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Skyline Hotel And Suites in Wisconsin Dells, WI

Skyline Hotel And Suites in Wisconsin Dells, WI

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Company Info:

Rating: 3.14

Address: 1970 Wisconsin Dells Pkwy, Wisconsin Dells, WI, 53965
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Comments (7):

1. David P.
Fraying a bit around the edges. Everything about the place could be categorized as "just decent." Rooms with two queen size beds and a love seat were spacious enough to accommodate our big family, but has definitely seen better days. Complimentary breakfast had most of the basics including make your own waffles, but unfortunately wasn't run mid-week during the off-season when we were there in October. Indoor water play area kept the kids attention, but found the air in there stifling after awhile. Staff was generally rather helpful and friendly. Its located right next to the Ducks Tour office.

25/03/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
2. Collette Y.
I stayed at this hotel the last week in July  because I was looking for a reasonably priced hotel in the Dells that was clean, friendly, and conveniently located and this fit the bill completely!  This is a family owned business where one gets to meet the husband/wife team and their grown children at the front desk to help you and make YOU feel like FAMILY.  I came upon this gem through recommendations of my best friend and her family AND also my sister who had stayed here three weeks earlier than I did. The outside is majestic and stately and the inside comfortable and clean.  That is all I wanted in a hotel for my 85 year old mother and I who are not into the water parks. Let me not forget to mention the breakfast, which had eggs and sausage in additional to many continental breakfast staples of rolls, cereals, breads, etc.  all served in a beautifully decorated room in the basement. My favorite was the hot waffle that you make in the wafflemaker and then put on tasty strawberries!  I must add, this place has REAL butter.  Some places in the Dells serve margarine and that is not good.The two pools looked nice and clean, but I did not get close.   This place is conveniently located in the middle of the exciting strip and I was able to take evening walks up and down the strip at night, enjoying all the lights and sounds of the Dells. If you are looking for fair value for your money with a pool, a wristband to attend a waterpark, a central location  and a nice breakfast -   this is the place to be!

15/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
3. Jimmy J.
coveniently located. outdated but relatively clean. good value.  continental breakfast includedalong with passes to 2 differerent waterparks

18/07/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
4. Amy B.
I came here for a fraternity formal, so I wasn't expecting high class - but when we pulled up in our yellow bus, I was a little bit scared.

My fears were swept away when we went inside; the suites are nice (they are not luxurious by any means, the ice buckets are plastic, and yes, our couch did have iffy stains on them) - but they provided free water park passes to Mt. Olympus across the street (which has a resort but would've cost exponentially more).

I was very pleased to find that the doors had double locks which automatically locked when you left the room - I had been worried about security.

One awkward bit about the rooms is that the bathrooms don't have sinks - you have to go into the main room to wash your hands/teeth/face, or to use a mirror.

I was also extremely impressed with their event room; as we were walking down the multiple flights of stairs to the basement, I was expecting the bare minimum. The room looks newly redecorated, and has a nice red wall as opposed to the generic nasty conference room wallpaper you usually end up with.

The food we were served for our dinner was good, nothing special, but I didn't feel like I had to question its sanitation level. The event staff was wonderful, EXTREMELY friendly, patient, and forgiving to the hundred drunk college kids we had with us. Another plus - they let us bring our own alcohol with us.

I feel like this is a pretty regular place for groups of college kids to come - the minute our group checked out, another fraternity formal checked in.

The pool was pretty awesome, it has a giant dragon splayed across it, and you can go down a slide down the dragon's mouth. There is also a spacious hot tub and a sauna.

One downside - the complimentary breakfast they have on the weekends only runs from around 7:30-9:30....this does not mesh well with a late night of dells partying...Even 10:30 would've been great

If I stayed at the dells on budget or with a large group, I would definitely consider coming here again.

12/04/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
5. Raven H.
My husband and I were looking for someplace reasonably priced to extend our vacation an extra day. We started out at a different hotel in the area and spent our last day in the Dells here. We stayed the third week in August and it was probably around 100 degrees so the free passes to the Chula Vista waterpark were right on time! We also received discounted tickets to Mt. Olympus which was awesome because we could walk right across the street to the fun. The staff was friendly enough. The hotel itself is a bit outdated and the sofa and chairs could use some new upholstery but it was relatively clean. Not a huge fan of the sink being outside the washroom, though. The continental breakfast was on the money. Overall, an economical and pleasant place to getaway for our family of five.

10/09/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
6. Michelina D.
Finding BED BUGS leads to a police escort out of hotel!!!

We checked into the Skyline Hotel & Suites yesterday and we were not disappointed (You get what you pay for). We came to lay by the pool for a girls weekend so the minimal frills resort worked just fine for us. Last night (Friday) went just fine. The room was a little out dated and smelled pretty funky. But again, we weren't expecting 5 stars. Today while getting ready for a night out on the town, we found something crawling on the bed... a BED BUG!!!  Mortified, we killed it and brought it to the front desk. When we walked up to the desk, we asked to speak to manager. The woman explained that she was the manager/owner of the facility. Her name was MICHELLE and right from the start, she was EXTREMELY rude to us. Their were 3 of us and only one of us spoke to keep from overwhelming her or coming off as aggressive. We were not rude by any means. We simply wanted to be compensated for our room so that we could go to another resort for the remainder of our trip. I don't think that was an unreasonable request, considering we had just learned that we were basically living with BUGS for the last 24 hours. Bugs that are known to hitch a ride home in suit cases and infest homes. We were immediately asked to leave with out an apology. And told that we would in NO WAY, SHAPE or FORM be reimbursed for our troubles and/or concerns. Very quickly, things went from bad to worse. Michelle became IRATE and things got nasty. MICHELLE got VERY loud with us and started waving her finger in our faces, swearing at us and telling us that we were to leave the premises immediately or the cops would be called.  What kind of manager, let alone OWNER treats their patrons this way? Once I stated to Michelle that I was not leaving and expected to be reimbursed, she called the police to escort my friends and I off of the property. When the police arrived, she told them we were being disorderly and wanted us to leave right away. We were escorted back to our room and the officer (Josh) watched us while we struggled to look for nearby vacancies in the Dells (with no success). Three hours from home and no where to go, our girls weekend was cut short by the Skylines horrible management.

20/07/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
7. Allison J.
My boyfriend and I have stayed at the skyline hotel twice. And we probably will again. We have gone in March of 2009 and Feburary of 2010.  We stayed here because of the price and the deal they have with Mt Olympus.  In 2009 we got the tickets for free which was a great deal for us! In 2010 they were 50% off. We decided to skip on the tickets on this trip.  For a king bed and Hot tub it was only $76 dollars a night. The room is nice, the hot tub though is quite loud when running, but the shower had excellent water pressure. The temperature in the room was either too hot or too cold, there was no perfect temperature.  They have a complimentary breakfast on Friday-Sunday mornings, featuring a waffle bar.  Besides the waffles there it little else, just a bit of fruit, juice and mini muffins.   The breakfast defiantly leaves some to be desired but for a quick breakfast before heading out to do fun things the price (free) is just fine.   The biggest downside I found was in a internet savvy world, their online reservation system and pictures on the reservation website was pretty bad.  I used the site to reserve our room and never received a confirmation email.  I called 2 days later to confirm and was told it hadn't gone through; thankfully the room was still available.

26/02/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0