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Antiqua Bay Hotel in Wisconsin Dells, WI

Antiqua Bay Hotel in Wisconsin Dells, WI

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Company Info:

Rating: 2.50

Address: 655 N Frontage Rd, Wisconsin Dells, WI, 53965

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    Comments (4):

    1. Charles R.
    This hotel is okay.  However, in Wisconsin Dells, okay isn't going to cut it.  I've stayed here several times and things are basically the same every time, even though there have apparently been a few management changes.  The front-desk staff is generally pleasant, although I've had a few encounters less-then-friendly employees.  There is a restaurant in-house, which is convenient except that it sadly doesn't offer room service.

    The rooms themselves are pretty depressing.  The furniture all looks like it's from the early 90's.  Given that many motels and hotels are renovating to stay abreast with current trends, it seems like the Antiqua Bay is content to just sit still and stagnate.  The rooms have fridges, the bathrooms are spacious and there is free wireless internet, but it's not enough to erase the feeling like this hotel is a relic from the past where people actually thought it was a good idea to build these "semi-waterpark" resorts.

    One problem with the rooms is that the walls seem pretty thin.  I was constantly awoken by people talking outside in the hallway.  In one of my previous stays there was a fire-door placed in the hallway, and since my room was right next to it, I had to endure the loud clangs it made every time it closed.

    I've never actually patronized the water parks (the term water park here is used loosely), neither the outdoor nor indoor variant, but they don't look very appealing.  Really, they will only be interesting for very small kids who haven't experienced places like Noah's Ark and The Kalahari.  Does anybody other than five-year-olds get excited about those tiny little slides?

    This place is located in what is probably one of the most depressed areas of Wisconsin Dells .  It's on a frontage road next to a Burger King, a convenience store, and a few other sad-looking motels.  If you're planning on staying in Wisconsin Dells, I would either recommend splurging on a full-blown indoor-waterpark resort or just staying at one of the simpler motels.  The Antiqua Bay isn't bad, but it's not good either.

    04/10/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    2. Al I.
    We booked this hotel online, site unseen. Just needed someplace clean and quiet to sleep for the night, while on a long drive.

    The hotel's name had recently changed from Howard Johnson to Quality Hotel. There's only a tiny little banner sign that says that it is a Quality Inn -- but the email confirmation doesn't mention any of this. It makes the hotel very hard to find, and when we called, they didn't clarify this for us.

    It was acceptably clean, but the hotel is very old and a bit run down in places. The restaurant used to be a Green Mill pizza restaurant and bar, and now is a no-name bar/restaurant.

    This hotel was not worth the price they charged us. We stay in a lot of hotels and are often willing to pay a bit more if the hotel merits it. This one does not merit it. Next time we need to stay near there, we wouldn't stay at this hotel -- there are too many nicer ones nearby.

    04/08/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    3. rachelle c.
    if you need somewhere to rest your head at night and put your bags while visiting wisconsin dells...and cleanliness is not an issue...THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU.

    i booked this room through expedia in search of a cheap place to stay. saved a couple hundred as opposed to getting a room at one of those major water psrks such as kalahari or noahs ark. but frugality does come with a price. my bathroom smelled umm "ancient timey" or perhaps "mildew-y" is a better word to describe it. the bathroom floor felt moist...like iis...it was sweating...ALL THE TIME. i know by now you may be asking
    "how does a floor sweat?"
    the answer is I DONT KNOW..AHHHHH!!!!
    i felt dirty just being in that room, good thing i brought an extra blanket with me.

    they have an indoor pool and a small "water park" outside which would be comparable to a mcdonalds playland with a hose.
    other than that they do offer free admission to mt. olympus with room and the service is alright. just make sure you had your hep c  shots before checkin in

    15/08/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    4. Stefanie W.
    We stayed here for one evening after having to evacuate a Devil's Lake campsite due to tornados and flooding.  They not only accommodated us as walk-ins (many hotels/motels in the area were booked) but took the time to help us find a place to hang out for the evening.  

    The room was clean, had a fridge/microwave, and best of all, TWO cushy pillows per person.  Very nice change from the one flimsy and rock hard pillow that many hotels offer.  Towel setup for four, which in my experience is also a rare find.  

    The included breakfast was also better than the customary donuts and cereal.   They offered biscuits and gravy, bacon and eggs, cinnamon rolls and bagels.  

    There was a nice-sized pool and outdoor water slide, too bad we couldn't use them due to the rain, they looked fun!

    11/06/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0