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Polynesian Resort Hotel & Suites in Wisconsin Dells, WI

Polynesian Resort Hotel & Suites in Wisconsin Dells, WI

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Company Info:

Rating: 2.10

Address: 857 N Frontage Rd, Wisconsin Dells, WI, 53965

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    Comments (30):

    1. ELLIE M.
    Just got back from vacation. Me and the family stayed at the Polynesion and had a great time. The outdoor water park is very nice they have water slides a lazy river and my fave water volleyball and all kinds of thinks that you and your family can enjoy.They're also not very expensive. I would definitely recommend this resort and what is also very nice is that they're very close to all the the restraints so you don't have to travel very far.

    06/08/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    2. Amanda V.
    I thought the pictures of this place looked pretty neat so thought I would give it a try.  The pool area was very clean but the lifeguards not so friendly.  My daughter was playing in the kiddie section in the indoor water park and when they want you to leave, boy do they make sure you know.  They kept yelling at all the kids and parents to "GET OUT, THE POOL IS CLOSED" very rude.  The hotel itself was not very clean.  There was stuff laying out on the balcony that belonged to whoever stayed there before me.  And they did not like to bring clean towels or soap to the room when we ran out, needless to say we left a day early because we were not in the mood to stay here any longer.

    21/04/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    3. Malinda J.
    We spent very little time in the the hotel room so didn't get too acquainted with it. We were out and about enjoying the Dells and the resort itself. Our rooms were clean, beds, bathroom clean, etc. No complaints there. We had the "luxury" room with the pool view which I'm sure made it "luxury" as there was nothing luxury about the room itself. But kids don't care about all that anyways, they just want to waterpark.. Only thing that sucked is the indoor slides have operating hours that seemed to vary. Saturday night it stayed open until about 10pm while Sunday it closed at 9 I think. It was too cold outside and rainy this weekend to enjoy the outdoor waterpark. The kids wanted to go back down and play indoors on Monday morning but the slides weren't open so we just left. Overall I give it 3 stars as it served its purpose and there aren't any horror stories to tell.

    15/06/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    4. Jon G.
    We had a variety of issues with this hotel - first off, we paid in advance for it a month or two ago, and when we arrived, they refused to accept that payment because we didn't bring that particular credit card.  Nevermind that they had already charged us months ago and my wife had paid that credit card bill.  Second, the room had quite a few issues - the bathroom smelled horribly of mildew, the fridge in the room didn't work (they fixed that), and sugar ants were in the room as well, and bit my wife's foot!  To top it off, little things like the toilet paper roll holder falling out of the wall made us think that this place is charging way too much ($179/night) for the type of rooms that they offer.    The water park was somewhat decent, but all the other issues we had soured the whole experience.

    11/08/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    5. Chris W.
    This is the best hotel experience (outside of the Chula Vista which is a close second runner up) I've had in the WI Dells. Their indoor inter tube lazy river pirate themed adventure is ULTRA awesome. Whoever designed that one got it right.

    The water is warm everywhere, the slides are ALL equally fun, and they have a very large outdoor pool area. Outdoors is where the bar is and they have a surprisingly addictive virgin strawberry daiquiri. The room we had was just perfect.

    TV, mini fridge, big beds, clean bathroom, lot s of soaps to abduct :) Basically it sounds like I'm talking normal hotel crap but what's amazing is just that...it was so...nice? The theme, the whole feeling of the room was very relaxing and cozy. I was sad when we had to leave.

    We had great immediate room service and lots of towels! I also lifted about 16 hotel pens during my stay which are the cutest I've ever abducted. They're pink with white font and purple caps. I totally recommend this resort.

    08/04/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    6. Scott H.
    Have stayed here multiple times. Kids have enjoyed themselves but rooms never seem very clean, they sometimes smell and once we had ants in the room! The inability to deal with the ants, other than spaying some some spray that didnt kill them is one of the reasons why i am giving this a lower rating. The overworked and inexperiencd staff sometimes dont care enough about customer service.

    22/04/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    7. Shayne W.
    I realize that this place might have seemed more exciting to me if I was 10, but it was not magical whatsoever as an adult.  The rooms were dingy and smelled.  The beds were like sleeping on cement.  The pool stuff was decent, but the lazy river was not relaxing and was really short and therefore overcrowded.  They did not have a breakfast restarant, but they advertised microwave Jimmy dean breakfast bowls as their stand out bfast fare.  

    Sadly, we paid $178 per night which infuriates me to no end.  I would consider this review snobby, but only if I had paid $80 or so a night.  Other than a Rodeway Inn that I had the misfortune of staying in, this is the worst hotel that I have been to in years.

    10/07/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    8. Remy R.
    Horrible. Do not stay here. Spend the money and enjoy a nicer cleaner hotel

    07/06/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    9. Odranre B.
    cheapest cost we have ever stayed at but only great if your kid(s) are under 4 years old since this place is catered to young kids.  hotel is yucky like all the other park hotel we stayed at the dells, but at least the price is great.  the hotel is kind of far from all the major attractions, but at least it's close to starbucks and paul bunyun (two fixes i need in life)

    17/08/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    10. Charlene S.
    NEGATIVE 5 stars!!!  Ugh. We reluctantly booked here for one night. Last minute. It was cheap. Only 160/night for Labor Day weekend. As we were checking, there were several families in the lobby wanting to switch rooms because of having filthy rooms. The cleaning carts that go from room to room had very few clean sheets. They must not change every bed out unless there was visible stains like blood or feces on them. But we only booked one night so that was our saving grace. I would have slept in the car if it was really bad. The other hotels around us were booked. The hallways are so dark. Scary. The rooms were also really dark. Probably to hide the Nasty stains on the carpet. I wouldn't walk around barefoot. Felt wet in the room. I had the hubs check the beds for bed bugs. Immediately thought we should have brought our own pillows. Slept in my hoodie. Moved to table to put my toddler's pack and play and revealed a big stain. She slept in the bed with us. One of the outdoor pools was cloudy. many broken chairs. Workers (young boys) sitting at the bar not working. Yuck. Tv had poor reception.  The shower was unexpectedly nice. Made a funny noise at first. But clean and good water pressure. I'm only 5'2" and anyone taller might have not fit under the shower head. I didn't let any of our belongings touch the floor expect the bottoms of our shoes. Our bags sat on tables and chairs. The box spring was not covered revealing different hairs and stains. Yucko. No wonder this was the only place left that had a vacancy. We checked out as soon as we woke up the next morning. I DEMAND AN ANSWER FROM THE STAFF ABOUT WHY THIS PLACE WAS SO FILTHY.

    05/09/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    11. Manuel S.
    This pictures are deceiving for the most part, they present a nice, fun, relaxing place, but its far from it.  When we arrived at the resort it was obvious that this place needed some tlc. It appeared as if it was deteriorating, paint falling off, lawn work not attractive, weeds growing in between concrete... When we arrived at our room the distinct muggy smell hits you as you come in, leaves you wondering what else is wrong with this place? The door latch was broken, door knob did not work, no tv remote (by the way, very old tv with very limited channels)... Just not on par with the cost of this room. Worse part of our stay was the pool in the evening. They only leave one pool open in the evening and there is no one to supervise or manage the patrons; people were drinking freely, smoking, and playing non-family friendly music. And the pool at this hour looked extremely unkept and unsanitary. Definitely not recommendable for the cost of the rooms.

    04/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    12. Grant N.
    We have been going to the Dells for years and have stayed at many hotels. This was our first time trying the Polynesian and for sure will be the last. It was our worst Dells experience ever. The room was dirty, smelled bad, and in horrible disrepair. The pools were murky looking and a couple smelled just horrible. The life guards didn't seem to care to be there and weren't paying much attention. And to top it off, once we got home, everyone in my family except me got extremely sick with what is believed to have been some sort of parasite picked up possibly in one of the pools. This place is a tad cheaper than others but it isn't worth it.

    27/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    13. Kyle C.
    The Polynesian was one of the first hotels I stayed at in the Dells. As a young kid then, it was perfect, but you do grow out of it. Parents with young kids are perfect for the Polynesian though. The rooms are fine, could be better kept and a little cleaner. Also, the generic carribean theme is not too exciting. It is usually not too expensive and staff is usually very accomodating.

    18/12/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    14. John A.
    We stay in a hotel approximately 45 times a year. We have stayed in $99 a night hotels and $800 a night hotels. We paid $160 before taxes for 1 night. I can honestly state that my recent experience at this hotel was the worst experience which I have had in many years. We would have left and demanded a full refund but having checked the other hotels in the area, we could not find a vacancy.

    Cleanliness and Maintenance:
    * Beds looked to have been slept in and straightened, there were head imprints and wrinkles on the linens
    * Toilet was filled with fecal waste that had sat so long it had principally dissolved and caked into a ring around the waterline
    * Pubic hairs on the bathroom floor and behind the toilet seat
    * Urine stains under the toilet seat
    * Dirty footprints and stains on the floor of the bathtub
    * Hair on the sink vanity
    * Unrecognizable white goo on the floor outside the bathroom
    * Handprints, skin oil, and other large thick smears on glass surfaces
    * The TV was malfunctioning and could not be watched (rolling and distorted picture)
    * Sofa sleeper stained and dirty
    * Carpet generally dirty
    * Towels had been replenished but no hand towels or washcloths

    * When a cleaning crew was sent it turned out not to be a cleaning crew but instead two teenage boys who stated they did small maintenance projects. The cleaned the feces out of the toilet and wiped down the sink, provided hand towels, and then stated they could not do anything else for us. They stated that all of the beds in the hotel were wrinkled and looked slept in and did not change the sheets. They blamed incompetent cleaning staff.
    * The staff was short, snippy, and rude when we inquired about the cleaning. They asked me to come down to the front desk where they would reassign us to a clean room. After walking the entire length of the complex and arriving at the desk, they then informed me they did not have another room. The desk clerk stated that at that moment, they had 8 families all demanding new rooms due to cleanliness or maintenance issues
    * The staff was even more disagreeable on the phone when my wife inquired about a repair to the TV system
    * Wifi was only available in the lobby

    * The landscaping was overgrown and weedy in the rear of the hotel

    30/08/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    15. Kevin D.
    Arrived for a day and a half stay at the water park with friends.  

    Hotel was OK, about the same quality you would find in a motel 6, nothing special. Front desk service was prompt and friendly.

    Food was ok, but I was not expecting 3 star dining, but the value for what you get is good.

    Overall OK experience.

    25/07/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    16. Kat V.
    Well... to keep it short and sweet this place is absolutely DISGUSTING!!!!!!  We were in the Dells for a baseball tournament and booked this hotel through the tournament site.  The pictures did not look too bad and we only had a few choices by the time we booked.  Needless to say when we arrived the first view you see when you walk in is the dark green looking pool with what used to be a basketball hoop (now torn off) but the backboard was still up only with a jagged edge all along the bottom.  On the way to the room I already had a bad feeling, the place smelled, the hallways were sick, there were garbage cans (like you leave outside for the garbage men at your  house) in the hallways overfilled with garbage.  I walked into the room for about 30 seconds... it smelled like someone had smoked a carton of Winstons in the room everyday for the past 3 months, the carpet was disgusting, my kids said they would rather sleep in the car.  The bed comforters looked like they were from 1960 and I wouldnt even walk barefoot on that nasty carpet. We went to complain to the Manager, expressed our concerns and THANK GOD were refunded our money so we could stay elsewhere.  I was not about to spend close to $1k on a 5 night stay at this dump, i wouldnt have even spent $100.  There are sooooooooooooooooooooooo many other options ... Motel 6 im sure is better than this place!

    29/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    17. Sergei R.
    Underwhelming is the word to describe this place.  My observations...
    - lights were not working
    - dirty stains on the walls
    - no central air so you are either cold or hot
    - broken door

    - We paid $150 for one night
    - the outside slides were closed, but the indoor slides were available.
    - ok for little kids, but must be 48" tall for the tubes.

    20/10/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    18. Rachel J.
    We just arrived. We decided to stay here in a whim and are very happy we did. The price of our room was 127.50, not bad for 2 adults and 3 kids. Staff is friendly water park has a bar, but do not expect the same water park as at the wilderness. If you want that stay there 250.00 a night and worth it there too. We come to the dells at least twice a year, this is our first stay here and will be back. It's off the main drag, but that was fine with us. No free passes to the large waterparks, but they do offer buy one get one free coupons. I have this place 4 stars not 5 because it is very nice and worth every penny, but not a 5 star location. I would recommend this to many people I know. Again, do not expect a kalahari or wilderness atmosphere, that is not this location.

    15/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    19. Tiffany D.
    Got to our room and there were cobwebs hanging on the ceiling,  mold spots on the ceiling in the bathroom, the wallpaper was peeling, and it didnt look like they cleaned the desk by the beds bc there was sticky stuff all down the face of it. The room decor looked straight out of the 70's,  the pools had sand at the bottom of them, I saw a couple bugs in the kiddie pool and the "lifeguards" were a joke - one 60 yr old grandpa with combat boots and socks halfway up his calves and a butch mean chick. Couldn't even use all the tickets the kids got from the game room bc the lowest amount of prize was 15 tickets (and if you leave kids play themselves, you know they don't get many). We thought the pools were janky - they probably haven't been updated since I was a kid, which isn't an issue bc the slides were fun, but everything in the pool area was falling apart and paint peeling. The actual things they had were nice, just needed a new coat of paint and a little updating (pool area wise). They had menus on every single table of food and drinks (in both pool areas), we went to see when the drink/food area would be open (keep in mind it was INSIDE) and they told us it's only open in summer and holiday weekends. . . . .if you're trying to convert this place into timeshares maybe you should do a little fix up work BEFORE trying to get ppl to buy into the place. The only AMAZING thing was the magician in the lobby when we arrived.

    07/12/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    20. Heidi M.
    We are currently staying one miserable night at the Polynesian during Labor Day weekend. We decided to stay here with a Groupon deal for one night rather than overcrowding the Christmas Mountain villa with too many family members for the entire weekend. I read some mediocre reviews, but we decided to go for it anyway to save a little money. I did not imagine that the hotel would be this bad.
    We walked into the dumpy lobby and all of the clerks were on telephone. Then one of the men behind the desk hung up the phone and we stood there for a few more minutes while he seemed to be thinking about something (?). On a side note, this man looked like his New Years resolution was to not wash his hair because it looked like it had been months since he had done so. Then he looks over at us and asked for our last name. We asked about purchasing extra water park passes and we were told that the hotel is sold out and they do not sell passes to the public when they are sold out. That was one of the only reasons why we picked this hotel over a cheap non-water park hotel. However, now that we had a chance to look around, I wouldn't want to swim here anyway.
    After checking in, which mostly consisted of signing my name and them tossing a key and map on the counter, we talked to the concierge to receive our parking pass. They proceeded to tell us that there is a tour of the property and the renovation tomorrow at 9am for what I assume is a timeshare. I cannot imagine why a person would want to buy a timeshare at this disgusting place!!!?!??!?  Plus if you actually want someone to purchase a timeshare, wouldn't you put them in one of your nicer rooms???
    Our room was down the hall from the front desk, but we were told to walk outside to the side door to access our room ? (people are always outside smoking at this entrance). We finally get to our room and it smells like a nasty gas station bathroom. The air conditioner has one setting, extra high, our sink doesn't drain, the sheets do not cover the mattress...I could go on for days! I seriously wish I had pants pajamas on because my skin is crawling thinking of touching these sheets.  
    I will be booking it out of here as soon as we wake up in the morning and never coming back again!  I cannot think of one nice thing to say about this hotel.
    I like to think that businesses run groupons because they need to reintroduce themselves to a new audience, but most of the time that's not the case. The Polynesian Hotel is a perfect example of a terrible/disgusting business trying desperately to get business by offering a groupon. I do not recommend this hotel to anyone!!! There are plenty of much nicer hotels in the Dells.

    29/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    21. Michelle F.
    I do not have enough FABULOUS things to say about this hotel!!!

    My husband and I were looking for someplace cheap(ish) that wasn't a holiday inn, and this place really knew how to deliver.  We went off-season (March 2nd-4th) and it was only $89/night!!  It was Holiday Inn prices at resort quality.  We couldn't have asked for more.

    We were checked in on Friday night around 10 pm by Heather.  She was SO friendly.  She was one of the nicest people I have ever come across in customer service--especially for 10 pm :)  She explained everything really clearly and was very helpful when it came to the amenities of the hotel.  Very sweet woman for sure!

    So our room was really nice!  Of course, it could use some updating, but honestly, what in the Dells couldn't?!  They see tons of people a year, and our room was big, clean, and had a lot of great amenities.  I especially liked how they had the sink outside of the bathroom so people were able to do their primping while others showered.  Awesome!

    I bought the cup there for 12.95 that I can use for pop refills for life.  I thought that was a really good deal because I know we will be back again and again!

    The indoor pool area was really nice.  They have two different pools.  One is the "waterpark" and is open until 9, and the other is a room with two smaller pools, and that is open until 11.  You are provided wristbands for both of these.  The waterpark was really neat.  It catered to both my 5 1/2 year old and my 2 year old when it came to the slides (size and length) for both of them.  My daughter was even able to go down the tube slide by herself.  She was thrilled.  They have a really cute lazy river and a little splash pad area for the little ones.

    We didn't buy anything from there, but there is a cute little gift shop right by the entrance.  there is also a really nice arcade upstairs.  Lots of fun for the little ones.

    This hotel also has free WiFi and towels for you to use after swimming!

    Would I be back?  YOU BET!!!

    06/03/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    22. Andy E.
    The room was ok. Pools outside were freezing. Inside pools were warm but dirty water; probably not a good idea to swim in, unless you want to risk getting Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease. Luckily, I got this room for free using my "free rewards" on hotels.com . It's certainly not worth the $150+ tax price tag for this "resort." No continental breakfast either.

    17/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    23. Mike C.
    I stayed at the Polynesian about 10 years ago and thought it was a pretty nice place. My wife and I took our son 2 weeks ago to Wozahwa and decided to stay a the Polynesian. What a mistake! The rooms are run down and need a serious updating. The toilet ran and was loose on the floor. It would wobble side to side. There was black mold along the tub. All the wallpaper was peeling. The mini fridge wasn't working. I noticed it wasn't plugged in. I plug it in and two hours later still not cold or even cool. Half the channels on the television wouldn't come in or were very staticky or distorted. The bed sheets didn't even cover the bed. They were flat sheets top and bottom. No fitted bottom sheet. The room smelled like it had an ionizer sprayed earlier in the week.

    We took our son to the indoor kid's pool and the 9"-18" pool was ice cold. We went to see the deeper pool and see if he'd be interested in going down the lazy river. As we were trying to acclimate to the water a lifeguard, very rudely says it isn't a swimming pool and to either grab a tube and get going down the river or get out. So we decide to check the "hot" tub. More like lukewarm tub. A few minutes in there and the same lifeguard comes to say our son has to get out of the hot tub. I ask why and she says because it's too hot. I told the pool wasn't hot at all. In fact my my unheated pool at home is hotter from the sun than what this pool is and that most people take baths hotter than what the hot tub was. Then she claims some state law about it, but I wasn't going to argue anymore.

    The second day, some friends check in and their room looked as run down as ours. As the day goes on, I notice our son is not himself and goes to sleep skipping dinner and not feeling well. A couple hours later my wife, friend and I all see a mouse run from out of the closet and along the baseboard and goes under the dresser. All three of us looked at each other in disbelief and said "did you just see that?!?" Call the front desk and tell them and all they say is ok we'll move you. Like this has happened enough that it's business as usual? They send some 90 year old security guard to our room, he hands us the key and walks away.

    At this point my son starts vomitting. We move to the second floor and sadly the room is just as outdated and run down as the previous. We decided to check out in the morning rather than stay 2 more days as we planned. I tell the clerk I want to check out and she asks why. I tell her and she gives me a hard time about refunding me for the nights I want to cancel. We go through the whole chain of events and explain about the mouse and how my son is sick and I don't know if it's from the room being dirty or something from the mouse. He's only 3, he could have dropped food on the floor and picked it up or drop his cup, who knows. So they do me a favor and refund part of one night. Not even the whole rate! We checked out, went to a Urgent Care for 1.5 hours to find it may or may not have been related to the room. Either way it was terribly kept and the mouse and their reaction to it was inexcusable and icing on the cake. My family and my friend's family wound up staying in a huge condo at Wilderness for $200 a night for all of us. I'll be putting pictures of the room up too... Do yourself a favor and save yourself some aggravation and don't even consider staying at Polynesian!

    30/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    24. Dan B.
    Where do I begin?  It's winter break and we want to go to an inside water park at the dells.  We thought we got a great deal off a website to come out and stay for 2 -3 nights for one low price of $59 at the Polynesian.  We knew there was a catch and sure enough there was one, timeshares.  Once on the property the lobby looked normal.  Game room, main pool, kiddie pool, Jacuzzi, and concierge.  We jokingly tell the kids this is it!  They we not amused and were eager to get to the real deal.  Now is were the nightmare begins.  We get to our room through a side entrance and are not very impressed.  First bad feeling, the elevator smells like dirty socks.  That's because there was a pair of dirty socks on the floor of the elevator. The place is packed with people scuttling about, so getting to the room is a challenge. We open the door to our room and it's stifling hot. The room looks dirty and smells dirty even though it was made up by maid service. By now, my wife and kids are feeling uneasy. There are cobwebs on the ceiling, mold on the ceiling in the bathroom, the carpet is filthy and the sink won't drain. After a quick pep talk, we head down to the water park. What a surprise!  It's a lot smaller than we anticipated.  There's a small kiddie water slide, a small lazy river, and two small water slides.  We made the best of it and got bored in 30 minutes.  The lifeguard made my wife feel creepy because he is checking out each and every little girl, and not in a good way.  We head over to the Jacuzzi only to find out it's slimy and the jets don't work. So now even  I am getting grossed out.  I see there is a bar and game room upstairs so I figure I'll check it out and ease the tension.  I find out the bar and game room are closed for renovation. We head over to the main pool and find out the whole place is under renovation!  There is no restaurant, no bar, no nothing!  When we booked our reservation, no one informed us the resort was under renovation and that the accommodations would be sub par. By now the kids are voicing their objections and want to go to a real water park.  And this is only after the first two hours of being at the resort!  I figure let's spend the night, do our 90 minute obligation in the morning and leave.  We spend the night and my wife is having anxiety attacks thinking about bed bugs.  She was a mess from 4 am until we all woke up at 8 am.  Thoroughly exhausted, we go to the presentation and sit through the sales pitch.  After our presentation, I want to check out early and forego the second night. I was told I would be charged for the second night at the full price!  I have to stay or get charged? Now I'm confused.  I had already paid for two nights!  And furthermore, I'm getting more than irritated because of the attitude I'm getting from the front desk.  It felt like I was at the Hotel California, you can stay, but never leave.  I figure fine, can we get free water passes?  NO. Completely frustrated, I pack up my wife and kids and we go next door to a hotel that has free water passes.  The rooms were a 100% improvement from the dump we stayed the night before. After a good nights rest, the next morning I went back to the Polynesian and checked out. Finally, the nightmare had ended. My recommendation is STAY AWAY!

    30/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    25. Angela M.
    We arrived early at around 11:00am and they let us check in early which was nice. This was our third time staying here on off season it was never perfect but worth the money. This time not so much. We got into a room which was smelly and dirty and for some reason there was a random lighter just laying in the middle of the Bed. The tv had about 4 working channels on a super old box tv. The hotel is under construction so you have to walk outside to get to the lobby. There were about three bulbs out in the room. The book inside the room says you can buy pastries and such in the moring for breakfast so when we walked to the front and asked about it the woman at the front desk said that they didn't have any. So I thought maybe we were too late. I asked her when breakfast hours ended and she rudely said "it never began". The indoor water park had two crap slides. The hot tub was night. The first night we arrived in the Dell's we stayed next door at the baymont and they give you passes for to Chula Vista and the rates are cheapier and the rooms are a million times better. My advice stay away.

    20/04/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    26. Yesy D.
    We were on an extreme budget but wanted to take the kids to at least a mini vacay for their summer break. The hotel we loved was 3 times the amount we previously paid so I went on the hunt for the most economical. This was listed on groupon for a fraction of the price so I took the plunge and bought a 2 night stay. It was five of us (2 adults, 1 teen, a child and a toddler). When we got to the location the front desk was quite disorganized, we didn't mind because we know things happen. They made us pick up our parking pass with the concierge just so they could try to sell us a time share. Really? I didn't give you enough money? Now you want my time? The people trying to book the time share were nice but unprofessional, they were eating and the smell of their onions overpowered the lobby area. They are also undergoing construction which was weird. Why not wait for the off season?

    Rooms: There is no service in the are and the only place with wifi is the lobby. We were 2 city blocks away from the lobby. The rooms were probably last updated in the 70's and there seemed to be some questionable brown spots in the bathroom walls. The room was huge but it still held a musty cigarette smell even though it was a non smoking room.

    Water Park: the outdoor pools are FREEZING! My children refused to go in them because they were so cold. All of the pools had paint chips floating around from crudely painted objects. Most of the water sprinklers were broken. The indoor water slides and lazy river opened up at 4pm. What the heck? By the time 4 rolled around the kids were tired of waiting. The life guards were also horrible. Well not all of them but the majority spent most of their time talking to each other. Luckily for my kids they have attentive parents.

    Restaurant: We had an issue with our fridge and the maintenance person worked quick to rectify it that I had initially given this place a 3 until the restaurant. The guy was rude, condescending and rushed my hubby. By the time my hubby made his way to us with the food he realized the guy forgot to include something that he charged him for. We decided to just leave it as is because we didn't want to deal with the rude guy again.

    All in all we made the best of a subpar situation and we will not come back.

    20/08/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    27. Matthew P.
    This was the worst hotel I have ever stayed at. I have never wrote a review for Yelp before, but this experience made me sign up for an account.

    The experience started with a slow check in and a staff who was clearly overworked. They were answering phones and dealing with mistakes in reservations. They were friendly and helpful, but we were the first person waiting to check in and it took ten minutes to get help.

    After we checked in we had to go to the Concierge desk to pick up our parking pass. They tried to get us to sign up for an event that discusses the plans for the new ownership of the property. They wanted to give us 100 bucks, but this was obviously an attempt to try and get us to purchase more stays at this hotel or other properties.

    The room had Asian Beetles crawling over the walls and it was clear that the current state of the hotel is lacking attention.

    The water park, if you can call it that was very sad. The main indoor water area had two rides and a lazy river. It was fine for little kids, but wasn't much fun for older kids. The hot tubs were both out of water and not able to be used. The life guards were unfriendly and seem to have given up on their jobs. The lights looked like you were in a morgue.

    The other pool area had lots of people in it, but had no staff at the bar. At least there was signs of life in this area, but not being able to enjoy a drink was not what I needed after dealing with the comedy of errors this place provides.

    Other highlights were, very loud jumping on the floor above our room, a man punching a door and shaking a vending machine, children running up and down the halls late at night, and an overall feel of just wanting to leave and go somewhere else.

    I realize this place was in transition, but I would never ever consider staying at this hotel again or any newly updated facilities. The new ownership seems to care more about future guests than current ones. I seriously cant believe I spent any time at this place.

    10/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    28. Adam Z.
    Alright, so there have been some really HORRIBLE reviews on the Polynesian and I'm sure some are warranted, but here goes mine.  In a nutshell, the place isn't horrible, but I've certainly stayed in better facilities.

    We were there for my son's hockey tournament.  Two teams of kids ranging from 6 to 8.  Our water park time was limited due to the hockey schedule, so the water park wasn't a make or break deal for our group.  The team parents voted for this resort due to price compared to the Kalahari.  The week leading into the tournament was a bit nail biting.  The hotel had most of us booked for two rooms, the wrong nights or the wrong rooms.  I must have called four times to ensure we had only one room and the correct room.  The manager, Melissa, said she would do her best to accommodate our room needs due to having a 20 month old and not wanting to be cramped.

    It's off season in the Dells in the dead of winter and the hotel was under construction.  Apparently, they are turning a portion of this resort into timeshares.  The construction aspect is an important tidbit of background because it posed some challenges to our stay.  First, you could not access the rooms from the main lobby area.  The game room and secondary indoor pool area are only accessible from the lobby, so in 5 degree weather with -30 windchills you either have to drive or walk around the property to access this area.  That was inconvenient to say the least.  Not a deal breaker since the "main" indoor water park was accessible from our room.

    The bar restaurant were closed during our stay.  Kind of a bummer for parents who would have preferred to have a few cocktails while their kids burned off some energy.  It was a big issue leading into the weekend for many of us drinkers, yet it all worked out because there is a Walgreens down the road that sells booze.  The resort was rather relaxed in enforcing their no outside drinks policy in the water park.  Most of the adults brought in beer or mixers in plastic bottles or an old McDonald's cup.  It's cheaper to bring your own anyway.  So not having the bar, really didn't end up being an apocalyptic problem for us.  Not having a restaurant was a bit more irritating because you had to either order delivery or leave the resort in order to eat.  Again, we knew that going into it.

    THE ROOMS: Alright, so the first thing we did was check the beds for bed bugs.  There were none.  Phew.  There was no blood on the sheets and no questionable stains on the bedding.  Phew x2.  The couch had a couple stains on it that looked a bit worrisome so we simply flipped over the cushions.  The microwave was from the 1970's, but we never used it.  The fridge was nice and accommodated two bottles of wine, some milk for the little one and a 12-pack just fine.  The decor is something our grandparents would have loved.  Blue carpeting and yellow floral comforters.  Classy.  The beds were rather uncomfortable.  I had a spring pop up into my neck one night.  The bathroom was overall clean.  There was a littlef mold on the ceiling over the shower head.  It looked like it was cleaned once or twice.  The metal plates that held the shower curtain up were rusty around the edges due to moisture.  The TV was old and I think there were 12 stations available.  We got to watch the Blackhawks on Sunday thought, so that was good.

    THE STAFF: Melissa took care of us big time.  We got the room we requested and she was quite pleasant.  The security and the housekeeping crew were the same people.  Mainly guys dressed in civilian clothing.  It was a bit creepy at first because I thought they were just random guys walking the halls looking for trouble, but when you got to talking to them, they were quite pleasant and were looking out for everyone.  No issues with the staff.  

    COMMON AREAS: It was the dead of winter.  There was a lot of salt tracked in within the entry areas and stairwells.  They may want to consider a vacuum once or twice a day.  I noticed that wallpaper in the hallways was peeling in areas.  Looked like water damage.  Who uses wallpapered anymore?  Also, because of the cold, you could tell people were smoking in the stairwells.  Likely cracking a door open to ventilate, but I could smell smoke in these areas.  Might want to police that a bit more.

    WATER PARK: For what we needed, the water park was fine.  Two slides and a lazy river.  There's also an area for smaller kids to romp around in.  Overall it was clean, but a bit outdated.  Since there's not much else to do, going down the body slide is the most fun.  My son did it 46 times in two days he said.  Sad part was that the outdoor water park was closed.  The verdict on the water park, I'd go to Great Wolf or Kalahari for more options in the future.      

    Overall, the resort took care of the group.  Even gave us a 20% discount for some of the inconveniences.  Probably wouldn't stay here again though until a major renovation is complete.  You get what you pay for.

    17/02/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    29. Corinne N.
    Pros: easy check in, staff very pleasant for the very little I saw staff. Room was large. Nice little balcony.

    Cons: the tub didn't drain (but maintenance responded within minutes, and was very nice); of course since the tub didn't drain, soap scum ring was left-no one ever came to clean this; during this, attempted calling front desk 4-5 times, no answer, but the woman vacuuming the hall called maintenance for us; power was out with no warning, mid day, while had the slow cooker going (fortunately it was already bubbling before the power went out); no maid service, fresh towels delivered 2x out of a 5 day stay; heat-wall unit blew a nasty stale smell; some electric outlets/lights did not appear to work; large box TV with 17 stations; no in room welcome book; no continental breakfast!!! No where to grill; balcony furniture grossly dirty.

    Side note: the maintenance man explained that the hotel is under a 3-year renovation plan, not what the website suggests will be completed 6/15. If one intends to stay here, may want to check if the pool/water park is in operation. Outdoor pools were not cleaned/filled though could have been early in the season. He also stated that this hotel is between owners because neither wants their name associated with it as is.

    2 stars because I've actually encountered worse.

    17/05/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    30. Stephanie R.
    I stayed here with my daughter and boyfriend for one night, as a mini-vacation. I paid $45 through wbig for the room, and it was worth just that- I would not pay full price. The staff was friendly, and the room was adequate, but in dire need of a remodel. It was like stepping into 1988. The baseboard in the bathroom was coming apart from the wall, and everything was kind of grimy. Fortunately, the bedding appeared fresh.

    The smaller pool area with the basketball pool was probably the best part. It had a slide that was perfect for my three year old. Once the main indoor waterpark opened, we went over there. It didn't really suit us very well. My daughter is still a bit uncomfortable in the water, and the majority of the kids area had water spraying everywhere, which she didn't like. The lazy river was decent. I will say this- the water temperature was fantastic. So warm.

    All in all, worth $45 but no more.

    15/02/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0