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La Quinta Inn Milwaukee Northwest in Milwaukee, WI

La Quinta Inn Milwaukee Northwest in Milwaukee, WI


Stay at the La Quinta Inn-Milwaukee Northwest, just 15 minutes from downtown. With easy access to Highway 45, you are close to everything: Milwaukee County Zoo, the Brewers at Miller Park, events at the Milwaukee State Fair Grounds, Summerfest, and Potawatomi Casino. Here for the shopping?  Walk to Timmerman Plaza. In just a short drive, reach Marquette University, Mount Mary College, and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  NEW! Flat-panel TVs with 30 channels of HD programming.


Company Info:

Rating: 3.33

Address: 5442 North Lovers Ln Rd, Milwaukee, WI, 53225
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Comments (3):

1. Lawrence B.
We reserved 3 rooms for the 6 of us, and it was weird to start out with. The guy at the front desk seemed that we were bothering him talking to his friends. The elevator I thought was going to fall apart as we went to the second floor. I brushed it off that it seemed a little ruff around the edges for the stained/burned carpets, the patches in the walls, etc. As it was a cheap hotel for about $65/night/room.

But as the evening went on it got worse, I noticed that several of the items were odd, for instance the chair by the bed was a table chair in one room, an arm chair in another, and an arm chair with noodles under the cushion in the 3rd. Then we noticed ALL of the doors seemed like someone had tried to jimmy them at one point, by the marks on the edges.  When we went to dinner we felt this must be safe because their is a Milwaukee Police Car setting in the parking lot doing paperwork.

After we came back at about 2am the whole lobby smelled like someone had been smoking a herb. We decided to take the stairs rather then rolling the dice, not impressed, there were several spots of carpeting that were missing their fibers, but ohh well it was a stairway in a cheap hotel. We stopped by the soda machine and got a nice warm soda, yumm! Crawled in bed after a long night only to be waken up by the people above us, i'm thinking they were semi-pro sumo wrestlers or something. After a while they calmed down.

Finally i thought I can get some sleep, umm these pillows are comfy! All of a sudden I heard people yelling, then I heard what was a load banging constantly, on what I thought was at our door, shortly after all this noise I heard a deep voice say "Milwaukee Police Open up". There was about another 45 mins or so, before that was over. Then I got about 15 minutes of sleep before some women was out in the hallway yelling "open the door", after about a half an hour of that it ceased, only to be followed by a familiar voice saying "Milwaukee Police You have 30 seconds to open this door". After a while I heard the police officer yell something like stop smoking weed and it went quite.

From about 7is till about 10ish when I thought I'd go down for the free breakfast, WRONG, no breakfast. After having my fill we checked out, even with all that went on the night before the clerk didn't ask how are stay was, she wasn't friendly at all.

By far the worst hotel I have been at in years, I'd rather stop at a rest area and sleep in my car before staying there, regardless of the price.

01/01/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
2. Sarah A.
Jacari was awesome! So nice and very helpful! It was nice to be so warmly welcomed after such a long day.

27/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
3. Megan L.
Was in the city for several days for a business trip and I was looking for cheap yet comfortable.  This inn has a big lot where you can keep an eye on your car from your room window.  The area seems decent, I feel safe here.  Lots of eateries nearby, McDonald's, KFC, Chinese joints, etc.  Free wi-fi too!  It didn't connect right away for some weird reason, but they have a 24 hour help hotline that was really helpful that helped me connect.  They have a computer and printer in the lobby too that anyone can use.

They have a free breakfast in the morning which is really convenient for business travelers.  I ate toast with jelly, made a waffle, bagel with creme cheese, a green apple, a muffin, orange juice (they have apple juice too), coffee, and a hard boiled egg.  They have two types of cereal too.  Too bad no scrambled eggs and bacon, that'd be super cool but oh well.  

The staff was nice whenever I interacted with them (not that much).  I booked a room for 7 days through Expedia and I ended up only needing the room for 2 days.  The Expedia receipt says no refunds but when Expedia asked them if I could have a credit / refund for the unused days, they said yes.  I was very happy to hear that.  

The room is decent.  It's what you expect for the money.  It's comfy like as if you were visiting an older aunt who's had her furniture for a while.
The shower is a little old, but fine with me  Reminded me of the aged bathrooms in the West L.A. apartments I used to live in during college days.  My dad said not so kind words, that basically he wouldn't be able to tolerate the dirty bathroom if we stayed any longer.

Overall, a decent inn that is great for business travelers and those looking for an inexpensive hotel option.

12/07/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0