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Conveniently located off Interstates 90 and 94, the smoke-free Econo Lodge in Wisconsin Dells, WI, offers easy access to area attractions: Mt. Olympus Waterpark, Wisconsin Ducks, Wisconsin River, Wisconsin Deer Park, Timber Falls Adventure Park and Trapper's Turn Golf Course.  Enjoy our amenities: free continental breakfast,free wi-fi, free coffee, free weekday newspaper and an indoor/outdoor heated pool with whirlpool. Travelers will also have access to a Fitness center, copy and fax services, laundry facility and a tanning bed. All rooms include a coffee maker and hair dryer. Select rooms include a flat-screen television, balcony, sofa sleeper, cable television and microwave. This is a pet-friendly hotel, with four-legged friends allowed to stay for a fee.


Established in 2010.

Newly Renovated 2010-2011.


Company Info:

Rating: 1.60

Address: 2504 Wisconsin Dells Parkway, Wisconsin Dells, WI, 53965
  • Mon: Open 24 hours
  • Tue: Open 24 hours
  • Wed: Open 24 hours
  • Thu: Open 24 hours
  • Fri: Open 24 hours
  • Sat: Open 24 hours
  • Sun: Open 24 hours

Address: 350 W Munroe Ave, Wisconsin Dells, WI, 53965

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    Comments (10):

    1. Katy A.
    Honestly, this place is so bad its actually funny. The moment we checked in, someone was at the front desk complaining. We got to our room, bathroom was super duper small - ya know the type where u open the door and it hits the toilet... yeah. The door frame on the bathroom was falling off. Place smelled kinda like stale cigarettes even though we were in a non-smoking room. Air Conditioning did not work right. It would turn off every 20 mins or so, so the room never got cool. The extra lock on the door was broken and there was markings on the door that looked suspiciously like someone had tried and probably succeeded at breaking in. The doors to the balcony upstairs didnt work. Some shady looking smokers were out there in the evening and they were propping the door open to get back in. Basically anyone could break into this place with that kinda thing going on. The breakfast room was nasty with cereal spilled everywhere, overflowing garbage's, never any milk. The pool was murky and u couldn't see the bottom. Made me wonder what they were hiding down there. My stepdaughter said she saw hair floating in it too. Hot tub jets were broken. Another thing I hated was that the pool and hot tub was right by the front desk with glass in between so basically whenever u swim, the crabby front desk people would stare @ u while u swam. That is, if they weren't dealing with complaining customers. And trust me, there was a constant flow of them. After awhile it got to be a running joke with my family; "How many complaints did u hear when u walked by the front desk? LOL" I heard someone telling them they had called the Days Inn Corporate on them. I heard someone demanding a refund. I heard someone talking about something "this long" being in their room and the management was going to try to "get it out". We can only guess what they were talking about... Ewww! I heard people complaining about the milk being out in the breakfast room. (which is true, it was), I heard a very nasty argument going on one evening as well, don't know what it was about but the clerk was being very rude to a customer. Oh and I forgot to mention that the maids do not know how to clean. They only made one of the beds in our room and left the other one a strew. Also didn't leave any extra towels or toilet paper so my husband had to go down the last night to ask for some himself, although he had to wait until morning because there was a long line of people complaining when he went down there and he didn't want to wait.
    Seriously... just don't do it! Avoid this place like the plague!!!

    21/08/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    2. Victor R.
    Bad place to stay unless you like motels. The hotel has this weird and odd smell to it. The tv remote in my room is taped! haha (that's ghetto!) I'm being generous giving them two stars. Try to avoid this place as best as you can!!!!!!

    14/10/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    3. Martin H.
    This hotel is one of the smelliest and dirtiest and grosses places I have ever stayed at.  The staff tried 3 different times to double charge me and couldnt figure out how to make it right. The "free" breakfast is something I wouldnt feed to a rat. The AC didnt work very well, and the first room you couldnt get internet to work.  There was mold everywhere and the shower had a crack in the tub, there was mold on the shower head.  They "forgot" to clean the room 2 days in a row.  Would never tell anyone to stay there and I would never go back. Even for FREE

    09/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    4. Yajaira G.
    Honestly if I can give this place 0 stars I would. But I really want to write this review. This place is horrible and what happened to us on our arrival was the worst ever. As tired as we were all we wanted to do was rest... We got our keys and we opened our doors and the rooms had not been cleaned. It's 5pm and We had made reservations days before. So they give us two more different rooms they were also undone. A complete mess! My husbands mad now and goes back and receives two more keys. Finally they were cleaned bedsheets done, until I removed the blankets and found crap on the bed!!!! These people have two young men cleaning these rooms and they didn't change the bedsheets or vacuum I can only imagine what else they didn't do. We went back we told the front desk about. They apologized and gave us two more keys by now we wanted a refund and they said that wasn't possible but after paying over 1000$ they said all they can do is take off 10$ off each room! What really I mean come on that's the "Crappiest" Deal ever! Anyway we gave them one more chance. Staff was kind, but every hour or so we kept hearing angry customers yelling downstairs on how their rooms were dirty n not ready. This place is a mess. We finally waited got some ok rooms but I woke up itchy and terrified. Never again will I step foot in this place. Our sheets were stained, window wouldn't shut, towels weren't washed.... Like I said, Crappiest Deal ever!

    29/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    5. Theresa E.
    I'm staying here for cheap place to stay while I work out of town. My only real complaint would be the check-in and checkout times. After being up for over 30 hours I arrived at my hotel at 11 AM and was told I had to wait an hour to check in. They offered a railroad discount for where I work so I was surprised that I couldn't check in at any time considering the weird hours of the railroad. Other than that it's okay. It's nothing grand but it's clean and the staff all seems very friendly. The free breakfast consists of the waffle iron packaged oatmeal little donuts and little muffins bananas juice and milk. It's cheap enough that I would stay here again.

    01/08/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    6. Jack W.
    Worst experience ever.  Doesn't deserve 1-Star rating, even.  Where should I begin?  Checked in, place was almost empty (completely understandable for A January Night).  Problem was, that Night auditor "Ken" insisted on placing us on the second floor, even though the property doesn't have an elevator.  He claimed there were no rooms on the first floor, which was a lie, as there were maybe 3 rooms occupied in the entire hotel!  I have recently had foot surgery, and for me to carry heavy luggage up the steps is very difficult.  On the subject of Ken, he seems pleasant, and was helpful in suggesting indoor Water Parks, Etc..

    However, he asked me and my wife (we are both Naturalized American Citizens) repeatedly what our "nationality" was.  We kept answering that we are American, but he wanted to Know where we are "really" from.  I found this type of questioning offensive.  He may have meant well, but he wouldn't ask this question if we weren't minorities, so we were offended.  I also saw Ken smoking by the front door, which is illegal in WI, and most companies These Days, dont allow such behavior on company property.  I also saw him there working OVERNIGHT, and then on during The Day.  I don't Know how these people are scheduled, but it seems they may be on 24 Hours straight, which is wrong on so many levels.  Why else, then, do i see him All Day, And All Night?

        Incidentally, there was also this red-haired clerk (sorry I didnt catch her name) who was often smoking outside the door, and there was therefore nobody at the front desk.  Is this what these people are paid to do?

        Other complaints:  No Refrigerators, no microWaves, no safes, no towels by the pool (which was not Heated enough), hallways and lobby are Very Cold (also not Heated enough), not enough towels in room, only 1 tiny garbage can.

        Another major gripe is that they never serviced the room.  On our Middle Day, we Told the front desk that our room was ready for service.  When we came back, we found they didn't clean anything, they just emptied the garbage and left a bottle or 2 of shampoo.  That's called cleaning?  They didnt bother to make the bed, change the sheets, NOTHING.  They didnt even take the old empty shampoo bottles out from the shower!  What a joke!

        And the biggest complaint of all:  When we were trying to Check out, there was nobody at the front desk.  We looked outside, we Said "HELLO", waited Several Minutes, no answer.  We picked up the phone, dialed "zero", kept ringing, no answer.  Waited about 15 Minutes!  Then we walked around, and saw a clerk (who claimed to be the manager but this is doubtful) named "Jamie" taking out garbage on the other side of the building.  We were like "Can you please help us?  We have to get going."  She rudely claimed that she has other things to do, besides just wait on customers.  Well hello, this is a customer service job, and customers should come first.  She never apologized, but continued to grumble and throw our receipt at us.  I informed her that I would contact Choice.com , as well as Tripadvisor and she claimed that "I don't care.  Do whatever you want".  This was the rudest service i have ever seen at a hotel!  My wife tried to explain why we were upset, and she didn't even care.  She was very rude with my wife as well.  She didnt apologize for keeping us waiting, and instead got mad at us, for "interrupting" her work.  Well hello, thats why they should  have housekeepers, and front desk clerks.  She claims to be both and also a manager, all at once.  This is a customer-oriented business.  If you can't serve your customers, then find another line of work.  Reading through Tripadvisor, it seems that 95% of the reviewers agree with me.  

        I have stayed in hotels, all over the country, and the most important thing is customer service.  Usually, the first thing I am asked when Checking out is "how was everything?".  Not in this place.  Jamie actually got upset that i bothered her cleaning duties, by daring to ask her to please Check us out, because we have a long drive, and have to run.

        This hotel is a disaster, and I recommend that nobody stay here.  Please look elsewhere.

    11/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    7. Hahahi N.
    Worst place I've ever stayed at. DO NOT STAY HERE!!!! Unclean beds, floors. Strange odours and smells. Crappy service.

    16/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    8. Abi K.
    bed bugs and poor service!!!! we brought home bed bugs with us from the econo lodge. the manager is very snobby and not helpful at all! we got to our room and it had not been cleaned and she just gave us another room!!! many things were broken in our new room also. the econo lodge is priced so low because that is the only way they will get customers!!! not worth the pain and suffering let alone the money! do not come here.

    29/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    9. Jesse H.
    Bed bug ALERT!  We checked in and within minutes of pulling the covers back we revealed a wonderful bed bug named Bubba.  He had a tattoo of a heart with "MOM" spelled across a banner.

    But seriously, we found a bed bug near a drop of dried blood on the green blanket.  I posted a picture of the bug as proof.

    I would highly recommend spending a lil more cash at a different hotel.  Those bugs can hitch a ride.

    Also, the hotel looked like it hadn't really been cleaned in weeks.  It smelled of cigarettes and there were still pubic hairs in the shower.

    16/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    10. Cassie B.
    Weekend stay for under $125. Not a 5 star hotel but great for the price.  Staff was very pleasant.  Breakfast was waffles, toast, fruit, muffins, donuts, cereals, milk, coffee and juices.  As others said, not the cleanest, not the nicest, but,,,,,,,,,,  the other hotels in the area were twice as much.   We enjoyed ourselves and would return......my daughter gives the pool and hot tub a thumbs up!

    10/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0