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Motel 6 in Milwaukee, WI

Motel 6 in Milwaukee, WI

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Company Info:

Rating: 1.00

Address: 5037 S Howell Ave, Milwaukee, WI, 53207

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    Comments (7):

    1. Chuck C.
    Well, like others said, it is in a pretty seedy area. It is not a good representation of Milwaukee at all. The people staying here were similarly seedy looking---perhaps some were druggies and prostitutes, or perhaps they just looked that way. The front desk was very helpful, and Linda was sweet. However, it looked as though they picked up the cleaning crew from a prison break. Others on Trip Advisor commented on stolen belongings. We didn't have that experience (though we took our valuables with us during the day), but it looked as though it was possible due to the quality of the help. With Obama's 9.2% unemployment rate, Motel 6 should be able to upgrade their help with ease. Anyways, the halls smelled funny, but once in the room it was okay. It was pretty clean, and it was your standard Motel 6 room. For the price, the room wasn't bad if you can handle a bit of a ghetto feel. Remember, Motel 6 charges for wifi access, and this wifi isn't too great, either.

    29/07/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    2. Gary L.
    This place needs to have a surprise inspection by corporate. I refuse to believe they would list this location on the internet searches. Carpets are totally filthy nasty. Stains in every glance in every direction. The toilet fills to the rim and take almost 15 minutes to go down. Front desk and house keeping were not helpful at all. I placed a call to change rooms...I'm still waiting for a call back after talking to front desk. I've stayed in a hotel in Thailand for $17/night that was much cleaner. No stars

    04/01/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    3. Jeff C.
    Yes, OK, it's cheap, it's Motel 6, you don't expect much, but honestly it was a crap hole.  Located across the street from General Mitchell Airport, surprisingly, the air traffic was not a bother, but that's probably the best compliment I can give the place.

    When I arrived, I asked for one thing, a room with WiFi.  I am a pretty basic guy, I don't ask for a lot, just give me an internet connection.  The attendant searched available rooms and picked one out that she said "would have WiFI".  Walked up to my room, the first thing I noticed was that the hallways were hotter than hell, I mean, it was really uncomfortable.  Note, the hallways stayed hot like this for the entire two day stay.  I guess the people that work there get cold easily or something.

    I walk into the room, OK, dingy, yeah I know, it's Motel 6.  I unpack my bags and fire up the laptop so that I can pick out a place to go eat.  I get 1 bar signal strength and cannot connect.  WTF!   Again, I asked for one thing, "Give me a room with Wi-Fi".  It is very strange to me that it is the year 2010, almost 2011, and you have a hotel in a major American city that doesn't have adequate internet.  I guess most of the people that stay here are cavemen and don't have computers?  Why can't you afford more than one Wireless Access Point for your guests?  They cost like 35 bucks at Walmart, get this place connected to the internet already!  

    Moving on.  I was a little tired and didn't feel like packing back up for the room switch so I took a nap for about 30 minutes.  That went well.  I woke up and this was when I first gave notice to the fact that the toilet was running the whole time I had been in the room, even though I hadn't used it yet.  I flushed it 2 or 3 times to try to fix it.  No go.  I take the lid off the toilet to see what's going on, and I am not kidding you there are about 3-4 condom wrappers in there preventing the the mechanism from working.  NICE!!!!  I am so out of the freaking room.  

    For some reason, I did not leave even though there are plenty of other options in the area.  I just kindly asked for a new room and told them about their condom in the toilet and no wi-fi problem.   Needless to say, the next room was a little bit better.  I got 3 bars on the Wi-Fi and I used it to figure out how I could minimally be at this place for the rest of my time in Milwaukee.

    28/11/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    4. Geoff G.
    OK, when it comes to hotels, I tend to be a cheap bastard.  I'm very easy to please: just give me a clean room with a reasonably comfortable bed and the confidence that no-one's going to break into my car in the middle of the night.  I tend to like Motel 6 because they usually score pretty well on all three criteria, plus they're very pet friendly (I often travel with my dog).

    This Motel 6 fails on all three counts.  It was freaking nasty inside, with weird, unexplained stains on the carpeting, cigarette burns everywhere, and mold in the bathroom.  The mattress had springs poking me in the back.  And their were obvious drug deals and nasty hookers in the parking lot.  

    Corporate needs to come in and just tear down this hotel and start over.  Bar none, the absolute worst hotel I've ever stayed in in my life.

    26/08/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    5. Mike M.
    I read the reviews on Yelp and Trip Advisor, all negative, and yet I thought to myself "How bad could it really be?  Maybe these people are all picky?"

    Let me stop you right now:  don't fall into the same trap that I did.  It is that bad.

    Do you like locks on your bathroom door?  Sorry!  Do you enjoy having your room door seem like a three-year old could kick it in?  You're in luck!  Oh, your toilet was plugged when you checked-in?  Come on down and get the plunger and fix it yourself!

    I submitted a complaint on Motel 6's corporate website, and I was emailed a canned apology by the manager on duty.  No offers of a partial refund, no customized apology about my specific concerns, just an automated apology with his name attached.

    The hallway carpets smelled like urine, the plunger that I used the night before was still sitting in the hallway when I checked out the next morning (even though I was told the night before that someone would come and pick it up shortly) the bedding and sheets were straight out of 1988.  Oh, and they charge you for the lackluster WiFi, as one final kick in the peanuts.

    Just don't do it.

    31/07/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    6. Lee S.
    We were happy to find a hotel that had a cheap weekly rate & accepted pets. The front desk staff was nice.
    But then some things went wrong & all that changed. The manager was very unhelpful,  that is when she decided to come in. And after I called the corporate office a few times, she hinted yhat she could have us thrown out.
    The rooms are very small, but the showers are so tiny, you are lucky to be able to get any water on you at all. Don't expect to get extra towels. They guard those as if they are golden.  And if you want wi-fi,  it is 3.99 a day & is terrible.
    The hallways smell & had wet spots. The room we were in felt like a swamp, humid & hot. The pool was ok, when it was open, which was only about half our stay.  
    I would not recommend this hotel to anyone.
    And if you do stay, don't bother calling their corporate office, because they won't do anything either.

    26/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    7. Ruth H.
    This hotel gets zero stars from me if I could submit this entry without starts!  Dirty room, poor room service, poorly run as far as management.  Even if your father has just had a stroke, your sister is headed for a nervous breakdown, and there are critical issues that you are facing in your family regarding things of the life and death nature (like I was when I stayed there), you would be better off sleeping in your car.  The floors were dirty my entire stay, hair in the bedsheets, bedding and towels piles up with no housekeeping service.  I had to do my own linen exchange to ensure I got clean stuff.  If the hotels in the area weren't all booked, I would have left and gone elsewhere!

    And never, under any circumstance, should you book from HOTWIRE, either.  They are the most cruel and heartless business I have ever met.

    Steer your car very far away from this motel.  There is much more I could say but it's all BAD.

    07/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0