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Company Info:

Rating: 2.93

Address: 916 E State St, Milwaukee, WI, 53244

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    Comments (15):

    1. Bobby D.
    Was a pretty nice hotel, Over 10 years ago. Nice location. Neat rooms. Nice rooftop.

    05/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    2. Rich P.
    Great Location, Inexpensive Hotel.

    I've been staying here a couple of nights a year since it was the Park East.  The rooms aren't spectacular, but they are clean and have everything you need.  Good wi-fi signal in every room I've stayed in.  

    The great thing about this hotel is the location, many rooms have lake view and there is a great view from the rooftop deck.  IT's pretty much a residential neighborhood; but you can walk to the lake, down to Water Street or over to Brady.  Convenient to the interstate as well.  

    If you are going to Milwaukee on a budget this is a great place to stay.

    29/04/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    3. julie p.
    We booked our wedding block here, since we had few options the week before Harley Fest and liked the free breakfast and free shuttle, but it was a mistake.

    The whole place smells musty and the carpet's dirty.  The front desk staff just don't care.  The shuttle is slow and understaffed.  The room block deal they gave us was just $5 off the rack rate, many of our guests complained.  There's not enough parking in their lot for all the hotel guests when the place is full.  The one plus was the location - close to Brady St and the lakefront.

    They told both me and another bride that our wedding guests could use the shuttle at the same time, and it took me having a severe come-to-Jesus talk with the group coordinator to get them to hire a second shuttle driver for the night.  They had signs on the desk that said the shuttle schedule for both weddings- you'd think they'd be able to figure that conflict out...

    The place is just really run-down and in need of renovations, and the staff really isn't interested in being helpful.

    08/09/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    4. Will H.
    This location may have had issues two years ago but I must say we stayed here in may and we were very happy with the service and the quality of the hotel.  A couple points to note:

    1)  Proximity to good stuff:  This hotel is in a GREAT place in milwaukee, it is simple to get to from the airport but is definately downtown, you can see the beautiful art museum from the hotel.  there were many bars and restaurants and the "bronze fonz"  are only a few(2-10) stumbling blocks away.  We used this as a home base for a bachelor party and we were very happy.  There is a park across the street that seems well populated during the day.  Oh and they have a fun little club in their lobby called Aura.  Check out my post over there.

    2)  The Rooms & Rates:  The rooms are standard fare, nothing fancy by any means but as a man that stays in many hotels rooms, it was ok.   Clean and not smelly.  They have the best rate downtown almost all of the time.  Check them out.

    3)  The Staff & the Food:  The staff was very friendly on checkin and they definately helped a very happy and respectful bachelor party get cabs out for the night.  The only down side for me was the continental breakfast.  No options really for the low-carb or low-sugar, low-fat diet type person, but the coffee flowed hot and strong so you can't complain too much.

    They get a 5 for staff & location, 3 for food, 4 for the room.

    06/06/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    5. Katie B.
    I give this place 4 stars! I stayed here when I came to Milwaukee for a concert. We arrived the night before the concert and had no reservations and I knew they were cheap, but still nice. We parked the car out front and let me tell you... parking is a hassle. I hate city parking! We got a room and it turned out that it was $20 cheaper than what was stated on their official website. I was a happy camper with that. We parked our car in the parking garage and kept our car there until we left the next night after the concert. It was cheaper with our stay than buying a parking pass at the Bradley Center and moving our car to their parking lot for the concert.

    The room was beautiful and the view was pretty. What we got for what we paid was 2 thumbs up! I would stay here again if I couldn't afford to stay anywhere else if something else brought me out to Milwaukee.

    16/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    6. Vince E.
    I was in a wedding party that stayed there in October of 2011. This hotel was probably one of the most difficult and frustrating experiences I have ever been a part of. On the day of the wedding, the hotel's computer system went down and half of the wedding party had to get dressed in one room because no one could check in. Fine, things happen, let's move on, right? Well, once the system was 'back up', they began checking in guests. One person in our party was assigned to one room...where people were already staying. Then they gave him another room, strike two - people ALREADY IN THE ROOM. It took three tries before they got a vacant room.

    We had reserved the shuttle service to bring guests over to the reception. You've probably already guessed it by now, but the reservation for our shuttle service was lost, and many people arrived about an hour late to the reception while they waited and waited for a shuttle that was never coming.

    The "Aura" club downstairs is an absolute joke. After the wedding, I changed out of my tux back into comfortable clothes - a hoodie and jeans (this is WI in October) and figured I'd have a quick drink at the bar while i  waited for others to get ready to go out again. I flew to this wedding from LA and I go to a lot of 'fancy' places. This was Saturday night - the bar was EMPTY. They insisted that I remove my hoodie to adhere to the dress code. Why enforce a dress code when a bar is empty? It's asinine at best.

    The only pros I can think of for this place was that my room was clean and the sausage in the morning didn't have strychnine. So, that's a plus.

    If I ran this place, I would be ashamed and my parents would probably disown me. What a joke.

    24/10/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    7. Jay S.
    I also booked my wedding block here and had no problems whatsoever. The room rate was significantly less than the going price, still slightly more than $100 per room per night, but about the best price I found in the area.

    There were no musty smells or dirty carpets. All of the furniture in the lobby area seemed pretty new to me. There are few small maintenance issues in the rooms, but that stems more from it being an older building with many older  fixtures than anything else, and there was nothing that was a real turnoff to me, my new wife, or any of our guest (at least not that they said anything to me about).

    The staff was great. They were friendly and quick to fix any issues that we had or suggest local eateries.

    I was in three different rooms over my almost week long stay here: a single bed room, a double bed room, and a suite. All were all clean and well kept. All were comfortable. They all had large soft pillows on the comfortable beds. The only problem with the rooms is that the electronic room keys would not always work and had to oftem be reprogrammed by the desk staff.

    You get a continental breakfast with your room stay as well, and I must say it is hella amusing to watch people try to use the waffle maker.

    The shuttle was great to. They made two trips to our venue and two trips back as scheduled. The drivers were friendly (not at all talkative, but friendly enough, I suppose), and were willing to take my bestman and I on a few quick errands as well.

    Overall, except for the keys not always working and the fact that the guests had to pay $10 per night to use the parking lot (something I think should be free for hotel guests), this was a great experience. I would suggest this hotel for other wedding parties or anyone else who needs to stay a night in a hotel in Milwaukee.

    31/08/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    8. Liz T.
    Terrible. Elevator looks and smells like there is mold growing out of the roof.  There is a slutty bar connected, with a pole right next to the elevator. The hallway roof is very low and looks uneven. We got 3 different sets of keys because the door wouldn't open.

    04/08/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    9. Kelsey S.
    My husband and I booked a block of rooms here for our Milwaukee wedding.  Compared to other hotels in the area, we found them incredibly easy to work with.  Our biggest priorities were proximity to the venue, a good price since people were traveling a substantial distance, and transportation options.

    -Elizabeth helped us coordinate our block.  She was fabulous.  We were able to reserve 40 rooms initially with the option to modify numbers.  There was no deposit or required minimum reservation number involved.  My parents got a great deal on a suite for their stay, and the hotel offered them a future reservation at the same rate for the summer -- they had an AWESOME room on the top floor with a view of Lake Michigan and kitchen amenities.  Some of the staff remembered them from the wedding months earlier, so that provided an additional friendly welcome for their arrival.
    -It's an older hotel, but it's been updated in various ways inside and is surprisingly nice.  Rooms were very clean and get a good amount of natural light.  Standard rooms and suites available.  Our guests got a rate of about $80, which is phenomenal for downtown Milwaukee.
    -The hotel shuttle (i.e. van) is free, and they're very willing to work with groups for specific events.  We let the staff know when the ceremony would be starting and they arranged a few trips to get our guests there on time.  They're willing to drive throughout the downtown area and even took guests to Miller Park for a Brewers game. Sure beats a taxi, eh?
    -The location is great -- right off Prospect Ave. Easy access to downtown places.

    Areas of concern:
    -Aura, the bar attached to the hotel, is a huge turn-off.  It's radioactive red and looks like a strip club (poles included) from the outside.  We attempted to go in for a nightcap with my parents during their later visit, and my husband was denied because he was wearing a hooded sweatshirt -- despite the fact that the only other customers in the bar were four older men who looked like they had just returned from a golf outing.  Not the most happening club scene from what we saw. They were willing to lose four people's business over his attire - whatever.  I've heard mixed info on whether or not the bar is actually affiliated with the hotel.
    -I'm not sure if they were just understaffed, but the second time my parents stayed here, housekeeping just skipped their room entirely one day.  They notified the front desk who said they'd send someone up, but no one ever came.  They returned late at night to find it exactly as they'd left it.  Not the end of the world, but frustrating when you've already thrown your used towels in a pile to be picked up.

    Things to note:
    -A parking lot is available but can get congested easily.  Street parking is also available.
    -The shuttle only runs on evenings or for special events.  We learned this the hard way when part of our group arrived on a Wednesday expecting to use it, only to find they'd have to wait until Friday.

    Overall, not perfect, but we'd definitely recommend this hotel to future visitors.  Good rates, great location, and an overall friendly staff.

    27/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    10. Renita M.
    We stayed here two nights for a friend's wedding, and it lands solidly in the three-star category.

    Big, big plus to this place: Great location. It was perfect for the wedding, which was around the corner at Villa Filomena. Perfect for those of us attending to stumble back to the hotel at midnight or later.

    It's also close to the lake (minimal lake views, at least from the third floor) and plenty of other attractions, had a reasonable wedding rate, and the room was as advertised: a king size bed, clean, pretty comfortable.

    But. Of course there's a but. The elevators sucked. They took forever, tried to close on us, and we were afraid of getting stuck in them. In fact, they stopped working the Saturday night we were there, though we didn't realize it because we just gave up and took the stairs.

    The bathroom, at least in our room, was cramped. There was no vanity/counter space to speak of, just some shelves to ostensibly put things on. The towels were thin and a little skimpy. Nobody made up our room or refreshed our towels after the first night, either (granted, we didn't request any, but still).

    And the whole building is very 80s and doesn't seem like it's been updated at all, decor or amenity wise, since then.

    The lobby area was a bit chaotic, and the free breakfast, while totally suitable (cereal, toast, pastries, omelets, sausage, etc.), was totally chaotic as well -- instead of a dedicated breakfast nook it was set up in a conference room, crowded with poor flow. It was hard to tell where anything was at a glance and there were tons of people milling about. The staff was friendly enough but didn't go out of their way to be helpful.

    Mostly I get the impression this place coasts on its location. And don't get me wrong, I would stay there again given our purpose for being there and the good price. But I would not pay "full price", and I would do so knowing what I was getting into :)

    17/07/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    11. Bob K.
    Things to note:
    -A parking garage is available but the spots are tight if you drive a larger vehicle like a van or truck or SUV.  Street parking is also available.
    -The shuttle was free and very quick and reliable.  

    Overall, not perfect, but we'd definitely recommend this hotel to future visitors.  Good rates, great location, and a very friendly staff.

    20/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    12. Jackman N.
    The Front Desk Staff has not a clue on how to converse with guests. 5 stars on the rudeness scale.

    04/07/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    13. Lily S.
    We stayed here for one night during Summerfest.  We did not have high expectations, but this place was not great.

    Extremely slow, old, dirty elevator.  Small rooms, but the beds seemed nice, air conditioning worked well.  

    After we checked in, we left for a full day of Summerfest. Returned at midnight, pulled back the comforter on one of the beds and noticed that the sheet was a bit damp. Looked above the bed for a leak...nothing? Made sure nothing had spilled. Pulled off the sheet and noticed that the entire sheet was soaking. Pulled off the mattress pad and discovered a soaking wet stain, obviously urine. Whoever had cleaned the room had simply replaced the sheets and hoped that the pee would dry before the next guest got in the bed!?

    Worst thing I have ever experienced at a hotel. We went down to the front desk and eventually spoke to the night manager.  He was extremely apologetic (seemed just as disgusted as us), got us a new room and a full refund.  That was great, but a huge wet urine spot is a hard thing to get over.

    Tried to contact Choice Hotels about this incident as well, but no response.

    23/07/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    14. Jeff S.
    Just kind of old place. As most reviews have said, nice location and close to lake. That's about the good. Rooms are cramped, bathroom is worse. Our bath was clogged so after few minutes in shower, there is pool of water. Phone in room doesn't work. Old and dingy halls and hotel in general.

    18/10/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    15. Arynn I.
    This was a good hotel - Location was wonderfully close to the wedding venue that I went to and definitely made for an easy time to get back when we had to ditch the car and walk due to over-drinking.

    In any case, decent hotel, nice view from my room (4th floor), clean...It didn't seem too busy when I was there despite a holiday weekend (well, maybe I just didn't notice?)

    love the free breakfast which was pretty good - waffles, eggs & sausage, yogurt, pastries/toast...Coffee and juice. It was nice and a good small breakfast in the AM.

    The parking was $10/day and the garage was a bitch to get into. However, the upper part had quite a bit of parking...at least every time we came back.

    I didn't have very many encounters with the people working although they all seemed nice enough.  Housekeeping was very good.  I did enjoy Aura, the hotel restaurant/bar but that's for another review.

    Would consider again if I came back to Milwaukee.

    31day Yelp Challenge 6/31

    08/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0