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Grand Marquis Inn in Wisconsin Dells, WI

Grand Marquis Inn in Wisconsin Dells, WI

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Company Info:

Rating: 2.09

Address: 840 Wisconsin Dells Pkwy, Wisconsin Dells, WI, 53965

    Address: 840 Wisconsin Dells Pkwy, Wisconsin Dells, WI, 53965

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      Comments (11):

      1. Amanda R.
      My husband and I spent four nights here while on vacation.  We chose the queen jacuzzi suite, which cost us $95 a night.   We really thought the room was very comfy and welcoming, and was perfect or our long-ish stay.  Along with the jacuzzi, it also had a fridge and microwave, which was great for heating up leftovers or keeping drinks cool.  There is also an indoor pool with slides and hot tubs, an outdoor pool with slides and a waterfall, and an indoor waterpark for small children.  We don't have kids so we can't review that part, but other peoples' kids seemed to be having fun.  The indoor pool was nice, but the outdoor pool could have been just a little deeper.  Also, the slides are kind of small... not really something an adult would enjoy unless they were with a small child.  It was also in need of a paintjob, but nothing that would keep me from using it.  The hot tubs in the indoor part were NOT hot at all, and the jets were too low to be of any use, but we didn't really care much because we had a very nice jacuzzi in our room that we used instead.  The front desk people were very nice and the lobby was very clean, as was our room.  They also offered discounted tickets to area attractions.  There was also a game room with several types of video games, kiddie games, and air hockey (in a smaller game room back by the indoor waterpark), and an outdoor grilling/picnic area and suntanning spot.  The hotel is right next door to an interesting gas station which sells some groceries and, of all things, antiques.  One thing that was very nice is that the hotel is close to a lot of attractions but is not on the main stretch, which made entering and exiting a hotel a LOT easier than other hotels on the main part of Wisconsin Dells parkway.  Over all, I would definitely stay here again and would recommend it to those who want a nice place to stay (read: not another motel!!!) without spending as much as you would at, say, the Kalahari.

      18/08/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      2. Katie C.
      Stayed here in June, 2011. My family's room was fine, but our other family members had a loud, all-night drunken party going on across the hall from them and the management didn't do anything to try to control things. My brother-in-law even saw a staff person dragging a guy who had passed out in the hallway outside their room. After they were kept up most of the night, the staff gave them a coupon for $50 off for next time they come, as though they'd stay there again with their two little kids!

      19/08/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      3. Wendy S.
      I really don't know how else to word my review aside from ripping the place to shreds.  My family of 5 rented the grand family suite to the tune of $108 a night, which is a reasonable rate, in my opinion.  Upon checking in, however, we noticed the smoke detector had been disconnected and was suspended from the ceiling, the coffee table was covered in pencil/marker drawings, and there were cigarette burn marks on the bedding (this is a nonsmoking hotel).  Another issue we had was the advertised in room wi-fi that just does not exist.  The front desk claimed that they were working on the problem, however after reading other reviews of this hotel, this seems to be an ongoing issue.  Our bathtub was broken and instead of replacing the tub, they used a flimsy patch which barely held up under the weight of our 8 year old.
      The bar lock on the door was broken into three pieces and did not work, upon three requests maintenance still never made it to repair/replace.
      There are other hotels within a couple blocks of this hotel, try Wintergreen, the price is not much different and they have a restaurant on the premises.
      Grand Marquis was terrible.

      12/10/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      4. jim a.
      Great place to go to in Wisconsin Dells IF and ONLY if you have small children (under the ages of 6). It's not a flashy place by any means, but they have 3 seperate small water play area's and it's really easy to keep on eye on your kids because they have hot tubs for the adults surrouding the kids play area.

      My wife and I didn't want to stay at one of these "mega" hotels where there were bigger kids running all over the place. We wanted it to be as less stressfull as possible and it was.

      Really great place if you have little kids, especially 1-2 year olds and up to about 6 years old.

      27/06/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
      5. LaKisha F.
      I hate to be the first to give this place such a bad rating/review, but first impressions are lasting ones. I was there last weekend, on a family trip with the intent to only sleep there. However, upon arriving the desk clerks were extremely rude, arrogant, unprofessional, and discourteous! We were not only monitored like inmates, we were treated as if they were doing US a favor! We got calls to our rooms from the desk clerks, asking if our children were running around the hotel unattended. When they weren't even in the hotel at the time. (The nerve)!!! We also got called about cooking utensils that we had for bbq. They clearly have grill and tables outside for those purposes. How were we going to flip burgers on the grill, with our hands?

      The facility was fairly decent as far as the pools and kid area goes. But for the prices that we paid, I expected to be a tad bit more impressed. The worst part of or our experience was my sister's earrings being stolen from her room.. If the staff were friendly, I believe our stay would have been much more pleasant that it was. Fortunately, we were able to get discounted passes to Mt. Olympus which was the highlight of our trip!

      27/07/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      6. Claire D.
      Giving this place a "Meh, I've experienced better" because, quite honestly, I have experienced better. Better service, better quality of cleanliness and overall, better experience I had last year. Last year, this was a solid 4.5 star experience. It wasn't the absolute cleanest hotel I've ever been to, but it was clean enough for both myself and my son. The desk attendant showed us around as that was our first time. The waterpark was perfect for our needs. My son was 2 years old last year and he had a blast in the smaller waterpark. The indoor swimming pool area was okay for our needs, too. There is even a smaller wading pool for the little kids. The outdoor pool looked okay, but it was way too cold tor us to go outside on any of the days we were there. That being said, I had seen what I had hoped to be a soggy Twinkie floating in the indoor pool that went unnoticed by staff. This year, the hotel seemed noticeably dirty and overall, unkempt. The waterpark area had rust/lime stains on the slides, the hot tub had sediment on the seating area and the hotel room itself seemed like there was mold in the carpeting. This would perhaps be understandable if the hotel was busy - not really, but just saying. However, the hotel was beyond-slow. We had gone in the off-season, so more care could have been taken in cleaning the hotel. The outdoor locking mechanism that you have to swipe your card into in order to gain access to the hotel was broken for a couple nights, which allowed literally anyone into the hotel. Not safe at all. The cleaning staff had shut off our heating system (purposely left on to keep the room warm for us after a dip), turned off our lights and shut off the refrigerator (where food was left in). I would've liked to go back to this place for another year as my son is still little enough to enjoy himself here. However, after this last experience, I highly doubt it. If it's under new management, I would recommend a long, hard look at what kind of experience they want their patrons to have.

      21/09/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      7. Dave T.
      Decent for the price. The lady at the front desk could not have been less interested in greeting us. We got more of a lecture about hotel rules than anything. It was clean enough. Jacuzzi was a bit small.

      16/10/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      8. Ram J.
      I booked a room here online for the weekend, and the person I was going with was hospitalized earlier this week, obviously requiring a cancellation of the trip. I emailed them before the 72 hour cancellation deadline explaining the situation, only to get a response asking me to call. When I called, I was told that since I called after the 72 hour cancellation deadline, I could not receive a refund.

      After 5 minutes of complaining the woman told me that if I was able to provide proof of hospitalization (seriously?) she would refund my money. So I told her I would fax or email the "proof" after I hang up. Then she changed her story and said I could use a portion of my deposit towards a new date.

      No thanks. I'll just file a complaint with my credit card and book somewhere else. It's a shame I never got to see the place due to the greed of it's owners.

      19/01/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      9. Wii M.
      Seems like I'm not the only one whose had a bad experience with this hotel. The pools are decent, was nice to choose from 3 different jacuzzi's.The service on the other hand is beyond terrible.

      When my family and I were there the people above us kept making lots of noise, sounded like they were moving furniture around. When someone complaint to the front desk the manager didn't care, even when we weren't getting wifi which they claimed to have!

      Wouldn't even give us a discount or refund for the inconveniences both the guests and the management provided. Noticed a sign in the pool area which apparently a "certficate of excellence"  which prolly means excellence in terrible customer service.

      06/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      10. Adam H.
      This has to be the worst hotel we have ever stayed at. This review is more about the hotel and not the staff. The staff were fine. Upon entering our room a strong funky odor was present. It smelled like dirty feet and mildew combined. It was so humid in the room it felt like a rainforest. The surfaces, sheets, and window were damp. We were hungry and exhausted, so we dropped our bags, adjusted the a/c with the hopes it would take the humidity down to a tolerable level, and took off for a couple hours to eat. When we got back to the room, it stunk just as bad and it was actually more humid! It was obvious the a/c wasn't working properly and not to mention that there wasn't enough air flow due to lack of return air from the tiny vent in the bathroom. I took a closer look at the a/c and noticed how disgustingly dirty it was. There was mold growing on the vent fins! And then I got an extra whiff of the funk...coming out of the a/c...the source of the ungodly stench! I made a call to the front desk to request another room, however there wasn't anything available. All she could offer us was a repair while we would be gone to the waterpark the next day. She also wanted to place an ozone generator in the room to get rid of the smell (not a good idea as ozone is bad to breathe in). I told her I was concerned that we were breathing in mold. She said there wasn't anything she could do until the next day. I kick myself now and should have used better judgement and gotten my family the hell out of there. We stuck it out and what a mistake. I slept not one minute. My wife and kids maybe got 1 hour. We all had stuffy noses and felt ill by morning. I went to the front desk and explained the situation. She said they could have just replaced the a/c the evening before which didn't sound realistic. I then cancelled our next 2 nights of stay. She credited the two nights, but that was it! I went back to the room and got the car packed, went back to the front desk and demanded a refund for the torturous evening. She gave us half of our money back. I conceded and accepted the refund -- and really only because I just wanted to get out of there. Went across the street and booked a room at the Holiday Inn for the remainder of our stay. We tried to get into The Wilderness, but they were all booked of course. The Holiday Inn is turning out to be a lifesaver! So far we have been very happy and will likely write a review once we have checked out. Spend more money....it's worth it!

      16/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      11. Riz Z.
      Beware of room 104!

      My husband and i came to the dells and decided to stay at the grand marquis inn because of the free water park passes and the rates per night which was $130. Ill start off by saying that the parking lot is pretty big and spacious, we walked in and the ladies in the front desk were nice and checked us in and gave us the room keys. We first got room 104, we immediately inspected the bed for any bed bugs, and just our luck, we found a bed bug in the pillow case. We went to the front desk ladies and they seemed to not believe us when we told then there was a bed bug. They followed us to the room so we can show them the bug, she saw it, grabbed the pillow and walked back to the desk. They apologized and gave us a new room 102, which was next to room 104. This room didnt seem to have bugs, everything was clean, fresh towels etc.

      I will say the beds were super uncomfortable. They really need to provide new beds. I apparently booked for queen size bed, but it looked like we got a full size bed. We have a queen bed at home and it definitely did not feel like a queen bed at the hotel. The matress was stained and dirty,  it grossed me out. But there was 3 layers of sheets covering it. I could still see the base all filthy, but whatever. We woke up with back pain! Terrible beds. They really need to update.

      Bathrooms were nice and clean, its a tub not a walk in shower. The fridge and microwave was a plus.

      The pools, pretty big and spacious. 5ft deep. The slides for kids, pretty small. But the kids looked like they had fun though. There was also a 1ft deep pool for babies and tots. Which is nice if you bring a baby with. The two whirlpools were GREAT! You have to bring your own pool towel. The staff would not budge to give you more towels unless you give them the wet towels from your room to get fresh ones.

      The waterpark passes were a huge plus and savings! Noahs ark was so much fun. My husband accidentally took his wristband off and decided to ask for a replacement the next day, the ladies at the desk were a little rude about it. They never said anything about being unable to replace them to begin with even though the hotel website says you get a wristband per day, per guest during your stay. She still gave him one but she also gave him attitude and asked for the old one.

      great location! Among all restaurants, gas stations and attractions. Not far from noahs ark.

      Bottom line, i probably will not stay here again, unless they get new beds and new decor, its all out dated.

      11/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0