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Wilderness Hotel & Golf Resort in Wisconsin Dells, WI

Wilderness Hotel & Golf Resort in Wisconsin Dells, WI


The Wilderness Resort consists of over 600 wooded acres in Wisconsin Dells and is home to Wilderness Hotel & Golf Resort, which features 444 guest rooms, 40 Vacation Villas, 76 Frontier Condominiums and 35 cabins. It is also home to Wilderness on the Lake which features 108 luxurious two and three bedroom condominium units overlooking Lake Delton; and Glacier Canyon Lodge, which features 460 upscale condominium units.
           Combined, these three properties offer four indoor and four outdoor waterparks that total nearly 500,000 square feet - that's over 12 football fields of extreme water fun! The Resort is also home to Wild Rock Golf Club; The Woods 9-Hole Executive Course; Dodge 'Em City; Timberland Play Park, a 35,000 square-foot, four story adventure with ball blasters, slides and crawl spaces; the OK Corral Lazer Tag Arena; Marshall Training Lazer Maze; The Wild Abyss and Wild Buccaneer indoor 3-D black light mini golf courses; bumper boats; indoor and outdoor go-karts and kiddy-karts; Wisconsin's first canopy zip line tour; Northern Lights Sky Ropes Course and outdoor Jurassic mini golf.


Established in 1995.

The Wilderness Resort has experienced tremendous growth since it opened its doors in June 1995.

Today the facility has over 30 different lodging options to choose from. The resort offers comfortable, rustic double queen guest rooms at Wilderness Hotel & Golf Resort as well as Glacier Canyon Lodge. In addition, for those looking for a more spacious option Glacier Canyon Lodge and Wilderness on the Lake have luxurious 2- and 3-bedroom condominium units that sleep up to 16.
If that's not enough, the resort also has a wide variety of Vacation Villas, New Frontier Condos as well as 3-, 4- and 5-bedroom cabins which can sleep up to 20 guests.

There are four indoor waterparks, four outdoor waterparks and countless indoor and outdoor attractions including mini golf, go-karts, indoor ropes course and a canopy zipline tour.


Company Info:

Rating: 3.55

Address: 511 E Adams St, Wisconsin Dells, WI, 53965
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Comments (174):

1. Carolyn E.
As a self-identified NINK (no income, no kids) I was invited to spend a weekend at the Wilderness Resort with most expenses paid, and I can safely say it is a nice place with lots to do and very well kept facilities.  By no means, should one expect that their weekend at the Wilderness Resort will be a quiet vacation away from it all. There are kids and families everywhere. There are children who enjoy running in the halls of the hotel from 7am until their bedtime.  I was able to check out both the cabins and the villas, and they both come equipped with a lot of amenities.  The cabins allow you to have slightly more privacy if you're staying with a big group compared to the villas.  Both situations give you a full kitchen so you can make some of your own meals. The villas have a hot tub along with a 3 season room.
Nonetheless the only thing I can say that was truly disgusting was the breakfast buffet at 11 a.m. on a Saturday morning. (order al a carte unless you're hungry... it's cheaper, warmer, and much more edible.)  So if you have a waterpark craving in the middle of January or you want to meet up with a large group of people from all over the state/country, check out the Wilderness.

28/11/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
2. Amy A.
Lots to do....swimming in three different indoor pool complexes (we always go here in the winter), lazer tag, arcade, rock climbing wall, tubing & hay rides.  I can't imagine that another park in the Dells can compare to all they have to offer.  Rooms are large & (usually) clean, have a micro. & fridge & a sleeper sofa.  We are never dissapointed when we stay here.

24/03/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
3. David S.
Not great, but not a disaster.  The facilities were not the cleanest.  The locker rooms were small and dirty.  We used the indoor waterpark facilities of which there are three that are quite a distance from each other.  We have two young children and have previously stayed at Kalahari.  The Kalahari had newer and cleaner facilities and much better restaurants.  In fact, after one night at the Wilderness, we were hoping to get out of our reservation and stay at the Kalahari the remainder of our vacation.  No such luck.

16/01/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
4. K C.
Aaahhh the Wilderness

I made a call to Wilderness Resort, they have plenty of rooms available and we were able to get a 2 bedroom villa to share with my cousin and her family. This place was huge!! Clean and we are entitled to use their water park for free as we are their resort guests.

I love this place, we will definitely come back here again!

14/08/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
5. Jim A.
I've been bringing my family here for almost ten years and have to say it's still my favorite water park/hotel here in the Dells. With that said I have to say this place is not as much fun as it used to be. After they added the water dome area as well as Glacier Canyon (more rooms) this place has become unbelievably crowded. You always expect crowds of course, but now after the recent expansion it's just not that enjoyable anymore. This place will always hold a soft spot in my heart for all the memories it's provided since my kids where small, but it's time to move on. I always felt their prices were the most reasonable in the Dells compared to the other big water parks here, but apparently so do a lot of other people, and I don't mean that in a good way. Sometimes you think there's a tattoo & piercing  parlor  right on the premises. This is still a great place for families, but if you have been coming here as long as I have you'll know exactly what I mean.

28/11/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
6. Bella D.
We are excited to go here! We have reservations for January! About 8-10 of us are checking out the Waterpark and Cascade Mountain Skiing for a weekend. We got a large 4 bedroom townhouse condo. Its gonna be great. Glad to see great reviews, great amenities, and a short drive from Chicago is great!!

26/12/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
7. Lisa C.
Go...stay....don't forget to ride water shuttle to Wilderness on the Lake...play...bring plenty of money...sleep well at night...repeat as needed.

04/08/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
8. Sarah B.
My Wisconsin friends and I rented a 4-bedroom condo for the weekend and had a blast!  There are 2 waterparks, each with body slides, tube slides and a feature ride (the Hurricane and the Cannonbowl).  Wilderness does not sell passes to the waterparks, so only resort guests are allowed to use them.  

Additionally, there is an arcade, laser tag, pottery making, wagon rides and a slew of other activities.  A shuttle will take you anywhere you need to go on the resort grounds.

The condo was fully equipped with kitchen utensils, a dishwasher, icemaker, DVD and video, extra towels and pillows.  I would recommend bringing extra blankets, however, no one was cold as we had temperature control.  

It can be pricey compared to other cabin/condo rentals in the Dells, but having the waterparks right there offers a lot of fun.

The downside (or upside, depending): a lot of families vacation here, so expect small, medium and large children.

13/02/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
9. Yvette B.
We stayed in a three bedroom Cabin on the Golf Course, and it was quite lovely.   Some issues with technology initially, and yes there is no WiFi in the Cabins.   But we had a great time, and so did the kids.

01/04/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
10. Mara A.
Oh wisconsin dells. You never fail to dissapoint me.

I've been to the dells 3 times, and the first two times and a tight budget staying at cheaper places. But now, dum dum dum, the boy and I have great jobs and could afford to slurge! Whoopie.

Stayed here mid september (off-season) for 3 nights and it was great. Except for the fact that, yes you have a lot of walking to do. Another issue was that one of the water parks attached to my hotel was only open friday-sunday. Well, thanks for telling me that before I booked.

They now have a canopy line within the hotel and looks fun until we called down to book an appointment and found out it was $40 a person. No thanks, we headed down the street to extreme world and bungie jumped for less.

The hotel room was amazing. 2 bedroom condo suite in Glacier Canyon. Two bathrooms, balcony looking out into a vacant outdoor water park, tvs everywhere, fireplace, kitchen. It was great. The price was around $540, not cheap but thankfully was split between 4 people.

Just a warning....

Wilderness has this ride called the hurricane. 4 people tube ride that dumps you into a big funnel type thing (they have one at Six Flags Chicago) So myself and my party of 3 get in the tube and away we go.  Quite dark and steep drops. Then we are dropped into the funnel and we are going back and forth, back and forth holding on for our lives about to tip over. I'm screaming my lungs out, fearing for my life. Finally the ride ends and we ask the person working there "has anyone ever fallin out of this ride or gotten hurt?" the person said no. Next thing we see, is an empty tube coming down and a few seconds later, two young girls and a dad floating down. One of the girls is screaming saying she cant breathe. AWESOME! So we are walking around and decide to ask anything worker there the same question and she says "yeah at least once a week" hm.. I was forced back on this ride against my will but this time they weighed us. (i guess there is a weight limit and we were sure as hell over it) I believe the weight limit was 600 lbs or so and we were probably 100 lbs over that, no wonder we almost died the first time. So we had to split into 2 groups and it was much better the second time. It didnt go as fast or high and i didnt feel like iwas going to die. wooo!

28/09/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
11. Emily C.
Yes, the Dells are a tourist trap.
Yes, the Dells are a drive.

Yes, the Wilderness Resort is a boat load of fun.

Laser tag, Pottery painting, Indoor / Outdoor hot tubs, Indoor Waterpark, Indoor Tanning Waterpark, Indoor Little Tikes Waterpark, Indoor Arcade with torpedo launching tower of fun, bowling, and more?
Restaurants on premises are not the best.

They do have Sundari, one of the top rated wellness spas in the country.

I have stayed in the Condo, The Cabins and in the Main Hotel.
Go for the Condo right near the little kids waterpark.  Best place for the money, two full bedrooms with a jacuzzi room overlooking the lake, nice and quiet since most opt to stay near the main parks, and THE DRIVE YOU EVERYWHERE. Pick up service within the premise to any of the parks and to the CASINOS!!

I have been here over a dozen times, I do seem to develop lung infections from prolonged exposure to the pool areas, heavily chloronated for your protection I am sure.

Lazy River, Wave Pool, Slides, Theme Areas and more all indoors.  I have never been during the summer to check the outside parks though they look just as good. Breakfast buffet in the main building is reasonable and filling if you eat lots of cheese, meat and eggs - I opted for a salad.

13/02/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
12. Jill G.
Holy cow has this place gone downhill.  I stay at the resort 1-2 times per year and have always enjoyed the hotel, restaurants and waterpark.  Last night was a disaster:  hotel room was dirty and the staff were beyond unhelpful.

The bright spot during my stay was dining at Fields.  The service and food were both excellent, but it's hard for this to make up for the hair, dirt and nail clippings in the hotel room.

05/05/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
13. Crystal L.
Every winter I make my annual snowboarding/ski trip to Cascade Mountain and I've stayed at a few hotels in the Wisconsin Dells area.  My favorite is by far the Wilderness Resort.   The Kalahari seems like it would be really nice but I think it's way overpriced.  The Great Wolf Lodge is alright too but there is only one good water ride in their indoor waterpark.  Wilderness has 3 or maybe even 4 indoor waterparks now.  I think their indoor waterparks beats Kalahari and Great Wolf.  The price at Wilderness is fair too.  I've stayed in their Double Suite for $99/night.  I recently stayed in their 3 bedroom premium condo in the Glacier Canyon Lodge and really loved it.  It's very modernized, granite countertop, flat screen tv, gamecube for the kids, and just very spacious in general.  You can sleep so many ppl because the rooms come with sofa sleepers and the living room has a murphy bed.  It's a great place to rest after a long day of snowboarding or skiing.

P.S. The pillows here are so comfortable!

27/01/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
14. Gina D.
Went to the Dells area for a family reunion and opted to stay here for two nights and experience the water park action.  Two nights was the perfect amount of time to explore and enjoy all areas of the resort and overlook the soggy carpet walkways, colored wristbands, shrieking children and long ride lines.  This place is perfect for pre-teens/young teens; everything is enclosed and connected and once you find a "home base" to stash your stuff members of your family can pretty much come and go all day as you please.  Our kids loved it but after 2 days were definitely "done."  Favorite rides:  The Black Hole and The Hurricane.  Our family also enjoyed the Wave Pool, the lazy rivers, and the indoor/outdoor hot tubs.

We stayed on the 2nd floor and enjoyed being able to access everything from our own floor (and it helped a great deal to have earplugs at night for sleeping!).  I personally liked having the Java Hut located about 20 steps from our room and a free newspaper to go with it.

One comment re: maid service:  it looked as though a 5-year-old had made up our beds.  Incredibly sloppy.  We did, however, get enough bath towels for about 12 people (and we were only 4).   Our beds were comfy and our bathroom was clean; no complaints here.   We liked the whole "energy saving" key method (you need to put your room key in a slot by the door to turn on the electricity and to adjust the room temp).  

If you're looking to save some cash, bring along your own food & beverage.  Coolers are not allowed in the waterpark areas but you can stash them in your room and use your fridge and microwave (and outdoor grilling area).  Food onsite can be pricey.  Breakfast buffet was okay, but just once.

If you are looking for an all-inclusive waterpark resort with lots of "lands" and variety -- and don't mind walking (which we don't) -- then this should suit you and your family just fine.

11/07/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
15. Joe G.
The Wilderness is one of the new generation of mega-waterpark-resort facilities popping up throughout the Dells.

We visited in the off season, during the week of spring break, and it was busy but not insane.  The resort is huge, and is essentially several long three story motels connected end-to-end via skywalks, so you can get pretty much anywhere, but it can be a lot of walking.  Getting a room on the third floor is recommended; the second floor will tend to see an amazing amount of foot traffic, and I would imagine you hear the stampede on the first floor as well.  The room was unremarkable, with a television with moderate selection of DirecTV channels, free WiFi that bogged down in the evenings, a combined bathroom fan/light that was extremely noisy, and a tendency for the room to get really warm even with the heater off.  Fridge and microwave, reasonably spacious, clean rooms.  There's a registration desk at each end of the hotel facility, use the one farther in if the near one seems busy.  We were promised a crib at check-in, but this never appeared.

We were satisfied with, but not too horribly impressed by, the buffet restaurant serving breakfast at the south end.

Wilderness claims four indoor waterparks (and of course the outdoor ones were closed), but this is a bit of advertising sleight-of-hand.  There are only three at Wilderness Resort, one more is at Wilderness on the Lake, which is a different location.  Of the three, one is a large wave pool and small play area for children, with large raft water slides behind.  An indoor overpass to the Klondike Kavern makes this a good area for adults and kids, and the Klondike Kavern sports several tube and body slides, a lazy river, and a large water play fort, plus an indoor/outdoor hot tub and waterball pool.  All of the body slides are slide-outs, where you don't get dumped into a pool, but rather slide to a stop and then get out.  Good for kids, but don't expect that kersploosh-fhwump at the end.  All the slides except the very smallest are completely staffed.

The Wild West waterpark was a little different, it had a small wave pool, waterplay fort, and some slides.  We didn't care for it as much as Klondike Kavern, but it was mostly just different, not bad.

There's also a dry soft play area, the Timberland Play Park, that is a combined three story ball shooter area completely surrounded by tubes and crawl areas, slides, and all sorts of fun stuff.  Any toddler's or small child's dream playland.  A soft play area for infants and toddlers is also included, though bigger kids tend to not recognize the boundaries and storm through it at high speed, so be prepared to fend them off.  A staff member is generally policing the area and enforcing the socks rule, a definite plus.

In any play area (water guns, ball shooter guns, valves and gags in the water play forts, etc) expect that a large number of items will be nonfunctional, which is kind of a shame.  At least here, a large number of them were also operational, but it is a bit annoying to see pictures of all these things working on the website.  The lazy river and waterslides in Klondike Kavern were closed for several hours, no explanation, but did eventually open.

The most annoying thing?  Some of the other patrons.  Kids old enough to know to be watching out for little kids, charging around like water buffaloes, getting scolded by guards for running, plowing by toddlers and infants.  Elementary school aged kids trying to swing on the infant swings and swinging from the valve ropes.  Teenagers going down the toddler slide.  A father with his kid, trying to get his kid to swim in the lazy river (signs indicate you have to have a tube) - and he decided to get confrontational with the (extremely professional) lifeguard, who calmly and insistently prevailed and forced them to exit, but the kid became so agitated over the event, he threw up (fortunately after exiting the lazy river, unfortunately right next to us).  Chaos and mayhem.

The big tube rides typically involved long waits, and were fairly short rides, but good fun.

We had an error on our bill.  We had tendered two Dells chamber of commerce gift certificates and a Wilderness gift card as payment towards our room, and there was also a credit card advance payment deposit.  One of the certificates did not appear on our bill.  We did eventually work through that by finding the desk clerk that had registered us, but I am skeptical we would have resolved this otherwise.

The best deal for a place like this is the one-night stay.  You get to use the waterparks on the day you arrive (you can check in even if your room isn't guaranteed ready until 4PM) and the day you leave, effectively getting you two days of waterpark for one night of hotel.  You can probably get burned out after two days of waterpark.

Overall, it is a nice facility, room for improvement, but not a bad place to go.  It isn't the Dells motel of the '70's, that's for sure!

16/04/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
16. George D.
Stuff very rood, The room was very dirty and way overprice for what you get. I will not go back there. The wi-fi is not free beacause you pay the resort fee.

08/03/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
17. Jim C.
Great location. Shuttle buses. All around to take you to their other property's rooms. Are  very worn.  Bathrooms very small  good restaurants.  My favorite place. Was the. Pool at wilderness by the lake overlooking lake delton. Small fountain. Relaxing.  No  screaming kids water  perfect temp.  Nice cold  cocktails. Help to unwind. Nice being in the pool. Watching the action on the lake. Will stay at one of the other propertys next time

29/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
18. Brian L.
MK & I stayed here whilst up for a wedding (10/3-10/5/08) and we had a lot of fun.  We did it so we can figure out if we wanted to come back with Aidan sometime next year.

Water attractions were fun (especially if you're a kid) and the resort is a huge massive place with a variety of types of rooms and accomodations.  I will say that the food on site isn't that great and it's awfully expensive but I guess they feel they have you trapped and you're not going to head "off campus" in your wet swim gear with the kids to grab lunch.

We were here off-season of course so the rooms were very inexpensive and well worth it.  I can see that Aidan will have a blast the next time we go.  They are very accomodating and friendly throughout the resort and the check-in process is about as simple as it can get.

It sure isn't your Father's Wisconsin Dells!  Although the hokey motels are still around, this is a whole new step for the city and was time and money well-spent.

06/10/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
19. Deb M.
We always have fun here and this past weekend was not an exception.  The waterparks are fun and varied, and we don't mind all the walking involved.  We decided the new zipline was overpriced at $45, when we had just gone to one in Costa Rica for $40 that was twice as long and didn't take you over any hotel parking lots.  
One note of caution if you're renting a villa - we found the kitchen sparsely equipped, and some of the amenities not up to par. (a tiny 19" TV in the living room with a poorly woking remote, for example...)  There was also peeling wallpaper, dents in the walls, and the air conditioning not woking properly in one of the upstairs bedrooms.
But overall, our kids had a great time, which I guess is what counts.....

30/08/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
20. Richard R.
Pricey, but worth the money when with a group of diverse ages and interests.  There is always something to do for everyone.  We stayed in a 3 bedroom condo, very spacious, clean and full of amenities.  Already planning for a trip next year.  Shuttle service was needed and was great.  The actual food and restaurants in the resort are pricey and not that great, but overall we loved the place.

15/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
21. Nick J.
Great place for kids but rude and disinterested staff. The candy store is a complete rip-off. Quite disappointed. Extremely poor ATT reception.

09/04/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
22. Christian C.
Been there 3 times and would go back again and again my kids love that place and so do I it's good any time of the year I would recommend it to everyone 6 water parks indoor and out good service and in the summer there is an out door movie Tuesday nights which is great family fun

17/06/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
23. P X.
I met a group of friends at the Wilderness for a New Years Eve get-away. After a fairly long icy drive, I arrived at what I thought was the hotel, only to be told that I had to drive to another compound to our actual hotel (there are several locations and the maze is a bit confusing), but I did get there after a half hour or so of driving. Finding a parking spot was another rat-race, but I eventually found a spot and made my way to the room.

The rooms were nice and more in a condo type of style. I was a bit surprised that there were not any windows in the place, except at the end of the condo near the porch. The accommodations as a whole were nice, but were missing basic things (napkins, paper towel, laundry soap, wine glasses, etc). Also, we were a bit surprised that the hot tub wasn't a real hot tub, but rather a large bath tub-so we didn't end up using it too much.

As a whole it was a decent place, but I think that it would be best suited for a family.

22/01/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
24. Mark J.
My wife and I stayed here for 4 nights and 3 days.  Excellent service!  The rooms are great, and a lot cheaper than some of the other resorts in the area.  They have several waterparks right on property.

Shuttle bus, and Pizza place right within the area.

I will be stay here again!

18/08/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
25. Jennifer G.
The wilderness is a mystery inside a mystery.    On the outside it seems great.   They do have a great variety of rides set up in a manner where each mini park has a few kid stuff and a few older kid stuff.   Getting to each mini park is where the "fun" begins.   Some things need to be reached by going up and down stairs, winding through floors of the hotel, etc., quite annoying....

The standard rooms are incredibly small and mostly for utility purposes.    Two beds right next to one another with a couch next to that.   Almost a motel feel rather than a resort.  

Another issue is the towels.   Would it kill them to shell out a few more bucks on some towels that are larger than dish rags and more absorbent.   These things are double strength paper towels at best.   Bring your own and watch it like a hawk.    

The only other main issue is that most of the employees seemed to be shipped in for the summer from some swedish country and speak very little English.   It took me 15 minutes to find out whether or not my 4 year old could ride on my lap or not.  

That said, it is definitely one of the nicer places the Dells has to offer.   It boasts indoor waterparks, which was great since we ended up there on 70 something degree days.

03/07/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
26. Penny M.
Great mini vacation!  The hotel itself is just ok, nothing super special about it.  They have multiple indoor pool areas scattered throughout the resort.  Wave pool at one, slides at another, lazy river and more slides at another.  

Also, (we went in winter) they had a pretty cool indoor sauna that had access to the outside.  It was crowded (we went in February)  but still a fun time.  

They also have an arcade area where we played bowling games, air hockey, and mini golf.  The mini golf is a must!  The downstairs holes are fish themed.  It's dark with neon colored lights everywhere.  They  had Little Nemo fish in huge tanks.

03/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
27. Mia L.
Great place to stay at during your Dells vacay! The interior design focuses on forests and woodland wildlife. Our room was very cozy and clean. There are plenty of water parks..indoor and outdoor. There's an arcade, laser tag, gift shops, pottery painting, etc. This place is comfortable and kid-friendly! It's also right by the zip-lining activity by lost canyon!

19/06/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
28. DZ A.
Excellent vacation destination. 2nd time here in less than 8 months. Came w/another couple and had a blast. Line's are short since resort is exclusive to guest. Love the lazy river @ New Frontier, slide and ramp up.

28/08/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
29. Allen A.
This place is awesome!

This was my third time to the Wilderness Resort, my first time staying in Glacier Canyon.  We usually stay in the cabins, but we got a 2 Bedroom Deluxe Suite for a little over one hundred dollars a night, DURING THANKSGIVING!!  The room was great.  Kept clean, full kitchen, nice decor, cool stone fireplace, and comfortable beds!  If you come to Wilderness, this is the way to go!  Don't stay at the actual hotel, because it is too noisy and chaotic.  THe best part is that there is an indoor walkway linking Glacier Canyon to the rest of the resort!!

The water park was great.  You should come after summer, but before Christmas and you get a lot of space at the water park.  The rides are awesome, and the wave pool is EXTREME!  Food is good for a water park, and the rides are safe and kept clean.  When you come, you should visit the Wild Waterdome!!

This place is affordable, Extreme, good food, good lodging, and good service!!  This is the way to go in Wisconsin Dells!!!!

20/11/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
30. Krisha d.
For my son's 5th birthday back in May 2010, I was not yelping at the time. But, It's that time again to start planning! My toss up right now will be between Kalahari and Wilderness. I've stayed at both, but was at Kalahari when it was still brand new and under construction.
Maybe I didn't explore the whole "big kid" water park? It didn't seem as thrilling to me as everyone else is saying. I did LOVE our room though! We had the 3 bedroom w/ loft condo. The kids right away put on their swimsuits and hopped in the jacuzzi since we arrived quite late to the Dells. I also had a cabana rented for us since we had little ones and they allowed me to bring my sons cake even though they don't allow outside food in the pool area.
The price for my room stay for 11 people was VERY reasonable! The only problem was check in, we did arrive so late that it took forever to get checked in.
My son had a GREAT birthday here. It's such a hard decision right now! But maybe we'll be back for spring break if not his birthday!

02/10/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
31. Michelle M.
The hotel room itself was clean.  The room where we stayed had all the usuals - iron and ironing board, hair dryer, tv but it also had some extras - an extra small room  slightly separated from the room with the beds with an extra tv, microwave, coffee maker and a kitchen sink.  

The box springs on our beds were broken so that made for some very uncomfortable sleeping.  Despite what my hubby would like to think they were probably broken because of kids jumping on the beds... afterall we let our little boy jump to his hearts content. We didn't see any harm seeing how the box springs were broken already.

We went during the off season - March - so it was still really cold outside but they have 3 indoor water parks.  We only visited two of them - the Kondike Kavern and the Wild West... very kid friendly.  My son is 4 and he had an awesome time with the water slides and the water play area in general.

Everything in this place is connected with walkways and skywalks... all of which are on the second floor.  I would definitely request a room on the third floor.  The first and second floors get a lot of traffic - a lot!!  Anyhow, hubby loved the fact that he didn't have to drive anywhere.  Everything that we wanted was literally right there although it does make for a lot of walking.  They also have shuttles that will take you from entrace to entrance and also to the restaurants that are a part of the Wilderness itself but are separated by parking lots and what not.

I took away a whole star for lack of friendly service.  Of everyone we encountered at the Wilderness (and there were a lot of "everyones") only 3 were kind and friendly.  All others made us feel as if we were burdening them with our business.  Places like the gift shops and especially the Goody Gum Drop - a candy store.  

Overall our experience was decent.  Would we go back?  Not sure but probably not only because there are so many other places in the Dells where we could stay that could possibly get 4 or 5 stars out of me - it's not hard... I'm easy to please!!

10/03/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
32. ELLIE M.
I went with a group of 4 adults and 3 kids...Well first off i didn't care for the set up. The water parks are so spread apart and with kids I think it's such an inconvenience to the parent's who have to keep switching locations from one spot to another. And my other gripe is that not one time of our stay there, And we were there for 3 days did any of our rooms get cleaned are garbage was literally falling on the floor. And when I called the front desk they said they would send someone. Guess what no one ever came. The only thing I really liked about this place was the pottery barn the restaurants were blah and I will probably never go back. I'll take my money to the Kalahari next time !!!!

02/04/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
33. Maggie G.
The response to this was it has been handled internally. Any further questions feel free to call. I expected at least an apology... nice corporate!  Not!!! Very disappointed!!!

This is what I wrote to their customer service department...

To Whom It May Concern,

I brought my family on a weekend vacation from April 22, 2011 till April 24th, 2011 to the Wilderness Hotel (at the Glacier part). We chose this hotel based on reviews by friends and family. Overall, the trip was very nice. The main areas were very clean. The waterparks were very filled but well managed and the service at those areas were also good. The play area's/ arcades were very fun for the kids. The waterparks were great. I am in the area of customer service so I know how few and far between compliments come around so if I see good service I will comment.

However, when I receive exceptionally poor service I will also have to comment. This poor service I received was on the evening of April 22, 2011 around 11 p.m. by a young man named John at the front desk of the Glacier Hotel. My mom called me hysterical because she was lost. The bus dropped her off at the wrong area and she had no idea where she was. I am assuming you have been to this hotel and because of that I think you understand how easy you can not only get lost but also how hard it can be to find someone to help find you way. When my mom called me I automatically called the front desk. He asked where she was and I told him the rooms she was nearby. He told me to have her stay where she was while he gets someone from security to help her.  Great job John! Then 15 minutes go by and my mom has yet to receive any help. I call John back. He says how security is busy and NO one is available to help. He then proceeds to tell me he is busy and asks to call me back. I have never felt so belittled. The hotel is filled with workers an NO ONE can help? My mom finds her way to the hotel lobby and when she was looking for help NO ONE again would help her.  I wait a few minutes and my mom starts walking alone again trying to yet again figure out how to get from the 7000 to a totally different hotel and to 4029. I go outside my room and find a cleaning man. He graciously accepted the task of talking to my mom over the phone and explaining how to get back to the room. It wasn't an easy task. It took him over ten minutes to explain where she was and how to get here. All and all it took her over an hour and a half to get back to the room. No thanks to John. I proceeded to call John and let him know that she did make it back to the room and very professionally I let him know how I thought it was rude of him not to TRY and help. He decided to mock me and eat chips while speaking to me and ignoring what I was saying.

I really tried not to let John ruin my trip but I must say I was very disappointed in the service we received. My mom is diabetic and thank god she was ok. I hope that more people don't receive this kind of service.

25/04/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
34. Curtis S.
This was our 1st visit to the wilderness and it didn't disappoint.  I loved that there was 4 different parts to choose from.  This resort has enough to do, that if one was to get bored, it would be there fault.  We ended up renting the 3 room condo for a night and felt it was a nice room with plenty sleeping area's..  I always like having a kitchen and fridge to stock.  For 3 couples, it cost about $135.00 a couple which isn't to bad and that of course included the access to the parks.  I loved the variety of the slides,everything from easy going fun slides to your "I need to change my shorts" slides.  We also did some laser tag which was more for the little kids.  We wanted to do the zip line course but ran out of time.  We will have to save that for next time and I look forward to it.

01/12/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
35. Jennifer B.
Pricing getting a little to cheap. Getting some of the drek of our society in.  EEEKKKKK

19/01/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
36. Sue B.
My husband and I stayed at the Wilderness this August. We were excited to get to have a little summer getaway, and we'd never really done the Dells experience.

I'd say the resort was okay, but if we do the Dells again, I'd go someplace else next time. Checking in (and out) took forever. The room was fine, but nothing special. I'm not a fan of their threatening "towel card" system - it made me nervous that we'd be charged an arm and a leg for towels if they thought we lost one.

I liked that the waterparks were only open to resort guests, but they were still very crowded (and this was during the week - I can't imagine what weekends are like). Finding a place to leave our stuff was often a huge challenge. Another common challenge was finding inner tubes. The first thing I wanted to do when the waterparks opened in the morning was relax in the lazy river in the New Frontier park, which was closest to our room, but I had to waste a good ten minutes tracking down a tube to do so. (I tried asking a staff person, but he didn't have an answer, and I'm not sure he even understood my question.) I think I eventually had to haul one out from the Wild Waterdome. It would be nice if they had a place to find tubes when the parks open in the morning and/or a place for people to leave tubes when they were done with them - perhaps by the waterslides. I noticed a lot of people hoarding tubes because there was no system and it was often a challenge to find one when we moved to a different park, which was frustrating.

Because there were so many parks, many of them blended together. The Wild Waterdome was my favorite of the indoor parks, and we had a blast in the wave pool. However, other than some of the slides, the other indoor parks were nothing special. Same with the outdoor parks. I really enjoyed their newest park, the Lost World. It had a lot to offer - I especially enjoyed the adventure river, which was much, much better than the lazy rivers in the other parks, which aren't that big and often didn't have a good current. But the other outdoor parks were pretty similar. Also, I wish they had better marked that there were "adults only" hot tubs. For most of the first day we didn't notice these, and it was nice to get to relax in a kid-free zone sometimes, once we realized they had this. Unfortunately, since staff didn't monitor the hot tubs, there were often kids in them anyway (sometimes even jumping and splashing), and many of the hot tubs were merely lukewarm and/or didn't have many working jets.

Another reason I could only give the Wilderness 3 stars is because of its staff. Some were very friendly. However, it was definitely apparent that a vast number were not local, and so the "Midwestern nice" brand of customer service you find throughout the rest of Wisconsin was mostly absent here. I realize that this is probably true throughout the Dells, because it's a symptom of being a resort town, but it was a bit off-putting. Often the staff came across as unfriendly and even rude, such as in a case where we didn't realize a park had closed. The map we had received at check-in had a few parks listed as open an hour later than they apparently actually were, and the staff were pretty rude when we were crossing through to grab the stuff we had left on some lounge chairs. (Also, our towels had disappeared - luckily we weren't charged for those.) It was also disappointing when we discovered the actual closing time; it seemed rather early to close when it was still summer.

All in all, we had a good vacation, but I think there are a lot of areas where the Wilderness could improve, especially with the prices you pay for a room. And I agree with the other reviewers - perhaps they're just trying to do a little too much in one resort, because as I said, much of it was very similar, so we spent most of our time between the Lost World and the Wild Waterdome, which are the parks I'd recommend to anyone staying here.

22/10/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
37. Worldlover J.
We got here after the outdoor waterparks of the Dells had closed. It might be a good idea for one of the waterparks to stay open an extra week based on weather conditions.

Anyway. We stayed in the beautifully appointed suites of Wyndham in "Glacier Canyon" as part of a friends timeshare.  The Wilderness complex is HUGE and has many other companies within it.

We have stayed at Kalahari twice and have recieved better entertainment deals there. Everything here except the waterslides is paid ala carte unless you get buy a package that only saves you a few bucks. The zip lines cost 45 dollars. The various minigolf  courses all charge a pricey amount, go-carts as well.  Kalahari you can get a nice theme park price and do everything in it. The waterpark in Kalahari is also better in that it's all centrally located. The Wilderness' most intense indoor slide is the Huricane, which is more extreme than any indoor slide of Kalahari but I would'nt say it's worth staying at an inferior park just cuz they have the most extreme slide. Kalahari has the FlowRider which is a lot of fun and everything is under one roof.

The Wilderness Decor in their halways suct ballz(to put it proffesionally). In one of their waterparks was a large diorama of an 'ol settler inside of a wood box.  It couldn't have looked more out of place. Their gold-rushesque theme falls flat amongst the waterslides and hotdogs..and those coulpe of Doritos that I watched degrade near the trash can over the course of 3 hours.

One good thing about the Wilderness, the night we stayed, was this guitarist who sang songs in the bar. He wore a cowboy hat and played some Jim Croche that sounded better than the original!

Our next indoor waterpark will probably be Chula Vista.

29/09/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
38. Scott A.
This is our second visit to the Wilderness Resort over the last few years.  It really has expanded since the last time we visited.  The hotel & rooms are very clean.  The rooms include a refrigerator and microwave, which was nice for eating breakfast & lunch in the room and saving money.

The water parks were packed but that was expected over the holidays.  Each of the indoor waterparks were very clean.  

My only complaint is the Wild Canyon Buffet.  The price was $20 per person(kids eat free) and it was the absolutely worst food I have ever had in my life.  Just TERRIBLE!!!!  Avoid the buffet and eat elsewhere on the property.

29/12/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
39. Dave S.
For a Dells waterpark it was good.  Nice rooms and 3 indoor watermarks.

22/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
40. Tom R.
I give this a two because the room itself was nice and the overall structure was enjoyable, but the lack of customer service and essentially horrific attention to detail simply makes this place nightmare compared to The Great Wolf Lodge.  

First, we stayed in a condo with another family.  The front desk staff was very kind and helpful to start things out and the condo was excellent.  

We then went to the watermark.  While it was a bit inconvenient to hop in the car and/or get on a shuttle, it was doable.  We arrived at the water park and immediately the kids had a great time initially.  I realized it was spring break, so the lines we experienced were understandable, but I did notice one of the main slides was only operating at half the capacity do to repair issues.  However, all and all, the park was serviceable and the kids enjoyed the moment.  It however, was very crowded and not an ideal place for kids under the age of 8 or 9.  

Next, after dinner, we returned to the indoor jungle gym.  The kids a little fun shooting styrofoam balls at one another, but the crowds here were unmanageable and quite honestly unsafe.  I was paranoid the entire time there that I would lose sight of my kids, especially my 6 and 9 year old.  The disturbing part here was that there was no supervision, and at one point my kids were visually upset and gagging.  I looked up at what was the issue and someone defecated by one of the styrofoam shooters.  I found a teenage worker and she went to confirm our discovery, but after that it sat there, for kids to run around in for for at least ten minutes.  We left and never did see if it was taken care of by the staff.  

We returned to the watermark and the kids enjoyed the time until 10 pm.  It seemed like the crowds weren't so intense and the staff seamed more alert and present.  While it was only an hour of water action left, it was nice and pleasant.  Our kids couldn't wait to return to the parks at 9am to take advantage of the early lines.  

When we showed up at 9am, we were notified that the parks weren't open until 10am.  My wife and neighbor were both told by multiple staff members that 9am was the open time.  While this was an inconvenience, it was alright.  At this point, we while we were waiting, my wife went to grab some towels with our towel cards, which is a story in itself, and she was yelled at very loudly and rudely by Jeff, a lifeguard supervisor.  He was very angry at my wife for thinking she could possibly think a towel would be available before 10am.  This was right after another lady just walked away with some towels and a worker was standing right there.  So in defense of my wife, this major infraction of the rules of The Wilderness wasn't clear.  I spoke with Jeff and asked hime to explain why he was so angry, and he apologized, but it was clear that Jeff was not concerned about impressing the customer or building the business from the customer level up.  

Quite honestly, the rest of our day went alright.  In fact, the slides, while the lines were long, were fun and the kids enjoyed their time.  They went to two of the indoor parks and had a blast in the water.  

While we were leaving, we noticed on our towel cards that there is a $25 charge to your room if you didn't turn in a towel per person or a card.  Now, I respect any environmental initiative, but based on the lack of security and no place to reasonably place your clothes much less hide your $250 worth of towels, I thought this was a little sneaky and steep.  This is an obvious way for The Wilderness to trick their customer's into receiving post charges that most customer's likely would never notice.  

So, all an all, if you go here when it isn't crowded, it is likely alright, but if I am going to spend $350 a night in the future at a water park, it will be at The Great Wolf Lodge or another facility.  My money and family deserve more respect than what this place can offer.

29/03/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
41. Emily T.
Came here for my bachelorette party and stayed in an unattached 3 br/ 3 bath condo.  The condo was AMAZING.  Very clean and spacious...easily slept 14.  The water parks were fun... although PACKED (don't bother coming to the Wilderness or Kalahari on a weekend if you don't like crowds, and please don't complain about it later since this is what is to be expected in the Dells).  I loved the indoor/outdoor hot tub and margaritas:) This place is enormous and can get a bit overwhelming, but the staff was helpful and pleasant.  I had a great time!

16/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
42. Bryan V.
I had to come here for business and it was ok.  The place is huge and a little overwhelming.

09/11/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
43. Jennifer F.
Almost everyone in our group got sick from the water park. Ten kids and adults were throwing up within 12 hours of swimming. Another set of friends had the same experience the day before. We stayed in one of the golf course cabins which was spacious, clean and well-appointed. The information desk in the front lobby lied to us and told us we could not swim before our check-in time unless we took a "tour" meaning they wanted to sell us a timeshare. We will not go back.

01/01/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
44. Mauricio P.
Teen aged drinkers in room would not be quiet, told night auditor Ashley and she laughed, probably because she 20 years old herself. We ended up wanting to leave in the middle of the night. Also, several attractions and 1 pool was closed and we weren't told until after we paid. Will not be returning.

16/04/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
45. Kerry S.
My Christmas present this year from my brilliant husband was for us to get outta town in January and spend 2 1/2 days indoors, in humidity, on a lazy river, and squealing down water slides. Amazing. Wilderness is a truly ginormous place. We had a nice room, king size bed, fridge, microwave, couch, balcony. The view was of the woods and they were beautifully snow-covered.

There are three very large indoor waterparks at Wilderness. The Wild West, Klondike Kavern, and the Wild Water Dome. The Wild West I would say is the most "little kid friendly" but also has a great slide, The Black Hole, and a nice hot tub (indoor-outdoor!) Klondike Kavern houses the lazy river, a truly awesome ride called The Hurricane, tube slides, body slides, a huge kids area, an indoor/outdoor pool with basketball hoops, and another indoor/outdoor hot tub. The Wild Water Dome has a ride that's kinda lame, but a spectacular wave pool and also this cool glass ceiling that's somehow engineered to allow you to tan year round. (Very nice soaking up some Vitamin D in January.)

Everything is very spread out, so be prepared to walk, which we never mind. We went on a Thursday, and in winter, mid-week, it's pretty dead. We basically had the place to ourselves. Late afternoon Friday through when we left on Saturday the attendance basically quadrupled, but even then, the lines weren't too long. (Nothing like Great America. Maybe a five or ten minute wait.)

The restaurants are typically what you would expect, bar food, fries, stuff like that. There is a free shuttle that will take you to a few other places near the facility. We really enjoyed Mark, the bartender at TommyKnockers by the main entrance. And in true Wisconsin fashion, they don't skimp on the pours.

One of the real highlights/surprises were the miniature golf courses. They're black-lit and in 3D. Truly trippy experience. Super fun and cheap. All in all, the experience was totally a blast, the facilities are immaculately maintained, the staff is friendly, and I can't think of a reason to deduct a star. So I won't.

11/01/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
46. Laura S.
This place is awesome.  Sure there is ALOT of  walking but you are walking to great pools, bars and activities.  This place is very clean and just a great vacation.

21/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
47. Esteban P.
We were celebrating a friends bachelor party in the Dells, and the best man did a great job of finding this place.  We stayed at one of the townhome cabins.  The place was huge and very spacious!

With a group that was rotating in size from 8 to 12 people we are all concerned about sleeping arrangements, but this place had plenty of sleeping areas.  We had 3 bedroom / 3 bath cabin.  The master bedroom had a king size bed and connected to a screened porch, outside of the master bedroom was the master bath, full with a jacuzzi and standing shower. One bedroom had 2 twins a sofa bed and bathroom.  The upstairs bedroom had another 2 twins and a bath room outside.  There was also a loft area with a sofa bed and a cot.  The living room area had two large sofas and 2 sofa chairs.  We had no problems competing for sleeping area or showers or toilets. Also included was a full kitchen and dinning room table.

The resort had a shuttle service which was nice, but often not too reliable.  They did drop off and pick us up from a local bar our first night, but we had trouble getting a shuttle in the morning for our zip line tour.

The "Canyon Zip Line Tour" was pretty fun; though it was more of a tree top tour as there were no canyon features on the tour.  The tour was very well designed and operated.  We did a total of 5 zips each varying in distance and speed.  I've done plenty of zip lines during adventure races I've participated in, and I'd have to say this was quite enjoyable.  5 zips is just enough to keep the thrill alive and not bore you.  Beware the cougar!

After the zip line tour we ate at the breakfast buffet.  I'd have to say I was really impressed with the food.  Their were many options for all types of diets.  Crispy bacon, creme brulee french toast, fruit... oh my!  And I really mean that about the creme brulee french toast, it was AMAZING!!! But don't eat too much, it's really sweet!

Later in the day we visited the Klondike Kavern Indoor Waterpark.  The waterpark was pretty neat!  They had a pretty big wave pool, a medium size lazy river, and a just enough slides and raft rides.  The lines for all of the rides were pretty fast, except for The Hurricane, which according to there site is "the Dells' tallest indoor 4-person, family raft ride."  The Hurricane was neat, but I'd spend more time on the other rides since those lines move faster.

I really liked this place and would definitely come back.

29/05/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
48. Craig H.
Most recently stayed here in January 2010 on a 1 night vacation - ski trip and we were with a group of people in one of the condo/cabins that had a full kitchen and 3 bathrooms. These cabins are enormous and could sleep 20. Reasonably nice but worn in places.

I have also stayed in the main resort hotel and prefer not to stay there because:
Every 3 minutes you hear screaming kids run down the hall;
At night you hear obnoxious drunks pound the walls;
You hear kids jumping on and off their beds;
The hotel/resort rooms are often cleaned by a staff of blind people.

Waterparks in the resort are many and are the reason most people go here - including us. It can be difficult to find a place to sit especially so that you can watch the endless parade of pasty skinned obese people with their screaming over indulged brats (oh I guess the passive aggressive side of me is coming out and I don't like coming here).

02/04/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
49. C. R.
Two major complaints:

1) When I called reservations to book a villa for 2 nights, I was NOT told of the $1,000 deposit upon check-in. Obviously, one night stay is required, which of course you can cancel within 14 days of reserving the villa. Anyway, I get to check-in and the girl at the front states that the $1,000 refundable deposit will be charged to my card PLUS the remanding balance. I was no way, shape or form told of this. Thankfully, the manager who was not too pleased, went down to $500 deposit. I.Was.Not.Happy.

2) For a major waterpark, spa and golf resort - Wifi doesn't exist at the Wilderness Hotel & Golf Resort. A few people in our party brought along their laptops, to listen to music, surf the internet for other activities to do in the Dells, but it was a no-go.

I give it a 2 stars because they have Starbucks coffee near the lobby.

For future references, I will not be going back to the Wilderness Hotel & Golf Resort. Thank you.

17/10/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
50. Ashton C.
I rely heavily on yelp when I travel. My husband and our 2 children (12 & 14) came to visit from Chicago. We go to a water park every Memorial Day. We went to Great Wolf in Michigan last year. We actually prefer it over the Wilderness. The Wilderness is too big. They have 3 indoor and 3 outdoor water parks. Because they have sooo many, none of them were great. Just good. Each one had a component that we really liked. Which is why we had to keep walking around. I would have preferred to just have all the components in one park. Our favorite park was the Wild Water Dome. It has a wave pool that was a lot of fun. The rooms were good. Service was average. If you plan on using your card around the resort please note that they automatically charge 20% over your purchase amount. The transaction then posts to your account for the correct amount. I would stay here again.

28/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
51. Tara Y.
Stayed here off season during the week, so our room was very affordable. We also received a Veterans discount so it was cheaper then almost anywhere in town. I poured over websites before choosing wilderness.  Overall they had what seemed like the most slides and the largest  square footage of indoor park (Since we were there off season the outside was closed).  

Our room was a good size although the bathroom was TINY! The room was decorated nicely and it had a sofa and small table area.  There were two adluts and two teens and we were not bumping into each other. There is a lot of walking involved in this hotel. They have different areas, that each have their own attractions. Part of the appeal for this place off season was the dry activities.  We bought the pass that did save us quite a bit of money and included laser tag, 2 mini golfs, bumper boats(which we never found so we didn't use), a few arcade credits,mirror maze and haunted house. Technically we may have spent less money doing two laser tags and one golf since we almost had to force ourselves to do all the activities on the cards.  There is a play area that even my husband and I joined in on. It is three stories and like a tree house and VERY fun! Two arcades which had a wide variety of games.

The slides were fun, none of us got hurt. As usual the stairs up to them will wear you out. The wave pool is huge and fun and the hot tubs were indoor/outdoor which was really enjoyable.  The alcoholic beverages were borderline outrageous.  I expected them to be high but geez.... The food was not as marked up as the drinks were.  

As others said, the concierge is going to sell you time shares.  But the coupon book does actually have coupons you can use. If you don't care about them and don't intend to buy a time share, don't even bother going over there.

Everyone we dealt with was very polite, even every person helping us into our rafts, top and bottom. We found most people in Wisconsin to be very friendly.  

It is NOT in the main tourist part of the Dells though. The main strip and all the tourist traps are more in town, this is on the outskirts. It looked like some places may have had a better selcetion of otudoor activities but for off season I don't think you could do better.

06/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
52. Akira S.
Best water park/hotel we've ever stayed at. I Highly recommend this place. Arcades, outdoor pools, indoor pools, go-karts, mini golf (in &out)  zip-lines & tons of other stuff. The service here is great. You definitely need at least 3 days to fully enjoy it all. Cant wait to go back!

12/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
53. Curtis B.
Hitting 30, I've never been to a water park in my adult life.  That's pretty sad, isn't it?  A long, long time ago.... In a galaxy that was far, far away, I went to Noah's Ark (the Dells is like, 2 hours from Milwaukee, that's far, far away for me!).  From what I can remember (I couldn't have been more than 10 or 11), I loved it.  I spent the rest of my life, up until this point, saying "Man, I need to go to a water park, I bet I'd love it."  No matter how many times I was able to say that, I always was able to put it off because it's too expensive, I'm too lazy to drive to the Dells or I had no one to go with.

A week after turning 30, the stars aligned, my aunt rented a condo here for my family and I, and I was left with no more excuses.  I was finally going to a water park.  Why, oh why, did I put this off for so long?

See, I am a kid at heart.  I like video games, cartoons and I like to splash around in the water.  The Wilderness is a pretty awesome place to splash in the water.  With 3 separate water parks (all connected via shuttle or you can walk to them), an arcade, a haunted house and a number restaurants you can come here and have plenty to do.  The condo which was rented by my family was wonderful, but you definitely paid for it.  It slept around 10 people, easily, so if you have someone treating or want to split the cost, you can get a lot of beds and passes to the water park for a not too insane price.  It had 3 bedrooms, a kitchen, 2 bathrooms and a wonderful "grand room" with what had to be windows that were 14 to 15 feet tall with a great view of Lake Delton (which turned out to be oh so useful for an awesome thunderstorm later in the evening I was there).

I tried to not spend a ton of time in the condo, however.  I wanted to be in the water.  So that's where I was, until the last park closed at 10pm.  The weekend I went was the last weekend of Spring Break 2012 for elementary aged kids so it was very crowded.  Overall I thought the lines moved well and there was enough to do between the three water parks that you could move away from super crowded areas and do things that were less used while waiting for the ride you wanted to open up a bit.  I was able to ride every slide while I was there and the majority of them were a blast with some better than others.

The wave pool was quite a bit of fun but one of the more crowded areas.  I think that actually made it a bit more fun because once the waves got going it was like a watery mosh pit with inter-tubes.  There were several body slides which were all fun but none of them anything crazy.  A few family rides as well which one of them (The Dueling Mammoths) being a personal favorite.  After that there were several tube slides which could be done by one or two people.  Similar to the body slides, they were quite a bit of fun, but maybe not amazing.  The lazy river was nice and lazy but not all that big.

Then there were the big guns.  The Hurricane and the Black Hole (a.k.a. The Toilet Bowl).  These were both the best two slides overall.  The Hurricane has a special four person tube but can be ridden by 2 or 3 people as well.  It drops you in to a tube which helps you to build speed before falling into a half-pipe like structure which you will ride up the side of walls a few times prior to being spit out into another tube.  This was my favorite ride and a nice tip is to be the person riding with your back facing the waterslide when you start the ride.  This allows you to not see the drop into the half-pipe coming and makes your heart jump a bit when you fall into it.  Riding it at night also proved to be quite a bit of fun as well, the half-pipe looked eerily cool in the dark.  The Black Hole was similar except it was a one person ride.  You were dropped into a tube to build up speed before being thrust into a strobe-lit, spacey-sounding, toilet-bowl like area which you spin around several times before being spit out into another tube where the ride ends.

I didn't get into things like the arcade or haunted house, those seemed more aimed at the children.  This big kid wanted to focus on the water park portion of the Wilderness and I had an absolute blast with it.  The only thing holding this back from a 5 star is the food at the parks/bars is way overpriced and honestly not that good.  Drinks were way overpriced as well, but at least those were pretty yummy with most being tropical in nature to help you feel like you were somewhere else besides the WI Dells.

Overall I loved my stay here and the indoor water park (the outdoor potion was not open) had a ton to do and I was never bored.  Yeah, there are a lot of stairs to walk for the rides and sometimes you have to wait 10 minutes, but overall I felt every wait was worth it.  I will gladly be getting back to The Wilderness at some point and I have a bit of a fear that this may have started a water park addiction.  Thanks  for that, Wilderness.

25/04/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
54. Ann Marie H.
I still love it, but there was no WiFi in the Villas. Villas were larger than expected, and now I know this summer that we can fit my brother's family and mine in the 2br one. Comfortably. Without someone sleeping on floors or something inappropriate.  I wish they'd get back to me about the WiFi, my computer could reach the Glacier Canyon network, but I didn't have a password, and they wouldn't give one to Villa guests.

The new green hotel thing isn't a huge bother, with the towels, and I understand the need for it. Just takes getting used to if you've been there before. All 3 waterparks were open for the winter, a bit crowded but the place was sold out! In the summer at least people are spread out more. Still, not uncomfortably crowded. The fact that the waterparks are guests only REALLY help in that respect.

Parking lots could have been plowed better, at least by the villas. I know it is crowded by the main parking lots, but plowing out the spots at the villas was doable (less people parking there). I had to get towed out of my spot after the storm. Not their fault, but a head's up. STILL a stellar experience and can't see staying anyplace else. Ever!

27/02/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
55. Wesley W.
I've been twice now, it's the best hotel in the Dells. SO much to choose from! Three indoor water parks, two huge outdoor water parks, three arcades, play areas for the kids, and numerous restaurants with GOOD food throughout the facility. There is a kid's center with activities, and Polka-Dot-Pot to create your own pottery.

The cheapest. Wilderness runs about $99.00+tax. What a steal! Includes passes to the parks! Kalahari runs about twice as much, and Great Wolf Lodge is about $150. Good luck finding better hotels than this. The front desk checkin is simple, fast, and efficient. They also give you coupons to the mall nearby and $25 off your next stay, hey it's downright something.

The Waterparks are spreadout. Bad you say? Thats the best part! No lines at all. The longest I've waited is 20 minutes for the Tornado ride. There are rides for ALL ages. My mom thoroughly enjoyed the lazy river. Probably sipping their good margaritas.

They have a restaurant nearby named Monk's. I swear thats heaven in a burger. I still remember the name:..The Cajun Burger. Get it!

I love this place! You can't go wrong!

19/11/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
56. Lorelei C.
What a huge hotel.  We had a double suite facing the woods on third floor in the Wilderness Hotel.  It was quiet.  I saw all of the foot traffic on second floor and was so happy that we booked a third floor room.  Our room was ready and clean.  Most of the staff was helpful and friendly.  There was a young girl in the water park area that was a little rude but all in all we did not have too many problems.  We ate out rather than eat in their restaurants at the hotel.   I had seen other peoples reviews of the food and decided to skip eating there.  We also brought our own towels and did not use the hotel towel coupons.  Checkout was easy, just turned in the coupons at the front desk.  They do try to get you to attend a timeshare presentation.  Just say you are busy and have no time to attend it.  You literally do not need to leave and do anything.  We brought food and drinks for breakfast and lunches.  Only went out for dinners.  I would stay here again.  The Hurricane is insane.

24/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
57. Jeremy G.
Took the kids here for a couple nights over spring break and we had a good time.  Best way to describe would be "Vegas for kids".

Our room was amazing - full kitchen (which was nice b/c we could bring our own food), 1 1/2 bath, two bedroom, incredibly high ceilings and everything was modern.  It was pretty quiet in the room given the crazy amount of people who were staying there.

We used the three indoor water parks and they were all a lot of fun.  Only complaint was the insane amount of people that were there.  Everywhere we went it was hard to find a table, no matter what time of day.  I thought I was going to lose an arm at one point trying to get an inner tube at the wave pool.  The employees did the best they could to keep things moving along.

It's not the resorts fault, but there we quite a few HS and college kids milling around and didn't care what kind of language they used in public.  Heard more than one "F" bomb in front of me and my 8 and 5 year olds.

I also thought the person checking us in could've been more helpful.  The resort itself is massive, we never been there before and she gave our room number and said thank you.  I asked "which way do we go"? and she didn't give very clear direction.

I would come back again, either during offseason or in the summer when everything outside is opened up.  After 3 days/2 nights we didn't even really scratch the surface of everything they had to offer - lazer tag, mini golf, the arcades.

We had a good time but the mass amount of people got a bit overwhelming towards the end of our last day.  The hot tub was so crowded that you would be touching at least 3 other people in some form the second you stepped foot in it.

28/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
58. Gregory G.

My wife asked the concierge at the Wilderness at the Glacier Canyon hotel for a toothbrush for her niece around 10am 2/20 ("May I have a toothbrush?"). Prior to this, we called the front desk to ask for a complimentary toothbrush. This woman replied "I didn't bring mine to work." Needless to say, we are disappointed with the professionalism of the staff member because 1) she didn't help us 2) and her sarcasm was not welcome.

20/02/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
59. Murr E.
I will start off by saying it was a group of four adults 21-23.
We checked in with a VERY nice lady named Erin. She was awesome and very friendly.
We got there early to utilize the water parks so we had the text message when room was ready thing... so cool.
We got to get into our room two and half hours early, crazy right?
It was very relaxing even though there were a lot of children, but where do you think you are staying when there are three indoor water parks?!?
We were casually having drinking until mid-night... NO drunken banter, NO music, NO TV and someone called a noise complaint.  Yes, we are young but we were there to relax not get wild and crazy.  We also did not want to be hungover... So that was ridiculous.
I removed one star for that and for the band-aid that was stuck to one of my friends backs... That was disgusting.
We got the WildFun Pass and was filled with activities all day. We didn't even get to finish them all.  It was a great time no matter what age you are.
The 3D golf was SOOOO cool!
All in all, it was good. Not the best and not just okay... So four stars it is!

14/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
60. Leticia L.
My husband and I decided this year instead of a birthday party we would treat our 3 year old son to a waterpark experience. I have to say we really enjoyed our stay at the Wilderness.

We rented a condo at Glacier Canyon instead of a hotel room after a lot of research. Loved the kitchen. I would recommend if you choose this option and plan on cooking take a non-stick skillet. Our room only had 2 pans and this was not sufficient for our needs. We also took paper towels which came in handy. The beds were too soft and uncomfortable, but I am 8 months pregnant. Our room was pretty quiet. They did bring new towels and empty the trash however they do not make beds and clean during your stay. They clean the condo when you leave which I was fine with

We only stayed three days and two nights. First night we went to the Klondike Cavern and the Glacier Canyon lazy river area. Our son had a good time at the Klondike however, he really wanted to swim and the Klondike really did not have a good place for swimming. Next day we went to the Wild Water Dome. This was by far my sons favorite place. He loved the wave pool and the indoor and outdoor kiddie play areas. They have a pool as well which had slides that little kids older than our son were enjoying. We also went that night to the Lost World Waterpark. The kiddie area was decent, however we enjoyed the pool area here more than the kiddie area.

23/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
61. James S.
I would strongly recommend against staying at the Wilderness Properties in the Dells.  Typical mega-resort policies, in other words, the customer service is deplorable and when you complain the inept & powerless "managers" offer you many apologies but no refunds or incentives other than possibly some free tokens (if) for your kids to the game room.  
We spent a LOT of money for a weekend in a luxury condominium and were kept up until 3am (after numerous trips to front desk, security visits etc) by a room full of young children with a stereo cranked screaming all night.  The parents of said children were not in that unit, they stayed elsewhere on the property (violation of Wilderness's own policies).  I tried to speak with management the next day, and (of course) he conveniently wasn't "on the property".  The front desk had a manager call from another wilderness property who basically said he couldn't and wouldn't do anything for me in the way of a refund.  Per this manager Jay Ruszkowski, the Wilderness policy is they DO NOT refund the cost of lodging ever.  I asked Jay to explain to me the resort's policy (even though it's printed in all of their material) on evicting guests who cause problems repeatedly.  Jay stated that it is at the discretion of security (which there were none of on premise, they had to be called over from another Wilderness property) and there is a three strikes policy.  
I began reporting the room next to us at 10pm, security visited the first time at 1030... I made repeated calls to the front desk continuously until 330am...  
So, Wilderness resort management and Jay Ruszkowski, what exactly constitutes three strikes?  Per your written policy, a room full of unsupervised children without the adult who paid for the room present is a violation.
This is par for the course unfortunately in mega resort lodging.  They bill you up front for everything, you pay HUGE sums of money to stay and use the facilities, but don't bother complaining b/c nobody you will ever speak with can do anything to accommodate you, AND, if you ask for names of people to contact they close ranks and say "they're not allowed" to give out any information about people who work for the resort.
My advice, take advantage of the services of the smaller, usually family run businesses around the dells.  While the accommodations aren't nearly as decadent, who cares you're only their to sleep.  Go buy the day pass to a large waterpark and skip paying them 300-500 per night for terrible service and bad after taste.  When you're paying Las Vegas rates for rooms, shouldn't you get 5 star service?  That's not too much to ask.

23/12/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
62. Ella K.
We stayed here Thursday-Saturday in February for my 11 year old daughter's birthday. We had a great time. They are under construction so one of the waterparks was only open for half of our visit. This wasn't a big deal since the wave pool and other park were plenty to keep the kids entertained until it opened. I only found one of the outdoor hot tubs open but that was probably because it was very cold while we were there. The outdoor hot tub was pretty crowded but my husband and I really enjoyed it. I would recommend a weekday visit if possible because by mid Saturday the lines were extremely long and all the pools were way too crowded to really enjoy. The wave pool was crammed person to person but the kids were still able to have fun. There was a lot of walking to get from one park to the other but we didn't mind. The kids also liked the indoor park, the ropes course, and especially the arcades.

14/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
63. Katy G.
I think I developed a mild case of claustrophobia after spending the weekend here! The water parks are PACKED. It was kind of difficult to navigate around so many people, so that ended up being not really my thing. However, the suite we stayed in at Glacier Canyon Lodge was very nice. We were able to cook every meal instead of going out 2-3 times a day, and it was nice to just relax somewhere that was significantly nicer and larger than my own apartment.

20/03/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
64. Tammy R.
Love this place!  Family friendly and lots to do for everyone!

06/11/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
65. Nick L.
We went here with another couple, they had been before but this was my first visit to the Dells.
It was soooo much fun.

I had forgotten how fun water parks were when you are just there to have a good time. There were plenty of rides and the wave pool was an instant hit for us all. It was busy but sometimes the mash of human bodies is just what is needed as part of the experience.

We got a pretty nice room as well, it was spacious enough to not feel crowded or being on top of one another with the other couple on the other side of the room.

There was no problem getting around or parking. It's also close to all the other attractions Wis Dells has to offer.

29/09/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
66. Justin C.
There was plenty for the family to do. And lots of options. Indoor and outdoor parks were both great.

28/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
67. Erin H.
Great Facilities but customer service is spotty at best.  Twice when using coupons mailed to us we've had problems.  The first time we booked online and there was no place to enter the coupon. Upon calling in we were told it was now too late to add the coupon.  Called back and someone else added it for us.  This time we called in our reservation and were told they would add the coupon at check-in even though they asked for the code.  They didn't mention needing to bring the coupon.  Upon check-in we discovered it was not applied.  After some discussion we were told they would add it this one time.  

The condos are great, plenty of room and you can save a lot on food.  The fun passes add a lot to do other than just the awesome water slides.  The cabins are a bit far away and a few times the shuttle drivers acted put out while shuttling our kids around.

If the customer service improves I would change my rating to 4 or 5 stars for a fun family vacation.

21/03/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
68. David S.
This is one big place.  I was fortunate and won a $500 gift certificate for $350 and off we went!!!  No kids, just me and the wife.  We stayed two nights and enjoyed it.  Rooms are super cheesy with antlers and log furniture but who cares, it is Wisconsin!  Everything was well appointed and clean for such a high volume facility.  Stuck to limited time in the outdoor water parks.  

This joynt is pretty easy to naviagate, just take a walk around, when you get there, stick to the second floor and it will take you around this large compound.  

If you ate too much, there are walking paths around the "rental houses", make a few laps around there and you will feel lighter.

Only one real complaint.  The check in process stinks here.  Too slow.  Because it is so giant here, the parking for checking in is SO ANNOYING.  After a long or short drive, no one has patience for a long check-in!  I didn't even have the kids and I was annoyed.  They must know the volume that is coming in and they don't do a great job explaining how to get around etc...  and my BIGGEST pet peeve, they said "go check out our free coupon book over there.."  I SHOULD OF KNOW BETTER!  After a frustrating slow check in process, I get a frickin' time share-condo sell right in the lobby.  I felt it coming but was hopeful.  How annoying is that to start a few days away!  My advisc to Wilderness is to stop it and do their marketing in a better way.  

Tips to families:  bring your pop, beer, chips, snacks yourself, the on-site pick-up snacks are understandably pricey!  Have fun!

22/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
69. Charlie T.
My partner and I frequently go to the Dells as my parents' house is on the way and we can drop off our three dogs.  We usually go in the winter because there are less crowds.  This September, it was our first time spending in the Wilderness and will probably be our last.  First, when we checked in, we asked if we could upgrade our room (we got our room in a silent auction) from a double queen to a king and were told that we had the biggest size room they had (lie, we noticed other rooms that were better than ours being cleaned by the hotel staff).  She also told us that they don't clean the rooms unless we ask (lie, we had an embarassing incident with one of the cleaning ladies).  

When we got to our room, we had to turn on the heat because it was chilly that week.  BIG MISTAKE.  They had not cleaned the heaters and we suffered through horrible allergy attacks such that our eyes swelled up and our noses wouldn't stop running.  The toilet wouldn't stop running and the room had a musty odor.  

We went to the waterpark and bought some beers, the price of which rivaled bars in downtown Chicago.  In the waterpark, someone left an ice cream sandwich wrapper on the ground and it was covered with ants.  When we brought it to the attention of the staff, they shrugged and never cleaned it, at least not when we were there.  

The staff, though not exactly rude, were just not friendly.

The worst was the concierge.  They are not there to help you.  They are only there to sell you timeshares.  Not only will they harass you in the lobby, but they will call you every night you stay there.

Stay at the Kalahari, much better.

17/10/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
70. Jennifer H.
We just got back from our Dells trip and our first stay at the Wilderness (after hearing rave reviews!) We were NOT impressed. The place was HUGE and not in a good way. And despite its size, it was still completely packed and over crowded. We stayed in the two bedroom condo at Glacier Canyon Lodge and our walk to EVERYTHING took about 10-15 minutes. We tried to look at the bright side in that we were burning all the calories we were eating, but with a 3 year old and a seven month old, this was not ideal! The water parks were split into three, which we hated. One person wanted a lazy river, the other wanted a wave pool, and the kids liked Wild West. These are all separate water parks you have to walk to while you're soaking wet! And Wild West is on the OPPOSITE side of the hotel, which is a looong walk. What we liked about this hotel was the room itself and the breakfast buffet at Wild Canyon Cafe (creme brulee french toast was delicious). Everything else was average to below average. Most of the employees were rude or looked miserable (girl at the candy shop, older woman working the desk at the arcade, and the girl at the gift shop/haunted hotel). The haunted hotel girl told us the house opened at four when we got there. We go downstairs only to find people IN the haunted house! We go back upstairs to complain and she says, "Oh yeah, sorry, we actually opened at nine so my manager forced me to let people in." WOW!! How unprofessional! I tried to book at the Sundara Spa and they demanded I pay the full amount over the phone and it was non-refundable if I had to change my time or cancel. Heck no! We're on vacation, plans are never set in stone. Kalahari never did this...you pay once you receive your service like most other places. Lastly, aside from the breakfast buffet, the food was terrible and overpriced. We went to Survivor's Grill the last day and I asked the waitress for my pasta to be cooked "al dente". She had no clue what that meant!! And you're in the restaurant business? I explained and she said "oh, we can't do that because we microwave the pasta". I was appalled! This was a $15 dish!!
Overall, we are probably never going here again. If for anything, it's for the choppy layout and unmanageable size of the place. We will not be swayed by their big February discount and instead we'll happily book at the Kalahari, which we LOVE and have never had a problem with.

28/02/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
71. Ellie B.
The Wilderness condos are amazing. We came with friends and enjoyed our stay. It can be pricey (but their waterparks are included) but I would recommend going in the off-season. When we went all of the outdoor waterparks were closed but the indoor ones were included in our stay and I much prefer that anyway.

12/09/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
72. Leah W.
This is our second year here. Last year was great. This year is even better. We checked in a little early and were able to get a room right away. The rooms have always been clean and very presentable. The waterparks are always great and clean, even during spring break they don't seem overly crowded. The staff is very friendly, from the front desk to the girls who laugh at us for repeatedly going down the little kids slides. We will definitely be back next year.

17/03/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
73. Mike N.
I Like the resort...

and have stayed there several times..

However be warned of the Time Share People who will offer you a $100.00 gift card and a 3 day 2 night stay and $20 worth of game tokens... After sitting through the worst high pressure Sales job for over 2 hours they stiff my 8 year old daughter of the game tokens...

We then find out that the 3 day 2 night stay is not at the resort but at some Day's Inn and the booking process is so redicous that it is really not worth the hassle....

Like I said I like the resort but these Wyndam Vaction Culb people really are a joke.

By the way, read the reviews on google from the owners of these Wyndam Vacation Club ownership.  They are bad...

It is sad that the Wilderness Resorts reputation is dragged down by these clowns on their property....

31/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
74. Vince A.
This is the water park resort that I measure all other against.   It's a large facility with multiple indoor and outdoor water parks/slides.   The prices are high (which causes the one star down), but the nice thing is that they do not sell one day outdoor passes for the public so the people there are the people who have rooms there. (Unlike other facilities).  I prefer to stay at Glacier Canyon.  It does have a bit of a longer walk to the main pools, but you can typically get a suite for the same price as a standard room at the main hotel.

Food options are fine (but pricy).   They have an ice cream shop in house, candy shop, nightly book time - basically a bunch of stuff to keep the kids excited.

09/09/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
75. Ellie S.
My first time going to the Dells and we had a a wonderful time.  We drove down Route 12 for a beautiful 3 hour drive watching the fall colors the whole way.  It was very easy to find the hotel.  We visited in the off season so our stay was reasonably priced.  We also took advantage of the Wild Fun Pass.  For $19 they gave us..
1 Admission to the NEW Northern Lights Sky Ropes Course
9 Holes of black light mini-golf at the Wild Buccaneer
9 Holes of black light mini-golf at the Wild Abyss
1 Bumper boat ride at the Wild West Bumper Boats*
1 Game of laser tag at the OK Corral Lazer Arena
1 Admission to Haunted Hotel & Mirror Maze (This can be a bit loud and scary for younger children)
$1 Off hand-blended ice cream at Pistol Pete's
We did everything except the ice cream and really enjoyed ourselves.  I would recommend the lazer tag and sky ropes during the day as it gets pretty crowded at night.  If you visit the arcades, you can not charge to your room.  I believe it has to be paid in cash FYI.

We found the staff to be very helpful and check in was easy.  However, they forgot to give us the Wild Fun passes and I had to go back.  The line was long second time around.  The staff was very nice and apologized for the mistake.  From checkout they did send us to some concierge who tried to get us to go to some condo/lodge solicitation.  I would recommend skipping it entirely.

Upon entry to our rooms we found them to be very comfortable.  Very clean, plenty of towels, pillows, good lighting and pretty quiet for such a large resort.  You can hear people running down the hallways but, we could not hear anyone in the rooms or walking above (we were on the ground floor).

On to the watermarks.  My pre-teen boys loved the Wildwest, Klondike Cavern and
Wild Waterdome.  We did not bother to go to the 4th indoor park we were told it was really for the little ones and also we didn't feel like going outside even for a quick run to the shuttle.  Pure laziness on our part.  By the way, this place is huge so be prepared for a lot of walking.  Also, I brought a swim cover up but, I think next time I would also bring a robe.  It was a little chilly on those long walks back to our room.  The temperature change is significant in the hotel as compared to the pool area.

We were lazy and purchased all our meals at the resort and just charged them to our room.  Kids 12 and under eat free if their is a matching paying adult at the Wild Canyon Cafe (by the check-in desk).  The snack area next door was nice too.  My husband and me had a babysitter and were able to enjoy a nice dinner at the Fields at the Wilderness.  Very pricey but, a very nice dinner with great service and a beautiful view.  Pool area food is okay.  Kind of like what you would get at your local pool.  If you want to save money you can go to the local Walmart and stock up on snacks and drinks.  We just wanted to relax and did not want to leave the resort.

Ultimately we were very pleasantly surprised at our visit to the Wilderness.  The staff throughout the hotel were so nice and the place was very clean.  When we were checking out my friend could not get into her room as the key card reader battery had died.  She was in a hurry and the hotel went out of their way to get the room open so she could check out.  I would definitely recommend this place and will likely come again when I need a short break.

16/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
76. Jimmy J.
Too large and spread out.  Not centralized.  Clean and adequate.  If you want my advice, spend the additional $20-30$ per night and stay at Kalahari.

20/11/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
77. Angela P.
So I have stayed here 3 times now and, I guess, am finally getting around to reviewing the place...sorry Wilderness.

So this place definitely seems to be the largest hotel/resort up in the Dells which, of course, I just love. (Hi, my name is Angie and I have ALWAYS had champagne taste with beer money.)  Each time we have gone the service at the front desk has been very slow when it comes to checking people in, which is kind of annoying but since it has happened every time, it seems that is a necessary part of the check-in process of this place.  So whatever.

After you check in, they send you over to the help desk where you get a coupon book with coupons to local restaurants/attractions/etc.  This guy/lady is also conveniently the person trying to get you to do a time-share tour, but all you have to tell them is that you already have TOO much planned and can't do it and they don't push it.  Phew...I didn't want to get all Villa Park on his ass....mmmmkkk?! =]

And since each time I have stayed, I stayed in a Golf Course Cabin, we have to get in our cars and drive on over to unload.  But not to worry, because from that point on, you can press "0" on your phone and get a shuttle in usually less than 5 minutes to take you anywhere on the property.  Yeah.  Pretty amazeballs!  

I have stayed in a 3 bedroom plus loft cabin and twice in the 5 bedroom entertainment cabin (the largest they offer which technically sleeps up to 20 people).  Both cabins are great!  Stocked with all the dishes, cups, pots, pans and utensils that you could possibly need and also with plenty of towels and toilet paper since the cleaning people don't clean the houses like they would a regular room.  

The only issue we had was with the theater room system, at first there was picture with no sound which took a guy HOURS to come and fix!  And then the gaming ports weren't working and no one ever showed up to fix them.  But I only called the one time and didn't call back because we had like 896986 other TV's to play some Wii on. =]  

One bonus of staying in the cabins is that you see deer out eating and drinking almost daily if not multiple times in one day.  So amazing, you are just right out there with nature!  We also had a little pond by our house that was filled with little frogs, which the boys loved!

Now for what you really go there for, the indoor water parks and stuff for the kids to do.  During the off season, one of the water parks closes except for the weekend because they just don't get enough people to keep them all open.  But you still have three other ones to choose from with plenty of stuff for the kids to do and some bigger slides for bigger kids and adults.  There is also a huge arcade in the Wild West building that has a new ropes course suspended from the ceiling, but we didn't try that.  I didn't ask if there was a weight limit and I didn't want to be breaking that shit! =]  There is also a big obstacle type piece of equipment that has slides, stuff to climb in/on and a foam ball shooting course.  The kids loved it in there and even us adults can get a good workout from climbing up and down with the kids and the black slide that's in there is super steep and thrilling even for us.  

Now don't get me wrong, in peak times, this hotel can be pretty expensive to stay in but if you go off season like we do (right after Labor Day) you can stay for like 1/3 of the price!  Just a tip!  Highly recommended!

21/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
78. Jackie G.
The watermarks r real nice but that's it. Room is over priced and the beds r horrible, food is over priced and I got food poisoning.

10/06/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
79. Michael O.
I agree with Katy G.s review.  I was there last weekend, and there were SO many people it was ridiculous.  Because of this, we did not spend too much time at the pool.  It would be nice if this place had an evening adult swim session, for those of us without children.  We stayed at one of the entertainment condos, and the place was really nice.  It had everything we needed, and it made for a fun bachelor party.  We used the shuttle service to get to and from the casino, and all the drivers were friendly.  We golfed Saturday, and aside from being wet, the course was in pretty good shape.  Too bad my gold game was not!

03/04/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
80. Julia J.
I was pleasantly surprised by my visit to the wilderness lodge.

As a Christmas gift to the family, my dad sent my two siblings, all of our significant others and the 7 kids (totaling 13 people) for a long weekend in the Dells at the Wilderness hotel.

We stayed in the three room delux suite, which was fantastic and reasonably priced. The kitchen was small, but it suited our purpose and we were easily able get together a taco bar for all 13 of us. Other nights we ordered in or went out for dinner.

The rooms were clean and comfortable, and we didn't feel too crowded with the 13 of us in one place.

Entrance to the water park was included with the room. The kids had a blast and we really enjoyed our weekend.

17/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
81. Curt L.
We have discovered (too late for this season) that we are not "be with the masses crowd".
I thought that 2 nights at an indoor water park would be fun for the kids........but when parents and grandparents are severely stressed from all of the people it makes for a NOT FUN experience.

We got here at 1:30pm knowing that we most likely would not get our rooms. Check in was about a 20 minute wait.
We decided to have lunch but both resort lunch places  that we went to were severely understaffed. Dirty tables and no one to wait on us. One staffer told us that he was too busy to serve us and at the other I had to ask the bartender to please send us a waiter (after we waited 10 minutes).
Wifey was getting understandably upset.
I complained to the on duty resort manager who gave us $50 credit for food and some coupons for the game room.
He was a good kid who did what he could.
He also allowed us to cancel the second night if we desired. We did desire that so we stayed only the one night.

The kids enjoyed the parks but the crowd made for a challenging time.
It was fun to go down the slides (I loved it) and to hot tub outside in the freezing cold.

I wonder what this place is like in the summer time???

02/01/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
82. TK S.
For approximately $500/night including fees and taxes we have had to walk MILES to get to any of the waterparks and attractions.  There are shuttles but I think there are only 2 for 1000's of rooms and catching one is impossible.  There are NO luggage carts to use and there is NO housekeeping.  So plan on making your own beds and emptying your own trash if you are staying less than 4 nights.  The dishes and linens are worn and falling apart and there is a smell of burnt all through everything.  The staff has ATTITUDE and will quote policy to avoid doing anything extra as far as reservations or work.  The life guards are busy primping and worrying about water on their hair and not watching the kids in the water at all.  Don't drink the water bottles in the room unless you want to pay $4.50 a liter for them.  The water dome smells like poop. This place is disgusting.

02/04/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
83. Phoebe W.
I've been to Wilderness twice with my boyfriend and both of us are very happy with the resort. We usually visit in the off season (January/February) so we can save on room rates, it's also a good way to avoid crowds/lines for water slides. The service was top notch and the facilities were well kept. The only downside to coming in the off season is usually 1 out of the 3 indoor water parks are closed. I was bummed this year because the park with my favorite slide (The Hurricane) and the lazy river were closed. I get that it probably costs a bunch of money to run a water park and employ lifeguards etc. so I'm not too broken up about it. The mini golf area is pretty fun too, especially since there's not much else to do in the Dells in the winter. (Wisconsin Dolls, anyone?)

If you plan on visiting during the off season, use the money you save on the hotel for a day pass to Kalahari so you can get the maximum indoor water park experience.

10/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
84. Howard B.
I thought the water park here was very good. It is cleaned, well-maintained, and the features are well designed. We checked out the Lake Wilderness water park, and the main pool is very nice, it's a large oval with a central water shelf seating area. The slides are nice for the space that they had.

The Lost World was even nicer - it had a lazy river which at times had insufficient current. Also had a number of very very high slides for older kids and adults, but a nice kiddie play area as well. I did notice and appreciate all of the flowers planted around this area.

11/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
85. Nicole J.
We LOVE the Wilderness!!  We've gone every year for the past 5 and this year decided to try another waterpark hotel.  Huge mistake!!  We booked 3 nights at the other hotel and after 3 hours there were so disappointed that we called the Wilderness and were able to get a room for the next 2 nights. We checked out of our room at 10:30 and stopped at the Wilderness to see if there were any cancellations so we could get a bigger room.  Unfortunately there weren't but we were able to check into our room right then and got to enjoy the whole day!
I will never make the mistake of trying another hotel!!

08/01/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
86. ben w.
Clean, well maintained water park. I saw people out there at 6 am cleaning.
One of the complaints I read is about the nonenglish speaking help from around the world. There is also a large amount of locals working there that were very vigilant and helpful.
yes, this is a very large place, you will have to walk a lot. Great water parks, especially the wave pool.
Never ate here, so I can't comment on that. Ate some great local food, Denny's Diner around the corner (not the chain) is highly recommended.
Rooms with kitchens are nice.
4 stars instead of 5 because this place is EXPENSIVE!

29/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
87. Irina Z.
We stayed in Wilderness Resort for 3 days and we enjoyed our time there tremendously.  There are other activities to do there in addition to 6 waterparks ( 3 indooor and 3 outdoor) . We enjoyed the movie night which they do on Tuesdays after dark and hiking on the walking trail ~ 0.7 mile which is pretty scenic and you can sometime see wildlife such as deers and ducks. For family entertainment other than waterpark they have a miniature golf, go-carts , rope climbing , laser tag and arcades .Breakfast buffet is somewhat pricey , so it is cheaper to drive to Winsconsin Dells downtown for eating out

03/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
88. Tracy T.
Extremely disappointed to have payed FULL price and have 1/3 of the waterparks closed. One of the best waterslides was in the closed waterpark and you could barely get an apology from the staff regarding the situation. All they would say is that it was slow so they closed a park. Slow????? you couldn't even find a table! The place was packed. They also told me it was my fault for not checking the website which was updated long after my booking was made.
My villa was very nice but I feel that since Wilderness was able to save money I shouldn't have had to pay the same price as people this weekend will pay having full amenities to use.
Way better waterparks to pick in Wisconsin Dells. I'm going back to Chula Vista next time.

28/11/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
89. Jenifer W.
Reviews aren't kidding - this is one MONSTER of a resort... if you like walking, and aren't afraid to walk 10 minutes or more from your room to a new water park or restaurant or attraction, this is definately the one stop shop for you.  The rooms are clean enough, somewhat spacey compared to others in the area, and we were quite happy having this be our first Dells experience.

Some tips to help you enjoy your stay all the more:

(1) Call the resort well ahead of your trip and ask what dates are the most economical (assuming you can slide your travel around). Rates vary WIDELY, and you can find the cheapest stay by asking a live person. Also, if you have a few weeks before your trip, ask them if they have any coupons they can mail you to use while you're there. Wildnerness sends mailers all the time, and would be happy to send you the most recent in advance - we saved $50.00 on our stay this way.

(2) Bring your own drinks / food. The hotel is okay with you doing it, and each room has a microwave and a refrigerator. We brought deli meats, cheese, bread, sodas, juice, wine, chips, yogurt, candy, and whatever else, and judging by the prices for these same items saved ourselves about $150 in food costs.

(3) AVOID the "free coupon book", unless you're determined to play laser tag / bumper boats / mini golf / haunted house. This is a scam from the hotel to try and sell you on time shares, and the free coupons aren't really worth it. Chances are the one or two things you'd actually do are cheaper than standing for 20 minutes listening to a pitch you likely won't buy.

(4) DO NOT stay on the 2nd floor if noise is an issue for you. The walkways through the resort are all on the 2nd floor, and you'll hear foot traffic (and loud people) all night long.

(5) Wear comfortable footwear - the hotel is massive, and you're going to need footwear that's good to your feet with lots of support if you intend to see all the different attractions.

(6) Bring sunscreen, even in the winter. The "Water Dome" waterpark has a clear roof, and the sun comes in and can burn you the same as it would in July if you were outside. Weird, but true.

(7) If you have small children, bring a snack bag (with fruits / juice, etc) to the waterparks with you. While the signs say "no outside food / drinks", the pool workers told me it was okay for small children, and we saved ourselves a bundle by avoiding overpriced snacks.

(8) Avoid the buffet in the main lobby. Although they tout a "kids eat free" option, it's like $20.00 a plate, and something crazy like $4 or $5 per SODA!! Not only this, but we went there our first night and I got food poisoning, not sure from what on the buffet, but it made for a rough couple days!

(9) If you're there on a weekend, visit the "dry play" areas early. It gets really rough and crowded on weekend nights.

(10) Check the times your favorite water park opens!! Each waterpark opens at a different time, and you'll save yourself a LOT of aggravation if you figure out what times your opens before walking.

(11) Get to your waterpark early, scout a table first, drop your stuff, and then go do whatever else. Tables fill up FAST, and if you wait until even an hour after they open you'll likely not get a spot.

(12) If the tables ARE filled, ask someone at a table if they're using all the chairs. Drag empty chairs to a spot, drop your stuff there, and voila - instant meeting / resting place.

(13) AVOID SARRENTO'S. They have "coupons" in the book from the front desk which the restaurant then says don't apply to your order. The pizza was very small (less than the 12" they said it was), EXTREMELY thin to the point we couldn't hold it to eat it, and really lousy. Moose Jaw's or even Domino's is a much, much better choice.

06/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
90. Cherie' D.
A Bit expensive. Prices are cheaper in the off season but fantastic indoor and outdoor water parks! Place gets packed too and it doesnt have the foreign 'dont give a shit' staff.

26/05/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
91. Maggie J.
This place is hades on earth. Never in my life have I experienced a place so thrown together. You have to walk through a rat maze of hotel corridors to get from attraction to attraction. And it is so overcrowded felt I was a character in a scifi movie about overpopulation. Think I would rather have a tooth pulled than ever come back to this place

25/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
92. Brad J.
Overall nice hotel and waterparks, be prepared to walk as waterparks are spread out into three sections which are a ways from each other. The great part is that only hotel guests are allowed on site ... No outside guests in the waterparks. Average service.

01/09/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
93. Jen M.
Keep in mind that I visited the Wildnerness Hotel on a Girl's weekend with "girls" ranging in age from 23 - 42. And we were sans kids. And we stayed in the Wyndham resort condos. We had a marvelous time. Our Wyndham condo was very nice. I loved the way it was set up and decorated. Very high ceilings gave a feeling of spaciousness and the decor was warm without being smothering. The condo was truly spacious. There were six of us in a 3 bedroom condo which was just right.  Actually we could've added 1 or 2 more friends before feeling crowded. The master bedroom had a king-size bed with a jacuzzi tub and walk-in shower. The whole condo was set up well for group partying. We were amazed at how well the kitchen was stocked with supplies: Not only was there a full set of silverware, plates, cups, cookware and bakeware, but none of the details were missed, like paper towels and dishwasher detergent. There was even a blender.

As in all hotels, particularly those with waterparks, you must be prepared for the buffalo-style trampling sound of little feet running up an down the hallways. But what we heard above us fortunately stopped between the hours of 11 p.m. and 8 a.m. And the WILDERNESS is HE - UGE - it was a very long walk to the waterparks from where we were, though I suppose we could've driven to the entrance. The main lobby is nicely decorated and appointed as well. Someone put a lot of time, thought and money into the construction of this place and didn't just rely on chintzy northwoods - type decorations to try to spruce the place up.

We were all impressed and delighted with the waterparks. We didn't bother with the wild-west themed one as it sounded mostly like it was designed for little kids. But we adult women found the hurricane slide thrilling to the point of being actually terrified for our lives, and had a ball in the wave pool, watching each other get the crap beat out of us by impressive-sized waves.

29/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
94. Allison O.
I went to the Wilderness for a conference that I was co-hosting, and I was blown away by the service.  The two women we worked with in the conference center, Mel and Megan, were incredibly helpful and went out of their way to help us with everything we needed, up to and during our event.  They were incredibly responsive to our needs, working with us to assist us in increasing the size of our event and adapting to changes that we needed.  

When we checked in at the Glacier Canyon registration desk, we worked with Christina, who was so helpful and had a great personality!  She helped us with checking on reservations we had for presenters, and checked us in quickly and with no issues.  We later got a call from an attendee who was having trouble checking in at  the New Frontier desk while we were away from the resort.  We went back to the Glacier Canyon desk and worked with Christina again, and she resolved the issue quickly and politely.  

The facility is wonderful for conferences, and is able to accommodate huge groups and keep sessions close together, which helps participants not feel overwhelmed by the huge space.  The guest rooms are huge and very comfortable as well.  

We will go back to the Wilderness for conferences in the future!!

10/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
95. Carlo D.
Everything was clean,  The staff was extremely nice, the rooms where clean and moderately sized.  We went in the dead of winter when it was literally 0 degrees outside and the water and air temperature was tolerable.   The lazy river was a little cold but I think thats just because its flowing water and its extremely hard to keep that warm.  This is a great get away for winter fun.  We intend on coming back to check out the outdoor summer attractions.   My kids are 5 and 2 1/2 and they had a blast.  The wavepool water park alone was great,, and then you have 2 more to choose from if that water park wasn't enough all within a short walking distance.  I walked to all 3 in my bathing suit (semi dry) and saw frost on the windows. That being said they keep the hallways warm as well.   Food was a little expensive but it was pretty good as far as quality goes.  We did the breakfast buffet and the restaurant attached to the wave pool area.   I am semi picky about where I stay and where I sleep.  I would defiantly recommend this place.    Last, the Free WIFI thoughout the building helped to just kind of lay around and check email and or surf the net.

25/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
96. Emily S.
Second visit to Wilderness Resort. Love the waterparks here! The staff is very friendly and helpful. Just about every slide attendant asked if we were having fun and to enjoy our visit. September and Oct is the time to go, good rates and not crowded at all. There is so much to do from thrill slides to lazy river and wave pool. They also have many places to eat and lots of other entertainment like mini golf and zip lining. Resort is large so prepare to walk or take one of the free shuttles.

11/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
97. Drew L.
Dells are great, and we had enough fun at "Wilderness," but the customer service is depressing to say the least.  After four days of waiting over 30 minutes for the shuttles (they encourage you to take them, not drive)--often with wet, tired, noisy kids.  I finally mentioned it to the customer service operator, who told me she was "sorry, I felt that way."  

She explained that because the shuttle service is complementary, they could not do anything about my complaints.  I explained that a.  nothing is free, and we paid plenty to be here.  b. My time is valuable, and you are wasting regardless of how the shuttle driver gets paid.  and c.  I was using the shuttle at their request, and I expect them to keep their promises for "free" services as much as "paid ones."  

After that, she offered me a $25 gift card that wasn't even good on this visit, but rather a "future visit."  Like I'm going to come back to a place that values me so little just to cash in on $25.  My next visit to the Dells will definitely be somewhere else.

Anybody can provide a room and watersides.  Visit a place that appreciates its customers.

Cabin was nice enough, and slides were fun.  There was good stuff for kids of all ages, too.  Nonetheless, if you are going to drop the kind of cash that this place requires, you can find a better company.

re: wifi--it was in the hotels, but not in the cabin we rented.

26/07/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
98. Dom G.
Let me preface by saying, im not cheap.  im not afraid to throw some cash around when it comes to smiles on my kids faces, or the rare vacation.

however, every single dollar I spent at this place made me feel guilty, violated, and like a helpless sucker.

I can appreciate captive audiance, on resort price bumps.  But every time I made a purchase on the resort I felt like I was being insulted.

Consumers spend on average more dollars per person when they feel happy.  I feel perfectly comfortable paying 3.50 for a hot dog at the Brewers game, but $4.50 at the waterpark? Seriously? I hope that extra dollar was worth it to you Wilerness resort, because that extra buck made me feel jilted and kept me from spending and extra hundred on shirts and souvenirs in the gift shop.  

Which brings me to another classless money grab.  I have no problem spending on average $1 per game play in the arcade, but lets get one thing straight...

The rechargeable credit card system on the coin op machines serves a couple main purposes.

1.  It greatly eliminates maintainence on your part.  Repairing hundreds of coin mechs annually is a huge money pit.  (More revenue for the resort)

2.  Eliminating the need for employees to handle money is a great way to reduce theft.  (Good for the bottom line)

3.  Eliminating the concept of the consumer having physical money, or tangible (easily countable) tolkens means consumers will shell out larger per-game play fees!  4 tolkens = 4 quarters = 1 doller.. who the hell knows how much 16 "credits" are.  Increased revenue for the wilderness.

its a win win for the establishment right?

So do you REALLY feel the sadistic need to CHARGE me a $.50 fee to load the card?  How insulting!  The stupid plastic card should at least be complimentary.   Is the $.50 really that important to you?  It felt like I was being flipped over and shook down at that point for my last $.50.

Btw, its also convenient that credit cards are accepted on the resort...EXECPT at the kiosk where you load your little plastic privilege card, there you can only use cash, which is redily available at the ATM machine, right next to the card loading station for the low low price of a $3.00 atm fee.  Damn youre good Wilderness.  You've really thought it all out havent you?

Well you sucseeded.  You put the squeeze on me for every little extra penny you could, and because of it.. I left feeling violated, and laughed at.  I also left without spending the additional $500 I had budgeted because your antics put me into hyper saver mode, and you suffered because of it.

heres some suggestions.  I would normally say, serve better food.  The meal we ate at the wild buffalo was inedible.  But while you guys are thinking of ways to add additional $.50 revenue sources, you should be looking around at your PACKED water parks, and empty restaurants and thinking that maybe its due to the $9.00 frozen food service pucks you sell as "buffalo" burgers.  (I felt buffalo'd alright).  The convenience alone should pack that joint at dinner time.  But once again, you are about 30% too high to make people not feel raped.  A 30% decrease in price might make people tolerate your laughable food quality.  You might even serve a few more covers and be able to have happy diners AND a healthy profit center.  

Well, im not returning any time soon.

also: a large number of attractions are semi functional, or down right broken.  There are non functioning water features, water sprayer valves with missing handles, welded shut, pealing paint, torn rubber, and things just generally worn out everywhere you turn in the water parks.  Sad.

enjoy that $.50 card fee.  Its the last $.50 youll ever rob me out of.

19/05/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
99. Kyle C.
The Wilderness is the best family resort in the Dells. The water park is huge (indoor and out), although it is a little spread out. The staff is always friendly and helpful. The rooms are nice and there are places to eat on or nearby to the hotel. They also have a huge game room, mini golf, and a number of other things to do to keep everyone happy. This is by far my favorite place to stay in the Dells.

18/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
100. Zach G.
Holy mother of god is this place HUGE. It can take forever to get to your room, and between rooms, and between parks. I've visited Monaco and The Vatican, and I can honestly say I have been in countries smaller than this place.

However, it's really a great place. First off, 95% of the staff I ran in to were beyond friendly. The other 5% were just friendly. Our rooms were in the Glacier Canyon Lodge area and overlooked the waterpark there. Rooms where comfy, cozy and clean. The park was really nice - I liked the lazy river a lot, and food options were decent. Also, being able to enjoy a beer and brat inside the water park made it feel all the more like a vacation. I appreciated the music variety played on the in-house station that is blasted through the parks...it switches between newer music for the kids and 60s/70s/80s music for the adults. As an in-betweener, I liked the variety (and impressed my 10 year old cousin when she finally said "you know EVERY song, don't you?!?!"...Yes, ma'am, I'm a musical genius).

The sheer numbers of rides you can go on between all the parks is awesome. The whole place is on the expensive side, but if you keep busy you get your moneys worth.

19/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
101. Jennifer R.
We stayed at the Glacier Canyon Lodge this weekend for a wedding, which happened at the GCL convention center.

First, I can tell you that the food at that place (the convention center, specifically) is phenomenal. Over-the-top yummy, seriously.


I am so over this recent trend of "unbundling" at hotels and resorts. You force me to pay a "resort fee", when I may not even have the chance to use your waterparks? You want me to pay $4.50 for the bottle of water you left in my room? I was afraid to use a towel for fear that there would be a charge for that too.

After a night of schmoozing at a wedding, I wanted nothing more than to kick off my shoes and settle into a hot tub. But it was impossible, using the maps in our room, to figure out where in this massive resort we could even find a simple hot tub! Though it doesn't really matter, as most of your waterpark areas close by 9 in the evening.

For $250 a night, I'd like breakfast. Complimentary would be nice, but maybe even the OPPORTUNITY to eat breakfast, somewhere near the building where I'm sleeping. But your only two restaurants that are open before 9 a.m. are clear on the other side of the resort; I might as well get into my car and head out into town to find something to eat (which is what we ended up doing).

Even though the wedding happened here, I'm kicking myself for not finding a three-star hotel somewhere in the area. This was absolutely the wrong place for us to stay, for our needs. I'm sure it's nice if you come here for the waterpark, but in our case it would have been wonderful if we could have opted out of the park admission for a discounted room rate. Sadly, because of the overall nickel-and-diming, unbundling vibe at this resort, we likely will not come back, even when we're just coming to play.

15/07/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
102. Dave K.
Great water parks and good food. Hated the customer service! Never seems to me an adult manager around to help or make a decision about anything. The worst customer service I've experienced anywhere!

They have wi-fi, but it is a weak signal and does not work in the villas.

01/01/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
103. Nicole P.
Going to be super quick and to the point here.

We stayed at a 4 bedroom Cabin at the Wilderness and it was GORGEOUS!  Full kitchen, large grill, hot tub, 3 bathrooms.  I went with 15 friends and we all had a blast.  We went up there to go skiing at Devil's Head and it was super easy to get to Devil's Head by car. Only took us 20 minutes or so.  Only half of our group wanted to go skiing so the other half went to the water park(free).

We had one small problem with the hot tub in the unit leaking but the manager Erin handled the situation beautifully and there are no hard feelings about the situation.

Great place for a weekend getaway on the cheap.  It turned out to be about 140 per person for two nights.  My friends and I will definitely be going back for another trip next January!

14/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
104. B C.
Antisemitism is alive and well in the Wisconsin Dells....even at a high end resort.  

I have been here with my family several times.  It is not cheap.  So, particularly for a place that is higher end, I was very dismayed last year to find a large swastika on the ceiling of a men's bathroom in one of their water parks.   It was large enough to be easily noticeable, particularly if they are spending time keeping the facility clean and well maintained.  I spotted it immediately.  Certainly not something I was looking for.  Anyway, this was right before we were leaving, so I snapped a few pics and called the resort the next day when I was home.   They were apologetic.  Not overly, but they said they would take care of it.  They also sent a $50 gift card off our next visit.  A nice gesture.

Ok, so fast forward to one year later.  We head back right after Christmas for our family holiday.  Again, just for some context, not cheap, like $550/night.  I had forgotten about the experience the previous year.   THAT IS, until I wandered into the Men's locker room. The same exact swastika, in the same exact spot.  No attempt for removal at all.  WOW.  So I checked my phone and pulled up the photos from the previous year.  An exact match.  Honestly, I just couldn't believe it.  I would have thought that they would have been dismayed to get a complaint like this and would have taken care of it immediately.  Nope.

So, I went to speak with a resort manager in person this time.   I spoke with a manager.  I explained the situation to him.   I explained how offensive this symbolism is.  I explained that Hitler murdered about 11 million people.  I pointed out that if the 'N' word was scrawled on the ceiling it would have been removed in seconds.   Uggh.  I shouldn't have had to say any of that.   His response was borderline indifferent.  I mean he mildly apologized.  Thanked me for bringing it to his attention and told me he would take care of it.  Not really the caring response that I would have hoped for.  Certainly not a response that conveyed to me an understanding of the brevity of the symbolism of that Swastika.  Even the fact that I had complained about this a year previous and they had made no effort to remove it, one would think would have illicited a stronger response.  Unfortunately not.   They did not offer to do anything for me.  Now, I am mentioning this mainly because it illustrates their attitude and lack of response.  If they had offered me a free night, I would have turned it down, as that is not why I complained (ie : to get something) and I would not want my complaint to be misinterpreted as such.   BUT, the fact that they did not offer me anything is a little offensive and illustrative of the overall cheap attitude of this place, which if you spend any time here, you will find prevalent throughout the resort.

I went back at the end of the day and unfortunately it was still there.  WOW.   Next day went back again..still there.   My wife pointed out that they have no intention of removing it.   To me, this should have been removed within ten minutes.   The resort does not seem to care that this racist symbol is in their facility.  To me, this implies that they they are condoning this bigotry.   I would discourage everyone from supporting this kind of behavior.  Outrageous.   Antisemitism is alive and well in the Wisconsin Dells.

03/01/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
105. Jozy G.
We have been coming to wilderness resort for 7 years...4 families share a cabin...different park every day...and we make our meals at the cabin to save money...clean facilities but spendy...worth the dollars. ..kids beg to go every year!

03/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
106. Kevin S.
We stay here twice a year.....once in the summer and on new years eve.

We really like it which is why we return however I wish they had a few adult only sections. I completely understand its a family destination but I would just once like to sit in the hot tub without getting splashed by little kids learning to swim....all the parents shame on you for allowing your little gremlins to do cannon balls into the hot tub....there's a time and place for that stuff but when I'm sitting there trying to relax with a mysterious froth surrounding me just isn't the time.

Went to great wolf and the reason I don't go back is because of the small wave pool.....but they do have a adult only hot tub which I wish wilderness would bring In.

24/10/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
107. Gina B.
This was my first experience at one of the big hotels in the Dells areas.  I have never stayed at any of them before.  
Pros -
Very pretty room, especially if you like the up north cabin feel.  Many water parks to choose from and each one offers a little something different.  Riding stable across the street. Zipline on the grounds.  Parking wasn't too bad, not too far away from room.

Prices rooms, especially for a condo style.  I thought it was a little weird to pay that much and your view is of the concrete outdoor pool area and if it was summer people would be right outside your room. (I was told this is normal, again, I don't have experience with these kinds of places)
Water parks are pretty far from each other so if you go to one, you hike it through the hotel to get to another down long halls.
Towels for the pool area are about the size of a hand towel and rough as sand paper.  I guess they are getting new ones - They NEED to.

Overall we had a really good time and the place was beautiful.

23/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
108. Jessica B.
We stayed here as part of a conference, so we received a fabulous rate for a two queen room in Glacier Canyon.

Plusses to the Resort:
1. There is enough to do for days! Besides the park, you can paint ceramics (for a fee), play in a climbing area (that's free), tackle a ropes course (for a fee), et cetera. There are tons of things to try.

2. The rooms are nice! Don't take that bottle of water, though!

Minuses to the Resort:
1. Even though Glacier Canyon is going to be more quiet, it's a long walk. I bet it's a mile to the furthest (and best) park. I know that's hard to imagine, but please don't think Grandma is going to trot off with the grandkids to the park. We didn't try the shuttle.

2. They need a bit breakfast place on site. I think the only place to get a warm breakfast was the cafe. I bet it was swamped. I bet a lot of people head to Denny's down the road, since it's PACKED every morning. Bring doughnuts, I guess. Overall, we should have packed more food.

3. Have a meeting place even IN the individual waterparks. They are huge and packed. I turned my 7 year old loose and temporarily lost her. She was having fun and there was nothing to worry about, but seriously, you'll feel better to at least have a meeting place if you get separated.

4. Don't think you're going to check in early. We tried. Our room wasn't ready until 3:55.


Overall, the resort is awesome. I grew up in this area and had no idea that this place exploded like this. It's huge. Seriously, you will be exhausted if you think you'll walk from one end to the other. We had so much fun. I've never seen water parks like the Wilderness!

28/03/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
109. A K.
This place is a mixed bag.  The waterparks are great and a fun activity for kids of all ages.  There is plenty to keep everyone busy and happy for 2+ days.  The accommodations and customer service, however, leave something significant to be desired.  We were in unit 2030-32, which is a 3 bedroom unit in glacier canyon.  It's well laid out and has lots of space--for us, enough for 5 adults and 6 kids. It seems fairly new so the bathrooms and kitchen are nice.  But there were a number of significant problems. First, the amount of noise above us was absolutely unreal.  The first time I called, at 9 pm, I was told that they will enforce quiet time at 10 pm.  Great.  So when the noise persisted past 10 pm (and we're talking incessant keep-you-from-sleeping noise-- like they were bouncing balls or jumping or had a very large number of people walking back and forth, back and forth.  It was so bad that I went upstairs to see if we were directly underneath a flight of stairs or common area), and I called back, I expected something to be done.  If they did anything about it, it was completely ineffectual.  At 230 am, when we were STILL awake from the noise, the wilderness inched pretty low on my list of places to return.  This isn't to mention the loud noise from the elevator, water pipes banging overnight, and the fact that we were on a basement level with a patio in the middle of the bushes, despite the fact that all other units of our category appeared to have superior outdoor areas.  And then ... on our second night/morning, the power went out.  No air conditioning. No lights.  No white noise machine to drown out the noise.  I have a 3 month old and a two-year-old.  We need air conditioning -- not to mention lights -- and we were paying $800 per night to have those basic amenities.  More minor things but nonetheless annoying included that there was a kitchen but no paper towels or napkins, and we never had housekeeping of any sort.  No garbage changed out.  No beds made.  None of it.

Now.  At any normal hotel where you are paying this amount of money, I would expect some sort of remuneration for the inconvenience -- or at least a heartfelt apology and some attention to fixing the issue in the future.  We received exactly the opposite.  At check out, I spoke with Joshua Jones, who is the supervisor at Glacier Canyon.  He is, by far, one of the worst-behaved hotel managers I have interacted with.  I explained to him what our issues were.  After every sentence, he mockingly said, "I'm really sorry you're unhappy."  Remember those games you played as a 10-year-old where you just repeated everything the other person said, ad naseum?  Like that but almost more irritating.  As in:  "We didn't have any housekeeping."  "I'm really sorry you're unhappy."  "The power was out for a large chunk of time."  "I'm really sorry you're unhappy."  "The noise above us kept us from sleeping for almost an entire night."  "I'm really sorry you're unhappy."  Are you kidding me?  At one point, he went so far as to say, "oh so you're not going to come back again"?  Uh.  Well.  That's certainly not the way to encourage repeat customers.   Instead of dealing with the actual problems, and providing some incentive for us to return next year, he provided us with yet ANOTHER negative experience.  Management is supposed to swoop in and figure out how to solve problems like these. Yet this man had no interest in trying to figure out how to solve these problems, or how to make or keep us happy, which speaks to the fact that there is no hope of the problems being remedied any time soon.

In short:  Go to the waterparks.  They're fun.  But stay elsewhere.

05/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
110. Teodora H.
Our family has a tradition of visiting the Dells during the winter. We always stay at the Kalahari, which we absolutely LOVE! This year, unfortunately, their rates for the dates selected were outrageous, so decided to give the Wilderness a try.
My review is obviously partial and drawn upon comparison.

For those who have never been at the Wilderness, the property is huge. I saw reviews of people being frustrated in trying to find their way around and spending long time walking. For us it wasn't bad -  we may have been lucky to have a central location room, from which it took about 5 min of walking to the first water park and about 10 min to the other water and theme parks.

We were fortunate enough to stay at the Glacier Canyon Lodge, which, as I understand, is the newest addition to the property. Our room was great - new, with nice furniture and amenities. I had the chance to peek at some of the regular resort rooms, which were not as nice. The part I liked the most was the tall ceiling - 10 or 11 feet. Also, the view of the canyon from our room as well as from  the sky-walk, which connects the Canyon Lodge with the water parks, were breathtaking.

The water parks were OK - pretty standard. However, it would have been nice if they were all in one location so you don't have to walk through hotel hallways. The only advantage was a much bigger and stronger wave pool. They would have scored a point for me if they had surf boarding - my favorite (offered at the Kalahari). We don't do the "thriller" rides, so I can't comment on the 2 that were supposed to pump your adrenaline up.

The theme park was OK - nice playground structure and ropes course. They also have laser tag, mini golf and haunted house. Again, in comparison, I find Kalahari to have a bigger and more engaging theme park.

The biggest issue I had was temperature - I was constantly cold. The water in the water parks was cold. A portion of their hot tubs are outdoors, which is cool but when temperatures outside are in the single digits, the hot tub water becomes lukewarm. Also, there was a constant draft of freezing air from the outdoor portion of the hot tub that made it very cold in that area of the water parks. The water in the showers (both our room and lockers) was also lukewarm. The coldest experience was walking through hallways and sky walk to get from one  park to another, especially when your swim suit and hair are wet.

Another bad experience was the constant noise level in the hallways - the blessing of our convenient room location turned into a curse at night - almost non-stop we could hear people running, walking and yelling -  as late as 1:00 am. (Not sure if it makes any difference but The Kalahari has big signs for noise consideration after 9 pm posted all over their hallways)  Needless to say we have never been bothered by constant traffic noise there.

Lastly - the food. As is to be expected at a place like this, the food choices were primarily processed, fried and high in fat. Overpriced as well, but no big surprise there. I feel like I have to say that Kalahari actually has a couple of healthier, non-traditionally Wisconsin-style food options with very reasonable prices - a lot more internationally and gourmet-oriented flavors.

In conclusion, we would definitely go there again - if Kalahari's price is not acceptable that is.

04/01/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
111. Kyle H.
New Zip Lines! Okay, so I didn't actually have time to set aside 2 hours to try the Wilderness zip lines, but they're running! For $45 (find a $5 off coupon at check-in)  you can glide through pines at 25 mph from four different heights. Do it!

Staff is always super helpful, and get the coupon book when checking in. Sure, you'll need to go to the Concierge's desk where they'll try to sell you on sitting through a 2-hour presentation to buy a time share, but just nod and smile politely and say you're not interested and receive tons of useful coupons for all your Dells favorites!

We were on the 3rd floor which was great. Avoid the much-traveled 2nd floor, as this is the floor that connects all of the Wilderness properties and can get really noisy with foot traffic when you're trying to sleep.

Loved the outdoor waterparks but I do wish they would have a live DJ instead of their corny pre-recorded DJs ("the best day to go to the Wilderness is any day that ends in a 'Y'"? Please, don't insult us with corny tourist humor.) Also, having a safe place for guests to walk around the hotel grounds rather than everyone dodging cars in the parking lots should be a priority.

This is where we'll be staying on our annual summer Dells trips in the forseeable future!

04/08/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
112. Robert D.
This place is awesome for the kids but to eat here is another story. If you have little tikes cubbys cove is great but located at wilderness on the lake. You can get there by shuttle so its a little pain but worth it.

25/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
113. Natalie S.
You're heading to the Wilderness?  Do me a favor and spend a few weeks on the stair climber at the gym.   You'll need it, trust me.  

Now, onto the review...

We were looking for a fun place to go for a quick family vacation.  My cousin had stayed here and recommended it.  But, me being me, I spent a week reading reviews on Yelp and other websites and shopping around online at the other resorts in the Dells.  After realizing that Wilderness has 3 times more indoor waterpark square footage, I booked a room.  

We stayed in Glacier Canyon in a 2 bedroom condo with 1.5 baths, living room, dining area, full kitchen (full size stove, fridge, dishwasher and a microwave), 2 TVs and a fireplace.  The condo was $150 a night for the second week in March, a pretty good deal, I thought (book in advance if you can, I checked the rate again the following week and it had gone up).  The room was nice and was plenty of room for my dude, our 2 kids (aged 10yrs and 15 months) and me.  

As previous reviews have mentioned, sometimes things are a serious haul.  My stepdaughter and I timed our walk from the Wild West waterpark to our room and it was about 13 minutes and we weren't walking slow.  Be prepared to walk.  

We were there during what appeared to be a popular week for spring break and it was crowded.  At times, very crowded.  We checked in on a Sunday and it was nuts.  Thankfully it slowed down over the next couple days.  Definitely get to the parks early if you want a table, they go fast!  

As I mentioned at the beginning of my review, be prepared to climb *A LOT* of stairs if you like the slides.  My stepdaughter and I went on about 10 slides in 45 minutes and I didn't even need to work out that day after climbing all those flights of stairs.  Our favorite slides were the Black Hole in the Wild West and the Hurricane in Klondike Kavern.  Both lines were significantly shorter first thing in the morning and during lunch and dinner times.  

Bring food.  At the very least, all rooms have microwaves.  We brought little microwavable snacks and meals and had lunch in our room every day after breakfast out and before dinner out.  It saves money and plus, sometimes you just will want to grab a bite and head straight out back to the parks!  

Each of the parks has a fun place for the little guys.  My little toddler dude had a blast playing in the splash areas.  I was glad for the free access to small life vests.  

The dry areas are fun!  We only did the indoor play area and my dude and stepdaughter did the Skyropes.  My stepdaughter had glowing reviews of both, she had a blast!  

My dude and I thought we were going to have "forced fun".  It turned out that we had ACTUAL fun!  So much fun, in fact, that we decided to extend our stay by another day and the woman at the front desk was kind enough to give up the rate we had paid even though online, it had gone up $55.  Sweet!  

We have since decided that we're going to make the Wilderness an annual tradition!

17/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
114. Jessica K.
Tip 1: Stay at the glacier canyon on this property. You dont need to worry about kids running up and down halways at all hours of the night and the check in is a lot easier...just avoid whydam. Plus 2+ bathrooms in a 1 bedroom and a full kitchen...yes please!

Tip 2: go to the waterpark after 5pm, the kids are starting to go to dinner and are exausted from playing all day...you will save your time in some(not all) of the lines.

Tip 3: Do not move your car...we made the mistake (well ok we won) of going to the casino and getting back at midnight and had to park at the lobby back to our room. Given the size of the resort...it was a long walk.

Tip 4: do the fun pass! Even my BF and I (27& 34) enjoyed the ropes course and 3D glow in the dark golf...seriouslt we dint think it looked cool but it was super trippy and fun. Even lazer tag was awesome!

Tip 5: go to monks on the resort, amazing burgers...the foot in the restraunts didnt seem overly appetizing copared to what we got at monks

11/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
115. Simian S.
We just returned from a winter getaway to the Dells, where we stayed at the Wilderness in the Glacier Canyon Lodge.  

First of all, the rooms are very small- we had the Premier Queen, which has 2 queen beds.  It was ok for two of us, but with a full family of four (supposedly you can fit up to 6 people in there, though I don't see how) it would be WAY too crowded.  Our room was on the first floor- we had heard you want to avoid the 2nd floor because that is where the skywalk is and therefore there is a lot of traffic in the hallway.  However, the hotel is very poorly built in that you can hear EVERY.LITTLE.NOISE from the hallway and the rooms above and on either side.  Doors closing, footsteps, and even the sound of your neighbors coughing.  Our second night there we were woken up at 11pm by the sound of several small children (apparently left unattended) in the room above us- stomping/running around, jumping on beds, and shrieking.  Because the walls/ceiling were so thin, it seriously sounded like they were about to come crashing through the ceiling, and the light fixture in our room was rattling with every thump from above.  

A couple of other things about the room: 1. Do yourself a favor and bring your own pillows.  The ones in the room are HORRIBLE- very small and flat.  Because there were only 2 of us we were able to take them off the other bed and pile up stacks of 3 to equal the thickness of one normal pillow.  2. While we were not there to watch TV, it would have been nice it the TV had had a better selection of channels. With only the most basic of cable stations, our options were pretty limited.

As far as the rest of the place goes, we were not impressed.  The water parks were old and starting to look pretty dingy, and not very easy to move around in- especially since we had to walk through the Klondike Kavern to get to the wave pool.  We had only been in the pool for a few minutes when the lifeguards (who can't be much older than 15 years old) made everyone get out of the pool.  There was no explanation as to why or how long it would take, and we ended up having to sit for over an hour waiting for the pool to open up again (our friends had 2 small children and it was a huge inconvenience for them especially).  The other waterparks were very crowded due to that one being closed, so there were no spots for us to sit in those areas, otherwise we would have moved.

While I appreciate the indoor skywalks, they are very crowded and LONG- it is a LONG walk to get anywhere in the hotel- especially with small children in tow.  You would definitely want to bring a stroller for this.

Also, everything in the hotel is EXTREMELY over-priced, so I recommend bringing as much from home as possible, and not eating at the restaurants in the hotel.  We ate breakfast in the hotel one day and it was not pleasant- first they were out of the first thing I ordered, but did not tell me until they brought out my husband's meal.  Then they asked if I wanted something else, so I asked for pancakes, which arrived quickly, but were not cooked in the middle (raw batter was oozing out).  The next day we went to watch the Packer game at one of the hotel bars and were again disappointed.  The bartender was really rude and informed us right off the bat that we could not order any food except pizza or wings because he was working alone and could not do the cooking too.  There was seriously 1 other table (and they already had their food) and 2 people sitting at the bar.  So we just ordered pizza, which was extremely overpriced, even with a coupon.  And the entire time we were there the bartender treated us like we were an inconvenience.  We left at halftime and went back to our room just to get away from him.

Overall, we were not happy with the prices, the quality of the hotel and water parks, or the service, and will probably not be returning.  Even though it is more expensive, if we were to go the Dells for a weekend again, we would spend the extra money and go to the Kalahari instead.

06/01/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
116. Keith S.
I will preface this review by stating that we have stayed here once a year for the past three years with this past weekend being the most recent. We have stayed here in Spring, Summer, and now in late fall so I feel my review will be less opinionated and more factual that some of these reviews on here.

My family consists of my wife and I and our son who has been here at 5 and 6 years old. The first two trips we stayed at the hotel portion of the resort, this past time we stayed at the cabin with a group.

First the hotel. The hotel is not "dated." What do you expect for an avg of $99 a night when your waterpark is included. It has a wilderness theme with decor that matches. Its not the Ritz Carlton so dont expect that. The decor fits the overall theme of the hotel. The hotel for the most part is quiet at night since all the attractions at the hotel close by 11pm. The only time your room is truly loud is at peak times during the day when you might hear people walking by your room. We never heard people in our neighboring rooms. Obviously if a child was screaming you would hear it, but you will hear that in any hotel on the planet. My recommendation is to try and avoid the second floor if you want a quieter experience. The reason is most of the attractions are off the second floor.

The layout of the hotel in terms of walking around to each attraction is pretty easy. There are signs throughout and the employees are very nice in telling you where to go. The hotel has three main areas that are all connected by walk way. But be warned, the walking is extensive as this place is huge. Its very good exercise. I would say its about a 5 minute walk to get completely from one side of the hotel to the other. The nice part is the pools are basically right around each other including the outdoor pools. So you wont need to walk far to access the pools. The arcades are spaced out and so are the activities, so no matter which part of the hotel you are staying at, something will be nearby.

The activities pass deal for $20 is very worth it as it does not expire and it really does save you money. There are multiple arcades, two mini golf courses (one with some awesome fish tanks inside), rope climbing, a haunted house, and lazer tag. The haunted house is not much at all. Its neat but purely not meant to scare anyone. The golf courses are a nice mix and dont take long at all to play. The lazer tag is incredible fun. I loved trying to beat my score each time we did it. The rope climb was my son's favorite. Its completely safe and quite a rush if you are a little afraid of heights like me. The arcades are fun, but are basically like your chuckecheese type places. $20 can get you a ton of games to play for at least 30 minutes to a hour of fun.

The water parks give you a good variety of things to do. They have multiple slides and lazy rivers, etc. They can be filled with people but not to where you wont enjoy it. You have to realize if you go in winter only the indoor pools are open so it will seem busy when it really isnt. The wave pool is big enough to where you dont notice the other people. Also, you can usually find an empty table to keep your stuff while you swim, you just need to look in the corners. Slide waits were minimal for us, but well worth it. I almost flew out of my tube on the hurricane, it was my son's favorite. I prefer the body slide myself.

Now the cabin. Very spacious for a group, we have 7 and a baby with us this time. My reason for 4 stars is this cabin. It isnt technically owned by wilderness but its on their property and you can book it through them. There are condos and cabins you can stay in or get a time share with. The cabin has all the amenities of home: microwave, stove, huge fridge, dishes, blender, silverware, even a dishwasher. The decor is nice but the lighting is a little dim for my taste. It makes you have to open your blinds to let the natural light in. I prefer my privacy. Now I know this is a cabin and it's meant to seem "rustic" but for the amount of money it is compared to the hotel I expect it to be even better than the hotel itself. The cabin had four bedrooms, the problem is one was cold, and I mean a 4 to 5 degree noticeable difference in temp even when we jacked the heat up. Thats another thing, only one thermostat. So if you are with a group and one people likes it cold and another hot, tough luck its either one or the other. The biggest drawback to the cabin is you can hear anything in any room. So if someone is sleeping, they will hear you in the other room. Be aware of this when you book. If you are a light sleeper good luck if you have a noisy or night owl family. The cabins are also located approx 2 minutes from the hotel part of the resort. You either have to drive to the hotel part or you can call a shuttle.

Weve been here three times and plan on returning. Negatives are hard to spot for $99 a night You get your moneys worth. Dont blame other guest's quirks on the hotel

26/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
117. Yari S.
I have been coming to The Wilderness for a couple of years now and it still never disappoints.  The rooms/condos are spacious.  The 4 Water Parks (Indoor & Outdoor) are spectacular.  It doesn't matter what the weather will be because you have the indoor parks to go to.  

They have tons of free stuff for kids to do such as ceramics, painting and story time.  The have laser tag (fee) Zip line (fee) as well.  The game room and play area is great too.

I one thing that I LOVE is that if you DON'T stay at the hotel/Condos/villa you CAN'T GET  INTO  the water parks!  This is nice because its not overcrowded or dirty.

THe breakfast buffet is really good and the service is great as well.  The bars as always packed but the bartenders sure can mix it up.

Its a great kid friendly getaway with tons of stuff to do.

11/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
118. Chicago 1.
This is the 5th year we have come in the winter and will likely be our last.  All 3 of our children came home this time with contact rashes from the heavy chlorine in the pools, and every single year within days one child gets the flu or strep.   Not a great learning curve on our part, guess we were always hoping the sickness came from somewhere else but as this is the 5th year and our children are sick exactly once a year - directly after staying here, we're finally accepting the math.

We learned the hard way to bring all our own food - very few healthy choices, and bad service time after time.   We get a suite in Glacier Canyon Lodge where we are able to cook all our own food and this was acceptable in the past - makes for less of a getaway and more of packing for a camping trip but you do what you have to when you do not want greasy fries as your main nutrition source.  There are signs all over stating you cannot bring outside food into the waterpark area but they are largely ignored by the guests and staff.  We see people with actual bags of groceries on their tables, one woman brought in pizzas, not sure if they were from within a hotel restaurant or not.

The room we stayed in was a two bedroom/two bath with a living room and a kitchen.  The kitchen is pretty well equipt, remember to bring your own paper towels, tin foil etc.  There is a decent coffee maker.  The living room has a gas fireplace, nice touch.  Our children are younger so the queen/twin bunk beds are perfect.  We never use the TVs in the bedrooms so I cannot comment on those but the living room TV is nice.  The one change I would make is the bedroom door for the bunk bed room has an automatic closer, we have had more smashed fingers than I can count.  I always forgot to bring something to keep the door open, but took a spare trash can liner and tied the bedroom door to the bathroom door to keep it open when we needed it.

The skywalks ARE freezing, some of the heaters were not on at all, not sure if broken.  Again, after coming for 5 years we have learned to bring robes for the kids to wear in between water parks.  

The floors in the walkways are generally in need of a good cleaning and there is quite a bit of dust in the waterparks themselves, could also use a really good cleaning.  Our room itself seemed clean.

We were here this year from Jan 19-21, and the Wild West park was closed at 3 on the 20th, not open at all on the 21st.  This limited the 3 water parks as one of the other two is only a wave pool, nothing else.  We stayed mainly in Klondike Kavern, which gets boring after a few hours.  The staff is always friendly and we are never fool enough to go to the "information desk" for coupons so can't comment on that either but can guess a time share company would be pushy.

Up till now our stay was acceptable but the heavy chlorine and yet poor cleanliness of all other areas are a deal breaker.

22/01/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
119. Alex D.
I don't even have a star for this hotel because I can't even tell you on how beyond disgusted I am. It's dirty and I found BUGS in my bed. WORST STAY EVER! I recommend great wolf if UR over 21 because apparently age is a big deal here in "wisconsin dells" or the kalahari if u have money flowing out of your ass because you only have to be 18. If your not 18 you might as well turn around now bc they won't ever let you in. The manager wouldn't even refund me for my room! I HAVE ZERO STARS FOR THIS BULL SHIT RESORT.

01/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
120. Brian I.
Stayed 3 nights and paid over $1000 for a 3 bedroom suite. The heat broke several times leaving us freezing in most of the rooms. When we called the final time at 5 am after some of the kids we're nearly frozen the front desk said a manager would call us in the morning. That never happened and we had to call again. We were furious about managements concern for us and how bad the room condition was. The manager gave us 4 fun passes when there was 8 of us and a $100 gift certificate?!?!?! They should of comped a night to say the least. As much as we like the pools and activities we might have to look elsewhere next year

02/01/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
121. Julie M.
Just returned from our first stay here. Overall, it was a great experience. We went for spring break so it was full, but I wouldn't say overcrowded. The only thing we waited a really long time for was the hurricane (at maybe 30-45 minutes but it was totally worth it!!). The room and waterpark were clean. The only thing I would warn against is the dinner buffet (a disappointment even with the free kids dinner with the purchase of an adult...but not to be confused with the breakfast buffet which was great), the laser tag (the kids claimed it was awful), and the lacking service from the front desk. We were told by an employee in the arcade that the front desk could call us a shuttle to our building but when we asked about this at the desk the girl said 'oh yeah, you can flag one down outside entrance 3'. We went to entrance 3 and waited about 15 minutes in 30° temps and saw plenty of shuttles leaving property, but none returning that we were able to 'flag down'...so we grudgingly commenced the 20 minute hike to our room with two tired kids and called it a night. We probably lucked out there ...they might have gotten an extra hour of expendable income in the wild west territory had we had the energy to comply but the long hike dragging the kiddos did us in.
Other than that though, we had a great time. We'll be back.

29/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
122. J M.
First time here not impressed. Pricing okay but similar to Kalahari which is in my opinion WAY WAY better. The water parks had ice cold water, most of the stuff seemed more suited to kids 9 and under and it's sad when my kids asked to leave early due to the LACK OF FUN they had.....
Room okay, shower half broken. I don't think I'd return.

03/04/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
123. Celi A.
Would have gave it a 3 if it wasn't for the racist bartender in the lobby. Seriously, her attitude and lack of service for minorities was uncalled for. Her comments and attitude toward us were horrible, especially since she was obviously treating us differently than the rest of the people there. The manager offered us some free drinks or food, but I just wanted to get out of there. Thanks for reminding me that racism is alive and well. This place is for groups of kids and groups of teens. It is like an indoor campground.

13/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
124. Amanda R.
I wasn't too thrilled when we got there I will sum it up quick. First time at wilderness had no idea there were several different hotels ranging from ghetto to awesome.   One time coming back from downtown we were walking into entrance 5 my 13 yr old screamed and pointed and we all saw a mouse run up the hand rail. Now my 4yr old asked if they were in our room. Kids couldn't sleep they were scared mice were going to climb on them. The waterparks were good and I liked that they had two water slides where the whole family could go on together. The staff could have been friendlier not sure I saw one smile.  Not sure I'd go back.

14/08/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
125. N-P H.
horrible...they are in desperate need of a renovation.  I was on the bottom floor, which wreaked of mold.  The room has old, outdated décor complete with brown carpet that appeared to have once been green in color, driftwood furniture, and bear/moose wallpaper border.  The room is VERY poorly lit.  The bathroom fan/light was so loud, I opted not to turn it on and shower in the dark.  

They might as well not have a gym...it's tiny, and equipped with a reclining bike, a treadmill and an elliptical.

Oh..FYI  you must prepay for your room at check in.  WTH???

22/09/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
126. Liz C.
So, we've never actually stayed on property. But we've been to the waterparks and restaurants.
Food is always good, yes it's pricey, but worth it.
Happy hour is my favorite time of day. The bars all have a special drink or two that are on special during happy hour, always delicious.
The waterparks are my favorite in the dells!

27/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
127. Tyler R.

My girlfriend and I went here the day after prom to just top off the occasion. We really like waterparks and the Dells but we have never been to the Wilderness before.

When we were there, the outdoor parks weren't open yet. That was fine with us; it's what we expected. There are 3 indoor waterparks. One of the waterparks was closing at 3 PM the day we got there and wouldn't be open the next day - bummer. The woman at the check-in desk told us this and gave us a map along with other information, key cards, and pool towel cards (Oh, the dreaded pool towel cards. Exchange them for towels and if you don't have either your towel cards or used towels in your room, you get charged $25 for each of 'em. Ouch!). She pointed things out on the map, like where we were, where the waterparks are, and how to get to them. She was very nice and helpful. We were offered to give our phone number so the hotel would text us once our room was ready, which was very convenient. We went to the waterpark that was closing so that we had a chance to be in it. Then a man said to come to the information desk for free coupons because people usually don't pick them up. Thanks, dude! Wish I could remember your name!

I think this waterpark was called the Wild West Waterpark. It had a few cool slides. The average pitch black rides with turns and drops. It was fun with my girlfriend. She also watched me go down this ride called the Black Hole -  a ride with lights and big booms inside the slide, and then ending up in a funnel to go down to the exit. Very scary and fun! They weighed everyone who went on this ride for safety reasons. That's cool that they think of the safety for people in the park.

Then there was Klondike Cavern. There was a lazy river in it, a water treehouse with a bucket, and a few more cool slides. The lazy river had a cool feature where once you exited the tube slide, you didn't have to return the tube - the current carries you into the lazy river. But there's no waterfalls or anything squirting at you in the lazy river. A tiny letdown for me.

Then there is the Waterdome. It has a huge wavepool. It's the best wavepool I've ever been in. The waves were taller than me (5'10"). The waves kicked our butts (haha)! And there are two waterslides called the Dueling Mammoths - each are pitch black 4 person rides. My girlfriend and I went on one and it was pretty fun! The other one was closed. There was a body slide in Klondike Cavern that was closed too! What is up with that!? But anyway, for the adults, there is a swim-up bar! Can't wait to try that out sometime! It's a BIG swim-up bar, too!

The second day, we wanted to check out but we could still go to the waterparks and everything else. The lobby we checked into was closed that day. What's with all the closings? No one told us this lobby would close or if there was another one. I guess that woman could have been a LITTLE more helpful... We had to walk all the way back to near our room to reach another lobby.

There are 3 arcades. I only saw two and went to one, and the one I went to was good. Ticket games and games just for fun (like Galaga!). The tickets and credits all go on one card. Very nice! I accumulated enough tickets to win a penguin flashlight. Lol.

My girlfriend were going to go to Polka Dot Pots, a place where you can paint pottery and take it home, but she then insisted we leave when she noticed the prices. I told her it was okay but she didn't want to do it to hurt my wallet. The smallest of the choices of what you could paint were $12 and what we wanted to paint were in the $20-$30 range and you need to pay extra to put gloss on it. Wow. I know it's the Dells, but geez. Speaking of prices, a dry-ass burger with a medium soda costs ELEVEN DOLLARS! They want a tip for handing you the food too! What-the-hell-ever!!!

The room we got was a whirlpool suite with a king-sized bed. There was also a sofa, coffee table, endtables on each side of the bed, an HDTV where we hooked up our laptop to with an HDMI cable and watched Breaking Bad on Netflix through their Wi-Fi (ha!), a regular bath/shower, toilet, two sinks, a microwave, and a mini fridge. Nice room for a decent price (I think it was $140 a night?). Might be more expensive in the summer though. The HDTV was very well calibrated (and I would know because I'm anal about that kind of stuff), and the whirlpool fits two people comfortably and it is relaxing. We also brought bubble bath, lol.

Final Thoughts: The indoor water parks are good, but not great. The other resorts all have themes to their rides and all the rides are diverse, but there's not much variety here. Although, this is only about the indoor parks so I can't speak of the outdoor parks. Food is expensive. Rooms are nice though. I think the other resorts are a better choice. A little more fun and luxurious. The Wilderness didn't seem as luxurious as the other resorts.

12/05/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
128. Katy M.
My family and I have been going to Wilderness Resort for 10 years, and this is the best resort for families of all ages. It's best to stay at the Villas, Condos, or Cabins if you have a large group of 6 or more. You get more space for your money. Only reason why it's not a 5 star because majority of the time food onsite is cheap quality and overly priced. Most of staff is friendly and the lifeguards are really good at what they do. Be prepared for lots of walking!

29/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
129. Kristen L.
Its very rare that we go on vacation so when we booked our 3 day get away we were excited. We compared wilderness to kalahari and chula vista and decided wilderness was for us. The resort is nice but be prepared for small quarters. Our biggest complaint is the staff. We were treated rudely from all the staff members the entire weekend. At first we thought we just caught someone in a bad mood until we realized every staff member we dealt with was treating us poorly and with attitude. Like us being there was bothersome to them. The only exception was the operator at guest services upon booking. I expected to be treated like a guest. Upon leaving, we were approached to attend a seminar for rental timshare property. if we would have attended we would have received a 2 night future stay. My husband and i had already decided we would not be coming back so we politely declined. Besides the satff, the parks were clean and there was definitely enough to do. Be prepared to walk though. The water parks are stretched out over the resort. All in all, the kids (7 and 5) had a blast. And we would fully recommend the resort if not for the staff.

03/01/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
130. Diane F.
I like this place 1 hint better than Kalahari. Although Kalahari is decorated better and very beautiful it lacks family water rides.
I have a 6 year old. It's so much easier when you don't have to argue over who rides with the little one. Here, they have way more options to do a family ride. You all hop on a big water tube and away you all go TOGETHER. You all laugh together, smile and scream together. That's the way to go!

23/03/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
131. Cara G.
Great hotel and water park all ages!  I am disabled with a chronic neurological disease and asked where the quietest room is, they told me on the third floor and booked me there.  Yikes is all I can say if this is in fact the quietest area!  There was not a single quiet time throughout the night.  Since you don't necessarily go there to spend a lot of time in your room maybe that's not a huge deal.  The food was fit for a kid.  Not a lot of scratch cooking or healthy salads etc going on here.  Most people are probably not bothered by that either.  These were our only huge complaints.  The rooms were decent for the price, although I was definitely not pleased with the bathrooms.  I am only 5'4 and the bathtub was ridiculously small!  The water parks were incredible, especially the one whose ceiling is like a huge skylight.  Between the sun coming in and  the crazy hot temperature in the hotel, especially in the water parks, I literally felt like it was July at the end of March.  We went to Great wolf lodge when my daughter was two and we enjoyed that for a young child, other than the super cold water for a child that young, but it was nothing compared to Wilderness particularly for an older child.  We will definitely be back and interested in checking out Kalahari which was a front runner but wilderness was about $250 cheaper for two nights.  It looks like Kalahari has more adult food that I would be interested in.

30/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
132. Suzanne A.
We stayed here for the first time this past weekend.  My husband and I went with our 3 kids ages 12,8, & 4 and my parennts.  In the past, we have always stayed down the street at Great Wolf Lodge.  I found myself comparing the two quite a bit.  After much comparison, I like Great Wolf Lodge better for the following reasons:

1. Wilderness is too spread out.  Our room was in a separate building from my parents' room and it was a pain if we needed to use something of theirs or vice versa.  It was annoying and time consuming to walk through the long walkways to get to other water park areas, or have to wait up to 10-15 mins for a shuttle bus.  My mother has mobility issues, and it wasn't easy for her to move from one area to another, thus we spent much of the time separated.

2.  Even with it's massive size, Wilderness is crowded.  Granted we went on Memorial Day Weekend, but it's was WAY more crowded than Great Wolf has ever been even on spring break.  There aren't enough tables and chairs for the guests.  In fact, we returned to our table at one point to find a woman sitting there.  She said she hadn't seen anyone there for awhile, so she just sat down.

3.  Great Wolf Lodge is clean.  Immaculate.  Wilderness, not so much.  Everything looks kind of dingy.  Every door I passed was covered with fingerprints.  The mattress on the sofa bed (which wasn't made up for us) was very dirty.  I didn't want to have my boys sleep on it even with it covered by the sheets.

4.  This might come off as nit-picky, but the towel situation is VERY annoying.  At GWL, if you need a towel, you take one out of the clean towel bin.  At Wilderness, you have a towel card for each guest that you have to turn in to get pool towels.  You can trade a wet one for a dry one, but when you leave you have to turn in the same # of towels and get your cards back for the next day.  When you check out, you have to turn in all of your cards, or get charged $25 per card.  It's a little stressful to keep track of towels when you're supposed to be relaxing.  

5.  The food is terrible and so overpriced!  We ate at both the dinner buffet, and one of the poolside places and it was gross.  My parents ate breakfast at the buffet, and said it was awful.  The dinner buffet had a decent variety, but most of it was inedible.  The pot roast was the best thing offered, but still it was very salty.  The meatloaf was NASTY.  It had chunks of what looked like hot dog in it, and when I tasted it (before I saw the hot dog chunks) I didn't know what to do with it.  I wanted to spit it out.  I can't believe we paid $20 per adult, and $11 for our daughter for that.  Thank God my younger two were free since kids eat free.  That was the whole reason we tried it, but would never eat there again!  The $7.00 burger I had poolside was flavorless, dry and did I say $7.00?!?

So, overall, it was just OK.  The kids liked it because it had a lot to offer them, but if we go back to the Dells, we'll either stay at Great Wolf Lodge again or try somewhere new.  I don't see us going back to Wilderness.

27/05/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
133. T G.
LOVE the wilderness! Whenever I make a trip to the dells this is where I go! I'm surprised to read about everyone's bad experiences as I've only had positive ones. I've never experienced bad customer service, or problems with charges. I will definitely return to the wilderness for my future stays!

16/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
134. Chris B.
Holy crap is this place HUGE!  If you stay here, either with or without your kids, you really don't ever have to leave the property once you get there.  3 indoor and 3 outdoor waterparks mean there is always somewhere to go and enjoy the fun no matter what the weather is outside.

Some of the indoor pools get a little crowded, but I suppose that is to be expected in a place like this.  The hotel and staff do a great job managing the amount of people and the parks are only open to people staying at the hotel.

Totally have to check out the wave pool.  Huge waves and goes on for nearly 10 minutes at a time.  If you decide to go without children, you might find the place a bit annoying, as there are kids everywhere.

The room was very nice and the A/C didn't sound like a freight train every time it kicked on like some of the places we stayed while in the Dells area.

We will visit again!

12/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
135. Sara O.
Having stayed at all the big hotel & waterparks I can say this place is my fave.  Mostly because we usually stay in Glacier Canyon and get ourselves a 2 or 3 bedroom.  You have plently of space, beds, bathrooms for a group.  We bring our own food and drinks and only hit up the bars for happy hour specials.

Getting to the waterparks early is a good plus as they do fill up fast.  We do an hour or two in the morning, take a break, and then head back when everyone starts to leave which is around 5.  Friday nights and Sunday mornings are also a low time.  Even during peak time you can still get on all the slides, except the Hurricane, within 10 minutes.  The only down side to a busy time is getting a tube for the lazy river and for the wave pool.  That was near impossible.

Another bonus is renting a cabana in the wild water dome.  Gives you a good home base to meet back up with a larger group and a guaranteed spot in the pool area.

08/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
136. Lyn F.
This place was great for my 13&14 year old. Lots to do and they could walk to all of the parks within minutes. Great rides nice rooms and decent food. Staff could use some customer service training but overall a decent vacation spot

15/08/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
137. Fancy N.
We came here at the recommendation of a friend who stayed at the Wilderness main hotel.  We had a group of 6 adults and 4 babies, so we got a 3 bedroom cabin.  As everyone stated, check in took a while.  The line itself was a good 20 min wait, plus 10-15 to get checked in and wristbands.  Our cabin was ready around noon time, so that was a plus.  Upon arriving in the cabin, we noticed it didn't have any towels, half used roll of toilet paper, no dishwashing liquid or soap.  I called reception and a van promptly showed up with 2 rolls of TP and a few towels.  But for all the folks in the cabin, it wasn't enough.  The cabin came with dishes, plates, utensils (most of which were dirty), coffee maker (which had the left over moldy coffee of whomever stayed before us), stove and microwave.  I didn't know these cabins were privately owned, which sort of explains the lack of "standard" based on what I expected from the Wilderness.  

Clean Cabin?  No, the carpet was so filthy, within 5 minutes of walking bare foot we had black feet.  These carpets should be shampoo'ed regularly, seems these may only be vacuumed nothing else.  The bathroom was so-so, small shower, not very clean feeling.  Seems just swept between folks.  No soap or towels was ODD.  The beds weren't comfy, squeaked.  The bunk bed had a broken railing that was split in half.  A plus was they had Weber grills, and a special service that came out to clean them.  Couldn't this service also come clean the inside?!  Cabins did have wifi.

Wilderness pools?  Slightly falling apart.  Colors coming off the indoor water park kids sections, many many spouts in pools don't work.  Slides have residue from water.  Bottom of pool is very rough, like a hard core pumice.  For an adult no problem, but in kids pools, my kid fell and ended up with a bloody scraped knee.  The floor of the water parks has black mold on it.  UNACCEPTABLE.  All the lines/crevices and grout in the pool area are black and mold spreading.  The pools need a good dose of bleach cleaning.  Some pools are open as late as 11pm, I don't think there's enough time to really clean and dry out the place, hence mold.  Some pools have tiles missing, jagged edges.  Looks like no one is doing anything with the place since it opened, in terms of up keep.

Staff?  Very friendly and helpful.  Since we stayed in a cabin, we used the shuttles to get to & from the water parks.  The drivers are very friendly, very nice.  We got into an empty shuttle and all were headed with babies & strollers to the same cabin.  The driver asked his boss if its ok he drive us straight there, instead of us getting off and and switching "lines", (each line goes to different destination).  Staff at pools also helpful to explain where stuff was.

While staying a cabin as opposed to individual hotels made our stay fun, I think I'd try a different waterpark hotel next time.

14/07/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
138. Meagan L.
Just stayed from Thursday to Sunday at the wilderness resort. I really enjoyed my stay. It has the most water parks out of all the resorts in the dells, and the rates are great for everything you get. You get full access to all the parks, there's plenty of places to eat and shop at the resort plus arcades, go carts, Lazer tag, zip lines, bars, and play areas for your kids. It's really a great place to stay for all ages and any budget.

17/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
139. Andy J.
This was my third visit to the Wilderness. Honestly I was a little disappointed this time although the last couple of trips have been decent.

The golf course is very nice and we'll taken care of. The prices per round are not cheap but not too expensive either.

The water parks are fun for children who are a bit older. We stayed at the main resort and drove about 5 minutes to a smaller location by Noah's Ark. That water park was much calmer and less crowded. Our 18 month old fit right in.

Our condo was very "up north" styled. The walls are very thin and I could hear the people party next door which was not very helpful when I wanted to put the kids to bed. We also found several hornets and wasps dead and alive throughout the condo. I killed 5 of them myself. When we mentioned this to staff, they said they would send someone. No offer to move us or take anything off our invoice.

Overall, the place was OK for the price. For a guys golf outing or a family trip, it has the amenities to be world class but fell short of my expectations.

25/10/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
140. Kao V.
Compared to the other large resorts in the area, this wasn't the best rated by the kids I had with me who were ages 8 to 13. They still preferred Great Wolf Lodge.

Being that we were there Spring Break weekend, Saturday was packed full. The wave pool was plentiful but it had a ton of clorine. I was itching myself as soon as my skin dried. I like the self tanning lights, it was nice to feel heat being that winter 2013 to 2014 was pretty brutal in Wisconsin.  The girls enjoyed the water slides, the Hurricane, and the lazy river. There's an area for smaller children as well which I found not to be crowded at all. I enjoyed the wave pool. There were plenty of tubes to go around most of the time. The waves get pretty rough but all the more fun.

I was disappointed that they only had one hot tub however it had an opening to go outside as well which I thought it was nice even in this cold weather.  In the evening, you'll find all the drunks here with drink in hand. It gets pretty rowdy.

I didn't see as much lifeguards and employees as I've seen at other resorts. Go early so you could get a table / seating; early as in 10AM. As soon as 11AM, it gets filled up fast. Locker prices are $8 for a large and $6 for a small.

24/03/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
141. Julie P.
Just got back from here! We were heading on a road trip to Florida, and our van broke down in Indiana and ended up in the shop for costly repairs.  In a desperate bid to salvage our few  remaining vacation days, we decided to head up to the Dells and spend a couple of days at an Indoor Water Park.  After comparing the Kalahari and the Wilderness, the Wilderness Resort looked like it had more to offer for the money so we booked a Whirlpool Suite for 3 days and 2 nights.  We are 2 adults and were not traveling with any kids. Living in the western Burbs of Chicago (Elgin, IL) the 2 1/2 hour trip there went fast.

Overall I simply had the most EXCELLENT time in the waterparks and really enjoyed our stay!

POSITIVES:  We were here off season, so the place was not at all crowded. More kids were here than we expected due to school still being in session, but they were pretty well behaved and well supervised.

The 2 night stay gave us 3 whole days or waterpark usage, so it was a good value for the money.  The waterparks were clean and well maintained and we didn't have to wait in any long lines to go on any rides or use the pools, etc.   Even though it was -11 degrees outside and brutally cold, the water was warm and the water parks were all well heated.  I am one of those people who is always cold, and I felt comfortable everywhere indoors.

My favorite water park was the glassed-in  Wild WaterDome.  I don't know how the glass in there is designed, but it somehow concentrated the sun's rays so the  sun was shining intensely inside. So,  I got to lay on a lounge chair besides the wave pool and sun tan with a tropical gluten free vodka lemonade in hand next to some real palm trees.  It was the closet I was going to come to sitting on a beach in FL and was completely heavenly!  And the wave pool was a blast!!!

We also went to the Klondike Cavern and had a great time on the lazy river, the tube and body slides and had some thrilling rides on the Hurricane!!  There were 2 nice indoor/outdoor hot tub/spas that we enjoyed in there as well.  It was relaxing to sit outside watching the snow and hubby spiking his hair up so it froze while being so nice and relaxed and toasty.  We did skip the Wild West waterpark as it was really more little kid oriented, but the kids inside were having a lot of fun!

While we don't have little kids anymore, there were plenty of options for kids including a huge arcade, paint your own pottery classes, laser tag, mini golf and a sky ropes course 20 feet over the arcade that we almost did but were too tired and hungry to do ourselves.

NEGATIVES:  Our room was acceptable and large, but rather outdated and had seen better days.  We did have a microwave and refrigerator, so that was nice.  Our whirlpool was old and the jets were not very strong, so it really functioned as a huge 2 person bath tub.  Sadly, overall the room smelled of mold and was pretty dusty.  The maid never vacuumed our room our entire stay and we were sneezing a lot in there and it made it hard to sleep at night.  The bed was not very comfy,  and the pillows were worn out, so all and all not worth the extra money for the whirlpool suite and to be so far a walk away from everything.  We were on the first floor, which was less traveled so that was a  plus for noise.

Everything was a very, very long walk away from our room - the waterparks and restaurants involved a long trip up an down stairs to navigate around hotel construction and it took forever to get anywhere.  They had a free shuttle bus that came every 20 minutes, but we didn't use it as who wants to go outside in the freezing cold to catch it with wet hair and a bathing suit on?  But it was very good exercise and we got quite the work out each day, which didn't  kill us and probably did some good.  

We only ate one meal in the restaurant, breakfast.  It was pricey but they did have gluten free toast which was a nice surprise and they could handle making food gluten free    There were lots of taxidermy on display all over the restaurant which kinda skeeved me out, to tell the truth.  Definitely not worth the money to eat there. We decided to eat elsewhere off property for all of our remaining meals the rest of our stay and found some very decent places to eat.

MY ADVICE:  Go off season when it isn't crowded.  Get a basic room and don't pay extra for any amenities, they will be outdated and not work so well.  Try to get a room closer to the main lobby and 2 main indoor water parks to cut down on the walking.

I give the place 5+ stars for the indoor waterparks, I couldn't have had more fun there!  Had to bump down the review based on our actual room we got.  I am still sneezing from the dust and mold smell.  I would definitely go back and go with a basic room off season and spend a lot of time tanning by the wave pool with a cocktail!

01/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
142. Eric G.
It was our first time stay their it was great. Since only people who stay at the resort. Are allowed at the three water parks it was never over crowded. There are plenty of other activities for the family. Mini golf, pottery, arcades,  and plenty of restaurants.

23/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
143. Keri-Ann W.
If it wasn't soooooooo packed on the weekends and major travel times I would give this place a 5 star review.  I live in Chicago and come to the Dells a couple times a year. I like it here the best, especially if it is cold outside. This is Wisconsin so that is basically from October - June. The indoor water parks are huge and have tons of cool stuff. Huge slides, Children's areas, wave pool, lazy river, laser tag, ropes corse, mini golf, arcades, go karts, and the list goes on.  The rooms are large and clean. If you didn't mind spending some money you wouldn't need to leave the resort at all.  They have everything you could need restaurants, stores, ice cream shop, candy store, Huge indoor jungle gym, pottery painting...  Too many things to list.  The cabins are awesome and the ones on the main resort are not that expensive, we have done many large family get togethers here and everyone always has a great time.  If you can try to make the majority of your stay on weekdays and hit the watermarks from 11am -3pm because they are less crowded due to check-in/out times.  The rooms are a great value for all the amenities, the addition cost attractions are average price, but the food and shops are pricey.

13/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
144. ohio c.
This place is awesome. so big you would need 10 days to try everything.  Plenty to do indoor or outdoors.  Rooms / condos are clean and everything seems fairly new.

25/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
145. Jackie R.
A few adult friends and I went here for a short winter vacation. We went mid-week hoping that there wouldn't be too many families with kids here, since they'd be in school. Right on. It was awesome. It was freezing as h-e-double hockey sticks outside but riding around the lazy river, hitting the wave pool and multiple trips down the Hurricane made us forget all about that.

The room was nice and comfortable for 3 adults with 2 double beds and a pull out couch. The rate was awesome, surely because we were there off season. They have 3 indoor water parks and they were all a lot of fun. We laughed our butts off at the Hurricane. It's all nice and leisurly at first and then all of a sudden it's like WHOA!!! We had a really good time. Definitely go on this ride. Yes, it's a pain in the bum walking up all those stairs but it was worth it. Worth it enough that we did it about 20 times in a row the first day!

I love that it stays open all year and every day. We had originally wanted to go to the Water Park of America but they were only open on the weekends during the school year and that would defeat our purpose of trying to avoid lots of kids.

03/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
146. John W.
Once we figured out the layout, really enjoyed the different waterpark options.  Made it feel less congested.  We stayed in a Villa, which was still a short walk to the Waterpark.  It was only $30 more than a regular room, and offered a full kitchen with appliances, dishes etc.  Well worth the extra dough.  The upstairs has a private master bedroom, kids side has two full beds, and a decent pullout to sleep three kids very compfy.  The arcade was fun, along with the ball tower, and rope course above the arcade.  Best weekend vacation, we've ever had!

17/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
147. Dan N.
I've been here twice and I've had a blast both times. I really like how the hotel provides easy access to all water parks. The water parks are all enormous and have plenty of slides to keep you busy. However, I don't think it's necessary to spend more than a weekend here. I was upset that they had closed a few slides the weekend we were there. The best slides also have really long waiting times, which sucks. Expect to be waiting 40-45 minutes for the typhoon half pipe. No complaints about our room, it was very spacious with all the typical amenities.

29/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
148. Tasha P.
Second visit here, and I'm still a fan. I'll offer a little more perspective in this review. Firstly, I mentioned all the adults wearing their outside clothes in the pools, especially the hot tubs. On this visit, it wasn't a problem. I only saw one woman in the hot tub, fully dressed. It may have been because my first visit was on December 24th and 25th. I expected it to be quiet then, but surprisingly, it was busier than during spring break. The spring break rates were also lower by $20. In December, I saw at least 30 women wearing full length Indian style dress and I was so grossed out by it, I didn't even go in the hot tub at all.

This time, I did. I'm not much of a hot tubber, but it's awesome sitting outside in the tub. Usually, hot tubs are just too hot for me. The jets are weaker in the outside area though. We did manage to try a few new things besides the hot tub. We tried the two tube water rides inside Klondike Kavern. The one that empties into the lazy river is tamer and goes through a totally dark tunnel. The other, which uses four person cloverleaf rafts, drops you into a funnel and swirls you a little until your drop finishes. We liked that one much better. We also tried the tube ride in the Wild Waterdome, and "meh".

As usual, the wave pool was where we spent most of our time. Still a big hit! We also tried the lazy river. Usually, they have squirting water, but this one doesn't.

There are two other sections, but we spent all our time in our favorite spots. The indoor water park areas are in the New Frontier and Wild West areas. There's nothing in Glacier Canyon as far as water until Memorial day.

I will definitely come back for spring break. I don't like crowds much, so I think I'll stay away for the summer. We had a blast this time!

10/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
149. Drea W.
We stayed in a villa. The experience was very memorable. The kids loved the water park and the adults got a chance to act like kids. The villa gave us a chance to enjoy some down time with privacy. We saved $$ by using the kitchen in the villa to make our meals. It was relatively clean. Typical issues like a small mouse dropping in the kitchen so we just washed everything before we used it.

01/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
150. Megan R.
Staff is friendly and helpful.  Place is clean and well maintaned. Waterparks are fun. Food is a little pricey as to be expected.

23/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
151. Diane L.
Every year we travel to the Wisconsin Dells area for a weekend family vacation and stay at one of the indoor water parks which is usually The Wilderness.  Here some thoughts on the last visit----
Most of the large rides only had two rafts per ride which meant long waits..did I say long waits!  When asked if more rafts could be added I was told by the Young Manager they were all being repaired!!!!!
Do not waste your money on a cabana.....the chairs and tables were so tightly packed around us, it was near to impossible to even reach.  AND...most people thought the cabana's which were roped off...were a walkway....so much for privacy!  That, along with our waitress who told us it was too far to walk to our cabana so could we please come to the bar and put our own orders in.
Glacier Canyon which only was about one half full told us we could not have a late check out...like 30 minutes as someone needed our room.  We would be charged 35 dollars for every 30 minutes we were late.  Customer Service?????
Will be checking out another pack next year!!

09/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
152. Steven T.
Our first stay based on a friend's recommendation was pretty great.  It's not cheap by any means but the staff was almost always great, the waterparks awesome and the fact that you can walk to everything in the middle of a WI winter is amazing.  The shuttles that take you to area restaurants are a blessing and likely under-appreciated.  The food & prices were decent, especially the breakfast buffet with omelet station.

The best thing I can say - the waterparks are warm.  Might seem like an oxymoron, but there are several that we have visited that the water is cooler and it feels like winter vs. summer.  Wilderness' indoor parks were always warm & never too busy, even though the property was sold out.

09/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
153. Brian H.
Crazy busy during President's Day weekend.  Kids had lots if fun in all the waterparks.  It will take two or three visits to take in all the attractions at Wilderness Resort.

15/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
154. Chris E.
Pleasantly disappointed.
We booked into here based on reviews both online and by some friends. When we arrived the place was a zoo, I don't mind crowds, but it was overflowing and it felt like it. Hallways packed, pools overflowing.

We had a room on the bottom floor. Everyone uses the second floor to travel to the various locations - I'd avoid the second floor.

The water parks are a bit of a walk in various directions depending on where your room is located. It turned out the one we used the most was a looong walk for little kids, being closer would have been better - but we didn't know that ahead of time - lesson learned.

We had stayed at the Great Wolf before and prefer that water park. Wilderness was slightly cheaper by about 20 bucks per night..

Overall it was under whelming considering the reviews.

23/02/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
155. Troy J.
Room was dirty, mold on the ceiling in the bathroom.  Everything felt and looked old.  The hotel needs some freshening up.

13/02/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
156. Julie O.
My husband had a work event here, and I tagged along. Our room was ready when we got there. The room was nice, clean and roomy.

This place takes up a lot of acreage! Be prepared to walk or use the free shuttles. Or, take advantage and hike the trails behind the resort. They ran parallel to the very nice looking the golf course. I think they do horseback riding back there as well. The path was scenic and hilly.

Conference center was as you would expect a conference center to be.

08/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
157. Sarah H.
We just got back from a 2 night stay at the Wilderness Hotel.

We booked an upper level Double Suite room (2 queen beds, and sofa (sleeper) separated with a wall. We were on the 3rd floor with an outdoor waterpark view (not a big deal in the winter since it's all closed up, but it was fun because we got to see what the Hurricane looked like from the outside).

Now, some of these reviews just make me laugh - like stating a room with 2 queen beds is not big enough for 4 people. I just don't understand. MOST hotel rooms aren't very big, and when you are staying at a waterpark resort, how much time are you really spending in your room anyway?

The room was clean, we had plenty of towels, shampoo, soap and lotion. We had an issue with the televisions, which a call down to the front desk had rectified by having a visit from maintenance that was done quickly.

My only complaint would be the hours of the waterparks. I would have liked hours until 10-11pm, not 9-10pm, especially on a Friday night.

We highly enjoyed our time splashing and playing in the 3 indoor waterparks we did visit. We also purchased a Fun Pass and our 2 kids shared the card and split the activities.

We didn't try any food there so I can't comment on that. But there are little shops, several eateries and plenty to keep you busy.

I typically do not sleep well in hotels, but I had no issues here and found it impossible to peel open my eyes before 8am.

I do believe our family found it's "home away from home" in Wisconsin Dells, and we already can't wait to go back!!!!

18/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
158. Maggie G.
I've stayed here 3 times and plan on going back for more.  2 visits were at the Wilderness on the Lake condos and once was in a 3 bedroom cabin.  Both were very accommodating and allowed us to cook all our meals in their kitchens not once needing a utensil or dish that the hotel didn't offer.  The cabin included a grill on the deck as well.  The property offers so much that we usually park the car in the lot the first day and don't see it again until we have to leave upon check-out!  Take advantage of the shuttle busses and booze up!!!!

I have been to Chula Vista, Treasure Island/Mt. Olympus, and Delton Grand as well as some other hotels in the area on other occasions and still choose Wilderness as my favorite Dells destination.  (Delton Grand is fantastic, too but doesn't have the amenities to compete with the monster that is the Wilderness.)  We love spending all day in the indoor to outdoor hot tubs and the giant wave pool and then cleaning up for the shuttle to drop us off at one of the nearby restaurants!  The price is right in line with other resorts that don't offer as much, so I think that a vacation at the Wilderness is a great value, a great atmosphere, and a great time!

31/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
159. Carmen L.
I thought this would be something fun for the family,, wound up walking around all three parks looking for a place to sit what do u know NO WHERE!! This place is over packed with people!! Never again will I return

04/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
160. Ice P.
I go to wilderness every year for the new years eve party with my family. this year my wife asked the bartender for a lemon drop drink. this one particular bartenders line was much longer than the others.  she got her lemon drop and about a half hour later she lost all control of her limbs. I just finished watching the movie the wolf of wall street and when he took those lemmon pills and lost all control of his functions.  maybe lemon drop is code for lemmon pills in your drink. I'm just saying you don't pass out from just one watered down drink, there was something in it and that's why his line was longer than the others. he was making something that kept bringing in the tips. I could be wrong but if anyone else has had the same experience then we are not alone.

05/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
161. Genesis R.
Me and my family went here a few days ago and it was so much fun there's so much stuff to do. The only problem we stayed at the lake the room was very nice, but we had to take the bus to the other resorts. But other than that it was so much fun and great for families and a good worth of money. There is a resturant there and many others around the area and walgreens in case if you ever need something. Wilderness on lake are all condos (no rooms) and lake has a gift shop and behind the gift shop has food and other health items.  You won't regret coming here. Trust me I'm a kid.

10/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
162. Kelly K.
Went here back in September for a family vacation. There were 6 adults and 4 kids, so we went with the three bedroom cabin. Checked in around 10am and miraculously our room was ready. Check in did take around 15 minutes or so, with getting all of the wristbands and what not. The check in girl sent me over to the "concierge", who tried to get me to sign up for a timeshare meeting. Thankfully I was smart enough to give him a firm 'no', picked up my coupons (useful) and was on my way.

At first glance, the cabin was perfect. Ample room for all of us. Plenty of pull out sofas and beds and this could have slept a few more if needed. Full kitchen, dining room, fireplace, soaker tub, and screened in porch that connected to the master bedroom. The problem with the room was the carpet. It was filthy. After a few hours of walking around, unpacking, etc, our socks were practically black from all of the dirt on the floors. Called housekeeping a few times to no avail. Finally got on the phone with a manager and the floors were 'cleaned'. Honestly, vaccuming the carpets didn't do much. This place needs a serious carpet cleaning. The cabins are all privately owned so I'm not sure I can fault the Wilderness too much, but it put a real damper on my vacation. Others in my party weren't quite as concerned though.

Since we went in September, only the indoor waterparks were open. Each was great. Seemed clean, and not too crowded. The hours were good, with one of them staying open until around 9 or 10pm each night. The Wild Waterdome was my least favorite since I found the water to be very cold. I liked that there were free lifevests for the kiddos. Something to note-the waterparks aren't easily accessible for people with disabilities. We had a person in our party that has trouble getting up and down the stairs and it was hard on him, so it's something to keep in mind. I was really surprised at the lack of accessibility to be honest, and hope they can do something to improve that in the future.

There are plenty of other non-water ways to have fun as well. There's a huge arcade in the main building with games for everyone, and I found them to be reasonably priced. There's also a really fun play area that even the adults enjoyed--just remember to bring socks. We didn't do any other activities but the mini-golf looked like fun, and my young cousin really enjoyed the ropes course suspended above the arcade.

Use the shuttle! It was so helpful. All you had to do was call, and it was right in front of our cabin in less than 10 minutes. It took a little bit longer on the weekends but we used it to our advantage. This place is huge.

We did not eat anywhere at the Wilderness so I can't speak to that. There's too many other good restaurants downtown.

I think I'm willing to give the Wilderness one more chance. Let's hope it's better the second time.

01/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
163. Deborah S.
Oasis from home!  We have stayed here a couple times in the Wilderness condos, this time we tried the Glacier Canyon Condo suites.

While it was listed as poolside, that isn't entirely accurate, we overlooked the waterpark across the road & through a fence.  Not really an issue though, as I really wouldn't want kids running around in my patio area.

The kitchen was fully stocked, but not for actual cooking; great plates/cups/utensils, but the pans are more tin cooking over a campfire/dollar store quality.

We visited multiple waterpark areas, mostly clean, biggest issue is finding a place to put your towel, shoes & sunscreen.  Unless you get to a park early, you will have to walk around a bit & wait for a generous person leaving to let you know their table will be free.

We shuttled to the Ducks ( hotel gives free tickets to kids under 12) from the hotel & could of used other discounts, but had other plans.

All in all it was a great trip, check-in was easy for us, 2 of our 3 rooms were available at 12, & they texted us when the 3rd one was ready.   We had ages 2-65 with our 11 person group & everyone is in to come next year!

04/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
164. Amy R.
This visit was just a quick preview of a future visit to Glacier Canyon Lodge.

Booked a quick visit on our way to Chicago and a nice reprieve from the long drawn out boring drive.

Check-in: Be prepared for a bit of a wait. Its not just zip your card and be on your merry way. It takes a good 15-20 min. At least mine did. Check in guy was great. Very helpful and outgoing.

* Tip* You need to have the credit card you booked the reseravtion on or they have to refund the original one and rerun it on the one you have with you. Okay.. First time I guess that has been an issue.

Rooms were not ready, but they can text or call you when they are.
Maps provided because the property is quite large and sprawling.
Coupon books
Towel cards
and an explanation of where and how everything works.

Rooms: Very clean
Nice view- We had a poolside room with a nice view of the outdoor waterpark.
Beds are somewhat comfortable
Shampoo but no conditioner

Cabanas: I don't think I would book one again for the price
Nice to have a place to keep your stuff while waiting for a room, but that's about it. Ours was located at the Wildwest Outdoor Park
Dirty floors
No air circulating
Comfy lounge chairs
Better towels

We spent the majority of the day at the WW waterpark.
Nice baby play area
Smalller lap pool
Over- priced snack bars
Restrooms- could use a good cleaning

Other stuff:
Gift shops
Huge Arcade
Go Karts
Lazer Tag

Plenty of things for people to find something to do.

My mom pointed out that we celebrated their 45th Anniversary at a water park, too. Now we are back at another one to celebrate their 50th. They are not even big water people, but its a fun place to get everyone together.

27/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
165. Alex L.
This hotel is extremely discriminating. I went with a few friends and we were kicked out of the park due to "inappropriate behavior" between the ladies in our group. We were told that someone had complained about our group and wanted us to leave because 2 of the girls with us hugged each other. This was deemed "unacceptable" and was contrary to their reputation as a "family resort." I guess I was unaware that it was so disgusting to see 2 females hugging.

I, personally, am not gay, but it is clear that this was an act of anti-gay discrimination, as we were told the male in our group was "not the issue" but instead, the complaint was "in reference to the actions of the ladies." The way we were treated made it very clear to us that this hotel has a homophobic agenda and has no problem putting the needs of an anti-gay patron above the needs of everyone else.

I will not be returning to this establishment and I would never recommend that anyone stays in a place that treats people the way we were treated.

17/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
166. Andi S.
Out of the big water park resorts in the Dells this one comes in very close to the top of my list. I would definitely take my family here again.

We stayed, during the last week in August, in the main hotel, in a poolside room.  Our room wasn't ready upon check in, but we were given our wristbands, and allowed to use all of the facilities right away.  We received a text telling us our room was ready around 3pm, which we thought was kind of late compared to other resorts. The room was a basic hotel room with 2 queen beds and a couch, larger than a normal hotel room, but not huge.  The room was clean - which is always a plus, the beds were decently comfortable, and the room had a fridge, microwave & coffee maker.  My only complaint about the room is the quality (more like lack of quality) of the complimentary bath items - I'll definitely be packing my own next time.

Now onto the main attraction:  THE WATER PARKS!
I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the lazy river in the Lost World outdoor water park.  I felt like a mini doughnut riding the conveyer belt to the slide, and then again on the conveyer belt bridge.  I could spend hours on this lazy river... there are different paths to take depending on how wet/dry you want to be.  My man-child really liked the Lunar Loop thrill slide in this park as well.  My son's favorite ride is the Hurricane (in the Klondike Cavern indoor park) - which is a 4 person tube with an INSANE drop - I ended up backwards the first ride and HOLY MOLY!!!  I could see right away why 99% of the groups let out shrill screams 5 seconds into the ride!  I definitely like it better facing forward (and the ride attendant was nice enough to make sure i was not the backwards rider on subsequent rides).

There are too many fun rides to talk about them all, but let me just say this, they take their weight limits very seriously - I've never stepped on a scale so many times in one day in my life... they seriously weigh you and/or your group on many of their slides - SAFETY FIRST!

If you need a break from the water, they have indoor & outdoor mini golf, indoor & outdoor go carts (we didn't care for the indoor track, but the outdoor was fun), a fun 2 story lazer tag arena, a few arcades, a ropes course, and more.  You can purchase all of these a la cart or get the wild fun passes (which gives you 1 admission to each attraction).

The place is huge - so be prepared to walk a lot.  Although they do have shuttle buses (we didn't use them) that go all over the resort.  They seem to be constantly running, as we saw them around all the time.

We didn't try any of the food at the resort, as we like to take a break from the hustle & bustle of the resort and grab our bites off site.  We did try Monk's - which is on the edge of one of their parking lots (and our waiter told us their shuttle buses do pickup/drop off there), and that was decent food - although kind of spendy for what it was (but this is a different review for a different business).

All in all we had a great vacation, and wouldn't hesitate coming back.

09/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
167. Bill U.
Initially I posted a negative review of the hotel. I stayed last weekend and when I came home I was diagnosed with scabies. When I called to complain, the customer service I received was rude and it sounded as if they were not going to do anything about my complaint.

Yesterday I received a call from one of the hotel directors. He apologized for the previous calls I had and walked through their policies and procedures when incidents like this are reports. Based on that conversation, my attitude changed quit and bit, enough so that I would be willing to go to the Wilderness again.

01/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
168. Joshua B.
As a former Wilderness Hotel & Golf Resort employee I knew what this place offered. Fast forward many years later and I was wanting to take my wife somewhere for a weekend getaway.

We had stayed at Wilderness on the Lake before and we loved it. WOTL is actually my favorite part of the resort and it's where I spent most of my Wilderness career. But this review isn't about that so I'll cut to the chase.

We booked a scenic view double queen suite as we knew we wouldn't be spending a whole lot of time in the room itself. The room was clean, spacious and of course the view of Lost Canyon was icing on the cake. The resort was busy which is to be expected on a weekend.

A lot had changed since I had been there. I truly feel like Wilderness stays on top of its game for being competitive with not only room rates but amenities too. We enjoyed grabbing some candy from the candy store in the Wild West Lobby.

Our favorite waterpark is easily Klondike Kavern, it has our favorite ride "Hurricane." It's a raft for up to 4 riders that goes down a slide with a 180* dome and the raft goes back and forth and eventually comes out at the bottom. There are also two other waterparks that are indoor, The Waterdome and The Wild West Waterpark.

If you're looking for a top notch resort with multiple waterparks and enough amenities to keep you busy, go here.

Service 4 stars
Value 4 stars
Food 3 stars
Amenities 5 stars

05/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
169. Andrew M.
Ok, here's the deal, we've been coming here 12+ years, this year was really special, i slipped into my bed last night about midnight and it was very wet under the covers, I felt the top of the bed and it was dry, I freaked out and jumped up, Turns out the people before us had pissed in the bed and Wilderness staff not only just covered it up with fresh sheets but Amanda the manager on duty tonight thought a 25% discount was sufficient for sleeping in human piss, Keep your 25% discount and live with my review on every site i can post to for the next year, this place is disgusting and I'm sorry it took me this long to find out money is more important than guests sleeping in human piss.

02/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
170. Nick H.
Hotel is very nice. Rooms clean Waterpark clean and big plenty of parking. Feels safe. Pros big water park, clean, friendly. Cons walking to and from different Waterparks, staff including lifeguards don't speak alot of English, weight check for slide, and pizza taste worse than frozen. So buy it from pizza Hut or domino's. Over all it is fairly fun. And I would recommend this place to a friend over Kalahari and Great wolf lodge.

20/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
171. Veronica V.
Our family loves the wilderness.
The waterparks are great!

Four different indoor waterparks, each with its on unique flavor.
Lazy river, tube slides, wave pools, family raft rides, and more!

There is something for everyone, no matter the age!

They also now have indoor go karts! We didnt get to try them, but they do look pretty cool!

14/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
172. Steven F.
Disappointed. My wife made reservations. The salesperson told her about how great the three water parks are. How exciting! We arrived to find that one was outright closed. This and Glacier are all one set of parks, one continuous huge rambling building, and we ended up with a room in Glacier.
No bathmat in the room, no laundry bags, no glasses or even plastic cups to rinse your mouth after brushing in the bathroom. The wifi is buggy, but that's par for the course for hotels for some reason. These are little things, but really add up.
They're silly about towels - you get cards, which you exchange for towels, then you have to return the towels (no walking back to your room, now). The place is sprawling, which had pluses and minuses. The beds are comfortable, the views are nice, and for a hotel, it's fairly quiet. If you accessibility issues, this is a tough place to be, in particular the water parks.
Was really looking forward to giving a better review, but when my wife spoke to the manager about all this, she got a shrug. My turn now, and if I get anywhere, I'll try to update.
*****update below******
So I call the front desk and ask for the manager. Amazing! I got Krista, the manager, right on the first try! If she's really the manager, this place will close within a year. No worries, I doubt it very much. I have stayed at motels where the manager know how to at least say "sorry for the misunderstanding, sir." Nor did I get more than a wishy-washy acknowledgement that yes, there should be cups for the bathroom and a bathmat. What I did get was a vigorous defense most likely prepared by trial counsel, and oft rehearsed, too. I suspect I'm not the only one who foolishly believed the booking clerk's misrepresentation, deliberate or otherwise, without doing more follow-up research. (why would I do this after picking up the phone?). The customer service is not what I'd call top notch. I gave it three stars because in the end, the place isn't too bad for the price, but caveat emptor, indeed.

20/01/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
173. Meghan W.
Maybe I just don't understand what the Dells is about, but we came here hoping for a fun family weekend. Instead, I feel like I got a cheap Vegas knockoff with a bunch of roving bros getting drunk and trying to pick up girls.

We had high hopes for our first-ever trip to the Dells and spent a lot of time researching online to select this place over Great Wolf or Kalahari.

When we arrived on Friday night around 9pm, there was a group of people checking in in front of us. We waited patiently for about 10 minutes. A woman came out from the back office, looked at us and said, "Are you checking in?" I said, "Yes." She replied, "You have a check-in packet already" and walked away. I did have a check-in packet because we had two rooms; my husband had checked into one and I needed to check in to the other. Either way, she was rude and not helpful. We continued to wait. Finally my sister called the 800# and after 10 more minutes of begging and complaining, someone came out from the back room to help. By this time, 30 minutes had passed and the kids were getting restless. During check-in, the "system went down" and it took quite a while to get checked in. Despite having booked adjoining rooms months earlier, we found out that one of the rooms "had been given away" -- so then we had to move out of the first room we had checked into so that we could get two rooms that connected. My husband went back to the original room, got all our stuff, and moved it. Super fun at 10pm when you have 3 tired kids with you.

When we got to the room I realized I needed to call the front desk for something. Phone in our room was dead. So then I had to call the 800# on the brochure (from my cell phone), which is the reservations line, which of course was closed. The recording gave me another number to call -- finally got in touch with the front desk. Mentioned the phone didn't work; she offered to send someone to fix it. "Not now," I said, "it's 11pm at night, my kids need to go to sleep." "Okay," she said, "Just call us back tomorrow and we can come fix it." What?! Why not just tell maintenance to come tomorrow? Now *I* have to remember to call you again tomorrow? Ugh. Forget it.

Saturday was a pretty good day, except that finding a staff person who is energetic and helpful seems impossible. Everyone just had no energy and looked like they'd rather be somewhere else. We got a lot of half-hearted instructions on how to do stuff that we had never done before: like the ropes course and laser tag. Everyone acted like we were bothering them by showing up.

Saturday night was a shit show; my favorite part was having to open the door to my room at 3am to tell the drunk twentysomethings to find another spot to party and hook up. Listen, I like margaritas as much as the next person, and I don't begrudge people some party time. But I was expecting a fun family resort, not a place where I'm helping my kids dodge hallway drunks and yelling at partiers at 3am. The whole place felt dirty and I left feeling like we had just wasted a bunch of money on a terrible room, okay food, and a somewhat fun waterpark. Maybe my expectations about what the Dells is was wrong, but it was disappointing overall and I don't think I'll ever be back.

My biggest tip: AVOID THE SECOND FLOOR IF YOU WANT TO SLEEP. The second floor is the walkway between all of the buildings and from 7am-3am there are people walking, talking, laughing, yelling, running, and thumping around right outside your door. So either bring earplugs or book a room on the 1st or 3rd floors. We ended up on the 1st floor; I kind of wish we'd have been on the 3rd. There was tons of noise from our upstairs neighbors into the wee hours (the first night, they were so loud we called to complain).

I will say this: the lifeguards were all very nice, and seemed like they were doing their jobs really well. I never once worried about my kids (9 and 6) in the pools or on the slides. I was impressed with both their friendliness and professionalism.

23/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
174. Ashley C.
Spent superbowl weekend at the Wilderness and had a terrific time. My room was a handicap king suite (only one left when I called) in the Wild West territory- very spacious and clean.

The indoor water parks were fun, crowded but that was expected. The hurricane and black hole are two terrifyingly fun water slides. I also enjoy the wave pool and 21+ swim up bar.

What surprised me was HOW GOOD THE FOOD WAS at each of the resort's restaurants. All of their ingredients were fresh, tasty and decently priced. The only thing I wouldn't recommend are those giant margaritas they sell at the 21+ swim up bar - too sugary which made it difficult to finish.

As a frequent Dells visitor, the Wilderness knows what's up. Enjoy!

09/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0