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Atlantis Waterpark Hotel in Wisconsin Dells, WI

Atlantis Waterpark Hotel in Wisconsin Dells, WI


Great hotel located next to Noah's Ark and more.  Value priced rooms and suites plus package deals on great Wisconsin Dells attractions. Free WIFI, Free breafast all summer 2012.


Company Info:

Rating: 2.72

Address: 1570 Wisconsin Dells Pkwy, Wisconsin Dells, WI, 53965

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    1. Brain S.
    I loved where it was located on the Dells strip.  It was not brand new but it was decent and would stasy there again.  Staff was very cool and had a bar which I liked.

    04/12/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    2. kate a.
    I go here to get away in the winter.   I did't pay half as much as some of the people who had reviews here, I think I only paid a max of like 69 a night? anyhooo. for what i paid, it was perfect. small enough indoor pool so i dont have to chase around my toddler for miles. he enjoyed it and i felt more secure with him in that smaller kid's water area. Room was clean.   Free pass to mt. olympus a bonus.   i'd definitely go back again.

    03/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    3. Desiree W.
    A little too expensive HOWEVER, I had no problems with the hotel overall. But for the price, I would expect something a little more high-end.

    Moving forward, the beds were very comfortable, contrary to other reviews. The television had CABLE, not just your usual 2, 5, 7 & 9. The two pools were great for the kids, but even better were the passes to Mt. Olympus, which is nearby and a great theme/water park to visit. I definitely would visit Mt. Olympus again, even without the free passes. Also a bonus- the Mt. Olympus free passes work even on the day you leave.

    The people at the front desk were extremely helpful. When our car got a flat tire, they happily reccommended a few places to get it repaired. When our toliet seat was less than stellar, they sent a repairman up in 30 minutes or less to fix it.

    Overall, not bad.

    03/08/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    4. Mike T.
    My wife found this hotel online in January '07 after we determined we wanted to go away for the weekend and didn't have the $$$ for a weekend in Vegas, which is what I wanted.

    So Wisconsin Dells it was. We drove up on a Thursday night and checked in to this hotel, if you want to call it that. It's pretty much a glorified Motel 6 with a water park. The room was freezing ,the heat was loud, the bed was UNCOMFORTABLE!!!! They did not even have Do Not Disturb signs, so we were rudely awaken by housekeeping the next morning at 9am sharp. The hot tub suite (what we ordered) was a joke. The hot tub was no bigger than our bathtub.

    The water park in this hotel can't even be called that. It's a kiddie pool with a slide. Fortunately they did have a hot tub in the pool area.

    If you go to the Dells in the Winter time, NOTHING IS OPEN!! No Crabbys, no Mr Pancake, nothing. Basically we spent our time at the movie theatre off the expressway and saw like 6 movies the two days we were here. We hit the Ho Chuck Casino (big mistake, see my review for that) and wound up going home a day early because we couldn't take that bed another night. They didn't refund us the money for the third night, as I didn't expect them to. They offered us a gift certificate which was politely declined by us.

    Stay away from this place. $ 125 a night was ridiculous.

    16/02/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    5. Eric C.
    I will preface this review that I didn't choose the place.

    For a suite that fit 7 people comfortably (2 queens, 1 king, 1 sofa bed), there was only one bathroom.  With 5 girls, this became quite an ordeal.  Also, there are only two crappy little soaps and 4 "shampoo" packets to use in the shower.  As a constant business traveler, this is just not kosher.  Add 3 crappy old TVs, one of which didn't work with the remote.  Add one decent sized refrigerator and a microwave.  Add that we had a hot tub in our room and we managed to cram about 6 people in it at a time.

    I didn't even bother to check out the indoor pool, because they give you free passes to go to Mt. Olympus right across the street which is much bigger.  Of note, to get across the street you can

    a) drive and pay parking
    b) play Frogger and run across the death trap that is Route 23.

    On a random tangent, the Dells really need to get the s*** together and put some pedestrian crossways, street lights, or SOMETHING to help ease traffic along that main street.  Not a hit against Atlantis, but sorry you were just meh in general.

    Finally, we ended up paying WAY too much for 2 nights.  Holy crap.  I think it somehow worked out to more than $600 for our group.  So... outdated, expensive, I'd go somewhere else next time.

    23/08/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    6. k P.
    Please note that I did not actually get to stay at this hotel, so this is not a review of the accommodations. Rather, I was floored by the rude, confusing, and unhelpful demeanor of both the initial customer service rep who fielded the call as well as the manager to whom the call was forwarded.

    I had purchased a Groupon and due to their overselling of their vouchers, will have to request a refund from Groupon. It makes no sense to me that they would sell more vouchers than they can fulfill. (There was a window in which the vouchers were usable, and January booked up.) They were unwilling to extend the voucher period despite the fact that their hotel is unavailable until after the voucher expires.

    I get the need to follow policies, but I much prefer to patronize companies that truly put customers first. One star for inhospitality - and that's an awfully important piece of the hospitality industry.

    02/01/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    7. Odranre B.
    yucky! hotel...the best thing of booking here is that you also get the mt. olympus entry, but you have to drive from atlantis hotel to mt. olympus and the parking is soooo far from the park

    17/08/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    8. Yordan I.
    I liked it, not bad for the price, they have a free breakfast in the morning before you leave. Will go there if I have a trip to the dells again.

    25/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    9. Bonnie H.
    Look, don't expect Hilton accommodations. This is an older Hotel, awesomely affordable, pretty clean, and it totally worth the price. We stayed in the Neptune sweet and I couldn't have been more pleased. the pool there was small, but they gave us free wristbands for Chula Vista for every day that we stayed. Staff was extremely friendly and helpful! Will definitely stay at again!

    17/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    10. Kevin T.
    I love Yelp.  

    I read the reviews of this place and decided that I would set my expectations low when I bought the Groupon they were offering.  I thought "I've stayed at some pretty rinky dink places, how bad could this be?"

    And wouldn't you know, I was impressed with the facility and pleased with my stay.

    My wife and I stayed on a Sunday night off-season for one night in the Neptune Suite.  Having a whirlpool tub in a separate room from our still-goes-to-bed-at-7:30pm two year old?  That's a winner right there.  The room was overall very clean and nicely decorated.  The whirpool tub worked great and fits two people comfortably.  The gas fireplace is a nice touch as well.  There is also a nice kitchenette with a large fridge and sink.  As another reviewer pointed out, yes, there is a nice cable TV channel selection including several coveted children's options.  

    Minor issues I had with the room:  Both the bathroom and whirlpool exhaust fans were ridiculously loud.  The pillows were about as good as a slice of cardboard, and the bed was a bit more firm than I care for.  

    They have two pool areas, one just off the lobby and a larger one up on the third floor.  The large pool area has a nice play area that is great for small children.  For that matter, our two year old had just as much fun in that pool as she did at Chula Vista.  I will say the play area may, in terms of appearance, be a turnoff for some people because it's not a high-budget space.  Colors were faded and the equipment looks like it's had an awful lot of kids play on it.  Trust me, the young children splashing and going down the slides didn't care.  Did I mention in the pool area is a nice bar and plenty of chairs and tables?  

    Speaking of Chula Vista, passes were included for all 3 of us to Chula Vista which were good for both the day we checked in and checked out.  That alone is worth the reasonable rates for this hotel.

    Overall I was happy with my stay.  The staff was very nice and the price is definitely right.  I live in Madison, so this was a wonderful short drive weekend getaway for our family.

    23/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    11. Mary S.
    If there was a "no star" option I would've picked it instead.

    Here for a girls getaway weekend- wouldn't recommend it at all!!!!! STAY AWAYYY!!!!! Dirty coffee mug, bees, and box elder bugs in the rooms and we were just told that it's getting cold so the bugs are coming in the rooms - had to kill a bee that was still buzzing in the room- and after the first night, my sister found a TICK on her pillow!!!!-and after bringing it to the front desk and showing them, the front desk staff told me that there was not a manager there and that they'll 'have someone call me". After not hearing anything, I called and wanted to speak to someone who I can make a "complaint" to and the female attendant told me that her name was "Helen" at first then told me it was "Marty" or so the second time around.  I told her that Unfortuntely we had already paid to stay for 2 nights and I wanted the first night comped and us moved to a different room!! She told me they couldn't do that and would have a manager call me to help me.  They could offer a discounted stay next time. (Umm...NO!!  and Really? how is a manager going to help me out that I found a TICK in the room!!!rush over from whereever they were and burn it for me?-I'm not that squeamish of handling a Tick on my own!!)

    After speaking with her, my sister comes out of the bathroom and after only 2 showers from the 6 of us, the shower was broken!! There was no water coming from the faucet at all!!! I called AGAIN, down to the front desk and this time the male attendant (named Nathanial) from the front desk who I personally brought the tick to and b/w him  and "Helen", Nathanial was the only one who apologized about the TICK, and then he was the one who came up to check things out. My sisters and I just started to laugh as it was one bad thing after another.  When he came to the room, I explained to him this is our first mother/daughter trip, our first trip to the Dells, and only chose this place b/c I was on their mailing list (hey, never been to the Dells before..),  and we were frustrated that this is not going well.  He, out of all the front desk staff, was the most understanding and the most helpful, in which I will make sure that his managers know how helpful he was to us and turned our trip into a semi-better one.

    He did re-locate us, as our shower was broken, and we ended up in the Volcano Suite. Huge room with a dining table, in-room jacuzzi, and plenty of space. Altho there was left over coffee in the pot, and we only killed one bee, at least we didn't find any TICKS!  I'm happy to say,
    We will never come back again!! The only good thing with this hotel is that it is "on the Dells Strip", but I'll certainly pay more (2 nights-off season- a little over $200) to avoid bugs being able to get  into the rooms such as TICKS, as they just randomly meander in through the cracks cause it's cold outside-right?

    -Oh, by the way, still waiting for that phone call.....

    08/10/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    12. Ashley L.
    Wouldn't recommend staying here at all the staff was horribly unfriendly and you could see them laughing at you as you walk away.  The room we had had an awful odour and the bathroom smelled like old urine. The room was actually unclean we moved the stand between the beds to charge our phones and it was full of garbage as well we left it pulled out and the maid didn't even clean it when she came in and made the beds.  service and staff were awful and the rooms unclean.

    16/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    13. D T.
    I would not stay here again.  We were just passing through and booked without knowing the hotel name on a bidding website.  One of the amenities listed was "casino" so we thought we might be bidding in a room at the Ho-Chunk.  The bidding website has since been corrected at our request because  when we arrive they said they could arrange a shuttle for us to the Ho-Chunk.  This was not much use to us as it was 10 pm and we needed to get an early start the next morning.

    This hotel is dated, run down and dirty.  The shower was broken, the sliding glass door to the balcony did not close or lock properly, and we had to go to the front desk for an alarm clock then got one that didn't work.  The TV was old and the remote was missing.

    We did enjoy sitting in the whirlpool spa.  The waterpark isn't much of a waterpark and it definitely needed some cleanup and maintenance.  On the bright side, the front desk clerk was nice and this is a good central Dells location, but I definitely would not recommend staying here.

    Others mentioned a free breakfast, but there was not one when we were there.

    22/02/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    14. Jason V.
    Not only was the water park inside a total dump but to top it off we had stuff stolen from our room! I've traveled the US and never had anything like this ever happen. DO NOT TRUST this place. There are plenty of great hotels in the area, I highly suggest looking elsewhere.

    05/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    15. Andrew R.
    Used a groupon deal to book two nights for about $150. There was about $13/night tax added on at check in, but NO extra pre-authorization on my debit card!

    We stayed in a Neptune suite and its very decent albeit a weird tv arrangement and one remote for 2/3 of the TVs.

    The jacuzzi is double the size you'd typically see in a house and filled in 10 minutes and had plenty of hot water. With hot on full I had to use about half cold to tap out 102°F (had my own thermo with).

    The onsite pools are very ok but it amazes me that a pool with a couple water slides somehow is a "water park". Little kids will definitely enjoy the "water slides". Adults will probably like the whirlpool better.

    The mattresses and pillows were great. We received wrist bands for Chula Vista which probably is worth half the price of the room for even just 3. With a bigger group: the room would easily fit 6-8 though sharing the bathroom will become a challenge if the x to y ratio too high.

    The suites would be the only way to go if you can get a decent deal. My apartment is smaller, they are very spacious.

    The poolside bar was not open and the place is not awe-inspiring so definitely not five star material but very nice, and I'd definitely come back especially if I had a group to split the costs.

    Oh: follow-up on the "Frogger" concept of crossing the road: they added a major people-crossing intersection about every 5 blocks. It's like a dead season right now so I didn't see any in action but they are serious crosswalks. Chula Vista the new partner park is said to have free parking but is 15 minute drive away.

    I'll add more if I can think of anything.


    16/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    16. Melissa N.
    As a family of 6 on a tight budget we were excited to find this hotel that offered passes to a water park in the Dells for our first trip. The price was cheaper than the big hotels and the staff was friendly on the phone when booking. Upon arrival the staff at the desk were helpful and cheerful. We went to our first room 209 and upon entering were overwhelmed with the smell of smoke, not stale smoke but like the cleaning staff smoked a full pack while getting the room ready. Having asthma that is aggravated by smoking myself and 2 of my 4 children having it as well my husband went to the desk and they switched our room. We traveled up to room 410 and upon entering the smell was better. We checked the room over and it appeared clean, until the balcony. On the AC unit was a huge cup/ ashtray, empty pack of newports, lighter and water park bands. We put it in a plastic bag and took it to the front desk again. This time they gave us some vouchers for the pizza place up the street.
    The room itself was okay, 2 comfy beds and a pull out couch. The kids said the couch wasn't comfy but I am not sure a pullout couch ever is. One huge problem is the placement of the AC for the room. It was so close to the bed that the person (me) who slept there needed a parka because in order for the kids on the pullout couch to comfortable we had to run the AC on 61 the whole time. Another problem is the 1 bathroom but with proper planning we were able to make this work. The showers were small and the shower heads had no real water pressure but we did get a bonus pubic hair in the shower! The toilet seat was broken and after almost falling off the toilet one time too many we decided to leave early. They had new TV's and they are huge.
    The waffle breakfast was good and you could also get fruit (canned), danishes, donuts, mini muffins, cereal, coffee, milk and apple or orange juice. The poor bartender was running his butt off to serve everyone, stock everything and he did it with a smile (left him a compliment at the front desk, hopefully he is recognized). Downfall of breakfast is the location- in the pool room. There are tables in the arcade (noisy games/kids), a banquet sort of room (fills up quick) or poolside (screaming kids and constant splashes from the pool).
    Onto the pools. I noticed an outdoor one that seemed to be under construction and then the main outdoor one in front. That one had a slide for 10 and under (my guess from my kids interest), a kiddie pool and then a small hot tub. We didn't swim in these pools as it was unseasonably cool during our visit and the water was cold (we were told the water was heated, not sure what was going on). The pool furniture was in need of updating as many of them were falling apart. Off of the lobby is a smaller pool and sauna. On the 4th floor were the bigger pools. A larger kiddie pool (I would say 6 and under), a decent size pool that went from 3ft-5ft with basketball hoops and then the hottub. My kids were too old for the kiddie pool but played in the bigger pool, only complaint was the floor of the pool, it was textured and hurt your feet when you walked on it. This indoor pool didn't seem to be heated either. We used the hottub but quickly noticed that only half of the jets worked and there were many floating items such as hair, lint, black chunks, plastic pieces etc. The furniture in that pool area was in good condition and there never was a problem finding a seat.
    The pool area also had a bar with food and arcade. The arcade was pretty standard but several games weren't working properly. They either didn't put out the tickets earned or didn't allow game play. If you needed to report an error you had to do so at the front desk..
    My husband told the front desk staff the reasons for us wanting to leave, the last straw which is the broken toilet seat, they didn't offer to have it repaired, move us or discount our stay. So my husband said we would like to leave a day early. They discussed amongst themselves if they could refund our last day of reservations and finally one said they would "bite the bullet with management" for refunding the 3rd day of our stay. Based on the problems from check in to check out we wouldn't stay here again. Check out went smooth but the bill was confusing. There were credits and debits all over the place that made it look like we were charged way more than quoted. Also the resort fee .. I wonder what that covers? The "free" wristbands to Chula Vista? That is the only thing I can think of because Atlantis is surely no resort.

    31/07/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    17. Peggy M.
    Well I was a little hesitant of the place given the reviews on the rooms, etc. but I have to say I was pretty happy with the overall condition/cleanliness of the lobby, and the room. Upon check in, I requested 3 cards and was given them. I asked for the referenced coupon book ( u need to ask they did not just hand it out). We got the Queen Neptune Suite --- the jacuzzi in main room was clean and the jets worked pretty well. The wet bar was nice and the fridge was OK but the knob to control the coldness was snapped off so we cld not adjust the temp. The bathroom had  new tile on floor and the tub./sink etc were clean. The beds had clean sheets and linens were not torn. Only problem was the king bed in main room -- def needs to be replaced. The box springs were def old and u cld feel them. The fireplace worked and was so nice on that cool evening.  One major fail is the out dated couch. Super thin cushions -- did not even look at the mattress underneath but one cld assume it was probably paper thin. We did get a wrist band to Chula -- thankfully. Atlantis is by no means a water park. The pool in lobby is more for the little ones and the 4th floor pool has with 2 mini slides --again more for toddlers/under 10 age. The site states that these pools are geared towards younger ages and that is 100% accurate. The continental bfast was standard -- cereal, fruit cocktail.coffee , juice, sweet rolls, bread, english muffins, and they make mini waffles. I did not try the waffles but my mother in law said her waffle was hard.  Huge high 5 to the front desk who rescued my phone charger that I left plugged in :-O I called that afternoon after I checked out and they had it waiting for me on pick up. Overall I wld stay here again - b.c they give Chula Vista passes, no doubt.

    22/10/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    18. Melvin U.
    Quite simply the worst hotel experience I've ever had. This place is falling apart. We purchased a Groupon for this place fully expecting it to live up to its name of "waterpark" hotel. The pool was small, dirty, and the area above the slides were falling apart. Our voucher was for the Neptune suite which has a king, 2 queens, and a queen sized sofa sleeper. The room contained a barely functioning fireplace that actually was broken. It wouldn't shut off and we actually had to turn the air conditioning on to counteract the heat. Also the "new" bedding that the hotel was supposed to have had holes in it and the wallpaper was falling down. We complained to the manager and she offered to move us to another room. The second room had a broken bathroom fan so she offered to move us to a third room. The manager told us she would have someone go into the room to inspect it to make sure everything was working and the bedding was intact. We went to this new room and to our surprise and horror the bedding also had giant holes and cigarette burns in it.  How does that even happen? We were told the room was inspected and it was fine. Long story short we told them to shove it and we checked out. Worst hotel ever! If you are going to the Dells make sure you stay somewhere else.

    19/12/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    19. Sarah C.
    I guess I should have heeded the negative reviews before booking.  Half of the whirlpool's jets (indoor pool area) were broke; one half nonfunctioning.   I found a very much alive roach in our bathroom.  Their website is very misleading, I might go as far to say false advertising . They need to indicate they DO NOT OFFER many of the amenities on the OFF SEASON.  There was no breakfast of any kind (states breakfast SEPTEMBER-MAY).  I understood there would not be a hot breakfas during our stay, but was expecting atleast a continental one.  The pool's bar and grill was not open at all as well. The only positive thing is we booked only one night. The second night we stayed at a small hotel in the downtown area for only 50.00.  It also came with free waterpark passes to Chula Vista!!  Wishing we would have booked both nights at the smaller hotel.

    01/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    20. Lauren B.
    Just to begin, this isn't a 5 star resort, I'm giving it 5 stars to counteract all the bad reviews this place gets. We had a phenomenal time here!

    We came here using a Groupon for the Mermaid Suite, a room with a queen(?) bed, and a whirlpool tub in the room. Mermaid themed decor? Yes, cheesy indeed, but kind of cute and quirky.
    The tub worked great, and actually ended up being bigger than I expected. I suppose it could use an update, since one of the panels on the side was chipped off, but since it worked, I didn't mind.
    The bed was fairly comfortable, and the pillows were nothing special. (We drove for 3 hours to get up there, we probably wouldn't have noticed if the bed wasn't comfortable.)
    The towels in the room were somewhat lacking, we had enough towels, but for being a hotel with a water park, I wish they would have been bigger. We used our own beach towels for the pool, and to shower.
    The room was a good size, and clean, and I'm just going to put it out there that I LOVE when hotels have the toilet and shower in the bathroom, and the sink in the main area...makes it so much easier!

    The hotel overall was really nice. Kind of a confusing layout, but we managed.
    I can't comment on the outdoor park, but it looked decent from the parking lot.
    There's a pool next to the lobby with a water slide, a sauna, and some basketball hoops, then on the 4th floor is a kiddie water "park", a regular pool (which seemed dirty to us), and a hot tub. I had fun on the slides in the water park (I'm short, and a little kid at heart) and we both enjoyed the pool next to the lobby.

    And hey, free Chula Vista entry!

    Overall, the hotel is decent, the staff was nice, and we can't beat the price we payed to stay there. It was a great mini vacation for us, and with a good deal, we'd stay again.

    27/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    21. Christina B.
    We originally planned to stay at Kalahari for a second time but Atlantis was a better deal... Now we know why! It was ok, fairly clean & free wifi but the free breakfast was worth skipping.

    11/08/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    22. Michael S.
    I was here a couple of nights ago. I was staying in a mermaid suite which was a little smaller than expected. The whirlpool inside the room made up for it though!  We were enjoying it for a lot of the night. They also have a indoor pool area and right next to it a outdoor pool area that both stay open until 10 pm and are located on the first floor. They have another pool that stays open until 11pm on the 4th floor. My experience here was great!

    26/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    23. Lauryn M.
    I will start by saying we stayed here because of Groupon.  Ironically for a girls weekend & no we don't know the party that stayed here in October that just wrote a review....coincidence.

    Front desk staff are very friendly, even gave us a corkscrew for our wine!

    Decor: god fucking awful. Mermaids painted on the walls next to a framed mermaid picture...and a seashell headboard.  Has not been updated since Day 1, clearly.  There are mirrors on the ceilings above the bed and whirlpool (which leaks btw).  Tacky tacky TACKY.  

    The TV is the nicest part of the room.

    Bed: lord knows what is in these sheets and they stink of who knows what.  The pull out bed was too short for one of us to sleep in...wtf?  

    I wanna say these rooms are made for kinky shit...hence the mirrors on the ceiling and why are there loops next to the headboard on the walls on each side of the bed? (Handcuffs)

    The 'waterpark' is really incorrectly named: it's a pool. With a kiddie slide.  And a hot tub. The end. Not a water park.  

    We slept terribly since the mattress is hard and thin and the walls in this place are so Damn thin we could hear the person in the room next door coughing, along with the stomping around above us. Ridiculous. Do NOT stay here!

    09/11/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    24. Angie C.
    Stay here for the deals!
    My family and I just recently visited the Dells, and decided to stay at the Atlantis. The hotel is obviously dated, but it had a lot of fun things to offer my kids. They have their own small indoor "waterpark" with a couple slides and pool. The bigger pool has basketball hoops which both of my kids were excited about.
    The hotel has an overall  musty smell which is to be expected with all the post-swim bodies wandering the halls.
    The complimentary breakfast is a joke, but whatever, it's not why we chose the place. They offer tiny waffles, pastries, and cereal.
    The hotel gives out free passes to Noah's Ark Waterpark and Chula Vista Indoor Waterpark which are both very impressive places. Noah's Ark runs $39/person, and Chula Vista $29/ person. So that $275 we got in free park passes far surpassed the $180 we spent to stay.
    The room itself was standard, nice patio, and came with both a mini fridge and microwave.

    24/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    25. Jamie S.
    This hotel is falling apart. For the price you pay, it's not worth it. We stayed in the Neptune suite. The carpet was stained. There was hair in the tub. The whirl pool had a layer of scum on it. And the wall paper was bubbling and falling off the wall. The first thing my 5 yr old said while walking into the room was, "mommy it stinks in here." Enough said. I do not recommend this place.  Oh yes don't forget to bring towels to the pool area because they do not supple them for you.

    22/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    26. Isabel P.
    Went here for weekend getaway. Had a nice time. Room was decent size for 6 people. Price was affordable even without a groupon. Everything was clean. Chula vista passes were included with our stay and the drive was only 10 minutes away. Kids had fun at waterpark however they enjoyed the pool area alot more. Hot tub was great way for adults to unwind. Bar was open, which made it even easier. Overall a great getaway. Kids had fun and so did we. Would of given 5 stars if it wasn't for the pool not having someone to supervise those unruly kids, also the noise level. Kids running around in hallway could be heard in room. Wish parent would watch their kids. Not let them run around like that.

    12/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    27. Kara B.
    Thanks to their Groupon, we stayed in a
    Neptune Suite for one night. It was my husband and I and our two sons (ages 4&6). The suite was in nice condition and laid out well. The hotel and room were very clean and the staff extremely nice. The day we arrived, the kids swam in the water park area. It isn't huge, but between the kids water area, arcade, regular pool, etc it served our purpose. The following day we had their continental breakfast on the pool patio and checked out so we could enjoy our free passes at Chula Vista. We'd stay there again.

    28/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    28. Michelina D.
    We stayed this weekend for automotion. The place it's self isn't anything special they have 3 different pools and a tiny arcade.
    The room was nice it has a balcony which was nice. The only draw back of that was they had weird carpeting on it and it was gross to stand on barefoot. Saturday morning we had a 9am wake up call from the cleaning lady I was NOT happy even after I yelled were sleeping and she still kept knocking so for fear of a stranger in our room I got up and went to the door and told her were fine.
    Saturday night there was absolutely no parking so I had to park around the hotel and walk. When I told them that there was no parking they told me to park behind the pool... It was a little insensitive on their part I felt.I know it's not the biggest deal but it's annoying that Friday there was no problem and Saturday it's parking wars. The whole problem was that people who were watching the cars parked in their lot but they just didn't care.

    17/05/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    29. Kayla B.
    Short version:
    Decent hotel when you're staying in Wisconsin Dells. If you can get it on a deal, it's BEYOND worth it compared to prices in the nearby area. Even standard priced is okay. It has the most value during the summer (because Noah's Ark is open for the free tickets and the hotel provides free breakfasts), but it's still a good choice during off-season. The hotel probably isn't going to "wow!" you, but it's a good value, has good service, and is pretty clean.

    Long version:
    I ended up getting a Groupon deal for this hotel, so I decided to make an impromptu trip up to Wisconsin Dells. This hotel is located pretty close to the "central" Wisconsin Dells area, so a lot of things are within a 2-mile walking distance. It's located directly next to the Dells Ducks attraction. You can easily walk to Mr. Pancake, Noah's Ark, and other places. Since I came during an off-peak season, not all usual features were available. During peak season, Atlantis gives you complimentary tickets to Noah's Ark and Chula Visit Waterpark as well as complimentary breakfast each day of your stay. All rooms comes with a refrigerator, microwave, and free wi-fi. Most rooms have a balcony. The balconies come with two plastic chairs which are kept tilted at an angle to keep them pretty clean for when you want to use them. Atlantis also has two in-building indoor waterparks for guests only as well.

    My room also come equipped with a small coffee machine and lots of cups. Four (relatively flat) pillows per bed. The room was immaculately clean when I arrived, and I have no complaints. The mirror doesn't even show any signs of fingerprints or streaks. The rooms have in-room control for AC/heat - though the AC/heat control and the microwave are a bit dated in style.

    Checking in was relatively simple. Everything was done within 5 minutes, and the lobbyist was happy to explain the best routes to get to my room. The lobby has alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks you can purchase as well as snacks. One of the indoor pools is down for maintanence, and I was a bit disappointed. I checked their social media and websites, and nowhere is this mentioned. However, the other pool, which is located on the top of building (fourth floor) was still fine. It was a regularly adult swimming pool area as well as a play area for kids. It also has an attached arcade.

    During the off-season, you're going to miss out on things. The upstairs bar/food area doesn't open at all during weekdays. There isn't a free breakfast during weekdays either. (Considering there are only 5-10 cars in the parking lot right now, I'd imagine it isn't cost-efficient for them to offer breakfast when there are so few guests.)

    The upstairs pool definitely doesn't count as a "waterpark", though, so don't expect it. It has a large, adult-sized swimming pool that goes in depths from 3 feet to 5 feet. Only 5 feet. I have no idea why it doesn't go deeper. The children's area has a toddler-sized slide as well as two mini children's slides to entertain the kids. There are a lot of little decorative animal-fountains too, but the rules clearly state to keep children from climbing on top of them. When I went into the park at 9PM, it was entirely deserted, and I have to admit that I played on the children's slides. They're surprisingly fun and slick. Not once did I get an uncomfortable spot or "catch" on anything. Sometimes people cut corners on children's areas, but they did a good job with this one. The water is somewhat heated in both areas. It isn't frigid, but it isn't super warm, either.

    Don't stay at the Atlantis for the waterparks located at the hotel. You'll be very disappointed. Stay here in order to save money AND go visit some of the dedicated waterparks around town such as Chula Vista or Noah's Ark. It's obvious that the waterparks here at the hotel weren't designed to be a main attraction.

    My largest complaint was the size of the body towels. They didn't even cover my torso, and I'm pretty short. They are about the size of the "hand towels" I have at home. However, the hotel provides 6-ish per room, so you can use multiple towels if need be. For being a hotel with waterparks where you need towels, though, these towels are pretty sad.

    I'd definitely come back. Extremely good value, pretty good location, and clean. May not have all of the frills or win a beauty competition for decor, but it's a good hotel.

    18/05/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0