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Mt Olympus Resort in Wisconsin Dells, WI

Mt Olympus Resort in Wisconsin Dells, WI

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Company Info:

Rating: 2.19

Address: 1701 Wisconsin Dells Pkwy, Wisconsin Dells, WI, 53965

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    Comments (77):

    1. Jessica G.
    The hotel is now called "Hotel Rome."  They just remodeled.  In response to the first review, they also have a wave pool where you can surf.  Not sure if that will boost it for you.  
    I went the other day (May 13-15, 2009).  My husband checked in a day earlier.  We got a sweet deal.  4 days, 3 nights (king bed and bunk beds), unlimited access to Mt. Olympus indoor/outdoor water and theme parks, and $20 in arcade money for $299.  (It was myself, husband, and daughter)  The only draw back was most of outdoor rides weren't open yet.  There were hardly any people at the park.  
    The indoor parks were nice (open year around).  However, there wasn't much for my little one to do.  You have to be 48" for 90% of the rides (indoor and outdoor).  The staff was nice but they followed the rules to the letter.  For example, we wanted to go on the double tube ride.  My husband and daughter in one side and me in the other, but you are only allowed 2 people per tube.  So we couldn't go together and I had to walk back down the 4 flights of stairs.  (I'm not saying they should break the rules, but it seemed a little much).  The lockers seem like a rip off.  $10 deposit and $5 refund (so it cost you $5) for a small 6"X6" locker.  We just left our stuff on a chair (but again it was not busy at all).
    The hotel room was interesting.  There was a huge, CREEPY picture of Zeus, 2 old women, and a pegasus right above our bed.  The bunk bed was really cute tho.  I think they have pictures online of it.  Also, no dressers at all.  Only 1 night stand, but a huge table that the TV sits on.  When we asked why there were no dressers they said that dressers didn't exist in those times (old greek).  Yeah...and TVs, microwaves, and lamps did???  Also the microwave, although it worked, looked like it was from the 70s.  The rooms are rather small, but who would be there it spend time in the room.  It's appropriate (I feel) considering it's a water/theme park hotel.  Big drawback-no continental breakfast and the "cafe" there doesn't serve hardly anything.  I was also told that the suites in the back (ran by bluegreen) are really nice and not too over priced.
    Although it was (in my opinion) a nice deal for the room and park admission, we realized that you can also get the free park admission at 15 other hotel/motels in the area.  Specifically, you could get the same park admission deal at Atlantis and get admission to their park as well (not sure of their rates)
    Overall, it was worth the trip and money spent, but I probably won't go again until my little one(s) are older.

    16/05/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    2. Michele H.
    We stayed at Poseidon's Village. Now let me say this property is not on the Mt. Olympus property. The owners of Mt.. Olympus must have bought a few of the surrounding ma and pa motels slapped a "greek" name on it and are trying to pass off these motels as resorts. The only place they own that truly is a hotel is the Hotel Rome. It is also directly behind the waterpark.  Poseidon's Village is down the road. It's not exactly within walking distance either. Now we knew going up there we couldn't check in til 4:00 pm, but we went early to get our  wristbands to get into the water/theme park.  I will say they need to revamp their check-in process. They have all guests from all their properties check-in at Hotel Rome. We stood in line for about 30 minutes just to pay for the remaining balance due and get the wristbands. This is something I have never encountered checking -in at a hotel. Oh and when it's time to get the keys after 4:00 pm, guess what you have to go back there and stand in line again! Thankfully there wasn't a long line this time around. Now onto Poseidon's Village, it's  really a motel not a hotel/resort like they claim it is. I will say I was nervous that the room would be horrible after reading some of the other reviews here and on Trip Advisor. It was clean but very cheaply decorated. They remodeled this place on a low budget. The beds and desk area are constructed of unfinished wood with lacquer on it. It did have a small cheap fridge and small microwave. It did not have any sort of dresser. So you really are living out of a suitcase. The beds have a very thin blanket. I was glad I brought a hoodie for warmth because my husband likes it cool when he sleeps. There is no manager of any sort on site. My husband went in search of a pop machine for the kids only to find what looks like a front desk area filled with all sorts of construction supplies. Hopefully curious children have not discovered this and gotten hurt on anything. There is a "pool" behind the building although it is now just abandoned. I think the only real positive to this place is the fact the entrance into the water/theme park is free with your stay.  We will not stay here ever again not worth $200.00 a night for a cheap motel room.

    23/07/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    3. Rose P.
    This resort includes an indoor and outdoor waterpark, and indoor and outdoor amusement parks.  The hotel is made to look like the Colosseum on the outside, with themed rooms coming in 2008!  I went a couple weeks ago during the first major snowstorm in the Midwest so needless to say we got a great deal on a (clean, tidy, and spacious) room and bracelets for admission to everything they had to offer, plus comp tickets to Top Secret, a replica of the White House....UPSIDE DOWN!  All for just 20 bucks a person!!

    The indoor waterpark is not bad, considering the price.  It includes a couple of large tube slides, a couple of chute-style slides, a lazy river, 2 hot tubs, and a couple of rec pools.  There is also a kiddie pool with a giant shipwreck as the centerpiece that I would have loved to play in  if I were 6 and didn't mind kiddie pool pee-water.

    The indoor amusement park is small enough to fit in a giant warehouse basically.  It includes a mini rollercoaster named "The Opa!", a "Tiny Drop" if you will, a mini bumper car arena, a small arcade, small laser tag room, and "The Disc-O".  I felt like I was in a "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" version of a carnival.  Everything was fun, just....miniature.  And since it was seasonally not busy at all, we were able to stay on rides as long as we wanted sometimes.  The staff are friendly too.

    The only thing that would put this place over the top would be a wave pool with a surf practice wave.  (Hence the 3 stars)

    Otherwise, if all that doesn't sound like "good ol' wholesome family fun on a budget" then I don't know what does.

    07/12/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    4. Andre L.
    Stayed here for 2 nights , Aug of 2010. Room was clean, housekeeping service good. Decor is a bit funky and "Roman themed"  Did not find the bed/pillows comfortable. You have to wear a wristband continuously during your stay. The place is huge, with indoor and outdoor waterparks as well as outdoor amusement park.  The Hades roller coaster is either -awesome (my 16yr old neice) or bone crushing headache inducer (47yr old dad-me). There's enough to do for most ages, but my 2+4yr olds could've used more rides with the unexpectedly cool weather. It's the first indoor waterpark I have been to... why all the flourescent lighting? It was a little lacking from an atmosphere standpoint but I don't think any kids will notice. Oh, the food is horrible and pricey. Bring your own or head out for meals! Overall, I'd give it 2.5 stars, so I rounded up to 3.

    19/08/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    5. Nancy A.
    Mt Olympus was good. We came 2 years ago but we had stayed at a different hotel and we saw that hotel Rome was connected to the theme park. This time we decided to stay at the hotel Rome for the convenience of being able to walk to the theme park. The first day we had fun, the second day we went to the theme park then went back to the hotel to have lunch. When we got back to the room the lock kept blinking red and would not let us in the room. We went to the front desk and they told us that we were in a different room... Now how could that be if our card worked fine the whole day before and that morning also. They looked at us like WE were the ones that were wrong. So they made us move all of our stuff from the first floor to the third floor to the opposite side of the hotel. This room had so many things missing that the other room had. Half of the lights were not working... Things were falling apart... the bathroom smelled like something was killed in there... And I also killed a baby roach. Then some of the games were not working in the arcade room and would take credits from the cards an they refused to do anything about it. They did not apologize for the inconvenience or anything at all!!! I will never stay at that hotel again even if it is walking distance to the theme park. I was not happy with the hotel, but the theme park was good.

    22/05/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    6. M G.
    This was my first time to Wisconsin Dells, after booking this and reading the reviews, I was very hesitant.
    However, we decided to go anyway and I'm glad we did. We stayed at Hotel Rome, the main hotel of the chain. The rooms were very clean, there WAS Internet access, we arrived early on a Thursday (3 p.m. and check-in wasn't until 4); we were able to check in right away, get in our room and play in the water park for a bit before dinner. Our children are 2 1/2 and 5, and they were both very entertained.  We didn't have any issues with the front desk, they were very helpful in fact. The weekend crowd started showing up on Friday night and by Saturday the crowd was much larger. I would complain more about the other guest and the undisaplined children before I would complain about the hotel!  At 11 pm, I would expect people would be quiet in the hallways, once again, the guest, not the hotels fault.
     There was only a 10 minute wait for the roller coaster, no wait for the go karts ( there were NOT heavy fumes all over the place as another reviewed complained about). All in all, a nice place.

    23/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    7. Colleen S.
    Go when it's hot! We just had a 3 day fun packed time at the outdoor water park and amusement park. We can't wait to go back. We stayed at one of the offsite hotels, #10. It was clean and it was nice to be offsite. Our first day we checked in, got our bracelets and hit the amusement park. There is a barcode on your bracelet which allows you to charge food, etc. to your credit card. So great not to have to carry a wallet. A few hours later the hotel texted us that our room was ready. We then went to the huge outdoor water park. So fun! Our kids are 10, 5 and 3. All had a blast. If you don't like people, don't come to the Dells. There are all walks of life here and it's great. Everyone was friendly and our kids made lots of playmates. I read another person's review about how she was bothered by the staffs' ethnic background. That's truly sad that is an issue. All I can say to that person is stay away then. Every lifeguard and staff we encountered were very friendly and very helpful. They were great with the kids, helped them and kept a very safe environment. We ate at a few different places...we had dinner at Ravina Bay, right on Lake Delton. Great food and we had a great server :) Mr. Pancake was delicious! Lastly found the Blue Sky Twin Drive in--so fun. Caught a double feature there. All in all we'll be back and I'm glad I didn't take the negative reviews too seriously.

    17/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    8. LaKeetha A.
    Good times! It would have been nice of them to inform us of the time the amusement park closed as we checked in. I was being pulled in too many directions by the children to notice any signs posted. Great memories for the little ones. Not as entertaining for older children when the outside park is closed but still fun.

    26/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    9. Amanda R.
    Good things about Hotel Rome:
    - Comfortable beds
    - Spacious rooms
    - Bunk beds are fun for the kids, comfortable, and well constructed
    - Rooms have wooden floors
    - Rooms have kitchenettes with small microwaves and refrigerators
    - Good pricing... we got a double queen with bunk beds for $189 plus tax, including tickets for five people to the parks both days of our one-night stay
    - Lots of things to do for literally all ages: go-carts, roller coasters, water slides, a giant surf pool, bumper cars, laser tag, hot tubs, bars, lazy rivers, pools, water basketball, and arcades.
    - Beautiful lobby with a cafe that brews Starbucks drinks
    - Great location

    Not so great things about Hotel Rome:
    - Rooms do not have internet access - wireless or otherwise.
    - Rooms do not have regular comforters, but rather thin, basically adequate (but a bit scratchy) blankets
    - Front Desk staff is unhelpful.  We had two parties checking in to our room; the first party tried to find out how to access the Wi-Fi in the lobby and the clerk didn't know how, and the clerk couldn't find the reservation under the 2nd party's name even though it was on there.
    - Room walls were very thin; we heard a kid next door to us hiccup!
    - Hallways are busy and crowded.
    - Appliances in rooms are pretty old.
    - Bathrooms in rooms are small.

    The parks themselves are lots of fun, on slow, warm days.  Unfortunately, the days we were here were neither slow nor warm.  The wait for the rollercoasters and go-carts was so long that they weren't worth it, and even the indoor water park was so cold the slides  weren't worth it, either (in fact, there were so many people trying to use the hot tubs to warm up that they had to rope them off and let people in like it was a night club).  
    We've been to Mt. Olympus on nicer, less-crowded days, though, and had a blast... especially on Poseidon's Rage, which is a giant wave pool with 9-foot waves.  

    Overall, it's a good deal with lots of convenience appeal and a few negatives.  Especially on a nice day when school is in and the crowds aren't as bad, this place is great.

    20/07/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    10. David Z.
    Pros: my 9 and 11 year olds reallly liked it. We spent a couple of days there. It's both a water park AND a theme park. The "Hades" rollercoaster was the best wooden roller coaster I've ever been on - perhaps the best rollercoaster ever. A VERY rough ride, but it was a thrill. They have three other wooden rollear coasters andn eight go cart tracks.

    Cons: We paid a lot ($240) for what would normally be a $75/night room, over at their Zeus Village property. OK, it was high season in a resort town, so maybe $120/night. But we got free passes to a water park/theme park for two days, so for us it was worth it (worked out to $15 per day per person). Lots of Eastern European workers who don't know how to smile (and have limited English skills).

    This is NOT Disney World. Don't go with those expectations. Lots of people walking around with tattoos and swim suits. Think "state fair meets water park." The whole place reminded me of Vegas, but substitute water slides for slot machines. You get the idea.

    My kids were just about the perfecct age.

    By the end of the 2nd day we were glad to be done, but all in all, it was an pretty good experience.

    14/07/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    11. Gabby N.
    We stayed 3 nights at Santorini Village which we thought was going to be near the Mt Olympus park. It wasn't. It was about 2 miles from the park near the shops/downtown area. At first we were a bit disappointed but it ended up being for the better because we could cross the bridge with a beautiful view and just walk to the shops or get dinner. I posted a picture of the actual hotel building and it looks like a southside of chicago apartment building!! The hallways are pretty scary and dirty too but the rooms and very clean! Atleast ours was and the housekeeping people were very nice. I posted a picture of our room and also the hotel was packed but the rooms were very quiet we never heard our neighbors.There is the river view if you get a room with a balcony but we didn't.  They also state that you get free WiFi but it was so bad I never really got to connect because the signal would fade. I have sprint and I also didnt have any bars in that area it was torture lol! Also a huge downside was not having a pool and the waterpark was completely packed so we didn't get to enjoy the water much. Overall I wouldn't stay here again it was overpriced and I was really looking forward to a place with a pool. The indoor and outdoor waterparks were soo packed it wasn't even worth getting the 4 day passes for "free". I posted some pictures of the waterparks on the Mt Olympus theme park page if anyone is interested.

    25/07/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    12. Ed F.
    I'm sure it depends on where you stay, seeing that Olympus has bought-up so many other hotels in that area of the strip.
    We were placed in the old Copa Cabana.  the room was clean, beds were decent, but there's no staff on the premises - if you have any trouble, you have to call and wait for someone to drive-over.  We stayed here a few times maybe 4-5 years ago, and they had a nice indoor pool with both indoor and outdoor water parks.  The outdoor one has been filled-in (it's all grass), and the inside one is closed-up tight.

    Rooms are better now, but for the price, I expected more (even just a shuttle van would be nice).

    Save your money - stay at a "regular" hotel and if you really have to go to the Olympus theme park, purchase the 1-day pass.  That way, you'll have a decent room, with a pool to relax/play, and you don't feel like you have to use the park.

    29/07/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    13. Pamala G.
    I was worried reading various bad reviews on various sites. I was happy to find it not that bad.  For our first time at an indoor water park it was as expected...crowded and warm to hot. Rooms were clean enough and had laminate floors, nice since the hall carpet was gross.... but you don't sleep in the hall or swim there. Water seemed murkey, no surprise. A lot of ghetto clientel. Not a bad place, but next trip we will stay elsewhere..... felt a little out of place. Unique nice bunk beds were a plus for kids.

    11/05/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    14. Carrie W.
    Rented a standard room with 1 Queen size bed and half-wall divider for bunk bed for our 2 kids.  I will simply list out the Pros and Cons of this place

    Stayed for 2 nights and rate of approx $335/night included 4 park passes for 3 days - the value on the park passes was about $160 so I calculate the room to be $175/night
    Proximity to the water park/amusement parks - although the walk to the amusement park was quite far and there was a huge parking lot so may as well have driven
    Room included a microwave and refrigerator
    Bed had a comfortable mattress
    Outside waterpark was fun and kids/husband enjoyed the 6 different roller-coasters and I enjoyed the go-kart tracks

    * Creaky floors - floors were hardwood in rooms
    * No coffee pot - really?
    * Filthy carpets in hallway - do they ever vacuum?
    * Worn carpets/dirty in main entryway
    * Very thin bed coverings/sheet and paper thin comforter
    * Paper thin walls - people walking/talking in hallway sound like they are in your room
    * Loud until almost midnight and again before 8:00am
    * Clock alarm was set to go off at 6:30am with loud music
    * TV doesn't swivel even though set up directly between main bed and bunk bed room allowing no one to get a good view of the TV - probably bolted down so no one walks off with the TV
    * Bunk Beds weren't made - kids had to make them for themselves
    * Paper thin toilet seat
    * Daughter slipped through slats on bunk bed water wheel and fell to the ground - slats are tilted down and slippery
    * Wifi is unsecured and slow
    One slow elevator was expected to service a 4 story hotel - where most clientele had kids and lots of luggage

    Overall I thought the hotel was overpriced for the value received.  I understand that the Dells is a "Party" atmosphere and clientele but either build to accomodate or reduce the pricing.  This is not a "luxury" hotel.

    04/08/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    15. Liza P.
    First of all, when I went to make the reservation with a discount code I got in an email, I was told I couldn't use it, even though the night I wanted to stay wasn't one of the black-out nights. After some discussion, they let me use it, but instead of $59, I had to pay $79. Okay, whatever. She suggested I take a couple of rooms in Zeus' Village, because it was nicer than Poseidon's Village. I should have assumed that since she was snickering when she said it, she was full of crap. Zeus' Village is a massive dump. It stinks, the beds are horrible, the place is in disrepair, and the rooms gave me the heebie jeebies. Definitely not worth the money. Not even close.
      At check in, I had to wait at least 25 minutes in line, in a lobby that looked like it had been decorated by Snooki.  Horrible decor.  The entire place was cheesy and not the least bit classy.   I would never stay here again. It wasn't even clean.  All the employees were young and rude as hell, with the exception of a waiter and 2 waterpark employees.  No thanks, Mt. Olympus. I'll stick with the Kalahari or Great Wolf. At least those two care about their guests' experience.

    26/02/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    16. Martin B.
    This place was crap.  Who wants to reserve a room at a waterpark hotel and then when you get there and pay you get sent a mile down the road to stay at a poorly renovated motel with no shuttle to the waterpark. The beds were not comfortable the heating systems were either full on hot or nothing.  The beds didnt even have headboards they were painted on. The water park was weak, crowded and people did whatever they wanted. The two hot tubs were packed and there wasnt anywhere to just swim that wasnt over crowded. The theme park was o.k. The go karts were lame and the roller coaster was not bad. regardless dont skrimp and go to a real resort like kalihari, wilderness or black wolf lodge. We will never stay here in the winter time again. Maybe summer, but i doubt it even then.

    20/01/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    17. Patrick H.
    The problem: The owners have bought rundown and bankrupt properties throughout the Dells. They paint these building, place a Mt.Olympus sign and provide little, to no services.

    There is no staff at these "off-site" resorts. The one we stayed was loud, dirty and did not have internet and we were fearfull of bedbugs.

    Bottom line: stay somewhere else and buy a day pass for the outdoor activities.
    If you are visiting in the winter, stay somewhere else and buy a day pass for Kalahari or Chula Vista.

    09/04/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    18. Molly K.
    We booked our vacation (which was the last week of September) way back in April or May. At that time we booked it for one of the outlier campuses because it is way cheaper and we were on a budget. Also registered for a Queen size bed. When we arrived, we were pleasantly surprisedwhen they had upgraded us to hotel Rome (the main hotel) with a King size bed at no extra cost. The room was nice, clean, cozy, clean bathroom. My almost three year old loved the bunk bed. The only negative was our room had a door to the room next to us, and that was really thin. Or neighbors sounded like that had 10 kids who did not get along and we're constantly bickering and screaming, and then they woke us up at 5:00 with loud voices and they slammed the microwave door a hundred times. Thankfully they leggy that day so we had great sleep the rest of the time. The arcade was really fun, my son loved the games, even pretending to play them. My husband and I even had fun playing the games. The indoor theme park was kind of a let down, but the place was dead so we could do whatever we wanted without having to wait, which was cool. The indoor water park was smaller than I remembered, but we still doesn't a couple hours the and had a blast. Again, because of the time of year we were there it was pretty empty so we could go on the slides as often as we wanted without waiting, which was sweet. I wish the lazy River had more water features, but it was still nice. The actual normal pool was actually almost my favorite part. My son had a blast playing around the pirate ship and going down the little kiddie slides. The staff we encountered throughout the park were all pleasant, friendly and helpful. All in all we had a very good trip and enjoyed our stay. Although the next time we come back will be in-season so we can do the outdoor parks as well.

    07/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    19. An P.

    We were in the Dells looking for entertainment and over payed to get admission into Mt Olympus Resort. Our main rationale was to try some Go Karts, however the line was approximately an hour long while Go Kart exhaust fumes were spewing out in the air. While the line was in the shade with a great roof up above, this meant the fumes were lingering around much longer!

    Add this to being hungover and Mt. Olympus is a downer! Taking a roller coaster hungover is NOT a good idea! The saving grace of Mt Olympus Resort is there is a tiki bar by the pool area with shade. It was a blazing hot day, but we were able to let our hangovers subside with chilled drinks and beers.

    14/01/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    20. Jason G.
    Ok...I get it.  A place all on one property to corale the kids.  Looks good on paper but I must say was very disappointing.  First, the layout of this place is ridiculous.  Its tough to navigate from the hotel to the theme park rides and pools...its a far walk and you literally need to walk through the indoor water park winding within steps of pools crammed full of screaming kids...you get the point.  Bring a map! Crazy layout!

    The indoor theme park is small as is the indoor water park.  If the weather is at all off (it was for us one day) everyone flocks to the indoor water park and its sadly under-sized and under-equiped.  There are two hot tubs in the whole resort - one for adults and one for kids and both indoors.  Both hold about 20 people max.  Think about this for a resort this size.  Needless to say the water in the hot tubs was somewhere between brown and green...but definitely frothy.  On top of it all...there really is no plain pool just for the kids to swim and for parents to sit by!  There is a small indoor pool (packed and crazy) and nothing outdoors..just slides, wave pools, rushing rivers.  The indoor water park has very little staff on weekdays to watch the kids and almost no seating for parents to try to oversee their kids.  It gets so busy the whole thing seems a bit dangerous...and parents should plan on standing around all day...

    The staffing is mostly foreign.  I don't have an issue with that but they did not seem like they were having fun.  Maid service was terrible and we had to demand towels and room service 2 times when our room was skipped over one day before it finally came at 6 at night.  Rooms were ok but tight for 6 people.  

    All in all, I wouldn't come back.  If anything...I would stay here one night...use the park and stay somewhere smaller...

    13/06/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    21. Mike M.
    Stayed Friday and Saturday nights during Martin Luther King weekend. The plan was to ski at Devil's Head on Saturday and take the kids to the waterpark on Sunday. I'd like to know the history of how a place gets to be like this. Evidently somebody bought up half the hotels in town to centralize the reservations process. We were in "Building #24" and were about a mile from the front desk.

     The room had stuff in it- sinks, toilet, beds- can't complain there. My kids liked the giant wallpaper mural of Poseidon on the wall. In the wallpaper mural, painted right into the stormy sea where Poseidon emerges with his trident, are the bedposts for the two queen beds that sit up against the wall. Kinda weird- painted on two dimensional bedposts? What's the point? Who is fooled by this? My wife was bothered by the 50 year old Formica furniture, and declined to take home the shampoo or soap, figuring it was the same quality and vintage.

     We had to rent a cot at $20/night for our youngest child. It was the worst cot I've ever seen- it sagged before anyone got in it, and I took  a look and saw that it was missing springs and hardware that should support it. I don't care that it was 50 years old, but it was missing parts and had not been maintained, and my sons, who can sleep ANYwhere, complained about having to sleep on it, and refused to sleep in it the second night.

    On the first day we didn't have internet service, which my wife needed for her work. I called specifically before making reservations to make sure she could have access, so this was a direct violation of the contract we had with the hotel. We called and they said they were working on it, and by our third morning it was working.

     On the second day our phone did not work. It may have never worked for getting incoming calls, for all I know. It worked for calling out, but you couldn't call into the room. I had left my key card in the hotel room. My son felt sick and I needed to get him back in the room. My wife and son were in the room so I thought I could call the room phone and she could let us in the main door. I called the hotel number and they put me through to ring our room with the automated phone system- I was just supposed to punch in the room number. It didn't work. I tried 3 times and couldn't make our room phone ring, while my wife and other son were in there. I sat in the car with my sick kid for 10 minutes, 50 feet from our room and couldn't contact my wife, a very annoying and potentially dangerous situation. I couldn't go around to her side of the motel and shout or throw a snowball at the window- that side of the hotle was fenced off, and it was like 5 degrees out. In the end I had to drive back to the front desk and go through the process to get a new key card.

     On the third day, there was no hot water. I couldn't take a shower. I went to the desk to check out and ask for my money back on the crappy cot. They refunded the cot charge without putting up a fight (must be used to that one) but when I saw that the bill for 2 nights in a dysfunctional hotel room was still well over $200, I balked. I asked to see the manager, and got a big $15 off per night, bringing the total to just under $200. Twice, when they were explaining why we had no internet access and no water, they explained that all their rooms were full, so that's why we didn;t get what we paid for. That is a REASON for shortcomings and poor service, if you can't handle your facilities and maintain them, but it is not an EXCUSE for not providing a refund. Essentially they are saying "We made as much money as we possibly could, but will not give any of it back to you just because you didn't get what you paid for." Note that they charge you BEFORE you stay the night, not afterwards.

     The waterpark was okay, but would be pretty nasty if you had to wait for anything. It is about half or a third the size of Blue Harbor or Key Lime Cove, so the plus is you don't do as much walking, but they also blast music at you, as if the screaming kids and water noises aren't loud enough. The locker rooms are really inadequate for changing, especially since they offer the waterpark passes to everybody in the world- who can't walk from a hotel room. So you try to balance your stuff on a 6 inch wide bench while you change, or it falls in the muck. Typical waterpark clientele, of course. I saw a woman who had somebody's nickname tattooed across her chest in nice script: "Boogerbaby." I am not kidding. Verrrry classy.

     A pretty crappy experience. How many times did I use the word crappy in this review? It was pretty crappy. Crappy, crappy, crappy. Crappy. It was crappy crap. Crap crap crap. Crappy crap. I am still amazed that they told me the reason we didn't have internet, phone, and hot water was that they were totally booked, making money hand over fist, but sorry, you already paid, SUCKAAAAAA!!! And for that we paid $200. CRAP.

    Wouldn't go again for free.

    22/01/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    22. JT T.
    You get what you pay for. Let me just say cheap is not always good. I can list various things I did not like about my stay at Mount Olympus but I would rather just forget about it. Would not recommend this place to stay but in terms of a good amusement / water park this place I would recommend

    27/03/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    23. Neri B.
    I read the reviews after I booked and was kind of nervous because of the negative reviews. Fortunately, got nervous for nothing.  I went with my 4 year old daughter, hubby and I. We stayed in Hotel Rome and got a Caesar's Suite which was awesome and was in the Bluegreen side. It had a full size refrigerator, a Convection Oven and Stove, 2 bathrooms, and 2 bedrooms.

    3 flat screen TV's - Not very clear picture though. But there is a flat screen in the living area which is above a fireplace - VERY NICE

    The other 2 flat screens are in each room.

    Also, there is a balcony

    The beds were fine too sleep on. They were comfy. I did read some reviews that stated the beds are hard, but I didn't think they were that hard. They were normal hotel beds. Plenty of pillows. Everyone is different when bed comfort comes into play. So, I would say the beds are fine to sleep in.

    Rooms are clean.

    In the main lobby (Hotel Rome) there is a nice seating area with a flat screen TV. It's very nice and decorative. There is also a Starbucks with seating, game room,  Bar and Grill. Everything was very convenient.

    Note: Mykonis Village is far from everything - it's not attached to hotel. It looks like a motel. I would not stay there. If you want all the convenience I suggest you stay in Hotel Room.

    One more thing - Ride HADES roller coaster - It is the BEST!!!!!

    28/09/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    24. Ed D.
    We booked two rooms in their Hotel Rome. Ok so the rooms weren't in par with our many stays at Wilderness and Kalahari but the variety of things to do with your older (taller) kids in the summer is by far better than any of the places we've been. If you are able to try out all the attractions, this place is a good deal. If not, then there are better places to go. This is definitely a summer place and I wouldn't even think about coming here in the winter versus Wilderness. If you're thinking just water park in the summer, definitely try Noahs Ark. We happened to go during Memorial Day weekend so the lines were very long...too long but I can imagine they are long in other resorts as well on a busy weekend. Just to check-in took us 40 mins. If you do the lazy rivers and wave pools during the day and wait until the last 2 hrs before closing to go on the slides, the lines are tolerable and by the end it was even fast. Definitely try the speed slides...very exhilirating! If you go early morning for the go karts and roller coasters, the lines weren't bad as well. As far as the actual Hotel Rome, they weren't bad but you can tell they're either understaffed or they are just not well trained to keep everything clean. We had to ask for new sheets because we could tell the sheets weren't changed since there were crumbs all over the bed. Our sink was also clogged and our tv remote didn't work. We called for all this and it took at least 30 mins for the service people to come and fix the issues.  I also clorox wiped the sinks and they were not very clean to say the least. The bathrooms were small and the tiles looked like they weren't cleaned in a while.

    I actually wanted to give this a 4 rating since the kids thoroughly enjoyed the parks and really that's my most important criteria but the hotel cleanliness, wait lines to check-in and get service and go on the rides made me give it a 3 rating.

    28/05/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    25. Lacey R.
    I wish I could give this place 1.5 stars, but I'm feeling generous.  It looks like it would be lots of fun in the summer. In the winter... it's just sort of this white-walled dismal cave where families go to tune out their mundane lives while wishing they were in Vegas (or at the Kalahari).
    The rooms (in Hotel Rome) are decent-- clean and a decent size-- but loud at night. The staff is incredibly friendly but also plentiful and everywhere. I felt like I was constantly excusing myself as I slipped past another staff member with a push-cart in the hallway.
    The waterpark and themepark were both... ummmm... weird. I think weird is the best word. The walk to the waterpark feels like an airport terminal-- up a flight of stairs, down 2 flights of stairs, white walls, bland carpet... Then you enter this dark, noisy room that resembles an airplane hangar and you get scanned in. Good luck finding anywhere to put your things because there are approximately 20 chairs in the complex. The air is cold, the water is colder, and there are so many chemicals in the water (I guess the only alternative is so many germs?) that my eyelids burned within minutes.
    The lazy river is not lazy. It is a poorly monitored luge of teenagers running and splashing and racing. There are literally 4 waterslides and a small kids area. That's pretty much it. And so. many. freaking. people. Plus, no carry-ins so you can't even enjoy a reasonably priced cocktail while suffering.
    The themepark is weirder. You have have to walk through the waterpark to get there. So, in the winter, when you're wearing long pants, your ankles get wet and then you get to walk outside between the buildings.
    If the waterpark is in an airplane hangar, the themepark is in a pole shed. If you have young kids your options are the teacups and the teacups. Unless you want to shell out money for the games. If you want to ride rides with the kids, you can choose to wait an hour for the go-carts or 45 minutes for the bumper cars.
    There are no real dining options on site and if you are there with a large group (like we were) you better hope you have adjoining rooms because there is nowhere else to meet up and hang out.
    Next time we are in the Dells in winter I am going to Kalahari or The Wilderness.

    26/01/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    26. Eneida A.
    We stayed at one of the villages. Beware, there are a lot of villages and some are about a 10 minute drive to the amusement park. Luckily ours was relatively close and there was a private road to get there so you didn't have to go into the horrible traffic on the main streets. The room was clean but didn't look like the picture. There was a picture of Greece behind our beds with PAINTED on headboards. Other than that, the bathroom was really clean as well and there were plenty of towels. The beds were alright, not like rocks like some people have said. We had a bit of trouble getting the mini fridge temperature adjusted and no one knew how to do it. In fact, the staff seemed like they didn't know much at all. The stay included free tickets to the water and theme park and admission to a club close by that's named wett. Overall it was a good stay. And room service was there at 1045 and checkout was at 1030 so there's that. There's a lot if cool places to go and restaurants around there so it has a nice location.

    14/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    27. Nari H.
    This place is A-Ok and I'd come back to stay here.

    The rooms are pretty clean, have a good feel, and very comfortable beds. :) We got a deal so four girls to a room with a price that came with park passes. That made it a steal. I think without that deal and the number of girls in our room, it would have been a tough price to swallow.

    Outside the rooms, it's just OK. They have a cafe downstairs, along with arcade games.

    But the passes to the park are good (came with free parking), and we had a good time. :) I'd do it again.

    30/08/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    28. Lorelei C.
    We stayed at The Rome Hotel during our Spring Break trip and all I can say is, it was alright, but would look to stay at another place the next time.

    First of all, don't advertise that you have free internet when it's spotty and hardly works. I would have gladly paid for wireless internet if it actually worked.

    Second, when one of your guests requests a wake up call, it's not a joke. It's really needed. No one called to wake us up at our requested time. I've never had that happen in ANY hotel even motel!

    The walls are pretty thin too... I know when you go to a hotel that is geared towards families/kids, you have to expect some level of noise, but when you can hear WHISPERING through the next room, I mean, come on.

    The beds were so-so... even our young boys tossed and turned though during one of the nights of our stay, and that's not normal for them, they can sleep anywhere.

    The temperature of the AC was all off... but most of the night we had it at the lowest setting because the room felt so hot and stuffy.

    I do have to give props to the housekeeping service. Those ladies are so lovely and nice and all I got from them was nice service and big smiles every time I passed by them in the halls.

    02/04/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    29. Noah C.
    No. No. No. No. No.  This place is the worst.  Maybe this is a good place to go when the outside facilities are open, it looks huge out there, but in the winter this place is the worst.  

    The indoor water park is tiny. The physical space is tiny.  The locker rooms are tiny.  The lockers ($5 each) are tiny.  

    They have two tube slides.  Almost exactly the same, one is just two flight higher than the other.  Two body slides.  Almost exactly the same, one is a closed tube and one is an open slide.  Two whirlpools, small and always full of kids.

    A short lazy river with no rules but three lifeguards watching.  For some reason kids love to go through the lazy river with no tube.  The lifeguards allow this and it makes the lazy river a horrible experience.  There are kids everywhere pushing through and playing in the lazy river.  

    There is one pool with a Lilly pad cross where kids can hold onto a rope and try to cross from one Lilly pad to the next.  A life guard watches but does not enforce any rules and kids crowd up on the pads and teens start to try and run across without using the ropes.  It becomes a mess.  The other half of this pool is a "water basketball" area with not one basket ball hoop.  It is small and gets crowded so quickly that it is hard to enjoy anything in the pool.

    They advertise that they have an indoor amusement park but it is far from the truth.  The "amusement park" has one roller coaster, bumper cars, a hopper ride, and go karts.  The go kart track is so short and small, it really isn't fun.  They have a rock climbing wall but it is an additional charge.  We probably spent 30 min in the amusement park total.  Waste of time and money.

    The rooms are also a huge disappointment.  We had made reservations at the Mykanos Village and when we checked in they told us we were at the Mykanos resort.  The Mykanos Village was right next door to hotel but the Mykanos Resort was about a half mile away.  They said that the Resort rooms were nicer and that it was an upgrade.  If true, this is very scary for anyone who had to stay at the Mykanos Village.  The Mykanos Resort rooms were old, the hallways smelled, and the hallway door to the outside did not lock properly.  The heater was noisy and either really hot or really cold.

    I could go on and on and on with the many reasons why this dump was horrible but the best was to put it is to say, STAY AWAY.  

    Stay anywhere else.

    06/03/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    30. Karen M.
    I took my granddaughters there so they could have "convenient" access to the water park and theme park. They never told me the room was in a different building complex. They gave us keys that didn't work. The room was dirty, no soap or shampoo in the room. The towel bar fell off the wall when I reached for a towel. I called the front desk regarding the towel bar. They sent up a young man who told me that I would need to go to the front desk and request them to write a maintenance report for the maintenance man to fix it. Really???? I didn't know that was my job, having already reported it to the front desk. The headboards were "painted" on the wall. The hallways were like a noisy racetrack all night long. For what they charge for these rooms and the money they make at the water park, they could certainly afford to do better than this. Very disappointed.

    30/03/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    31. John J.
    I just returned from a trip to Mt. Olympus: Hotel Rome. There were four adults and one three year old child in the room. My friend booked a "suite" with two queen beds, in addition to bunk beds. The picture that I saw was of a nicely-sized, two-room suite, which we all assumed would be adequate space for the five of us.

    Not the case. The room was tiny. It was also extremely dull, and the bedding was like sleeping in a burlap sack. I'm pretty sure I got rug burned just from sleeping.

    We thought the indoor waterpark sounded like a blast. Mind you, we're all used to staying at the Kalahari, and paying a bit extra. Clearly we made the wrong decision. This waterpark was awful. It was extremely small, the lifeguards all looked like they had taken a few pain killers before they were on duty, and to make things even better, there was a cockroach floating in the lazy river.

    We were told that Mt. Olympus was having its "Not So Scary Halloween" bash in the theme park, and that kids could trick-or-treat, all of the rides would be running, and that there would be plenty to do for a little kid. Not the case. We walked outside, and there was one roller coaster that was operational, a couple go-kart tracks, and two of the little kid rides. No trick-or-treating, no halloween decorations, either. The pumpkins that were scattered throughout the park looked like a front-end-loader dumped piles of miniature pumpkins around the park without any type of thought as to location. Also...it's already incredibly ridiculous that Mt. Olympus overly promotes their newly acquired "Wet" nightclub, but to have a club DJ blasting inappropriate songs about sex while small children (and we weren't the only group with a small child) walk around is absolutely absurd.

    Did I mention that this place is Mt. Olympus but their hotel is called "Hotel Rome," in which everything is Greek-themed? Unbelievable.

    THEN, the noise. Incredible. We called at least five times to report the loud thumping in the room above ours. It didn't help at all. We would call back and report again, and nothing happened. It didn't just sound like a couple of kids playing around, it sounded like an incredibly obese family of 20 were all playing Dance Dance Revolution together.

    This place is awful. The staff is unfriendly and doesn't care about any of your concerns at all. They brush off your requests once they get your money, and don't care at all about the perception of their resort, their clients, or the upkeep and maintenance of the facilities. The layout is awful, and after two very long nights of sleeping in this shoebox, my friends and I have concluded that we will ALWAYS pay a little bit more to stay at a place where the customers come first- the Kalahari.

    07/10/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    32. Leanne A.
    First, it needs to be mentioned that there are many different options when staying at the Mt. Olympus Resort...a word to the wise...stay NOWHERE except at Hotel Rome. The other areas (Mykonos Village and Zeus Village) look like trashy afternoon rental motels. yuck.
    However, Hotel Rome is a very decent looking hotel, inside and out. It has a lot of amenities for the price including free passes to their indoor/outdoor water and theme parks. The Mt Olympus theme park (outdoor) is by far the best in the area with nice thrill attractions including nice roller coasters. The indoor water park is smaller than some of the larger resort hotels in the area but still a nice place. The hours on Sunday are terrible. My kids were so bummed when we went to go to the indoor theme park and it closed at 4pm also the waterpark closes early as well, and there is no separate pool, so that really was a bummer.
    Some MAJOR cons, mostly dealing with the staff.
    Most of the staff is foreign, which I definitely have no issue with, however communication can be a big issue. I found myself constantly repeating myself and that was frustrating. The cleaning staff was rude, one girl actually told my mom to take the stairs when she asked if they could come out (with their huge carts) so that we could take the elevator. She actually said "you know, you could take the stairs", I should mention that my mom is handicapped. Not OK...at all.
    They had attractions pictured on their website that did not exist (another part that really upset my kids) and me. When I called to ask about it I was told that it was in the indoor water park, when I told the man that I was just there and it was not he kept telling me that yes, it was. I asked to talk to someone else and finally got the answer that it had been taken down months ago but the website had not been updated...again, not OK.
    Oh, and the fact that you have to keep your wristband on your entire stay or pay $20 for a new one is also ridiculous, especially when you're there for a week (I hate sleeping in jewelry).
    Seriously, if you're on a budget but want to stay at a place in the Dells that has everything then sure, Hotel Rome will work but definitely be prepared to not have a stay wish no issues (also I HIGHLY recommend you rent the 2 bedroom suite room, the other ones are jammed on top of eachother and filled with party goers who sit in their rooms and drink, with their doors open to the hallway. You don't have that problem in the nicer rooms/timeshare area (even though now you're talking about a 10 minute walk (all indoor) to the parks).

    24/05/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    33. Bridget S.
    Cons: Internet drops all the time, crib was gross, many of the arcade games ate money, toilet clogged, everything overpriced.

    Pros: unbeatable proximity to parks, free admission to parks, rooms were decent and clean. Right on the strip.

    19/06/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    34. Odranre B.
    Only reason I give the Mykonos village a star is because of the mt. Olympus waterparks and amusement park.  The motel is simply yucky, the beds are full of bugs and the bathrooms are gross!  The walk down and uphill to get to mt. Olympus is tedious and dangerous.

    16/08/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    35. Mariah M.
    Making reservations is deceiving. If you want to stay at Mt. Olympus, stay at Hotel Rome.

    We stayed at the Poseidon Building #24 room 25302. The building itself is disgusting. The carpets are torn and stained. The hallway had garbage all over and smelled horrible. Our room had blood on the sheets! The whole room smelled like mold and when we asked for another room, they stated they were sold out.

    The only good thing was the wrist bands for the water park were included and you could charge your drinks/food/gifts to the room with the wrist band.

    29/07/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    36. Liz K.
    Standard rooms....standard service...but our room did come with a giant jacuzzi!!! Unfortunately, one morning there was hardly any hot water to shower. Went during peak season...so worth it...not worth it for the winter though....

    21/08/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    37. Adam F.
    We stayed at hotel rome. The bathroom wasn't modern. The floors are wooden, I understand why though. Lots of noise from above room and hallway. It gets 4 stars because of location. We are super close to the action and were able to eat meals in our room with out wasting too much time. They run a pretty tight ship, everything flows smoothly. We were able to register for checkin at 1030 am and got our room round 1. Just changed in the locker room and put stuff in a locker. They texted us when room was ready, we already had the keys. It's spendy, but all of Wisconsin dells is.

    17/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    38. Jennifer L.
    I think I'm going to review the hotel and water park seperately....

    Mt Olympus has several different hotels on the property, depending on how much you'd like to spend, and how many people you have in your group. We were looking for a budget room, because it's still considered to be "High Season" in the Dells. So we booked at the Mykonos Village, which is a group of little Motels (both 1 and 2 story buildings). These are the old school, side of the road type motels that have been renovated (cheaply) on the inside.  We stayed Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday Day.  It came out to like $440 for the 3 nights. Thursday and Friday nights were cheap, but this being Labor Day weekend and all, Saturday night's rate was like $225 - CRAZY! Especially for what it is.

    The PROS:
    +  My favorite part is that they have updated the rooms with laminate flooring! So no more worrying about what's crawling around on a dark hotel carpet that you can't really see. It's a much nicer experience, and I'm sure way easier for the maids to clean up after people.

    +   The room had a mini-fridge (empty) and a mini-microwave. Which works out perfect so that we can stock the fridge with our own pops to cut down on cost ($2.00 per bottle of pop at the machines!!)  And I brought tea - so the microwave is nice because I can micro some water, and pour into my infuser. Perfect!  We also got some breakfast stuff and what not to eat in the room

    +   Nice bright room! A/C works great.

    + Contrary to previous reviews there IS INTERNET!!! Yes folks, Internet's in the house! And, ON the house! LOL.  Front desk said a storm had come through and knocked out their server, so the Wi-Fi was out... But they had installed ethernet cables in all the rooms, so you can get on wired!

    +  They have a lot on site. I mean, it's pretty cool that the water park is right here. You can go back to your room for an hour, then head right back to the water park. Or the roller-coasters.

    The CONS:
    +  Everything is a long walk, if you're staying anywhere but the Rome building (which is the expensive and Main building).  So you pretty much end up packing your stuff for the day (Bathing Suites, Beach Towels, Cash, etc.) and driving over.

    + Also, we checked in around 4, got our stuff dropped off at the room and changed. Drove over to go into the water park, only to find out it was CLOSED. They closed at 5 pm. BOGUS. We were not happy.They said the Indoor Water park was open till 9. But it's SUPER TINY.... We went in for like an hour and then said forget it... Let's go to dinner. So we'll make sure to get down there early next time, so we have more time. I guess it stays open later on the weekends.

    +  Upon entering our room tonight, there were a few beetle type bugs in our room (3 to be exact). So we killed them and went about our way. But this really freaked me out. I can't sleep in a room with bugs. My son was kinda freaked out too.  I think it's ok though, since the floor is laminate you can like see everything... So I don't think there were any more. We're right next to a forest, so I guess this shouldn't be TOO shocking. But had we stayed at the main building, I highly doubt this would have been an issue.

    +  The bathroom is TINY. teeny tiny.  And they didn't provide a bath-mat. So you step out onto their tile floor which grosses me out. Talk about a great way to share some foot fungus!
    +  They seem to have about 90%  Eastern Europeans working here, which I find really obnoxious. They don't understand English, and having a conversation with them is nearly impossible, yet you have these people interactinng with your customers. Seriously, I don't appreciate it.

    +  I was SUPER pissed when I went to get into the jacuzzi, which was CLEARLY marked "No children under 6", and I had to WAIT IN LINE because there was a few families with about 8 kids under the age of 6. Really? There's an entire water park here. Take your Effing kids out into the pool. I expect that the jacuzzi is for adults, as is marked, and I do not like to wait in line so that a CHILD can splash around in the jacuzzi while i stand here waiting. Bullshit.  And of course, the stupid life-guard didn't understand my questiong why there were children in the jacuzzi because he didn't effing speak English. Blow Me. That was the last straw.

    OVERALL: I would not stay here again. The hotel room was really kinda gross, and the waterpark everything was too spread out. The rides were really cheesy compared to what we're used to (i.e. Six Flags). It was just a whole big let-down to be honest. If we come back to the Dells again, we've decided that we'll just stay at a generic Hotel (non-waterpark hotel) and then just go to Noah's Ark on the side.

    03/09/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    39. gina s.
    First time with family in Wisconsin. They were running a special for spring break which made the price of the suite (we are 7) a little better. Indoor water park was fun, kids enjoyed it...indoor theme park is virtually useless....the main attraction (roller coaster ) was not running the two days we stayed and lazer tag and other activities will run you even more money (you think because you have an "armband" to go to indoor theme park and water park that it means no additional cost--NOT TRUE) Too cold for outdoor theme park or outdoor water park...I think this place could warrant another stay sometime but only in the summer. My complaint is that the suite provided was another "company " although it was attached via skywalk . The suite had 3 TVs and all 3 were inoperable! We had management tell us twice someone would fix, no one ever came and we called 3 times. Turns out a clerk later told us it was cable- and that it wouldn't be fixed anytime soon...honesty....that would have been ideal from the start.

    06/04/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    40. Aio R.
    This review is for the waterpark only, well the little we saw of it anyway. I had gotten a couple of free tickets for the park so my friend and I decided to try it. First of all, when you get there the layout is so poorly organized and there are signs that aren't really helpful. We took a shot at this one location to park and had to pay $15 for parking! But we figured the tickets were free so its not a big deal so we waited in line to get in and when we get to the front the kid looks at us and has no idea what to do so he calls over another lady who says we have to drive back down the hill and enter through the indoor waterpark because that entrance was only for hotel guests. (wait, hotel guests have to pay to park?! bogus, but whatever.) so we drive back down the hill and can't find where to park, and believe me its so confusing that they have parking attendants throughout the lot. So we decide to ask one of them where the indoor park is and where to park, and this guy being as unfriendly as the last employee pointed us to one road and said drive that way. As we drive away I realize he pointed us to where we just were! We decided to go the source and talk to someone at the front desk. We finally encounter 2 employees who are friendly and they kindly pointed us towards the indoor park. We go there, wait in another line and hand the man our tickets and he looks at us and says, no you can't get in here with these, you have to go to the trojan horse. What? No one said that and my friend was asking him to help us because he was fourth person we had talked to now. He said, "I'm the general manager and I can't help you. Go to the H and park near the trojan horse and redeem the tickets there. We get thousands of these tickets a day and you can't get in here with those." What? And you're supposed to be the GM?! it was getting ridiculous but we decided to try one more time and talk to the nice people at the lobby. We see the same man and woman from earlier and tell them what happened and they were sssooo apologetic and as I looked at their desk I realized they don't even work for Mount Olympus, they are part of a time share thingy there, figures. They said go to the main desk and ask for a manager. We wait in another line, tell the girl our issue and she goes in the back to ask for a manager for us. She comes back out and says, we can't help you here cause the manager said you have to talk to a manager at the indoor waterpark. (are you kidding me?!) So we said bye to the nice time share people and told them we were going to Kalahari where we had a great experience. Sorry its long, I think I needed to vent a little. :) Btw, whoever that general manager was on 6/30/2014 at 10:30am at the indoor waterpark, good job, your employees are learning to be just like you.

    01/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    41. Anna M.
    You get what you pay for I guess.... We stayed in The Mykonos-Villages which are a part of the Mt Olympus Resort but like a 1min driving distance from the Indoor Water Park.
    The good:
    The room was cute
    Water Park was nice but more for younger kids not teens
    The Arcade in our hotel was cool because it let you win lots of tickets so the kids had fun and got prizes.

    The bad:
    The beds are awful!!!!! Im so serious you will be in pain and not be able to sleep.
    The Indoor Theme Park has like 1 ride and bumper cars that you wait like 2 hours in line for. It also has laser tag for $5 a kid - not worth it.
    The fact you have to drive to the water park - especially in the winter - yuck.
    Also, I dont think there is anyone on duty at this hotel only the lady in the arcade and maybe a housekeeping person.
    Internet Drops all the time - hardly any signal.

    This is a great place for young adults - nobody's watching and they have a shuttle from the hotel to a night club.

    I gave 2 stars because we did have fun but our backs hurt and we were so tired from sleepless nights on those awful cardboard beds.

    11/02/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    42. Jeremy N.
    Writing this all from the standpoint of an adult spending the weekend in a children's place wit all other adults... strange?  yes.  But trying to put myself in the shoes of someone who is young enough to be a normal guest, or parents who would bring there kids here.

    The place was decent... upon arriving I thought the hotel room was pretty cool, interesting mural of Zeus or some other Greek mythology type dude on the wall.  Our room had 2 regular beds and one bunk bed - and holy crap I wish my parents gave me and my brother that bunk bed when we were kids, the thing is like a goddam spaceship made of wood.  

    I am personally a hater of hotels where the bathroom has just the toilet and shower and then the sink is outside, and that is what this place has.  Convenient?  maybe...  just strange though.

    We stayed in the Hotel Rome which is connected to the water park - I understand this is pricier than some of the other places you might stay but it's probably worth it to be able to get to the water park without going outside.  Granted - you have to walk a pretty long distance from the hotel to the park, but most of the people I saw in this place could use the exercise anyways...  too... many... cheese curds...

    The water park is actually kinda fun.  And yeah I'm saying this as a 30 year old who was there with no kids.  We were, by FAR, the oldest people there with no kids - don't ask why, that's an even longer story.  But in any case, there are 2 different tube slides that are decently long as well as 2 regular body-slides and the totally enclosed body slide is really fast and is honestly a lot of fun.  the lazy river sucks, but then again I always thought the point of a lazy river was to soak up some sun, and when you're at an indoor water park it becomes completely pointless...

    What else is fun?  Seeing a pool of urine on the steps up to the slides.  Yay!

    The hot tubs here are HILARIOUS!  there are 2 of them on opposite sides of the park and the entire time we were there they were PACKED.  My favorite part of the entire trip was watching this group of maybe 6-7 teenage guys staring at these 2 teenage girls and following them in and out, in and out, in and out of the hot tub.  Ah, to be young and completely pathetic again...

    Now... the theme park... all I can say is... why?  That roller coaster makes the Whizzer at 6 Flags look like the coolest roller coaster in the world.  My wife and I did the rock climbing wall in there which was about $4 and was actually fun for us since it was our first time rock climbing.  The rest of the theme park might be fine for little kids but if you're an adult you'd best plan on posting up at the bar, ready to throw back a significant enough amount of alcohol so as to make you oblivious to the rest of the world.

    I think my favorite thing about the whole place is they obviously spent a ton of money building this behemoth of a park, but they couldn't spring an extra couple thousand bucks to build a walkway between the water park and theme park.  I do so love running around outside in the freezing winter - thanks Mt Olympus!

    I'm sure this place is pretty wicked in the summer - just looking at all the stuff outside had me wishing it was warm out since there seemed to be so much more outside.  Maybe we'll have to come back again in the summer.  Probably not till kids are in the picture though, so I don't have to feel like a creepo again.

    24/02/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    43. Brad E.
    The room rates look good for the "offsite resort locations", but just keep in mind that they are going to tack on $20 for the Mt. Olympus park pass, plus taxes and fees. In the end, it may not be such a good deal, especially since Wifi is spotty and the beds are bad. If you book online, you have no idea which converted motel in the Dells you will be assigned to, until you check in. Customer service on the phone, when I tried to get them to tell me which offsite location I was assigned to, was really poor and unfriendly. Once you book your room, you are married to Mt. Olympus unless you want to pay a major cancellation penalty. The whole process lack visibility and for $100 per night, or more, I am no longer willing to take that risk.

    03/07/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    44. Nitsa C.
    Just checked in and this place is gross!!! Walk through the hotel you trip over the garbage in the hallway !!! I will never ever come back!!!

    29/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    45. Diane F.
    We stayed at Hotel Rome. It's connected to the water & theme park. Indoor water park is small compared to Wilderness & Kalahari, however it didn't stop us from having a blast!
    The workers here are all foreign exchange students. They are very nice, better than some of the locals. It is a step down from some of the other resorts, but you also have the huge theme park here (summertime only).

    23/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    46. Kelli L.
    This place is a joke room was not ready & the amusement park is horrible total wast of money don't come here

    26/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    47. Kim S.
    We recently stayed in building 25, which was a couple miles down the road from the water park. Hotel was ok. Nothing special, it had a drawn on headboard, the beds were a bit lumpy and we almost couldnt get in the room, because the door stuck. It took us almost 10 times to get the door to open
    Parking was a huge pain! We asked if we could park in the handicapped parking, in the park,  because my husband recently had a knee replacement.  they wouldn't let us, so we parked in the main parking lot, which is at the top of a HUGE hill, that you need to hike up, when you're tired, after a long day, waiting in long lines and paying out the nose for anything to eat and drink, since u can't bring anything of your own in. They check through your personal belongings to make sure u don't smuggle anything in. The indoor water park had doors open, but the chlorine smell was so overwhelming,  that my daughter and I were only able to stay in there for 2 minutes,  before we had terrible headaches and had to sit outside. Now, the plus. Lots of different activities for the whole family. Park was clean. Food was good.

    26/08/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    48. Jaime P.
    We booked online and that was a mistake.  The beds are literally a platform with a cheap mattress on top.  There is a light blanket and a sheet to cover up with but that's it.  The blanket is actually one we have at the hospital I work at.  The headboard is actually painted on the walls.  The tv in the room is OLD!  We are in the Mt. Olympus Village building 4 and it's appears to be a creepy old hotel that they fixe up inside.  The bathroom is very small.  The room connects to another room by a hollow core door.  I suspect it was a Ma and Pop hotel that just got out by the Lamborghini driving owner I saw today.  
    The indoor water park is small and was fairly crowded.  The locker was very expensive at $10.50 for a rental (you get back $5 when you turn in the key).  After a couple of hours my son was bored and wanted to go.  We were here in the end of the off season so I suspect the park can be a lot fuller than it is today.  
    The only plus side to this little adventure is the room was cheap at $49.  The downside is the room was cheap.  So you get what you pay for.  Honestly this place has never been all that nice, even when it was Family Land, it still sucked compared to the other parks.  I think we'll stay at another hotel next time.

    10/05/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    49. The C.
    Was excited to go. To the dell's for the first time, and without doing much research we chose Mt Olympus. We called and made reservations, but when we received our confirmation email, it states that the hotel we are staying in is not on the resort property.  We would have to get in our car and drive to the water park!  This was never mentioned to us during our phone call and I was not happy at all about it. I quickly call back and they confirm that it is about a mile away. That is not what I wanted so I cancelled my reservation, until they told me there would be a 25 dollar fee for cancelling. This was five minutes after I made the reservation! After much talk and negotiations, I was able to secure a room in the main resort.

    Overall take away from our stay is that, in the winter time when the outdoors parks are not open, I would not stay at Mt Olympus again. It just doesn't offer enough for the money. It is poorly planned out and even in March, was overcrowded.

    28/03/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    50. Keven M.
    This resort was not impressive and I would not go back to the hotel or the park in off-season. Originally had booked for the Village offsite and did not realize how far offsite really was. Plus the offsite location was a dump. It had old tube televisions and smelled. We "upgraded" from a three queen bed room offsite to a two queen room at the resort hotel. Trade off was good for the kids for convenience of the arcade and park. It was a nightmare otherwise. No coffee maker in the room and if you wanted a coffee it was either microwaved instant coffee or wait in line for 15+ minutes at the lobby bistro. The resort seemed poorly planned with the entire design. The amenities seemed oddly placed and crammed. Getting from hotel to park indoors was like going through a maze. To get to the indoor theme park you had to go through the water park and then outside. We stayed Dec 25 thru 28 so it was cold. Parking also sucked.

    14/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    51. Lyn F.
    Don't stay here!  This place is the epitome of bare bones and dirty. Free wifi doesn't work( not good for teenagers)  the water park is a car rude away and the staff are rude. The water park itself is fun. I'd recommend going there but stay elsewhere. Wilderness lodge was much better

    15/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    52. Lynn L.
    We stayed in the off site hotels, which are called the "village"building 10. I was extremely impressed with the cleanliness and the room decorations. The furniture including the beds microwave,  and refrigerator were spotless. We took a weekend trip to wisconsin dells during October which is off season to enjoy the indoor waterpark and theme park. Although all attractions were included with the price, I was slightly dissapointed in the indoor theme park. The have a few rides, all for young children. The price was great and the staff was courteous.  Give this place a chance they have revamped every room and you will enjoy it.

    30/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    53. Adam H.
    Mt. Olympus is buying out the smaller resorts and converting them to their own use, so now they have tons of rooms scattered around town. Not a good idea. We're in building 31 and it sucks. The rooms are stripped bare, with little more than beds, old tube TVs, and college dorm sized "appliances." To call this a suite stretches the definition of the word. Also, the walls and floors of this particular building are too thin. You can hear people stomping up and down the stairs, walking down the hallways, etc. Not very good accommodations. The indoor amusement park isn't very amusing, at least not for kids older than 7 or so. The indoor water park is adequate for maybe two hours of activity. The indoor arcade is inferior to most dedicated restaurants, like Chuck E Cheese. The $100 room credit sounds great until you find out that a burger is almost $6, candy bars are $2.49, etc. My kids and I are too old for this. We won't be wasting our time here again.

    24/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    54. Andy L.
    Stayed in 'Building 10' of this resort. The building is obviously a cheaply remodeled older motel taken over by this resort.  The first thing I noticed when walking into the room was the dried spilt coffee on the counter.  Not a huge deal, but obviously something that should be cleaned as part of basic housekeeping.  

    The beds are tolerable at best. The have only a sheet and odd blanket. No comforter.  The toilet was unusually short. Several rust spots on the door frame in the bathroom could easily be fixed in 5 minutes.  Random stains spotted the walls throughout the room.  

    The biggest downside in the room is the fake wood floors.  It offers no sound deadening and makes everything both inside the room and out considerably louder.  

    The room wasn't intolerable, just well below par.

    21/12/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    55. Mad I.
    For the water park: Crowded, but a couple body slides that make it worth it! Very spread out, long walks.
    Lockers=$10 (get $5 back upon key return)

    22/07/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    56. Kao V.
    We've stayed at the hotel where it was connected to the indoor water park. The rooms were clean and quite comfortable I must say. We had two Queen beds with a twin bunk bed. Plenty for the kids to sleep. It also had a mini fridge, always a plus. It's not quite as spacious as Kalahari or Great Wolf but I got a deal from work which I only paid $60 for the room.

    The water park is always crowded. After about an hour or two, the kids (aged 8-13) were bored. They don't regulate the lazy river. So kids and adults hog the tubs and go several laps before the rest gets a turn.

    In addition, it doesn't have a thrill ride, the tubes were fun but after waiting in like for 15 minutes and going down in less than 2, the kids would much rather go back to the room and touch their electronics.

    But for what I paid, definitely well worth it. I took off a star because the change room / bathroom is ridiculously tiny and another star off for limited seating. I can't watch my kids from the corner.

    23/03/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    57. bizzy b.
    Checked in on 12-1 and left 12-3.... On arrival notice place was pretty empty, which was actually ok being off season... Checked in ok, got to the room and was surprised to see no coffee pot,(instant only) bed was on a crappy platform, and room was cold....
    Went to indoor water park, it was great.. Indoor theme park was ok.. Only had go Karts and small area for bumper cars.. To many junk carnival games to spend money on for junk toys.... Need to expand on adult attractions...... Bars in the resort had really no specials and a bartender who didnt know how to make a good Mai Tai... She looked like she was about 18-20 years old and couldnt speak half english...  On checkout day went shopping considering there were alot of 50%off signs and tryed to be deceptive and taking them down while we were shopping there... Wtf.... There was hardly any people there and felt like they were using us to buy expensive t shirts and sweatshirts...we spent almost 100 bucks on stuff that they could have givin us more of a discount on as they pulled signs down off the walls... Never do that again.. Asked employees questions about some items and i got an (i dont know answer from two of the girls.. They didnt speak hardly any english either.. They were polish or european.. This part totaly sucked about the trip.. Better to go during the warmer seasons to get ur moneys worth.. Thats for sure....only thing that saved this trip was the water park....

    03/12/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    58. Jessica B.
    This is the second time we have stayed here.  the first was in March and it was horrible so they deep DEEP discounted the rooms for us to come back this summer.  We returned solely based on price.  Long and the short of it is that there is no indoor theme or water park.  Point blank, the indoor theme park had 4 child rides and the indoor water park is a glorified fancy indoor pool.

    They do not staff well at all so please prepare yourself for that.  It's a bunch of kids, it's loud, people are drunk, and they really don't seem to care.  I honestly believe that the owner puts as little effort as he can into the maintenance of the property and instead is just raking in the money.  Many of the reviews that you will read below mine are true.

    They do not have a indoor water park or theme park, no restaurant, not too many lifeguards, the beds are just so so and the actual water park and theme park are over-run with the "daily" entry fee people.  No separation or special treatment for the guests of the hotel.  They will claim to have extended hours for hotel guests only but what they really mean is they keep a pool and a few rides open a few hours later but f you are already in the lines as a daily person, you can stay.  It's honestly not worth the money at all unless you can get a killer deal however, because he has purchased so many of the little hotels, his properties are almost unavoidable now.

    21/07/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    59. Luis B.
    Mt Olympus must own half of Wisconsin Dells.

    Planning a weekend getaway with my family led me to booking a night at Mt Olympus resort. Looking at the reviews, I was scared at first, but I made the plunge and booked the night.

    I was surprised. The room wasn't that bad, it wasn't great, but it did it's job. Mt Olympus owns several buildings around their main hotel and water park. We were there in February and I was fully aware that we'd have to travel from the hotel to the water park in the middle of winter. As long as you know what you're in for, you'll be okay. You can always pony up the extra dough and stay at the hotel next to the water park, but your wallet will take a hit.

    The room was extremely clean and housed a mini fridge. That's all we needed. If we wanted food, we went out to eat or had the choice to order food that can be delivered straight to your hotel room. Awesome.

    I expected the water park to be full and claustrophobic. It was full, but there was plenty of room for everybody. I've been to bigger water parks, but Mt Olympus was fun for adults and kids alike.

    The only two annoying aspects of Mt Olympus were the bathrooms were being used by water park attendees in their swim suits along with water park attendees still in their snow covered boots. Walking on cold, salt covered floors barefoot isn't fun. Also, the kids pool area was next to doors that were being used as entrances to the park, so anytime anyone new came into the water park  a cold draft would sweep over the kids in the pool. That's a great way to get kids sick. Other than those two criticisms, the park was great.

    I'll definitely stay at Mt Olympus again, but next time I'll book a room in the summer. Have fun, and get wet everyone!

    26/02/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    60. Holly L.
    For the money you spend its not worth it. It's the noisiest hotel I've ever been at. People stomping on the floor above you, pounding on the doors in the wee hours of the morning, people yelling all night. The parking was terrible. You'd think that this big of a hotel they would have adequate parking. NOT!  The waterpark isn't bad but I'll never stay here again.

    07/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    61. Richard H.
    A decent value.  The rooms are nothing special.  They lacked a coffee maker (!) and the microwave took twice as long as mine at home.  The towels were scratchy and not absorbent.  I thought the bed was comfortable, but others in my party did not.  

    Air conditioning worked nicely and the bunk beds were kinda cool.

    If you are reserving multiple rooms, be sure to request adjoining upfront.  (They tried to split my party into different buildings during check in.   After 15 or so minutes of hassle with clerk, they finally agreed to give us adjoining rooms.)

    18/06/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    62. Mary B.
    After reading so many bad reviews, I was sceptical about staying here. I decided it was only for one night, and I wanted to go to the water park. The check in line was long, but it was labor day weekend. We were able to get our wristbands, and I was told that I would get a text when the room was ready. I was given my key card and everything needed for my stay. I did get a text a little before 4 with my room number. We stayed at the property rights across from the main entrance.

    The cons about this property. The bathroom is small. The parking is limited next to the building. The television and microwave are small. The road is busy, so exiting the property is a challenge. The decor is bland and dated.

    The pros about this property. Admission to the park is included.  You can charge food and drinks to your room while at the park. It is in a convenient location. The beds were comfortable. There is a small refrigerator and microwave in the room. You have a balcony. The room was clean.

    When I come to a place like the Dells. I am seldom in my room. It is for sleeping, bathing and changing. I thought the room was a good value for what I received. When I come back to the Dells, I will stay here again.

    01/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    63. Cecilia M.
    Sucked into staying here by a timeshare gig my husband was pulled into. Rooms are decent but it's a trashy environment with little surveillance. Hotel security doesn't seem to do rounds around hallways to watch the overwhelming amounts of kids and teenagers. Pools are extremely overcrowded and the staff to crowd ratio is not balanced at all.

    We have had 3 smoke alarms wake us up in a period of less than an hour and the staff has not even remotely figured out what it is--you would imagine they would call a expert to look at equipment and have cameras in hallways to know if it's kids.

    No hotel restaurant nor gym, half of the attractions seem to be off most the time, in and out vehicle flow poorly designed.

    Pretty trashy place in my opinion but I may be picky (although I don't consider myself so).  

    If you have a choice stay somewhere more sophisticated where the staff is not comprised of 19-year-olds so you can count that the staff will escalate important issues and know how to solve them professionally.

    29/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    64. Jared G.
    Had a 2-bedroom suite in Hotel Rome.  What was left of the chair upholstery was ready to fall off at a moment's notice.  Small beds, meh kitchenette, inconsistent thermostat, not particularly clean.  Pricey, especially for the offseason of the Dells.

    21/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    65. Michael N.
    Every time the medal rod in my arm aches I think of this place. Every time I hear someone say Wisconsin Dells, I remember how bad I slipped at this outdoor water park, causing a lot of pain. And medical costs. And limited use of my elbow. And the Dear John letter I received from a contractor of a subsidy of this water park refuting any blame. Ouch.

    05/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    66. Francie S.
    Horrible, the room we stayed in was Horrible and I am not a picky person.  We stayed in the mount olympus village about a half mile from the water park.  Our room had dirty (black feet dirty) torn carpeting, old peeling wall paper and an AC unit that left is either sweating or frozen.   No coffee maker...what!!  The room is slightly cheaper than the rooms in hotel Rome (on the grounds) but for the poor quality and dirtiness I would NEVER stay here again and probably not hotel Rome either.  I have never  feared bringing BED BUGS home with me until this stay.  

    We had 2 rolls of toilet paper for a 6 person room, housekeeping was quick in our request for more but we found her wandering then parking lot because she couldn't find our room...maybe that's why our carpet was so dirty.  

    Seems like mt olympus is buying up everything and adding a new sign and price tag without adding anything else.

    I've never written a bad review but his time I felt obligated to do so.  

    Go spend your money somewhere else.

    28/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    67. Casey B.
    In general the accommodations were poor and gave me the impression it is run by a bean counter who knows little about hospitality. However, my kids (under 4 yrs) loved the theme park.

    Stayed here for $49+tax. If it had been more, we would've been even more annoyed. Computer monitor TV, about 15 channels including PBS and no premium options, the most uncomfortable mattress since my dorm room, one sheet with a thin cotton blanket in a room that felt cooler than the thermometer dial indicated, weak Nescafé instant powdered coffee, exercise room with untrustworthy or malfunctioning equipment, thin walls and ceiling, upon check-in enthusiastic time share salespeople who had my wife say "No" 5+ times and eventually had to just walk away; however the hotel staff was helpful and friendly. I felt bad for them to have to work at a place with such low standards.

    The money we saved was spent at Starbuck's, 2 sleepless nights, and my visit to the Chiropractor.

    26/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    68. Jennifer M.
    I will never stay here again...   The rooms mostly are off site which is fine but the signage to find anything is poor.   The hotel credit they provide on deals is fine- but it took me calling the front desk, looking at park maps, and Google to find out there are no actual restaurants located on site.  All cheap burgers and brats.  No breakfast at all.
    They need more signage to locate the main building and other areas.   Connecting the water park and theme park with a heated tunnel would be nice considering your going between them a lot when you have kids, getting food, etc.
    Hotel rooms need a lot of work.  Cheaply made.  Cheap bedding.

    03/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    69. amber f.
    I love this place for children under age of 10 the Waterpark is a bit small and parking lot full I think the rome hotel can be cheaper... now mind you I did go on winter so there was less things to do and a little over crowded the beer is overpriced as well as food I was told I would get a text when room ready and never did the beds are a bit hard my kids loved it so I would recommend going at least once or going to a hotel that offers mt Olympus tickets because the kids will have fun but for adults pretty pricey and overcrowded

    07/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    70. Jamie O.
    Decided on a last minute trip to the Dell's and selected Mt Olympus due to a $60 discounted rate, after realizing they add a $22 resort fee and that we were going to be at one off the off-site motels, we upgraded to an on site room as my mom has problems walking. They accommodated us by adding $60 to our bill and putting us in a first floor room which pleased us. The room was clean, spacious and comfortable. The room was on a main thorough way and it constantly signed like a stampede our like someone was at our door.

    The hotel itself on the other hand is a disappointment, the indoor water park is small, the indoor theme park looked really big, but it's not. The outdoor theme park makes the hotel rates worth it. Knowing we were attending off season, we were prepared for limited rides and completely ok with what was open although one more roller coaster would have been nice.

    I don't think we would stay here again, the kids prefer the other two large hotels in the area instead.

    28/09/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    71. Vahid J.
    Not worth the money. we booked a room in the resort and they gave us a room in the so-called village which is half a mile away from the indoor water park. The building was in a horrible shape. Dirty and stinky hallway and elevators. Nothing close to what they show on the website. The room had minimum amenities. No coffee maker, no flat screen TV (didn't know CRT TVs still exit!). Every night random guests were partying in the lobby and there was too much noise in the hallways.
    Indoor water park was a nightmare. It was too overcrowded. Water was dirty and the pool was packed by people. long lines for slides and insufficient lockers was among many other terrible things. Indoor theme park was a joke. Huge warehouse with only 2-3 rides. We ended up going to another resort for water park.

    25/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    72. Ross S.
    I was expecting a lot more then what was to offer.
    The hotel room was like a mile plus away from the accual park. The room was in an old motel that was really painted. The view was of some back ally . The headboard isn't even real it's painted on the wall. Everything in the area is way overpriced for poor service and quality.  The food was way over priced. 10 bucks for a funnel cake.. now to the pool area a lot smaller than it shows in the pictures it's so packed that you can't even swim without bumping into someone or sit in the hot tub without touching shoulders.  And the indoor theme park was a complete joke anything that was worth doing cost extra money or was broken. Even the electronic go carts were smoking.  ... don't waste your time or money .

    03/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    73. Bill B.
    Place was clean and quiet  and we partied our butts off. The hotel is right across the street from Mount Olympus they gave us $110 off due to booking at Easter

    23/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    74. Frank P.
    They're parking lot is fucked up.

    22/05/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    75. Anna D.
    I only give this resort 1 star because I had to. WORST EXPENSIVE STAY EVER!!!!! We stayed onsite at Rome and paid more money thinking we would get a nicer room...WRONG!
    Upon checking in we noticed people in bathing suits walking through the lobby...the only way to get to your room from the waterpark which is a bit uncomfortable having everyone watch you.

    Rooms: Our 2 queen, 1 bunk bed suite for $200/night ridiculous. No coffee pot, 2 chairs to sit at but room holds 6, toilet wasn't bolted to wall so made horribly loud noise when you say and got up, paint job looked like a 3 year olds art work and if you have people with kids above you be prepared to be up at 6am to walls and light fixtures shaking, oh and no paper/pen or bible. BARE minimums.

    Parking: be prepared to park miles away. They let 1 day visitors park in the hotel visitors lot and you can't find a spot.

    Waterpark: cheap, small, crowded and dirty.
    Whoola, TRIP FROM HELL!!

    28/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    76. Mandy Q.
    First time staying @ Mt. Olympus Rome. No coffee pot, dust in some area and fixtures. Also no safety box in the room. Thin ceiling that you can hear so loud when people walk or run upper floor. Oh.. remember to bring your own shampoo, shower soap and lotion and make sure your pen too. None of these are provided In the room. But one thing so funny why they bother to leave 2 packs of instant coffee in your room??

    One more thing I should let you know is the blanket, you feel like you sleeping under a waffle. So uncomfortable  :(

    06/04/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    77. Jocelyn J.
    Stayed on the property in a room in hotel Rome. The room was great we all were able to be in the room comfortably, and the bunk beds made it so much kooler to the kids. Nice decore, clean rooms friendly staff.

    On the other hand, little to no parking, and the water park was so packed it was ridiculous. Being open to the public was not a good thing because the guests that were actually staying on their property are crowded out. This is the first time I've been to one that you Dont have to be a hotel guest to enter an I am not thrilled. The wave pool was so over crowded it constantly had traffic jams, the hot tub was crowded as well.

    The indoor theme park had a super long line for the go carts as well but that wouldn't even have been a deal breaker. Because I wasn't able to fully use and enjoy the water I am only giving this hotel 3 stars and only because of the awesome room.

    BTW does anyone know what is in the chests outside the rooms in hotel Rome are?!?!

    03/05/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0