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We pride ourselves in providing our guests the very best quality lodging available. Always find a warm friendly reception as well as clean rooms and suites.  The Starlite Motel is a terrific way to experience the long-time tradition of the Wisconsin Dells at an affordable price for any family.  We offer clean, quiet rooms with comfortable beds. A/C, outdoor heated swimming pool, microwave and fridges available.  Free wireless. Free Coffee in the morning.  As an added bonus, guests at the Starlite Motel will receive FREE waterpark passes to Chula Vista indoor and outdoor waterparks.


Company Info:

Rating: 1.00

Address: 727 Broadway, Wisconsin Dells, WI, 53965
  • Mon: 8:00 am - 12:00 am
  • Tue: 8:00 am - 12:00 am
  • Wed: 8:00 am - 12:00 am
  • Thu: 8:00 am - 12:00 am
  • Fri: 8:00 am - 12:00 am
  • Sat: 8:00 am - 12:00 am
  • Sun: 8:00 am - 12:00 am

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Comments (3):

1. Tony C.
Don't take a chance at this motel when there are so many others to choose from. Keep looking for alternatives even if their price is good. It's a very loud place and has a rude/poorly managed staff. The housekeeper pounded on our door at 10pm to complain about an issue that was already resolved by the manager and myself. She was screaming at me and acting totally crazy!!!!!  The staff upset my family and put a major cloud over what was a fun time inthe Dells.

01/07/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
2. Kieu D.
The owners were incredibly rude. The woman barged into our room uninvited, screaming that visitors were not allowed and that it was stated in the rules (which was on a sheet hidden under the lamp). They also insisted we store the bikes we brought in their storage unit, which was not in the "rules" anywhere. I told them the bikes were worth almost $2k and not getting stored out of our sight. The woman continued screaming at my boyfriend and telling him his "opinion didn't matter" because he was not a registered guest. He offered his credit card to her, saying, "Swipe my card, then I will be a paying customer and you can hear me out." She refused and wouldn't let him get a word in edgewise. Her only arguments being that he was not a registered guest, no visitors were allowed, and she "is 75 years old!".

Also accused me of purposely trying to sneak people in because I brought an extra blanket and asked for extra (which I didn't) and was told I almost always bring my own blanket because it's a hotel. Pretty sure I'm not the only one that does this. She threatened to call the police. We insisted she do so, then waited, but they never showed. We theorize she cries wolf often. She was extremely rude, even after being informed my boyfriend and his son were leaving and that I would register my friend (who was supposed to stay with me only on Sunday night. I rented the room for Sat & Sun). The room had 2 queen beds so it would have been myself, my son and his friend, and my friend- not over capacity. She yelled about the 2 extra cars even though the lot was near empty.

Literally screamed at us for a good 15 minutes, then came back with her husband and screamed at us for another 20. Horrible experience, didn't even stay the last night even though it was paid for. Drove 2 hours home at 10 pm. My boyfriend owns 7 companies, and informed her he knew of business practices, and treating customers in this manner was anything but good business, that she could count on none of us returning and she had lost business here permanently. She shouted that she didn't care. The whole ordeal was ridiculous and unbelievable, and I believe the only reason they have been in business so long is the fact that the area is a tourist destination. Customer service was awful, and we will be looking for all means to post this exact review. Don't stay here, whatever you do.

Received this in response to my review on Trip Advisor:


As far as the "unregistered guests" one was a friend that I would have registered had we not gotten bombarded, the others were in the process of leaving ten minutes before the incident. Bike debris? The bikes were ridden in the lot in front of the room on a 70 degree dry day, and there was nothing about this "policy" anywhere. The bikes aren't even stored on their wheels, rather upside down. If room condition is a priority, heat would be great.
And service with a smile? We barely saw a neutral face or heard an indoor voice, let alone saw a smile. Ranting, screaming, barging in, and threatening are not my idea of good customer service, and I have been in the service industry for over almost a decade, currently working as a bartender, dealing with DRUNK customers, and still treat them better than what I received here.
I am shocked at the professional response to my review, considering the wildly unprofessional in person treatment.
The review directly preceding mine was a direct indicator to the fact that this is not an isolated incident. Had we been approached in the manner of the written response, this situation would have been avoided completely. We are reasonable people that deal with business and customer relations on a regular basis, as well as frequent travelers, patronizing hotels all over the country, therefore incredibly understanding of business owners'/customer service employees' standpoints.
The behavior of the owners of this establishment was reprehensible, and makes the fact that they have been and are still in business absolutely mind blowing. This place offers nothing but a place to sleep, and not a very comfortable one at that. There are no phones in the rooms, and opting out of housekeeping was not an option. They did not see us bring the bikes in because we were there for over 24 hours before this was an issue. Only after cleaning the room and seeing the kids riding them in the lot did they approach us. Had I known this was the kind of people we would have to deal with, I would have paid a lot more for a room.

24/05/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
3. Angela G.
Relatively cheap and inexpensive hotel but do yourself a favor and spend the extra money. I've stayed at a few pretty low grade hotels before, but none as bad as this. And here's why.

Horrible, unfriendly staff. Claimed remodeled and upgraded rooms, outdated and smell funny. Only provided 1 roll of toilet paper for 4 guests, female guests I might add. Our towels were never restocked, and when we asked for more and she counted them and only gave us 2 of each size towel.  Management let's themselves into guests room without permission to talk about issues or complaints.

We stayed during their fall festival which is a very busy weekend so the hotel was completely booked solid. However they still allowed outside vehicles to park for an additional charge which didn't allow room for guests actually staying at the hotel. When asked where her paying guests are supposed to park now she said figure it out on our own it wasn't her problem.

We had 2 "queen" size beds but they are definitely not queen size beds. And they were extremely uncomfortable with the springs digging into your back depending on where you laid. Water pressure on the shower is terrible!! Thankfully there was a mini fridge, but I do mean mini fridge which was not plugged in when we arrived. The smell in the room was a cross between mildew and old, sweaty gym shoes. No clock and super old outdated radio built into the nightstand that didn't work.

14/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0