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The Bluegreen Vacations Christmas Mountain Village, an Ascend Resort Collection hotel features more than 800 acres of family-friendly terrain. Play 27 holes of championship golf on our resort grounds or enjoy tennis and our indoor or outdoor pools. Nearby attractions include the Mount Olympus Water and Theme Park, Noah's Ark Waterpark, Kalahari Water Park and Mirror Lake State Park. At the hotel, enjoy access to free local calls, our fitness room, and copy and fax services. All rooms have kitchen facilities, cable television, DVD player, microwave, hair dryer, coffee maker, iron and ironing board. Some rooms include a high-definition television, pillow-top mattress and hot tub. Please visit us soon at the Christmas Mountain Village, an Ascend Resort Collection in Wisconsin Dells, WI, where we work hard to provide high standards of hospitality. Make your reservations with us today; we look forward to your stay.


Established in 1983.

Christmas Mountain was built by 1 individual owner however, then that owner sold to a company called RDI.  In 1997 RDI sold Christmas Mountain to Bluegreen Corporation.  Bluegreen owns numerous timeshare property's throughout the United States including Aruba and Bahamas.  Recently Bluegreen is allowing the timeshare units to be rented at terrific prices.


Company Info:

Rating: 3.36

Address: S944 Christmas Mountain Road, Wisconsin Dells, WI, 53965
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Comments (14):

1. Michelle F.
My sister in law has a time share here and we spent a weekend with them. It was very nice, with a pool and golf course, if you're interested. The rooms were big and the beds VERY comfortable. I don't know about the price, but it's a nice place.

13/09/05 | Link | Rating: 4.0
2. Ryan M.

Yes, we actually own a Bluegreen timshare. Yes if you purchased a cheap deal then your gonna get suck in a time share presentation, and YES you can say NO take there Freebies and walk away.

We werer about to at the 2 hour mark, actually the 2 hr 2 min mark when I said get your manager, I told him we skipped breakfast and were actually interested in the program but were walking out the door to go get Dennys. He said I can't let you do that, what kind of pizza do you like. Said go on the shuttle bus and take the 30 min drive around tour and he would sure there was pizza waiting here for us when we returned.

We got back and as he said Pizza and Chicken Wings even. Now we did end up buying because of the DEAL to make up for them running over and us liking the package.

Otherwise I say plenty of people say, NOPE not interested and walk away.

01/03/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
3. Gabriel S.
Dont go here ever, They will try to sell you a time share. It will be a living hell. Well atleast for my wife I like messing with sales people. But really its pretty crappy I would not go there for less than the $80 visa gift card and other coupons they paid me for an hour of my time =)

02/09/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
4. Egg H.
Sorry, this is a late review, forgot it was pending.  This was our second time staying at this resort (due to availability and location).  Must say it was better than the last time, but that's not saying much.  Because we were an exchange (RCI), we were put in the older area, that haven't been updated yet.  In their defense, there is ongoing renovation, but it looks like it's going pretty slowly.  The unit was mostly clean, but dated, worn carpeting, upholstery, sagging sofa bed, doors didn't quite match frames (settling of old units).  Toilet was plugged.  The resort amenities were good, the pool and small waterpark were nice.  Also free tickets to Mt Olympus waterpark in town.  We went in the spring so the hills were closed, so can't say anything about that.  The new area looks nice, would have been nice to be in them I think, but they were saved for owners, even though it looked like there were many empty ones.

26/07/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
5. Noah C.
We came to Christmas Mountain because we got free lift tickets with our stay at Mt. Olympus.  This was the only good thing about staying at Mt. Olympus.  

We got to Christmas Mountain and from the moment we got there everyone was great to us and made sure we had a good time.  We decided to just do the tubing runs and they were so much fun!  They looked to be more crowded than the regular slopes!  There were four lanes and plenty of tubes.  They had a tow line to take you to the top of the hill and there was a staff member on the bottom of the hill to put you on the tow line, a staff member at the top to help you off the line and a staff member making sure everyone was clear from the lanes before the next group went down.  The slopes were fast and exiting! Not so much that my 6 year old couldn't go by herself but she was also able to link her tube up with mine or my wife's tube so she could go down attached to one of us.

After about an hour we took a short break for some hot chocolate and a rest in the restaurant.  They had a nice space to take a break and warm up.  Plenty of seats, good service, decent local beer selection.  

We went back out for another hour of tubing and the crowd had thinned a little.  It really was well run and a nice intro into the slopes for novice skiers.  

The ski slopes looked nice and the rest of the resort looked well taken care of.  Overall we were very impressed with the experience at Christmas Mountain and we will look to come back here.

06/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
6. Toni W.
This was our second Christmas stay at Christmas Mountain.  Last year we were in one of the unrenovated 2 bedroom cottages and had a very good time, but as previous reviewers stated it was in serious need of updating (though it was clean) that would have earned just 3 stars.  This time we were in a 2 bedroom "Deluxe Timber" that had been renovated and it was fantastic.  Spacious, clean, and very well appointed.  The mattresses and linens were top quality.  Since the weather and snow were much better than last year we took advantage of the ski slopes, taking a group lesson after too many years to mention without skiing.  The instruction was excellent and the prices in the pro shop were good (hadn't planned on skiing so I needed ski pants).  We are already planning a return to Christmas Mountain for a long weekend of skiing later this winter.  Also great-modest indoor water park our 3 year old granddaughter loved, and an outdoor hot tub for a little muscle therapy with a view of the slopes.  This is a time share style Bluegreen Vacation Club property, so be prepared to ignore the concierge's pleas to attend a presentation for free lift tickets etc. (unless you think you are interested in buying).

27/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
7. Dekalb R.
SKI HILL AND RESTAURANT REVIEW - and a note about Blue Green timeshare

We have skiied here twice this winter.  It is a smaller area so don't expect something like Cascade or Devil's head.  2 2-person chairlifts, other rope tows and other kinds of lifts.  Nice beginners area, separate tubing hill, a couple of terrain playgrounds.  Overall this seems to be a well-run and well-organized place.  The staff isn't always bubbly, but at probably minimum wage, I don't blame them.  The runss, especially for a smaller place, are always extremely well groomed.  Very impressive.  The lifts are well-run and there is a general nice family-type feeling.  My wife and I  are in our 50's ,  so the level of expertise required to do the entire mountain is about right for us.  The double black diamonds are a bit of a misnomer as they are no more challenging than a typical green run in Colorado.   I would definitely recommend this ski hill, especially if you are a beginner or bringing a famly for some low-key relaxing skiing.  If you are accomplished or expert, don't come here, (or better yet,  don't ski here and then write a review about how crappy the place is).  

The onsite sit-down restaurant is a nice experience.  Wait staff is very 'homey' and welcoming.  Food is not 5 star, but then it's not supposed to be. It's a bar. We have had the chili (awesome), cabbage soup (awesome),  nachos (probably not a do-over),  corn fritters (do-over) and burgers, which are good. Beer is ice cold.  Service has never disappointed. This is a real pleasant place to take a break and watch the beginner hill for some (kind-hearted of course) laughs.

So yesterday after a nice morning of skiing we decided to check into buying a condo, we like it here that much.  So we walked into the 'Blue Green Preview Center' to inquire about purchasing real estate.  Man, what a weird place.  When we walked in to a reception desk with 2 receptionists and a sales guy,  I felt like either we had just trespassed, or we walked in on a currency counterfeiting operation.  My wife said they all looked at her like she had 2 heads.   One receptionest blandly said 'how can we help you'.  I asked if there was a real estate agent in the area to which the sales guy said 'No.  we don't sell real estate, only time share.'  Period.   We were there a total of 30 seconds and felt like when we left we needed to shower!  Wierd, nasty place.  This place gets less than 1 star.

03/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
8. Amanda W.
My MIL let us use her timeshare time as a wedding present. Due to my husband's work schedule, we opted to use CMV over the Christmas Holiday. We thought it would be a nice little week away from the craziness that is Christmas. Yeah..not so much.  We stayed in Cottage 333. We were going to stay a week we only lasted 2 and a half days.

I'll start off with the Pros:
-When we pulled up there was a GIANT snowman built in front of the cottage. That put a smile on my face

-The fireplace was easy to work.

-Getting to the resort was easy enough. The roads leading up to the resort were well plowed and maintained. The actual resort roads were awful. I realize that WI was hit with a snow storm prior to arrival, but this was bad. We got stuck going uphill towards the registration center. Slush, Snow, Ice and Sand.

-As soon as we entered our cottage, we were hit with that smell. It was a mixture of moldy, musty and floral scent.  I understand at a resort that has ski/slopes, you're dealing with wet boots and clothes. However, this was bad..really bad. Maybe if the carpet wasn't from 1984..

-Ah yes the magical carpet. It was disgusting. It was thin, dirty and smelly. Some parts of the carpet looked like that had been replaced via "staple a new patch" here and there. All throughout the cottage it was like this. I refused to walk barefoot on it..socks/flip flops only.

-The furniture also had seen better days. Dated and discolored. The bed in the master didn't have a fitted sheet over it. Just a sheet.  The sink in the master bath didn't drain and there was a weird blue stain in the master shower.  There were long black hairs all over the place.

-i know this is a "family resort" however, there was nothing really for adults. All the activities listed were geared towards kids. The pool was a madhouse. 9pm-11pm was "quiet time" at the pool. Yeah, it wasn't. Nobody enforced this "rule".

It was dirty. Everything. I never felt clean even after showering here. I was uncomfortable the whole time. My Husband and I are not ones to be picky or OCD..but we left after 2 and half days. It was just gross.  My Husband finally admitted to me that when he first checked out the second bathroom, there was a "surprise" floating in the toilet.

25/12/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
9. Julie B.
Family vacation with husband and 11-year old daughter. Room very comfortable and updated. We stayed in a Townhome as a guest of a timeshare member. Lots on the resort - pools, indoors and a few outdoor pools, a nice activity area for picnicking, kids fishing, canoeing, and games area and restaurant. TV remote did not work when we arrrived, we got tired of waiting for maintenance to come, but when we returned from dinner, they had come in and fixed the problem. Then, I received a follow-up call to make sure everything was working ok. Very happy with accommodation.

16/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
10. Margaret V.
My husband and I returned today from a vacation to Christmas Mountain.  Yes, it is a timeshare.  That having been said, yes, they will probably talk you into buying additional points or selling something, but again, it is a timeshare.  That should be expected.

We've stayed at about a half dozen BlueGreen resorts, and while this is nice, I wouldn't say it is my favorite.  We stayed in a two bedroom condo and had an adjoining one bedroom condo (there were 3 adult couples staying for a weekend).  The condo we stayed at was a little dated...  The chair in one living rooom was stained and the carpet in condos was also stained.  The bed in the upstairs master bedroom was extremely soft and the pillows were very hard.  SO, I suggest bringing your own pillows!

It was very clean and there were a ton of things for families to do.  They had several indoor and outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts, volleyball courts, catch and release fishing pond, paddle boats, kayaks (although the pond was somewhat small), swing sets and a mini golf course.  They also had board games that could be checked out and family activities (tie die t-shirts, bingo, cookie decorating, etc).

They also had a ski hill and an 18 and 9 hole golf course.  If golfing at the 18 hole golf course, I would suggest golfing after 2 as they offer "twilight rates" and is only $49/person.  I wouldn't say it is worth the $77/person they generally charge.

The location was pretty good.  I would say it is about 10 miles or so (if that) from major attractions in the Dells.  There is also a Walmart and Kohls Dept. Store about 5 miles from the hotel.  The location is nice and quiet and very, very pretty!

I would stay again!  But I would bring my own pillow! :)

27/08/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
11. Kelly K.
My mother-in-law graciously booked Christmas Mountain Village for our most recent September trip to the Dells. She does not own the timeshare but rented it from an owner. All 5 of us (mother/father in law, my husband, and our 10 month old) stayed in a 2 bedroom/1 bath cottage.

Other reviewers are right: the cottages could use some updating. The good: kitchen is stocked with everything you need (except for the food, of course), ok sized bathroom, fireplace in the living room and standard sized bedrooms. We enjoyed the patio/deck area as well. The bad: the cottage wasn't clean enough for my standards. My son is just learning to walk and his socks were quite dirty at the end of the day. The bathroom and bedding was clean. The beds aren't the most comfortable but we managed. There were ample towels available as well as toiletries.

Since we visited in September, the outdoor pool was closed, but the golf course was still open. The indoor pool was fantastic! The locker rooms were big and clean, and my son loved the kiddie pool area. There was a lifeguard on duty in the afternoon and they opened up the water slide. It's nothing major but still fun for younger kids. There's a waterfall in the pool as well as a basketball hoop. The outdoor hot tub was open and I enjoyed relaxing there. They also have a sauna and nice workout room.

The location is in the Dells, but not off of the main strip. It's in a wooded area and it was nice and quiet. We enjoyed being away from the hustle and bustle and the downtown area was less than 10 minutes away.

I wouldn't mind staying here again, just not at the cottages. We enjoyed the activities that it had to offer and I'd love to see it during ski season.

11/10/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
12. Raquel A.
Love this place. So much fun. My parents had a time share here. Learned how to ski here on the bunny hill of course. And there is  snow scuplourrs during the winter. And love the villas and cabins. Not much time to watch tv. And love the in door pool. And tubing too. And during the summer there is a lot of stuff too go karts tracks in town Paul Bunyans for breakfast. And tony Bartlett show and more stuff.

29/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
13. Kara D.
**This review only pertains to our snow tubing experience**

My boyfriend and I were staying at the Dells on a chilly weekend, and decided to come here for some tubing. It was during the off season, so it was not very busy. Unfortunately, it started raining while we were there.

Now, I understand that expectations can't be too high when your plans are to get into an inner-tube that's heading downhill.... but this place was still pretty sub-par. They did not have an organized system of doing things; no signs or clear direction etc, and the hill itself was not impressive. The only guidance that was offered, not like it was rocket science, was by an employee that started barking at us the second we got to the top of the tubing hill. I'm talking BARKING, like a pit bull with a hemorrhoid. Which is totally unnecessary.... it's like dude, we are at a place to slide around and fall down a hill, lighten up. It's supposed to be fun! But nope, he sucked the little fun left out of it. He yelled at us to get up off the tube-lift faster, and when we could slide down. Told us very angrily. His poor attitude made us to leave after 2 runs down the hill. The one good thing is that we explained it to the main cabin, and they were sympathetic and refunded us. Apparently, this guy was sassing the other employees too!

27/01/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
14. C C.
Note: I did not stay here.  I came for the winter activities.  

The weather this season has not been good for snow, but Christmas Village was all over it to ensure that their hills were open and ready for enjoyment!  Staff I encountered were very nice, and I never really waited long to do anything.  I had a blast, and I would love to visit here again in the future.  The lines for the lifts were short, and staff were around to ensure Safety.  

They had a nice fire going for folks to go warm up from the fun, and their pro shop actually had some excellent prices on equipment.  

I have looked at rooms here before, but before I stay here, the interiors of the units need some serious updating.  When that happens... this may be where I choose to stay next simply due to all the fun activities they have!

10/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0