotel Metro in Milwaukee, WI


Hotel Metro is the hip, boutique hotel choice for downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Recommended as "where to stay" by NY Times and rated by Travel & Leisure as "one of the top hotels in the world", this eco-friendly hotel is known for its historic building and unique Art Deco design.  Experience the uncommon elegance of our all suite, European-style hotel, located in the heart of the arts and entertainment district.


Established in 1998.

The hotel is located in a historic neighborhood which was once the center of a thriving retail area. The building was designed by Eschweiler & Eschweiler to complement and stand out in the neighborhood while offering stylish and trendy options for the time period. Locally, the Art Deco movement was at its peak and the architecture of the building reflects that via the high ceilings and curvature found throughout the building. It was built as an office building in 1937 and was the first to have central air conditioning throughout.

The hotel bears the interior design touch of the late Madame Liane Kuony, the Fond du Lac native who was well known for her passion for design and cooking.

The building was bought and remodeled by the current owners, Jamie Hummert, John Ogden and John Wolter in 1996. Using the exterior curves, limestone, the wraparound windows and discreet Deco detail as a planning scape, the Metro's interior became an interpretation of the 30's style of design that celebrat


Company Info:

Rating: 3.86

Address: 411 East Mason Street, Milwaukee, WI, 53202
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Comments (80):

1. LeAndra M.
This super cool hotel appeals to the OCD freak in me:  note, all white beds.  It is spotless and chic.  The beds rival the "heavenly bed" at the Westin.  The decor and furniture are tasteful (and again, spotless, no yucky stains).  Every evening when I return to my room, the hotel staff have turned down my covers, left me chocolate, and put on music on the CD player.  The best part:  unlimited Aveda products and clean, soft robes.  Yummy.  Plus, room service that doesn't cost an arm and leg:  oatmeal with carmelized sugar and fresh berries ($4.95) and homemade granola ($4.95).  Love it!  ~$169/night (and the rooms are huge).

11/05/05 | Link | Rating: 4.0
2. Dave S.
The Hotel Metro's street-level restaurant and bar takes hotel restaurants and bars to another level. I have gone for lunch several times and each time has been quite good. They also serve up one of my favorite after-work cocktail hours in Downtown Milwaukee. Great drinks, upscale atmoshphere without being too pretentious. Mostly young crowd, not too many TV sets, and, thankfully, a mostly smoke free environment, even when crowded. Last time I was there the place was jam packed and I saw a total of two cigarettes get lit and smoked the whole time I was there.

21/12/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
3. sean b.
The former executive chef at Yaffa is now in charge of the kitchen here. Do you know what? HE MAKES THE BEST FOOD!!!

01/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
4. Tom C.
I had only one evening to experience the Metro, but it was a wonderful and pleasant surprise, recommended by a colleague who travels here from time to time. An all-suite hotel, the sitting area is "cozy", but love the flat screen in bed and living room (with many HD channels). And yes I am a sucker for Aveda products. Had a lousy view facing a parking garage, but barely looked out the window while I enjoyed the cool mid-century retro space. Other than running up an outrageous bill from the mini-bar (the second Prez debate was on!) my experience was top-rate. What a nice surprise in the town Laverne and Shirley made famous!

15/10/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
5. T A.
Just got back from a weekend getaway with my boyfriend and we're so happy we chose Hotel Metro!  The hotel was nice and the room was fantastic!  There were a couple of pieces of furniture that were a bit old school, but the size, bedroom, and bathroom made up for it.  We had a king deluxe room so it was very big and spacious.   Bathroom was huge with a nice jacuzzi tub with separate shower and a plethora of Aveda products.   Free wireless internet so you can connect and search for things in the area.  The salt water hot tub located on the top floor was great - and even better that we had the entire room to ourselves!  

Perfect location with some of the best restaurants within walking distance.  Also really close to the pubs/breweries on Water Street.  Though we walked everywhere, the hotel offered a complimentary taxi service.  Had breakfast at the hotel which was great, and walked across the street to Zarletti to have the BEST dinner!

This was our first trip to Milwaukee and if/when we come back, we'll definitely be staying here!

08/03/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
6. Jim F.
Just stopped in for a bite and had an amazing app- Mediterranean platter.  At $11 it was quite the delicious treat.  Might sound expensive, but it filled us both- huge!  Great service and worth a visit.

28/11/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
7. Frances L.
I was only at the bar but it was a real nice time. I was glad there were drink specials because I only had $11 cash on me. Sure I could have used credit but I prefer not to.  Anyways, dont go for the house Cabernet, it is no good. Bartender was very attentive and a good conversationalist. I dont find that often here in MKE. Id go back!

12/09/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
8. Gretchen P.
Nice looking hotel, and the room was clean. Woke up with terrible neck pain from the awful pillows on the bed. Was awoken at 5:30 am from an alarm clock that was not turned off from the previous stay. I stayed here for my wedding night. Nothing special was done (not that I was expecting). I wanted to use the "complimentary" cab that the Hotel has. I was rudely told by the front desk manager that I could not reserve, and that my requested pick up time at midnight was not doable because they park the car at 11:45pm. I was referred to an awful town car service, by the name of Brian's town cars. I was assured he is the best, has great cars, and great service. He showed up in a smashed car, disgusting interior that was not clean at all, had some girl with him, and showed up in board shorts and a baseball cap. To top it off, when we got to the hotel at 12:30pm, the "complimentary" cab just arrived in front of us, unloading guests to the hotel.

14/09/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
9. Mandi S.
My husband and I decided for our anniversary we would go where the wind took us lol. well we started driving from Chicago and ended up in Milwaukee figured it would be a good spot since we had to get home the next day.
We first stopped at another hotel which was full on jacuzzi rooms and boy am I glad! Metro met our expectations and exceeded them. The concierge Daniel was very helpful at getting us directions to get to the hotel, and was quick friendly and wonderful with check in
. Once we got into the room it was great the bed was comfy the pillows were fluffy, we had the spa suite
Stocked mini bar, complementary coffee tea and hot coco.. The aveda products in the bathroom smelled great. The Tub was HUGE and the Jets were so relaxing.
I would defiantly recommend to anyone trying to get away for a night with your special someone!! All rooms are no smoking.
Next time my husband and I go to Milwaukee we won't look any father then Hotel Metro!! This trip was for us to get away, but next trip we will explore to Metro cafe, and to the roof top!!
Check out was quick, and the valet was nice and fast. I wish I would have remembered the young man who checked us out of the hotel, because he was so friendly! He talked to us and treadted us like we were long lost friends lol.
I can't wait to go back!!

10/07/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
10. Claire D.
Aww.. someone else used the word "swanky," but that's exactly how I'd describe Hotel Metro!  It has a very classy vibe to it.  For a hotel, it better, right?  There are several places to sit (but not too many if it's a busy night); either intimate or open, depending on your social needs.  The waitstaff is helpful and friendly.  The drinks are pretty good.  Music you will most often hear is more jazz or classical, if at all (if it's a busy night, good luck in hearing anything other than chatter).  Hotel Metro is either a good place to hang your hat for awhile, a quick little stop before your night's truly begun or a nice "night cap" right before it's time to say "goodnight."

06/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
11. Liz F.
I love the Metro hotel but last night we had one of the worst dinners both in terms of food and service I have in a very long time. It was a Sunday night so it was not very busy. We ordered drinks and our food. We waited more than 10 minutes for our salad and as she served the salad she said "your dinners will be right out" Sure enough they were right on the heels of our long awaited salad. Two of ous ordered steak medium rare. The outside was burned and the inside was gray with very little pink. My mother tasted her meal and said to the server "thiis is not very hot". The server responded "well I am not sure why not, it came up with the rest". She eventually took it back to reheat it. The server never brought us steak knives until we asked and never asked us if we wanted another cocktail.
Very disappointing and we will not dine here again. I give it one star because the Cherry cobbler pie was very good.

13/02/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
12. Mike M.
Very nice. Easy walk to Summerfest. Right next to all the good restaurants and clubs on Milwaukee St.

06/07/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
13. Julie M.
Metro is the ideal place for a romantic overnight downtown. The rooms are affordable and accomodating (chocolate turn-down service) and the restaurant has great dinners and brunch!

05/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
14. Kristen S.
My stay at Hotel Metro has been my best hotel experience in Milwaukee. The two bedroom suite was clean and spacious. The location was ideal for anyone visiting for Summerfest or the Water Street experience.
The Lounge $6 martini special made our Friday evening.
Would definitely recommend staying here for your next Milwaukee visit.

11/07/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
15. Jon B.
I often have to organize recruiting trips for my company and wind up flying several people to Milwaukee each year. If you're ever trying to WOW somebody with their visit to our fine city... put them up for a stay in the Hotel Metro.

The rooms are AMAZING. Each one is unique and from the moment you enter, you never have the feeling that this is just another Hampton Inn. They are bursting with modern character. The best part, while they are a little more expensive, they are not out of this world (especially if your goal is to impress)!

While there is the on-going rivalry between the Pfister and Metro among my friends as to which is the best Milwaukee hotel... hands down, I go with Metro. Everybody knows that Milwaukee has old school character (thanks Miller, Pabst and Schlitz) but Hotel Metro comes as a refreshing surprise.

Also, if you happen to have people stay there over a Friday night... what better fun that $5 martinis right downstairs in the Hotel Bar?! Often times you begin the night with happy hour at the Metro and then, all of sudden, it's last call! The best part, the place stays crowded (usually not overly crowded either) all night long. Since I'm not a martini man, I usually opt for Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, but my friends usually gravitate to the Mango martini... according to them, "fruity, flirty and fun!"

03/09/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
16. Shelly S.
This is a fantastic hotel located in downtown Milwaukee.  Our room was a gigantic suite.  Think BIG - then keep on thinking.  Loved the layout of the room which included; Two flat-screens, HUGE comfortable bed with high grade linens for snuggling, shower and seperate tub, and Aveda products!

Then I was blown away by the restaurant downstairs.  Not only do they have an entire menu for their BLOODY MARY's but just the basic $6.00 Bloody Mary came with a beef stick, three huge olives, and asparagus!  I was truly impressed.  The food was excellent too.

14/07/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
17. Hanski E.
I liked this place when I stayed here. But my experience after I left has been nothing but absolute hell. Was charged over $400 after I checked out for "room damages"--what damages were these? MAKEUP MARKS ON THE ROBES. Apparently when I wore the robes some foundation makeup rubbed off on them, and I was socked with hundreds of dollars in "room damages" for this. The robes did not need to be replaced, just cleaned. We're talking about some makeup marks from typical use--not that a bottle was spilled or a tube of lipstick was ground out on the material. The man (David) at the front desk was a complete asshole to me, hanging up on me TWICE when I called to dispute the charge. It says explicitly on the hotel fine print that additional charges will be levied if anything in the room *needed to be replaced* because of damage; I was told that the robes just needed to be cleaned (don't they do that ANYWAYS??) but that makeup stains count as damage, so I was socked with a fee. Thankfully my bank removed the charges when I disputed them, but this experience, the shady financial handlings and the asshole rep at the front desk has completely destroyed any good feeling I had toward this hotel. Shame on you.

12/04/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
18. Stephanie L.
A ditto on the cheap valet, Rachel.  Ditto again on the location and decor.  But, alas, I find the culinary department to be a bit weak.  If only it were as fun and funky as the interior design.  My fellow diners and I chose Hotel Metro's brunch based on its rankings from the Yelp community and its close proximity to the PAC (in that order).  I was so disappointed.  Perhaps, I hyped it up in my mind, expecting more from a hip hotel.  I chose the "Continental," which included coffee cake, fresh fruit, granola, and yogurt.  Let me break down each of these items. First, the coffee cake was probably the best part of this menu option.  It was moist, dense, and had a crunchy, sugary crumble as its outer layer.  Yum! Second, the fresh fruit was a bit sad.  It was orange slices, halved strawberries, grapes, and melon.  The melon was actually tough, and it was not because I was eating the skin.  The melon was skinned.  It merely tasted as though it had been sitting out too long.  The granola appeared to come from a box.  It was not even up to snuff with Kashi.  A recommendation here would be to buy the granola from a local purveyor or bakery (OR, here's a novel idea, bake it in house).  The yogurt was probably scooped out of a Yoplait tub.  The "flavor of the day" was peach, and it tasted just like it came out of one of the familiar foil-topped yogurt servings.  I did have the chance to try my tablemate's potatoes (the side with the omelets), and they were nicely crunchy on the outside, and hot and tender on the inside.  The omelets were decidedly "so-so" and "standard, like you'd find at George Webb's."  As Hotel Metro, I would not want to be compared to a greasy spoon.  The stars in this review, I think, go entirely to Kelly and Latrelle.  Kelly was a very sweet lady and server, and Latrelle made sure our cups of coffee were always piping hot.  I would return to Hotel Metro, but in the later hours.  Dinner may prove to be better.

22/03/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
19. Tessa G.
Holy Mackerel! I love this place! A huge reason I have such a huge adoration for it is because it reminds me solely of my counterpart and our times there together. It's got a funk to, that classy funk, it and I'm a fan of funk--let it be known.

We had stayed there a previous time (New Years 2009/2010) after we had seen Spoon a few blocks over. We loved it. The layout is ultra-appealing with a tub located in the center of the room (in the spa suite, that is), a swanky vanity off to the side, and contains one of the most comfortable beds I've had the honor of slumbering in.

What's really neat about this hotel is that it's the first LEEDS certified hotel in all of Wisconsin. Also the first building in the city of Milwaukee to have air conditioning--if you're into those sort of facts...It's an old business building restored into a wonderful hotel with a fantastic little personal car to top it off (even the car has a good back story). They also are as eco-friendly as they can be and you can't beat that.

We came into town for Summerfest and it's always nice to return back to the room and have a nice soak in ze tub after you've been meandering through Milwaukee for hours. I absolutely love the location of the Jacuzzi; how it's in the center of the room. One of the funny aspects of it all was that upon arriving, they handed us a $25 coupon for being a preferred customer or whatever perk we had acquired to get that extra scratch, the funny part was that they put us in the nicest and biggest suite in the hotel, and we actually turned it down to have the same room placement as a spa suite, like we had stayed in the previous time. It was too spread out and we wanted to have everything in one big room. Don't worry, we didn't sprint down to the desk to exchange it., we actually had to debate about it for awhile, but we chose the spa suite. We enjoyed watching MSNBC and soaking with the complementary bath salts after being overloaded with fantastic live music. Now that's what I'm talking about!

I recommend you order room service. It will be delicious. I scarfed down my blueberry pancakes and normally I'm not extremely fond of my room service breakfasts that I usually receive when I stay in other hotels. Plus, room service was more attainable when we had that $25 gift card. I'm also going to tell you, that they throw an exquisite brunch on New Years Day and I'm sure they do the same for other occasions.

12/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
20. Sue S.
Wow.  My husband chose this on-line, and he did good!  Great location, incredibly neat Art Deco decor, HUGE room, very clean, staff could not have been nicer.  Our package included free parking, $50 credit in their restaurant, free admission to the Museum of Art (walking distance), and 10% off Museum food/gift shop.  Very comfortable beds. A wonderful experience including good breakfast.  I would definitely go back!

19/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
21. Em T.
There's no place I'd rather find myself sick during a work week.

I was supposed to stay at the stuffy Pfister with co-workers.  But when that hotel was booked along with Pfister's sister hotel, the concierge suggested that I try Hotel Metro which was right around the corner.

It was great.  All of the rooms are suites (Sweet!). The bathrooms were huge with oversized tubs.  And there was a real workspace rather than a desk squished into a corner of the room.  The room and hotel location seemed perfect for any occasion.

It was perfect for me because I was sick and had to stay in bed most of my time in Milwaukee. The hotel staff went out of their way to keep me comfortable.  When I couldn't figure out how to increase the temperature with the thermostat, the maintenance man was there in less than 5 minutes.  After explaining to me that the heat was turned off since it's warm outside, he left and surprised me when he came back with a space heater.  The cleaning lady was so sweet and cleaned more than I ever expected. She even mopped the bathroom floor.  She was so friendly.  We mostly smiled and giggled at each other since we didn't speak each other's language.  The turn down staff were like ninjas.  I never knew they were there.  All of the staff were great.

This hotel includes every amenity you would and wouldn't want.  The bathrobes were heavy, soft, long, and warm.  And the bath salts and other bathroom goodies were supplied by Aveda. Translation... spa quality!  There was lots of sunlight and the hotel was conveniently located near everything I needed.

The only downside to the hotel is that the bed was stiff and the food from the hotel's restaurant is bland bland bland...  I might have been sick but the taste buds were still in tact. Oh yea, and something is up with the elevators.  There was a note providing instruction if the elevator didn't move after entering.  Then, one time when I tried to enter, the doors opened about two inches for a couple minutes before opening all the way.  I never got stuck on the elevator and was always surprised to see that someone else made it off of the questionable pulley.  

But overall, I really enjoyed my time at the Hotel Metro and will definitely try to stay there if I ever return to Milwaukee.

29/05/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
22. Noelle B.
This is a really cute boutique hotel in downtown Milwaukee. I had my wedding here and the staff was very helpful and the prices per person (for hor dourves, dinner and four hours open bar) very, very reasonable. They were also very willing to accomodate meals for all the guests including vegetarians.

I understand that the ballroom is not everyone's cup of tea but my husband and I loved it. There is a very interesting Tiffany-blue, printed fabric on the walls. The chairs are cushy and red and there is a bamboo hardwood floor.

The hotel rooms are amazing, very clean and cozy with a fire place in some of the rooms. I also liked that a different type of aromatherapy is pumped through the airvents on each floor. Endless supplies of Aveda products in each room also.

Of everything in this hotel, I have to say that our guests still talk about the food. It was amazing! A great place for a wedding, however, it is best for a small wedding. I think we fit 75 in the ballroom.

08/05/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
23. Rachel M.
Hotel Metro is a boutique hotel in downtown Milwaukee. I've stayed here twice for business, but would definitely consider staying here for a long weekend (for fun!) if I happened to be in Milwaukee.

The staff is incredibly pleasant and helpful regarding restaurant recommendations, directions to the nearest Starbucks, directions to get back to the expressway, etc., which makes all the difference to me!
Although some of the "Art Deco" touches seem a bit more 1980's than true Art Deco, I appreciate that this hotel is trying to be a little different and memorable (plus, I'm an 80's child - teal is my color!). I do like all the eco-friendly touches, but they do not have the water-saving feature of skipping towel/bed linen washings, which surprised me.

Each room has a large bathtub and separate shower. The little touches of Aveda products in the bathroom and a chocolate on my pillow were wonderful. Another bonus - the hair dryer was a REAL hair dryer that was powerful like mine at home, no dinky hotel dryer here!  Another bonus - robes included in each room that you can use during your stay. I wish they had more options for breakfast, but they do have an on-site restaurant and bar that seemed quite popular.

My first time here, I was upgraded for free to a suite with a whirlpool tub and fireplace. It was absolutely heaven after a long work day! I would definitely consider booking a suite for a weekend getaway or special occasion!

28/05/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
24. Susan L.
We stayed there for two nights this week, all expenses paid (including the $25/day valet fee) for a business trip.  The Hotel Metro is a historic hotel, and it was beautifully-renovated to reflect the art deco style of the building's original era.  Our room was quite large and I loved the soaps & other products they provided.  All of the staff - reception desk, valets and Housekeeping - were exceptionally pleasant (the valets were particularly endearing).  *However*, the room had many negatives:
#1:  The lighting was very poor and that's a pet peeve of mine; especially when accommodations are pricey.
#2:  With that huge amount of space, most of it was totally wasted - including the truly *miniscule* closet, which was ridiculous for a double room.
#3:  Everything was done for "show", but with no sense of practicality whatsoever.  For example, the desk chair was quite uncomfortable and it stuck out at weird angles (I kept bumping into it).
#4:  The mattress was too hard (certainly not the worst we've ever slept on - but still....).  Also; the pillows were so thick that I had a stiff neck for even one day after leaving.
#5:  In order to conserve energy - which I certainly support - the temperature could not be regulated.  Well; if they're so concerned about the environment, why don't they also provide those little cards asking guests to leave their towels hanging up and to leave the card on the bed if they don't want the sheets to be changed?

We ate breakfast at the restaurant on the second day (we had Greek frittatas, which were delicious - although the [rye] toast was practically burnt) and our server was very pleasant.  Prices were reasonable for a pricey hotel's restaurant.

One other nice thing about the hotel - and also a rather unusual bonus - was the roof deck.  It was very attractive and it had a nice view of downtown Milwaukee.

27/03/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
25. DJ S.
We usually stay at The Pfister.  We thought we would switch it up.
The room was really big. At first glance we loved it. And truly overall good.
The black mold area on the ceiling of the bathroom was a turn- off.
The bed was comfy, the living room not as comfy.
The TV has lots of channels but no guide to help you choose a channel. The pay per view movies are $17.99 each. Yikes. Free internet is a plus though.
Now all would have been fine except the noise. A wedding was happening and it was super loud. Even calls to complain did nothing. The pictures on the walls shook with the music. That's how loud it was. And the cute metro house cab forgot about us after our dinner. We waited about 50 minutes. Had to call and remind him. He forgot.
Started great but ended on a sour note. And bill for parking was $25 plus tax and a $4.99 charge they donate to the historical something he other. Do parking Gir a night is really $32.99.
Not sure I will be back. Well, I know I won't.

11/11/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
26. Michael S.
Looks like this is where we should have stayed. We stumbled in here, almost literally, after I fell on the ice outside, cut my finger and needed a band aid.

Fresh decor, modern design, great light, and the place feels alive. The staff was welcoming and intelligent.

I'd give this place a try if I am back in town for an overnight stay.

08/03/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
27. Jennifer B.
This is the second time I stayed at Hotel Metro.  I had such a great experience the first time that I wanted to come back again.  This time, I feel topped the first.  It may have been because of the special person I was staying with but I thoroughly had a great time.  The rooms here are huge and the soaking tub is ENORMOUS!  But I think hands down more than the cool rooms, the Customer Service is outstanding.  I always feel taken care of when I'm there.  This stay especially.  The Concierge staff went above and beyond with getting a pair of my beloved boots buffed and shined.  Hotel Metro doesn't offer this service in house but they were extremely happy to help me by finding a nearby location and handling all of it to the end when they kindly dropped the boots off at my room.  Thank you!  I also really like the bar/restaurant.  They have an outstanding breakfast/brunch which is great if you've spend some time enjoying the delicious Sangria's the night before.  The last thing I want to point out is that they have an incredible spa area on the rooftop.  If you have time, make sure to enjoy it.

03/01/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
28. Frank P.
was there coupla days in spring 2012: fine place. good location, nice views, excellent views, an easy walk to an excellent redev project a colleague had done. he'd also recommended the metro in the first place--thx, tony. place is also easy walk to the lakeside, a more intimate version of chicago's. staff was helpful about a few offbeat requests. everything a big-city hotel should be and often isn't

25/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
29. Natalie P.
One of the most posh hotels in Milwaukee.  From the moment of check-in to check-out; the entire overnight experience was classy, elegant and so beautiful.  The front desk clerk was very friendly, and suggested some great places to see within the area.

The hotel rooms are gorgeous.  We had a two room suite that was big and spaceous for three people.  We also had dinner and drinks in the restaurant and the service was amazing.  I would go back!!

16/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
30. Peter B.
Hotel Metro is a great hotel to visit.
I come here about 4 times a year, for business, and the staff and service is always great.Not to mention the great elegant bar.

The part about it is you have a vast variety  of great local restaurants for what ever food ethnicity you are craving.

Rooms are GORGEOUS!!! Very clever layout with an amazing bathroom.

See you soon Hotel Metro.....

28/04/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
31. Becky D.
mmm... brunch.

I loved the atmosphere of this restaurant.  Open concept, couches as chairs, tables with enough space to eat on.  The service here is prompt and top notch.  The beverages are great, and yes, there is alcohol available.  

The food, well, that's the bit of a sticking point for me.  I really enjoyed brunch here, but partially because of the atmosphere.  The food wasn't anything to keep on telling people about.  I had the Denver breakfast burrito and it left me underwhelmed.  It was good, but as far as brunch goes, I've had better brunch food.

Now I'm not saying don't go here.  Do.  The atmosphere is worth it.  But the food isn't anything special...

11/04/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
32. coleman h.
Stayed here for a wedding and got a good price on one of the corner suites.

The staff were extremely helpful the whole time, starting with helping get my room ready for an unannounced early check-in.

They have an free, awesome London-style cab for taking guests around in the evenings which saved me at least $50 in cabs and a lot of hassle.

The room was large and my only complaint was that the carpet and wall color looked a little faded.

I would definitely stay here again as it is within walking distance of great nightlife, restaurants and waterfront activities.

26/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
33. Deb K.
We had a great stay at the metro. The staff was exceptionally courteous. Everyone we encountered from valet to check-in to room service greeted us with a smile. The room was clean and swanky. I loved the old time feel and was proud to support a historic building. Food was great as was service at the restaurant. Walking distance to lots of restaurants, shops, breweries and the art museum. The rooftop spa was closed but in room Jacuzzi was great. We would gladly stay again.

08/01/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
34. Jenn C.
Love this place!! So happy we found it on our way through Milwaukee. Quiet, relaxing, reasonable prices, friendly&attentive staff, and KILLER rooms!!! We are in the king suite. Its beautifully laid out open floor plan has a jacuzzi in the middle of the room! There's also an enclosed toilet and standup shower. Comfy bed, very nice amenities and mini bar. I could live here! :)

14/08/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
35. Mike P.
I recently stayed here while on vacation with my fiancée . First off, the hotel is beautiful and well maintained. The staff was courteous and very friendly. It has Art Deco grace with modern amenities  like free wifi and flat screen TVs. The suites include a fabulous bathroom which has both a soaking tub and stand alone shower. Location was a plus, the hotel is situated blocks from the lake and is within steps of public transit. The #30 bus stops about a block away and takes you up to Milwaukee's fantastic East Side. I will definitely choose this hotel again when I come for another visit to Milwaukee .

19/07/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
36. Ben S.
I decided to take a short "Stay-cation" and move myself and my dog to the Hotel Metro for four days and three nights.  
After I unpacked, I was perspiring (it was 76 degrees that day) and I could not adjust the temperature in the room as there was a triangle with a wrench symbol in it (which the hotel maintenance person explained meant it needed to be reset).  The maintenance person went on to tell me that the heat had been turned OFF and that the air-conditioning was set to only run at 20%.  He suggested I open a window to cool down the room (which I did).  Later that evening the thermostat again showed the same symbol of triangle and wrench and as the toilet would not flush I called the front desk and they sent up a bellman.  The bellmen, temporarily fixed the toilet and put in a work order for a permanent repair. We discussed the temperature of the room as it was still too warm and he offered to send up a fan, which he did.

The real problem came at 3:30am.  I was shocked awake because I was shaking so badly. Since the thermostat couldn't be set for a steady comfortable temperature, and there was no heat (and the heat was turned off according the maintenance man), and I had not tabs on the local weather (and why would I need to as a hotel guest), I still had the window open per the maintenance person's suggestion to lower the temperature.  Unfortunately that night the temperature dropped 30 degrees into the low 40 degree range.  With no heat in the room my room temperature now registered a temperature of 53 degrees and I was in the midst of (physician diagnosed) moderate hypothermia. Over the rest of my stay I was unable to maintain a proper body temperature and remained huddled in my room. I used the Jacuzzi to raise my temperature and turned on the fireplace in place of actual heat.  I chose to stay through my reservation because the hotel had services such as room service that I frankly required (I live alone).  

I checked out on and told the front desk manager about this when he asked about my stay. He said he would be "alerting someone". I never heard from anyone regarding this.I took my dog home and was then taken to urgent care and diagnosed with pneumonia contracted from moderate hypothermia.  I spent the next week under a physician's care and taking heroic doses of antibiotics and full bed rest.  

I made the reservation with Hotels.com and I contacted them when I was recovered to discuss what happened.  They refunded half of me payment of $313.59 immediately and told me to contact the hotel for any other restitution.
I sent a letter to the manager, Ms. Willis, and after getting no response from her tried to contact her through the hotel's "Contact Us" page on their website, again with no response.  I contacted Hotels.com again and they spoke to a staffer at the front desk who gave them an email address to pass on to me to resend the letter I sent previously, again there was no response.  I have left two voice-mails for Ms. Willis and again received no response.  Finally I contacted the Preferred Hotel Group, which the Hotel is a member.  They asked me to email her the letter I sent to Ms. Willis and told me the she would pass it on to her personally with the following message;

"I know that you have attempted to reach out to Ms. Willis, General Manager at Hotel Metro, with no response. I have forwarded your email and letter to Ms. Willis, so that she may address your concerns and respond to you directly with a copy to me. Thank you for taking the time to call us and let us know of your disappointing experience at Hotel Metro."

I have never been contacted or spoke to any member of the Hotel Metro staff about my stay because they refuse to response to any of my attempts to contact them.
Terrible hotel service and accommodation and then terrible customer service with no contact.  I would NEVER recommend the Hotel Metro.

25/06/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
37. Chris S.
This hidden gem is an amazing place to stay. Rooftop patio with salt water hot tub, awesome rooms, full bar and restaurant. Lots of fun and very relaxing. My favorite place to visit in the city, have never been let down.

23/03/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
38. Allen L.
I was impressed by how nice Hotel Metro is.  Great staff.  HUGE room that was really nice.  Gigantic bathroom with shiny glass sink, huge jacuzzi tub and stall shower.

The room is really more of a suite.

For me, the HVAC was annoyingly loud (till I shut off :-)
Also - I didn't figure out where the light-blocking shades were until the second night.

This will come in handy if your room faces the parking garage that will light your room like it's daylight.

I don't know much about Milwaukee but there were a ton of places within walking distance.

15/03/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
39. Ellie B.
Hotel Metro is gorgeous, clean, and smells good all over! All of the rooms are suites and ours had this amazing, deep whirlpool tub that I still dream about. Our room even had a fireplace. It's one of those hotels that makes you think about re-evaluating your finances on the off-chance that you could live there instead of renting an apartment. (Answer is always no).

The food is also amazing and the staff are really friendly and helpful when it comes to ordering. But it's not just in the restaurant that you'll get good service - the front desk people are friendly and the valet guys are super professional, friendly, and fast.

22/09/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
40. Mike S.
What a cool hotel!! Great unique look, awesome staff. There was not just one employee that was exceptional they were all phenomenal, from the front counter, to the doorman, to the driver of the british car shuttle, to the bartenders. The rooms are unique and very art deco. The best feature is the roof top bar and work out facility. I would recommend to everyone. Make sure to check your credit card bill as they do have ongoing billing issues by charging your credit card for things you did not purchase (extra rooms or massages).

11/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
41. Courtney R.
The hotel is beautiful, and the food at the restaurant is delicious. The staff at the front desk and the valet were extremely friendly and helpful.  With that said, it is sad for me to say that the service at the bar/restaurant was some of the worst I have ever come across.  We sat directly at the bar for happy hour (which mind you, is not that large) for over 20 minutes until we got acknowledged by a bartender. Finally, the bartender asked for our order, and proceeded to serve those who came up to the bar after us. After making about 5-6 more drinks for other customers, he asked what we wanted AGAIN.  30+ minutes later, and after an $11 jack and coke, we finally got our drinks.

Later, when we sat down for dinner, we definitely were not expecting it to be a 2 hour experience. Our waitress was extremely inattentive and slow. We skipped dessert because we figured 2 hours was long enough, and that if we order something it might take another half hour to get to the table, so instead we had a bottle of wine sent up to our hotel room. 40 minutes later, it finally arrived!  The food itself was delicious, maybe next time I will see if I can get it to go...

About a week after we checked out of our room, I realized I had left something valuable in my room. I called the front desk to see if it was in some sort of lost and found, but it mysteriously was nowhere to be found

It was really a shame. We had been waiting for this special anniversary weekend for over a month and paid TOP dollar for the room, drinks, and food, only to realize I was paying for poor service. If you are going to charge a premium on these items, you have to deliver and provide the service that is promised!

28/06/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
42. William U.
I ended up at Cafe Metro for a business lunch when we found out Karl Ratzsch's was closed that day.  They were very accommodating to our group of 6 just walking in off the street without reservations.  They weren't busy but they didn't play that "Do you have reservations Sir?" which was nice.  The food was above average, but with so many options I am not sure I will go back.  Prices weren't bad, service was good, I enjoyed our server as she had a playful attitude which helped considering our changed plans.  Food came out in a timely fashion and every seemed to enjoy it.   So

26/03/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
43. Heather R.
HUGE ROOMS, and very art deco in decoration.  Food is affordable, even as room service and customer service is impeccable.

Awesome night life here, on the right night.

23/06/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
44. Jessica S.
Cafe Metro has some awesome martini deals for a Friday night! Had to have a ladies night with some of my ladies so we decided to head over because rumor had it there were delicious five dollar martinis. Rumor was right. I believe there are around 10-15 different options of martinis that you can choose from. I recommend the side-car which featured brandy and a sugar coated rim. YUM! The original dirty martini was also great, can never go wrong with a dirty martini, shaken not stirred. Service was great until the end when the bar suddenly became completely dead at around midnight. Our server seemed sick of working and was ready for us to get out. We must have been getting to rowdy on our ladies night.  Still a great place to start out a Friday night and enjoy some fun drinks with friends!

14/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
45. Michael S.
When you enter Hotel Metro, you see a couple of framed notices announcing that it was honored as one of the 500 top hotels in the world by Travel & Leisure. While there are many things to like about the hotel, I'd say that they have a ways to go to achieve a "luxury hotel" standard.

First, the good news: I stayed in a master suite, which was not only reasonably priced, but the most comfortable suite I've had in ages. It was well-designed, the furniture was comfortable, the bathroom well laid out. The bed was extremely comfortable, the linens and towels high quality, and the bathroom stocked with Aveda products. The room service menu was filled with interesting and tasty choices and when I ordered a sandwich, it was delivered quickly and was hot and yummy.

The Cafe Metro, the hotel's restaurant, offers an interesting range of menu items. I had a salad and a BLT for lunch and both were terrific and served with excellent house-made potato chips. There's a good range of beers on tap and large pours on drinks. The wine list was a bit more less thrilling, but there were some drinkable choices by the glass and bottle. I'd come for lunch or dinner if I was in the area and be pleased with my choice. It's not fancy food, but high-quality.

Now, the quibbles. The bandwidth in the hotel is execrable. You can check your email on the hotel's wifi, but don't expect to be sending your colleagues any big documents. Or even a smallish PDF. And you won't be steaming Netflix to your iPad. This is truly terrible wifi.

But there are other, inexplicable lapses that are inconsistent with high-quality service. Here's an example: I asked for a feather pillow after my first night and was told that the hotel didn't have any feather pillows. WTF, I thought: no feather pillows in a "luxury" hotel? When I asked again about 2 pm, I was told that the hotel did indeed have "a few" feather pillows and that two of them would be delivered to my room "right away." When I got back from dinner at 10:30 pm, there were no feather pillows, though when I called the front desk, my pillows were finally delivered.

Here's another example: we ordered room service breakfast for group with two pots of coffee. The breakfast order was incorrect--and there were no coffee cups. Rather than bringing the cups to our room and then bringing the food when it was ready, we got our coffee cups and food, together, 25 minutes later.

So the bottom line: I liked the Hotel Metro and I'd stay there again. But the hotel staff could use some serious training--and it needs a new network, pronto.

04/12/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
46. Leigh A.
My husband had a regular Saturday night gig here playing solo guitar. I surprised him for our sixth anniversary (2/11) and reserved a suite. I worked with the manager and got some sweet perks. From the moment you arrive, Hotel Metro is classy all the way. The valet service is fast and friendly. The front desk is professional and efficient. The elevators are scary as heck. They are super old and have a lot of problems. The rooms are gorgeous. The manager put us in room 606 (how cute). They are spacious and modern. I am not a fan of the placement of the flat screens, but we weren't watching TV anyway. The view was gorgeous. There is a full desk and office area, a living area, a bedroom and huge bath with a magnificent whirlpool tub. They supply endless Aveda products and anything else you might need to have a wonderful stay.

We had dinner and breakfast at Hotel Metro Cafe. Dinner was okay and breakfast was fine. I miss Chef John Chitko. He created a wonderful menu with many choices. When I ordered, two items were not available. The menu should have been updated and/or the server should have told us before we ordered. The service can either be really good or really slow. The noise level gets very loud during peak times and later in the evening. It would be nice to see a seasonal menu and more gluten free options.

The location of the hotel is perfect. It is within walking distance of many restaurants, shops, and businesses.

I would recommend this hotel to anyone looking for a romantic getaway.

08/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
47. Christina N.
Hotel Metro offers something so different from your traditional hotel stay. I fell in love with the art deco design immediately. The details- from the hotel entrance, red elavator doors, to the old mail chute catered to my design sense. Our large room with its curved walls and gigantic soaking tub kept us wanting for another nights stay. As if this wasn't enough to meet our expectations- we were then told (by the more than helpful staff) that they also provide bicycles and a genuine London cab for transportation around the city- Free of charge! We made sure to tip generously!

I've left out the 5th star, only because I felt the hotel needs to update their room furnishings a bit- not sympathetic to the art deco style, nor was the bed particularly comfortable (I think it was the lumpy pillows).  That said, I still wouldn't stay anywhere else in Milwaukee.  We had such a great experience here!

07/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
48. Cassi D.
I liked the location and service, especially from Angie at the front desk. The Aveda bath products were nice.  But I was really disappointed with the cleanliness of the bathroom.  The shower was years overdue for a bleaching.  And the decor struck me as more 80s and old than 30s and chic.  The bed was comfortable and valet was always quick with my car.  I just expected a cleaner and more updated room for the price.

08/09/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
49. Jan W.
Spending a chilly weekend in Milwaukee, picked this hotel for it's location and free wi-fi.  It is unusual in that it was built as an office building and then turned into a hotel.  Makes for some odd shaped rooms but tolerable.  It's Art Deco and beginning to show a bit of wear.  The curtains were faded into a dingy white and the upholstery on the loveseat very dated.  The blackout curtains were substandard, hanging poorly so didn't begin to cover the windows.  TV wasn't connected to the hotel's system and it took a maintenance person 30 minutes or so to fix.  However, the room was clean and quite serviceable.  The bathroom was fine but could have benefited from a towel rack or two.   These deficiencies were not acceptable for a very expensive room (over $500 for two nights plus $50+ to park the car)  Could not visit the restaurant or rooftop bar as they were both booked for private parties (weddings perhaps) so cannot comment.  Service excellent and all staff very nice and friendly, but not sure I can give a strong recommendation except for the location.  Only 4 blocks from the Riverwalk and 6-7 blocks from Lake Michigan.  Great restaurants within walking distance.

I rarely write negative reviews and this one should be considered a wakeup call to a hotel that ought to be better.

28/07/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
50. Kari G.
My husband and I chose Hotel Metro in Milwaukee to host our intimate wedding and reception. We chose the hotel for two reasons: location and price. We are both hardcore Milwaukeeans and love downtown. Hotel Metro was a perfect fit because it is historic and had a vintage feel, which was the look we were going for. We first met with Jon Prill (who is an excellent sales/catering manager) and told him what we wanted and he helped us plan out all of the details. When I checked in on the wedding day, the staff was very attentive. From the valet to the front desk, everyone was courteous and helpful.

Initially we were scheduled to have the wedding on the roof, but the rain kept us away. Not to be outdone by the rain, the hotel set up the ballroom in theater style and our guests enjoyed a wonderful ceremony. Once the ceremony was complete, the hotel again turned the ballroom back into our reception location. Based on what our guests have said, the food catered by the hotel was exceptional, and the set up was beautiful. After the reception, the hotel gladly stored our extra cupcakes and wedding topper in their fridge overnight. The staff was so kind to bring us a plate of food to the room so we could have something to eat after all the dancing. The one con we have about the reception is the fact that we had a cocktail and hors d' oeurve reception, but the hotel provided guests with large plates, thus allowing them to consume more food. I think perhaps a small/medium plate should be used for these types of receptions. I also forgot to mention, the hotel allowed us to use the Hotel Metro taxi as a prop for our wedding photos. They earned major cool points for that!

We had a conference suite reserved for pre-wedding and after wedding festivities :) and let me tell you...I love, love, love the bathroom! If I could have taken the bathroom home I would have. The suite was beautiful, but the only con was the view of the parking structure. I loved the complimentary Aveda products.

Overall, we loved that we chose Hotel Metro and will more than likely host another event there. Jon Prill is a great asset to the hotel, and we appreciate all of his help for our special day.

09/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
51. Rick R.
I enjoy coming to Hotel Metro for outdoor seating on Milwaukee Street. It's a great place to enjoy great food, a glass of sangria or a martini ($5 on Friday nights!), while watching the foot traffic on Milwaukee Street. It's a great place to meet with a group or just one other person. I celebrated a birthday there recently and had a great time. I haven't had a chance to explore too much of the new menu yet, but I can tell you that the wings and pizza are pretty good. As I explore more of the menu, I'll share what I've learned.

22/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
52. Alex L.
My parents were coming in for a weekend visit from Long Island on of the hottest days of the year.  I planned to put them up at my house but they would have freaked at the amount of heat that can be contained in the upstairs of my house, so naturally being the great son I am I reserved a room at the metro.  It was my first time doing this so I was little unsure of where to reserve.  Allison, the manager? helped me to get a room and all was set for the weekend.  She made herself available to our every whim and was a great host.  I picked them up and brought them immediately to the hotel where the valet was real chill about letting me keep the car out front while we unloaded.  

The room smelled clean, was spacious, and the tv on the extendi-arm swivel was a nice touch.  One of my idiot friends even pranked the concierge asking where the tampons were, when they called back my dad picked up the phone, unaware of what my friend just did, to hear that they were sending complimentary rags up to the room.  Not bad, eh?  We crisscrossed Milwaukee like a junkie, trying to hit up all the spots in the short weekend they were here with frequent trips back to the hotel to unwind.  Not once through the 15 back and forth trips to wherever did the valet look unapprovingly at having to do their job, which I friggin love, because if you have a job you should do it well and not be a snob about it as if the whole world owes you some favor because you have a shitty job you don't like.  They were super cool.

We had drinks at the lobby bar and chilled out and it was a nice and clean environment for them to meet my friends as they came and went.  The hotel is clean without being sterile, and I imagine the leftover pizza that was put outside of someones door was only there for 5 minutes when my friends and I drunkenly ate it after leaving my parents behind for some rest.  There is a roof top salt water hot tub with impressive views of the city that my girlfriend wanted to stay behind for.  All in all it was a great place and my parents left pretty damn happy, and with some new tampons.

06/08/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
53. Andy C.
It's hard for me to admit that any hotel is better than my personal hotel chain of choice, which incidentally is Embassy Suites.  Yes, yes - start the Embassy bashing, but when you really look at it objectively, for the price you pay (or end up paying through PL), the separate sleeping/suite area, the decor of the chain, and the free hot breakfast, Embassy Suites is actually quite spectacular.

I tagged along with my gf to Hotel Metro on the night of the 15th as she had an interview the next day for a family medicine residency program in the area.  Since this was her gig, I didn't bother researching the hotel, but I did pay attention to where it was located as I took Amtrak from Chicago on Tuesday afternoon.  So objectively speaking, here we go:

Location: 5 out of 5
This might be subjective for me, but I found it no problem to get to from the downtown intermodal station.  Walk east till you hit Water street, take a left (N), and then take a right onto Mason, and you'll be there in less than 15 minutes.  I took the car the next day, and noticed that when driving back, you really just have to go towards the lakefront, and go towards Jackson Ave or something like that.  Seemed intuitive to get to from various locations in the city.

Decor: 4 out of 5
Hrm....this one was sort of odd, because the doors to the bathroom were painted almost in a teal-like color.  The artificial plants in our room were nice, and I liked the overall feel of the room too.  Muted, neutral colors that didn't offend me (cept for maybe the teal bathroom doors), and mostly clean lines.  The only two things I would mention that sort of gave me pause were the location and setup of the TV's.  One was located in the sitting area against one end of a curve, and the other was in the sleeping area at the "hump" of the curve.  It'd be impossible to watch both at once without disturbing your mates, as there were no separators, and the ceiling in the curved area didn't go all the way up.  I understand why they had to place the TV's where they did, but it just wasn't as aesthetically pleasing.

Amenities: 5 out of 5.
Didn't use much, but from what I saw, things were pretty cool.  As I alluded to, 2 LCD TV's.  As others have mentioned, the tubs in the rooms are HUGE (see my pics) and the sink in the bathroom was shiny.  I tried to get some good pics of that, but it kept catching my reflection in the basin, and I gave up.  Also present were: bathrobes, ironing board, hair dryer, boutique'ish toiletries, philips Ipod/mp3 player dock, mini bar with beer, wine, booze, and snacks of every type.  There is a restaurant on site (did not use) as well as a valet service that allows you in and out privileges.  The in and out privileges were key, as I had to drop off my gf at the hospital early in the morning, and then come back for a few more hours of sleep.  

Service: 5 out of 5
What is this rating based off of?  The live wake up call at 5am and the fact that the cleaning lady gave us some chocolate at night.  Oh yes, and also the valet service, as it was quick, efficient, and friendly (remember to tip your valet attendants).  

Pricing: 5 out of 5
What, you ask?  Why 5 stars?  Oh, because it was comped by the hospital that my gf was interviewing at.  Didn't spend a dime, except on gratuities for the valet and cleaning people.  If I had to pay for it myself, I might be singing a different tune.

Overall: 5 out of 5
Well done, clean and immaculate hotel.  However, I have one very minor gripe, and that is with the tub and sink drains, as the ones in the room we stayed in were a little slow.  Not so much clogged, but just that the drains physically didn't raise up that much out of the basin.  When I forcibly reached down into the tub drain and yanked it out, I did see some hairballs...not enough to make me cringe, but then again, that's something that only the top half percent of hotels world-wide would pay attention to, so who am I to complain?

17/12/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
54. Matt R.

I've had food here before at the cafe, but decided to review this time as I had not done so. Went there for brunch, and was not expecting to have a great meal. I was very pleasantly surprised. Food was very good, and the service was right on.

The menu isn't very expansive for brunch, but I like less options when it comes to food at a restaurant. I ordered a bloody mary and a nova-lox wrap. Sometimes the simplest things catch you off guard, and the nova-lox wrap did that for me. It had egg. It had capers. It had smoked salmon. It had a creamy cheese spread on it. It was divine.

On top of that, the bloody mary was great! not too many fixings, but the mix itself was good and spicy. A great compliment to the meal.

This place won't be for everyone, btu if you're in town and looking for a solid mid-day meal that won't break the bank, you need to check this place out.

P.S. (It's a great place for client lunches!)

16/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
55. Peter S.
A very poor hotel for business travelers.  Rooms are extremely dark.  My air conditioning would not reduce the temperature below 76% despite a visit from the hotel maintenance staff (after two requests) that pronounced the system fine.  Black out shade was off the rod.  Desk staff clueless, in general.  Shower floor so slippery it is a wonder there have not been fatalities.  Lobby bar is pretty good, though.

22/06/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
56. Donald a.
First of all this hotel is very stylish and beautiful -a perfect fit for an edgy and high-end feel this part of downtown Milwaukee is into. That said that edginess is tempered with the grounded individuals who provide services in this area that reflect the Midwest values of the city and apparently the whole state. The Metro reflects those values in all service areas. Our rooms were beautiful we had a one $74 rate for a king suite. The room wasn't that large but it was still perfectly fine and had a beautiful hot tub refrigerator flat screen all the things you to expect in a modern hotel room. Apparently their animal friendly and they have room service for dogs. The bar has one of the best happy hours I've seen in any hotel anywhere with five dollar martinis and cheap beers and well drinks-unheard of in any trendy downtown my  Chicago were you get shafted for A bud Light at five bucks. There's a beautiful rooftop terrace for outside viewing open day and night but it gets booked for events so look into that. Restaurants and shops are steps away. the third Ward Market is NOT TO BE MISSED. They have the best raw seafood bar in the Midwest and their oyster prices are rock bottom cheap. They are a distributor and they use this as a focus point for their brand . Oysters are $1.25 to $2.50 each. they are exceptionally good quality and the service from the manager,John ,  and Arris was outstanding .would take a while to get to on foot so I would use the Metro's British style car service. they have one old British taxi. We stayed there for a Nick Cave show and the taxi took us free of charge to the Milwaukee theater.  We tipped him heavily of course. April, the general manager, was fantastic as well. We had an issue with our room rate she handled it with grace and professionalism. Are we let her know that her staff from the maid service to the front desk to the bartenders to the bellhops was fabulous. We will stay here again.

21/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
57. Kimberly J.
I've stayed here a few times, realllllly like it. From the Excellent service to the complimentary cruiser bikes they have available for guests!  it's a great, fun place to stay. Love the aveda products that each room has. Pet friendly too!
Zen on seven was swanky and nice. Make sure you hit up the salt water hot tub, and use the complimentary bio fuel lorry when traveling around the city.

Wasn't a big fan of the restaurant attached the metro. But, did love the make your own bloody Mary bar on Sunday's. (which is now sadly not available.)  Too many other amazing places to eat nearby.

update update: i will check out the new decor and restaurant and let everyone know whats UP. im still a major fan of this place.

22/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
58. Merete M.
The rooftop bar is available to the public on Monday nights and also to be rented out for special events. The scene is fantastic, the staff is great, and the kitchen can crank out some seriously good eats.

10/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
59. Gregory S.
The roof top bar and patio is a nice quiet place to enjoy a drink and spend time talking with your friends.

04/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
60. Pat T.
If you are looking for a nice place for a drink or especially dinner, check out their lobby restaurant/bar. Creative menu, includes a vegetarian section, and even a big boy style hamburger! The Short Ribs are the best I've had in town. The service is attentive and very polite. We were on somewhat of a deadline for a theatre event, and when they  didn't think a menu selection could be prepared on that time frame, they were honest and apologetic. A quiet and comfy setting in downtown, close enough to some theatres to walk to in nice weather. I highly recommend it!

25/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
61. ArTal K.
Not what I expected, and I really wanted to like this hotel. All of my interactions with the staff at Hotel Metro before my visit were exceptional. Even the check in staff and bell staff were great. Quick responses, very friendly. However, the hotel needs an update. Many of the furnishings in our room were very worn, scratched, frayed, stained, cracked- you get it. I was hoping for a cool, retro experience- delivered in a classy way... eh, it just seemed like a 20 year old decorating job that has taken abuse. The worst of it is, I think the large rooms attract young partiers, we were woken up at 2am to a fight going on at a loud party in the next room over, and the staff did nothing to resolve the issue. It was pretty terrifying, and we probably should have called the police. So... sorry, Hotel Metro, I wont be back- and Milwaukee has better experiences to offer.

18/04/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
62. Amy M.

Not worth the money. Prices are far too high for the quality of food, we always hate it when we know we could have made it much better at home for far less. The wine list is not good, all cheap wines that you could get in grocery store for $8-12 selling for $30-45. We went because we had a gift certificate, would not recommend. No ambiance, drinks just so so, and not good food.

26/10/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
63. Cris F.
Great location for entertainment and dining.  Rooms large and comfortable.  Service excellent.  A bit dated and house keeping could be better.

22/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
64. Laura H.
Dirty and worn. The rooms would be very cool if they had been updated. Carpet has a ton of stains and the walls have painted over water marks. I would never stay here again unless hotel went through total renovation.

06/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
65. Bridget D.
This is a cute place with great service in a great location, but it does need some work as far as repairs and decorating. I love the Art Deco look of the lobby and the elevators. The rooftop looks like it would be great in warmer weather, but we were here when it was cold. Even the hallways have charm. But our room was just basic, a little shabby, and seriously lacked design touches that would qualify as Art Deco. It's really a shame because the space is like a blank canvas! It would be so easy and inexpensive to add some art and little touches to amp up the design factor. This place is just begging to be somebody's labor of love as far as design! It was comfortable and clean, though the clanging of the heating and water systems made it impossible to sleep later than 7 or 8am. I think it's worth it to stay here if you get a good deal. Overall, it's charming and a nice place to stay.

24/03/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
66. Steve S.
Ever stayed at a hotel that technically there was nothing wrong with it but you just hated the whole experience? That's Hotel Metro.

From the outside and the lobby, the hotel shows it's touted "art deco" style well. However, once you get to the hallways and your room, the true art deco style gives way to cheesey 80's Miami Vice art deco style which looks worn & dated. As soon as we got to our room, the toilet overflowed. Maintenance and house keeping were both up quickly to fix the problem but that's not how you want to start your stay. While the room was okay, it was the little things that annoyed me. Well, the huge intrusive curved wall was pretty big though. I'm guessing this was added so they can call the room a "suite". I would have preferred to just have a big open room. No outlets by the bed. A shower with a huge faucet that I banged by leg into several times. A glass sink that looked like it was about to fall off the wall. Peeling paint above the shower. Windows that looked like they hadn't been washed in years and weird curtains and lamp shades that were more "Country Kitchen" than art deco. And we could never get the room temperature where we wanted. It was always too hot and the air was extremely dry. Staff was nice and the valet was quick but nothing made me want to stay here again.

This place may have been "cool & hip" in the late 80's or early '90's but compared to newer hotels downtown now, it just looks tired and outdated.  We'll be staying at the Aloft or Garden Inn from now on.

07/03/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
67. Caity S.
Visited for cocktails a few days ago during happy hour and tried a drink called "The 19th Hole" and it was great! Tasted like a stiff Arnold Palmer- delicious. Plus, the outdoor seating allowed us to take advantage of the beautiful day.

01/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
68. Heather V.
Had some great cocktails and very big appetizers.  Love the ambiance but was a little pricey!

16/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
69. Chloe O.
I can't say enough good about this hotel. It's different and unique and the building has a lot of character. As for the staff, they were wonderful. I felt like they genuinely cared about my stay. They were also very, very friendly. The bar in the lobby was classy and chic. The prices of the drinks were reasonable. You can't beat $5 Martinis! I highly suggest this hotel and the next time we are in Milwaukee, we WILL stay here.

19/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
70. Christian V.
My first haiku review:

art deco hotel style
elegant suites, roof top Zen
green certified class

Seriously, we've stayed here for Brewtown staycations, and their rooms are gorgeous. They know how to take care of guests. The rooftop saltwater jacuzzi and workout space (with sauna) and the dining are all memorable. They do weddings and events with style, and they've got a great happy hour. What more can you want?

OK, they were the first green certified lodging in the Milwaukee Metro area. That was a huge plus for me.

10/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
71. J D.
The staff was friendly and helpful, offering restaurant suggestions, an umbrella, a taxi, etc. The location of this hotel is within walking distance to some restaurants, stores, and the river. The appliances were pretty decent and included a keruig coffee maker, stereo system, 2 flat screen tv's, hair dryer, and alarm clock. The tub was large and had jacuzzi jets and a removable shower nozzle. Aveda products were a nice touch.
Unfortunately this hotel is NOISY! There were doors slamming in the hallway late at night. I could hear people in hallway and street noise. The curtains are see through and no way to cover the window for better privacy. I agree with other reviewers, it was a bit cold, the furniture was run down, and the layout of the room was somewhat odd but not too bad.
Overall it's a good value compared to the Pfister next door which is more than double the price.

20/05/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
72. Rachel F.
Hotel Metro's special event/banquet staff? ON POINT, you guys.

Seriously: if you hold a special event here, know and trust that you'll be taken care of by Ted, Joe, Jamie and the rest of the staff, on the real. Trust.

I love that this hotel is independently owned, too. They're a green hotel, and that rooftop patio only open to the public on Mondays? Killer. Plus sangria specials! (Zen on Seven is closed to the public for special events Tuesday-Sunday, which makes sense, since it's one of MKE's only rooftop bars/patios/event spaces and it totally owns.)

They boast a pretty badass happy hour during the week for all y'alls that toil away at a downtown nine ta'five, too.

Hotel Metro: a fantastic, hidden-ish gem of a hotel/event space/bar right in the heart of downtown MKE!

29/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
73. Chris F.
Looking for chill in the metro? Pull up a chair.

I can't speak to the accommodations or the food because I haven't stayed or dined here. What I can share about is the incredible drinks.  This boutique hotel and bar sports some wickedly good cocktails. My choice was the classic Vodka with dry vermouth shaken and served with a bleu cheese stuffed olive. Coupled with a chill crowd and atmosphere this is a good spot for people watching. This trumped the night and I can't wait to return.

26/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
74. Jerrod A.
The rooms were great, hot tub right in the living room. The rates are reasonable. I made a mistake with my reservation and they were able to help me out. They even honored my original booking price even though I booked last minute on a Saturday and it should have been more. The staff was incredibly friendly and I will be staying here again. Thanks hotel metro!

Ps the restaurant downstairs was very good try the Saturday night prime rib special(king cut) soo good.

Pps the spa on the 7th floor is super sexy and open late.

05/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
75. Mouse C.
What a fabulous boutique hotel right in downtown Milwaukee! The rooms were very spacious with an insanely comfortable bed and a beautiful bathroom, that even housed a tv.

A huge draw here is their bar/restaurant. We came in on a Saturday night and were lucky enough to score a huge corner booth. They had killer fall drinks, which consisted of a warm old fashioned/hot toddy type drink and also a pumpkin/carmel infused something or other....both were so delicious and made for perfect after dinner drinks. Also, the live music and fireplace added such a cozy feeling to the crisp fall night.

Breakfast the next morning was hands down one of my favs....super noteworthy was the Hestia's Garden omelette and the corned beef hash. Ahhhh all of it was so yummy and disappeared in about 5 minutes...I would have loved to add pictures to my review, but somehow my fork just moved too fast to capture any ;)

Overall, Hotel Metro is fantastic...I would definitely stay here again upon another visit to Milwaukee!

14/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
76. Karen J.
We loved this hotel! Great location, friendly staff, cool lobby and bar, awesome Zen spa with large hot tub and sauna and a supercool rooftop bar/patio/fireplace, free local rides in a vintage London cab - too awesome for words!  The bed was unbelievably comfortable with what must be 1000 count sheets!  We ate at Zarletti's across the street - also fabulous.  Easy walk to the lakefront, Milwaukee Public Market,  Bradford Beach, MAM, or they have cool bikes for guests, first come/first serve.  Would definitely stay here again.  Staff was super courteous, professional, and friendly.

11/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
77. Cayla S.
I hate this hotel. While the aesthetics are nice, the rest is awful. First, the floors in my room are so dirty that I've destroyed 3 pairs of socks in just a few hours. Second, I had to call the front desk twice for normal things, like an iron and a hair dryer. Third, my phone doesn't work. Fourth, when I did get the phone to work (by messing around with the power cord-there's a short somewhere) the room service people were so ridiculous I hung up and ordered dominos. Fifth, they brought me an ironing board that was so nasty It almost wrecked a pair of dress pants with this weird white/ dusty film. Also, the parking is weird. It's just been 1 annoying thing after another and I'm ready to check out already.

15/05/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
78. IAN W.
Watch the fine print.  This place is sketchy.  I booked the room for a hotel for a trial in Milwaukee.  I used hotels.com .  There was a one-day policy at the bottom of the confirmation that I did not read.  I tried to cancel in the early morning, but the hotel agent refused and actually hung up on me.  I called back, and was told to speak to Casey Connors who works there.  I called repeatedly.  No answer, no return calls.  My card was charged about $260 for the night.  I will be in Milwaukee for several months over the next year working on the Dontre Hamilton case.  I will make sure that my colleagues and their families are aware of the experience that I had and rely on that in their travel decisions.  Simply put, if you are traveling for business, stay anywhere else.

08/05/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
79. Rose D.
We enjoyed our stay at Hotel Metro.  The staff was all incredibly helpful & courteous, from the front desk clerks to the folks delivering room service to the valets.  I'd like to give a special shout out to the valets for being quite prompt & always smiling and friendly, even when they were slammed at peak times.

We stayed in a King Spa Suite with the whirlpool tub & fireplace.  Everything was clean & we liked the decor.  The bed was very comfortable as well.  The mini-bar was well stocked and the pricing for the mini-bar items is comparable to other hotels.

They have a rooftop garden terrace & adjoining room which can be rented out for private events - we took a peek up there and it's quite lovely.  The hot tub & fitness center are up at the top level as well.  

One thing which is keeping them from 4 stars is the windows do not have light blocking curtains in the rooms, at least not in the room we were in.  They just have sheer curtains which allow a great deal of sunlight to flood in to the room making it not easy to sleep in for people like myself who are very sensitive to sunlight.  I have eye shades I use at home but did not bring them since I've never stayed in a upscale hotel that did not have adequate curtains.  I have no idea how they have gotten away with not adding them at this point.

One other tiny annoyance, at least in our room floor plan was that since the bathroom has a pocket door, the light switch to the bathroom (toilet & shower area since the sink & tub are separate) is about 5 feet away from the door to the bathroom.  This means that if you need to use the facilities in the middle of the night and want the light on you may be disturbing the other person sleeping by having to turn the light on, walk through the sink/tub area, then in to the bathroom to close the door.  I realize not everyone turns the light on when they go in the middle of the night but I'm guessing some people do.  I realize due to the pocket door & the room layout there may not have been another place to put the switch.  Just an observation.

18/11/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
80. C N.
We spent one night at Hotel Metro in a deluxe king suite. The room was huge with ample seating, two TV's, large bathroom with two entrances. I would say that there is definitely an Art Deco vibe, but there are a few miscues on sticking to the theme. Additionally, there is a little updating that could be done. I would have to say the highlight of the room was definitely the sheets and bedding. Amazingly soft and fresh-feeling, and the bed was so comfortable. I am a big fan of Aveda products and loved having them in the bathroom.

Unfortunately, there was some type of clicking in the pipes that went on ALL night. Being exhausted, it wasn't worth calling maintenance, but it was certainly a con for us. While it was a weeknight in January, the odd thing was how empty the hotel felt. The positive to this was that our room and floor was extremely quiet and felt very private.

18/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0